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Written Story Screenshot Hoenn What happens in Hoenn - The very first

Extravanganza Accordian Demo


Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
Pokédex No.
May 7, 2022

Hi guys!

I'm Glitch and I've returned to Pokémon after a couple years of break. I returned in early 2022, since 2018 - this does obviously mean I missed out on Pokémon Sword & Shield and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. These were the first games I played upon return, and I have to say I did enjoy them quite a bit.

That aside, after completing those games (yes I'm sad enough to play BOTH versions per generation, that's how involved I get), I was once again looking for MORE, and as it is there IS more to the Pokémon games out there in the form of all sorts of challenges.
Having found out about different challenges in the Pokémon games I decided to look into it and eventually dabble in a little challenge myself.
So here it is, my first ever experience with Pokémon challenges - a Nuzlocke!

The first challenge I decided upon was a Nuzlocke within Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, this is because it's my first and I wanted to go easy on myself for that, AND the Generation 3 remakes in Generation 6 were some of my favourite games. Coïncidentally I found out later that these are also the easiest to Nuzlocke, so that wasn't too unlucky either.

So let's get started on this virgin story.

The rules I applied are personal choice for a first run, they are probably a lot easier than what most of you are used to, but hey..
  1. Only the first pokemon encountered on any route or area can be attempted to be caught
  2. Pokemon that faint are considered "dead" and cannot be used anymore
  3. All pokemon need to get a nickname in order to increase the emotional bond
  4. A white-out means the run failed and needs to be reset from the start
  5. No outleveling the game - max level allowed is the level of the next challenge's highest level pokemon
  6. No healing items used during combat (only held items are allowed)
  7. Starter needs to be randomized, based on the last digit of trainer ID:
1-3 Grass starter
4-6 Fire starter
7-9 Water starter
0 Free choice
You'll notice I didn't apply a dupe clause as they say where you can't catch multiple pokemon of a single species, this is because I simply didn't know about it to be honest :D

Not to be too much of a tease I'll start the journey off in this very post!


I picked an original and unexpected name, as people do: Glitch.

I moved into town together with mom, who apparentely trusted me to just ride with the furniture.

After exploring a bit (mainly just talking to mom and visiting the neighbour's daughter May),
I try and venture into that vast vast land of Hoenn.


Now, notice I said "try" - I won't get far just yet, this is obviously because Professor Birch got himself in trouble with a cute pooch. Him getting in trouble does work in my favour though, as he'll ask me to help him out using one of his pokemon.

As stated in the rules the starter will be selected based upon our Pokemon trainer ID:

If you then look at the rules again you'll see that a pokemon trainer ID ending in -9 means I'll be picking the water pokemon Mudkip as my starter!
I'm actually happy to do so as well considering Mudkip is a fairly good pokemon (definitely if you look at Swampert and Mega Swampert down the line).

Again, following the rules of the game, we'll be giving this little guy a nickname: "BigFace" - because he has a big face..


All seems to be well, and me and my new friend are ready to take on Steven in the Pokemon League.. or maybe I'm moving a bit fast.

Our first "hurdle" will be the girl next door - May.

Now this LOOKS like cake, however May does counter my starter, so I'm VERY scared as the Nuzlocke could end right here and now..


Somehow it doesn't show HP all the time, which does kind of make it less easy to follow - mainly regarding my own pokemon, but I'll show its HP below:


Look at that! If that's not a convincing win I don't know what is..

Having that first battle behind me I'm feeling stronger than ever and I'm ready as I'll ever be to beat Steven, I just need to get there..

Now all I need to do is move there at my own pace AND keep in mind the currect level cap is 14 ! (Roxanne's Nosepass)

This'll be a short episode, just to see how this forum actually works, I'll try and update as regularly as possible and hopefully grow in storytelling and all the jazz!

Sprites for team updates and trainer teams:
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Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
Pokédex No.
May 7, 2022
Back at it, I do realise the start was short and dry, therefore I tried to change up the writing style for the next part.

I would appreciate some feedback on which style is most entertaining to read.


We left off last episode after a really, and I mean REALLY short introduction, but also including our very first fight.

Now after that warm-up I’m sure my “team” is ready for some additions as well as an attempt at collecting some fine jewelry for my badge-collection-box .. or however you would call that thing we all store badges in.

Early on we get our very much needed Pokédex!


And you can’t just have a pokedex without getting some of those fine, round, delicious, nutricious Poké Balls!


Heading back up in order to follow May for that infamous sneaking tutorial I actually got jumped in the grass by a…


And there we have it! Quantum came into existence through the sheer force of.. a poke ball..



