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Voice Work Showcase Fan [Season Two] The Writer's Locke: Hiatus Announcement

Thread Description
We'll be back on August 2nd!

Flop disc

Johto League Champion
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Jun 9, 2019
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Normal, Poison

Hey guys!

Straight to the point -- The Writer’s Locke is going on hiatus until August 2nd.

Last episode, we ran late, and this episode we got 90% of the way there but ultimately missed our deadline entirely. Rather than rush along, we’ve elected to take a step back as we move toward the second part of the season.

The hiatus is due to a lack of foresight on my part. I scheduled us in a similar way that I did to the first season, forgetting one key thing: last year, most of us had a tonne more free time to devote to the podcast. The crew behind TWL is mostly post-college adults, dealing with work and project commitments that have scaled up markedly from 2020. As a result, the wheels have slipped off while we’ve adjusted back. (If we run for a third season, we will look at tweaking the schedule and format accordingly.)

We’ll be working on the podcast itself during this downtime, co-ordinating readers and recording discussion segments as usual. When we return, we’ll continue with our Monday releases every three weeks. But also -- we’ll take time to rest, too.

The season was initially projected to end on October 4th, but will now run until December 20th.

Thank you for sticking with us. 💖


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Team Delta
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Jun 30, 2019
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She/her, Aetherai Lorekeeper
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Autistic writer who starts more things than she finishes. Hyper asexual Twitch Plays Pokemon lorewriter. Rather be a happy shill than an angry critic.
Thank you for your transparency regarding the project's hiatus. I understand completely and eagerly await when The Writer's Locke returns.

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