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Video Kanto Written Log Mature Commentary Hack Mon NothingButNuzlocke's Very Long Project Begins With Red [COMPLETE]

Thread Description
A journey of a thousand battles begins with a single step.


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Apr 11, 2021
Pokémon Type
  1. Electric
  2. Steel
Hello, everyone! I'm very new to posting my adventures on forums, so please let me know if I am doing this correctly! I'll try to be as receptive to constructive criticism as I can.

I'm NothingButNuzlocke! For a long time, I've wanted to begin a Twitch channel dedicated entirely to Nuzlocke runs of the Pokemon series, from its origins in Red all the way to the current generation (as of this writing, that would be Sword & Shield, though we did just hear about the Sinnoh remakes!). I created my channel, messed around in MS Paint trying to make a basic overlay with my nonexistent graphic design skills and told some close friends about my idea. The next logical step seemed to be to register for the forums and let the community know about my project, and that's where I am now!

I'm not a very good writer or artist, so I've decided that for now my runs will be written commentary as well as video links to my Twitch channel, where you can watch me fumble through the runs and hopefully succeed. I tend to ramble and meander a little bit, but I always interact with my chat and I'd be delighted if you'd join me for this journey.

My run is technically a hacked run; I have modified the game so that trade evolutions evolve via leveling instead. It's a minor adjustment, but a hack nonetheless.

A fan challenge run is already very difficult to do as-is, and having the diligence to do every game in the series is equally difficult, and managing to do so while keeping a robust streaming schedule is even MORE tough, and doing so with a full-time job and a family to worry about is nigh-impossible, so I'm sure my ambitions will be tempered in time. But for now, I'm going full steam ahead! Let's do this!

First, the link to this evening's VOD:


Welcome to Kanto! I'm NothingButNuzlocke, but my friends all call me Nubbin. I live in Pallet Town next door to a young man named Chappy, whom Professor Oak says has been my rival since childhood. Sure, that sounds about right!

Today's events:
- Entered the tall grass outside town. Professor Oak stopped me and dragged me to his laboratory, where I was told to pick a Pokemon to protect me.
- Picked Charmander, whom I named Jasper. Get used to this name. All starters will be named Jasper.
- Battled Chappy, who picked Squirtle. Defeated him.
- Retrieved a parcel for Professor Oak, then received a Pokedex from him. Purchased some Poke Balls, and the run began in earnest.
- Captured a Pidgey on Route 1, whom I named Lara.
- Captured a Nidoran (male) in the grass outside Viridian City, whom I named Alfred.
- Did a lot of grinding, then defeated Chappy again outside Viridian City. I'd originally thought that by defeating him, Oak's aide would give me Pokeballs back at his lab, but I was wrong -- because I'd already purchased Pokeballs, I was locked out of this bonus. That's life, though.
- Captured a Rattata on Route 2, whom I named Bucky.
- Entered Viridan Forest and captured a Weedle, whom I named Stan.
- Left Viridian Forest and entered Pewter City.
- Enjoyed a nice visit to the Pewter City Museum.
- Did some level-grinding to prepare for Brock.
- Defeated Brock and received the Boulderbadge.
- Captured a Jigglypuff on Route 3, whom I named Puffnstuff.
- Purchased a Magikarp from an earnest-looking salesman outside Mt. Moon, whom I named Stealy Dan. Because he was a steal, you see.

Pewter is where things got dicey. After leaving Viridian Forest, I realized that I didn't have any Pokemon that were really capable of standing up to Brock's team. This is a pretty common situation for Nuzlockers who pick Charmander. I decided to grind like heck and bring Alfred up to a level where he'd learn Double Kick, which would allow me to damage Brock's team. Except there was a problem.

Nidoran learns Double Kick at level 43. It's in Yellow that he learns it early. Whoops.

This was my first real challenge in the run; figuring out how to deal with Brock's team. They didn't learn any Rock type moves that I knew of, and one of my chat helpfully reminded me that Onix knew Bide, which would give me some breathing room. I decided to go about the fight from three angles:
  1. Evolve Stan into a Beedrill, and have him learn Fury Attack; this would allow me to chip away at Geodude regardless of its defense, which was better than nothing at this point. It would also get me past Geodude's Defense Curl spam by guaranteeing me 2-5 damage per round.
  2. Evolve Alfred into a Nidorino and Jasper into a Charmeleon, so that both of them could spam Leer during Onix's Bide turns.
  3. Switch back and forth between Alfred and Jasper if Brock's Onix used Screech.
It worked! Geodude went down with some patience and a few Potions, and Onix never stood a chance, save for a single Bide he hit Alfred with when I wasn't paying attention to his turns. The Boulderbadge was mine!

There were some interesting glitches I ran into during the fight, as well:
  1. In Pokemon RBY, every attack is supposed to deal at minimum 1 damage. However, if an attack would deal 1 damage, and the target is double-resistant to it (Like, say, Poison Sting against a Rock/Ground type mon), the attack will deal 0 damage and miss, instead.
  2. There was a discussion of the effects the Boulderbadge has on your party. One thing I didn't know about was that the Boulderbadge applies a 16% boost to Pokemon's attack power. However, this attack boost is re-applied every time a Pokemon's stats change in a fight, for better or for worse. So, if a Pokemon gets Tail Whipped, when its defense goes down, the Boulderbadge bonus re-applies, and its attack goes up by another 16%. The same applies for the badges that increase Defense, Speed and Special. I'm going to try to point out when this helps us!
  3. We mused on whether or not it was okay to fish in statues. Though you only catch Magikarps from them, that's still an encounter for the town. In the end, I decided against it.
We ended the stream outside Mt. Moon, where it was decided that Lara would be benched in favor of Stealy Dan, whom I will be grinding offscreen until he reaches a reasonable level. Here's hoping I have a Gyarados by the time we hit Cerulean City!


And that's our first day! Pokemon Red will be a pretty quick run I imagine, but it'll be a good warm-up for what's to come. Apologies for the low production values in the stream, and for my salty language -- I'll do my best to clean my mouth up as the run goes on.

