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Mafia  Nuzlocke Forums Mafia Community Code of Conduct

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Alolan Floatzel

super high school level [redacted]
Team Delta
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Jun 12, 2019
Toronto, ON
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Water, Cute
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[is baby]
Hi all -

As more new players join mafia games on this forum, we've noticed a greater need to clarify how to behave properly while a game is going on. This is in order to ensure that everyone is having a good time and that inexperienced people who might be interested in joining can feel like they can gain experience without fear of being judged or reprimanded.

In the past, this was addressed by a short mention of "don't be a dick" in the general mafia rules - but that's a very broad statement, and how that extends into the game of mafia can be a little ambiguous. So our aim with these guidelines is to make sure people know exactly what to do to make our community a welcoming place for all players.

If you have any questions about any of these, please feel free to contact myself, @pluslefan or any staff member. Repeated warnings about not following these rules could result in you being banned from playing mafia games on the forum; if you need a brief explanation of the ban system you can find it in this post.


1. It’s just a game. It’s not personal.

Mafia is a game based on behaviour and being social, and by the nature of the game people are going to interpret how you say and do things in a way that could be different from the way that you do yourself. Naturally, this could come off as judgmental or mean-spirited at first glance, and it’s perfectly okay to feel like it does. However, in no way whatsoever are judgments that are made on your behaviours in a mafia game supposed to reflect any judgment of your character as a person. Of course, if someone actually is coming at you personally, that is a problem - but taking things too seriously and lashing out at people who are ultimately just trying to play the game does not help to foster a fun, low-stakes environment.

Which leads into the next point: you should try to avoid making any accusation within a game too inflammatory. “I want to lynch Floatzel because he said something suspicious” is okay, “I want to lynch Floatzel because he said something stupid and dumb” is not. You also generally want to be tactful when debating someone’s opinions within the game, as mafia can be very subjective. It’s possible to disagree without belittling someone else’s intelligence.

2. Don’t attack people for making “bad” plays.

Unless someone is knowingly playing against side, every action taken by any given player in a game comes from a place of genuine belief that what they’re doing is beneficial to the side they’re playing for (even if it actually isn’t). Everyone makes mistakes; mafia can have a steep learning curve for new players, and even experienced players have lapses in judgment occasionally. If you’re frustrated with the way someone is playing the game, be constructive! That’s a much better way to ensure that they play better than talking about them behind their back or being rude about it.

This rule can also apply to hosting, as well. It can be difficult to tell if a setup is going to be fair and balanced before a host runs it through, so it’s inappropriate to attack a host for running an imbalanced setup. And again, everyone makes mistakes, so any criticism should always be constructive instead of malicious.

3. Stay on topic, even when things get chaotic.

It’s one thing to have fun and be silly, it’s another thing for a thread to be derailed because someone is posting constantly about memes instead of discussing the game itself. While it is natural and expected for crazy things to happen in mafia, try to keep your irrelevant posts in the thread from getting out of control.

4. Don’t be a sore loser.

Losing a game can be demoralizing, but a loss isn’t an opportunity to attack the host or the other players in the game. As well, getting overly upset at yourself for a loss is something you want to try to avoid. It’s understandable that you might be frustrated or salty if you lost after you tried your best to win; however, as said earlier, it’s just a game and it’s not that serious. Take it in stride and move on.

5. While we’re at it, don’t be a sore winner, either.

You’re fully allowed to be proud of a victory, but it isn’t a good look to gloat. Express your feelings of accomplishment without being obnoxious and rubbing it in the faces of those that didn’t win. Ultimately, what we’re looking for with these two rules is a sense of mutual respect between winners and losers at the end of a game, and that it was a positive experience regardless of who won.

6. Any other applicable forum rules still apply.
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