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Nuzlocke Hall of Fame

Thread Description
We are the champions...


The most sinister, satanic Slowking you'll see.
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Aug 8, 2019
With an axe
Pokémon Type
Electric, Water
Pokédex Entry
Now has an avatar to commemorate the release of Crown Tundra. What? It is a Galarian Slowking! It's still an evil Slowking rite? RITE!?
Freeman the Eevee
Bold, Likes to thrash about
Headbutt, and the Psychic, Dark, and Grass exclusives
Status: Alive

My starter, and he did pretty well in having to lock down opponents with the Psychic and Dark moves bringing in the screens to help out the team.

Grapefruit the Victreebel
Jolly, Somewhat of a clown
Power whip, Poison jab, Headbutt, Sleep powder
Status: Alive

Was more or less the MVP of the early game. Hit really hard, could outspeed stuff, and was overall extremely good to have.

Karla the Venomoth
Mild, Throughly cunning
Bug buzz, Sludge bomb, Mega drain, Toxic

Somehow I never was required to use Toxic at any point. Overall, another great teammate with great stats, I wish there were more chances to use her at the league.

Cheryl the Weezing
Modest, Mischievous
Sludge bomb, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Dark pulse

So this was more or less the MVP of the league. Took tons of hits and dished them out very well, and saved the team countless times.

Dude the Lickitung
Calm, Capable of taking hits
Thrash, Ice beam, Thunderbolt, Screech
Status: Fallen

And so, the only death. He was mostly just there, but there were several moments against some trainers where he helped out. Couldn’t make it past the Ghost E4, where a Gengar melted him with a high roll Sludge bomb.

Kayla the Slowbro
Modest, Very finicky
Scald, Psychic, Ice beam, Flamethrower

The Slowpoke line are actually in fact very amazing in LGPE. A lot of easily obtainable coverage and tons of good matchups too. Outside of being slow she has greatly contributed to the team and I am proud.


Black Lives Matter !!
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Dec 23, 2019
Hoenn Route 120
Pokémon Type
Bug, Flying
Pokédex Entry
A timid Pokémon typically found in groups. The only thing that motivates her more than companionship is food.
From my Firered nuzlocke! I was too anxious to post here that I put down the winners against the E4 and forgot that I was going until Mewtwo.

Cabbage / Venusaur / Male / lv 5 - 59
Quirky nature / Holding Leftovers
Status: Alive

My wonderful starter. I went with the ever-popular Bulbasaur option and you did not disappoint (even if there were some times I wished I’d picked Squirtle.) You were reliable throughout the game and absolutely essential to the final few fights, taking down most of Lorelei’s team, Bruno’s Onixes, and Lance’s and Blue’s Gyaradoses. You were the somewhat reluctant team leader and packed a punch in battle, with strong attacks and stall options. You did great, buddy. Good job upholding the Bulbasaur line’s reputation. You, more than anyone, deserved to make it to the end.

Turkey Leg / Raticate / Female / lv 3 - 58
Jolly nature / Was holding a Sitrus Berry
Status: Alive

Turkey Leg, my wonderful, talented rat. My Route 1 catch who proved herself to be in the top precent of Rattata even in to the late game. You took down whatever I threw you at, avenging deaths and scoring wins — even at the very beginning of the game, you won us the Route 22 rival battle by getting a crit against Blue’s Charmander. Giving you Shadow Ball was the best decision I ever made, as it helped you stay relevant in the last few gyms. In the final fight against Blue, with only half the team left, you were indispensable - taking blows from his Exeggcutor and Gyarados to get off a Super Fang to take them down to half health. Thank you for all of your kickassery. You put people who doubt the Rattata line to shame.

Oh Worm / Butterfree / Female / lv 4 - 57
Brave nature / Holding Leftovers
Status: Fallen

Oh Worm, one of the original four. While you were a bit redundant in the mid game, sharing flying STAB with Eyebrows the Pidgeotto and psychic attacks with Bermuda the Drowsee, you never disappointed. After we lost Eyebrows to Blue’s Exeggcute, you stepped up to fill in as the team’s main flying type attacker with Aerial Ace. You were wonderful to have in the very early game, taking down early poison types with Confusion. You fell off a bit in the late game and I’m sorry to say that I lost you to Bruno’s Machamp. I should have known it had Rock Tomb. May the afterlife treat you well, my sweet butterfly. You deserve a rest.

Bermuda / Hypno / Female / lv 11 - 57
Docile nature / Was holding a Lum Berry
Status: Fallen

I severely underestimated the Drowsee line. I was reluctant to use you at first, but you proved yourself to be not only a powerful fighter, but a sweet and considerate teammate. Being one of the two team members who had all five stats above 100, you wrecked shop and could take hits in return. Bermuda, you did amazing against Bruno’s fighting types and Agatha’s Golbat. You stepped up to avenge two fallen teammates, making quick work of Bruno’s Rock Tomb-ing Machamp. You were even able to hold your own against Lance’s Dragonite after our dragon type counter fell against it... but you were killed by the second of two critical hit Hyper Beams. I’m sorry, my sweet princess. You were truly unlike other Hypno and I’m happy you fought by my side.

GG / Graveler / Female / lv 16 - 58
Jolly nature / Holding the Quick Claw
Status: Alive

GG was truly the team’s underdog. With a few glaring weaknesses and being unable to evolve in to Golem, I didn’t expect her to last as long as she did. But with a name that stands for Gang Gang, how could you not kick ass? With a ridiculously high attack stat, she absolutely ripped through anything that didn’t resist rock or ground type attacks. She joined the team mid-game and provided some much-needed electric and fire coverage. During the last few fights, she stepped up to finish off Lance’s Dragonite with a single Rock Slide after Bermuda fell against it. GG, you really got a chance to shine in the champion fight, when things were looking desperate. Great job taking down Blue’s Charizard. You are truly the raddest Graveler out there.

Sushi / Vaporeon / Male / lv 25 - 58
Bold nature / Holding the Blackglasses
Status: Fallen

The last team member to join, but certainly not the least. Grinding all those coins for an Ice Beam TM from the Game Corner was totally worth it. Vaporeon has been one of my favorite Pokémon for a long time, and I’m glad I got to use one. Sushi, you held your own in battle regardless of the opponent (despite falling in love with Lorelei’s Jynx.) The fight against Lance was shaping up to be a breeze, and you were freezing dragons left and right... until a critical hit Hyper Beam from Dragonite took you from me. Little did I know you were the first of two who’d be killed that way. You’ll shine bright in the poke-afterlife. Thank you for everything you did for the team. No one will ever be able to Surf as well as you.

Cabbage / Venusaur / Male / lv 5 - 61
Quirky nature / Holding Leftovers
Status: Alive

You continued to be a powerhouse in the postgame as expected. I gave you Earthquake, which was badass and gave you increased coverage options. There weren’t a lot of opportunities for you to battle, especially as I got closer and closer to Mewtwo, but after GG took a hard hit during a Rocket Admin battle you had to take on a powerful Weezing, which exploded in your face - but miraculously, you survived! And I’m super glad you did. Thanks for being a wonderful starter. The Bulbasaur hype (still) isn’t unfounded.

Turkey Leg / Raticate / Female / lv 3 - 62
Jolly nature / Holding Leftovers
Status: Alive

If giving you Shadow Ball kept you relevant in the postgame, it made you even more relevant in the Sevii Islands. You continued to tear through everything I sent you out against and ultimately battled (and swept) the Scientist who stole the Sapphire on your own. I chose you to battle Mewtwo and I’ll admit, I overestimated you a little. I ultimately caught it with the Master Ball but I will always appreciate that you survived a Psychic from that thing (with a special attack of 242) on 5 HP. That wasn’t the only close call you faced, either. GG accidentally hit you with an Earthquake during a double battle but you’re still here kickin’!

GG / Graveler / Female / lv 16 - 61
Jolly nature / Holding the Quick Claw
Status: Alive

I didn’t expect you to make it past the E4, but you did, and you continued to be a great teammate during the postgame! The only regret I have is giving you Rock Smash. I had no idea it was only 20 base power in this game. You took on the Sevii Island’s fighting types since we had no hard counter, and almost swept the first Rocket Admin til she sent out her Vileplume. For a not fully evolved Pokemon, you were amazing and I’m glad I didn’t switch you out for a “better” mon at any point! If you’re reading this right now, give the Geodude line a chance. You won’t regret it!

Uno / Poliwrath / Male / lv 20 - 43
Serious Nature / Holding the Sea Incense

You were the underdog this time, but I’m glad I gave you a chance. I needed a new surfer and the first candidate was the Silph Co. Lapras... who quickly died. You came along next, and I wasn’t going to let you battle until you were dragged out by a lv 50 Pidgeotto’s Whirlwind. You miraculously held your own and continued to do so for the rest of the postgame. In fact, you even took out the second Rocket Admin’s Houndoom! Being horribly underleveled didn’t stop you from kicking ass and I couldn’t be prouder!

Two Time / Dodrio / lv 16 - 34
Bold Nature / No Item

This is more a honorable mention than anything. Two Time, you didn’t do much battling except against the ghost types in the Pokémon Tower with Pursuit, then you were boxed until I needed a pokemon that could learn Fly. You were a faithful companion and a wonderfully efficient mode of transportation. I hope you enjoyed your adventure in the Sevii Islands, my sweet bird!
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The metal dragon bird
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also a huge fan of Smash Bros. and writing.

Trevor the Empoleon
Met at L. 5, currently L. 56
Surf/Ice Beam/Flash Cannon/Toxic
Piplup is one of the only starters I've never taken all the way, even in normal play-I would always get bored with the game at some point and restart. But since he was the only one I hadn't used in a Sinnoh Nuzlocke, I decided to give him another try. And he was pretty solid, although he never had a real shining moment until he evolved. He ended up kicking a lot of ass later on, taking out most of Bertha's team, a couple of Flint's, Lucian's Espeon, and Cynthia's Spiritomb. All in all, he was a great teammate throughout the run, and I'm very proud of him.

Francine the Bibarel
Met at L. 3, currently L. 54
Rock Climb/Waterfall/Return/Curse
The so-called "derp" of Pokémon? Wrong. Francine was my first catch, and I was determined to take her as far as I could. Like Trevor, she never really had a shining moment, but she kicked a lot of ass from beginning to end. I'm honestly not sure I expected her to make it all the way to the league, but somehow she did, and even took out Cynthia's Milotic. I don't remember anyone else ever taking one all the way, so that makes me even more proud of her.

Desmond the Gliscor
Met at L. 18, currently L. 56
Earthquake/Ice Fang/Aerial Ace/Night Slash
The unquestioned MVP of this run. Desmond was an absolute shit to catch-I think I used about 10 balls before I finally got him. But it was all worth it-he's Adamant. And he ended up tearing Sinnoh a new one, annihilating everything in his path-Maylene, Byron, Volkner (although he had a very close call), and Aaron's Drapion, Flint's Houndoom, THAT Garchomp, and won the run by beating Cynthia's Lucario. I never really liked the line before this run, but HOLY SHIT Desmond was awesome, and now I think Gliscor will always be one of my favorites.

Chuck the Dusknoir
Met at L. 17, currently L. 55
Shadow Punch/Thunderpunch/Ice Punch/Payback
This may sound silly, but I never really liked Dusknoir-PMD2 kind of ruined it for me. But after I lost two Pokémon to Volkner, I needed some new teammates, and he seemed like a pretty solid one. Since he came along so late, he didn't really get to do much, although he helped a lot in the league-he took out Flint's Magmortar, Cynthia's Togekiss, and in what meant the most to me, dragged Lucian's Alakazam to hell and avenged my Luxray from my last run that died to it.
So even though I still hate PMD2 Dusknoir, it turns out the Pokémon itself is pretty damn awesome, and I'm happy I gave him a shot, even though he scares me a little...

Rafael the Tangrowth
Met at L. 28, currently L. 54
Giga Drain/Power Whip/Ancientpower/Shock Wave
Rafael was the other teammate to join after Volkner. And like Chuck, since he came along so late, he never really got to do much. Unfortunately, the league wasn't really hospitable to him either-Bertha's Whiscash was the only thing he beat. But he was a solid fighter for the short while he was on board, and I'd like to use one another time.

Tobias the Magmortar
Met at L. 28, currently L. 54
Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Fire Punch/Faint Attack
Half my team ended up only joining at the end-Tobias was a last-minute replacement for my dearly departed Golduck who fell in Victory Road. There's not a lot I can say about him, but I have to admit, he kicked a lot of ass in the league-he swept Aaron bar Drapion, and melted Lucian's Bronzong and Cynthia's Roserade.
I wish I could've used him more, though-he came along so late that he only got to show a little bit of his potential. But he was awesome in that short time, and made me excited to hopefully use one again sometime.


Kanto League Champion
Pokédex No.
Jul 2, 2019
Pokémon Type
I finished Sword last night. So here's the team.

Gale the Corviknight (M), Unnerve, Brave, Route 1, Alive
I think Corviknight is probably THE most used Galar Pokemon ever, since people tend to use early birds, mons that look cool, and ones that are easy to get. Corviknight is all 3, and Gale having an attack increasing nature was very helpful. Probably the best mon on the team. I predict that Corviknight will be the most used nuzlocke mon in Sword and Shield. It's just that good. Took on the first and fifth gym leaders alone as well as saving my ass against Raihan and Bede's final fight, and I wouldn't have won lots of other battles without him, including Leon's Haxorus who is otherwise really scary.

Sparkler the Centiskorch (F), Flash Fire, Hasty, Motostoke Stadium, Alive
I really liked the design of Centiskorch when it leaked since it's awesome, so being able to basically guarantee one in a gym is excellent. And man was she good. Not as good as Gale, but Fire is really strong in this game. Get Coil and also the Leech Life TR and you're laughing. Bea leads with a Hitmontop with basically Revenge as it's best move so you can just solo her. Can also solo Rose because lol Steel type, obviously. She didn't see any use against Leon, but was exceptional getting there. Also her and Gale were the only two on the team for most of the game since I rotated some stuff out and lost others.

