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Johto Written Log It says here in my report...

Extravanganza Accordian Demo
Thread Description
yeah bud that's a written log


rose cultivator
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 7, 2021
in the sunshine
Pokémon Type
  1. Grass
  2. Fairy
Pokédex Entry
this pokemon can be found encouraging plant growth in other people's gardens, but can be territorial about the resulting blooms
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it's time for pryce and the rockets


now that i can surf and strength an fly, i go in for the great retreat

time to go....back


and in the grass there in the outside i find a natu! a sweet little bird girl

she teleports away from me, but i did roll a rule for her

data rule: future sight
While this Pokemon is in your party, when you encounter a Pokemon whose data rule would affect your Pokemon in any way, you may roll to see how it would affect your Pokemon before choosing whether to catch it or not. Must know Future Sight or Miracle Eye if possible.

anyway so i go ahead, and in chamber 3 i find a C shaped unown!

data rule: chosen of ho-oh
When this Pokemon is in your party, you may ignore the effects of data rules of Fire-type and Flying-type Pokemon in your party, and of Fire-type and Flying-type Pokemon that you catch. This Pokemon comes with a Rainbow Wing -- you may at any time sacrifice that Rainbow Wing to revive one Pokemon that died from a data rule.

cecil, after some testing, is determined to have a ghost type hidden power

not as funny as it would've been if it were fire. gus is literally the perfect unown

at this point a nerd ambushes me and upgrades my dex for unown forms. cool, but i regret to inform you that i am only going to catch 1 more. please console yourself sir, my avatar is 10 and uncaring

the omanyte puzzle down, i get to chamber 4 for my last unown: I (eye) form

data rule: chosen of ho-oh
When this Pokemon is in your party, you may ignore the effects of data rules of Fire-type and Flying-type Pokemon in your party, and of Fire-type and Flying-type Pokemon that you catch. This Pokemon comes with a Rainbow Wing -- you may at any time sacrifice that Rainbow Wing to revive one Pokemon that died from a data rule.

named ida, i go about testing, and....and i'm pretty sure ida is dragon.

  • Neutral against flying/normal
  • Neutral on water
  • Neutral on ground/rock
  • Neutral on grass/poison
  • Neutral on psychic
    • Not ground, not fire, not dark, not psychic, not water, not ice
    • normal/fire/water/grass/electric/ice/fighting/poison/ground/flying/psychic/bug/rock/ghost/dragon/dark/steel

i get the kings rock, tm18, soft sand,,, a few others i forgot to note down

i do temporarily give dany the king's rock
vas gets the soft sand
layla gets the mystic water

i like being able to backtrack to snap up berries. i love berries. all my homies love berries

i swap out gaston's tackle for return, and get the magnet from sunny.

i immediately give dany that. ohhh yeah that's gonna pump up that thunderpunch

anyway i think that's all the backtracking i needed to do


pokemaniac shane bemoans his lack of moon stone for his nidorino.

unseemly cackling, i regret only that i didn't swap dany in to flex for the little nidoran girl as well

oh well. i have the better nidoran, shane. eat my dust

on rt 42 i get a lovely sweet baby mareep!!!!! her name is valorie

data rule: shock value
When you catch this Pokemon, 50% individual chance that each non-Electric, non-Ground Pokemon that damaged it (or the first Pokemon in your party if you obtained it without battle) is electrocuted. Electrocuted Pokemon become paralyzed and cannot be used until you defeat the next gym leader/totem Pokemon/kahuna/Champion.

hamish gets shocked, ugh

it's...it's fine. i wasn't going to use him against pryce...

and on rt 43 i get ekru, the pidgeotto!!

data rule: eagle eye
When this Pokemon is in your party and one of your Pokemon would be targeted by the negative effects of a data rule, 50% individual chance that the rule has no effect on that Pokemon. Must know Lock-On, Foresight, Miracle Eye, or a move that does not check accuracy.

