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Voice Work Showcase Fan [Season Two] The Writer's Locke: Episode Five!

Flop disc

Johto League Champion
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Normal
  2. Poison

Welcome back to The Writer’s Locke, a Nuzlocke Reading Project!

The forum's own recent hiatus shuttered our plans to come back on the 2nd, as you can imagine! But we're here now.

We're recharged, revitalised, and ready to get cracking on the rest of the season! As of now, episode six is in its editing stage and progressing nicely. We've also started recording episode seven!

But you're here for episode five, the current one, so let's crack on with that.

In this episode, Carousel and In the Sun's Embrace return! We received a request from the author to cancel our read of Run Away, Survivors due to ther departure from the forums. We continue to wish Javier the best! (I'm declining to ping on this occasion as I've sent out two or three similar pings of this nature; showing the value of contributions he quietly made to the Nuzforums.) For the remaining two episodes where RAS would have been read, we've decided to do single chapter reads of newer* storylockes! For our discussion segment, Rainey and the gang will be discussing a personal favourite topic of mine, Character Foils!

(*Our chosen storylockes were new prior to the podcast's hiatus. While the new car smell's worn off them a bit now, they're still worthy and wonderful inclusions that we hope you'll enjoy. 💖)

Before I start getting all sappy, there's a couple of quick housekeeping notes I'd like to get you all across:
  • Like my green name suggests, I am now part of the forum's Feature Team! However, The Writer's Locke will continute to operate independently as a community initiative. We wll continue to operate within our previous parameters, including asking the mod team nicely to announce new podcast episodes on the scrolling ticker (which, by the way, if you're running an event or opening a new community initiative of some sort, please don't be afraid to ask them about doing this!).
  • EP05 was recorded pre-hiatus! While we wanted to add a little extra material, we ended up prioritising work on future episodes
  • To that end, we had a schedule change that wasn't reflected in what we recorded. The discussion topic at the head of the episode is therefore incorrectly categorised as NPCs. The NPC discussion panel has been moved to episode seven!
Now it's time to get all sappy. It didn't hit home how glad I was to have this podcast back until I had the fully mixed episode ready to go on gdrive. Hearing our theme tune again... oh man. 😭 ❤️ The whole Writer's Locke team is pleased as punch to be back, and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of the season with us.

We’ve expanded syndication, so you can now listen to us in a bunch of different places. Let us know if your favourite podcast service is missing, and we’ll work to get it added!
This episode, we’ll be hearing from:
We've prepared a full transcript for your convenience.

If you’ve got some thoughts to throw down about the discussion segment, have at it! We've prepared a couple of discussion prompts about it and about more broad (but still relevant!) subject matter:
  • How important is it to you that a character directly meets and interacts with their foil?
  • Have you ever returned a story from hiatus before? Are there any insights you can share about the process -- things you were satisfied with, or things you'd do differently next time?
  • Is there a foil character you've written that has grown beyond their role? How did you treat this this development?
If you have an itch you wanna scratch beyond that, there's always the Shop Talk subforum!

Your interest and support has gotten us all this far, and we're incredibly grateful for it. If you have any feedback about the transcript or any other aspect of the podcast, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to drop a post here, in the main Writer's Locke thread, or to send a message direct via forum PM or Discord DM to a member of our crew!

The Storylockes:

Garish Garchomp

"Amongst all these foreign sensations, it's this feeling he never wants to forget. The feeling that he's defying reality in the most elegant way."

In the Sun’s Embrace

In Ecruteak, a city renowned for its connection to the spiritual, the role of a spirit medium is an important one. From a young age, Zoe has been able to see the spirits of the deceased. When the Burned Tower collapses and claims the life of a worker, Zoe is forced to reflect on the journey that has brought her to this point in her life. Because if there’s one thing Zoe’s learned from her travels, it’s that everyone has their ghosts.


Ignoble Idolatry

Legacy casts some big shadows to escape, but that's what Mhairi and Hop are hoping to do by participating in this year's Alban Grand League. It's one of the most intense sporting events in the world, but in Alba, sports are never
just about sports...


@songwithnosoul, @cjapples
Assistant Editors: @littlebattler, @SilverDoe, @Metafiction, @Erberor
Voiceover: @Rainey, @Raderph, @glancesherlock, @SayleeK
Writers: @Metafiction, @Garish Garchomp, @Thirteenth, @SayleeK
Assets: Rosella Queen (theme), SeaMaid (jingles), Narxinba (art), other assets from Freesound

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