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Nuzlocke Hall of Fame

Thread Description
We are the champions...


If you're alive, you can keep moving!
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
St. Paul, MN
Pokémon Type
Dark, Ice
A part of me wonders if Platinum's difficulty is a little bit over-hyped. Sure there are some tough fights scattered around, but it felt rare that "normal" battles would scare me. Or maybe I just got really lucky, who knows. Then again, in hindsight HeartGold felt similar in that regard too. I still had a lot of fun exploring Sinnoh again for the first time in over a decade (yes it's been that long), and I maintained a pretty small team throughout, as my squad was generally able to cover a lot of matchups. One bit of context for this run was that the win condition was beating the E4 rematches, rather than clearing them just once, but I didn't lose anyone during either attempt.

Xander: Male, Lvl. 80, gifted to me at Lvl. 5 as Piplup in Twinleaf Town, Torrent, Relaxed nature, sturdy body

The two other times I played any of the Sinnoh games, I started with Chimchar and Turtwig, so I decided to give Piplup a shot here. Having a Steel typing is usually a great thing for Nuzlockes, but I was surprised at how many times it felt more like a curse on Xander: being weak to Ground and neutral to Fire (which I'd need a Water type for) meant I couldn't always trust him to switch into enemies of those types. Of course, that doesn't mean being Steel type was never useful or anything, and Xander had the raw Defense to be a reliable physical wall regardless. Roark was the only Gym Leader he matched up well against, but he stepped up in some key moments late in the game despite some of his aforementioned defensive holes, such as Cyrus's Houndoom and Crobat, Bertha's team once Gliscor was taken out, and even Cynthia's Spiritomb and Milotic (courtesy of Grass Knot) when my Plan A for my first fight with her didn't pan out.

Rhodes: Male, Lvl. 80, met at Lvl. 4 as Budew on Route 203, Natural Cure, Rash nature, somewhat vain

A Roserade served me well on my first playthrough of Pearl many years ago, so I knew what strengths it could bring here. I suppose sticking with just Grass moves limited Rhodes's usefulness somewhat, however, as some of his support moves like Leech Seed and Stun Spore were too good to erase, and I couldn't think of any other good TMs I could give him. But you hardly need much else than Leech Seed and a bit of team support to handle bad matchups against some CPUs. Rhodes backed up the two Electric types I used on my team on the water routes as well as against Crasher Wake, letting me keep Intimidate up on his Floatzel with Orion the Luxray. I even found a use for his Grass typing as a lure vs. Bertha, bringing Gliscor out and KO'ing it relatively early so Xander had a better opportunity to switch in.

Andre: Genderless, Lvl. 80, met at Lvl. 20 in the Old Chateau, Levitate, Jolly nature, often lost in thought

The benefit of playing on an emulator is that you can use built-in cheating engines to trigger events that have long since passed. I had a lot of trouble figuring out wi-fi on my DS back in the day, so being able to utilize the Rotom-A event was very satisfying, both in the moment and in how much work Andre put in throughout the run. Just imagine how game-breaking a Levitating Electric type is against Pokemon like Gyarados, especially Cyrus's, and you'll see what I mean. His typing and ability also made him a great compliment to the next Pokemon on my list during double battles, to the point where I almost exclusively used this pairing for this format. Other than dominating various water routes, Andre's only chance to fight in the Pokemon League was against Cynthia's Togekiss.

Erwin: Male, Lvl. 81, met at Lvl. 18 as Gligar on Route 206, Sand Veil, Naive nature, likes to relax

Does anybody else frequently find themselves pleasantly surprised at how effective Pokemon they've never tried before can be? This was the first time I've used a Gliscor in a story mode, and hot damn, I can absolutely see why this Pokemon was OU in PvP matches. That typing is no joke, backed up by a legit Defense stat, to the point where I switched in Erwin arguably as often as I would a Steel type in other games, and even more often than Xander in this one. After losing Geoffrey the Staravia to Fantina, Erwin also managed to fill in the role of Flying-type attacker, pretty much making any Psychic types on my team redundant and proving just how versatile he was offensively too. Ice Fang was my elemental fang of choice, alongside the holy grail that is STAB Earthquake. As explained below, his accomplishments courtesy of his numerous strengths easily made him the run's MVP.

Erwin got to work right away against Fantina, saving my ass when Geoffrey died and following it up with a solid performance against Byron's Bastiodon. By the time he evolved into Gliscor, he established himself as Andre's double-battle partner, being free to Earthquake without damaging his teammate. In fact, he got so strong by the end-game that he was able to sweep whole teams of bosses by himself, such as Volkner, Flint, and the multi battle against them in the Fight Area (my rival Cass literally didn't need to do anything, nor was he able to lol). But his role in the Pokemon League went even beyond that, being my best answer for Bertha's own Gliscor, Lucian's Alakazam and Gallade, and most importantly for Cynthia's Lucario and Garchomp. I was initially torn over whether to train a Gliscor or a Garchomp of my own earlier in the run, as I only had one Earthquake TM between them, but given how much of a threat Cynthia's Garchomp is, I realized a Gliscor of my own would be a much better matchup, and Erwin solidified his MVP status with his performance against it in both E4 attempts.

Nether: Male, Lvl. 80, met at Lvl. 27 as Houndour in Valor Lakefront, Early Bird, Hardy nature, somewhat stubborn

Definitely had some luck on my side to get a Houndour - it's not unlike trying to find a Growlithe in Kanto, another Roaring Fire type - so I didn't want it to go to waste. Like Rhodes, Nether was basically restricted to STAB moves, with some of his best moves like Dark Pulse and Nasty Plot only coming by the Pokemon League, but he certainly pulled his weight beforehand too. I was very thankful to have a reliable Fire move like Flamethrower for Byron, Candice, and Aaron (Andre's Overheat doesn't really count), and the combination of Dark and Fire was great for Lucian as well (that is, aside from Alakazam and Gallade, as mentioned above). Interestingly, I found myself using Choice Specs on Nether a lot even after getting Nasty Plot, as I sometimes needed his power to be more immediate, a common theme for my special attackers.

Riley: Male, Lvl. 80, hatched at Lvl. 1 as Riolu on Route 209, Steadfast, Lonely nature, capable of taking hits

What, you think I'm going to skip on the poster child of Gen 4, especially when it's a guaranteed encounter? And yes he's named after the Stat Trainer Riley, but I like the name too much to not use it lol. While Lucario is well-known for its versatility, for this Nuzlocke I chose to set Riley up as a purely physical attacker. Focusing on EV training at the start meant extra time spent to catch him up, but I'd say it was all worth it, letting him run train through many of the Ice-type Trainers in northern Sinnoh. It's a shame this line comes so late into the game, or I would have tried fitting it into more boss fights. In my first run through the E4, I wanted to set up Riley against Cynthia's Spiritomb, only for it to force him out right away - I compensated for that by letting him face Aaron in the rematches in place of Nether. However, Riley only needed one matchup to prove his worth, namely, Cyrus's Weavile. Fighting coverage would've been scary for my whole team, but Cyrus's Weavile didn't have any such moves, making Riley an ideal counter. Even getting frozen twice by Ice Punch barely slowed him down, and it wasn't long before he was able to end this massive threat.


I can’t do money puns. It just won’t make cents.
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Aug 8, 2019
With an axe
Pokémon Type
Electric, Water
Pokédex Entry
A person who does both comics and runs and whatnot. Okay then.
And now it’s time for my Sword Expansion pass champions. It’s not over, no, I still need to finish crown tundra, but I defeated the champion and that is all I care about. Now you will see the mons I used and their level and which of Leon’s mons they took out.

Shiela the Pangoro, Lvl 66, Bashful, Alert to sounds
Took out his Dragapult

So yeah, for this run, who exactly counts as the longest lasting team member is admittedly questionable. I’d say it’s this one, I did catch her the earliest, but I didn’t add her in until after the 5th gym. Regardless, I’ve been wanting to try out Pangoro for a long time, and she did not disappoint. She was actually really impressive. I wish she was slightly more defensive to make up for her speed, but she hit like a truck and that’s all I care about. She has improved my view on her species by an massive amount.

Nolan the Arcanine, Lvl 66, Jolly, Likes to thrash about
Melted that Aegislash

As soon as I saw that nature and characteristic, I knew that I just had to use him. Between his insane power and bulk, he needs no explanation to why he was so good. Flare blitz completely nuked everything, hands down. I never needed to care about the recoil. Overall, amazing.

Chandra the Steelix, Lvl 65, Docile, Somewhat vain
Somehow could take out a Rillaboom

Y’know, Leon could have easily killed this thing. But for some reason he made his Rillaboom spam Endeavor. Yeah, that would have helped, even though you clearly had fucking High horsepower. It was either this thing going on my champion team or my favourite gen1 creature, chose this for the sake that I wanted something to actually take a hit if anything bad happens. Not much else to say as chances are this is her only battle.

Brook the Toxtricity, Lvl 68, Sassy, Takes siestas
Slayed a Gigantamax dragon

So yeah. My main Gigantamax, took on way too many threatening fights, suffered from but thankfully survived way too many close calls, was always free to try out stuff nobody else wanted to. Overall, was pretty solid. And contrary to what you might think, this was actually gotten at route 7 and not as that gift earlier in the game.

Tanya the Dragapult, Lvl 66, Lax, Nods off a lot
Threw her own children at a Haxorus

Originally, this slot was gonna be filled up by a Zweilous. I happened to be in the Lake of outrage on the only and exact weather Zweilous would show up. But then I got this thing instead which I guess is okay because it is still a Psuedo legendary. And as soon as she turned to our side, she demolished. And also, hurling your own children at the opponent is both messed up and hilarious.

Amber the Barbaracle, Lvl 67, Bold, Somewhat vain
Gave a Rhyperior a bath

As for the most defensive member of the team that I added her in solely for, she was pretty good. Pretty much stuck around just to take hits from basically everyone and stuff, nothing more to add. Other than she was the only one out of 2 team members (the other was Steelix vs Rillaboom) who didn’t ohko the mon she was targeting. But thanks to our Air ballon things went fine.

Honorable mentions:
Jak the Noctowl: The real longest lasting team member, I decided that he shouldn’t fight Leon because I just was way too attached to that owl. He also helped us quite a lot during the few fights before Leon too.
Sallie the Ferrothorn, Rantette the Cramorant, Katharine the Froslass: Would have liked to bring these guys to the end! But the actual final team needed it more for various reasons so yeah. They can maybe come back for the crown tundra, though!

Nothing in my final team are new additions from either DLC. This is why we can’t have nice things...


I can’t do money puns. It just won’t make cents.
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Aug 8, 2019
With an axe
Pokémon Type
Electric, Water
Pokédex Entry
A person who does both comics and runs and whatnot. Okay then.
So now the Shield DLC team has won a championship so now I can post that too.

Caldwell the Single strike Urshifu, Adamant, Mischievous
Close combat, Unseen fist, Aerial ace, Bulk up

Holding Muscle band

So yes, a Fighting/Dark bear with a similar colour scheme made it to each Expansion pass champion team. That is something. With this guy, I thought I wouldn’t find another Fighter, and then he turned out to be Adamant, so I pretty much decided I had to use him. And then he turned out to be a complete destroyer, having the highest attack on the team, (242 at level 67 by the way) took over MVP status when the previous MVP died, and pretty much refused to die. I played a bit into the postgame, the one who came the closest to killing him was Shield hair using Sirfetch’d, who actually could have killed him if it weren’t for fucking Bulk up (it used Meteor something, which I would have NEVER assumed was a Fighting move. I would have thought Metal instead because Meteor mash). Overall, I’m glad to have given him a shot.

Mal the Nidoking, Naive, Highly curious
Poison jab, Earthquake, Rock slide, Toxic

Holding Life orb

My favourite gen1 creature ever. I could go on amd on about how outstanding this species is and how insanely well it has served me during all the runs I did this year that had it, but that’s neither here nor there. Mal though, surprisingly enough did not do as much as I would have hoped, with him being in like, 3 fights so far? And one of them was to take a hit from something. Still, I can definitely see him destroying in the post game. He may also be the very first and possibly only Nidoking I have to not possess Ice attacks.

Ted the Chandelure, Timid, Good perserverance
Flamethrower, Shadow ball, Will o wisp, Curse

Holding Wise glasses

So long story short, Rose’s secretary’s Garbodor kicked my MVP Flareon’s ass, so I had to resort to my 2nd in hand Fire mon. Between the boosted speed, and high special attack, (being the 2nd highest attacking stat on the team to Caldwell’s attack) he tore whatever came into his path a new one. The reason why I still wanted Flareon over him was because Leon’s Aegislash’s STABs were special attacks and Flareon wasn’t weak to it. But Caldwell murdered it with Unseen fist so we’re all cool.

Ana the Ludicolo, Timid, Likes to run
Energy ball, Scald, Ice beam, Encore

Holding Expert belt

A Fire mon was almost always on the team so she fit in very well. I wished Scald burned more often, but she was a great assest in taking out the early and late games (Barely used her mid game for some reason...) and was especially useful in many areas. One area being demolishing the Water leader in both times we fought her. And oddly enough, the only female on the team even if the mon below is only assumed to be male.

