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Written Story Screenshot Sinnoh Mixed Media Teen Remnants of August: A Platinum Limitlocke (Updates Wednesdays)

Extravanganza Accordian Demo
Thread Description
The Weird Origins of a Pokemon Professor

Picket Furret

Antisocial Lurker
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Normal
About this run: So as I'm currently working on my other projects, I figured I'd try my hand at a Screenshot run to pass the time. The story takes place in my Comic's universe somewhere between the events of "Pushing the Limits" and "A Single Spark", so think of it as a Midquel of sorts.

I don't have a specific schedule for this, though I'll try to update it every Wednesday or so.

  • Catch only the first Pokemon on each Route, Dupe/Gift/Shiny Clause are in effect
  • Nickname all Pokemon
  • If a Pokemon faints, it's classified as dead and must be boxed
  • Limitlocke:
    - You're only allowed to catch 6 pokemon before each gym, for each badge you catch you're allowed three more catches.
    - for each Pokemon that dies, one catch slot is freed
    - Though breeding is allowed, the hatched pokemon will occupy a catch slot
    - Shinies are exempt from Catching Restrictions

Starting Out
Chapter 1 (You are here) | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

The Coal Mines
Chapter 7



???: My name is Augustine Sycamore, though for the sake of this story, you may call me-


August: My tale is one that involves different worlds, Terrorism, and for reasons that still elude me to this day, myself at the center of it all.

So how did this all begin? Well for convenience, I'll start at my former job at the time: I was once the assistant for one Professor Rowan as a part of my curiculum. What was that like you ask?



August: Did I even have a choice in the matter?

Rowan: No, but it's common courtesy to ask anyways, you can blame Sinnoh Laws

August: Well gee, thanks, I am still getting paid for Pokedex duty right?

Rowan: If by "Payment" you mean I sign off your license

August: You know I'm starting to see why both your previous assistants left you to pursue Championship Roles








Rowan: You'll need a Partner Pokemon to help you out, though unfortunately due to... Circumstances beyond my control-

August: I'm pretty sure you leaving your briefcase out at lake Verity for two kids to fend off wild Starly was well within your control-

Rowan: Look, do you want the Turtwig or not?


And THAT's how I met my partner, I named him Olympus



August: No one likes a Smart-ass, Dawn

So I headed to my Dorm right after that to pack up my things for the journey I was thrust into, I ultimately decided to bond with my new teammate since they'll likely be stuck with me for a while.

August: That should be everything, I didn't think I'd have to leave one week into my classes

Olympus: Hey it's not so bad, we get to battle wild pokemon, take on trainers, fight gyms...

August: Die horribly

Olympus: Not if you know what you're doing, also unrelated, but you can talk to me?

August: I can talk to any pokemon, actually, though I sadly have no idea how or why, then again no one knows where I even came from to begin with, so...

Olympus: Do you?

August: Thought I did, but I'm not even sure anymore.

Olympus: Well we can try to find out together! It's a pretty big world out there!

August: I Suppose so-


August: Huh, looks like I got a Text from Barry

Olympus: Wasn't he the kid who took Wukong?

August: The Chimchar? Yeah, Rowan made me exchange contacts with them unfortunately, he wanted me to make sure they knew what they were doing. Now let's see what Barry wants...

Meet me @ Lake Verity ASAP


August: Welp, guess we're going to Lake Verity again first

Olympus: Goodie, maybe we can find a couple teammates along the way!


To Be Continued -->

Olympus |

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Picket Furret

Picket Furret

Antisocial Lurker
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Normal
Was gonna update yesterday, but shit happened and put me off all day

But I'm updating now, so without further ado:

After packing for my last-minute job drafting along with purchasing enough pokeballs to get a Premier Ball


(this becomes important later)

I met up with Barry at Route 201 for reasons I assure you I did not make up


August: Well excuse me if I didn't exactly predict going on a Journey today

Barry: You didn't expect to travel while being the understudy of a man who's memeticly irresponsible among your campus?

