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[UCL3] Applied Biochemistry - Poison Monolocke through eight regions

Thread Description
Current game: Sun


Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
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Jan 15, 2021
Hello everyone! This is my first run on these forums and I hope you enjoy. I am doing a Poison monolocke.

A Mono Type challenge is where you play through an entire game using only one type of Pokemon (dual types and Pokemon who evolve into your type are usable). You may choose a type or have fate decide what you use.

Naturallocke: You play with what is available in the game your playing. Choose a type that is fairly common or hope you get lucky. Natural players can do gift replacements if none of the gifts are of your type.

1. Only catch the first Pokemon of your type in each route or area. This also includes Pokemon that will evolve into your type. Caves count as one area. Suggestion: Make a list of Pokemon in your current region that are legit catches and keep it near you while you play
1a. Gift Clause: You may receive a gift and get a catch of your type in each area/Town/or Cave. You are limited to one gift per area though so you cannot get Eevee and Abra from Goldenrod City if your type is Psychic
1b. Dupes Clause: You may ignore all Pokemon not of your Type (unless they evolve into your type). You may keep getting encounters until you find a Pokemon you do not already have of your type. You may catch dupes if you desire (to use or hold as backups)
1c. Shiny Clause: Shiny Pokemon may be caught and used regardless of its type. This includes the Red Gyarados in Gen 2.

2. Faint = Dead

3. Nickname all the Pokemon

4. Games end as follows:
Kanto: Pokemon League Champion
Johto: Johto League Champion
Hoenn: Hoenn League Champion
Sinnoh: Sinnoh League Champion
Black/White: Stop Ghetsis
Black2/White 2: Unova League Champion
Kalos: Kalos League Champion
Alola: Alolan League Champion
Galar: Complete the Champion Cup and Defeat Leon

5. There is no Rule 5

6. Legendary Pokemon may not be used.

7. Type: Poison.

Our first game is Pokemon Sun! Yes, sunny Alola... but our protagonist perhaps is not such a fan of soaking up the sun. She's on the pale side, preferring the laboratory and forest to the beach and hilltop... her name shall be Lucrezia, after the Borgia. And Lucrezia is setting out on her island challenge, to become a Poison-type master!

I shamelessly choose Litten as my "starter" so that Hau gets the Grass line and Kukui will have the Fairy-type Primarina. Ian the Litten goes in the PC box as soon as possible, of course.

After getting the Rotom Dex, we can finally return to north Route 1 and get our real starter, Alfa the Spinarak. Lucretia is a serious type and will be naming her team after the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. Yes, they actually spell it "Alfa".

Hau'oli goes smoothly - Bravo the Grimer joins us in the Trainer's School, and Charlie the Grimer in Hau'oli proper. Even Ilima's notorious Smeagle can't stand up to the Poison Gas + Harden + Potion strategy. In the Route 2 Cemetery, we meet Delta the Gastly.

But tragedy strikes in Verdant Cavern. I successfully poison the Totem Gumshoos and its Yungoos ally. Their health is lowering, but they're still doing damage with a Leer-Tackle combo. I'm swapping out Pokemon every turn, just stalling the enemy out. But when I try to withdraw Delta, the Yungoos uses Pursuit. One hit kill.

Rest In Peace Delta the Gastly
Jolly nature, Levitate ability, met in Hau'oli Cemetery
Level 10 - 13

After striking down Totem Gumshoos in vengeance, I exit the cave with a Zubat.

Status: 1 Trial, 1 Death


Alfa the Spinarak, level 14, male, Bashful nature, Swarm ability
Bravo the Grimer, level 14, female, Lonely nature, Poison Touch ability
Charlie the Grimer, level 14, female, Naive nature, Poison Touch ability
Echo the Zubat, level 9, female, Serious nature, Inner Focus ability
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Sep 24, 2019
Peaceful Plains
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Electric, Dark
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oof, not the gastly


Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
Pokédex No.
Jan 15, 2021
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The death of a Gastly... perhaps not as tragic for a ghost to move on. But this loss only strengthens Lucrezia's desire to become a Poison master.

We loop around the northern half of Melemele with no trouble. I train the team up to level 17 for Hala - Echo defeats the Mankey and Makuhita, Charlie poisons and outlasts the Crabrawler. Then, with Tauros registered, we catch Foxtrot the Zubat in Ten Carat Hill.

Moving on to Akala, we train some more and then Charlie solos Lana's Trial - this is good, I've previously had significant troubles with that battle. With Ride Lapras, we catch Golf the Tentacool for a full team! I can also go back and catch two more Tentacools, in Melemele Sea and Kala'e Bay, as well as another Zubat in Seaward Cave. But we'll save them for an emergency, I think.

Alfa also evolves into an Ariados. This is our first evolution, yay! But Ariados has only 390 base stat total... for reference, Dartix, Torracat and Brionne have 420 total. So Alfa will stay on the team for now, but is first on the box list barring unforeseen circumstances.

Status: 2 Trials, 1 Grand Trial, 1 Death


Alfa the Ariados, level 22, male, Bashful nature, Swarm ability
Bravo the Grimer, level 22, female, Lonely nature, Poison Touch ability
Charlie the Grimer, level 22, female, Naive nature, Poison Touch ability
Echo the Zubat, level 22, female, Serious nature, Inner Focus ability
Foxtrot the Zubat, level 19, female, Rash nature, Inner Focus ability
Golf the Tentacool, level 15, male, Docile nature, Clear Body ability


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