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Written Story Sinnoh Mixed Media Teen Hack Gijinka The Quiet Dark - A Gijinka story of Renegade Platinum

Thread Description
We are the Moontouched, given life by that most beautiful, gentle light, and watched over by the spirits of the countless stars - March 27 - Chapter 1: Hiding


The Wiggle Stabber
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Somewhere, Probably
Pokémon Type
Psychic, Rock
Pokédex Entry
Exercise extreme caution: May stab in the feels and wiggle the knife.

We are the Moontouched, given life by that most beautiful, gentle light, and watched over by the spirits of the countless stars.

Once, we did not know the blinding radiance. We basked in the eternal moonlight, in our quiet darkness.

Those nights are gone.

Lost at the Break of Dawn.

We fought, and we failed. There will be little mercy for us now.

Any Pokemon that faints in battle is considered dead and can no longer be used.

We are on the run, fugitives in hostile lands. What allies we may find will surely be from among the Moontouched. Perhaps the Underfolk will lend us aid, but we must carry this burden ourselves.

Only the first eligible pokemon encountered in an area may be caught. Eligible Pokemon fall into two categories: Moontouched, and Underfolk.

Moontouched are defined as:
  • Any Pokemon that has either the ghost or dark typing, or will have it in a later evolution. (Note that a number of Pokemon have been changed to have dark typing in Renegade Platinum)
  • Any Pokemon that evolves with a Moon stone.
  • Any Pokemon that evolves specifically during the nighttime (Gligar/Gliscor and Chingling/Chimecho)
  • Any Pokemon that could be considered nocturnal (i.e. Noctowl, Venonat).
  • Any Pokemon with a strong association with the moon or stars (i.e. Lunatone).
I fully admit that the last two points are subjective, and it'll be up to me to justify what pokemon are and aren't Moontouched

Underfolk are defined as Pokemon that are largely subterranean but do not fit the above criteria (i.e. Onix, Geodude, Mawile). Only one Underfolk may be on the team at any given time.

There will inevitably be areas where there is nothing for me to catch. As a mercy on myself, I will allow the capture of one extra Pokemon for every three areas I reach that don’t have any eligible encounters (not including towns). These extra captures may be caught in any area of my choosing.

So many were lost in those early months of blood and fire. Most of us are left alone, without kin.

Dupes Clause: Duplicates of Pokemon I have already caught cannot be caught again. This applies to all members of an evolutionary line (i.e. I cannot catch a Houndoom if I already have a Houndour).

Those who stand with us will stand until they fall. We will succeed, or we will die trying.

Once a Pokemon is part of the team, it cannot be removed from the active party unless it dies. When a Pokemon dies, it may be replaced by any Pokemon I have in the PC.

Perhaps, by some twist of fate, we might find a shining opportunity in an unexpected ally.

Shinies of Pokemon that are neither Moontouched nor Underfolk can be caught and used regardless of the above rules if encountered. Shinies of Moontouched or Underfolk Pokemon are not subject to this rule, and cannot be caught or used whatsoever.

Note that the version of Renegade Platinum that I am using has considerably increased odds of encountering shiny Pokemon. I believe the odds are 1/512, which means it’s quite likely to occur during my playthrough, quite possibly more than once. I recognize this and am considering it a mercy on myself.

The gods will not fight our battles for us. The most we can hope for is the guidance of the Moon and stars.

Legendary Pokemon cannot be caught or used under any circumstances, not even if they're shiny.

This run is being played on the latest edition of Drayano's Renegade Platinum, on Set mode. I couldn't think of a way to put that thematically.

As a general note, I heavily abstract the events of runs I write about. It is very likely that this recounting of the run will differ from the gameplay a fair bit, but I’ll make an effort to keep deaths accurate to when they happened, and feature key contributors to major battles. Notable divergences from gameplay will be recorded in the notes after each chapter, along with any other commentary that I have.
Chapter 1: Hiding (this post)
My name is Vel, and I am an heir of the guardian star Umbreon.

I was born in the Moontouched kingdom of Seleria, in the Sinnoh region, though I’m not here to speak about dead nations. That homeland isn’t where this story began, not truly.

It didn’t start in a town, a village, or in anything of the sort. No, It began in a rocky crag in the woods. We lived in that little hollow between the rocks for two years, and not once did it ever feel like home. Home is in worn old furniture and soft blankets. In the smells of soap and dried herbs. It’s in all those little things that come together to make home special, more than just the place where you live and sleep.

