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Written Story Kanto Teen Mon Gleaming Red: Pokemon Fire Red Nuzlocke

Extravanganza Accordian Demo
Thread Description
A Kanto Journey starting a trainer and his shy Bulbasaur


Creative Writer with a BIG Imagination
Pokédex No.
Jul 16, 2021
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Fairy
Pokédex Entry
Has a lot of imagination for stories! Could never stop writing!
Gleaming Red
A Pokémon Fire Red Nuzlocke

Cover made by my good friend Erekio
Summary: Nathaniel Rossi or Neth by his friends is ready to start his journey with his starter, the quiet and shy Morganite, or Morgan the Bulbasaur. However, his old friend Miles is also starting his journey, but has been distant with him for years now.

Release Dates: Tuesdays or Wednesdays (aka my days off from work). It won't be every Tuesday or Wednesday, but just expect an update on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Author's Note: Hello! So since...high school (which is forever ago) I’ve been wanting to take on a Pokémon Nuzlocke challenge. However, all of them ended in failure until about the end of May where I took on a Fire Red Nuzlocke and won! I also have the story uploaded on AO3 and Tumblr.

1. If a Pokemon Faints its considered dead and must be boxed.

2. Catch the first Pokemon on each route
-No Dupes. Get three tries before skipping route
-Species clause is set if Pokemon dies (ex: If Pidgey dies before evolving I can catch a Pidgeotto)
-If Shiny Pokemon appears, ignore the catching rules

3.Nickname Pokemon! Using a Gemstone Theme

4.You can catch one Pokemon in each area of the Safari Zone. Rule #2 still applies

5.Can only heal three times in Gym and Rival Battles
-Can only heal once in Trainer and Wild Pokemon Battles
-Healing moves like Absorb and Mega Drain CAN be used in battles

6.Black Out/White Out = FAIL!!

7. Nuzlocke starts once you get Pokeballs

Chapter 1: A Rough Journey Begins
Chapter 2: Over or Not?
Chapter 3: I'm on the Road!
Chapter 4: Camp at Viridian Forest
Chapter 5: Rockin' in Pewter City
Chapter 6: Memories
Chapter 7: At the Base of Mt. Moon

One calming, blissful night in Pallet Town, Professor Oak was saying good night to his aides as they all left home for the night to get some sleep before a long work day tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day, the three Kanto starters; Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander were going to meet their new trainers and go on a journey.

The starters were resting in their beds however, Charmander and Squirtle couldn’t sleep as they were both excited to meet their new trainers tomorrow. However, Bulbasaur wasn’t, he just sat down facing the wall worried about what could happen on his journey.

Bulbasaur heard many things about trainers and their Pokemon going on their journeys and the trainer coming back to tell Prof. Oak that their starter was gone. Even when the admins are having their lunch and talking about their journeys when they were young talking about losing their Pokemon too. The grass-type Pokemon gave a sigh, but quickly snapped out of his thoughts when he heard someone call his name.

“Hey Bulbasaur!” Charmander shouted. Bulbasaur turned to Charmander, as he gave his confident smug smile. “Excited for being chosen by a trainer tomorrow?” He asked.

“Uhh…” Bulbasaur stuttered, trying to find the answer. On one hand, he was scared to go on this new journey. On the other hand, he was thrilled to have a trainer that would care for him.

However, before Bulbasaur could answer Charmander interrupted him. “Well unless a trainer does pick you tomorrow.” He laughed.

Bulbasaur was confused. “W-what do you mean?” He asked.

Charmander crossed his arms. “Come on Bulbasaur, you do know I’m the most popular when it comes to being picked.” Charmander admitted.

Bulbasaur gave a glare to the fire lizard Pokemon. Charmander always saw himself as the best, and would tease Bulbasaur about it. “W-Well who knows, maybe I’ll be someone’s pick!” He said back.

“Ha!” Charmander scoffed. “No one picks Bulbasaur, and if they do well…” Charmander trailed off.

Bulbasaur tilted his head. “Well what?” He asked, nervous at what happens when trainers pick Bulbasaur like him.

Squirtle, who’d been quiet, glared at the fire-type starter. “Come on Charmander. You’ve been picking on Bulbasaur for weeks now!” She explained. “Can’t you just give him a break.”

“Aww c’mon Squirtle.” Charmander started putting his arm around the water-type starter. “I’m just teasing Bulbasaur.”

“More like bullying to me.” Squirtle mumbled, luckily Charmander didn’t hear.

“W-well what happens?” Bulbasaur asked, again.

Charmander snickered. “Well no one likes Bulbasaur, and whoever sees one is always the first one down.” He told him. Though it was a small chance it was a lie.

Bulbasaur’s eyes widened in fear. “W-what?!”

Squirtle growled and smacked Charmander upside the back of his head. “Alright, Charmander, that's enough!” She shouted.

“What?” Charmander asked. “What did I do?”

“Your “teasing” towards Bulbasaur is becoming more like bullying now!” Squirtle told him.

“I’m not bullying him! I’m being honest.” Charmander replied, crossing his arms and turning away from the water-type Pokémon.

Soon enough, the two Pokémon were ready to fight, however Prof. Oak then came by and saw the starter Pokémon up and about. Funny thing, while the starter Pokémon can talk amongst each other, Prof. Oak couldn’t understand what they were saying, only hearing their usual calls. The elderly Prof. laughed and went over to the starter Pokémon, who turned their attention towards him ending their argument before it got worse. “Alright, you three.” He started. “You better get some sleep for tomorrow. Three new trainers will be starting their journeys, and like those three you need your rest.” He explained.

“Alright Prof.” Squirtle replied. Though how Prof. Oak heard it, “Squirtle. Squirt.”

Prof. Oak laughed as he pet the water-type Pokémon. “Alright, sleep well you three.” He then turned the lights off, leaving an Ultra Ball nightlight on for the starter Pokémon as he went over to his room upstairs to get some sleep.

Squirtle and Charmander yawned as they went over to their beds and fell asleep. Bulbasaur sighed and instead of going to sleep he went over to the window and looked outside.

Pallet Town was different at night, during the day Bulbasaur would watch children, trainers, and families walking by the lab, having fun and enjoying themselves. The grass-type Pokemon wondered which of those kids in Pallet Town would choose him.

“Whoever you are, trainer. I hope you choose me.” Bulbasaur wished. He then gave one more glance towards the window before going to his bed to sleep.

Tomorrow is a new day. A new journey.
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Creative Writer with a BIG Imagination
Pokédex No.
Jul 16, 2021
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Fairy
Pokédex Entry
Has a lot of imagination for stories! Could never stop writing!
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As morning came to Pallet Town, the sunlight started to peek through the windows of a dark room. Despite this, it didn’t wake up the young 13-year old boy who was fast asleep. The boy groaned, and turned away facing the wall to try and get more sleep.

A knock came to the young boy’s door, but that didn’t wake him up. The young boy’s mother slowly opened the door to her son’s room and sighed seeing he was still asleep.

“Neth wake up honey, or you're going to be late.” His mother, named Rita, told her son. Neth grumbled and turned away from his mother wanting to sleep more. Rita sighed and walked closer to her son and tried to shake him to wake him up. “Honey, you need to wake up. You’ve been waiting all month for this day.”

Neth groaned and turned away. “I’ll be up soon mom.”

“How soon?” Rita asked, crossing her arms.


Rita sighed, shaking her head, and leaving her son to sleep more. “Okay, but if you're late getting your new Pokemon. Don’t blame me.” She told him. Once Rita left the room she sighed, and heard footsteps coming towards her. There she saw twins coming towards her, wondering why their older brother hadn't woken up yet.

“Neth hasn’t woken up yet?” The female twin asked.

Rita shook her head. “Nope, probably was up all night excited for his Pokemon journey.” She replied, thinking why Neth wouldn’t wake up today.

The female twin, Jodi, looked at her twin brother, Jack and nodded knowing what they had to do. “Don’t worry mom.” Jodi told her.

“We can wake up Neth for ya.” Jack added on.

Rita looked at her twins, and sighed. She knew if she, or her husband couldn’t wake their son up, their twins could. Opening the door, she wished her twins good luck before they ran inside the room and tackled their brother in bed.

Neth yelled as he fell out of bed, causing Rita to flinch and sigh outside of the room. “I told them before not to go far.”

Neth glared looking up from the floor to see his twin siblings were the ones who woke him up. “Morning Nathaniel!” The twins beamed at the same time.

Neth sighed and got out of bed, wobbling a bit as he was still half asleep. “Why do you two always wake me up like this?” He asked.

“Hey!” Jack replied. “This is different. You have a big important day!”

Neth groaned in reply as he slowly opened his windows and went to fix his bed. “What is it today?” He asked, still tired to know what today is.

Jack and Jodi sighed. “Today is your day to see Prof. Oak!” They both shouted. Neth was confused due to still not being wide awake yet. He then went to check his calendar, and his eyes widen when he saw today’s date:

April 11th
Pokemon Journey Begins!

Neth started to panic. “Oh no I’ll be late!” He shouted. Quickly he grabbed his clothes, a purple T-shirt, and a dark red and purple hoodie, black jeans, grey socks and red sneakers. Neth then packed some spare clothes, a Potion and a few other important things in his grey colored backpack before heading downstairs.

Rita was at the table drinking coffee and reading the newspaper as her son came down from his room. “I see you finally got up.” She told her son.

“Yeah.” Neth chuckled. He had his breakfast, which he finished quickly. Rita looked up and saw her son finished his breakfast.

“That was fast.” Rita said, surprised.

“Well I need to make it to Prof. Oak’s laboratory soon. I start my journey today!” Neth explained as he put his plate on the sink. He then gave his mom a kiss on the cheek. “Love you mom.”

Rita chuckled and hugged her son. “Love you too.” She replied.

Neth then went to give his siblings and hug and ruffled their hair. “Love you guys. Keep out of trouble and take care of mom for me.” He told the twins.

“We will.” Jodi replied. Neth chuckled and then left his home to head over to Prof. Oak’s lab. Before making it to Prof. Oak’s lab, Neth decided to go pay a friend a visit over in Viridian City, but just a few inches from the grass, a voice called out to him.

“Hold it!” An older man’s voice shouted.

Neth stopped and turned to see it was the world famous, Prof. Oak. “O-Oh Prof. Oak! What are you doing here?”

“I was about to head to Viridian City to check up on one of the trainers starting their journey today.” He explained. “Were you about to walk into the tall grass?” The Professor asked.

