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Hope and Prayer: Pokemon Insurgence Egglocke?

Extravanganza Accordian Demo


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Natsu: I highly encourage that you do. Story aside, Insurgence is very fun to play.


I'm here.

What now?


I'm glad you could make it. Come over, I won't bite.


As you may have guessed... this place lies within the boundary between your world and my world... the Distortion World.

I'd prefer somewhere less abstract, but I'm not here to make small talk or debate. Tell me what you want and why we're here, so we can get to the fight.


Clarify. Tell me who you are, and why you have this... cult working with you.


We do have a "goal", but we aren't working to worship a god.


We are, I suppose, similar to that. We're just doing what needs to be done. As you can guess, what we need is... the Crystal. But my people cannot operate in your world for a long period of time... their bodies decay and falter. We needed someone else that could consistently work to get it.


His efforts created more cults... and that brought about an Augur that would be entrusted with the Crystal. The initial plan was for Zenith to overthrow Adam and give us the Crystal... obviously Jaern threw that into chaos, and Zenith had no desire to give us the Crystal Piece he stole when he knew it wasn't in his best interest.


Luckily, we had that prophet trick Zenith. As you can imagine, none of the people chosen by Legendary Pokemon had a fate forcing them to work with the Infernal Cult.


That led to you getting the first Crystal Piece... then, you got the second Crystal Piece from Malde, in a place none of my other soldiers could have gone to. And you brought them here, alongside the one that the Augur had.


So. You beat me and remake the Crystal. What happens there, and why?

It's hard to explain, but I'll make it brief. How was the universe created, Sierra?

Well... given that Arceus exists and all of the lore around that, I'd say Arceus was born and created all the rest of life as it grew. Something to that effect, right?

I see. I don't blame you for thinking that way-- it's in your culture. As knowledgeable as I am about the universe, even I can't explain how existence came to be. It's something so ancient and beyond our comprehension that I can only guess at the true nature of it.


An object of infinite energy... it definitely seems suitable to the creation of the world as we know it. All you know, as a person of your world, is that Arceus creates, and the Crystal is tied to Arceus. And Giratina, to you, is an outcast that opposed him...

W-well... those things are true! Arceus made Legendary Pokemon... and Giratina tried to betray him. Now, Giratina's in the Distortion World, where it's... well, no, I guess it isn't alone... you people live there, don't you?

Indeed. Tell me, Nora. If you were someone in charge of the universe itself, how would you want people to see you? What stories would you pass down to them? Would you give them the whole truth of who you are, or would you fib along the way? No one would exist to stop you, outside of your own self-control.

I mean... I dunno. I want to be honest with who I am, but... I wouldn't want people to think I'm a bad person. If they did, they'd respect me less. They could even overthrow me, like Giratina wanted to... I guess I'd fib about myself.


Now you're getting it. Arceus only wants people to believe it's a savior... it's the creator and the originator, and it banished the vile Giratina to another world. But nothing exists to support this... nothing justifies Arceus owning, let alone creating or needing, the Crystal.
I have listened to the voices of history, and I have seen the truth. Giratina was the Pokemon that created the universe... with the infinite power of the Crystal, it manifested Dialga and Palkia to manage time and space, and Arceus to rule over a desolate and empty world, where sinners would repent eternally. Arceus would control the Distortion World, a realm designed to make life decay and wither.


With Dialga and Palkia at its side, it ambushed Giratina and robbed it of the Crystal. The Crystal supports life itself... an existence without the Crystal is a painful and bleak one, where illness reigns and life is short. The world that Giratina created has rotten and fallen to ruin without the Crystal. Arceus made the Distortion World into a thriving land of power and passion-- Giratina's world is now what was meant to be your world.


Two worlds... two different societies of people, unable to coexist happily. Even if all of the people were moved into one world and shared the Crystal... we're too different. You can't exist in my world, and I can't exist in yours. We're equal... neither of us has any right to the Crystal. You having it means one world suffers... me having it means another world suffers. But... I want to see my people smile again.


I'm sorry that we have to fight. If Arceus had never betrayed Giratina, perhaps you would've existed in my world, and we could have been something other than enemies. But, if it must come down to this...


What a thing to take in... I guess I'm not surprised. You can't trust a deity any more than a normal person... I'm sorry, Nyx. Your people deserve better than what was forced onto you... but, I'll fight, too. The Third Augur will stand for her people.

I wouldn't expect anything less. I will fight, and bring Giratina back to its former glory. And Arceus...


...are you ready to fight me, Sierra?

I think so. No idea what else I can do.



En garde!


I-I don't like the sound of this.


I think I know what this is... Inverse Battle! All the type matchups are backwards. So this Aurorus really resists Fighting moves, but it's super weak to Ice.


But I'm Psychic, so it all doesn't matter to me~


W... whoa. That did some damage...

The only way I can beat you is... if my Pokemon are focused enough to land critical hits. I have trained my partners for years... I will land that hit.


I won't... let that happen. I'm sorry, Nyx.


You can't apologize for this... it's not something you've done wrong. Arceus made this mistake, and we're the ones that will pay the price.


