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Written Story Unova Mixed Media Teen Other Adventure Would Never STAB Anyone: A Black 2 Semi-Nuzlocke

Thread Description
Latest: Part 13 (March 31)


Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 4, 2019
Pokémon Type
Grass, Psychic
Dang roz is a lot more bloodthirsty than I expected


Johto League Champion
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 10, 2019
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Dark, Ground
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@Duke_Maniac I imagine it's a manifestation of her accumulated frustration over this journey so far.

Today's update is just an interlude, partly because this isn't long enough to be Part 9 and partly because I'm a little behind on writing and need some time to build up more of a buffer. Doesn't mean this still won't be fun, though!

All right, the Nimbasa City area isn’t bad. We’ve had Dark Madison learn Crunch around here while training…

Such dark power! I feel it flowing through me!

…and the guy in this gatehouse gave me a Macho Brace. Could be useful.

Let’th talk to more people! There’th another perthon here!

Well, I am an adventure video game protagonist, and talking to people is what I do.

Oh, hi! Say, have you heard about Lostlorn Forest? They say that, two years ago, a Pokémon named Zoroark was hiding…um, it is lair there?


Sorry, I’m just reading over my script. The line is that Zoroark was hiding “it’s lair” in Lostlorn Forest, but I can’t think of what the contraction might be. It is lair? It has lair? No, those don’t fit in the context…

Hm, that is curious.

Maybe somebody made a typo in your script and it should be “its” instead of “it’s”?

Don’t be silly; this is an officially released Pokémon game! They wouldn’t mess up enough to make such an overused error! No, I have to find out what it really means…it was lair? It as lair? It us lair?

But those don’t make any sen—

Wait, shut up, I think I’ve almost got it! It his lair! It yes lair! It tas lair!

Wait, that’s not even a word!

Roth, I think thomething’th wrong!

It bus lair! It les lair! It os lair! Agh! My brain feels like it’s about to…to…*thud*

Uh-oh! Hey! Are you okay?

She just collapsed!

It’s almost like she had some sort of stroke!

Roz, we need to get a medical professional here!

Uh, right! I’ll head to Nimbasa and—

…No. I am afraid that will do no good.

What? Why not?

As a Ghost type, I am blessed with the ability to sense life energy. And I am sorry to say that I felt this woman’s leave her.

Wait…you mean…

Yes, I’m afraid so.
…She is gone.

Every time you misuse an apostrophe, an NPC dies. But there is hope. Join Unova’s fight to spread proper grammar usage and save the lives of our citizens at www.savetheapostrophe.uv.

As you can probably tell, this is partly me calling out a big grammar pet peeve and partly me just being silly. (But seriously, who's the translator that fucked up and put the in "it's" instead of "its" in that dialogue? That's not very professional.) Also, in my canon, ".uv" is the website extension for Unova. I can't get the fake url to unlink, for some reason, but I did test it and it doesn't lead to any malicious or Dark Web site or anything; it just results in an error.


Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 4, 2019
Pokémon Type
Grass, Psychic
I remember that one of the first lines in SWSH is “Oh is that your Flash new phone” JUST ADD A Y


Rule Maker
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 24, 2019
Pokémon Type
Pokédex Entry
It hides deep inside caves where no light ever reaches it and remains virtually motionless there. ~Pokemon Crystal, entry #52
Oh man I have so much to catch up on!! Here I go:

Ah I love the idea of Dark Madison, what a bizarre character lol! And I also love that you’re using Providence despite the less ideal nature! And Denver did such a great job in the gym, though it was tense with him being within crit range at the end there! Also, I love that hilarious PSA at the end there. No excuse for that nonsense in officially released games, and it can be deadly too lol!


Johto League Champion
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 10, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Ground
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@Duke_Maniac Whoops, there's something else that the translators missed!

@Spectacles Your support is much appreciated, whether it be comments or Extravaganza promotions!

Sorry for my long disappearance, but I'm back and ready to work on this—have another update!

Roz continued her business around Nimbasa City—or, more specifically, south of it. After getting a new store set up in Join Avenue, Julio’s Antiques, she headed to Route 4 for more training.

Oh, hey, I found the TM for Dig, too. Not bad. Here, I’ll use it on Denver, Madison, and Trenton.

Ha! Electric typeth, come at me!

Uh, well, you’re still at a natural disadvantage, so probably not. But now at least you have an offensive advantage over Fire types.

Oh, good point! That feelth natural.

Between the Trainers and the wild Pokémon of Route 4, Desert Resort, and Relic Castle, Roz got most of her team up to Level 25. The only one who didn’t make it to that point just yet was Paul, who was somewhat lacking in the offense department.

I can be patient.

And at least you did well against that Timburr that couldn’t hurt you.

How true. Disabling Rock Throw worked out quite well.

Paul got some more experience on the Royal Unova, where he held the Exp. Share while Dark Madison fought the Trainers.

I don’t recall agreeing to help a creature too weak to fight for itself!

Patience is required for gaining strength.

Also, you kinda have to help out if you’re staying on this team.

Think of it this way: if you’re splitting experience gains, you’re not gaining as much experience, but that means you get to fight and take down more enemies.

…Hm. Perhaps you are right.

The next stop was Virbank Complex and Route 19, for EV training Trenton in Attack and Providence in Attack/Speed, respectively.

EV training? Isn’t that the sort of thing that takes a long time and is really tedious?

It’s also the sort of thing that’s really helpful, especially in the long run. Hey, if you don’t want to do it, I can just take control of your body and make you.

Isn’t that basically what this whole game is anyway?

Eh, details.

Fine, I’ll go back to the Virbank area.

Excellent. And with that, we can skip right to after the EV training session, when Roz made her Route 16 catch: a Trubbish named Boise. Not bad, but a little light on STAB-less moves at the moment.

And I’m focusing on who’s currently on my team right now. Speaking of which…hey, Denver.


You’re starting to fall behind a bit and you don’t learn another really useful move for a long time. So…want this Fire Stone?

Fire Stone? Oh, wow! That’ll make me evolve, right? Wow, that’s really exciting! I wonder what I’ll be like as an Arcanine?

Well, one way to find out. Here you go.

*starts glowing* It’s happening! Whoa, this feels kinda funny! But in a good way!

I know, right?

…Wow! I’m so big! And I feel strong!

Congratulations, Denver.

Yeah, looking good! Wanna go test yourself out in Lostlorn Forest? We can’t go beyond Route 16 to Marvelous Bridge because it’s still fricking National Bridge Inspection Month…

Oh, boy, do I!

Lostlorn Forest was somewhat eventful. Roz met PKMN Breeder Galen in there, who would battle her every time she re-entered the area and he saw her—I know it may sound a little stalker-ish, but that’s just how Breeders function in these games. I mean, clearly that’s the best way to have Trainer rematches. It’s not like the previous two generations already had a really reliable and useful method—say, one that allowed you to seek out rematches on your own?

Quit whining, you big crybaby. Galen’s Tranquill and Liepard will make for good experience looking forward.

Well, you’re not wrong there.

And I also got the TM for Snarl and used it on Denver, which means I finally have another Pokémon that can use special attacks! Thank you, random person who talks about Zoroark!

Oh, no problem at all, traveler.

Then, back to the south, Roz added a new shop to Join Avenue, run by…wait, is that a preschooler?

Hey, he’s a good worker. He set up this shop all by himself and sold me a bunch of Fresh Waters.

Okay, but does the term “child labor laws” mean anything to you?

No. We allow four-year-olds to control creatures of potentially very dangerous power; why would we care about what else they do?

Good grief…okay, well, let’s just skip ahead a bit. After more training in the various areas around Nimbasa City, Roz and her team struck out for the Gym.

Heh, Electric Gym; I’m looking forward to this!

But the Gym Leader wasn’t there. Roz was directed to the old Gym, a building with indoor roller coasters. …And she wasn’t there either.

What the hell was the point of that? First I’m told she’s in this building, then I’m told she’s back in the first one! Was this just so I could experience the riveting original Nimbasa Gym? I didn’t have to visit the original Castelia Gym, so why’d I have to do it here?

At least there were a couple of Trainers in here. Gave me good practice.

Well, yeah, I suppose there’s that. Let’s just go back and…huh, what’s this?

Huh, looks like a Dropped Item.

Thanks, that’s very helpful. Any way you could be more descriptive?

No, not unless it does someth—ah! It rang!

Wait, I recognize it now! This is a Xtransciever, which we somehow couldn’t identify right away!

Are you going to anther it?

It could be beneficial. Perhaps it is the original owner and you will be able to return it.

Or you could keep it for yourself and hock it for precious money!

When did you two become the angel and devil on my shoulder? Well, I guess there can’t be much harm in answering it…*beep* Hello?

Oh, hello! My sixth sense that told me that someone picked up my missing Xtransceiver at this very moment was correct!

Um…who is this?

Ah, of course—my name is Curtis, and I’m calling you from an old Xtransceiver that doesn’t have video, so we can’t see each other. I’m unfortunately very busy at work right now, so I can’t retrieve my Xtransceiver, but I will find the time to call you at random points in the future for varying unimportant reasons!

Wait, wh—

Whoops, gotta go! TTYL! *click*

Fantastic, something else for me to worry about. But screw him for now. Let’s finally start our Gym challenge.

Heh, “screw him.” It’s funny because in the actual canon of this game, there are implied romantic—well, never mind for now. Gym time indeed: Roz entered the darkened catwalk and defeated the three Gym Trainers with Providence and Paul. And then…ooh, here comes my favorite part…

Favorite part of what? Wait, the music’s changing…

GIVE ME WHAT I NEED! Duh duh duh-duh daka-daka duhhh, duh duh duh-duh…

…Well, while you’re obsessing over the music, I’m going to leave to train a bit more. Hope Elesa doesn’t mind.