August: ...Fair enough, what do you want anyways?


Barry: You know that lake Dawn and I found Rowan's Briefcase in?

August: Yeah, I was there with Rowan to study the Starly migration


August: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's just a myth-

I immediately saw where this was going

August: ...You're not


Barry: We'd be Famous! we wouldn't even need to challenge the Pokemon League with them on our side!

August: WHERE DO I START WITH HOW DUMB THAT IDEA SOUNDS! Assuming for one second they even exist, how exactly are you, with one chimchar and only barely able to fend off wild Starly, going to catch a supernatural deity!?

Barry: What's the big deal? we just throw a pokeball at it and then it's ours-

August: You don't just "ThRoW a PoKeBaLl AnD ExPeCt It To Be YoUrS", pokeballs have a high failiure rate for powerful pokemon at full strength!

It was then I saw a Bidoof just minding their own business


August: Here, I'll show you, Olympus?

Olympus: 10-4

Olympus then proceeded to tackle the Bidoof, I took advantage of them being momentarily dazed by this to throw my premier ball at them


Thankfully this worked and now I had a new Teammate



August: so you got all that, Barry?

It was then I noticed that Barry was long gone by now and already at the entrance to Lake Verity

Barry (from a distance): Dude, you still there? Take your new catch with you and get over here!

You probably guessed I was muttering obscenities under my breath as I got over there




August: Did you not hear a word I was shouting at you for the last fifteen minutes on how dumb your plan is?

Barry: Of course I did, we just gotta beat them up first!

August: Do you know if it's even here?


August: How is that even PROOF!?

Barry: Well we're gonna find out soon, aren't we-


It was then I saw him, a man I didn't expect to see ever again, let alone how he appeared then.


I thought he was just a false memory of a past I thought I never actually had, but here he was, giving what was ultimately a warning to the lake's deity.



He then approached the two of us, we both stared at each other for five seconds before he finally spoke



Barry: Hey August, you alright? you look like you saw a ghost or something

August: Y-yeah, actually you know what, I just remembered I left something at the Lab, think we can do this some other time?

Barry: Alright, hey you said there were Starly here, wanna catch one real quick?

August: Actually that sounds like a great idea


So I went ahead and caught a Starly before heading back to Sandgem Town, I didn't know it yet, but that was just the first of several encounters I'd have with Cyrus, and the many lessons on just how different he became over the many years we were separated...

Olympus | Debbie | Aero

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Conqueror of the Violet Gym
Pokédex No.
Jun 16, 2020
Pokémon Type
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Pokédex Entry
enjoys unnecessary anime references and stupid meta humor in webcomics
i always love when runs make fun of barry's enterprising idea at the beginning lmao. barry's like "yeah let's catch the legendary pokemon! but oh no, we don't have p-o-k-accent e balls and that's the only thing that could go wrong" which always struck me as extra stupid haha. other than that though, i like how you somehow added lore to a screenshot run (which idk if that's common but it's a cool idea nonetheless) and it's cool to see the august-olympus dynamic so far :)
Picket Furret

Picket Furret

Antisocial Lurker
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Normal
i always love when runs make fun of barry's enterprising idea at the beginning lmao. barry's like "yeah let's catch the legendary pokemon! but oh no, we don't have p-o-k-accent e balls and that's the only thing that could go wrong" which always struck me as extra stupid haha. other than that though, i like how you somehow added lore to a screenshot run (which idk if that's common but it's a cool idea nonetheless) and it's cool to see the august-olympus dynamic so far :)

Yeah, even people with no knowlege of the series would find many problems with that line of logic

I'm also pretty sure it's common in Runs to give their own lore, though given the limitations in Screenshot runs, it's typically less common to do so (Though thankfully, as haphazzardly as I do, I prefer the philosophy of "Tell your own story as long as it makes sense in context of the run").

But anyways, time for the next Chapter

So after that detour, I headed back to Sandgem Town, though Olympus did have some questions on the way...

