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Nuzlocke Hall of Fame

Thread Description
We are the champions...


Did you bring a light? (No?)
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Aug 8, 2019
With an axe
Pokémon Type
Electric, Water
Pokédex Entry
Just a guy with way to many ongoing Nuzlockes.
After nearly 2 months of not doing anything, I has returned.

Marie the Blaziken, Lvl 60, Rash, Alive
My starter, and a true destroyer throughout the run. Helped me through so many gyms for me and was just impressive all around. And yeah I was surprised to have gotten a female starter on the first try.

Sirloin the Raticate, Lvl 60, Rash, Dead
Of COURSE the mon I had the most hype to taking to the league was my only death to it. He was meant to replace my deceased badass of a Nidoking. I mostly wanted a user of Ice attacks, while not using the Adamant Glaceon I somehow ended up with. Between Sirloin having a +special attack nature and the fact he could indeed learn Ice beam, I added him in to help me slay dragons, and he did the job surprisingly well. Died to the champion's Slaking to Cross chop. Just why didn't I let my Latios go in instead? But then again, it had Hyper beam which nobody except my Vileplume would have appreciated taking to the face. Speaking of which...

Jack the Vileplume, Lvl 60, Quirky, Alive
Fun fact, did you all know, in the earlier generations, that Absorb was the best move this line could learn until Lvl 44? I didn't! This guy had to go through way too much personal training in order to work, but it was worth it. He pretty much destroyed stuff as soon as he got Petal dance and we get another Sludge bomb TM for him. He also served us very well in the league.

Kirkette the Sharpedo, Lvl 60, Serious, Alive
Was mostly here because she was the first Water mon I fished up and I just rolled with it. She struggled a bit in the beginning, but after a while it was worth it. Hit really hard, outsped stuff, was my counter for anything weak to Dark and did it really well.

Roy the Latios, Lvl 60, Hasty, Alive
Somehow found this in a random cave while grinding, somehow managed to catch him, immediately added him to my team. I wished I used him more against the E4, but he was great at doing his job.

Wolf the Heracross, Lvl 60, Lax, Alive
Somehow managed to catch her so I decided to put her on the squad. Was really good at dispatching anything weak to her and as expected was great to use.

Funch the Quagsire, Lvl 73
My longest lasting catch, Funch wasn't too bad. in fact he was extremely not bad. For being weak to only one type that could be easily countered, hitting a lot of the things in the game super effectively, and just being overall great to have around was a plus. I'm glad to have taken him all the way.

Sutton the Hitmonlee, Lvl 73
I'll be honest, he started to lag by the time we got all my gym badges because his risky moveset(Basically Normal moves and STABs that were only Dynamic punch and Jump kick...) but he was overall pretty solid. I mostly added him just to see myself taking a mon whose constantly died on me as of late, but I'm glad he turned out great. Especially helped me against the Dark E4 and the final gym.

Traden the Magmar, Lvl 73
As soon as I found him in the wild I knew I had to add him to my squad. Even though I don't get why his physical attack is higher than his special attack, he was a boss at dealing massive damage to opponents. Especially helped me out in the Ice gym. I'm glad to have someone like him on my team.

Claus the Skarmory, Lvl 73
I actually only added him to my team because I was tired of waiting to get a Dodrio to replace my Fearow, but hey he was still not bad. He was kinda hard to raise at some points but when he worked, he really did work. Thanks to his many resistances he pulled through way too many times.

Jim the Sudowoodo, Lvl 73
Boxed my Graveler in order to use him and it was worth it. First, level up Rock slide. He has destroyed so many things for us and helped us dispatch anything that was weak to his attacks. I couldn't be more glad to have kept him around for so long.

Dickard the Alakazam, Lvl 74
I don't think I need to say anything here. Could learn special attacking punches, was my dragon slayer, was pretty much everything for the team. I'm proud of him.

All members of the team are still alive and kicking. The run unfortunately is going to end at initial Lance battle, though. I don't want to grind everyone another 20 levels just to do the same stuff again.
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TFW you lose someone you love to a crit.
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Ice

Dundee the Male Feraligatr, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
Headbutt, Screech, Ice Punch, Surf
Dundee was great from day one. He took care of Faulkner (in the one instance where Rage comes in handy), helped the team get around, and knocked some sense into every opponent he came across. He wound up dealing the final blow in the run to Red's Blastoise. The turtle decided to spam Surf, so when Dundee's Headbutt left him with a sliver of health (thanks to Blastoise being at -6 Defense due to Screech), he returned the favor and sent a mighty wave crashing down on him.

Plum the Male Pidgeot, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
: Wing Attack, Sand Attack, Fly, Quick Attack
In my last Gold Nuzlocke, Pidgeot got retired due to Blue killing someone close to her. However, I decided I wanted to get Plum all the way to the end. He didn't get to do a whole lot towards the end, but what he did do proved to be crucial (like getting rid of Karen's Gengar before it could drag anyone down with it via Destiny Bond).

Dacquoise the Female Butterfree, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
: Psychic, Safeguard, Gust, Sleep Powder
I honestly thought about retiring Dacquoise after fighting Blue. The last time I brought a Butterfree to Kanto, he died to his Alakazam. This time, Dacquoise survived (probably because he never fought Alakazam), and since I don't have much patience, she came along for Red. As it turned out, she had a role to play after all; when Red's Venusaur came out, she showed up, put it to sleep, and 2HKO'd with Psychic thanks to a crit. Honestly, I don't think that crit would've mattered; Venusaur's Solar Beam hardly did anything to her.

Mazurek the Male Golem, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
: Strength, Defense Curl, Rock Throw, Earthquake
The one I always imagined to be the chillest member of the team. He went along with everything, including a risky gamble against Lance and his strongest Dragonite. The last time I tried that, Golem died to Outrage. Mazurek, however, survived long enough to take that dragon out. Not only did Mazurek roll his way through Kanto, he OHKO'd Pikachu with Earthquake and tanked Snorlax long enough to send him tumbling down Mt. Silver.

Tea Loaf the Female Ampharos, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
: Thunder Punch, Light Screen, Fire Punch, Thunder Wave
Tea Loaf was another Pokémon that I risked in a gamble against Lance, though this time, it was to take care of his team with Thunder Punch until she risked dying. Which eventually happened, but thankfully, the other team members wrapped things up from there. She didn't see too much action in Kanto due to a certain Psychic-type being on the team, but when she came out to play, she made sure to deal dents to her opponents.

Wine the Male Alakazam, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
: Ice Punch, Recover, Psychic, Thunder Punch
My lucky Route 35 encounter. I decided to train Wine up because in my last Gold Nuzlocke, I only used an Alakazam during the final battle (and that was because I was hurting for a new team member after losing Butterfree and retiring Pidgeot). I learned that an Alakazam with the elemental punches broke holes in many things, and that's before factoring in Psychic. Literally the only reason Wine didn't keep Fire Punch was because I wanted him to have a non-attacking move. His final moment in the run involved Red's Epseon. One Thunder Punch left him in low green, and the next Ice Punch sent him into the red and froze him. Looks like Wine wanted to end this run as much as I did!

This has been my third deathless run (after Crystal and Red), and man, am I glad for that. I just hope I get some good luck for my Ruby Nuzlocke. I'm getting ready for Norman in that one, and...well, let's just say I may have a lengthy post in the Graveyard thread by the time I'm done.


Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomized Nickname Alphabetlocke Hall of Fame
(Part of my hall of fame project in my signature if you want to check it out).
In this run I used a Nickname based Alphabetlocke rules, with randomized first letter nicknames.

Honorable mentions:

Roland the Grovyle lvl 5-17 Male

My actual starter of the run. As the randomizer showed me the letter R I knew you won’t stay with me for long, still in our short time together you were really useful, crushed Roxanne, and I was really sad to box you knowing I’ll never use you again.

Ivan the Swellow lvl 3-28 Male

You were a solid mon, helped me in many battles, but was boxed due to your nickname first letter. Not much more to say about you, if it weren’t an Alphabetlocke you would have probably stayed with us for good, but that’s the rules of the game.

Haruka the Hariyama lvl 9-34 Female

“H”, so close yet so far. I was always hoping Haruka could stay with us for longer, but in my heart I knew eventually other pokemon will replace her. She soloed Wattson’s team, was probably the best pokemon on my team when she was with us, yet eventually she was replaced with Barack, a “newer and sleeker” version of her in many ways. Still if you ask me, Hariyama beats the four handed fighting champion any day! (no offense to Barack my Machamp). Except today I guess.

The Team:

Griselda the Mega Banette lvl 27-55 Female - Dead

Holding Banettite, Quiet, has Frisk
Attacks: Will-O-Wisp, Thunderbolt, Shadow Claw, Dazzling Gleam

Griselda wasn’t always with us on the team due to Alphbetlocke shenanigens and the sad death of Dandelion the Beautifly, but when she was she was a very useful pokemon. With a great set of moves, my first and only Mega form pokemon on the team, and very solid stats she pulled through in many battles including against Tate and Liza and Phoebe. There, against her spectral army, I lost her to a stupid risky move of going full attack on a Sableye, totally aware of the risk yet cocky about her mighty strength. As that goblin survived on red health my plan immediately backfired and she was killed by a Foul Play. I had great hopes for you against many of the banes of the E4, and especially against Steven’s metallic ace. I’m sorry I didn’t give you a chance to prove your worth there. Welcome to the hall of fame my devilsh poppet, I guess you were never truly alive, right?

Bertaball the Electrode lvl 22-54 - Alive

Holding Zap Plate, Relaxed, has Static
Attacks: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Magnet Rise, Volt Switch

Don’t ask about her name, I needed a nickname starting with “B” and for some reason that’s what I came up with. Bertaball was a very late game addition. I only returned to New Mauvile to get the Thunderbolt TM for Griselda when ironically, I caught Bertaball which meant Griselda had to go to the box. I was even considering passing up on catching her, but decided it wasn’t right, and in retrospect that was definitely the right choice. In her short time on the team she fought quite well helping against Wally, Phoebe (Avenging Griselda in another ironic twist of fate), and in the end against Steven where she defeated both his Skarmory and his mighty Mega Metgaross winning us the game. Bertaball, with a name like that I’ll never forget you. Roll over to the podium, champion!

Caldera the Golem lvl 13-55 Female - Alive

Holding Soft Sand, Impish, has Rock Head
Attacks: Smack Down, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Brick Break

I used countless Geodudes and Gravelers before as they are wonderful pokemon for Nuzlockes, but Caldera was my first Golem. I caught you as I rock smashed a boulder in route 111 and was immediately disappointed I lost my desert encounter, but soon enough you proved yourself one of my strongest pokemon. You helped against Norman, Winona, and Wally, and was my most defensive pokemon whenever I needed someone to take a hit and return an even stronger one back. You didn’t get a chance to prove your worth in the E4 or against the Champion for some reason, but for all your help throughout this run you rightfully earned the title of a champion.

Barack the Machamp lvl 21-55 Male - Alive

Holding Lax Incense, Docile, has No Guard
Attacks: Brick Break, Bulk Up, Earthquake, Knock Off

Much like Caldera, this was the first Machamp I got to use after many useful Machokes, and boy this pokemon is strong. You replaced my beloved Haruka the Hariyama and to prove your worth you immediately destroyed every threat I encountered including the many dark types the evil team threw at me, most of Norman’s team, and helped against Wallace. But your greatest achievements came in the E4 where you killed almost the entire team of Sydney by yourself, as well as almost the entire team of Glacia’s. As your championship belt shows you were born to be a hall of famer, and claimed your destiny rightfully.