and while i know the lake of rage shiny gyarados is a dupe of layla, i catch him for the fun of it. he can sit quietly in the box and nap or something

lloyd!! welcome to the crew!!!!! he fills up the last of box 1. 20/20

data rule: toxin resistant
This Pokemon is immune to the negative effects of data rules from Poison and Ground type Pokemon, and from the effects of data rules that would poison/paralyze/otherwise temporarily incapacitate the affected Pokemon. Must know at least one Poison or Ground move if possible.

i do, for the sake of honesty, run into 2 magikarp before i get to him. not all the magikarp are enraged here. team rocket is SLACKING

if i were boss rocket jr. like not-petrel (oh wait i'm not there in the story yet - forget this part) i would be better

also lance really does just FLY THE FUCK AWAY LIKE A TELEPORT? HELLO? LANCE?

my best guess is he's borrowing the abra from the guy in the pokemon league. pretend i don't know that yet

i exchange the red scale for the exp.share and slap that on hamish. he might not be able to participate but i want him to keep up in levels

and now it's rocket beatup time!!!

my first notice is that all these grunts are like. lvl 17-19. my team is just topping over lvl 30? hello???????? is this allowed?? ISN'T PRYCE IN THE MID 30S

i mean, he's clearly in his 60s but wait i think i've seen this joke before...

durin the crunch of me shattering rocket dreams, hamish hits 32 and evolves into meganium!!!! i am so proud of him

I did end up tripping some of the traps because i was bored of the puny grunts. which went fine. it wasn't lively, they got curbstomped

found a nugget but beni fucking stole it. fucking beni!! enjoy your gold, you sneaky little cat

some nobody calls mahogany a "home of ninjas" and that this "used to be a ninja hideout"

i don't buy it. (it's a neat base though, i like it)

"gold" shows up? why???? is he going to fight me? i don't remember him fighting me here in soul silver???? he seems boggled by lance, which...man me too

"gold" says that i'm kill-stealing him and he's mad about it. he wants stronger pokemon

spoiler: he does not get "stronger" pokemon, it's the same pokemon, just stronger. he's such a fucking softy

also can he stop manhandling me

"you could've become an executive" says one of the stronger rockets. and yeah i could've been the BOSS, if yall weren't so hung up on the old one. giovanni is dead gone, and you should be begging me to head up your shitty little operation

anyway out of pure spite i will thwart you

exp share comes off of hamish, and regretfully replace vas' headbutt with whirpool. eh

gym time!!!

the trainer's aren't...bad, but they're kind of easy

mallory's fire punch + charcoal really just...wrecks shop

i fucking love her yall she's my favorite

vs Pryce
dany's Thundyponch v seel icy wind
horn attack for the knockout
layla comes in to dragon rage the dewgong, who uses icy wind
dragon rage v aurora beam
tackle gets the faint
mally comes in, and fire punch nearly ohkos. the responding icy wind does get a spd drop
pryce heals to a night shade, and fire punch knocks it out

booyah, badge get.

elm calls me as i get out of the gym and goes "hey something's weird, how odd huh? in that place? anyway, take care"

i feel like i just got vagued into saving goldenrod

Anyway so i guess im doin the goldenrod tower thing!!!

the only upside is that the grunts are stronger.

vas tries out whirlpool and oh god it's fucking awful. he does learn earthquake!! YEAH BUDDY

and then of course "gold" ambushes me in the underground after i get through as much of the radio tower as possible

"i repay my debts" buddy with the way you hold grudges i bet you repay them with fucking interest
after a surprisingly easy win, he says he's gonna get stronger, and you know what? YEAH BUDDY NEVER GIVE UP

this underground shit fucking sucks. the switches/doors thing is terrible.

and self-destruct close calls really make me age like milk left on a countertop

"just like giovanni before me, i will disband team rocket" okay but is someone else gonna come along and restart it? perhaps....in kanto? in like 4 chapters from now??? (possibly, im not past the e4 yet)

the hyuck-hyuck guy maybe?

