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Nuzlocke Hall of Fame

Thread Description
We are the champions...


The Princess of Darkness
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
St. Louis, Missouri
She, her
Pokémon Type
Fairy, Ghost
Pokédex Entry
She is known to spend hours daydreaming about her stories.
This is where champions are made. Basically, this is where you post the Pokémon team you beat the game with. Make a mention on whether they lived or not, but it doesn't matter if it's a run that you'll never post or a run on this forum. All are welcome here.

Make sure to post your team underneath a spoiler, please. Thank you in advance.


no sleep only wepears
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Pokémon Type
Pokédex Entry
Eccentric 'locker obsessed with Magikarp.
I have a question - What do we need to provide when posting our HoF teams?


The Princess of Darkness
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
St. Louis, Missouri
She, her
Pokémon Type
Fairy, Ghost
Pokédex Entry
She is known to spend hours daydreaming about her stories.
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I have a question - What do we need to provide when posting our HoF teams?
A picture of each Pokémon (preferably the picture in the game you're playing), the level of the mons when you beat the game, a header that states if they're dead or alive after completion of the run, and a small statement for each mon.


Conqueror of the Saffron Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Western Pennsylvania
I need to buy a pro account? (He/Him)
Pokémon Type
Electric, Grass
Pokédex Entry
Broke his own romhack with an egg. Still not sure how.
In that case, I'll start with a run that just ended today
Going to note my run had a special rule that dupes were swapped with a random pokemon, which is why 3 of my mons were out-of-dex. Dunno if that disqualifies the run from the listings or just them. Also 95% of the run was done a year ago so I might be pretty hazy on what most of the run was like.
Flash bomb, Level 3-62, Alive (Caught on Route 202)
Pretty generic yet solid for a platinum run. Intimidate is just too useful to pass up. Moveset was pretty standard (thunderbolt/spark/return/crunch) and in the E4 she really only was needed for Cynthia's Togekiss and Milotic.
Head Case, Level 5-62, Alive (Caught on Ravaged Path)
Invalidated Bertha and Flint through the power of choice specs surf and took out cynthia's garchomp after tanking an earthquake. (literally one speed point short of the speed tie) Also had the highest physical defense of the team which probably says a lot about it.
Angry Doge, Level 18-62, Alive (Replaced a dupe Budew on Route 208)
Kinda sad I didn't name her "Big Bertha" because she was a pretty solid normal attacker, though intimidate helped as much as it did on flash bomb. Also tanked an aura sphere on Cynthia's Lucario to finish the run off with a OHKO earthquake.
FogMachine, Level 28-61, Alive (Caught at Fuego Ironworks)
Much like Flash bomb, generic yet solid fire type. Coverage generally wasn't too needed when "clicking flamethrower" was pretty much 90% of what he did. Including in the E4. (Rip flint)
MuppetMan, Level 34-62, Alive (Replaced a dupe Snover at Aucity Lakefront)
I lucked out on the stat spread as I had just barely enough speed to outspeed lucian's espeon with full EV investment (Hasty nature and a speed IV of 25) Made that fight go from a nightmare to pretty much free. I was planning on using my bronzong for this fight but they died on the pre-E4 rival fight.
Tinted Bug, Level 24-62, Dead (Replaced a dupe Shellos on South route 212)
Whelp, couldn't quite make it through without any deaths at all. Had to sac her on Cynthia's garchomp to get golduck in safley. I recall her previous incarnation did the same as a beautifly. Oh well, her death was not in vain.
Overall a pretty solid run even if I had to ditch my starter in the box for the E4 simply because empoleon didn't have the speed or fighting/ground neutralities that golduck carried.


A Yu-Gi-Oh! Protagonist but in Real Life
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
They / Them
Pokémon Type
Fairy, Ice
Pokédex Entry
This Pokemon has a tendency to start many projects as they come to mind, but they tend to only finish projects other people have made deadlines for.
It's increasingly looking like I might not ever actually post this run, so have a tribute to the survivors of my Renegade Platinum run...

SFORZANDO THE SHINY WIGGLYTUFF, LEVEL 81: A miracle catch. After the bloodbath that the Aaron fight ended up being, and a bloody run up getting to Hearthome, I'd needed a lot of team replacements. Queue the shiny Jigglypuff; I took it as a sign. Gaining the fairy typing and some boosted stats, Sforzando was a helpful companion the rest of the run. He was a symbol of hope, too- right after what was possibly the bloodiest point in the run, he appeared to help urge me on to keep going.

BRIGHTSPOT THE AGGRON, LEVEL 82: The longest-surviving team member. Late in the game she had to be babied to avoid Earthquakes and Aura Spheres sometimes, but most of the time she remained steady. That physical defense is nothing to scoff at, and adding in a good deal of physical attacking strength, Brightspot was a survivor and a fighter and I love her.

HAIL THE ABSOL, LEVEL 82: My very, VERY ominous outer Mt. Coronet catch. Running into an Absol right before the Distortion World felt like fate. Getting a good dark-typed attacker? That was definitely important, and Absol's moveset in Renegade Platinum is pretty baller. Mostly switched into psychic attacks and took out things I knew couldn't have fairy-type moves, but still. Hail was cool to have.

RATI THE GIRATINA, LEVEL 82: Obviously a late-game catch, and one who came in replacing a death to Cyrus before them. I required myself to try to catch them. In this Drayano hack. I did not regret catching them. Having a legendary help you out during the Elite Four is like, the best you could have. 10/10 would recommend using the big death snek.

EGGS THE PACHIRISU, LEVEL 82: I WILL NEVER INSULT A PACHIRISU AGAIN GUYS. Catching a Pachirisu was a novelty; I'd always wanted to use one but had never been patient enough to train one up. When literally half my team died in the span of about a route-- thanks, Drayano-- I had space for the Pokemon I had named Eggs... and I never regretted it. Things I didn't expect her to be so good at: tanking special attacks better than almost any other member of my team at the time. Tearing people apart with Thunderbolts. She had Seed Bomb by the end of the game, which was some fun coverage??? Volt Absorb: a neat trick. Seriously though Eggs survived so many hits she had no right to survive, and delivered so many clutch finishing moves it wasn't even funny. Plus, she was the fastest Pokemon in party after a while, and could outspeed to end power threats. Basically: I loved her, and she became basically my mascot and my favorite Pokemon left as my team was torn to shreds around her. I could have never done this without you Eggs.

And to the one who fell at the very end:
OLIVE THE LUDICOLO, LEVEL 82: A very, very late-game team replacement, I never got overly attached to Olive-- maybe because they were a Pokemon that joined after a Victory Road death. He was always a late-game replacement, but you know what? He did a solid job of it. Water-type and grass-type coverage was good. Ludicolo was cute. And him falling to Cynthia's Lopunny paved the way for me to finally finish this fairly bloody run, so godspeed, good soldier, you deserve your name in the Hall of Fame, for all that you only briefly ever shone.


Conqueror of the Viridian Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
The Canadian Wilderness
Pokémon Type
Normal, Psychic
Pokédex Entry
The Violet Wizard. Passionate about art, food, and games.
A Complete Record of my Hall of Fame Champions!
Bulbo the Venusaur (Alive) ~ This guy was so awesome! His Razor Leaf could always dominate whatever stood in his way, and assistance from Leech Seed and Poison Powder really helped during the tougher adversaries. Although he never fought against the Elite 4 and Champion, he was still a tremendous bro. He crushed Brock with ease and was truly helpful every time we faced Giovanni. He was a foul-mouthed, poison spewing, self-destruct tanking, remorseless killing machine, and one of my greatest assets during the run. Thank you, my friend.

Luke the Fearow (Dead) ~ I've used a lot of Normal/Flying types before, but Luke was one of a kind. For a Spearow/Fearow, he was very calm and friendly, and always ready to lend a wing to his allies. With amazing speed and a hard hitting Drill Peck, he could take out nearly anything he was sent out against. He played a great roll in defeating Erika's Victreebel and Sabrina's Alakazam, and later defeated DA JERK's Alakazam and Exeggutor as his sole victories during the Elite 4/Champion matches. He was the first to face Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave, but was quickly overpowered and destroyed by a crit Psychic. He was around for a long time, and I'll never forget his services. Rest in peace, comrade.

Flandre the Golbat (Alive) ~ What's this? No Crobat evolution in GenI? Ha! Flandre didn't need to evolve twice to be the BEST. DAMN. SIS. EVER. With speed and grace, she trolled whatever she faced with Confuse Ray and striked her disabled opponents down with Wing Attacks and Bites. Add in Mega Drain for leaving ground types with no hope of survival and to keep her safe from rock types, and her moveset was perfect. She silenced Giovanni's Dugtrio, and then went on to FUCKING. ANNIHILATE. BRUNO's. ENTIRE. TEAM!!! After the above mentioned massacre, she also provided much needed help against Agatha's Arbok and DA JERK's Rhydon. In all my years of gaming, I've never seen a Golbat be so hardcore. Add a wicked, psychotic, bloodlusting personality into the mix, and you get one of the most terrifying monsters I've ever seen. *gulp*

GhostNappa the Haunter (Alive) ~ Like Flandre, this phantom proves that evolution is not always neccessary to be a total badass. With a great special stat, he was able to make full use of his Psychic attack to demolish whatever foe faced him. Night Shade, Hypnosis and Dream Eater were also able to assist to his prowess in battle. After surprisingly surviving a Hypno's own Psychic, he went on to wreck Koga by himself, absorb Self Destructs like they were nothing, brutalize Giovanni's Nidoking, assassinate Articuno, and take out the majority of Agatha's team without breaking a sweat. Plus, he's GODDAMN NAPPA!!! AS A HAUNTER!!!

Loch the Lapras (Alive) ~ Orphaned at a young age to be used by Team Rocket in their nefarious genetic experiments, this revenge seeking beast joined up with us to destroy Team Rocket and conquer the Indigo League. With massive amounts of health and defensive abilities, he could take even the harshest hits with little effect, and could wreck whatever stood in his way with powerful Surfs and Ice Beams. After killing Giovanni's Nidoqueen, he faced the legendary Zapdos and Moltres, and tore through them like moist paper. He later took on Lorelei's Jynx, and then Lance's powerful horde of dragons. After annihilating all who opposed him, he took on Mewtwo following Luke's demise. Matching the psychic's power with his own, he was finally able to subdue to wretched mutant. I am in awe at how amazing this one Lapras has become. Taking out uber-powerful opponents and finishing the run off with Mewtwo's end has really made him stand out compared to most other water types. I'll never forget your help, boy.

Wheatley the Magneton (Alive) ~ The most resent addition to our team, this robotic organism really took me by surprise. After needing a new electric type following our encounter with Articuno (which took a very awesome Electrode from me), I met these guys at the abandoned Power Plant, and was fairly impressed. Once the time came to face the Elite 4, Wheatley showed just how tough he really was. He dominated the majority of Lorelei's team with Thunder alone, then later took out both Lance's and DA JERK's Gyaradoses (and DA JERK's Pidgeot). When the time came to face his Charizard, Wheatley took a Fire Blast head on, survived with ease, then Thundered that scaly devil back into oblivion. And the best part was, Thunder never missed once during these battles! He was really something, able to make those last few battles a breeze, while providing some interesting, if quirky, banter from his three cores. Thanks for everything, mate!
Azula the Emboar - Lvl 57(Alive)
Grass Knot
Hammer Arm
My starter of the run, she was there from Nuvema Town to Team Plasma's Castle. She was the first member of the Tepig line I ever used, and she has helped me gain new respect towards a family I considered unoriginal and unappealing(which is part of what makes the Nuzlocke Challenge so great). She was strong (despite a negative attack nature), fast, dependable, and always ready to stand up for her allies. She faced many foes during our journey, including Burgh, Brycen, and Grimsley. In the finale, she smote N's Vanilluxe, Zoroark and Klingklang with ease, and destroyed Ghetsis' Bisharp. As my oldest and most dependable pokémon of the run, I am so glad to have had her fight with me(even when she acted like a spoiled princess at times).

Terry the Stoutland - Lvl 57(Alive)
Docile/Highly Curious
Thunder Fang
Ice Fang
Last Resort
I like the Lillipup line, and so Terry swiftly became the ultimate example of canine awesomeness for me. As my second capture, he means a lot to me both as a friend and as a warrior. Both strong and fast, he would strike foes down with powerful bites and body slams, while taking hits very well thanks to his intimidating facade. Out of battle, he was friendly, cheerful, and optimistic, as dogs usually are. But when his best friend Broc the Simisage was killed by a wild Bouffolant, his mood took a hellish dive. Still, he fought hard against all of the Elite except Marshal, with his best moment being when he took down Grimsley's Krookodile when noone else could. Against N, he faced a powerful opponent in Carracosta, but ulimately fried the ancient reptile with multiple Thunder Fang's. With the threat of Team Plasma eliminated, Terry quickly went back to his former cheery persona, but still mourns his fallen friend.

Pebber the Gigalith - Lvl 56(Alive)
Rash/Ofter scatters things
Rock Blast
Stealth Rock
This dude is the definition of stone wall! With mountains of physical offensive and defencive power(as well as a Quick Claw and GenV's buffed Sturdy), he found his way onto plenty of battlefields. After catching him in Wellspring Cave, he went on to face Lenora, Burgh, Elesa, Skyla, and Brycen, making him the most used out of my entire gym battle line-ups! He provided bountiful help during the finale, crushing N's Archeops and Ghetsis' Eelectross beneath his rock-hard girth(the funny thing is that these two moments both ended their respective fights). I loved Gigalith before, but Pebber was just something else. Much pokérespect!

Spike the Haxorus - Lvl 57(Alive)
Lax/Highly pesistent
Brick Break
Shadow Claw/X-Scissor
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
This guy's not just a dragon, he's the most powerful dragon in Unova! He fought hard as an Axew and Fraxure in order to evolve into his final form and defeat Iris, and has since been one of my top fighters. With the highest physical attack on the team and a great movepool, he ended up playing a key role in every Elite 4 battle. But then came N and his own dragon, Reshiram, who seeked to rend us assunder! Too bad Spike tanked its Fusion Fire with ease and scored a OHKO with Dragon Claw, pretty much guaranteeing us the win against the youth. When Ghetsis threatened us, Spike began to build up four Dragon Dances while enduring hits from Cofagrigus, then proceeded to butcher half of G-Cheese's team (Coffy, Hydreigon and Bouffolant, in that order)! Needless to say, Spike really proved his strength and earned the role as MVP of the Elite 4+finale! Now he wanders the land in search of his crush, whom he states is a fashion designer from a very far away land. *raises eyebrows repeatedly*

Optimus Prime the Golurk - Lvl 55(Alive)
Jolly/Somewhat stubborn
Shadow Punch
Brick Break
After my Swanna Mary died in Victory Road, I searched through my box to find a new flyer when my eyes landed on a lone Golett. I figured, why the hell not, and placed the lil' mech onto my team. And damn was he cool! Hits like a tank, and bulky enough to absorb most hits, Optimus was by far one of the best ghost-types I've ever used. In the Elite battles however, he fought rarely, being sent out only to finish off Shauntal's own Golurk and Marshal's Mienshao. Despite his limited use, I still thought he was awesome, and really helped me realize how useful his line is. Autobots, roll out!

Jillian the Reuniclus - Lvl 55(Alive)
Mild/Capable of taking hits
Grass Knot
Shadow Ball
Pain Split
When I first caught her after arriving in Nimbasa City, I expected to never use her, like the majority of the 'mons in my box. But, days later when my Simisage Broc was killed while training for the Elite 4, I knew I needed someone to fill his spot, and I chose lil' Jillian. Simply put, I never regretted that move for a second! She was my one hope for defeating Marshal(Broc had Acrobatics and I was counting on using him before...you know), and boy did she deliver. Knocking out his Sawk and Conkeldurr with all her might, she really proved to me how awesome her line really is. Then later we faced Ghetsis, where Jillian once more proved her strength by taking out his Seismitoad in one hit! Congratulations Jilly, you saved us all with your little psychic tricks, and I'll never forget it.
Parsnip the Meganium Male-Lvl 51-Jolly-Overgrow
Strength/Light Screen/Petal Dance/Poison Powder
The leader of the team. Parsnip was the ultimate support Pokémon, being able to lower damage sustained in battle and whittle down enemies with poison. He took down Whitney's Miltank and Clair's Kingdra with his tactics, and also defeated Will's Slowbro and Bruno's Onix. His line might have a severe disadvantage in Johto, but I managed to make the most of his abilities to win numerous battles. I couldn't of done it without you, buddy!

Cerabi the Hypno Female-Lvl 52-Serious-Insomnia
Hypnosis/Psych Up/Psychic/Headbutt
Cerabi, you were wonderful. You were strong, you could absorb damage like a sponge, you were a joy to have on my team. I'm so sorry that you fell to Koga's Muk. You should of beat him, but that Gunk Shot/Poison combo took you out before you could truly shine. I'll never forget your help.

Lee the Gyarados Male-Lvl 53-Jolly-Intimidate
Ice Fang/Surf/Aqua Tail/Dragon Dance
Lee was a freaking inferno of awesome! He was easily the strongest, most balanced member of my team. You smashed your way through many victories, and the League challenge was where your strength helped us the most. Karen's Houndoom fell easily before you, and then we faced Lance together. It was a synch for you to get up to +6 Attack & Speed and +1 Accuracy, and then you completely swept through Lance's team! I am so proud of you, man!

Phalos the Flareon Male-Lvl 52-Docile-Flash Fire
Fire Blast/Last Resort/Fire Fang/Bite
Many consider Flareon the worst of Eevee's evolutions, but Phalos never let me down while he was on the team. He made great use of his massive attack stat and moves to take down various adversaries. He also accumulated an impressive killstreak during the final battles too. He defeated Will's Jynx and Exeggutor, Koga's Ariados, Forretress, and Venomoth, and Karen's Vileplume and Gengar. His passion for battle always helped us achieve our victories!

Valerie the Crobat Female-Lvl 53-Adamant-Inner Focus
Fly/U-Turn/Air Slash/Taunt
Valerie, what can I say? You were freaking Flandre 2.0! Your intense speed and high attack helped earn your spot as our sweeper. You faced the most brutal challenge of the League in my opinion; having to fight Bruno's team of fighting-types without Cerabi to back you up! And yet, you did it! Hitmontop went down with little effort, while Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan couldn't even touch you! Machamp was the closest thing to a threat for you; his broken No Guard ability helped him strike you midflight for super effective damage, but not only did you survive, you managed to take him out with a single stroke! And after that brutal fight, you took out Karen's Umbreon without a sweat! I am so glad you survived such a hellish ordeal, Valerie. Cerabi would be so proud of you.

swag.exe the Magnezone Genderless-Lvl 53-Naughty-Magnet Pull
Discharge/Mirror Shot/Flash/Thunder Wave
For a Pokémon with a joke name, you were no joke! Your powerful attacks and defensive attributes made you one of my best allies. You defeated Will's Xatus, Koga's Crobat, and Karen's Murkrow with no trouble! You were also my special weapon for Lance; crippling his Gyarados with paralysis and lowered accuracy to help Lee set up for his epic level sweep. I couldn't be more proud of you, swag. Well done!
Croque the Greninja & Rose the Florges (Married)
Extrasensory, Surf, Night Slash, Ice Beam - Petal Blizzard, Moonblast, Psychic, Wish
This was a truly wonderful pair. Croque and Rose complemented each other's strengths and weaknesses so well. They took on powerful enemies such as Lysandre and his MegaGyarados and Drasna together. Croque's fast and powerful attacks, and Rose's amazing special attack & defense helped them reach the end of our journey and the beginning of a loving relationship. I wish my proud starter luck on his honeymoon!

Crackle the Pyroar & Lettuce the Venusaur (Married)
Hyper Voice, Crunch, Flamethrower, Work Up - Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Earthquake, Petal Dance
The only Alpha couple to reach the Hall of Fame. From the moment they met, Crackle and Lettuce fought and played together all across Kalos. They covered their partner's weaknesses while letting their powerful attacks crush every foe they faced. Together they defeated opponents such as Ramos, Valerie, Wulfric, and Wikstrom. Now that they're champions, they can remain together in each other's comfort peacefully.

Trisha the Raichu & Sanders the Flygon (Deceased/Widower)
Thunderbolt, Grass Knot, Brick Break, Strength - Fly, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Rock Slide
This was a really interesting pair. After losing her original partner in the battle against Clemont, Trisha was paired with a humble Trapinch that, thanks to her guidance, became a great and powerful ally. These two fought hard in order to make it to the Pokémon League, and they truly deserved their spot here. Taking down opponents like Olympia and Lysandre, they even managed to solo a member of the Elite Four each (Sanders defeated Malva while Trisha took down Siebold). In the end, they were chosen to take on Diantha for the crown, their final battle together! Trisha destroyed Hawlucha and Aurorus, while Sanders annihilated Tyrantrum, Goodra and Gourgeist! Then they faced the almighty MegaGardevoir! Trisha's electric attacks weren't enough to beat the foe, and she was killed by a Moonblast. But, her efforts allowed Sanders to crush the psychic fairy and end the battle. They succeeded in making it to the Hall of Fame, but Sanders was so crushed by the loss of his fiancé. I hope he always cherishes the great times he and Trisha had together.
Chester the Chesnaught
Overgrow/Jolly/Capable of taking hits
Seed Bomb/ Shadow Claw/ Brick Break/ Pin Missile
My loyal starter, who went from cute hedgehog to jolly green giant. He was great at delivering damage and taking hits from numerous strong adversaries. In the final battles, he took down half of Siebold's team, Wikstrom's Probopass, Drasna's Druddigon, and Diantha's Tyrantrum. It feels so great to have journeyed with him for so long, and to have entered the Hall of Fame together as champions.

"Aria" the Altaria
Natural Cure/Modest/Takes plenty of siestas
Dragon Pulse/Fly/ Moonblast/Cotton Guard
Even since I got her in Santalune Forest as a baby Swablu, Aria has been a staple of our team. So sweet, so adorable, and oh so amazing. She evolved just in time to wreck Ramos, and has since continued to support us with her great attacks and immeasurable defense. She took on Drasna's Noivern and Altaria and easily won. I'll always treasure the times we had.

"Sabre" the Aegislash
Stance Change/ Quiet/ Likes to thrash about
Iron Head/Shadow Ball/ Sacred Sword/ Swords Dance
A true ally from the moment I got her. Sabre's typing and attacks were very helpful when I needed somebody to take a hit and strike back hard. After slaughtering her way past Valerie, I acquired the stone necessary for her to reach her full potential. She continued her conquest, and helped us achieve victory over Diantha by slaying her Aurorus and MegaGardevoir. May her edges never go dull!

"Clayton" the Claydol
Earthquake/ Psychic/Cosmic Power/Rock Slide
Clayton joined us after my Wingull passed away. It soon showed us how amazing he was by bringing down that damn Hawlucha in Reflecting Cave; you know the one I'm talking about! Continuing to help out against Korrina, Team Flare, Clemont, and many other battles more than earned it my respect. Nothing could break its defense, nothing could survive its attacks. In the final hour, it destroyed Wikstrom's Klefki, Malva's Pyroar, Torkoal, and Talonflame, and Drasna's Dragalge.

"Ross" the Eelektross
Levitate/Relaxed/Likes to thrash about
Thunderbolt/Crunch/Dragon Claw/Flamethrower
Vicious is the best word to describe Ross. After joining us post-Olympia, he quickly became one of our top-fighters. Water types feared his deadly electric attacks, and everybody else feared his other moves. He brought down half of Siebold, took care of Malva's Chandelure, and devastated Diantha's Hawlucha and Goodra. He started out shrimpy, but be became a truly fearsome ally.

"Foxtail" the Ninetales
Flash Fire/Sassy/Takes plenty of siestas
Flamethrower/Dark Pulse/Psyshock/Energy Ball
The newest member of the team, brought aboard to serve as a counter to Wikstrom's aces. Foxtail had a lot of catching up to do, but once I evolved her, it was smooth sailing. After incinerating Wulfric's team, she took a break so we could have an HM slave to get us through Victory Road. After reaching the league and catching her up, she was ready for the final fight! Scizor and Aegislash fell before her dazzling flames, and she took care of the pumpkin Diantha was saving for pie. I was really impressed by her performance in these last battles.
Ricky the Mightyena
Adamant/Quick Feet
Crunch/Sucker Punch/Ice Fang/Strength
One of the oldest members of the team, and my first capture. His naturally earned Ice Fang was a major help in numerous early battles, and he continued to help out through the run. His best moment was against Phoebe, taking out Dusclops, Dusknoir, and the two Banettes. I am so proud to bring him so far!