Casper the Lugia, Adamant, Alert to sounds
Zen headbutt, Dual wingbeat, Scale shot, Earthquake

Holding Wide lens

With the max lair, I decided that I will use a legendary encounter, although skipping the Suicune since it’s obligatory and I already had a Water type with a similar role. This is the legendary I got straight after and I got it on the first try. Him being Adamant also meant having to take some liberties with his moveset which definitely turned out well in the end.

He is also now my main Psychic mon, because my other Psychic was my only casualty to Leon.

Kentigern the Reuniclus, Calm, Somewhat vain
Psychic, Flash cannon, Energy ball, Psyshock

Holding Assault vest

I’m... never gonna actually properly use the Psychic cells, am I. Everytime I try to use them, they end up dying, or some other thing. Kentigern was a beast, slaughtering all sorts of stuff with his broken special attack and taking names. Of course, Leon’s Haxorus had other plans when it kept dealing monstrous damage with Outrage. Ultimately, I had to sacrifice this thing to heal Lugia so that Lugia could hopefully get the kill with Scale shot.

The ones that I had that couldn’t cut the final team:
Zaeck the Drednaw
For a long time, Zaeck shared the MVP status with Caldwell and Debio the Flareon. He was my second catch, but didn’t come to the team until much later because I thought I only needed one Water type. Zaeck turned out to be a powerhouse that hogged quited some spotlight due to being the main Gigantamax and being my answer to several gyms, including the Ghost one where I genuinely expected a death but Zaeck somehow one shot that Gengar after setting up some Rock polishes on a previous mon. Why he isn’t on the final team, I just felt I didn’t need him, with everyone else capable of doing just as much as he could. And now that the current postgame team has a Carbink that replaced Kentigern, we moght not see this guy for a while.

Trev the Runerigus
Known for serving as my main for Ghost and Ground coverage for a good chunk of the run. He saved us quite a lot, but he didn’t have much of a reason to go to far other than the reasons I stated so he didn’t make the cut.

Mack the Klinklang
Yeah, looking back, I probably should have brought him instead of Reuniclus given what happened... but that Haxorus had Earthquake too so what am I to say. but whatever it is, this thing was pretty good for his massive resistances and stats and stuff. For the longest time, I didn’t like this thing for a long reason, but now thanks to him I’m totall cool with the line, especially how he’s saved our behinds quite a lot through evey stage of the game.

Letitia the Vespiquen
Known for greatly assisting us against the Dark gym, several trainers in the late game, and several opponents used in the semifinals and finals. Left behind due to the 6 others being more important.

Ludweg the Tauros
Why, WHY do you not have Intimidate. If you fucking had Intimidate, you would have possibly made it a lot further into the game. At least you were still really good until you got boxed after the Fairy gym.

Just like the original SS, the Sword team was female dominant and the Shield team was male dominant, as usual. The Shield run also ended up being the one with more deaths, also as usual.

Brendan Rizzo

Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Jan 5, 2021
Unity the Dugtrio
Status - Deceased
Level 55
Caught in Diglett's Cave
Killed by Champion's Alakazam, Pokemon League
Moves: Slash, Mimic, Earthquake, Rock Slide

This was a mon I did not expect to use, since I already had a perfectly good Ground-type. But when I first stepped into Diglett's Cave, and the encounter was a Level 29 Dugtrio, I would have been a fool to look this gift horse in the mouth. (Or is it gift... mole... things?) Thanks to broken Gen I mechanics, Dugtrio was unstoppable even after it ceased to be overleveled, getting critical hits left and right. Unfortunately, its low HP did it in at the very end, but not before taking out the most dangerous Pokemon on the Rival's team.

Bibi the Fearow
Status - Alive
Level 56
Caught as a Spearow on Route 3
Moves: Fly, Drill Peck, Agility, Hyper Beam

Let me just say, Fearow is great. With Flying STAB early on, it makes quick work of Grass- and Bug-types, and made dealing with Bruno no problem at all. Not to mention that it cut down on travel time immensely. The only issue with it was that by the time I had enough money to buy TM15, there were hardly any enemies to use Hyper Beam on!

Misaki the Nidoqueen
Status - Alive
Level 55
Caught as a Nidoran on Route 22
Moves: Earthquake, Blizzard, Body Slam, Thunder

Misaki was named after a dear friend of mine, and I don't regret it. The Nidoran line in general is excellent for playthroughs, and this one was no exception. With early evolution giving it high stats and an enormous movepool, it could deal with pretty much anything that wasn't super-effective against it, and even then in some cases. Defensively, sharing the Ground-type with Dugtrio didn't hurt it at all. The only issue was that it wasn't used as much in the Elite Four compared to Dugtrio, but believe it or not, it did most of the work against Lorelei. Thunder never missed.

Thing the Haunter
Status - Alive
Level 57
Caught as a Gastly in Pokemon Tower
Moves: Mega Drain, Confuse Ray, Night Shade, Thunderbolt

This was my first ever successful Nuzlocke, from before I had the capability to invoke trade evolutions. But as you can see, I didn't need it. Ghost-types are amazing in Gen I: the AI's terrible movesets mean Haunter was immune to 90% of opposing attacks. The 10% that could hit it, it could deal with thanks to its high Special and good coverage. I am glad that I held onto TM24 until late game, because I didn't bring Haunter in until after Silph Co., when a team member died. Thunderbolt made it able to take stuff out with no problem. It goes to show that evolution isn't everything.

HoneyBadgr the Snorlax
Status - Alive
Level 55
Caught on Route 12
Moves: Strength, Amnesia, Rest, Psychic

Ah, Snorlax. The Pokemon that is way too good for Nuzlockes. I don't have to say more than that; Amnesia is broken in Gen I.

Enigma the Vaporeon
Status - Alive
Level 55
Received as an Eevee in Celadon City
Moves: Acid Armor, Surf, Ice Beam, Body Slam

My starter, Wartortle, died unexpectedly in the Fighting Dojo, so I immediately used a Water Stone on the Eevee I had got in the Celadon Mansion, and the results were amazing. Vaporeon's stat spread is incredible, especially in Generation I. One does not simply OHKO a Vaporeon; the 130 HP guarantees it'll live through a lot of hits, plus there is Acid Armor if one is still worried. As a Water-type, it was the dedicated Special attacker for most of the run, as I waited until near the end to use all my TMs. Essentially, it was really good at its job, and that's all I needed.

This is the final team against Red; I think including the team against Lance is redundant, since it includes all the survivors, plus some Pokemon that died which you can see on the Graveyard page.

Piggies the Piloswine
Status - Alive
Level 72
Caught as a Swinub in Ice Path
Moves: Earthquake, Blizzard, Amnesia, Rest
Held item: Mint Berry

This Pokemon took a while to raise, but once its levels were on par with the rest of my team, it really steamrolled through the obstacles before it. Its physical Attack was monstrous, so once I taught it the Earthquake TM, anything that wasn't a Flying-type or one of its six weaknesses would be going down. And as for Flying-types (and Dragon-types), Powder Snow could still two-shot at worst, despite not having access to anything better until the time I fought Blue. If it weren't for its typing giving it six weaknesses, it would probably have carried my team, but even so, the battles I let it fight in were very short indeed, making it the spiritual successor to my dead Golem and Machamp. Surprisingly, Piloswine learns Amnesia at Level 70, so I tried to use a setup + Mint Berry + Rest strategy for the final battle, but just spammed Earthquake when the time came.

Vesper the Crobat
Status - Alive
Level 70
Caught as a Zubat in Dark Cave
Moves: Fly, Return, Steel Wing, Confuse Ray
Held item: King's Rock

Crobat was immortal. No matter what it faced, it would not die. Take a STAB Aurora Beam to the face? It'll still have yellow health. Self-Destruct? Hardly does anything. Whittle it down with status moves and confusion? Please, it always has a chance to switch out safely. Critical hit? Even if the enemy blew up, Crobat would still be standing. Okay, that last one was probably due to being almost 15 levels above the exploding Weezing thanks to Gen II postgame logic, but none of my other mons could survive such a thing. Even as a Zubat, it walled the Rival's Bayleef in Azalea Town, and became a Crobat only two levels after evolving into Golbat. And once it learned Wing Attack, Chuck was as good as beat. That said, it was more a support Pokemon than a damage dealer, thanks to its lackluster movepool. But confusehax was absolutely vital at times.

BornWinner the Snorlax
Status - Alive
Level 71
Caught in Vermilion City
Moves: Body Slam, Rest, Sleep Talk, Curse
Held item: Leftovers

This wasn't exactly fair on my part. Snorlax showed up as a last-minute capture in Kanto, which is technically the postgame, and I only really used it because it was still higher-leveled than my main Normal-type up to that point, Raticate. But it technically didn't break any Nuzlocke rules to use this, though I am considering prohibiting last-minute replacements for later runs so that this doesn't happen again. I only sent it out against Blue and Red, and in both cases, the battle was pretty much assuredly won once it appeared. And the Leftovers made the battles even more unfair. But once it was loaded up with Sleep Talk and Curse, it really lived up to its nickname, especially because if Sleep Talk calls Rest in this game, it will still restore HP.

Coolio the Raichu
Status - Deceased
Level 71
Hatched as a Pichu from the Odd Egg, Route 34
Killed by Red's Snorlax, Mount Silver
Moves: Thunderbolt, DynamicPunch, Thunder Wave, Attract
Held item: Focus Band

Behold, hax in rodent form. Raichu hatched from the Odd Egg, and was not shiny. If an Odd Egg Pokemon is not shiny, it is guaranteed to have 0 DVs in every stat. Raichu took one look at that and said, "I don't care," then zapped it to ash with Thunderbolt. For most of the run, that was all the attack I needed, with the status moves to lock down the opponent and shore up its frailness. Aside from a couple near-misses, Raichu was a very reliable team member until the end, one- or two-shotting most opponents. Only when it failed to do so did it have problems, and one of those was Red's Snorlax, which took it out with an unexpected paralysis off Body Slam, preventing it from attacking before being taken out. I should have known better than to bring it out in that matchup at all...

Debbie the Exeggutor
Status - Alive
Level 73
Caught as an Exeggcute at Lake of Rage
Moves: Psychic, Giga Drain, Sleep Powder, Reflect
Held item: Quick Claw

If Crobat was the most reliable Pokemon of the run, Exeggutor was the most valuable Pokemon of the run. It wasn't even a contest. I had no idea how good Exeggutor was until I lost most of my party to Team Rocket and needed a replacement, fast. I noticed that Grass/Psychic would cover some holes, so I brought out Exeggcute, and level-grinded it until it learned Sleep Powder at Level 37, then evolved it using the Leaf Stone an NPC had given me before. It was amazing. Not only did it resist both Water- and Psychic-type attacks, which is very useful in Johto, but it could set up more efficiently than anything else. Sleep Powder almost always worked. Then I could protect the team with Reflect and drain HP away with Leech Seed. Then once I got the STAB TMs in Kanto, Confusion and Leech Seed were replaced with Psychic and Giga Drain. Now suddenly Exeggutor could KO foes quickly without the need for setup, and regain even more health with Giga Drain than Leech Seed had been capable of. At no point was I ever really worried that Exeggutor would die, and it carried my team through the final half.

Patrick the Starmie
Status - Deceased
Level 71
Caught as a Staryu on Route 40
Killed by Red's Blastoise, Mount Silver
Moves: Surf, Psychic, Rain Dance, Thunder
Held item: PRZCureBerry

I used quite a few Water-types during the run, because every Water-type I had used eventually died, but after my Slowking was killed I replaced it with a Staryu, knowing that when it evolved it would have the same type as Slowking and even better coverage. It did not disappoint. Even though it took forever for the game to decide to give me a Water Stone, Staryu still handled Fire-, Rock- and Ground-types with ease. But just after Clair, I managed to catch Suicune, and Starmie was demoted to HM Slave duty. Then Suicune died. At this point I replaced it with a Gyarados, but when the Gyarados died, I brought Starmie out of retirement, for the final battle against Red. I deleted the HMs and re-taught Rain Dance, and sent it out against Red's Charizard and Blastoise. The rain and type advantage easily defeated Charizard. But for Blastoise, the rain was a double-edged sword. It powered up the opponent's Surf, and Thunder was not enough to oneshot. And so, Starmie just barely got taken out. But it was so good for the rest of the game that it's clear this was a blunder.


I can’t do money puns. It just won’t make cents.
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Aug 8, 2019
With an axe
Pokémon Type
Electric, Water
Pokédex Entry
A person who does both comics and runs and whatnot. Okay then.
I’m actually doing postgame for this run and I’ve played far ahead enough to the point most of the following mons are either dead or boxed. Regardless, here is the team I had that I took to the E4.

MonOfMetal the Steelix (M)
Adamant, holding Leftovers

Iron head, Bulldoze, Rock slide, Stealth rock

Here we go guys! Starting things off with someone who is both the MVP and the longest lasting catch. Being Adamant is one thing but resisting the whole game is another. Did way too many things for the team to even count.

