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Ruleset The Castlocke Corner

Thread Description
Post your own Castlocke rules here!


Conqueror of the Azalea Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 21, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Electric
  2. Beautiful
Here's one I've had on the brain for a while! Since today is the season finale, there's probably no better time to post it! I will probably playtest it at some point soon, even though I already have a bunch of other runs on the go ūüėā


Formula 1 2021: The Castlocke

  1. Standard Nuzlocke rules
  2. Your Pokemon may not use moves over 70 BP unless Charles Leclerc is in the party
  3. You may not use healing items in battle unless Valtteri Bottas is in the party
  4. You may only spend $5,000 in each Poke Mart unless Sergio Perez is in the party
  5. After every Gym cycle without a death, roll for an event. Each event can only happen once.


Lewis Hamilton:
  • Timid
  • Brave
  • Serious
  • Quiet

Boon - Lead By Example: With a desire to lead and inspire people, Hamilton may choose a teammate's bane to nullify when he is caught. After every gym victory, he can choose to move this effect to another teammate.
Bane - High Roller: Hamilton won't back away from Mercedes to join your team easily. For every Gym cycle you wish to use him in, you must pay him $5,000, represented by buying and tossing that value of items. If you do not pay up, Hamilton will be unusable until the next Gym is beaten.


Valtteri Bottas:
  • Lonely
  • Gentle
  • Quirky
  • Modest

Boon - Porridge Boss: Known for his memetic love of porridge, Bottas can share his food with the rest of the team, allowing each teammate to use up to three healing items in each battle.
Bane - #2 Driver: It's a simple fact of F1 that #2 drivers always get shafted and rarely get to win. Bottas may never lead the party.


Charles Leclerc:
  • Naive
  • Sassy
  • Docile
  • Impish

Boon - People Who Can't Build Engines: Ferrari is known for using some of the most powerful engines in F1's history. If Leclerc is on the team, the maximum BP of moves usable by the team is uncapped.
Bane - sBinalla: Sometimes, that powerful Ferrari bites its driver in the ass and sends him spinning off the track. Every time Leclerc uses a move, roll a six-sided die. If you roll a 1, he must be switched out instead.


Carlos Sainz:
  • Mild
  • Jolly
  • Naughty
  • Careful

Boon - Adaptable: Sainz is used to switching teams and adapting to new circumstances quickly. He may change forms at will during a Gym cycle.
Bane - Ferrari Strategy: Ferrari often leaves its drivers hanging out to dry in the strategy department. Once Sainz is sent out into battle, he may not be switched out until he is in the red.


Lando Norris:
  • Bashful
  • Bold
  • Hasty
  • Rash

Boon - Scenario Seven: Norris is known for heroic performances right at the end of a race. When fighting an important trainer's ace, he may nullify his bane and use unlimited healing items.
Bane - It's Bwoken!: Norris has faced some unfortunate struggles with his equipment in the past. In battle, he may only use the first two moves in his moveset, and his move order cannot be rearranged during battles.


Sergio Perez:
  • Lax
  • Hardy
  • Relaxed
  • Calm

Boon - Sponsorship Money: Perez brings strong sponsorships to any team he joins. While he is on the team, the amount of money that may be spent at each Mart is uncapped.
Bane - Always the Bridesmaid: Perez holds the mildly tragic record of the longest F1 career before his first win. Whenever he knocks out a Pokemon, he must be switched out immediately afterwards.


Max Verstappen:
  • Adamant
Boon - Super Max Is Kampioen: A generational talent, Verstappen carries no boons or banes, but many only join the team after four Gyms are beaten or two events are triggered.

  1. Technology Freeze - The FIA freezes the sport's technical regulations for a Gym cycle. TM moves may not be taught and held items must be unequipped.
  2. Severe Injury - One of your drivers, chosen at random, is involved in a major crash, and must be boxed until the next Gym is beaten
  3. Return of Carlando - Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris' McLaren-era bromance reignites, and they must operate as a Wedlocke pair until the next Gym is beaten
  4. Penalised - One of your drivers, chosen at random, receives a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Their boon is nullified until the next Gym is beaten.
  5. Engine Changes - New engine regulations are introduced, and your team gets them wrong. You may not use moves over 60 BP until the next Gym is beaten, and Leclerc's boon is nullified.
  6. Pit-Stop Pandemonium - Rule changes are made surrounding pit stops, and you must play on Set mode until the next Gym is beaten.
  7. Wet Race - Treacherous rainy conditions affect the next Gym cycle. All team members must follow the rules of Leclerc's bane (this overrides other switching-related banes)
  8. New Venue - A brand-new track on the calendar leaves your team in the dark. You may not research any aspect of the game until the next Gym is beaten.


Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
Pokédex No.
Dec 10, 2021
Ok, time to prepare my castlocke for my personal pet project for my udnertale OC Yami(or beta name is demon Chara which should give you the idea of what my oc was meant to be). more specifically the oc was meant to be a demonic recinarnation of a random Chara. I have basic names for every other character of the AU(alternative universe or alternate universe) Demonicatale which I will shorten to DMCT. I will have to do a lot of explaining for the various characters as they are my original creations but I have almost set in stone personalities for each of them and the concept being the AU is a spectrum of benevolence and malevolence. Think of it like a pH scale for you science nerds, 0.0 to 6.9 is the more good than evil, 7.0 to 7.9 is neutral(I made each section its own spectrum), and 8.0 to 14.0 is more evil than good to varying degrees in each section. I will also provide the scale degrees with each character as well. There are no living humans in Demonicatale btw, the two would be humans are Frisk and Yami, Frisk died upon falling and reborn as an angel and DMCT Chara(Yami) fell due to the implied reason from undertale itself and died and reborn as a demon but both have very few memories of their human lives. All the monsters were instead born as demons and Asriel and Flowey are different characters in this universe, I will use both. Also, if I didn't provide enough natures to any of the characters please just tell me as I will provide more if needed. You guys can also provide names for these characters as well as I don't have names for them but I would prefer non-english names that are something related to their personality, Yami is Japanese for darkness or evil as they also have the ability to use semi-dark magic but are not evil themselves.

