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An extremely challenging nuzlocke variant inspired by Marvel's Thanos


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Aug 2, 2019
Standard nuzlocke rules apply.

Just as the player attains the fourth gym badge, Thanos snaps. Enter each Pokemon in the party and in the PC into a list randomizer. The first half of the randomized list (rounded down) is now dead and must be kept in a reserved box in the PC. At this point, the player can not catch any more Pokemon and must persist with the remaining half of the team.

The purpose of disallowing encounters following the snap is to provide incentive to collect the stones. The Pokemon killed in the snap will be obsolete before long: there is little reason to revive them if they can be easily replaced by higher-leveled encounters.

After the snap occurs, the player may begin collecting the six infinity stones to reverse the snap. This is not mandatory.
  • Time Stone: Defeat every trainer in a gym without releasing the speed-up button or leaving the gym (emulators only). Battle mode must be set.
  • Reality Stone: Defeat a gym leader without inflicting any direct damage. This can be achieved via perish song, weather, leech seed, status, recoil, etc.
  • Power Stone: Defeat every trainer in a gym using only one Pokemon and without leaving the gym.
  • Mind Stone: Correctly solve a random simple integral (or a harder problem, but it must be randomly generated) during any trainer battle and complete the battle in under one minute.
  • Space stone: Press the spacebar.
  • Soul Stone: A soul for a soul: Release the one of the three highest-leveled Pokemon. This must be done immediately before reversing the snap.

Obtaining the stones revives the Pokemon killed in the snap, not those killed in battle.

Optional: After collecting the infinity stones, use a rare candies hack to elevate the revived Pokemon to a viable level within reason. This level must be lower than the highest level in the party after releasing a Pokemon to obtain the soul stone.

While battling the Elite Four, the battle mode must be set, and potions are only allowed between battles.

Mind stone alternative for the less mathematically-inclined: look away from the screen before encountering the first two Pokemon in a route or before an enemy trainer sends out a Pokemon. Listen to the cry and guess which Pokemon it belongs to. If you correctly predict two Pokemon consecutively, you obtain the mind stone (randomized nuzlockes only).

Time Stone alternative for those using traditional devices: Complete a gym in under three minutes.

General alternative: Instead of having individual challenges for each stone, collect one of each of the evolutionary stones throughout the locke.
Fire stone, Water stone, Leaf stone, Thunder stone, Moon stone, Sun stone, Shiny stone, Dusk stone, Dawn stone, and Ice stone

For my other original nuzlocke variants, click here. All feedback is appreciated.
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We already have a Thanoslocke! [points at Pokemon Sword and Shield]

But seriously, clever ruleset.

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