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Run where each Pokemon represents a different fictional character!


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Oct 3, 2021
Hello! I'm Sami, any pronouns. Today I'm testing out a new run idea I had, inspired by stuff like Saltydkdan's Friendlocke series. I wanted to do a run similar to that, but I don't have enough interested friends for something that big. So I had the idea for something different!

Ficlocke rules
1. Only catch the first Pokemon on each route.
2. If a Pokemon faints, it's dead.
3. Every Pokemon I catch will be named after a fictional character it reminds me of. I'll essentially be roleplaying as if that character got turned into my Pokemon, and this will be reflected in both gameplay choices and story details.

This run will be of SoulSilver, and it uses a randomized ROM. I'll try to vary the source series, but my tastes in media are kind of niche. I think I'll post in a mix of summarized format and key scenes written in full story format.

Table of Contents
Part One: scroll one inch down dummy /lh

Part One: I Hate Being A Gible!
Day One, Around Noon
Dear Diary, today my mom told me Professor Elm needed some help. I figured I didn't have much to do, so I went along with it. When I went next door, he offered me a Pokemon! The options were Happiny, Whismur, and Gible. I heard Gible can grow up to be crazy strong, so I chose it over the others. This was only the first surprise for today though!

Fanny wasn't quite sure why it was so dark. She last remembered passing out on the ground after digging to the surface with her team, iance. It probably wasn't just night, no, it was too dark for that. As she thought long and hard about her current situation, eventually a memory popped out to her. Red hot, searing pain, near indescribable.

So her team had been killed by the lava after all. She hated that! All that effort to dig, and they had still ended up dying.

But if she was alive and conscious, that meant she had been recovered, right? But Four was nowhere in sight. She couldn't see a thing, actually, but wouldn't Four have announced their presence if they were here? They were pretty attention grabbing.

Her body felt weird too. She couldn't feel her blades, but instead felt a pair of strange appendages on her sides. Almost like... arms?

"I hate unexplained situations..." she grumbled to herself.

For better or worse, eventually something new happened. She felt a strong tingling sensation, and suddenly saw light. When her eyes readjusted, she saw two weird creatures in front of her. They were both fleshy tan colored things, with four limbs. Their wide eyes were less like an object and more like an algebralien's, but even that wasn't an exact comparison, as their eyes had less beady pupils. One was wearing a labcoat and glasses, and the other was wearing overalls and a hat with a bow on it.

"So what do you think? Gible's a dragon type. Are you interested in it?" the taller one of them said.

The other person seemed hesitant. "I've heard Gible is rare, and crazy strong even when it's young! Are you sure about giving this one away professor?"

The 'professor' smiled. "Of course! I can't continue my studies on it unless someone trains it, and it's not like I have any time for battling!"

This was all that the overalls girl needed. "Okay! So I guess Gible will be my new partner!" She looked to Fanny with an eager expression. "So what do you say Gible? Ready to help me and Professor Elm?"

Fanny wasn't sure why she was being called Gible, but knew exactly what to say to that. "My name's not Gible, I'm Fanny! I hate you!"

The girl blinked. "Did you just... talk?"

The professor widened his eyes at this. "Fic, you can understand Gible?"

'Fic' looked over and nodded. "Yeah? Is that bad?"

"On the contrary! I think you might be a Whisperer!" he spouted with excitement.

"What, like the famous trainers who can understand certain Pokemon?" Fic asked with surprise.

"Exactly! You must have the same gift they do." Professor Elm clarified.

Fanny had no idea what these things were talking about. Her gaze wandered downwards, and then she realized why she had felt so strange before. Her body had completely changed!

Gone was her plasticky blue body, instead replaced by a blue stumpy abdomen in a different shade, with a red belly. She also had nubby little arms now, and thickened legs. "What happened to me?! I hate this!" Her view shifted towards the girl who seemed to take note of what she was saying. "What's going on?! Did you do this to me? I hate you!"

It turns out I'm a whisperer! I can understand the Gible. Her name is Fanny, and she seemed to be confused by everything that was happening. She claims to have not always been a Gible, but she hasn't dropped much information beyond letting me know she hates everything. She claims to hate a lot of things: me, the professor, whisperers, Gibles, basically everything mentioned during the conversation we had. She still seemed to enjoy getting scritches when I tried touching her, even though she claimed to hate that too. She may say she hates everything, but I think she's already warming up to me!

So now we're off on a trip to Mr. Pokemon's house! Will update you soon on what happens next diary!


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