Home is safe… And we weren't safe there.

We weren’t safe anywhere.

I woke up to a crashing sound, tore off my blanket, and leapt to my feet. Run, hide, flee, my mind cried, while something deeper still called to bare my fangs and pounce. I looked around, and all that panic rushed away when I saw Korr, fallen on the ground, staring at some broken shards of pottery a few inches from his face.

Korr was a Luxray heir. Unlike me, he’d actually had an awakening, which I suppose made him a Luxio? I’ve always had a terrible memory for all the unawakened stages of the different spirits. Much easier to just use the proper names of the guardian stars, not the stages along the way.

He was silent for a long time. He must have heard me getting up, his hearing was about as good as mine with those ears of his, but he just stared, totally motionless. Even his tail—black, with a yellow star on the end—was still. Eventually, he just said, “That was mother’s.”

I stepped closer, and looked at the shards a little closer. I should have recognized it immediately, the only bowl we had that wasn’t wooden and falling apart. Every night, he’d wash and polish it, then wrap it in a bit of spare cloth before carefully putting it with his things.

“Korr?” I said gently, “are you alright?”

“No.” He said with a slightly shaky voice as he stood, “but I’ll be fine. Let me just clean this up and I’ll go check my traps.” He carefully gathered up the shards, and brought them back to his corner of the crag. He stayed there for a while, didn't leave until I'd already gotten all my bags sorted and found something to eat.

I didn't press him about it. He’d talk when he was ready.

I slipped outside the rocky crag, and took a deep breath of the cool night air, feeling the gentle moonlight on my skin. I looked up at the softly glowing sphere, and smiled. "At least we still have you."

I heard a slight rustle of air, and the sound of talons gently tapping stone. "Beautiful night, isn't it?" A familiar voice rings out from behind me. I turn to see Alta perched on a rock behind me, with her wings at her side. She was a Noctowl heir, still unawakened. Of course, none of us were fully awakened. That’s a big part of why we hadn’t been sent off to fight years before.

"It is." I responded, "Though honestly, every time that blasted yellow thing sets, it's a relief to see the stars again."

"It's called the sun, Vel."

"So you're using their word for it now? Damn them all, I'll call it 'the accursed fireball' or whatever else I feel like."

Alta chuckled, "Well, that's fair." She looked out at the forest, and started to frown. "Hey, is Korr sick? He seemed really out of it when I saw him on the way out. I think I spotted one of those herbs you said is good for fevers a couple nights ago, do you need more of it?"

I smiled a little at Alta's kindness, but that quickly sunk into a frown as I recalled what happened. "He dropped his bowl, the one from his mother. Smashed into little shards."

The big feathers coming off Alta's eyebrows were always a clear indicator of her mood. They moved about wildly sometimes, but right then, they sunk down as I told her what happened. "Oh no, that was a treasure to him! I should, I don't know, see if he's… listen, can you talk to him and make sure he's alright?"

"I'll talk him through it when he's ready, don't worry."

"You've always been a lot better with words than I am. I never know what to say to help people." She was smiling gently, but I could see some sadness in those big red eyes of hers.

"Sometimes it's enough to just listen. That’s most of what I do." I said, putting my hand on her shoulder. "And sometimes one of your little gifts can go a long way."

She perked up at that, and a moment later a big grin crossed her face. "I have an idea. I'm probably not going to catch anything today, but I might be able to find something to cheer up Korr."

With a huge pump of her wings, she took off. "Be careful out there!" I called after her, but she didn't respond. Hopefully she wasn't planning anything too bold.

I watched her disappear over the forest canopy, before shouldering my pack and setting off to forage. I walked through the trees, some with the familiar leaves of deep red and purple, and others with those green leaves that still never looked right. For a moment, I remembered running through these woods as a child, under the richly hued boughs. It was a good memory, from a better time. I held on to that little window into what once was, and wondered, for perhaps the thousandth time, if I’d ever be able to go back to those days.

Hours later, I stepped back into the crag with my pack of every useful thing I could find in those woods. It wasn’t much. It’d gotten a lot harder to forage after that day years before. Half the plants had been replaced with something green that I didn’t recognize, and certainly didn’t trust. I stuck to gathering what I knew, and so I came back with far less than I had in days gone by.