“W-Well.” Neth stuttered. “I have a friend in the next town over and I just wanted to see her before seeing you.” He explained.

Prof. Oak gave a light chuckle. “Well first you need your own Pokemon to protect you.” He told him. The Professor then led Neth to his laboratory, which was just north of Neth’s house.

“What about the other trainer?” Neth asked.

“Don’t worry I’m sure she’ll find her way.” Prof. Oak replied. Once entering the lab, Neth gasped seeing a familiar face already at the lab.

The boy had blue dyed hair with a few streaks of red sticking out, his eyes were dark blue and cold. He wore an black and silver jacket over an indigo blue T-shirt with a crescent moon with an Articuno on it, black cut jeans, and silver and blue tennis shoes.

Neth’s eyes widened as he gave a chuckle. “Miles!” He yelled to his old friend. Miles raised an eyebrow as Neth went over to him. “It’s been a while!”

Miles gave a chuckle. “Yeah it has.” He replied. “How’s your family?” He asked.

“Great!” Neth replied. “How have you been? Haven’t heard from you since-” Neth paused, realizing he was about to ask a personal question to Miles. The latter glared and turned away from his friend, realizing he was about to ask him. “S-sorry I forgot.” Neth apologized.

“It’s fine.” Miles sighed.

Professor Oak gave a light hearted chuckle. “Well it seems like you two are glad to have reunited.” He beamed. Miles gave a groan, turning away from Neth, while the latter just nervously chuckled. “Now then. Since you two,” he paused frowning, “or three if the third trainer could’ve made it on time.” Neth and Miles turned to see the spot where the third trainer would be. “Are now ready to start your Pokemon Journey, just like I did many years ago.” He paused and turned to the table to his left, where there were three Pokeballs. “Right here, there are three Pokemon inside these Pokeballs. Go on ahead and choose one.”

Neth and Miles stepped forward to the table and looked at the three Pokeballs in front of them. Neth grabbed the first Pokeball, while Miles grabbed the Pokeball right next to it. Neth opened the Pokeball and out came Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur slowly opened his eyes and looked around the lab glancing at Neth, who gave him a warm welcoming smile. “Hi there Bulbasaur. I’m your new trainer.” Neth introduced himself.

“Trainer?” Bulbasaur whispered.

Neth nodded. “Tell me Bulbasaur do you mind me naming you?” He asked.

“Name?” Bulbasaur asked. Bulbasaur started to think about how having a name might feel. “A name sounds good.”

Neth smiled and nodded. “How would you like to be called Morganite, or Morgan for short?” Neth asked.

Bulbasaur gave a smile. “I like it!” Bulba-or Morgan replied. Neth smiled and gave his starter Pokemon a pet. Morgan smiled, and thought to himself. “I can’t believe it. I finally got a trainer!” He was happy to have a trainer. However, his happiness faded once he saw who came out of Miles’s Pokeball. “Oh no.” Morgan whimpered.

Miles laughed in glee seeing that he picked Charmander. “Alright!” He cheered. “I’ve always wanted a Charmander!”

Charmander chuckled, crossing his arms. “Well glad you got me.” Charmander replied.

“Hey Neth!” Miles called out. Neth turned to look at his friend. “How about a Pokemon battle?” He asked.

Morgan’s eyes widened, hoping Neth would decline it. However, he got the exact opposite. “Oh you're on!” He replied.

“Trainer please no!” Morgan begged. “I can’t battle Charmander he’s-”

“Hey Bulbasaur!” Charmander spoke up, cutting Morgan off. “Ready to fight, buddy?” He asked.

Morgan gulped and slowly shook his head. Neth patted Morgan’s head to reassure him. “Hey it’s alright. It’s our first battle.” Neth reassured him. Morgan sighed wanting to impress his new trainer, and went up to battle Charmander.

“Alright, Morgan, use Tackle!” Neth commanded.

Morgan started to dash towards Charmander and rammed him in the stomach. Charmander got pushed back a bit and glared back. “Oh yeah!” He replied, enjoying this competitive streak.

“Oh this will be fun.” Miles commented. “Charmander, Scratch!”

Charmander dashed through and scratched Morgan in the face. Morgan flinched, but was glad Charmander didn’t draw blood from him. Charmander snickered and waited for Morgan to pull the next move.

“Morgan tackle again!” Neth yelled.

“Charmander Scratch, once more!” Miles commanded

Morgan nodded and went to give Charmander one last tackle. Charmander also made another dash towards Morgan, but before one of them could land a strike Prof. Oak’s phone started ringing.

Prof. Oak turned towards the phone, and looked back at the trainers. “Could you two pause the battle for it?” He asked. Prof. Oak went over to the phone and picked it up. “Hello?” The Professor nodded hearing what the other person was telling him. “Oh yes, sorry I completely forgot. I’ll send someone to pick it up right away.” Prof. Oak then hung up the phone and looked towards the two trainers. “Which one of you wants to head to Viridian City PokeMart to pick up a parcel for me?” He asked.

“Well both take care of it!” Neth shouted. “Right Miles?” Neth then realized Miles had left, meaning Neth had to head to Viridian City himself with Morgan.

“So trainer? You have a name?” Morgan asked. Neth and Morgan had been walking from Route 1 to Viridian City for a few minutes now, and Morgan wanted to know his trainer a bit more than just walk in silence. He wondered if his trainer had a name, just like how Neth named him.

Neth chuckled seeing Morgan hasn’t learned his real name yet. “Neth.”

“Huh?” Morgan asked, tilting his head in confusion.

“My name is Nathanial, but everyone Neth.” He explained.

“Oh.” Morgan realized. “Neth.” Morgan smiled, liking the name. Neth smiled as well seeing Bulbasaur start to warm up to him.

Soon enough, the duo made it to Viridian City and went to the Pokemon Mart to pick up Prof. Oak’s parcel. “For Prof. Oak, right?” The worker at the Mart asked.

“Right.” Neth replied with a nod. The Mart worker handed the parcel to Neth, and the latter thanked the worker before heading back to Pallet Town. “As soon as we deliver this package to Prof. Oak, we can start our journey for the gym challenge!”

“Gym challenge?” Morgan asked, confused.

“The Gym Challenge is where trainers and their Pokemon battle gym leaders and if we win, I get a badge.” Neth started to explain. “Collect all eight badges, we can battle the Elite Four and become champions!”

Morgan felt a tad bit overwhelmed over all this. “Wow. That’s a lot.” He commented.

“Yeah, but exciting.” Neth then heard a rustle coming from the bushes, just a mere inches from where Pallet Town is. “Hello?” He asked. Morgan flinched and slowly turned around.

In a flash a Rattata dashed out of the grass and attacked Morgan. The Bulbasaur didn’t have time to flee, as the Rattata tackled him then pounced on him before raising its fang and biting Morgan causing blood to splatter.

Neth stood in horror, dropping the package as he ran towards his starter Pokemon screaming, “MORGAN!”

I should mention during this one Morgan fainted just on the LAST PATCH OF GRASS in my game. Luckily, I’m glad I heard of the rule “Nuzlocke starts ONCE I get Pokeballs” otherwise I’d repeat this again.


Creative Writer with a BIG Imagination
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Jul 16, 2021
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  2. Fairy
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Has a lot of imagination for stories! Could never stop writing!
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A loud repeating knock happened at the Rossi family front door. Rita was setting up the table for lunch when she heard the frantic knocking. She wondered if it was Neth coming to say goodbye before heading off. If it was, he better have some lunch at home.

Rita walked to the door and opened it, horrified at what she saw. Neth was crying, holding his passed out and bleeding Bulbasaur.

“Oh my goodness! What happened?!” Rita asked. Neth handed his mother his starter Pokemon, and he sobbed out everything that happened. From it being to a simple errand run to get Prof. Oak’s Parcel in Viridian to an attack from a little Rattata that did major damage.

The twins came down hearing all the commotion and crying. “Mom, what's going on?” Jodi asked. She and Jack gasped seeing Morganite in a horrible condition. “Holly Chanseys! What happened?”

“Your brother’s Pokemon was just attacked!” Rita shouted, as she was clearing out the coffee table to see the condition of her eldest son’s starter Pokemon. “Jack, Jodi go get the first aid kit for Pokemon!”

“On it!” They replied, saluting their mother as they dashed to the bathroom to grab the first aid kit, and handed it back to their mother who was checking up on Morgan.

The first thing Rita did was she grabbed a yellow-orange spray bottle, a super potion to spray on Morgan to help bring up his HP. A groan escaped Morgan’s mouth, which reassured Rita and Neth that Morgan lived through this attack, this time.

“He’ll live. Don’t worry.” Rita reassured her son. Neth sighed in relief, he wouldn’t know if he would bear losing his starter just before he took on the gym challenge. Rita then opened the first aid kit and took out some disinfecting wipes to wipe the blood off Morgan’s face so she can inspect the state of his injury. She inspected the grass-type a bit more, and saw that the Seed Pokemon didn’t have any other injuries other than his eye.

“How is he?” Neth asked.

“Morgan will be fine.” Rita told him, but a frown was still painted on her face. “But, he suffered an eye injury and will probably be blind in one eye.” She explained.

Neth felt like he was ready to cry again hearing his Pokemon could be disabled, but he tried to reassure himself that Morgan is alive and things will be okay. He then looked at the table where Prof. Oak’s parcel laid, and sighed. He should’ve given the parcel to the Professor by now, however he’d cried so much he didn’t want the Professor to see him in this state. The trainer decided to have a bit of lunch first, and once he was calm he’d head straight to the lab and hand over the parcel.

Lunch helped Neth a lot, his mother made a simple lunch; a hot noodle soup and his favorite BLT sandwiches. He also didn’t realize how hungry he was as he already had a 2nd serving of soup and a third sandwich. After eating so much till he couldn’t move, Neth decided to relax a bit before taking the parcel to Professor Oak.

Before Neth left to hand the parcel to the professor, he went to check on Morgan. The Bulbasaur was fast asleep, and as much as Neth would want to wake Morgan up or put him back in his Pokeball, he was peacefully sleeping.

“I’ll be back buddy.” Neth whispered. Just as he was about to leave, Neth quickly went to remind his mother about Morgan. “If he wakes up let him know I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“I will.” Rita promised. Neth smiled and left home and headed for Professor Oak’s lab.