I’m going to switch to third person from here on out hoping that tells a better story..

Let’s take a small step back as we try to grasp what’s really going on here..
The young Glitch just moved (from Johto) into a small town named “Littleroot Town” (which lies in the Hoenn region) as his father - “Norman” just because a Gym Leader in a nearby town.

Upon arrival Glitch’s mom - who he moved into Hoenn with - tells him to introduce himself to the new neighbours. The new neighbours (who would have guessed) are a Pokemon Professor and his family: Birch, now Birch and Glitch’s father have been friends for a while. Up to Glitch to make friends with May (Birch’s daughter) and start his very own pokemon adventure.

I guess this is pretty much where we should pick up.

The boy Glitch moved along the natural route into the next area, which means.. You guessed it! According to Nuzlocke rules he’s allowed to catch another pokemon, which obviously is something to look forward to! Now let’s take a peek at which pokemon are available on this route (103):


Now this is an interesting one as a certain Water-Flying type pokemon could come in useful in the future. So obviously Glitch is hoping to obtain his very first Flying type on this route. Very excited and enthusiastic he proceeds towards the grass and prepares to jump right in, obviously encountering that one pokemon. Lasso in hand, he picks up his courage and makes the jump!


*grips lasso tighter*


Well snap - that’s a shame..

Now do note: there was no dupes clause included for this particular challenge, meaning that any first pokemon encountered per route still has to be attempted.

Therefore Glitch decided to give it his all and lasso the second Poochyena regardless!
It appeared this one was just as happy to join him on his journeys as the last one and so it was decided.

To the box!
(Glitch decided it would be unwise to have 2 of the same pokemon in his party at any given time as in the past this proved to have them riot quite often)

As it happens in world journeys such as these, Glitch decided to continue his walk and went east - in the direction of where Petalburg Town is, he just remembered his father said something about that place.

Between Route 103 and Petalburg Town however we have another wild pokemon route, being Route 102!! And as before, we know what that means..

*looks at lasso*

Once again, to scout the potential of this route:


The sheer potential of this route !!!
Glitch can already imagine running through flower meadows hand in hand with his lotad, Ralts or even Surskit! The dream is so real to him, he can smell the field, imagine the touch of his new best friend and just TASTE the sweet sweet victory that comes from it all inevitably.

Again excited as he can be, he approaches the grass.


He breathes in 10 times while counting down from 5 each time, he is PURE zen, nothing in the world can break his focus.
He’ll need this focus in order to pounce, roll, jump and struggle into what’s coming next..

Then it happens! He steps on something.. Quite unsure still what it was, he can’t tell from how it felt just what it is yet. Slowly he starts to feel something approach, and he knows.. This is it, his new friend has come to him!



This is the moment Glitch’s heart sunk to his shoes.. He got so excited, was so ready for something else, something new!

To top it off, what happened next broke a piece of Glitch to what seems to be irreparable.


Quantum was too young, too inexperienced and got surprised by the ferocious wild Poochyena..
Mind you Glitch started his journey only moments ago, to lose a friend this early on had him completely shocked.

Thus resulting in an inevitable..


Frustrated by losing his still favorite dog, Glitch was dead-set on making the new dog his own, he felt like he had to in memory of Quantum..
So as he was still crying violently over this short but powerful bond he had with Quantum, he decided to catch this new Poochyena, and..



At this point Glitch was doubting his very own reality as he didn’t understand what made him choose the name. But he was sure this is what Quantum (1) would have wanted, convinced he lived on in the new Quantum!



Then on to Petalburg again, feeling a little better that he found a new partner to fill the gap left by Quantum.


Apparently Glitch was already an official pokemon trainer, which he hadn’t stopped to think about yet before this very moment. This trainer telling him this made him feel a lot better as well. This sudden morale boost definitely helped Glitch overcome the “challenge” of this brat.

After some more victories on this route, without contest I may add, Glitch finally made his way into Petalburg.


As soon as Glitch left the Pokemon Center he heard a familiar voice, and figured he’d seek it out.


He found his father, and instantly remembered what he said about Petalburg earlier on. Glitch’s father is Petalburg’s Gym Leader! It seemed like he just had a challenger as well, which - by the looks of it - was unable to obtain the “Balance Badge” from Norman.
Norman then invites Glitch in to talk some more…
Basically just to diss him in his face..


After a bit more smalltalk someone else shows up in the Gym.


Will Glitch get to see an actual Gym Challenger take on Norman?