N’s Zoroark (M)
Hasty, holding Life orb

Dark pulse, Flamethrower, U-turn, Taunt

After knowing an easy way to farm shards for Dark pulse I knew I was gonna use this thing. Was worried his MASSIVE fraility would be bad, but thanks to my EV training and Life orb that I also worked for, he did the job really well. I did box him in the post game, not because of his bad defenses but because there was no way I was gonna reject a totally viable Timid Hydreigon

Junior the Azumarill (M)
Bashful, holding Choice band

Waterfall, Brick break, Ice punch, Bulldoze

Yes, he has Huge power, and yes, he was taking names left and right. Didn’t even know he could learn Bulldoze and it was appreciated even if there weren’t many chances for me to use it. Overall, was extremely good.

Cloudelle the Altaria (F)
Gentle, holding Razor claw

Fly, Dragon pulse, Perish song, Cotton guard

Altaria is normally a very good mon, but I found Cloudelle to be kind of underwhelming. She by far had the worst nature on the team because I didn’t want to get boned by the Fighting E4, as there were some heavy hitters with Rock coverage in there. I pretty much swore by Cotton guard, but thankfully she pulled through with it because good god, did it save her behind in more ways than one.

Multiplax the Amoonguss (M)
Calm, holding Quick claw

Giga drain, Venoshock, Spore, Toxic

Amoongus is an extremely good pokemon and this guy definitely proved that. Between his easily coverable weaknesses, massive bulk, and beyond impressive use of status, he was an absolute carry. Of course, he was level 36-ish when I caught him so he took a little too long to grind, but once it was all done, it was all worth it.

Prin-Ghoul the Jellicent (M)
Relaxed, holding Expert belt

Scald, Shadow ball, Giga drain, Ice beam

Never used Jellicent in a Nuzrun before, and decided this time I would try it out as since I had a physical wall, I should have a special wall too, and Zoroark actually goes very well when disguised as a ghost. Prin-Ghoul was nothing short of the 2nd in hand MVP, destroying stuff left and right and being awesome.

Too bad I plan to ditch Ice beam for Will o wisp due to something happening to my best status user in the post game...


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Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Aug 8, 2019
With an axe
Pokémon Type
Electric, Water
Pokédex Entry
A person who does both comics and runs and whatnot. Okay then.
2 months later, I completed Black 2’s post game.

Prin-Ghoul the Jellicent, Lvl 79 (M)
Relaxed nature, Very finicky, Holding Expert belt

Scald, Shadow ball, Giga drain, Ice beam

This and one other mon are the only two of the original HOF team that made it onto this one. I have been overall very impressed with Prin-Ghoul having had him for so long. Excellent bulk, varied coverage, and overall, very reliable. His best moment is also the other longest lasting team member’s best moment, and that was the very last fight with Ires. Against basically the first half of her team, both of them tanked tons of hits for the team and Jellicent was especially good at dealing great damage back thanks to the Expert belt.

Calven the Hydreigon, Lvl 79 (M)
Timid nature, Somewhat of a clown, Holding Life orb

Dragon pulse, Dark pulse, Flamethrower, Thunder wave

Couldn’t believe I actually found a Timid Zweilous in Victory road. Beforehand, I had N’s Zoroark, and while he was also very great, I didn’t want to lose him due to his fraility, and so decided that a psuedo legend would be a better bet. This Hydreigon pretty much ravaged everything in it’s path and I’m glad I gave it a chance.

MonOfMetal the Steelix, Lvl 80 (M)
Adamant nature, Alert to sounds, Holding Leftovers

Iron head, Earthquake, Rock slide, Curse

Here it is, the other mon I had in my previous HOF and is still on the team. Even though I replaced Stealth rock with Curse I somehow never needed it. Again, had his shining moment against the final battle against the champion, tanking so much and then practically destroying the second half of her team. Overall, he was just insanely powerful.

Rachel the Tyranitar, Lvl 80 (F)
Quirky nature, Often dozes off, Holding Choice band

Rock slide, Crunch, Brick break, Outrage

Somehow managed to catch her in the post game and thought that two psuedo legendaries on the team would be interesting. Overall, I was never disappointed by her. She greatly shined in the E4 destroying so many mons. I’m glad to have added her to the team.

And now, for the casualties.

Cotonote the Conkeldurr, Lvl 80 (F)
Docile nature, Often scatters things, Held Quick claw

Low sweep, Ice punch, Rock slide, Bulk up

I caught her in the main game but she only joined post game when I found out she had good IVs, and she never disappointed me. Her greatest momemnt was pretty much against the Fighting E4, where I used her to Bulk up sweep him. For some reason he opened things up with Stone edge... why? And why didn’t he order his Mienshao to at least use Acrobatics, but whatever it was, Cotonote was a beast. Unfortunately, her life was cut short at the Ghost E4. Tyranitar was doing well until she got her Sp.Def lowered by an attack, so I switched Conk in against Froslass, and Froslass of course got a crit with Blizzard, which obliterates her... had she been still alive, she would have helped me out greatly against the champion given almost none of her mons have an advantage over her, but then she probably would have still died... instead of the mon below.

Batson the Crobat, Lvl 79 (F)
Timid nature, Somewhat stubborn, Held Black sludge

Fly, Venoshock, X-Scissor, Toxic

Batson was meant to be my boss Amoonguss’s replacement as well as my new flyer. Despite not having any of the team’s best stats aside from speed, she was still a great ally who helped us out with Poisoning foes. We somehow didn’t need her for most of the E4, up until the champion. I decided that since her Haxorus can’t hit her super effectively, and I wanted to nullify that Focus sash, I made Batson Toxic Hax... and then it Dragon danced. I switch into Rachel who takes over half damage from Outrage, making Batson the only one who was at full health (and not weak to Outrage...) so Batson was sent in, but somehow Outrage tore her apart...


Conqueror of the Saffron Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Western Pennsylvania
I need to buy a pro account? (He/Him)
Pokémon Type
Electric, Grass
Pokédex Entry
Broke his own romhack with an egg. Still not sure how.
Back from the dead with another hack run, this time its Z-nogyroP's Viva las Vega, which basically acts as a "386 dex" version of vega while also toning down the difficulty a fair bit and adding in some... "fun" new pokemon updates from the upcoming sequel to vega.

Cleo - Gehemoth Sableater, Obtained at level 9 @ wiseman's cave (top-right)
Didn't get to do a lot because I was a bit ansy on the typing, but I ended up using her the same way I generally use normal types, soaking up hits but trading a ghost immunity for a fighting one. She did stick around for the entire run as my oldest team member so I guess that counts for something? Amusingly enough she ended up swapping between physical and special a few times throughout the game, going from mostly special with shadow sneak to mostly physical with dark roar by the end.
Joe - Jinxeng Rudebarb, Obatined at level 10 @ route 504 (bottom-right)
Absolute unit once it evovled and got to fully embrace adaptability. /Ground hurt for gym 3, but after that he became my anti-electric pokemon that ended up oddly fast due to a naive nature. Earthquake + wood hammer in the endgame meant that he was basically my "oh no" button in case things went horribly wrong. Coil was just the icing on the cake in the endgame.
Royalert - Raymond, Obtained at level 10 @ seafin city (bottom-left)
Fire type. I think I used this as a ground type maybe once or twice? The extra steel and bug resistances were useful but this guy generally stuck to a fire role since joe handled the ground roll well enough. Pretty reliable but I found myself still using a few other fire typed mons just for higher speed at various points. Also kinda took over my "starter" slot after my actual starter got KO'ed by an unfortunate crit after the 4th gym.
Valentide - Flip, Obatined at level 26 @ route 510 (top-middle)
Easily the most broken thing I've ever used in a nuzlocke. Spore Deep yawn + Substitute + leftovers = basically immortal. I ended up re-doing the champion fight without using deep yawn just because I was able to sweep without ever getting hit. (I still didn't lose anyone but it was much closer)
Komoragon - Stitches, Obtained at level 23 @ route 521 (bottom-middle)
Just like cleo, he wasn't too notable overall and ended up swapping in-and-out of my party a few times. His dragon dance set did prove invaluable for getting past theodore's team, and also for tanking hits from the champion's mienshao at the very end of the run.
Switza - Poppy, Obtained at level 38 @ ice island (top-left)
The backup in case something went wrong, because my initial E4 plan only needed 5 team members! They ended up taking out Sylvia's Nostratos in the refight when it threatened to 2KO everyone else.
Ended up using no normal pokemon and no regional pokemon on the final team which was... amusing in hindsight. (a skarmory almost made it into the E4 team but I ended up picking switza instead, and togekiss got a lot of use before being crit in the 6th gym)
(Also yes it was a randomized animal crossing name theme)


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Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Aug 8, 2019
With an axe
Pokémon Type
Electric, Water
Pokédex Entry
A person who does both comics and runs and whatnot. Okay then.
I finally completed my Blaze Black run. Nothing else to say other than that one I’m just glad it’s over, even if I have 18 deaths. Here are the champions.

Seeker the Samurott, Lvl 79, Holding BrightPowder
Rash, Good endurance

Scald, Secret Sword, Strength, Shell smash

Seeker might possibly be the very first Samurott I brought to the end and actually stayed alive. Of course, I do have to mention he actually wasn’t always on the team, many times I boxed him in favour of other Fighting and Water types... but eventually they all died so eventually I brought him back. Throughout his entire stay on the team he was nothing but a badass. During the league, he pretty much bodied the Dark E4 as they refused to hit him and they paid the price as he massacred the fight. His other shining moment was also against the Hydreigon in the final battle where he dodged TWO Draco meteors. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Greg the Golurk, Lvl 79, Holding Expert belt
Impish, Good perserverance

Shadow punch, Brick break, Ice punch, Fire punch

And here we have another mon who I’ve really wanted to take to end, but couldn’t in the past because they died, or in the case of my original Sword run, I decided to have Dugtrio instead because I thought a faster mon would be a better fit for my team. I wasn’t intending to use Gre, but then I saw he had a usable nature and DIDN’T have Klutz, so he immediately joined as soon as there was an open space. He was nothing but a beast, destroying everything with his great power.

TheChopper the Bisharp, Lvl 79, Holding Scope lens
Sassy, Alert to sounds

Night slash, Iron head, X-Scissor, Swords dance

This may sound really weird, but I didn’t always like Bisharp, in fact I remember maybe half a decade ago on Pokecommunity I complained about it on a thread there because for some reason I didn’t like the fact it evolved so late or it’s design or something. But then I actually tried using one and was greatly impressed. I used a few others too since then and I can safely say I can see what’s so good about it now. TheChopper was no exception. With a bit of setup and strategy and Golurk having Brick break just to get rid of the screens, he swept the Psychic E4. I owe my greatest thanks to him for helping me get through, well, the last set of battles altogether.

Paul the Reshiram, Lvl 71
Serious, Likes to run

Extrasensory, Fusion flare, Dragon pulse, Blue flare

I wish I could give him a held item or modify his moves! I was overall expecting Reshiram to be scouting fodder, but he actually proved to be a reliable teammate by dealing tons of damage while taking hits thanks to his uncommon weaknesses. Helped me to take out the villain’s Focus sash Genesect too as I wanted Download to boost the wrong attacking stat and he thankfully had a lower defense stat, and the fact that Reshiram had an advantage made it that he would destroy it. Also avenged his brother after his brother killed two of my bros. Speaking of which...

...Deceased winners.

Onion ring the Jynx, Lvl 79
Bold, Likes to thrash about

Ice beam, Psychic, Petal dance, Perish song

After losing some guys to the crits of the Ice gym, she was immediately partied and I was greatly impressed by both her power and coverage. As long as something was weak to her, it died, and many things were weak to her. As long as I took care of her miniscule physical defense, she was unstoppable. That was, unfortunately until N. I was hoping for a scenario that N’s Zekrom got one shot by Ice beam... and that scenario never happened, and a single Fusion bolt took her down.

Infinivolt the Zapdos, Lvl 79
Timid, Sturdy body
Discharge, Drill peck, U-turn, Thunder wave

Yes, that’s right, I actually got a 1% encounter Zapdos as my first encounter in Chargestone cave. And I was even more surprised to have actually caught it. Zapdos was pretty much a massive carry through the game, especially since I never found another Flyer or Electric mon. After N’s Zekrom took out Onion ring, I immediately sent Zapdos to paralyze the dragon. N’s Zekrom did not get fully paralyzed, and delivers another Fusion bolt, obliterating Zapdos.


Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
Bringing my last few runs over:
Even though this run is from like six years ago, it's still one of my all-time favorites, and I'm still considering doing a sequel.

Forrest the Sceptile
Met as a Treecko in Pallet Town at L. 5, currently L. 56
Leaf Blade/Frenzy Plant/Aurora Beam (via TM)/Giga Drain

My starter. I was so excited when I saw Treecko as one of my starter options, since it's one of my favorite lines of all time. And she was the best starter I could've asked for. We wouldn't have survived Misty's Espeon without her, and she was always one of my best teammates from beginning to end.

