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Video Games That One Level

Thread Description
There's always that one level


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Team Alpha
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Jun 23, 2019
Flower Paradise
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Despite being a Grass-type, Casual is a flaming lesbian. Fire and Grass don't usually mix, but somehow it works out here.
There's a similar thread for bosses, you can find it here.

Everyone knows that kind of boss fight that just kicks their asses, one that's exceedingly difficult, especially compared to what's around it.

But there's more than just boss fights that can grind our gears as gamers. There are levels that can do it too! Entire dungeons that just take your hopes and dreams and smash them into itty bitty pieces. Or, y'know, your controller.

My first nomination for the thread is the Fourside Department Store in EarthBound. The game up to this point has been fairly easy for the most part, but this dungeon in particular is where the kid gloves come off. It's completely linear for the most part, but that's not the issue. The enemies are all quite dangerous, what with the Musica that can put you to sleep and wail on you from there, or the Mystical Record that can do a lot of damage and also use Lifeup to heal its allies (or itself). But most dangerous of them all is the Scalding Coffee Cup. It only has one attack, but that one attack does quite a bit of damage to the entire party at once. The boss is pretty tough on his own as well, having some PSI abilities that do a lot of damage for this point in the game (and due to the next bit, you can't really mitigate it).

But the worst part of all of this? Paula isn't with you. You have to do this whole dungeon without her strong PSI to help you, leaving you with just Ness and Jeff. This dungeon can be ridiculous if you're not prepared, and it's the game's harsh welcome to (in my opinion) the hardest section of the game.


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Nov 10, 2020
Driftveil City, Unova
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Likes Kirby, perhaps a bit too much.
5-4 from New Super Mario Bros. The game hasn’t been terribly difficult up to now, but this level is long, an auto scroller, rising and lowering mushroom platforms being the basis of the level, and for 7 year old me, it was quite a challenge. 8-1 is also very tricky, although not an autoscroller, the bombardment of crows, pumpkins, and bullet bills are really obnoxious, combined with, once again, a decently long length.

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