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Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Mon Whispers and Bells

Thread Description
Dark/Dragon Nuzlocke of Storm Silver

Whispering Void

Change Pokemon
Pokédex No.
Apr 25, 2020
Near Blackthorn City, Johto
Pokémon Type
Pokédex Entry
When this entity shows up in any land, strife and violent revolution will soon follow.
Hey, everyone. I'm very new to trying to make stories work, so please enjoy and let me know what you think.

Whispers and Bells is a Dark/Dragon Locke through Storm Silver. The rules are pretty basic, but the game is going to be hard enough to manage while trying to make sure I get all the characterization and images I need.

1. Pokemon that faint are considered dead, and will be stored in the box Elysium forever for their noble deeds.
2. Catch the first Dark or Dragon-type Pokemon on a route/area .
2a. What? Dark and Dragon don't exist on every route?! Too Bad!
2b. Dupes can be ignored if there is another valid catch on that route.
2c. Shinies are worth catching no matter the type or if the route has already provided a 'Mon, but only shinies that match type can be used.
3. All Pokemon must be nicknamed, everyone is a living, thinking being, should I just refer to all humans as Human, NO!
4. Gift mons (which will almost never qualify) and static encounters are not area encounters.
5. I must try to balance the team as soon as I am able to have a minimum of two Pokemon of each type.
6. No X-items, ever. They are banned by Johto, without a license except in times of war.

Blackthorn, Johto, 7 years ago
It was a relatively quiet day. Sasaya had put a fair bit of effort into escaping his sister, Sayo, to just be free from the pressure of accompanying a Kimono girl in Blackthorn. He’d left the city’s limits and was climbing the mountains. The Larvitars and Sneasels were so cute up here, and he hadn’t run into any mother Pokemon, yet. Unfortunately, not all the rocks were stable or good to grip and as he’d climbed pretty high up, things had become a little more difficult. He heard Sayo’s voice calling for him somewhere down there, and not wanting to go back, he started climbing again without paying attention to what he’d grabbed. The cliff’s edge started to give in his frantic grip and the rock got loose. As he realized his left hand’s grip was starting to give, he began to pull and reach up with his right hand. It was too late; he was falling and he was certain it was over. Sasaya bounced off one rock as it gave too, starting a small avalanche. He looked up and saw something orange before blacking out.
When he woke up, he was greeted by the sight of a beautiful blue haired girl about his age and an awful pain in his back. As he started to sit up, he noticed thick bandaging all around his midsection. The girl blushed and backed away quickly. A man with spiky red hair was at the door. The man said, You’re a very lucky young man. If my cousin here hadn’t seen you in the mountains falling, you probably would’ve died from blood loss.
Sasaya looked at the girl, blushed, and started to say, Than--
When Sayo, in her yellow kimono, burst in, pushing past the red haired man, How could you run away like that? You could’ve died! Zuki’s gonna kill us when we get back to Ecruteak!
She turned to the man, Thanks for taking care of my brother, we have to leave now, sorry, for his behavior.
The man replied, No problem, but it was really my cousin. Please don’t be too hard on the boy, he’s going to have a hard enough time with his injuries, and his back is probably going to scar.
Alright, but I can’t promise Zuki won’t chew us both out really bad for this when we get home. I should’ve paid more attention to him.
Sayo grabbed Sasaya’s arm and dragged him out of the room, as he waved, very sheepishly, at the blue haired girl.

Ecruteak, Johto, 5 weeks ago
Sasaya had been sitting down in the seats as usual when Mr. Vanderhoss walked in the dance theater. His rich brown suit and velvety red tie were more than enough to indicate his wealth. In traditional Johto, very few men had his level of wealth and even among his contemporaries in Goldenrod, he stood out. Never would Sasaya have imagined that the Johto’s greatest weapon industry mogul would visit here without an entourage of bodyguards and paparazzi.
Sasaya’s oldest sister was nearing the end of her performance as Mr. Vanderhoss sat down. The wealthy man looked over to Sasaya, nodded, and proceeded to look back at the stage. As soon as Kuni finished her last move to the applause of the small audience, she bowed and proceeded to the stairs, gesturing to Mr. Vanderhoss to come over. After a very short conversation out of everyone’s earshot, both Kuni and Vanderhoss smiled, and with a short, but polite bow, Vanderhoss left.
Kuni proceeded to gesture for Sasaya to come over. Sasaya, do you know who that was? she asked.
The richest man in Johto, right? He sold the self-defense tools and body armor we used when the Galarians tried to invade us and Kanto 20 years ago.
Right. Well, he has a daughter about your age, and apparently she’s taken a liking to you. He was just talking about arranging your marriage to her with me, and I think it would be an excellent idea.