Hope the Salamence
Met as a Bagon on Route 3 at L. 7, currently L. 55
Fly/Dragon Claw/Dragon Dance/Extrasensory

I almost didn't get to catch her-I was on my last ball when she finally went in. And it was a long journey raising her 43 levels before she finally evolved right outside Victory Road. But she was always a solid teammate, and when she evolved, she destroyed everything in sight-most notably, the champ's final Pokémon, his starter Slaking.

Frogger the Politoed
Met on Route 24 at L. 10, currently L. 55
Surf/Water Spout/Psybeam (via TM)/Water Pulse

Before this run, Politoed was one of those Pokémon I barely remember existed. But Frogger was always one of my most reliable teammates, and in fact was the only one who never had a close call in the run. Now I'd love to use one some other time.
Also, he and Forrest became a couple toward the end.

Bolt the Electabuzz
Met on Route 5 at L. 13, currently L. 55
Spark/Extrasensory/Shadow Punch/Icy Wind (via TM)
I'd just lost my Electric-type (a Minun) when I caught her. So I thought that was a sign, and happily put her on the team. And she was also a solid teammate, although she didn't really get a particular shining moment.
(Evolved into an Electivire in-story after the final battle, but not in-game for obvious reasons.)

Digger the Sandslash
Met as a Sandshrew on Route 8 at L. 18, currently L. 56
Earthquake/Thrash (via TM)/Revenge/Bone Club
I've always liked Sandslash, so she was a welcome addition to the team, especially since she started with Earthquake. Although I think she had the most close calls of anyone, she was also a great fighter, and in fact knocked out the most league Pokémon of anyone.

Inferno the Moltres
Met on Route 14 at L. 26, currently L. 55
Flamethrower/Fly/Overheat/Blast Burn
How I caught this guy I'll never know. I know legendaries may seem overpowered, but since he was a legit catch, I didn't see a reason not to use him. And he definitely lived up to his reputation as a legend.

Two former teammates:

Blackbelt the Hariyama
Met on Route 2 at L. 4, currently L. 51
Brick Break/Strength/Iron Tail/Mega Punch
At the beginning of the game, he was one of my strongest Pokémon. But he never learned anything useful, and nearly got retired much earlier on. But then he started getting better moves, so I kept him, especially since he was always a good Pokémon. Retired at the league, since I couldn't take all seven of my teammates in and I thought I'd need the others more.

Seedling the Venusaur
Met in Viridian Forest at L. 3, currently L. 33
Leaf Blade/Sludge/Giga Drain/Toxic
Another Pokémon I didn't expect to successfully catch that early in the game. Venusaur's my least favorite Kanto starter (not that I hate it, but I like the others more), but he was pretty great as well. Retired after Sabrina, since I didn't need both him and Forrest and was always going to take her over him.

And two who should've been on the team at the end:

Tank the Aggron
Met as a Lairon on Route 25 at L. 8, fell at L. 46
Overheat/Steel Wing/Meteor Mash/Ancientpower

I was so happy when I caught her-who doesn't love Aggron? And she was just as awesome as you'd expect from her line. She was supposed to go all the way...but in that rival battle on Route 22, that damn Slaking took her away with one Low Kick, which it had never used until that point. She was one hit from finishing it, too...

Ironshard the Skarmory
Met in Diglett's Cave at L. 18, fell at L. 40
Fly/Steel Wing/Meteor Mash/Submission

Possibly my saddest death of all time, but not just because of her species.
I nearly fainted when I caught her-nobody ever catches a Skarmory in a Nuzlocke! And I was so happy-Skarmory is awesome!
She joined the team after we beat Surge, and was just as badass as you'd expect her to be. She was always shielding the others from random explosions, and destroyed Koga's Flygon despite being nine levels lower.
I was so sure we were going all the way...and then that damn Pokémon Mansion happened.
I would just like to say fuck you to that random Exploding fucking Gorebyss. I'm firmly convinced that she would've lived if it hadn't Camouflaged into a Normal-type and critted.
I was *this* close to either calling BS or quitting the run at that point-I almost cried when I lost her. I should have just run away... :crying:

And a special shoutout to Hydra the shiny Horsea (now Kingdra) I found on the Bond Bridge. I would've teamed him if I'd lost Frogger, but I was too attached to the frog to drop him.


Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
This was my first wonderlocke. Very few 'mons came with names, so I "named" them later on because it didn't feel right.

Chester the Chesnaught
Met at L. 5, currently L. 64
Seed Bomb/Earthquake/Hammer Arm/Poison Jab

I kept Chester here since I've never used Chespin before. He was always solid throughout the run, although he never really saw much gym action except against Clemont. But he did had one major victory-he demolished Lysandre's MegaDos, who I was extremely worried about since my only Mega option was not good against it. And he got to fight Siebold's Clawitzer and Wikstrom's Probopass. All in all, he was a solid partner start to finish, even if he went through a really awkward middle stage.

"Carla" the Crawdaunt
Met at L. 1, currently L. 64
Waterfall/Crunch/Ice Beam/Dragon Dance

I got this little one on Route 4. When I saw Adamant and Dragon Dance, I knew I had to give her a chance even though I'd never used the line before. And holy damn she was my best 'mon for a long part of the run-a frighteningly high Attack (214) meant she never even needed Dragon Dance to wreck foes. She helped take out Olympia, and took out half of Malva's team and part of Drasna's. So happy I got the chance to use her c:

"Jacob" the Jolteon
Met at L. 1, currently L. 66
Thunderbolt/Discharge/Shadow Ball/Dig

He came to me on Route 6. I was really excited to get Eevee since it's so versatile, and I eventually settled on Jolteon since I had a lot of the other types covered. And it was the best decision-even though he was stuck with no special STAB for a long time, he still demolished foes. And then he got Thunderbolt...and ended up demolishing Lysandre's Gyarados the first two times, half of Siebold's team and part of Drasna's. Couldn't have asked for anything else from him.

"Edgar" the Charizard
Met at L. 1, currently L. 67
Flamethrower/Dragon Claw/Fly/Dragon Dance

Surprisingly, I didn't get a Charmander until right before Ramos. But it was worth the wait-he also came with Dragon Dance and Dragon Pulse. He ended up wrecking Ramos and Wulfric, half of Wikstrom and Drasna's teams, and then he swept Diantha. For some reason, her Hawlucha has no Rock moves and she didn't feel like switching, so that gave me the chance to Mega, set up some dances, and then obliterate her (I wanted to go the safe route since I was looking at a perfect run and didn't want to blow that at the end, but I did some calcs and I'm pretty sure someone would've died otherwise). I love this dragon so much-well worth the money I spent buying his Mega Stone 🧡

"Crystal" the Skarmory
Met at L. 18, currently L. 65
Fly/Steel Wing/Night Slash/Toxic

She was my Route 8 catch. Don't ask me how I get so many Skarmories in my runs-she's my fifth or sixth. And she was just as awesome as I thought she'd be-she helped trash Ramos, Valerie, and Wulfric. And she got to take out Siebold's Barbacle and Wikstrom's Aegislash, as well as trolling shits like Medicham and Mienshao that want to spam Jump Kicks.
Love this metal bird ❤
(And I finally got both Skarmory and Charizard on a team together! :yay: )

"Bertha" the Hippowdon
Met at L. 1, currently L. 64
Earhquake/Crunch/Rock Slide/Ice Fang
Strangely enough, I think I got her on Route 9, and I think this was a same-for-same trade :psyduck:
Anyway, she was honestly the hardest 'mon to raise-Hippopotas is not really that good. But once she evolved, she more than made up for it-obliterating Clemont, teaming with Crawdaunt against Malva, as well as helping against Drasna. Definitely glad I gave her the chance.

And shoutouts to these three, who may not have been on the final team, but were still awesome anyway:

Colmillos the Crobat
Met at L. 14, currently L. 39

I got her in Santalune Forest. I was bummed at first, but she came with Fly, so she was actually really good. Ended up evolving at level 23, so that felt nice, and she helped trash Viola and Korrina-both the gym fight and the Lucario fight. I ended up boxing her because I had Skarmory and another Poison-type, plus I've used Crobat a ton before, but she was great for the early game. Also notable is that she's the only 'mon besides Chester with an actual name (it apparently roughly means fang).

"Brian Jr." the Gallade
Met at L. 1, currently L. 56
Brick Break/Psycho Cut/Poison Jab/Swords Dance

He came to me right around Geosenge. I was really happy when I saw a male Ralts, since I like Gallade more than Gardevoir. And once I got the Dawn Stone, he wrecked shit-he got to fight against Ramos, Valerie, and Wulfric. Although he had the closest call I've ever had in a run: surviving a crit and poison damage with literally 1 HP.
I really wanted to take him to the league since the last Gallade I got to use died at the last gym (hence the Jr. in his "name"), but I was already taking Chester and I didn't think Psychic would be that useful in the league. But I'm definitely happy I got the chance to use him.

"Janine" the Drapion
Met at L. 35, currently L. 54
Night Slash/Poison Fang/Ice Fang/Hone Claws

I actually got her on Route 5. But since she was massively overleveled, I didn't get to use her until halfway through the game. But I jumped at the chance since Drapion is a 'mon I've always wanted to use. And she definitely delivered-she trashed Valerie and Olympia with no problems.
I really wanted to take her to the end also, but I already had her types covered and I thought I would need Hippowdon more. But I'm happy I finally got the chance to use a Drapion c:

This was actually a deathless run! Also everyone got Pokérus thanks to a Ralts dupe I got on Route 14, which is literally the first time that'd happened to me in the ~20 years it's been a thing.


Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.

Marco the Sceptile
Met at L. 5, currently level 55
Leaf Storm/Dragon Claw/Leaf Blade/X-Scissor

Best starter as always. Roxanne, Archie's Sharpedo, the twins, Wallace, Wally's Mega Gallade, Sidney, Drake's Altaria, Steven's Claydol...everything fell to Marco's blades.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again-I love Sceptile, and always will.

"Morty" the Marowak
Met at L. 1, currently L. 56
Earthquake/Brick Break/Perish Song/Rock Slide

I've always liked Cubone, but never really had a chance to use it. Then I got this little one early on, and was pretty excited even though he didn't come with any actual attacks. He did come with Perish Song, though, so that worked until he got actual moves. And once he did, he was great-he demolished Wattson, Flannery, Steven's Aggron, and in the most pivotal moment, dodged two Giga Impacts from Megagross, setting up a Perish Song and giving me the chance to heal another teammate to wall it to oblivion. So proud of him, and I definitely want to give his Alolan form a try sometime.

"Sol" the Volcarona
Met at L. 1, currently L. 59
Flamethrower/Overheat/Bug Buzz/Quiver Dance

Story time:
I've always been indifferent to Larvesta, and Volcarona was honestly one of my least favorite Gen 5 'mons, partly because of the ludicrously late evolution and partly because I just didn't like the design much. So I never planned to use one.
But then I got this one as one of my first catches. He came at level 1, so I figured I'd challenge myself to keep him alive as long as possible. And he grew on me after a while-he was pretty solid, and was actually kind of cute. But I always figured that not evolving until so ridiculously late would inevitably be his downfall, or that eventually he wouldn't be able to keep up and I'd box him for his safety.
But that never happened-he never really had a close call, and never fell behind the rest of my team. And when I got to the league, he was level 53...so I decided he'd more than earned the six Rare Candies he needed to evolve. Since that made him overleveled, I decided I'd only use him against Steven unless any of my other five died in the league...and since they didn't, he only got to fight Steven's Skarmory, and never really got to be in any major battles.
But honestly, he may be my favorite of this team, just because he never gave up, and made it all the way despite what should have been insurmountable odds. And evolving him may well be the proudest moment I've ever had in a run.

"Gavin" the Carracosta
Met at L. 1, currently L. 55
Waterfall/Rock Slide/Shell Smash/Ice Beam (Crunch until Drake)

I got him right after Wattson if I recall correctly. I was pretty happy, since I've always liked both Gen 5 fossil 'mons. And he was always solid, taking out Flannery, Norman, Winona's Altaria, Drake's Flygons and Salamence, and Steven's Armaldo, as well as taking Megagross's final strike. Nothing could scratch him through 179 Defense.

"Logan" the Alakazam
Met at L. 32, currently L. 55
Psychic/Shadow Ball/Recover/Toxic

He was another pre-Roxanne catch. I was really excited when I saw a Kadabra since I knew he'd immediately evolve and I've never gotten to use an Alakazam, and then even more so when I saw he was Modest. But he came at level 32, so I had to box him until Norman, but once he came out...he was nuking foes from start to finish, notably the twins, one of Phoebe's Banettes, Drake's Kingdra, and Steven's Cradily. 177 Special Attack meant barely anything could take a hit from him.