Olympus: So... you gonna explain what that was about?

August: It's... Complicated

Olympus: How so?

August: Depends, how well you understand parallel universes and time travel

Olympus: Of what and what now?

August: Yeah, Exactly

Debbie: So ah'm kinda new here, mind tellin' me what ya two are jabberin' on about?

Aero: Yeah, that goes ditto for me

Olympus: Oh yeah, guess we forgot to introduce ourselves, didn't we? The name's Olympus, this here's our new trainer, August!

August: Hey

Olympus: We're gonna travel all over the Sinnoh Region to see all types of other Pokemon, you guys in?

The two new recruits looked at each other, and then gave a solid "Eh, Sure"

Debbie: Eh, mah pack aint doin' much these days anyways

Aero: I've been left behind by my flock a long time ago myself, probably would take forever to get back even if I wanted to join it again

Olympus: Perfect! welcome aboard! Now let's head back to Sandgem to get you all checked up


So we later arrived back at Sandgem only to see Dawn standing in front of Rowan's Lab


Dawn: Oh! August! How's your quest going so far?

August: Well apart from Barry thinking he could try and catch a deity using only basic pokeballs, I wound up catching these two

Dawn: WHAT!!! That Mother- Barry thinks he could catch something good before me... I'll show him! I'll catch something so powerful-

August: So what did you catch?

Dawn: Oh! Um... Nothing yet, I'm just finding the right teammate for myself! Yes



Dawn: Okay, I... don't know how to catch this. Dandy? you got any ideas?

Dandy: Piplup? (Attack it?)

Dawn: Oh right, probably should do that first, Tackle it then, Dandy!

*The Bidoof Ran off*

Dawn: ...of course

*Back to now*​

August: Well I'm off to Route 202 in that case, hope you find the right teammate you wanted

Dawn: WAIT!

August: What?

Dawn: *sigh* I need your help

August: ...with?

Dawn then mutters something under her breath

August: could you speak up? I didn't quite make that out

Dawn: I don't know how to catch a pokemon

August: One more time for me-


August: ...What?

Dawn: I never learned, my family migrated from a different region before my class even got around to teaching it.

August: and Rowan entrusted the both of you with Pokemon, great...



August: Dude, the hell!


August: Anyways, since neither of you know how to catch Pokemon, I'm gonna have to take it upon myself to teach you, meet me at 202 within a half-hour from now- Where's Barry?

Dawn: He probably headed straight there

August: Of course he did...


August: JESUS!

Rowan: It's "Rowan", actually

August: What did you want!?

Rowan: Right, Oak wanted someone to test out how the bonds of pokemon can amplify the attack power, so he asked me to give this to one of my assistants, since you have Dex Duty anyways, I figured I can kill two birds with one rock throw and just give that job to you

And so he gave me the TM for Return, I didn't complain since it was a really good move


Dawn: What's that thing?





Rowan: We couldn't afford the multi-use TMs, unfortunately.

August: Yeah, I did remember the import fees for those were lousy, anyways, I gotta go teach your new students how to catch pokemon, so if that's all, I'm gonna cut our meeting short

Rowan: Where's the blond one?

August: He's Gone

Rowan: of course he is...

And so I made a trip to the local pokemon center afterwards before heading to Route 202, I felt teaching those two were gonna be the hardest part of my journey

I was pretty naive thinking that in hindsight


To Be Continued -->

Olympus | Debbie | Aero

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Picket Furret

Picket Furret

Antisocial Lurker
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Normal
I wound up making a banner for this run, I went for something minimal to keep things simple

Anyways, another Wednesday is here, so we got another update

So while I was at the Pokemon Center, I decided to check in with my family, so I called them over the nearest CamPhone. It was about 10:00 am there, so I figured at least one of them had to be home, plus I knew for a fact that they would chew me out if I didn't check in once in a while.

So I called and interestingly enough, my younger sister picked up the phone

???: Hi big brother!

