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Written Log [UCL2] A New Challenge(r) Approaches! x7 - Gauntlet Mode

Thread Description
In which I try to beat each region with a different type of run


Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 10, 2019
Verdanturf Town
Pokémon Type
Water, Ghost
Hey there everybody!

I’m doing a gauntlet challenge for UCL season 2. I was having trouble deciding on what type of challenge to do because I was worried that I’d lose interest in playing the same kind of nuzlocke through seven games. Thus, I chose the gauntlet, which will hopefully keep me from burning out by making each game a fresh challenge.

I’ll be playing all of my games on physical carts. I made a list of the games I’d be playing and the list of challenges I wanted to do and randomized both. Here’s the final list:
LeafGreen: Colorlocke
HeartGold: Monolocke (Dark)*
AlphaSapphire: No Evolution
Diamond: Duo-type (Normal/Bug)*
White 2: Chainlocke
Y: Alphabetlocke
Ultra Moon: Wedlocke
*I randomly chose the types for the monolocke and the duo-type run. My HeartGold run will most likely be an egg-locke with me breeding and trading eggs over from my SoulSilver game.

I’ll be doing the runs in a random, not yet fully decided order. All I know is that I'll be starting things off with the No Evolution run of Alpha Sapphire, so check out the first update below!

Overall Progress:
Hoenn - No Evolution - Alpha Sapphire - COMPLETE!
Kanto - Colorlocke (Blue) - Fire Red - COMPLETE!
Johto - Monolocke (Dark - Egg) - HeartGold - COMPLETE!
Sinnoh - Duotype (Normal/Bug) - Diamond - ONGOING

1. Only catch the first Pokemon in each Route or Area. Caves count as one area and gifts count in the area they are recieved. All starter Pokemon however count as the area in which you can first nickname them. Some routes based on game have a Pinwheel Forest Clause applied to them.
1a. Dupes clause, you can skip any encounter of a Pokemon from a family you already have caught. This is your choice.
1b. Shiny Clause: Shiny Pokemon may be caught and used regardless of any other rule. This includes the Red Gyarados
1c. HM slaves can be caught used if none of the Pokemon you own can learn an HM to continue progress. HM slaves have to be released once you catch a Pokemon that can learn this move.

2. Faint =Dead. If it reaches 0 HP, its dead and must be boxed or released. Regardless of any factor.

3. Nickname all Pokemon, they are your partners and need the love of a name.

4. Game ends at: Hoenn League Champion

5. There is no Rule 5

6. Pokemon may not evolve, however you can catch evolved Pokemon and use them if you do not have a living version of their base form. Example, you do not have a living Magikarp and fish up a Gyarados. You may use the Gyarados. Shiny Pokemon can be used regardless of this factor but they are frozen in the form you catch them at. If a Pokemon evolves it must be released or permaboxed. If you’er playing a rom and can hack, feel free to hack in extra everstones.

7. Legendary Pokemon may not be used.

  • Dive spots count as part of the route they are under. If you catch something above, you get no encounter from below.
  • The Fossil Pokemon counts as a gift.
  • You are permitted to use Castform as it is a gift.
  • Soaring allows you to catch one Pokemon for the entire Sky over Hoenn.
  • Mirage spots: You may only use a single Mirage spot to obtain a catch, some people might be unable to get several different mirage spots. You are allowed to check a spot and leave without a catch but you cannot get a catch from another spot bearing the same name as the one you leave. Also you may not catch or use any legendary Pokemon from Mirage Points.
  • Route 111 counts for pinwheel forest clause. You may get a desert catch and a Route 111 catch.
  • Latias and Latios are useable however if they die you are not allowed to use the eon flute
  • Mega Evolution is permitted
  • Pokemon Amie is allowed but if a Pokemon lives with 1 HP from the affection boost it is dead when the battle ends.
  • Super Training is allowed to obtain rare evolution items.

  • Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip
  • Wynautt/Togepi
  • Castform
  • Lileep/Anorith
  • Latias/Latios
  • Cosplay Pikachu

Update 1 (Littleroot through Route 119) -In this post, see below
Update 2 (Route 119 through Victory Road) - follow this link!
Update 3 (Victory Road - Champion) - follow this link!

HeartGold Mono-Dark-Egg-locke Record

First up is the No Evolution Run. Why? That’s simple: because no evolution is the one I’m most scared of. I did a no evolution run once before in leaf green… sort of. I never finished it because I got to the elite four and needed to grind a lot and I didn’t have the time or energy for that at the time because it TOOK SO LONG. Anyway, no evolution sounds very scary to me and so I figured I should get it out of the way first. (And also that way, if I fail and need to restart, it’s at least at the beginning of the challenge.)

So. Let’s get started.

Actually, I got started a couple weeks ago but didn’t start the thread until now because of a very special condition I had called laziness. I started off the game taking notes on every catch and important gym-leader battles, so you can read through those below if you want, but then I focused more on playing and stopped taking notes actively.

Since this run is going to be lots of little Pokemon, I named my trainer Fawn.

Catches and major battles below!

Littleroot Town:
Received Mudkip. Level 5. Male.
Nickname: Nemo
Nature: Serious. (Neutral) (Alert to sounds.)
Ability: Torrent

Route 101:
Caught Zigzagoon. Level 2. Male.
Nickname: Bandit
Nature: Relaxed. (+Defense, -Speed) (Good endurance.)
Ability: Pickup (came with a potion)

Route 103:
Caught Wingull. Level 2. Male.
Nickname: Cap.
Nature: Sassy. (+Sp Def, -Spd) (Proud of its power.)
Ability: Keen Eye.

Route 102:
Caught Lotad. Level 2. Female.
Nickname: Riviera.
Nature: Careful. (+Sp Def, -Sp Atk) (Capable of taking hits.)
Ability: Swift Swim.

Route 102:
-Cap fainted while training. I wasn’t paying enough attention and I wasn’t being careful and I left him out to take a hit that he apparently could not take. Oops.

Route 104:
Caught Wurmple. Level -. Male.
Nickname: Webster
Nature: Hardy (Neutral) (Somewhat vain)
Ability: Shield Dust

Petalburg Woods:
Caught Shroomish. Level 5. Male.
Nickname: Shroomy
Nature: Bashful. (Neutral) (Good endurance)
Ability: Effect Spore

Route 116:
Caught Nincada. Level 8. Female.
Nickname: Nina
Nature: Mild. (+Sp Atk, -Def). (Quick Tempered)
Ability: Compound Eyes

*Route 116 Training: Riviera fainted to the lass’s Marill’s Rollout

Grinded everyone up to level 12. Going to take on Roxanne now.

Well, first all the gym trainers.

Nemo and Shroomy made it to level 13 against the gym trainers.

Roxanne sent out Geodude.
Fawn sent out Nemo.

Turn 1:
Nemo used Water Gun. Geodude survived with sturdy.
Geodude did something that lowered speed.

Turn 2:
Roxanne used a potion.
Nemo used Water Gun. Geodude fainted.
Nemo grew to level 14.

Turn 3:
Fawn switched to Shroomy.
Roxanne sent out Nosepass.
Shroomy used Leech Seed.
Nosepass used Rock Tomb. Shroomy’s speed fell.

Turn 4:
Nosepass used Harden
Shroomy used Mega Drain.
Leech seed drained Nosepass’s health.

Turn 5:
Nosepass used Tackle.
Shroomy used Mega Drain.
Nosepass fainted.

Defeated Roxanne!

Rusturf Tunnel:
Caught Whismur. Level 7. Male.
Nickname: DJ
Nature: Bold. (+Defense, -Attack) (Highly curious)
Ability: Soundproof

Team Aqua Grunt’s Poochyena is level 13, a fact that I didn’t notice until it’s Bite took over half of Bandit’s health. I switched to Shroomy, who finished it off with a couple Mega Drains and grew to level 14.

Does Mr. Briney’s head look extra big just because it’s bald or is it bigger?

Granite Cave:
Caught Makuhita. Level 10. Male.
Nickname: Max
Nature: Adamant. (+Attack, -Sp Atk) (Loves to eat)
Ability: Guts

Brawly’s Pokemon are 14 & 16 so I want to be at least 14. Preferably at least 15. I don’t have a type advantage actually so definitely have everyone at least at 15 before I go in the gym.


Levels Pre-Brawly:
Bandit, Webster, Nina & Max are level 14.
Nemo and Shroomy are level 15.

Round 1:
Brawly sent in Machop.
Fawn sent in Max.
Max used Fake Out. Machop flinched.

Round 2:
Machop used Karate Chop. (21)
Max used Force Palm. Machop became paralyzed.

Round 3:
Max used Force Palm.
Machop fainted!
Max grew to level 15!

Round 4:
Switched to Shroomy.
Brawly sent in Makuhita.
Shroomy used Leech Seed.
Makuhita used Bulk Up.
Shroomy sapped health from Makuhita.

Round 5:
Shroomy used Headbutt.
Makuhita used Bulk Up.
Leech seed sapped Makuhita’s health.

Round 6:
Shroomy used Mega Drain.
Makuhita used Arm Thrust. Hit 4 times. Makuhita fell asleep thanks to effect spore.
Leech seed sapped health.

Round 7:
Brawly used super potion.
Shroomy used Mega Drain. A critical hit.
Makuhita is asleep.
Leech seed sapped health.

Round 8:
Shroomy used Mega Drain.
Makuhita is asleep.
Leech seed sapped health.
Makuhita fainted!
Defeated Brawly.

Route 110:
Caught Plusle. Female. Level 11.
Nickname: Po.
Nature: Lonely. (+Defense, -Attack) Likes to run.
Ability: Plus.

Did some grinding. The following rival battle is the last battle I did a turn by turn log for.

Route 1:
Fawn sent in Nemo.
Brendan sent in Slugma.
Nemo used Water Gun.
Slugma used something else.