Acid the Tentacruel lvl 5-55 Male - Dead

Holding Sea Incense, Calm, has Clear Body
Attacks: Surf, Sludge Wave, Ice Beam, Dazzling Gleam

I can’t say this run has a clear MVP, but both you and Camila probably share this title as you were both such wonderful pokemon, you probably being the most useful of them all. You were an amazingly powerful pokemon ever since I got you, an “A” nicknamed partner who will follow me till the very end. You soloed Flannery, greatly helped against Winona, helped against Archie and killed his Mega Sharpeedo, fought Wallace bravely, killed Sidney’s Cacturne, Glacia’s deadly Walrein, soloed the entire team of Drake Ice Beaming them all to death, killed half of Stven’s team, only to face his Mega Metagross and after hurting it quite nicely with a powerful Surf, you fell to its Zen Headbutt. I can’t help think I could have saved you, but by doing so I would have risked our entire team, something I just couldn’t do. I had many Tentacruels over the year, still you are one that stands out. Welcome to the hall of fame you otherworldly beast!

Camila the Ludicolo lvl 19-55 Female - Alive

Holding Sea Incense, Bold, has Swift Swim
Attacks: Surf, Grass Knot, Ice Beam, Fake Out

The second pokemon to share the MVP title of this run, Camila was perhaps a tiny bit less useful than Acid but I fell in love with her so much I think she was my personal favorite. I never really liked the design of this pokemon line (Kappa + Platypus + Tropical Fruit + Mexican Dancer is a bit of an “over the top” design combo), but as I have a weird fondness for pokemon with 3 evolutionary stages I was kind of happy when I caught Camila. She quickly showed me her power and how useful her Grass Water typing was, surfing and grass knotting many of her opponents, along with her signature Fake Out first hit. She did most of the work against Tate and Liza, destroyed most of Archie’s team, defeated the mighty Kyogre by herself, did a fine job against both Wallace and Wally, and greatly helped against both Phoebe and Steven. Your cheerfulness guided us through the hardest of times, and thanks to you we pulled through. Keep on dancing and celebrate out victory my hall of famer!
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Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
Pokemon Wild Shield Hall of Fame

(Part of my hall of fame project in my signature if you want to check it out. 25 games completed, currently ~7 more to go).
In this game I was only allowed to use pokemon I caught in the Wild Area, as well as items (including TMs/TRs, pokeballs, healing items, etc) that I found in the Wild Area.
Name Theme – Natural Landmarks

Heilong the Gyarados lvl 27-62 Female - Alive

Holding Assault Vest, Calm, has Intimidate
Attacks: Waterfall, Crunch, Stone Edge, Ice Fang

The latest addition to my team. After losing my beloved Mariana the Lanturn right before Wyndon, I was desperate for a solution to Leon’s Charizard. I threw a rod into one of the last remaining parts of the Wild Area in which I haven’t caught a pokemon in, and got this friendly little sea serpent. Now don’t get me wrong, Gyarados are amazing pokemon, the bread and butter of Nuzlockes along with the Zubat line, and a pokemon I always like having on my team. But I just used it in so many runs before, it felt a bit cheap to add her so late into the game as an easy fix, and without the effort of grinding up a Magikarp. So sadly I never really connected to Heilong here, and she had a chance to make her impact only helping me a bit against Nessa in the finals, and killing Leon’s Charizard (which is no small feat, though honestly I could have probably done it without her). Join the many others of your kind in the hall of fame Heilong, you still earned it.

Olynpus the Noctowl lvl 17-63 Male - Alive

Holding Razor Claw, Bashful, Has Insomnia
Attacks: Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Moonblast, Psychic

From this point onward all the pokemon on my team were with me for almost my entire run as the rules I had really limited my team options, plus I got really attached to all of them. And Olympus here was in many ways my defacto starter pokemon, the first I caught and was allowed to use from the Wild Area. He was instantly useful, evolved rather early, and helped me in a great numbers of battles: He soloed Milo and helped against Opal. In the end game he really helped against Oleana, Bede and Nessa, and was generally a really swell pokemon. I really liked your kind ever since childhood and was glad to see you were still great even after the generational power creep unlike many of my other childhood favorites. Welcome to the hall of fame my wise companion.

Waitomo the Gardevoir lvl 20-63 Male - Alive

Holding Leftovers, Hasty, Has Trace
Attacks: Dazzling Gleam, Psychic, Thunder Wave, Calm Mind

I always loved the Ralts line. Something about them being so rare and powerful, yet gentle and elegant really spoke to me, yet I never got to really use one properly. And so when I came across Waitomo in the Max Raid den I knew I’ll add him in no matter what. At first I was a bit disappointed by how fragile he was, but soon enough I learned how to channel his powers to cause great devastation, especially after he evolved. I had a hard time not evolving it to a Gallade and missing on this rare opportunity to use a pokemon I never used before, but Waitomo here just felt more like a Gardevoir. And this sure paid off. Waitomo was a late bloomer but once he bloomed he blossomed, helping against Melony, Piers, Marnie, Raihan (in the finals), and finally in his greatest moment in the game he managed to kill half of Leon’s horrid team including his Mr Rime, Haxorous and Dragapult all by himself, as well as tanking against Charizard and in most likeliness he could have killed it as well, but I just didn’t want to risk losing it so I switched to Heilong and let her have the final blow. My wonder boy, keeper of the secrets of the beyond, you have earned your place among the greatest.

Monteverde the Roserade lvl 13-63 Female - Alive

Holding Leftovers, Calm, Has Poison Point
Attacks: Stun Spore, Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Shadow Ball

This run was just full of champions, and with a record like hers Monteverde would have been considered an MVP in any run, if not for the fact that so many of my team were so amazing. I’m pretty sure she was a static encounter I accidently ran into pretty early on, and was really one of the core pokemon on my team along with Olympus that were with me from the very beginning of the run. With one of the best Special Defense and Special Attacks stats I ever used, there were many pokemon that simply stood no chance against her. Her feats are a really impressive list that shows how she was with me in almost every battle since the very beginning. She soloed Nessa, helped against Allister, Piers and Raihan, and in the end game fought Hop, Oleana, Nessa, and killed Leon’s Inteleon. A force of nature, a child of both beauty and death, welcome to the hall of fame our lady of natural decay!

Okavango the Skuntank lvl 28-64 Female - Alive

Holding Leftovers, Quirky, Has Aftermath
Attacks: Night Slash, Poison Jab, Flamethrower, Toxic

If you read any of my hall of fame entries before you know I always choose an MVP for the run. This time it was almost impossible really. Both Okavango and Orkhon were so powerful, so useful, so beloved, it was like choosing a favorite child. But if I must choose one I guess Orkhon wins only for the fact he was with me on my team for a bit longer as Okavango joined my team right after we defeated Kabu, one of the last to join. Other than that, Okavango was an amazing buddy, and really showed me how a pokemon I knew very little about can become one of my new favorites years after it was released thanks to a Nuzlocke. Poison and Dark is an amazing type combo, and other than Ground types this girl could resist anything, and bring so many different opponents to their knees. These include Allister, Melony, Oleana, Bede, Soloing Alliser in the Finals, and finally killing most of Roses team with her Flamethrower (along with almost the entire Macro Cosmos corporation). Welcome to the hall of fame you living weapon of mass destruction!

Orkhon the Mudsdale lvl 8-64 Male - Alive

Holding Soft Sand, Modest, Has Stamina
Attacks: Iron Head, Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Body Press

How strong is a Stamina Mudsdale? Well strong enough that Modest barely made any difference for this work horse. I used a few Mudsdales before, and they were always among my favorites (and sadly, I lost them all in battles). But this was my first Stamina Mudsdale and man is this pokemon strong. Nothing could stand in Orkhon’s way, nothing. With a highly impressive attack and ever growing defense this good boy was my go to pokemon at almost every situation, and just the strongest pokemon on my team against almost any foe. He soloed Kabu, fought Piers bravely, killed most of Raihan’s team, crushed most of Marnie’s team, most of Hop’s team, helped against Oleana and her Garbodor, killed Rose’s Copperajah, annihilated Eternatus by himself (in a really scary battle I must say), and even killed Leon’s fearsome Aegislash after setting a very crucial Stealth Rock against his Charizard, and predicting the right time to Earthquake. Songs will be sang about you deeds, you stand in one line with the greatest heroes and horses of history and legend. Welcome to the hall of fame!


Conqueror of the Viridian Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
The Canadian Wilderness
Pokémon Type
Normal, Psychic
Pokédex Entry
The Violet Wizard. Passionate about art, food, and games.
Just completed my Shield Nuzlocke! Now it's time to honour those that brought us to glory!

Hazel the Cinderace Level 61(Alive)
Blast Burn/Pyro Ball/Bounce/U-Turn

Cinderace has quickly become one of my favourite starter Pokémon, and this run only reinforced that fact! Hazel brought us to victory on many occasions, and hopped his way into the Hall of Fame with gusto! He burnt away Milo's Eldegoss, dealt the finishing blow to Nessa's Drednaw, melted Opal's Mawile and most of Melony's team, and in the final battles he crushed Hop's Rillaboom, Oleana's Froslass, Allister's Dusknoir, Rose's team, and Leon's Aegislash! I couldn't have asked for a better, faster, stronger starter for this run! Well done, Hazel!

Jeremy the Corviknight Level 61(Alive)
Brave Bird/Drill Peck/Steel Wing/U-Turn

This knight was a champion I will never forget. His power and defenses made him a terror on the battlefield for all of his opponents. He crushed Opal's Weezing, Piers' Malamar, Marnie's Toxicroak and Grimmsnarl, Bede's team of Fairies, Nessa's Golisopod and Barraskewda, and helped us weaken Leon's Haxorus. All in all, a fantastic raven that I'm glad to see enter the Hall of Fame.

Juno the Machamp Level 61(Alive)
Cross Chop/Ice Punch/Thunder Punch/Knock Off

Juno started off her journey by knocking out my Chewtle with Revenge. Not the best introduction for a team member, but Juno went on to be one of our team's core members! Her power was unreal throughout this run, crushing many adversaries before her while also taking hits rough enough to decimate other teammates! She held her own against Nessa's Drednaw in both fights, Melony's Lapras, Piers' Obstagoon, Raihan's Duraludon in both battles, Hop's Dubwool and Snorlax, Rose's Copperajah, and in the final battle managed to freeze Leon's Dragapult, giving our team time to heal before crushing the spectral salamander! We would not have made it this far without her mighty muscles and overwhelming resolve! Thank you for everything, Juno!

Balin the Gigalith Level 62(Alive)
Sassy/Sand Stream
Stone Edge/Rock Slide/Bulldoze/Stealth Rock

A simple, but incredible member of this team, Balin has been one of my faves ever since picking him up in Galar Mine #1! He was the tank of the team, taking massive hits with ease before crushing his enemies before his might! Add instant Sandstorms and an Assault Vest, and his defenses became impenetrable! He buried Kabu's Centiskorch, flattened Melony's Frosmoth, grounded Hop's Pincurchin and Oleana's Salazzle and Garbodor, devastated Allister's Gengar, tore apart Raihan's Turtonator, silenced the almighty Eternatus(even scoring the final blow), and finished the run by destroying Leon's Charizard! I have always adored Gigalith, but Balin helped reignite that love for this crystal creature even more! Thank you!

Gaga the Toxtricity Level 61(Alive)
Quiet/Punk Rock
Boomburst/Overdrive/Poison Jab/Throat Chop

Of course my favourite Pokémon had to enter my Galar team! She didn't join us right away due to how hard it is to raise a Toxel on a team, but after a few losses outside of Stow-on-Side and a surplus of EXP Candy, Gaga was caught up with the team! This low key lizard proved her worth time and time again, devastating enemies with intense vocal performances! She spoiled Opal's Alcremie and Togekiss, electrified Hop's Corviknight and Nessa's Seaking, silenced Oleana's Milotic and Tsareena, and terminated Leon's Inteleon! I am so proud to bring this deadly diva to the Galar Hall of Fame!