August: Oh, hey Hilda, didn't think you'd be home at this hour, where's mom?

Hilda: Mama had to leave for a business trip, Daddy's here though

August: Oh, in that case, mind getting him?

Hilda: Okay!

She then proceeded to call for dad, and after waiting a bit, he made it to the phone, sitting next to Hilda (We'll call him "Dad" for convenience)

Dad: Hey, Augustine, didn't think you'd call back so soon

August: Yeah, well the professor put me on Dex duty, so I figured I'd call you about that. Though good news: I got my Starter!

I then lifted up Olympus to show them

August: His name's Olympus

Olympus: Hi

Hilda looks at Olympus with stars in her eyes, she always loved Pokemon from day one

Dad: Congratulations, Augustine! You've taken your first step towards becoming a man. Did you catch anything yet?

August: A couple teammates, though I haven't gotten a full party yet

Dad: Just remember, August: it's not enough to just "have a full party", you need to train them to survive harsh environments and even other pokemon. Pokemon need your guidance as much as you need their protection, always remember that.

That last part was a mantra all trainers in Kalos take to heart, myself included, and I especially took it to heart today while researching Mega Evolution. I never knew how much that statement was true until I went on my journey. The rest of the call was just Dad, Hilda and I talking about various topics I don't remember until I realized a Half an hour passed, so I decided to head out, though not before Dad told me this:

Dad: Oh, before you go, I just remembered that your Mother told me that she'd be in Jublife, so be sure to say hi to her once you get the chance

August: Alright, I'll keep that in mind, I'll call you all later

So back at Route 202:



Alright, both of you caught all that?

Thankfully both Dawn and Barry seemed to understand what I showed them

August: Good, now go catch a teammate and come back to me, we'll be going over training next

Dawn: Alright!

Barry: Will do!

The two then went off to catch something, in the meantime, I decided to introduce my next party member (I called him Moby) to the team


Moby: So what's your story?

August: Well we're gonna travel the region to meet new Pokemon, you in?

Moby: Do I have a choice?

Olympus: Well your other option is to stay in the same place and not have access to an easy food source and shelter

Moby: Fair, so when's the training gonna start?

August: Depends on whether or not Dawn comes back

Moby: What about the blonde one?

August: Yeah, he ain't coming back


So I wound up training the team after a while, all of them learning better moves than before





Until finally, I decided to head to Jublife, probably thinking I would see mom on the way to Oreburgh, though mainly because I wanted to visit the city at least once during my time here.

So after traveling some time-


-and battling some overzealous trainers


I finally arrived there thankfully with my team in one piece, looking forward to what the city had to offer...


To Be Continued-->

Olympus | Debbie | Aero | Moby

Catch Count:

Picket Furret

Picket Furret

Antisocial Lurker
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
Pokémon Type
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It's Wednesday, so here's another update

Dawn ultimately saw me at the entrance of Jublife, so she ran over to greet me


Dawn: I honestly didn't think you'd be here this fast!

August: Trainers gave you trouble too?

Dawn: They're Pushovers, I didn't even need to use the Buneary I just caught

August: Wait, there are Bunearys around here?

Dawn: Not that I'm aware of, but I still caught it somehow, it even knew Ice Beam and everything

August: Huh, how weird

Dawn: Anyways, the Poketch Company is having a contest for its recent model's release, I figured you'd want to join me in partaking in it? it could be useful

Oh, what's a Poketch? They were a part of a short-lived item that were considered the precursors to the SmartWatches like C-Gear before being one of the several things phased out by SmartPhones. They were actually pretty big in Sinnoh for a while, hell I used it for a while before I got a C-Gear from Hilda after she got her Poryphone. Regardless, I figured the watch would be useful for fieldwork so I decided to go with Dawn,


With some minor insistence of course. Though something... weird happened that I can't even verify if it actually DID, or it was just that late at night. On our way to the Poketch Company, we saw a woman talking into a communicator of some kind; she wearing a teal jumpsuit with I think a black Gear logo on the front, light blue gloves/boots/belt, a pink scarf, and a pink baret. Now all of that would be weird enough, but what was weirder was who I recognized her as...