Round 2:
Nemo used Water Gun. Slugma fainted.
Brendan sent in Grovyle.
Fawn switched to Webster.

Round 3:
Grovyle used quick attack.
Webster used Bug Bite.
Grovyle used Quick Attack
Webster used Bug Bite. Grovyle fainted.

Round 4:
Brendan sent in Wailmer.
Fawn switched to Shroomish.
Wailmer used Water Gun. Critical hit.
Shroomy used Mega Drain.

Round 5:
Wailmer used Whirlpool.
Shroomy used Leech Seed.

Round 6:
Wailmer used Whirlpool.
Shroomy used Mega Drain.
Leech seed sapped health.
Shroomy is hurt by Whirlpool.

Round 7:
Wailmer used Rollout.
Shroomy used Mega Drain. Wailmer fainted.
Defeated Brendan.

That’s the point where my notes end. Time for me to try to summarize what’s happened after that to the best of my memory!

First and foremost: Nina fainted. When and where and how I do not remember. It happened at some point while I was battling trainers before Wattson.
RIP Nina.

I got to Mauville and then went to Route 117 for a catch, which turned out to be a Volbeat! I’ve never used a Volbeat before so I was sold.

At this point, I moved Webster the Wurmple to the safety of the box. Webster had done a fine job but he’s also very squishy. I put Fio on the team in his place. I also added Po the Plusle to the team.

At this point, as I trained before taking on Wattson, my team was:
Nemo the Mudkip
Bandit the Zigzagoon
Shroomy the Shroomish
Max the Makuhita
Po the Plusle
Fio the Volbeat

Wattson wasn’t too difficult iirc. I’m pretty sure I rotated between Shroomy, Max and Po (not necessarily in that order). Unfortunately, like I said, I didn’t write anything down and also it’s been a while for me since then so I don’t remember details.

I made a few more catches as I traveled north.

Fiery Path: Caught a Grimer. She’s female and I nicknamed her Leta. She’s got a lonely nature, which I think ups Defense and lowers Attack. Which… I don’t know, is that good or bad for a Grimer?

Route 112: Caught a Numel. He’s nicknamed Elmo. His nature is Timid, ups Speed and lowers attack.

Route 113: Caught Elsa the Spinda! Her nature is Brave. Ups Speed, lowers Attack.

And then Elsa instantly died while training when I tried to add her in instead of Bandit.

Route 114: No catch because I got distracted and killed it, oops.

Meteor Falls: Caught a Zubat. His nickname is Zuzu and he’s hardy.

All of them (except for Elsa) are residing in the PC for now. I’m not really very good about replacing weaker members of my team with better ones. For one thing, I’m not really that knowledgeable about which ‘mon might be “better” stat or strategy wise (especially for this type of run) than another. So, if you’re reading this and you have Opinions about whether I’d be better off using a mon that’s in my box rather than one that’s currently in my team, feel free to share.

I tend to get attached to my team and I don’t think about boxing them until the moment when they die and I go “Oops.” (Hence the only moment I’ve really done that in this run being when I swapped out Webster for Fio.)

Anyway! All was going well. I’d caught some pokemon, done some (very little) training, ran into Team Aqua in meteor falls, the game still didn’t let me join them, and then I did some grinding before heading to Mt. Chimney to face Team Aqua again. I got everyone up to level 28 before I went to face Shelley and Archie, which wasn’t too hard. I had Po and Shroomy for super effectiveness on water types and then Fio and Max with super-effectiveness on dark. And also Po’s electricity to help handle Archie’s Golbat (Crobat? I can’t remember and I just did this the other day).

I made a catch in Jagged Pass: He’s a Spoink, his name is Pearl, and he’s got a Careful nature. (+Sp. Attack, -Sp. Defense). I think. Someone please tell me if I’m wrong on these because I’m not double checking.

And then I did a bit more grinding before charging into the Lavaridge Gym and hoping Nemo could still help carry me through. Spoiler Alert: He did. Well, sort of. I also used a few other Pokemon against the gym trainers but the Flannery battle was all Nemo and his Water Gun (and occasional Rock Throw). It wasn’t bad at all.

After checking Norman’s levels, I grinded everyone to level 30 and then decided there was no time like the present to go fight my dad.

Oh also, I went to the desert on Route 111 and caught a Serious Cacnea named Cece. I also picked up the Root fossil.

Norman’s gym trainers would have been scarier if they hadn’t all spent the first turn using items and allowing Max the Makuhita to 2HKO them with Vital Throw.

Norman himself was a bit more tragic. Max took care of Slaking One but then got slaughtered by Vigoroth’s Retaliate, a move that I forgot Norman’s Pokemon have because the last couple times I’ve done Hoenn was playing gen 3. Also Max had low defense anyway. So then I sent in Shroomy, my bulkiest mon, and set up Leech Seed - and Vigoroth used Encore so I switched to Fio (Volbeat, in case you forgot), my second bulkiest mon, and Fio took out Vigoroth with a couple Signal Beams. I then briefly debated using protect stall against Slaking Two (both Nemo and Fio know Protect) but instead I switched back to Shroomy who took care of business with more leech seed and giga drain. I’m really glad I caught a Shroomish because Shroomy has more than pulled his weight.

Anyway… I had to say good-bye to Max and that means I have an open spot on the team now. I’m not sure who to use, partly because I’m lazy and the thought of training up any of my under-level-20 pokemon makes me tired. I might just leave the spot open for now and fill it with either my Route 119 or 120 catch, who would presumably be at a higher level. (I messed up my Route 118 catch.)

Also I completely forgot about Latios showing up and dragging me off to go save Latias. I know the event rules say that I can use Latias, but I’d rather try to win without it.

5 badges
Current location: Start of Route 119.

Pokemon in Party:
Nemo the Mudkip
Bandit the Zigzagoon
Shroomy the Shroomish
Po the Plusle
Fio the Volbeat

Pokemon in box:
DJ the Whismur
Leta the Grimer
Elmo the Numel
Zuzu the Zubat
Pearl the Spoink
Cece the Cacnea
Bianca the Latias (Not Using)

Pokemon in “Retirement”:
Cap the Wingull
Riviera the Lotad
Nina the Nincada
Elsa the Spinda
Max the Makuhita
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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 10, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Ground
You've actually got a couple of natures backwards: Lonely is +Attack -Defense, and Careful is +Sp Def -Sp Atk.

Good luck going forward! Hopefully you can get some strong catches before long.


Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 10, 2019
Verdanturf Town
Pokémon Type
Water, Ghost
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@QuietGuardian Oh, hey, thanks for the heads up about the natures! Though I've paid very little attention to them so far... Thanks for the luck wish!

I ended up taking a break from playing for a couple months but I got back into it recently and I'm determined to make it through this gauntlet challenge!

Unfortunately, that means lots of grinding....

Badges: 5
Total Pokemon Caught: 17
Total Pokemon Deaths: 5

Current Location: Start of Route 119

Current Team (I don't know what any of their levels were because I didn't have that written down):
Nemo the Mudkip
Bandit the Zigzagoon
Shroomy the Shroomish
Po the Plusle
Fio the Volbeat

Pokemon in Box:
DJ the Whismur: Level 7
Leta the Grimer: Level 16
Elmo the Numel: Level 16
Zuzu the Zubat: Level 17
Pearl the Spoink: Level 19
Cece the Cacnea: Level 23
Bianca the Latias (Not Using)

Fainted Pokemon:
Cap the Wingull: Level 2-2
Riviera the Lotad: Level 2-11
Nina the Nincada: Level 8-15
Elsa the Spinda: Level 17-17
Max the Makuhita: Level 10-32

I didn't note this down when I played it, but I cleared out the Weather Institute, got Castform, and decided to use it! I nicknamed her Cassie and she took Bandit's spot on the team. I love my little Zigzagoon which is why I'm keeping him safe in the box.

Also, from this point on, the logs are just the notes I wrote while playing.

Route right past Fortree:
-First encounter: Linoone (Duplicate because of Bandit)
-Second encounter: Tropius!
Caught Tropius

Party levels after making it through the Fortree Gym Trainers and being about to fight Winona:
Cassie the Castform (Level 33)
Po the Plusle (Level 34)
Shroomy the Shroomish, Fio the Volbeat, and Nemo the Mudkip are all level 33 as well.
Troy the Tropius is level 27.

Sidenote: I’ve always liked Winona. When I first played Sapphire when I was maybe 10, I wanted to be her.

First match: Cassie vs Swellow. Swellow used Double Team while Cassie created a Hailstorm. Swellow used Double Team again and avoided Weather Ball. Switching to Po. Swellow used Aerial Ace. Po used Discharge. Swellow fainted. Winona sent out Altaria so I switched to Cassie. Still hailing! Altaria used Dragon Breath. Cassie used Weather Ball. Altaria fainted! The hail stopped. Switched back to Po against Skarmory. Po used Discharge. Skarmory fainted. And last up is Pelipper, who’s no match for Po’s Discharge. And sure enough, the battle is over. That went well!

Po grew to level 35. I think Cassie is still level 33 though. Yep.

Why is Tropius so weak??? Does my Tropius have super low attack stats?

Is Tropius weak to flying? Answer: yes. Also, I don’t really want to have to grind him up six levels to join the rest of the team so I might go back to Fortree and swap out Troy for Bandit. Because I’m lazy and reckless.

Xatu is really big?

I remembered that it’ll be nice to have a Pokemon that can fly so I’m keeping Troy.

There’s something funny about a Tropius dive-bombing another Pokemon.

As I’m battling a Milotic (I’m assuming it’s a trainer’s) I realized why Troy seems so weak. He’s low-leveled compared to the rest of my team and also all the trainers I’m battling… As in 8 levels below the Milotic I just had him out against. But it’s okay because I realized in time to save him from death and Po had his back.