Silence lingered for a moment, as that sunk into Sasaya’s mind.

Finally, Sasaya responded, I don’t know why anyone like that would know me!
Look, Sasaya you’ve travelled around with all of us before and lots of girls want to know you. We’re the most important figures in Johto’s culture and religion. Even Kantonian and Sinnohese people have seen us, and you're never far away. This would be a merger between the pillars of Johto’s culture and wealth. So you can see how this would be a good idea, right? Kuni stated, with clear intent.
... No.
Good, that’s set-- Wait, what?
No, I’m not interested in marrying his daughter. I’m going to choose who I marry.
Look, this is for the bes--
Sasaya didn’t stick around to hear any more. He bolted out the theater doors, and ran past his seven other sisters in quite a hurry. Thoughts rushed through his head as he ran through the streets of Ecruteak. As the amber street lights and moonlight shone on the cherry blossom petal-covered path in front of him, he considered his options. He would head south and start the league challenge. His sisters and Mr. Vanderhoss would be able to respect his decisions if he was a strong trainer - Johto had always been that way. He would use that to his advantage. Maybe the old Mr. Pokemon would know who could help him.

Whispering Void

Change Pokemon
Pokédex No.
Apr 25, 2020
Near Blackthorn City, Johto
Pokémon Type
Pokédex Entry
When this entity shows up in any land, strife and violent revolution will soon follow.
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Ring Ring Ring Phone Call
Ring Ring Ring Phone Call
I still don't understand why every phone company makes that the default tone.

Yes, this is Mr. Pokemon, I made a few calls. When you get to my house, I can promise you a Pokemon and a Trainer card, just don't forget that I have an errand for you to run in return.
Alright, I'll be there as soon as I can.

Cynthia? What are you doing in Johto?

Mr. Pokemon arranged for me to come help somebody. If I'd known that you were so handsome in person, I might've just taken you to Sinnoh .
Well, I already have someone I'm interested in, but thank you.
I'm aware, a mutual friend told me. Well, knowing this is probably without your sisters' consent, my gift to you may seem a little... Well, it's actually kind of funny.

My name's Selene, I'll guard you the best I can, sir.

I'm happy to have you aboard, I'm Sasaya.

I'll be seeing you around, Sasaya. Go and talk to Mr. Pokemon.

Come in, come in Sasaya!
I've got this Egg I need you to take to Albus, I mean Professor Elm, for me. Ho Ho! He's the "best when it comes to Pokemon evolution."

I'd prefer if you don't talk as if I wasn't here, old friend. You seem like a young man with a bright future. I've got a trainer card and Pokedex here for you. With these, no one can force you anywhere unless you have no Pokemon with you. So, your sisters will be forced to let you take the challenge at the very least. They care more about the traditions here than anyone.

Alright, Selene, let's go. I'm ready as I'll ever be.
Yes, sir. I won't let your expectations down!

Who's that?

Hmph... an Eevee, those are fairly rare.

I just got this powerful croc. You'll see how I'm stronger than your weak self.

I've won, already.
See? I told you I'd- Wait, what?!!
You know what this isn't over. You'll see, someday soon, I, Silver will be known as the strongest trainer of all time!

Well... that was weird. Aren't Totodile only provided by Professor Elm? He seemed a bit arrogant for a guy who just got a starter.
I guess... sir, he really didn't seem that tough and his Totodile didn't seem to know why he was here.
I've just got to go to the lab and deliver this egg, I hope I don't see that Silver guy again anytime soon.

What's going on here?

I saw it, It was a red-hared individual, there's no way Sasaya here could've done it.

Yes, he said his name was silver and he had a Totodile with him.
Right, then my next job is to track down this Silver.

I've got to go! I just couldn't forgive myself if I let my idol's little brother get arrested for something he didn't do!

Right, well, my Totodile aside... what did you come for?

Really... He sent you with an egg?
I mean, this is a unusual egg, but still, sometimes I think Mr. Pokemon is going a bit senile. Oh well. I'll look into since he asked.
I guess everything's clear here, I think that daughter has a bit of a crush on you. Let her down easy, okay?

Alright, I'll do what I can.

Okay, I think my next move needs to be to go to a PokeMart.
Absolutely, sir, I shouldn't defend you alone.

Here, you could use some to get a bigger team, I-I mean, if you w-want to, I-I mean you- Nevermind, I-I've got to go!
WAIT UP! ... And she's gone.

