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very generic (now with more flavour)
Tags mafia
A silly slapstick journey featuring two protagonists who couldn't be more different, brought together by mutual connections to the mysterious cyborg 'Essentia' | UPDATED: 7/26/21
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(Updates Mon, Wed, Fri) - One man's journey to find a hero to save the world
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"We are known not by our light, but our darkness." Chapter 83 up [3/21] *hiatus until May!*
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He is prepared to go out with his fist around a tyrant’s neck. He wants to take the heart of death. All he wants is for his brother to be OK. | Chapter 25, the last chapter of 2021, coming 8/8!

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[UNDERWAY] The Comment Corner Thirteenth
Camp Nano but for comments. Also there are cute, sparkly badges~
Pokemon Crystal but with only Kanto Pokemon.
Pokemon Maroon (Alpha) Hydrochlorinate
Pokemon Red but all the pokemon are from the future
100 Days of Making Nuzcomics Bug
best way to get it done is to do it
Nuzforums Newsletter #003 Bug
Don’t worry, I’m just fixing the archives up.
Nuzforums Newsletter #006 Bug
I Pride myself on the quality of this one

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Welp, now PEGI has pretty much killed any chance of a rerelease of the original Ruby/Sapphire anytime in the future. Any game that encourages or teaches gambling is an auto 18 now. :/
the real struggle in writing a storylocke is finding the rhythm that works best for me, without leaning too hard on the format i think of as "traditional"
Flop disc
Flop disc
lol bugger that, sounds exhausting
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IT IS lmao, so i'm sitting on half update going "ugh but it's so bleeeh to keep exactly to my notes, that's so dumb why did i think i had to do that, fuck that let's go awol, let's get into baby slap fights with the local blipbug population"
Flop disc
Flop disc
yeah i reckon super duper feel free to skip gameplay content that does not serve the story that you want to tell, and you'll have more fun as a writer and your readers will appreciate it too
Alright I’m just going to try documenting a Fire Red Advanced Nuzlocke again. I can’t think of a rom hack better suited for this sort of challenge.
So I was looking up canon Pokémon sizes for reference on my comic... Why is Feraligatr taller than Tyranitar? It’s so much bigger than I realised. And Crobat is 5’10”?!!
I always assume bird heights are in reference to wingspan, yeah. Sometimes I wonder if quadruped Pokémon are measured from foot to shoulder, as is standard for dogs and such. There’s no evidence for that, though
I should mention that it weighs about 75 kg. That’s a very big bat...
It has to be big to carry you around after it learns Fly. Honestly, Golbat is scarier to me because it's 5'3", but it always has that open mouth.