Regardless... understand that none of this is personal. I am not liable for what I will do.

Mew... endure.




Not exactly... sorry.




If you want to give up now, Nyx... I'm sure we can find some other way to make this work out. Even if not all of your people will survive... we could save you and anyone you know. Better to save some people than none.


I won't be a coward by my people. You're insulting me by pushing this any further.


Well, if this is how you prefer things...


I won't stop you. I'm sad to let go of someone with so much integrity.


Stay down, Mew... you're disadvantaged here. I will handle this.

Aww, okay... do your best! Sierra didn't train ya for nothing, heh!


I don't understand... how you've made partners this strong. You aren't radiating some kind of energy, you aren't cheating... but I'm completely shut down.


I get that kind of stuff a lot.


U-ugh... switch out...


I'm really sorry, Nyx.



I will fight for my people, and my partners.


I'm sorry.


Guards... a-attack her! Don't let her leave with the Crystal Pieces!

Nyx. I won't hesitate to act against you.

Silence! My people--

JoJo. Attack.


As you wish.

Please... my people...

D-did you...

I did. I didn't want to, but no one wanted this to happen.


Thanks, I guess. I just wanted to win...

Well... thank you. You're the only one who could've done that for us...

G r r r . . .


When Nyx brought the Crystal Piece here... she must've used it to draw in Giratina. Now, it's gonna come here, ready to do whatever she planned for it. I suppose I won't let that happen...


Good luck...


G r r a a a h . . .


Giratina... ancient beast. You were what I sensed.


Not just a strong person... not just an amazing Pokemon...


A god. I was feeling the sensation of a god...


A god that has no place in this world. It's the only thing we can do.
I'm sorry.


It's what had to be done. What now, though?

I'm not sure... the only cult left in action is Perfection, and they aren't a threat to the world, mostly... Damian is still gone, and the cults that lost their leaders will be scrambling for stability... I'll handle all of this.


Thank you...

Please, don't thank me. You've... saved my life. You've saved everyone. Beyond that, you were a good person to me, even when Damian couldn't stand me... you're something else, Sierra. Please, rest, and take good care of yourself.


The same for you, Nora... being the kid of someone famous doesn't get you many real friends, especially when you're an amnesiac too.

Oh... wait, did you get all of your memories back?!

Aha, yeah... it's nothing to worry about right now. I'm glad... we were here for each other. I'll see you soon...


...hey. Long time, no see.

Is... is Giratina--

I caught it. Things are stable.


How utterly incredible... I'm glad you came here, Sierra. You did something we couldn't have done without you.


...you're a really ancient person, aren't you? I don't know your age, but your clothes make me think you're from way before any of the other members of the Timeless.

Yes... yes, I am the oldest member. I'm an old king, I suppose.

So... you probably know more about ancient myths and stories than anyone else alive.

I suppose so.

Tell me... is it true? Is Arceus just this abuser, this lying deity that stole the happiness of others for its own pride?

Sierra... we are but humble creations of a higher power. To question it is to forfeit our own existence.

Arceus didn't care that it was a lesser being. It questioned its place, and it overthrew the being it was indebted to. Why can't I question Arceus?

I don't want to discuss this with you... what you speak of is blasphemy. Mortal beings do not question deities... deities are what gave you the phenomenal power you have. The spirit that guides you and helps you grow, the Mew that has saved your life... it is the work of his will.

Then, someday, he may regret giving me that power. I know Giratina regretted it.

. . .

Keep the Crystal Pieces for now. Reform the Crystal, if you want. But... I am the Third Augur. I will do what's best for my people... I will come for my Crystal, when I'm in the right physical and mental state. Understood?

...understood. Rest and recover, Sierra... you need it.



Jaern and that guy... both mentioned that spirit. Is it what makes me strong? Is it Arceus itself?

I dunno... it's definitely something that matters.

Mew... what will happen to you, now? Will Arceus have some new command for you? Will we be enemies at some point?

Not sure... I kinda just feel hollow... weak. Is Arceus mad at me?

Hm. If Arceus isn't going to guide you... then it sounds like we're still in this together, then.

Heh. Sounds like it~

We'll all be a bunch of sinners together, then.

Haha. So we will.

The happiest sinners this side of hell~

Please don't speak of sins and such... let's keep moving, I want to rest...

You don't have to be a stick in the mud. But, if you want it...
Let's go, everyone. Let's finally rest.

Badges: 8
Deaths: 18
Next Time: Only the Elite


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What I picture what going on Arceus' mind- When are they going to find it...I want to battle a human... or someone comes and battle me...


i have become one with gorb
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Apr 13, 2022
Hopefully the Material Plane
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A strange Pokémon found recently in the Sinnoh region. Claiming it wanted to be a Psychic type, it went on a rampage, almost razing Iron Island.
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i have become one with gorb
Pokédex No.
Apr 13, 2022
Hopefully the Material Plane
He, Him, His, They, Them, Their
Pokémon Type
  1. Dragon
  2. Steel
Pokédex Entry
A strange Pokémon found recently in the Sinnoh region. Claiming it wanted to be a Psychic type, it went on a rampage, almost razing Iron Island.

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