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Original Pokemon Motorsport World Series

Extravanganza Accordian Demo
Thread Description
Racing, but make it Pokemon (6/8: Round 1 - Indigo Plateau)


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Jun 21, 2019
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...Vivace made me do it


As you may be able to surmise, Pokemon battling is not the only professional sport that exists in this fine Pokemon world of ours. From football to surfing, many people get their kicks from other athletic pursuits. One such discipline is motor racing, and at the pinnacle of racing sits this, the Pokemon Motorsport World Series. Some introductions are in order, I believe.


Meet the drivers and teams competing in the PMWS in 2022! With new rules introduced this year to curb excessive spending, neuter loopholes in the rules, and change the aerodynamics of the cars to make them more raceable, the competition over this season's ten rounds should be closer than ever!

Alder Autosport is Unova's oldest and most illustrious racing family, but recently they've fallen on tough times. While the Mistral Airlines sponsorship still brings the big bucks, many question whether Skyla Douglas is still in her prime as a racer. To remedy this, this year the team turns to new talent, enlisting the services of Aspertia City's great hope Nate Whitmore, and member of Weigo's junior-series golden trio Alex O'Ward. Are these two young men the shot in the arm the team needs?

Blackthorn Racing, another storied racing family, but this time from the other side of the world in Johto. Two years ago, the legendary Lance Blackthorn handed the wheel of the team's lead car to his mercurial cousin Clair, resulting in a crash-filled season and the departure of several key staff members from the team. Can Clair overcome her tempestuous reputation and get along with spunky newcomer Joey Choi to bring the dragon masters back to the top?

Devon MRT seemingly has it all – multinational sponsors, endless money, and talented drivers – but mismanagement within the team, especially in this new cost cap era, has made their weakness apparent. With rumours swirling of consolidation and the team cutting down to two cars, all three drivers will be racing to prove that they deserve a spot at the team.

ExtremeSpeed Racing might seem like an optimistic name as of late, with lacklustre performances leaving the team struggling to attract drivers and lucrative sponsors. This year, old hand Bob Jones will guide Weigo's golden child Blair Russell through the chaos of the midfield, while hoping for more himself.

Flare Motorsport is the team everyone wants to be at these days, but with Lysandre Belrose focusing his efforts more precisely, only two drivers can. Calem Leclerc is the new hope of Kalos, while Valerie Zhang has stepped up to the plate in recent years with many great performances. They're both strong favourites for the title this year.

Gauntlet Racing is the product of a bunch of TV executives, riding the high of the immense success of Nuzlocke Survivor, deciding to take a punt at a new marketing venture – motor racing. The boorish and aggressive Tyler Brody is, in many ways, the perfect fit for the single-car team.

Mach Motors GP has the full might of one of Galar's most illustrious automakers and an uber-rich Unovan businessman behind it, along with the services of three-time World Champion Raihan Okonjo, but they just can't seem to make it work consistently. Young hotshot Max Yang is widely regarded as a serious talent, but to truly succeed, she'll need guidance and support that many believe the team cannot give her.

Macro Cosmo Autosport... now these are some kings right here. This year, Leon Harris is going for a record-breaking eighth world title, and with the might of Chairman Rose and his Macro Cosmo conglomerate behind him, it seems like he might just be a shoe-in – and that's before we even get to the other two cars. Bede Bertoni is tipped as Galar's next big thing, despite his abrasive personality, while the team was lucky enough to sign the final member of Weigo's golden trio, Casey Beaumont. Big things are expected, but for MCA, that's the usual.

Samuel Oak Motorsports have been in this business since before most drivers' parents were even born. Many are saying that this is the season Gary Oak finally emerges from the shadow of his grandfather and proves himself as a great driver on his own merit... but we all said that last season too. At least he'll have the guiding hand of Thorne Blumenthal, the old Weigonian on a multi-year deal.