Chomper the Mawile
Gentle/Hyper Cutter
Iron Head/Play Rough/Crunch/Sweet Scent
I was so excited to get this guy in the Granite Cave basement! Despite some close calls, he managed to last the whole run, and his usability increased tenfold once I got the Mega Bracelet. As a MegaMawile, he could thrash all his enemies with ease! He finished his duties my annihilating Sidney's team. It was so fun getting to use him.

Carmen the Altaria
Hardy/Natural Cure
Dragon Pulse/Fly/Moonblast/Cotton Guard
My elegant dragon faerie princess! Carmen's high defenses and reliable moves made her one of the most helpful members of my team. Her prime moment was destroying all of Drake's team with the power of her Mega Form! Such a beautiful and deadly force!

Sandstorm the Sandslash
Relaxed/Sand Veil
Earthquake/Brick Break/Shadow Claw/Sandstorm
I swear to Rayquaza I named her after the natural phenomenon, not the song! With massive offensive and defensive potential on the physical spectrum, she was a reliable ally throughout the game. She bested Steven's Aggron, Armaldo, and even MegaMetagross to win the challenge for us! Thanks for all your help, Sandstorm!

Bluestar the Latios
Dragon Pulse/Psychic/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt
Even since Southern Island, he's been a shining beacon of power for us! After throttling Winona's Altaria in one hit, he continued to dominate all that stood in his way! He helped out in the final battle by eliminating Skarmory, Cradily, and Claydol. I'll never forget such a wonderful friend!

and Terros the Groudon
Precipice Blades/Earthquake/Flamethrower/Solar Beam
I don't feel bad for using this overpowered beast because I captured him the legit way(Ultra Balls and a lot of patience). He wasn't with us for very long, but he still kicked tons of ass! He soloed Glacia by himself thanks to his formidable power. Thanks for all your help!

Vegeta the Infernape Level 61 (Alive)
Relaxed nature/Met on Route 201/Likes to run/Blaze
Flamethrower/Close Combat/Vacuum Wave/Rock Slide

The guy that started it all, and one of my most reliable of fighters. Vegeta was an incredible force throughout this adventure. He had taken down Roark's Cranidos, most of Gardenia's team, Maylene's Lucario (with a crit Flame Wheel), Byron's Magneton & Bastiodon, most of Candice's team, some of Volkner's squad, Aaron's Scizor, Flint's Houndoom, and Cynthia's Roserade & Lucario during our tough journey. I will never forget this fiery and proud monkey!

Jay Pop the Staraptor Level 61 (Alive)
Naughty nature/Met at Lake Verity/Loves to eat/Intimidate
Return/Brave Bird/Close Combat/U-Turn

The definitive MVP of the run, Jay was one of my earliest catches and one of my favourite allies throughout this radical journey. Boasting the highest Attack and Speed stats on the team, she was capable of bringing down destruction upon every enemy she could face! She did great against Gardenia, Maylene, Saturn, and even Candice! Her greatest achievement was her remarkable performance against Lucian, however. She easily destroyed his Mr. Mime & Espeon with her speed and power, but then in comes Alakazam. The deadly esper manages to outspeed my wonderful starling and strikes her terrible Sp. Def with a Psychic... and she JUST BARELY SURVIVES!!! One U-Turn later, and the psychic beast is down! She was even great against Cynthia too, managing to one-shot Spiritomb and lower Garchomp's formidable power before U-Turning out of the danger zone! Jay Pop, thank you! You were the best bird I could ever have had!

Margaret the Roserade Level 60 (Alive)
Relaxed nature/Met on Route 204/Quick to flee/Poison Point
Petal Dance/Giga Drain/Sludge Bomb/Attract

Another one of my earliest catches, Margaret was beyond helpful. She combined great power with reliable support and cunning tricks to give us the edge in battles. After clearing Roark's Rock/Ground types, she eventually gained the friendship level necessary to evolve into Roselia, and helped defeat Crasher Wake's bulky Quagsire. After we conquered Iron Island, we found the stone that unlocked her true power! At the end of our journey, she slew Volkner's Jolteon and Bertha's Hippowdon, Golem, and Rhyperior. In the end, she was a reliable and wonderful ally to me!

Technus the Rotom Level 60 (Alive)
Modest nature/Met in Old Chateau/Highly curious/Levitate
Thunderbolt/Shadow Ball/Confuse Ray/Substitute

The master of all electronics and mechanical devices! Technus officially joined our team after my Luxio, Sparkler, was killed while fighting Fantina. Since he joined, Technus became an ace at combat, zapping his opponents to death with his remarkable powers! He faced many foes in both gym battles and Team Galactic showdowns before coming to the Pokémon League, where he continued to impress and destroy. He eradicated Aaron's Bug/Flying types and Lucian's fearsome Gallade like they were nothing, and jolted Cynthia's Togekiss until it fell. This tricky poltergeist was definitely fun to bring along.

Wilbur the Quagsire Level 61 (Alive)
Hardy nature/Met in Great Marsh/Proud of its power/Water Absorb
Waterfall/Surf/Earthquake/Ice Punch

I wasn't very enthusiastic when I selected Wilbur for our team. He joined us after the loss of my beloved Floatzel; the strong and dedicated Hydra. Despite the hefty reputation of his predecessor, Wilbur managed to show what an ace he truly was. Providing help against Team Galactic and eliminating Volkner's powerful Electivire showed that his inclusion wasn't an error. He continued to gain glory and respect as we carried on into the Elite 4/Champion battles. He grounded Bertha's Gliscor and shook apart Flint's team with relative ease (Gliscor and Flareon got off a few good hits). In the finale, Wilbur was chosen to face off against Cynthia's star player, Garchomp! Thanks to Jay Pop's Intimidate, Wilbur managed to take Garchomp's powerful attacks and slayed the dragon with a devastating Ice Punch. I couldn't be more proud of this excellent salamander! Great work, Wilbur.

Snow Angel the Abomasnow Level 60 (Alive)
Serious nature/Met at Route 216/Likes to relax/Snow Warning
Wood Hammer/Giga Drain/Blizzard/Ice Shard

The newest member of the team, who joined us after the passing of Slurp the goofy Lickilicky. Despite her many weaknesses and her just recent inclusion, I managed to rely on her actually great strengths. She was a lot stronger and more durable than she looked, and was able to wield both physical and special moves proudly. In the final act, she had two major victories; Bertha's Whiscash and Cynthia's Milotic. She didn't get to do much, but what she did show was enough to impress me and feel glad that I finally got to use an Abomasnow. Thanks for being there for us in the end, Snow Angel!

Robert the Blastoise - Level 61 (Alive)
Surf/Ice Beam/Brick Break/Bite

Indestructible is the best word to describe this awesome starter! Robert was amazing in offense and defense, and lead us into battle on many occasions. I couldn't of asked for a better turtle to accompany me throughout such a rough, but exciting challenge!

Sandy the Pidgeot - Level 60 (Alive)
Bashful/Keen Eye
Return/Fly/Quick Attack/Feather Dance
The only capture I made pre-Brock battle to survive the grueling conditions of Kanto's wilderness. Sandy was so helpful when I needed her in battle. I won't forget how hard she fought against Agatha, or when she brought down my rival Punk's Pidgeot to start our climactic showdown. I'm so glad you managed to survive, Sandy!

Fang the Golbat - Level 60 (Alive)
Quirky/Inner Focus
Wing Attack/Poison Fang/Bite/Confuse Ray
Once again, I proved that Golbat can be a champ! Fang was a great bro, and a greater warrior. He was incredibly helpful during our fights with Erika, Bruno, Agatha, and Punk. Once I get the National Dex, I promise I will evolve you!

Pepper the Victreebel - Level 61 (Alive)
Solar Beam/Giga Drain/Sunny Day/Sleep Powder
We wouldn't of made it past Misty without you, Pepper! You handled many challenges with ease with your good attacks and helpful status moves. In the end, you helped wipe out most of Lorelei's team and took down Punk's Rhydon. You're a wonderful addition to my awesome Victreebel collection!

Suzy the Persian - Level 61 (Alive)
Slash/Shadow Ball/Thunderbolt/Pay Day
I was honestly shocked by how amazing this feline named after Arin Hanson's wife was during this challenge! Suzy's great coverage moves and high speed made her a terror on the battle field, and her ability to generate INFINITE MONEY was a tremendous boon for collecting TMs at the Game Corner! She destroyed Alakazams, Gyaradoses, Gengars, and a lot more deadly foes that stood in our path. I'm so glad I finally got a chance to seriously use a Persian. Thanks for the great memories, Suzy!

Egon the Haunter - Level 60 (Deceased)
Psychic/Shadow Ball/Confuse Ray/Night Shade
Oh Egon, you were truly a great ally to me. I brought you into our team to serve as our anti-explosion expert and our psychic user for the challenge, and you did your job well. Your victories against Bruno's Hitmonchan and Machamp made me confident that you could actually go all the way to the Hall of Fame. But, you fell to a critical Bite from Agatha's Golbat, marking an end to your afterlife. I'm sorry for not being more careful with you.

Robert the Blastoise
Level 74 (Alive)
Once again, Robert was an amazing offensive and defensive force who played a roll in each League battle. He took on Lorelei's Dewgong, Piloswine, and Lapras, enduring deadly Thunder attacks all the while. He wiped out Bruno's Steelixes and crushed Agatha's Arbok and Misdreavus. He took on Lance and destroyed most of his team, even taking Thunderbolts from his strongest Dragonite. Finally, he took out the Arcanine of my rival, Punk. I am so glad Robert made it all the way through this challenge. He's been one of the most helpful starters I've ever used in a Nuzlocke run.

Sandy the Pidgeot
Level 73 (Alive)
This lovely bird once again provided such helpful assistance in these fights. She utterly decimated Bruno's fighting types without getting a scratch! I was honestly worried about her, but she wiped my doubts away. She also handled Punk's Heracross, and even though her first Fly missed, she eventually squashed that rowdy bug. I'm so glad that she made it all the way to the end, after every challenge we've faced and all the friends we've seen fall.

Fang the Crobat
Level 73 (Alive)
It took you until level 64, but you finally made it to your final form, Fang! This bat was amazing! He survived a Hitmontop's Counter with 2 HP, and wiped out Punk's Venusaur in the final battle. I feel so relieved that I managed to help you become one of my favourite Pokémon and bring you to the Hall of Fame a second time. You definitely deserve it, buddy!

Pepper the Victreebel
Level 73 (Alive)
You didn't see much use in the finale until we faced Punk, but you played a pivotal role in our triumph. I chose you to take down Tyranitar so you could eliminate the sandstorm it would create, and you finally brought the beast down while enduring its deadly Aerial Ace attacks. Thank you for all your help, Pepper!

Suzy the Persian
Level 74 (Alive)
After Robert, Suzy was definitely the MVP of this run! I am so damn proud of this wonderful feline! After taking down Lorelei's Cloyster, she took on Agatha's Gengars and blasted them apart while enduring their scary Psychic attacks. Against Lance, she managed to Parahax Lance's Gyarados into submission despite being worried for her well-being. Then later, she took on Punk's Alakazam, and stalled it out of healing items until its end, and neutralized Punk's Gyarados. I was worried when the monster pulled off a Dragon Dance, but Suzy proved who the fastest thing alive truly is and tore it to pieces! I was never really attached to Persian until this Nuzlocke, but Suzy showed me just how versatile, efficient, and sly these beautiful cats can truly be!

Equestrio the Rapidash
Level 73 (Alive)
The newcomer who joined us while I was grinding Pokémon to obtain the National Dex. Equestrio's only remarkable attribute is that he possesses the highest Attack on the team thanks to Adamant. He eliminated Lorelei's Jynx and Agatha's Crobat, but that's pretty much all he accomplished while with us. Still, I'm glad that I brought him to the end.

Hotshot the Typhlosion - Level 51 (Alive)
Lax Nature/Quick to flee/Blaze
Flamethrower/Lava Plume/Swift/Rollout

Typhlosion has always been my favourite Gen 2 Pokémon because of how dependable they can be. Hotshot was no exception. High offensive power, great speed, and several scorching attacks meant he was a valuable and trusted part of our team. His flames helped us defeat Falkner, Jasmine, Will, Koga, Bruno, Karen, and many members of Team Rocket. I couldn't be more proud of him!

Ragnarok(formerly Fart Ghost) the Gengar - Level 50 (Alive)
Impish/Strongly defiant/Levitate
Dream Eater/Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse/Hypnosis

I apologize for calling you Fart Ghost at first. You more than earned your true name. Whether you fought strategically or just nuked enemies with your formidable power, you were always a great ghost to have around. You avenged our Crobat, Nightwing, by taking down Morty's monstrous Gengar while you were still a Haunter. Since then, you've also helped us destroy Team Rocket, Bruno, and Karen's own Gengar. Thanks for being there for us, Ragnarok.

David the Slowking - Level 55 (Alive)
Quirky/Proud of his power/Own Tempo

David, you are the best! You defeated Clair's Kingdra, and continued your role as Dragon Buster against Lance. Lance's strongest Dragonite came right at you, struck with a critical Outrage, and would have killed you if I didn't give you a Focus Sash beforehand! Then, you wiped those underleveled fuckers off the face of the planet! Thank you, David! We wouldn't be here without you!

Steiner the Heracross - Level 50 (Alive)
Brave/Likes to relax/Swarm
Close Combat/Strength/Brick Break/Aerial Ace

Sporting the best offensive stat on the team, Steiner was a gold mine of power! He started his legendary legacy by wiping out Whitney, and continued to crush anything that stood in his way. I still can't believe I got such an amazing Pokémon! Heracross is one of my favourite Pokémon now! Well done!

Bo Peep the Ampharos - Level 55 (Alive)
Docile/Likes to fight/Static
Discharge/Thunder Punch/Signal Beam/Thunder Wave

Putting you on the team after the death of my Geodude was a wonderful idea! Your power and coverage came in handy on numerous occasions, and with the Choice Scarf, you became a lightning quick goddess of destruction. You took out Chuck's Poliwrath with one punch(man), and helped us to punish Pryce, Clair, Will, Koga, Karen, and Lance. I'm proud to have gotten to fight with you.

Tracey the Sandslash - Level 50 (Alive)
Bashful/Good perseverance/Sand Veil

When I caught you, I said to myself "You could be useful if something happens to my Geodude". Two deaths later, you joined the team. Since then, I was really impressed! Your high attack and defense led you to many battlefields. I was so happy to see you wreck Koga's Muk in one hit (a personal triumph for me after my SoulSilver Nuzlocke). You definitely deserved your spot on this Hall of Fame, Tracey!

Sapper the Sceptile lv. 60 (Alive)
Grass Pledge/Dragon Claw/X-Scissor/Brick Break

After losing two Grovyles in previous Nuzlockes, I am so happy that I managed to keep Sapper alive! He was a really great battler throughout my run! His high speed and immense power lead us to many victories against foes like Roxanne, Shelly, Matt, Archie, Winona, Tate & Liza, Wallace, and Steven. I'm so proud of how amazing he was in this run. Well done, my friend.

Gelatin the Tentacruel lv. 61 (Alive)
Quirky/Liquid Ooze
Sludge Wave/Surf/Ice Beam/Dazzling Gleam

A Pokémon I didn't expect to use until I lost three team members around Slateport City. After lots of care and dedication, he became one of my best assets to my team. His immense Speed and Special Defense were incredibly helpful to us, and his diverse moves gave him lots of chances to shine against many opponents. He washed away Flannery's team with ease, destroyed the legendary Kyogre, and wiped Drake's entire team without breaking a sweat. I'll never forget the work he put out for us during this journey. Great work, Gelatin.

Casey the Crobat lv. 60 (Alive)
Adamant/Inner Focus
X-Scissor/Cross Poison/Thief/Acrobatics

I love me some awesome bats, and Casey was one of the best I've ever used! Massive speed, great power and moves, he could take hits I didn't expect him to take, he was simply amazing throughout the run. I won't forget how he avenged my Machoke by taking down Norman's Slaking.

Pitfall the Flygon lv. 61 (Alive)
Earthquake/Flamethrower/Dragon Claw/Rock Slide

After my Emerald Nuzlocke, I grew to love Flygon, so I was very happy to use one again. Even as a Trapinch and Vibrava he could still fight well, but he became such an amazing fighter as a Flygon. Great stats all around and a great movepool lead him to many battles, including Tate & Liza, and Champion Steven. Thanks for all your help, Pitfall!

Swan Song the Wigglytuff lv. 62 (Alive)
Thunderbolt/Flamethrower/Shadow Ball/Dazzling Gleam

I never expected to use a Wigglytuff in a Nuzlocke, but several rough deaths caused me to become desperate and add a tiny little Jigglypuff to my team. Eventually, I evolved her, and Swan Song became incredible! While not the strongest gal around, her massive amounts of HP and diverse set of moves made her very helpful in the second half of the game. She brought Sidney and Glacia down by herself, cementing her status as one of my Champions! I'm so glad that I got to use her, as she changed the way I view Wigglytuff as a fighter!

Cloak the Dusclops lv. 62 (Alive?)
Shadow Punch/Shadow Sneak/Will-O-Wisp/Confuse Ray

Before this Nuzlocke, I used to think Dusclops was ok. Now, I love it! By Rayquaza's Mega, she was one of my favourite Pokémon to use in this challenge! While a one trick pony, that one trick was all she needed. Eviolite to boost her already great defenses into impenetrable levels, burning and confusion inducing moves to increase her sturdiness further and hamper her enemies, and an attack that bypasses her snail-like speed was a combination I grew to love! She wrecked so many poweful Pokémon, including Wally's MegaGallade and Steven's MegaMetagross. I was very impressed by this creepy phantom's abilities! Well done, Cloak! I will always cherish the time we spent together!

Victor the Serperior lv. 63 (Alive)
Leaf Blade/Dragon Pulse/Giga Drain/Coil

Another loyal partner who was with me from the very beginning to the very end. Victor was a great ally throughout the run, providing great support for the team time after time again. He proved himself a capable warrior in battles against threats like Clay, Drayden, Marlon, Ghetsis, and helped us take down Shauntal's Golurk and Grimsley's Krookodile. He was probably the best Serperior I ever had. I'm so proud to have battled alongside this regal reptile!

Himiko the Darmanitan lv. 62 (Alive)
Careful/Sheer Force
Superpower/Fire Punch/Rock Slide/Bulldoze

None could match Himiko in terms of pure, unadulterated power. Ever since we found her as a little Darumaka, she knocked every foe she faced down with her mighty fists! Difficult to use at first because of Hustle, but she more than earned her spot on the team after evolving! She burned away Burgh's Swadloon and Leavanny, smacked aside Zinzolin's icy team at every opportunity, crushed Ghetsis' mighty Hydreigon in a single blow, and silenced Grimsley's Bisharp. She may not be the most "lady-like", but this unstoppable Darmanitan has the capacity to put the fiercest of foes in their place!

Zack the Crobat lv. 62 (Alive)
Bashful/Inner Focus
Fly/X-Scissor/Acrobatics/Confuse Ray

Crobat seems to end up on a lot of my teams, doesn't it? Zack was a helpful ally ever since I pulled him out of the sewers below Castelia City. Fast, powerful, and surprisingly sturdy, he was a tremendous asset to the team throughout the journey. He pummeled Ghetsis' Toxicroak, Grimsley's Scrafty, and the entirety of Marshall's team(with some help from Victor and Ursula), but his shining moment had to be when he faced Iris' Haxorus by himself. The deadly dragon managed to outspeed my Zack thanks to Dragon Dance, and its Dual Chop brought Zack down to 64 HP. It was sure to outspeed, it was sure to kill, and worst of all, I only needed one more move to end the fight. Hesitantly, I ordered Zack to attack, knowing that he was sure to perish... and the Haxorus uses Dragon Dance again like an idiot, and fell to Zack's Acrobatics! I can't believe the stroke of luck we had at that point! Zack, you truly deserve your place in the Hall of Fame, for that moment of sheer dumb luck alone!

Kalahari the Krookodile lv. 62 (Alive)
Outrage/Earthquake/Crunch/Rock Slide

Can I just say that Moxie on a Krookodile is broken as hell, but I love it anyway! Easily my favourite member of the team, Kalahari was a valuable asset throughout our adventure, and dominated all she faced with her fearsome power! She crushed entire teams by herself, including Elesa, Colress, and Caitlin, as well as beaten Ghetsis' Cofagrigus, Drapion and Eelektross, Shauntal's Cofagrigus and Chandelure, and Iris' Aggron and Druddigon. Her accomplishments and victories in the name of our team will always be treasured in my heart! Thank you for all your help, Kali!

Harry the Galvantula lv. 62 (Alive)
Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz, Sucker Punch, Volt Switch

Ever since he joined us in Chargestone Cave, Harry has been a great ally! Fast and powerful, he was a tremendous help against foes like Skyla, Marlon, Grimsley, and Iris. He was also the cornerstone of my "Bait-And-Volt Switch" strategy, enticing threats to use a specific attack that's resisted by another teammate, then swapping out for them so they can finish off the opponent. This strategy contributed greatly to our victories in the end. Thanks for all your help, Harry!

Ursula the Jellicent lv. 62 (Alive)
Hasty/Cursed Body
Surf/Ice Beam/Shadow Ball/Will-O-Wisp

Ursula joined us late into our adventure, as a replacement for an Azumarill who was a replacement for our dearly departed Luna the Golduck. While I wasn't enthusiastic about using her, due to the loss of our long time partner and from barely giving her line much attention in the past, she ended up proving her worth in the end. Boasting the highest Special Defense on the team, she was my answer for absorbing attacks that other members of my team couldn't take, and she ultimately took down Iris' Hydreigon and Lapras by herself. Cursed Body also came in handy from time to time. Overall, I'm glad that she managed to prove herself and help us out in the later battles. I hope Luna is as proud of your contributions as I am.

Oliver the Decidueye - Level 59 (Alive)
Leaf Blade/Spirit Shackle/Sucker Punch/Feather Dance

The first Decidueye I've ever brought into the Hall of Fame, and truly one I will never forget. He provided so much help throughout this challenge, with his precise and deadly attacks. He struck down Hau's Primarina in every encounter with the malasada lovin' boy, ripped apart Totem Wishiwashi, slashed Lusamine's Milotic to ribbons, took out Olivia's Relicanth, and destroyed Acerola's imposing Palossand with a devastating Sinister Arrow Raid. I'm so glad I got to take this amazing owl so far in this run. Thank you for all your help, Oliver!

Belmont the Crobat - Level 59 (Alive)
Mild/Inner Focus
Leech Life/Cross Poison/Acrobatics/Confuse Ray

It wouldn't be an Ardomew Nuzlocke without a Crobat on my team, now would it? Belmont joined us after the completion of Ilima's trial, and provided ample support whenever I needed him. He helped us wipe out Hala's initial team, Guzma, Lusamine, Totem Kommo-o, and Hala's elite team, and also took down Kukui's Braviary in the final battle. Fast, powerful, and brimming with confidence, Belmont served me well throughout this challenge.

Travis the Mudsdale - Level 60 (Alive)
Earthquake/Rock Slide/Low Sweep/Heavy Slam

Mudsdale already won my heart when I first played Moon, so getting to use one again was truly fun for me. With massive HP, formidable defensive stats, and Stamina, he could take so much damage and dish it back in return. My main counter for Hau's Raichu and Plumeria's Salazzle, he also played a role in every Elite battle with the exception of Hala. His greatest moment has to be taking Kukui's Incineroar head on, being struck by Inferno Overdrive, and surviving with 25 HP! Hot damn! He whomped that kitty's ass, as well as Snorlax, to bring us one step closer to the Hall of Fame. I'm so proud of you, Travis! You were such an amazing ally!

MacDyver the Araquanid - Level 58 (Deceased)
Hasty/Water Bubble
Liquidation/Lunge/Crunch/Mirror Coat

I honestly wasn't expecting to take this spider all the way to the end. My plan was to use him up until Totem Salazzle, then replace him with a Wimpod. However, Goliath got squashed, so MacDyver came back onto my team, and managed to stay with me throughout most of the game! With an amazingly high Special Defense stat, he was able to take some serious damage, and destroyed whatever got in his way. Totem Salazzle, Nanu's Krokorok, and Hapu's Mudsdale were just a few of the foes he eliminated. In the end, he succumbed to Acerola's Palossand, which wiped my dear Araquanid away with Never-Ending Nightmare. I'm sorry that you couldn't make it all the way with us, MacDyver. You definitely earned your spot in the Hall of Fame, although posthumously.