Not at all! It’ll give me another chance to introduce myself to my adoring fans!

And I’ll get to hear that music segment again!

Okay, cool, a win all around. Let’s go.

All right, well…sheesh, I’m running out of ways to say “and then they grinded.” Fortunately, Curtis was there to spice things up, calling Roz twice on Route 16 and Route 5, the latter to ask if she could guess what his job is, and the former for no reason at all!

I really don’t get this guy. But you know who I do get? PKMN Breeder Galen. Providence, I need you to battle him a couple more times.

If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, with gusto!

Providence used that gusto to get herself to Level 31, at which point…

*starts glowing* All right, here we go!

Great work, Providence!

Heh, bring on that Gym now!

Sure thing. I think we’re all set for it.

A quick walk and another GIVE ME WHAT I NEED later…

You’re back. Are you ready?

Pretty sure I am.

Then let us see whose star shines brightest! I will kick things off with my Emolga!

Providence, you’re up! Set up with Hone Claws!

Emolga, Pursuit!

…Pfft, is that it? I thought you were going to attack me. Roz, want me to show her what a real attack’s like?

Go for it.

Rock Slide!

Okay, one down…but let me try my strongest, Zebstrika!

Heads up, Roz—it knows Flame Charge.

Oh, which Providence is now weak to…oh, but wait, I have someone who’s immune to Fire attacks altogether, someone else who just evolved…Providence, I’m calling you back.

What, already? Fine, as long as I get to do some more ass-kicking down the line.

Not so fast! Pursuit!

Oof! …Is what I would say if that more than barely hurt.

Wait, why didn’t you go for Flame Charge?

We Gym Leaders can’t be predictable all the time, you know.

…Well, Denver, I guess this means you get a free switch in. Which I guess I was expecting anyway.

Yeah! Let’s go!

Use Quick Attack before it moves!

Take it and use Dig!

Got it! *rips up the floor to create a hole to disappear into*

My catwalk! Oh, wait, I forgot, any damage to the terrain is magically undone after a battle is over. Well, I can’t hit you underground, so…Zebstrika, just do whatever this turn.

Zebstrika used Flame Charge before going down when Denver came up. Just for something different, Roz had him use Return against Elesa’s last Pokémon, a Flaaffy. Did it allow said Flaaffy to get in a Thunder Wave and Volt Switch? Yep. Did that stop Denver from winning anyway? Absolutely not.

Well done, challenger. You may enjoy a walk down the catwalk with my fans cheering for you. Take the Bolt Badge and aim for the Pokémon League, where you and your Pokémon will shine even more brightly!

Thanks. I’m not really used to all this attention, but I guess it’ll be quick.

After leaving the Gym and healing up, Roz walked in the direction of Route 5 and Driftveil City, her next stop. On the way, though, she ran into Hugo.

Oh, hey, Hug—

Argh, I’m so angry!

So, business as usual?

Roz, I think you deserve to know why I’m on this journey, and why I get really angry at seemingly random moments.

Might’ve been nice to have this from the beginning, but better late than never, I guess.

Five years ago, Team Plasma stole my little sister’s Purrloin. I was just a kid and couldn’t do anything, and I’ve been mad at myself ever since. Now this is my chance to track it down and make up for letting her down.

Five years ago…wait, Team Plasma was stealing Pokémon for a whole three years before they were finally stopped? And wasn’t Aspertia City not part of Unova back then?

Yes, the illogical nature of it all has only served to increase my rage. I’m going to find Purrloin, no matter what!

Speaking of illogical, how do you plan on doing that? It could be anywhere in the region, and unless it has a distinctive marking, you won’t be able to tell it apart from other Purrloin.

Roz, this is Unova! I can’t let a silly thing like rational thinking get in my way! Don’t you worry, Purrloin, I’m coming for you! *runs off*

…There are many things about that that I don’t get. Like, why did he tell me at this moment? It’s almost as if there was supposed to be something that happened right now that would have triggered it, but it was removed, thereby making this come out of the blue and make no sense whatsoever. I mean, what kind of sloppy storytelling

Current team is below:

Trenton the Dewott, male
Annapolis "Anna" the Psyduck, female
Denver the Arcanine, male
(Dark) Madison the Raticate, female
Providence the Excadrill, female
Saint Paul the Yamask, male

A lot going on here, not all of it connected. But hey, two new evolutions and another Badge is progress! Elesa really wasn't much of a threat at all with an Excadrill and a Dig-using Arcanine.

I've been wanting to do that Zoroark sight gag for a while. The image didn't turn out perfectly, but I think it still gets across what I wanted it to.

Curtis didn't wind up being very important in this run—by which I mean his involvement was a complete waste of time—but just because it isn't important doesn't mean I can't make fun of it! In fact, that's usually helpful!

I did do the Double Battle with Nate (the male player counterpart) against the Subway Bosses shortly before fighting Elesa. I considered including it here, but I decided I didn't need to/didn't want to have to make new images for them, too. It wasn't super straightforward, but it wasn't super dangerous, either (I used Trenton).

Of course, the scene with the rival makes a lot more sense when there are Neo Plasma Grunts to fight, but Neo Plasma doesn't exist here. But hey, we don't need them; I can initiate an important character moment even without its impetus! Although next time, we'll actually see Team Plasma!
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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 4, 2019
Pokémon Type
Grass, Psychic
First of all YES IT’S FINNALY BACK. Secondly how is this Semi Nuzlocke


Rule Maker
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 24, 2019
Pokémon Type
Pokédex Entry
It hides deep inside caves where no light ever reaches it and remains virtually motionless there. ~Pokemon Crystal, entry #52
I love the reasoning for Dark Madison to agree to helping train Paul lol. And great call evolving Denver!! I’ve lost many a Growlithe trying to hold their evolutions to learn moves. I guess that’s one good thing about going STAB-less! And wow, that totally human trainer who talks a lot about Zoroarks sure has a big nose lol! Dude Gen 5 music is the best- my favorite is Driftveil City.

Master Bryss

zd zd
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 16, 2019
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Poison, Steel
Pokédex Entry
Their body is made of an intricate and interconnected weave of their own puns.
Wow I slept on reading this for too long. Even though I was always going to be down for a Black Hole sequel!

Breeder Galen's just the best, isn't he? I leaned on him very hard when I did White 2 as a Steel monolocke. Him and the other one in the desert for HP.

I can't believe Dark Madison is a real character. 😜


Johto League Champion
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 10, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Ground
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@Duke_Maniac Yes it is! And it's a "semi-Nuzlocke" because I'm discounting the "faint=death/retirement" rule for any in-game fights involving Team Plasma (or the Battle Subway/PWT).

@Spectacles Hey now, no need to point out the unusual facial characteristics of that definitely human with an interest in Zoroark. We're all beautiful in our own ways.
Gen V might honestly be my least favorite generation, but damn if the music isn't good! I'm also a big fan of Driftveil City's (as you'll see here).

@Master Bryss Better late than never; welcome!
Breeder Galen is indeed the best. He deserves more credit than I give him in this run.
Sure, Dark Madison is real character. You can dark bet on it!

I realized I forgot to include the team in last part's Author's Notes, so I just fixed that. Feel free to look back if you need refreshing.

On Route 5, Roz found her way to the Driftveil Drawbridge blocked by a crowd. Apparently, someone named Charles wouldn’t leave unless someone could beat him in a Rotation Battle.

Hey, narrator, what are the odds that someone will come along that’s not me that’ll be able to take care of this?

Rounding to the nearest whole number? I’d say…zero percent.

Ugh, why do I even get my hopes up…

At this point, yeah, you really shouldn’t bother.

No worrieth, Roth! We can take him!

Yes, I look forward to practicing my new power some more.

This ingrate will rue the day he crossed our path!

…All right, I guess you three are up for it. Let’s go.

And so, Trenton, Providence, and Dark Madison took on Charles’s Sigilyph, Tirtouga, and Archen. The poor bastard didn’t stand a chance—Crunch and Return made short work of all three of his fighters.

Okay, can you move now?

I’m a heartbreaker…My name…Charles.

Yes, I know your name. And I don’t really care that you’re a heartbreaker. I’m just trying to get to Driftveil City.

I’m a heartbreaker…My name…Charles. *rides off*

I’m a little afraid to ask, but…what’s his deal?

It’s a sad story—he’s got a condition known as Catchphrases Launched In Clearly High Excess, or CLICHE for short. If someone uses a catchphrase too much, it winds up being the only thing they can say anymore.

Hey, didn’t that happen to one of the Sinnoh Elite Four not too long ago?

It did. If Flint hadn’t gotten treatment, he’d still be stuck just saying “hotshot” over and over. I’m afraid Charles wasn’t so lucky…now, his fate rests on his own ability to overcome it.

I hope he can.

If he cannot, he is weak! And the weak do not deserve to live!

Roz moved onto Driftveil Drawbridge and—

Oh, hey, thith one ithn’t clothed! Thorry for interrupting, narrator.

Yeah, I’ve heard Clay runs a tight ship with all his businesses. He’s not going to let the bridge leading to his city be out of order for a month.

I certainly can’t complain. It’s crucial for our progress—and, for that matter, that of anyone else looking to travel to Driftveil City.

Hey, did someone say “travel”? That’s my line of business! Whether it’s through the air or over water, I can be your mode of transportation! Just 10,000 an hour, plus expenses! HMs sold separately.

…Or, alternatively, get in this Ball. I’ll teach you Fly and maybe Surf and use you when I need to.