Mary the Dubwool (F), Fluffy, Lax, Route 4, Alive
I picked Mary up early on and used her for a bit, but apart from her awesome ability to tank physical hits, she was kind of just there, so she got benched as I started to get more Pokemon after Motostoke's gym. However, a lot of lategame losses brought her back. She didn't really do much from then on, however. She took one hit during Leon and that's it. But, she was pretty helpful against Nessa's Barraskewda, which would have otherwise been a major threat. The reason she was on the team basically as filler was mostly so I could have a full team of gen 8 mons. Speaking of Barraskewda...

Bullet the Barraskewda (F), Swift Swim, Naive, Hulbury, Alive
It's pretty easy to get this fast fish in Hulbury. While I did use her a bit early on, I ended up getting a Chewtle at Motostoke Outskirts and after having both Barraskewda and Drednaw against Kabu, decided to keep Drednaw for the bulk and resistances. However, Drednaw bit it against Hop's asshole Inteleon along with my Rillaboom and Adamant Sirfetch'd, so I decided to bring Bullet back. I was honestly pretty scared to use her most of the time since she was insanely frail, but when she got in, she did serious damage. Raihan's second battle was much easier than the first thanks to giving Bullet Rain Dance and some weirdly expert prediction. She also beat both Leon's Cinderace and Charizard in a single hit each. Managed to switch into Charizard's G-max move and tank the residual damage in the red, before I dynamaxed and ended the run. So she wasn't used that much, but had massive results. Which was the plan since I basically made sure she didn't die before getting to Leon.

Charlesberg the Mr. Rime (M), Screen Cleaner, Sassy, Route 10, Alive
I had a Thievul (Run Away Thievul is strangely really legit, btw, because of the Wild Area) all the way until Raihan, but she died, so I just decided to go with Charlesberg since it's often hard to find a space for an Ice type. I expected Mr. Rime to shit up the run but he was really solid. Could do lots of stuff - Choice Scarf to entirely wipe Bea the second time, Freeze Dry (and G-Max Overgrowth via Solarbeam) against Nessa, defeat Eternatus the first time with the help of an Assault Vest, and finally get a Reflect up against Leon so I could get Bullet in against Cinderace while still defeating Seismitoad with Freeze Dry. Still needed to heal Bullet after for Charizard, but whatever. Strangely versatile and really grew on me. I didn't even bother getting Ice Beam.

Marmite the Obstagoon (F), Guts, Bashful, Lake of Outrage, Alive
Man I barely used Marmite because she appeared so late. However, she was essential for using Obstruct to help survive against Eternatus's second battle and took on a few things here and there. Including Leon's Dragapult and Aegislash. Aegislash was really dicey, since it was an Obstruct vs King's Shield mind game war. I gave her a Focus Sash, but she prevailed without its help. I think if I had used her for longer I would have got a fairer examination of what Obstagoon can do, since it's definitely a good Pokemon to use.

I am seriously glad they let you get competitive level items before the postgame, it's really good to actually have those items. Sword and Shield have a lot of problems, such as how the pacing is off, the graphics could be better, towns are somewhat less accessible than they should be, and the Wild Area is the only real explorative place. However, the quality of life changes, the Wild Area in general, and access to better items before postgame are things I really appreciated during my run, and I'm sure I'll do more runs.

Arie Kazami

Your everyday, ordinary guy
Pokédex No.
Jul 5, 2019
Pokémon Type
Fire, Dark
Pokédex Entry
Just an Ordinary Trainer that doing his Nuzlocke
Just done with my Ultra Sun Wedlocke, all the way to Rainbow Rocket arc! Quite a Wild Ride that we took, but we did it! For your information, I'm naming my party after extinct animals

-Gralli the Decidueye
Gender: Male
Level: 82
Nature: Timid
Ability: Overgrow
Held Item: Decidium-Z
Namesake: Stilt-Owl (Grallistrix)
Wedlocked to: Myotra the Ampharos
-Spirit Shackle
-Brave Bird
-Seed Bomb
-Leaf Blade
Status: Alive, married to Myotra
Once more, I'm choosing a Rowlet as starter(I swear I need to pick another, but whatever). Gralli, despite the downside of his nature and typing, especially in later parts of game, much like my Decidueye: Shawn from my previous Ultra Moon Nuzlocke, he very helpful and always get the job done, and his exclusive Z-Move almost always OHKO'ing anyone that cannot resist it. Several of his achievement includes defeating Hau's Primarina, mutiliates Acerola's Ghost mons, Wrecked Archie's Sharpedo, etc. He maybe Timid, but he friendly and will protect his loved ones fiercely and he enjoys to smashing things up, surprisingly given to his personality. I'm really proud of him

-Myotra the Ampharos
Gender: Female
Level: 82
Nature: Brave
Ability: Static(normal), Mold Breaker(Mega Ampharos)
Held Item: Ampharosite
Namesake: Balearic Islands Cave Goat (Myotragus)
Wedlocked to: Gralli the Decidueye
-Cotton Guard
-Signal Beam
-Dragon Pulse
Status: Alive, married to Gralli
I was didn't planned to add a Mareep on the team until the death of My Charjabug: Syndes thanks to a random crit of out nowhere(even despite boost from Eviolite) and I need electric-type Pokemon to deal with Guzma later on. That is where Myotra replacing her as Gralli's pair and boy, she's shows lots of potential and amazingly tough, thanks to Cotton guard and her good Sp. def stat. Guzma's mons all fried into crisps by her and she curb-stomp Kahili's entire party and recently, she added Archie's Kyogre on her list (though need few stat-boosting items due how ridiculous the damage that Kyogre inflict despite almost twenty levels below her). Brave and a bit Tsundere, mainly toward Gralli. I'm really glad to have you in teama nd you shows me how great an Ampharos is, thanks for everything.

-Tawa the Totem Mimikyu
Gender: Male
Level: 82
Nature: Docile
Ability: Disguise
Held Item: Mimikium-Z
Namesake: Tawa hallae (a genus of Theropod dinosaur from late Triassic period)
Wedlocked to: Saniwa the Salazzle
-Hone Claws
-Play Rough
-Shadow Claw
Status: Alive, married to Saniwa
Gathering Totem stickers already staple for my USUM Run, but Tawa didn't join the party until the death of my Alolan Persian; Thylacoleo thanks to a veteran in Vast Poni canyon. If anyone here to blocked the hit while boosting it's stats first then strikes violently, you the man who fit for the job. Play rough after boosted by Hone claws is absurd and his Exclusive Z-Move, just like Gralli's, it almost always one-shot anyone that couldn't resist it. You didn't doing much in-game aside for dealing with Gladion's Zoroark, wrecking Rainbow rocket grunts, and finally dealing with majority of Lysandre' s mons and your finest moment is avenging the death of your previous pair: Pamelina the female Charizard in the hands(or hooves) of Lysandre's Xerneas. You quite a doormat due your Docile nature, but like Gralli, you doesn't hesitate to get more violent in fight especially for protecting loved ones, like the aforementioned death of Pamelina that enrages you A LOT. Glad that I can bring a Mimikyu to the very end of wedlocke run, thank you buddy.

-Saniwa the Salazzle
Gender: Female
Level: 82
Nature: Bold
Ability: Corrosion
Held item: Firium-Z
Namesake: Saniwa (a genus of extinct Lizard from Eocene epoch)
Wedlocked to: Tawa the Mimikyu
-Dragon Pulse
-Nasty Plot
-Sludge Wave
Status: Alive, Married to Tawa
I Could say you're the 11 hour ranger because you added extremely late in-game thanks to the death of the aforementioned Pamelina, my female Charizard and Tawa's previous pair. Aside from intense grinding and clearing the path for defeating Rainbow Rocket to get into Cyrus, you didn't do much. But I Know you're a bold and mischievous Salazzle that loves to tease the others, particulary Gralli and your husband, Tawa. We didn't know much, but I glad to have you on the team, thanks!

-Allosa the Tyranitar
Gender: Female
Level: 82
Nature: Quiet
Ability: Sand Stream(both forms)
Held item: Tyranitarite
Namesake: Allosaurus (a genus of theropod carniorous dinosaur from late Jurassic period)
Wedlocked to: Pohlsepia the Octillery
-Iron Head
-Rock Slide
Status: Alive, Married to Pohlsepia
The main tank on the team and I'm really glad that I bumped onto you in Diglett's cave. Even with eviolite, back when you as Pupitar, iI need to grind and uses you carefully due you have many common weakness. And upon her evolution to her final form, boy...sure it's satisfying! She took Ultra Necrozma all by herself, wrecking Olivia's party in E4, and so on. Quiet and didn't speak much, but her massive power shouldn't be underestimated. Good job my girl!

-Pohlsepia the Octillery
Gender: Male
Level: 84
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Sniper
Held Item: Quick Claw
Namesake: Pohlsepia mazonensis (earliest described octopod from late Carboniferus period)
Wedlocked to: Allosa the Tyranitar
-Ice Beam
Status: Alive , Married to Allosa
The unquestionable MVP on this run pretty much goes to our octopod friend here. Originally brought to replace my Barboach who died during grinding and the first partner of Allosa. Much like her, I need to grind him carefully since his defense is paperweight, even evolving still making him squishier, but boy...his wide movesets just amazing that he practically can cover anything. The reason why he was the MVP because he took all Giovanni mons, all by himself. Scalding them left and right and then against the dreaded Mega Mewtwo X, after boosted once with Roto-Boost, he manage to KO'ing it with two Payback!(I teach him that purposely due how slow he is and his Physical attack surprisingly isn't that bad). A Sharp-tongued, yet friendly octopus that always ready for fight. You really prove Octillery shouldn't be underestimated, good boy!


The metal dragon bird
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also a huge fan of Smash Bros. and writing.
This was my first Gen 6 run.

Lance the Greninja
Met at L. 5, currently L. 65
Surf/Ice Beam/Dark Pulse/Extrasensory
I knew I wanted to use Froakie in this run because it's my favorite of the Kalos starters. And Lance definitely delivered, although I didn't get to use him in many gyms because of type disadvantages. But he did trash Olympia, as well as Malva and part of Drasna's team.
So although he may have been overshadowed, he was still a great teammate, and I'm glad he was at my side from start to finish.

Rodney the Charizard
Met at L. 10, currently L. 65
Flamethrower/Solar Beam/Dragon Claw/Fly
I knew from the beginning I wanted to use Charmander, and Rodney was absolutely amazing-Quiet nature made him unbelievably powerful, and the Rocky Helmet he held for most of the game always came in handy. I only Mega'd him twice in the run, though-once against Wulfric just for lols/to try his Mega out since I'd never used YZard before (I'd used XZard in normal mode). The other was much crazier: I Megad him against Siebold to spam Solar Beam since I had no other counters. The crazy part is, it worked. So I took out a Water user with a Fire type
It was pretty awesome. And I'm so proud that he pulled it off.

Thumper the Steelix
Met at L. 20, currently L. 64
Iron Tail/Earthquake/Crunch/Stone Edge
With 321 Defense, nothing could break through this girl's armor. I knew I was making the trade for her the instant I got to Cyllage, and she delivered like nobody's business: she swept Grant while still level 20, trashed Korrina's Hawlucha, helped obliterate Valerie's gym, and saved the team against a random Gardevoir in Olympia's gym (it kept spamming Calm Mind). Unfortunately, she started to become less useful late in the game, and nearly got left behind at Victory Road, but I couldn't bring myself to do that so close to the end. She may not have seen any action against the E5, but I know she would've come through if I'd needed her to.

Simon the Scolipede
Met at L. 11, currently L. 64
Megahorn/Poison Jab/Rock Slide/Earthquake
For the longest time, I never liked Bug-types; they never struck me as particularly useful and I had no real intent to use any. But Nuzlocke makes you use things you'd never intended to use, and after having several surprisingly useful bugs, they've started to impress me a little. So when I caught Simon, I figured I'd give him a shot because Scolipede looked pretty cool.
And as it turns out, he's also amazing. He helped destroy Ramos's and Valerie's gyms, took on Lysandre's Gyarados every time (in fact he OHKOed MegaDos after surviving an Earthquake) and was always very useful throughout the run-in fact I'd say he was arguably run MVP until the league. He didn't get as much action in the league as I would've liked, but he did take out Siebold's Gyarados.
All in all, Simon turned out to be awesome, and I'm really happy I decided to give him a chance.

Kyle the Lucario
Met at L. 32, currently L. 65
Aura Sphere/Poison Jab/Shadow Ball/Dragon Pulse
Fun fact: although I'd say Lucario is my favorite Pokémon, I've actually never used one in a Nuzlocke until now. But I knew the minute I got to Shalour I was putting him on my team. And unsurprisingly, Kyle turned out to be amazing-he helped take out Ramos, Valerie, and Wulfric, as well as various members of both Wikstrom and Drasna's teams. And he was ultimately the one to take on Mega Gardevoir at the end, demolishing her with one Poison Jab to win the run (anticlimactically ending what would've been an epic battle of Mega fanservice 'mons).
So in the end, I think he deserves the title of run MVP.

Connor the Garchomp
Met at L. 27, currently L. 65
Dragon Claw/Earthquake/Stone Edge/Crunch
Kyle may be run MVP, but Connor was arguably the run's savior at the end. When I got a Gible in the desert, I was extremely happy because I've always wanted to use a Garchomp. And he definitely delivered-he annihilated Clemont's entire gym while still a Gabite, and soloed most of the area between Valerie and the Frost Cavern so that he could evolve.
As for saving the run: I'd planned for him to counter Diantha's Goodra since he was the strongest physical attacker. But when she went to send it in, I was stuck-Connor was hurt from fighting her Tyrantrum. At 1/3rd health, there was no way he was taking a Dragon Pulse from it, and I wasn't convinced he could OHKO it with Dragon Claw. And it could hit every other member of the team supereffectively.
So I was left in a tough spot-I could either sacrifice one of the others to heal Connor so he could go in at full health, or send him in anyway and hope Dragon Claw would kill it.
I couldn't bring myself to just throw someone's life away, so I decided to gamble and sent him in. If Dragon Claw didn't kill it, the run was probably doomed...
And he came through, obliterating the slug with one strike. I could've reached in and hugged him then and there.