Korr was already searing the meat from a rabbit he'd caught in one of his traps. He nodded as I set down the bucket of water I'd hauled up from the river next to him. Once he was done searing, he'd pour in the water and we'd do our best to get a soup going. It wasn't quick, and most of the time it was really simple, but those soups kept us fed.

I pulled the mushrooms and veggies I'd foraged from my pack, and started cutting them up with the knife I kept on my belt. As I was finishing up, I looked over to Korr and noticed tear stains below his eyes. “Korr? Do you want to talk it out?” I asked softly. I wasn’t sure if there was really anything left to say about parents by that point, but I had to try.

There was a moment of quiet, before he sighed, and poured in the water for the soup. I dumped in my contribution, careful not to spill any of it, and after scraping off the bottom of the pot to keep anything from burning, we sat down in a patch of red and purple grass outside the crag.

He was shaking a little, so I waited quietly for him to steady himself. After a couple slow breaths, he sighed, and said, “I feel like it shouldn’t hit me this hard, it’s just a bowl… but it was one of the last things I had from home.”

“If I remember right, that bowl was a gift from your mother." I said, "that's something precious. It makes sense that you'd be attached to it, don't be down on yourself.”

“Yeah, I know.” He looked off to the side, into the moonlit forest. “I miss them." He said quietly, "I mean, that’s obvious, and you’d think I’d be used to it by now, but it’s all come rushing back. I remember watching her make that bowl. It was something special, just for me.” He sniffed, and a tear rolled down his face. “Now it’s gone. All of it. We’re stuck here, hiding for the rest of our lives.”

My heart fell out from under me. I looked at him, and wished, desperately, that there was something I could do, some way that I could make it better, make him feel safe.

But I couldn’t. I was only a couple years older than he was, just 20, and what little that maturity meant was completely nullified by how weak I knew I was. I couldn’t fight; no claws, no talons, no fangs worth speaking of, no power, nothing. There wasn’t a thing I could do to protect the people around me, no matter how much I needed to keep them safe.

We were both silent for a long time. I didn’t know what to do, what to say. Eventually I decided that even if I couldn’t fix anything, I could at least try to cheer him up. Bring him some hope. I put on a smile and said, “This won’t last forever. Somewhere out there, we must have beaten them, I know it. Those Moontouched will find a way to reach us, and we’ll be able to build a new home.”

It wasn’t entirely wrong to say that’s what I believed. Somewhere, deep down, I did hope that someone would finally find us and take us to safety. Even though I knew that would be nearly impossible.

Korr looked down for a minute, before giving me a little smile and saying, “that’s quite a hope you’ve got there.”

“Sometimes you’ve just got to choose to hope for something better.” I said.

“I suppose it beats sinking into despair.”

I caught a quiet sound on the edge of hearing, a faint rushing of air. I turned toward it, and saw Alta flying in. She landed, and immediately came running toward us, with her hands rummaging through her bag. She pulled out something small, wrapped in a piece of cloth, and held it out to Korr. "Vel told me about the bowl, and I… I wanted to get you something. To make you feel better."

Korr took it, and unwrapped the cloth. His eyes went wide, and he held up a small box. He opened it, and inside there was a set of small tinkering tools, the sort used to make intricate little machines, each one of which was engraved with a small symbol of the Luxray spirit that watched over his family. Korr held the tools with reverence, and his mouth hung open as he held them up to the moonlight. “These are his tools,” he said quietly, “my father’s tools. He was going to give them to me one day.”

He was crying again, but it was clear that it wasn’t for the same reason as before. He turned to Alta, who was idly . Then he threw his arms around her in a big hug, whispering “thank you” again and again. Alta hugged him in return, with a broad grin on her face.

I smiled, and went to check on the soup. As I scraped the bottom of the pot, I thought about how incredible it was that Alta had found those. I quickly realized what she must have done, and a creeping dread crawled up my spine. I turned to where Alta was watching Korr fiddle with the tools. “You went back to Twinleaf.” I said, stunned, and afraid. Alta looked away, and her brow feathers drooped. “Alta, did any of them see you? By the stars, tell me that none of them saw you!”

“No!” She cried out, “None of them were awake, and even if they were, they wouldn’t dare go out in the dark. I’ve seen them, they fear the night like it’s coming for their souls.”