Thanks very much for joining me!


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Apr 11, 2021
Pokémon Type
  1. Electric
  2. Steel
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The challenge continued this evening, with some good moments, some close shaves, and more than a fair amount of grinding. I did a lot of the major grinding (particularly getting Stealy Dan and Puffnfluff up to respectable levels so they could fend for themselves) offscreen, but there was still some in this VOD in preparation for the battle in Cerulean Gym.

First, a link to the VOD:


The adventure continues! Hot off our victory against Brock and with the daunting task of navigating Mt. Moon ahead, forward we went!

Today's events:
- Entered Mt. Moon, which can mean only one thing: New Route, New Friend!
- Captured a Zubat, whom I named Fat Tony.
- Navigated Mt. Moon until I encountered Team Rocket, who were attempting to steal fossils from the caves. Thankfully, I stopped their plans cold with more than a few close shaves.
- Acquired a Helix Fossil after being accosted by a huge nerd. According to my chat, the Helix Fossil is our lord, or something like that. I just think it looks cool.
- Exited Mt. Moon, making our way through Route 4 to Cerulean City.
- On Route 4 I encountered a Spearow. I failed to capture it.
- Mused about the possibility of acquiring a Bike, but was unable to produce the million Poke-Dollars required to purchase it.
- Heard about a contest to win a Nugget of solid gold, and all I had to do was defeat five Pokemon trainers on Nugget Bridge.
- I ran into Chappy again and he challenged me to a battle. I won, though dealing with his Pidgeotto was almost fatal for one of my teammates.
- Nugget Bridge was a breeze. The trainers there were no match for my team. I even got to level up a few of my lower-leveled teammates thanks to all the battles they were in.
- Things got complicated again when a man attempted to recruit me into Team Rocket. I didn't even consider it; I just flat-out refused. He tried to force me through a battle, but I defeated him.
- Captured an Oddish on Route 24, whom I named Shamwow.
- Battled my way across Route 25.
- Captured a second Oddish on Route 25, whom I named Planters.
- Made my way to the Seaside Cottage, where I met Bill.
- Bill had fused himself with a Pokemon. I helped him un-fuse himself, and he gave me a ticket to the cruise ship S.S. Anne.
- I did not find out what happened to the Pokemon he fused himself with.
- Traveled back to Cerulean City, where I trained briefly before challenging the Cerulean City Gym.
- Defeated Misty's trainers, but was concerned about Shamwow's performance against the Goldeen trainer guarding Misty. Opted to evolve Shamwow into a Gloom before the battle.
- Defeated Misty and claimed the Cascadebadge.

Most of the difficulty in this session came from surprises from minor trainers, rather than Gym battles or my rival. The illegal Raticate in Mt. Moon, for example, was pretty problematic. At level 16, it's not supposed to be a Raticate yet, but Team Rocket never cared about rules anyway. It nearly took out a few of my crew, thanks to its Hyper Fang, impressive bulk and high attack power. But, I persevered.

The Fossil Nerd also was a problem, or so I thought. I have a policy with Nuzlockes -- all Voltorbs, Geodudes, Koffings and their evolutions are bombs. Never take them lightly, in case one of them pulls out Selfdestruct or Explosion. In Gen 1, Explosion is far more deadly than it is in later generations, and that's saying a lot considering it's a 250 Power move. It seemed that his Pokemon didn't know how to explode, but it reminded me of what I'd have in store in Vermillion City's Gym...

I did not capture a Spearow on Route 4; it broke out of my only Poke Ball, and I was hesitant to use my Great Ball -- I was hoping for an Abra on Route 24 or 25, which I would need the Great Ball to capture before it teleported away. So much for thinking ahead; I ran into a pair of Oddishes instead!

We discussed a few glitches again this session:
  1. When speaking to the Bicycle Shop Owner without the money or voucher to acquire a bike, your text from that point forward, until you turn off the game, displays incredibly quickly -- even faster than the "FAST" setting in your options menu! It's a trick speedrunners use to shave several minutes of dialogue off of their time.
  2. I hinted at the possibility of using the Mew glitch to encounter a Mew -- after all, one of my rules is to encounter and capture or defeat every legendary Pokemon in the games I play. I left the option open, but I doubt I'll actually do it. It's complicated! If I do perform the glitch I'll explain how it works later.
  3. Upon leveling Shamwow into evolving into Gloom, I was informed that you can evolve stone-evolution Pokemon without the stone! All you need is for a Pokemon whose Pokedex ID corresponds to the Item ID of the stone at the front of your party, and for the stone Pokemon to level up during that battle. That might come in handy someday...
We ended the stream just before going to the house Team Rocket ransacked. I figured I'd leave that for next session.


And that's day two, continuing forward. The run is taking a while because of how difficult it is to grind in Pokemon Red, but I'm trying to avoid doing too much grinding on screen and letting most of my training happen offscreen so that the events that transpire are actually interesting to watch. However, some of it was unavoidable this time around if I wanted to make it safely through Misty's Gym.

I suppose that's what 5x speed is for!

Thanks for reading, and I'll be back with another update soon!


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Apr 11, 2021
Pokémon Type
  1. Fighting
Pokédex Entry
Loves Nuzlockeing. Lives peacefully when he is alone.
Good luck for your project mate! :D
Mew glitch would be interesting on-screen, 1st gen is filled with strange stuff you can do.


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Apr 11, 2021
Pokémon Type
  1. Electric
  2. Steel
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Whew! What an evening. Some technical difficulties made it so that I had to split the stream in two, but I'll be linking both of them in order for people to watch.

Some new updates! I was helpfully pointed in the direction of PokeLink as an app I could use to display my party at any given time, as well as a few other stats, but there were some things about it that I wasn't really able to get working, so I hand-coded my own solution that's buggy, but works all right. I'll be refining it as the series goes on!