Neth made it to the lab and saw the Professor typing away at his computer. The trainer cleared his throat, which caught the professor’s attention. “Oh Neth, welcome back. What took you so long?” He asked. Professor Oak saw that the trainer didn’t have his starter Pokémon with him. “And where’s the Bulbasaur you picked?”

The trainer’s eyes snapped open as the Professor just straight up ahead and asked him. “Uhh…” he had to think fast. Neth wondered if telling Professor Oak that Bulbasaur nearly died and is resting at his house would be a good idea, but as he thought about it, the thought of Professor Oak being mad at him played in his mind and it scared him.

“Well?” Professor Oak asked again.

“Oh!” Neth realized. “Morgan is fine. He’s resting in his Pokeball right now.” He lied, his only available option that wouldn’t get the Professor mad at him. Neth was nervous hoping the Professor would believe him.

“Well,” The professor started. “I’m glad you and your starter have been training well, and it’s just your first day as a trainer.”

Neth nervously chuckled, but felt relieved the professor believed his lie. “Y-yeah.” Quickly, Neth changed the subject and handed the parcel over to Professor Oak. “Oh here is the parcel from Viridian Professor.”

“Ah.” Professor Oak exclaimed. He took the parcel from Neth’s hands and opened it. Inside was what appeared to be a simple Pokeball, only it had an electric type symbol on it. “The custom Pokeball I ordered.”

A door opening loudly rang around the lab and the Professor, Neth, and the lab aids turned to see a young girl breathing heavily like she just ran a marathon.

The girl had long pinkish-red hair, almost the color of strawberries, and a yellow hat with flowers on it and also had green eyes. She wore a multi-colored, frilly top with short sleeves, green shorts, long white stockings with hearts at the top, and green shoes. She had a pink star-shaped shoulder bag with buttons that showed Clefairy, Jigglypuff and a Raichu on it.

“Sorry. I’m. Late.” The girl paused between breaths.

Neth recognized the girl and smiled. “Cassia!” He exclaimed.

Cassia looked up and saw Neth smiling at him. A smile appeared on the young girl’s face as she quickly ran and tackled Neth yelling his name, “NETH!” The latter felt the air give out from him as he crashed to the floor, which is probably much better then crashing into a shelf or Professor Oak’s desk.

“Oh it’s so good to see you! It’s been so long!” Cassia beamed.

Neth frowned. “Cass, I saw you two weeks ago at your place for lunch.” He reminded her.

Cassia let go of her friend and helped him up. “Sorry, but it felt so long for me!” She replied.

Neth chuckled, used to his friend’s peppy personality. “You always say that.” He said, rolling his eyes.

“Ah so you must be the third trainer I was expecting.” Professor Oak said.

“Yep! I’m Cassia Verdi!” She introduced. “Sorry I’m late. I overslept.”

Professor Oak chuckled. “That’s alright. It’s happened once or twice.” He reassured her. “However there is one Pokémon left. I hope you weren’t expecting Bulbasaur or Charmander to have been taken.”

The young girl’s face dropped when she heard her favorite Pokemon, Bulbasaur was already taken. “Aww.” She sighed.

“But,” Professor Oak started, which made Cassia look up. “I’m sure you and Squirtle might make a good team.” He then went over to the table and released Squirtle from her Pokeball.

Squirtle gave a stretch and yawned coming out from her Pokeball. She stretched too far and she fell on the floor. Cassia gasped, and blushed seeing the Tiny Turtle Pokemon and picked the Squirtle up from the floor and hugged her.

“Aww you're so cute!” Cassia beamed.

Squirtle looked up at the young girl and smiled seeing how pretty she was. “Is this my trainer?” She thought to herself. “T-thanks.” Squirtle replied.

“Aww. You’re welcome.” Cassia then looked up at Professor Oak. “So is Squirtle mine?”

Professor Oak nodded. “Yep. Unless you want to wait until next year for the starter you truly want.” He reminded her.

“I’ll take her!” Cassia beamed, her eyes sparkling with joy.

The Professor chuckled. “Alright. Let me get you and Neth’s Pokedex and Pokeballs and you're all set on your journey.” He told them.

“Thanks Professor!” Neth and Cassia replied at the same time. The Professor smiled and went over to his desk to get the items he mentioned as Neth and Cassia discussed what Cassia should name her Squirtle.

“So what are you going to name her?” Neth asked.

Cassia smiled as she already knew what to name her Squirtle. “I already have a name in mind. I kept a list.” She mentioned. “Since you're a female Squirtle, how do you like the name Shelby?” She asked.

“Squirtle tilted her head at her name. “Shelby?” She asked. Giving a nod she smiled, liking the sound of her new name. “It’s got a good ring to it!”

“So you like it?”

“Love it!”

Cassia squealed as she hugged her Squirtle tighter. Professor Oak turned around and handed two Pokedex to the trainers as well as their Pokeballs. “Here you two go! I wish you luck on your journey!” Professor Oak said.

Neth and Cassia thanked the Professor once again and left the laboratory. Once they left, Neth made a quick run to his house to go check up on Morgan. “Forgot something at home?” Cassia asked.

“No, I’m forgetting someone.” He replied.

Meanwhile, Morgan was awake and was now staring at himself in the mirror looking at his new injury. His right eye had a massive scar and the iris color had faded leaving the Bulbasaur with two different eye colors.

Morgan sighed seeing Neth was gone and worried his trainer left him. “Maybe Charmander was right. Maybe I am not strong enough.” Morgan thought to himself. The grass-type Pokemon heard the door open and saw his trainer come in. Morgan’s eyes widen seeing Neth.

It was silent between the Pokemon and his trainer. One of them had to say something, and Neth was the first one to speak. “H-how are you feeling?” He asked.

Morgan closed his eyes and turned away from Neth not saying anything.

“Are you mad at me?” Neth asked again.

Morgan opened his eyes looking down and shook his head slowly.

“I’m sorry I left you for a while. I just had to give Professor Oak the parcel we went to get.” He explained. “I was coming back for you.”

“You were?” Morgan asked, slowly walking towards his trainer.

Neth nodded. “I wasn’t going to leave you behind if that’s what you were thinking.” He told him. Once Morgan got closer he pet Morgan’s head, comforting the Seed Pokémon.

The Seed Pokémon smiled and let his trainer pet him some more. He didn’t know why, but Neth’s comfort made him feel a lot better than he did when he woke up.

“Thanks.” Morgan said, and he let out a chuckle. “It’s funny. Before starting my journey I was told that I wasn’t going to be the best, and that I’ll just be holding my trainer and my team back.” He explained.

Neth scoffed. “Who told you that?”

Morgan opened his mouth and wanted to say who it was, but stayed quiet. “It’s no one.” He replied.

Neth knew not to push Morgan too much after what he had been through. “Well, if you ever want to talk about it I’m here for ya.” He told him.

This made the Bulbasaur’s eyes widen. At this point he wanted to cry on his trainer’s lap that someone trusts him to share his feelings with. “Okay.” Morgan whispered back.

The trainer smiled and after saying goodbye to his family again and finally after a bit of a bump into the road their journey could start.

“Ready Neth?” Cassia asked, which surprised Neth and Morgan.

“Please don’t do that.” Neth begged, giving a sigh.

Cassia giggled till her eyes went towards Morgan. She gasped seeing the Seed Pokemon’s injury. “Neth, what happened to your Bulbasaur?” Cassia asked.

Morgan felt hurt seeing someone react to his injury and stepped back hiding behind Neth’s legs. Shelby saw her old friend and went close to him. “B-bulbasaur?” Squirtle spoke up. Morgan recognized his old friend and slowly came up to her.

“It’s Morgan now.” He let out, quietly.

“Oh.” Shelby realized. “For me it’s Shelby.” She replied quietly as well. Morgan slowly nodded even though he was excited about his friend getting a nickname.

Neth and Cassia were now walking on Route 1 as Neth explained about Morgan getting attacked by a Rattata, which is why the Bulbasaur had the eye injury.

“Neth. I’m so sorry that happened to you.” Cassia said. “Now I feel bad for reacting to-“ the girl was cut off by Neth.

“Cass it’s okay.” Neth reassured her. “Morgan is fine.” He told her as he looked down at his Bulbasaur, who gave him a warm smile in reply.

“Yeah, but still…”Cassia replied.

Morgan then pressed his forehead to Cassia’s leg, grabbing her attention. “It’s alright.” Morgan started. Cassia gave a small smile, feeling clammer.

“Thanks.” Cassia replied. Morgan smiled and gave a nod. The group continued walking till Morgan saw a purple blur running across the grass. The grass-type Pokemon paused, as he recognized the purple blur as a Rattata. The Rattata attack played in his mind again, however not wanting to be scared anymore, Morgan started to run and tackled the Rattata to the ground.

To the grass-type’s surprise, it was a Rattata but something felt off about this particular one. This Rattata seemed a bit smaller than the one that attacked him. “W-wait!” Rattata yelled. “D-don’t hurt me please!”

Morgan quickly got off of Rattata, as Neth, Cassia and Shelby came by to see what was going on. “Morgan, are you okay?” Neth asked.

“I am.” Morgan replied. The group then turned to the Rattata, who was shaking like a leaf. It was at this point, the grass type Pokemon realized this wasn’t the same Rattata.

“I-I saw the attack.” The Rattata stuttered. “M-my older brother, he’s the one who attacked you! I-I couldn’t do anything, a-and I’m sorry!” He apologized. “P-Please don’t hurt me.”

Neth kneeled down to look at the Rattata. “What happened to your brother?” He asked.

“Captured! Another trainer saw his skills and caught him.” Rattata revealed. Neth and Morgan both sighed. Though Neth was a tad bit worried as most trainers own a Rattata or Pidgey, and any of those Rattata owned by a trainer could be the Rattata that almost killed Morgan.

“Well glad we may never see that Rattata again!” Cassia exclaimed.

“Rattata?” Morgan spoke up. “I’m sorry for attacking you like that, and I was wondering if you would like to join the team?” He asked.

The eyes on the normal-type Pokemon widened. “Really? You’d want me on?” He asked.

Neth smiled. “Of course!” He replied.

Rattata then jumped into Neth’s arms, which surprised the latter. “Thank you! Thank you!” He repeated gleefully.

The trainer chuckled and petted his new team member. “So, what to name you?” He wondered. Looking at Rattata he thought what name could fit him. One name then hit him, and he had to ask Rattata. “Do you like the name Jasper?” He asked.

Rattata chuckled. “Jasper sounds cool! Makes me sound tough!” He exclaimed.

“Alright, welcome to the team Jasper!”