“Are you sure? Even if they didn’t come out, if they spotted you, they might start trying to find you, find us when the light comes,”

“Vel, I promise, none of them spotted me. Korr’s old house is still abandoned, and you know how quiet I am. Even if someone did, we’re a full day’s walk from there through the forest, they’ll never find us out here.”

Alta was probably right. She was better at sneaking around than anyone I’d met, she could manage it. The fear was still clutching my heart, but I forced it down. “Alright, just… please, don’t try to go back there again. We can’t risk them finding us.”

She nodded, and I returned to the soup. I kept having to shove down the thought that one of them would find us, but I’d decided to trust Alta. We’d be fine.

A couple hours later, our bellies were full, and the night was drawing to a close, with the eastern horizon turning more orange with every passing minute. The three of us cleaned up, and retreated to our little corners of the crag. We’d each curtained off a little area to get some privacy, but there was so little space that there was barely enough room in each little “room” to sleep and change clothes.

I looked around at my sparse possessions, and sighed a little. Most of what I really cared about was stowed with the emergency supplies at the back of the crag, which left my “room” with just a couple changes of clothes, an extra blanket, and a small pile of drawings. There were a few sheets of parchment, every one of which was filled from edge to edge with little charcoal drawings. The first of those pages had some larger sketches, but as time went by I’d quickly realized how precious those pages were, and started drawing smaller and smaller. Once I’d run out of room, I took to drawing on the big pieces of stripped bark that made up the rest of the pile.

It’d been a while since I’d done a sketch. Too long. I didn’t have any more bark to draw on, so I just took a piece of charcoal and started hashing out a drawing on the wall. I didn’t really think about what I was drawing, I just started putting lines down and… went at it. A few minutes later, I had a crude little scene drawn on the wall, a forest, with me in the foreground, looking upward. It needed more, it needed something in the sky. I dug through some odds and ends until I found a small piece of white chalk, which I used to dot my drawing’s sky with little stars, before using the very last of it to make a white circle in the center. The Moon.

I raised my hand up to that little white circle, just like I was in the drawing. A feeling came over me, a feeling of longing, a feeling of distance. A yearning for years gone by, before the Break of Dawn. I remembered better nights, when the moon’s gentle glow was the brightest light in the heavens. When we only had to shield our eyes against roaring flames. When my parents taught me how to forage and mix herbs for healing, and I played dumb games in the woods with Alta and Korr.

I remembered when the Moontouched lived in the quiet dark, together.

I woke to the faint sound of crackling flames. Korr or Alta must have gotten up and started up a fire. I started getting dressed, but froze when my ears twitched, and I suddenly realized that those sounds weren’t coming from the firepit. They were coming from the middle of the crag. I slowly pulled open the curtain, and saw one of them.

A Sunblessed.

He was standing in the center of the space with his tail held aloft, the bright flame at it’s tip lighting his way. Most of his skin was a deep brown, almost orange, like a deep colored flame, but there were patches of light brown, and even a blue band running over his eyes. I didn’t know a thing about the different kinds of Sunblessed, so it hardly mattered. I knew he had fire, and by the look of him, he was strong.

My heart sank. They’d found us. Everything was falling apart, all over again… we had to get out. We’d had to run, again, and abandon everything we had, unless… unless we stopped him there. Maybe together we could overpower him. I just had to get Korr and Alta awake without alerting him. I leaned out to see if either of them were watching, but my hand slipped on a rock, making a slight scraping sound.

Unfortunately, it was more than enough to get the Sunblessed’s attention. He turned toward me, and started walking. So much for a surprise attack. I took a deep breath, muttered a prayer to the Moon, and pounced.

I came at him screaming, a desperate cry to get Korr and Alta awake to back me up. For a moment, I felt a rush of power and energy, along with an intense thrill that I was finally paying heed to that part of me that always wanted to fight. It lasted until he buried his fist in my stomach, faster than seemed possible. My scream cut off as he knocked the wind out of me, and I fell to the ground shortly after. I felt dazed, but I knew I couldn’t just lie there. I tried to pry myself off the ground, but the Sunblessed kicked me back down as soon as I tried. He said something else in their tongue that I couldn’t hope to translate. Then he grabbed my arms, and started to bind them with cord.