First, a link to tonight's VODs:
Part 1:

Part 2:


Boy, tonight was productive. With Misty down, we made our way forward to Vermillion City, where new adventures await!

Today's events:
- Captured a Pidgey on Route 5, whom I named Lars.
- Decided to leave Bucky at the day care center, hoping he'll be well-taken care of as I go about my journey.
- Entered the tunnel beneath Saffron City to head to Route 6.
- Captured an Oddish on Route 6, whom I named Phil at the suggestion of one of my stream chat members.
- Finally made it to Vermillion City! What a place.
- Received an Old Rod from the Fishing Guru.
- Met the Pokemon Fan Club president, who gave me a Bike Voucher for listening to his story.
- Redeemed the Bike Voucher for a Bicycle. I can think of other things I could have done with a million Poke-dollars.
- Captured a Drowzee on Route 11, whom I named Melatonin at the suggestion of one of my stream chat members.
- Speaking of melatonin, attempted to travel to Route 12, but a very large sleeping Pokemon was in my way...
- Boarded the S. S. Anne, where I battled a variety of trainers.
- Ran into Chappy again, this time soundly defeating his team thanks to all the experience I gained battling the ship's guests.
- Helped the old captain get over his seasickness, receiving an HM01 for my trouble.
- Taught Cut to Stan.
- Left the S. S. Anne, which immediately sailed away, never to be seen again (in this game).
- Traversed Diglett's Cave, returning to Viridian City to retrieve the HM05.
- Taught Flash to Melatonin.
- Returned to Diglett's Cave, where I caught THAT DUGTRIO. You know the one. I named him Simon.
- Returned to Vermillion City, where I successfully challenged Lt. Surge and claimed the Thunderbadge.
- Prepared for the worst place in the game, Rock Tunnel.
- Traveled to Route 9, where I failed to capture a Spearow thanks to Jasper's unbridled rage.
- Forgot that I was technically on Route 10, and failed to capture the Voltorb that I encountered.
- Entered Rock Tunnel. Did not enjoy my stay.
- Nearly lost Stealy Dan to a trainer's Selfdestructing Geodude, but he pulled through.
- Proceeded to reinforce my Voltorb, Geodude and Koffing policy by annihilating all of each that I encountered in a single hit.
- Exited Rock Tunnel after getting lost multiple times, reaching Lavender Town.

I'd like to discuss a few of my captures and their role in the party as I see it currently:

Stan, Stan, Stan. Poor Stan. I'm really starting to see him fall off in stats, but as our designated Cut user and an all-around good guy, I want to keep him around. He's one of the first Pokemon I caught, the first I evolved and he really put in effort against Brock, but I'm starting to see his weaknesses -- particularly against Fighting types and anything he can't destroy with Twinneedle. It's going to be hard, with some of the upcoming Pokemon I'll be encountering, to see where he lands on the team moving forward. We nearly lost him today, but I switched out before he was struck a fatal blow.

Simon was an interesting capture. I purchased a few Repels in order to make it through Diglett's Cave without encountering any Pokemon, but the thing about Repel is that it only keeps away Pokemon that are lower level than your first member. Most of the Digletts in the cave are around level 17-21, but there's one Dugtrio with a chance of appearing that is level 29 that I wanted to capture. I weakened it down to about 5% of its health and sent it to sleep, but even a Great Ball wasn't enough to get it. I had to rely on luck and regular Pokeballs to bring him down. Thankfully, I managed. I had intended to use him if Surge's Pokemon ended up too strong for me to handle, but actually Jasper managed to wipe his team, and I haven't used Simon at all as a result. I'm hoping for everyone else to catch up to him, which the squad is starting to do.

Jasper has reclaimed the throne as our ace -- he hit Level 30 tonight, and I'm aiming to have him blow through Erika and her cohorts relatively easily. It's tough, though, because he still hasn't learned a Fire-type move that's stronger than Ember, and I don't believe he does for quite some time. He will, though. When he does, the game will definitely become easier.

Stealy Dan is another one I'd like to put the spotlight on today; I had a pretty rough scare when he tanked a Hiker's Selfdestruct as I said in the summary. But, he managed it with just under half of his health remaining. If it was a critical, he'd be dead. I want to be thankful that he survived, because he was essential in getting us through Rock Tunnel safely. I think he'll end up being our Surfer as long as he stays alive.

We discussed another interesting bug tonight, as well: There's an issue in sound effects when your Pokemon is at critical health, which we saw today with Stan in a battle. When the alert sound effect plays, it overwrites all other sound effects, because the Game Boy only has four audio channels to process sound, and only two of them are square wave tone channels. I suppose this isn't so much a bug as a limitation of the hardware, but it was briefly touched upon.

The stream ended immediately upon entering Lavender Town's Pokemon Center; after the gauntlet that is Rock Tunnel, I didn't have it in me to deal with another Rival fight and the trainers all down Route 12 or Route 7.

I'm trying to decide where to go next, though; on the one hand, I could go to Celadon and face Erika and deal with Team Rocket. On the other hand, I could grind a bit, purchase a drink for the guard to Saffron City's gates and challenging Sabrina. But, there's also the possibility of heading to Fuschia City and challenging Koga... Or at least seeing the Safari Zone.

My options have really opened up at this point! I guess we'll just have to see what the future holds.


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Apr 11, 2021
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Sequence breaking it is! We decided to see just how far I could go while entirely skipping Erika's battle. The answer: Probably not very far, given that we need her for Strength. But beating Blaine before Sabrina is also an option!

First, tonight's VOD:


With Rock Tunnel and Vermillion City out of the way, this evening began in Lavender Town, where we did NOT go into Pokemon Tower.