So after some talk Wally (the one that entered the Gym asking for a pokemon) asks us to join him as he attempts to catch his first Poochyena pokemon. Ofcourse Glitch joins him, as Glitch is a very supportive guy.


Ofcourse… He gets the most rare pokemon on the route.. It’s fine, Glitch is over it already so it’s all fine.
Wally seems to have no issues catching the Ralts, in fact he deals with it pretty well considering he never had a pokemon before.

With Wally set and Norman excited to see Glitch again when he’s stronger, it’s time to move on and explore more of this area he just moved into.

East seems to be the way again, and so it happens that Glitch finds himself on Route 104, that means we get to scout the route again, see what’s happening on it, see what’s good.


On this route there is no Poochyena’s, therefore Glitch is guaranteed to make a unique friend here as well. Ideally a Flying type, but anything could work.



He found an actual bug! Long had Glitch wanted to start a collection of bugs at home, however his mother never allowed it. Therefore finding a Wurmple was so exciting for Glitch, he shouted so loud all pokemon in the near vicinity fled the grass startled. At this time of the day Glitch usually would enjoy an elaborate lunch, so it was only natural the Wurmple would get a name related to food, and here we have it: Fudge!


Glitch had heard tales of a forest nearby, lush of pokemon in variety, but also in number. It’s only natural he was very curious to what he could encounter here, and also what potential threats could lurk in this forest. Currently he was feeling immortal, unbeatable as he felt he was doing really well on this journey of becoming the very best.


Now Glitch had heard about this forest from even before he came to this region with his mother. There is supposed to be this pokemon that lives in damp soil, in the dark depths of forests, feeding on compost made of fallen, rotten leaves. It is said that such a pokemon was sighted here in the past. It’s supposed to be a very unique type of pokemon that also becomes very very strong after sufficient training, which is what Glitch mainly remembered from hearing about this pokemon.

When he walked into the forest, almost immediately upon entry he heard the leaves above him shake, grass in front of him shiver. This was how it felt to be in a forest full of new and exciting creatures. The rustling in the trees became more and more uneasy, louder and more violent until suddenly…


Something had fallen on his head from above, something fairly hard but also soft, was it that one pokemon Glitch heard so many things about, was it??


Even better! It’s another bug for his collection! It goes without saying that Glitch’s entire body was raging with excitement he would not only get a bug that day but potentially two!

After a small struggle with the bug, it was decided and the bug had to concede to its new master.



The name came to Glitch based on how they met and how it looks, nothing more to it.
Glitch decided to store this one away as it was likely to be the same pokemon as Fudge (not knowing this fully well yet).

Fully enjoying his visit to this forest Glitch was stumbling into things left and right as he was so amazed by his surroundings. The forest is, after all, one of the finest in the region.

He did not at all expect to run into anyone in this wonderful place, let alone a scientist. But you guessed it.. he DID stumble into one


This particular scientist was apparently looking for that same pokemon of legend Glitch heard so much about. Proudly Glitch showed the scientist his newfound RoofBall, however it seems the scientist was not at all interested in this one. Sort of offended, Glitch grew less interested in what this rude scientist had to say at all.


It appeared there were more people there than Glitch first thought, when a pretty rude and smelly fellow pushed the scientist around and started asking for some papers. The Devon researcher - so it seems - then took refuge behind Glitch, as Glitch had showed to be a pokemon trainer and thus the researcher hoped he would help him out in this pickle.


Noble as he is, Glitch had no issue with this.


And there we go - Glitch got himself into another fight..
Not that he minded, as Glitch was dead set on becoming strong, and was taking a liking to this pokemon battle hobby.





At this point Glitch’s ego was being boosted left and right, Quantum had already fulfilled its predecessor’s legacy by a lot.

A bit further in that same forest, after fighting a Bug Catcher named James, Glitch noticed something weird. Fudge looked a bit pale and it started to actually release glowing particles, this obviously had Glitch very worried as he cherished this pokemon by now.


Quickly realizing he couldn’t deal with it, as the potions he kept spraying on the Fudge didn’t seem to help at all, Glitch sank to his knees. Of all things he didn’t think he’d lose one of his pokemon to a weird disease he never heard about, but it looked like he was going to have to let go. Before long though it started to look as if Fudge wasn’t in pain or distress at all though, but Fudge actually cocooned itself instead. Glitch was totally astonished by this event and realized this was probably an event he heard about as well.. Evolution!



This meant that Glitch’s Fudge now was on its way to becoming airborne, but it had to go through a phase of cocooning first in order to prepare its new form. Glitch again couldn’t be stopped as he was filled with excitement.