That was it then. I didn’t get off a single blow. The time to fight had finally come, and I was far too weak to do anything. Tears started pouring out of me, in part because of the pain, but also for how helpless, how powerless I knew I was. “You won the damned war, you’ve already taken everything, can’t you just leave us be?” I cried, but I doubt he understood a word I said.

A gust of wind surged above me, knocking the Sunblessed off balance. Getting a hold of myself, I shook off the unfinished binds on my arms and pushed myself up in time to see Alta’s eyes start glowing purple from the back of the crag. The Sunblessed, already off balance, threw his hands to his head and shouted in pain. Korr rushed forward and dragged me to my feet, toward the back of the crag.

I stumbled as I got my footing back, but Korr kept pulling me along as fast as he could. I barely stayed on my feet as we ran for the back of the crag, squeezing through a narrow passage between the rocks before finally reaching our emergency supplies: Three packs crammed with as much food and supplies as we could spare, all in anticipation of the night we’d have to flee. We even had a rope leading to the top of the rocks as our escape route. We all threw our packs on, and Alta was just starting to climb when we heard footsteps behind us. The Sunblessed was coming right for us, and he’d reach us well before we were up the rope.

It was time for Korr’s final little trick. He grabbed a cord hidden in some debris, and pulled it as hard as he could. The cord went taught, pulling a latch on the ceiling right outside the narrow passage leading to the rest of the crag. Right as the Sunblessed was coming out of it, the ceiling collapsed, dumping dozens of rocks right on top of him.

Korr had been scheming that one up for months before he finally convinced us to help him build it. Suddenly, all the work it’d taken to haul those rocks finally seemed worth it. We scrambled up the rope, and into the daylight.

My first instinct was to shield my eyes against that hideous radiance, which nearly made me lose my grip on the rope, but I just squeezed my eyes shut and hauled myself on top of the rock. Once we were all up, we pulled up our rope, turned away from the blasted light, and tried to figure out our next step.

“Do you think he’ll get out from under all that rock?” Alta asked. I could barely see her for how much my eyes hurt, but I knew she had it worse than Korr and I did in the daylight with her big owl eyes.

“After that? I don’t think so.” Korr said with pride ringing in his voice.

“I’m not going to count on him staying down.” I said, “we’ve got to get moving. Even if he doesn’t get out of there, some of his friends probably know where he went, and they’ll be looking for him.” I sighed, and braced myself for what was to come. “We have to go.”

Korr and Alta didn’t say anything, but I could make out them both nodding. They knew we had to go just as much as I did.

“Where do we go, though?” Korr asked.

That was a good question. “We could try heading further west, into the deep forests, but… no, they’ll track us down eventually. We need refuge somewhere, but…” I trailed off. I didn’t even know where to start. Maybe there was some group of us holding out somewhere, but how could we ever find them?

“You remember the rumors about the Underfolk, right?” Alta suddenly spoke up. “That they were offering to shelter Moontouched? I heard there’s some big cave systems to the north-east, near Jubilife. Maybe we could find them there.”

I didn’t like going off of rumors, but it was all we had. “Alright, we head for Jubilife. I pray that we can find someone there to help us.” I declared. Korr and Alta agreed. It was as good a plan as any. "Alta, how long until we can see properly again?"

"It’s two and a half hours until nightfall." She responded immediately. She always had an impeccable sense of time.

I nodded. We’d just have to keep moving until then, and carry on through the night. As I was helping Alta down the rocks, she quietly said, “this is my fault isn’t it.” Her voice began to shake as she continued to speak. “Oh, stars, I led them right to us, he must have seen me last night and-”

I put my hand firmly on her shoulder and turned to her. “Maybe he followed you, maybe he didn’t. That’s not important anymore. Focus on now. We’ve got to get out of here before any of his friends show up, or, stars forbid, he pries himself out from under those rocks. Let’s go.”

She nodded after hesitating for just a moment, and I led her down the rest of the rocks. When we reached the grass, we started running. We would have gone back and grabbed some more of our things, but we had to put some distance between us and that Sunblessed.

Before we got too far into the trees, I stopped and looked back at the crag, even though I could barely see it for how bright it was. I hated that place, but right then, I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to keep living there in relative peace with the only two people that I still had. Even if it wasn’t home, we had something, and suddenly we had to leave it all behind.