Bowser's Family Vacation

Johto League Champion
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Cool
Pokédex Entry
"Am I Mario's babysitter? Are you going to call me every time that guy blows his nose, or what?"
I finished my blind Shield nuzlocke!
The naming theme is famous British people (at least according to Google).

St. George the Inteleon
Torrent | Lonely | Starter
Snipe Shot / Hydro Cannon / Ice Beam / Light Screen​
Oh, St. George. You certainly didn't start out as one. As a Sobble, you were riddled with anxiety, and during your awkward emo phase, you left the team in exchange for Mel B (see other thread for details). But after Mel's death, you returned to the team with a renewed idea of who you were -and taught me too. I was trying to use you as a bulky water, but you taught me that that wasn't who you were. St. George, you were never the team tank, but as an Inteleon, you came into your own as a speedy sniper, picking off opponents with Snipe Shot and Ice Beam.

Adolph Malan the Corviknight
Unnerve | Rash | Route 2
Steel Wing / Drill Peck / Reflect / Light Screen​
That feel when you never looked up whether that person was born in the UK or not... >_> Welp! It's too late now! Especially since Adolph here, not St. George, is the Pokemon that stayed on our team the longest! Why did he achieve this status? Well, someone needed to be the team tank, and while you watched Augustus (see honorable mentions) perform this role as a Rookidee and Corvisquire, you took his techniques and expanded on them as a Corviknight: dual screens, steel type, defense boosts from Steel Wing... Once you became a Corviknight, you became a crucial pivot point in every battle, often leading the team. (As such, you were the only one of the team to reach level 60!) You are, without a doubt, this run's MVP.

Robert Walpole the Skuntank
Aftermath | Sassy | North Lake Miloch
Night Slash / Toxic / Venoshock / Flamethrower​
If Adolph was the team's MVP, then you, Robert (or "Rob," as we affectionately called you, after your one-too-many attempts to steal from the bag), were our team's anchor. While Adolph stayed on our team the longest, you were the one Pokemon that, once caught, never left the party. Why? Because, despite everything, you were our most consistent performer. Aided by your perfect typing (ground coverage is pretty easy to identify) and rock-solid moveset, your Toxic + Venoshock strategy, alongside Night Slash and Sucker Punch (later replaced by Flamethrower) was never not useful. While other members of the team had their movesets tweaked by TMs and TRs and tutors, oh my, yours was cemented quite quickly.

Tamara Mellon the Hatterene
Adamant | Anticipation | Glimwood Tangle
Psychic / Dazzling Gleam / Draining Kiss / Calm Mind​
I'll be honest, Tamara: I didn't want you on the team. I was wary of your species. From my battles with Bede, I determined that your line was frail and weak: a Pokemon, in short, not suited to nuzlockes. But for Raihan's dragon gym, I didn't trust that St. George's Ice Beam and our new Vanillish friend, William Lever, could do it without the help of a fairy type to neutralize dragon STAB. Figuring out that Bede was going to need to transition from a psychic type specialist into a fairy type specialist, I predicted that, in your final form, you would become a fairy type. I was correct. Wow, are we glad that you're with us, Tamara. Although you haven't been here for long, you've astonished us with your determination to succeed, despite your shaky start (and, yes, we'll admit it, terrible nature). I'm glad I gave you a chance.

David Attenborough the Dracozolt
Serious | Volt Absorb | Fossil (Route 6)
Thunder Punch / Breaking Swipe / Rock Slide / Earthquake​
After the dragon gym, we determined that William Lever the Vanillish didn't want to battle anymore. While I hadn't planned on using him against Leon, considering his niche skillset, I knew that I lacked an explicit counter to the one Pokemon of Leon's I knew: his Charizard. I wasn't pleased with the rock type options I had in the PC, but I found a TR for Rock Slide, which I knew a lot of Pokemon could learn. Fossil Pokemon are rock types, and, hey, I hadn't grabbed mine yet! I combined the Fossilized Drake (because I hadn't gotten a dragon type at all this run) and a rare Bird Fossil I found (if it's rare, I reasoned, it must be good), and out popped you! While I'm sure your namesake would've hated you (considering that you are a freak of nature), I fell in love at first sight for that exact same reason. While you weren't a rock type, as I thought you would be, you were not only a dragon type, but also an electric type, whose coverage I had been sorely missing. And you could learn Rock Slide! You made Leon's Charizard wish it had gone extinct. My only wish is that I'd gotten you sooner.

Ethel Snowden the Grapploct
Docile | Limber | Outer Spikemuth (Route 9)
Bulk Up / Superpower / Ice Punch / Octolock​
I wish we could've met under better circumstances, Ethel. After being scared to death by a level 50 wild Grapploct, a huge level jump, earlier on in Route 9 (it nearly killed Adolph), I was disinclined to use the quiet little Clobbopus that approached us as we entered Spikemuth. But after the tragic death of Margaret Thatcher (see other thread) in Wyndon Stadium, I was terrified about replacing a team member so close to what I believed to be the final battle! I was, once again, wary about using a new, strange Pokemon when I had a perfectly good Machop in the PC, but I only had so many EXP and Rare Candies. Thus, (with the help of my real-life brother advocating for you), I took you out of the PC and had you chow down on Rare Candies. We had enough to get you at the same level of most of the rest of the team! But, of course, we didn't face Leon right after Raihan. Instead, we had a second helping of the steel type buffet Margaret Thatcher had feasted at. I was nervous about your performance, but you sweeped Chairman Rose! I knew then I had made the right decision.

Margaret Thatcher the Centiskorch​
You should have at least had the choice to stand with us on the pitch, Margaret. You valiantly served the team for half of our adventure, only to be cruelly taken from us by a Max Rockfall that needed to go critical in order to kill you in Wyndon Stadium. That, if nothing else, should explain how great you were.

Augustus Pugin the Noctowl​
As your namesake was an architect of palaces, towers, and churches, you were an architect for our victory. While Adolph Malan was still maturing, as a Rookidee and Corvisquire, you took him under your wing to teach him an all-important lesson in nuzlockes: The best offense is a good defense. He saw that lesson in action in the deadly battle against Nessa in Hulbury. Your Reflect and special defense is the only reason we did not fall then, so early in our journey. When Adolph evolved into Corviknight, he showed you that he had learned these lessons, plus something extra: Light Screen, a technique you were never able to master. The student had surpassed the teacher. Although we knew that a respectful retirement was the best thing for you, we missed your calm presence on the team a lot. Luckily, we were able to acknowledge your work here.
I feel like Galar was really accessible for not only nuzlocking but blind nuzlocking. The level curve was consistent, EXP Candies/Rare Candies from Max Raid Battles made grinding new teammates not very time-consuming, and, although I have mixed feelings on this, most important battles were telegraphed not only with a warning detailing location (i.e: "Come any closer, and we'll have a battle!") but also level range. With all these tools, I feel comfortable adding more restrictive rulesets (i.e: healing item limit, level limit, etc.).

Galar storylockes, here I come! *looks at backlog* Eventually... >_>


The metal dragon bird
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also a huge fan of Smash Bros. and writing.

Kevin the Sceptile
Leaf Storm/Leaf Blade/Dragon Claw/Swords Dance (X-Scissor until after Sidney)
Met at L. 5, currently L. 59
Sceptile will always be my favorite Hoenn starter, and Kevin definitely lived up to my expectations. He beat so many opponents-Roxanne, Wattson's Magneton, the twins, Wallace's whole team except Milotic, Wally's Mega Gallade, Sidney's Shiftry, Drake's Altaria and Kingdra, and Steven's Claydol. Not to mention he's the only one of my original six to survive beginning to end.
I couldn't have asked anything else from him. Fun fact: he becomes the fourth Sceptile I've taken to the league (all four lived, also.)

Zack the Manectric
Thunderbolt/Overheat/Flamethrower/Volt Switch
Met at L. 12, currently L. 58
Manectric has always been my favorite Electric-type from Gen 3, so when I found Zack I happily added him to the team. He didn't get to see many major fights until Winona, where he beat most of her team. He also took out Wallace's Milotic-OHKOing it after I Mega'd him. And in the league, he absolutely shined-he took out Sidney's Sharpedo, one of Glacia's Froslasses, Steven's Skarmory, and ultimately was chosen to Mega against Megagross. And with a little assistance from another teammate, he took it down to win the run.
Such an awesome performance! I couldn't be more proud of him.

Stacey the Hariyama
Close Combat/Earthquake/Rock Slide/Knock Off
Met at L. 11, currently L. 56
Stacey is actually my first Hariyama to reach the league in a Nuzlocke-every other one I've had I retired before then. Unfortunately, she never really got to have a shining moment, but was always reliable throughout. She took out Sidney's Mightyena and Absol, as well as Steven's Aggron.
She definitely did her kind proud.

Eric the Skarmory
Fly/Steel Wing/Toxic/Night Slash
Met at L. 16, currently L. 58
My luckiest catch, and my second-favorite behind Kevin and tied with Zack. He walled so many things to oblivion while they slowly withered from Toxic, notably demolishing both of Norman's Slakings and Archie's Mega Sharpedo. He also took out Phoebe's Sableye and both of Glacia's Glalies, and Steven's Cradily met the same fate even with two Ancient Power boosts. And finally, he helped whittle Megagross down for Zack to swap in and deliver the final blow.
There's a reason I love Skarmory, and Eric is a perfect example of why.

Randall the Absol
Night Slash/Swords Dance/Ice Beam/Flamethrower
Met at L. 27, currently L. 57
Absol is one of those Pokémon I've always wanted to use but never had the chance to. But I had an opening late in the run, so I figured I'd give him a shot. And he was pretty awesome, despite his frailty-he has the highest Attack of the team. He took out Phoebe's whole team except Sableye, and one of Glacia's Froslasses.
Absol may be the Disaster Pokémon, but Randall was the exact opposite-he was a great help, and I'm glad I gave him a chance.

Travis the Walrein
Ice Beam/Surf/Body Slam/Earthquake
Met at L. 31, currently L. 57
Replaced my dearly departed Gyarados near the end of the run. I don't have a lot to say about him really since he came along so late, although he was a great teammate-he took out Glacia's Walrein (I couldn't use Zack since he was weak from using Overheat), Drake's Salamence and both Flygons, and Steven's Armaldo.
I definitely think he made Drake (said Gyarados) proud. And he definitely earned his place on the final team.


The metal dragon bird
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also a huge fan of Smash Bros. and writing.

Sylvia the Serperior
Level 53
Leaf Blade/Dragon Tail/Coil/Giga Drain
Despite her lack of a movepool, Sylvia was always a reliable teammate, tanking many attacks she arguably shouldn't (she tanked a Flame Charge from Elesa's Zebstrika, and in fact was my only real option to fight them with for a while), and fighting back capably. She also was able to repeatedly kick Zekrom out of the battle with N until I was able to get my actual counter in against it, took out N's Carracosta, and she struck the final blow of the run by beating Ghetsis's Seismitoad.
I'm glad she made it all the way, especially since most of my other early catches didn't (she's the only one of my first six who made it to the end.)

Iris the Archeops
Level 52
Rock Slide/Fly/U-turn/Crunch
Adamant nature and a monstrous 202 Attack made Iris able to demolish just about anything. But she didn't see a lot of action in major battles until the league...but that's where she really got to shine, obliterating Marshal, N's Archeops (after dodging a Stone Edge), and was instrumental in helping beat Ghetsis's Hydreigon. I couldn't have asked for anything else from her.

James the Sigilyph
Level 50
Psychic/Air Slash/Shadow Ball/Charge Beam
I was really happy to run into another Sigilyph in the desert, since the one in my White run was awesome, but he didn't get to join the team until late because of my rules. James got to join immediately though, and he was awesome. He didn't get that much action in the league though...but I was really happy to get to use him.

Emile the Chandelure
Level 53
Shadow Ball/Flame Burst/Toxic/Hex
Emile and Iris had a lot in common-they were each the most powerful attacker on the team, and both had great natures (Quiet in Emile's case, which gave him a crazy 185 SpA). And like Iris, Emile didn't see a lot of action in major battles until the league, where he got to shine: sweeping Caitlin, taking out part of Shauntal's team, melting N's Vanilluxe and Klinklang, obliterating Ghetsis's Cofagrigus, and was instrumental in helping take out his Bouffalant. Thanks to him, I'm officially cool with his line again (more on that later).

Shannon the Beartic
Level 51
Icicle Crash/Brick Break/Blizzard/Dig
The very first Ice-type I've taken to a Hall of Fame. Shannon surprised me-I put her on the team because I desperately needed a Drayden counter. I wasn't honestly sure she could do it, though...but then she DEMOLISHED HIS ENTIRE GYM and his team, even crit-OHKOing his Haxorus. I was so proud...and even though she didn't get to do much in the E4, she was the main reason I got through N and Ghetsis-she took out both Zekrom and Hydreigon (tanking Fire and Focus Blasts in the process).
So I think she earned the title of run MVP. Pretty awesome showing from the first Ice-type I've ever used in a Nuzlocke actually the second but the first died in Skyla's gym and never got to do anything.

Carlos the Seismitoad
Level 52
Surf/Drain Punch/Dig/Scald
Carlos wasn't supposed to be here-my Simipour was supposed to be here, but Victory Road happened...anyway, I put him on board afterward, and he turned out to be an awesome pick. He took out Shauntal's Chandelure, which meant a lot to me emotionally (it killed a 'mon in each of my other Gen 5 runs, hence why I didn't really like it anymore until Emile came along). He also beat N's Zoroark, and Ghetsis's Bouffalant and Eelektross.
I couldn't have asked for a better teammate to come along at the end.