Battling Brendan in Lilycove (I forgot this is a mandatory battle in AS). But it wasn’t too hard. Po took out Swellow and Wailord, Nemo took out Magcargo, and Fio took out Sceptile with Signal Beam.

I probably should grind more. All these grunts in Team Aqua’s hideout are basically the same level as all my Pokemon. (I still made it through the hideout just fine. It helps to have an electric and two grass types.)

Route…. Between Lilycove and Mossdeep: it took FOREVER for a Pokemon to show up but I finally encountered and caught a Tentacool. Squidward (I couldn’t think of any other name) went to live in the box.

Now I’m going to have to train and grind a lot because Tate & Liza have level 45 Pokemon and my highest is currently 39. I’m not going into that gym under-leveled.

Fio and Cassie are both tougher than I expected. I’m glad to have them around. I’m currently using Cassie primarily as Ice-type… She knows Hail, Weather Ball, Blizzard and then Sunny Day still because I just made that decision when she had the chance to learn Blizzard. I don’t know if this is a good or bad idea (or somewhere in between?) but it was handy against Winona and I’m hoping she can survive long enough to also be useful against Drake. But we’ll see. Nemo and Shroomy are kind of both weaklings in that they cannot stand up to much at all. But they’re originals and I’m using them for as long as I can. I cannot box a Mudkip or let it die (even if I love Swampert more). And Shroomy I think is potentially useful with Toxic and Leech Seed and all of that but also I just remembered that this isn’t Emerald and Juan doesn’t exist in this game and the champion’s going to be Steven and not Wallace. I’ve been playing through this game thinking that Po and my grass types are going to be super useful against the champion - especially Po - but that is wrong.

Oh, well, I’m not going to worry about it right now.

Nevermind from before, I did go into the gym underleveled a bit. My strategy is: wing it and hope for the best.

Versus Tate & Liza: (All Pokemon level 42 except Fio who is level 43). Started out with Fio and Shroomy. Bug Buzz did well. Forgot about Solrock having Rock slide, luckily Fio dodged it this time. Lunatone used Light Screen. Shroomy used Giga Drain. They used a hyper potion, unfortunately. Fio used Bug Buzz again and it did a lot less this time… Lunatone used Hypnosis to put Fio to sleep. Shroomy used leech seed on Lunatone. I woke up Fio with a Chesto Berry and he used Bug Buzz again. Solrock used Rock Slide. Fio is almost dead. Lunatone used Hypnosis to put Shroomy to sleep this time. Switched Fio for Troy. They used a Hyper Potion on Solrock. Lunatone used Psychic on Troy. Shroomy is asleep. I used a hyper potion on Troy and another Chesto berry on Shroomy. Solrock used Rock Slide. Lunatone used Hypnosis but it missed. Solrock used Rock slide, Troy avoided it. Lunatone used Psychic. Shroomy fainted. Troy used magical leaf on Solrock. Sent out Nemo. Solrock used Rock Slide. Troy is almost dead. Lunatone used Light Screen. Troy flinched. Nemo used Hydro Pump and Solrock fainted. Leech seed is still sapping away at Lunatone’s health. I’m not confident enough to switch to Po or Cassie so I’m healing Troy with a hyper potion and also using a super potion on Nemo while I’m at it because let’s face it, my Mudkip cannot take a hit. Lunatone used Psychic. SEE? Nemo is almost dead after that, he would’ve been if I hadn’t healed. Troy used Magical Leaf, Lunatone survived with a sliver of health but Nemo landed another Hydro Pump and finished it off.

Nemo grew to level 43 and Fio grew to level 44. Unfortunately, Shroomy was lost. :(

All in all, that could’ve been much worse and nearly was at several points.

Now I have to figure out who’s going to replace Shroomy.

Oh I forgot about this cutscene. Brief as it is. I do like it though. (By that I meant just the pillar of light over the ocean part, Steven is still talking so that part’s definitely not brief.)

Also my 3DS was about to die and I hadn’t saved. Glad I noticed the flashing light in time.

So… to replace Shroomy… my highest level Pokemon in the box is Bandit the Zigzagoon, level 32. Ugh I really don’t want to have to grind. I went ahead and added Bandit to the party, though, because I can teach him Rock Smash/Strength to get through the cave. I also taught Nemo Dive.

Oh, wait, Zigzagoon can’t learn Strength? That ruins that plan….

First encounter is a Golbat, not surprisingly. I think it’s an eligible catch? I don’t think I’ve caught a Zubat… Oh, wait, I have. So, not eligible. I’ll let Cassie kill it.

Vs. Archie: Nemo took out Mightyena with Surf. I was scared of Archie’s Muk because it’s been a nightmare for me in past runs, so I taught Troy the Earthquake TM I just picked up and also gave him the Kobia berry that I’m now very thankful I went and picked up from that berry farm. It took two earthquakes to knock out Muk and Troy did have to take a gunk shot but survived thanks to the berry. Tried to have Cassie take out Crobat but had to switch to Po to finish it. Sharpedo mega evolved but Po went first and knocked it out with a single Discharge

I love the music that plays while it’s super-storming in these games and it always tempts me to just let Hoenn suffer for a while so that I can enjoy it.

So, looking at the Cave of Origin, there are three Pokemon available in Alpha Sapphire: Golbat, Sableye, and Zubat (as a horde encounter), which means that using dupes clause and catching the first eligible Pokemon, I can catch a Sableye! My favorite Pokemon. So I’m definitely going to do that and since I have a spot on the team, they can join up right away.

Good news: first encounter was actually a Sableye! I was scared I wasn’t going to be able to catch her though because it took at least a dozen tries before she finally stayed in the ball. I named her Ruby.

So, against Kyogre. I started with Po. Po used Discharge twice thanks to Kyogre using Aqua Ring the first turn, but then Kyogre used Origin Pulse and it was an OHKO. So I sent out Cassie, because I had no other great options and I was hopeful that maybe I could freeze Kyogre with a Blizzard AND Cassie did it! She froze Kyogre and then Kyogre stayed frozen for 6-7 turns while I switched to Troy and used Magical Leaf & Fly (multiple times each) to take out Kyogre, who never melted.

RIP Po though :( I love Plusle.

So I replaced Po with a Chinchou. I’ve never used a Chinchou before but I’ve always thought it was cute. Since it’s a first-stage though I’ll have to be careful not to let her get killed. I caught her on Route 126, underwater, on my way to solve the Kyogre crisis so I think I might have forgotten to note that down before. Her name is Chia because that’s just how creative I am. I also added Ruby the Sableye to the team. Progress in game has been slowed because I’ve been having to grind Ruby and Chia up to the rest of the team. Chia was level 25 and Ruby level 33. I’ve been grinding inside and outside Mt. Pyre. There might be a better place but for now this is working for me, even if it’s SLOW.

The rest of my team is currently still around level 44, so I’m aiming to get everyone there and then either grind a bit more to try to get them to at least 46 or give up on grinding and go fight Wallace. We’ll see how much patience I have by then.

Chia - water
Ruby - dragon
Nemo - dark
Fio - Ice
Troy - Poison
Cassie - Bug

Above was just a quick list of who had what hidden power type because I wanted to know and not forget again.

I finally got Ruby and Chia up to level 44! Actually, Ruby is 45 like everyone but Chia. I’m feeling brave and also impatient with grinding so I’m going to go ahead and battle at least the Sootopolis Gym Trainers.

Chia took it all the way!

I realized while skimming back over this before posting that I start paragraphs with “So” way too much. So, anyway, I made it to Victory Road and went a little ways in, but I think I’m going to go back and grind near the entrance for a while. I’m so close to the end of this run that I can’t afford to keep being as reckless (and luck-reliant) as I have been. Wally’s ace is level 48. I’ll get all my Pokemon to at least level 50 before I go all the way through the cave and fight him. Then, I’ll have to grind some more before I take on the Elite 4. I’m not quite sure what level to grind to for that, though I’m thinking I’ll aim for being at least at Steven’s ace so I’ll probably try to grind to level 60… at least.

Next update will come whenever I finish all that grinding! Hopefully by the end of 2020!


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This update is going to be all battles.

I made it through Victory Road. I didn’t take notes during Wally’s battle, but it went pretty smoothly. Type advantages were useful and also the fact that Gallade could literally do nothing to damage Ruby.

I had said I was going to grind until level 60. But uh I don’t have that kind of patience. So I decided to grind to level 55 instead and here we are. 55 across the board and we’re going in.

Would a turn by turn or summary be better? I’ll go turn by turn in the spoiler boxes and tldr a summary after each.

Fio vs. Mightyena:
Fio used Bug Buzz
Almost an OHKO.
Mightyena used Swagger

Sidney used a Full Restore
Fio used Bug Buzz

Fio is confused. Fio hurt itself.
Mightyena used Crunch.
Fio’s health is in yellow.

Mightyena used Sucker Punch
Fio has 7 HP
Fio snapped out of Confusion
Fio used Play Rough
Mightyena fainted

This is… not the best start…

Switched to Ruby vs. Absol:
Healed Fio so he can come back out later
Absol used Night Slash
Too much damage

Switched to Cassie
Absol used Night Slash

Cassie used Blizzard
Absol used Night Slash

Switched to Fio
Absol used Night Slash
A Critical Hit

Fio used Play Rough
Absol fainted

Switched to Troy vs. Shiftry
Shiftry used Fake Out
Troy flinched

Shiftry used Feint Attack
Troy used Fly and flew up high

Shiftry used Feint Attack but missed
Troy used Fly
Shiftry fainted

Switched to Chia vs Sharpedo
Chia used Discharge
Sharpedo fainted

Switched back to Troy vs Cacturne
Troy flew up high
Cacturne used Spiky Shield
Troy was hurt
Troy flew up high
Cacturne used Payback
Troy used Fly
Cacturne fainted

Defeated Sidney!

tldr; I was planning to mostly use Fio with Bug Buzz/Play Rough but that plan went to pieces when Mightyena put up more of a fight than I anticipated. I switched around a couple times versus Absol to heal Fio and Cassie got off a Blizzard then I sent Fio back out to finish it off with Play Rough. Troy then took care of Shiftry with Fly, Chia one-shotted Sharpedo with Discharge, and then Troy came back out to take out Cacturne with Fly.