Hey everyone got the newest chapter up!

I have some news to share before we get on to the story. So I started a new job just last week, and this one is way different then my old job so stories may be a bit slow. Speaking of updates, expect an update for this story on Tuesday or Wednesday.


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You get my seal of approval for picking Bulbasaur! (Ironic considering I picked Charmander in my own ongoing Nuzlocke) He's definitely my favorite starter out of the three and does great in the Kanto games as well.


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Another update is out!! ^^ Enjoy!!

Neth, Cassia, and their Pokemon made it back to Viridian City, where they decided to chill at the Pokemon Center and drink some ice cold lemonade and chat for a bit because Cassia had some news to share to Neth that she wanted to tell him.

“Wait, you're doing Pokemon Contests?” Neth asked.

Cassia nodded. “Yep!” She replied. “After I saw contests live on TV a few years ago I figured doing that as my goal then the gym challenge like you or Miles.” She explained.

Neth smiled at his friend, as much as it was his, Miles and Cassia’s goal to do the gym challenge together, he realized that trainers need to find their own path in life, and if Cassia’s was to be a Pokemon coordinator, then a coordinator she wanted to be.

Shelby, who was eating berries with Morgan and Jasper, looked up at her trainer and asked, “What’s a Pokémon contest?” She asked.

With a smile Cassia explained, “A Pokémon contest is a performance where trainers, called coordinators, perform with their Pokémon. There are two rounds performing and a battle round.”

The Squirtle smiled interested in this conversation. “Oooh that sounds fun!”

“It is!” Cassia exclaimed. “Also you and I both get to dress up, and the battle isn’t like a typical gym battle!”

Shelby’s eyes glistened like stars hearing how fun contest battles were. She never thought of performing in front of everyone in Kanto before. The Squirtle then jumped on her trainer, her eyes growing bigger. “When is our first contest?” Shelby asked.

“In Cerulean City.” Cassia replied. “The contest is on Tuesday.”

“Well, we better get there, fast!” Shelby shouted.

Cassia chuckled, seeing the Squirtle was slowly starting to act like her now. “Relax Shelby.” She reassured her starter Pokémon. “We have plenty of time before Cerulean.” Cassia then went to her bag and pulled out her map and pointed at their current location; Viridian City. “So we’re here and it will take us till tomorrow morning to get to Pewter City, then a day or two to get Cerulean.”

“See you’ll have plenty of time.” Neth told the Squirtle. “By the time you're in Cerulean it will be Sunday night or Monday morning.”

Shelby sighed, but felt the excitement in her as she’ll start performing in the contest soon. Cassia put her Squirtle down, then went to her bag and pulled out two extra maps. “Here Neth, I had extras for you and Miles to bring with you on your journey.” She told him.

“Thanks Cass.” Neth replied. He took his own map, leaving Cassia with Miles’s map with her till she sees him.

As Cassia was putting the map for Miles away, she had to ask Neth about him. “How is Miles by the way?” She asked. Neth looked up at the girl. “I haven’t seen him since…” her voice trailed off, but Neth quickly interrupted.

“He’s fine.” He replied, turning away from his friend. “He too started his journey. He got a Charmander, and just left.” Neth explained.

“Oh did he say anything about me?” Cassia asked. Neth shook his head. “Figures.”

It soon got quiet between the two trainers as they silently drank their lemonades. The three Pokémon looked up from eating their berries and wondered if they should say anything to bring the mood back up.

“Should we say something?” Jasper asked.

“I don’t know.” Morgan replied. As much as he wanted to cheer them up he didn’t want to make the two trainers feel worse by helping them. So he, Jasper and Shelby waited before deciding on what to do.

After what felt like forever, Neth had an idea hoping that would change the topic. “Hey, why don’t we travel together?” Neth asked. “It will make the journey fun, plus we could make it to Cerulean faster.”

Cassia smiled and was ready to agree till her PokeGear started to ring. She gave Neth a signal to hold on for a second as she took this call. “Hello? Oh hi mom!” Her face dropped as she sighed when her mom told her what was going on. “Again?” She asked. Cassia sighed, “alright I’ll head on over.” She then hung up and sighed.

However, the expression Neth had made him guess what happened. “Let me guess, your grandfather again?” He asked.

The coordinator to be nodded. “Oh yeah. He fell again thanks to missing out on his medications.” She told him. It was well known in Viridian City, that Cassia’s grandfather would always fall in the most random places in Viridian City from the roads to the entrances of buildings. Cassia’s family had tried taking him into a nursing home, but he always refused so he lived with her family so they could take care of him.

Cassia sighed hoping to travel alongside Neth, but she had to help her family first. “I gotta get going, just travel on without me.” She told him.

Neth nodded. “Alright, but let’s travel together once we see each other again, okay?” He asked.

“Okay!” Cassia replied. “Shelby! Come on, let's go!” She yelled.

Shelby nodded. “Coming!” She yelled back. Before she could take off, she turned back to face Morgan. “Take care Morgan! Be safe out there!” Shelby reminded him before going with her trainer.

Once the two were gone, Neth was studying the map and finishing his lemonade before telling his two Pokémon the game plan. “Alright, before we head off to Pewter City, I think we should check out Route 22 to train and find a new team member.” He explained. “Then we head on the path leading towards Pewter City.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Jasper agreed. The Rattata turned towards Morgan, hoping the Bulbasaur liked the idea.

Morgan looked back at Neth and Jasper as they waited for him to hear what he thought of the plan. “Uh…sure sounds like a great plan.” He told them.

“Great!” Neth replied. “We’ll set off when you're ready.” Jasper and Morgan nodded as Neth went to put everything back in his bag and wait on his team.

The Rattata gobbled up the rest of the berries and gave his trainer a smile. “Okay I’m ready when you are!” Jasper beamed.

Neth chuckled seeing how hyped up Jasper is since joining the team. Neth then looked towards Morgan and saw how quiet, but trying to be too happy he was. When the Seed Pokemon looked at him, Morgan gave a quick (but fake) smile to show he was ready to leave too. Knowing what Morgan has been through a lot and it’s only been day one of their journey he didn’t want to ask Morgan more questions to make him uncomfortable.

“Alright.” Neth started as he grabbed his bag. “Let’s get going.” The two Pokemon followed him out of the Viridian Pokemon Center and made their way left towards Route 22. Though as they walked, a tall man in a grey coat and hat walked by and Neth almost ran into him. He went into a halt as the man turned to him, glaring at the young trainer with his cold, black eyes.

Neth and Morgan gulped at the man, and took a step back. “Ah. S-sorry.” He apologized.

The tall man glared as a wave of fear rushed over Neth and his team. They were anxious this man was now going to mug them of their Pokedollars or worse. Neth let out a gulp, and was ready to book it with his team. However, the man spoke up.

“Watch it, next time.” He threatened with a low growl before walking away from Neth and his team. The trio waited till the man was completely gone from Viridian and sighed that he just threatened them and nothing else.

“Man that was scary!” Morgan yelled. “I-I thought we were going to die!”

Neth sighed and gave Morgan a pet, something that Neth noticed that calms the Bulbasaur down when he’s in distress. “Hey there are just jerk trainers like that. If we see him again, let’s beat him in a battle.” He promised his starter.

Jasper glared and crossed his arms. “Well I hope we don’t run into him.”

Once everyone was settled down, the trio made it to Route 22. From there, Morgan and Jasper stopped when they saw a Mankey doing some training, punching rocks and scratching at berries that fell from the tree.

“Oh that’s cool!” Jasper cheered. He ran towards the Mankey to get a close up of the Fighting-type’s training.

“W-wait! Jasper!” Neth shouted.

The Mankey heard Neth and before Jasper got a good close up, the Pig Monkey Pokemon quickly scratched the Rattata that was ready to attack her.

“Jasper!” Neth shouted. He went over to his Pokémon and picked him up. Luckily, Jasper just had a minor scratch wound that would heal in a matter of days. “Are you okay?”

“H-hang on mom.” Jasper said, dizzy from the attack. “I just need to steal snacks from this stupid traveler first.”

Neth sighed seeing his Pokémon was going to be alright. “Trainer.” A feminine voice spoke up. Neth looked around to see who spoke up and was surprised it was the Manky. “What are you doing, disturbing my training?” She asked.

“O-oh. I didn’t mean to.” Neth apologized. “Jasper just wanted to see you train, and…” he paused, realizing Mankey was a girl. “I never knew Mankey could be female as well? I thought they were male only Pokemon?”

The Mankey sighed and rolled her eyes. “You're not the only trainer who said that.” She told them.

“Oh. Well sorry if I disturbed your training.”

The Mankey nodded. “I’m sorry for attacking your Rattata.”

“Apology accepted.” Neth loved how strong Mankey was and quickly decided to ask her, “hey is it alright if we can train together?” He asked. The Mankey turned to face him. “I mean if it bothers you we can train somewhere else on the route.”

“On one condition.” Mankey spoke up. “I’d like to train alongside your team.”

Neth’s eyes widened as he didn’t have to capture and battle for a team member, but the team member asked him. “Alright! Welcome to the team!” He accepted. The Mankey smiled and held her fist to signal a fist bump. Neth smiled and he and his new team mate fist bumped back. Once that was settled, Neth grabbed his Pokeball and put Mankey in. Once the ball clicked three times, which signaled the capture he started to think of a name for her. He was trying to think of a name that fits a Mankey that isn’t too girly for her tastes.

Once the trainer finally thought of a name for his Mankey he quickly sent her back out. “Hey Mankey, do you like the name Amber?” He asked.

Mankey nodded, accepting the name. “Not too girly, but fitting.” She replied. “Why not!” Neth smiled glad that Amber joined the team and liked her name.

Training on Route 22 wasn’t too bad. There weren’t as many Mankey, and Amber was great to have around. She gave good training advice to Jasper and Morgan. The training helped and soon Morgan and Jasper were learning new moves.

For Morgan it was Leech Seed, and for Jasper it was Quick Attack.

“Alright Morgan if you use your Leech Seed you can heal as you deal more damage.” Amber told him.

Morgan nodded and did what he was told, and soon he launched a seed at a wild Rattata he was fighting. Soon the Rattata was feeling tired as the Leech Seed started to drain his energy and Morgan came in with a quick Tackle attack defeating the Rattata.

“That was fun!” Morgan beamed as a true smile appeared on his face.

After a whole hour of training, Neth and his team decided to head back to Viridian City and head on to Route 2. However, the joyous walk came to a vault as they saw two Pidgey in a battle with a Caterpie?