Characters in order of creation
1.) Yami(my first created character that spurred the creation of the AU which was meant more as their backstory)-Scale grade-7.5, somewhat distrustful towards others, will protect those they care for with their life, more on the attacking side than defensive/healing/stall side, can be speedy but usually closer to average human movement speed, relatively quick to anger but will try to hold it back, tends to avoid fights if possible, tends to focus on ranged/special attacks not close corners combat, not very defensive(though only slightly lower than their attack stats), highest stat would be special attack, second highest would be special defense, third highest would be physical defense, fourth highest would be speed, fifth highest would be speed, and lowest would be HP(they can't really live hits for long which is reflected in their HP stat more than defensive stats), will insultingly nickname opponents in battle, is usually chill but slightly more on the upset side, lone survivor of their backstory(will not provide further detail here obviously), usually sleeps in trees, can fly with bird like black wings, Natures:quiet, sassy, lonely.
2.) DMCT Sans(one of the closest in relation to Yami as they would sometimes sleep in his and DMCT papyrus's house but on the couch):Scale grade:7.6 unless its a genocide route then its a scale grade of 9.9, still lazy but not as lazy as his base undertale version, nowhere as pun loving as UT!Sans like he makes almost 0 puns, no flying abilities as the wings are just skeletal, relationship to DMCT Papyrus is still the same as base undertale though more caring as is willing to help DMCT papyrus improve his puzzles but still doesn't want to harm anyone if he doesn't have to, takes 1 to 2 breaks per day as most of the day is spent hanging out with DMCT Papyrus or helping him improve his puzzles, DMCT Sans' highest two stats is physical defense and special defense as he tends to focus on lowering tension and preventing fights, can cook things like devil's food cake and any form of animals that can be found active in winter, Natures:Calm, Careful, Serious, quirky, gentle.
3.) DMCT Papyrus(same relation to Yami as with DMCT Sans):Scale Grade-3.3-doesn't change for any routes, loves puzzles as much as undertale papyrus, favorite type of puzzle are typically shape based puzzles and spatial based puzzles, willing to make friends with everyone he meets just like Undertale Papyrus though that does exclude the dogs which will not be included as they are identical to the undertale counterparts, his stats are more balanced so natures are every neutral nature in existence, unwilling to attack he believes in dealing no harm as he has no way to heal others as he no cooking abilities and can't even do spaghetti instead he has very minimal ability to cook meatballs.
4.) DMCT Toriel(has no relation to Yami as they don't hang out at all and Yami never goes to the ruins):Scale Grade-1.3, very focused on healing, never attacks and only uses words, scale grade does not change no matter what route, has a mild ability to revive others though it takes most of her energy to do so which is why she rarely uses this ability but she has never been seen using this ability even by DMCT Frisk so its just a myth that has yet to be proven true or false, can cook pie but not snail pie or butterscotch cinnamon pie, instead she is able to cook cherry pie, apple pie, or even pumpkin pie, natures:bold(as she is more willing to face opponents if it means protecting anything in the ruins without attacking), calm, careful(almost never leaves the ruins, only leaves if she doesn't have an ingredient that can't be found in the ruins), gentle.
5.) DMCT Frisk(only has a relation to DMCT Toriel as they never left the ruins as to help protect DMCT Toriel and the ruins):Scale Grade-7.2, basically a foil to Yami, more focused on mercy than attacking than Yami even though both would rather avoid fights, usually more cheerful than Yami, has the same healing abilities as DMCT Toriel minus the revive ability as they know of the myth so they didn't want to learn it but does have the ability to learn it, balanced stats to the same extent of DMCT papyrus so again neutral natures.
6.) DMCT Undyne(helps Yami with training their spear like attacks that are spears but with knives at the end instead of normal spear ends, so they are very close not as close as they are with the skeleton bros though):Scale Grade-7.1 unless genocide than its a 9.8, same attack set as Undertale Undyne, also has an undying form but its more scary as both eyes are missing in the undying form and are instead replaced by actual empty eye sockets, regular form covers both eye sockets, she is completely blind so to attack she uses a form of echolocation that is more identical to that of dolphins than bats, unclear of how she helps Yami train due to her blindness but she is somehow able to know if it has hit where she says to aim without going up to feel where it has hit, natures:brave, rash, hasty, serious.
7.) DMCT Alphys(little relation to Yami other than for some help with research on fireball magic and how they formed their unique spear attack)-Scale grade:7.3, a nerd not for anime but for human mythology which she believes is 100% real, still a lizard like monster but less cute looking and more like a horned Komodo dragon, doesn't attack as she has nothing to attack with expect throwing balled up paper at others, is a magic based engineering expert, natures:impish, relaxed, calm, gentle, careful, quirky, and timid.
8.) DMCT Mettaton(doesn't even know of Yami despite how often they go see DMCT Alphys)-Scale Grade:8.1, a want to be celebrity but hasn't reached his peak, focuses more on shows based on trivia than cooking or puzzles, has 1 proven to be real attack a mid-power laser, says he has other attacks but they have not yet to be seen, he says he has the ability to use a built-in flamethrower(which DMCT Alphys has denied as she has built the body for him), other claimed abilities that has yet to be proven to be real or fake-electric whips, a fire based attack of unknown form. Natures:Bold, Sassy, Jolly, Serious, Adamant.
9.) DMCT Asgore(the adopted father of Yami but they don't live with him as they left him and DMCT Asriel at some point for some unknown reason)-Scale Grade:8.0, has a fatherly nature that is more caring than in undertale, doesn't want war with the surface entities(nobody in the underground know what they are as they never seen them, not even the dreemurrs), same exact attack set as Undertale Asgore, same exact attack stats as Undertale Asgore, natures:hardy, adamant, docile, relaxed, modest, mild, calm, gentle, timid, and jolly.
10.)DMCT Asriel(same relationship to Yami as DMCT Asgore)-Scale Grade:0.1(he is the purest thing in the underground and serves as one of the two basis for the scale grades, though no 0.0 individual exist so that grade is unknown in regards to traits but is theorized by DMCT Alphys to exist), has no damaging attacks, only able to heal others which he gained from DMCT Toriel but unknown how as he has these abilities as he had these abilities since birth, has a minimal attack stat despite not having any form of attacking moves, Natures:Impish, calm, careful, timid, and jolly.
11.) DMCT Flowey(literally hates everyone, but especially hates Yami as they feel that Yami might have the fireball power to kill them)-Scale Grade:13.9(DMCT Alphys theorizes that a 14.0 individual might also exist but this has yet to be proven), always trying to keep things chaotic, usually focuses on distracting Yami so they can try and gain power for some reason other than the fact that he likes gaining power as well as killing those Yami care for without a fight due to his fear of their fireballs, he doesn't fear the spear-like attack for some reason, very manipulative, has slightly different appearances based on where he is(waterfall is a bit like a CCTV camera for spying purposes, Snowdin is closer in appearance to that of a daisy that has been frosted over, and hotlands appearance is closer to that of a tulip that has the same coloring as a fireball), natures:naughty, brave, bold, rash, and hasty.
12.) DMCT Gaster(mysterious character that is not scattered across time and space but isn't exactly present in the story but is able to affect DMCT Flowey in subtle ways)-Scale Grade:Unknown as nobody has met him, most details are unknown about DMCT Gaster expect for this one detail: he is known to be related to the rebirth of Yami and DMCT Frisk in some mysterious way, whether he caused them to be reborn or not is unknown, as nobody has seen him but is known to have some influence on the rebirth of Yami and DMCT Frisk, he is theorized to be a sort of entity but isn't all-powerful as some records exist of him from 90 years before the rebirth of Yami, which he is depicted as a sort of fallen angel with what look to be eye holes but are theorized to not be eye sockets, but instead are theorized to be some sort of hole where liquid with unknown effect pour out of, most of the theorized details are not from DMCT Alphys but some unknown individual who found them near to the mysterious door in waterfall is now, but since the finding of the record it has disappeared, what happened to it is completely unknown. Natures:Lonely, impish, bashful, quiet, careful, and timid.