"Thomas" the Heliolisk
Met at L. 18, currently L. 56
Thunderbolt/Surf/Dark Pulse/Parabolic Charge

I've never had luck with Helioptile-I've tried using it in the past and it was just awful. But when I got this one, I figured I'd drag him along until I got a better Electric-type or he died.
Neither ever happened, though, and he ended up being pretty solid throughout, even taking out most of Winona's team...and once he evolved, he turned amazing, taking down some of Wallace's team, and most of Phoebe and Glacia's (I had no idea he could learn Surf and Dark Pulse). Pretty proud of the little guy, and definitely gonna have to give the line another chance sometime.

And shoutout to the seventh team member, who got pushed out before Victory Road:

"Frank" the shiny Amoonguss
Level 48
Giga Drain/Sludge Bomb/Toxic/Feint Attack

My first catch was a freaking shiny. You can guess my reaction, even if I already had a shiny Foongus from a Y run. And he never really felt redundant to Marco-in fact, he took out Brawly, and more importantly, walled Primal Kyogre. But I just felt like I'd need the others more in the league, so he got pushed out in the end.


Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
So for this run, I had to have one Pokémon from each of the six available generations.

"Arthur" the Aegislash
Level 71, obtained on Route 3
Iron Head/Shadow Claw/Sacred Sword/Toxic

Honedge had been high on my list of want-to-use 'mons for a long time. So when I got one so early, I jumped at the chance. And he was amazing from the beginning-he made Korrina an utter joke and trashed Valerie and Olympia. There was nothing hitting him through effectively 225 Defense as a Doublade thanks to the Eviolite, and then I found the Dusk Stone...and he rent the rest of the game to pieces.
And even though he wasn't the senior 'mon for most of the game (that was my Venomoth, who was unfortunately lost on the way to said Dusk Stone), I tend to think he was the leader regardless, especially since he inherited the role anyway.
He was fittingly my sword and shield throughout the whole game. It felt appropriate given Sword and Shield were announced around that time.

"Michael" the Swellow
Level 69, obtained on Route 22
Fly/Return/U-turn/Brave Bird

Admittedly, Swellow isn't my favorite early bird-I usually prefer Staraptor. But he came along just in time to demolish Viola and got to help against Ramos. And I had so much fun trolling Jump Kick-spammers by Flying and making them lose half health before I even hit them. He didn't see any use in the league, unfortunately, and I considered swapping him out, but since he was my second-oldest, it didn't feel right, and I'm glad he made it to the end.
Even though he was largely a background player, he was still fun to use.

"Alexander" the Druddigon
Level 71, obtained on Route 4
Outrage/Crunch/Superpower/Rock Slide

This guy right here is the MVP of the run. Once I got him, he picked the team up and carried it for most of the game (a fully-evolved dragon right after gym one? Yes please!) He crushed Grant and Clemont, as well as many trainers that could have given me trouble. And even when the others caught up, he was still just as useful as he was at the beginning-he's one of only two 'mons who saw action against every league member. Sheer Force made him an absolute nuke, and I'm so glad he made it to the end. It's a shame the guy gets overshadowed by Haxorus and Hydreigon...
Alex was the powerhouse of the team (even though Arthur's Attack stat is higher). And as much as I don't want to play favorites, he probably was (what can I say, I love dragons).

"Stella" the Magcargo
Level 70, obtained on Route 6
Flamethrower/Ancient Power/Recover/Shell Smash

It took until Route 6 to get a Gen 2 'mon. And honestly, when I saw a Slugma, I was meh toward it-it's not a well-liked or particularly strong 'mon, and I never saw her making it to the end. But I knew I had to keep her alive as long as possible or I'd be down a slot, so I had to try, even though I didn't think she'd get too far. And she was surprisingly decent, getting to help against Ramos and evolving right around the point when she was really struggling. But I eventually got an Octillery, so I figured she'd gone as far as she could...and then said Octillery went down outside Anistar's gym. So back on the team she went, and she managed to make it all the way, even getting to help against Wulfric and Wikstrom.
She may not have been the most powerful 'mon, but she never gave up, and I respect the hell out of her for it.

"Hugo" the Drapion
Level 69, joined team in Shalour
Poison Jab/Night Slash/Earthquake/Thunder Fang

Drapion is another 'mon that's been high on my want-to-use list, so I was happy when I got one a few runs back. But that one got bumped out of the league team, so when I had a chance to use this one (after the run's first death-a surprisingly solid Mothim), I was determined to take him all the way. And he was incredibly handy-taking down Valerie, Olympia, and most importantly, Lysandre's MegaDos (with a little help from an unfortunately deceased Furfrou). And it fell to him to take out Diantha's Mega Gardevoir at the end-I'm not sure any of the others could've. I was worried he might not succeed, but he came through just like he always did.
He was the second MVP of the run. He was also the inspration for me to start "naming" my wonderlocke Pokémon-while everyone else's "name" was just their species, he was saddled with the number 1777 (guessing a breeding project?), and it didn't feel right to me to refer to him like that, since he was so much more than a breedject.

"Derek Jr." the Blastoise
Level 71, joined team in Couriway
Surf/Ice Beam/Flash Cannon/Water Spout

He wasn't going to be here until I lost my Venomoth and needed another Gen 1 'mon, and he was the best one I had. But I'm so glad I brought him on-he was the only other 'mon to see action against every league member, and there are some 'mons in the league that would've been big trouble otherwise. I just wish I could've gotten him his Mega Stone...
He may have been a latecomer, but he came in incredibly handy when I needed him most. (He's named after my MVP Blastoise from a run a long time ago.)


Metal dragon bird/Smash ‘locker
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also writes and is a huge fan of Smash Bros.
After about two years, I finally have a new run to add!
The final six:

Eli the Decidueye
Met at L. 5, currently L. 58
Leaf Blade/Brave Bird/Spirit Shackle/Synthesis
I decided to give Rowlet a shot since I've used Litten before. And he was pretty great-he was a big help against Totem Wishiwashi and ended up crushing Totem Kommo-o with Pluck of all things. I'd heard Ghost-types in Alola struggle, but he never did-in fact, it came in handy against Lusamine's Bewear. And his coverage let him fight in all the E4 except Kahili (although I never did find a good fourth move...). I wish I could have used him against Kukui (but that's because I saved my next 'mon for him), but I'm glad he was by my side from start to finish.

"Ridley" the Hydreigon
Met at L. 1, currently L. 64
Dragon Pulse/Dark Pulse/Crunch/Dragon Rush
I'm pretty sure I screamed "F YES" when I got a Deino as one of my first "catches" since I've wanted to use one for a long time. And he was even better than I expected-he came with both pulse moves, so I didn't have to deal with Hustle nonsense. He oneshotted Totem Raticate with Dragon Rage, and walled a lot of stuff through the run. Even the ridiculously late evolution didn't hurt him thanks to the Eviolite, and by the time we hit the league he was level 58, so I stuffed him with six Rare Candies. Since he was overleveled, I kept him in the back for the E4 unless any of the others died, but since they all lived, I only used him against Kukui. But he took out his Lycanroc and finished the run by taking down his Snorlax.
Like my Volcarona from AS, he's probably my favorite of this team because he made it all the way in the face of what should've been insurmountable odds.

"Tara" the shiny Flygon
Met at L. 1, currently L. 58
Earthquake/Dragon Claw/Rock Slide/Crunch
Yes, I already had one dragon, but can you blame me for using a shiny? Especially a +Attack Trapinch who came with EQ/Rock Slide/Crunch (thanks, random Twitch streamer)? Pretty much an instant win button against Totem Salazzle and Vikavolt, and always handy throughout even though Vibrava sucks. She had a lot of close calls in the league (among them, she tanked Kahili's Z-move), but survived them all, and got to fight in every battle except Hala. I couldn't have asked for a better shiny.

"Spike Jr." the Charizard
Met at L. 1, currently L. 61
Flamethrower/Fly/Dragon Pulse/Dragon Dance
He came along at the perfect time-Totem Lurantis always gives me trouble no matter what I use, so a Charmander with Flare Blitz was a welcome addition (and an instant win). I replaced it for Flamethrower later because I don't really like recoil moves, but it didn't stop him from being nuking Lusamine's Lilligant both times. And he was one of the stars in the league, taking out most of Hala's team and beating Kukui's Incineroar-the biggest threat to my team-in an epic duel of Smash Fire-types (which ended in a bizarre and hilarious way: after several turns of whaling on each other/healing/him inexplicably using a Z-move, he switched it out, only to send it back in and Flare Blitz while in the red, which did basically nothing to me but knocked himself out).
And that's why 'Zard's the best starter. (His namesake is from one of my first runs.)

"Remy" the Kabutops
Met at L. 1, currently L. 57
Rock Slide/Scald/X-Scissor/Slash
A long time ago, I read a Silver randomlocke that had the most ridiculously OP Kabutops. Ever since then (and because the design is awesome), I've wanted to use one myself, but I never got the chance...until this guy showed up mid-run. I was really happy, and he was quickly added to the squad. It took a while for him to get going since Kabuto isn't that great (the one from the run was already evolved), but once he evolved he was worth it. He didn't get to see too many major battles, but did take out some of Kahili's team and Kukui's Braviary. He may not have been quite as OP as the other, but he was still solid, and I'm glad I got the chance to use him.

"Kenny" the Lucario
Met at L. 1, currently L. 60
Aura Sphere/Flash Cannon/Psychic/Shadow Ball
tfw a -Attack Lucario still has a higher physical Attack than Special (165/151) but he has to run special for coverage 😐
Not that it mattered-If anything, that actually made him more useful. He didn't see a lot of major fights, but took out Lusamine's Clefable both times, and absolutely shined in the league-he took out the most 'mons, and I probably could've used him in all five battles if I'd been daring.
There's a reason Lucario's my co-favorite Pokémon and Smash fighter, and he's a perfect example of why.

And one 'mon who I don't think I could have won without:

"Lorelei" the Cloyster
Met at L. 1, currently L. 46
Icicle Spear/Rock Blast/Razor Shell/Smart Strike
The demon hellspawn known as Totem Mimikyu is a fight I always dread, because there are very few things that make it an easy fight. I'd had this girl in the box for a while, but was suggested to use her for that fight. So I trained her up...and she demolished it. I was shocked, but very pleased, and she was instantly promoted into the squad. Skill Link made her into a wrecking ball, and an ungodly Defense (202) meant nothing physical could touch her. I was severely tempted to take her to the league, but I just didn't have space...but she came through when I needed her most, and I'm grateful for it. Next time I get a Shellder, it's going all the way for her.

My third deathless run! Plenty of close calls here and there (I nearly lost Tara at least twice in the league alone), but these guys came through, and I couldn't be prouder.

As for what's next...I've heard so many stories about how hard the Ultra games are, so I'm ready to find out for myself...


life is a trip alright
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
A place to nap
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Normal
Pokédex Entry
This ghost tries to be studious and businesslike, but will squee or keysmash easily. They would love to cuddle every adorable cat in the world.
Oh goodness, White 2 was not an easy game. I did set myself some very tricky rules (level cap, same amount of Pokémon as the Gym Leader, maximum of 2 items that the Trainer can use including healing items, no looking up opponents' movesets, SET Mode…) but what made this even harder was the sheer amount of tricky battles in these games that threw me off guard and would have resulted in even more deaths had I not been careful. And then my plans for the Elite 4 and Champion went so badly due to crits that I'm astonished we didn't wipe at all - this was the only time I made it to the Champion and was genuinely uncertain about what would come next. My team was also named after Pokemon in abandoned runs, or those that had been boxed or had died in runs prior.

Axel: Male Serperior
Ability: Overgrow
Reflect/Light Screen/Leech Seed/Leaf Blade
Holding: Light Clay
Named after my first ever nuzlocke Starter, Axel the Oshawott, who died to a nasty Riolu in my BW2 run. You are the epitome of a very good Pokémon in a game that is very harsh to you. I love you and your line, but Unova doesn't D: literally, you had problems against 5/8 Gyms I am not kidding, whether it was because the Gym leaders had type effective attacks against you (Roxie, Burgh, Elesa, Skyla) resisted you (Drayden) or all three. But you still came in to deal with Drayden's Haxorus, swept Cheren and soloed Clay and Marlon, to my astonishment. You were such an asset however you could with moves like Growth, Leech Seed, Coil and Return to damage and take down a variety of difficult threats, and you were often the go-to Pokemon against others who had set up and might wipe out the team such as a +4 Attack Excadrill and Drayden's +2 Attack Haxorus. Without your screens and support, especially in the Elite 4, our team may well have suffered far worse than what they did - your screens helped keep key Pokemon alive who saved our team from wiping in the League and the Champion. Your high point came when Light Screen and Leech Seed helped you survive Iris' Hydreigon's Flamethrower - twice - and created an opening for Nightshade to sweep. You are an excellent Starter and I'm glad you're still here xD

Nightshade: Female Excadrill
Ability: Sand Rush
Moves: EQ/Swords Dance/Rock Slide/Shadow Claw
Holding: Leftovers/Sitrus Berry
You were named after my amazing Gothitelle who died to a crit in the Flora Sky Elite 4. She did so incredibly well that I was worried that you, with your poor Nature, couldn't keep up with her. But wow, I'm amazed. You truly are a phenomenal Pokemon, the run's joint MVP, because you had all the excellent tools to set up and sweep via level. Rock Slide? Earthquake? Swords Dance? A nice Iron Head from the Move Tutor? You had it! You were able to take out so many threats, from Elesa to some of Skyla's team to Drayden's Dragon Dance Haxorus, to most of the Elite 4 before sweeping all of Iris' Pokemon 6-0 once you had Axel's Screens and Leech Seed support. I always love my Steel types and I am so happy to take yet another one to the Hall of Fame.

