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Jul 4, 2019
This is going to be a randomized Pokemon Black Nuzlocke as well as my first story/screenshot run! Due to the nature of it being my first it might not be of the highest quality, but I'm gonna put my best efforts into this! I'm also real excited to get into more Unova content. I just finished a nuzlocke of Black 2 on my own time and I wanted to do this because of just how much fun it was.

1. Catch only the first wild pokemon from a route.
-You MUST retry for a different encounter if you've already encountered a pokemon from that evolution line.
2. Gift Pokemon cannot be accepted
3. Battle Style must be on SET mode.
4. Items can not be used during battle. (other than pokeballs of course)
5. Any pokemon that faints is gone.
6. ???

0. It's this

This is really happening huh? We're about to get our first pokemon.

I mean I've been told this was something coming my entire life. It's natural in the society we live in, but it still doesn't really feel real.

Things seem kinda surreal in general right now really. I knew it'd happen, but I still can't help but feel like one of the last people fit for some journey sort of thing. I am pretty excited to get to see a bunch of pokemon though. Maybe I'll even get to see some from other regions some day! There are so many opportunities that I suddenly have because of this starting point! Even if I'm not really up for the task I should probably at least take the opportunity to go out and experience some things. Could end up being fun I guess. I mean either way it's just what I'm supposed to be doing.

I HAVE put some thought into the starter I want too. The thing that I can't deny at all is that having a new friend is going to be really nice. They're all pretty cute in different ways! Oshawott seems like it'd be really soft, and I think Tepig would be really warm to hug. When it comes to Snivy I've always really liked grass types and plants in general. They're just nice to have around really! Make me feel less anxious.




HUH?! Oh. Hi Cheren.

Cheren: You REALLY need to work on your whole spacing out problem. You're not gonna get far as a trainer if you can't pay basic attention to your surroundings.

As if I don't know that already from you telling me a million times. Don't you think if I could change it I would?


Bee!!! Thank Arceus she's here

Bianca: Hey Mellie! Hey Cherry!

Cheren: About time you got here! I was starting to get pretty fed up with waiting.

Bianca: Sorry! I totally get it! I'm excited too! I just got caught up with some stuff at home.

Ah. You ok?

Bianca: I'm doing great! But enough talking! Let's get to the uh. Pokemon getting!


Cheren: Should she?! She wasn't even mentally present just a few minutes ago. If anything I'm the one who's the most dedicated to all this so I should pick first!

I'd honestly have to agree. Cheren should pick first.

Bianca: Nooooooo!!! Cmon Cherryyy! Mellie's not the type to get interested in much, but she's actually looked kind of excited these past few days! Let her have this!

?!?! B-bee!? That's so sweet?! I really don't have to though.

Cheren: It's fine. She makes a good case.



Oh... adorable! but also.. not what I was expecting... I've heard of Pichu and Pikachu being starters in emergency situations but-


Okayyyyyyy well this is a starter, but aren't these usually given out in a different region? It is really cute though. I've always liked grass types.


Excuse me???

Cheren: Is there something up?

Man I didn't realize Professor Juniper was a cheapskate

Uhh... you'll see in a sec. These starters don't seem too conventional is all. I guess I'll go ahead and choose this one.


Bianca: Yay!! I was hoping I'd end up with Snivy!


Cheren: and I suppose that leaves me with this Oshawott then. Melanie are you feeling ok? These starters are as conventional as it gets for Unova.


Bianca: Hey! Not everyone knows everything about Pokemon stuff like you do Cherry! Anyhow-


Bianca I would love to but, I can't shake the feeling that something's really wro-

Is this trainer really gonna be alright..?

Who said that?!

Cheren: You doing ok? I get being nervous to start all of this, but this seems like a bit much.

I definitely heard it! They said "is this trainer really ok" or something like that I don't know.


Bianca: Oh no I know that look... Mellie get to the trashcan before you-



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Oct 22, 2019
This looks interesting! I'm definitely excited for the next update!

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