These are my best attempts at describing what I had in mind for these characters when I came up with them. Hope they work, hope you guys like it. Like previously said, I came up with this so I did have to provide A LOT of explanation for it. This will be done in pokemon platinum(that, soul silver, and black 2 are the only DS games I have, otherwise I have 3DS games and 2 mystery dungeon games), though if I do sword I will have to do some resets or something with the starter unless starter isn't required
Starting castlocke now, updates on team will be provided per a milestone completion, I will list each milestone:Rival battle on the route to the right of Jublife City, Gym Leader Roark, Team Galatic Grunts Jublife City Fight, Completion of Valley Windworks which means no update until Commander Mars is beat, Beat Gym Leader Gardenia, Beat Gym Leader Fantina(not sure if I should do an update after the Eterna galactic building), Beat Maylene, Pastoria Gym Leader Fight, Cyrus fight during Celestic Town phase, Beat Byron, Beat Candice, 100% finished the team galactic showdown, Entered Distortion Realm, Beat Volkner, Pokemon League Rival Fight, and finally Hall of Fame.

Leon Yorunaki

I'll Spirit Shackle you!
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jul 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Grass
  2. Ghost
Let's bring this up with another random castlocke ruleset, shall we?



Lan Hikari | Megaman
Modest | Mild | Rash | Quiet
+ Only one in team allowed to use TMs freely.
+ Can change forms at any time, not only after gyms.
- Has to lead against all villain team battles and defeat at least one pokémon from each.


Mayl Sakurai | Roll
Bold | Impish | Lax | Relaxed
+ Allows for unlimited healing items in battle for the team as long as she's in the party.
- Can't ever lead the party (unless it's the only member in team).
- Must have a recovery move if it can learn one (including from TMs/HMs). Moves like Leech Seed or Giga Drain count for this rule.


Dex Oyama | Gutsman
Lonely | Adamant | Naughty | Brave
+ Only one allowed to go past level limits (up to +10%).
- Once into battle, can't switch out unless red health or incapacitating status (freeze/sleep).
- Must have a punching move and/or Rock Smash if it can learn one (including from TMs/HMs).


Yai Ayanokoji | Glyde
Calm | Gentle | Careful | Sassy
+ allows for unlimited pokémart usage.
- since it's not a combat netnavi, it can't use any moves above 60 BP.