Today's events:

- Captured a Mankey on Route 8, whom I named Monke.
- Made our way across Route 8, through Celadon Tunnel to Celadon City.
- Captured an Oddish on Route 7, whom I named Koosh at the suggestion of my chat.
- Retrieved the Eevee from Celadon Mansion's roof, whom we named Crackle.
- Immediately evolved Crackle into Jolteon.
- Made our way to the Celadon Department Store roof, where we purchased refreshments for the Saffron City guards.
- Entered Saffron City after bribing the guard with some Lemonade.
- Spoke to several upstanding citizens about Team Rocket's current, completely legal occupation of the city.
- Visited Mr. Psychic, who gave us TM29, Psychic.
- Captured a Doduo on Route 16, whom we named EdEddnEddy.
- Received the HM02, Fly, from the Bird Keeper's house.
- Flew back to Cerulean City to perform the Long Range Trainer Glitch.
- Captured a Mew in Cerulean City, whom I named NotForUse!.
- Immediately placed NotForUse! in the graveyard. He's not for use.
- Returned to Celadon City to deal with Team Rocket.
- Entered the Celadon City Game Corner base.
- Suffered our first casualty of the channel: EdEddnEddy was felled by a Raticate's rogue Hyper Fang critical hit. Rest in peace, EdEddnEddy. Lv. 20-22.
- Successfully navigated the Rocket Base's conveyor belt floor tiles.
- Challenged and defeated Giovanni, who left us the Silph Scope.
- Traversed Route 12 to train Crackle, who easily dealt with the fishermen's Pokemon.
- Returned to Lavender Town, where we entered the Pokemon Tower to rescue Mr. Fuji.
- Encountered Chappy, who appeared to be there to mourn a lost Pokemon. Battled and defeated him.
- Captured a Gastly within Pokemon Tower, whom I named John.
- Flushed out the evil spirits possessing the Channelers in Pokemon Tower.
- Encountered the enraged ghost of Cubone's mother and defeated her, calming her spirit.
- Rescued Mr. Fuji, who was being held hostage by Team Rocket, and received the Poke Flute for my trouble.
- Returned to Route 12, where we captured a Snorlax, whom I named Shrimpyy after a good friend of mine.

Some more thoughts on my party, as well as the glitches performed this evening:

EdEddnEddy's passing was incredibly sudden. The illegal Raticates that Team Rocket often uses (Raticates evolved before Level 20) are nothing to sneeze at. Despite EEnE having the level advantage and a substantial amount of health remaining, a single critical Hyper Fang struck a fatal blow to him. I'm... Disappointed, I think. Mostly in myself; I consider myself an expert on Generation 1; I've studied it extensively, played it many times, and have even studied the code it runs on, so I suppose I was a bit arrogant. It just goes to show, really; these runs are full of the unexpected. I just hope that EdEddnEddy's sacrifice isn't in vain, and I continue to learn from it.

On a happier note, we successfully performed the Long Range Trainer Glitch, known colloquially as the Mew Glitch for the fact that it's commonly used to capture a Mew. One of the self-imposed challenges I'm doing for the channel is to battle and either defeat or capture (either is fine, and it doesn't count against the rules) each Legendary or Event Pokemon along the way. I'm disallowing the use of Legendary Pokemon in battle, but Event Pokemon (such as Snorlaxes or Sudowoodos) are fine as long as they are the first encounter in an area. The exception to this are the Legendary Dogs in Generation 2. You can go the entire game without encountering one, and hunting them down would be ridiculously time consuming, so I'm skipping them. Everyone else, though? The hunt is on.

The Long Range Trainer Glitch is complex compared to some of the ones you can do in RBY, but it's an interesting way of showing how the game loads data into memory. We performed it by pausing before the trainer beside Nugget Bridge on Route 24 could turn upward and face us, then flying back to Cerulean City, then fighting the Slowpoke Youngster on Route 25, then returning again to Cerulean City and heading north toward Route 24 until the game paused itself. When we exit the pause screen, a battle occurs against a level 7 Mew, which we weakened and captured.

Boring Tech Stuff Follows
The glitch takes advantage of the one frame that occurs between when a trainer is spawned (always facing south) and when it turns upward or to the side to initiate a battle. By pausing and using a field teleportation move (such as Dig, Fly, Teleport, etc), the game believes it is initiating a battle, while still allowing you to move over the overworld. During this period, you are soft-locked out of using the Start, A and B buttons, and so the only way to interact meaningfully with the world is to initiate a trainer battle. This is because the game wants to finish initiating a battle, and so it needs the instruction "trainer walks toward player" to complete, which it was missing before. However, this also causes the Enemy Pokemon's Special stat to be loaded into the ID of the next Pokemon you'll encounter in a battle. By completing the battle and exiting and re-entering the route where the glitch was initially performed (by flying or teleporting back to a Pokemon Center), the game can finally finish initiating a battle and sends you right into battle against the enemy ID loaded into memory -- in this case, a Mew!
End Boring Tech Stuff

With Melatonin's evolution into a Hypno, Shrimpyy's acquisition and me aiming to make Crackle one of my aces moving forward, I realized that I'd need to free up a slot on the team to make room for everyone. Decisions like this are always hard, because I value each of my Pokemon and believe they've all been essential along the way to my success. We discussed it for a bit at the end of the stream, and ultimately decided that the battles moving forward were all stacked against Shamwow -- Fire, Psychic, Ground, Poison... It wasn't looking good for a Grass/Poison type, no matter how strong they were. I didn't want to risk losing another party member, still devastated by the loss of potential that was EEnE that I was, and so it was decided:

Shamwow would be honorably discharged, to remain safely in the box for the remainder of the adventure.

Shamwow was the mon I used primarily to capture Pokemon, due to the variety of status-inducing moves it had and its low, but as a result reliable, attack power. However, as time passed that role was gradually given over to Melatonin, who had Hypnosis and a low enough physical attack power that I could guarantee some degree of control over how much damage a sleeping opponent would take. As long as he was alive, there wasn't a need for a second status-inducing Pokemon when I could have another wide coverage mon like Stealy Dan, another sweeper like Crackle, or another tank like Shrimpyy. He performed admirably and I didn't want to see him die to the upcoming challenges, and so after one last capture -- the Snorlax that would go on to replace him, Shamwow was retired.