With a sad sigh, I turned away, and kept running.
Welcome to something new I'm doing, the team info/gameplay notes section. Here, I will attempt to keep a record of the state of the party at the current point in the story. Please note that I don't actually have a totally accurate record of all the moves each team member had at any given time, but I think I've got it down pretty well in memory. Also, the natures and traits are accurate to the gameplay, but generally didn't directly influence the in-story characterization.

This is also where I'll be putting notes on the gameplay that didn't make it into

Another thing I'm going to do in this section is go over the changes Renegade Platinum makes to the Pokemon I'm adding to the team. Drayano has made a ton of little tweaks to stats and movepools to make more 'mons viable, and some larger changes on top of that, like the addition of the fairy type. As a base line, every Pokemon has had their stats, moves and typings updated to match Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and others have more changes on top of that.

Vel - Umbreon (Currently Eevee in gameplay)​
Alta - Hoothoot​
Korr - Luxio (Currently Shinx in gameplay)​
Gift in Twinleaf Town​
Encountered on Route 201​
Encountered on Route 202​
Adamant - Alert to sounds​
Hasty - Very finicky​
Impish - Sturdy body​
Sand Attack​
Quick Attack

Let's start with Eevee and Umbreon. The first notable change is that it evolves via Moon Stone, rather than friendship. This is rather handy, as running around getting friendship up in the early game is the worst. I can even get a really early moon stone as part of an event added in Oreburgh.

Eevee starts the game with Covet and Bite, which is awesome. The coverage with bite is great (also an early STAB move upon evolution), but the sheer power of covet combined with Adapability was rather nice. I still mostly kept her out of danger for the time being, though.

Umbreon benefits massively from the updated moveset, gaining all of its moves much sooner than it would in base gen 4. What's more, Dray has given it Crunch, Play Rough, and Gunk Shot, all via level up, which is some really nice coverage. Should pair nicely with Vel's Adamant nature.

The real changes start coming in with Hoothoot and Noctowl. Noctowl is now Flying/Psychic type, and it's base stats are adjusted as follows:

Old 100 HP / 50 Atk / 50 Def / 86 SAtk / 96 SDef / 70 Spd / 452 BST
New 100 HP / 40 Atk / 40 Def / 106 SAtk / 116 SDef / 60 Spd / 462 BST

That boost to special attack is very nice, as is the typing, IMO, but the hit to defense is troubling. That is a low stat. In terms of moves, Hoothoot starts with peck and learns confusion at level 9, which is excellent. It also learns air cutter and air slash, much earlier than it would in base game. Also: Uproar at level 15, which is a 90 base power STAB move for Hoothoot. Nice.

Oh, and Psychic and even moonblast are on the level up moves as well, so that's very promising.

On to Shinx/Luxio/Luxray, which brings us to a very important type change: Luxray is now Electric/Dark type, which means it's an eligible capture! Aside from that, Luxray's non-intimidate ability is now Guts, which... that's good. That's good. Korr still ended up with intimidate, which I deeply appreciate, but it's nice to know that I couldn't have gotten rivalry.

Move benefits include earlier access to Spark and Bite, Howl at level 1, Double kick on Luxio at level 20, all of the elemental fangs at level 24, Wild Charge down the line, and even Superpower as a move reminder option for Luxray. A shame it doesn't get Volt Tackle like it did in Sacred Gold. Still, that's a nice set of updates. The dark typing feels like it should have been there all along.
I'd like to thank my beta readers for this first chapter, @Uberle and @littlebattler. Additionally, I want to shoutout @Whozawhatcha for letting me pitch the story idea to her, and helping me work out a couple of the broader concerns I had as I was developing the concept.

So, here we are, at the start of a new story. For perhaps the first time (at least for a storylocke), I set out into this run with the intent of recording it, which leaves me in the position of being able to really describe the process that led to this point. Let me take you on a little journey. And by a little journey, I mean a long journey, because I'm in a ramble-y kind of mood.

About three weeks ago, @Clockenstein posted a really nice discussion question on the Nuzwriter's Lounge (It's a cool discord server for cool people who write nuzlockes, and also for anyone else who wants to hang out. Here's a link if you want to know more). The question was as follows:
Practice time. The first sentence that comes into your mind as you read this. Or the first one as you look around the room or see any object on your screen.