Perpetually Underleveled

Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jan 6, 2020
Alright, I've already posted about these guys a bit on this forum and on the nuzlocke subreddit (My reddit username is hopefuloctober, I made a post describing how some of themes memorable battles of this nuzlocke went down. The naming theme for this Nuzlocke was units of measurement (I ended up using some common ones and some obscure ones. The rules were set mode, level limit to the gym leader or other boss's ace (or the third elite four member's ace, I thought leveling to the champion would be too easy (this is why everyone is lv. 57 or 58 here), can only use as many and the type of healing items as the opponent (including status heals, if they don't have the likes of a full restore, you can't heal status), no boxing pokemon on your team (barring HM compatibility problems), no looking up movesets, strict dupes clause with dupe meaning no catch for the route, and any death is replaced by a random pokemon in the box from your most recent catches (basically you can't choose what you get). I never actually had to use the last rule because I didn't have any deaths until the league, where... a lot went wrong.

Hoppus - Torterra, Lv. 58, male, dead
Overgrow, careful nature, sturdy body
Name origin: from the Hoppus cubic foot https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoppus, the standard volume measurement used for timber in the British Empire and countries in the British sphere of influence before the introduction of metric units.

Hoppus was a reliable tank the whole run, the one who could comfortably clean up a battle without being at any risk. He swept Fantina without taking a single point of damage from anyone on her team (despite my worries about the battle) with a strategy of setting up Curses and sweeping with bite under a substitute (turns out that Fantina's AI repetitively goes for status moves even if you have a sub!), and he really shone after learning Earthquake, at which point he was able to sweep Maylene and be my go-to double battle teammate along with one of my flying types. Iron Island shenanigans had nothing on him. His defenses were so formidable that even the dreaded ice moves couldn't keep him down. He didn't even take half damage from a surprise Ice Fang from Byron's Steelix, and then later survived quite a dramatic incident on route 217. One of the trainers on the route battered him hard, landing a crit Dizzy Punch on their Buneary followed by a Waterfall on the Seaking and several turns of hail, leaving him at just 53 or 54 hp (I believe) and generally causing a lot of damage to my team, and I panicked so much that I forgot to keep him out of the top team slot while running back to the hotel, and ended up trapped in battle with a Sneasel that I couldn't escape. Despite his prior damage, he managed to take the Sneasel's Icy Wind with 6 health remaining after the hail.
He continued to shine in the late game. Hoppus did most of the work in beating Giratina and then killing Volkner (with the help of a Yache Berry and an assist from Crab). In the league, he slowly carved his way through Bertha's team with a combination of Leaf Storms and Wood Hammers, and shielded Hertz from Flint's Magmortar's thunderbolt and KOed the beast with the help of a fire resist berry. He used his bulk and Synthesis to stall Lucian's Mr. Mime out of reflect turns despite my limits on healing items, no doubt keeping what was already a brutal battle from being a disaster. And then, leading against the champion, he managed to get a great crit on her Spiritomb, giving us hope when it seemed like our team, having already lost two members, couldn't survive the battle. Hoppus was the last one on my team to die; there was only him and Pound left alive. When the Roserade came out and Pound was on his last legs, I suspected a psychic move and knew that, even if Pound could successfully OHKO, he probably wouldn't be able to take two hits from it before finishing it off (one on the heal turn and one due to being outsped. Hoppus, being as bulky as he was, was able to take an energy ball followed by a Sludge Bomb and then OHKO, but he was left at low health too, and when the Milotic came out I knew that I couldn't beat it one on one - my only hope at winning the battle was to sacrifice him to heal Pound. I still feel bad that you came so close to the end, Hoppus. You were amazing.

Steradian - Staraptor, Lv. 58, male, dead
Intimidate, Gentle nature, hates to lose
Name origin: From the SI unit of solid angle, the 3-dimensional equivalent to the radian, and also sounds a lot like Staravia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steradian

Steradian might have seemed like the backup flying type, given Hertz's existence on the team - but there were two things he did amazingly, which saved the team countless times. The first was hitting absurdly hard, anihilating just about anything with Return (including Lucian's Espeon). The second, of course, was always pulling through in the worst of times. Steradian never fell to some bad luck, instead he would do exactly what was needed, when it was needed, when the chips were down, and especially when he had to cover for his flying buddy Hertz. When Hertz missed Fly in the final rival battle, Steradian was there to switch in to his dangerous Infernape and finish it. When Cyrus's Crobat had battered Crab badly and Hertz wasn't powerful enough to net the kill without risking massive damage from confusion, Steradian was there to break through confusion twice, killing the Crobat and still having enough health to spare to Intimidate the Honchkrow, a Pokemon which could have otherwise easily cut swathes through my heavily damaged team. When nothing else was in any position to take on Candice's Piloswine (everything was weak to ice or at low health and couldn't beat it with a heal turn), Steraadian was there to finish it in one hit through Snow Veil. His flying type allowed him to troll with Intimidate switch ins in a lot in tricky battles like against Bertha, where I needed to safely reset Hoppus's special attack after a Leaf Storm (though I tried not to rely on it, because critical hits are a thing. Most memorably, against Aaron, when Hertz couldn't do enough to the Vespiquen to stop its defensive set-up and healing, Steradian came in and immediately annihilated it with a crit fly... and then got a second consecutive crit against the Scizor! Even at the very end, I thought that maybe he would be able to do one of his trademark lucky comebacks... after Crab's death, there was nothing on my team that could deal with Cynthia's Togekiss, and I was forced to switch Steradian in on a desperate hope that he could take two hits. The first air slash did exactly half, and when it used Air Slash again instead of Shock Wave, I was hoping that maybe he could dodge the attack or take a slightly lower damage roll this time... but for once, it was not to be. You saved us from so many of our darkest times, Steradian, you will always be honored.

Crab - Luxray, Lv. 57, male, dead
Intimidate, Hardy nature, likes to run
Name origin: A crab https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crab_(unit) is a unit for measuring astrophysical X-ray sources, defined as the intensity of the Crab Nebula at the corresponding X-ray photon energy.
I always pictured Crab as the reliable one of the team, the one who didn't want glory and didn't have special loyalty to one team member like with Crab and Hertz, but wanted to be friends with everyone - even the wilds. I swear he had a tendency to be a bit of a troll, always making the wilds who he could beat appear during grinding and making sure the wilds his teammates wanted didn't appear... but seriously, he was a teammate who got us through a lot of scraps and, though he had the least major battle victories of anyone, was always there as the backup, the one who would finish a difficult battle, shield a teammate with his Intimidate or, if necessary, put himself in the line of fire to save the others. Crab won us lots of potentially dangerous double battles with intimidate, not to mention using that ability to help against Volkner (stalling time to heal Hoppus and successfully get him in against the powerful Rivalry Luxray, as well as Bertha (this time luring her into an Earthquake to get a double intimidate from Steradian and safety reset Hoppu's Leaf Storm). He landed the finishing blow to Mars's Purely when Pound would have risked death with a crit, and then, of course, there was Candice. With Mole at low health and with a sp. def drop, someone needed to switch into the Froslass to heal Mole and reset his special defense, and everyone else was either at low health or weak to ice. Crab stalled for time, taking a Psychic, a Blizzard, and two rounds of hail, and managed to hang on with just 3 HP left. He wasn't the luckiest team member (he had an unfortunate tendency to get hit in confusion whenever there was confusion to be had), but he was certainly surprisingly fast, outspending things like a threatening Double Edge Staraptor, and, at one point, a Rapidash in Victory Road, who I had stupidly kept him in at low health against in a double battle (That was honestly the worst mistake I made this run, and I'm lucky and grateful for Crab that no one died because of it).
Crab was the second one of my team to die, in a desperate struggle against Lucian's Bronzong, who I had no counters for after Mole's death, and who I was terrified would set up calm minds and sweep. He had already finished off the Alakazam, but was left at about 112 HP after a Psychic and using his Sitrus Berry, and without Intimidate due to Set Mode. He tried to stall for time with Swagger and managed to get luck with confusion for once, followed by surprising damage with Spark - but the Bronzong avoided confusion the next turn and killed him with a boosted Earthquake. His sacrifice ultimately saved the team, though - the damage he dealt with Spark was enough for Pound to come in and finish off the Bronzong, but it also left us with no good plan for Cynthia's Togekiss. Sometimes I wonder if we would have been able to make it through the league without any deaths at all, had he still been alive. Thank you, Crab.

Mole - Bibarel, Lv. 57, male, dead
Unaware, Naughty nature, scatters things often
Name origin: Well, we all know the mole - a unit for expressing large amounts of tiny particles like atoms or molecules, equaling Avogadro's number of particles.
Don't underestimate him because of being a Bibarel - Mole held our team together and easily took out threats that the rest of the team had no answer for. For one, he was the Gyarados killer. One slot machine grind later, he had Thunderbolt and was ready to tank anything a Gyarados threw at him (even Dragon Dance boosted attacks, thanks to his ability) and calmly fry it. Wake, Cyrus, every random fisherman - all alike had their supposedly intimidating beasts easily dispatched by this unassuming beaver. In the case of wake, he was in good enough shape to Yawn the Floatzel, safely letting Pound take out the rest. He finished Giratina, destroyed things with return and his +Attack nature, and even held his own against Candice's Froslass, using his Unaware to ensure there was only one accuracy drop to worry about and eventually getting the upper hand and finishing it (though not without two heals and a dangerous stall for time from Crab. He proved himself to be as great a water type as any other against Flint, annihilating his supposedly fast Houndoom before it had a chance to make a move and then the Flareon too, and eventually cornering and killing the Rapidash despite its attempts to pull an annoying SunnyBeam combo. Yes, by the late game he was noticeably frail at times, especially with his nature, but he still managed to dramatically survive a critical Earthquake from Bertha's Gliscor on the side with 5 HP left - had he died there, Flint would have probably gone much worse). He was supposed to take on Lucian's Bronzong as well, using his Unaware and Super Fang to get past its annoying defenses, but he ended up dying in a plan gone wrong to take on the Alakazam, and ends dup being my first Pokemon do die in the League - in fact my first Pokemon to die in the game. Steradian had just beaten his Espeon and Gallade, but I had decided to use Brave Bird instead of Fly or Return on the latter, fearing that Return might not kill on a low damage roll and Fly could miss - all of these unnecesary risks when when I was expecting the Bronzong to come in next anyway. In that case, I knew I wouldn't fight Bronzong with Steradian and I also knew Steradian couldn't beat the Alakazam unless he didn't have to switch into it, so I thought I wouldn't need to use him the rest of the battle anyway. Instead, he sent out Alakazam right away, when I knew I would probably be outsped and was probably at too low health from the Brave Bird to survive a Psychic. But I wasn't too disappointed, because I had a plan - switch in Mole, take a psychic and lure in one of his coverage moves (which I couldn't look up, but I had a good idea of which ones he might use against the Bibarel), then switch in a Payapa berry-holding Hertz, who conveniently could care less about said moves. Hertz would deal a heavy blow with Psychic and then finish with U-turn, allowing me to pivot to whatever I wanted against the Bronzong and heal Mole in the process. But instead, the Psychic ended up being a critical hit, killing Mole in one hit. I was devastated, and worse was to come - I had no counter for the Bronzong anymore, forcing me to use desperate tactics that led to Crab's death, too, spiraling into a disastrous final battle. Even assuming the hit would have been critical on Steradian too and he would have died instead, I can't help but wondering how things would have gone differently if my reliable Bibarel was there until the end... Nice work, Mole.

Hertz - Crobat, Level 57, female, dead
Inner focus, Serious nature, somewhat vain (31 Sp. def IV, I checked)
Name origin: Well, it's the SI unit of frequency, fitting for a bat Pokemon.
Oh, Hertz. You amazing, reliable, practically undefeatable Pokemon. You were the go-to Pokemon for any tough opponent in the first half of the game, and even in the late game when everything was pushing 100+ attack stats, you were still there, outspending everything, taking every hit, and then calmly U-turning out of there (Set mode has nothing on a well-placed U-turn!). You and Hoppus were unstoppable in double battles together - Hoppus would annihilate with Earthquake, while you would dodge any foolish would-be attackers with fly or land a powerful U-turn out of there should the matchup be unfavorable for you. Hertz soloed Gardenia of course, but she also managed to solo Jupiter's dreaded Skuntank despite my rulesets banning healing items for that battle - plucking the Sitrus Berry allowed her to beat Skuntank in a fair fight, blow for blow, without ever switching or healing. And then against Cyrus, Hertz won the mirror match against Cyrus's own Crobat, but was forced to retreat after Cyrus healed and Hertz was confused, though at about 2/3 health. When the Honchkrow came out and I thought I was out of heals myself (here I had relied on my brother who told me Cyrus used only one, it turned out he had two though even if I had known act I'm not sure it would have helped me much in my position), I was left with only Steradian and Hertz in half a position to fight, both at exactly 113 health. I switched in Steradian for the Intimidate and, when the damage done was clearly too much for Steradian to finish it barring an OHKO return (which I wasn't counting on, I switched Hertz into a Night Slash. Fly was a 2HKO, but when Honchkrow used Psychic with Hertz in the air at barely above half health, off his base 105 special attack, I knew she was doomed. Hertz crashed down, and Honchkrow landed the psychic... but Hertz hung on with 2 HP left, finishing Honchkrow and clearing the way for Mole to finish Cyrus at last. In the league, Hertz proved her versatility once more, using rain dance and her high speed to switch into the Solarbeams, etc. of Flint's team and clear the way for Mole to finish them (and in the case of the Infernape, for her to deal with herself), and using that same high speed with Lucian's Alakazam. It wasn't as clean as I would have liked (Fly landed Alakazam just barely into the healing range, even though it looked like he was above it, and I had to finish it with Crab), she still proved very impressive (including how, with the Payapa berry, Psychic didn't even do half). Even against Cynthia's Togekiss, which she should have never had to fight but had to to avenge Steradian and protect Hoppus and Pound, Hertz displayed her knack for clever strategies. Though Fly didn't do much to the Togekiss and, combined with Steradian's last Return, only trigged Cynthia's full restore, Hertz had a plan. For some reason, Togekiss chose to Shock Wave every time now even when it had only Air Slashed against Steradian (maybe the AI favors even a slightly weaker Air Slash for the flinch, but avoids it against Inner Focus mons, regardless of speed? That's my best guess.), and Shock Wave did less than half. This meant that, even though my healing limit prevented me from winning the war of attrition through normal means, I could alternate Fly and Roost. I would take a bit less than half on the first shock wave, fully heal, take a halved-damage shock wave, and use healing items when the residual damage from the reduced power shockwaves eventually got too much for Roost to keep up with. Rinse and repeat - all I had to do was either crit or get Togekiss in a range where I could kill and Cynthia wouldn't heal before Togekiss crit at the right time or forced me to waste all of my own healing items. A desperate move, but with my only other options being a Machamp and a Torterra, my only move. How it played out was that I need to use one heal, and I was able to get Togekiss below half health, but Togekiss eventually got a crit on my Fly turn (when I had some damage on me from the last Roost-turn Shock Wave). Hertz died, but her sacrifice allowed Pound to finish the weakened Togekiss, and us to finally win the championship battle. I am just so proud of you, Hertz.