Thank you, Shamwow. May you always absorb, and clean up my messes.


And that's day 4! With our goal being to get as far as we can while battling as few gym leaders as we can, it's on to Cycling Road, Route 13, the Safari Zone and Fuschia City, where we'll take on Koga and surf our way away from all of that trouble in Saffron City.

For the new allies and the fallen friends along the way, I'll endure any challenge. Here's hoping my arrogance doesn't cost us another life in the future.


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Apr 11, 2021
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Tonight was a short stream, unfortunately. I realized about halfway through that I'd have to do a LOT of grinding for the goals I had set for myself, and I don't believe that's what anyone really wants to see on-screen. However, we still had some important escapades.

First, a link to tonight's VOD:


With Mr. Fuji rescued and the spirit of Marowak calmed, we were at an impasse. It was decided that rather than sequence break Erika, because we'd need Strength to make it to Blaine, we would simply avoid Saffron City entirely.

Today's events:

- Illegitimately captured a Gloom on Route 12, whom I named Piko. Later released.
- Captured a Venonat on route 13, whom I named L.A.M.P..
- Decided against continuing down Route 14.
- Returned to Celadon City to challenge Erika. On her defeat, I claimed the Rainbowbadge.
- Defeated the Snorlax blocking the way on Route 16.
- Left Celadon City and departed for Cycling Road, where I was accosted by bikers and men wearing BDSM outfits.
- Captured a Fearow on route 17, whom I named Beakman.
- Rolled my way down Cycling Road to Fuschia City. What a lovely place.
- Failed to capture a Spearow on Route 18.
- Visited the Safari Zone, also marveling at the zoo of rare Pokemon outside.
- Captured a Nidoran (M) in Center Area, whom I did not name and was therefore illegitimate. He was later released.
- Failed to capture an Exeggcute in Zone 1.
- Captured a Nidoran (M) in Zone 2, whom I named Bart.
- Captured a Dratini (!) in Zone 3, whom I named Drakkar.
- Reached the Secret House and was awarded HM03.
- Decided upon careful deliberation that Stealy Dan would be honorably discharged from service and remain in box for the rest of the journey.
- Stealy Dan was replaced with Drakkar, whom I must train.
- Ended stream early because nobody wants to see hours of grinding, let's be honest. :P

We've got a lot of grinding to do. Sabrina and Koga's Pokemon are both in the 40s, and my team has just barely passed 30. No matter what, we've got to grow stronger. Rather than subject my audience to hours of grinding to bring the team forward, I opted to do that on my own time and continue the stream another day.

The Safari Zone is interesting. It consists of four separate zones, and each Pokemon cannot be battled, but must instead be caught thanks to a combination of bait throwing and rock throwing. The mechanics of it are also interesting: Throwing rocks increases your catch rate, but raises the risk that the Pokemon will run. Throwing bait lowers your catch rate, but keeps the Pokemon present. To capture the Dratini, I threw two baits (this was a mistake), then threw five rocks, each time alternating between a ball and a rock in order to maximize the potential gains of each rock, while keeping the Dratini present.

From Bulbapedia:
At the start of an encounter, two counters—an "angry counter" and an "eating counter"—are set to 0. Whenever Bait is thrown, the angry counter is reset while the eating counter increases by a random value between 1 and 5 (but to no more than 255). The opposite occurs if a Rock is thrown: the eating counter is reset and the angry counter increases on the same basis. The catch rate is doubled (to no more than 255) whenever a Rock is thrown, but halved (rounded down) whenever Bait is thrown.

At the end of each turn, if either the angry or eating counter is nonzero, it is decreased by 1; if the angry counter is decreased to 0, the modified catch rate resets to the Pokémon's initial catch rate. A random value between 0 and 255 inclusive is generated, and if this is less than half of the Pokémon's Speed rounded down (if the Pokémon is eating), double the Speed (if the Pokémon is in a neutral state), or four times the Speed (if the Pokémon is angry), the Pokémon escapes. A Pokémon will also always escape if its Speed is 128 or more, even if it is eating.

In my opinion, any strategy involved here has nothing to do with bait -- bait keeps the Pokemon around, but does nothing for your catch rate, which is already pretty low with Safari Balls. You want to double the catch rate as often as you can, and pray to RNGesus that your target won't roll higher than 4x its speed at any given time. This is much easier with low-level, slow Pokemon, and much much harder with higher level, fast Pokemon (which explains why that level 30 Scyther always breaks out and runs away!).

The decision to decommission Stealy Dan was a very tough one, but ultimately came down to diversity of typing. Psychic is the most powerful type in this generation, and Stan had a distinct advantage against both it and Poison, which Stealy Dan did not have. Stealy Dan's raw stats and his capabilities against Blaine and Giovanni (As well as my intent to teach him Ice Beam to deal with dragons) were enough to make him a great choice to keep, but I had to make the decision based on what I needed right then and there, and Stan was what I needed.

Honestly, I think this isn't the last we'll see of Stealy Dan. Depending on how the battle against Koga goes and my concerns about Blaine, I may end up returning Stealy Dan to service. But for now, Stan is, and continues to be, the man.


And that's day 5! Our goals have become more focused, our team more powerful (but still not powerful enough yet) and our progress is clear as day.

Here's hoping I don't continue making amateur mistakes like I did with that Gloom and Nidoran. No sense in involving innocent Pokemon in my dangerous quest, right?


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Whew, that was a lot of grinding. But, it was definitely worth it. Tonight's stream, we continued to avoid Sabrina, but decided maybe the rest of her city deserved some attention.

First, a link to tonight's VOD:


After a long offscreen training session, the team was approaching their 40s in level and I felt it was time to go back onscreen. Drakkar, especially, was doing well, as was Stan. They were both behind in levels, but proving to be strong party members despite the difference. We decided to continue ignoring Sabrina, but would eventually decide Silph Co. deserved our mercy.