Ah…fine, but keep me out of danger, okay? I’m not blind; I see that I’m your first encounter, and I don’t want any funny business going on during battle.

Don’t worry; you’re not that appealing of a battler anyway.

And don’t you forget it!

Roz named the Ducklett Boston, after the Boston Duck Tours, and completed crossing the bridge into Driftveil City. Ooh, I love the music here, too!

Just keep your excitement under control.

Hey, I can bob my head quietly.

Ooh, I like thith plathe! What are we going to do firtht?

Let’s see what we can find in town! I bet there’s some cool stuff!

We can also explore beyond the city to add another teammate to our ranks.

Hm…I am also sensing some strong spirits on top of that hill to the north. Perhaps we are being guided to meet with them.

Geez, everyone has suggestions, huh? Well, let’s do things one at a time.

First was exploring the city, which resulted in the discovery of some decent loot and a Move Tutor, who had some good things to teach in exchange for some of Roz’s many Red Shards!

Yeah, we’ll be coming back here. Right, now onto Route 6 and its tall grass.

Roz’s catch for that area was a Shelmet, whom she named Juneau. Unfortunately, it was Impish, and Accelgor doesn’t have as many good coverage options as I’d originally imagined…

Too bad; we could use another special attacker.

We can still check out that cave to the north, right?

Sure, as long as there’s not a bridge in the way…

There wasn’t, although on the way, Roz ran into a scientist who offered her a free Deerling! Unfortunately, she couldn’t accept it, since gifts can’t go to the PC anymore even though they totally could in earlier generations… Anyway, onto Chargestone Cave, and whatever Pokémon Roz can find there.

Are we hoping for anything in particular?

Well, there are some good defensive ‘mons that you can find, like Ferroseed and Nosepass. If this weren’t a STAB-less run, I’d also be interested in the prospect of getting a Joltik, but their coverage isn’t great.

Well, let’s see what we get…oh, the air in here is…interesting.

Urgh, I don’t like it that much.

I must confess it is not ideal for me, either.

Really? I barely feel anything.

It is some form of electricity in the air, I believe. That explains why Trenton and I have an aversion to it and it has little effect on Providence.

Do we have to thtay in here for very long?

I think not, only until—

Hey, I found a wild Pokémon!

Oh? What is it? Is it one of the defensive Pokémon we were hoping for?

Uh, doesn’t look like it.

Aw, dang it, is it a Joltik? Of all the times to get one, it had to be in a STAB-less run…

No, it’s not a Joltik.

Huh? It’s not a defensive Pokémon and it’s not a Joltik? That doesn’t leave many options…unless…

It’s some sort of small floating white thing. Doesn’t look too strong.

A Tynamo? You found a Tynamo as your first encounter?!

I take it that’s a surprise?

Those things are incredibly rare! They only have a 2% chance of appearing! Catch it, catch it!

Whoa, whoa, calm down. Okay, Paul, can you help me out here?

Of course.

Wow, we actually found a Tynamo! And Roz did capture it, though it put up a fight.

I’ll name him Harrisburg. We’ll check him out once we get back to Driftveil. For now, let’s just see what else is in this cave…

Sorry, miss, you can’t go any further. We’re doing construction on this bridge after finding some structural weaknesses thanks to National Bridge Inspection Month!

Of fucking course it’s another closed bridge. Any idea when you’ll be done?

Conveniently, right about the time you’ve finished doing everything in Driftveil City!

Right, gods forbid I should actually do anything to remove a roadblock.

Says the person who directly removed the last one by winning a Rotation Battle.

Touché. Let’s head back, then.

Once back in Driftveil City, Roz took a look at her new rare catch. And guess what his nature was? Here’s a hint: Tynamo and its evolutions are primarily physical attackers.

Timid again? I mean, I think I’ve demonstrated that that’s not a dealbreaker, but what is with my luck here?

Yeah, that’s…pretty much the worst possible nature for a future Eelektross. But still, it’s exciting that we found one!

I guess, if they’re as rare as you say. Maybe I’ll try him out once we’re done with the Ground Gym. In the meantime, let’s check out that Deerling. Madison, y—

How many times must I remind you simpletons? It’s Dark Madison!

Dark Madison, I’m just going to deposit you quickly to make space in the party.

And why should I trust you? …Ah, of course, it would be foolish for you to abandon someone with such power as mine! Very well, I will wait for you to acquire this inferior Pokémon. Make sure you do not keep me waiting too long, lest you incur my wrath!

Uh, right…

So Roz made the deposit and went back to Route 6, where—

Hi Roz! Just wanted to let you know I like Electric Pokémon! Okay, bye!

…Ahem, where she was able to receive the Deerling from the scientist. Roz named the Deerling Indianapolis, or Indi for short.

She’s Lonely? Wow, a physical attacker with an actual Attack-boosting nature!

Do not forget that I possess the Hidden Ability Serene Grace, which doubles the probability of an attack’s secondary effect coming into play.

Ooh, nice. Well, then, I think it’s time for Dark Madison’s official retirement in favor of a more appealing Normal type.

You know she’s not going to be happy about that.

Right, which is why I’m going to take the coward’s way out and just not tell her.

The coward’s way out? C’mon, Roz, you’re a protagonist! You have to be a good role model!

There are plenty of protagonists who do not fit that description one bit. Plus, a good protagonist is supposed to have flaws, right?

And at leatht you’re honetht!

Have you considered the moral implications of simply abandoning a teammate? Perhaps she merely acts out because she has been mistreated in the past. Treating her with kindness could be the key to—

Sorry, Paul, I appreciate your optimism, but she’s actually a character that’s straight-up evil. You’re new, so you didn’t get a chance to meet her when we first caught her.

Yeah, she’s nothing but trouble.

And she’s scary!

Even I must confess that I do not see goodness within her personality.

Very well. I will defer to your judgment and hope that you are not mistaken.

Hey, if this were a serious story, you’d have a point. But, well, this is a story where someone can die from apostrophe misuse.

I see your point.

Ahem. I believe I am to begin demonstrating my prowess?

Oh, right, yeah. Here, take this TM for Work Up—you can’t use Take Down, since we’re not using STAB attacks. Take this Wide Lens, too, so your Jump Kick won’t miss.

I see…very well, I shall rise to this challenge.

May I also direct our attention back to the top of the hill in Driftveil City, where I sensed those of strong character?

Right, we’ll go check that out once I’ve trained Indi a bit.

And Roz did not only that, but she made a trip to the Move Tutor, spending 10 of her Red Shards to have Anna learn Ice Punch!

Thank you, Roz, that’s very generous.

Well, Ice moves on a Water type is some of the most basic coverage out there. I’m glad I can use it now!

Too bad I can’t punch, too…well, Anna, you’ll jutht have to punch thuper hard for both of uth!

Ha, consider it done.

Right, now let’s check out that hill. …Hey, there’s a building of some kind up here.

Welcome! Are you here to learn about Team Plasma?

…Um. Aren’t they, like, gone?

In a way. The original organization is no more, but those of us who used to belong to it but want to make amends—and/or who have to do it as part of our prison sentences—have been working to undo much of the damage we did.

You were a member of Team Plathma?

Yes…it’s not something I’m very proud of, but it happened. I was in fact one of the key figures. But where are my manners? My name is Rood, and if you are interested in learning about us, I would like to battle you to see what kind of Trainer you are.

Battle a former member of Team Plasma? That’s not something I was expecting to do when I set out on this journey. I suppose it’ll be an experience.

Rood sent out a Herdier to face Roz, and she responded with Indi. Two Jump Kicks brought it down, and Roz switched to Providence for the Swoobat that came out next. She did become enamored with it thanks to Attract but eventually managed to launch a Rock Slide for a OHKO.

Oh, sorry, babe! Call me later, okay?

Very good. I can see you are a worthy Trainer. If you would like to accompany us inside…

Roz! I came when I heard the sounds of battling and I thought it might be Team Plasma!

Uh, what? How many times have you done that and been wrong?

Too many to count! But I’ll be right one of these days!

Actually, as it turns out…

Ah, is this your friend? Well, I’m too lazy to test him, too, so he can just come with us.

Wh…Team Plasma! They’re here! Okay, I’ll follow you into your building, but after that, I’m going to rip you apart from the asshole up!

…I take it we have wronged you in the past?

Yeah you fucking did! You pieces of shit stole my sister’s Purrloin five years ago from Aspertia City! I couldn’t stop you then, but now things are different!

Ah, I see. In that case, I would first like to offer a sincere apology. We were pursuing misguided goals, and while we believed in what we were doing, that is no exc—

I don’t want to hear your dumb fucking apology! Where’s Purrloin, you sons of bitches?!

It’s true that apologizing doesn’t solve anything, but you can’t move forward unless you admit you were wrong and apologize.

Move forward? I’m not trying to move forward! I’m trying to go back, fixated on something in the past that I won’t rest until I’ve resolved!

…I am not in a position to judge, but if you are looking for—

Fuck you guys! I’m going to get stronger so I can crush every last one of you! I’m going to the Gym! *storms off*

He is quite the temperamental young man. Still, he is not wrong. Our actions were inexcusable.

Well, it’th good that you’re helping to make up for it now!

True. Unfortunately, not all of the former sages have been so willing to do so. Poor Zinzolin even lost his mind and lives out a delusion in which a not-dead Ghetsis has revived Team Plasma and is attempting to use it to take over the world again. As if the Champion would ever allow that to slip under his nose… But back to your friend, he left before I could tell him about the tracking system we’ve set up regarding stolen Pokémon.

Tracking system?