Megabyte the Magnezone - Level 60 (Alive)
Gentle/Magnet Pull
Discharge/Flash Cannon/Tri Attack/Thunder Wave

A great addition to my collection of amazing magnet Pokémon. Megabyte was a decent part of my team throughout most of Ula'ula Island, but it reached its true potential once we defeated Hapu and gained access to Vast Poni Canyon, allowing it to finally evolve into Magnezone. In your new form, nothing could stop you. Amazing defenses and an incredible Special Attack allowed you to rock your way through many fights! You helped us out against Totem Mimikyu, faced Guzma's Golisopod on multiple occasions, blasted Lusamine's Clefable to pieces, electrified most of Kahili's team, struck Olivia's Lycanroc down, destroyed Acerola's Froslass and Drifblim, and took out Kukui's Lycanroc and Ninetales. Such a great addition to my team. Well done, Megabyte!

Cybertron the Metagross - Level 59 (Alive)
Docile/Clear Body
Hammer Arm/Meteor Mash/Zen Headbutt/Bullet Punch

That's right, bitches! I managed to catch a BELDUM in a NUZLOCKE!!!

Ahem, Cybertron was a solid addition to my Sun team. With a diverse moveset and Eviolite, he provided great assistance during the Metang phase of his life, but things took a turn towards awesome once it reached its final form. With the highest offensive and defensive stat on the team, and an array of powerful moves at his disposal, Cybertron tore apart everything that stood in its way. Olivia's Carbink and Golem shattered beneath its might, Hala's Crabominable cracked under its pressure, Kukui's Magnezone couldn't stand up to its formidable power! Cybertron is a Pokémon that I'm very proud to have brought to the Hall of Fame! This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to use this tremendous powerhouse, and I loved every second of it! Thank you for your amazing contributions and for choosing to be a part of my first Alolan Nuzlocke Champion team!

Rudy the Empoleon (Level 65 - Alive)
Surf/Ice Beam/Flash Cannon/Stealth Rock

Empoleon has been a starter I've used on countless opportunities, but Rudy has stood out as the most dependable penguin I've ever known. His great defensive typing and stats, coupled with a diverse move pool, meant that he saw many battles over the course of this adventure. Roark's Geodude, Fantina's Mismagius, Byron's Steelix and Bastiodon, Candice's Abomasnow, Mars and Jupiter's entire teams, Cyrus' Honchkrow, and Cynthia's Spiritomb were only a few of the enemies washed away by his royal power. I'm so glad to have had this amazing ally with me throughout this challenge.

Cassidy the Staraptor (Level 65 - Alive)
Brave Bird/Close Combat/Fly/U-turn

Staraptor will always be my favourite Normal/Flying type(sorry Farfetch'd), and Cassidy proved exactly why during this run. Ungodly fast and ungodly powerful, she was a soaring angel of death, only hampered by her poor defenses. Even with that weakness, she still held her own against whatever I sent her out to defeat. Gardenia, Maylene, Aaron(sorry Bug), Flint, and Cynthia all got a taste of her might during the challenge, and she was instrumental to my plan to take out Garchomp. I couldn't have asked for a better bird to accompany me on this journey!

George the Luxray (Level 65 - Alive)

My resident Gyarados killer and intimidator, George was a well rounded addition to my team. His assaults on Crasher Wake and Fantina's teams proved his worth, and he really shined when he took down Cyrus' fast and deadly Weavile head on! Against the elite, he eliminated Aaron's Beautifly and Vespiquen, as well as Flint's Drifblim. He stomped Cynthia's Milotic in one hit, and played an integral role in weakening Cynthia's Garchomp, switching back and forth with Cassidy in order to drop its formidable attack stat! He proved his worth during this challenge, and I will always cherish our time together.

Dandy the Roserade (Level 65 - Alive)
Relaxed/Poison Point
Petal Dance/Sludge Bomb/Giga Drain/Stun Spore

Beautiful and deadly are the perfect words to describe this toxic bouquet. His formidable strength and array of status moves throughout the journey made him a dependable ally. Roark' Onix, Wake's Quagsire, and the entirety of Bertha's team fell to his power, cementing his status as our Grass-type specialist. Well done, you fabulous flower.

Presto the Alakazam (Level 65 - Alive)
Serious/Inner Focus
Psychic/Shadow Ball/Shock Wave/Calm Mind

Anyone familiar with my Blue and Emerald comics knows I have trouble keeping the Abra family alive during Nuzlocke runs. That all changed with Presto though. With his high speed and unparalleled Special Attack, he obliterated everything I put him up against. He reached his final form in time to dispose of Maylene's Lucario, and continued to support us throughout the adventure. He faced Lucian's team by himself and proved who was the TRUE psionic master, then brought down Cynthia's Lucario, taking an Earthquake in the process. He never faltered and never showed mercy to those who crossed him, and helped redeem his family in my eyes. Thank you for all that you've done for us, Presto!

Craig the Golem (Level 65 - Alive)
Earthquake/Stone Edge/Brick Break/Rock Polish

Craig completed our team when he joined us in Oreburgh Gate, and quickly showed how awesome he was by taking out Roark's Cranidos. With great power and unbreakable physical defenses, he served as our star bruiser, taking hits that nobody else could take while dishing out heaps of damage in return. After annihilating Volkner's team, he went on to break most of Aaron and Flint's teams, and managed to deal the finishing blow of the run with a critical Earthquake to Cynthia's Garchomp! I am so proud of this terrestrial titan! Thank you!

Hephaestus the Typhlosion - Level 50 (Alive)
Fire Punch/Thunder Punch/Swift/Smokescreen

A fantastic partner to start my Gen 2 journey with! Her high speed and power led her to many victories, scorching Falkner, Bugsy, Jasmine, Will, and Koga to lead us to victory! I've never experienced Thunder Punch on a Typhlosion before, so that was nice to finally use! Bravo!

Icarus the Fearow - Level 50 (Alive)
Drill Peck/Fly/Swift/Mirror Move

One of my earliest catches, and definitely a great one to join us in the Hall of Fame. With great speed and power, he dominated threats like Bugsy, Morty, Chuck, Koga, Bruno, and even Karen. Sure, he was outclassed by other team members in many ways, but he was still very handy to have throughout the run. So proud to see you soar so high!

GoldFleece the Ampharos - Level 50 (Alive)
Thunder Punch/Fire Punch/Rock Smash/Light Screen

Without a doubt, GoldFleece was the MVP of the run! With the highest HP, great special stats, and excellent coverage with Fire and Electric moves, she took down everything that stood in her way with style! Taking down the infamous Miltank as a Flaaffy, she eventually evolved and destroyed Chuck's Poliwrath, Pryce's Dewgong, Clair's Kingdra, most of Will's team, and half of Lance's team. I'm so happy that I got to bring my favourite Gen 2 Pokémon back to the Hall of Fame! Well done, GoldFleece!

Apollo the Espeon - Level 50 (Alive)
Psychic/Bite/Quick Attack/Focus Energy

I know most of my Pokémon were named after gods in this run, but seriously; THIS THING WAS A GOD!!! Massive Special Attack, unbeatable Speed, and one of the best typings in the game made this ray of sunshine a formidable force to be reckoned with... but only after he evolved, which was just before we fought Clair, so he didn't see a lot of action in important fights until we reached the Pokémon League. Still, he performed exactly to my expectations, taking down a good chunk of Koga and Bruno's teams, as well as Karen's Gengar. I'm very glad that the time I spent raising up this guy's friendship wasn't in vain!

Cassiopeia the Tentacruel - Level 51 (Alive)
Surf/Sludge Bomb/Icy Wind/Barrier

Did you know that you can catch underleveled Tentacruel in Johto, because that's how I obtained Cassie! Since then, she's been a great part of my team, washing away threats while taking Special Attacks like a champ! Pryce's Piloswine, Clair's Dragonairs, Bruno's Onix, Karen's Houndoom, and all three of Lance's hacked Dragonites! Cassie really answered beyond the call of duty in this run, and made a fantastic impression on me!

Heracles the Machoke - Level 50 (Alive)
Cross Chop/Earthquake/Strength/Ice Punch

Heracles... well, he was just kind of there. He was pretty strong, helped us out against Team Rocket a bunch, took out Karen's Umbreon. He was an average fighter, but didn't really leave that much of an impact during the run. Wish I could say more, but that's just how I honestly feel about him.

Aqua the Swampert(lvl 60) & Daiquiri the Mawile(lvl 59)
Status: Married
Quiet/Torrent _ Jolly/Intimidate
Earthquake/Surf/Rock Slide/Ice Beam _ Play Rough/Iron Head/Crunch/Sucker Punch

I finally managed to complete a Nuzlocke without a member of the Mudkip line dying on me! Aqua, as would be expected, was an incredibly helpful part of my team! His high defenses and HP, along with great offensive stats, made him a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. He dominated Roxanne, Wattson, Tate & Liza, Maxie's final team, Primal Groudon, Wallace's Milotic, and a huge chunk of the final three, Glacia, Drake, and Steven, with the help of both of his partners. He never let me down, and continued to impress throughout the journey. His ability to Mega Evolve was also very handy during some of the tougher fights. Well done!

Daiquiri joined us very late into the game, after Aqua's first partner, Cola the Mightyena, got taken out by a Froslass in Victory Road. While it pained me to lose such a longtime member of our squad, Daiquiri managed to endear herself with her excellent typing and high attack and defense. She brutalized most of Glacia's team, took down Drake's Kingdra, and smashed Steven's Cradily and Armaldo to pieces. She was a great help in the final battles, and managed to help Aqua overcome his grief and anxieties. Thank you for joining us, you feisty critter!

Champagne the Beautifly(lvl 58) & Ale the Exploud(lvl 58)
Status: Married
Hardy/Swarm _ Jolly/Soundproof
Bug Buzz/Giga Drain/Air Cutter/Quiver Dance _ Boomburst/Crunch/Thunder Fang/Ice Fang

While my weakest pair by far, this was still a team I was happy to use. Champagne was a very helpful teammate, even late into the game when her low stats became more noticeable. She brought down Brawly's team and much later swept Sidney's whole team aside. I am very happy to finally bring one of Wurmple's evolutions all the way to the end.

Ale... honestly didn't do a whole lot besides helping Champagne deal with threats she couldn't handle herself. He joined the team to replace Champagne's first partner, a Zigzagoon who got steamrolled by a Marill. He wasn't used in any serious battles and mostly just hung around, not even contributing to the Pokémon League battles at all. Still, it was nice to finally bring an Exploud to the end.

Tea the Pelipper(lvl 58) & Coffee the Slaking(lvl 58)
Status: Married
Careful/Keen Eye _ Rash/Truant
Hurricane/Surf/Rain Dance/Ice Beam _ Giga Impact/Earthquake/Brick Break/Feint Attack

The only pair to never break apart, Tea and Coffee stood by each other ever since they first met in Petalburg Woods. With a nice balance of Special and Physical damage between the two, they were phenomenal at taking on all kinds of threats. Flannery, Norman, Winona, Phoebe, and so many more fell before their combined might! I'm so happy to bring these two to the end. They were instrumental to our success, and one of my favourite pairs to use during this challenge!

Tom the Incineroar - Level 66 (Alive)
Outrage/Darkest Lariat/Fire Punch/Brick Break

Named after one half of a famous cartoon slapstick duo, Tom lead our team to victory in many different battles. Even as a tiny Litten, he packed a wallop. As our adventure continued, he gradually grew into the strong and noble commander of our Alolan Army. Powerful and with well rounded defenses, there was hardly a threat he couldn't handle. His determination while facing the dreaded Ultra Necrozma, Molayne, Acerola, and the ever rambunctious Hau cemented his status as our champion. Good kitty!

Voltage the Vikavolt - Level 66 (Alive)
Thunderbolt/Bug Buzz/Energy Ball/Dig

My first catch of the game, and an excellent part of the team! She spent her humble days snacking away at Totem Raticate and blasting Totem Araquanid to pieces before finally achieving flight by Blush Mountain's power plant. Switching her killer bite for a killer ranged attack elevated her into one of our most deadly warriors, and her amazing Special Attack helped facilitate her in this role. Guzma, Faba, Hapu, Molayne, Kahili, and Hau all felt the sting of her electric attacks as Voltage carried us into the Hall of Fame. Well done, you wonderful insect!

Inkwell the Malamar - Level 66 (Alive)
Superpower/Foul Play/Psycho Cut/Light Screen

Contrary is a savage ability, and was the primary reason for this Melemele native squid to join our ranks. Gaining benefits instead of harm from enemy status moves helped her shine in battle alongside her tricky moveset. When we finally obtained Superpower, Inkwell rose up in the ranks into our dedicated sweeper. She smashed Olivia's team, Acerola's Dhelmise, and Hau's Tauros to pieces on our way to the Alolan throne, and for that I shall always remember her fondly.

Wendy the Florges - Level 66 (Alive)
Bold/Flower Veil
Petal Dance/Moonblast/Dazzling Gleam/Light Screen

Originally just a backup after catching her among the yellow flowers on Melemele, the dainty pixie ended up joining the squad after the deaths of two other dedicated fairies(my Mr. Mime and Granbull). After extensive grinding, she was ready for action! Her strong special attacks and impenetrable Special Defense made her a force to be reckoned with to all non-Poison and non-Steel types! She even exterminated that dreadful Palossand, which long ago took a beloved teammate from my Sun Nuzlocke team! I am so glad I decided to add Wendy to the team. All that effort finally paid off, and we couldn't have managed it without her!

Venus the Tsareena - Level 66 (Alive)
Naive/Leaf Guard
Trop Kick/U-turn/Low Sweep/Acrobatics

Tom's beloved queen and ruler of Akala's jungle, Venus was a force of nature in the most literal sense. Her powerful legs smashed apart many a foe, and she was particularly handy at taking a hit when we needed it. Her strength came in handy against Olivia's initial battle, Hapu, Molayne, Hau, and countless other battles! This sweet monarch was definitely a well placed addition to our team!

Quartz Bomb the Golem - Level 66 (Alive)
Heavy Slam/Stone Edge/Thunder Punch/Stealth Rock

Initially joining the team to aide us against Totem Mimikyu, QB ended up sticking around and aiding us throughout the rest of the game. With solid defensive stats and a great ability suited to taking even the harshest of attacks, QB was our dedicated tank. She faced many tough opponents, such as Totem Ribombee, Gladion, Olivia, Acerola, and Kahili to bring us to victory. Her formidable power and defensive strategies made her a personal favourite of mine, and I'm happy to have finally brought this electrifying gem of a Pokémon to the Hall of Fame! Great work!
Coming Soon: Emerald Nuzlocke (Contains spoilers for Earth & Water)


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Well, since my Yellow comic is done with in game events anyways, let's show off that team! I guess spoilers for my comic if u haven't read it and plan on doing so. Also I can make use of the pics I took of my team before I went in for something!~

Here she is, Ms (or I guess Mrs now) lv 75 herself, dunno if it was just how over leveled I made her but she was def not as helpless as one would expect from a Pikachu, and ended up beating more Pokemon in the Pokemon League than anyone else on the team!
The lesbian legend herself, as a legendary psychic type in gen one, twas never a matter of is she good, but a matter of can I resist using her to effortlessly sweep the whole E4.
The oldest mon on the team aside from Pulse! I maybe used Eve a little more than I should have, but I dun think it really mattered in the end, cause aside from Sabrina and Articuno I think Nido here could have handled anything Eve did just as easily
Man, the move sets of the legendary birds were garbage in gen 1 X3 Fortunately, being a legendary pokemon and all, Snowpea still managed to even one shot a lot of the fire types in the Cinnebar gym, with Ice Beam and Blizzard, so variety was unnecessary ;3c
Moltres, the ONLY legendary bird that doesn't learn the high power but likely to miss move of it's type, and since I assumed it did, I gave the Fire Blast TM to Nido, like a dumbass. Fortunately Moltres is IN Victory Road, and the only Pokemon I really needed a fire type was Lorelei's Jynx, and fortunately with how Fire Spin works in Gen 1 it wasn't all bad~
Last but not least, Bowser Jr~ Okay so first off I must admit that Bowser Jr did end up evolved for the E4, just, not by choice. I missed the B press on is last level and didn't wanna redo hours of grinding, so I just continued to Wartortle him in comic anyways X3 But yeah, it's Blastoise, he was perfectly usable before he evolved, then he evolved V:
Also, not gonna lie, totally was confused by the request to list whether they were dead or alive, cause I have actually never had a Pokemon die in the E4 in a Nuzlocke before, so it completely slipped my mind it could happen


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Pokédex Entry
Broke his own romhack with an egg. Still not sure how.
Since ardo did it, may as well go through my archives and see how many I can remember. Going to ignore romhacks, special challenges will be marked as such. Gonna be adding pictures later since there's a LOT of mons in here
Most of these are direct copypastes from the old forums. I didn't keep track of ending levels but I'll try my best to remember what they were.
Any italicized pokemon was shiny.
Furfrou, Momiji (Level 70, Alive)
Shelgon, Bagular (Level 70, Alive)
Mr. Mime, Barred (Level 70, Alive)
Gourgeist, Hallow (Level 70, Alive)
Wailord, Blimpion (Level 68, Dead)
Lickilicky, Sali (Level 70, Dead)
The first three were all amazing party members for most of the game, the last three were E4 swap-ins as far as I can remember.
Samorott, Otacon (Alive)
Escavalier, Can Opener (Alive)
I forgot the other four members because I didn't keep track of dead party members until 2016, Otacon and Can Opener were the only two survivors of the E4.
Delcatty, Nepeta (Alive)
Koffing, Perfume (Alive)
Tentacruel, Aurora (Alive)
Machamp, Ms. Chops (Alive)
As with the white 2 run, The two E4 deaths were lost to the sands of time. Tentacruel and Machamp were both E4 swap-ins. Nepeta and Koffing were alive for a vast majority of the run though. Nepeta even stared death (read: steven's mega metagross) in the face and took advantage of a giga impact miss to paralyze it, followed by charming its attack stat into oblivion. Not bad for a normalize delcatty!
Like a wonderlocke, but with eggs!
Staryu, Glimmer (Level 58, Alive)
Mr. Mime, Soft-Serve (Level 58, Alive)
Leavanny, Leaf Cutter (Level 59, Alive)
Bronzor, Inside-Out (Level 58, Alive)
Ninetales, Ammy (Level 58, Alive)
Pangoro, Spotlight (Level 58, Alive)
No E4 deaths here! This is probably the run I remember the least, probably because it went so smoothly. (I think I was only 2 or 3 deaths on this one?)
Same rules as the Alpha Sapphire run just above
Wigglytuff, Helium (Alive)
Bastiodon, Unbreakable (Alive)
Talonflame, Birb (Alive)
Mismagus, Laronde (Alive)
Ludicolo, Mossduck (Alive)
Espurr, Mewke (Dead)
And now we're getting into recording the E4 deaths. Mewke tried to take down Diantha's hawlucha but just couldn't do it.
30% because I wiped to totem mimikyu on my "true" blind run.
Primaria, Acro (Alive)
Picked it based on typing alone, and oh man did that typing not disappoint. Quite a few things just flat-out couldn't touch him, most notably hapu in the E4.
Aloha Alolan Muk, Unshiny (Alive)
Pretty sure everyone who caught this got it to champ status and its not hard to see why. A+ typing compounded with great stats make for a very reliable mon
Leafeon, Spruce (Alive)
Props to GF for making Leafeon useful in-game for once. While he did have to be babied a bit with Z-moves in the midgame, once he got leaf blade, he turned into a powerhouse and never looked back.
Bastiodon, WALL (Alive)
I may be the one nuzlocker who took this over Archeops, but I don't regret that decision one bit. Just flat-out does not die to anything that isn't a fighting or ground move and can very easily stall out key threats.
Krookodile, The Don (Alive)
A last-minute addition since my Mimikyu got nuked by the title legendary, and she... did things? I think her most notable contribution was making it so my champ team wasn't 100% male. And taking out the champ's magnezone I guess.
Crabdominable, Lucksman (Dead)
He was something that worked well in the earlygame but really lost steam once we hit the third island. While I did use him for a bit after evolution, he did decent work in the E4. Sadly the champ's final pokemon did him in, since I needed a safe switch-in for muk, and he was the one on the field at the time.
Klinklang - Clockwork (Obtained via island scan, Alive)
Wanted a "unique" starter for my run (the run's theme prevented me from using any of the given starters) and man did I get one. Early steel typing was great but had to be babied a fair bit after Melemle until eviolite was obtained, and then a little bit more into evolution. Still, it did great work in the endgame.
Espeon - Adaptable (Ranch egg, Alive)
He was mainly added since I lacked a good counter for totem Salazzle and I'm shocked that he managed to stay in for the rest of the run. He also almost died to lusamine 1's bewear (4 HP left) which would have led to massive problems for the storylocke, since lusamine isn't even a character in it!
Charjabug - Power Source (Caught on Route 5, Alive)
Speaking of eviolite. What do you do when you get an impish grubbin? Make it work rather than charjabug if you're a mental patent in waiting like I am. Pretty consistent phyiscal wall, which makes it odd that he beat out kukui's moonblastin' primarina to get the final hit of the run with spark.
Komala - Eucalyptis (Caught on Route 10, Alive)
"Man if I don't get something good for my route 10 and 11 catches I'm abandoning this run." ~2017 Neotornado, still salty over having his shiny female salandit crit-plucked to death by hau's dartrix. Suprisingly solid normal type, if only from the special end. She was kinda squishy on the physical defense stat.
Alolian Ninetales - Diamond Dust (Caught at Abandoned Village, Alive)
Sadly without snow warning, but timid's a great nature to get in-game. Ice/Fairy is amazing for offensive coverage, and Alolatales is one of the few fast users of both of those types. Not quite the strongest but enough to still coast along off "its super effective!"
Oricorio - Duplica (Caught at Ula'Ula Garden, Dead)
Mainly just an E4 swap for two other fire types that were too slow to make the cut (Turtonator and Torkoal) Died against Kukui's Primarina because I forgot tailwind was up at the time and tried to go for a hurricane.
Medicham, Powa (Alive)
Because no one mon should have all that powa.
Weavile, Claw (Alive)
E4 swap, Pretty solid for how frail they were.
Roselea, Buds (Alive)
Yes I already used the shiny stone on a roserade that died to Cyrus's last fight.
Blissey (Dead)
Odd encounter for route 210, but she still put in a lot of work during the game. Died because I forgot lucian's bronzong had earthquake.
Floatzel (Dead)
E4 swap. Probably. Don't remember the death.
Staraptor (Dead)
Quality bird, I think they died against Cynthia's garchomp to make a safe switch-in for Weavile.
Run made it to red but I used the exact same team for round 1 E4. I literally didn't lose any pokemon in kanto.
Golem, Crumbler (Alive)
Its a golem in Johto, its gun be gud.
Ditto, Woomy (Alive)
Mainly used them because of how metal powder works in gen II (it is a 1.5 multiplier to both defensive stats and persists after transformation) Still didn't do much of anything against important trainers, but against normal trainers it was hilarious.
Miltank, Panzer (Alive)
Because I wiped to lance the last time I was given a Miltank in johto, may as well go for the salty runback on the species. Normal types in general tend to be reliable tanks, and Panzer was no exception.
Hypno, Psychosis (Alive)
Yep, shiny! Physical/special splits trip me up a lot but I did get to use the elemental punches a lot I suppose.
Skarmory, Swordsman (Alive)
Late catch but I can't use fearow in all of my Johto runs I suppose.
Octillery, Octoling (Alive)
Super late catch, only really used during Kanto and red, despite being present during the Johto E4
Furfrou, Ol'Reliable (Alive)
Pretty much a repeat of what furfrou did in the 2013 X run. Just does not die to anything short of a crit special attack.
Beheeyem, Mooninite (Alive)
So glad to get beheeyem into the Hall of fame, considering its such a rare encounter in gen V, especially when you'd really want to be using chandelure anyway if given the choice. Was gonna go for elygem but the extra power was needed at a lot of points. (blame gen VII's trainer EVs)
Scrafty, Cranium (Alive)
After a lot of dark weaknesses started stacking, my answer came in the form of a scrafty. Not the ideal mon with the speed stat, but still very workable on the bulk end of the table.
Naganadel, Adhesive (Alive)
I thought this wasn't actually usable by my 560 BST rule, but turns out naganadel only has a BST of 540! Probably still a bit too powerful to be used in a run with beast boost, but the coverage it provided during the E4 was just too valuable to pass up.
Huntail, Savage (Dead)
So sad I couldn't get her into the hall of fame, but I needed a switch during the hau fight and everyone else was still required to some extent.
Alolian Ninetales, Bait Strat (Dead)
Okay at this point I'm like "okay I've used ninetales too much during my runs" and ended up using her just to take out hau's noivern.
Any dupe encounters were replaced by randomized pokemon from gens I-IV
Ampharos, Electric Reed LightningReed (Alive)
The only out-of-dex mon that survived until the endgame, Lack of weaknesses made her a pretty consistent tank, kinda unusual for an electric type.
Whimsicott, Dandilion (Alive)
Giga drain. that is all.
Alomomola, Aloe (Alive)
Absurdly bulky but not very strong. Still did decent work based on typing alone for what its worth
Darmaritan, PepperPult (Dead)
If you're using any other fire type in B/W that isn't chandelure, then you are probably self-challenging yourself. That includes emboar.
Krookodile, ChilliBean (Dead)
Not that I wanted to use krook, the typing's just too useful to pass up. when it came to the E4.
Accelegor, Cactus (Dead)
Probably one of the most absurd srats I've used in a nuzlocke was using her to take out gheists hydreigon with struggle bug + bug buzz (bug buzz by itself barely didn't OHKO so struggle bug was needed... and also barely pushed fire blast into a 2-hit KO with accelegor's sassy nature.
Also notable in being the only name theme run I've stuck with the whole way through, might actually do a plants vs. zombies-named run again now that I've played PvZ heroes which has a LOT more plant names to choose from
Delphox, Specs (Alive)
Nerd fox. Also needed some kind of vengance for losing my fennekin to the double furfrou couple in the 2013 blind run.
Wormadam-T, Cloak (Alive)
Oddly useful for a wormadam. I would say "kind of fell off during the lategame" but Diantha's gardevior took her for a joke and died like a chump. (Even paralyzed, MGardevior was still faster)
Vibrava, Quickiefly (Alive)
Pure grade-A eviolite meme. Only survived because Diantha opted for head smash on the switch-in, which just barely pushed earthquake into being a KO.
Azumarill, ProblemChild (Alive)
Obligitory "I don't wanna use this thing but the stats are too good to pass up." pokemon I seem to have in every run. Not much else to say about that.
Skuntank, Turnpike (Alive)
Niche E4 swap. Mainly used for some dark-weak mons like Diantha's gourgeist. Kinda want to use a skuntank during a full run though...
Raichu, Nubby (Dead)
Ripachu. Despite being an early catch she was boxed for most of the run and brought out as an endgame gyarados counter. She did fine until she died trying to nuzzle Diantha's mega gardevior.
Elementlocke being that pokemon of my primary type (grass, in this case) could use any moves but other pokemon could only use moves of my secondary types (normal, fighting, rock, flying, and ice)
Meganium, Spice (level 50, Alive)
I'll admit, was pretty underwhelming in the endgame and I probably could have replaced her with leafeon if she didn't need to tank will's exeggutor at one point. She did her work in the maingame though so it was more a case of her not needing to do much in the E4 rather than being bad in general.
Exeggutor, Coconut (level 50, Alive)
She singlehandedly saved this run at a few points with zoom lens boosted sleep powder, which neutralized a few VERY dangerous threats that could have snowballed otherwise. (koga's forretress and muk, karen's gengar, lance's gyarados)
Fearow, Pear (level 50, Alive)
Fearows always do well with me, and this one was no exception. Always a solid physical flying type in the region, stepping to places where pidgies dare not fly.
Hitmonchan, A Box (level 50, Alive)
seems like an odd choice for a hitmon but he managed to pull his weight in the final two fights, taking out karen's umbreon and houndoom and one-shotting all 3 of lance's dragons with nevermeltice boosted ice punches. (also I think that's the first time hitmonchan's been accepted into the HG/SS HoF!)
Mamoswine, Truffle (level 50, Alive)
He was used exactly once to beat will's second xatu. Aside from that he was just he backup strat if things went horribly wrong in the E4.
Golem, Pebbles (level 50, Dead)
This was just "oops sudowoodo died to clair I need another fire type counter." And she did that role. Took out lance's charizard and golem which nobody else could have done safely and then died to level 50 dragonite because I didn't want to risk hitmonchan instead. (which was a good call because it used outrage)
Venusaur, Seedler (Alive)
Quagsire, Bell (Alive)
Gallade, Knuckleduster (Alive)
Pyroar, Catch-22 (Alive)
Weavile, Ms. Claw (Alive)
Alolan Golem, Galboulder (Dead)
Not much to really say about them, which is odd since this was my most recent nuzlocke. I guess I'm just not good with notepadlockes?
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Pokédex Entry
Just a guy who does way too many Nuzlockes but never documents them.