Pound - Machamp, Level 58, male, alive
No Guard, Jolly nature, strong willed
Name origin: Well, it's a non-SI measurement of weight, if you don't know what this is you are very lucky you live in a country that's more sensible than mine!

Pound, the legend, the savior of the run! Even when I first got him, I knew he was especially strong and formidable - the last to be caught of my team, one of his debut battles was him easily sweeping Roark, and he only got better from there. His stats were always above what you would expect, looking like a particularly strong fully evolved Pokemon even as a Machoke and keeping up with my evolved members even as a Machop. He did almost all the work in beating Mars's Purugly, and then learned Rock Tomb to plow through those Fog route ghosts who foolishly thought they could dodge Pound's No Guard - including a Misdreavus during that Misdreavus/Murkrow double battle, who he somehow managed to outspeed (Jolly nature is great!) to protect both himself and Hertz from its plans to use psychic moves and draw out the battle in the fog. In Pastoria city, he obtained ThunderPunch and used it to beat Wake's Floatzel easily (well, with help from Mole yawning it to ensure it couldn't do anything back), and then came to Canalave where he used Revenge's negative priority to effortlessly bypass Byron's Bastiodon's Metal Burst. After learning Cross Chop (and near the end of the game, DynamicPunch), he only got stronger, and his newfound power and ever-present tackiness allowed him to plow through Candice's Sneasel and Abomasnow (even after taking first an Aerial ace and then a Wood Hammer he was protecting Mole from, plus two hail turns), and then OHKO Cyrus's Houndoom despite being burned. He was amazing in the league, finishing off problem Pokemon of every imaginable type. Aaron's Drapion went down to him, then Bertha's Gliscor after it nearly killed Mole with a crit, and finally Lucian's Bronzong, who he finished off with a hard-hitting DynamicPunch after not even talking half from its Psychic. And then against Cynthia, well... I think I have to tell the whole story here.

After her Togekiss killed Hertz, it seemed like there was no hope left. Pound managed to put the thing down at last, surviving an air slash and avoiding the flinch to finish it off with DynamicPunch, due to the move's power and the damage Togekiss had already taken from Hertz. But he was in no shape to take on the Roserade, forcing me to take it out with Hoppus. An that point, I had two Pokemon left, both in the red health. Cynthia had three in perfect shape. Milotic came out first - I knew it had Ice Beam, healing Hoppus would do no good in letting him beat it due to the wasted turn and Hoppus being slower, even if Hoppus could maybe take one Ice Beam. In that moment, I thought I was probably doomed - but I saw one way to win this. I reluctantly healed Pound, knowing that Hoppus would die as a result. I then "outsped" (or more likely, it tried to use Mirror Coat) and landed a DynamicPunch, doing half and making it hit itself in confusion. I finished with ThunderPunch to save DynamicPunch's PP, but I took a Surf in the process, doing a fair amount of damage, but not half (maybe 35-40%?). Next came the dreaded Garchomp. I could have tried to use Ice Punch against it, but I didn't trust it to kill, not with the perfect IVs, the 3-level gap, its bulk, Ice Punch's low power, and all the horror stories I've heard about Garchomps surviving any ice move short of a STAB Ice Beam. I had prepared before this battle, when choosing whether to equip Pound with the Black Belt or the Expert Belt. I ultimately decided on the Black Belt because, while Expert Belt would give me a better chance at OHKOing Garchomp if it came down to it, if I failed it would only leave Garchomp disastrously in the red and heal range - not to mention that I had given Hertz Ice Natural Gift for backup against Garchomp, while with Crab and Mole gone Pound was my only good bet against Milotic. So Black Belt it was, and Ice Punch was not an option. I went for DymamicPunch again instead. Garchomp hit first. I had already taken a lot from surf, I had to pray Pound could still survive. My brother was watching this, and he said I should just give up - Garchomp was too powerful, my only hope was heal-spamming and hoping the AI did something stupid like Giga Impact. But I knew Pound, and how tough he was. I believed he could survive this. And he did, as well as avoiding the incoming Dragon Rush's flinch chance, with health somewhere in the 20s. DynamicPunch did more than half - noticeably more, but not so much more that I'm entirely sure Ice Punch would have killed on any damage roll, even with Expert Belt. Sitrus Berry brought him back above half, though. I knew that didn't matter, since Ice Punch would definitely finish Garchomp off. I had two healing items left. I used one... Garchomp broke through confusion and used Earthquake, doing half. I healed again, my last heal. If Garchomp broke through confusion again, it was over.

Garchomp is confused... it hurt itself in its confusion! Pound finally landed an Ice Punch, though only after taking another hit that left him at 92 HP going into the Lucario. Lucario outsped, of course, and used Aura Sphere. Pound's health dropped down, and at last stopped at 17 HP, allowing me to land the finishing blow and become Champion of Sinnoh! I just can't believe how much you accomplished, Pound!


The metal dragon bird
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also a huge fan of Smash Bros. and writing.
As always, starting with the survivors:

Anthony the Emboar
Met at L. 5, currently L. 59
Flamethrower/Hammer Arm/Rock Slide/Heat Crash

Bro from start to finish. He fought most of the first three gyms on his own-burnhaxing Cheren was a particularly great moment. He didn't see quite as much use later in the game once the others really began to pull their weight, but he was always reliable-Hammer Arm never missed, and he always killed when I needed him to. He didn't see much league action-he only fought against Grimsley-but I know if I'd needed him to, he'd have came through.

Ian the Magnezone
Met at L. 10, currently L. 59

The Magnemite line WRECKS BW2. There are very few opponents that can handle it-in fact, I actually boxed Ian for a while because he was such a gamebreaker. But I had to bring him back on later, and he definitely delivered, wrecking Skyla, Drayden's Haxorus, Marlon, Black Kyurem, Ghetsis's Hydreigon, and winning the run by taking out Iris's Lapras and Archeops. I'd never used the Magnemite line before Nuzlocking, but they're easily one of my favorite Pokémon lines now.
He shares MVP title with a 'mon I'll mention later.

Rick the Magmortar
Met at L. 10, currently L. 58
Flamethrower/Thunderbolt/Rock Slide/Fire Punch

Despite having a Fire-type already with Anthony, I was really excited about Rick because my last Magmortar was awesome. And he definitely lived up to my expectations-he was strong even as a Magby, and never fell behind even though he couldn't evolve again until after Marlon. He destroyed most of Colress's team, and randomly tanked a STAB Hydro Pump on Route 23. Oddly enough, he didn't see much use in the league either, but I know I could've relied on him.

Ray the Golduck
Met at L. 36, currently L. 61
Surf/Ice Beam/Psychic/Scald

Co-MVP with Ian. I didn't expect to use him since I already had solid Water-types, but then I lost them, so on the team he went. And he definitely came through, reliably demolishing anything I put him against. Especially in the league-he took out half of Marshal's team, and Shauntal's Golurk and Chandelure-which was easily the opponent who scared me the most. He also took out four of Iris's team.
He's the first Golduck I took to the end of a Nuzlocke, and I couldn't be more proud of him.

The fallen:

Jay the Skarmory
Met at L. 38, fell at L. 59
Fly/Night Slash/Steel Wing/Toxic

I was so happy to find him in Reversal Mountain...I didn't team him then, but I knew I had a great backup if I needed it. I decided to team him later so I'd have a second wall, and he definitely delivered-very few opponents could hurt him.
Unfortunately, Marshal's Conkeldurr was one of those opponents-a crit +2 Hammer Arm would've been enough, except Jay had Sturdy...but then I had him use Fly, and the Speed drop meant he then outsped, so he got another Hammer Arm to the face after Fly hit...there was nothing I could do :crying:

Damien the Weavile
Met at L. 44, fell at L. 58
Ice Punch/Night Slash/Ice Shard/X-Scissor

I teamed him toward the end because I wanted to have a second Iris counter. And while our time together was short, he more than impressed me in that time-he was nearly as strong as Anthony.
He took out most of Caitlin's team, and Shauntal's Cofagrigus. And I thought he could beat Iris's Haxorus...I knew it had a Focus Sash and figured it would use Dragon Dance. So I thought two Ice Shards-the first boosted by an Ice Gem-would take it out...and it would have if one of them hadn't been a low damage roll...but it wasn't meant to be, and he promptly got an X-Scissor to the face...
But he definitely impressed me while he was on board, and I'd love to use another one sometime.

The 'mon I wanted to take, but got pushed out at the end:

Caroline the Leavanny
Met at L. 2, currently L. 55
Leaf Blade/X-Scissor/Return/Swords Dance

I honestly didn't expect her to make it all the way from pre-Cheren to Victory Road-I thought two 4x weaknesses would catch up to her eventually, plus both other members of her line I've tried ended up dead. But I was wrong-she was still kicking ass deep into the game.
I really wanted her in the final team, but I just thought I'd need the others more...but I'm really proud of her for surviving and kicking ass from beginning to near-end.

And a shoutout to a 'mon who should've been on the final team:

Clay the Umbreon
Met at L. 18, fell at L. 41

I was so happy when I found an Eevee, and I thought Umbreon was my best option since I had most of the others covered. And he proved me right-he literally saved the run against Clay (the leader)-I had no Ground counters, but Dig and Work Up let him solo the battle.
And I really hoped he'd go all the way...I'm just gonna say FUCK LOPUNNY and leave it at that :crying:


Ruler of the Pillow Fort
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Dec 22, 2019
Behind You
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Normal
Pokédex Entry
She enjoys showing off her artwork to others, and constantly discovers new techniques to experiment with
I only have a copy of Diamond so I've never played Platinum before. I ended up borrowing a copy of Platinum from a friend and played a nuzlocke with it. As a result, I don't really have the copy with me anymore so I can't check their levels and stats.

Thistle the male Torterra (Alive): Named after the type of flower Eeyore eats in Winnie The Pooh. I've used Infernape and Empoleon, but not Torterra before so I was curious. This guy was bulky and can take even the hardest hits. Earthquake, Crunch and Wood Hammer guarantees a OHKO on an opponent.

Storm the female Luxray (Alive): In my Diamond nuzlocke playthrough my Shinx died very early on, so I’m happy Storm survived this far. She's a very reliable team member that keeps pesky birds away from Thistle and paralyze my route catches.

Rajak the female Crobat (Alive): Named after a male character in Noblesse as a tribute. Overall I enjoy trolling opponents with Fly since with Rajak's superior speed she would weave around her opponent and strike without them being able to hit back.

Ceia the female Gastrodon (Alive) Never had a Gastrodon on my team before, so that’s really cool when I got her as my water and ground type. She's not that fast but even so, anything she takes barely makes a dent. She has storm drain which makes her a good switch in for water types that target Ruby. Surf completely swept Bertha and Flint's team.

Ruby the female Rapidash (Alive): How lucky of me to get like the only fire types in the game outside of starters - Sinnoh really needs more fire type pokemon. She's fast but sometimes struggle to catch up with the rest of the team. It was entertaining when she learned Bounce and spring into the air. She proved her worth when she razed Aaron's team to the ground.

Sasha the female Medicham (Dead): Oh Sasha. She's a glass cannon who can hit hard but can't take too big of a hit. In the end it was Lucian's Gallade who landed a critical Psycho Cut that killed her. RIP.
This contains spoilers for my bug-only run, including the finale that I have yet to post. So the status will be hidden in spoiler tags.

Luca the male Vikavolt
Alive! Absolutely flayed Leon's Inteleon.
One of my oldest bugs that followed me all the way from Route 1. I evolved him as soon as I found a thunderstone and he's been a steady supporter who hits hard despite being the slowest on my already slow team. He toughed out of some rough situations and I'm so happy to see him accompany me to the end.

Ramyun the male Centiskorch
Alive! Helped bring down Mr. Rime and also took a Flamethrower for Luca from Leon's Dragapult.
It took me forever to find this bug but once he evolved, his speed and attack stats were insane! Ramyun's a beast although his one weak point is rocks since he's 4x weak to it.

Nettie the male Araquanid
Dead! It faced off against Haxorus and got hit by Outrage. The first time he lived through just fine and I healed him to full health, but the second Outrage was a critical hit and killed him!
Meet the Dragonslayer. With Aqua Ring and Leftovers setup, Nettie is pretty much indestructible and always stayed near full health. He has better attack than special attack so Liquidation hits harder than Ice Beam, but one time he froze Raihan's Flygon which ended up saving his life!