Indeed! We’ve asked each stolen Pokémon where they were originally from and returned the ones that we can. Thank goodness Pokémon can talk, or we’d have a much harder task on our hands!

Wait, then why are there still some Pokémon around this building?

Acute observation! Some of the Pokémon that Team Plasma used were captured in the wild, were taken from actual abusive Trainers, or were, sadly, brainwashed so that they cannot remember all the details of their past. While we’ve released several of them, there are a number that did connect with members of Team Plasma or who are still figuring out where they want to go. We take care of them as well as they can. We’ve got former Grunts like Danny here…

Hi, visitor! Welcome to our building!

And in the back are Anthea and Concordia.

Hi! It’s us, everyone’s favorite secondary characters from Unova!

We barely played any part in the last game, and we do even less here!

In fact, speaking of Pokémon who are figuring out where to go…you are a traveling Trainer, correct? Would you be willing to take this Zorua? His former Trainer, our ex-king N, left to go on a soul-searching journey and asked us to take care of him, but he’s been feeling restless lately.

A Zorua? Cool…although I can’t guarantee that he’ll see much action.

To be honest, I can live with that. Use me in battle or put me in the PC with other Pokémon, I’m just looking to get out.

Okay, great. Uh, speaking of the PC, can you just be sent directly there, or do I need a space in my party?

Well, I’d like some time on your team.

Gotcha. I’ll deposit someone and be right back.

Roz made a quick trip to the Pokémon Center to box Denver, then returned for the Zorua, whom she named Hartford.

Thank you for taking him in. And I will look up your friend’s stolen Purrloin from Aspertia City. I will let you know what results I find.

Thanks, I appreciate that.

The team is as follows:

Trenton the Dewott, male
Annapolis "Anna" the Psyduck, female
Denver the Arcanine, male
Providence the Excadrill, female
Saint Paul the Yamask, male
Indianapolis "Indi" the Deerling, female

I now kinda regret boxing (Dark) Madison, since she's become a pretty popular character, but, well, she wasn't the strongest in-game fighter, despite what her story counterpart may think. Besides, it's always interesting to have a new addition, right? I did admittedly take some artistic license with Indi's name—I wanted to represent Indiana in this run since I didn't in the previous one, but "Indianapolis" is too long of a name for B2W2, so I named her "Indiana-p" in-game, decided that'd be "Indianapolis" in-story, and gave her a nickname that works for both versions.

Regarding Charles the heartbreaker, it really does seem excessive how many times he says "I'm a heartbreaker…My name…Charles" in his actual dialogue. So of course that had to be the only thing he says here.

Onto more exciting news, I actually got a Tynamo with Nuzlocke catching rules! …And of course his nature is garbage. Still, Eelektross is pretty appealing for a STAB-less run, so there's a good chance Harrisburg will make an appearance later on.

And finally, Team Plasma shows up in a run where I ignore their comeback! Between both that and the fact that Pokémon can talk in this universe, I had to make some adjustments, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I also have something special planned in regards to them—which'll be out either mid-week or next weekend. Stay tuned!


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I'm sorry about this but at the same time I'm not.

*approaches threateningly* Hey, Danny.

Hugo. I've been lookin' for you.

Yeah, sure you have. You have my Purrloin, right?

Yeah. It's comin'. It'll be here in a few minutes.

What do you mean it's coming, Danny? Where's…my Purrloin?

Okay. Just…just give me five minutes. Just give me five.

Five minutes? You want five fucking minutes, Danny? You know what? I haven't got five fucking minutes! *pulls a gun on Danny* I’m gonna ask you again, Danny. Where's my Purrloin?

I don't have anything.

Where's my Purrloin, Danny? Where's my fucking Purrloin, Danny? What did you do with my fucking Purrloin?

I swear to Arceus. It's coming.

Where's my fucking Purrloin, Danny?

Put the gun down!

My fucking Purrloin! Where's my fucking Purrloin, Danny?

What's with this guy? *jumps Hugo*

Fucker! Get off! You're fuckin' dead, Danny!

What's going on here? Somebody help!

Let's take him to the police.

You’re fucking dead! *is dragged off*

Danny, are you okay? What did that man want from you?


Oh, that was not nothing!

Tell me everything! *cries*

You have no idea what kind of trouble you're in here, do you?

I owe him a Purrloin.

What kind of Purrloin?

I owe him a Purrloin!

What kind of Purrloin?

Everything is okay! He's gone!

Everything is not okay. Danny, that is a dangerous man!

Calm down! He's going to jail!

Danny, what kind of Purrloin? Just tell me!

What do you need a Purrloin for?

Sister, please! Danny is with me and Rood!

A man like that! With a gun! My god!

Danny, look at me in the eyes and tell the truth. We're your friends.

I stole a Purrloin from him. Things got mixed up. I didn't mean for this to happen!

*crying* Danny...

I don't have it anymore!

What kind of Purrloin, Danny?

It doesn't matter, I don't have it anymore!

It doesn't matter? How in the hell did you get involved with stealing?


What? Were you giving Pokémon to him, selling them to him? Where in the hell did you meet that man?

What kind of Pokémon do you steal?!

It's nothing like that!

What the hell is wrong with you?!

I just needed some Pokémon to fight for Team Plasma!

How many do you have to give him?

This is not the way you fight for Team Plasma!

How many?

Stop ganging up on me!

Well, it is time somebody ganged up on you for Arceus’s sake! A man like that! Where in the hell did you meet a man like that?

It doesn't matter!

It matters a great deal! A man holds a gun on you! You almost got killed and you expect me to forget that happened?

You're not my fucking mother!

*grabs Danny by the shirt* You listen, you little boy!

No, stop! No! *grabs and hugs Danny*

Somebody had better do something around here!

*runs up* Are you okay, Danny?

I’m okay.

Are you okay?

I’m okay!

What’s okay? He’s stealing Pokémon!

C’mon, stop, it was a mistake.

A mistake. That he steals Pokémon.

Let’s go home.

C’mon, it’s clear.

What’s clear? I am going to call the police.

Sister, stop! It was Danny’s mistake; just stop!

Let’s go.

Why did you do this? You know better, right? Why?

I’m sorry!

You know better, Danny. You almost got killed!

I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise.

Danny, you know that Rood’s like your father. And we’re your friends; we’re gonna help you.

Let’s go home.

I couldn't resist. I've actually had this in my mind for quite a while, to post after meeting Team Plasma in Driftveil City.

The cast is as follows:
Hugo as Chris-R because that's kind of the whole impetus for this scene.
Danny as Denny because he's kind of a younger guy with a shady past.
Rood as Johnny because he's an older male figure.
Anthea as Lisa because her nickname is the "Goddess of Love" and Lisa does a lot of, uh, loving throughout the film.
Concordia as Claudette because her nickname is the "Goddess of Peace" and Claudette is very good at coming to peace with the fact that she definitely has breast cancer.
Hartford the Zorua as Mark because I just needed someone else and he was the only other character in the Plasma building.

If you didn't understand this, no worries—it's completely non-canon and the only bearing on this story is that I named the Plasma Grunt "Danny" because of it. (Also, watch The Room (2003) if you get the opportunity. It's an experience.)

We'll be back next weekend for actual story progression.


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It hides deep inside caves where no light ever reaches it and remains virtually motionless there. ~Pokemon Crystal, entry #52
Catchphrases Launched In Clearly High Excess. I love it. I have lost loved ones to Charles before. Woohoo, super excited about Harrisburg the Tynamo! A rare catch, and my own capital city! 😊 Too bad the nature isn’t great.

I am familiar with the room and greatly appreciate this interlude.


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@Spectacles Harrisburg's your own capital city? Cool! Be on the lookout for his eventual team debut!
Glad you liked the interlude.

With all the non-Gym business taken care of in Driftveil, it was time for the Gym business!

Anna, I’ll have you up front. You’re lagging a bit, but you’re close to evolving—you just need a bit more experience. And now that you’ve got Ice Punch, you can hit Ground types hard.

Thank you, Roz. I will do my best to not let you down.

Given your performance up to this point, I’m not worried.

Indeed, Anna did good work against the Gym Trainers! Especially at a certain moment that made Roz nervous…

Uh-oh, this opponent has a Baltoy! Those things blow up!

No need to fear, Roz. You haven’t forgotten my ability, have you?

…Oh, of course! Damp! Ha, we’re safe from Selfdestruct, and outside of that, Baltoy aren’t very threatening!

Wow, you’re the best, Anna!

I do my part, just like everyone else here.

That doethn’t mean you can’t be really helpful!

…Yes, I suppose. Thank you.

The Driftveil Gym Trainers were actually pretty boring, so Roz was able to get through them without much difficulty. I mean, no Palpitoad, Sandslash, or even Trapinch? Just Baltoy, Drilbur, and Sandile, three fairly weak first-stage Pokémon that can all be dealt with with any decent attack from one of Ground’s weaknesses.

All the more reason for me to have taught Anna Ice Punch. Speaking of which, I’ve got some business back in Nimbasa City; Anna, take the lead for any wild Pokémon we run into on the way there.


Heh heh, and Anna was at Level 32. I think we all know what that means! On the way, she got that extra bit of experience she needed to get to Level 33, and…

…I’ve evolved. My headache is gone, my body is sleeker, I feel more powerful…

Woo, Anna!

Yay, yay, yay!


The gods have indeed smiled on you.

…I suppose congratulations are in order, yes.

Thank you all for your support. I could not have gotten this far on my own.

No need to be so modest, team mom! In fact, you can use that newfound power to help us with our next thing.

Ooh, what’th that?