The Caterpie looked tired, but she wanted to keep on fighting the two flying-type Pokemon. “Give it up, worm!” Pidgey shouted.

The Caterpie glared and went in for another Tackle, but it didn’t take out the Pidgey. The Tiny Bird Pokémon snickered before Tackling the Worm Pokémon to the ground.

“Hey!” Neth shouted as he and his team were running towards the Pidgey.

“A trainer!” One Pidgey exclaimed. The two flying type birds were ready to fight till they saw Morgan, Jasper and Amber running towards them. It was then the two Pidgey realized they were screwed.

“Quick, let's bail!” The other Pidgey exclaimed as they flew off.

Neth growled seeing the Pidgey fly off. He started to calm down and then turned his gaze towards the Caterpie. The Worm Pokémon slowly started to crawl, breathing heavily.

“I-I could have…handled them.” She coughed out. Morgan went over to her and used his vines to put her on his back. The Caterpie gave a groan, as much as she wanted to struggle she was too weak to do so.

Neth crouched down to Morgan’s level and looked at how bad the Caterpie was. The bug-type Pokémon has some scrapes and cuts from the Pidgey. Luckily the Pidgey around Pallet and Viridian don’t learn too strong of flying type moves otherwise this little Caterpie would be dead.

“We need to make it to the Pokemon Center! And fast!” Neth exclaimed. Running as fast as a Ponyta, Neth and his team quickly dashed back to the Viridian Pokemon center to get the Caterpie some help.

At the Pokemon Center, Neth and his team waited to hear the results on how the Caterpie was feeling.About an hour and a half passed before Nurse Joy came in holding the Caterpie in her hands. The Caterpie was now wide awake and no longer injured.“Neth. The Caterpie brought in is doing just fine, she just got beaten up a bit, but she’s okay.”

Neth sighed in relief as Nurse Joy handed over Caterpie to Neth. “Thank you.” He replied, giving a small smile. The nurse smiled in reply and Neth and his team went off from Viridian City back on Route 2. On their way, The Caterpie jumped off Neth’s hands and started to crawl her way back. “H-hey! Caterpie! Wait up!” Neth yelled, running after the Caterpie.

The Caterpie was on the grass; looking for another Pokemon to fight. Neth and his team caught up with the Worm Pokemon before she got herself hurt again.

“Caterpie!” Morgan shouted. The Caterpie heard the Bulbasaur’s call and turned towards him. “What are you doing?” He asked.

“Battling! I need to show these riff raff Pokemon I’m not just a weak little bug-type!” The Caterpie explained.

“Why?” Morgan asked.

Caterpie rolled her eyes. “Because the Caterpie around here is always taken away, or worse.” She explained. Morgan and Neth looked at each other as the Caterpie continued. “So I made it my goal to battle as many Pokémon to show them that not all Caterpie aren’t week.”

“Well it’s true.” Jasper grumbled, hoping the Caterpie didn’t hear him.

However, it was too late. “What was that, rat!” She snapped.

“N-nothing!” Jasper lied, scared hearing that kind of voice from a Caterpie.

“Thought so.” Caterpie then looked back at Neth. “See because I’m different then other Caterpie I can strike fear into the heart of a Rattata.” She explained, proud that she almost gave Jasper a heart attack.

“But,” Neth started. “Would you like to train and get stronger with a team?” He asked.

Caterpie tilted her head in confusion. “What do you mean?” She asked.

“I mean if you joined my team, you can be 10x more stronger and make new friends.” Neth offered.

“Plus.” Amber started. “If any Pokémon tries to hurt you, you have a Mankey, Bulbasaur and Rattata by your side.” She explained pointing at herself, Morgan and Jasper in that order.

Caterpie thought about it for a bit. Sure, she heard trainers capturing her fellow Caterpie, but never heard what happened to them afterwards. She wasn’t anxious for what would happen to her, but hearing that adventure and battling stronger Pokemon then the usual Rattata and Pidgey gave her a story to tell when she does see her family again. Caterpie gave a gleeful smile hearing she was strong, and turned towards Neth. “Alright trainer,”

“Neth.” He corrected in reply.

“Neth. How do I join your team?” She asked. Neth smiled and held his hand out for Caterpie to climb up his shoulder. Slowly, the Caterpie crawled her way up and once she was close enough Neth grabbed the Pokeball and placed her in.

After three clicks, Caterpie was caught.

“Looks like we got another friend.” Neth said. He then let Caterpie out and looked at her to think of a name for her. “Hmm…you're green in color. Maybe…Peridot! I’ll call you Peridot!” He exclaimed.

“Why Peridot?” Caterpie asked.

“Because you're as green as a Peridot.”

Hearing Neth’s reason made the other teammates look at one another if they heard Neth correctly. “Does he know Caterpie evolves into Butterfree, which are blueish-purple in color?” Amber whispered.

“I... hope so.” Morgan replied not sure if his trainer knew either.

Now Neth had four teammates on his team, and was ready to take the next step heading down to Viridian Forest on the road towards his journey.


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Ooooo this has been a fun read so far! I love the cast of characters so far, I especially can’t wait to see more of Cassia and how contests work in Kanto. You don’t see many written stories with talking pokemon, either! Can’t wait til the next update :D


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Ooooo this has been a fun read so far! I love the cast of characters so far, I especially can’t wait to see more of Cassia and how contests work in Kanto. You don’t see many written stories with talking pokemon, either! Can’t wait til the next update :D
Thank you ^^
I'll probably make some Behind the Scenes post about how the world of Gleaming Red is like at some point. Personal stuff has been in the way both good and bad, hense why the next chapter has been long to make.


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Finally...After so long!

Hey long time no see!

Sorry for the delay. For those who follow my other stories, you probably know why I haven’t updated the past few weeks. For those who just follow Gleaming Red, I’ll give you the long story short: Personal life was a rollercoaster.

Though I’m glad to be updating and working on stories again.


Viridian Forest, the only known forest in all of Kanto, was a deep dark forest that’s a nature maze. However, despite it sunlight was able to seek through the trees giving little light for trainers crossing the path. It is also considered to be the best place for starting trainers. Many kinds of Pokémon live in this forest from the common Caterpie and Weedle to the rare Pikachu.

Neth didn’t care what he was going to find in Viridian Forest. He knew whoever would be next Pokémon would be the next friend and teammate. Morgan stayed close with Neth, while Amber and Jasper were able to go through the forest fine. Peridot was on Neth’s shoulder enjoying the sights and smells of Viridian Forest.

After breathing in some of that forest air, Peridot let out a sigh. “Smells like home.” She told herself.

“So you lived here before, Peridot?” Neth asked.

Peridot shook her head. “I lived near the edge of Viridian Forest, but never inside the forest.” She explained.

“Well, if we're lucky we can maybe find some of your friends.” The trainer told her. Peridot giggled and nodded.

While Amber was swinging on the trees, the Mankey saw a yellow tail with a thorn on it. Thinking it was a Caterpie, Amber tried to pull it out from the tree. “Found one!” She yelled.

Team Neth’s eyes widened seeing it wasn’t a Caterpie, nor a shiny Caterpie, but a Weedle. “Uh that’s a Weedle.” Peridot corrected her teammate.

Amber then looked at the Weedle, who was glaring at her. “Oops, sorry!” She apologized. Amber put the Weedle down gently, but the bug-type was still upset.

“You’re the third Pokémon today who mistook me for a Caterpie!” Weedle shouted.

“Hey we’re sorry Weedle. It wasn’t Amber’s fault.” Neth reassured the Hairy Bug Pokemon, but he wasn’t convinced.

“Yeah. Plus don’t Weedle and shiny Caterpie look the same?” Amber asked.

Weedle glared. “No!” He shouted. “We Weedle have a stinger on our tails, while Caterpie do not!”

Peridot looked at her tail to confirm Weedle's explanation. “He’s right.”

“Plus shiny Caterpie are absolutely rare. I’d never seen a shiny Caterpie in this forest!” Weedle explained. The Hairy Bug Pokémon kept on ranting on how rare a shiny Caterpie is and how the regular green Caterpie are common here.

The team started to feel annoyed with how brainy the Weedle was to the point Amber grabbed a Pokeball from Neth’s backpack and threw a Pokeball to shut up the Weedle. Not knowing that the Weedle was caught and joined the team.

“Amber!” Jasper shouted.

“What?” The Mankey asked. She looked and saw the Pokeball gave out the final click meaning it was official; the annoying Weedle joined the team. “Oh.” She realized.

Neth sighed and walked over to the Pokeball and picked it up. “It’s alright Amber, a team member is a team member no matter how annoying they are.” He explained. Soon Neth released the Weedle from his Pokeball and the bug-type was breathing heavily like he was suffocating inside. “You okay?” Neth asked.

Weedle finally caught his breath before letting out a sigh. “Yes I am.” He told the trainer.

“Good.” Neth sighed. “I’m glad you're fine, Kunzite.” He continued calling Weedle by his new name.

The Weedle’s eyes widened hearing Neth calling him by his new name. “Oh is that name now?” He asked. Neth nodded in reply. “It’s a cool name! I like it!” Kunzite beamed.

With Kunzite on the team, Neth’s team was now a team of five. Neth figured training the team again as now he has two bug-types on the team. Kunzite and Peridot had the advantage of taking down other bug Pokemon, while Morgan, Jasper and Amber took down stronger Pokemon like Pikachu. With all that training, Morgan ended up being one level higher than the rest of the team.

“Hey trainer!” A little boy shouted. Neth and his team paused on training and spotted two little boys, who were bug catchers, each with a Pokeball in their hands. “We saw you training? Care to battle us?” The Bug Catcher named Rick asked.

“Yeah!” The other bug catcher, who was named Doug, continued. “Or are you scared?”

Neth blinked in surprise. Sure, these kids were younger than him, but he wasn’t going to let two kids talk to him like that, “Hah! I’m not scared!” Neth shouted. “I’d love to battle!”

Bug Catcher Rick chuckled, “Alright! Let’s battle!” He shouted as he threw two of his Pokeballs and let out his own Weedle and Caterpie.

“Peridot! Morgan! Go!” Neth yelled. Morgan and Peridot were now in front of Neth ready to battle, though Morgan was a bit nervous battling, even though he was strong for a bug-type.

“Hey.” Peridot spoke up, causing Morgan to turn and face her. “You’ll be fine. I promise. It’s an easy battle anyways.” She reassured the Bulbasaur. Morgan gave a smile and nodded before focusing on the battle.