Opera the female Crustle
Alive! Took down freakin' Charizard too while braving a Max Rockfall
I. Absolutely. Love. This. Bug. She's won me so many decisive victories over the run with her rock type advantage against flying and fire types, as well as ground type moves to deal with steel, rock, fire, all the while taking on supereffective hits while barely batting an eye due to her incredible bulk! Heavy Slam hits Fairy types like a tank. I never paid Crustles much attention before this but Opera definitely takes the cake (Get it? Since I named her after Opera cakes).

Weiss the female Frosmoth
Alive! She didn't do anything during Leon's battle lol. But she proved herself plenty against Raihan in the finals by defeating Goodra despite getting pulled out of the box to replace a dead member and stuffed with rare candies like 5 minutes prior
. It was a shame I got Weiss so late in the game, because I honestly thought I wasn't going to end up using her due to the massive disadvantages most of my opponents have for her. Pretty much everyone has some form of rock, fire or steel moves that effectively checks her. So imagine my dread when my long time team member Sylvie the Ribombee died in the finals and I can only pull someone out of the box with no prior battling experience to face Raihan who I had prior difficulties with. But even while she's underleveled and the weakest member on the team, she stood up to the task and landed herself a win against one of the rare 'mons that didn't have a supereffective move against her. Good job, Weiss.

Alexis the female Drapion
Alive! Set up toxic spikes in the beginning, and dealt with Leon's Aegislash's King's Shield by spamming Shadow Ball. She also came back for a revenge-kill against Haxorus.
An odd choice that I debated whether I should use ever since I started my run. Drapion isn't bug type like Skorupi is, but to not evolve Skorupi seems kind of sad. So in the beginning I made a rule to not evolve Skorupi unless I absolutely had to - like in the case of someone's death. And I never seriously considered actually implementing that rule. But after the only pokemon resistant to rock type on my team, Argent the Durant died and with Nessa and her water/rock type Drednaw looming in the finals, Alexis became my only hope to survive. She's fast but doesn't hit that hard, so I gave her the Black Sludge and the move Toxic so her battles usually end up Toxic-stalling the opponent while doing her best to tank their attacks.

Honorable mentions since I get to switch members between Semi-finals, Finals, and before Leon, so these technically made it to the end with me:

Argent the Durant (Dead): He hits fast and hard, with Hustle-boosted Iron Head that frequently misses but would OHKO you if it lands. He's mad me value Durants a lot more and it was my stupid mistake of switching him in to deal with a Salazzle that killed him, so I'm sorry. We made it to the Semifinals together.

Sylvie the Ribombee (Dead): She was a member that joined very early in the team, and always hits dark and fighting types really hard. But because she always faints them quickly, it never shows how frail her defense was. And in the Finals, Gigantamax Machamp lived through her attack at red hp, and killed her with a Max Flare. I don't know if there was anything that I could have done - hunted for a berry that reduces supereffective fire type moves?
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The metal dragon bird
Pokédex No.
Nov 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dragon, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This Skarmory/Charizard fusion is very rare and tends to be quiet and shy until befriended. Also a huge fan of Smash Bros. and writing.

Taylor the Delphox
Met at L. 5, currently L. 65
Flamethrower/Psychic/Shadow Ball/Fire Blast

My partner from start to finish. Sure, he's frail, but most things never got the chance to hit him, and most of them ended up killing themselves via the Rocky Helmet he always held. He was instrumental in most of the gyms-the only one he didn't fight in was Grant's. And he torched half of Wikstrom's team, and led the charge against Diantha's Hawlucha.
I couldn't be more proud of him.

Nick the Aerodactyl
Met at L. 20, currently L. 65
Fly/Rock Slide/Dragon Claw/Crunch

I was really happy when I found an Old Amber since Aerodactyl is a 'mon I've always wanted to use. And he was ridiculously awesome-anytime I needed something to die quickly, he took care of it. He fought in every gym except Clemont and Wulfric, and destroyed half of Malva's team, half of Drasna's, and with some lucky flinchax, took out Siebold's Gyarados.
An awesome performance from an awesome 'mon.

Rob the Golurk
Met at L. 20, currently L. 65
Earthquake/Shadow Punch/Hammer Arm/Heavy Slam

Another 'mon I've always wanted to try. I was really bummed he got a shit ability (why is Klutz a thing?), but it didn't hold him back-he demolished Korrina both times (she has no way to hit a Ghost-type), and did well against Clemont and Olympia. He also beat Wikstrom's Aegislash after surviving a Shadow Claw with 4 HP while it was in Blade form.
I never did teach him Fly, though...guess I'll do that now that the run's finished.

Terry the Flygon
Met at L. 28, currently L. 65
Earthquake/Dragon Claw/Rock Slide/Crunch

It's been a very long time since I used a Flygon, but last time I did it was amazing. So I was pretty happy to find him, and he definitely delivered-even though he didn't see much gym action aside from Clemont, he still crushed trainers left and right and made a great tag team with Nick in Sky Battles and at the end-he took out the other half of Malva's and Drasna's teams.
I'm really happy I got the chance to use him.

Ken the Lucario
Met at L. 32, currently L. 66
Aura Sphere/Close Combat/Poison Jab/Dragon Pulse

Lucario is my favorite Pokémon, but I actually wasn't planning to use him this time since he wrecked the game last time and I had a Mienfoo who was doing well. But then I lost her, so he became my best option for MegaDos. And he definitely came through-he wrecked it with one Close Combat, and wrecked enemies from there to the end-sweeping Wulfric, taking down Siebold's Barbacle, Wikstrom's Probopass, and the scary half of Diantha's team (Tyrantrum, Goodra, Megavoir).
Definitely happy I decided to use him in the end.

Sam Jr. the Magnezone
Met at L. 37, currently L. 64
Thunderbolt/Flash Cannon/Toxic/Barrier

The Jr. is because I had a Magnezone named Sam in an old run. I was happy to find him since I'd just lost my Fairy counter and figured an Electric-type could be useful. He didn't really get to see much major battle action, but he did crush random trainers left and right. And he took out Siebold's Clawitzer and Starmie.
So I think he did well, even though he wasn't around as long as his namesake.


Masks are so 2016!!! But don´t forget to wear one
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Grass, Water
Pokédex Entry
The Master of both Light and Darkness; who loves the Violent and Dramatic, and the Fun and Adorable.
This was the first Nuzlocke I ever completed, all the way back in 2015; Sadly, the Save State and notes got lost, everything I write only comes from memory.

Javier Jr. The Venusaur (Alive): Earthquake, Giga Drain, Sunny Day, Solarbeam
Yes, I named my starter after myself, he was like a son to me. And I couldn´t be more proud of my boy; he was always a reliable Team Member, and an excellent battler. And I will never forget the day when He learned Earthquake, it was truly beautiful.

Fernando The Fearow (Alive): Drill Peck, Fly, Double Edge, Steel Wing
I wasn´t fond of Fernando at first, due to reasons I´ll get to later, but this Fearow proved himself by being a fearsome battler.
I only used him near the end of the game, but proved an important asset in the final battles, specially with Agatha.

Pokeball The Electrode (Alive): Thunderbolt, Thunder, Light Screen, Explosion
I was surprised upon catching a Voltorb on Route 10, and I was more surprised at how much fun using an Electrode was.
This Oddball used it´s powers to defeat multiple trainers, specially Lorelei and the RIval´s Gyarados, with shining colors.

Edgar The Flareon (Alive): Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Iron Tail.
Speaking of Oddballs, I had the crazy idea of evolving my Eevee into Flareon due to already having both a Water and an Electric Type.
But I never regretted this decision, as this Fiery Fella was the MVP against Lorelei´s Jynx, as well as being a good bruiser in general.

Harry The Hypno (Alive): Psychic, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, Calm Mind,
Timid Nature, that´s the main reason I put that Hypno form Berry Forest into my Team. Psychic types are MVPs in Fire Red, and Harry was no exception.
Bruno, part of Agatha´s Team, The Rival's Alakazam, among others, they all fell victim to the power of Harry.

Omar The Omastar (Alive): Ice Beam, Surf, Rock Slide, Protect.
And to close off this Odd Team, here we have Lord Helix Itself; Following the death of my previous Water Type, and HOURS of grinding.
Omar was a surprising addition, but he was an amazing Pokémon: The MVP of the battle against Lance, and the one to deal the finishing blow to The Rival´s Charizard.

Honorable mentions:

Penny The Pidgeot (Alive): She was my first catch on the Run. I really wanted her to make it to the final team, but I was too afraid to lose her, hence why I replaced her with Fernando near the end of the run. I really regretted that decision, even to this day.

Maria The Gyarados (Dead): If My Rival´s Charizard didn´t crit you on our penultimate battle, you would´ve definetely made it to the end.
You were the First Gyarados I´ve ever used on my Team, and you were such a great Teammate.


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jan 24, 2020
Pokémon Type
Electric, Fighting
I finished my Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke a while ago and my god, was it one of the funnest runs I've ever done. The main reason I loved it so much was because my team was constantly in rotation to handle certain threats, which gave me a lot of opportunities to use many different mons, especially when a lot of my standard, early encounters; (Staraptor, Luxray, Budew) were killed. Without further ado, here is my Pokemon Platinum Hall of Fame:

Goku the Infernape, Lv 5-61 (ALIVE)
Rash Nature, Blaze
Flare Blitz
- Fire Blast
- Close Combat
- U-Turn
Infernape has always been one of my favorite Pokemon ever since I learned it was based on Journey to the West so I couldn't wait to use it here and he didn't dissappoint, even when he was a Monferno, Goku was an absolute beast, destroying everything in his path with Wide Lens boosted Fire Blasts, he had quite a few close calls here and there, but he would always come back from the brink of death even stronger than before. (just like his namesake) his movepool was amazing and for my entire playthrough throughout my changing teams, he was the only constant, eventually left as the only survivor of my early game team. His crowning moment in the Elite 4 was sweeping Aaron. Overall, I'm extremely proud of him and he lived up to every good thing I heard about his line in Nuzlockes.

Bronze the Bronzong, Lv 14-60 (ALIVE)
Brave Nature, Heatproof
Light Screen
- Reflect
- Extrasensory
- Gyro Ball
Bronze was my multi-purpose tank in this game, great defenses and decent offenses meant that he could take a lot of punishment and he was usually my go to mon for tanking most non Ground-type attacks, he also helped me capture many Pokemon non-lethally using Hypnosis and was all around a helpful Pokemon to have on hand. His role in the Elite 4 fell mostly to support, but he was extremely crucial in the one battle he participated in. My opinion on the Bronzor line has improved and I'm glad I was able to take him all the way.

#17 the Porygon-Z, Lv 25-61 (ALIVE)
Rash Nature, Download
- Tri Attack
Nasty Plot
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
There's no other way of saying it... 17 hit things like a nuke on steroids, especially when it had the fortune of gaining the correct Download boost, BoltBeam coverage was absolutely insane on this thing and Tri Attack and Nasty Plot were just nails in the coffin for any of it's would-be opponents. His accomplishments mainly pertain to destroying Team Galactic Grunts and Cyrus's Flying-types, but he also had the honor of OHKOing Giratina in the Distortion World. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use him during the Elite 4, but if I had, I have no doubts that he would have wrecked most things there, especially since his Sp Attack had exceeded 200 by this point.

Sonia the Floatzel, Lv 23-61 (ALIVE)
Careful Nature, Swift Swim
- Waterfall
- Ice Beam
- Dig
- Crunch
After my Gastrodon, Nail fell in that accursed Gyarados/Raichu Double Battle, I needed to find a new Water type and settled on using Buizel, Sonia had perhaps the best coverage on my team, acting like a faster, albeit slightly weaker version of my Feraligatr Hyde for most of the playthrough, I did have a pretty close call with her against Cyrus, where she took a critical Dark Pulse with 8 HP! If she didn't have a Special Defense boosting nature, I'm pretty sure she would have died. Until she got Waterfall, she remained a solid and reliable Pokemon on my team. Her crowning accomplishment after she got it was utterly decimating Flint's team in a single hit each; they never even got to move! Overall, Sonia has been an excellent Pokemon who has only got better with the crowning addition of Waterfall to her moveset.

Noodles the Tangrowth, Lv 28-61 (ALIVE)
Rash Nature, Leaf Guard
- Substitute
- Sunny Day
- Giga Drain
- Synthesis
Another Pokemon that came to me when I desperately needed one; after my Luxray and Budew died, I needed some form of counter against Wake. Noodles was that counter. I taught him Shock Wave and when combined with Mega Drain, he was able to wreak havoc on the 5th Gym Leader. Ultimately, as Sinnoh got more and more dangerous, he fell to the wayside because of all the strong special attackers, but when I needed something to tank a physical attack, there was no one better than Noodles. Eventually, he got one last hurrah by sweeping Bertha's team using a SunnyBeam strategy while tanking a critical Fire Fang in the sun. He was falling behind a bit before this battle, so I was glad that I had the opportunity to use him one last time.

Iago the Weavile, Lv 33-62 (ALIVE) MVP
Lax Nature, Pressure
Ice Punch
- Night Slash
- Brick Break
- Swords Dance
Ultimately, Iago didn't have as much time to shine as any of the other Pokemon on my team, he rounds off the four glass cannons I had on this team with Goku, Sonia and #17. However, after my Staraptor's death, he was definitely the 11th hour ranger of this team and put in the most amount of work during the Elite 4; When people think of Lucian and Cynthia within a Nuzlocke, they usually believe them to be them to be two of the most difficult trainers in the game. However, after gaining max Swords Dance boosts, Iago made them both look like chumps. Ultimately, he used screens support from Bronze to accomplish a sweep against Cynthia's team, but after that, he sliced through them like a knife through butter, Iago, with the help of Bronze virtually guaranteed that I wouldn't lose a single Pokemon against the most difficult trainer in the game and for that, he gains the title of MVP.
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life is a trip alright
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
somewhere quiet
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Normal
Pokédex Entry
this ghost tries hard to be cool, but ends up keysmashing about cute things anyway. they wish they could take on more work than they have time for.
So this nuzlocke had some


but for once I wasn't playing blind! And I got so attached to my team because unlike so many previous nuzlockes, they weren't dying left and right xD this lot are known as the "quad weak squad" because 4/6 of them had a 4x weakness, but it didn't stop them from being awesome or collectively ripping Johto apart. I would do Kanto and Red, but that involves a lot more excruciating grinding in a region which has been full of that already, and I wanted to end the run on a high.