Healed everyone. Moved Ruby to the front.

Ruby vs. Dusclops
Dusclops is exerting pressure
Ruby used Foul Play
Dusclops used Curse
Dusclops fainted
Ruby is afflicted by the curse

Switched to Fio vs Sableye
Sableye used Fake Out
Fio flinched

Fio used Play Rough
Sableye used Foul Play

Fio used Play Rough
Sableye fainted
Fio grew to level 56

Switched back to Ruby vs Dusknoir
Ruby used Foul Play
Dusknoir used Fire Punch
Ruby was burned

Ruby used Foul Play
Dusknoir fainted

Phoebe sent out Banette
Used Full Restore on Ruby
Banette used Shadow Ball

Ruby used Shadow Claw
It was a critical hit
Banette fainted
Ruby grew to level 56

Kept out Ruby vs Banette 2
Ruby used Shadow Claw
Banette fainted

Defeated Phoebe!

tldr; This battle did go according to plan. Ruby took care of everyone with Shadow Claw/Play Rough except for Sableye. Fio came out to use Play Rough a couple times to take care of that.

Healed everyone again and then… Glacia’s Glalie are going to be a bit more difficult.

Moved Cassie to the front of the party.

Cassie vs. Glalie
Cassie used Sunny Day
Glalie used Hail
I suspected that would happen, but since Cassie’s faster maybe I can get off a weather ball with the heat

Cassie used Sunny Day
Glalie used Light Screen

Cassie used Weather Ball
Glalie used Hail

I’ll only be able to make it through one Glalie with this strategy. Sunny Day doesn’t have enough PP for more.
Cassie used Sunny Day
Glalie used Crunch

Cassie used Weather Ball
Glalie fainted

Switched to Chia vs Walrein
Chia used Discharge
Ouch that did not do much
Chia avoided the attack

Chia used Discharge
That did more and paralyzed!
Walrein used Blizzard
Wasn’t very effective

Chia used Discharge
Walrein fainted!
The sunlight faded

Switched to Ruby vs Froslass 1
Froslass used Hail
Ruby used Shadow Claw
Froslass fainted

Stayed with Ruby vs Froslass number 2
Froslass used Blizzard
Ruby used Shadow Claw
Froslass avoided the attack
Ruby is buffeted by hail and this looks less great

Healed Ruby
Froslass used Confuse Ray
More hail

Froslass used Blizzard
Ruby is confused… Ruby used Shadow Claw
Froslass fainted
Ruby is buffeted by hail

Switched back to Cassie vs Glalie 2
Glalie used Protect
Cassie used Sunny Day

Cassie used Weather Ball
Glalie fainted!
Cassie grew to level 56

Defeated Glacia!

tldr; Cassie used Sunny Day + Weather Ball to take out both Glalie. Chia used several Discharges to take out the Walrein and Ruby took care of the two Froslass with Shadow Claw. Wasn’t that scary.

Healed up and now it’s time for Drake. Cassie gets to stay in the front.

Cassie vs. Altaria
Cassie used Hail
Altaria used Cotton Guard

Cassie used Weather Ball
Altaria fainted

Cassie stayed out for Flygon 1
Flygon used Flamethrower
Cassie used Blizzard
Flygon fainted

Cassie remained for Flygon 2
(this one doesn’t know Flamethrower)
Healed Cassie
Flygon used Super sonic
Cassie avoided it

Flygon used Supersonic
Cassie became confused
Cassie hurt itself
Hail stopped

Flygon used Earthquake
Cassie is confused… Cassie used hail

Healed Cassie
Flygon used Rock Slide
She’ll do it

Flygon used Rock Slide
Cassie survived
Cassie used Weather Ball
Flygon fainted

Kept Cassie out vs Salamence
Healed Cassie
Salamence used Dragon Rush
Cassie avoided it because she’s a queen

Salamence used Dragon Rush
Cassie used Blizzard
Salamence fainted
Cassie grew to level 57
The hail stopped

Switched to Ruby vs Kingdra
Kingdra used Yawn
Ruby used Foul Play

Kingdra used Yawn but it failed
Ruby used Foul Play
Ruby fell asleep

Drake used a full restore on Kingdra
Used a chesto berry on Ruby

Kingdra used Surf
Ruby used Shadow Claw

Kingdra used Yawn
Ruby used Foul Play

Drake used another full restore
Ruby used Foul Play
Ruby fell asleep

Used a Full restore on Ruby. Mostly to wake her up, she wasn’t that critical in health
Kingdra used Surf
Okay that one did more damage and she’s in yellow now. Ugh

Healed Ruby again.
Kingdra used Yawn

Kingdra used Surf
Ruby used Shadow Claw
Ruby fell asleep

Full restore on Ruby
Kingdra used Surf

Kingdra used Surf
Ruby’s in red
Ruby used Foul Play
Kingdra fainted
Ruby grew to level 57 and that’s what I was hoping for.

Defeated Drake!

tldr; That could’ve been worse but Cassie is MVP. She used Hail + Weather Ball and Blizzard against the Altaria, both Flygon, and Salamence. Then I sent out Ruby to battle the Kingdra. That battle took longer (in part because of YAWN) but she pulled it off and grew to level 57. That was largely the reason I wanted to use her for Kingdra, just to get her another level before I use her as my weapon against Metagross.

Healed everyone. Moved Chia to the front. Now it’s time for the true test.

Chia vs Skarmory
Chia used Discharge
Skarmory used Spikes

Chia used Discharge
Skarmory fainted
Chia grew to level 56

Switched to Troy vs Aggron
Troy used Earthquake
Aggron used Stone Edge
Troy dodged it!

Steven withdrew Aggron.
Steven sent in Claydol
Troy’s earthquake was useless

Claydol used Reflect
Troy used Magical Leaf

Switched to Fio
Claydol used Extrasensory

Fio used Bug Buzz
Claydol used extrasensory
Fio is low on health

Used Full Restore on Fio
Steven used a full restore too

Fio used Bug Buzz
Claydol used Light Screen

Fio used Bug Buzz
Claydol used Reflect

Fio used Bug Buzz
Claydol used Extrasensory

Fio used Bug Buzz
Claydol fainted

Switched back to Troy vs Aggron
Troy used Earthquake
Aggron used Stone Edge

Steven used a full restore
Troy used Earthquake
Reflect wore off, THAT’s why EArthquake was less effective

Healed Troy
Aggron used Stone Edge

Healed Troy
Aggron used Stone Edge
Troy avoided it

Troy used Earhtquake
Aggron used Stone Edge

Troy used Earthquake
Aggron fainted
Troy grew to level 56. Should Troy learn Solar beam? Sure, why not

Switched to Cassie vs Cradily
Cassie used Hail
Cradily used Confuse Ray

Cassie used Weather Ball
Cradily used Ancient Power - I’d give nCassie the special berry that weakened its damage

Cassie snapped out of confusion and used Weather Ball
Cradily fainted

Switched to Nemo vs Armaldo
Nemo used Waterfall
Armaldo did something

Nemo used Waterfall
Armaldo fainted
The hail stopped

Switched to Ruby vs Metagross
Metagross Mega-evolved
Ruby mega-evolved!

Metagross used Meteor Mash
Ruby used Foul Play

Metagross used Meteor Mash
Ruby has 18 HP left
Ruby used Foul Play


Tldr; Steven was a piece of work. Chia took care of Skarmory with 2 Discharges. Then Troy tried to take care of Aggron with 2 Earthquakes but Steven switched to Claydol. I switched to Fio and used Bug buzz over and over until Claydol fainted. Then Troy came back out to battle Aggron with earthquake. Then I switched to Cassie to use Hail + Weather Ball against Cradily. Nemo came out against Armaldo and 2 Waterfalls knocked it out. Then came Ruby vs Metagross. For the first and only time during the run, I used mega evolution. Ruby dodged Metagross’s first attack like a boss and killed it with 2 Foul Plays. She’s my hero. Ruby and Cassie are MVPs and also probably Troy for being the bulkier mon tbh.

I love these credits so much. I love it going through the major battles and showing the main Pokemon I used in each. (Or at least, against the ace.) Shroomy’s popped up a lot. <3 And Po <3

And there’s Ruby against Steven. Ruby my hero <3

Nemo the Mudkip (Level 5 to 55)
Fio the Volbeat (Level 13 to 56)
Cassie the Castform (Level 30 to 57)
Troy the Tropius (Level 27 to 56)
Ruby the Sableye (Level 33 to 57)
Chia the Chinchou (Level 25 to 56)

The Fallen

Cap the Wingull (Level 2 to 2)
Rivera the Lotad (Level 2 to 11)
Nina the Nincada (Level 8 to 15)
Elsa the Spinda (Level 17 to 17)
Max the Makuhita (Level 10 to 32)
Shroomy the Shroomish (Level 5 to 42)
Po the Plusle (Level 11 to 44)

Retired Battler who was safely boxed but never killed:
Bandit the Zigagoon (Level 2 to 32)

I know the run ends at Hoenn League Champion but I still felt a brief moment of panic when Brendan challenged me because I’d completely forgotten about this battle but >Level 48. The panic disappeared as quick as it came. And also honestly I hate all these games that have a forced battle right after the credits and before I get the opportunity to save.

And that’s it! Credits and cutscenes over and so is the first challenge in this UCL Gauntlet! We made it through Hoenn! I’m basking in the victory now. I relied way too much on luck during this run but I don’t care right now because it worked out in the end.