i get the silver wing, sunny day, the pink bow

and i put the pink bow on gaston!!!!! C:

next time we'll go fight clair

n-ice pryce baby

admittedly i've lost track of where my team's levels during this point. i forgot to take snapshots/notes sldfkj
hamish, meganium, lvl??: drawn to the light (cancelled) ; miracle seed
gaston, noctowl, lvl??: chosen of uxie ; pink bow
mallory, gengar, lvl??: gas leak ; charcoal
dany, nidoking, lvl??: vessel of naganadel ; magnet
vasquez, quagsire, lvl??: chosen of manaphy [bonded w/dino, broken] ; soft sand
layla, gyarados, lvl??: destructive dragon of legend ; mystic water

tia, skipbloom: drawn to the light
albert, unown [bug]: telepath
jimmy, togetic: share the love
niro, slowpoke: chosen of uxie
orblet, koffing: big stink
jan, exeggcute: drawn to the light
miren, eevee: fated path (flareon)
west, stantler: bewitcher
beni, meowth: coin hoarder [stolen: nugget]
elodie, miltank: herd instinct
uleigh, krabby: bubble cloak
jelice, tentacool: crystal beam
shuckie, shuckle: chosen of calyrex
stella, staryu: chosen of jirachi
gus, unown: chosen of ho-oh [held: rainbow wing]
cecil, unown: chosen of ho-oh [held: rainbow wing]
valorie, mareep: shock value
ekru, pidgeotto: eagle eye
lloyd, gyarados: toxin resistant [just here to have a good time]


rose cultivator
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 7, 2021
in the sunshine
Pokémon Type
  1. Grass
  2. Fairy
Pokédex Entry
this pokemon can be found encouraging plant growth in other people's gardens, but can be territorial about the resulting blooms
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alright alright here we go!! last gym badge time - indigo league plateau

right so the first thing i do is exit right of mahogany and get a second shot at a bellsprout!! her name is yda

data rule: insectivore
When you catch this Pokemon, each Bug-type Pokemon you own (including in your box) has a 20% chance to die. Cannot switch out against Bug-type Pokemon. Cannot be on the same team as a Bug-type Pokemon (or it will eat it).

and i keep going, hit the ice path! pick up waterfall and teach it to layla

run into a jynx!! i faint her but i do roll a data rule for her anyway

data rule: chosen of meloetta
When this Pokemon is in your party, you may ignore the data rules of Normal, Fighting, and Psychic Pokemon in your party and Normal, Fighting, and Psychic Pokemon as you catch them. Must know at least two sound-based moves if possible. As long as this Pokemon is in your party, your entire party is immune to the negative effects of sound-based data rules, including data rules involving sound-based moves

once i get to blackthorn i take on clair right away! it goes alright and i forget to take notes

i go to the dragon's den and i am unimpressed with how simple it is? i guess i was expecting what it is in crystal. what a glow-up

i keep running into magikarp down there, which is pretty surprising. i pick up an ultra ball that beni doesn't get his grubby little hands on, and i also get to keep the master ball from elm

haha fucker

i put the clefairy and charmander doll down, and call it a day

and then i go to work and when i come home my 3ds ran out of battery and died....i hadn't saved

SO IT'S CLAIR TIME 2.0 (and i took notes C:)

Mallory vs Dragonaire
shadow ball, thunder wave gets off para
surf, paralyzed
surf, shadowball ko

Dragonaire vs Mallory
shadow ball, sp.def drop, thunderbolt
thunderbolt, shadow ball
thunderbolt, paralyzed
i heald up 2x for a crit thunderbolt, thunderbolt, and dragonair gets the para proc
heal, thunderbolt, thunderbolt, para
thunderbolt, para
heal, thudnerbolt, healed up the paralyze, thunderbolt, night shade k.o

Mallory vs Dragonair
shadow ball, sp.d drop, thunder wave miss
shadow ball k.o (whoop!)