Deathless run of Pokemon Silver! Final team was Meganium, Furret, Steelix, Gengar, Beedrill, and Crobat. I had 17 Pokemon caught according to the Pokedex: 3 for Meganium, 2 for Furret, 3 for Steelix (traded for Bellsprout in Violet City), 3 for Gengar, 2 for Beedrill (caught as Kakuna), 3 for Crobat, and 1 for Chinchou (HM slave, I didn't have anyone who could learn Waterfall or Whirlpool). It was a really fun run, Undyne the Gengar was definitely the MVP due to a few very clutch moments.

This was done for a Team Omega Weekend Challenge, where the required ruleset was Notepad clause plus a few extra rules - or Notepad++, as I've taken to calling it. Essentially, I cannot catch any Pokemon if my team is full, and if I have any deaths, the Pokemon cannot be replaced. This means I can only use six Pokemon throughout the entire run. Since I also used this run for UCL, I tacked on the Nuzlocke Extreme ruleset: set mode, no items in battle, and a level limit set at the level of the next gym leader/Champion. Nice and easy! :wooper:

1786 1787
Undyne (Gengar), caught in Sprout Tower. She was key to taking down Bugsy and Whitney, as her Curse allowed me to do enough damage to take out the bulky Scyther and the milk-drinking Miltank. She dunked on several Team Rocket Grunts by taking zero damage from their Self-Destruct Koffings, and ended up beating half of Will's and Bruno's teams as well as pulling off solo sweeps of Koga and Lance. Plus, she had the most clutch moment of the run, surviving a critical Surf from Clair's Kingdra with 1 HP, as shown in the right screenshot. She more than lived up to her name of Undyne the Undying, and she was the easy MVP of this run, despite how good everyone else was.

Alphys (Crobat), caught in Dark Cave. Crobats are always solid, and Alphys was no exception. She was rarely in any danger thanks to her exceptional all-around stats, and she was instrumental in many difficult fights. She was the only one able to take on Karen's Houndoom, switching in on Flamethrower and 2HKOing it with Return after surviving a second Flamethrower. Crobat's one of my favorite Pokemon due to its reliability, and Alphys had that in spades.

Kris (Beedrill), caught on Route 30. Kris has always been the weakest member of the team, but she never let that get her down. She hit hard with Return and Sludge Bomb, and she stayed useful until the very end, taking down Karen's Umbreon and Vileplume. Beedrill is always fun, if frustrating, to use in Nuzlockes, and while Kris was a valuable member of the team, I was always a bit worried when she was on the battlefield. I'm glad my little Kakuna managed to make it all the way to the end!

ROCKY (Steelix), aka Papyrus, traded for Bellsprout in Violet City. He was brilliant as all Steelixes are, tanking physical hits like a champ and even taking on my rival's Typhlosion at the end of Victory Road. Papyrus didn't see much use during the Elite Four, but he was absolutely vital during every stage of the run. His typing made him a safe switch-in to 90% of the game, and while it took a while to get his best STABs - Iron Tail and Earthquake - he used Dig and Return to great effect for most of the run. He's been an absolute rock ever since I got the Hive Badge, and he fully deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame.

Sans (Furret), caught on Route 29. Sans was my first catch, and his versatility was my only option for a lot of the early game. His super early evolution at level 15 made him my strongest member up until Morty, when everyone else started to evolve. Despite not being the strongest member of my team, though, he definitely put in a ton of work, whether it involved carrying HMs or taking out tough opponents with his elemental punches or powerful Return. I've always considered Furret to be a very underrated Pokemon, and I'm glad Sans was able to prove his quality in this run.

Chara (Meganium), received in New Back Town. Chara was my starter, my pal, and my reliable panic button whenever things went south. He did great whenever he was called upon, and his screens and Synthesis came in handy quite a few times. Meganium's a damn solid Pokemon, and I'm always a bit saddened when I see people bash it, since it's really quite good. Chara more than deserves his spot in the Hall of Fame, and he's been the best team captain a trainer could ask for.

And that's the team! I'll reiterate what I said before, since I had more Pokedex entries than I should've. I had 17 Pokemon caught according to the Pokedex: 3 for Meganium, 2 for Furret, 3 for Steelix (traded for Bellsprout in Violet City), 3 for Gengar, 2 for Beedrill (caught as Kakuna), 3 for Crobat, and 1 for Chinchou (HM slave, I didn't have anyone who could learn Waterfall or Whirlpool). The Notepad++ ruleset was really interesting, and it was honestly quite nice to never have to worry about catching new Pokemon or switching team members in and out. I maybe should've avoided some catches and waited for better things, but I have no regrets about the team I used. We got through the run deathless, after all! See y'all in the next weekend challenge, maybe I'll actually do Black 2 like I said I would next time. :P


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A while ago I nuzlocked a cool fangame called Pokemon Solar Light and Lunar Dark. It was a completely blind run, with all region-designed fakemon, and some surprisingly really hard fights. Unfortunately I had a grand total of 11 deaths, including my Starter, and faced a lot of unprecedented coverage and unlucky crits. The survivors are here.

Pho (Phovixen) @ Enigma Berry - ALIVE
Gender: Female
Typing: Fairy
Ability: Super Luck
Level: 74
Modest Nature
Lovely Kiss/Shadow Ball/Mystic Wave*/Flash Cannon
Stats: 70/62/61/88/88/106
* = custom Fairy move, 80 P 100 ACC

I couldn’t nickname you, so I just thought of you as “Pho” all game. And as strange as your situation was, I’m so glad that I took my chances on you. That first chance was when I traded you for a fished-up Pokémon before the second Gym. As I was playing the run blind, I had no clue what your typing would be, and as I had no Water type then (or for ages) I was trading away a potentially really valuable catch. And when you turned out to be a Fairy type against many Fighting and Dark type opponents, with a great Nature and Ability, I knew that I’d picked the right option. In sending you to train against the Dark type Gym trainers, hoping to switch-grind, I watched horrified as you faced up against an Arena Trap Grass/Dark type, which was fully evolved and many levels above you - but, with a lot of healing, you KOed him and then proceeded to pretty much sweep the (fairly tricky) Dark-type Gym Leader when no-one else could.

I kept you on the team, with the Eviolite when I had to, but you eventually fell behind and I could find no way to make you evolve. But, even when you were just backup, I kept you at pace with the team’s levels all the way (I used the EXP Share sooooo much) until I finally found the stone that evolved you at the market before Gym 6. And then, when you evolved, I gave you a second chance and you went back on the team. You made great use of TMs and Lovely Kiss - even running dual screens for a while - and swept and tanked so much. Your versatility, typing and coverage has been really helpful, and you proved your worth and held your own against the Fairy and Dragon E4 members when no-one else could take the hits and OHKO in return. One time, against the Dragon E4 member, your Lovely Kiss and Mystic Wave strategy saved other team members from falling. It’s been a long journey, and I’m so glad that you stuck by me. All my chances and patience paid off.

Nim (Cirribus) @ Damp Rock - ALIVE
Gender: Female
Typing: Flying
Ability: Drizzle
Level: 74
Rash Nature
Thunder/Weather Ball/Whirlwind/Hurricane
Stats: 90/45/60/125/101/74

I caught you before Gym 6, and already had a (not-so-great) Flying type, but immediately added you to the team once I saw your Ability. As predicted, you learned moves that let you become a powerful and unstoppable wallbreaker in the rain. You did really well against the Grass and Water Gyms and the Team Solar boss, showing that even the most powerful Megas or Fire types could fall to Weather Ball and Hurricane. You pulled your weight against bosses and rivals’ teams that just had to be dealt with quickly, including Rival Joey’s terrifying new Mega (his Water/Poison Starter, which I was already scared of), and anything weak to Flying couldn’t last a turn against you. You worked wonders in the Elite 4 and as a lead in the pre-E4 Tournaments which could use Whirlwind to phase set-up sweepers. And then, when my team was mourning and hurting, you took down 3/4 of the Champion's Pokemon by yourself. In this way you saved many teammates from falling by OHKOing so much that could have killed them. You may have had many close calls, but you were created to wreck faces and once my team kept you safe you pulled it off beautifully. Never has a Pokemon been more deserving of the Hall of Fame.

Celes (Snuffuzz) @ Leftovers - ALIVE
Gender: Female
Typing: Normal
Ability: Overcoat
Level: 73
Bold Nature
Return/Hone Claws/Super Fang/Earthquake
Stats: 95/70/85/40/70/60

My first catch, my second starter, my fave design in the game. When I saw your pre-evolution’s design, a cute hamster with adorable eyes and a lucky star, I wanted one on the team right away. I named you after a video game character associated with luck and gambling, and we needed all the luck we could get. When sweepers and Starters fell to unexpected crits and coverage, while your video game namesake got burnt up and crushed to death, you kept trucking along and surviving. You shrugged off hit after hit, including Fighting type attacks, with your surprisingly high defensive stats and HP. Yawn and Super Fang, combined with you only having one weakness, let you wear down intimidating defensive threats from Gyms and rivals alike, while Crunch (when it was on you) let you become the Psychic and Ghost counter throughout most of the game. Even your Ability, Overcoat, became really useful against the Sandstorm and the Hail Gyms.

Late-game, you were falling behind and needed a lot more support, but still remained a useful pivot and took down a few from the Rock and - surprisingly - Normal and Dragon E4 with your Super Fang and Earthquake moveset. Yes, you helped in the Dragon E4 against a Dragon/Fire type. I never thought a “typical Route 1 rodent” could do something like this, but you did your best with what you had. When my Starter died, when so many died around me I felt tempted to restart the run, but you were always using whatever you could to help me. Enjoy your retirement. I was very lucky to catch you.


Prism (Cryodra) @ Cryodrite - ALIVE
Gender: Male
Typing: Ice/Dragon
Ability: Heatproof
Level: 73
Brave Nature
Ice Beam/Flash Cannon/Surf/Thunder Wave
Stats (normal): 90/60/70/115/135/70
Stats (Mega): 90/60/90/145/160/95

Ah, Prism. I’d lost my Starter before he got the chance to Mega Evolve, after a horribly OP Fire/Flying bird tanked his Rock Tomb attack before crit OHKOing him. So I wasn’t pleased when the game, with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, said: “MAYBE THERE’S A POKEMON THAT CAN MEGA OVER THERE, DON’T YOU WANT TO CATCH IT”.

I already had a Water/Dragon type at the time, one that I’d raised from an Egg given after Gym 4, and I was still bitter about my Starter. So I rejected the game’s kind offer and boxed you out of spite, even though I was about to face a Grass Type Gym. But after Gym 7, when I lost my Water/Dragon type to an unexpected coverage attack from Team Solar, I reluctantly added you to the team. I got your evolution item by accident and mistakenly taught you Surf (which I couldn’t get rid of as I don’t think there’s a Move Deleter in the game), so it was a bit of a bumpy start. But to my surprise you did well, taking out many of the Pokémon in Victory Road and Mega Evolving to tank threats from the Water Gym Trainers and the rivals’ Pokémon. You even saved the team from a few grinding deaths. And when I found another Pokémon that could Mega Evolve, that covered some much needed team coverage, I realised that I really didn’t want to replace you. I’d become too attached, after all.

And in the Elite 4 and the pre-League Tournaments, my attachment paid off. You took down most of the tournament Pokemon by yourself, saving the whole team from wiping. You dealt with many in the Normal type Elite 4, avenged Chie’s death by Mega Evolving and taking down that horrible Illusion-using trickster of a Pokemon, and even took down some from the Dragon type E4 along with Pho - if something was needed, you’d step in and do it. Sometimes it takes a Mega to fight a Mega and you proved yourself so, so well. You had a bad Nature but you didn't let a thing like that ever get in the way of being awesome. And now, when I look at you, I don’t see you as a replacement. You were always as much a part of the team as everyone else.

Chie (Smaqua) @ Weakness Policy (lost the Focus Sash to the Rock E4 member)- DEAD
Gender: Male
Typing: Water/Fighting
Ability: Huge Power
Level: 74
Brave Nature
Bulk Up/Taunt/Superpower/Aqua Jet
Stats: 70/70/80/52/65/81

You were named after another video game character, one that trekked through dream worlds and tranquil scenes. When I caught you, I was rebuilding my team before Gym 6. Like Pho, your great nature and Ability (as well as the fact that I was up against an Ice type Gym later) made me add you to the team and begin training you. You pretty much saved the team against that Gym - and from many threatening Pokemon from Rick, Team Solar and Team Lunar. Huge Power, Superpower, Bulk Up and Aqua Jet go together really well, and you didn’t need much else. Not only were you a high-powered Physical Attacker, not only could you set up and sweep, not only could you stop set-up sweepers with Taunt and did that in the League, but you proved yourself and smacked holes in everything that was weak to Fighting, while picking off key threats with Aqua Jet.

You were a genuinely good Pokemon and great teammate, whose niche and skill continued to run through the League. Nim’s boosted Drizzle really helped you to shine, and when you helped to crush the tournament Pokemon and then the Rock E4 and Normal E4 members. But something weird was happening when I tried to set you against a Normal type Pokemon. I should have recognised it from a Pokemon I’d boxed before training, but you were up against a Normal/Ghost type with the Illusion Ability. When it shot Special Attacks at other teammates and Superpower didn’t affect what looked like a plain Normal type, I was confused. But then, I was horrified as it OHKOed you with a crit Dazzling Gleam. It was a horrible loss, a mistake on my part to send you out there instead of being wary, to even forget that a Dazzling Gleam Pokemon with Illusion might be on a Normal Type E4 member. My decision cost you and I’m so, so sorry.

Saffron (Signileaf) @ Light Clay - ALIVE
Gender: Female
Typing: Grass/Electric
Ability: Volt Absorb
Level: 74
Jolly Nature
Discharge/Giga Drain/Light Screen/Reflect
Stats: 95/65/80/115/90/65

The flower, the run's MVP, my bulky ally who was sent in to defeat as many threats as you could. You’ve been with me since Gym 4, when (after battling one of your line there) I realised how unique and impressive your line could be. I held off evolving you for as long as I could, and changed around your moveset throughout the game, but no matter of tinkering could prevent you from being awesome. You made mincemeat of the Ground and Water Gyms and got sent in to deal with the dealt with the scarily strong Starters from both rivals, despite one Starter having Poison as a secondary type. You also held off your fair share of rivals and threats, and your durability rapidly increased with Giga Drain while paralysing with Discharge whenever you could. You tanked SE hits with ease, whittling and outlasting whatever you could, and often got sent in when I had no further options and just needed someone to try.

In the Elite 4, when no-one else could tank the attacks, you did. You leading and using Light Screen and Reflect in the Tournament and League while whittling down so many enemies saved our team many, many times from attacks that could’ve wiped us. You set up against and defeated the Champion’s Mega, helped demolish the Rock and Fairy E4 members, and even helped with the Dragon and Normal ones too. You were the one who could tank the hits that no-one else could - not even Celes - and not just take down your fair share of threats but protect the whole team while you did so. Welcome to the Hall of Fame, my enduring sun-charged flower. The whole team thanks you for shielding them.

"Hey look, everyone. We made it."
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Here's the team from my last finished attempt. Can't remember the levels though.

Sprig the (Mega) Sceptile.
Originally had to rely on Mega Evolution and Lightning Rod to keep up with the rest of the team, due to the line's horrible special movepool and Energy Ball not being available until after the Delta Episode. As soon as I remembered the Pledge Moves though (after Wallace), Sprig gained a move that was able to propel it to new heights.

Halas II, the (Mega) Manectric
Notice that 'II' mark there. This was my second member of the Manectric line after the first one died just before evolving. If Sprig wasn't Mega Evolving during a battle, Halas did, and in double battles, Halas could supercharge Sprig's Mega form with Discharge.

Ivanna the Crobat
Was originally going to be named Ivan, then I noticed I'd caught a girl. Ivanna helped me through a number of tight spots, especially given that this was a Vs. Nuzlocke and me and my friend were battling between each Gym, and we were using all the battle styles. Ivanna here used Toxic to cause the downfall of a Mega Altaria during a Rotation Battle. Also evolved from Zubat to Crobat between Brawly and Wattson. Definitely gave my friend a surprise to see a Level 21 Crobat when it was a Zubat last time.

Helga the Machamp
Arguably the most generic member of the team. I really cannot remember much of what Helga did. She proved extremely useful during the battles in Petalburg Gym and against Team Aqua though.

Juan the Milotic
Took advantage of the easier Feebas mechanics during ORAS to finally give this guy a try. Originally faced some difficulty at the start as his moveset developed, and I think I landed one with low Spec. Attack IVs. Eventually though he came into his own, especially once we got moves like Surf and Ice Beam.

Morrigan the Gothitelle
As part of the rules, I was allowed one Dexnav encounter. I chose Morrigan to act as a Special Tank. She came in really late though, so she didn't get much time to shine.
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Here are my non-documented Nuzlocke Hall of Famers:

Yvan the Yveltal, Lv. 71, alive
Yes, I kept using a Legendary in a Nuzlocke and if I would have turned this run into a comic, I may used the reason for using it as "revenge for what Team Flare has done" (2 of my Pokémon died through them) and just for I really like Yveltal's design!

Mara the Swalot, Lv. 70, alive

I never really bothered or trained anyone of the Gulpin line until Mara came into play for being such an amazing Tank and being a Poison-type expert!

Ronan the Pidgeot, Lv. 75. alive

The local forced route 2 encounter before knowing it to be 100% Pidgey the first time getting on that route. Anyway.. He made it til the very end, being my faithful fly-user! I love Pidgeot anyway!

Francis the Pyroar, Lv. 77, alive

My Fire-type expert! I loved having him in my team and being a very loyal companion!

Max the Aegislash, Lv. 77, alive

Another powerful companion in my nuzlocke team, I don't have so much to state about him.

Lucio the Blastoise, Lv. 77, alive

Lucio is definitely the most important team member to mention and honor for he got my "new" loyal starter after my real starter, Shira the Froakie painfully died during the 1st gym already by Vivillon's Infestation... (RIP Shira Lv. 5-Lv.11)

I also did a kind of Nuzocke on X but with one major exception that when a Pokemon fainted in-game, I threw a Xerneas-designed coin to "let Xerneas decide" whether the fallen Pokemon will be revived or not, I wasn't documenting the run anyway, so I did it just "for the lulz"

Oliver the Delphox, Lv. 77, alive

Trustworthy Starter, would have been a wizard-like oracle if being a Gijinka or this run being turned into a comic.

Saoirse the Vaporeon, Lv. 77, alive

The first time I trained a Vaporeon, being my surf-expert and as Gijinka she'd be like a Mermaid with irish accent and heritage.

Janine the Garchomp, Lv. 75, alive

I caught her as Gible in the Kalos badlands thinking "yay! getting to train a dragon type in a Nuz" and wasn't disappointed though Mega-Evolution on her wasn't an option (Mega-Stone wasn't available before H.o.F.) I think I had a close call on her death-wise but can't remember when that was...

Cordula the Gourgeist, Lv. 76, alive (revived)

I guess she's the biggest Nuzlocke sinner in my run for I trade-evolved her to become a Gourgeist. She died through a Trainer's Pokémon using Destiny Bond (CURSE THAT MOVE!!!) but Xerneas had mercy on her and brought her back...
If she'd be a Gijinka/the run had a comic, she'd be a spirit of a child/teen inside that Pokémon who died back in the Kalosian war 3000 years ago who lived in a ranch that was specialized in selling Pumpkins /training Pumpkaboos and Pumpdjinns.

Marvin the Venusaur, Lv. 75, alive

He's my chill Tank who Petal-Blizzarded everyone out of its way and always looked charming doing it no matter if in his normal or its Mega-Evolved state.

Abella the Florges, Lv. 78, alive


I didn't document that run but it indirectly plays a role as "what happened 3 years ago prior to my main "Nuzlocke comic Dawn of the Absol: an Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke" plot?"