Trace: Female Espeon
Ability: Synchronise
Moves: Psychic/Signal Beam/Shadow Ball/Heal Bell
Holding: Expert Belt
Trace, you were named after my Eevee in my abandoned Rejuvenation run. You and Nightshade are the oldest catches left alive, and I am so glad that you both made it through. You might not quite be the MVP that my Umbreon (Fortune) was in my Heart Gold nuzlocke, but I was as blown away by you as all the Poison types Team Plasma had to offer. You were also an excellent revenge killer, who came in to take out Skyla's Swanna once it OHKOed my poor Audino and even came in to KO Shauntal's Golurk in the League! I may have never played a first-person shooter, but using you was what I envision using one was like - I would point you at opponents and watch the bodies fly. You are this unstoppable force which makes me so glad that I picked this form to evolve you into.

Dart: Male Braviary
Ability: Defiant
Moves: Fly/Superpower/Hone Claws/Shadow Claw
Holding: Shell Bell/Sitrus Berry
Dart, you are another excellent Pokemon (and a very underrated one imo) and I'm so glad that I caught you when I did. I saved up my catch for you on Route 4 where you waited, with an amazing Hidden Ability and the moveset and stats to cleave through teams. I wish I could have found the Bulk Up TM for you to stack with Superpower but it was to no avail, however you had did some amazing moments. Defiant is a fantastic Ability that let you turn potentially horrible stat drops into opportunities for you to take out so many Trainers in your path. You took down Marshal's +4 or something Conkeldurr after it brutally crit OHKOed my Jellicent through screens. You even survived a Rock Slide from Ghetsis' Life Orb Hydreigon to KO it with Superpower! I didn't always use you, but you came in clutch when I needed you most. Congratulations on your Hall of Fame debut!

Pluto: Male Jellicent - DEAD
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Scald/Shadow Ball/Ice Beam/Recover
Holding: Sitrus Berry/Ice Gem
Pluto, my stalwart bulky 'mon, named after a fallen Jellicent in my first White 2 nuzlocke, you were meant to be the Iris counter who could Recover all the damage and burn every enemy in your way. And you did so well! You got through a lot of Drayden's team, helped against Ghetsis (even stalling out his Toxicroak's Sucker Punch PP and Zinzolin and were all set to help out Iris until a critical Stone Edge from Marshal's Conkeldurr took you out. I honestly think that you're one of the best Water types in Unova, you're underrated in general and I wish that you had been around for even longer and had made it to the Hall of Fame as you deserve.

Peach: Female Clefable - DEAD
Ability: Cute Charm
Moves: Toxic/Moonlight/Cosmic Power/Ice Beam
Holding: Leftovers
Oh, bless you, poor Peach - you were named after my Jigglypuff from my old Reborn run. You were caught in the Giant Chasm and were used to replace my amazing Volcarona after she died to Hugh's Emboar carrying Stone Edge. You were going to be my second Iris counter, but then her Golurk used Brick Break and it crit KOed you through screens. Something similar had happened to Pluto, and now you were next, and I wish I could have used you more. Hopefully I'll get the chance to train one of you in another run and take that teammate far.
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I can’t do money puns. It just won’t make cents.
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Aug 8, 2019
With an axe
Pokémon Type
Electric, Water
Pokédex Entry
A person who does both comics and runs and whatnot. Okay then.
Finally, it’s about time I posted my AlteRed Nuzlocke team! It was done for a while by now though. If I completed the run as soon as I started it, then Skarmizard‘s AS Wonderlocke post would have been the latest post on this thread.

But back to business! This hack is known to be where pretty much all the creatures available are retyped, given new designs, and some stats switched around. That and some other QOL changes too.

There is some information that won’t be shown because it applies to all of them: they are all level 63, and ALL OF THEM ARE MALE. It’s happened before, I believe I did have an old Black 2 randomiser that was a saysagefest, but AlteRed’s totally caught me off guard. And it seemed like any female that entered the team was bound to die. Now let’s go on!

HeadHitter the Amalgaform (Castform)
Brave natured, holding Leftovers
Earthquake, Starshicker, Night slash, Spore
Typeless (yes really)

Yes, this thing ended up as my first encounter. I did not expect it, and I also did not expect it to come with Sketch, which allowed me to teach him Spore (from my Breloom whom I replaced with this) as well as whatever coverage my team lacked. I was worried he wouldn’t be that good at using Spore due to being slow, but it turns out that didn’t matter because he could take hits for days. Definitely helped the team greatly, at least for some weird creature combination.

Buffius the Furrarm (Furret)
Hasty natured, holding BrightPowder
Brick break, Thunderpunch, Ice punch, Fire punch
Pure Fighting
Cute charm

Buffius. The buffest buff winner, the great lord of everything powerful. I can only imagine how broken he would be if the Expert belt was in this game, but otherwise, he was simply a destroyer. Very few opponents could stand up against him. I’m pretty sure he’s the longest lasting team member, and I can see why.

SaveDaKids the Coolcatty (Delcatty)
Naive natured, holding NeverMeltIce
Icicle crash, Iron head, Strength, Attract
Rough skin

This thing come around at a time where I desperately needed an Ice type and he delivered. Barely did I need to worry about his quad weaknesses because he was so damn fast and was capable of wrecking opponents before they could touch him. If anything was weak to either of his types, he would take them out with ease.

Word the Necratomic (Electivire)
Careful natured, holding Leftovers
Fire punch, Soul steal, Earthquake, Will o wisp
Speed boost

Despite all the good things I had to say about my first three team members, I believe Word is easily the MVP of the run, or at least ever since I stuck him onto the team. First and formost, yes, SPEED BOOST. And across a mon who isn’t even close to fast, but just after a few turns, pretty much all his stats were suddenly amazing. The first part is that he’s already insanely bulky, and once he burns someone, they will immediately do zero damage to him. As soon as he got Earthquake, that was when he became possibly the strongest specific member of the team as now Fire mons who can’t be Will o wisped get hit by a super effective hit. Overall, yes, again, Word was simply a destroyer. And now I know what it’s like to have that damn Speed boost Zangoose who killed a previous team member.

And Stones the Sinistales (Ninetales)
Mild natured, holding BlackGlasses
Night daze, Psychic, Blizzard, Will o wisp
Pure Dark

Named that because the pre evo was called Vulstyx, the stage where I caught him. And Stones is possibly the 2nd longest lasting team member, and to be fair, I’m actually very suprised by that because he outlasted many incredibly strong creatures. Regardless, despite the fact it took a bit of babying until he got Night daze, as soon as he got it, he demolished a great amount of opponents and help us check the Psychic gym. Don’t recall it missing that much either. He could also burn stuff but that was only saved for in case something happened to Word.

Unexpected the Wyveldo (Armaldo)
Bashful nature, holding Quick claw
Fly, Dragon claw, Earthquake, Dragon dance

I had a plan for my final team for this game, but that plan was shattered when the final gym took out my surfer. I would look for another one which wouldn’t be too hard, but I just couldn’t stop looking at my Dragon with Intimidate. So HeadHitter who knew Fly at the time dropped that for Surf and I decided to let Unexpected onto the team. He didn’t do anything super remarkable, but Dragon dance combined with his moveset meant tons of wins for the squad.

Mr. Emson the Flameape (Primeape)

The biggest sell towards Mr. Emson was the fact that he had HUGE POWER, and even an attack boosting nature to boot. I decided to rotate between he and Word before deciding to only use Word. Emson was still nothing but a badass during his timeon the team, and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single opponent who could live through his Flare blitz. Would not mind to try out another if I ever play this game again.

Lighthouse the Talomence (Salamence)

My first catch. Named Lighthouse because his first form’s species is called Beakon, which made me think of beacon, and the rest was history. He may have actually been the least impressive team member back before he was fully evolved, but I still wanted him to stick around out of sentimental value, and continued to do so after he was fully evolved. Boxed him because again, I needed my other team members more than I needed him, but I’m still very glad that he never died.

Bath the Dusharp (Dustox)

For something that has a defense boosting nature on an already very defensive creature, Bath was guaranteed to be a hit and he delivered. He pretty much refused to die against pretty much anything he was sent out against. Boxed since, again, I felt I needed the others more.

Shocko the Starau (Starmie)

Back when I first caught Shocko, he was pretty good. His Rock throws were powerful and he could take hits that nobody else could. He eventually got boxed though because he couldn’t stop missing his attacks and most of my later teammates could do what he could but better.

Potato the Wilfortune (Qwilfish)

Named such because while trying to catch him he used Money mash and I went with it. He was one of my earliest catches and I actually attempted to train him, but stopped when I realised he wasn’t gonna learn any more moves other than what he had.

Carrot the Moweroth (Vigoroth)

Okay, this is the last edit. I finally remembered all my retired teammates. Carrot was who replaced my late starter, and he was a pretty significant team member until his retirement. I didn’t box him because he would eventually get Truant, no, I did so because again, same reason as almost everyone else who retired: he was just not my top priority for a team member.

I still can’t believe nothing but males were the survivors. In comparison, all my deaths save two were female. I did not expect that at all. Well, spoilers, at least my next nuzrun is definitely making up for that.
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Bowser's Family Vacation

Johto League Champion
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Cool
Pokédex Entry
"Am I Mario's babysitter? Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what?"

Orinoco the Swellow
Guts | Quiet | Route 116
Facade / Aerial Ace / Fly / Sunny Day
Holding a King's Rock​
Oh, Orinoco. You became my pseudo starter, as the only survivor of the battle against Roxanne. (I had lost my official starter before Roxanne.) Your evolution into Swellow enabled me to choose my Granite Cave encounter's, Akaka the Makuhita's, lore rule, and using that Chosen lorerule, I was able to prevent many dangerous effects. I was prepared to crown Akaka MVP of the run, but since she died, and you're the reason we got her, do you want it instead? Even disregarding the contribution of your lore rule, you were our faithful flyer, and we frequently visited Petalburg Woods to give your Facade attack a boost. :)
If this pokemon dies while you are trying to catch it, or while you own it, you lose your next encounter. If this pokemon evolves while it is in your party, you may choose which lore rule you’ll get on your next encounter (right after seeing that encounter).

Bhagirathi the Minun
Minus | Quirky | Route 110
Thunderbolt / Agility / Baton Pass / Nasty Plot
Holding a Lax Incense​
At first, I was angry about getting you as my encounter. I already had an electric type, and your lore rule somewhat forced your entry onto the team! But by the time a Curse really forced you onto the team, I was sold. A fast electric type with a myriad of status moves (including Baton Pass)? Sign me up! Orinoco might be the MVP, but you are my favorite team member. ^^
If you add Plusle/Minun to your party right after you catch it, choose another higher levelled pokemon in your party. As long as Plusle/Minun is in your party and is lower levelled than that pokemon, you may cancel that pokemon's lore rule. If Plusle/Minun ever leaves your party, release Plusle/Minun.

Walden the Azumarill
Thick Fat | Calm | Petalburg City
Surf / Play Rough / Waterfall / Bulldoze
Holding a Sea Incense​
Who says Azumarill are useless without Huge Power? I think I've now used every variant of Azumarill: pure water type with Huge Power, pure water type with Thick Fat, water and fairy type with Huge Power, water and fairy type with Thick Fat... If you haven't used an Azumarill yet, what are you waiting for? I may think that the essay that shares your name is pretentious, but you're always welcome on my team!
Comes in effect as an Azumarill. This pokemon can once in the game create an elixir of life by sacrificing a Moon stone. This elixir can return to life one pokemon that died from a lore rule.

Khovsgol the Steelix
Sturdy | Hardy | Mirage Cave
Toxic / Iron Tail / Crunch / Earthquake
Holding a Wide Lens​
Did you know that you can use Steelix in ORAS? Only in ORAS, though. Onix are an encounter in one of the Mirage Caves! Seriously, especially if you're re-playing ORAS, consider adding a team member from one of these Mirage Spots! They unlock after defeating Primal Groudon/Primal Kyogre. As for Steelix, what else do I need to say? They're amazing tanks, and this one kind of forced me to experience the majesty of Toxic stalling. XD
This pokemon is extremely deadly and produces vile poison. When you catch this pokemon, there is a 30% chance for every non-Poison/Steel pokemon that was damaged by this pokemon (or for the pokemon who leads the party in Let’s Go) to die from the deadly poison. (after the battle). Must know 1 Poison move if possible, and when it does open every trainer battle using it.