<Woman>: All stolen Pokemon have been liberated from the Jublife Warehouse, though a Buneary did get away, I'm currently on the lookout for it-

August: ...Mom?

<Mom?>: jedkhrelastgrusjewhrtuj-

Yeah, it was one of THOSE moments.

<Mom?>: Oh! um, sorry I didn't see you there, civilians! I'm Agent Fleetfoot, I'm here on behalf of the Secret Operation League to investigate reports on stolen Pokemon

August: ...Your maiden name is your Pseudonym?-

Fleetfoot: *Whispering* okay okay, sweetie, I know you know who I am, but do you think you could play along with me for a bit? You kinda caught me in a bit of an awkward situation at the moment and I really need an out.

Dawn: Wait, is my Pokemon stolen!?

August: *Also whispering* Who's fault is that? What's all this about you being part of S.O.L. anyways?

Dawn: No, seriously, was this Pokemon stolen?

Fleetfoot: *Still whispering* They pay me well, okay, I needed all the help I could get with Hilda's condition among... other things

August: ...what other things?

Dawn: Guys, was this Buneary stolen or not?

Fleetfoot: Look, It doesn't matter, right now I need you two to be careful, some dangerous criminals have been reported abducting pokemon. They go be the name "Team Galactic", but I think they were called something else as a joke before recently, though I can't really recall what it was, probably some Madona knock-off or something...

August: Yeah, can't say that description rings any bells in my head either

Fleetfoot: Stay safe and contact us if you see anything, our intel believes this group might be up to something big

August: Will do

Fleetfoot: Great! I gotta run, though before I forget, here's my Contacts

She then proceeded to hand us Cards for the S.O.L. before heading off


August: Well a subsection of it, anyways

Dawn: Well anyways, I... gotta check if my Buneary is actually legit, you go on ahead without me

August: Alright, hopefully the Poketch won't cost that much on launch


Well on my way to the Poketch building, who should I run into but...




August: Yeah, my budget's been a bit tight lately, so I've had to hold out for a while, hopefully the line won't be too bad

???: Well you're in luck!


August: Huh, that's convenient




August: Huh, that doesn't sound too hard...

CEO: Said clowns are in the same building the international circus convention is being held

August: Dangit, I knew there was a catch!

CEO: Don't worry, if you ask around, it shouldn't be an issue! Better be quick though, my promo stock is limited!


So after enduring an introvert's worst nightmare (Thankfully the convention-goers were understanding enough), I somehow managed to land the three coupons with relative ease.






August: Huh, this is actually kinda nice

CEO: Be sure to add apps to make it more versatile! and with that, I bid you adieu!

Olympus: So now what do you want to do?

August: Well I guess we can check out the rest of the city, I hear there's a Magikarp Jump festival nearby

Olympus: Sounds Dope


Unfortunately, it turned out the Festival ended recently, though I didn't want to return empty handed, so I borrowed an old rod from a nearby fisher after a lengthy amount of persuading...



and used it to catch my newest teammate nearby



Kaiser: Huh, not sure why you're bothering with someone like me, Magikarp aren't exactly known for their prowess

August: But they evolve into something that has plenty of it

Kaiser: Well let's hope that patience pays off, kid

Soon enough, Barry was texting me again, this time for a Battle at the Outskirts of Jublife:

Hey August, let's bttl @ Route 205 4 real! See U there!
August: Well, looks like Barry wants a battle, you guys game?

Olympus: I'm down

Debbie: Sure

Aero: Why not?

Moby: I got nothing better to do

Kaiser: Is he strong?