Vas vs Kingdra
smokescreen, earthquake
surf, earthquake
clair heals, vas earthquake
layla swaps in, surf
d. rage, kingdra's dragonbreath crit and it gets the paralyze off
heal layla, hyper beam
cure the paralyze, recharge
d.rage for the knockout


"you're not ready for the pokemon league" girl i know that already lmao

this time i get a dratini!!! his name is treasure (per best friend suggestion)

data rule: majestic flight
Must know at least one Flying-type move. Cannot hold any heavy items (rocks, fossils, nuggets, Iron Ball)

i guess i don't need to get the dratini from the goldenrod game corner after all

exiting the den, elm wants something. yeah buddy gimme that masterball again

time to walk hom for the nostalgia of it!

pick up blackglasses, sharp beak, the ultra ball and then the masterball

beni fucking gets those this time. booooo beni

run into graveler on rt.45 olly!

data rule: rocky camouflage (master of disguise)
This Pokemon conceals itself as a rock and will not be noticed by predators. As such, it is immune to any data rules that would harm it, except for data rules that specifically target Rock-type Pokemon. Must know at least one Rock-type move if possible. Must hold a Hard Stone if possible.

then i head for all the locales now unlocked with waterfall! like mount mortar where i get a machop!! (i forget to name her, but she's gonna be called nadine informally until / if i use her and rename her)

data rule: rock lifter
Must know a Rock-type move if possible. Must have a Rock-type Pokemon in the party with it if possible. Must hold a Hard Stone if possible. Cannot switch out against Rock-type Pokemon.

i pick up the tyrogue gift - name of moose

data rule: martial artist
Must know at least two physical moves, and at least one of these moves must be Fighting-type. Can know a maximum of one special move and one status move.

moving on to the whirlpool islands

seel!! named misty

data rule: snow white
This Pokemon’s pure white coat protects it against predators in the snow. If this Pokemon is at the front of your party while you are in an icy area, your Pokemon are protected from the negative effects of data rules from any Pokemon you encounter in that area. Must know the move Camouflage if possible.

beni gets 2 ultra balls (damnit, beni)

and i find lugia!!! time to kill it

only notable thing is that lugia gets off a crit aeroblast, otherwise dany has killed a god!!

oh right the master ball......fuck beni gets the master ball

take good care of it you sneaky little devil

rt.27 time

"you've taken your first steps into kanto!!" thanks dude im glad to be here

nab a moonstone in tohjo falls

the old lady says she can see that my pokemon love me, and i get all warm and soft....man i love the affection mechanics in later gens SO MUCH

and i get a doduo encounter!! her name is viola

data rule: flightless bird
Cannot know any Flying-type attack moves (but can learn Flying-type status moves). Does not qualify as a Flying-type for the purposes of data rules.

extremely close call with a dude's girafarig with mally. forgot it was part normal type and it's confusion left mally with 3hp, ohhhhh hell

on rt.26 i find an arbok!!!! i faint it immediately by accident because im in the 40s now but i did go ahead and roll a data rule

data rule: egg eater
You may not keep Pokemon eggs or Pokemon that hold or resemble eggs (Chansey, Exeggcute, Togepi, etc.) in the same party as this Pokemon, or else they will be eaten. Must hold a Lucky Egg if possible.

the last trainer before the rival fight remarks that she feels sorry for "gold's" pokemon

it's okay lady just give him a little more time

time for "gold"

yeah buddy i believe in you

dany vs sneasel
double kick knockout on the first strike

kadabra vs gaston
return ohko

mally vs magneton
fire punch ohko

dany vs golbat
thunderpunch, confuse ray
hit in confusion, wing attack
ice punch ko

vas v typhlosion
smokescreen, earthquake 1hko

mally vs haunter
shadowball ohko

that was....surprisingly easy. i kind of miss early game when a rival fight terrified me? but also i like it when things aren't stressful...

the duality of man

"when i find out how to be the best i'll challenge you again"

yeah buddy i'll be waiting!!

Gave mally thunder and ice punch
Replaced double kick with earthquake for dany
Gave hamish solarbeam

Used up my rare candy to push dany to 44 and mally to 45
Still gonna try to get everyone up to 50 i think. To match lance’s ace

Oh i ran into raikou….it ran away

time to grind just a little more

it is a plateau right? hm

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