Nyos the Magcargo
Magma Armor | Sassy | Fiery Path
Harden / Lava Plume / Rock Slide / Yawn
Holding a Charcoal​
An oddball Hall of Famer, I'll admit, but I needed a counter to Steven's Mega Metagross, and I felt a fire type was the best candidate. You were difficult to train, but your Lava Plume spelled doom for any physical attacker, and, honestly, I can't believe I almost didn't run Yawn. ._. It's guaranteed sleep! (Since the AI, like, never switches out. Admittedly, your lore rule was kind of annoying, but, on this final team, it was the only one I had difficulty manuevering around.
This pokemon is a prince/ss hiding inside a shell who only seeks to help others. It is considered Royal. Can’t stay in battle for more than 3 consecutive turns, unless it used Harden/Defense Curl/Amnesia/Shell Smash in one of these turns. As long as it is in your party choose a lower levelled pokemon and you may cancel that pokemon’s lore rule (you may only switch to another target pokemon if this one has died).

Mutsu the Hariyama
Thick Fat | Lax | Victory Road
Bulk Up / Close Combat / Brick Break / Sunny Day
Holding a Heat Rock​
Yeah, I ended up using my Victory Road encounter. >_> But my deathless League run wouldn't have been possible without you, Mutsu. I'm so glad I didn't have to worry about the level limit component of your lore rule, though. If I had needed a sixth team member before the Elite Four, that probably would have disqualified you.
This pokemon lives by the values of fairness, ethics and respect. It can’t use any Dark or Poison type moves, can’t use items in battle unless the opponent used them before in this battle, and can’t fight trainer pokemon who are more than 2 levels below it (not including the E4).

Moselle the Beautifly​
My early-game MVP. Don't sleep on that Struggle Bug TM in Slateport City for your requisite Beautifly and/or Dustox you got for Brawly!
If this pokemon uses a Water type move twice in a row or a Flying type move twice in a row, 50% that it must be switched out immediately, can’t be used anymore in this battle, and it dies at the end of battle.

Superior the Cosplay Pikachu​
Did you know that Cosplay Pikachu can be a hard counter to Wattson? That's the power of baiting electric types with half your team that's weak to electric into Lightning Rod for ya!
(Relevant only in games with held items, if not reroll). This pokemon can only hold Berries. Must learn the move Thief or Natural Gift if possible.

Tekapo the Golem​
Don't use a water type for Flannery. Use a rock or ground type instead! Or a rock and ground type!
In open areas – in a game with day/night cycles can only be used in the night. In a game without – can be used for 3 consecutive turns, then if not returned it is considered paralyzed, can’t use any moves, and can’t be used in future battles until you throw away a non-bought revive. If an Electric move is used on it (even if it is immune), you must switch it out as soon as possible (trolls are afraid of lightning and thunder).

Tiber the Illumise​
My savior against Tate and Liza. No, really. I really wanted to take you to the League, Tiber, but the Hoenn League's types really aren't kind to bug types, and your lore rule limited your support kit.
While this pokemon is in your party you may cancel the lore rule of every other Grass and Fairy pokemon in your party and the effect of lore rules of Grass and Fairy type pokemon as you catch them. Must know a Fairy (or Fairy in future generations) or Psychic type move if possible. Must know a Grass type move if possible.

I've started an ORAS lorelocke (undocumented, so I can test if this is a ruleset I'll actually commit to for a documented run), and, wow, I never thought I'd say it, but ORAS is kicking my ass.

First, this Marill on Route 116 strung two brain cells together and used Defense Curl and Rollout and kept not missing??? Killing my Beautifly (Vile Poison, which means, for a Beautifly, you're just saddled with Poison Sting forever :c), my Mudkip (Burnyip), and my Zigzagoon (Echinemon, and Sand-Attack didn't seem to stop the Rollout rampage)!

I finally get to Rusturf Tunnel, but I can't get my Whismur because if its Wail of the Banshee kills my Wingull, I'll surely wipe!

So my team going into Roxanne is a Wingull (Curse of Icarus) and Taillow (Symbol of Luck), with a Silcoon (caught as a Silcoon) and a Cursed Albatross Wingull in the PC.

Despite waiting for Water Pulse at level 15 (and locking out with Geodude knocking out its own Sturdy with confusion from Water Pulse, enabling Wingull to go into Nosepass with full HP), Water Pulse is a 2HKO against Nosepass, and I played too cautiously, not wanting to risk the Curse of Icarus, leading to the curse of, you know, death. 💀

Heading out of Rustboro, my Silcoon inherits the Curse of Icarus (no other lorerule for any of my late Pokemon could actually work for Silcoon, so I foregoed randomization), and that's not good news for Brawly. 😦

Still, I'm having a great time! (Definitely not going to do a documented HGSS lorelocke like my original plan, though. HGSS is both harder than ORAS and way worse for grinding!) Thank you for sharing this challenging and engaging ruleset with the community! ^^
Since I had both a Taillow and a Beautifly, Brawly wasn't difficult. I actually swapped between Gust and Harden to deal with the Curse of Icarus. Poor Brawly. He doesn't know that Bulk Up doesn't do anything against Gust.

Last update, I was worried about the Curse of Icarus, but two things happened to alleviate that worry:
1) I forgot about the Struggle Bug TM in Slateport! Now, I have one STAB move that is immune to the curse!
2) I caught a Minun with the Lion and Mouse lorerule. Since all of my other lorerules were positive (i.e: Symbol of Luck on my Taillow and Chosen of Ebisu on my Tentacool), I linked it to my Beautifly to nullify his lorerule. (Fun Fact: All of my catches, except this Beautifly, have been female.)

Seems my luck was turning around, right? Kind of.

See, while my Rustboro survivors were well-equipped for Brawly, my team going towards Mauville City was Beautifly, Taillow, Tentacool, and Minun. (And, no, none of those Pokemon can learn TM Bulldoze. ._.)


I dive into my guidebook. After Wattson, I can catch so many Geodude with Rock Smash, but before Wattson? Slim pickings.

I pick up Cosplay Pikachu in Slateport City because I'm not worried about "losing" a water type encounter in Hoenn. XD

And, as it would turn out, Geodude is slim pickings, even in Granite Cave. Makuhita is my encounter there instead. Upon evolution, my Swellow gives me a Symbol of Luck, so I decide that this Makuhita is another Chosen.

But a good lorerule doesn't change the fact that (at least my) Makuhita's special defense is awful! I give it TM Bulldoze anyway, but I'm worried about Wattson.

But wait, rewind! Remember Cosplay Pikachu? It has the ability LightningRod.

And I put one of my weak-to-electric team members (so half my team) up front to bait an electric move, and Cosplay Pikachu uses the boosted special attack to get me the Dynamo Badge!
Unfortunately, my Chosen of Eibsu Tentacool died to Maxie's Camerupt at Mt. Chimney, and so, I was worried. As I said before, I lost my Mudkip before Roxanne, the (living) Wingull in my PC has a mighty curse on it, and, now, without my Chosen of Ebisu, any Magikarp I fished up might be unable to evolve until after Norman! (I will note that I found a shiny Magikarp, but I decided that shinies would not have any lorerules, so I want using a shiny to be a last resort.)

Regardless, Gyarados doesn't get a water type move until level 33, with Aqua Tail, and since Flannery's ace is only level 28, that seems kind of cheap.

Luckily, fire types aren't solely weak to water type moves! There are also ground types (whoops, I got a Spinda at Route 113, instead of a Sandshrew) and rock types.

Of which Golem is both! Using my twin brother's 3DS, I got my Troll Blood (suppressed due to my Chosen of Ameno Tajikarao Hariyama) Geodude fully evolved.

And... Remember how so many of my caught Pokemon this run have been female? Well, my Golem is one of the rare exceptions! His Attract can work against Flannery's (and, now that I think about it, Winona's) Pokemon.

Alas, it was not meant to be. 😔 Huh? No, my Golem is fine. It's just that I OHKOed Slugma and Numel, and Flannery's AI was stupid: Although I needed a 3HKO to clear Torkoal, she used those turns to 1) Sunny Day and 2) Curse. Even when she healed, she just used Curse again, and then Torkoal was too lovestruck to... I don't know, Curse again? Lame.

Norman, though, was not lame. Realistically, I was stupid. I should have gotten my whole team to levels 28-30, but I just used my Hariyama to steamroll all of the Petalburg Gym Trainers, and, even then, Hariyama entered the Norman battle at level 29, not level 30 like his ace.

Now I taught Hariyama and Golem TM Dig (they were the only two on the team who could learn it), but... I mistimed the Dig.

So Hariyama took a full-powered Retaliate to the face. And several critical hits.

But she lived! 🎉 (Use Lavaridge Town to stock up on Moomoo Milks, friends.) Hariyama is great. In fact, I'm actually prepared to call Akaka my MVP. Yes, I know, it was my Swellow that gave me the ability to pick the best lorerule for her, but it is my Hariyama, not my Swellow, that I go to when I'm in panic mode. (Also, Fake Out is so good for Hoenn's numerous double battles.) No shade on Orinoco, my Swellow, but Akaka has skills that go beyond her mightily useful lorerule. :)

Now to Surf! 🌊 ...On my Gyarados. Grace of the Koi forces us to do odd things. Wish me luck for catching a Marill to replace my Gyarados. I'm prepared with my Chosen of Diana Illumise!
Hey, remember what Past Me said?
Hariyama is great. In fact, I'm actually prepared to call Akaka my MVP.
...Yeah, I think you can see where this is going.

Still, I need to preface the tragic tale with a confession, of sorts.

When I do lockes, I don't count grinding deaths. I see little point. There are games with Self-Destructing Geodude in the wild, and that is not your fault! Besides, counting grinding deaths, to me, just extends the process of grinding needlessly. For this lorelocke, I've also been nullifying lore rules during grinding.

But how does one define "grinding"? For me, grinding means battling wild Pokemon (on a route I have explored before) and re-battling Trainers I have fought before.

Maybe this makes me "not a real nuzlocker," but I don’t care. For me, the fun of these challenges is trying new strategies, not tiptoeing through the safest early routes.

Which brings me back to my story. I decided, after Flannery, that I wanted my Route 111 desert encounter to be one of the fossils. (I picked Lileep, by the way. I've never used one before! ...And I won't use it until I grind it to Cradily!) I put up a Repel and accessed the Fossil, no problem.

The problem came when I decided to explore the route, looking for items.

While using my Dowsing Machine, I accidentally encountered a trainer. The trainer's Sandslash had Sand Veil, and its Slash killed my Chosen Hariyama. Research revealed that the Trainer is Ruin Maniac Dusty, who can be re-battled.

Remember what I said before?
Bowser's Family Vacation said:
re-battling Trainers I have fought before
That's right. Despite being able to grind with Dusty, I had never battled him before, and my carelessness cost my MVP her life. Are you happy now, Orinoco?

Actually, I ended up using Dusty and the defensive EVs his team provided with the new team member, Aral: the Tulu Camel Wrestler Numel. With my Chosen gone, my Golem's Troll Blood was going to be problematic. (Although not in Winona's Gym itself, I don't think. I've been counting "open areas" as "not in buildings or caves".) Numel can learn TM Rock Tomb, and the line can learn Rock Slide via level-up!

Except... My own rules come back to haunt me.
Bowser's Family Vacation said:
re-battling Trainers I have fought before
Some stupid guy with a Ninjask on Route 119 killed my Numel with Slash. The same move that caused my last death! 😭

But as Route 119 taketh away, Route 119 giveth, and it giveth me Etosha: my Samebito / Koijin Carvanha (now a Sharpedo).
Only comes in effect as a Sharpedo. This pokemon cries precious stones.
If Sharpedo is in your party and another pokemon in your party dies in battle, you get a Gem. After every gym battle you win using Sharpedo in battle for at least three turns, you get a Gem.
These Gems can be treated either as a Nugget or an item worth 5,000 pokeyen for the purpose of any lore rules.
Must know a Water type move if possible. Must know a Dark type move if possible.
*looks at death toll* I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship, Etosha.

Even if it comes at the cost of another friendship. See, for Route 110, I wanted a Kecleon. An Overly Empathetic Shapeshifter Kecleon, to be exact. One that would copy from Swellow's lore rule list to either give me the ability to pick my next encounters lore rule or cancel my Golem's lore rule. And I got one. Except for that last detail. Kecleon got Bringer of Summer instead, and it hates Ice Fang.

But I love Ice Fang.

So the choice was made for me. XD

Metronome + Ice Fang (With some Stealth Rock support? Honestly, I don't think Golem did much.) decimated Winona's big bad Altaria. It felt good to curbstomb this Gym Leader because I was really worried about Winona before I got access to Ice Fang Sharpedo! Also, I got my first Gem out of my Sharpedo too.
Last time, I got cursed by a voodoo doll. It's cool, though, considering Shuppet (now Banette) is the only Mega-Evolution-capable Pokemon on my team. And, come to think of it, ghost is super effective against (Mega) Metagross, right? Hm... 🤔

Ghost is also super effective against Solrock and Lunatone, but that's not actually my plan.