Chernabog the Grimmsnarl Level 61(Alive)
False Surrender/Spirit Break/Ice Punch/Sucker Punch

Another one of my Galar favourites completes my Shield party! The Morgrem I captured in Glimwood Tangle eventually became a fearsome brute, crushing every enemy he faced with his horrifying hair! He took down Piers' Scrafty, silenced most of Marnie's team, exorcised Allister's Cursola and Polteageist, gored Raihan's Goodra and Flygon, and tore apart Leon's Haxorus(after taking a near fatal Iron Tail) and Mr. Rime! This gruesome goblin really proved himself in this challenge, and is more than deserving of his place in the Hall of Fame!
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TFW you lose someone you love to a crit.
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Ice

Okra the Male Manectric, Lv. 57 (ALIVE)
: Rain Dance, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Thunderbolt
Thanks to all of the deaths I had throughout the run, Okra wound up being the oldest survivor, having joined after the Mauville Massacre. He wound up pulling his weight, especially in Winona and Wallace's gyms. He didn't see much action in the Pokémon League, though. He fought Glacia, but after the first Glalie hit him with a crit Ice Beam and brought him down to 19 HP, I feared that he would end up dying. Arugula had to clean up the mess Glacia made, but Okra did manage to finish off that particular Glalie and the two Sealeo, and later, he took out Steven's Skarmory. He did his old buddies proud.

Lemongrass the Male Altaria Lv. 58 (ALIVE)
: Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Ice Beam, Fly
Lemongrass joined after Winona opened up a couple of spots. He didn't see too much use and was basically around to use Fly (though that might be because he was the last Pokémon I had that could use it). That being said, he did help the team out of a couple of pinches, like when the plan to use Burdock against Phoebe didn't quite work out. I'd say he was the moral support of the team.

Ginger the Female Flygon Lv. 59 (ALIVE)
: Crunch, Earthquake, Dragonbreath, Flamethrower
Now Ginger, on the other hand...she also joined after I lost some Pokémon to Winona, and it took forever to get her to evolve into Flygon (mainly because I had to wait until Wallace was defeated). Once she became a Flygon, she made a mess out of whatever battle she got into. It felt so satisfying seeing her take out Wally's Gardevoir after everything it did to me in my previous Ruby Nuzlocke. And her battle against Steven? Let's just say she cared very little for almost his entire team, including Metagross. The only one that gave her significant trouble was Claydol, of all things, and that's because it got the Ancient Power boost twice.

Spinach the Male Bellossom Lv. 57 (ALIVE)
: Moonlight, Magical Leaf, Sleep Powder, Acid
At some point after Winona, I shuffled the team around a bit, and Spinach wound up joining as a result. After looking into natures for a bit, I decided that a Calm Oddish should become a Bellossom. Well, I probably didn't use this guy to his fullest potential because I was worried that using Petal Dance or Sunny Day/Solarbeam was too risky. However, I got a glimpse of it when, after realizing that Phoebe's Lv. 51 Dusclops could wreck most of my team, I sent him out to take an Ice Beam. While Dusclops doesn't have a great base Special Attack stat, an Ice Beam against a Grass-type should hurt a lot, right? Spinach decided that it would take four or five Ice Beams to kill it, and he took out Dusclops before a Banette burned him. Maybe next time, I'll try using Bellossom again and see what it's really made of.

Burdock the Male Absol Lv. 57 (ALIVE)
: Swords Dance, Shadow Ball, Return, Perish Song
Burdock was...interesting. His Attack stat is crazy, but because this was before the Physical/Special split, he didn't have any STAB to abuse it with. Thankfully, he proved to be a powerhouse without it. He and Fiddlehead the Sharpedo (who was boxed for reasons I'll get to below) absolutely destroyed Tate and Liza, and during the Elite Four, he took out Phoebe's two Banette and her Sableye. I wish he could've taken care of her two Dusclops as well, but those things are bulkier than I realized.

Arugula the Starmie Lv. 58 (ALIVE)
: Ice Beam, Confuse Ray, Surf, Psychic
After beating Tate and Liza, I decided to box Fiddlehead the Sharpedo for two reasons. One, Sharpedo is very frail despite being powerful, and I didn't believe that Fiddlehead would be as amazing as my last Sharpedo was (that one took a Hyper Beam from Steven's Metagross and killed it with Surf). And two, among the Pokémon I lost against Wally in my last Nuzlocke was a Staryu that I really, REALLY wanted to evolve into Starmie. When I got a Staryu in Lilycove, I decided that Arugula would become a permanent member of the team. And boy, did Arugula pull its weight. It wrecked Wally's Altaria, Delcatty, and Roselia, so in a way, it avenged the Staryu from the last run. Then, during the battle against Glacia, it saved Okra and took on her last Glalie and Walrein by itself. And finally, it OHKO'd every single Pokémon in Drake's team with a few Ice Beams. I've always been a fan of the Staryu line, and Arugula further cemented my love for it.

This Nuzlocke has been a roller coaster, so I'm glad it's finally over. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish Pearl soon (I'm at the Galactic Hideout as of this writing).


If you're alive, you can keep moving!
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
St. Paul, MN
Pokémon Type
Dark, Ice
I realized I stopped posting about my HG Corruption Locke a long time ago so I guess I don't mind sharing the results of that alongside my other runs.

My team for Emerald was much more flexible than usual - whereas people often stick somewhere close to six members for large portions of games unless deaths occur, I frequently switched members around to better handle type matchups, especially against this game's notoriously difficult Gym Leaders. However, near the end I started settling closer to the following Pokemon as my "main" team, with all of them being used for the Pokemon League and all of them surviving the challenge:

Cappie: Female, Lvl. 58, met at Lvl. 6 as Shroomish in Petalburg Woods, Effect Spore, Quiet nature

I already liked Breloom before, but Cappie has a particularly special place in my heart. Her tense but ultimately successful fight against Roxanne's Nosepass foreshadowed just how important she'd be later on, taking powerful blows when no one else could and helping her teammates live to fight another day. And even though she didn't have as many opportunities to fight near the end-game, she had already earned her MVP status when she got me through what ended up being by far the most critical juncture in the game: Wattson's Manectric. Half my roster at the time was weak to Electric, and I had just recently lost my Plan A for the fight in Daichi the Makuhita, so she was my next best choice to take it out fast. Only I couldn't take it out fast after all, and the Manectric got to +5 Attack. Both Cappie and the Manectric had to fight through paralysis, but no one else could've handled something so strong. If she had died there, I would have wiped, plain and simple, and then the rest of my roster in the PC would get wrecked anyway in a rematch. In short, Cappie singlehandedly saved my run from a very early ending. Most of the rest of the Gym Leaders weren't so favorable matchups for her (Norman's Linoone being the exception), and she didn't see a ton of action in the Pokemon League, but she did prove a good switch-in for Wallace's Whiscash, helping me keep my Electric types alive for the rest of the battle just in case.

Rosie: Female, Lvl. 58, met at Lvl. 3 as Wingull on Route 103, Keen Eye, Hardy nature

The most senior of my surviving Pokemon, Rosie proved a surprisingly reliable choice throughout the game against both regular Trainers and various bosses. Her typing gave her a great matchup vs. Team Magma, Maxie's Camerupt especially. She formed one third of the "Protect Chain" that helped me outlast Norman's Slaking. Her general bulk and Flying typing also helped me nullify a sleeper threat in Winona's EQ'ing Altaria. And most importantly, she was my most frequent Surfing Pokemon - hey, I couldn't have completed the game without it! Rosie also didn't fight much in the Pokemon League, but she got a chance to shine by leading off against Drake, her powerful Ice Beam eliminating most of his team and getting me through probably his most dangerous Pokemon in Salamence.

Augustine: Male, Lvl. 57, met at Lvl. 12 as Electrike on Route 110, Lightningrod, Quirky nature

With the last third of the game being mostly water routes, a good Electric type is highly recommended, and Augustine was just as useful as you'd expect. His high Speed was what helped set him apart from my other Electric type, letting me take out certain threats fast rather than absorbing a hit and then retaliating. Augustine had a couple important roles against Gym Leaders, most notably braving an Earthquake from Tate and Liza's Claydol so I could KO their Xatu ASAP. However, his own Thunder Wave against Wattson's Manectric is what helped set up Cappie for her wild victory - she couldn't have done it without the Manectric losing some turns from paralysis. There actually wasn't a lot of room for him on my roster against the Pokemon League, but he led off beautifully against Wallace, even taking advantage of Wallace sending out Gyarados before Whiscash for some reason and vaporizing the opponent I was most worried about.

Annie: Female, Lvl. 57, met at Lvl. 20 as Spoink on Jagged Pass, Thick Fat, Quiet nature

Annie was my rock throughout a good deal of the mid- to late-game areas, giving me a lot of extra length when working my way through the gauntlets of Trainers thanks to her bulk and powerful Psychic. With the Fighting-type Gym being so early though, that meant these standard Trainers were what she was mostly used for. She didn't make her proper Gym debut until Juan: she matched up the best against his ace Kingdra, so better late than never. However, being one of my only trained Pokemon with a boosting move gave her a very big role against the Pokemon League. She singlehandedly defeated Glacia, abusing Thick Fat to force her Pokemon off their strong Ice moves and then sweeping with Calm Mind-boosted Psychics. Hell, she even got a chance to clean up against Sidney, the group's Dark-type specialist, as her Shock Wave was the best way past Shiftry's Double Team.

Max: Genderless, Lvl. 57, met at Lvl. 24 as Magnemite in New Mauville, Magnet Pull, Bashful nature

Ah yes, the one I essentially lucked out into catching. I wanted to use the Dupes Clause to force a Magnemite encounter, but I messed up and forgot to Repel, only to find one anyway lol. Since I was playing on Set style, it behooved me to have some Pokemon on my roster that could serve as sturdy switch-ins to deal with new threats. And Max was the sturdiest of them all thanks to its Steel typing. I can't possibly list all the times this came into play, but this made it a much safer choice than Augustine if I needed an Electric type in the middle of a fight as opposed to at the beginning, or just to take hits that even Cappie couldn't. Thunder Wave and Sonicboom also made Max my go-to for catching new Pokemon. On the flip side, Max's glaring Ground weakness let me bait out certain Pokemon with Earthquake, including Winona's Altaria and Phoebe's second Dusclops, so I could bring in other, less durable Pokemon on that, turning Max into the occasional pivot.

Ames: Female, Lvl. 58, fished up at Lvl. 9 as Magikarp in Dewford Town, Intimidate, Modest nature

The "late bloomer" of the team, especially considering how early I caught her: all the way back in Dewford Town. I did train Ames as a backup for a couple big fights in the mid-game, but I ended up not needing her at the time, and she didn't see any action against Trainers until the Team Magma and Aqua Hideouts. Even so, she basically served as a "second Rosie" at first: a Ground-immune Surfer, but with Intimidate and better mixed-attacking capabilities to give her a slightly different niche. Then again, this niche did give her the nod over Rosie for Tate and Liza, her Intimidate making sure Augustine could survive an Earthquake while he KO'd Xatu. It wasn't until the Pokemon League that Ames reached her full potential, however, once she learned the lethal Dragon Dance and Earthquake combo. This made her an even more prominent sweeper than Annie, setting up at some point against Phoebe, Drake, and Wallace and then making mincemeat of any survivors.

Honorable mentions go to Marie the Swellow, a reliable speedy attacker throughout much of the early and mid-game and my go-to Flyer once her usefulness in battle wore off; and Banzai the Mightyena, my very first catch and someone I frequently brought back out against certain opponents, but who unfortunately didn't make it through Victory Road, getting killed "from the grave" by Wally's Gardevoir.
This run wasn't documented nearly as extensively as Emerald, but the vastly lower difficulty also meant I could stick to a much smaller collection of Pokemon. I very rarely had to create teams based on matchups, and I usually had these Pokemon on me even when I only had a couple plans for a particular fight:

Dean: Male, Lvl. 67, gifted to me at Lvl. 5 as Bulbasaur in Pallet Town, Overgrow, Naive nature

Ol' reliable himself, and my most common choice among the Kanto starters. Leech Seed was godlike the entire game, giving me free healing in a ruleset that greatly limited my healing items. Putting opponents on a timer was also very important when Pokemon started getting too many evasion boosts, such as Lt. Surge's Raichu and Koga's Muk. However, Dean's only fights in the Pokemon League were against Green's Rhydon and Gyarados.

