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Thread Description
This is going to be a screenshot log of my progress throughout the generations! It is going to be the games consisting of FireRed, Emerald, Heartgold, Platinum, Black, Black 2, X, and then Moon!


The bozo that can't keep his team alive.
Pokédex No.
Nov 24, 2021
Hey guys! I'm going to start a new run today, and it's going to be a Generationlocke going through all the generations with a team. The games will be in the thread description and the rules are going to be posted below!

The rules are simple. It is going to be normal Nuzlocke rules, but with a hardcore addon to it.

Here are the rules added to the Nuzlocke challenge:
  • My level cannot exceed the level of the next gym/elite four
  • I may not use items in battle (except held items and Pokeballs.) Healing moves are allowed.
  • If I wipe, I lose the run and have to start all the way back to the starting game, FireRed.
  • No legendaries or mythical on my teams.
  • Battle mode will be on "Set"
  • No daycare

Hey guys! Welcome to a new adventure of what I like to call, a Genlocke.

See, even Oak is ready to tune into my run!
I name myself Repti and my rival...


He is my best friend I've had over the years and my biggest nemesis >:)


Wow, I was just trying to go out Prof. Oak. I just wanted to explore!


Yeah, this Bulba is mine :) Thanks Oak!
Named him Bulb, generic but guess what! I don't care ;)


Damn Brenden, I just wanted to travel with my new friend. Oh well, I'm gonna kick your ass!


Thank you, next.
I went to Viridian City and picked up Oak's Parcel, because Oak's lazy ass can't go get it himself.
In all fairness, he DID just give me a partner.


AND a Pokedex and 5 Pokeballs! My nuzlocke adventure has officially started ;)
Nobody is gonna die, trust me... please...


We take thoseeee!
Named her Flo, just thought of it. Very creative right guys? Right? No? Okay...
Some old man just showed me how to catch Pokemon, even though I just caught one. Thanks.. but I don't need your help.

I skipped through Route 2 so that I could try to get a Caterpie in Viridian Forest, and...


Named him Kevin.
Sick! Now I can get a guaranteed Nidoran/Mankey in Route 22!
Route 2 encounter, as expected..


Named her Buckteeth.. obviously...

Route 22 encounter...


Let's go! Named her Boxer.


Kevin has matured some. Congrats!
Flo was poisoned when fighting the very first enemy in Viridian Forest. Luckily, I bought some Antidotes earlier. That would've been bad if I didn't.
Everyone is level 7, so I'm going to proceed into the depths of the forest.


Evolving again I see. Now maybe you will be useful (with CompoundEyes you will be!)
Everyone's at level 13, it's time to fight the Gym Leader, Brock.


Seems easy enough, Bulb will give us an easy win with Vine Whip.




OHKO. I was right. That was dollar store free. Ha, see I can be funny sometimes. Maybe.


Ya boy is movin' up in the world! With this badge being obtained, let's get my running shoes and call it a day shall we?


And there we go!

That's gonna do it for my first update! Let me know what you guys think of it, and let me know what y'all think about this challenge! Thank you all for stopping by, if you read all the way to the end reply saying your favorite generation! Peace ;)


Someone who draws too much ¯\_(ಠωಠ)_/¯
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Jun 16, 2021
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  1. Bug
  2. Fairy
  3. Steel
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Comic artist. Idiot. Has far too many active projects for his own sanity. Unreliable when it comes to updates on his non-comic endeavours.
Nice and snappy, huh. Favourite is Gen 2 because I like the Gameboy games. Though personally, my favourite gen 2 game is actually a ROM hack of Crystal.


The bozo that can't keep his team alive.
Pokédex No.
Nov 24, 2021
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Nice and snappy, huh. Favourite is Gen 2 because I like the Gameboy games. Though personally, my favourite gen 2 game is actually a ROM hack of Crystal.
Yes sir! That's kinda how I am. I like to be sarcastic :)

Gen 2 is cool! I like how they added more color to it than they had in RBY (Gen 1.) Thank you for replying!


Hey guys! Welcome back to another log of my Pokemon FireRed Genlocke! Today, we are getting some new encounters and making our way through Mt. Moon :) (Also a rival and gym fight is coming up soon :P)

I got my running shoes last episode, now it's time to move on to the right of Pewter.

I flew through these trainers. New encounter!


I box her because I don't need her at the moment. Butterfree has Compound Eyes and will get Sleep Powder very soon, and I have Rattata.


I bought Magikarp, named her Lochness.


Encounter for Mt. Moon. Named her Gumball (a reference to Wreck-It-Ralph!)
I made it through Mt Moon and picked up the Helix Fossil, the better one obviously. I won't be using it, however, since I caught the Geodude.
I made it to Cerulean City and I traded out my Rattata for Geodude, a better suit for my team.


Ran into Brenden, time to sweep through him :D
I did just that, except with a little scare, as I forgot Charmander had Metal Claw and it did half to my Geodude. We good though!
I beat all the weak trainers on Nugget Bridge, and I got asked to join Team Rocket. I wanted to say yes just for the fun of it, but my mind got the best of me and said no which caused me to battle this guy. I beat his ass and he ran away :)


Flo has evolved into a Pidgeotto. How adorable :)


Route 24 encounter. Yikes. Catching it anyway, for dupes reasons. Hopefully, I can attempt for an Abra on Route 25.
Named him Horns.


Route 25. Damn! I wanted to try for an Abra. Guess I have to wait for Game Corner now huh. Oh well.
Named him Aroma.


Nice! Hello Ivysaur :D
I helped Bill get out of a Clefairy (That's a really weird sentence)
He gave me the S.S Anne Ticket.



Now, it's time to fight Misty. Let's crush her!
Staryu got OHKO'd by Vine Whip. I switch to Gyarados for Starmie, because of Confusion.
When I switch out I get hit with Swift, which did almost nothing.


Starmie gets 3HKO'd by Bite.


Got Water Pulse. Cool.
I went to get Cut and returned to Cerulean City. That'll do it for this log!

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