Today's events:
- Traveled to Route 13 to continue training and battling.
- Captured a Ditto on Route 14, whom I named Wem at the suggestion of my chat.
- Traversed Route 14, reaching Route 15 and battling the trainers along the way.
- Captured a Pidgey on Route 15, whom I named Boko.
- Returned to Fuschia City, where we gave an old man back his Gold Teeth.
- The old man awarded us the HM04, which we taught to Shrimpyy.
- After much deliberation, decided to finally head to Saffron City.
- But not for Sabrina.
- Cleared out the Fighting Dojo, a solo endeavor for Melatonin.
- Was awarded a Hitmonlee for defeating the dojo master, whom I named Mr. Miyagi at the suggestion of my chat.
- Decided it was time to assault Silph Co. and run Team Rocket out of the city.
- Got lost inside Silph Co.
- Finally found our way to the 9th floor, where we encountered Chappy, who did absolutely nothing to stop the criminal organization.
- Suffered our second casualty. Stan was felled by a critical hit Psybeam from Chappy's Alakazam. Rest in peace, Stan. Lv. 4-41.
- Annihilated the rest of Chappy's team in a fit of cold fury.
- Received a Lapras from a Silph Co. researcher, whom I named Oceania at the suggestion of my chat.
- Deciding it was a sign from the game, replaced Stan with Oceania, and began training her to battle.
- Challenged Giovanni for the freedom of Silph Co., sweeping his team with Shrimpyy's raw bulk.
- Received a Master Ball from the Silph Co. President.
- Returned to the Saffron City Pokemon Center to ponder the remainder of the journey.

I... Can't believe I lost him. I'm still shocked. Bug types are strong against Psychic types, and the intent of me switching him in was believing he could tank one Psybeam and one-shot Alakazam with Twinneedle or Pin Missile. I didn't expect the critical hit. I'd been doing so well -- Shrimpyy was laughing off Selfdestructs like they were nothing. Drakkar, ten levels below the rest of the party, was even pulling his own weight by Wrap-cheesing opposing Pokemon. Jasper had finally learned Flamethrower. Crackle was sweeping entire teams with Thunderbolt. Melatonin was the bane of half the building's existence.

But Stan. I'd thought about removing him from the party multiple times, believing his stats or his levels just wouldn't catch up to everyone else, but I believed in him. I believed he could persevere, and that's why I kept him in over Stealy Dan. He was our resident Cutter, he was fighting as hard as everyone else, and I believed he could tank it, just one Psybeam. But that's one of the informal rules of Nuzlocke...

...Treat every hit like it's critical.

This was my mistake. I can blame no one but myself for this. Well, maybe Chappy. It was HIS Alakazam, after all. But boy, if I ever needed motivation to kick Chappy off his throne and beat him down, it's Stan.

Stan, Stan, Stan the man. Rest in peace, my friend. I will make Chappy's life a living hell from here on out.

And I will never switch a Beedrill into an Alakazam again.


And that's Day 6! I'm still pretty sad about Stan, because of all the hard work he put in during Brock's gym and the workhorse he was, cutting through bushes and beating down Psychic, Grass and Poison types throughout our journey. But loss is almost inevitable on this journey, and mistakes will be made. I cannot dwell on them, but I can use this space to mourn, which I shall.

Thank you again, Stan. You were truly the man.


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Days 7 and 8! I was feeling pretty terrible earlier this week thanks to the COVID vaccine I got, so I decided to do a pair of shorter streams and do a combo post today.

First, a link to Wednesday's VOD:

And tonight's VOD:


With my physical health bothering me and a plethora of events ahead to pull through, I decided to do a two-stream superpost today so that I could have more time to recover. And recover I did! I'm feeling great and so's my team, ready to entertain you!

The events:
- Changed goal: Go as far as possible without beating Sabrina.
- Returned to Route 13-15 to head to Fuschia City.
- Challenged Koga for the Soulbadge and defeated him with a clean sweep by Melatonin.
- Traveled to Sea Route 19, where I failed to capture a Tentacool.
- Traveled to Sea Route 20 along the Seafoam Islands.
- Experimented briefly with the Shore Surf Glitch, which can be performed in Seafoam.
- Traversed Seafoam Island Caves with Max Repels on.
- Challenged Articuno, whom we failed to capture due to Melatonin's unbridled rage and critical hits.
- Rather than get lost in Seafoam, decided to end the stream early.