Albus: Male, Lvl. 65, met at Lvl. 10 as Abra on Route 24, Inner Focus, Timid nature

I actively tried to avoid Abra encounters in my Emerald run because of how luck-based catching one is, especially under Nuzlocke rules. But once this Abra appeared, I figured at that point I should throw a Great Ball and hope for the best, and luck was on my side. This being Kanto, Albus saw tons of action against the numerous Poison and Fighting types scattered around, though I occasionally subbed in Dean for defensive reasons when I wasn't sure Albus could OHKO. Nevertheless, he singlehandedly swept Bruno and Agatha in the Pokemon League, letting me save my healing items for the harder battles later. FRLG's trading mechanics meant I couldn't evolve Albus until the post-game, but even once I got to that point I decided against it, keeping him a Kadabra all the way to my win condition of defeating/catching Mewtwo.

Tony: Male, Lvl. 65, met at Lvl. 30 on Route 11, Thick Fat, Jolly nature

I already knew how good Snorlax was in PvP in earlier gens, but it wasn't until this run that I got to experience the phenomenal cosmic power of Snorlax in a story mode. It should go without saying how useful Tony was as a pivot, and Rest was another huge boon to help me save healing items. Without any Dark types until the post-game, Tony's great special bulk made him my first choice for battling Psychic types, such as Sabrina and Green's Alakazam and even Mewtwo (the Master Ball was banned, in case you're wondering), and strong STAB Normal moves plus Earthquake later on made him my best physical attacker.

Francis: Male, Lvl. 64, gifted to me at Lvl. 25 as Eevee in Celadon City, Volt Absorb, Sassy nature

I've used almost all the Eeveelutions at some point throughout the series, but since I would be guaranteed a good Water type in Lapras and I already had a Fire type (see below), Jolteon seemed the most useful for various Flying types and as a supplement to Dean on the water routes. Francis' high Speed was a great asset to KO things first before they could attack me, making him one of my more common leads. In particular, he got me off to good starts against Lorelei, Lance, and Green in the Pokemon League, even getting a chance to come back in on Lance's Aerodactyl to outspeed it.

Vicky: Female, Lvl. 65, met at Lvl. 18 as Growlithe on Route 7, Intimidate, Rash nature

Funnily enough, a Growlithe Roared me away on Route 8 just before this, but I was luckier the second time. I wasn't actually sure if I would keep her into the end-game - she didn't even get to fight Erika, though she did KO Sabrina's Kadabra and Mr. Mime to set up for Tony later. However, there really weren't many other Pokemon I felt like could replace her, so she stayed in. At least Intimidate gave her a defensive niche at various points, and her Fire moves were useful against the occasional Magnemite/Magneton, Lorelei's Jynx, and Green's Exeggutor.

Dave: Male, Lvl. 66, fished up at Lvl. 14 as Poliwag in Viridian City, Damp, Serious nature

What, not Lapras? As it turns out, Mickey the Lapras was my only casualty in the entire run, but that meant I needed a good Water-type replacement. Dave certainly opened my eyes to how good Poliwrath can be, as I never would've given it the time of day otherwise. Poliwrath is naturally more of a physical attacker, but EV training made Dave more mixed, boosting Surf and Ice Beam. Dave got to flex his muscles down the stretch, taking on most of Blaine's team and all of Giovanni's in Viridian City. Lance was his shining moment though, being my best choice for his two Dragonair and even managing to freeze his Dragonite.
And here we return to a harder game to Nuzlocke, but I didn't go as crazy with team-building as in Emerald despite that, probably due at least in part to the lower number of "suitable" Pokemon available to me. Because of the way the Johto games work, I need to split up my Pokemon slightly to account for when I defeated Lance vs. when I defeated Red; their levels at each checkpoint are given when applicable, and I didn't lose anybody during the E4 or Red battles themselves.

Both E4 and Red

Chestnut: Female, Lvl. 51/90, gifted to me at Lvl. 5 as Chikorita in New Bark Town, Overgrow, Brave nature, often dozes off

People give the Chikorita line a lot of flak for its bad matchups against a lot of Johto, but I'll forever sing Chestnut's praises for being an absolute unit against Whitney's Miltank. It always seemed like for those spots where the rest of my team didn't have such a good matchup themselves, Chestnut was able to fill the hole quite nicely, enough that I consider her my co-MVP (see below for the other co-MVP). Aside from Whitney, she was key against Chuck and particularly Bruno, as I actually didn't have strong enough Psychic moves for the latter by that time, so I banked on her defenses to give her a chance to set up. Against Red, she took the field against Blastoise when I could reasonably expect something other than an Ice move, but as further proof of her tankiness she ended up braving a Blizzard anyway before taking it out. You rock, Chestnut.

Ray: Male, Lvl. 51/90, hatched at Lvl. 1 as Mareep in Violet City, Static, Serious nature, often dozes off

I've always been kind of ambivalent towards the Mareep line - it's too slow for my tastes - but for the purposes of a story-mode playthrough Ray proved the line has its strengths too. Almost literally, in this case, thanks to Ampharos having good Sp. Attack for Thunderbolt, and Ray was thus a frequent recipient of Choice Specs to further boost it. Picking the Mareep Egg so early on was undoubtedly influenced by wanting more offense against Falkner, but he also proved his might against Pryce's non-Ground types and Archer's whole team, with all the experience from fighting Team Rockets grunts beforehand making him one of my only members in the high 30s at the time. His role against the E4 was brief but important: he led against Bruno specifically so he could lure out Onix early and give Chestnut her chance to set up, as mentioned above. He also stepped in against Red's other Water type in Lapras, and despite getting frozen on the switch, his power was crucial against such a beefy foe.

Crescent: Male, Lvl. 51/90, gifted to me at Lvl. 5 as Eevee in Goldenrod City, Synchronize, Timid nature, hates to lose

I remember using an Umbreon on my original Gold cartridge many years ago but never since, so I was tempted to try one again. If Chestnut was a stone wall, then Crescent was a truly "immovable object". He only started coming into his own late into the Johto portion, but when I had to face down something with too much potential offense, Crescent was there to stop it. In particular, his defenses were sorely needed against Clair's Kingdra, being the only one on my squad who could reliably survive Sniper-boosted attacks as I PP-stalled it until I could find an opening to strike. After soloing Will's team, Crescent was called upon against Karen's Gengar to take Focus Blasts of all things - I had enough potions to safely PP-stall that too even with my ruleset limiting healing items. I ended up forgetting to teach him Toxic for the Red battle like I'd wanted, but I didn't really need anything more than those solid defenses of his to tank Snorlax's mixed moveset as I whittled it down.

Pahoehoe: Female, Lvl. 54/90, met at Lvl. 16 as Magmar in the Burned Tower, Flame Body, Impish nature, thoroughly cunning

And here is Chestnut's partner in crime as co-MVP. Why, you ask? Well, by having INSANE luck with burning opponents, literally starting from my first encounter with her and continuing the rest of the run. It's barely an exaggeration, almost anything she didn't OHKO ended up burned between Flame Body and Lava Plume once she learned the latter. Appropriate that she was named after a type of red-hot lava then. It also didn't hurt that her stat distribution made her a well-rounded fighter on pretty much every front. She had enough speed and power to take out lots of foes quickly, notably making mincemeat out of Jasmine and getting to see a larger than expected amount of action against Silver from then on. At the E4, Pahoehoe led off against Koga's Bug types before playing a more prominent role vs. Karen, once again taking advantage of her crazy burn luck. The Magmarizer being locked behind a Rock Climb ledge meant she only evolved into a Magmortar in time for the Red fight, eviscerating his Venusaur to cap off the run.

Ralph: Male, Lvl. 50/90, met at Lvl. 21 as Swinub in the Ice Path, Oblivious, Bold nature, capable of taking hits

This was my first time ever playing with a Mamoswine in a story mode, and while Ralph obviously could only join late into Johto, he promptly earned a spot with his badly needed type coverage and powerful attacks. He capped off my victory against Clair's fearsome Kingdra, coming in after Crescent stalled long enough to trick it into using Hyper Beam and leave it vulnerable. While not quite as tanky as Chestnut or Crescent, he was one of my go-to team members against certain exploding Pokemon, such as Weezing, when one appeared mid-battle and I had to switch someone else out. Such an approach was thankfully not needed against Koga's Forretress, as Pahoehoe took it out first, but Ralph cleaned up the rest of his team nicely. In one of my more unique Nuzlocking moments, however, Ralph was a solid foundation to start off my battle with Red, not just for Earthquake against Pikachu but also for, of all things, Stealth Rock to cripple Charizard later. It's not often I dip into such PvP strategies in a story mode lol.

E4 Only

Cosmo: Genderless, Lvl. 51, fished up at Lvl. 20 as Staryu in Cherrygrove City, Natural Cure, Naive nature, likes to thrash about

Another well-known OU Pokemon up until this point in the series, and Cosmo certainly lived up to the billing. This was another Pokemon who couldn't really come into its own until late into Johto, no thanks to Starmie being locked behind waiting for Fisherman Tully to give me a Water Stone. But once it did evolve, Cosmo got right to work, bulldozing through Clair's first three Pokemon before Crescent needed to come in. Cosmo served as a common lead from then on, being pretty suitable for the role as a relatively frail attacker but with good Speed and coverage moves. Its biggest moment in the spotlight was sweeping Lance's entire team, taking care of what would have otherwise been a big potential nightmare for the rest of my squad.

Unfortunately, Cosmo didn't make it all the way to Red, falling to Blue's Machamp because I made the mistake of not taking into account opposing Pokemon's natures in my damage calculations. The Machamp just had to have a Sp. Defense-boosting nature, which kept Psychic from OHKOing it and letting it OHKO Cosmo instead with ThunderPunch. Hell, if I'd waited until the next Tuesday then the TwistedSpoon from Tuscany would've taken care of that too. This left a pretty gaping hole in my team - without a strong Water type, Red's Charizard could actually prove troublesome due to its high natural Speed. Fortunately, the Pokemon Cosmo had "replaced" was able to patch up that weakness in my lineup, in conjunction with the aforementioned Stealth Rock strategy.

Red Only

Mel: Male, Lvl. 90, hatched at Lvl. 1 as Togepi on Route 32, Serene Grace, Docile nature, somewhat stubborn

Despite not being able to evolve into Togekiss until well into Kanto, Mel still saw a decent amount of use throughout Johto thanks to being gifted with Extrasensory. He sometimes needed the Choice Specs to make it have any appreciable power as a Togetic, but he made it work well enough. His typing was a huge boon for Morty's Gengar, and being my primary Psychic attacker until Cosmo's introduction meant he saw quite a bit of action against Team Rocket. That said, his power did start falling behind pretty significantly after the Radio Tower, and he mainly only returned because of Cosmo's death. Still, with higher stats and a vastly better movepool as Togekiss, he definitely was a worthy replacement for what few challenges remained in the game. Red's Charizard was a bit of a wildcard due to me not knowing its full moveset, so I didn't know what coverage moves it might've had against the rest of my team. This is where Mel came in, being immune to a possible Earthquake (which it didn't have anyway, but still) and having enough Sp. Defense to tank other likely attacks, and Stealth Rock cutting Charizard's HP in half allowed Mel to finish it off right then and there.

Honorable mentions go to Craig the Golem, another Pokemon I hadn't really used extensively before this Nuzlocke. His gameplan was simple - absorb physical hits, then hit back hard - but it was effective when used in the right places. Most importantly, his Rock typing made him my best option for the Ho-Oh fight; catching and using it was banned for the Nuzlocke itself, and my story ideas for this run intentionally omit Ho-Oh, so having something to quickly KO it was a godsend to not have any plot lines get tangled up.


TFW you lose someone you love to a crit.
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Ice

Neso the Male Torterra, Lv. 63 (ALIVE)
: Crunch, Earthquake, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf
The big boy of the bunch, he wasn't exactly one to see a lot of action against the gyms of Sinnoh. He had a great showing against Roark, then was stuck on the sidelines until it was time to face Volkner, who he took care of with ease. During the Pokémon League, he took care of Bertha by spamming Razor Leaf and, in the case of Sudowoodo, Earthquake. I never completed a Gen 4 Nuzlocke until now, and so far, this big, tanky turtle boy has captured my heart. Time will tell if Infernape or Empoleon steal my love away.