I’m taking advantage of this being a semi-Nuzlocke; we’re going to the Battle Subway to earn some BP to cash in later for some sweet stuff. You all don’t have to worry about being badly injured in there, so we can fight without much stress.

Sounds like fun! It’ll be fun, right?

Dibs on being in the first round!

Sure thing, Providence. C’mon, let’s give it a try.

Roz entered a Single Train in the Battle Subway with Providence, Denver, and Anna, ready to mow down her opposition! …Though it didn’t go quite as she planned. The first five opponents went well, although Denver was the first to make this run an OA when he fainted in the process of defeating a Ferroseed with Toxic, Iron Barbs, and a Rocky Helmet.

…Sorry…I thought I could beat him before I became unconscious…

No worries, Denver. We still got through it.

What they didn’t get through, however, was the sixth opponent, who somehow managed to stop their streak with a Sandile, a Drilbur, and a Minccino. (I wish I could remember how they took down a team of fully evolved Pokémon, but it’s actually been a long time since I did the gameplay for this run, so we’ll just skip over that part.)

Guess Drilbur aren’t as weak as you thought, hm, narrator?

Don’t act so smug; you were one of the ones that went down to that team. Probably because of your Ground weakness. Speaking of which, Roz, wanna get back to prepping for Clay?

Yeah, I’m a little embarrassed we didn’t even make it through one streak of seven Trainers and had to leave without earning any BP. We’ll come back later.

Roz didn’t go far, though—the Big Stadium and Small Court provided nearby valuable training grounds for her team. And once that had been taken care of…

Okay, a couple more of you are in a similar position Anna was just in: you’re starting to fall behind but you’re close to evolving. Paul, since you’re having the hardest time, I’m just going to take you to Janus Fitness on Join Avenue for your last level. No offense.

None taken! I am aware that I am naturally more inclined towards defense than offense. It is all part of Giratina’s plan! I eagerly anticipate the moment when I can gain new power to continue to carry out His will!

Well, that moment should be soon! Hey, Janus, can you train up my Yamask?

No prob! I’ll get him in top shape! All right, let’s lift those ghostly arms! One and two and three and four…

One training session later…

Here you go! One Level 34 Yamask!

All right, great, that’s—uh, wait, he’s still a Yamask?

Uh-oh, Roth. I think you should look at the weighth he wath uthing…

Why, what…wait, what do they say on the side? “Uncle Valentino’s Anti-Evolution Barbells”?

Oh, yeah, those were kinda the only ones I could afford.

Well, that…would have been useful to know several minutes ago. Dammit, guess we have to do this the hard way. Paul, you okay with holding onto the Exp. Share for a while?

If it is what is most helpful, certainly.

Thanks. Okay, guys, let’s head back to Driftveil. The wild Pokémon are stronger around there, so this’ll take less time.

Less time than it would have otherwise taken later…

*starts glowing* Ah! The moment has finally arrived!

Phew! I look forward to having you fight on your own again.

I shall use this power for the best of our team.

I do not enjoy feeling neglected over here. Was I not brought on to assist you?

I am certain your patience will bear fruit. Is it not so, Roz?

Yeah, sorry, Indi. I’ll get you trained up now.

I should hope so.

A little more training later…

Ah, now this is more like it! In this form, I shall show the world my true power!

Good, ‘cause I think we’re ready to tackle Clay. Oh, one more thing…Anna, let’s go back to the Move Tutor and I’ll teach you Signal Beam.

I’m honored for the treatment, Roz…but are you sure you want to spend those shards to teach me yet another move? You’ve already given me more than my fair share.

Hey, we need special attacks more desperately than I’d care to admit, and right now, you’re our best option for those. Don’t worry about my shard collection; picking up more shouldn’t be too hard.

…If you are certain, I won’t contest you on this.

So, after upgrading Anna’s moveset again, Roz went back to the Driftveil Gym! Fortunately, the lights that she had turned on in her previous trip remained on, allowing her greater visibility.

I’m still having a hard time finding the leader, though!

Perhaps, but at least this puzzle is safer than the one he had two years ago, featuring an open mineshaft.

…Can’t argue there. Oh, wait, I think…yep, here he is!

Made it to me, huh? Well, let’s see what yer made of!

Anna, you’re up!

Clay sent out a Krokorok, but Anna was ready for it—one Signal Beam and it was down!

A’right, not bad. Sandslash, yer up!

Go for Ice Punch!

…Are you sure? Very well. *punches*

Ha, is that all! I thought you were going to punch me!

…Wow, how did I forget about Krokorok’s Intimidate? And Sandslash has much higher Defense than Special Defense…

*grunt* These things happen, Roz. …Although I am now at a speed disadvantage thanks to that Bulldoze attack he just used.

Crap…well, let’s stop him from doing it again. Disable!

Fury Cutter!

Hrn! *vwoop* Ah, I disabled Fury Cutter instead of Bulldoze. Though that does remove the dangerous possibility of it growing in power, I suppose.

Both combatants tried something new the next turn: Sandslash went for Crush Claw, and Anna used Signal Beam, resulting in decent wounds on both sides. Their Trainers used their next turn to heal, bringing them back where they started, except for Anna’s Speed drop.

There’s more to battlin’ than just inflictin’ damage! Sandslash, let’s see if we can git a Defense drop, too! Crush Claw!

Keep hitting its weak Special Defense, Anna—Signal Beam!

Clay did have Roz somewhat on the ropes, but Anna proved her superior strength by ultimately bringing it down!

Drat! Shouldn’t’ve gone for Fury Cutter again after Disable wore off. But yer not out o’ the woods yet! Excadrill, let’s show ‘em what we’re made of!

All right, Anna, fall back; you’re wounded and not as well-suited for this fight. Indi, it’s your show!

About time! Prepare yourself for my—ouch!

Ow, a critical Slash on the switch. That’s rough.

We must continue to hope our teammate will pull through.

Of course I will! …Though I would not mind being healed first.

Yeah, totally.

Unfortunately, Clay took the opportunity to hit Indi with a Bulldoze, so her Speed was lowered like Anna’s had been—and despite her resistance, it did a decent amount of damage!

That’s base 135 Attack for you!

Whose side are you on?!

Sorry, just a moment of species pride. You’ve still got this!

We’ll see. Now that yer faster, Excadrill…Rock Slide!

Uh-oh. Don’t flinch, Indi!

Grk! Hn, no, I will not flinch!

Hit him with a Jump Kick, then!

With pleasure! Now, behold what I can do! *whack*

Nice! With your high Attack and it being super-effective, that might be enough…

…Not quite. *chomp*

What? I failed?

That’s base 110 HP for y—

Providence, that’s not really helping right now.

Right, sorry.

It’s not as bad as it might look. That Sitrus Berry means that his HP is not low enough for Clay to heal. One more Jump Kick will take him out!

But I do have to heal you for you to get a chance at one more Jump Kick, Indi. Here.

Keep Rock Slidin’, Excadrill!

Indi was brought back to full, but Rock Slide hit her for more than a third of her HP. Keeping Indi in would risk a KO from a crit or flinch shenanigans…but no one could reliably switch in and finish off Excadrill quickly.

One more Rock Slide, Indi, then your path is clear!

Let’s see if you can take it! *hurls rocks*

Hrk! …No, I will…finish this! Jump Kick! *thwack*

Urgh… *thud*

Well, ya won! I like yer gumption, kid. Here, take the Quake Badge…and come with me.

Huh? What for?

Good dancers are crucial fer puttin’ on a good show! *leaves*

Wait, what? You need a dancer? Hey, answer me! C’mon, I haven’t danced since I dropped out of ballet when I was eight! *goes after him*

The team is as follows:

Trenton the Dewott, male
Annapolis "Anna" the Golduck, female
Denver the Arcanine, male
Providence the Excadrill, female
Saint Paul the Cofagrigus, male
Indianapolis "Indi" the Sawsbuck, female

Those who read The Black Hole of Grief and Silliness will probably remember that Clay was a complete pushover there. Not so here! Sandslash gave Anna a hard time, and his Excadrill finally showed its dangerous side. I'm very glad luck was on my side for that fight.

Also, Happy Valentine's Day! I thought briefly about incorporating something related to that in this update, but there wasn't anything obvious that would fit, so I limited it to "Uncle Valentino's Anti-Evolution Barbells"—not that I'm saying that Valentine's Day is a source of misery, though it was annoying to discover that Pokémon couldn't evolve at Janus Fitness. Oh, well; Paul got there eventually, and he only missed out on learning Scary Face as a Level 34 Cofagrigus, which isn't very valuable. Hope you all enjoy the love in your lives, romantic or not!


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It hides deep inside caves where no light ever reaches it and remains virtually motionless there. ~Pokemon Crystal, entry #52
Ah so many evolutions!! The team is really coming together! I'm especially proud of Anna; I never realized how useful she would be to the team, especially since she shares her type with the starter. Nice job on the gym; and I love Providence's species pride comments lol


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@Spectacles I felt similarly about Anna; she was kind of a placeholder at first since she is the same type as the starter and I didn't have many catches to use as team members, and then she started coming into her own! 'Course, that may or may not last.

Outside the Driftveil Gym, Roz found both Clay and Hugo.

Hey! You’re the Driftveil Gym Leader! How come you’re letting Team Plasma live in the city? They’re criminals!

Ya mean aside from the fact that the Champion ordered ‘em here? Well, there’s always room for folks to grow and change. Can’t deny ‘em that opportunity.

Bullshit! You can’t let them go like that! It’s not right!

Not right, hm? Ya wanna be careful. If ya only go after what ya think is right, ya might end up rejection’ all thoughts and opinions other than yer own. That’s mighty dangerous.