Melody the Ninetales, lv. 68, alive

She was the last member I took in my final team, it took a while to bring her equal to level as my other team members.

Yun the Alakazam, Lv. 66, alive

The first time I considered training the Abra line. I didn't regret it! I trade-evolved him for becoming an Alakazam. He covered with moves of types I didn't have like Electric (Charge Beam), Fairy (Dazzling Gleam) and Ghost (Shadow Ball)

Furia the Gyarados, Lv. 65, deceased

Including Mega-Evolition, she was one of the strongest in my team and my surf/dive/waterfall user.

She gloriously fell in the final battle with Champion Steven against his Metagross that Giga-Impacted her into Nirvana... RIP, Furia!

Thalia the Swellow, Lv. 65, alive

It's rare to have a Swellow getting into the Hall of Fame, isn't it? She'll have a minor role in my "Dawn of the Absol: an Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke" but won't reveal what role she'll play yet.

Juju the Sceptile, Lv. 68, alive

The main reason I chose the Treecko line as starter pokemon was the fact that I played as Ruby/Brendan and was inspired by the Pokémon Generations episode "The Vision" where her raids the Magma Base with his Sceptile! Juju also has a minor role in "Dawn of the Absol: an Alpha Sapphire Nuzlocke".

Buck the Flygon, Lv. 65, alive

My flying expert and fierce Dragon type!

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Gonna go ahead and import my Hall of Fame teams from my old Nuzlockes here....

Mitchell the Swampert: Level 63.
Modest Nature. Torrent.
Knows Earthquake, Surf, Brick Break, and Ice Beam.

Primula the Mightyena: Level 63.
Docile nature. Intimidate.
Knows Fire Fang, Dig, Sand Attack, and Crunch.

Yui the Gardevoir: Level 63.
Brave nature. Trace.
Knows Shadow Ball, Psychic, Moonblast, and Thunderbolt.

Koenma the Aggron: Level 63.
Careful nature. Sturdy.
Knows Rock Slide, Earthquake, Iron Head, and Brick Break.

Zaratras the Vileplume: Level 62.
Calm nature. Chlorophyll.
Knows Dazzling Gleam, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, and Petal Blizzard.

Ganz the Skarmory: Level 62.
Brave nature. Keen Eye.
Knows Steel Wing, Fly, Night Slash, and X-Scissor.

The naming theme I chose for this run was that all Pokemon nicknames would be decided by the Anime Characters Database, which you might remember as being how Morpha picked names for his Pokemon in Morpha's Sinlocke Spectacular - Greedlocke Edition (RIP), so if any of the names sound familiar to you, then this is why. I bring this up here because Mitchell is the exception to the rule, as I didn't like his original name (Orga) and wanted something different. Anyways, I decided to pick Mudkip for this Nuzlocke because I had used the Treecko line in both of my past Hoenn nuzlockes and wanted something different, and I didn't pick Torchic because , so that only left Mudkip as my starter. Cut to Mitchell proceeding to drag my team all across Hoenn. Mitch got so powerful and so high-leveled that I used him against anything I thought he could handle! He ended up getting so powerful that I had to box him for a bit so that the others could catch up! I thought at the beginning of the Nuzlocke that Mitchell's Modest nature would end up screwing him over, since I've always associated Swamperts with being Physical attackers, but it turns out that they're just as good with Special Attacks! Surf was all Mitch needed to take out his opponents, and his Physical attack was high enough to make Earthquake, Brick Break, and Dig while he had it deal some dents into his opponents. Mitchell even got to do some work in the Elite 5, taking out Pokemon from Glacia, Drake, and Steven. Overall, because of how powerful he was at the start, and how many Pokemon he got to take out throught the entire journey, I give Mitchell the Run MVP Award. I couldn't have asked for a better starter.

Ahem, getting ahead of myself. Anyways, Mightyena is one of, if not my favorite, Dark-type Pokemon. I'd need a refresher on the list of every Dark-type Pokemon, but right now Mightyena is the king of the Dark types. It primarily revolves around the design, the eyes make it seem intimidating but the fur looks so fluffy that I just want to pet it until it evaporates into nothingness. Unfortunately, Mightyena didn't have the stats nor the availability for me to be able to put it on a team. However, ORAS made the brilliant decision to make a Poochyena that knows an Elemental fang accessible via the DexNav, boosting the usability of Mightyena considerably. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my own prevented me from getting said Poochyena for the last two Nuzlockes...until now. When I was able to catch Primula, I instantly knew that she would be on my party until her death, which thankfully never happened. Fire Fang, while it's usefulness might've waned as the journey progressed, was still enough to take out Bug and Grass types during the start of the journey, and the usefulness of Crunch and Bite while she had it has never been hindered! Primula even got to see action in the Elite 4, taking out Pokemon from Sidney, Glacia, Steven, and ESPECIALLY Phoebe. She saw more action against the Elite 4 than Ganz or Zaratras! Overall, Primula might not have seen as many battles towards the end of the journey, but I am still proud of Primula for being able to survive the entire journey.

You should've seen the look on my face when I got a Ralts as a regular, out of left field, DexNav free encounter. Granted, the nature would've been more beneficial for a Gallade (c'mon GameFreak, female Gallades would be so cool), and Yui was a bit of an XP sponge when she was a Ralts and even a Kirlia, but when Yui evolved into a Gardevoir...all that stood in her way fell. Psychic and Dazzling Gleam when she had it toyed with the feeble minds of her opponents, and Thunderbolt and Charge Beam when she had it helped Zaratras with taking down Water Pokemon and opponents aligning to Team Aqua. Yui also cleaned Drake's clock in the Elite 4, while also taking down Pokemon from Sidney and Phoebe. Overall, Gardevoir is a Pokemon I've heard a lot of great things about, and now that I've used one, I can clearly see why!

This isn't the first time I've used an Aggron in an ORAS Nuzlocke. That honor belongs to Dylan in my first ORAS Nuzlocke. However, while Dylan was powerful...I caught him at the Victory Road. Dylan was powerful enough to leave a good impression of me, but I wanted more. I wanted to see what an Aron or a Lairon could do. Thankfully, I had estimated that if I hold out on a Granite Cave catch, then I hold a greater chance of getting a Pokemon that'll have a lasting effect on my team, like Sableye, Mawile...or Aron. I caught Koenma immediately after beating Wattson, and...if it wasn't Mitchell carrying my team, then it was certainly Koenma. Koenma had defense for DAYS, hit like a truck, had one of the greatest natures for an Aggron, and had moves that could swiftly deal with any gym leader Pokemon that I might view as questionable. He proved especially helpful against Norman and Winona, as well as Sidney and Steven. In conclusion, Koenma helped show me that the Aron line is one of the most powerful lines in all of Hoenn...and honestly, Aggron might be my favorite Pokemon from Gen. 3.

Before this Nuzlocke, I had always preferred Bellossom over Vileplume. I hear all around town that Vileplume is better because it has better Special Attack and a better movepool, but I've always found Bellossom more appealling. Bellossom was cute, it always looked like it wanted to break out into random fits of dancing, and its cry is freaking adorable. Vileplume has the giant flower on it's head, and that's nice...but that's also about it. Most of the time I can't even remember Vileplume's name. Even as I'm typing this, I'm not sure that Vileplume is Vileplume's name. However, when I first caught Zaratras as an Oddish, I knew that he would grow up to be a Vileplume because I need the Special Attack power on my side and I have absolutely no idea where a Sun Stone is in Hoenn. Throughout the journey, Zaratras served as my primary means of taking out Water type Pokemon and people that worked for Team Aqua. Yui helped, but at the time she had Charge Beam to take them out, and I don't like using moves that don't have 100% accuracy. While he did do great against Team Aqua and multiple Gym Leaders, he had the least presence in the Elite 4, only appearing against Sidney. I was even tempted to leave him off of the final team in place of more coverage, but for all that he's done for the team...I couldn't do it. He's earned his spot. Also, Zaratras is an awesome name and whoever came up with that name deserves a raise of some kind.

The last 5 Pokemon were my main five Pokemon. I've had all of them throughout the majority of the journey...and because of that, I've had a hard time trying to fill the final 6th party slot. For the longest time, Ganz has filled the sixth slot because I needed a flier at the time and he also provided coverage against Fighting types, which I always worry about. However, as time grew on, Ganz began proving his worth by taking out any opponent I send out against him! Like with Zaratras, I had thought about boxing Ganz and putting in someone else with more coverage, but...I think I've had Ganz for so long, and I've boxed old party members in place of new ones for the Elite 4 team in the past, and I think I just wanted to subvert that for at least one run. Ganz was still a fantastic mon, though.

Miyuki the Starmie: Level 60.
Naive nature. Illuminate.
Knows Thunderbolt, Surf, Psychic, and Ice Beam.

Matthis the Banette: Level 61.
Docile nature. Insomnia.
Knows Will-O-Wisp, Feint Attack, Phantom Force, and Shadow Claw.

Yoshika the Raichu: Level 61.
Gentle nature. Static.
Knows Thunderbolt, Double Team, Dig, and Brick Break.

Ringo the Tentacruel: Level 51.
Serious nature. Clear Body.
Knows Dive, Venoshock, Poison Jab, and Toxic.

This post is getting long, so I'm gonna keep this brief. These 4 are my honorable mentions, Pokemon that have helped me across the journey that I initially considered putting on the final team before eventually going with the six above. Miyuki provided my team with much-needed coverage and helped take out Wallace and Victory Road trainers, Matthis helped take out Fighting types and took out Wally's Mega Gallade, Yoshika helped Zaratras take out Water types while Yui was still waiting for the Thunderbolt TM, and Ringo poisoned Primal Kyogre (should really change her moveset). All of them were instrumental in helping me get to the Elite 4, and all of them kicked ass in their own rights.

Fritz the Ferrothorn: Level 62.
Gentle nature. Iron Barbs.
Knows Iron Head, Power Whip, Payback, and Bulldoze.

Ivan the Chandelure: Level 62.
Gentle nature. Flash Fire.
Knows Energy Ball, Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, and Shadow Ball.

Ashleigh the Heracross: Level 62.
Calm nature. Swarm.
Knows Megahorn, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, and Shadow Claw.

Courtney the Mamoswine: Level 62.
Relaxed nature. Oblivious.
Knows AncientPower, Ice Fang, Earthquake, and Iron Head.

Ryan the Starmie: Level 62. DECEASED.
Rash nature. Illuminate.
Knew Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt.

Madeline the Drapion: Level 60. DECEASED.
Quiet nature. Battle Armor.
Knew Brick Break, Cross Poison, Ice Fang, and Night Slash.

Fun fact, Fritz is the oldest Pokemon on the team (Finishing team, at least. The oldest Pokemon on my overall team is my Krookodile). I caught him at Chargestone Cave. That should be reflective as to my luck during this run. I put him on the party because I needed a counter for Water-types and he was the most reliable counter I had, despite Power Whip's questionable accuracy. As time progressed, not only did Fritz prove to be a solid counter against Water-types, but he also proved to be an exceptional tank. I could always count on him to take on an opponent with Iron Head and Power Whip whenever I wasn't sure any other Pokemon couldn't take a hit from any other Pokemon. The battle against Iris's Haxorus really proved his worth, when Fritz was still at full-health and all my other counters were either dead or too damaged to reliably send in. I saw her Haxorus use Earthquake on him...and he survived with 5 HP. He then finished the Haxorus off with Iron Head. Granted, that fight pretty much put him out of commission, but if he was killed by that Haxorus...I don't know if I would've won. Overall, because of how long he's been on my team, how many hits he's taken, and how many opponents he's taken out, I declare Fritz to be the MVP of the run. Now I just need to introduce him to Siobhan and the two might become good friends...

Actually, while Ivan was unbelievably kickass and probably took out more opponents than Fritz did...part of me kinda wishes he wasn't on the team. Before him, I had an Emboar that was kickass and I thought would last with me until the end of the game. Then a Heracross took him away from me and I was looking for replacements. But then I remembered...at Celestial Tower I had caught a Litwick because I didn't want a Elgyem (although I used a Beheeyem in the PWT and it turns out they're actually pretty good) and I didn't want to use my Pansear in the offchance that my Emboar bit the dust. I put Ivan on the team, and almost immediately he began proving his worth, using Shadow Ball and Flamethrower/Flame Burst when I had it to demolish all that stood against him! Ivan especially proved to be effective against Marshal and ESPECIALLY against Caitlin, where my other counter to her Pokemon died against Shauntal. Overall, Ivan was exceptional, but I sorta wish Lawrence the Emboar was in his place. I can't even say Ivan's a reincarnated Lawrence because I caught Ivan long before Lawrence died and...y'know, it just occured to me that I shouldn't be badmouthing one of the scariest Pokemon lines in the Pokedex. On to Ashleigh.

Ashleigh has a lot of similarities to Ivan. Heracross, like Chandelure, was a Pokemon that I wanted to use BADLY in a Nuzlocke. However, because I had an Emboar at the time I had caught Ashleigh, like Ivan, I put her in the PC. Then once Lawrence died, it opened a spot on my team that Ashleigh filled, like Ivan. Once she was on the team, she quickly proved her worth by taking down her opponents with little trouble, just like Ivan. Now that I think about it, Lawrence was also killed...by a Heracross. If I didn't know any better, I'd think that Ashleigh and Ivan conspired to have Lawrence killed so that they would be on the team...Meh, that seems like a stretch. Regardless, Ashleigh taught me all about how powerful Heracrosses could be, bad nature notwithstanding. Brick Break and Aerial Ace helped against Team Plasma, Marshal, Grimsley, and Iris. Even Megahorn, while too inaccurate for my tastes, helped against select Victory Road trainers. Overall, Ashleigh more than made up for the sour taste Heracrosses left after killing my Emboar. My only complaint is that she couldn't learn X-Scissor, because moves that don't have 100% accuracy scare me.

Like Chandelure and Heracross, Mamoswine was also a Pokemon that I had wanted to use in a Nuzlocke, because mammoths are fucking awesome and because the Mamoswine I had in my regular playthrough of Pokemon X was a BAMF. However, unlike Ivan and Ashleigh, Courtney didn't need to wait for a Pokemon to die to join the team. At around Humilau City, I had caught her as a Piloswine and I had wondered if I should put her in the party or keep Henry, my Krookodile, on the team. Ultimately, I decided that I needed the help against Iris more than I needed help against Shauntal and Caitlin. However, while Courtney was badass, and while I'm very glad that she's still alive and on the party, I feel like...that wasn't a very good decision. I say this because the Pokemon that I had intended to help fight Shauntal and Caitlin died against Shauntal, requiring me to change my strategies against the two. Not to mention that I don't think Courtney ever got to take down anyone against Iris because her attempt to take down Hydreigon resulted in her losing too much health. Regardless, Courtney was a kickass member of my team. Just wish there could've been a way for her to Ice Shard...

Unlike the last three Pokemon, Starmie is a Pokemon that I am ALL to familiar with. Ryan marks the third time in 11 nuzlockes where I've used a Starmie. They're like the Water-type Charizards. And...much like Charizard, I think I'm all Starmie-d out. Not that Ryan wasn't terrible or anything, Starmie's one of the only Gen. 1 Pokemon that's been able to survive the test of time, but...it's mostly the repetition. Regardless of the frequency I've used its species, Ryan was a very reliable Pokemon, as Starmies usually are. Whenever I wasn't sure who should take out an opponent, I could always send out Ryan and it would consistently be able to take out the opponent. Ryan also helped out in the Elite 5, particularly against Caitlin, Marshal, and Iris...until the point where Ryan met its end, against Iris's Haxorus. Overall, Ryan was a great Pokemon. I wish the battle didn't have to end with its death, but...unless I can get my time machine fully functioning, there's not a lot I can do about it.

Madeline was the second oldest Pokemon on my HOF team, and while I really wanted to bring a Drapion on my team...I didn't have a place for it. Then I needed counters for Drayden, and I found out that Drapion could learn the Elemental Fangs via Move Relearner, and Madeline was on the team ever since. Like Ryan, she was a very reliable Pokemon whose defenses could help her take any sort of attack that came her way and her attack stat would bring down the opponents before they could do any significant damage. I had envisioned her making it all the way to the top in memory of Scorpio, my last Drapion that got taken from me way too soon. However, those dreams were cut significantly short, as Madeline was killed by Shauntal's Chandelure. Well, I was able to bring a Drapion to the top. Next time I should hope to bring a Drapion to the top and alive...

Henry the Krookodile: Level 60.
Impish nature. Intimidate.
Knows Foul Play, Brick Break, Crunch, and Earthquake.

Frederick the Jellicent: Level 60.
Mild nature. Water Absorb.
Knows Psychic, Shadow Ball, Surf, and Ice Beam.

Henry and Frederick get honorable mentions for being Pokemon that I staved over whether or not they should join the team. They both filled certain holes, but they also created new ones. They could make some battles easier, but some battles harder. Ultimately, despite getting trained to a high-enough level, I decided to let them stay in the PC. While I kinda wish Henry was on the team in place of Courtney, I do think I made a better decision putting Ryan on the team instead of Frederick. I think my team needed the extra coverage and speed.

Henry is technically the oldest Pokemon I have with me, going back all the way since Burgh. Since then, he's been Biting, Crunching, and Digging all that stood against him. It did pain me to have to leave out my favorite Pokemon from Gen. 5 off the winning team, but...he's already seen plenty of friends die before him. I think it's probably for the best that he took a break.

FEEL THE WRATH OF PRINGLES! Now that I got that out of the way, Frederick was competing with Ryan to be my main Water-type. Frederick was great, especially as a counter for Fighting types, but...Ryan and Ivan just sorta pushed him off the team.

Well, I've got 2 empty slots on my team, so back on they go. As for my next Nuzlocke...still got no clue.

Justin the Sceptile: Level 66.
Hasty nature. Overgrow.
Knows X-Scissor, Brick Break, Grass Pledge, and Earthquake.

Kasai the Charizard: Level 69.
Rash nature. Blaze.
Knows Earthquake, Fly, Flamethrower, and Fire Pledge.

Crescent the Vaporeon: Level 66.
Modest nature. Water Absorb.
Knows Ice Beam, Dive, Bite, and Surf.

Kyle the Electivire: Level 67.
Timid nature. Motor Drive.
Knows Earthquake, Brick Break, Thunder Punch, and Thief.

Chandler the Togekiss: Level 66.
Timid nature. Serene Grace.
Knows Magical Leaf, Dazzling Gleam, Aura Sphere, and Air Slash.

Alexander the Zoroark: Level 68.
Timid nature. Illusion.
Knows Secret Power, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, and Night Daze.

Being the son of Dustin, the Sceptile in my last Nuzlocke of Alpha Sapphire, Justin had a lot to live up to, and since he managed to emerge from the Elite 4 alive and at a lower level than his father was when he got inducted, not to mention having them both having the same movepool...I'd say he lived up to it! Justin was the traditional badass Sceptile, Grass Pledge-ing the crap out of Roxanne, Wallace, and most of Team Aqua! However, it was with Justin that I realized how...inconvenient Sceptile's movepool really is. Sceptile does have some good moves, but the problem is...they're almost all physical and don't benefit from Sceptile's great Special Attack and the one's that do benefit from that stat are either made redundant by another attack, won't benefit Sceptile against other attacks, or have shit accuracy or some other crippling drawback. Thankfully, Justin made what he had work, and I bet his father's proud of him.

Seriously though, when I saw...someone give me a Japanese Charmander, I instantly saw it as Kasai from my last AS Wonderlocke, looking to finally become a Charizard and dethrone Steven as the champion of Hoenn, and as the representative of things past, Kasai showed the rookies how it was done! Kasai's Crowning Moment of Awesome came in the Steven battle, where it was his Mega-Charizard Y versus Steven's Mega-Metagross. I was a little worried that he couldn't take out the Metagross, but once his Flamethrower hit...there was nothing left of Kasai's opponent. Overall, I'd say because of all that Kasai has done for my team, as well as all the opponent's he's taken down, I think Kasai is the MVP of the run.

Crescent's name might've fit him better if I had evolved him into an Umbreon or maybe an Espeon, but...the Modest nature doesn't really fit Umbreon well and I really needed a Water type at the time that I partied him. Besides, who says you can't watch a Crescent moon on a boat, surrounded by water?
Anyways, as the first Eeveelution that I've taken all the way in a Nuzlocke, Crescent was...great! His movepool was pretty limited, but it wasn't as limited as Justin or Alexander's movepool...but more on that later. For now, all Crescent needed was Surf and Ice Beam to take out his opponents, particularly Drake and one or two of Steven's pokemon. Espeon is still my favorite Eeveelution, but Crescent's performance definitely moved Vaporeon up to Number 2 on the list!

Ahem. Anyways, I had got Kyle when I Wonder-Trading sea mons (lol) and I was super excited to see Kyle being traded to me, especially since I had just lost my Electric type fighting Kyogre. Then I found out that Kyle was Timid, and I...was not happy. I eventually realized that this may be the only opportunity that I could get to actually train an Electivire and decided to disregard the nature, and...turns out Kyle didn't care about the minus attack nature! His monstrous attack was still enough to take down Wallace, Glacia, and even one of Steven's mons! I've always wanted to use an Electivire, and Kyle has shown me just how badass they really are!

Chandler is the second Togekiss that I've managed to take all the way, and just for the sake of confirmation, yes, Kings Rock Serene Grace Togekisses are still better than sex. Only difference between Chandler and Brett (my last Togekiss) is that while Brett could safely take down Steel types with Aura Sphere, Chandler...couldn't, because Fairies. On the plus side, now Chandler can destroy Dragons and now has more than one option when it comes to destroying Dark types. I'm sure the two will become fast friends during their time in the Pokebank of Justice.

Well, Alexander the Zoroark finally got his spot in the Hall of Fame. For context, in my Nuzlocke of Pokemon X, I had originally planned on using a Zoroark named Alexander as my final team member because he could help me take down Wikstrom with Flamethrower...but then I encountered Paarthurnax the Shiny Druddigon and promptly boxed Alexander. Cut to this present Nuzlocke, where I got traded a Zorua by...someone. Content with the team I had, I left him in the box...until before I challenged Wallace, because by then I was looking at the team to face the Elite 4, and it was suggested by Hawkfire that I bring a Dark type for Phoebe. I then looked through my box, and literally the ONLY DARK TYPE I HAD WAS ALEXANDER. I didn't even get traded a Poochyena. How I managed to pull that off, I may never know. Regardless I trained him up to everyone else's level, and...he might've been the weakest member of the team. I'm still glad he was on the team, he took down Phoebe and Glacia's Froslasses quickly, but my main problem with Alexander was his movepool. Maybe I was just using Zoroark wrong, but it seemed like all he knew were Dark type moves, moves that benefited from his attack stat, the weaker of the 2 attack stats, and Flamethrower for some reason. Regardless, Alexander did his job, so I'm still glad that he's alive.

Ash the Hariyama: Level 57.
Hasty nature. Guts.
Knows Earthquake, Knock Off, Rock Smash, and Brick Break.

D'Brickashaw the Meowstic: Level 55.
Relaxed nature. Keen Eye.
Knows Disarming Voice, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Psychic.

Rajean the Vespiquen: Level 52.
Adamant nature. Pressure.
Knows Thief, Aerial Ace, Attack Order, and Heal Order.

Erin the Dragonite: Level 55.
Timid nature. Inner Focus.
Knows Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, Water Pulse, and Extreme Speed.

These 4 were Pokemon that I wanted to take all the way to the top but couldn't for various reasons. Ash because I wanted another Drake counter and Chandler could do just about anything she could do, D'Brickashaw because there isn't really a lot of spots for a Psychic type to shine against the Elite 4, and Rajean and Erin because...they didn't really have a spot on my team. But bitches love Dragonite and I'm probably never gonna get a chance to use a Vespiquen again...

As for my next Nuzlocke...I have no idea.

Rajean the Vespiquen: Level 84.
Adamant nature. Pressure.
Knows Thief, Aerial Ace, Attack Order, and Heal Order.

Mondo the Shiny Lunatone: Level 86.
Sassy nature. Levitate.
Knows Hypnosis, Ice Beam, Psychic, and Shadow Ball.

Gaia the Torterra: Level 83.
Lonely nature. Overgrow.
Knows Giga Drain, Crunch, Earthquake, and Razor Leaf.

Erin the Dragonite: Level 85. DECEASED.
Timid nature. Inner Focus.
Knew Dragon Claw, Thunderbolt, Waterfall, and Earthquake.

Ken the Blaziken: Level 86. DECEASED.
Adamant nature. Blaze.
Knew Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Brick Break, and Flame Charge.