Ultra Racing Squad are the hippest, newest thing to come out of Alola in a long time. With major backing and technical support from their sponsors, this squad is hoping that 2022 will be their breakout season.

You! That's right – you could join this illustrious lineup in seasons to come! Simply submit ideas for drivers, teams and/or sponsors in the replies and I'll stick them on the list for when slots open up in future seasons.

Season 1: 2022
Round 1: Indigo Plateau, Kanto (right here)
Round 2: Saffron City, Kanto
Round 3: Goldenrod City, Johto
Round 4: Olivine City, Johto
Round 5: Lilycove City, Hoenn
Round 6: Mauville City, Hoenn
Round 7: Canalave City, Sinnoh
Round 8: Veilstone City, Sinnoh
Round 9: Coumarine City, Kalos
Round 10: Couriway Town, Kalos
Round 11: Motostoke, Galar
Round 12: Hammerlocke, Galar
Round 13: Driftveil City, Unova
Round 14: Nimbasa City, Unova
Round 15: Phenac City, Orre
Round 16: Gateon Port, Orre
Round 17: Hau'oli City, Alola
Round 18: Heahea City, Alola

Without further ado... let us begin





A rough day for Weigo's golden trio and Devon MRT, with both groups seeing two drivers knocked out in Q1. Nate Whitmore also struggled with the cold conditions at the Indigo Plateau Speedway.


More rotten luck for Devon, with Zinnia Salim failing to set a time in Q2 due to a mechanical issue. Home hero Clair Blackthorn spun on a flying lap and was eliminated, being unable to set a truly representative time.


It's business as usual at the top of the order, with defending champion Leon Harris followed home by the two rapid Flare Motorsport cars – but behind them we have Skyla Douglas proving she's still got it, and Bob Jones executing a minor miracle in the #27 Pelipper Logistics car. ExtremeSpeed will be very happy with that! Even Molayne DeFrancesco managed to scrape in, but couldn't escape 10th place.


A shocker for Leon Harris, clattered by a backmarker during pit stop cycles and unable to finish the race. It seems like Rosa Ruiz will receive a penalty for that one at the next race in Saffron City. Longtime rivals Russell and Beaumont had a great battle, but only to be not last. DeFrancesco's car just didn't have the race pace to support his qualifying position, and he quickly fell back, along with Thorne Blumenthal, one of many drivers struggling with tyre grip on the cold track up here. Clair Blackthorn was visibly unhappy with her result, while Tyler Brody was stoked to almost score points in the rather rubbish Gauntlet car.


The top ten features three incredible comeback drives – Sanjay Singh scoring a point from last on the grid, and Salim and Choi rising from the depths of the midfield to score great points. Raihan Okonjo made up a couple of places with some choice moves, while Valerie Zhang will be disappointed that she wasn't able to convert her front-row start into a podium. And speaking of the podium...


Jubilation for young Calem Leclerc as he wins the first race of the season! For Skyla Douglas, as she proves she's still got it! And for Gary Oak, with his grandfather watching on, as he scores his first podium in the PMWS. Surely this will springboard all three drivers to further great results – maybe one of them can even take the fight to Leon Harris this year?

Current Top 5 Drivers (full standings update every 3 rounds)
1st. Calem Leclerc - 25pts
2nd. Skyla Douglas - 18pts
3rd. Gary Oak - 15pts
4th. Valerie Zhang - 12pts
5th. Zinnia Salim - 10pts

And that's all for now! I hope you guys enjoyed this silly little pilot episode, and remember to submit driver, team and sponsor ideas. 'Til next time!


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Jun 30, 2019
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Of course Gary would be on the podium from day 1, that just makes sense xD

These sponsor and racing names are so creative! I'm not really an F1/racing nerd, but I get the second degree from some of my friends about it and have to admit, when it's set in the pokemon universe it becomes more interesting to me! I think I'm an Alder Autosport fan, looking at these lineups and the flavour text you've given the teams, and I think I'll also think on a possible driver/sponsor to add later.

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