Well, I guess time to get some teammates

I'm Ivan, I'll take anyone on for this team, because I'm Battle Born and I'm tired of all the other wimps associated with my species.
Elizabeth, charmed, please just let me actually take part in your fighting. A touch of grace in your less than honest activities never hurt.
Locke, philosopher, and I suppose a bit of a fighter, if needed to preserve my individual property. However, I'd be just as happy to not need to fight.
I'm Selene, and our master here is Sasaya, if any of you step out of line, you'll have me to answer, too.

Hey, you, you look new! I'll take you on!

(Was a breeze)

(No comment on her either.)

What is that awful singing?

NO! Please don't. The world will thank you for never gracing us with that voice.

(Somehow, I failed to get the stat screens for him, He's Jolly with Battle Armor.)

My name is Mehrunes, I will conquer all before me.
Kitty, charmed to meet you, my wiles will defeat every fool that interferes with me.
I'm Sasaya, I'm sure you can all make it to the Champion with me.

Violet City is just ahead.

Wait up!

I just figured before you go any further, you should know, Sprout Tower is an excellent place to train before facing Falkner.

Uh... thanks, just so you know--

Dang, she runs off every time.

I think I need a break, I really would prefer to think on this evolution stuff a while. Is it a form of wealth? It is a result of labor, after all.
Alright, we'll see if we can get another member, otherwise just know you're on call.

Let's see, I really ought to check out--

I heard you have an empty spot. I'm Fafnir, trainers get way more gold than wild Pokemon, why don't you let me join.

(Some serious grinding later...)

This form is surely what I desired, I cannot wait to try in on real prey, yesss~.

I think we're ready to take on the tower. Let us see what it looks like when I'm here as a trainer.


Whispering Void

Change Pokemon
Pokédex No.
Apr 25, 2020
Near Blackthorn City, Johto
Pokémon Type
Pokédex Entry
When this entity shows up in any land, strife and violent revolution will soon follow.
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Sasaya? Is that you?
Yes, why, Sage... uh?
You actually don't know me, but I've seen you many times on the television and all that. Where are your sisters?
They're not with me, I'm actually here on my own. As a trainer.
Really, well, in that case, don't mind me. Just know the Sages upstairs might decide to test you.
Thanks for the advice, then.

I heard from downstairs that you're not with your sisters, time to prove your own mettle.

Leave this to me, this grass type is just here to die.

Is that even worth noting? I mean, you and the tower aren't the same, you lost as soon as you challenged us.

You shall not pass so easily.

Again, not worth the time of day.
Speak for yourself, I hope you're thankful I don't kill you for me getting wet.

Wait, you don't all lead with a Grass type?!
Don't worry, I'll destroy this one for you.

I think this one's gone senile.

Uh, You might copy a Bellsprout better if you had one.
Maybe you're right, I'll think on that one.

Right, I think they're getting worse.

Finally, letting me show my worth, I hope he has coin for me.

Clearly, not as much as you. Leaving Abra out when I can bite?

Really, trust is the least of your worries, I don't think Abra and Hoppip can even hurt you without serious help, but I guess there needed to be some free real estate.

Hey, isn't that the arrogant thief we ran into in Cherrygrove, master?
Yep, I'm pretty sure it is.

Hmph... What you have to say no longer matters, you lost. All that matters is strength and the opinions of the strong. I need to face stronger opponents and win. Weak crybabies like you, "Elder" would mean nothing before him. I need to surpass his strength. Later, loser Li.

Hmm... are you here without your sisters?
Yes, Elder. I need to prove myself without them. Kuni would never let me make my own decisions if I can't even beat her.
Very well then,
(Side note, it took me forever to catch this stupid pun, Elder Li - elderly)

I'm pretty sure that Sasaya here can be trusted, he's kept me up with everyone, I know that's not easy. My kind are actually a lot harder to raise than our appearance would make it seem.
I'm plenty satisfied with him so far, I see no reason not to be.
If I keep destroying things like I have, no one will be able to stop him on the way. I'll bring down the earth, and all its puny inhabitants, before my trainer, no problem.
My magnificence is promised the wealth I so deserve as long as I stick with this young man. I fear nothing.
I'm more than willing to weather rougher waters with him at the helm.
I will keep my word, I will guard him, even if it costs me everything else.

Your Pokemon trust you quite a lot for such a recent start, and you seem to battle with as much grace and power as your sisters do.

I see you have an Eevee. Tell me, what stone would you like her to take?

I am a nocturnal guardian, and I know that you are gifted with Dark and Dragon talents, master. Make me an Umbreon, for you will understand me much easier that way.
Alright, Selene will be an Umbreon, then.
Then you should take this.

Now, I feel as though I could guard you from the legends themselves! Thank you, sir.

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