Arche the Male Staraptor, Lv. 62 (ALIVE)
: Close Combat, Double Team, Return, Brave Bird
Arche never got the memo that says "early birds suck". Actually, from what I've seen, Staraptor in general just ignored the memo. With his wicked high Attack stat, he made utter mincemeat out of Fantina and everyone else who stood in his way. This bird just does not care, and his carelessness got worse when Brave Bird came into the picture. Normally, I'm iffy on recoil moves, but after seeing it in action, it stayed. Arche annihilated Aaron's team (with some help from Ferdinand the Gastrodon when Drapion showed up), and I'd like to think that he was watching the Champion fight and glaring at Cynthia the entire time. 10/10, would use again.

Larissa the Female Luxray, Lv. 62 (ALIVE)
: Thunder Fang, Thunderbolt, Crunch, Discharge
I'm eternally grateful that Larissa had Intimidate instead of Rivalry; if she had that instead, she probably would've been sent to the box (I'd rather not deal with Attack and Special Attack drops because of a Pokémon's gender). With two Pokémon on the team with Intimidate, she and Arche were often used to wreck someone's Attack stat. Which is great, because neither of them are that tanky. She knocked some sense into Crasher Wake and his team, but at the Pokémon League, she wasn't used much. She fought Flint's Lopunny for a bit, but she had to get swapped out for Ferdinand after getting Charmed by the rabbit. At least she can now enjoy retirement like a champ.

Psamathe the Female Tentacruel, Lv. 62 (ALIVE)
: Ice Beam, Barrier, Surf, Sludge Bomb
I'm gonna be honest, getting Psamathe was a total accident. I was surfing on Route 219 when she showed up and tried to drag everyone to the depths. When she was caught, I decided to put her to use and replaced Narvi (who was stuck in the box until it was time to climb Mt. Coronet, and the trip didn't end well for him at all). She wound up being an unconventional help against Candice since, after three Barriers, she could take attacks from Abomasnow with ease. As for the league, she was the go-to against Flint, but when Lopunny came out, she had to sit out until Lopunny and Infernape were taken care of (courtesy of Ferdinand, despite his -4 to Attack after two Charms). After that, she came back to finish Steelix and Drifblim off. D/P's Pokédex was weird.

Nix the Female Weavile, Lv. 64 (ALIVE)
: Night Slash, Swords Dance, Brick Break, Ice Shard
After beating Volkner, I decided to restructure my team because I noticed its two glaring weaknesses: Ice and Electric. Umbriel the Crobat and Jupiter the Medicham were put in the box, and one of the Pokémon that replaced them was Nix, who was a very fragile Sneasel at this point. She didn't see much use until she evolved into Weavile. After that, I saw just how terrifying a Weavile can be. Let's be thankful that Cyrus' Weavile doesn't have Swords Dance (unless he has it in Platinum). She decimated Lucian's team, then wrecked Cynthia (but not before hitting a road bump), getting everyone into the Hall of Fame.

Ferdinand the Male Gastrodon, Lv. 62 (DEAD)
: Waterfall, Recover, Earthquake, Ice Beam
I wish I could say the Pokémon League went off without a hitch, but unfortunately, it didn't. Ferdinand joined due to that aforementioned Electric weakness my team had. He's more of a lover (and a tank) than a fighter, but when he was called upon to help against Aaron and Flint, he pulled through. Amusingly, his fight against Flint's Infernape ended with Infernape knocking itself out from Flare Blitz's recoil. Sadly, everything went sour when Cynthia's Spiritomb got an all-stat boost from Silver Wind. I decided that Ferdinand had the best chance of stalling for time due to his high HP, and the plan worked! For a while. Then Spiritomb lowered Ferdinand's Special Defense with Psychic. Despite using Recover on the same turn and restoring himself back to full HP, Spiritomb proceeded to get a crit with Dark Pulse that killed him in one shot. Cynthia's victory didn't last, because when Nix came back, she got her three Swords Dances in and proceeded to avenge Ferdinand in the most satisfying way.

That's my first Gen 4 Nuzlocke in the books (not counting the Gen 2 remakes), and while the slowness of the whole thing kind of bogged the experience down, I can't say I didn't have fun. Black is up next, and as of this writing, I just finished the sixth gym (though I will say, Swoobat is no fun to use). I'm a bit concerned about Ghetsis. I've seen what he can do.


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jul 31, 2019
Red the Stoutland

The first three mons of the team are part of what I like to call the core 3. They’ve all joined the squad fairly early and are veteran powerhouses. Red is definitely the Captain America equivalent. He was my first ever capture and became the leader after my starter, Lilligant died. From the beginning, he boasted impressive stats and was the de facto Ghost killer with his Bite. He was always a solid mon, even when his only good moves were Tackle and Bite for a large portion of the run. However, just when he started to fall off, he received an upgrade in Strength and Crunch, making him a very reliable Pokemon for stomaching hits and brute forcing his way through sticky situations. Honestly, he does remind me of Captain America. He’s the oldest on the squad, and eventually received a buff near the end. Because of this, you’re gonna deal with Marvel analogies for the next two mons.

Cindy the Azumarill

This is Thor. Easily. Despite the fact that the third member of the core 3 is an electric type, Cindy was just so damn powerful that she has to represent the strongest Avenger. Her special attack was surprisingly high. I don’t know how, maybe I accidentally EV trained her against the perfect mons while grinding her a replacement for my Kingdra (was EV training even a thing in Gen 1)? We found her right before Brock murdered Kingdra and she really did live up to my expectations. Combine this with the fact that I got the HM for Surf and the TM for Ice Punch early in the Game Corner Rocket Base (randomized overworld) and Cindy murdered every mon under the Sun. Also please pretend her moveset has Ice Punch instead of Strength, as I foolishly taught her that to make grinding for the E4 easier without knowing the move deleter didn’t exist. Doesn’t matter, cause Fairy was special!

Taffy the Ampharos

I fuckin love Ampharos, and they are all named in honour of the OG from my Gold and Silver soullink. Even as a Mareep south of Misty, the simple Thundershock-Thunder Wave combo dismantled most enemies. After he evolved and got Tpunch, he became even stronger. Despite the lack of coverage, Taffy had everything he needed to demolish Kanto with parafusion hax and STAB. He was also super bulky, shrugging off Psychics from the likes of Giovanni’s Mewtwo. However, you may have guessed that Taffy represents Iron Man and if you watched Endgame or live on this planet, you probably know where I’m going with this. Lorelei possessed a Meloetta that was doing massive damage with Psychic to both Stoutland and Charizard. I swapped in Taffy to use parafusion. Everything was going great until it prayed to RNGesus and broke out of para and confusion, as well as critted Taffy from full with Psychic. And so, Taffy’s noble sacrifice resulted in no more deaths afterwards. Rest in peace, you legend.

Kristen the Lopunny

I doubted you at first. I wanted at least 4 mons for Rock Tunnel, so when Lilligant died I added you. While grinding, you showed ur prowess by learning Jump Kick and refusing to ever miss. It didn’t even matter that I had two Normal types, as the fighting coverage was invaluable. You were fast, you were strong, and there isn’t much to say other than you renewed my interest in Lopunny and I hope to use one again!

Slayer the Charizard

I mean the name says it all. He came at a time where every single encounter I had was a shitty water type. He appeared in the grass before Celadon and I immediately knew he had been sent by the Icon of Sin. It had Shadow Claw, and learned Swords Dance and Flamethrower shortly after. After acquiring Fly, his moveset was perfect and from there he tore everything to shreds. Fly and Shadow Claw being physical meant that he was the new Ghost killer and the new sweeper of the team. He truly tore a hole through everything that dared stand in his path, and now while writing this I realize I don’t remember most of the mons he fought, probably because he made them so inconsequential. He took his revenge for the death of Taffy against Blue, by setting up Swords Dance and proceeding to sweep his entire team. He earned his title for sure.

Ralsei the Tyrantrum

This was originally the spot for my Gengar, who was a very powerful mon with insane coverage but he died in Victory Road. The only thing I could do was replace her with another very powerful mon with insane coverage. This was actually not even my first Victory Road encounter, but after the static Eevee and the static Hitmonlee in the dojo turned out to BOTH be Charizards, I decided I deserve a token. And so, Ralsei was added to the team, and luckily was a pretty high level and easy to grind. I never got Rock Slide, which sucked and Dclaw and Crunch were Special but it didn’t matter when Earthquake obliterated everything in its path. Despite the fact that its tenure on the team was limited, it truly popped off against the E4 and came in clutch with the coverage and raw power. Enjoy your spot of fame buddy, you earned it.


Did you bring a light? (No?)
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Aug 8, 2019
With an axe
Pokémon Type
Electric, Water
Pokédex Entry
Just a guy with way to many ongoing Nuzlockes.
I've been on a kick to complete Nuzruns of main series games that I have yet to do a Nuzlocke on as of late. Naming scheme for both is random words from my notes. Might change and edit in actual names, I dunno.

For the Yellow, you read the stats as HP/Attack/Defense/Speed/Special, and all of them are level 58.

For Emerald, stats are read as HP/Attk/Def/Sp.Attk/Sp.Def/Spd, and they are all level 60.

Coefficient the Clefable
Thunderbolt, Fire blast, Minimize, Strength

Was surprised to have encountered this, but hey. Solid stats all round, covered Electric attacks because I never found an actual Electric mon, and was all round useful.

Accelerometer the Nidoking
Ice beam, Earthquake, Surf, Double kick

If there was any Pokemon I now greatly love as of late, it is Nidoking, and to an extent the Nidos in general. There movesets are just so massive and customisable and coupled with really good stats. I've used a bunch of Nidoking as of late and I have never been tired of using it at all. It's just so powerful and fun to use, and Accelerometer was no exception.

Humidity the Victreebel
Razor leaf, Toxic, Wrap, Sleep powder

This spot could have been the gift Bulbasaur, but my Pikachu died super early on and I didn't want to waste money on potions to boost it's happiness. So I went and gave this thing a shot instead and he turned out to be pretty neat. Also gave him Toxic before the league only for him to never use it because we weren't required to.

Filter the Dodrio
Drill peck, Body slam, Fly, Tri attack

Planned to use this right from thew start of the game, and immediately added it in given the chance. Filter was a complete unit, destroying everything with monstous attack, speed, and crits.

Infrared the Starmie
Psychic, Surf, Blizzard, Thunder wave

Did not expect to fish this up in my hometown, but I immediately slapped it onto my team and boxed my Kadabra just to use it, and it was worth it. He was an absolute destroyer with Psychic and Surf.

Unbound the Rhydon
Rock slide/Dig/Stomp/Submission

Thought I'd try it out since I saved the Rock slide TM until then. For being the heaviest hitter on the squad, Unbound did quite the work. While the non-STAB moveset could have been better, it was still incredibly useful in taking out various opponents.

Logical the Sandslash (M)
Adamant, Holding Soft sand
Earthquake, Brick break, Toxic, Sandstorm

Every other time I tried to use Sandslash in previous Nuzlockes, I ended up having to box it in favour of a better Ground mon. After catching my Sandshrew a while back in this run I though that I would never use it because it wasn't a Trapinch. But then, tragedy struct when my Swampert ultimately died to the twins, and I thought that I would pretty much need a Ground mon (at the time, I never thought about how there was going to be 2 water specialists later on), so I checked on the said Sandshrew and saw it was Adamant. So I immediately threw it onto the squad and Logical pretty much destroyed everything with his massive power and coverage. I can also safely confess I speed EV trained him, but he was still a great force to the team. I'm glad that I chose to add him in.