Glitch decided to leave the forest at this point, all the excitement might be bad for his heart and it’s best if he took it slow for a bit.


Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Apr 18, 2021
Pokémon Type
  1. Fire
  2. Clever
Pokédex Entry
This Pokémon can often be found alone in her room writing or reading. This is because she is an introvert who doesn’t feel like going outside today.
a mudkip. two poochyena. two silcoon. best nuzlocke team I've ever seen.


Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
Pokédex No.
May 7, 2022
It’s been a while again, and not sure if you noticed but it’s the perfect day for a Nuzlocke story update.

I’ve been writing sort of daily, but it seems that either I’m not being efficient or it’s more work than I expected. I do enjoy writing about these adventures a lot though.


After going through what will forever be Glitch’s favorite forest from now on, Glitch arrived back on route 104.

Upon leaving the forest, Glitch is met with the pretty sight of a small lake, with a wooden bridge across it. But before he would reach this, he would stop by the Pretty Petal flower shop, not to buy flowers, but to gather some tips and information on how to grow Berry plants. Glitch learned long before he became a trainer that Berry plants are very useful, but can be tough to maintain in order to make sure they give a proper yield.

As soon as he gathered the necessary information, Glitch set out to pass this Route and met with the different trainers scattered on this route. Not long after leaving the Shop and moving East, he spotted a rich-looking lady, which Glitch was SURE to be an easy target for some good Pokedollars. So Glitch made sure to lock eyes with her and challenge her to a duel. Whenever she did call her Pokemon though, Glitch flinched just a little when he saw the level of this Pokemon, which was a tad higher than his own. However, getting over the initial shock, Glitch realized he had three Pokemon to her only one Pokemon, so he regained his courage and with that defeated the rich girl. Not unexpectedly, she gave him a fair amount of dollars, which would later come in handy when restocking on supplies in the next town.

After defeating those last trainers though, Fudge did it again! Fudge once again started glowing in a bright white light and now came out of the cocoon as a Beatifly! This time the light didn’t scare Glitch at all, instead it excited him for what was to come.


Finally Glitch also reached the end of this Route, with in front of him the entrance to Rustboro City, where he knews resides the Gym Leader handing out the Stone Badge.



Rustboro City actually looked like a nice place, by the seaside, if Glitch looked along the main road all the way to the other side of the city he could even make out a nice beach. Definitely a place to visit later on, after stocking up on supplies and healing his Pokemon in the PokeCenter. Glitch had already grown the habit of always healing up his Pokemon as soon as he found an opportunity to do so.

When Glitch headed for the PokeMart however to get some supplies, May just exited the Mart. It’s been a while since Glitch saw her last so he stopped for a little chat.


They chuckled thinking back of LittleRoot and figured this is a completely different place, even in sheer size and commodities.

After the short get-together it was time to get serious, Glitch never was the type to just sit around, so he had made up his mind to head straight for the Gym Leader. After all, Glitch had gathered a fairly reliable team of Pokemon by now, with what seemed to be strong bonds between trainer and pokemon.

Bursting with excitement and curiousness as to what the Leader would be like and .. look like, Glitch stormed the Gym door. As soon as he entered he was amazed by the size of the building on the inside, from the outside it looked not too much larger than the PokeCenter, however when standing inside it seemed like a hall or even stadium. Immediately as he entered he noticed a girl, greeting people who entered, like him.


This girl looked like she wasn’t all that much older than he was, but her demeanor gave away a lot of life experience and.. probably Pokemon Battle experience. Glitch immediately felt respect for this person standing in front of him, while still taking in the surprise of the size inside the building. The girl noticed this as she gave him some time to take it all in.


She introduced herself.. as Roxanne, the Rustboro Gym Leader! Glitch was taken aback by this a little bit, as he assumed the Leader was always in the back of an impenetrable building, surrounded by trainers. He never imagined being greeted like this by the actual Leader herself.


Seeing as a young girl such as Roxanne could make it all the way to Gym Leader sort of sparked a flame within Glitch, igniting his ambition that much more. After the short introduction however, she disappeared deeper into the building, out of sight. Glitch initially wanted to ask her so much more and even challenge her there and then, but that would have to wait.. at least for now.

Glitch decided to follow the direction she walked in, and soon found himself in what looked like a museum.


He could see a lot of fossil-like rocks around, each with references to Pokemon. Glitch thought this was very intriguing and made a mental note to ask Roxanne about them later on.