Eugene Chaud | Protoman
Timid | Hasty | Jolly | Naive
+ allows for research a.k.a. looking for info outside the game.
- can't use non-damaging moves.
- must have a slashing move if it can learn one (including from TMs/HMs).


Eguchi Meijin (Mr. Famous) | Punk
Serious | Quirky | Bashful | Docile | Hardy
+ Allows for switch mode to be used
- Held items are destroyed after each battle

You may choose (before starting the run) if rolling once after each gym, or once every two gyms. You can't roll the same event twice.

· WWW Strikes again: Roll is kidnapped and must stay out of team until after next gym. Once it's rescued, Megaman and Roll become wedlocked until end of game.

· Solar Boy Django: His sidequest means (until after next gym) you need sun to be up at all times by either play during daytime and/or activating Sunny Day ou Drought every battle

· Liberation Mission: Until after next gym, you can only retreat to a previous pokémon center if someone dies.

· Enemy Recon: Chaud has work to do and must leave the team until after next gym. From that point on, Protoman can use X-items during major battles.

· Unleash the Power Within: From now on, Megaman is allowed to use Mega Evolution, Z-moves or Dynamax during boss battles.

· Job BBS: From now on, you're allowed to backtrack freely (except when Liberation Mission is active). If you roll this without Mr. Famous on team, this event is void.

· Undernet: It's too dangerous for non-combat navis, so Glyde is out of team until next gym. Pokémart usage is still allowed, however.

· Numberman Lotto: For each team member (other than Megaman), flip a coin. If heads, you may buy and use any TMs on that member. This event applies immediately after rolled.

· Navi Customizer: From now on, you're allowed to use EV-reducing Berries, Macho Brace and Power items for EV training.
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Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
Pokédex No.
Nov 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Dark

1.Your trainer name doesn't have to be Frisk or Chara, but it is highly recommended.
2. Each pokemon you get will be assigned a name of an Undertale character based on their gender and nature. If you are playing an older game, use a random number generator to determine the gender and nature of the Pokemon.
3. Any genderless Pokemon will be named Mettaton.
4. You can not have two Pokemon with the same name in your party at the same time. Any extras must go into the PC.
5. Like traditional nuzlocke challenges, you may only catch the first pokemon you encounter in each route and pokemon die when they faint and must be released. However, if a character dies and you have an extra in the pc, you may add the extra to your party after the next gym.

Human Hunter: Papyrus is somewhat skilled at capturing enemies. Once per game he can let you catch an extra Pokemon in the route of your choice.
Numb Skull: Papyrus is overly optimistic in battle and doesn't take the risk of a critical hit or type advantages into consideration.
Brave Docile
Naive Hasty
Bold Rash
Hardy Bashful

Bad Time: If Papyrus is killed in his presence, the team can grind three levels stronger than the gym leader's strongest Pokemon.
Lazy Bones: Sans must switch out after five turns in battle for a three turn break unless he is the only Pokemon on the team.
Lax Quirky
Modest Jolly
Mild Relaxed
Calm Quiet

Save File Alter: Flowey has the ability to restart a battle one time when things don't go your way.
Kill or be Killed: Flowey does not believe in befriending wild Pokemon. He will only help you catch a Pokemon if he's the only Pokemon on the team.
Naughty Sassy
Serious Careful
Timid Impish
Adamant Lonely


Team Mom: Toriel generously provides extra items for the team to help them on their journey.
True Pacifist: Toriel will use her weakest move first in hopes that the enemy will change their ways.
Naive Modest
Gentle Quirky
Jolly Bashful
Relaxed Quiet

Undyne the Undying: Undyne could cheat death once per nusloke out of sheer will to live.
Determination: Undyne refuses to run away from battle and won't switch out unless she's in the yellow.
Hardy Bold
Rash Serious
Sassy Adamant
Hasty Brave

Answer Key: Alphys uses a copy of the script of the game and knows what will happen next allowing her to switch the battle style from set to shift.
Low Self Esteem: Alphys does not have the confidence to go out in battle first in important battles (gym leaders, rival battles, Team Rocket leader battles) unless she is the only one on the team.
Timid Mild
Lonely Lax
Careful Impish
Docile Calm

Muffet: Naughty Nature

Have fun and stay determined! :)

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