Domain the Linoone (M)
Modest, Held item varys
Return, Shadow ball, Shock wave, Belly drum

Yes, I know, I took a bad natured Linoone (Even if I worked around it) to the league, and have it survive. And have it sweep the Ghosts with Belly drum and Shadow ball. And yes, he's still a Modest Linoone. Can you believe this is basically the second time I brought a 2 stage beginner Normal mon to the end? The other achievement Domain has is possibly the lowest stats of any mon I have taken to the end of the game. Seriously, look at that, and compare it to everyone else later in the team. Why I kept him around for so long? I'd be lying if I said it wasn't Pickup, which he actually gained quite a bunch of Rare candies, one too many in fact, because he picked one up as soon as everyone was almost done grinding. Also, if it wasn't obvious, the longest lasting team member.

Remote the Aggron (M)
Quirky, Holding Quick claw
Iron tail, Rock tomb, Aerial ace, Thunderbolt

Why Thunderbolt, because it was either him or Domain and Remote had higher special attack. Yeah, Domain's stats are gonna be a running gag here because I'm still surprised he managed to survive all the way. But Aggron, I knew he was going to be a success. Everything from that beyond monstrous defense (as well as being the only stat on the team above 200!), his great power (I'm really, REALLY glad I taught him Rock tomb, by the way. Even that still dealt a lot of damage.), and Iron tail barely missing. This is why this is my favourite mon of it's generation.

Amplify the Ludicolo (F)
Bold, Holding Miracle seed
Waterfall, Giga drain, Ice beam, Attract

I was unsure whether or not this should replace my Breloom, but after my Swampert's demise at the Psychic gym I pretty much had no choice but to add a Water/Grass mon to the squad. Funnily enough, Amplify was actually my 4th catch, caught all the way back at Route 102, but I never used her until Swampert's death because I knew about the beyond asinine way this generation handled Evo stones. Despite that, Amplify was an impressive successor to my Breloom. Pretty much all her stats were really good, she beat Domain in the best HP stat on the team (No seriously expect that to be a running theme) and was a massive help to all the Water specialists, especially the champion where almost all his mons got only like 1 or 2 moves off thanks to Attract.

System the Dodrio (M)
Impish, Holding Sharp beak
Drill peck, Tri attack, Steel wing, Taunt

Yep, this thing ended up on both of these teams. That, as well as being the heaviest hitter on the squad. His Drill peck pretty much decimated anything that didn't resist it. I am just so glad I added him to the team overall. Nothing more to say here.

Application the Raichu (M)
Naive, Holding Magnet
Thunderbolt, Secret power, Thunder wave, Double team

My other Electric options were an Impish Manectric and a Brave Magnemite. The magnet could have worked but I thought I might as well wait to see if there are any better options available. I ultimately found this thing and decided to go and give it a run and it was pretty good. It's shining moment would have to be against the champion's Tentacruel, which I suddenly thought I probably might not have had plans for because originally had Swampert stayed alive, I would be dealing this jellyfish with the Adamant Machamp I had in the box using Earthquake. Since I decided to use Sandslash and teach that Earthquake, I couldn't use that. So I used my secondary plan, use T-wave on Tentacruel and see what else I can do. Ultimately, the jellyfish never got not fully paralysed and I destroyed it with T-bolt.
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The metal dragon bird
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also a huge fan of Smash Bros. and writing.
I just realized I forgot to bring over a few of my HoF teams, so let's finish that up:

Selena the Incineroar
Met at L. 5, currently L. 59
Flamethrower/Darkest Lariat/Flare Blitz/Leech Life
Litten was my favorite Alolan starter even before Incineroar got in Smash, so this was an easy choice. And she definitely came through every time-she took out Totem Lurantis (for some reason I always have trouble with it), helped against Totem Vikavolt and all three Guzma fights, torched Lusamine's Lilligant both times, and took out several of Acerola's team in the league. I'm kinda bummed she didn't get to fight Kukui, but I'm glad she was with me from start to finish.

Ian Jr. the Magnezone
Met at L. 6, currently L. 59
Discharge/Flash Cannon/Tri Attack/Thunder Wave
Magnemite isn't quite as gamebreaking as it was in BW2, but it's still an awesome 'mon, especially early on. Oddly enough, I don't think he fought in any of the Totem battles, but he was handy against Lusamine, Olivia, and nearly soloed Kahili. And he took out Kukui's Braviary and Ninetales. Every time I keep thinking I'm tired of using these guys, I get another one who reminds me that they're amazing and I fall in love again.

Jordan the Alakazam
Met at L. 9, currently L. 59
Psychic/Shadow Ball/Energy Ball/Recover
One of my luckiest catches, even if I did have to drag him around most of Melemele. But once he evolved, he made up for it in spades-he soloed Totem Wishiwashi with Charge Beam and took out Lusamine's Bewear both times, which was the biggest threat to my team. And he almost soloed Hala in the league. I've had a love-hate relationship with the line over the years, but I can confidently say it's back on my favorites list by now.

Eddie the Lurantis
Met at L. 15, currently L. 59
Leaf Blade/Solar Blade/Brick Break/Growth
One of two 'mons on the team I've never used. But since Totem Lurantis always gives me trouble, I figured using one of my own might be a good idea. He didn't really take part in any notable fights for most of the game, but he ended up taking out Lusamine's Milotic, took down most of Hapu's team, and absolutely shined in the league-taking out several of Olivia's 'mons, Acerola's Palossand, and Kukui's Magnezone and Primarina (earning the final blow of the run). So I'm really happy I gave him the chance and took him all the way.

Sheila the Kangaskhan
Met at L. 16, currently L. 59
Rock Slide/Brick Break/Outrage/Shadow Claw
My other luckiest catch-I didn't even know you could find wild Kangaskhan, so finding her was a shock, especially when I noticed she was Adamant. And she was absolutely amazing-she helped against Totem Salazzle and Vikavolt, took out Nihilego and Hau's Raichu that's apparently super deadly, and took out most of Acerola's team. So happy I got a chance to use her.

Tony the Skarmory
Met at L. 24, currently L. 58
Fly/Steel Wing/Night Slash/Toxic
It wouldn't be one of my runs if I didn't have a Skarmory, right? :v:
And he was as amazing as I expected-he stalled Totem Kommo-o out and took it down, took out Lusamine's Clefable both times, and beat Kukui's Lycanroc. And of course he walled everything from start to finish. Couldn't have asked for anything more from him.

Two longtime teammates who I didn't have room for at the end:

Monica the Toucannon
Met at L. 3, currently L. 43
Beak Blast/Brick Break/Drill Peck/Roost
My first catch. She was handy throughout the run, taking out Totem Raticate and helping against Lurantis. But as we got closer to the end, I thought she was kind of redundant to Tony, so I had to make a choice and she was on the losing end. But she was a great 'mon to have, and I'm glad I took her as far as I did.

Ivan the A-Muk
Met at L. 7, currently L. 41
Crunch/Poison Fang/Gunk Shot/Minimize
Honestly I've never been a big fan of Grimer or Muk. But I've heard A-Muk is amazing, so I figured I'd give him a try. And while he was a solid 'mon, I never really understood the praise-maybe I was using him wrong or something? But he wasn't bad by any means, and I'm glad I gave him a shot and that he made it all the way to evolving.

And one 'mon who really should've been on the final team:

Billy the Mudsdale
Met at L. 11, fell at L. 44
High Horsepower/Rock Slide/Heavy Slam/Iron Defense
I knew Mudsdale was amazing from using one in a normal playthrough. But that one had Stamina, and Billy had Own Tempo. So I didn't really plan to use him...until I got to Totem Mimikyu. I was so worried about this fight, but was recommended to use him anyway, so I did, and...he crit OHKOed the thing I was so scared of.
I was so proud, and so I figured I'd do my best to take him all the way to make up for not using him sooner. And I would have...but the first trainer after Hapu had other plans...some of the worst luck I've ever had (a mix of flinchhax, burn, and crit) took him away :crying:
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TFW you lose someone you love to a crit.
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Ice

Edgar the Male Samurott, Lv. 52 (ALIVE)
: Blizzard, Surf, Aqua Jet, Megahorn
The only Pokémon to survive from start to finish. The last time I used an Oshawott, it died to Charles in Driftveil City. That probably contributed to the run getting discontinued. When Edgar came back into my life, I was concerned that he would die again. He almost did a couple of times, but he managed to pull through. While the Elite Four was a chaotic mess (I had to switch back and forth between everyone so many times), he managed to shine against N by knocking Archeops down a couple of pegs and making waves all over Vanilluxe. I don't have strong feelings for the Unova starters yet, but in terms of aesthetics, the Oshawott line's my favorite.

Hotspur the Male Darmanitan, Lv. 52 (ALIVE)
: Fire Punch, Superpower, Flare Blitz, Hammer Arm
Darmanitan is scary. This is something I've learned after dealing with Veteran Ray on Route 18. You know what's also scary? When you manage to get one on your team. And if your Darumaka has Hustle? Congratulations, if you keep that little fireball alive, you'll get a Sheer Force Darmanitan! And since the naming theme involved Shakespeare's characters, there was really only one name I could give this guy. Hotspur joined after the Cheren fiasco, and once he evolved into his final form, just about everything he fought was crushed. Well, everyone except the Elite Four. He saw zero action during that, and when it came time to throw Reshiram onto the team, he was boxed. At least I had a back-up if I wiped (which, thankfully, I didn't).

Gertrude the Female Beheeyem, Lv. 52 (ALIVE)
: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt
After I lost my Magic Guard Sigilyph in Victory Road (still salty about that, by the way), I didn't know who to add. Gertrude only came along because I found out she could learn Thunderbolt, which I desperately needed. While she does hit hard thanks to her high Special Attack, I can't say she got a lot of usage. She would've run roughshod through Caitlin's team, as I was spamming Calm Mind, but her Reuniclus hit a crit Thunder that left the poor girl with 12 HP AND paralysis. The AI in this game is particularly spiteful. She was brought along for the N fight on the off chance that I needed her to use Thunderbolt for something, but she wasn't needed.

Gargrave the Male Haxorus, Lv. 52 (ALIVE)
: Dragon Dance, X-Scissor, Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw
By pure luck, Gargrave was my Mistralton Cave encounter. He had Mold Breaker, which was great because I later learned that the line's other ability is Rivalry, which is situational at best and terrible at worst. It took him a while to show his true power, but he proved to be no pushover several times through the run. His real moment of glory, however, came against Ghetsis. While his Cofagrigus was trying to Toxic stall him, he set up six Dragon Dances. Once he was done, he proceeded to one-shot every last member of Ghetsis' team, including the dreaded Hydreigon. All this because I got lucky at Mistralton Cave!

Scroop the Male Excadrill, Lv. 52 (ALIVE)
: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Slash, Rock Slide
On the other side of the coin, there's Scroop. Guidance Chamber counted as its own separate area, so I planned on catching Cobalion there. Right as I was about to approach it, however, a dust cloud spawned. I couldn't change course in time, so Drilbur wound up being my Guidance Chamber encounter in a rather unlucky twist. I was so upset! I wanted to use Cobalion in this Nuzlocke! And instead I got a mole that evolves into the monstrous Excadrill...that learns Swords Dance by level up...and saved me from Drayden's wrath...and left dents in Caitlin and Grimsley's teams...okay, Scroop wasn't an unlucky encounter after all.

Lysander the Reshiram, Lv. 52 (ALIVE)
: Dragon Breath, Slash, Extrasensory, Fusion Flare
I wasn't sure whether to include Lysander or not, since you don't get it until right before the N fight. What made me decide to keep it in was that it helped the team survive against N, so therefore, it should be added. Granted, all it did was beat Zekrom and revenge kill a disguised Zoroark, but those are better than doing nothing at all.

Don Pedro the Male Scrafty , Lv. 52 (DEAD)
: Facade, Brick Break, Crunch, Chip Away
Speaking of Zoroark...this hurt. Don Pedro was added after the combined mess that was Cheren and Route 18. He was a lot bulkier than I realized with his 100+ defenses, and he contributed quite a bit to the Elite Four fights! Sadly, he met his doom when N sent out "Klinklang" after he brought down Carracosta. I knew it was his Zoroark, but I didn't have anyone to safely switch into. I had no faith in Lysander surviving a hit with the health it had, so I had no choice but to sacrifice Don Pedro. I healed Lysander, and Zoroark hit Focus Blast. Because it misses when you use it, but it's a different story when the AI does it.