“Caterpie use Tackle! Weedle, use Poison Sting” Bug Catcher Rick yelled.

The Bug Catcher’s Weedle used Poison Sting on Morgan, who then flinched as the Poison Sting hit him. Gladly it didn’t do poison damage due to Morgan being half poison-type. The Caterpie tackled Peridot, but it didn’t do as much damage.

“Quick! Peridot use-“ Neth tried to command his bug-type Pokemon, but before he could Peridot used a Tackle attack on both the Caterpie and the Weedle, knocking them out.

“Well, that was easy!” Peridot beamed.

The Bug Catcher fell to his knees and put his two bug-types back into their Pokeballs. The other Bug Catcher, Doug glared and stepped up to battle Neth next. “Alright! I have three bug-types!” He shouted as he released a Kakuna from his Pokeball.

“Hah! This will be very easy!” Peridot yelled. She went to use another Tackle attack, but the smirk the Bug Catcher gave said he had a trick up his sleeve.

“Kakuna! Harden!” The Bug Catcher commanded. The Kakuna shined as Peridot rammed into it, however despite the Harden, the Cocoon Pokemon was tackled straight into the ground and knocked out. Though at the cost of Peridot getting dizzy. “K-Kakuna?” Doug asked. Seeing his Pokemon was knocked out he sent Kakuna back into his Pokeball and glared at Neth. Doug took out another Pokeball and out came a Weedle.

Even though Peridot could handle a Weedle, she felt dizzy from the tackle and decided to fall back. “This is your battle Morgan.” She said, dizzy from the attack.

Morgan gulped and turned towards the Weedle. “W-well it shouldn’t be that hard.” He said to himself.

“Morgan, let’s use Tackle!” Neth commanded. Morgan nodded and ran towards Weedle and used Tackle.

“Use your Tackle too, Weedle!” Doug commanded. The Weedle squirmed his way towards Bulbasaur, and the two tackles ended up bumping the two Pokemon and pushing them both back. The two Pokemon skid back and saw that their tackle attacks were equally strong. “Weedle, use String Shot!” The Bug Catcher commanded once more.

The Weedle then launched his String Shot at Morgan, which wrapped up the Bulbasaur’s legs causing him to fall flat on his face.

“Morgan!” Neth gasped. The Bulbasaur struggled to get the String Shot off of him, and one by one the sticky string came off his legs. “Are you okay?” Neth asked.

“I’m fine.” Morgan replied, getting the last of the String shot off of his legs.

Neth gave a sigh, and decided to call out the next move for Morgan to use. “Morgan uses the Tackle once more!”

Morgan nodded as he started to run, but instead of Tackle coming out, Morgan’s vines appeared and slapped the Weedle, knocking it out. The Bulbasaur stopped himself and was surprised by what he did. “What was that?” Morgan asked.

“I think that was Vine Whip?” Neth answered.

“Vine…whip?” Morgan asked, looking at his vines. “So I learned a new move.” He thought to himself. A smile formed on the Bulbasaur’s face as he gave a chuckle.

Doug put Weedle back to his Pokeball and let out another Weedle. Morgan gave a smile and was ready to battle again. “Morgan, let’s use Vine Whip again!” Neth commanded.

Morgan let out his vines and then went to attack the Weedle. The Hairy Bug Pokemon was hit a few times with Vine Whip, but wasn’t down just yet.

“Weedle, Poison Sting!” Doug commanded. Weedle then launched Poison Sting at the Bulbasaur, which injured him. Luckily he wasn’t poisoned.

“Morgan, finish it off with Tackle!” Neth commanded. Morgan nodded and used Tackle on the Weedle and knocked it out, ending the battle.

Bug Catcher Doug sighed and put his other Weedle back into the Pokeball. “Man, we lost!” He sighed.

The other Bug Catcher, Rick glared and pointed a finger at Neth. “You win this time!” He yelled. “Next time we battle, we will win for sure!” Then the two boys ran off.

Once they were gone, the rest of Neth’s team cheered for their trainer as well as Morgan and Peridot. “That was amazing, Morgan!” Amber cheered, hugging the grass-type starter.

Morgan blushed and let out a chuckle. “Y-you think so?” He asked.

“Absolutely! Told you that training would help!” Amber beamed, giving a punch to Morgan’s arm. The latter flinched not knowing how strong the fighting-type was, though laughed it off like it didn’t hurt.

However, the celebration was cut short when Peridot started to not look good and was glowing a bit. “P-peridot?” Jasper asked. Peridot slowly looked up at her team who looked concerned for her. “Are you okay?”

“I-I don’t feel so good.” Peridot whimpered. Soon she glowed even brighter and Neth knew what this was.

“She’s evolving.” Neth whispered.

Peridot changed shape and soon went from a worm shape to a crescent cocoon shape; a Metapod. Peridot blinked her eyes and just stared at Neth and the team.

“A Metapod.” Kunzite and Neth said at the same time. Neth smiled and walked up to Peridot and picked her up. “Congratulations Peridot! You evolved!” He beamed, however, Peridot didn’t respond back. “I guess you can’t talk for a while.” He chuckled.

Morgan and the rest of the team went up to Neth and Peridot worried that their new friend wouldn’t talk anymore. “Does that mean Peridot can’t talk anymore?” Morgan asked.

“Don’t be silly.” Kunzite replied. “When Weedle and Caterpie evolve into Kakuna and Metapod respectively we just lose our ability to talk till we evolve into our final forms.” He explained.

The Bulbasaur sighed, relieved his new friend will be able to speak to him again soon even if it would take a while.

“But how would Peridot respond to us?” Jasper asked.

“We have our ways.” Kunzite answered. Jasper glared and face palmed not getting the answer he wanted.

A tad bit later, Neth decided to do a bit more training while trying to get through Viridian Forest. Training a Metapod wasn’t hard, but Peridot wasn’t gaining as much experience as she did when she was a Caterpie.

“Hey you!” A voice called out. Neth turned and saw it was a little girl. “Battle me!” She commanded him.

With word getting out from the trainers that were training in the forest hearing about Neth they wanted to battle him as well. Neth loved a challenge, but he knew his team needed to rest as well.

“Alright.” He replied with a smile on his face.

The battle wasn’t too bad, the young girl had a Rattata that was quickly poisoned by Kunzite, making the battle end sooner.

“No!” The young girl cried. “My little Rattata!” The girl stood there and cried for a bit before she felt her Rattata nuzzle her cheek. She stopped crying and gave a sniffle to see Rattata was alright. “Rattata!” She beamed.

Neth kneeled down to the girl’s height and took out an Antidote from his bag. “Here, in case you get lost on your way out of Viridian Forest, heal Rattata with this to remove the poison. Then head straight to the Pokémon Center, okay.” He told the girl.

The girl sniffled before drying her eyes and took the Antidote from Neth’s hands. “T-thank you. You're so kind.” She told him. Neth smiled as a way of saying thank you. The young girl walked off and started to heal her Rattata.

Once she left, a glow appeared behind Neth and he turned to see Kunzite starting to evolve into his next stage. Soon the glow faded and Kunzite was now a Kakuna. “Nice! You evolved too Kunzite!”

Like with Peridot, Kunzite didn’t say anything, but did give a little hop to show his excitement. Neth chuckled, but before he could pick up Kunzite, he realized the problem. He’d been carrying Peridot throughout the forest and now he has to carry two cocoon Pokemon throughout the rest of the forest.

Morgan saw his trainer struggling, trying to carry Peridot and Kunzite. The Bulbasaur remembered he could use his vines and had an idea. Morgan then used his vines and tapped Neth’s shoulder.

“What is it?” Neth asked.

“C-could I help carry Peridot?” Morgan asked.

Neth looked at the Metapod before turning back to his starter Pokemon. “Are you sure?” He asked. Morgan nodded. “Okay,” he loosened his hold on Peridot as Morgan used his vines and carried Peridot. “Be careful alright.”

“I will.” Morgan replied.

Team Neth walked a bit longer, but Neth stopped to look up and saw from the bit of light they had, the sun started to set. The trainer let out a sigh. “Looks like we have to set up camp here for the night.”

“Fine by me.” Jasper replied, giving out a yawn.

Neth put his stuff down and took out his tent and got it set up. Soon he, Morgan and Amber went to look for wood for the fire as Neth and Jasper stayed behind to keep an eye on Peridot and Kunzite.

“We’re back!” Amber beamed as she and Morgan carried the wood for the fire. “Is this enough wood?” She asked.

“That’s plenty!” Neth replied. Amber and Morgan put the wood down in a pile and Neth used two stones to flick a flame and a campfire was made. “Perfect.”

Soon Neth dug into his backpack and took out cans of Pokémon Food for his Pokémon while he decided to have a bag of potato chips and a can of lemonade for his meal. However, as he took out the food a small photo fell on the ground.

Neth picked up and froze seeing the photo. It was when he, Miles, and Cassia were 7 years old and were at a Pokémon summer camp. The memories where the three were all cheerful and did everything together played in Neth’s mind; he wished that these memories stayed till their journey started.

“Neth?” Morgan asked, but Neth didn’t reply as he was so absorbed with the photo. “N-Neth!” Morgan spoke up a bit louder.

“Y-yeah!” Neth replied.

“You okay?” Morgan asked again, tilting his head.

“Yeah. I’m fine. Just thinking of something.”

Morgan was about to ask again, but decided not to. Whatever Neth was thinking about it was personal and Morgan wasn’t sure whether to pressure his training to spill the beans or stay quiet. “Well, alright then.” He said then went back to eating.

Neth sighed and decided to put the photo back in his bag then ate his dinner. Once he finished he changed out of his travel clothes and into his pajamas, which were a purple shirt with a Gengar face on the back, bluish-grey sweatpants, and purple socks.

After dinner, everyone was asleep except Morgan. The Bulbasaur wasn’t used to sleeping on the grass, not even inside a tent. As long as he could remember he always slept somewhere warm, Morgan looked to see Neth, Amber and Jasper were sound asleep, while Kunzite and Peridot were asleep inside of their Pokeballs. Morgan got up slowly and walked towards Neth, but stopped not wanting to disturb his trainer of sleep.

Just before Morgan was about to try and sleep more he felt Neth grab him and held him close as he slept. “Couldn’t sleep?” Neth whispered.

Morgan smiled and gave a slow nod before closing his eyes. “Yeah.” He replied before drifting off to sleep.

