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FAQ  Suggestion Box FAQ & Guidelines

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May 13, 2019
Hey hey! Here because you're trying to figure out what to do here, I imagine. Well, not to worry, that's what this thread is here for. Let's go over how to put a suggestion in the forum, go over some basic guidelines for posting and responding to suggestions, and then go over a few more questions you may have about posting your suggestions.

Posting a Suggestion on the Forum

Alright, so you have something you want to suggest, how best to make that reality?

Step one: Figure out where you should post. We have two different locations for suggestions - making your own thread on the forum, posting inside our minor suggestions thread. Generally speaking, if a suggestion involves major changes or you think it's likely to spark discussion or debate, then your suggestion is better suited to its own thread so people can keep track of things better and be aware of what's suggested. If your suggestion is a more minor one, then you can afford to skip most of the next step.

Step two: Format your suggestion for posting. There are a couple important details here. First of all, make sure to use the prefix that is most appropriate to your suggestion. Feature suggestions refer specifically to things worked on by the feature team, or proposing things for that team to work on: things like features and the extravaganza, things involving our creative community on the forum. Mod suggestions refer more broadly to most anything else suggested. With that decided, it's on you to phrase your suggestion and title the thread appropriately so it's easy to tell at a glance what it's discussing. When you're satisfied, post your thread and let it loose into the wild, wild world.

Step three: Keep an eye on your thread and wait for a response. This step is pretty easy, actually! You may get a response from a user or a moderator on your thread, but remember, an official response from us as a team will not come until the monthly newsletter launches. You're welcome to respond to the replies on your thread as long as you're respectful to your fellow users, but an official response on a topic is usually final. Circumstances may change with time, but generally, there's not usually much point to resubmitting a suggestion if the official response rejects it.

Guidelines for Posting on Suggestion Threads

Broadly speaking, so long as you follow the forum rules at large, you should be fine when posting in suggestion threads. If you'd like some more direction, though, we're here for you.

Keep your posts respectful. Don't insult your fellow users, even if you disagree with their suggestions or feel they could use improvement. Constructive criticism on suggestions is welcome, but don't flame people's ideas. It's much more constructive to state that you disagree and express why. Also, please don't use suggestions to insult, call out, or otherwise attack your fellow users or moderators. We're all just trying to make the forum the best it can be here.

Keep your posts on-topic. Irrelevant posts or spam on a suggestion topic may lead to deletion of posts or warnings, depending on the circumstance. Please try and ensure your posts are responding to the suggestion at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of easy questions you may have about our suggestions forum, compiled here for easy reading. If you don't see your question here, you can also post in the thread and ask anything you're wondering about! We may even end up adding it or something like it to our FAQ list here. Without further ado:

So I made a post, and a staff member replied to it. Does that mean it's answered now?

While moderators, administrators, or featurers may reply to a suggestion thread, any replies staff make on a thread are made as a user, unless there is content in the thread that violates rules or unless the suggestion is itself invalid. Don't feel put off if a moderator raises some concerns or disagrees with your assessment! We're going to discuss it as a team, and our official response isn't 'til then.

When do I get an official answer to my suggestion, then?

Official responses to suggestions appear with the monthly newsletter. If this month's newsletter doesn't crop up, let us know! We're only human.
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