Fortune - Male Umbreon Level 49 (ALIVE)
Bashful Nature, Loves to Eat
Ability: Synchronise
Holding: Brightpowder
Moves: Confuse Ray/Payback/Flash/Taunt
Base Stats: 95/65/110/60/130/65

Johto is hardly known for its plethora of Dark types or merciful opponents. So when I found you as an Eevee from Bill, I worked hard to evolve you as soon as I could. And believe me, it was all worth it. As a wall, you put a stop to Morty, Silver and even held your own against Clair's Kingdra after my Starter fell. You whittled it down with Flash and Confuse Ray, and nearly KOed her before my Magneton stepped in. If Trainers' Pokemon started getting antsy, or Team Rocket's Pokemon were Selfdestructing, in you went to tank the hits as best as you can with the highest HP and defensive stats out of any of my team - you even tanked a crit Selfdestruct once! I could never find a Toxic TM for you, and most TMs didn't work with your typing and stats, but the movesets I cobbled together - including Flash of all things - worked far better than I thought they would, especially in the League and with the Brightpowder. Both of my deaths this run were to crits, and the RNG forever was against me this run in terms of making me get statused, so it felt brilliant to get my revenge by trolling the League and turning the RNG against them. Will, Koga, Karen - all of them tried to set up or inflict status or boost themselves, and your Taunt stopped them literally from the first turns onward. You helped take Will down, faced off against Karen, put a stop to many of Koga's Pokemon and used all of your trickery against Lance's Gyarados before my Magneton defeated it; tanking powerful hits as you went such as Focus Blasts from Karen's Gengar. As a wall, the backup I always needed, the eventual trickster of the group, I could not have asked for a better Dark type. The only downside to using you here is that I'll feel obliged to try out other Eeveeloutions if I find them in other games, so this may be the last time in a while that I use your line. But it was worth it while it lasted, my friend. The name "Fortune" has never been so apt for you, my MVP of the run.

Liberty - Female Butterfree Level 49 (ALIVE)
Docile Nature, Likes to Thrash About
Ability: Compoundeyes
Holding: Charti Berry
Moves: Bug Buzz/Psybeam/Sleep Powder/Whirlwind
Base stats: 60/45/50/80/80/70

You were one of my first catches, and the only Pokemon from those early routes that I took here. The rest died, or got boxed, but not you. Compoundeyes Sleep Powder is a hell of a move, and your STABs and Psychic moves came in handy with your fairly decent Special Attack. I was pretty ruthless in terms of boxing Pokemon that I didn't want anymore, but despite your lower stats you've been incredibly useful. Johto has a lot of Pokemon which lose against Psychic types, and do badly against status, including Chuck and the near entirety of Team Rocket. And so, because of this as well as your moves being SE against many of the Elite 4, I took you to the end. And to my surprise, you were even useful in the League! You and Fortune took down Will by yourselves, and then you both took down a terror and a half - Karen's Gengar. Fortune had Taunted and Confused it, but both Destiny Bond and Focus Blast were persistent fears of mine as the latter almost tore through him. It was you, who quad resisted the attack, who put it to sleep and then KOed it with Psybeam before it could use Destiny Bond to take you with it. I know a lot of Trainers would ditch you, but I got too attached to you for that, and you ended up doing beautifully. I'm so so proud of you, Liberty.

Brunhilda - Female Heracross Level 48 (ALIVE)
Brave Nature, Impetuous and Silly
Ability: Guts
Holding: Focus Sash/Coba Berry
Moves: Close Combat/Aerial Ace/Night Slash/Counter
Base stats: 80/120/75/40/95/85

You were an incredibly lucky catch, but also proof that going back to Headbutt things is worth my while! What an awesome Pokemon you were, taking on Whitney and Chuck with finesse and KOing everything in sight with access to Brick Break by level NINETEEN. You may not have learnt a single Bug type move, but I had Liberty for that, and for once I can say that your Bug typing actually gave you a defensive role in providing a Fighting, Grass and Ground resist. This was paired well with Aerial Ace, meaning that you countered Fighting and Grass types as well as anything that tried to use evasion. Your early-game presence combined with your raw power made you an excellent ally that struck fear into everyone in Johto. But in the League, my friend, I almost lost you the one time I tried to use you. Bruno's Hitmontop barely survived your Aerial Ace and used Counter as its first move, making me panic massively as I saw your HP drop... and drop... and drop to 1. I'd forgotten that I put the Focus Sash on, but it saved you! And you deserve to be alive, my friend, because of how awesome you have been in the region and what an asset you are to every team.

Lily - Female Nidoqueen Level 49 (ALIVE)
Naive Nature, Likes to Fight
Ability: Rivalry
Holding: Shell Bell
Surf/Fire Blast/Earth Power/Avalanche
Base stats: 90/92/87/75/85/76

I loved my Geodude, I did, but I realised that something would have to change. I wanted a Pokemon which was bulky on both sides, who could learn enough TMs and HMs to get coverage against all manner of enemies. For this reason that I trained you up, endured the Pokeathlon for a Moon Stone and invested a lot of TMs into you. But it's paid off so so well. I don't know why, but you always had equal Attack and Special Attack, which combined with the high power of the TMs made you a force to be reckoned with. You were awesome against Jasmine, and often came in against Trainers that were weak to whatever coverage moves you had. Fire Blast, Surf, Dig - whatever the coverage, you had access to it in spades. In the League, you came in to absorb Koga's Toxic Spikes and take out many of Karen's Pokemon. I'm incredibly proud of you for making it this far. I've wanted to train a Nidoqueen for goodness knows how long, especially since I did have a Nidoqueen in an old abandoned nuzlocke - so you showing up made it feel like she'd come back to find me. I always saw you as the gentle giant of the team, but one which was ready to step in and defend whoever needed it.

Flo - Genderless Magneton Level 50 (ALIVE)
Hasty Nature, Capable of Taking Hits
Ability: Sturdy
Holding: Shuca Berry
Base stats: 50/60/95/120/70/70
Moves: Discharge/Light Screen/Flash Cannon/Thunder Wave

In a playthrough of the same game that I abandoned my nuzlocke of, I had a Magnezone. A badass, brilliant Magnezone with the best typing and the ability to shock all in its path. And when I caught you in the Safari Zone - the only thing I was lucky enough to catch - it felt like you too came back to help me. When up against Lance and Clair, I needed something that would resist Dragon and still have defences, and this is what your typing provided. The Thunder TM also gave you a powerful attack against Johto's Flying types, as well as helping against Pryce and letting you land the killing blow against Clair. By sheer luck I won Flash Cannon for you at the Goldenrod TM game, letting you power through Rock and Ice types from Silver and others. In the League you notably took down most of Koga's Pokemon, including his Crobat and Forretress, along with Fortune helping to protect you from status inflictions. You also took out a couple of Karen's and Will's, while Light Screen and Thunder Wave were there as part of my three-stage setup against Lance. I can see why Johto pushed you as far back as the Safari Zone, as you were incredibly useful to me during the time that you were here. Thank you for coming back for me, Flo.

Crimson - Female Gyarados Level 50 (ALIVE)
Timid Nature, Quick Tempered
Ability: Intimidate
Holding: Wacan Berry
Base stats: 95/125/79/60/100/81
Moves: Ice Fang/Dragon Dance/Waterfall/Rain Dance

And finally, Crimson. I saw you as the rampaging Gyarados who caused chaos in the Lake of Rage. I caught you, boxed you but then refused to trade you for an EXP Share. It just felt wrong to, and I could never put my finger on why. Even though grinding without that item was difficult all-game, I didn't want to give away such a cool Pokemon - my only Shiny that I've caught in a main game (yes I have terrible luck with them) - and one that I thought could make an incredible backup. And then, when I lost my starter to a crit Dragon Pulse from Clair's Kingdra, I needed that backup more than ever. You came in late but served my team very well, with Rain Dance to dampen the Fire types which half my team is weak to. I wanted you to replace my starter by being the backup Water type in his place, the replacement to counter the second Dragon type user in his prime. I believed in you so, so much, and now I know that I was right to. After Brunhilda nearly died to Bruno, it was on you to come in and set up Dragon Dances and sweep him to defend her. Multiple Pokemon of his knew coverage moves that could one-shot you, but not even his Machamp could survive a Rain-boosted Waterfall after the boosts that you had obtained. And it was against Lance that you shined still. I knew that to get you to set up safely against him, I had to have a plan. Fortune Taunted and Confused on Lance's own Gyarados, while Flo used Light Screen before OHKOing it at last. This baited Lance into sending out his Charizard, upon which Flo used Thunder Wave (they tanked a Fire Fang for it no less), and this combined with Light Screen helped you to come in and set up against it safely. Ice Fang had a chance of missing, but thankfully it did not, and so the sheer power of your attacks was enough to make the mightiest of Dragons recoil. So, thank you. Because of you, I got a Shiny into the Hall of Fame and avenged my awesome Starter.
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Masks are so 2016!!! But don´t forget to wear one
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Grass, Water
Pokédex Entry
The Master of both Light and Darkness; who loves the Violent and Dramatic, and the Fun and Adorable.
Here´s my Recent Run of X that I finished in literally a month (From February 16th to March 16th)

Bea The Venusaur Lv.65
Relaxed Nature, Good Endurance

Moves: Petal Dance, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Sludge Bomb/Energy Ball

HP 208 Def.155 Sp. Atk 157
ATk. 139 SP.Def 148 Speed 126

After the death of Franklin the Braixen, Bea became my only starter, and the leader of this group; She was an important contributor in this difficult journey, defeating multiple trainers, and even going toe to toe with Lyssandre´s Gyarados in a Mega Battle for the ages.

Wendy The Beedrill Lv.65
Lax Nature, Capable of Taking hits

Moves: Poison Jab, Swords Dance, U-Turn, Return.
Item: Poison Barb

HP 176 Sp. Atk 82
Atk 143 Sp.Def 106
Def 81 Speed 131

Yeah, somehow I managed to put a Freaking Beedrill through the Hall of Fame. But this Bee has shown time and time again that she is the Queen.
SHe didn´t took part in many important battles, sure, but she managed to defeat a HAxorus all by herself, and that´s something you can´t deny.
Respect the Bees, or they will sting you.

Alexandra Hamilton The Azumarill Lv.65
Lonely Nature, Takes Plenty of Siestas.

Moves: Surf, Waterfall, Play Rough, SuperPower
Item: Leftovers

HP 238 Sp.Def 135
ATk. 117 Speed 101
Def 122 SP.Atk 99

Even with Think Fat, you should not underestimate an Azumarill. She can take quite a beating, and return quite the beating.
SHe mop the floor with Multiple Pokémon, among them Malva´s and Calem's beign the most notorious cases.

Skorpion The Drapion Lv. 65
Quirky Nature, Strong Willed.

Moves: Cross Poison, Night Slash, Swords Dance, Earthquake.
Item: King´s Rock Sniper Ability

HP 179 Sp.ATk 97
Atk. 146 Sp.Def 130
Def. 164 Speed 164

Skorpion was quite the unexpected, yet welcoming member of the team. Drapions are amazing in X/Y, and Skorpy here was no exception.
Multiple trainers and Pokémon were at the mercy of my evil scorpion, Skorpion.

Trina The Flygon Lv.65
Hasty Nature, Likes to Relax

Moves: Earthquake, Flamethrower, Earth Power, Dragon Claw.
Item: Expert Belt

HP 209 SP.Atk 127
Atk 175 Sp.DEf 121
Def 111 Speed 176

Trina was always on the sidelines, waiting for her moment to shine; and when I need a inmediate addition against the Elite, I knew who was the Pokémon to call. She was only used near the end, but she kicked Wikstrom and Malva butts. Plus, she´s a Flygon.

Gwen The Gothitelle Lv. 65

Relaxed Nature, Scatters Things Often.

Moves: Psychic, SHadow Ball, Thundervolt, Calm Mind
Item: Quick Claw. Frisk ability

HP 195 SP.Atk 147
Atk 109 SP. Def 166
Def 148 SPeed 90

SPeaking of late additions, Gwen was pretty much only used in the Pokémon League too. But With Calm Mind and QUick Claw, she was a powerful being.
And this was better proved in the Champion battle: After setting up during the battle with Goodra, Gwen managed to defeat a Mega-Evolved Gardevoir with one SHadow Ball. Proving once and for all who´s the better Psychic Type.


Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
Pokemon Sword Hall of Fame
(Part of my hall of fame project in my signature if you want to check it out).

Hebihandou the Sawk lvl 29-63 Male - Dead

Holding Muscle Band, Lax, has Inner Focus.
Attacks: Close Combat, Bulk Up, Rock Slide, Ice Punch.

Noble Hebihandou joined my team after the sorrowful death of my beloved Elinoyor the Bewear. Sometimes when a pokemon dies in a Nuzlocke and you replace it with a somewhat similar pokemon, it feels like a cheap knockoff that will never truly replace your original mate (I'm looking at you Dredevor, you'll never be Divana!). Even though I loved Elinoyor, Hebihandou was just so awesome and useful and stood on his own, I didn't have to make the comparison even though they filled the exact same niche on my team. You didn't have a lot of time to show your worth as you joined us in the very end, yet in that short time you managed to crush so many opponents. To name a few: Marnie's entire team, Hop, Nessa, Raihan's entire fearsome team which you annihilated one by one, and aided us a bit against Leon before you fell to his Aegislash, the first victim of the Wyndon massacre. Other fighting pokemon will learn of your bravery and skills. Welcome to the hall of fame bushi!