Huh, I didn’t know Clay was the “words of wisdom” type.

Anyway, that’s not what we’re here fer right now. I’m invitin’ ya both to the Pokémon World Tournament!

Wait, what? You’re inviting us to battle against Pokémon Trainers from around the world?

Well, no, not yit. Hopefully we’ll get to that point eventually, but fer now, we’re just startin’ out. Still, the two o’ you are impressive enough to be in the grand debut! Come to the big flashy building to the south and I’ll get ya set up!

All right! I’ll get stronger so I can obliterate Team Plasma!

And I’ll go because the plot demands it.

And I’m here because…why am I here again?

Officially, it’s ‘cause I need more participants and it’s good to get young’uns involved! Unofficially, ya need more screentime, since the game developers decided Bianca and ya need to be significant secondary characters like ya were in the previous games.

…I see. Well, might as well give it a shot.

That’s the spirit! All right, each of ya pick three Pokémon to enter into the tournament. To ensure a fair fight, they’ll be given these limitin’ collars that bring their levels down to a set amount. …Except we had a problem with orderin’ them, so we don’t have enough for every team. Roz, that means you’ll get to fight at full power while everyone else has restrictions. Should be a fun tournament!

…Even I think that’s unfair. Can’t we—

On the other hand, Roz, this is another mandatory tutorial for an optional segment of the game; don’t you want to breeze through it quickly?

And my reservations are gone! Providence, Paul, Denver, let’s go.

And on the subject of breezing through things, I’m going to do the same thing here, because these battles don’t really matter—no experience will be gained, and the PWT is exempt from the “faint=permabox” rule. Roz’s first opponent was Hugo. Providence took out Servine with two Returns, but she got hit with a Leech Seed and was at a type disadvantage against Simisear, so Roz switched to Denver. He used Dig for a OHKO on Simisear, then brought down Tranquill with Return and Rock Smash while it just used Taunt.

Ha ha, you can’t stop me that easily! Actually, I didn’t even take any damage!

Yeah, I think Hugo had a longer battle in mind when he went for those setup moves. But we’re going for the throat!

After “slightly surpassing” her opponent, according to the announcer—

Biggest load of horseshit I’ve heard in my entire journey…

It’s called tact, Roz. Anyway, next up was Cheren. His Stoutland was a bit of a problematic lead thanks to Intimidate, but Providence had Hone Claws to counter that. And, like Hugo, Cheren put his focus into setting up. Stoutland just used Work Up while Providence beat it with two Returns. Cinccino and Watchog fell to Return/Rock smash and a critical Return, respectively.

It’s times like this I’m glad you like me so much, Providence.

Yeah, we get along well. And I hope the feeling’s mutual!

Sure is, especially with you performing like this!

Continuing his job of pulling things out of his ass, the announcer declared that that very simple battle would “go down in history.” And then, Roz was faced with her final opponent, who had also breezed through his previous two matches.

Ah, hello, Roz! A pleasure to see you again.

Oh, uh, hi! Cole…uh…

Colress. It’s not a common name, so I don’t blame you for not remembering. Are you ready for our battle? I look forward to seeing how you bring out your Pokémon’s power!

Hey, I remember this guy. Time to crush him again, Roz?


And crush him Providence did. Two Rock Smashes took out Magneton while it missed a Mirror Shot, and Elgyem and Klink didn’t have much to stand up to her with.

Yay! We won!

Yeah, three boring battles. What a victory.

Great performances, y’all! This’ll bring more attention to the PWT, which’ll build Trainers’ skills and, of course, our own Driftveil City’s bank account!

A businessman through and through, that Clay. Roz, it was good to see you again; you and Hugo have certainly changed since you earned my badge.

Thanks, I should hope so.

Speaking of which, where is Hugo? He disappeared.

I thaw him running in the direction of the harbor a few theconds ago.

Huh, wonder what that’s about. Wait, there he is—he’s on that old sailboat. Hugo! What are you doing?

I’m looking for Purrloin! It could be hidden away on this boat!

Hugo, get off that thing! It isn’t yours, and there’s no reason for Purrloin to be there!

Aw, fine…

Well, I’ll see the two of you around.

Sounds good. And hey, I think we’re done with everything in Driftveil City, so that bridge in Chargestone Cave should be conveniently cleared up now. Everyone ready to head on?

You bet! I don’t love being in that cave, but I’m ready to go to the other thide!

Great, then—

Actually, I would make a request of you. I would like to retire to the PC.

…Wait, what? Really? You were so eager to show off what you can do.

Yes, but my battle with that Excadrill has made me reconsider things. I have lived my life believing I was special thanks to my Hidden Ability, but given how much I struggled against that foe—one that I had a natural advantage over, no less—I have been forced to reconsider many things. I would like some time to myself for some…soul-searching, I suppose you could call it.

Well, uh, all right. Thanks for helping out. You did do well against Clay.

I appreciate that.

So Roz went back to the Pokémon Center and deposited Indi.

Tho who’ll join the team now? Pleathe tell me Madithon ithn’t coming back…

No, she has kinda fallen off.

Want my suggestion, Roz? I’d exchange one Normal type with its Hidden Ability for another.

…I have another? Oh, right, Lincoln! Does he get a lot of coverage?

Does he! A Cincinno with Skill Link is practically a godsend in a STAB-less run! And now that you have access to the Move Relearner at the PWT, you can exploit that to its fullest.

Sounds promising. I’ll just get him out, then…hey, Lincoln, are you interested in a team spot?

Well, here you are! Truth be told, when I heard from other Pokémon in the box that you were attempting a STAB-less challenge, I wondered how long it would be before you turned to me, thanks to my eventual coverage options.

I did want to wait at least until we had access to the Move Relearner.

Ah, yes, that explains it. I was beginning to grow afraid that my disadvantageous nature would prevent me from making my debut.

Disadvantageous natures aren't really anything we’re new to.

I see. Well, I suppose when you’re using Nuzlocke catching rules, you have to make the best of what you’re given. However, to counter my naturally lowered Speed, I would suggest beginning my training by taking me to a location where I can accumulate Speed EVs.

More EV training? Man…fine. I’ll get Boston to fly us to…how about Floccesy Town? You can get Attack EVs around there, too.

Excellent thinking. You should also use TMs on me to overwrite my existing Normal moves, assuming that’s doable.

Oh, uh, sure.

Reviewing her TM stash, Roz found the ones for Thief and Dig, which she taught to Lincoln over Doubleslap and Swift. After that, Boston did what he did best and helped her travel to Floccesy Town.

Okay, here we are on Route 19, where there are only Patrat and Purrloin. Lincoln, here’s the Macho Brace, now knock out anything you see.

You have a Macho Brace as well? You are quite prepared for this! I am glad to see it.

So they took a while to focus on Lincoln. His experience points didn’t go up very much, but his Attack and Speed certainly did!

Right, that’s enough for now. Let’s go back to Driftveil.

We’re stopping? I can still gain more EVs if we take the time. It will pay off in the long run.

Maybe, but in the short run, I’m getting tired of this. Some EVs in other stats won’t hurt you, and there’s always the woman on Route 5 who hands out EV-reducing berries.

Hm, that is undoubtedly a helpful resource at our disposal. And I suppose there is merit in pacing ourselves when it comes to training. Very well, we can stop here for now. Do you have a place in mind to train me in experience points?

Yeah, beyond Driftveil City. You’ll hold on to the Exp. Share while we head to Mistralton.

So we’ll continue my training on the road? All right. Do you intend to evolve me now or later?

Uh…looking at your moveset, you do get Wake-Up Slap at Level 31. I’ll evolve you after then.

That sounds reasonable.

With some good EV training under Lincoln’s belt, Roz got Boston to fly back to Driftveil City.

Thanks, Boston.

Transportation’s my game, gal!

Denver got Thunder Fang from the Move Relearner, Lincoln got the Exp. Share, and the team moved on to Route 6. After traversing it for a short while…

Roz, hello. Do you have a moment?

I guess, but I’m pretty sure this scripted conversation would take place regardless of my availability.

…Yes, I suppose my question was rather meaningless in this game. Anyway, two things. One, there’s been a sudden temperature drop near Lacunosa Town that may be worth investigating.

Uh, isn’t Lacunosa town, like, on the other side of Unova?

I suspect your travels will bring you there. But we can talk more about it later. I also wanted to give you something that should be very helpful…although, now that I think about it, its helpfulness is rather mitigated by your particular challenge…

How so?

It’s the HM for Surf. Here.

Whoa, the best HM in the series, arguably! I can teach this to—wait, shit.

Dang! It’th right there, and Anna and I can’t learn it.

And most of the Pokémon that can learn it are Water types, and are therefore barred from using it. That is rather inconvenient.

No need to fear! Boston’s here! I’ve already learned Fly, which is illegal for me with these rules, so I can take Surf, too!

Wait, where did you come from?

I’m always around when there’s transportation to be done!

…Well, yeah, you’re definitely an option. Good to have that. I’ll call on you when I need to.

That’s what I’m here for!

I’m glad to see you got that worked out. That’s all I wanted with you, so until we meet again.

Which, at this rate, will take about thirty seconds. But hey, Cheren’s not a bad guy. Now, let’s head to Chargestone—

Roz! There you are!

Oh, for the love of…wait, no, I did have some business with you.

Yes. I have looked into your friend’s Purrloin, the one that was stolen from a little girl in Aspertia City five years ago. I’m glad I caught up to you before you got too far from Driftveil.

Right, shoot, that slipped my mind. Sorry.

No harm done. I hope I didn’t disturb you.