Naveen the Greninja: Level 86. DECEASED.
Modest nature. Protean.
Knew Dark Pulse, Extrasensory, Ice Beam, and Surf.

These pokemon were the 6 members of Nuzlocke Team Beta, which I used to complete the Delta Episode. For the record, none of the members of Nuzlocke Team Alpha (my last team) died, I just got WTed so many awesome pokemon that I wanted to give other Pokemon some time in the spotlight. The Delta Episode was dominated primarily by Rajean, Erin, and Naveen, thanks to their movepool diversity and high attack stats. Mondo and Gaia were also able to make several appearances, and I don't think I used Ken at all during the Delta Episode.

Satisfied with how my team did in the Delta Episode, I decided to rematch Hoenn's Elite 4...and to my surprise, it ended up being the first Elite 4 run where I had casualties. Of the six, the only Pokemon to survive were Rajean, Gaia, and surprisingly Mondo. How the moon managed to survive something that a Pseudo-Legendary and the only 2 starters in the Uber tier couldn't is beyond me. Naveen was the first to die, perishing against Glacia when I wasn't thinking right, Ken died against Drake...although against what I forget, and Erin was sooooooo close to surviving, but she was done in by Steven's Mega-Metagross.

The three survivors each share MVP status. Rajean for how many opponents she took down in the Delta Episode, Gaia because I believe she took down the most pokemon in the Elite 4, and Mondo because...Mondo managed to take down several opponents and still managed to survive what a Pseudo-Legendary and the uber starters couldn't.

I'm very proud of the survivors, and may Erin, Ken, and Naveen rest happily in the afterlife.

Cassie the Charizard: Level 77.
Hardy nature. Blaze.
Knows Brick Break, Fly, Flamethrower, and Solar Beam.

Gwen the Sylveon: Level 82.
Modest nature. Cute Charm.
Knows Shadow Ball, Moonblast, Quick Attack, and Light Screen.

Nicole the Banette: Level 82.
Brave nature. Insomnia.
Knows Shadow Claw, Confuse Ray, Thunderbolt, and Thief.

Allison the Donphan: Level 76.
Naughty nature. Sturdy.
Knows Strength, Poison Jab, Earthquake, and Rock Tomb.

Calypso the Starmie: Level 76.
Bold nature. Natural Cure.
Knows Ice Beam, Psychic, Surf, and Thunderbolt.

Siobhan the Ferrothorn: Level 76.
Relaxed nature. Iron Barbs.
Knows Iron Head, Energy Ball, Payback, and Power Whip.

At first I really didn't want to use Cassie. I had literally just used a Charizard in my last Wonderlocke, I already had a Fennekin and a Fletchling, and Charmanders are to Wonderlockes what Zubats are to regular Nuzlockes; there may be some playthroughs where you don't find one, but 9/10 times you're gonna get one. At the time I got her, I had decided that I'll keep her around for a while until I get a counter for any later gyms. Then my Fennekin (Braixen at the moment) and my Fletchling (Fletchlinder at the moment) died. Upon their deaths, I had no choice but to reconcile with the fact that Cassie is here to stay, and made her the new Team Leader. Since then, Cassie was kicking ass, destroying Ramos, Wulfric, and even some of Clemont's pokemon! Cassie also excelled against Wikstrom, Diantha, and Siebold, surprisingly enough. Overall, because of how long Cassie was on the team, and because of how many of her opponents she demolished, I'd say that Cassie is the MVP of the run....although I have to say I'm a bit...Charizard-ed out. Now all that's left to do is have Austin and Kasai the Charizards fight for her hand in honor...

Since Eevee's are about as common in Wonderlockes as Charmanders are, it seemed just about inevitable for me to get an Eevee, but what Eeveelution Gwen would be remained to be seen until I actually got her. By the time Gwen came onto my team, her nature narrowed her Eeveelution to Sylveon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Glaceon, and Jolteon. Glaceon was out because I didn't want to wait that long for a Glaceon, Jolteon was out because I didn't know where to get a Thunder Stone and couldn't be arsed to find out, Vaporeon was towards the bottom of the list because I had literally just used a Vaporeon in the last Wonderlocke, so it was either Sylveon or Espeon...and then I got a Ralts, making both redundant. I don't remember precisely what it was that caused me to lean towards Sylveon, I think it could have something to do with Grant, but...Gwen became a Sylveon. Her movepool left a bit to be desired, but I was quite impressed with Gwen's ability to quickly destroy her opponents! All she really needed was Moonblast/Dazzling Gleam when she had it to demolish all Dragon and Dark types she came up against! I don't know if her performance was enough to jump Sylveon into the top 3 Eeveelutions, but she certainly made Sylveon jump somewhere into the top 5! Now all that's left to do is introduce her to Crescent the Vaporeon and see how they hit it off...

Alongside Gwen and Cassie, Nicole was someone I've had in the party for a long time, partied some time between Viola and Grant. Nicole boasts the highest attack on the team, with a whopping 276 attack stat! Unfortunately for Nicole, she didn't really have a movepool that complimented her massive attack, learning only Ghost/Dark physical moves (which are almost the same type) and special moves of multiple different types. Because of that, Nicole...wasn't used at all during the Elite 5. There were several opportunities for Nicole to get some action; Siebold's Starmie, Diantha's Hawlucha, AZ's Sigilyph to name a few, but I think I forgot about her and just sent out Calypso. Regardless, she more than pulled her weight during the journey, she practically soloed Olympia and helped take out Korrina. In theory, I COULD'VE boxed her for the Elite 5 and pick someone more useful...but if I did that, then Nicole would've haunted me from beyond the cartridge...Banette's are said to have sprouted from hatred...

...Well, Allison actually was a Donphan when I got her, and when I got her I was really excited because Donphan is one of my favorite pokemon! I love elephants, and I heard that it was pretty good so I had wanted to use one. However, I never had the opportunity to use a Donphan and find out for myself...until I got sent Allison. Overall, Allison was...pretty good. Early Earthquake means that she could demolish Clemont, and Poison Jab actually made her my go-to when it comes to killing fairies, at least until I got Siobhan and until she got Iron Head. Her low special defense was worrying, especially since not very effective moves seemed to take away almost more than half her health, but Allison managed to defeat her opponents nevertheless. Overall, I'm very glad I got to use her, and I'm glad that she's still alive.

At the time I'd gotten Calypso, I thought "Yes! I love Starmies! They'd be my favorite Gen. 1 Water types if Blastoise wasn't a Pokemon...Oh yeah, my Mantine is already doing a really good job as my Water type and I've never used a Mantine...You know what, I'll keep using Mantine and if she dies, then the Staryu is getting on the team." Then the Mantine died and Calypso the Staryu got on the team. Since then, Calypso became one of the most prominent members of my team, Thunderbolting and Surfing all that stood in her way. However, the time when Calypso really got her chance to shine came in the Elite 5, where she appeared against every member except Wikstrom and took them all down with ease (probably to Nicole's chagrin). She had a close call against Diantha's Tyrantrum, in fact I was quite sure that she was going to die, but thankfully she was able to survive and slaughter the beast. Overall, while Cassie may be the MVP of the run, I'd say Calypso was the MVP of the Elite 5 conquest. Now all that's left to do is to introduce her to Gavin the Starmie and see how the two hit it off.

Siobhan joined my team at precisely the right moment, as I needed a counter for Water types at the moment and I hadn't acquired Calypso yet, so I couldn't just have her use Thunderbolt. When I got her, I instantly put her on the team...and then I cursed when I realized that the only attacking Grass move Ferroseed/Ferrothorn can learn by level-up was Power Whip, a move I had some experience with back in my Alphabetlocke. Power Whip frightened me because of it's 85 accuracy, making me constantly fear that it'll miss attacks more often than it'll hit. However, it turned out that Power Whip wasn't Siobhan's most used move...but Iron Head. Siobhan found herself combatting Water Types less and less (except for Lysandre's Mega Gyarados and Siebold's Barbaracle) and combating Fairies more and more. She even got to deal the final blow against Diantha's Mega Gardevoir. Her speed was worrying, but overall because of what she did, and because she took out both Mega's in the game, I believe that she more than earned her spot on the final team.

FYI, this team is comprised of 2 representatives from each team. I wanted equal representation since each team gave me their all, and I didn't trust myself to not save during the Elite 5 battles. Twice. Not to mention all the grinding I would have to do...
Anyways, onto the team. Lukasz and Philippos represent Team Pokemon Name, Cloelius and Béibhinn represent Team Species Name, and Deitra and Brendon represent Team Nickname.

Lukasz the Delphox: Level 78. Docile nature.
Knows Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Mystical Fire, and Psychic.

Philippos the Carnivine: Level 77. Bold nature.
Knows Energy Ball, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, and Crunch.

Cloelius the Lucario: Level 80. Hasty nature.
Knows Brick Break, Poison Jab, Dragon Pulse, and Shadow Ball.

Béibhinn the Gyarados: Level 76. Naive nature.
Knows Bite, Waterfall, Earthquake, and Ice Fang.

Deitra the Florges: Level 79. Hasty nature.
Knows Energy Ball, Petal Blizzard, Dazzling Gleam, and Lucky Chant.

Brendon the Hippowdon: Level 72. Naive nature.
Knows Fire Fang, Rock Tomb, Crunch, and Earthquake.

Ahem, got ahead of myself a bit. Anyways, I took Lukasz over the other two starters because the Fennekin line has by far the best letters of the three Kalos starters, and while Richter the Braixen didn't exactly leave with my thinking of the Fennekin line as a good starter-line (blame the Adamant nature), Lukasz MORE than made up for Richter's lackluster performance. (It feels wrong to speak ill of the dead...) All he needed was Flamethrower, Psychic, and dat Special Attack stat to bend his opponents into submission! He was thiiiis close to getting kicked off Team Pokemon Name, but thank Christ that never happened.
Also, apparently his name is pronounced "Woo-Kah-Sh". The more you know...

Bah, did it again. Anyways, I didn't think much of Philippos when I first caught him...until I realized his pokemon and species name guaranteed him a spot on both teams. Not recalling a moment when somebody actually took a Carnivine to the top (Philippos is actually the first Carnivine to be mentioned in this topic), I decided to give him a whirl, and considering all that I just mentioned above...he wasn't bad. Because nobody on my team could learn Thunderbolt, he served as my main water counter. He even got to see some action in the Elite 5, taking out Siebold's Clawitzer and Starmie, Diantha's Tyrantrum (or rather made it so that Tyrantrum would kill itself due to recoil), and AZ's Golurk.
Not much left to say except...FIRST!

Cloelius. Clo-motherfucking-elius. X&Y Lucarios are a force to be reckoned with, but I didn't know that they would be THAT GOOD. This BAMF is definitely the MVP of the run. He had power for days, with more power waiting inside him with that Mega-Evolution, his moves packed a dent in his opponents, such as Wulfric's entire team, Lysandre's Mega-Gyarados, Wikstrom's team, and Diantha's Aurorus and M-Gardevoir, and his awesome letters meant that he has a spot on 2 of the 3 teams! Originally, I wasn't a fan of using Lucario's in X&Y, because they're just about everywhere and some variety in team choices is always appreciated in my eyes, but now...well, I still think they're a bit overused, but they're still badass!

There's...not a lot I can say about Béibhinn, since I haven't had her for a long time. That didn't mean that she was bad though, far from it. She got blessed with good letters, and she's proven to me many times that she would be more than just dead weight, as she Waterfalled and Bit her way through anything. She took care of Malva, with some help from Brendon, and she managed to prevail in the Biting mirror match against Siebold's own Gyarados.

Like with Lukasz, Deitra has been with me for a long time, since just after beating the first gym, actually. She did have solid letters...but so did a lot of other mons. As a result, she kept getting pushed down the ladder and into the PC, and in the end, she barely made the final cut, but that was enough to earn her a spot in the final roster for Team Nickname and onto my final team. Like Layla, my last Florges, she proved vital in the Elite 5 battles, taking out Siebold's Barbaracle, Drasna's Noivern and Druddigon, and Diantha's Goodra. Was she better than Layla, though?
...Actually, I think they were both equally good.

Yeaaaah, in case you couldn't tell by the level difference, I only decided to put Brendon on the team...this morning. Before this locke, Hippowdon was a mon that I liked on design alone, but never really found much of an opportunity to use. However, once the Random Name Gods gave Brendon his name, he cemented his spot on Team Nickname and...holy wow, these guys are powerful. Earthquake and Crunch were more than enough to take care of his adversaries, and even though he had the least amount of appearances in the Elite 5, Brendon still proved his efficiency in the battles, taking out Malva's Torkoal and Pyroar, as well as AZ's Torkoal and Sigilyph. All in all, I'm really glad I gave Brendon a shot, he was awesome.

Cloelius and Béibhinn were also part of this team.

Adrijan the Talonflame: Level 68. Timid nature.
Knows Steel Wing, Flame Thrower, Acrobatics, and Fly.
Thanks to his name, Adrijan has been with me from the start of the game to right before the Elite 5, and although the nature is undesirable, as well as the reason I think I prefer Fyreth and Pyrrha, he still hasn't let me down, and he's definitely hasn't hindered my positive outlook on Talonflames.

Cathrine the Klefki: Level 63. Naive nature.
Knows Foul Play, Dazzling Gleam, Mirror Shot, and Thunder Wave.
That lack of an "E" between the H and the R bothered me a lot more than it should've...
Anyways, Klefki's are rather infamous in the competitive world, and...yeah, she wasn't bad, but pokemon centered around using status moves aren't my cup of tea.

Ferdinanda the Altaria: Level 51. Lonely nature.
Knows Dragon Dance, Dragon Breath, Cotton Guard, and Dragon Pulse.
I'll be completely honest, I have not used Ferdinanda. I caught her just before fighting Wulfric, and by the time she was caught, the Pokemon name team had just made it's last rotation. All that she really did was kick Silvia the Floatzel out of the running to make the final team.

Severin the Aurorus: Level 53. Naive nature.
Knows Bulldoze, Ancient Power, Thunderbolt, and Aurora Beam.
Severin...hoo boy, Severin. Severin and I aren't on very good terms, mostly because it took him until just before the Pokemon name team's final rotation to evolve. While the EXP Share gave everyone else levels like candy, Severin just kept sitting behind and refused to gain any levels. Now that he finally became an Aurorus, he...was capable, but not capable enough to make the final team.

Eogan the Azumarill: Level 71. Bashful nature.
Knows Play Rough, Grass Knot, Brick Break, and Surf.
Eogan has been with me since the start of the run, much like Adrijan and Deitra, but Eogan had easily the bets letters of any mon, with A's in 2 of the 3 teams, only barely getting cut out of the Nickname team once better nicknames were getting given. He's also kicked a lot of butt, thanks to moves like Play Rough and Surf. His ability isn't even Huge Power, it's THICK FAT.
However, that esd why Eogan may not make the final cut. It's not that he was bad, quite the opposite, but when compared to other members of the team, he isn't nearly as powerful as them, even taken his high level into consideration.

Lyubomir the Durant: Level 70. Naughty nature.
Knows X-Scissor, Crunch, Dig, and Iron Head.
If you couldn't tell by the levels, I originally planned to use Lyubomir in the final team, with Philippos and Béibhinn representing Team Species Name and Cloelius assisting Deitra in representing Team Nickname. However, I realized that if he was on the team, then Malva would give me a harder time, and decided to box him for Brendon, which also caused several other mons to switch representations. Lyubomir wasn't bad, though, he did have a lot of powerful attacks.

Philippos and Eogan were also on this team.

Merav the Gigalith: Level 59. Jolly nature.
Knows Power Gem, Rock Slide, Bulldoze, and Strength.
Merav was really lucky that she managed a Gigalith. When I first caught her she had shit letters and I thought that she would spend the rest of her life in the box. However, thanks to the massacre at Route 12, she managed to earn a ticket on the team and eventually managed to evolve twice over. I viewed Merav as the TSN equivalent of Brendon, in that she could take out Flying and Electric types with ease.

MARIA THE YVELTAL: Level 53. Rash nature.
Knows Cut, Oblivion Wing, Fly, and Dark Pulse.
Yep. The mascot of Y managed to make my Species name team. That being said...I think I only used it twice, maybe three times in the span I've had it. Legendaries just aren't that fun to use when the game isn't steamrolling over you. I still can't believe that Maria was the name that the Random Name Gods gave Yveltal.

That...was not a fun Nuzlocke. A lot of deaths, a lot of dumb decisions, and the grinding...ugh. There's still Alder to dethrone, but with all the grinding that I'd have to do AGAIN just to survive the spontaneous level curve, then all the grinding I'd need to do for Elite 5 rematches and Alder...yeah, Alder can keep his position as Unova Champion.
Regardless of my negative outlook on the Nuzlocke...I liked my final team. Plenty of pokemon I enjoyed using, and all of them were powerhouses! Let's take a look at the survivors!

Owen the Samurott: Level 55.
Impish nature. Torrent.
Knows Waterfall, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, Surf

Jennifer the Stoutland: Level 58.
Serious nature. Sand Rush.
Knows Return, Fire Fang, Crunch, and Ice Fang.

Carolyn the Leavanny: Level 56.
Careful nature. Chlorophyll.
Knows Shadow Claw, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace, and Leaf Blade.

Taylor the Conkeldurr: Level 58.
Bold nature. Sheer Force.
Knows Hammer Arm, Strength, Dig, and Poison Jab.

Graham the Golurk: Level 55.
Docile nature. Iron Fist.
Knows Rock Slide, Shadow Punch, Earthquake and Fly.

Sassy nature. Teravolt.
Knows DragonBreath, Slash, Zen Headbutt, and Fusion Bolt.

Owen is not only the THIRD starter I've managed to take all the way, but he's also my first starter I've taken all the way that ISN'T A FIRE TYPE! WOOHOO! Throughout the journey, Owen was a powerhouse, drowning his opponents with the liquids of defeat, showing his victims who the TRUE Ace of Aerials are, and even made Surf work during the down time when he didn't have Waterfall. He didn't get to see a lot of work in the Elite 4, N, or Dennis battles, but he showed up every now and then, and I'm just glad to Owen...OWN the Nuzlocke...I'm sorry, I had to...

Not only is Jennifer the second pure Normal type I've taken all the way, as well as my first catch of the Nuzlocke, for a while Jennifer also supplied my team with some much needed coverage! Fire, Ice, and Electric Fang (while I still had the last one) as well as Crunch made Jennifer a reliable switch in! In the end, I only used Crunch against Caitlin and Return against Ghetsis' Eelektross and one other mon that I can't remember. That didn't change the fact that she was still incredibly useful! I'm glad to see my first catch in the Nuzlocke at the top and in 1 piece!

As weird as it may sound, I think Carolyn is the MVP of the run. She, much like just about everyone else on the team, was a physical powerhouse and mastered specific elements, Grass and Bug in her case. However, the thing that separates Carolyn from the others, and why she's the MVP in the first place, is her typing. Grass and Bug is a HORRIBLE typing, with weaknesses galore and not a lot of resistances. Yet with all those weaknesses in mind, Carolyn DOMINATED! She disposed of her opponents swiftly and only had one close call, against N's Carracosta. Regardless, Grimsley, Caitlin, said Carracosta, and Dennis's Seismitoad all fell to her! Now, she may relax at the castle in Unova...and spend the rest of her life with Owen, who I shipped with her to no end.

When I first saw Taylor and his Attack reducing nature, I thought "Well, enjoy the box, Tay." and partied Quon the Mienfoo for some Fighting coverage. Then Quon died, and as I looked at my box, I realized that if I wanted a Fighting type on my team...I'd have to put Taylor on the team. I did so, and little did I know that Taylor's Attack reducing nature...didn't hinder him in the slightest! Dig was a great replacement for Earthquake (Because SOMEONE thought it was a good idea to have all the good TMs only be available postgame), and Hammer Arm is pure POWER! Who cares about the Speed decrease it brings? Taylor was gonna move last anyway! Highlights for Taylor include breaking Grimsley's back, and OHKO-ing Dennis's hacked Hydreigon! All hail Taylor, Unova's Hercules!

At the time of arriving at the Elite 4 building, I knew that I'd need a counter for Marshal because Unova fighting types are scarier than most modern horror movies. My choice for a Marshal counter was either gonna be Graham, or a...level 9 Frillish. I wasn't about to do so much grinding, so I partied Graham. With enough skill and strategy, Graham was able to successfully SWEEP MARSHAL. He wasn't done with Marshal, though...he still took down some of Caitlin and Dennis's mons! I bet Ufuoma, my last Golett, is proud of what Graham has done.

Yin...was the typical pre-N Zekrom. It took down N's Reshiram and Ghetsis's Cofagrigus. Its work is done.

Amanda the Excadrill: Level 48.
Lonely nature. Sand Force.
Knows Rock Slide, Brick Break, Earthquake, and X-Scissor.

Hanna the Vanilluxe: Level 50. DECEASED.
Sassy nature. Ice Body.
Knew Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Mirror Coat, and Hail.
These two women were Pokemon I wish I could've taken all the way, but couldn't. Amanda I actually took with to fight the Elite 4, where she even got to knock out Grimsley's Liepard, but I boxed her for Yin because she was the lowest level, and Jennifer and Taylor could do just about everything she could do.

Hanna, on the other hand...oh God, her death pissed me off. She was one level away from joining her friends in the Elite 6 conquest, but a Durant that pulled an Iron Head out of nowhere (no other Durant she faced used that move), and she was gone. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally wanted to take her all the way, but...it just wasn't meant to be.

Overall, if there was one word I would use to describe this Nuzlocke, it would be...surprise. I was surprised with some of the encounters, I was surprised with how little casualties I got (3, the second lowest body count of all my Nuzlockes), I was surprised with the outcome of some major battles, I was surprised that I was able to still find my 3DS and AS cartridge after I left it on the bus, and I was very surprised that I managed to make it out of the Elite 5 casualty-free!
I maaaaaaaay have overdone the Blissey base grinding a bit, but I still had several close calls...mostly with Steven. Regardless, my team managed to overcome the challenges and emerge alive and victorious! Here's my final team!

Dustin the Sceptile: Level 69.
Careful nature. Overgrow.
Knows Earthquake, Brick Break, Grass Pledge, and X-Scissor.

Cameron the Camerupt: Level 69.
Gentle nature. Solid Rock.
Knows Lava Plume, Rock Slide, Earthquake, and Flamethrower.

Ran the Absol: Level 72.
Gentle nature. Super Luck.
Knows Night Slash, Rock Tomb, X-Scissor, and Psycho Cut.

Dylan the Aggron: Level 69.
Docile nature. Sturdy.
Knows Rock Slide, Brick Break, Earthquake, and Iron Head.

Paul the Lanturn: Level 67.
Modest nature. Volt Absorb.
Knows Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Surf, and Thunderbolt.

Luke the Clawitzer: Level 68.
Sassy nature. Mega Launcher.
Knows Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, Ice Beam, and Aura Sphere.

I'm very glad to have taken Dustin all the way. Not only is Dustin a Sceptile, one of my favorite Grass starters, but with his induction as my 4th starter Pokemon taken all the way, I have now taken a Starter pokemon of each traditional starter type to the Hall of Fame! Ever since he was a Treecko, Dustin's been a badass, taking down Roxanne, and then working to deal punishment onto Wattson, Norman, Tate & Liza, Wallace, and most of Team Aqua, alongside Laura the Cospikachu! While I decided to box Laura, Dustin still managed to kick ass in her place! He didn't get to see a lot of attention during the Elite 5, but he did get to take down some of Sidney's pokemon. I don't care that GameFreak keeps thinking Sceptile's a Physical attacker, Sceptile is awesome!

Cameron...whoo boy, Cam the Man. When I temporarily lost my cartridge and 3DS, I was especially worried that I would never see you again because YOU WERE AWESOME! Your early Earthquake, your beastly attack and special attack, your awesome design...I missed you during that down time. And yes, despite the over-prevalence of water in Alpha Sapphire, Cameron was a beast. He destroyed his opponents with Earthquake and...whatever Fire moves he had, and his Rock Slide helped him ground Winona! He didn't get to see as much time against Steven as I thought he would get, but he did get to take down some of Glacia's pokemon! Overall, because of how well he took down his opponents, and because of how much water is in Hoenn, I'm giving the Run MVP title to Cameron...Really wish I had his Mega Stone, though. Mega-Camerupt looks so huggable...