Next up I was thinking I’d do the Kanto portion of my UCL challenge, which is a colorlocke using the color blue. I had initially planned to play everything on the carts I own but… I’m thinking I’ll do Kanto on emulator instead, the reason being that one of my few available non-water Pokemon, Oddish, is not available at all in LeafGreen, I no longer have FireRed (it got lost years ago) and I don’t want to play Gen 1 to do Red instead (also Gen 1 doesn’t even have color). So, yeah. I’ll probably play FireRed on emulator which means for the next portion I may try to use screenshots instead of just a written log. We’ll see how it goes!


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As I talked about before, my next run is going to be the colorlocke of Kanto where we're going to use only formally recognized BLUE Pokemon and we will be playing this run on the one and only FireRed.

Here are the rules!
1. Only catch the first Pokemon of your color in each route or area. This also includes Pokemon that will evolve into your chosen color. Caves count as one area. Suggestion: Make a list of Pokemon in your region that are legit catches and keep it near you while you play. (Color lists can be found here.)
1a. Gift Clause: You may receive a gift and get a catch of your color in each area/Town/or Cave. You are limited to one gift per area though so you cannot get Eevee and Dratini from Celadon City
1b. Dupes Clause: You may ignore all Pokemon not of your chosen color (unless they evolve into your color). You may keep getting encounters until you find a Pokemon you do not already have. You may catch dupes if you desire (to use or hold as backups)
1c. Shiny Clause: Shiny Pokemon may be caught and used regardless of its color. This includes the Red Gyarados in Gen 2.

2. Faint =Dead

3. Nickname all the Pokemon

4. Games end as follows:
Kanto: Pokemon League Champion
Johto: Johto League Champion
Hoenn: Hoenn League Champion
Sinnoh: Sinnoh League Champion
Black/White: Stop Ghetsis
Black2/White 2: Unova League Champion
Kalos: Kalos League Champion
Alola: Alolan League Champion

5. There is no Rule 5

6. Legendary Pokemon may not be used.

Safari Zone: You may either throw balls until something remains caught or attempt to catch the first time you encounter in each area. If you take the later option and catch more than one Pokemon, you must choose one of the caught Pokemon and release the others. You then obtain a point for the selected mon and the others do not count as points gained or lost. Dupes clause still is active.

You must choose between Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee and Lapras.

You may only revive a single fossil

You may get a Pokemon in each unique area of the Sevii Islands.

Magikarp (Route 4)
Eevee/Abra/Porygon/Dratini/Scyther (Red/FR)/Pinsir (Blue/LG)


So, as some of you may know, it turns out that VisualBoyAdvance restarts screenshot numbering for each new session of playing. I did not realize this, and consequently the earliest screenshot I have is this one:

Before we get to that one, though, let’s back up a bit.

Azure is our resident starter ‘mon, a proud Wartortle who was once a proud Squirtle. He was the only blue Pokemon available to catch all the way through Pewter City. However, Azure was quick to assure Trainer Blue that she had nothing to worry about for he, Azure, would carry her easily through the first part of the game.

True to his word, Azure defeated everything in his path, and when he got to Pewter Gym, he wasted no time in soaking Brock’s Pokemon with Water Gun and getting Blue that badge.

Azure felt confident he could carry Blue through the rest of the game, but he acknowledged that it would be nice to have some back-up. So, he led the way to Route 3, and together he and Blue searched for their prophesied second teammate: the elusive female Nidoran.

Sapphire graciously accepted the offer (in the form of a Pokeball thrown at her head) to join the team.

Since Sapphire was a bit under Azure’s remarkable level of 18, the three spent some time grinding on the wilds before entering Mt. Moon. But then, once inside the dark and dismal mountain, something happened that shone a new light on their lives….

With Azure and Sapphire both in their second forms, Blue had no trouble navigating the twisting caverns of Mt. Moon and overcoming all of the Rockets that tried to bar her way.

She even found a fossil that might, one day, become another teammate.

And then, she found the exit.

In Cerulean City, Blue faced a choice: take on the gym at once or travel north to catch a new teammate first? Her visions of the future told her the next member of their party would be a grass type, and so Blue chose to find them first, so that they could grow through rigorous battles at the Cerulean gym.

Unfortunately, an old enemy stood in their way.

It is the sad truth that not everyone in this forsaken world appreciates the many wonderful shades of the color blue, and so it fell to Trainer Blue and her team to conduct a demonstration.

The enemy’s first Pokemon fell easily to Azure’s strong jaws and incisors, but the second proved a more challenging foe.

In the end, Azure took to the field to aid his friend in defeating the vicious green monster, though it very nearly cost him his life.

The brief respite from battle had allowed Sapphire to recover, and she took to the field after Azure with an urgency that has rarely been seen, and the rival’s Abra fell as well.

After a quick trip back to the city to heal her heroic team, Trainer Blue went back north to search for the foretold catch. It didn’t take long before her vision came true.

Following another quick bout of grinding, the heroes of the best color arrived at the gym to earn their second badge. With the help of their newest teammate, Indigo the Oddish, it proved to be no trouble at all.

With their new Cascade badge in hand, the team returned to the northern routes to conduct further exploration and to allow Indigo to gain more strength, which, of course, she did.

Finally, the team ventured south and found themselves on board a cruise ship that offered surprisingly numerous opportunities for battle. There, they once again came face to face with NotBlue, but this time, Trainer Blue and her team of three had no trouble defeating his sadly not blue team.

Once the cruise ship had departed and their Not Blue rival had been put in his place, Trainer Blue and her team decided to go and earn their third badge. The puny trees attempting to block their way were no match for Indigo.

Azure felt nervous as they made their approach. The third gym was known to be filled with electric Pokemon that held a distinct advantage over him. But, with Indigo to step up and take the lead, he knew they would make it through just fine.

And, indeed, they did.

Triumphant, Trainer Blue, Azure, Sapphire, and Indigo departed the Vermilion Gym and turned their sights back north. In order to reach the next stop on their journey, they would have to backtrack through Cerulean City.

But, before getting back to business, they spent a day enjoying the wonderfully sparkling blue ocean.

Ahhh. What isn’t there to love about things that are blue?


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I'm not feeling that talkative tonight but I needed something to focus on for a while so I finally uploaded screenshots to go with the commentary I'd already written for the next update of my Fire Red Colorlocke. So, here it is and please don't mind the intro:

The entrance to Rock Tunnel loomed over our heroes like the mouth of a monster about to swoop down and swallow them alive. Indeed, when they entered the cave, that was they felt. Tiny. Insignificant. Blind.

They stumbled through the dark caverns, following the walls and retracing their steps until at long, long last they returned to the magnificent, dazzling daylight.

Lavender Town was only a quick pit-stop on the way to their true next destination: Celadon City.

Prophecy foretold that Blue would find her next heroic teammate in the back of an apartment building, and so she wasted no time in seeking one out. While shoving through the bushes outside one such building, Blue came upon a truly miraculous discovery.

A tiny Eevee trotted up to her with a bright smile and offered to be her protector.

Immediately, Blue scooped the Eevee into her arms and rushed to the Celadon Department Store.

In no time at all, Cerulean had unlocked his true form, the best form, and joined our team of heroes. Blue was ecstatic. All of their spirits had been buoyed by the newest addition.

They were ready to fight crime, to defeat evil, to save victims and to defend the innocent.

Luckily for them, such an opportunity waited right around the corner — specifically, the Game Corner.

Our heroes blasted their way through the hideout of the nefarious Team Rocket, completely unstoppable. There, Blue came face to face with a nemesis even more deadly than NotBlue.

With thunderous battle cries, Blue’s team sprang into action.

True to his vow, Cerulean valiantly protected Blue from the evil mastermind. With a little help from Sapphire, of course.

Giovanni fled the scene, having been utterly destroyed by the power of blue.

As they started to come down off their high, Blue and her team decided to take advantage of their remaining energy and go tackle the Celadon Gym.

The gym leader seemed unaware of the spectacular battle that had just taken place in her city. Blue and her companions decided they would simply have to show her another one.

Unfortunately, the Gym Leader’s first Pokemon proved to be an even tougher foe! Still, Sapphire, Indigo and Cerulean were able to pull together and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

The leader took her loss well, and our heroes returned to the Pokemon Center to rest and to plan their adventures for the next day.

Having completed their business in Celadon, the team returned to Lavender Town, to visit the mysterious Pokemon Tower, where they ran into none other than Not Blue himself.


It should come as no surprise that their so-called rival was summarily vanquished.

They did not linger long in Lavender Town, for the potential of another teammate called from the routes down south. Blue followed her instincts and began to fish… and finally, her efforts bore fruit.

Blue was on a roll. She hurried the rest of the way to Fuchsia City, where she knew the Safari Zone housed another friend.

With Periwinkle and Sky on board, Blue and the others dived into an intensive training regime. One might think they had already proven themselves, but they knew there were still those in Kanto who doubted the true power of the color blue.

The training went excellently! Azure, Sky, and Periwinkle all unlocked their true final forms!


So, yeah. Then I played through to Victory Road, taking screenshots but not any notes or commentary. Then I got bored when it was time to grind to face the Elite Four and stopped playing, started my HeartGold monolocke instead, and then very soon after that I stopped playing Pokemon all together — for a time. The last screenshot I had from this run was taken on March 11. I think one can probably guess what sort of life distractions made me drop this game for a while.

Anyway, point is I’m going to summarize as best I can what happened in the gameplay (with occasional screenshots included) and then…. I’ll prepare for the Elite Four, I guess.

Here we go.

Silph Co!

We leveled up, had some close calls, I took a lot of random screen-shots of just standing around on different floors.

