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Written Story Voice Work Fan [Season Two] The Writer's Locke: Episode Four!

Flop disc

Johto League Champion
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
Normal, Poison

Welcome back to The Writer’s Locke, a Nuzlocke Reading Project!

In this episode, we’re excited to introduce two new storylockes onto the podcast: In the Sun’s Embrace by Thirteenth, read to us by glancesherlock; and Run Away, Survivors, by JavierE64, read to us by our very own host, Rainey! In addition, we’re returning to Eusine’s journey in Carousel, and we’ve brought on two brand-new special guests to talk about writing antagonists!

We’ve expanded syndication, so you can now listen to us in a bunch of different places. Let us know if your favourite podcast service is missing, and we’ll work to get it added!
This episode, we’ll be hearing from:
We've prepared a full transcript for your convenience.

If you’ve got some thoughts to throw down about the discussion segment, have at it! As usual, we’ve prepared a couple of relevant questions to refer to if you’re not sure where to start:
  • How would you define an antagonist?
  • Where do you draw the line between general conflict and an antagonist?
  • What is your favourite type of antagonist, to read, to write, or both?
If you have an itch you wanna scratch beyond that, there's always the Shop Talk subforum!

Your interest and support has gotten us all this far, and we're incredibly grateful for it. If you have any feedback about the transcript or any other aspect of the podcast, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to drop a post here, in the main Writer's Locke thread, or to send a message direct via forum PM or Discord DM to a member of our crew!

The Storylockes:


Garish Garchomp

"Amongst all these foreign sensations, it's this feeling he never wants to forget. The feeling that he's defying reality in the most elegant way."

In the Sun’s Embrace


In Ecruteak, a city renowned for its connection to the spiritual, the role of a spirit medium is an important one. From a young age, Zoe has been able to see the spirits of the deceased. When the Burned Tower collapses and claims the life of a worker, Zoe is forced to reflect on the journey that has brought her to this point in her life. Because if there’s one thing Zoe’s learned from her travels, it’s that everyone has their ghosts.

Run Away, Survivors


In a world where humanity no longer exists, the entirety of the Hoenn region is inhabited by bands of Pokémon struggling for survival. Near what used to be known as Littleroot Town, a den of Poochyena sustains itself by hunting local prey. One night, one of the Poochyena--the smallest of her pack--flees for her life, only to encounter a strange, lost little Mudkip all alone in the wild. What follows is the tale of a journey across the continent in search of a better life.


@songwithnosoul, @cjapples
Assistant Editors: @littlebattler, @SilverDoe, @Metafiction, @Erberor
Voiceover: @Rainey, @Raderph, @glancesherlock, @cjapples
Writers: @Metafiction, @Garish Garchomp, @Thirteenth, @JavierE65
Assets: Rosella Queen (theme), SeaMaid (jingles), Narxinba (art), other assets from Freesound


Kitten of Lore
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Gatto Region
She/her, Aetherai Lorekeeper
Pokémon Type
Fairy, Clever
Pokédex Entry
Autistic writer who starts more things than she finishes. Hyper asexual Twitch Plays Pokemon lorewriter. Rather be a happy shill than an angry critic.
How would you define an antagonist?
An antagonist, simply put, is a person, creature, or force whose goals conflict with the goals of the protagonist in such a way as to make them an obstacle for the protagonist to overcome. Even the protagonist's own thoughts and feelings can be an antagonist if they hinder the protagonist from achieving their goals.
Where do you draw the line between general conflict and an antagonist?
I'd say that if the person engaging in conflict with the protagonist makes it clear that they are specifically against the protagonist themselves, not just in general, then that makes them an outright antagonist.
What is your favourite type of antagonist, to read, to write, or both?
Hmm... there are three types of antagonists that I can think of. There are those who are outright malicious and don't try to hide it, even if they see themselves as the heroes of their own story. These tend to make really good scenry-chewing villains. And then there's the more multifaceted antagonists, the ones who are more grey morality, or else blue and orange. They may have some sympathetic or even redeeming features, or they may be working towards goals that the protagonist would accept if they used more ethical means. They might even be trying to accomplish the very thing that the protagonist wants to happen, simply in the wrong way.

And then there's the third type of antagonist. The first two are entities outside of the protagonist, but this last one only lives within the protagonist themselves, and is the type of antagonist I face most frequently. It can take many forms: negative emotions, intrusive thoughts, depression, anxiety, hatred, doubt, selfishness, trauma. Basically anything inside the protagonist's head that's keeping them from reaching their goal.

On the other hand, there's also the comic antagonists that we know aren't going to win and are just as likely to join forces with the hero against a greater evil as to try to stop the hero. Jessie, James, and Meowth come to mind, as does Dr. Doofenschmertz. So I'd say I actually like a great deal of different types of antagonist.

Now to wax poetical about the roles of antagonists in my own fiction. Spoilers abound.