Expand it. Make it the opening of a new chapter, short story, or novel, maybe three to four sentences max. Once you're happy with the result, consider: if you were a reader, what about it would make you want to "read on"?
Immediately upon reading that, this concept of "blinding light, comforting dark" seized hold of my soul and demanded to be written. Within a couple minutes, I had this down:
They came from beyond the wall, where the bright things shine. Their gleaming was more than we had ever seen, wondrous and colorful, blinding and fearsome. What we did not see was that with their coming, our quiet darkness would be lost forever.
I thought it was a really fun little writing exercise, and went on my way.

Only... the concept never left my head. Over about a week, it began to develop, more and more, blooming into something wondrous. Now, this idea of "darkness = soft and gentle, light = searing and blinding" had been stewing in the back of my head for a long time, very definitely spurred on by some of the concepts in Dark Souls. Granted, I think the "age of dark" ending in that one would lead to a bad time for everybody involved, but that's beside the point (I wrote a short fic that gets across my feelings on the matter if you happen to be interested in my hot take on a 10 year old game). Anyway, this idea had been lurking for a while, and once I'd given it an outlet, it latched on and refused to let go.

I considered turning this into a novel idea, but decided I could do more with the concept if I used either mystical creatures/monsters or demi-humans/gijinka of some variety, which would be a lot easier to pull off in a Pokemon context, at least without going deep into illustrations. So, I thought about what kind of run I'd be able to do this on, and concluded that a dark/ghost type restriction would be the logical choice, but as you saw in the rules, I ended up expanding on that restriction by quite a bit once I decided to focus on the night theme over typing specifically.

Now, the obvious choice for the game to do this in would be Sun/Moon. There's some day/night theming going on there, so it makes sense. There are a few reasons why I decided against this. First, I think the day/night theming in SuMo is really surface level. I mean, the legendaries are the sun and moon, but that's kind of about it as I recall, so I didn't really have that much more to work with going to Alola. Secondly, to quote myself when describing the run concept to someone, "I yearn for suffering". I have gotten really used to fan games and hacks at this point, and while the quality of those can vary dramatically, at this point I find it difficult to stay engaged with the base game difficulty level. I suppose there are difficulty hacks of SuMo out there, and I do technically have a homebrew'd system capable of running those, but I don't know much about their quality or how nightmarish they might be to nuz, and also I would run head first into the third factor in this decision, which is that my 2ds is currently broken after the battery swelled up and broke the casing (heckin RIP). Oh, and fourth reason is that I am a child of the mountains who shuns the ocean and thinks it smells of dead things and brine, so naturally I gravitated away from the island paradise.

In the end, I chose Renegade Platinum mostly because I kind of felt like playing it, and there happened to be a free Eevee in the starting town that I could use as my "starter". I'd just started an unrecorded run of it for something like the sixth time, and this seemed like a neat way to revisit one of my favorite hacks out there. That said, I'm still going to complain endlessly about Drayano's occassional bullshit. Because sometimes it's just bullshit. Look forward to my commentary!

I do want to mention something about the drawings I'm doing. Lifting the skin tones for my Gijinka directly from the Pokemon was inspired by the artist Lisosa (link to her tumblr), who's done a ton of really good Pokemon gijinkas. I was a little unsure that I'd be able to pull it off with my comparatively limited art skills, but I think it's come out really well.

EDIT: As a final note, I'm leaving this work open to level 4 critique. I want to be publishing novels down the line, and I want to really start improving my writing. So hit me up with your thoughts!
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Ooh, I like the concept and the ruleset (the latter of which, incidentally, is giving me ideas). The character artwork is great, and I'm deeply curious about this world where the 'Moontouched' are under assault from the 'Sunblessed.' And the presence of 'Underfolk' makes me wonder if there are any other different factions of gijinkas that we'll be introduced to moving on in the story (I certainly hope so) and what their politics will be like. Basically I'm a sucker for a run that groups Pokemon/gijinka into species/trait specific cultures and shows the racial/political drama of it all.

...on that note, I recently noticed that a great deal of PMD-style runs include themes of racial/species/type-based prejudice, including my own run to some extent... and I am honestly unsure what to make of this.


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Because they're the two rarest types, they're the rarest pokemon. Yes, that's logical. No, there aren't other Ghost/Ice types. Froslass doesn't exist.
I wonder-are Sunblessed just every 'mon that's not moontouched or underfolk, or is it just fire types and some others?

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