Battled NotBlue. Apart from a close call with Cerulean, the battle went fine. (Note: When uploading my screenshots to imgur they got all mixed up and I don’t want to sort through all of them so these are all I’ve tracked down so they’ll have to do as a representation.)

Got the Lapras. Initially didn’t think I was going to use it….

Until this happened.

I do remember this, it was SUPER annoying. I was excited to have a Dragonair and I spent ages getting it and leveling it up and then Giovanni’s Kangaskhan mega-punched my dreams to smithereens.

My other Pokemon took care of the rest of his team. (And, again, my screenshots got mixed up, these are the ones I found.)

That’s how Ocean joined the team. And these are the only early on screenshots I took of Ocean, so good job past me.

Battled Sabrina. Failed at taking screenshots against the Venomoth, but the battle went smoothly from what I can see. And the very next screenshots I have are the battle against Koga, so I must have wasted no time returning to Fuchsia.

Except I completely failed at taking screen-shots??? These are all I have. With the aftermath. So, piece that puzzle together. I’m just glad I had potions and antidotes.

Then Azure took us out into the deep blue sea. We made it to Cinnabar. Picked up another potential teammate for the box.

Battled Blaine. As you can see, this was an immensely challenging fight. I wasn’t sure we were going to make it through.

I decided to share the experience with a couple others. Who knew the run wouldn’t end at Blaine?

On the road to Viridian City ~

Sapphire reached her full potential!

Battled Giovanni. Another tough match that somehow didn’t go south. I played it safer than last time.

Battled Blue. Sucked at taking screen-shots, again, here’s all I have:

Made it to Victory Road, and… oh. That’s the last screenshot I took.

End of old commentary.

So, I have completed the playthrough but I'm tired and decided to go ahead and post this update and then post a third update later on to quickly sum up the Elite 4 battles, and then I'll start sharing some logs from my Dark mono-egg-locke playthrough of HeartGold, which is also nearly completed. I'm currently training in Victory Road to prep for the Elite 4. Which... to be honest, could take me a while. Gives me time to catch up with posting updates.

Anyway, the 4-5 month gap in the middle of my colorlocke, with the return only consisting of grinding and battling the Elite four, leaves me with very little to say about it, so, yeah. I completed it (screenshots to come) and that's what matters.

I do have one thing to share.

Playing Pokemon is fun. I've missed it.


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I have a lot to share today. We'll take it one step at a time.

Step 1 -- The final leg of my FireRed Blue-Colorlocke, as promised. It's mostly pictures. I'm too tired to do commentary.

Elite Four, here I come!

Or, I guess, there I went.

Step 2 -- HeartGold

So, as I mentioned, I've also already completed the playthrough for my HeartGold Mono-Dark-Egg-locke. The delay in posting all of this is honestly just due to me not wanting to mess around with screenshots for the last run. I debated posting my HG notes in pieces, but honestly there aren't that many of them and I'd rather just post them all at once. I wrote a little intro at the beginning, but apart from that paragraph, these are just the notes I took as I played.

When I randomized which challenges I would do for which games, HeartGold was assigned the mono-locke. I then randomly selected a type — and that turned out to be Dark type. I was both excited by this idea because I love dark types and also a bit stumped on how to make it work. I considered rerolling the type but, like I said, I love dark types. Luckily for me, I have a SoulSilver cartridge that has a variety of Pokemon on it, since I’ve never restarted that file since the first time I played the game and also it’s where I moved Pokemon from my other games whenever I wanted to start a new file on them. So, I decided to do an Egglocke, using only dark type Pokemon. I basically found all the dark-types I had on that cartridge and bred them all. Then, as soon as I was able to trade on the HeartGold run, I traded with myself to get all the eggs. I tried to mix up the eggs both while trading and then when I was putting them in the PC so that I wouldn’t know what order they were in. And then I also decided to randomly select the eggs I hatched.

List of Eggs:
1. Sneasel
2. Murkrow
3. Eevee (for Umbreon)
4. Houndour
5. Larvitar
6. Poochyena
7. Seedot
8. Cacnea
9. Sableye
10. Absol
11. Carvanha
12. Corphish
13. Stunky
14. Skorupi

Notes I took while playing:
Nuzlocke will officially begin once I make it to Cherrygrove with Pokeballs available and am able to trade in the eggs.

Random starter choice. I think I’ll go with my trainer id.
If first number is even: Chikorita or Cyndaquil.
If last number is even: Chikorita
If last number is odd: Cyndaquil
If first number is odd: Totodile or Cyndaquil
If last number is even: Totodile
If last number is odd: Look at the 2nd number. If it’s even, Cyndaquil, if it’s odd, look at the third number, if it’s even Chikorita, if it’s odd, Totodile.
Trainer ID: 62896. First and last are both even. So, Chikorita is the chosen starter. Rival will end up with Cyndaquil.

(**This is later me looking back at this and going really, *this* is what I chose to do instead of just using a random number generator?)

Method of choosing which Egg to hatch: Random Number Generator? Or… the previously hatched Pokemon’s Pokedex number added together. (Start with 1st number in trainer ID for starter)

Starter: 6.

Route 29: Houndour. Male. Named Blaze. Pokedex #: 214. 2+1+4=7
-Sassy nature. Mischievous.
-Early Bird ability
-Knows Leer, Ember and Thunder Fang.

Route 30: Murkrow. Male. Nicknamed Duskwing.
-Sassy nature. Likes to relax.
-Insomnia ability
-Knows Astonish, Mirror Move, Wing Attack, Fly

Route 31: Sableye. Female. Nicknamed Quartz.
-Careful nature. Somewhat stubborn.
-Stall ability
-Knows Leer and Scratch
(Next egg: 3+0+2=5.)

Route 32: Carvanha. Male. Nicknamed Spike.
-Brave nature. Highly persistent.
-Rough Skin ability
-Knows Bite, Waterfall, Surf, and Whirlpool

Route 33: Larvitar. Male. Nicknamed Pebbles.
-Relaxed nature. Good perseverance.
-Guts ability.
-Knows Bite, Leer, Sandstorm, Rock slide
Slowpoke Well:
-Pebbles hung out in front. Quartz and Duskwing helped him out occasionally.
-About to battle Proton, levels are: Blaze 13, Duskwing 12, Quartz 13, Spike 12, Pebbles 9
-Pebbles took out Proton’s Zubat with Rock Slide. Duskwing was poisoned by Koffing. Duskwing dodged an attack. Duskwing took out Koffing with 4 wing attacks (and got hit by a smog attack)

Bugsy’s levels are 15/15/17 so I’m going to train to at least 15. Right now my levels are 9/12/13/13/13. So… this’ll be fun.
You know what, I have … oh. I was about to say I have type advantages but I also have a type disadvantage…on… everyone…. Only Scyther knows a bug-type move though. I’ll at least get Pebbles and Spike up to Level 13 and then I’ll see.

Azalea Gym:
-Blaze almost died to a Beedrill’s Twinneedle. If it had hit one more time… (it hit 5 times and then the next turn hit 3)
-Going to go train some more.
-Trained everyone to level 17 and then went back. Pebbles easily took out Bugsy with Rock Throw.

Route 34: Corphish. Female. Nicknamed Coral. Temporarily Boxed.
(Next egg: 3+4+1=8)

Defeated Whitney. Barely.

Route 35: Umbreon. Male. Nicknamed Night.
-Mild Nature.
-? Ability
-Helping Hand, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack.
(Next egg: 1+9+7=17)
Trained everyone to level 23.

Blaze fainted against a Charmeleon in the burned tower that used Dragon Rage. (Blaze had 39 HP)

Ecruteak Gym:
All my Pokemon are level 23, which is two levels below Morty’s ace, but I’m tired of grinding so we’re doing it anyway. Night has the highest defense/special defense, so Night will go up against Gengar.
First up, Duskwing vs Gastly. Duskwing used pursuit and OHKO’d the Gastly.
Switched to Night versus Gengar. Gengar used Hypnosis and put Night to sleep. Gengar used Mean Look. Night sleeps on. Gengar used Shadow Ball. It didn’t do much, thankfully. Night woke up and used Pursuit. Gengar used Shadow Ball. Night used pursuit. Gengar ate its Sitrus Berry. Gengar’s hypnosis missed. Night used Pursuit. Morty used a hyper potion. Night used Pursuit. Gengar used Shadow Ball. Night used pursuit. Gengar used hypnosis and Night fell asleep. Gengar used Shadow Ball. Night is asleep. Used a super potion on Night. Gengar used Shadow Ball. And used it again. Night is sleeping. Gengar used Shadow Ball. Night is sleeping. Gengar used Shadow Ball. Night finally woke up and used pursuit. Gengar fainted.
Night grew to level 24. Switched to Spike versus Haunter. Haunter used Night Shade, Spike used Bite, Haunter fainted.
Switched back to Duskwing for the other Haunter. Duskwing used Pursuit. Haunter used Hypnosis but Duskwing has Insomnia. Morty used another hyper potion, delaying the inevitable. Duskwing used Pursuit. Haunter fainted. Morty was defeated.

Route 38: Poochyena. Male. Nicknamed Wolfgang. Temporarily Boxed.
Cianwood Gym:
-Defeated Chuck. I think I used Duskwing mostly and also maybe Quartz and the others.

Trained everyone to level 35.

Spike evolved into Sharpedo and Pebble evolved into Pupitar.

Olivine Gym:
Started off with Pebble against Magnemite. Does sandstorm damage steel types? I don’t know, I just used Rock Slide and Magnemite fainted.
She sent in Steelix so I switched to Spike. Spike used Surf. OHKO! Steelix fainted.
Switched back to Pebble vs the other Magnemite. Three rock slides later, the battle ended. Defeated Jasmine!