August: Not yet, though he sure thinks he is

So we headed out to fight him, may as well get some practice in for the party


To Be Continued -->

Olympus | Debbie | Aero | Moby | Kaiser

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Picket Furret

Picket Furret

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Jul 19, 2019
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  1. Normal
Another Wednesday has come, another update is here. But first, I have this run on Tumblr for anyone who wants to follow it there (It'll be behind a few chapters, but I have it up for archival purposes)

Without further ado, here's the next chapter:


August: Well enough to get by anyways

Barry: Hey, it still counts! I'm personally gonna get stronger to take on the gyms

August: So you've given up on that whole "Catch the Lake Deity" thing?

Barry: Yeah, I kinda took your criticism to heart on that and realized that I need to get stronger before I could handle something like that

August: Oh thank god-

Barry: Mainly that I don't have any badges that allow me to swim to the center of the lake

August: Hey, it still counts!



--- VS Barry ---​


Lass Kaitlin (Ref): This will be a 5 vs. 2 match between August Sycamore and Barry North!

August: Wait, you only have two pokemon?

Barry: I wanted to focus on training what I have so far before I caught any more teammates

August: ...Okay, yeah, that's fair.

Lass Kaitlin: Trainers! Send out your first Pokemon

Barry: Alright, let's go Bowie!

Barry then let out one of the Starly we caught earlier

August: Alright, let's go Kaiser!


Barry: ...Really dude?

Kaiser then noticed the gleam in Bowie's eyes, giving him a sense of unease

August: Okay, that's enough Kaiser, Debbie, take over.

I then swapped out Kaiser for Debbie

Barry: Wait, Already?

August: Yeah, I had him take Bowie's intimidate so that Debbie wouldn't get that debuff, of course the downside is that this means you get a free turn, but Debbie should be able to take it

Lass Kaitlin: He's Correct, Barry: you are allowed one free turn if a Pokemon is prematurely returned, make your move

Barry: Well in that case...


Barry: Consider that endeavor completely useless

August: Oh you cheeky-

I had to admit, I admired that level of pettiness, as minor as it ultimately was. Unfortunately, Bowie still hit hard, so I had to think of a strategy

August: Okay Debbie, time to fight fire with fire!

Debbie: But my specialty's water!

August: Use Growl!


August: Alright, looks like we'll have to use another turn to heal, but they should be significantly debuffed


August: Alright Debbie, Tackle 'em!


Debbie: ...Let's get Moby out here

August: Good call


August: Alright Moby, your foe's been weakened, so it should give you an advantage

Moby: Roger that

August: Now use Tackle!

Moby then did a full-on tackle, boosted by his Rivalry ability which resulted in an instantaneous K.O.


Lass Kaitlin: Bowie is Unable to Battle, this round belongs to August! As per rules, you're allowed one opportunity to switch out your pokemon, will you take it?

August: I think we're good!

Lass Kaitlin: Very Well, Barry, send out your next Pokemon!

Barry: Alright Wukong, let's go!

Barry then sent out his Chimchar

August: Alright, Moby, start out with a Leer!

Moby then made a subtle yet threatening face, unnerving Wukong a bit to lower his defences

Barry: Don't let that get to you Wukong, give him a quick scratch!

Wukong retaliated after getting his bearings, allowing him to execute a well-timed scratch

August: Quick, Counter with a Tackle, Moby!

Just as Wukong made contact, Moby tackled him, dealing a significant amount of damage

August: Now let's Wrap this up with another Tackle

Barry: Wukong, scratch 'em, quick!


Unfortunately for Barry, Moby got in faster, knocking out Wukong

Lass Kaitlin: Wukong is unable to battle, August is the winner!







August: In that case, you might want to catch a Budew first, they should be around Route 204

Barry: Good Call! See you later, August!

Barry then (I presume) ran off to Route 204

Lass Kaitlin: is he always that... energetic?

August: yeah, but at least he's a learner, so that's a plus.

Lass Kaitlin: So where are you headed now?

August: Well I hear there's Drifloon at the windworks, so I'm probably gonna head that direction soon

Lass Kaitlin: Hope you got a smasher with you, because the tunnel was blocked recently

August: Shoot, I forgot about that, guess I'm headed to Oreburgh then

Lass Kaitlin: Don't worry, you have a Turtwig on your team, you should ace that gym in no time!