Dredevor the Galvantula lvl 13-63 Male - Dead

Holding Shell Bell, Quirky, Has Compound Eyes
Attacks: Sticky Web, Discharge, Bug Buzz, Thunder Wave

Dredevor is one of those sad cases of a pokemon you overall like, yet you never fully connect to. I really like Galvantulas, and when I caught you I immediately added you, but soon enough I replaced you with Divana the Toxtricity, and only took you back when she died. And even though you were probably my least favorite team member, and were probably among the weaker ones, you still rightfully earned your place among my final team helping against Hop, Nessa and sadly dying against Leon's Dragapult, rather bravely I must say.

Magia the Xatu lvl 18-64 Female - Dead

Holding Odd Incense, Impish, has Synchronize
Attacks: Psychic, Air Slash, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball

Magia started as a short term investment, turned into the team mascot, and ended up surprising me as a solid defender, slayer of legends and worthy partner. When I first caught her in a raid battle early on she was one of the strongest pokemon I had as she quickly evolved. I knew that soon I'll catch better pokemon than her, and indeed that was the case, but I just grew too fond of her I decided to keep her in no matter what, until death do us part. To my surprise this only happened in the very end of the game in the harsh battle against Leon, and until then time and time again Magia proved to be a very solid mon who could take a hit, buy me precious time, and even win me crucial battles by herself. Her most notable feats were being my main pokemon against Bea's gym battle who proved to be much harder than I expected, helping against Oleana, crushing Bea's entire team in the finals, defeating the dreaded Eternatus totally her your own (against all odds, really, I was sure I'm going to lose her), and helping against Leon before falling to his Haxarous. You really left quite a mark on me and will forever be my example for a pokemon that at first looks appears to be merely ok, proving to be exactly what your team needed. Welcome to the hall of fame our totem!

Avalimber the Abomasnow lvl 11-62 Male - Dead

Holding Leftovers, Modest, Has Snow Warning
Attacks: Blizzard, Energy Ball, Rock Slide, Earthquake

If Galar taught me one thing is that much like in nature, being strong isn't the most important thing for a pokemon, but mainly how well it is adapted to a certain region and niche. Abomasnow might need a Mega form in some areas to be relevant, but here in Galar, as an early catch, that thing can be incredible. Avalimber was probably my most valuable team member throughout large parts of the run. He soloed both Milo and Nessa, really helped against Raihan, helped against Hop, Oleana, Nessa, and finally was my savior against Leon's Dragons before he fell to that damn Rhyperior. You are nature incarnated, and a wild storm that couldn't be tamed! Welcome to the hall of fame.

Vexandra the Ninetales lvl 24-64 Female - Dead

Holding Lax Incense, Serious, Has Flash Fire
Attacks: Extrasensory, Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Dig

If it weren't for Wazir my starter, I have no doubt Vexandra here would have been this run's MVP, and honestly in many ways she deserves this title more than him. She joined my team as I caught her in Kabu's gym, a gift from the great master himself, and ever since that moment she appeared in almost all of my important battles. She helped against Bea, Opal, Piers, Raihan, Hop, Oleana, soloed Bede in the finals completely by herself, crushed Rose by herself, and finally fell to Leon's damn Rillaboom near the very end. I wanted you to make it alive with me so much, and we were so close to it, but destiny had to take you near the very end. You proved to me once more why you are among my favorite pokemon of all times.

Wazir the Inteleon lvl 5-64 Male - Alive

Holding Wise Glasses, Mild, Has Torrent
Attacks: Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Surf, U-turn

Wazir was an oddball and not your typical starter. Perhaps influenced by his name or theme, it seems Wazir usually hid in the shadows, not participating a lot in most of my day to day battles, only to come to my aid in the crucial moments and then show his worth. As a Mild Inteleon I was sure this deadly glass cannon won't survive for long as I have a tendency to kill those, along with another tendency to kill my starters, so to combine both is a recipe for disaster. But in the end, he earned the title of this run's MVP for one main reason: he was the last man standing, and proved nothing can destroy him, not even that cursed Pseudo dragon (I love so much). Wazir helped me from the very beginning: Soloed Kabu's team, helped against Bea, soloed Gordie's team, helped against Piers, fought bravely in a really dangerous battle against Raihan's gym, and even though it didn't help a lot in the finals, he totally made up for it when he gave a hell of a fight to Leon, which ended in one crucial Max Geyser that brought Gigantamax Charizard down from the skies and saved the day, after I lost my entire team expect him. You really made me appreciate the silent and deadly type. Welcome to the hall of fame you agent of shadows!


TFW you lose someone you love to a crit.
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Ice

Fiddle the Charizard, Lv. 61 (ALIVE)
Attacks: Body Slam, Swords Dance, Flamethrower, Dig
My fiery little starter. He didn't get many chances to shine, especially after Timpani and Hang showed up, but he had his moments here and there. In the end, he was more like moral support, always trying to keep everyone's spirits high, even after someone died. And he got to fight Blue's Exeggutor, so he didn't stand on the sidelines the whole time. He did his best, and he had no regrets!

Erhu the Nidoking, Lv. 60 (ALIVE)
Attacks: Strength, Rock Slide, Surf, Earthquake
Due to his designation as the 'mon who's FULLA STRENGTH, I joked that he was the swolest guy on the team. Why? Because he can push and throw boulders, and make the waves and ground quake with every step. Well, he didn't quite get a chance to prove that, but he remained fairly consistent throughout the run, and he laid the smackdown on Blue's Arcanine.

Marimba the Pidgeot, Lv. 61 (ALIVE)
Attacks: Gust, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Fly
The local big bird boy who acted as my taxi throughout the run. Pidgeot doesn't have great stats, but I always had a soft spot for the line. Probably because I grew up with the Gen 1 games and am a tiny bit biased. One thing's for sure: he's better than Blue's Pidgeot. He should know, he beat him.

Whamola the Vileplume, Lv. 61 (ALIVE)
Attacks: Mega Drain, Cut, Acid, Sleep Powder
The mushroom head who I felt guilty teaching Cut to. Whamola was added after I left Mt. Moon and had an empty slot on the team (thanks, Raticate Rocket), and he helped beat Misty and Lt. Surge. He didn't get a lot of action after that, though he did get to fight Blue's Rhydon. I'll admit, I was worried because Rhydon had Horn Drill, and I wasn't sure if Whamola could outspeed it. Thankfully, he did!

Timpani the Alakazam, Lv. 60 (MVP) (ALIVE)
Attacks: Psychic, Seismic Toss, Recover, Reflect
I shouldn't have been able to catch this guy. My first ball broke, and he tried using Teleport, but the move failed. I tried again, the ball broke, and I prepared for the usual heartbreak...until Teleport failed again! Third ball caught him, and I was convinced that RNGesus was looking down on me that day (though that might explain my horrible luck in other Nuzlockes...). Timpani wrecked shop ever since, being the go-to for Erika, Koga, and Sabrina (even if that last fight took forever due to Seismic Toss damage getting healed off by Recover). As for Bruno and Agatha, they were one-shot sweeps, and Timpani proved to Blue who had the better Alakazam. Definitely the MVP of the run.

Hang the Gyarados, Lv. 61 (ALIVE)
Attacks: Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Surf
Until this run, I didn't know there was an instrument called a hang. It's some kind of idiophone. Anyway, Gyarados is an utterly atrocious monster in Gen 1. Neither Blaine or Giovanni had a chance against him, Lorelei and Lance weren't much better, and he dealt the final blow of the run against Blue's Blastoise.


goldeen apologist
Pokédex No.
Nov 27, 2019
Pokémon Type
note: levels may be a bit off. my save data messed up and i only have a pre-champ savestate x_x
nicknames are friends

scraf (Terrakion) level 50 (DEAD)
adamant @ lucky egg
rockslide | sacred sword | strength | swords dance
not gonna lie, i really like cobalion a lot more and really wanted it over terrak. unfortunately, my flame body chandelure i tried catching cobalion with had something else to say about that. terrakion was cool. a lucky rockslide flinch saved me from a traumatic shantaul fight i almost lost. so it's the mvp of the run LOL i played really bad vs shantaul. got it late and wanted cobalion more but this thing saved my run jesus. also adamant was swag points

endal (Terrakion) level 50, male (DEAD)
mild @ none
discharge | mud bomb | surf | thunderbolt
when i think of this pokemon i think of how much i grinded this thing in victory road. basically like most good mons i caught ended up dying for one reason or another in this run, it was really tough for me. i was really close to losing a few times (mainly e4) and ended up having to catch and train up this thing because of a real lack of options. plus i was a little flying weak i guess. trained it up a ton and it died by ghetsis' hydreigon, lol. it was okay, easy to train. discharge didn't paralyze when i wanted it to though :(

sans (Amoonguss) level 50, female (DEAD)
relaxed @ quick claw
giga drain | sludge bomb | flash | synthesis
really awesome mon. effort spore was clutch countless times, i loved this things typing, flash cheesed stuff, no complaints about this mon. avoided getting crit a ton until the champion battle. got it late as hell because i accidentally got a karrablast on the route before chargestone but overall awesome mon. made me love it a lot more for some reason. quick claw was great

bale (Chandelure) level 50, female (ALIVE) :)
jolly @ shell bell
flameburst | shadow ball | willo wisp | hex
mvp good LORD. you'll notice every mon in this run died in the elite four. well, ghetsis' hydreigon mopped my team in multiple ways! it had great moves for destroying my squad. i had a ton of x items in the back and that was my only shot at beating it so i used them on terrakion. got crit and died. used them on amoonguss. crit and died. stunfisk crit and died. so that was really lame! the reason i bring that up is because while i was brainlessly spamming x items hoping to not get crit, i pp stalled the hydregion! then this thing won in the most anti-climatic last mon battle ever. hydreigon struggled on me and i cheap shot it and won. so that was something LOL

dez (Reshiram) level 50 (dead)
docile i think?
moves: whatever its most recent ones were
as much as i wanted to masterball cobalion, i knew i needed this thing later. it was good! it destroyed n. then i decided i should use this thing with x items vs ghetsis with x items. seemed good. unfortunately i forgot to give it an x-speed, or maybe just not enough because i got crit by ghetsis' hydreigon! then i struggled but eventually made it out alive. you'd think x items are brainless but i somehow played even worse than that!

ryy (Durant) who cares, who cares (dead)
my team was so bad i was forced to use a mon from victory road i couldn't be bothered to grind. yeah i know it had a good e4 spread but i grinded everything else so much that i was done w that and i was a bit cocky. died to hydreigon!

- almost getting destroyed by shantaul but getting saved by rock slide flinch as mentioned earlier
- getting almost every mon crit and killed
- my team getting pokerus lol. literally forgot that existed

i've played ruby and sapphire both, loved em, but never played emerald through. i dunno why. i like hoenn. anyways let's get in.

milan (Exploud), level 56, male (alive)
docile @ shell bell
return | shadow ball | double team | secret power
hard carry. i always get this thing in the cave after rustborough, destroy people with uproar, then get crit and die. every time man. but this time it didn't die and carried me through the game. i never use return in game weirdly, tried it out with this pokemon and it was awesome. carried in champion / elite four because it's awesome. double team was cool for drake. shelgon is easy to set up on if you have the mist x-item

s. glaceon (Lanturn) level 45, female, (dead)
docile @ focus band
surf | waterfall | spark | confuse ray
after magneton died i needed something strong and tanky. magneton wasn't tanky but it would help. another slow electric type was fine, this thing was good to grind. nb. the plan: destroy wallace with this or vileplume. what happened: get destroyed by kingdra. kinda useless only trained it up after magneton died last minute in victory road.

bubbie (Wailord) level 46, male (dead)
lax @ sea incense
surf | waterfall | mist | water spout
i always wanted to use a wailord in game. cool pokemon. i did! it was cool. helped vs earlier elite four members. unfortunately could not take out wallace's milotic, i wish i gave it toxic. i thought it'd be easier than it was. got it super late at ever grande city and glad i got it

ryy (Swampert) level 52, male (alive)
bashful @ none
earthquake | waterfall | dig | strength
yay my starter didn't die, lol. i'm really cursed in nuzlockes and my starter almost always dies right as it reaches its final stage or so, but this time it didn't. it's a hoenn swampert lmao. beast. period. carried me with exploud as a beafy tank. dig was cool for grinding! HMs in hoenn are lamesauce though

raimon (Magcargo) level 42, female (alive)
rash @ quick claw
flamethrower | amnesia | rock throw | yawn
i beat a shiftry with this thing! a very last minute addition considering my team fell apart in victory road, was good in like one battle. but sidney was annoying so magcargo was cool i guess. i really hated slugma in this game idk why prior, just felt off to me and in rain seemed ultra useless but provied itself in the end.

nalei (vileplume) level 45, female (dead)
quiet @ lax incense
petal dance | stun spore | bullet seed | sleep powder
my bellosom which i liked a lot died last minute! so i had an extra oddish in my box so i got this thing. i planned to sweep wallace with this thing but due to some poor planning that did not take place and exploud/swampert did that! i really really like vileplume though so no excuses. also made a fire water grass backbone even if i had 3 water types. grass types have AWFUL movepools prior to gen 5, jesus. giga drain is terrible as well

- literally had too much water. lol
- my entire team got clobbered in victory road for various reasons. rip grumpig, magneton, etc!
- i wanted to use my masterball on the level SEVENTY rayquaza to have a good backbone to autowin vs the league if i needed too, but i'm a dumbass and my first party pokemon wasn't high enough levels to block encounters in sky pillar. i wasn't familiar with emerald and kind of assumed there'd be no pokemon but repelled to be safe but then i was dumb! i got an altaria instead and it was useless and died quickly because altaria sucks
- emerald is cool
- my entire team was slow as fuck. never had such a wack stat distribution lol
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