This is the first time I've beaten a Gen 5 Nuzlocke, and all things considered, this went well. It certainly could've been a lot worse. I thought about continuing the Nuzlocke until I fought Alder for real, but I decided against it. For one thing, the N/Ghetsis fights felt like a more climactic end to this challenge. That, and I'm so done with killing countless Audino...oh wait, I have a Black 2 Nuzlocke going on at the moment. Never mind. I just got through the PWT in that one. I really don't like how they force you to do these things. Pokéstar Studios and Join Avenue were bad enough.


Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
Pokemon Heart Gold Lorelocke Hall of Fame Champions:
Using the lorelocke rules - https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/index.php?threads/the-lorelocke-version-1-13-major-update-new-variant-rules-art-and-balances.2197/
(Part of my hall of fame project in my signature if you want to check it out).

Marius the Gligar lvl 24-48 Male - Dead

Holding Quick Claw, Quirky, Has Hyper Cutter.
Lorerule: Vile Poison.
Attacks: Sludge Bomb, Sword Dance, Earthquake, X-Scissor.

Marius was a last-minute addition to the team right before Victory Road, which was mainly based on my wrong assumption I could evolve it/use it as an offensive Flying type, and my desire to try using a pokemon I never got to play with before. He quickly surprised me with his impressive Attack and versatile move pool, and the moment I gave him the Earthquake TM he became unstoppable. The first time I really got to use him properly was the moment he showed his worth the most. I was facing Bruno, he sent his Hitmontop and I decided I could probably take a hit from anything that living top could throw at me so I began Sword Dancing. Long story short you managed to wipe his entire team with my Earthquake, throwing one foe after the other into the fissures of the abyss. I was so proud of you! But then at last I lost you to Karen the very next battle. Karen was harder than I expected, and when she sent her Houndoom I didn’t realize the danger I was in. She managed to Nasty Plot it once and already it became a pokemon which could 2-hit kill anything on my team. I knew I had to risk someone to stay one more turn, and I chose Marius. That thing managed to Nasty Plot again, survive one of my own hits, and kill poor Marius. I was sure I’m going to lose the run but Aedan my Flareon saved the day and avenged poor Marius. Thank you for your short yet important service buddy, and welcome to the hall of fame.

Avatar the Machamp lvl 14-49 Male – Alive

Holding Muscle Band, Relaxed, Has No Guard.
Lorerule: Chosen of Vishnu.
Attacks: Rock Tomb, Revenge, Cross Chop, Protect.

One of the three pokemon I added to my pre E4 team after the Blackthorn Gym massacre. Avatar was a pokemon I really wanted to add to the team when I caught him (I used the Machop line many times in the past and they are very solid) however I was using the lorelocke variant which allows me a maximum of one Chosen pokemon in my party, and that spot was saved for Ixchel my Crobat. And so, with her sadly gone, it was time for Avatar to show his worth. No Guard Machamp can be a very deadly pokemon, especially when it learns Cross Chop, and not a lot of enemies could stand in your way. You helped against Silver in the final battle with him, against Karen, and finally against Lance where you had an extremely tense battle with his Gyarados of Rock Tombing vs Waterfall, and you made Lance waste all of his Full Restores until you finally stoned that serpent to death. A born champion, welcome to the hall of fame.

Shahrazad the Wigglytuff lvl 16-49 Female – Alive

Holding Silk Scarf, Brave, Has Cute Charm.
Lorerule: Fairytale Teller.
Attacks: Sing, Blizzard, Body Slam, Shadow Ball.

The last of the pokemon I added after the massacre, I am a bit ashamed to admit the main reason I added Shahrazad to the team was the fact she was a Female Normal type which cancels my Dewgong’s Unicorn Ancestry. Still you quickly became far more than a filler, and with your impressive HP, useful singing ability, and amazingly versatile move pool you helped me against many foes other pokemon couldn’t defeat. You helped against Silver, Soloed the entire team of Will with your Sing and Shadow Balls surviving only on 1 HP, and even helped in the bloody battle against Karen. For the first time in your life, others will tell stories about your brave deeds. Welcome to the hall of fame!

Gilmore the Dewgong lvl 22-50 Male – Alive

Holding NeverMeltIce, Relaxed, Has Hydration.
Lorerule: Unicorn Ancestry.
Attacks: Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Ice Shard, Waterfall.

When I added Gilmore to the team, I was actively looking for an Ice type pokemon and had two foes in mind: Clair and Lance. Ironically in the end, even though he was really helpful against Clair which was overall the most important battle in this run, he didn’t even get to Ice Beam one of Lance’s Dragonites. The Unicorn Ancestry lore rule can be really limiting if you don’t have the right pokemon to cancel it with, and on my original team I couldn’t afford adding any pokemon for this role. Still, even under the limitation Gilmore was extremely useful as he killed all of Clair’s dragons, technically including her Kingdra even though that was after it murdered half my team, and Gilmore only gave the final blow yet crucial blow that saved my run. He also helped against Silver and Karen and the E4. Without a doubt one of the greatest heroes of this quest.

Aedan the Flareon lvl 5-50 Male – Alive

Holding Shell Bell, Adamant, Has Flash Fire.
Lorerule: Manifest Destiny.
Attacks: Quick Attack, Fire Fang, Dig, Bite.

Who doesn’t like Eevee? It is the sort of pokemon that whenever I get a chance to use it, I immediately do, as no run is the same with it. And this time fate had a very clear plan for me. Aedan had the Manifest Destiny lore rule which dictates it must evolve into Flareon and with an Adamant nature, I mean what more can you ask for? I had no Fire types on my team, I love Fire types, and I never got to properly use a Flareon, it was all meant to be. And indeed, even before he learned Fire Fang which greatly improved his strength Aedan was an extremely useful pokemon in my team. He helped against Jasmine, Pryce, Archer, and Silver. And in the E4 he fought bravely against Koga, and saved our team against Karen’s Houndoom who was pumped with Nasty Plots just ready to annihilate anything slower I’ll throw at him. But you managed to dig your way under the ground and take it from below, saving us all. A true foxy hero.

Storegga the Golem lvl 2-50 Female – Alive

Holding Soft Sand, Adamant, Has Sturdy.
Lorerule: Rockslide!
Attacks: Stone Edge, Rock Throw, Earthquake, Focus Punch.

With Theodora gone this run has a very clear-cut MVP, Storegga here. It is no secret that the Geodude line are useful in Johto, especially in the early game. But Storegga was just my ace throughout the entire run, ever since she Rockslided into my life (and smashed my poor Sentret on the way). Her list of achievements is truly glorious. She soloed Falkner, Bugsy, and Whitney all by herself. She helped me in countless other battles including taking out the legendary Ho-Oh by herself (and almost died in the process). She killed most of Silver’s team and destroyed most of the trainers in Victory Road. And finally, in the E4 she killed all of Koga’s team along with Aedan, helped against Karen, and killed 5/6 of Lance’s team by herself including is Charizard, Aerodactyl, and all three of his Dragonites! (with A LOT of potions, but still an impressive accomplishment that could have ended with enemy one critical hit). You are a beast made of rock, a warrior and an elementalist, welcome to the hall of fame my living Rockslide!


Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 10, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Ground
I recently finished an undocumented Yellow Nuzlocke in which I could only use Pokémon that were given another type and/or evolution in later generations (including regional forms and Mega Evolutions). Everyone on my E4 team made it to the HoF alive.

Omen the Golbat, Level 56
Bite/Wing Attack/Mega Drain/Confuse Ray
Caught in Mt. Moon

The oldest member of the team, and one that I had fun abusing Gen I Leech Life with (back when Poison was weak against Bug). Golbat's Gen I moveset isn't particularly impressive, especially thanks to its only STAB attack having 35 BP, but Omen managed to do well nevertheless, even soloing Bruno!

Singin the Wigglytuff, Level 55
Strength/Thunder Wave/Bubblebeam/Tri Attack
Caught on Route 6

Admittedly the weak link of the team due to Wigglytuff's low non-HP stats—and in Gen I, it wasn't much of a special attacker. But STAB Strength and Tri Attack off of a decent attack stat worked pretty well, and Bubblebeam was useful coverage.

Terminator the Magneton, Level 56
Thunderbolt/Thunder Wave/Swift/Screech
Caught on Route 10

I wasn't planning on taking the starter Pikachu all the way this time, so here's the Electric type I used instead. Even without the many resistances that Steel grants, Terminator did very well—mostly zapping things with Thunderbolt, but Thunder Wave, Swift, and Screech took down my rival's Jolteon to win the final battle.

West Side the Ninetales, Level 56
Flamethrower/Dig/Body Slam/Confuse Ray
Received in Celadon City

Holder of the rare and coveted Gen I Flamethrower, putting it to good use! West Side was no slouch on physical attacks, either; Body Slam took down Sabrina's fragile trio and Dig did most of the work to defeat Agatha.

Vertigo the Seadra, Level 55
Surf/Swift/Smokescreen/Ice Beam
Caught on Route 11

Pretty much everyone on the team except Singin benefited from the lack of Special Attack/Special Defense split, which meant I could use a Seadra without worrying about it dying to any special attack! Vertigo's moveset wasn't too extensive outside of the typical Water type's Water and Ice moves, but even just those were a huge help, with Vertigo defeating Lance's Aerodactyl and Dragonite.

E.T. the Slowbro, Level 56
Caught on Route 13

A late catch that I only got after my Dugtrio kicked the bucket in Pokémon Mansion, but one that made me wish I'd brought on sooner! E.T. could attack well on both the physical and special side, and Amnesia helped boost the latter to dangerous levels. Most of this one's spotlight came from the final rival battle: E.T. took out Sandslash, Alakazam, Ninetales, and Cloyster.


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Apr 20, 2020
After 10 deaths and HOURS spent grinding for Red, I completed my second Nuzlocke in Pokemon Crystal. Here's my team after the last fight: (Not sure how to add images).

Quilty the Typhlosion
Level 71/Female
Item: Charcoal
Quick Attack
Fire Punch

The MVP of the run, by far the longest Pokemon I had during the run. While other early team members were dying, she stood strong. She didn't actually participate in many a Johto gym battle, only pitching in here and there. However she proved her worth more than enough in the Elite 4, taking down most of Will's team and killing at least 1 or 2 Pokes of other trainers. She even participated in the unfavorable Lance fight, where, she took out Charizard and even Aerodactyl with Thunderpunches. Lastly after me breezing through Kanto, she fought Red's Venusaur, dismantling it without problems.

Flu the Piloswine
Level 71/Female
Item: Nevermeltice
Icy Wind

The only other member who participated in both Elite 4 and Red's battle. Took down Lance's Ace Dragonite with two Icy Winds (lowering the speed with first and outspeeding on the second) even after being hit with a critical Outrage. Other than the E4, she wasn't that useful, only managing a single kill on Pikachu in the last fight.

Hikari the Lanturn
Level 71/Female
Item: Quick Claw

The first catch in Kanto after I lost both my water types in the Elite 4. Was very useful in Kanto, being a water type and a water-type counter all in one. Easily dealt with Red's Blastoise and could've done more if needed.

Bart the Murkrow
Level 71/Male
Item: King's Rock
Night Shade
Faint Attack
Steel Wing

Since I made it to Kanto with only 3 Pokemon, I needed to get someone to grind up for Red's battle and I knew Red had an Espeon. Took this dude from level 17 up to my team's level during the travels through Kanto, where he pitched in a few times. His main goal was the Espeon, whom Bart dismantled without breaking a sweat.

ROCKY the Onix
Level 70/Male
Item: Leftovers
Rock Throw

I got him at level 6, but he went straight to the box for the entire game, since I had a good Geodude at the time and once he died, ROCKY was too underleveled. However, when I came to Mt. Silver, I was in a tight spot - I had only 5 members and no one to take Red's Snorlax. So I took him out of the box and grinded the entire way from level 6 to 70 there with Exp. Share. I didn't think I had any other options, as there was no one who resisted Normal in my box.