Ran's name was suggested by my closest friend, after a character in Detective Conan, and not only is she the highest leveled Pokemon on my team, she's also the only female on the team. However, she certainly had enough girl power with her in the form of her Mega Stone and in her ability Super Luck. I first want to talk about Super Luck because...whoo lordy, Super Luck is a GODSEND! Night Slash was really the only move she needed to take down her opponents, and her Mega-Evolution gave her more power! It's just the cherry on top! Ran wasn't the first Absol I've used, that would be Selig in my Y-Alphabetlocke, but thankfully she didn't experience the same fate. They say that Absol's foreshadow disaster, but ironically Ran just kept bringing the team luck! You go, girl!

Dylan was one of three last minute additions to my party. I put him on the team after seeing that I needed an extra counter for Steven because I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket, even if that one basket is a really badass basket. I trained him up to an Aggron, got him his Mega Stone, and then I stared in awe at just how high his Attack and Defense was. His Special Defense was pretty bad, but it's not like I'm just gonna leave him out against a special attack. In the short span I had with Dylan, he really impressed me! He took down some of Sidney and Glacia's pokemon, but his Crowning Moment of Awesome came against Steven Mega-Metagross. Cameron was below half health from a Giga Impact, and his Earthquake failed to kill it. I knew that somebody else would have to take the hit. And then I realized...Dylan tanks every attack his Metagross knows! I sent in Dylan, Mega-Evolved him, and laughed at how little damage another Giga Impact did. 2 Earthquakes later, the battle was won, and my team, thanks to Dylan, was victorious.

Named after Paul McCartney, the writer of the song Yellow Submarine, Paul was put on the team in place of my Gyarados. Delilah the Gyarados wasn't dead, and she also wasn't bad, but I had already used 2 Gyaradoses and wanted to give others a shot at the spotlight, and when I saw that Paul was not only Modest but had the superior ability Volt Absorb...yeah, I had to put him on the team. Paul took a while to train, and he was actually the last to get to the level that I wanted him at, but once he reached that area...he was great! He specialized in dealing with Drake, but he also showed up against Glacia, telling her Sheer Colding Walrein that the cold never bothered him anyway! yes i had to say that stop judging me

Thanking to immediately talking to Professor Elm after shocking the tar outta Primal Kyogre and completely ignoring the lower oceans until getting the National Dex, I was able to acquire a Clauncher in Route 105...after encountering over 9000 Pelippers, but that's beside the point. As I looked through the movesets of the Elite 5, I had realized that, thanks to Paul's Electric typing, he's probably not gonna be able to sweep Drake. So I looked through the box for some extra help and while there were some good contenders to help assist Paul, I had decided to party Luke because his moveset would provide the team with some much-needed coverage...and because I had really wanted to use a Clawitzer. It's my favorite Gen. 6 Water type (yes, more than Greninja) and I haven't had the opportunity to use one. I trained up Luke "The Nuke", and I was generally surprised to see how many times Luke appeared in the battles, appearing against every Elite 5 member except Sidney, I think. I was especially surprised to see him against Steven, but he took down his opponents in one fell swoop, thanks to his ability, his massive Special Attack stat, and his diverse movepool! Overall, I'm very glad that I decided to use a Clawitzer, and I really hope I get another opportunity to use one.

Laura the Cospikachu: Level 60.
Modest nature. Lightning Rod.
Knows Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Meteor Mash, and Dig.

Delilah the Gyarados: Level 52.
Naughty nature. Intimidate.
Knows Strength, Crunch, Ice Fang, and Waterfall.

Eos the Latias: Level 51.
Careful nature. Levitate.
Knows Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Psychic, and Surf.

Acrobat the Crobat: Level 71. (I let her stay around during the Blissey grinding)
Timid nature. Inner Focus.
Knows Fly, Acrobatics, Cross Poison, and Bite.

Delilah the Pelipper: Level 52.
Brave nature. Keen Eye.
Knows Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Surf, and Fly.
This group of girls are a series of powerful pokemon that I had decided to put on my team at some point during my adventure, but decided not to for various reasons. Laura because she was pretty frail and there weren't a lot of opportunities left to use her, Delilah because I had already used 2 Gyaradoses and...Modest Volt Absorb Lanturn, Eos because the game hasn't been harsh enough to justify using her, Acrobat and Delilah because...well they were mostly used for transportation.

Austin the Charizard: For being the first Charizard I've ever trained, Austin was...pretty good. Even though he had an attack-reducing nature, he still had a decent enough special attack stat to burn his opponents to the ground. His mega-evolution was also a massive force of power, and he helped with giving Wikstrom a swift talking to.
I liked to think of him and Chad as best friends, since they were both early-game powerhouses and starter pokemon. So once Chad died, I imagined Austin slowly but steadily stepping up as the team leader while trying to still make Chad proud. And I think he did just that.
Layla the Florges: The only Gen. 6 pokemon on my team and technically the oldest mon as well, since even though I didn't use her until after pwning Team Flare, I did catch her before I got Austin. Anyways, with great Special stats, Layla was an absolute tank, tanking hits from opposing pokemon and returning the favor by Dazzling and Energying them to oblivion. I'm still not a fan of Florges' design, but Layla's definitely proven to me that Florges is a force to be reckoned with.
Thumper the Steelix: The highest leveled mon on my team. Like Florges, I never was a fan of Steelix, mostly because of the design. But like with Layla, Thumper has proven to me what a massive powerhouse Steelix can be. She had a massive defense stat and enough attack to make opposing mons, as well as Wikstrom and Malva, cry for help. She had some close calls because of Iron Tail's poor accuracy, but nothing too serious, thankfully.
Bethany the Politoed: I keep underestimating Bethany's power. Because of having stats that aren't as ostentatiously powerful like with Thumper or Cheshire, I felt like Bethany wouldn't be able to KO her opponents. However, she's proven me wrong time and time again by OHKOing her opponents. Highlights for her include assisting Thumper in decimating Malva and sweeping AZ afterwards.
Cheshire the Gengar: Cheshire is a Timid Gengar. I feel like I could just leave it at that, but I wanna talk about her some more. I was extremely happy to get her, but I was worried about using her because of her notoriously low defenses and the presence of Psychic and Dark moves in the latter half, but Cheshire has proven her worth time and time again, using her Mega-Evolution, her massive special attack stat, and her wonderful movepool to obliterate all who stood in her way, including Drasna and some of Diantha's pokemon. Gengar is my favorite Ghost-Type, and Cheshire is a picture perfect example of why that is.
Paarthurnax the Shiny Druddigon: Of all the mons on my team, Paarthurnax was the newest and the one I used the least. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I caught and partied him (after all he is a shiny), and he was great against Malva and Drasna, but I feel like he could've been better. He had the lesser of the 2 possible abilities, Rough Skin, and he had an attack reducing nature, so I feel like he could've been a massive powerhouse. Regardless, I'm glad he was on the team and I hope he enjoys his life of in-game luxury. Oh, and since my Nuzlocke's over, I'm definitely getting an ability capsule and changing his ability.

Christopher the Reuniclus, Annie the Lapras, and Scorpio the Drapion: All of these guys were powerhouses that I really enjoyed using. Unfortunately, Team Flare took them from me, as I lost Christopher to a really stupid mistake when fighting some admins, and I lost Scorpio and Lapras to FUCKING XERNEAS. I know that Xerneas technically isn't a part of Team Flare, but I fought that fucker during the Team Flare segment, and so I feel that counts. Still hate Xerneas.
Chad the Chesnaught: Oh dear Arceus, Chad. Chad is bar none the worst loss I've encountered thus far. Chesnaught is without question my favorite Gen. 6 stater, and Chad was a massive powerhouse, decimating most of who he was put up against. Unfortunately, I lost him before I reached Victory Road against Robbie's Kingdra. The worst part, though? At this point, I had Layla. I could've just sent her out against the Kingdra and Chad would still be alive, but no "herp de derp Grass is strong against Water, so Chad can take him out no problem!"
Chad, ol buddy, I miss you. I hope you can forgive me for that stupid mistake.
Also, a shoutout to Alexander the Zoroark for being my original choice to fight the Elite 5 with before I met Paarthurnax.

Blake the Typhlosion: Level 53. Serious nature.
Knew Headbutt, Lava Plume, Swift, and Flamethrower.
I DID IT! After losing Richter the Braixen and Chad the Chesnaught, and permaboxing Ryoutou the Greninja, I FINALLY TOOK A STARTER TO THE HALL OF FAME! Blake was a bit of a one-trick pony, but I'll be damned if that one-trick wasn't powerful as all hell! Blake, like most members of the Cyndaquil line, was certainly helpful throughout my journey, helping The Rock cast some Raid all over Bugsy, helping Joseph deal with Falkner, and he set Koga on fire! Typhlosion is my favorite Gen. 2 starter, and Blake was a clear example why.

The Rock the Golem: Level 52. Brave nature.
Knew Strength, Rock Throw, Earthquake, and Rock Polish.
First off, I love The Rock's name. In the case of mons like Joseph and Brett, I actually got them changed to names more human (or in the case of Brett, names I felt fit them better), but with The Rock...I couldn't. It just immediately clicked to me. So simple, yet in my case, so effective. Anyways, The Rock was an absolute barbarian, tanking every hit that came his way and responding by Earthquaking whatever came his way, and even though Rock Throw only had a power of 50 and missed more often than it should've, but with The Rock's massive attack stat and with a little help from the Hard Stone, it was enough to ground any birds or fire-lizards that came his way. The Rock cooked up stony pandemonium, and his opponents could smell it a mile away.

Joseph the Ampharos: Level 52. Hardy nature.
Knew Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, and Flash (I needed it for Whirl Islands, and I didn't know what else to teach him...)
I already took an Ampharos all the way in my Y wonderlocke and in my regular playthroughs of HeartGold and Black 2, but I didn't let that dissuade me and partied him as soon as I hatched him. However, it was with Joseph that I began to realize that Joseph, much like Blake, was a bit of a one-trick pony. He electrocuted his opponents night and day, but that was about it. It helped a little with Signal Beam, but I kept forgetting he had that move. However, also like Blake, I'll be damned if he didn't excel at that one trick. His Thunderbolt was enough to shock his opponents out of the air and leave them begging for mercy. As an Ampharos, a reliable pokemon that has helped me through thick and thin, I expected nothing less.

Brett the Togekiss: Level 52. Naughty nature.
Knew Air Slash, Magical Leaf, Extrasensory, and Aura Sphere.
After losing Constantin the Zubat and catching a Modest and therefore inferior Zubat, I sadly had to give up hope on me utilizing a Crobat during the playthrough and began looking for pokemon that would not only help me against Morty, but help me in the long run. Then I remembered that the HG/SS Togepi came with the egg-move Extrasensory, Morty has a hard time battling against the Togepi line, and Brett had the far superior ability Serene Grace. Curious about what Brett could do against Morty, and also curious about how powerful a Togekiss could be, I quickly evolved Brett, taught him some extra moves, and Brett ended up being imperative against Morty...even if he had an unfortunate tendency to fall asleep. Then I gave him the Kings Rock and OMIGOD KINGS ROCK SERENE GRACE TOGEKISS IS BETTER THAN SEX. Air Slash and Aura Sphere tore through opponents right and left and left his opponents too scared to attack. Brett, daddy's proud of you.

Gavin the Starmie: Level 55. Timid nature.
Knew Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Psychic.
TIMID. BOLT BEAM. STARMIE. I should just finish the speech right there, but Gavin was so badass that I want to talk about him some more. Like Joseph, I had already used a Starmie previously in Black 2, so I knew how poweful they could be. However, at the time I needed a Water type so I can surf to places, and a little research on Bulbapedia and other HG/SS runs told me that, with a little Dupes-Clause exploitation, I can get myself a Starmie, which I felt would be paramount on my team. I exploited the shit out of the Dupes clause and ended up with a Timid Staryu. I then went over to the Game Corner and while I can no longer look at a Voltorb with feeling an extreme urge to Earthquake it straight to hell, Gavin was worth every accursed minute I spent playing that stupid game. Highlights for him included giving Chuck, Bruno, and Koga headaches and turning all 3 of Lance's Dragonites into Dragonite flavored popsicles. God, he was so freaking badass.

Danny the Gyarados: Level 55. Hardy nature.
Knew Ice Fang, Waterfall, Bite, and Dragon Dance.
At the time I partied Danny, I really needed something to counter Ghost and Psychic types, and after failing to capture the Shiny Gyarados (glares at Clarence the Raticate), I realized "Well, I wanted to use a Gyarados, why not train up this Magikarp I got at the Union Cave?" I eventually did so, and Danny ended up becoming a Biting, Waterfalling machine! Then he got Dragon Dance, and nothing stood in his way! Highlights for him include OHKO-ing Karen's Gengar (which I was absolutely terrified of because of DESTINY BOND (shudders)) and facing a Thunder Fang from Lance's Aerodactyl, surviving it with half his health left, and then OKHO-ing it. How have I not used a Gyarados thus far? They're awesome!

Clarence the Raticate: Level 28. Timid nature.
Knew Hyper Fang, Strength, Crunch, and Rock Smash.
At the time I caught Clarence, I was ecstatic because I lost my previous Rattata, Whitney, to a Sudowoodo, and Raticate has the capabilities to run roughshod over Morty. Then I saw that he was Timid, and was dissapointed. Eventually I realized that he was one of the only options that I could use to effectively beat Morty and trained him up to the point where he could evolve and Crunch Morty's ghosts into the after-life. At the time I considered making him a party-member because he could help me against Psychics and Ghosts, but the Timid nature didn't help him as much as it helps Gavin or Cheshire the Gengar. Still, he was good while I had him, even if he killed that Shiny Gyarados I wanted.

Carter the Fearow: Level 31. Serious nature.
Knew Aerial Ace, Fly, Leer, and Pursuit.
Like Gavin and Joseph, I had previous experience using a Fearow in my regular playthrough of Heart Gold. I partied and trained Carter up for Morty because he also was a good counter for his pokemon, and Carter were just as good as Fearow normally is. However, I ended up boxing him because Brett could do everything he could do, and I haven't used a Togekiss before, unlike his species. Still, Carter was a good pokemon, and he was always there when I needed to fly somewhere.

Christina the Floatzel: Level 66. Hardy nature.
Knows Surf, Waterfall, Ice Fang, and Crunch.
Christina actually wasn't the first time I've used a Floatzel in a Nuzlocke. In my first Nuzlocke of Y, I had a Floatzel named Ricardo that I had partied shortly after beating Team Flare. He gained 1 level and then got killed by an Explosion. When you add that experience to the fact that I wasn't really a big fan of Floatzel before I started doing Nuzlockes, you can see that Christina would have a lot to prove, and holy hell she proved all of it in spades. Her attack was great, and while she may not have gotten to do a lot in gyms, she certainly put in overtime against the Elite 5, using Surf to drown Bertha's mons while Waterfalling Flint's mons away from her friends. Ever since I moved my Crobat from battler to flyer, Christina became the oldest mon on my team as well as the leader of my team, so I'm very proud of her still being alive, and I'm more than proud to name her co-MVP. The other co-MVP would probably go to...

Malcolm the Porygon-Z: Level 73. Lonely nature.
Knows Tri Attack, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, and Nasty Plot.
For those of you wondering why Malcolm is such a higher level than the rest of my team, well...I'll get back to you on that. Getting a Porygon in Veilstone City in a Platinum Nuzlocke is one of the best things you can possibly do for your team. They have special attack for days and they can learn an amalgamation of powerful moves that can get any job done without fail. Malcolm was most certainly this for me, as his Thunderbolt was my main counter for Water-types and in the time when he still had Signal Beam, he was my main Psychic counter (I kept forgetting that Jacqueline had several Psychic countering moves). However, the crowning moment of awesome for Malcolm, as well as the reason he shares co-MVP with Christina, came in the Elite 5 battles. I had came across a very risky strategy when it came to battling Cynthia, so I had picked up Nasty Plot before I fought the Elite 5, gave Malcolm all the Rare Candies I had (which explains the higher levels), set up with Nasty Plots and X-Speeds, and proceeded to stare in wonder as he swept Cynthia. I couldn't believe what I just saw. The strategy worked, and now because of Malcolm, all 6 of the pokemon I brought left the Elite 5 champions and amongst the land of the living. For that, he shares co-MVP.

Jacqueline the Scizor: Level 65. Quiet nature.
Knows X-Scissor, Night Slash, Brick Break, and Wing Attack.
I had previously used a Scizor in my Y Wonderlocke, so I already know how badass they are, and...yeah. Jacqueline was no exception. Even back when she was a Scyther, Jackie had great moves, Technician which boosted the power of Wing Attack, great coverage, and a slick design to boot. Maylene, Byron, Candice, Lucian...it didn't matter if a Reflect was set up, they never stood a chance against her! Once I get her into Poke-Bank, I'm introducing her to Chopped. I'd like to see how they get along.

MEGAN THE RHYPERIOR: Level 65. Adamant nature.
Knows Rock Slide, Hammer Arm, Earthquake, and Ice Punch.
I must be one of the few people on Earth that actually like Rhyperior. Great design, an Attack stat for days, and great Defense to boot. Yeah she was the slowest person on the team, she was pretty hard to train, and her special defense is better than only Christina's, but the good things about Megan far outweighed the bad! Earthquake and Hammer Arm plus her skyscraper-high attack plus Adamant equals YOU AIN'T SURVIVING ONE OF HER ATTACKS! Her defense was also the best on the team and allowed her to shrug off supposedly Super-Effective attacks! Megan perfectly cemented my love for Rhyperior.

Noah the Rapidash: Level 65. Bashful nature.
Knows Flamethrower, Strength, Megahorn, and Flame Wheel.
Of all the mons on my team, Noah is...probably the most underappreciated. I had only decided to take him out of retirement after the loss of my Magmortar that...I honestly would've much rather had on the team right now, and he still had barely any coverage in terms of his moves. However, while he was a one-trick pony in just about every sense of the word, he did that one job well. Flame Wheel help benefit his considerable attack and set Aaron on fire, and Flamethrower plus his Sp. Attack stat turned out to be enough to OHKO Lucian's Bronzong, especially since his Bronzong knew Earthquake and the other Lucian counters were waiting for any other moments to shine. Noah, I'm proud of you for all the work that you've done, and I'm sure Andreas is as well.

Ian the Dusknoir: Level 66. Hasty nature.
Knows Fire Punch, Ice Punch, ThunderPunch, and Shadow Punch.
Ian was the newest mon on the team, and actually almost wasn't gonna be on the team in the first place. I had originally planned to use the Giratina I caught, but I began to grow doubts on whether or not I should actually use it. I began to feel like it would be a bit too easy, and I was already going to have a considerable level advantage against the Elite 5. With a little asking around, I decided to party Ian in place of the Giratina, and I felt like I made the right choice. The Elemental Punches made training Ian go by with little time and also helped out in the Elite 5, particularly against Aaron and Flint. I didn't like Dusknoirs before, mostly because of the Mystery Dungeon games, but like Christina, Ian definitely changed my viewpoint on them.

Duncan the Lucario: Level 50. Modest nature.
Knows Rock Smash, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, and Aura Sphere.
The 7th member of my rotation team. I had hatched him so that I could have another formidable counter against Byron, and he was certainly effective against both Byron and Candice. Earlier, I had wondered if his nature would help or hinder him, and it turned out that he could still have a couple tricks up his sleeve. However, while he was a great special attacker, I decided to retire him because he would create another weakness to Fire and Jacqueline could do just about anything he could do. He was still great, though.

Adam the Crobat: Level 42. Docile nature.
Knows Fly, Defog, Cross Poison, and Bite.
Technically, Adam is the oldest pokemon on my team, and he was great while he was still a party member. Ghosts and Grass types didn't stand a chance against him. However, because there weren't a lot of opportunities coming up that he would be useful in, I decided to retire him from battling and instead use him to get around places.
I also mentioned that there was a reason I named him Adam in the Post Your Team topic. I named him Adam after Adam West, the original and best Batman.

Stefano the Roserade: Level 40. Bashful nature.
Knows Magical Leaf, Giga Drain, Cut, and Toxic.
Stefano was my main Water counter ever since the passing of my Rotom and during the rookie years of Malcolm. However, I ended up retiring him since, like Adam, there wasn't really a lot of opportunities where he'd be able to shine again, and Malcolm can do just about everything he can and more. He was still awesome, though.

WARREN THE GIRATINA: Level 53. Calm nature.
Knows Earth Power, Aura Sphere, Thunderbolt, and Shadow Ball.
With great moves that he learned at low levels in HGSS, Warren was my original choice to go to the Elite 5 with, but as I mentioned in Ian's segment, using Warren felt...a little unfair. Back when I started the Nuzlocke, I'd imagine I'd have so many deaths that I'd just catch the Giratina and use him as a "Fuck you, I win" button. However, I didn't get as many deaths in my Platinum-locke as I thought I would, heck, my X&Y regular lockes had more death, so the fact that I still had several powerful pokemon and could very well take them all the way with enough training even without the usage of a legendary...I dunno, Warren sort of felt superfluous. After asking around a bit, I decided to retire Warren and instead use Ian. Warren, you were good while I had you, but a little too good.

CAM THE BRONZONG: Level 50. Jolly nature.
Knew Payback, Earthquake, Confuse Ray, and Zen Headbutt.
While he was still alive, Cam was my tank. His special defense was great, and his defense was second only to Megan. While he did have good defense, his attack was also something that shouldn't be underestimated, and with moves like Earthquake and Zen Headbutt, he was one heck of a fighter. Unfortunately, he was sooo close to making it to the Elite 5, but Volkner took him from me. Looking back, I'm not sure if I could've taken him to the final team since he created another weakness to Fire (he had levitate), and Megan was already slow enough for the team, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

Andreas the Magmortar: Level 48. Lonely nature.
Knows Faint Attack, Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, and Thunderbolt.
Andreas, on the other hand...Oh dear Lord, at this time I felt I was going to lose somebody, but I didn't think it would be Andreas. I retired Noah just so I could use him, and Andreas was a fucking BEAST. Nothing survived his Flamethrower! So when I was fighting Cyrus's Weavile, I was confident that he would melt the bastard. Weavile outsped, so I was confident he would survive.
He should've survived.
I watched in horror as his HP went from full health all the way down to zero, then seeing the words that no Nuzlocker wants to see.
A critical hit!
My heart sunk. I know that with Nuzlockes, you never know who you'll lose, but the thought that Andreas would die...never crossed my mind. Noah was a great replacement for you, Andreas, I just hope you could forgive my arrogance.

John the Venusaur, Level 76.
For an Impish Venusaur, he actually wasn't that bad. Granted, it was a twee bit hard training him as an Ivysaur, but once he got Petal Blizzard and Sludge Bomb, then he began to dominate. He was extremely helpful in defeating Siebold, and I'm very glad that he's still alive.
Status: Alive.
Rebekah the Azumarill, Level 81
Of all the Pokemon on my team, Rebekah is my oldest catch, and boy oh boy, did Rebekah and I get off on the wrong foot. After being unable to attack for a couple levels and REFUSING to evolve, I ended up boxing her for my Psyduck. However, once Eleanor died, I put her back on the team only to box her for a Lombre, but once Eduardo died I put her back on the team only to box her for a Floatzel, but once Ricardo died, I put her back on the team once again. She's sort of been the albatross around my neck, but once she got to about the same level everyone else did, she just became a powerhouse. Granted, it helps that she had Huge Power, but my point still stands. She probably saw the most work out of everyone on my team, but she demolished all of her opponents. I can safely say that Rebekah has redeemed herself for all the early-game troubles she gave me.
Status: Alive.
Ryuji the Lucario, Level 78.
Ryuji has proven himself to be a reliable switch-to time and time again, mostly because of his easily-accessible Lucarionite and his fairly reliable movepool. He did have some close calls, but he managed to prevail over his opponents and emerge a Hall Of Famer.
Status: Alive.
Colton the Altaria, Level 85.
Thanks to the broken Exp. Share, sticking around while I was grinding John and Steven, and not requiring a lot of Exp. to level up, Colton entered the Elite 4 the highest level pokemon on the team. Overall, Colton was good, he managed to eliminate the pokemon I wanted him to dispatch, and he was useful in helping take down Drasna. He did have a close call, but like Ryuji, he managed to prevail.
Status: Alive.
Validna the Krookodile, Level 78.
Of all my party members, I would have to say Validna is the MVP of the run. We may have gotten off on the wrong foot when she killed Morrison the Venipede, but she quickly redeemed herself by killing EVERYTHING IN HER PATH. The elite 4 was no exception, when she demolished Wikstrom and Malva. Validna, I forgive you for killing Morrison.
Status: Alive, and kicking ass.
Steven the Gothitelle, level 76.
Steven was a very effective janitor. By that, I mean that he quickly dispatched of whatever needed to be taken care of. Steven was also helpful in taking care of Siebold with Thunderbolt, and he also dispatched of whatever needed a good ol' Psychic attack.
Status: Alive.