Tonight's events:
- Safely traversed Seafoam Islands, despite my Pokemon being very tired.
- Continued down Sea Route 20 to Cinnabar Island! It's tiny, but full of love.
- Entered the Burned Lab Ruins.
- Captured a Ponyta in the burned lab ruins, whom I named Bojack at the suggestion of my chat.
- Fished for a Shellder on Cinnabar Island, whom I named Papa Pearl.
- Fished for a Staryu on Sea Route 21, whom I named Jem.
- Acquired an Omanyte from the Helix Fossil, whom I named Thirteen.
- Traded Bojack for SAILOR, the Seel.
- Went on a crazy evolution spree in order to get enough Pokedex entries for the EXP All.
- Evolved Puffnstuff into a Wigglytuff.
- Evolved BenAffleck into a Golbat.
- Evolved Jem into a Starmie.
- Evolved John into a Haunter.
- Fished for a Slowpoke in Celadon City's pond, whom I named Pokey.
- Evolved Boko into a Pidgeotto.
- Evolved Papa Pearl into a Cloyster.
- Finally, rewarded Shamwow for his service by evolving him into a Vileplume.
- Acquired the EXP All from one of Professor Oak's aides in Fuschia City.
- Returned to Cinnabar Island to explore the Burned Lab Ruins.
- S̵̮̲̄̈͐̿̇p̴̢̠͙̟̈́o̵̜͈̽͆̌̄͝͝t̶͈̯̋͠t̵̬̙̉̔è̸̡̹̼͓͇̿͐̄ͅd̷͍̯̙̝̱́̉̿͜ ̷̢͉̘̤̪̹̈́ẩ̴͍̞̪̉̕ ̵̨̩̬͉̣̀̅s̶̤̬̟͎͔̬̉͒͋͑͘͠t̸̨̨̥̓́̆r̶̪͇̼̆a̸̫̭̓̅̚͝n̵̛͓̙̑̃ğ̴̟̠͂̓̒̚͝ę̷̰̩̮͕̐͗̑̊̏̆ͅ ̴̢̯̪̝̄̽͐͒̏͜P̷̼̲̫͋̐ͅo̶̻̿̒̈́̓k̶̡̙̞̖̙̼̿̎͘e̵͎̓͋m̸̫̰̀̓̅́o̴̿̅͌̿̒͠ͅṇ̵͛̆́̇ ̵̡̧̪̥̱̗̈́̎̿͛Ì̶͚̔͋͛͝͝'̷̫̗̺͌̀̋͠d̵͓̤̋̀̈́̌ ̶͖̜̉̌̆̂͑͘n̷͉̗̖͑̈̄͗̓ḙ̵̡̛̹̭̠͙̃͗̋̚͝v̸͇̂͆͆̈́̕ḙ̶̦͍̃̂̎r̷͖̯͙͊̔̂͛ͅ ̷̛͔͛͆̈́s̸̛͔̑̅͋e̵͙̣͍͓͒̊̕ë̷̛̻̩́͊n̵̼̾͑͂͜͝ ̷̘̺̒͌̍̈́̈́b̶͔̳̟̠̾̄̾̎͠ë̶̺͙̥́̄̀̍f̷̠̖̬͊ọ̴̽r̶̲̩̉̽̀͛̚͝ë̷̦̗̠͍̈́͋̕.̶̹̅̋́̃̍͜͝
- Acquired the Secret Key to Blaine's gym.
- Decided instead to travel to the Power Plant to challenge Zapdos.
- Captured a Zapdos in the Power Plant, whom I named Stardust.

That's days 7 and 8! We're not strong enough for Blaine yet, considering we skipped a gym, so I'll be doing more offscreen training to make sure I'm ready for Blaine, Giovanni and Chappy's penultimate battle.

Glitches performed:
  1. Did the Shore Surf Glitch accidentally along Seafoam Islands' shores -- I actually didn't realize the glitch could be performed there. The reason it works is because the game treats each space the player walks on as four subtiles. In the case of eastern-facing shores, it treats the shoreline as though it were grass, and thus loads grass encounter tables into it. However, Cinnabar and Seafoam do not have grass encounters, and so it uses the grass encounters from the last place you entered. So, if you were to go to the Safari Zone...
  2. I noticed the EXP All was capable of being duplicated, or rather that you could own more than one of them because it was a multiple item designation, so I decided to see what happens when you duplicate it with the Item Duplication trick -- I'll talk more on that one another time. Thankfully, it works exactly the same as if you have one of them. They sell for zero, so I sold all but one of them and decided not to mess with it anymore.
I think it's fitting that Shamwow was the final Pokemon I evolved to acquire my EXP All. He was such a great soldier, and I'm glad I got to bring him out for one last hurrah to help me achieve an important goal. I'd never gotten the EXP All in any of my previous playthroughs of Red, even when I'd caught more than 50 types of Pokemon. I just didn't know it existed!

I opted to have another offscreen training session, like I said earlier, mainly because the most effective Pokemon on my team against Blaine will likely be Oceania and Drakkar, who are both my lowest level team members. I've just got to make them stronger. It'll take time, but the effort will be worth it.


And that's days 7 and 8! Thank goodness we had no casualties while I was challenging the Legendary Birds. I was DEFINITELY not strong enough to take them down the first time I'd ever encountered Articuno when I was a kid playing Pokemon Red for the first time. This time, I'm going in with a strategy and a strong defensive Pokemon in the form of Melatonin to capture them -- or destroy them while trying.

Thanks for watching and reading, folks!
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Welcome to Day 9! We have some high moments, some dumb decisionmaking and three badges in a row come into our possession!

First, a link to tonight's VOD:


With one of our last training sessions completed, it's time. The time's finally come to challenge Blaine and get through the endgame rush. There's not really a lot of events that happen between Blaine and the Elite Four, it's kind of the cooldown point of the game where you're supposed to soak in some Poke-lore, find out a few things about the world and learn a great revelation -- just WHO is the Viridian Gym Leader you've been kept from seeing for so long?

Tonight's events:
- Challenged Blaine for the Volcanobadge. Swept his team with Drakkar and a little help from Oceania.
- Traveled down Sea Route 21, back to Pallet Town.
- Failed to capture a Tentacool in Pallet Town's fishing beach.
- Visited Professor Oak, who reminded me to get the EXP All that I'd already gotten.
- Saw my mom again, sitting in the same place I'd left her days ago.
- Headed to Viridian City, forgetting something important.
- Found that the Viridian Gym door was still locked. Dang it!
- Decided to go meet Sabrina at long last and get that Marshbadge.
- Yes, I got the badge.
- Finally.
- Returned to Viridian City to challenge the mysterious leader.
- Captured a Tentacool in Viridian City's pond, whom I named Samuel at the suggestion of my chat.
- Upon discovering the Viridian Gym Leader was the evil Giovanni, proceeded to whip his butt for the Earthbadge.
- Giovanni retreated after his second gym loss in a row, resolving to disband Team Rocket and never show his face as an evil team leader again.
- This is definitely never going to have any repercussions years down the line.
- Encountered Chappy on Route 22 west of Viridian City. Proceeded to wipe the floor with him.
- Walked down Route 23 toward Victory Road.
- Was asked if I had the appropriate badge to pass the Indigo Plateau officers along the way.
- Made it to Victory Road, which is less of a road and more of a series of tedious block-pushing puzzles.
- Sprayed myself down with Max Repels, preparing for a battle against a big bird.
- Failed to capture that big bird, Moltres, because I am small brain person who use Headbutt when I meant to use Hypnosis.
- Made our way through the rest of Victory Road to Indigo Plateau.