When it came time for Snorlax I was already feeling confident - I had 5 kills, no losses and almost everyone was in green health. So I thought I would ignore ROCKY for the time being and kept Quilty in. She proved to be lacking, so I switched her to Flu, who in turn got critted by a Body Slam and went deep into yellow health immediately. Then I knew that ROCKY was my last hope - I switched him in and, admittedly as planned, he took only marginal damage from Snorlax's attacks. The battle took a while, with Snorlax resting up and me healing with Lefties, but in the end I got all three Screeches in and 2hit KOed the Snorlax with Strenght.

So in the end ROCKY only killed a single pokemon throughout the run, but it was probably the most threatening one and which was the last one overall.

Fugu the Qwilfish
Level 71/Male
Item: Mystic Water
Sludge Bomb

When grinding for Red I got complacent and went to the Elite 4. After a couple deathless runs, I thought I was in the clear, but then a critical Cross Chop from Machamp took down my Magneton who was the second longest serving member and probably the strongest mon I had.

Only then I took out Fugu, since he was the one with highest level (40) and I knew he could take on Charizard, at least. So he did that. In the end, that was it's only victim, but I am proud of the little puffball nonetheless.


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Aug 3, 2019
Everyone listed below lived.

Chef the Chesnaught
Level 66

Met at Aquacorde Town at level 5
Seed Bomb, Hammer Arm, Leech Seed, Spiky Shield

I love the Chespin line so deeply. This is the second XY nuzlocke I've completed now, and last time I also picked Chespin and brought Chesnaught to the Hall of Fame, because boy do I ever love being able to just not care about most physical attacks. Chef managed to wall enemies left and right consistently throughout the game with its huge physical bulk, bolstered further by Leech Seed and, at the Chesnaught stage, Spiky Shield. Chef was especially good at fighting the numerous Black Belts and Battle Girls nearing the endgame with custom movesets. Seeing a Conkeldurr use a super effective Poison Jab but barely even scrape off a third of Chef's health was glorious. His greatest moment was likely when I fought Xerosic and allowed his Malamar to set up too many Superpowers. Chef tanked a +1 attack Superpower and a +2 attack super effective STAB Psycho Cut right after. Also a dedicated Gyarados killer, as you will never have to worry about Lysandre's Mega Gyarados ever again. Great starter, would pick again.

Horatio the Lucario
Level 66

Met on Route 22 at level 7
Close Combat, Poison Jab, Earthquake, Swords Dance

One of the few Lucario in Kalos' Hall of Fame that wasn't received from Korrina, I caught Horatio all the way back on Route 22, right before Viola. He was one of the only two Pokémon on my original team of six to actually make it to the Hall of Fame. His damage output, especially when buffed up with Swords Dance and Lucarionite, was unparalleled. Despite the fact that he didn't feature much in the League in the end, he did solo Grant, Valerie and Olympia, as well as nearly soloing Wulfric (he received assistance from Frey who set up Stealth Rock). You know that dreaded Furfrou duo near Parfum Palace? Turns out they aren't much of a threat when there's a Lucario breathing down their necks. A solid team member that I'd normally consider a bit too squishy, but whose additional Steel type helped tons in that regard. My biggest misgiving is that it's impossible to get a Steel STAB on Lucario tougher than goddamn Metal Claw, so he had to rely on Poison Jab to kill Fairies.

Rhonda the Gyarados
Level 67

Met at Parfum Palace at level 15
Waterfall, Return, Ice Fang, Dragon Dance

A Gyarados. What more do I even say. Rhonda reinforced two beliefs for me. One, that Gyarados is the single best species of Pokémon for a nuzlocke (unless you're playing gen II or III games, and even in the latter it's pretty damn strong). Two, my previous runs should continue having a no-Magikarp clause, because Gyarados is just that damn easy to get, and once you've got it you can just break the game in half so easily. Anyway, Rhonda did exactly that. She completely ruined the life of all my opponents from the moment she evolved, and snowballed even more once she got access to Aqua Tail (and later Waterfall). Intimidate is insanely good, those stats are quite bullshit, the whole spiel. One of my two most prominent battlers in the League, as she took out Diantha's team by herself. Sure, Frey set up Stealth Rock first, but Rhonda proceeded to set up two Dragon Dances on a Swords Dance Hawlucha and 6-0 Diantha's team. Easily the MVP of the run.

Claude the Garchomp
Level 67

Met on Route 13 at level 26
Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Rock Tomb, Swords Dance
Sand Veil

Strong encounter on Route 13. I'd never used a Garchomp before, so I figured "why not". Even as a Gabite holding Eviolite, Claude performed pretty well. Of course, his usefulness just skyrocketed the moment I got him to level 48. Dragon/Ground is not just a great offensive type, it also allows for a lot of switchins as well, due to the low amount of weaknesses and a Garchomp's general bulk being pretty good. Essentially a fast tank with Swords Dance, which should give you an idea of how well he performed. The crowning jewel of his journey, however, was the League, where he just so happened to sweep Malva's entire team, and defeated three of Drasna's and Wikstrom's four Pokémon while he was at it. Not even an Aegislash in shield form was enough to take Claude's Earthquake, which should say enough about the raw power behind it. Would have been a contender for MVP of the run alongside Chef, if it weren't for Rhonda being completely bullshit broken.

Frey the Steelix
Level 66

Met in Glittering Cave at level 17
Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Protect, Toxic
Rock Head

Why can you only get Metal Coat right after the sixth gym? Frey joined the team when I lost David the Charizard to an Aromatisse in Valerie's gym, and luckily the Poké Ball Factory gave me a Metal Coat not too long after. Frey's physical bulk was ludicrous, honestly. Compared to him, Chef's physical bulk was like an Alakazam's. This physical bulk proceeded to allow him to fulfill his support role really well, setting up Stealth Rock in tons of major battles and just generally beating most physical Pokémon that didn't have a super effective move by outlasting them. Between Protect, Dig and Leftovers, even physical-based opponents with super effective moves had a hellish time breaking him. Frey's biggest weakness was his low Special Defense (the lowest on the team, actually), and his lack of reliable Steel STAB (no, Iron Tail is not reliable). That aside, Frey was a really solid team member whose Stealth Rock also helped immensely. Oh, and he also tanked a Superpower from a +4 attack Malamar. Xerosic's to be precise. Yeah.

Euphidea the Hydreigon
Level 66

Met on Victory Road at level 59
Crunch, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Surf

I kind of regret putting Euphidea on the team in hindsight. When I saw that my first encounter on Victory Road was a Zweilous, I got a bit too hyped about finally being able to use a Hydreigon in a nuzlocke for once. Euphidea proceeded to literally battle twice in the entire game, OHKOing a trainer's Leafeon on Victory Road with Flamethrower and taking out Siebold's Starmie with Crunch. She even almost died in the latter battle because that Starmie apparently knew Dazzling Gleam. Who in their right mind gives a Starmie Dazzling Gleam?

Honorable mentions

Zeta the Rotom
Level 61

Met in Lost Hotel at level 38
Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, Hex, Will-O-Wisp

An incredibly lucky encounter because I didn't know you could only get Rotom on Tuesday and deserved to be on the Hall of Fame team more than Euphidea. Zeta also hadn't been on the team for too long, only joining right before Olympia as Zander's replacement. Compared to my other team members, Zeta kind of performed underwhelmingly, which likely was partially because of Rotom's inherent low HP stat. Still, Electric/Water is an incredible type both offensively and defensively, and they were still a force to be reckoned with. Zeta would have performed splendidly against Siebold (the only League member to give me some trouble), so he really should have been there instead of Euphidea. Sorry, my friend. You've performed well.

Zander the Simipour
Level 46

Met in Santalune Forest at level 4
Scald, Surf, Acrobatics, Cut

If my ruleset hadn't been as strict this time around, I would have probably tried to bring Zander all the way. However, Simipour's lacking defenses and good at best offensive presence made him unsuited to stay on the team until the Hall of Fame. He did end up sticking around longer than expected, however, only being boxed right before Olympia to make room for Zeta the Rotom. Overall he performed splendidly for as long as he was on the team. I know the elemental monkeys get a lot of shit for, well, being the elemental monkeys, but I genuinely really like Simipour and have yet to be let down by one. Zander didn't disappoint either.


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Jul 1, 2019
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Here´s The Hall of Fame of my recent run of Pokémon Black.

Oscar The Samurott LV. 5-56 (ALIVE)
Bold Nature, Somewhat Vain. Item: Amulet Coin
Moves: Revenge, X-Scissors, Surf, Waterfall

I´ve never imagined that my starter would be the only one on my team to made it through; but, here we are. Oscar just became one of the most valuable Pokémon I´ve ever had, and one of my favourite starters ever. Oscar was always an excellent fighter, but became a lifesaver on the final battles, when everyone else has fallen but him. He defeated N´s Zoroark and Archeops; not to mention, he murdered Ghetsis Bisharp, and dealt the final blow by defeating Seismitoad, to finish the run with flying colors. You did good Oscar, everyone´s proud of you.

Laura The Stoutland Lv. 5-54 (DEAD)
Gentle Nature, Quick to Flee. Item: Silk Scarf Ability: Sand Rush
Moves: Return, Reversal, Crunch, Facade

Although not my first catch, Laura really grew to become one of my closest friends on this adventure. And even though she has the Sand Rush ability rather than Intimidate, she could take quite the damage, and deliver it back. She lend a paw in multiple battles, even with the Elite Four, and she was willing to risk her own life to protect the rest of her family. Thank you Laura, you´ll be missed.

Pete The Unfezant Lv. 8-54 (DEAD)
Jolly Nature, Loves to Eat. Item: Sharp Beak Ability: Super Luck
Moves: Return, Quick Attack, Fly, Feather Dance.

When I first laid my eyes on Pete, I didn´t expect much from him. But little did I know, is that this Bird would do something nobody saw coming: He defeated Ghetsis Hydreigon. You heard me; after TIffany managed to Poison the Pseudo-beast,Pete survived a hit from Dragon Pulse, and striked with a crit Return, how awesome is that. He did some amazing things before, criting Caitlin Gothitelle and sweeping Cheren´s Team, but he will go down in history as the regional bird who did the Impossible. Is too bad he didn´t live long enough to tell the tale, but his legacy wont be forgotten.

Tiffany The Seismitoad Lv.14-55 (DEAD)
Lax Nature, Loves to eat. Item: Rocky Helmet Ability: Poison Touch
Moves: Hydro Pump, Scald, Drain Punch, Bulldoze

And speaking of lifesavers, Tiffany took parts in almost every single important battle ever since I caught her: From Elesa, to Clay, to Drayden; she even became my most used Pokémon against the Elite 4, N and even Ghetsis. She was so powerful, the only thing that could stop her, was a freaking Pseudo-legendary. Oscar might be the leader, but you were clearly the MVP of this entire run.

Z The Zebstrika Lv. 29-53 (DEAD)
Jolly Nature, Capable of Taking Hits, Item: Shell Bell. Ability: Motor Drive
Moves. Thundervolt, Volt Switch, Thunder Wave, Wild Charge.

Z was a very late addition to the team; and despite not participating in many important battles, she was still one heck of a fighter: she obliterated Skyla´s team by herself, and her Volt Switch was very useful in certain battles. I really wish I could use her a little more before she bit the dust, but the team couldn´t be complete without her. Thank you, for everything.

Reshiram Lv.50-51 (ALIVE)
Relaxed Nature, loves to Fight.
Moves: Dragon Breath, Slash, Extrasensory, Fusion Flare.

I rarely use Legendaries in my Nuzlocke runs, so this is something new to me. And oddly enough, I only use Reshiram against N´s Zekrom, as well as Ghetsis Coffagrigus and Eelektross. That beign said, this Legendary really contributed to this run´s success, and I´m really grateful for that.

Honorable Mentions

Seth The Simisear
: He was my sixth member before Reshiram, but was killed during the battle against Caitlin.
Carrie The Whimsicott: My first death of the run.
Rob The Boldore(Alive): If it wasn´t by him, my run would´ve ended with Lenora.

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