And Pryce’s Ace is level 34, which I didn’t realize (I thought it was higher than Jasmine’s) so I can just speed right on over to Mahogany. I also forgot you have to do the lake of rage and team rocket stuff first. I clearly don’t remember Johto and I am definitely going to be over-leveled when I face Pryce.

Mahogany Gym:
Night took out Seel with Faint Attack. Spike took out Piloswine with surf. Spike took out Dewgong with Crunch. (All my Pokemon but Pebble were level 37. Pebble was level 36.)

Defeated Team Rocket at the Radio Tower. Nothing really special happened. It wasn’t too difficult.

Trained everyone to level 41 (Clair’s ace)

Blackthorn Gym:
Started off using Night against the gym trainers. (Sidenote: getting everyone to level 50 for Lance is going to be a PAIN)
I love my bulky Umbreon
Versus Clair: Night took out the Gyarados, Spike took out the first Dragonair but fainted to a critical hit dragon pulse from the second Dragonair. Night finished off the Dragonair and battled the Kingdra. The Dragonair had paralyzed Night and taking out the Kingdra with Faint Attack took a while (and all of Faint Attack’s remaining PP). And of course Clair used a Full Restore. Between that, and the paralysis, and smokescreen, it took forever. Night was never *really* in danger from dying since none of Kingdra’s attacks hit hard enough to wipe out his HP and I had Hyper Potions. I had to use an Ether on Faint Attack. But it worked. Night defeated Kingdra.

R.I.P. Spike (Level 1-41)

Now I’m going to have to train Coral the Corphish up from level 1 to 50… that’s going to take forever, whyyyyy

So, I made it to Victory Road. Pebble fainted on my way to or through Victory Road. Apparently, I didn’t note that down anywhere and it’s been a long grind so I no longer remember what happened. But RIP Pebble, that came as a devastating blow since I never got to use my Tyranitar.

But anyway, I trained up my remaining team of 5 to level 50. It took a while.

Going into the Elite Four, here is my team:
—Duskwing the Murkrow
—Quartz the Sableye
— Night the Umbreon
— Coral the Crawdaunt
— Talon the Sneasel

Here we go. I put the battle summaries in another spoiler box since I wrote out each and every move in detail.

VS WILL..........
Quartz leads things off against Xatu number 1. Are you getting pumped with this music? I am. I don't know if it's nostalgia or what but I love it. Xatu used U-turn. That's why Quartz was in front. Xatu number 2 came out to play. Quartz used Shadow Claw. Ooh it almost fainted, instead it ate a sitrus berry. Xatu used aerial ace. Quartz used Shadow Claw. Got a critical hit! Not that she needed it lol. Xatu fainted.

Switched to Night vs Jynx. Because Umbreon is a tank. Jynx used Ice Punch. SEE? It did like 19 damage. Tank. Except it froze Night. EXCEPT NOT, Night unfroze lmao and used Faint Attack and Jynx is gone.

Switched to Talon as Xatu number one comes back. Let's spread around the experience. Talon used Dark Pulse. Xatu used U-turn. Who's coming out -- Exeggutor. Exeggutor tried to use Hypnosis but MISSED and Talon used Avalanche. Talon used Dark Pulse, Exeggutor fainted!

Only one Pokemon left, right??? Oh and Talon grew to level 51. And oh, no, Xatu U-turned away so its still alive, right. I left Talon in because I can't type commentary and think at the same time. Besides, Talon has this. One more Dark Pulse and Xatu is finished.

*Now* it's the last Pokemon. I brought out Coral to take a turn. Coral used Night Slash. Almost got it. Slowbro used Amnesia. Will used a full restore, delaying the inevitable. Coral used Night Slash. Will used ANOTHER Full restore. Coral used ANOTHER Night Slash. It's so close to OHKO'ing this Slowbro each time. Coral used night slash. Slowbro fainted. Defeated Will!

Duskwing took point. Duskwing flew up high. Ariados used Spider Web but it f a i l e d. Duskwing's fly missed, another fail. Ariados used Spider Web. We're trying this again. Duskwing flew up high. Ariados used Poison Jab, or tried to, Duskwing used Fly and this time squashed that spider like a true hero. Ariados fainted.

Next is Muk. I never know what to do with Muk. I sent in Coral. Coral used Night Slash. Muk used Minimize. Maybe should've sent in someone with Faint Attack. Coral used Night Slash. Muk fainted. Nevermind, Coral's got this.

Next is Forretress. Who only knows damaging normal type moves so in goes Quartz. Koga withdrew Forretress, I forgot they do that, and sent in Crobat. Quartz used Shadow Claw. Crobat used Wing Attack. Quartz used Power Gem. Didn't do much. Crobat has a sitrus berry too. Oh I forgot Quartz knows Zen headbutt. Crobat used Wing Attack. Quartz used zen headbutt. I decided to play it safe and healed Quartz. Koga ALSO played it safe and healed Crobat. Crobat used Double Team. Quartz used Zen Headbutt. One more *should* finish it. Crobat used Wing Attack. Quartz used Zen Headbutt. Crobat BARELY survived. It used Wing Attack. Quartz used Zen headbutt. I probably could've switched to one of the ice type moves and finished it sooner but oh well.

Koga sent in Venomoth, I sent in Duskwing. Duskwing used Wing Attack. Venomoth fainted.

I left Duskwing in vs Forrestress this time except does it know Explosion? That might be too dangerous, I'm actually going to switch. Forretress used Toxic Spikes. AFTER I switched to Quartz. It used Toxic spikes again. Shadow Claw is NOT very effective oops. I stopped writing out each turn because this is taking a while and it's not very interesting. It's just spamming protect. I switched to Night. OH I forgot about the Toxic spikes oops. Forretress used Swift. Night had used Confuse Ray. Night used Faint Attack. Forretress hurt itself in confusion. Koga used a full restore, the LOSER. I used a full restore on Night. I wish it would just use Explosion and get it over with. But it used Swift again. and then confused it again. Okay it finally fainted.

Defeated Koga, eventually.

Duskwing vs Hitmontop! A battle for the ages! Duskwing soared above the clouds and then blasted Hitmontop away in a glorious dive. Quartz subbed in against the Hitmonchan. Despite Hitmonchan's desperate Fire and Ice Punches, Quartz Zen-headbutted her way to victory. Coral took to the stage next and washed Onix down a waterfall, though not before Onix called a raging sandstorm. Duskwing flew back out to batter Hitmonlee with his wings. And in the process Duskwing grew to level 51!

Quartz swapped in once again. She downed a full restore, endured two Rock Slides, and zen-headbutted Machamp, forcing the enemy to eat up its sitrus berry. After the damage from the sandstorm, Quartz was barely hanging in there, so she took another Full restore. Two more rock slides, no more sandstorm, one more critical hit zen headbutt, and Machamp fainted! (And Quartz grew to level 51!) Defeated Bruno!

Coral and Night are the only ones not level 51 so I put Coral in front. I'm likely going to need her vs Lance.

The line of dialogue I wasn't expecting because I forgot my name: "You're Dark? How amusing. I like Dark-type Pokemon."

Me too, Karen. Me too. And unlike you, every single Pokemon on my team is a Dark type.

Coral used Waterfall. Umbreon used Double Team. Repeat for Coral. Umbreon used Faint Attack. Karen used a full restore. Coral used Waterfall... Karen is switching Pokemon.

She sent in Vileplume. Waterfall did not do much. Switched to Duskwing. Wing Attack finished off the Vileplume.

Switched to Quartz against Gengar. Gengar tried and failed to use Spite. Quartz used Zen Headbutt. Gengar used Spite again and it worked. Quartz used Shadow Claw. Gengar fainted.

Switched back to Coral for the Houndoom. You can guess what move I used. You don't get a prize if you get it right... or wrong. Only one Waterfall and Houndoom fainted.

Left in Coral against the Murkrow. It used Pluck, Coral used Body Slam, two turns later Murkrow fainted. Coral grew to level 51!

Sent in Night to have a battle of the Umbreons. Confuse Ray, Faint Attack, Assurance, Last Resort, and the enemy Umbreon fainted. Defeated Karen!

Moved Quartz to the front. Gyarados used Waterfall. Quartz flinched. Gyarados used Waterfall. Quartz has 2 HP. Quartz used Power Gem. Switched to Night. Gyarados used Ice Fang. Gyarados used Waterfall. Night used Confuse Ray. Gyarados hurt itself. Night used Faint Attack. Gyarados used Waterfall. Night used Assurance. Critical hit! Gyarados fainted.

I don't know which Dragonite is coming out. The level 50 one, good! Dragonite used Outrage. Coral used Ice Beam. Healed Coral. Dragonite used Outrage. Healed Coral again. Dragonite used Outrage. Dragonite became confused. Healed Coral. Dragonite hurt itself. Dragonite hurt itself again. Coral used Ice Beam. Dragonite fainted!

Switched to Talon against the next Dragonite in case it's the one that knows Thunder. Dragonite used Thunder Wave. Talon used Avalanche. Almost OHKO'd it. Lance used a Full Restore. Talon used Avalanche again. It's *so close* Dragonite used Dragon Rush but it missed. Talon is paralyzed and can't move. Dragonite used Dragon Rush but it missed. Talon used Slash. Dragonite fainted.

Switched back to Coral against the Aerodactyl. Oh except it knows Thunder Fang I *just* saw that. What are the chances Coral is faster? Coral is not faster. Aerodactyl used Thunder Fang. It did less than I feared. Coral used Waterall. Aerodactyl fainted.

Switched back to Talon. Lance sent in Dragonite. Dragonite used Dragon Rush. Talon used Avalanche. Dragonite fainted.

Switched back to Coral for the Charizard. Charizard used Air Slash. That was scary. Coral flinched. Coral has 10 HP so I'm going to HEAL. Charizard used Shadow Claw. Charizard used Air Slash. It got a critical hit. Coral fainted.