No, totally not. It’s not like our meeting was part of another seemingly pointless interruption that stood in my way as I tried in vain to actually advance through the game, possibly involving the sudden appearance of a Legendary Pokémon that doesn’t wind up contributing anything to the plot. …Huh, that was oddly specific. Wonder where it came from…anyway, did you manage to find out what happened to Purrloin?

I did. Unfortunately, it may not be what your friend would like to hear.

Uh-oh. Well, it’s probably safer to have me be the bearer of bad news instead of you. So I can pass it along.

…I can’t deny that. Very well, thank you for your willingness to do so. Here’s what happened with that Purrloin…

The current team is below:

Trenton the Dewott, male
Annapolis "Anna" the Golduck, female
Denver the Arcanine, male
Providence the Excadrill, female
Saint Paul the Cofagrigus, male
Lincoln the Minccino, male

I'd had Lincoln in mind as a future teammate since catching him, for the reasons outlined in this part. And for him to come on, someone had to drop off, and I decided that Sawsbuck did lose something without access to two STABs. Indi came through for us in the battle against Clay, but she did struggle, so she retired on her laurels.

Then there's the PWT. It is what it is—another neat side feature of the game that loses something by being shoved down your throat.

I had to throw in a couple references to scenes I omitted. There's the encounter with Team Plasma on the sailboat in Driftveil Harbor, of course, but I also decided to do away with the scene with Cobalion towards the end and replace it with an original plot point (sort of)—the fate of Hugo's sister's Purrloin! With Neo Team Plasma not in this story, I had some freedom to alter this plotline, and I've got something in mind that'll play out as this continues. Stay tuned!


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Oh man, I can imagine it's so hard to resist slapping Surf on everyone who could possibly learn it. I feel like I would have forgotten and had to find the move deleter! Oh man I forgot about that tournament! Another mandantory side plot. What a pain; definitely a valid criticism about this game! I love Lincoln aready; Mincinno are so cute but I've never had the occasion to use one. I'm sure he'll do great, thanks to that hidden ability!


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Haha, what a fun way to bring a Nuzlocke to life. I like the idea of using avatars and the forth wall breaks add a touch of parody! Those are some unique rules and they’re going to be a challenge!

I do like the commentary on natures. I’ve never dug too deep into them so I appreciate the strategic thought put into your teammates.
Trenton is adorable! A cute lisp is a great way to make him stand out! Pierre too! You have a great way of making them stand out. I’m surprised by how disappointed I was to see Pierre go!

Cheers! I'll keep reading!


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@Spectacles The pain of forbidding good STAB moves is very real in this run…at least Lincoln can indeed make very good use of his ability despite that!

@Dingopox Thank you and welcome!

Ah, Chargestone Cave! Perfect place for me to stretch my claws!

I’m glad you’re excited, Providence.

Yeah, and I know you’re not. Don’t worry; I don’t need us to linger, but we do have to take a walk through here, and I’m ready for it!

Keep an eye out for Hugo, too. I’m not looking forward to passing on the news about his Purrloin, but it’s probably best if we get it done sooner rather than later.

Oh, yeah. He probably won’t take it too well; any ideath for how to deal with hith reaction?

I can’t control how he acts. If he flares up, I’ll tell him to calm down. If he gets sad, I’ll give him some comfort. But there’s only so much I can do.

A wise perspective. Many things in life are out of our hands. We must accept what we cannot change.

But we can always try.

Hey, guys! C’mon, we’re at the bridge! And it’s not blocked off anymore!

Okay, phew. I’ll admit, I was still a little worried. Now we can cross without any more interrupt—huh, I cut myself off because I thought something would come along to interrupt me. But hey, it didn’t! Good sign, crew, now let’s—

I really like Chargestone Cave. Formulas define the electricity in the air and the connection between people and Pokémon.


But don’t you want to know who I am? The fact that I’m not shown makes me mysterious, doesn’t it?


…Maybe I’ll just leave.

The mysterious voice did so, allowing Roz to continue through Chargestone Cave—which turned out to have some tough things to throw at her! There was an Ace Trainer that challenged her to a Triple Battle with a Sandslash, Unfezant, and Klink. Fortunately, Providence, Anna, and Paul were able to handle him, though Anna did take some damage due to her position in the middle.

I will be fine. I’m glad no one was hurt worse.

Later on, they were threatened by a Trainer’s Excadrill, its enormous Attack and the recent experience with Clay’s making Roz nervous. But even though Indi wasn’t around anymore to deal with it, someone else was able to step up to the challenge: Paul! With his physical bulk, Power Split, and Will-O-Wisp, he was able to whittle its HP down while not being in much danger.

Damn. Gotta say, that’s pretty impressive.

Well, to adapt your own words from not long ago…that’s base 145 Defense for you.

Heh, nice.

Unfortunately, though, Roz’s smooth passage through Chargestone Cave couldn’t last.

Wait, what?

Yes, I’m afraid that, near the end of the cave, Roz and her team ran into an insurmountable obstacle, none other than…Bianca, who stopped Roz yet again to chat.

I feel like I should be really relieved that you meant this instead of someone getting badly hurt…and yet I’m not.

Hi, Roz! I'm here researching Tynamo for Professor Juniper! They’re rare in this cave, though, so I haven’t been able to find one yet…

Oh, really? I actually caught one! Would it help if I let you meet him?

Oh, that really could! Thank you!

Sure thing. He’s in my PC, though, so I can’t get him now.

That’s fine! I’ll go ahead to Mistralton City and wait for you there.

It was a brief interruption, at least. And before Roz got to the end of the cave, Lincoln reached Level 31 thanks to the Exp. Share and learned Wake-Up Slap.

There we go. I’ll evolve you at some point after we reach Mistralton City.

And that’s not far away—I can see light from the cave exit right up there.

Sure enough, a short walk later, Roz emerged into the open air of Mistralton City. Conveniently, there was someone right there to meet her.

Why, hello, Roz! It’s me, Professor Juniper, the person who’s responsible for sending you on this journey in the first place! I’m sorry I couldn’t be bothered to actually meet you in person until you were more than halfway through, so here’s something to make up for that.

Okay, thanks, what’s—whoa, is that a Master Ball?

It certainly is! Researchers like me sometimes manage to acquire these, but we’d never be able to decide what Pokémon to use them on.

To be honest, I might not be, either.

Well, you have the option, at least. Also, let me introduce you to my friend here, Skyla, the Gym Leader of Mistralton City!

Hello! Always nice to meet a future challenger! I look forward to seeing what you have to throw at me!

Sure, I’ll be by before too long. First, though, let’s take out Harrisburg for Bianca.

One PC transaction later…

Thank you again for your help, Roz! It’s nice to meet you, Harrisburg!

The pleasure is all mine, my good lady! I hear you are interested in studying my species?

Yes, if I could just ask you a few questions…

While they did that, Roz made a quick stop on Route 7 to see what wild Pokémon popped up. As it turns out, the first one was one that she found, instead of it finding her—a Foongus disguising itself as an item ball. She caught it and named it Des Moines.

Geez, I just caught him and he’s the highest-leveled Pokémon I have!

Huh, no one’s reached Level 36 yet?

I definitely haven’t!

Okay, then we’re going back to Driftveil, but I’m biking there so we can do some more training on the way.

One bike ride through Chargestone Cave later…

Lincoln, there’s no sense putting this off anymore. Here’s a Shiny Stone.

Excellent. Now I believe there’s one more stop to make before I can truly begin contributing to this journey?

Yeah, the Move Reminder. I just need to pay two Heart Scales, and…

Fantastic! I now know Bullet Seed and Rock Blast. Now I hope you will make use of me.

Sure, definitely. Let’s start by getting you caught up to the rest of the team.

Training opportunities around Nimbasa helped with that. After battling some trainers in Big Stadium, Roz decided to make further use of Boston.

Boston, I’m taking you up on your offer to learn Surf. There are some places I need your help to reach.

No problem, gal! Just point me in the direction!

The first place was back in Aspertia City, where TM53 Energy Ball was sitting on the other side of a small pond just outside of Roz’s home.

That thing has been taunting me for years! Finally, I got it! Here, Paul, this’ll go well with you.

I will wield this new power responsibly.

Then, when surfing back across the pond, Roz ran into a blue-striped Basculin in a patch of rippling water, which constituted her catch for Aspertia City. She caught it and named it Olympia, then moved on to her next destination: Virbank City, where some more Surfable water awaited. With Boston’s help, she found a Rare Candy and made another catch—a Frillish whom she named Richmond.

Not that I really need more Water types right now, but okay. Boston, let’s head back to Mistralton.

Roger that!

Once back in Mistralton, it was on to Route 7 in earnest. There was another PKMN Breeder there, Marcus, and Lincoln showed off his capabilities by defeating him.

Hey, Roz! Just wanted to call to let you know that I like rock music! ‘Kay, bye!

Er, who was that?

Someone who calls me randomly for some reason. Don’t mind him.

Roz is right; more of Route 7 awaits! In fact, let’s turn our attention to this Trainer with a Cinccino that Trenton’s fighting…

Hiya! Revenge! *wham* Ha, I did it! *starts glowing* Oh! Oh, look at me!

Wow, Trenton, you’re…

A true blue Thamurott! In more wayth than one!

Hey, nice! Although I have to admit, I was half expecting evolving to cure you of your lisp.

Cure me? No way! My lithp ith a part of who I am! There’th nothing to cure!

Oh, I guess. Sorry; bad choice of words.

No worrieth; now you know how I feel.

Yay, Trenton’s fully evolved now, too!

Yes, he is…congratulations, Trenton, I’m very proud.