Vincenzo the Pidgeot, Level 62.
I loved Vincenzo. To me, him, Eleanor the Golduck, and Derrik the Simisear were 3 inseparable friends thanks to their seniority in the team. Unfortunately for him, Eleanor and Derrik passed away, but I was more determined than ever to have him survive and make it to the Elite 4 in their memory. However, as I got more catches, I realized that if I want better type coverage, I had to box him. Reconciling with that, I ended up retiring him from the team.
Frederick the Tyrantrum, Level 49.
Frederick was a powerhouse and had a lot of good attacks, but I ended up boxing him for someone that could take hits better than he could.
Theodore the Snorlax, Level 43.
Theodore also had good attacks and helped me with countering water types, but I ended boxing him in favor for more type coverage.
Viktoriia the Drapion, Level 47.
Viktoriia was a Drapion. Every Drapion I've used was awesome, but I decided to box her in the end because I've already used 2 Drapions, and I wanted to give other pokemon a try.

Fyreth the Talonflame: The only Hall of Famer on my team that has a nickname (what's a Fyreth BTW?), Fyreth tales home the trophy for Early Game MVP. She demolished everything that wasn't Grant or part of his posse, and for a while, she was the highest leveled poke on the team. I've actually used a Talonflame before during my regular playthrough of Y, and she was just as good as she (My other Talonflame) was.
"Jaws" the Mawile: Of all the pokemon on my team, I would not expect that the Mawile of all things would be on my Elite 5 team. Jaws had unremarkable stats, and I couldn't even get access to it's Mega-Evolution. That being said, since Jaws was actually the first poke I got in my Wonderlocke, I decided to give it a shot, and it wasn't bad. It had good attack and had moves that complimented its attack stat. Jaws was my resident Fairy and Dragon killer. It didn't get to do a lot at the Elite 5 thanks to some of the dragons knowing a Fire Move, but it still managed to do some work, such as OHKO-ing Diantha's Gardevoir. She certainly changed my viewpoint on Mawiles.
"Chopped" the Scizor: I've stated this before on some of the other topics, but I originally couldn't Chopped him when I got him because Chopped was too high-leveled for me to train. That ticked me off. However, once I beat the 5th gym leader, I decided to train him up for Olympia, and hoo-boy, am I GLAD I made that decision. Fyreth may have taken home the trophy for early game MVP, but Chopped takes home the trophy for late game MVP. Chopped demolished EVERYTHING and made Olympia beg for mercy. I wished I could've used him more during the Elite 5, but...fire moves. Whaddya gonna do?
"Ross" the Ampharos: The only member of my team who could Mega-Evolve (at the time), Ross was the replacement for my Raichu once Lysandre's Gyarados killed it. Because of that, Ross had the lowest level on the team. However, that didn't stop Ross from DOMINATION. Ross did great at electrocuting Siebold's pokes, as well as Diantha's Hawlucha. I'd say that Raichu is looking down on you and smiling, Amphy.
"Donovan" the Swampert: I trained up Donovan when I realized I needed a counter for Clemont, and I don't think I could've asked for anyone better. Donovan was a physical BEAST, Earthquaking and Waterfalling all who stood in his way. Highlights in the Elite 5 including making Malva beg for mercy.
"Magic Mike" the Alakazam: I was utterly shocked when I got Magic Mike off of Wonder-Trade. I was then utterly dissapointed when I saw his moveset was Teleport (which I strangely kept when I took Magic Mike to the Elite 5), Hyper Beam, and Energy Ball. However, once training went underway, he finally got some good moves and decimated his opponents. However, the thing that constantly set him back was his defense, as he could not take a hit to save his life. Because of this, I believed that he was the most likely to die of all the members of my team. Thankfully though, that was not the case.
Ryoutou the Greninja: My starter pokemon, and 1 of 2 pokemon exempt from getting WTed. He was great while it lasted, but I ended up retiring him because he had a crappy nature and his ability wasn't Protean.
Yae the SHINY Pelliper: My fly slave, and the second of 2 pokemon exempt from getting WTed. Her nature was rather unremarkable, but I said that if anything happened to Fyreth, I'd put her on the team, mostly because I've never taken a Shiny to the Elite 5. Thankfully though, nothing happened to Fyreth, but I still wanted to give her a shoutout for being the fly slave. AND SHINY.
Mica the Carbink: Another early member of my team, and another one of 3 pokes in my collection that were nicknamed. She did good, but I ended up boxing her because of type redundancy.
"Commander" the Arbok: I mostly used you because I needed a counter for Valerie, and Mawile didn't have Iron Head yet. You did your job well.


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Dug up a few of my old runs. I'll provide info where I can.






To be fair, I remember that half this team died (one to the League, two to Mewtwo), but it happened so long ago I've forgotten which ones. I'm certain Venusaur survived, but the others? I haven't the foggiest. I don't have the ROM anymore either, so I can't check.






This team was initally going to look a bit different. Pidgeot and Rhydon were last minute additions to replace the Snorlax and Fearow that I lost back to back. Pidgeot was brought in to act as a flier, while Rhydon became the team's new tank.








Special mentions go to:
Beautifly, who lasted from the start of the game to Victory Road.
Girafarig, who filled Beautifly's spot for the duration of the League.
Latios, who replaced Girafarig for the Regi Hunt and battle against Rayquaza.


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Broke his own romhack with an egg. Still not sure how.
Just wrapped up the second of my three "abandoned" runs. This time it was a White 2 Soulocke (normal mode) that started in November of 2015 and ran about 2-3 weeks before I lost contact with my partner. After almost 4 years of letting it stagnate I decided to pick up the run and finish it from a pre-Marlon state.
- Sheldon, Level 5-58, Alive (Starter)
Since I used a Samurott in the last run I did of White 2 (challenge mode) why not use the eviolite variant on it? Reliable water type throughout the whole game even if he did get a bit overshadowed by Starmie in the E4 itself. (Though he still got off more surfs than Starmie and got the final KO of the run off, so...)
- Mr. Fab, Level 22-58, Alive (Caught in Lostlorn Forest)
Most people just ditch the monkies as soon as possible but I love getting them outside of Black/White. Mr. Fab was a suprisingly reliable fire-typed attacker even while having to rely on fire blast for most of the game. Only got used once during the E4 as a backup strat against Shauntal, since Krookodile got double-burned. (Rawst could only cure one)
- Patches, Level 33-58, Alive (Caught on Reversal Mountain)
Adamant natured, which translated to "nuke everything with gem'ed acrobatics" Wasn't actually used at all during the E4, as her only planned use was as a backup strat against Marshal in case the primary plan went horribly wrong, or as a one-time acrobatics nuke against one of Iris's pokemon.
- Anticlimax, Level 36-59, Alive (Caught in Undella Town)
E4 sub #1. The psychic typing was needed for marshal, and my other psychic types were either too slow (Duosion/Reuniclus, Cofagrigus) or too frail (Swoobat, Roserade) for the job. Probably one of the very few times where Starmie's psychic typing was the most useful aspect of it.
- Survivor, Level 16-60, Dead (Caught on Route 4)
E4 sub #2. Man I'm just never going to escape using Krookodile for E4 subs am I... Died to Iris's Archeops after being locked into outrage from her Haxorus, which damaged her down to 15% health.
- Basher, Level 49-59, Dead (Caught in Victory Road)
E4 sub #3. Did suprisingly well once I found out that drain punch existed. Also hulked out against iris and took out both her Lapras (gem boosted drain punch) and Druddigon (crit hammer arm) before being outsped and KO'ed by Aggron because I forgot hammer arm's secondary effect (both Druddigon and Lapras were faster anyway so I probably wouldn't have outspeed Aggron even without the speed drop)
Pretty solid run overall, though I still kind of consider this a warm-up for the next run I do of white 2, which will be another challenge mode run.


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Despite being a Grass-type, Casual is a flaming lesbian. Fire and Grass don't usually mix, but somehow it works out here.
Here are my three completed Nuzlockes.

Trevor the Meganium, Lvl 50, Alive (Starter)
Trevor, my man! You were the MVP of this run without a doubt. The absolute BULK of this man. It's a damn shame I didn't get to use you much in the E4, but oh well, you tanking a crit Sludge from a Koffing in the Radio Tower right after losing the Butterfree you had developed a relationship with was more than enough to cement your legacy as a starter, a tank, a leader, and of course, a hero.

Kenny the Pidgeot, Lvl 51, Alive (Route 29)
Kenny was originally named that as a joke. If he were to ever die, I would then be able to say "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" I was an idiot back then. Even though he largely sat in the background for most of the game (outside evolving in the same fight I lost my Butterfree), he more than pulled his own weight in the Elite Four, being central to my plans for Koga and Bruno.

Allen the Graveler, Lvl 50, Alive (Dark Cave)
Allen, Allen, Allen. An absolute beast throughout the first half of the game, Allen was a huge help against the first three Gyms and even pulled his weight later in the game against Jasmine. The absolute highlight of his run was tanking a maxed-out Rollout with just nine hit points left and proceeding to take the Murdercow down with a weak Magnitude after a long fight. He even put some work in against Koga, even if he trailed off late in the game because I was on an emulator on my phone.

Trisha the Abok, Lvl 50, Alive (Route 32)
I'll be totally honest. Trisha was a disappointment. Sure, she had quite a bit of speed, but she had absolutely no movepool or power to back it up, with her main crime being really really wanting several one-time TMs like Sludge Bomb and Dig. She evolved right after killing Sudowoodo I guess? Oh well. She was the only party member to do absolutely nothing in the E4.

Polarity the Magneton, Lvl 50, Alive (Route 39)
Polarity! They weren't on the team for very long. They were a replacement for Caroline the Butterfree after her death in the Radio Tower, and despite their strong SpA and use of good moves, just couldn't fill the hole in everyone's hearts she left behind. They did some work against Clair and Karen, and managed to at least fill her special attacking role on the team.

Aurora the Suicune, Lvl 58, Alive (Tin Tower)
Aurora entered even later than Polarity did. I decided to use the Master Ball on her so that I could get an excuse to retire Noelle the Kingler, who was struggling with the lack of a Physical/Special split. And she certainly delivered, participating in four of the five endgame battles flawlessly. After defeating Karen, I decided to throw her all the Rare Candies I had found, in order to remove any doubts I had about my plan. And indeed, she swept Lance easily, just taking a couple of nicks from Gyarados. Well done.

"Harold" the Hydreigon, Lvl 68, Alive ("Starter")
Harold was a beast, even if he ended up not evolving until Victory Hecking Road. Oh well, he pulled his weight both before and after becoming a special-attacking hellbeast. Sweeps of Olympia and Malva will do that, on top of contributing to Grant and Clemont as well. Not too much to say here, other than the long haul was very worth it.

"Nina" the Ninetales, Lvl 69, Alive ("Route 2")
Nina! She came with Pokerus, which was a sign of great luck to come. She swept Ramos and Wulfric effortlessly, the latter with no damage except for Hail. An amazing performance overall, and that included tanking a surprise Earthquake at one point, too! Oh, and she was the one to take down the Mighty Ballgown with a critical boosted Hex where the crit absolutely mattered!

"Sean" the Swellow, Lvl 69, Alive ("Santalune Forest")
Sean always stayed in the background, just keeping his levels with the rest of the team and Flying me around as I needed. Although he definitely proved his place on the team when he just missed an OHKO on a Gurdurr and proceeded to tank a Stone Edge to the face with just 16 HP. The rush to Santalune to heal was real.

"Missy" the Mismagius, Lvl 70, Alive ("Route 4")
Missy! Misdreavus is my third-favorite Pokemon of all time, behind only Meloetta and Shaymin, so receiving her in exchange for a White Flabebe was an incredible surprise. Her greatest achievement was not lol'ing on Korrina, that's the result of terrible design. No, it was taking a Gigalith's Stone Edge to the face and living, managing to hold on with just 13 HP. I proceeded to stall it out and then take it out. Also she was one Dragon Tail away from sweeping Drasna.

"Mike" the Meowstic, Lvl 68, Alive ("Kanto Starter")
Mike was a lot like Sean for the most part, just staying in the background and occasionally using his dual screens. Also like Sean, he got very little action in the E4, simply grabbing the KO that Missy got Dragon Tailed away from. There really isn't much I can say here. Meowstic is unique? It was interesting to use him?

"Masaru" the Milotic, Lvl 72, Alive ("Route 10")
This man was the MVP of the run, hands down. That's what happens when you're capable of Toxic-stalling a Mega Gyarados. He came in later than anyone else, to replace a dead Loudred, and when I finally got his Prism Scale, he eventually caught up and proved his spot with a fabulous showing against Valerie. At that point, he slowly became an overleveled beast that tanked his way through whatever stood in his way. He took down the other infamous Gyarados too, I believe also by Toxic-stalling. Milotic is the true best water snake.

Sonya the Stoutland, Lvl 59, Alive (Floccesy Ranch)
Sonya. The indisputable MVP of the run, simply by virtue of living. She saved the battle with Clay with her bulk and power, and the combination of such led to her being a natural team ace whenever I needed her to be. She dodged a Horn Drill in Chargestone Cave, too. Overall, she just did everything right. My plans never led to her being needed in the E4, a perfect torch passing to the rest of the team, if you ask me.

Xavier the Espeon, Lvl 59, Alive (Castelia City)
I used the Repel Trick with an underleveled Patrat to get this guy on the team, and the friendship grinding I endured to evolve him paid off immediately. His power was unrivaled for most of the run, although his relative lack of bulk and horrible movepool tempered his usefulness a bit. Nevertheless, he was the only other member of the original Team Castelia to make it all the way to the end alive, so...

Natalie the Crobat, Lvl 59, Alive (Castelia Sewers)
Natalie entered the team as a replacement after my Watchog died, and she immediately delivered (after more friendship grinding, anyway). Jack of all trades, master of none, she managed to take her balanced stats very far, with Flying Gem Acrobatics being an absolutely ridiculous nuke that let her and Xavier take down Marshal without a hitch.

Lucian the Chandelure, Lvl 61, Alive (Celestial Tower)
Lucian was the replacement for my Leavanny, the worst loss of the run. And he kicked ass with his insane power and very wide coverage. This guy was a chandelier-shaped nuke and then some. Most impressively, he effortlessly swept through Colress, Caitlin, and Shauntal, the latter two with zero damage.

Brianna the Haxorus, Lvl 61, Alive (Mistralton Cave)
Even though exploring the area led to my Ducklett's death to a Woobat, the prize I got from there ended up being instrumental to taking down Grimsley and Iris. Brianna joined the team right on the Elite Four's doorstep, as one of the replacements for my Sandslash and Ferrothorn, who I had lost to the final Rival battle. Dragon Dance and EV training proved to be just what I needed to setup sweep both Grimsley and Iris. And seeing her ATK stat over two hundred was a real treat.

Neil the Banette, Lvl 59, Alive (Victory Road)
Neil was my other last-minute replacement, and he did very little. His sole contribution was nailing Iris's Archeops with a burn, allowing Brianna to more safely set up on it. He hit with Will-O-Wisp (a move that at one point he missed with five times in a row during training) the one time he absolutely needed to. That's good, right? Although I just realized that she could easily have nuked him with Acrobatics, but instead she let him live with Rock Slide... Huh.


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Broke his own romhack with an egg. Still not sure how.
Whelp that run of Y was an impressive streak of ups and downs after I resumed it (one year hiatus this time, just like the plat run above), no special rules this time beyond "gifts = random egg" since most of the X/Y gift pokemon are either absurd or pandering.
- Smokey Bones, F, Level 10-68, Alive (Swapped for kanto starter)
The oldest member of the team, and shockingly useful for something that comes way too late in both of the maingames its in. Mostly just used flamethrower on things and got by pretty fine, though OHKO'ing an alakazam in victory road with bug bite was pretty impressive. Also OHKO'ed Diantha's tyrantum with focus blast which would have killed with head smash otherwise. (Needed a safe switch-in for another pokemon)
- Living Scarf, M, Level 10-68, Alive (Caught on route 6)
Team Mascot. Standard normal type beatstick, though his careful nature allowed him to do a few things that Furrets probably shouldn't do, including hypothetically 2-shotting two Goodras with silk scarf return that got derailed by forgetting return for strength (Route 19 bridge) and someone else getting lucky (Diantha's) Kinda lost steam near the end (and was never used during the E4, only as a potental backup) but still surprised that he even made it all the way to the end for what I generally consider the worst normal type com-mon, gameplay wise.
- Stallion, M, Level 10-67, Alive (Caught on route 10 via horde battle)
I couldn't believe it when I saw that he had his hidden ability of sand force on top of a decent nature (brave), so I was like "may as well since Probopass evolves reasonably this gen" and sure enough, steel's always a fantastic typing if you know to be cautious around potential fighting and ground coverage. Mainly just a backup during the E4 but took out Diantha's Mega Gardevior with sandstorm boosted Magnet Bomb. (flash cannon would have been weaker if it was available because of how lopsided Mega Garde's defenses are)
- Slamma, F, Level 25-68, Alive (Caught in Laverrie City via fishing)
Sad this couldn't be simipour (or even blue-striped Basculin) but I'll take what I can get after he got KO'ed by Lysandre's Pyroar having a speed boosting nature. Adaptability + timid allowed her to just surf through a lot of things, including Malva's entire team. Pretty one-dimensional thanks to Adaptability providing most of the power boost, though freeze-haxing Diantha's goodra out was a pretty interesting moment.
- Axe Cop, F, Level 13-68, Alive (Caught in Connecting Cave)
Wasn't actually used until post-Lysandre but was still exactly as powerful as you'd expect a haxorus to be. Not much else to really say about her since her battle strat was just "dragon claw everything, and take out Wikstrom's Probopass with mold breaker earthquake." Probably would have died to mega gardevior if Heatmor didn't get lucky with focus blast.
- Googly Eyes, F, level 47-68, Alive (Caught on route 19)
I wanted to use eviolite Weepinbell for a little bit prior to the E4 and was actually gonna use light ball pikachu for this slot until she lived a snorlax's +1 body slam in the E4 (while still a weepinbel) and I did some calcs involving sunny solarbeams while E4 brainstorming. Decided to risk the sunny day + solarbeam strat on Siebold. Surprisingly it worked since he 100% forgot that chlorophyll was a 2x speed boost. Also took out both Diantha's Hawlucha and her Aurorice (which would have one-shot with blizzard had she not gotten a crit energy ball off) Made up a fair bit for the Lysandre massacre, as neither Gourgeist nor Amoongus could have pulled off what googly eyes did in the endgame.

First run in a while that all 6 pokemon survived which I'm... suprisingly not too happy about, especially since Smokey Bones, Slamma, and Googly eyes all would have died had they not gotten lucky to varying degrees. Also I think the first run I've done where every HoF pokemon has been in a different kind of pokeball. (Ultra, Premier, Dusk, Luxury, Great, and Nest; going in the order they're listed here.)
Overall pretty standard (giftless) Y run outside of Lysandre's Mega Gyarados turning into a crit machine and nearly wiping my team.


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- Smokey Bones, F, Level 10-68, Alive (Swapped for kanto starter)
The oldest member of the team, and shockingly useful for something that comes way too late in both of the maingames its in. Mostly just used flamethrower on things and got by pretty fine, though OHKO'ing an alakazam in victory road with bug bite was pretty impressive. Also OHKO'ed Diantha's tyrantum with focus blast which would have killed with head smash otherwise. (Needed a safe switch-in for another pokemon)

- Googly Eyes, F, level 47-68, Alive (Caught on route 19)
Heatmor is surprisingly useful. I brought one into my most recent Y Version and it did really well.

Since you used a Victreebel model there, I'm guessing you evolved her during the Elite Four?


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Jul 1, 2019
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Broke his own romhack with an egg. Still not sure how.
Since you used a Victreebel model there, I'm guessing you evolved her during the Elite Four?
actually I evolved her right before going into the E4, since her sp. attack wasn't enough to 2-shot gyarados with solarbeam unless I evolved, and the heat rock was needed to make sure sunny day lasted long enough to outspeed barbaracle (1 turn for clauncher, 1 turn for starmie, 2 turns on gyarados, 1 turn on barbaracle)
Before that she was a weepinbel


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Jul 31, 2019
I finally beat Renegade Platinum, after over 1 box of dead mons and spending years grinding to lvl 93 to make sure I beat the Elite 4.
So, I thought I'd share my Hall of Fame team.

Kronos the Salamence
I caught this guy while looking for Gardenia as a Bagon. Back then, I had a solid team I liked so I boxed him and named him Kronos, as he was my secret plan if things went for the worse. (love the Incredibles). Well eventually, as Drayano hacks do, things got fucked. And I needed a powerful flying type so who else would I add. I mean come on, Dragon and Flying STAB + DDance? This guy was also unnaturally fast, outspeeding stuff like Crobat, and oneshotted everything. I'm so happy I was able to use a Salamence especially since this and Kommo-O were the only pseudos I hadn't used prior to this run. Absolute god, 10/10 would use again.

Ghetsis the Rotom-Heat
You get access to Rotom and all of its forms really early, but Ghetsis came onto the team pretty late when I had lost my Infernape and Luxray. Despite what that HP stat suggests, this guy was unusually bulky, eating special attacks from Alakazams and even a Spacial Rend from Palkia. And don't even get me started on Overheat. Whenever that move got clicked, the opponents mon just disappeared. Yeah, Ghetsis was really out for everyone's blood. I didn't encounter a single mon that lived Overheats until the Elite 4. Just an incredibly fast, bulky and strong mon. I never really underestimated this form, I used it alot back when I played RU so I knew its power, but it really proved itself here.

Celia the Tentacruel - R.I.P
Wow that Sp. Def. After I lost my Gyarados and Feraligatr, I had two options for a Water type, Celia or Duke the Floatzel. I ended up choosing Celia because I needed special attackers and she is soooooooo bulky. That is on the special side. Sadly, while she was a force to be reckoned with throughout the Victory Road, she died to Flint's Flareon from full. Amusingly not even to a Wild Charge, but just a regular Flare Blitz, no Guts boost or crit. It was a shame but she ended up being the only death throughout the Elite 4. Enjoyed using her and def showed me the power of Tentacrueul, although I'm pretty sure vanilla Tentacruel is at least a bit weaker than that.

Calamity the Mamoswine
THANK GOD I GOT THIS IN THE ACUITY LAKEFRONT INSTEAD OF JYNX. Calamity absolutely takes after his own name, fucking bodying anything in his way with STAB Icicle Crash and EQ. He was actually less bulky than I thought but that's probably cause he didn't have Thick Fat. Despite a whole bunch of close calls, he lived through it all tearing everything that got in his way a new one. Seriously, I don't know what to say, other than absolute destruction. Don't release this beast on Hyrule, I don't think even Link can handle him.

Martha the Clefable
Along with everyone else above, she came onto the team quite late, but her contributions are uncountable. Cosmic Power on this baby is ridiculous and has helped me through so many difficult battles. Drayano tends to make double battles really dangerous but luckily Cosmic Power boosts plus Follow Me (or whatever that move is called that forces all moves to target u), kept my other team members safe to fire off attacks. She bodied Giratina and many powerfuly trainers like Marley and Barry with Cosmic Power shenanigans. Most importantly though, she is THE MVP of the League, completely sweeping both Bertha and Cynthia. Yes I overgrinded, but I don't fucking care, I was too attached to my guys. Seeing this little blob destroy Garchomp was just something else. Clefable has proved herself to me many times in Insurgence and other Dray hacks. If you get the chance to use one of these, take it.
Also Cute Charm was hilarious.

Optimus the Metagross
The oldest member and the team leader. Yes this is the grown-up Beldum that you get from Steven in Oreburgh. He joined the team officially in Eterna and from there he just ran roughhouse on everything, especially since he got to start with Iron Head and Zen Headbutt. He never missed any moves, period. Meteor Mash, Zen, Hammer Arm all of them were 100% accuracy. And dude if Kronos oneshotted everything that he fought, then this guy oneshotted the entire fucking region, because literally nothing could beat him. Even mons that lived his moves, barely did damage thanks to that borderline broken Defense. I literally don't even care about no Levitate because he just lived EQs anyway. Fucking stupid broken, saw all of his friends die but stuck with me. Going into my Official Nuzlocke Legends HOF. Love this motherfucker.

That was awesome to write. So naturally to contrast that, I'll be writing up my death box soon. Oh dear.

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