Sent in Night. And the first thing I did was heal. Charizard meanwhile used Air Slash. and then again. Night used Confuse Ray. I'm paranoid about critical hits so even though I don't *have* to I'm going to heal. Charizard hurt itself. Charizard used Air Slash. Night used Assurance. Charizard used Fire Fang. Night used Assurance. SO CLOSE. I healed becuase paranoia. Lance healed too. Charizard used Air Slash. Night used Faint Attack. Charizard used Air Slash. Night flinched. Healed. Charizard used Air Slash. And again. Night used Assurance. Charizard used Air Slash. Night flinched. Healed. Charizard used Air Slash. Charizard used Air Slash. Night Flinched. Charizard used Air Slash. Night flinched. Healed. Charizard used Air Slash. and again. Night used Assurance. Charizard used Fire Fang. Night used Last Resort. Charizard fainted.

Defeated Lance.

R.I.P. Coral the Crawdaunt. You went out a hero.


Surviving Victors: Night the Umbreon, Duskwing the Murkrow, Talon the Sneasel, and Quartz the Sableye!

Challenge 3 of 7 of my UCL gauntlet is completed!

And now, step 3 -- I've started the gameplay for my next run, which is going to be the Duotype run of Diamond using Normal and Bug types, as decided by my randomization when I first signed up for the challenge. I haven't gotten that far in the game. However, I do intend to do more frequent, shorter updates as I play instead of waiting until the end. That's part of why I decided to throw all my HeartGold notes into this post as well. I'm going to also share the first part of my Diamond notes, what I've done so far. And now, finally, my posting will finally be completely caught up with me playing. That gives me less to keep track of, which is good, considering I don't have a lot of time to finish this UCL challenge. Fortunately, I currently have plenty of time to play. So, yeah, I'll just keep my fingers crossed, hit Post Reply, and then get back to playing. Wish me luck.

Regarding game choice: I know that there are more normal-type gift Pokemon available in Platinum (Togepi, Eevee, Porygon) but I have another gameplay on my Platinum cartridge that I don’t want to reset. And I haven’t played Diamond since Platinum came out, so it should be an interesting time. Beside I kind of want to see how many Bibarel I end up with.

So, let’s go!

Starter: Doesn’t matter! I’ll have to ditch it as soon as I catch either a Starly or Bidoof on Route 201.

Species: Starly
Originally from: Route 201
Level caught: 2
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Nature: Bold (+Defense, -Attack)
Characteristic: Scatters things often

Species: Bidoof
Originally from: Lake Verity
Level caught: 2
Gender: Female
Ability: Simple
Nature: Impish (+Defense, -Sp. Attack)
Characteristic: Loves to eat

Species: Starly
Originally from: Route 202
Level caught: 2
Gender: Female
Ability: Keen Eye
Nature: Modest (+Sp. Attack, -Attack)
Characteristic: Hates to lose

Trained my trio up to level 9 before going to fight Barry.

Mercury took care of Barry’s team just fine.

Grinding for Roark is going to be a pain.

For Route 203 I didn’t get a catch because I was distracted and didn’t realize when one passed by. Oreburgh Cave and Mine didn’t offer possible catches. Route 207’s catch would have been a Kricketot but unfortunately Venus got a critical hit tackle and wiped it out. So then I went back to Route 204 thinking I’d try to catch a Kricketot again (since it was night by then) but then I ended up catching another Bidoof.

Species: Bidoof
Originally from: Route 204
Level caught: 6
Gender: Female
Ability: Simple
Nature: Bold
Characteristic: Somewhat vain

Before challenging Roark I trained Mercury and Terra until they were both level 14 and had evolved into Staravia, and I trained Venus up to level 15 so she could evolve into Bibarel and learn Water Gun. Neptune was still just level 10.

Oreburgh Gym:
-Battled Roark with Venus! She didn’t need any help. She washed away the Geodude and Onix with Water Gun and then I also taught her Rock Smash which she used to take out the Cranidos.
-Gym Badge 1 get!

Then I played up to Floaroma Town and started the Valley Windworks quest but didn’t finish it. I just wanted to get the honey before I stopped playing for the night so that I could catch Pokemon the next day. Which is now. Guess I’ll go play.

The Valley Windworks Honey Tree has a male Combee. The male part is too bad but I’ll catch it anyway. If it lets me. How many Pokeballs should I be willing to waste on it?

Did not catch the Combee. It clearly did not want to be my friend.

The Floaroma Meadow Honey Tree also has a male Combee. This one’s lower leveled. I’ll catch the Combee but it’ll just go in the PC to be a back-up if something terribly awful happens to the rest of my team. Why are Combee so hard to catch? Nevermind. It’s not going to evolve into Vespiquen so it’s not worth wasting all my Pokeballs on.

Combee 2, Me 0

Species: Buneary
Originally from: Eterna Forest
Level caught: 11
Gender: Female
Ability: Run Away
Nature: Rash
Characteristic: Loves to eat

I like having Cheryl heal my Pokemon after every battle. I’m going to use her to grind all the way up to Gardenia’s ace. Then I’ll go wreck the gym with my Staravia.

So far it's all normal types and no bugs. Hopefully I can catch a bug or two to add to the team soon. I need to go look at encounter tables again. In any case, see you next time. In a few days, probably.
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I think I said I'd post an update in a few days. This still counts as a few days, right?

Lol, so much for taking good notes.

Let’s see… I trained everyone up to level 20-22 in the forest, like I said I would, and then I went and tore through Gardenia’s gym with Mercury and Terra. Oh, and also had the surprise of remembering that the Eterna Gym had a completely different layout/gimmick in Diamond/Pearl than Platinum! I walked in expecting that giant flower clock and instead got to play hide and seek in the woods.

But, anyway, yeah, the gym was no trouble.

Then I took care of Jupiter, which also wasn’t too difficult… I think. To be honest, I don’t remember that battle at all, it was at least a couple days ago that I did it. It all worked out, anyway.

Then I got a few catches. Let’s see…

Mt. Coronet
Level 14
Ability: Cute charm
Nature: Docile. Good perseverance.

Route 208
Level 5
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Bold. Good endurance.

Route 206
Level 10
Ability: Shield Dust
Nature: Sassy Hates to lose.

Route 210
Level 19
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Impish. Loves to eat.

I placed Ceres, Io, and Callisto in the box and added Ganymede to the team, first training her up until she evolved into Dustox! Right now, as I type this, I’m almost to Veilstone, if I can just beat these two trainers. But then after I heal up I need to go back to Eterna so I can battle some trainers that I initially skipped. Hopefully battling the fishermen and the cycling road trainers will help me get my team closer to level 30 so I won’t have to grind as much.

My current team: the Staravia duo, Mercury and Terra, the Bibarel duo, Venus and Neptune, Europa the Buneary and Ganymede the Dustox.

Three* days later…..
*I don’t actually know how many days it was

So, right now, everyone except the two Staravia is level 28. Mercury is level 27, and Terra is level 26. And it’s time to go take on the Veilstone Gym. Terra took out two of the gym trainers, and then Mercury took out the other two, so that by the time I went to fight Maylene *everyone* was level 28.

So! Versus Maylene! Her first two Pokemon went down smoothly with Mercury using Aerial Ace, then out came Lucario and that’s when things started to get dicey. I left Mercury out at first, but then after one turn (in which Mercury almost died) switched to Terra, who lowered Lucario’s attack with Intimidate, but then I had to switch again right away to Ganymede. Ganymede toughed out the battle. There was one close call when Lucario used Bone Rush (I think that was the move?) and it hit three times and if it had hit a fourth it would’ve been bye-bye Ganymede. As it is, I was able to heal and Ganymede managed to take out Lucario with Psybeam. Everyone cheer for Ganymede.

I sped on to Pastoria, only stopping to slather honey on a tree and catch a Girafarig at Lake Valor on the way.

Route 214
Level 24
Ability: Swarm
Nature: Mild. Scatters things often.

Valor Lakefront
Level 21
Ability: Early Bird
Nature: Relaxed. Loves to eat.

Pastoria Gym and Wake were pretty easy to beat. By the time I got there all my Pokemon were level 30 and by the time I fought Wake the two I planned on using, Neptune and Europa were level 31. Europa has known Grass Knot for a while (She’s still a cute little Buneary) and I taught Neptune Shock Wave since her Special Attack was slightly higher than Venus’s. And, yeah, no problem.

Level 24
Ability: Keen Eye
Nature: Lonely. Loves to eat.

Then I ran around a lot. I’m so used to Platinum that I got mixed up about getting the secret potion since the bomb didn’t go off at the Great Marsh and I forgot to talk to the grunt there. But eventually I got the potion, made it past the Psyduck, went to Celestic Town, battle the grunt there, missed seeing Cyrus, then did a bit of training before I went to battle Fantina. Which is when Europa finally evolved into Lopunny!

So, for Fantina. I taught Europa Shadow Ball and she handled the ghosts pretty well. I let her battle the Drifblim, then switched in Ganymede against the Gengar using Psybeam but when things got a bit dicey there I switched back to Europa and she finished the battle off with Shadow Ball. She’s a star. I had to use a couple super potions but all in all, it wasn’t too scary.

Now I’m ready to go to Canalave.

Update: I went to Canalave.

Half my team I could train just fine in the Iron Islands (looking at you, Bibarels and Lopunny), but training the other half (hello Staraptors and Dustox) there had me on edge. So once I got everyone to level 37, I called it a day.

Battling Byron was… really easy. Europa had jump kick and grass knot to help her sweep the gym. I did briefly switch to Venus against Byron’s Steelix to give Europa a break and see if I could take it out with Surf. I ended up having to switch back to Europa, but Venus did make a serious dent in its health. And then Europa just finished it off. I’m quite thankful for my Lopunny.

Going to post this now and next time we’ll start from the snowy climb to Snowpoint!

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