So, this is it. The big one. The final battle. The Elite Four and the Champion. The five guys, with burgers and fries.

I am absolutely not strong enough for this. My highest level 'mon is 61 -- Crackle is strong, don't get me wrong, but the two Mons I'm particularly scared of are Chappy's Blastoise and Lance's Dragonite. The level 60 one. One of these mons I've got a type advantage against. The other one is a dragon-shaped wall that breaks entire parties, from what I recall as a kid. It's time for another offscreen grinding session. (Get used to these.)

There's not really a lot to say about this. The Elite Four is an absolute gauntlet in Gen 1, and though I have mons that can sweep each team, it's a matter of making sure they have the endurance and raw power to make it through all 26 mons ahead of me. I've stocked up on Full Restores, I'm going to sell all of my useless TMs to get more healing items, I've really done everything I can other than level up to prepare.

What remains is up to me.


Well, that's day 9. No casualties, an INCREDIBLY dumb play by me (probably one of the dumbest I've done in the run) cost us the Moltres capture, but otherwise the team did great! I'm looking forward to finishing our first Nuzlocke of the channel and getting on to some of the more complex games in the series. In my opinion, Gen 2 is a huge step up from Gen 1, and I cannot wait to bite into it.

Thanks, everyone! I think next episode will be our last!


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Day 10! The grand finale! I'm incredibly excited for this, even though it was a short stream. We challenged the Elite Four and gave ourselves one last hurrah before putting a bow on things.

First, the link to tonight's VOD:


This is it! The battle against the Elite Four and the Champion! We did a little offscreen grinding to bring ourselves up into the mid-60s to deal with Chappy's final team, but ultimately it was type advantages that saved the day.

Tonight's events:

- Journeyed from Cinnabar Island (our training site) to Indigo Plateau.
- Challenged the Elite Four!
- Challenged the Champion!
- Entered Cerulean Cave!
- Challenged and captured Mewtwo, whom I named Reject.

Kind of a short night, huh?

Lorelai was first of the Elite Four. Crackle took down most of her team, though we brought in Jasper to deal with Jynx. My goal was to keep Crackle as fresh as I could so that he could defeat most of Blue's team, which he had a distinct advantage against a few members of. Four Thunderbolts were enough to take out Dewgong, Cloyster, Slowbro and Lapras. That was it, and we went on to the next challenge.

Bruno was up next, with Oceania leading the team against his Onix. A Water Gun took it down. Up next were Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, whom Melatonin was easily able to out-speed. Next was another Onix, which Oceania easily took out, and finally was his Machamp, another easy target for Melatonin. On to the next challenge.

Agatha was what I was concerned about the most, aside from Lance. Her entire team dropped to Melatonin's Psychic attacks, but her level 60 Gengar was faster than my team and got off a Night Shade before falling. I'll have to keep an eye out for her in Gen 3 -- Shadow Ball is a far more dangerous move than Night Shade or Lick.

Finally came Lance. This was what I'd been training Oceania for -- aside from Crackle on his Gyarados, both Dragonairs fell to Ice Beams, though I brought out Shrimpyy for his Aerodactyl. Finally, I matched Drakkar against his own Dragonite, though I had a single level's advantage on him. I brought him down to half health with Wrap, then went for the finishing blow with a Hyper Beam. Kind of surprised Lance didn't use his own Hyper Beam against me.

And that was it! I was named the champion. Or, well, I would have been, if that nerd Chappy hadn't come in five minutes before me.

His team gave me about the same amount of trouble as it ever did -- Crackle dropped his Pidgeot, Shrimpyy dropped his Alakazam and Arcanine, Jasper set his Exeggutor on fire, Oceania took out his Rhydon, and Jasper took on his Blastoise, Fire Spin trapping it until it missed with a Hydro Pump and I decided to stop playing around. Switched in Crackle and one last Thunderbolt won the day.

Oak took me to the Hall of Fame, but things didn't end there. I had one final challenge.

One of the rules of my channel is that I have to challenge and defeat or capture each Legendary Pokemon in each game I play, save for the Legendary Dogs in Gen 2 (that's just annoying, not fun, though I might do it anyway). There was one final legendary Pokemon remaining, sitting deep in the heart of Cerulean Cave.


I traveled to Cinnabar Island one last time and stocked up on Ultra Balls; I had no idea how many I'd need, but I knew it was more than a few. Then I made my way to Cerulean City and entered the cave. It was a veritable maze, but my childhood senses didn't fail me -- I knew the way right away, and navigated the second floor's maze perfectly. Before long, he stood before me: the laboratory-generated paragon of Poke-Power, Mewtwo.

I led with Melatonin, trying the same strategy I'd come up with for the Legendary Birds: Keep him sleeping, whittle him down and chuck some balls. There was just one problem: Mewtwo had three major advantages. His speed was higher than Melatonin's, his Barrier would make Headbutt less effective, and he had Recover. I had to rely on the wild Pokemon AI being dumb enough for Melatonin to keep him sleeping and whittle down his health.

It was a pretty close call; by the end of the battle, Melatonin only had one Headbutt attack left. Mewtwo could have Recovered all of the work I'd done if I didn't accomplish a capture right then and there. I hypnotized him, got him down to a sliver of health, and kept hurling balls hoping for a critical throw. It took me about seven balls to bring him in, but I did it. Mewtwo was mine. I named him Reject, because I was never going to use him.


Day 10! That puts a wrap on Pokemon Red, and ends this, my first run of the channel and first run of the forums. Next, after editing my Poke-App and accounting for a few special characters that I'll be using to name my Mons, I'll be starting up Pokemon Silver! Look forward to it!

Thanks kindly for joining me on this adventure! I had fun, but I'm pretty glad to be done. Gen 1 is fine and dandy, but I really appreciate the complexity of Nuzlocke runs of the future generations, and I'm really looking forward to re-experiencing Gen 2 as an adult.

That's all, folks!

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