Thankth, Anna!

Congratulations, indeed, though let’s not let ourselves become too distracted. There’s more on this route that waits to challenge us.

Lincoln had a point, but perhaps reinvigorated by Trenton’s evolution, Roz and her team had no trouble dealing with the rest of the route. No, the hardest thing that happened was when Providence reached Level 36 and I had to turn down Earthquake…friggin’ STAB-less runs…

Hey, you were the one who wanted to do this in the first place.

I know, I know. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its hardships, though…but at least there was a good legal move to be taught after Roz found TM81 X-Scissor and used it on Trenton. And after that, it was time to move on to the next area! No, not Twist Mountain; Elite Four Marshall of all people was blocking it off.

Look, there’s been a cave-in, so it’s dangerous in there, but some people have ignored that and tried to take their chances. As one of the strongest Trainers in the region, I have no problem driving them off.

And let me guess, it’ll be conveniently cleared up right around the time I beat Skyla, right?

For something of this magnitude? I think not. We’ve certainly made progress, but I strongly suspect you will be able to earn a badge long before this is resolved.

…Wait, what? But…this is the only way forward.

Don’t worry, Roth! I’m sure we’ll find a way to keep going!

Yes, I too believe that a path will present itself. For the moment, let us head back and focus on training for our upcoming challenge.

Well, okay, guess that makes sense. We’ll stop off next at Celestial Tower, then.

Hello again, Roz! Have you come here to pay your respects?

Well, mostly to see what’s here, but yeah, I can do that, too.

Fantastic. I’m sure that the spirits of the Pokémon that rest here will appreciate it. Also, here’s another free gift for you: a Lucky Egg, which increases the amount of experience points gained in battle!

…Wow, is this something else you got as a researcher? Are these kinds of perks common?

Oh, these things come my way every now and then. But free stuff isn’t the best thing about researching Pokémon; you have to be curious and really want to discover new things. Anyway, I’ll leave you to your business here.

Shall we head up to the higher floors, then?

Sounds good to me.

And because it’s apparently traditional to have Pokémon battles among gravesites, a number of Trainers populated the upper levels of the tower, all of whom challenged Roz. She expected most of them to be little more than experience fodder, but on just the second floor…

Hm, just a Clefairy. Anna, you can deal with this, right?

Of course. Ice Punch!

Hn! Heh, fine, but try doing that again! Minimize!

Dang, it’s harder to hit. Keep trying, Anna.

*whiff* Sorry. I missed.

And now, Cosmic Power!

Agh, now this’ll take even longer.

Yeah, but it’s just a matter of being persistent, right?

I agree. Patience will be our ally in this fight.

…I’m not so sure it’ll be that straightforward. Something tells me this may be more problematic than we think.

The fluffy one is right! Behold the final piece of my powerful combo: Stored Power!


Stored Power? Wait, doesn’t that—

I was right! Stored Power is an attack that gets stronger the more stat boosts the user has accumulated! And our opponent has two moves that not only make them more difficult to take down, but that each give them two stat boosts in one turn! Roz, this is riskier than we thought!

Hee hee, so you’ve realized. And I can even have fun while I’m leading you on! Metronome!

And now Metronome is thrown into the mix…its wild unpredictability gives it a low chance of being truly dangerous, but it is a chance nonetheless.

Anna, I can tag in. If it’s Stored Power we’re worried about, I’m the best suited to take it, thanks to my high HP and resisting Psychic.

…No, I can’t expose you to that risk. What if Metronome turns into something you’re weak to?

Clefairy aren’t that strong! I’d be able to take the hit!

I have to agree with Providence. She is our best counter to this threat, for the reasons she mentioned.

But if I switch out for one of you, we’ll lose a turn, and you’ll open yourself to attack! I’ve weakened this Clefairy already, and if I can get another good hit in, it’ll be over.

But every turn that you fail to defeat it, it can decrease your chances of doing so and make itself more offensively dangerous!

Then I will face that danger! That’s my duty as the most expendable member of the team!

Wait, what?

What are you talking about?!

…Just what I said. Now, I still have an opponent to defeat. Ice Punch!

Heh, missed!

Signal Beam!

Oof! Psh, that all you got?

Hrr…I have to keep going…

Roth, you’re the Trainer! Call her back!

No, Roz! Don’t put anyone else in danger!


It’s strategically disadvantageous to leave her in! She’s wounded, and there are others better suited for this fight!

But she is adamant about remaining in battle. Should we not respect her wishes?

Dammit…we can’t just watch, though!

Roz…what should we do?

Shit, I’m not sure…

Have faith in me, Roz. Even in a risky situation like this, I’m not counting myself out. I can still win.

Agh…okay, fine, but if things get really bad I’m pulling you out.

Then I will make my next attack count.

Hee hee, good luck! You’ll have to hit me, and then even if you do, will the damage be enough?

It will! Ice Punch!

Anna was taking a risk, but she was determined. And in the end…she did it!

Ack! No way… *thud*

*pants* It’s down. I did it.

All right! Way to go, Anna!

Anna, why were you tho intent on thtaying in that battle? And why did you thay you were the motht ekthpendable?

…Trenton, I’ve known my place on this team wasn’t nailed down since the beginning. I have the same type as the starter, not even bringing a second type to the table. You’re stronger than I am, especially now that you’ve reached your final form, and you’re a cornerstone of this team. Certainly I’ve done what I can to contribute…but for a long time, I knew that Roz was keeping me on board because she had limited options, based on the catches she made. Now, though, they’re much more expanded, so if I were to be seriously injured like Pierre or Jackson were, she’d have no trouble replacing me with someone who would be able to add something great to the team.

Anna…no, I’m going to have to stop you right there. I will admit that there is some truth in what you said: at first, I wasn’t too sure about having two pure Water types, but I did it because I didn’t have much choice. But do you know what happened during your stay on the team?


You really proved yourself! You were one of the only Pokémon I had that could use special attacks, giving me a really valuable option in battle, and you provided great coverage. Not just that, but your personality blossomed, endearing yourself to everyone else. You called Trenton a cornerstone of the team, but don’t pretend like you’re not one, too! And you know what else I’ve learned? Sharing a type doesn’t mean as much in a STAB-less run. You and Trenton actually have pretty different offensive options, and defensively, so what if you share a couple of weaknesses? If I had a Flying type on the team instead of you, that would still be two Pokémon with an Electric weakness, and no one would bat an eye. So don’t count yourself out!

She’th right, Anna! I’ve even been enviouth of you a few timeth; you’re great! But I’ve never thought that you were competing with me for a thpot on the team or anything—I’ve jutht thought about how awethome it ith I get to travel and fight with thomeone like you!

I’ve had thoughts like that too, Anna! I’ve never wanted you to leave the team!

Yeah, don’t sell yourself short like that. You’re a great grounding presence for us, and you kick ass, too!

…Thank you. I count myself very lucky to be a part of this team with all of you.

As do we with you! One must not neglect one’s blessings in life…or after life, as the case may be.

So no putting yourself in unnecessary danger like that again, okay? You’re a valuable team member and you deserve to be treated as such.

I understand.

Now, let’s finish climbing this tower and show anyone else who wants to fight us why we make such a good team!

The remainder of the ascent proceeded much more smoothly. Granted, when Roz tried to catch a Litwick at the top of the tower, it put up a good fight…but we can gloss over that. After succeeding with the catch and naming it Albany, she turned her attention to what else lay there.

The Celestial Tower bell…

It’th thuppothed to calm the thpirith of dead Pokémon, right?

But we don’t know any of those! Thanks for making this a run without actual deaths, narrator!

You’re welcome.

Nevertheless, it would be virtuous to ring it and pay our respects.

Yeah…and how about all of you join me? We just had a “we’re all in this together” moment, so it feels right that we do this as a team.

You’re sure that’s not too hokey?

No, but I want to do it anyway.

Fair enough. I guess Lincoln and I will take the bottom part of the rope, since we’re the shortest.

Yeah, everyone grab a part of it. Ready? One, two, three…

*rings bell*

The current team is below:

Trenton the Samurott, male
Annapolis "Anna" the Golduck, female
Denver the Arcanine, male
Providence the Excadrill, female
Saint Paul the Cofagrigus, male
Lincoln the Cinccino, male

Final evolutions FTW! Lincoln evolving into Cinccino meant he got access to two moves that, thanks to Skill Link, effectively have 125 BP. Trenton's moves aren't as impressive—he tried to learn Slash upon evolving, in a game with an early-acquired infinite-use Return TM—but he's a lot more powerful now! Samurott might not be the best starter Pokémon, but I still like them.

I decided to make the main focus of this update the Clefairy fight in Celestial Tower. My game notes aren't that extensive, so I had to make up some of the details, but it definitely established itself as a threat with that moveset. I didn't remember why I didn't switch in Providence, who definitely would've had a better time against Stored Power, so I connected it to Anna feeling like she brought the least to the team, which is something I'd had in mind, what with her sharing a type with the starter and all. But what Roz said is true; Anna definitely endeared herself to me as I played through the game, and by this point, even though she and Trenton were both pure Water types, I was fine continuing with the party as it was! Now, does that mean Anna is safe from being taken off the team for the rest of the run, no, but it does mean she gets a confidence boost despite the apparent reasons to deposit her in favor of someone else.


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Jun 24, 2019
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It hides deep inside caves where no light ever reaches it and remains virtually motionless there. ~Pokemon Crystal, entry #52
Ahh I love this update!! Some very well deserved evolutions and character development from Anna. Wow, I never thought a battle with a Clefairy of all things could be so intense!! You really had me worried for Anna there, especially with Metronome in play.

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