As morning came, the caws of the Pidgey and Pidgeotto flying high woke up Team Neth. Neth yawned and stretched before he gave a wake up call to his team. “Wake up everyone!” Neth yelled.

The team groaned as they looked up at their trainer tiredly.

“Are you ready for a new day of training?” Neth asked. The team groaned and decided to fall back asleep. After packing everything up and the rest of the team being fully awake, Neth and his team were off and were just at the last end of Viridian Forest.

“Almost out of Viridian Forest!” Amber beamed. “Man, I can taste victory when we get to Pewter City!” She cheered.

Morgan chuckled nervously. He wasn’t too excited to take on the first gym, it felt horrifying every step they took. “Y-yeah.” He replied to his friend.

Amber saw how nervous Morgan was and rubbed his head. “Hey, I know your strong Morgan. You’ll be fine.” She reassured him.

“Thanks.” Morgan replied. Soon Morgan stopped when he saw his trainer stopped.

Neth glanced at Amber and Morgan and stepped aside. “We’re here.” He told his team. Morgan and Amber stood by Jasper and looked to see they were at the entrance of a city where the houses have Pewter colored rooftops, a museum and a building with a brown roof on it.

“Is this Pewter City?” Amber asked.

Neth smiled and nodded. “Yes!” He replied


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So I’ve seen this in a lot of Storylocke/Comic Nuzlockes I’ve seen and I’ve decided to do some extra stories for Gleaming Red. Most of these extra stories would be stuff that went on between certain chapters or backstories that don’t fit in with the main chapters.

I should also mention depending how long the extras are, some will be posted alongside the main chapters of the story.

Other than that! Hope you enjoy the extra story!

While Neth and Miles were back in Pallet Town preparing to get their starter Pokemon from Professor Oak. Cassia was still asleep in her home near Viridian City just as the sun started to peek through the blinds.

Footsteps were heard heading up the stairs to Cassia’s room and the door opened. A woman with long straight pinkish-red hair, Cassia's mother came in and saw her daughter was still asleep. She then turned her gaze to her clock and saw it was almost 8 am.

“Cassia! Sweetie.” Cassia’s mother, Esme whispered. “You have to get up now.” She shook her daughter a bit to wake her up, but Cassia groaned and turned away. The latter opened her eyes and got up. “Once you fully awake, you can have breakfast before heading to Professor Oak to get your first Pokemon.” Esme told her before leaving her daughter.

Cassia blinks for a bit and lies down not wanting to get up yet. Her body and brain were still in sleep mode wanting to rest for a little longer before Cassia could start her journey. Seeing how she couldn’t fall back asleep, she turned on the tv and watched a bit of cartoons before slowly falling back asleep again.

“Cassia!” Esme called out again.

Cassia groaned, opening her eyes. “Mom?” She asked. She got up slowly and rubbed her head. “What time is it?”

“9:30.” Esme replied. “You're lucky your breakfast hasn’t been cold.”

Hearing the time, made Cassia’s eyes widen. “9:30!” She yelled. “I overslept!” Quickly Cassia got out of bed and was ready to dash out the door before her mother grabbed her hand.

“You didn’t oversleep too long.” Esme reminded her. “Now have some breakfast before you go. I don’t want you to be hungry before meeting the Prof.” She said once again.

Cassia was ready to defend herself that she’s late and fine, but her stomach rumbling made her say otherwise. “Fine.” She sighed. Before she went to eat breakfast she decided to do a head start by washing her face and brushing her hair.

Once Cassia was done brushing most, if not all the tangles from her hair, she quickly ran downstairs to see her grandfather sitting at the table drinking his coffee, and her mother cooking up a big hot breakfast for Cassia. The young girl was in awe at all the delicious food in front of her, and looked up at her mom who was finishing the last bit of the breakfast.

“M-Mom you didn’t have to cook all this for me.” Cassia told her.

Esme giggled. “Well, you’ll be gone for who knows how long and you’ll miss all my cooking.” She replied.

Cassia knew her mom was right, she then sat down and looked at all the breakfast in front of her to see what she should eat before leaving. From everything she saw on the table, Cassia picked an omelet, two slices of toast, some sausages, a bowl of fruit, and to top it off a glass of Fruit Punch.

As Cassia ate her breakfast, she tasted how much love her mom put into her cooking. “Thank you mom.” Cassia said, finishing her first plate of breakfast, and now going for her second plate. This time; she got some toast, a waffle and another glass of Fruit Punch. After she finished that plate she was done with breakfast.

Cassia sighed as she leaned back, “I’m done with breakfast for maybe three days.” Esme giggled as she took Cassia’s plate and started to clean it.

“If you want I can pack a few leftovers for your trip.” Esme offered.

“That would be great!” Cassia replied. Esme smiled and then she remembered something that she was going to tell Cassia.

“Oh Cass.” Cassia stopped and turned to her mother. “There’s a gift for you in the living room.” Esme reminded her. Cassia’s eyes widened as she ran to the living room and saw a blue gift box with green polka dots and a light blue ribbon on it. She opened the box and saw her traveling outfit inside along with the shoulder bag. Cassia grabbed the outfit from the box and looked at it and was about to cry.

Esme walked into the living room to check up on her daughter and smiled seeing she’d opened her gift. Casia turned to her mother and ran over to give her a big hug. “Thank you so much mom!” She beamed.

Cassia’s mom giggled and hugged her daughter back. “Now, why don’t you put it on and I’ll pack the leftovers and a few snacks before you go.” She told her daughter. Cassia nodded and grabbed her new clothes before running upstairs to change.

Not even a second before Esme got done packing her daughter’s lunch, Cassia was back downstairs in her new traveling clothes. “Ready!” She beamed.

Esme gave a smile. “You look great, Cassia.”

“Thanks mom!” Cassia replied, blushing.

It didn’t take long for Esme to finish packing Cassia’s lunch and handing it to her. Once that was done Esme gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek and in a flash, Cassia was out the door.

“Bye mom!” She yelled. “Don’t forget to watch me on TV when contests are on!”

“I won’t!” Esme yelled.

Cassia ran through Route 1 jumping over ledges and passing through the grass. No Pokémon came in her way as she stopped at the entrance of Pallet Town to meet her new starter Pokemon.


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Here is the next chapter! We’re finally getting into some interesting battling here with the first gym battle!

Special thanks to my beta reader
aegagrusScholarship! Thanks so much!!


By the time Neth and his team made it to Pewter City, the sun had already started to set and the gym was closed for the night. So, they made their way to a Pokémon Center to stay until the gym was open again.

“Ah!” Jasper sighed, stretching on the foot of the bed. “Never thought sleeping on a bed would feel so cozy.”

“You mean you never slept on a bed before?” Morgan asked, sinking into the soft bed. Jasper shook his head in reply. “Well. I love sleeping on beds, it feels warm, safe and cozy.”

“Easy for you to say.” Amber replied. “You said you're from Prof. Oak’s laboratory, right?”

Morgan nodded. “That’s right.”

“That means you know all about the comfort lifestyle.” Amber said.

Morgan chuckled nervously. “Well you're not wrong. Living with the Professor was nice. He made the best food, we had time outside, but...” he paused to take a deep breath. “There were times where I just wanted to leave the lab.”

“Why?” Jasper asked.

“Well.” Morgan started. “I never got along with many of the Pokémon at the lab. There was only one who was nice to me, but most Pokémon avoided me or I was too much of a wimp to talk to other Pokémon.”

Jasper and Amber looked at one another, both reaching a wordless agreement that Morgan was completely wrong about being a wimp.

“Well, you don’t look or sound like a wimp to me.” Jasper reminded him. Morgan looked up at the other two, confused.

“You’ve been talking with us just fine.” Amber added.

Morgan was surprised, not having realized that he was interacting well with his new teammates. He blushed in embarrassment, rubbing the back of his head with his vines. “I-I never noticed.”

“Maybe because you’ve already adjusted to traveling, so you didn't notice.” Neth said, exiting the washroom in his pajamas and a towel in hand. He threw the towel to the side, and sat down on the bed. “Alright, we’ve done enough training, and now we should get some sleep for the gym battle tomorrow.”

Morgan, Jasper and Amber nodded, then settled down at the foot of the bed. Neth yawned and got under the bed sheets, and before shutting the lights off, Neth took one last look at his team, who had already fallen asleep, and gave them a smile.

The following morning, Neth and his team went to the dining hall to grab themselves some breakfast before they took on the gym. There were pancakes and omelets for the humans, and a mix of different berries for the Pokémon.

Neth grabbed a plate of pancakes and an omelet for himself, and three plates of berries for his team. His Pokémon started to dig in as soon as he'd brought the food to their table.

“This is good!” Jasper sighed, his mouth stuffed full of berries.

“Slow down.” Neth warned. “You don’t want a stomach ache before the gym now, would you?”

Jasper shook his head, swallowing the food in his mouth before he continued, eating much more slowly than before.

“You know, it would be nice for Peridot and Kunzite to join us.” Morgan suggested, looking at the two Pokéballs on Neth’s belt.

Neth swallowed his food and looked at the Pokéballs as well. “I know, but cocoon Pokémon don’t eat.”

“But can they battle?” Jasper asked.

“They can.” Neth replied.

Jasper jumped up and cheered. “Awesome! We got this battle in the bag!”

“Not so fast.”

The Rattata flopped back down, confused.

“After breakfast, I need to get you guys checked up before we take on the gym.” Neth informed his team, who all groaned in reply.

Once breakfast was finished, Neth headed on over to Nurse Joy and got his team checked up. It didn’t take long before the nurse returned with a smile on her face. “Your Pokémon are doing well and healthy!”

“Thanks Nurse Joy!” Neth beamed.

“However,” She started. “I did check up on Bulbasaur’s eye to see if it was infected in any way.” Neth’s smile dropped, feeling concern for Morgan. He forgot about Morgan’s eye and how the nurses would react to seeing it.

“Is it bad?” He asked, worried the scar was infected.

“No.” Nurse Joy said. “Your Bulbasaur is fine. The scratch is not infected at all.”

Neth sighed again, glad that Morgan’s scar didn’t get worse. “That’s good. Do I need some medicine or anything to treat the scar?”

Nurse Joy shook her head. “No, just have it checked when you stop at a Pokémon Center. The nurses there would help if it gets infected.”

Neth nodded and retrieved his Pokéballs. He then started to make his way towards the Pewter City Gym. The walk wasn’t long, just turn right on the Pokémon Center, turn left past the museum, head south, turn right, and the gym was right there!

