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Nuzlocke Ruleset Rulesets you'd like to share


life is a trip alright
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
A place to nap
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Normal
Pokédex Entry
This ghost tries to be studious and businesslike, but will squee or keysmash easily. They would love to cuddle every adorable cat in the world.
It's not an entire ruleset but. I have a thing

When fangames or hacks like to massively up the Shiny rate, to the point where it can be like 1 in 100 or something, I can catch multiple Shinies but I have a plan for them. I stick all the Shinies in a separate PC Box, and can only take out 1 Shiny at a time. Once I have that Shiny out, however, I can use no more Shinies from the box (including future Shinies which get caught and put in there) until the Shiny dies. So even if I get bored of the current Shiny and want to box it, I still can't use any more Shinies in the box.

I think this is a good rule because it doesn't force me to kill Shinies in the wild, and I can still keep all of them and admire them being all pretty xD but it also doesn't mean I overuse them so much that it goes against the spirit of a Nuzlocke. I also hate sacrificing 'mons as a rule, so the current Shiny would never "accidentally" die so I can get that shiny Charizard out the PC ;p

Perpetually Underleveled

Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jan 6, 2020
I came up for an idea for a Nuzlocke involving Pokemon go, but it requires a lot of... real-life preparation. That is to say, do this to spice up a real-life vacation (and I'm posting this since the chances that I personally would be able to do this is slim, but presumably someone on the forums might. Basically, you go to a real-life area of the world that a Pokemon region is based on - ideally England or the real-life Kanto region, while playing the corresponding Pokemon game. You go to every real area that corresponds with a region on the map and use an incense there; whatever the first Pokemon that pops up, you catch and transfer to your Nuzlocke game as your catch for that area. You could also do it for other regions, presumably, thouguh you would have to just breed/catch/hack in a Pokemon of the same species rather than directly transferring.

I also love playing with an extremely harsh dupes clause; you can only catch a Pokemon on the first route it can possibly appear in in the game. If you see anything that it was possible to get on an earlier route, you don't get a catch for that route at all. I did my recent Black Nuzlocke with this ruleset, for example, and it played out like this; Route 1, I get a Lillipup, Route 2, a Patrat pops up but I can't get it because Patrats were available on Route 1, so I get nothing. This ruleset is great for getting a diverse team while not having infinite resources, an automatic ability to get rare Pokemon, or a situation where a common Pokemon would be near-guaranteed.

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