August: I Hope so, anyways thanks for Refereeing our match

Lass Kaitlin: No Problem!






August: Ohey, Cool! Thanks!







Hiker: Conveniently, I also happen to be a Referee for said Gym!

August: I take it you get a lot of challengers this way?

Hiker: Less than you think, more than you hope. Regardless, you should probably teach that move to one of your teammates, a fighting-type move will really help in battle

August: Good Point, guess I'll see you later then

Hiker: See you at the gym!

Olympus: That was sure nice of him

August: Tell me about it, guess they needed to get rid of a few excess HMs

Olympus: You think so?

August: Well Oreburgh is a Mining town, so their workers are typically assigned the HMs for Rock Smash as a necessity, of course once the gym was set up in said town, they started printing out a lot more of these for Trainer use since they tend to find a lot of Relics and Fossils as a means of funding.


August: Either way, this move should give us a slightly bigger advantage over the next gym


Olympus: Wait, why not me?

August: Breeders shouldn't put all their teammate's eggs in one basket, Olympus. If something happened to you, we'd have no one else to fall back on. Besides, HMs are notorious for being hard to unlearn to the point you'd have to find a specific specialist to do so.

Olympus: That sounds insanely inefficient

August: Well there's a reason these things are slowly being phased out. Now let's go, the sooner we leave this tunnel, the better.

Olympus: Yeah, that's probably a good idea


To Be Continued -->

Olympus | Debbie | Aero | Moby | Kaiser

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Picket Furret

Picket Furret

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Jul 19, 2019
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Wound up being busy this week, so no update today, unfortunately.

I'll try and update next week, though. Hopefully, by then, I'll get to the first gym.
Picket Furret

Picket Furret

Antisocial Lurker
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
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Alright, It's Wendnday again, so onwards to Oreburgh

So we finally arrived at Oreburgh City, The then current Mining Capitol of Sinnoh (according to their updated brochure from Bertha, anyways), I figured I'd head to the museum first to register some fossilized pokemon, though the welcoming committee had other plans.


Well I assumed he was the welcoming committee, anyways. I don't think I ever asked...


August: I mean I am just starting out-



August: So do you usually just stand near the tunnel like that?

Welcoming Committee(?): Well someone has to make sure that our connection to Jublife doesn't suddenly collapse

August: Fair Enough


August: Oh, what do you know, Barry's there already

Olympus: I wonder if he got his badge

Let's go ask, maybe we can get a good idea on what the leader's like.



August: Well not all of us are capable of reaching impossible speeds after Budew hunting


Barry: The dude uses Stealth Rock and Pursuit on beginers, like who DOES that!? Even with my Budew it took me a while to finish him off

August: Jesus

Barry: His name is Clyde, actually

Moby: Who names a guy Clyde?

Aero: Nobody cares, Moby


August: Wait, your Dad?



Barry: Roark's pretty busy, what with managing the mine, league business, needing to raise a kid, dude really needed some extra hands.

August: Yeah, you'd think they'd hire someone to manage the mines already


August: Well I guess the Museum can wait for now, I gotta find one last teammate anyways



Olympus: So this is the place?

August: Looks like it, the mine was only dug a few years ago, so it shouldn't be that hard to traverse


Aero: Still looks cramped from the inside, though I tend to stick with the skies, so that's probably just me talking

Debbie: Sure looks roomier than mah burrows

August: Regardless, the faster we get to the gym leader, the sooner we can leave

???: I might be able to help


August: oh, that's helpful of you, what's your name?


Pebbles: Folks called me Pebbles, though sadly we kinda went our separate ways a while ago

August: Huh, well you want to join us? we got room for one more teammate

Pebbles: Eh, sure, not much to do in this mine these days anyways



And with that, I had my party laid out. All we had to do was train a bit and we'd be all set to face Roarak!


To be Continued -->

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