Fossils weren’t the only things in this museum though, as soon he found other people.. with PokeBalls on their belt. Glitch realized fairly soon these were trainers, who were here to test any Gym challengers.
A lot of these trainers carried Pokemon like Geodude around, which are obviously weak to his Mudkip, so Glitch made short work of the trainers without too much struggle. He did however decide to take another trip to the PokeCenter though before actually taking on Roxanne, who he saw a bit further down the museum after he fought a bunch of trainers there.

After going through the museum he reached a platform of rock in the back. On this platform he had earlier spotted Roxanne, he assumed this is where she waited to take on any challengers.


So he walked up to her, his morale boosted by the relative ease he had fighting the trainers that were “defending” the Gym.

As he walked up to her, she once again spoke to him, telling him she actually expected him to make it through the museum and had been waiting for his challenge.




Once again Glitch had this feeling of immense respect for this girl, as she seemed to know so well what she was doing, she radiated competence. And despite all his confidence and boosted morale, he did admit this was a little intimidating.

But this was the moment, no more going back, so Glitch had to give it his all and trust in his Pokemon.





The first Pokemon she sent out was a Geodude, a Pokemon Glitch had fought several times now in making his way to her platform, so this gave a burst of confidence again. Although something felt different from the previous Geodude, hard to tell what it was, but it felt as if this Geodude had the same aura of competence Roxanne did. It was a strange feeling, and hard to explain as it didn’t make all that much sense, but it was there.


Unwavered by this seemingly confidence of the Geodude, Glitch sent out his BigFace, which seemed eager to fight, undoubtedly also boosted in morale by the fights that preceded this one.

And so it started, Glitch’ first Gym battle. It was eerily silent around them, not what Glitch imagined of a Gym battle like this, not at all. However, strange as it is, Glitch felt at ease in this moment, he was ready to take on the challenge no matter what.




Glitch’ BigFace appeared to be faster than the Geodude, shown by it reacting faster to Glitch’ command of Water Gun. The Water Gun connected and made the Geodude grunt, visibly having dealt a great amount of damage to it. The Geodude hung on to a thread though, it seemed as it was heavily hurt, but refused to give up just yet.


It then retaliated with a Rock Tomb, which in turn also connected. This move however clearly slowed down BigFace, although it didn’t seem to hurt BigFace as much as the Water Gun did for Geodude.


After this, Glitch prepared to finish off the Geodude and continue his winning streak, even in this mighty Gym.

But then something unexpected happened, in all his excitement, Glitch had just glanced over the Gym challenge rules and therefore missed a couple pretty important aspects. One of which would become apparent really soon. As soon as Glitch shouted the second Water Gun command, Roxanne sprayed her Geodude with a Potion, healing the Pokemon.



Glitch was unaware this was allowed and therefore contemplated complaining about it, as he saw this as cheating at the moment. However he decided not to, and decided to just continue the fight, as he still had the advantage in typing.


You see Glitch had forgotten for a second that he had already shouted his next command and that while Roxanne applied the spray, his BigFace was already preparing his next attack. And by the time Glitch looked back at his BigFace, the attack was already connecting to the enemy Geodude.




You see now THIS had Glitch utter a shout of victory (fully realizing the battle wasn’t over yet) because he suddenly had a take-down where he was still bummed about the Potion heal.

As he calmed down a little he started to realize the battle was far from over, Roxanne still had her ace, and she didn’t flinch at all even after losing Geodude.



Next up, without saying a word, Roxanne sent out her ace - Nosepass. Now Glitch had never heard of this Pokemon before, and was a bit nervous as he had no idea what type it was. However he did know this was the Rock Gym, so he assumed this Pokemon (as the Gym Leader’s ace) had to be a Rock type Pokemon as well and he assumed he still had the advantage in typing.

To be completely fair, this Pokemon didn’t look intimidating at all, calming down Glitch a bit more.

Glitch however decided to go with the winning move and once again urged his BigFace to go with a Water Gun. This Nosepass was however faster than BigFace, sort of taking Glitch by surprise seeing as it looked quite bulky. Glitch did however realize that his BigFace was slowed down by the Geodude before and may be worn down a little by that previous fight still.







Both Pokemon connected with their foes, and the Nosepass even made a Critical hit, which seemed like it did have some impact on BigFace for sure. The Nosepass, even though Water Gun was super effective and also hit critically, withstood BigFace’s attack with relative ease though. This was starting to look like it would be a tough fight after all, this Nosepass clearly won’t go down without a fight.







And surprisingly, considering the last Water Gun didn’t seem to phase Nosepass all too much, even though it was a Critical hit, the second Water Gun (despite not being Critical) took out the Nosepass like that.

.. this meant..







This meant Glitch earned his very first Gym badge, the Stone Badge!



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