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The Writer's Locke: Episode Seven!


Conqueror of the Viridian Gym
Pokédex No.
Aug 11, 2019
A lovely winter dream
Pokémon Type
Water, Ghost

Welcome back to The Writer’s Locke, a Nuzlocke Reading Project! In this episode, we’re concluding our reading of Stolen Dreams with a bonus statement from the author himself! We’re also putting Running Hot on hold for this week and premiering one of the new runs to be featured in the next batch of episodes! In addition, we have a special, extra-long discussion segment to share with you, featuring not two but three returning guests!

This episode, we'll be hearing from:

We've prepared a full transcript for your convenience.

We release episodes every three weeks, on Mondays at 6PM EDT. That means upcoming release dates are as follows:

  • August 10
  • August 31
  • September 21
  • October 12 (season finale!)

Your interest and support has gotten us all this far, and we're incredibly grateful for it. If you have any feedback about the transcript or any other aspect of the podcast, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to drop a post here, in the main Writer's Locke thread, or to send a message direct via forum PM or Discord DM to a member of our crew!

And hey, if you want to discuss the discussion, why not think over a couple of these talking points, or hit us up with your own!:

  • What are some of your favourite tropes to use in your own nuzlockes?
  • Are there any nuzlocke tropes that you consider to be overused?
  • Have you ever subverted a common nuzlocke trope in your story? How? And what was your audience’s reaction?

The Storylockes:


Poppy is a Flabebe in search of evolution, ascension, to become one with her lifelong companion: a yellow flower. Captured, far from home, and among strange 'mon, she will make the journey her own. Friendship and love and that incessant bee's buzzing all be damned.

All That We Are

They called us Beast-Kin, and cast us out.

But before long, we were all Kindred to the monsters that ended our world.

Little is known about what led to the Calamity that brought the world to ruin. Some say it was an act of the Gods, some say it was a far darker power - Though it is of little concern now. The Kindred, corrupted fragments of humanity's legacy, have little time to ponder such matters in the face of a broken world.

Stolen Dreams

In a twist of circumstance, a young man called Shawn wakes up in the hospital one day, remembering nothing of the last several years of his life. Now, with the help of a wisecracking Wartortle, Shawn must piece together the time between his graduation and the present day--perhaps reckoning with some uncomfortable truths along the way.

Seasonchild is an experimental take on Unova as you know it. In a town nestled deep in the heart of the Canadian Shield, the spirits watching over the land are cosily integrated into our human society -- and have been, for a long, long time. Seasonchild follows Merrick Seasons, the teenage son to a family of spirits -- as he (mis)uses his talents, makes sense of his strange town, shoos drilburs away from the family garden, and, well... grows up.

Everything changes with the seasons. Everyone, too. And that's all they ever do.


We'd also like to extend a very special thankyou to @glancesherlock, Narximba, Gamaliel, SeaMaid, and YOU. ❤
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Kitten of Lore
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Gatto Region
She/her, Aetherai Lorekeeper
Pokémon Type
Fairy, Clever
Pokédex Entry
Autistic writer who starts more things than she finishes. Hyper asexual Twitch Plays Pokemon lorewriter. Rather be a happy shill than an angry critic.
What are some of your favourite tropes to use in your own nuzlockes?
Well, it should be mentioned that I used a 'chosen one' trope in Ori's Gift, and I plan to use another one in its sequel, Destiny's Shadow (an Omega Ruby navlocke). But while the main characters are both chosen ones, their situations and personalities are entirely different. Rocket is overjoyed to be the Eeveetar; he's always dreamed of setting out into the wilds of Gatto and kicking wraith butt. The heroine of Destiny's Shadow, however, only wants to regain her memories and get home. At first, she doesn't even see herself as the heroine. She only fights because 1. there are cultists chasing her that she can't reason with, and 2. she wants to protect her friends from those same cultists. When she eventually learns that she is the chosen one, she's not happy about it at all.
Are there any nuzlocke tropes that you consider to be overused?
I don't really read enough nuzlockes to make an educated statement on this topic. At least, not a statement that I would feel comfortable making.
Have you ever subverted a common nuzlocke trope in your story? How? And what was your audience’s reaction?
I'm relatively new to nuzlocking, so any planned trope subversions are going to have to wait a bit. I will say that Ori's Gift pretty much subverts the entirety of Let's Go Eevee -- the Elite Four are tyrants, Team Rocket is a resistance group fighting against the oppressive government, the friendly rival is a corrupt police force, all of the gym leaders are groups of bloodthirsty wraiths. I mean, I threw a wraith Suicune at my heroes in the second gym battle. Basically I took the plot of Let's Go Eevee and asked myself, "Self, what can I possibly do to make this completely different?" And then I did it.


The Wiggle Stabber
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Somewhere, Probably
Pokémon Type
Psychic, Rock
Pokédex Entry
Exercise extreme caution: May stab in the feels and wiggle the knife.
Aight. Aight.

So Yogurt nailed Valna, just... yes. So much the good. I am squealing. The performance of the last line gave me chills and I am dead. Deceased.

Really enjoyed being super on brand with Rainy, Flop and Meta too, heckin fantastic episode.

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