In Secrets of Aetherai: Ori's Gift, there are several antagonistic forces at work. There's the wraiths, of course, which are the supernatural forces that Rocket and the Paw Patrol are called to destroy at the source. There's the Four Heavenly Kings, who control the wraiths, and there's the Gatekeepers, the Four Kings' police force that keeps the Pokemon of the Gatto region hidden away in heavily fortified cities because of the wraiths. And then there's Missile Bomb, the rebel group known to some as violent terrorists but seen as heroes by others -- and in the near future of the story updates, we'll get to find out a bit more about them. Finally, there's the rarely alluded to antagonist of the Grand High Llama in the Sky, aka Arceus, who in this version is the supplanter and rival of the true Original One, who is (rather literally) referred to as Ori Ginal. So that's quite a lot of antagonists. On top of that, in today's chapter I recently revealed the existence of Dark Matter in Aetherai, being a metaphysical force born from negative emotions that, when left unchecked, can corrupt a Pokemon into a Shadowheart (the Aetheraian term for shadow Pokemon) and turn them feral.

Now, in my upcoming Y lorelocke Wings of Fate, which is still in the pre-production planning stages and I unfortunately have no definite release date for (I'm currently like halfway through the game), there are also several antagonists. Those few of you who read the short-lived Lines Crossed know of the Galarian princes Azoth and Harmonia, two warring brothers of the Grimmsnarl line who seek to conquer various kingdoms with the help of their twin dragon gods, Ralsei the Black Lightning and Asriel the White Flare. (Yes, those names are direct Undertale/Deltarune references. No, I'm not sorry.) Another antagonist in the story is Hoopa, who starts off the male protagonist's quest by stealing the very chapel of his religious sect (it makes sense in context). And then there's the transformed human alchemist that Prince Azoth kidnaps from another world to force him to build an Ultimate Weapon to win the war against Prince Harmonia's forces and against the Resistance that seeks to depose Prince Azoth and restore freedom to Kalosia. The human could be a victim of Prince Azoth that needs to be rescued, or he could grow into becoming an antagonist of his own. I'm not spoiling that!

This one I'm just going to title 'Omega Ruby navlocke spoilers' because I don't actually have a confirmed title for this story yet! I have several potential titles in mind -- Photophobia, Chiaroscuro, Destiny's Shadow, Undying Light, and Shadowlight -- but I haven't yet decided which one fits the story best. Suffice to say, this is an Omega Ruby run, and there are going to be a LOT of light/shadow metaphors in this tale.

The protagonist (whom I previously referred to as 'the female lead' in Discord conversations many months ago but have since realized that no, she is THE protagonist, make no mistake about it) suffers quite a lot of antagonism. For one, she's bonded with a supernatural entity that she absolutely despises and that she can't get rid of, who keeps trying to rope her into helping them regain their full power and take over the world. For another, she's got an evil (or at the very least, severely misguided) doomsday cult on her back, trying to force her into fulfilling an ancient prophecy that they might not even understand. And to top it all off, she's lost her memory, and as her backstory is slowly made known, it's revealed that she was the victim of severe child abuse and manipulation that has scarred her in ways that continue to affect her even when she doesn't remember them. Add mob bosses, a corrupt ruling elite, a malicious psychic stalker, and a bloodthirsty demon goddess to the mix, and she's got 99 problems and no clear solutions in sight. (I should probably mention by this point that the Omega Ruby navlocke is most definitely going to be rated Mature.)

Ultimately, her struggle isn't just against the myriad forces of evil that are trying to destroy her, but against her own inner demons and her feelings of helplessness and inadequacy. So in this case, building off what I said above, the main character herself serves as her own antagonist, and it's her journey against overwhelming odds that makes her who she eventually becomes at the end of the story.

And then there's the Moon/Ultra Sun duolocke that I'm currently working on despite the fact that I need to finish the above three nuzlockes and another duolocke first to set up all the plot threads... but this particular nuzlocke is my baby, so of course I want to talk about it.

Antagonists? Hoo boy. The duolocke's current working title (which I intend to stick with because I seriously can't see my ever coming up with a better name for it than this) is Collision. And that's because the name just fits all of its running themes so well. There's the collision between two different worlds (the Pokemon world and the world that the non-Pokemon protagonists come from, and yes, you'll notice that I don't call them humans), and there's also the collision of differing ideals -- good versus evil, order versus chaos, hatred vs. empathy, revenge vs. forgiveness. And it's all tied into the varying antagonistic forces that the two teams of protagonists encounter along the way -- possibly even including each other.

Now, to be absolutely clear, I in no way have Collision fully mapped out in my head yet (I haven't even yet beaten Olivia in Ultra Sun, and I'm still trying to decide if I want to do postgame for both games or not). And a lot of the really important bits in Collision simply cannot be spoiled in any way whatsoever without detracting from the experience I hope to provide. But suffice to say: there is a very good reason why this particular nuzlocke is my passion project, and I sincerely hope and pray that the world doesn't implode before I have the chance to share it.

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