Remember my good friend the Struggle Bug TM? Well, I've been using Struggle Bug on my Chosen of Diana Illumise (since it doesn't get a good bug move, Bug Buzz, until level 41). Well, other than it being much-needed bug STAB, Struggle Bug has two interesting effects: 1) it hits both enemy Pokemon (but not ally Pokemon) in a Double Battle and 2) it always decreases the Pokemon hit's special attack by one stage.

Yeah, you heard it here first: I want to use my Illumise against two rock types. I'm not completely crazy! ORAS gives you access to the super effective damage decreasing berries as soon as you get Surf. So popping a Charti Berry on Illumise should help!

But Tiber won't be facing Tate and Liza alone! Etosha, my beloved Sharpedo, has nothing to fear from their rock and psychic type moves!

Wait, what's that my notes say?

Killed by confusion against Team Magma grunt (Mt. Pyre).
Uh, yeah, so that happened. Swagger increases the amount of damage confusion recoil does, and Sharpedo's naturally high attack, combined with its low defenses, sent poor Etosha swimming with the fishes. 😭

(My notes also say a Rhyhorn died from catching a Servant of the Grim Reaper Duskull, but I was going to make an Eviolite tank out of either one of them, so, meh, who cares.)

Luckily, my Azumarill, Walden, was already trained up, just sent to the bench by the voodoo doll, so Illumise and Azumarill VS Solrock and Lunatone is a go!

So. Um. Solrock uses Sunny Day. But! I have Solar Beam on Illumise (needed for Chosen of Diana). But! Solar Beam doesn't do as much damage as Struggle Bug. BUT! Solrock only used Flamethrower once, and no rock type moves were used in the match. Huh?

(Research note: In ORAS, Lunatone's only attacking move is Psychic. Solrock is the offense-oriented one. Solrock has Rock Slide, but I wonder if Flamethrower was prioritized in the sun?)

This one goes out to you, Etosha. 🥛 (Depicted: The Moomoo Milks I stock up on.)

We're fighting Maxie from Team Magma now! I forget that Azumarill is weak to poison now (And Weezing is already a scary Pokemon!), but in a bout with a Weezing-using Magma Grunt, my Swellow gets poisoned. My Facade-using, Silk-Scarf-wearing Swellow. Oh yeah. 😎

After Maxie gushes about his super-cute mini Groudon statues, (I overall think ORAS is a great-looking game, but the 3D messes with Pokemon scaling. The awakening cut-scene in gen 3 has us believe the size of the Legendary Pokemon more.) the battle begins!

It is Facade's world, and we're just living in it. 🌎 Well, OK, I used Maxie's Crobat to test another strategy I hope to use in the Elite Four: Nasty Plot + Agility + Baton Pass. Honestly, Baton Pass is what has motivated me to keep Minun on my team this whole time, and it was so worth it. Even Maxie's Crobat using Haze couldn't keep the smile off my face! I can't believe I've never used this move before! As long as I can safely set up Baton Pass boosts, nothing can wrong-

I mean, except the apocalyptic weather, but, really, what am I supposed to do about that? ☀ 🌊
Well, while everyone else is screaming about the sun zapping people to death ☀ ⚡ , this is the perfect time to get my final Gym Badge and get to the Pokemon League without a line! 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

Unfortunately, the sunny weather doesn't transfer inside the Sootopolis Gym, but teaching Sunny Day to my Chosen of Diana Illumise should remedy that. Her lore rule already requires that she have Solar Beam in her moveset, so why not complete the combo? (Plus, a Heat Rock from the Weather Institute can keep us soaking up the rays. 🏖 )

Double-unfortunately, our Sunny Day makes the ice tiles in Wallace's gym super weak. What, no, it's not that I suck at this puzzle. >_>

Well, as part of quid pro quo, Wallace sucks at the battle. ...Is what I'd say if his stupid Luvdisc didn't land a Sweet Kiss on Tiber and his dumb Milotic didn't just barely survive a Solar Beam 2HKO to get Recover up then continously avoid the Solar Beam kill from about half HP then use his goddamn Hyper Potion on the thing and (seriously, I spent so long on Milotic that I needed to use a Heat Rock Sunny Day TWICE and an Ether in battle to restore Solar Beam, and, yeah, maybe that should have been a sign to switch to Bhagirathi the Minun then, but it's not like Milotic's Ice Beams were a threat) and Sealeo Encored me into Nasty Plot when I only wanted to use it once, but, hey, at least Sealeo's Encore ensured that, going into Whiscash, Tiber would be ready and- And you get the point: Wallace was annoying but not threatening.

There are a lot of optional locations I could go to, but, after grabbing the Thunderbolt TM from New Mauville (yes, in ORAS, you can only go there AFTER Groudon/Kyogre, although everything there is in its mid 20s) and the Dragon Claw TM from Meteor Falls, I feel satisfied with...

"With going to Ever Grande City?"

No. With starting the ~grind~ With the help of my new best friend: Rotation Girl Circie. (You can battle her once a day to get a free Elixir!)

Last time on Bowser's First Lorelocke....
Bowser's Family Vacation said:
Moveset details will come later, once I've navigated Victory Road....
As it would turn out, I have a lot more than just moveset details to report. >_>

First of all, a PSA: Do not enter ORAS Victory Road with an underleveled party member to switch-train!

That's how Tinto died. 😔 To the first trainer in the place, to rub salt in the wound!

Recall too, that Tinto is a Cursed Voodoo Doll. I lost two team members because of my impatience!

...Is what I would have said if I didn't happen to have both a Moon Rabbit Azumarill in my party and a Moon Stone in my inventory I was willing to sacrifice! 😃 My apologies to Stillwell the Jigglypuff in my PC, but I still have another Azumarill in the wings plus Lavaridge Town gives you a Togepi egg in ORAS after Primal Groudon/Primal Kyogre is defeated.

I also feel bad for poor Mega Banette, which was gearing up to be used for the first time ever.

It's such a cool design, but it's both an ORAS-exclusive Mega, and a Mega with no real competitive niche. :c

Luckily, I have just what the (witch) doctor ordered: a new tank for the team. Karachay, my Servant of the Grim Reaper Duskull! With an Eviolite slapped on her Dusclops form-

-she can die to Wally's Mega Gallade. ._. And not even in the way you'd think! She survived the critical hit Psycho Cut... only to die to the Leech Seed his Roselia had set up in the match prior. Victory was a rose by any other name... 🌹 I guess that confirms how much my team needed a tank to fight Mega Evolutions, now that we can't fight fire with fire. Still, my worry about Steven's Mega Metagross mounts. :ohdear:

But I promised moveset details, and here they are! I've underlined moves that are required by the Pokemon’s lore rules.
  • Orinoco the Swellow, from Route 116 (Symbol of Luck, determined Akaka the Hariyama's lore rule) Facade, Aerial Ace, Fly, Sunny Day; holding a Heat Rock
  • Bhagirathi the Minun, from Route 110 (The Lion and the Mouse, canceled Moselle the Beautifly's lore rule) Thunderbolt, Nasty Plot, Agility, Baton Pass; holding a Metronome
  • Walden the Azumarill, from Petalburg City (Moon Rabbit, used Elixir of Life on Bhagirathi) Surf, Waterfall, Play Rough, Bulldoze
  • Khovsgol the Steelix, from a Mirage Cave (Mongolian Death Worm) Toxic, Iron Tail, Crunch, Earthquake; holding a Wide Lens
  • Nyos the Magcargo, from Fiery Path (Golden Snail) Harden, Lava Plume, Earth Power, Rock Slide
With Karachay the Eviolite tank dead, I think my best bet against Steven is to Baton Pass boosts and have Sunny Day up (maybe) for Nyos. I'll need to time that carefully, though. 🤔

Oh, and I'm not going in with only five Pokemon! After much deliberation, I genuinely think my Victory Road encounter is the best candidate.
  • Mutsu the Hariyama, from Victory Road (Bushido) Bulk Up, Close Combat, Brick Break, Ice Punch
Now before you cry foul about re-using species in the same playthrough, I did this earlier with Beautifly (my first death was a Beautifly, but I used a second Beautifly). And Akaka and Mutsu have different lore rules anyway! thank goodness bushido's level limit does not apply to the elite four or else I would be in trouble
We enter the Hoenn Pokemon League with six legends. Let's see who will be left to tell this tale... 📖

VS Sidney (Used Mutsu the Hariyama)
  • Let's be honest here: Does anyone lose Pokemon to Sidney?
  • I didn't
  • Although Mutsu's Bushido lore rule made things a close call, between Sharpedo's Rough Skin and Cacturne's Spiky Shield
  • Already feeling some Buyers' Remorse here >_>
  • Luckily, I had a Sitrus Berry equipped (HP restoring held items are allowed, right?)
  • Shoutout to Sidney's Mightyena, which makes a physical sweep of Sidney easy :)

VS Phoebe (Used Khovsgol the Steelix, Nyos the Magcargo, and Orinoco the Swellow)
  • The only super effective move on pure ghost types that I have is Crunch on my Steelix >_>
  • Luckily, my Steelix is tanky and the only thing Phoebe's lead, a Dusclops, can think to do is Curse itself
  • Phoebe immediately sends out her ace, Dusknoir, though, to follow up on that
  • I bring in Nyos to put Dusknoir to sleep with Yawn, (I decided to pack Yawn instead of Earth Power since Mutsu would be getting Bulldoze instead of Ice Punch anyway. Alas, Ice Punch is from a post-game move tutor.) fearing the elemental punches, but as it goes to sleep, all Dusknoir does is use Hex
  • Without even inflicting a status condition first!!!
  • While Dusknoir is asleep, I decide to send in Orinoco to test the damage output of Nyos in the sun
  • As Dusknoir wakes up, it finally uses an elemental punch... but it's Ice Punch against my Magcargo (lol)
  • Dusknoir getting burned confirms to me that Lava Plume is the better choice for this League bout over Flamethrower
  • Phoebe uses her second Full Restore to erase that, though, which is annoying
  • For Sableye, I decide to refresh the sun
  • Orinoco lives, though
  • And reaches level 58!
  • Phoebe's Banette are annoying with their PP-draining tactics, but I've been training with my girl Circie, who has been giving me an Elixir every day!
  • fuck banette can have insomnia

VS Glacia (Used Orinoco the Swellow, Nyos the Magcargo, Mutsu the Hariyama, and Khovsgol the Steelix)
  • Why did Glacia move to Hoenn to train her ice types???
  • It's your time to shine, Nyos
  • ...After Orinoco brings the sun
  • Fuck, immediately after I used Sunny Day, she used Hail >_>
  • Never mind, you'll need to do this without the sun!
  • I'm not using my Magcargo against a Walrein who I know has Surf, Glacia!
  • I may have gotten greedy with the Bulk Up on Mutsu >_>
  • Oh yeah, I definitely got greedy
  • I am not using my Pokemon with three fighting type moves against your Froslass, Glacia!
  • Froslass got Khovsgol frozen, but I got a turn 1 thaw lol
  • Starting to think that I should invest in Sunny Day on more than just Orinoco... >_>

VS Drake (Used Bhagirathi the Minun and Walden the Azumarill)
  • I switched Bulldoze with Sunny Day on Mutsu and gave him the Heat Rock (gave a King's Rock to Orinoco and decided that a Lax Incense would make Bhagirathi's Baton Passing safer)
  • I thought Drake would lead with Kingdra, so I put Bhagirathi up front to do Baton Passing, but he led with Altaria, which... even better???
  • Drake saw I had a +4 Minun going and sought to put a stop to it with Flygon, but lol my plan was to pass the boosts to my Azumarill the whole time~
  • Bye bye Drake
  • Admittedly Thunder Fang on Salamence was a bit of a stumbling block, but
  • Bye bye Drake

VS Steven
  • Raised everyone to level 59 with Rare Candies
  • Nice, Mutsu avoided the Turn 1 Toxic from Skarmory! (Considering his lore rule, that dodging could be essential to preserving his life. >_>)
  • With the sun up (sun from a Heat Rock wielder no less), Nyos' Lava Plume does great!
  • Alas, Skarmory has Sturdy and it gets two layers of Spikes up ._.
  • On the turn that Nyos needs to Harden to stay in, Aggron's Stone Edge does a scary amount of damage, so you finish it off, Mutsu!
  • As I predicted, Claydol comes in next, and Mutsu has Brick Break!
  • The AI doesn't seem to know what to do
  • Claydol keeps using Reflect, which Mutsu keeps Brick Breaking
  • It's a little sad, honestly
  • I use Cradily to restore the sun with Orinoco
  • Instead of using a STAB rock type move, Cradily uses Confuse Ray ._.
  • Oh well, into Khovsgol to heal Mutsu and Nyos!
  • Neither Cradily nor Armaldo can do anything to a Steelix
  • On the turn that Metagross Mega Evolves, I switch to Nyos
  • Nyos survives a Meteor Mash to get off a Yawn!
  • I'm worried that with the need to Harden Metagross will wake up before it dies
  • And it does!
  • But it doesn't kill Nyos!!!

I defeated the Hoenn League deathless in a lorelocke! :D Honestly, I think the stat boosts from the Rare Candies to match Metagross' level mattered. >_>

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