The gym was a dark grey building with a pewter colored roof, a sign out front that read “Pewter City Gym'', as well as a smaller sign affixed on top of the other one that showed the Boulderbadge, a simple grey octagon.

“Well, we’re here.” Neth said.

“That’s the gym?” Jasper asked, tilting his head. Neth nodded and entered the gym.

Once inside, Neth and his team noticed how dark and quiet it was. “Where is the gym leader?” Amber asked.

“There’s no one here.” Jasper whispered as the team walked further into the gym, looking around for any sign of the Leader. “Maybe it’s closed?”

“No.” Neth replied, shaking his head. If the gym was closed, then they wouldn't have been able to enter in the first place.

Without warning, the gym doors slammed shut.

Morgan let out a scream as his vines shot up and accidentally hit the lights, turning them on and revealing a young camper boy standing right in front of them.

“Hey you! You’re 10,000 light years away from beating-” the camper shouted. Morgan yelped and immediately smacked him with his vines, knocking him out before he realized what was happening.

“Oops. I wasn’t supposed to do that, right?” Morgan asked slowly.

“Nope.” Jasper replied. Neth and Amber winced and shook their heads as well.

Neth ran to the camper and shook him a bit. “You okay kid?”

The camper slowly woke up and groaned. “Y-yeah. I’ve been smacked before. It’s fine.”

“Hey trainer!” An older voice yelled. Neth turned to the back of the gym, his eyes widening when he saw who had spoken. “Here to challenge me?”

Neth gulped and nodded. “Y-yeah.” He replied. “Are you the gym leader?”

The gym leader nodded. “My name is Brock! I’m the Pewter City gym leader and specialize in rock-types. My rock-hard willpower is evident even in my Pokémon!”

“Well, I’m Neth! I’m here to challenge you!” Neth shouted.

“I know.” Brock replied.

“Really?” Neth asked, confused.

Brock nodded. “A trainer that was here before you said that you’ll have a hard time beating me.”

That must have been Miles. With a chuckle, Neth replied, “Well, I’ve been training hard, and I couldn’t wait to battle you and the seven other gym leaders!”

Brock smirked as he pulled out a Pokéball. "We'll see."

The lights dimmed as music began to play, signifying that the battle was starting. “Go! Geodude!” Brock shouted, taking his place on one end of the field as he threw his Pokėball. Out came a rock-type Pokémon with arms- a Geodude, which let out a growl.

“Alright, who are we fighting now?” Geodude asked.

Brock pointed to Neth, who sent Amber out.

Geodude chuckled. “Oh, this will be fun!”

Amber smirked. “Bring it.”

“Geodude, use Tackle!” Brock commanded.

Geodude growled and started to ram towards Amber, who braced herself and pushed Geodude away.

“Amber, let’s use Low Kick!” Neth commanded.

“You see, while a fighting-type like your Mankey should have knocked out my Geodude with that Low Kick, my Geodude’s level- and thus, his defenses- are a bit higher than yours, letting him handle Fighting attacks more easily than you expect.” Brock explained.

Neth glared. “Amber, use Low Kick once more!”

“Alright!” Amber yelled as she ran and went in for another Low Kick on Geodude.

“Now, Geodude- Defense Curl!” Brock commanded.

Geodude’s body glowed white as the Low Kick came in. The attack had even less impact than it did before. Geodude snickered and glanced back at Brock.

Brock nodded. “Geodude! Tackle attack now!”

Geodude continued snickering before ramming into Amber, sending her flying into the wall. The Mankey groaned, slowly trying to get up, but fell back down.

Not wanting to see Amber in so much pain, Neth grabbed Amber’s Pokéball and sent her back. “Amber, return!” He yelled. He then looked down at Morgan, knowing the Bulbasaur was the only one remaining who could handle Geodude. “Ready, Morgan?”

Morgan nodded. “I am…sort of.” He replied, running up to the battlefield and looking at the Geodude. “Okay, Amber already attacked it, so this will be easy!” Morgan said to himself.

However, Morgan was so into his thoughts that he didn’t realize Geodude was coming in with another tackle attack.

“Morgan! Look out!” Jasper and Neth shouted at the same time.

Snapping out of it, Morgan turned and realized Geodude was ready to attack. His realization was too late, though, as Geodude rammed into Morgan, pushing him back a bit.

“You okay?” Neth asked.

“Barely.” Morgan replied.

Neth sighed before turning his focus back to the battle. “Morgan, use Vine Whip!”

Morgan glared and slapped Geodude with his vines, slamming him into the wall for a knockout. Geodude groaned as he slowly slid off the wall.

“Oh no! Geodude!” Brock yelled.

“Morgan, that was amazing!” Jasper cheered.

“It was?” Morgan asked with a smile. Jasper nodded in reply.

“Of course it was!” Neth exclaimed.

“That was great, but the battle ain’t over yet.” Brock explained as he returned Geodude and grabbed another Pokéball from his belt. “Go! Onix!” He yelled, throwing the Pokéball.

Out of the Pokéball came a large rock snake that reached as high as the ceiling and let out a deep, mighty roar.

Morgan felt his stomach drop, his eyes widening as he saw how big Onix was compared to him. “Oh my Arceus.” He whimpered.

“Don’t worry about the Onix, Morgan! Size doesn’t matter!” Jasper yelled. Neth and Morgan raised an eyebrow at the statement. “What?”

Morgan gulped and turned back to Onix. The grass-type Pokémon felt scared fighting this thing, despite the type advantage. Morgan started thinking that Vine Whip wouldn’t do much- with how large Onix was, all he needed to do was squish him like a Caterpie with his long rocky tail.

“Morgan!” Neth shouted, snapping Morgan out of his thoughts. “You’ll be fine, don't worry!”

“Okay. Okay.” Morgan repeated. He took a deep breath, preparing himself for the battle. “I can do this Morganite. I can do this.” He thought to himself.

Thinking that the Bulbasaur was ready to battle, Brock decided to make the move. “Quick, Onix, use Bind!” Brock commanded.

Onix roared, ready to attack.

Quickly, Neth commanded Morgan to retaliate. “Morgan, Vine Whip!”

Morgan squeezed his eyes shut and followed Neth's command. There came a loud thud- and Morgan slowly tried to open his eyes, thinking he had been killed and was now a spirit in Pokéheaven.

However, that wasn’t the case.

The Onix laid on the floor, knocked out from a critical from Morgan's Vine Whip. He blinked in surprise as he processed the fact he took down an Onix. A big, scary Onix.

“I did that?” Morgan asked himself.

“You did.” Brock replied, returning Onix to his Pokéball for some well-needed rest. He smiled and walked up to Neth and his team. “That was a great battle. I loved how you gave your Pokémon encouragement and how you quickly returned Mankey to her Pokéball when she was injured. You're going to be an amazing trainer, Neth.”

Neth smiled and blushed in embarrassment. “Aww, thanks. It was nothing.”

“As an award for defeating me you receive this, the Boulder Badge.” Brock said as he dug into his pockets, pulled out the Boulder Badge and handed it to Neth.

Neth looked at the badge in his hand, his eyes widening and sparkling with joy. “Awesome! Thanks so much!” he replied, grabbing his red badge case and putting the Boulder Badge inside. One badge earned; seven more to go.

“You know.” Brock spoke up, causing Neth to look up at him. “You’re way different from the previous trainer.”

Neth blinked and realized Brock was talking about Miles. Neth and Morgan wondered how he and Charmander battled Brock.

Once leaving the gym, Neth and his team walked back to the Pokémon Center for some well needed rest and healing.

As Amber was being healed, Jasper bounced up and down in excitement. “So, are we going to leave for the next gym, now?”

“Well, it’ll take us at least a day to get to Cerulean, but Morgan and Amber are a bit tired from the battle. So we’ll have dinner, rest for one more night, and leave first thing in the morning.” Neth explained. Jasper nodded in agreement.

Soon after, Nurse Joy came over and brought back Amber and Morgan's Pokéballs. “Your Pokémon are all healed up.”

“Thank you!” Neth replied as he got his Pokéballs back and let Amber and Morgan out. Once outside, the two Pokémon yawned from their refreshing nap, fully healed.

“Man, that felt great!” Amber sighed.

Neth smiled. "Glad you rested well. Are you two feeling hungry?”

Before Amber or Morgan could respond, both Pokémon heard their stomachs rumble.

“Guess we are.” Morgan replied.

“Great, because to celebrate, I’ll be buying dessert for everyone!” Neth announced.

Once they finished their dinner in the Pokémon Centre’s dining room, Neth ordered dessert for everyone-cream puffs with berries inside. The moment Neth put the dessert down, his Pokémon went at it.

“Excuse me?” A voice asked. Neth looked up with cream and crumbs all over his face and saw a man with a white lab coat and glasses holding a brown package. “Are you Neth?”

“Y-yeah,” he replied, his mouth still full from the creampuff. “What is it?”

“Oh. I’m Professor Oak’s aide. I’m here to deliver a package to you from your mother,” the aide explained, putting the package on the table.

“Thank you so much!” Neth replied. “B-but… how did you know I was here?”

The aide chuckled. “Well, I live on Route 2 and I was going to give the package to Nurse Joy to deliver it to the Pokémon Center in Cerulean since that’s where I thought you’ll be next. However, Nurse Joy told me you were here having dinner so I decided to give it to you now.”

“Wow, thank you!” Neth replied with a smile.

“Don’t just thank me, thank your mom as well.”

“I will!”

“Have a good night, Neth!” The aide then waved goodbye and left.

“Night! Get home safe!” Neth yelled back. Soon after, Neth opened the package to see what his mother had sent him. Inside he found a pair of sneakers, and a photo. Ignoring the sneakers, Neth grabbed the photo, noticing there was a note on the back.

Found this. Hope this brings you luck!

-Love Mom

Neth turned the photo back around, his eyes widening. It was a younger Miles and him when they visited the local fair; the two of them were grinning, with their arms around each other.

“I remember this,” he whispered.


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Seems to always be starting a new campaign/project despite not having enough time.
I really like this, especially with Morgan's personality coming out during training and battles. Looking forward to more!


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Hey everyone!! Long time no see! And Happy New Year!

Sorry for the delay, I was focusing on my other stories and left this story on hold for a couple of months. Luckily, I have most if not all the chapters planned so I know where this story will be heading on.

I wasn’t too sure about this chapter being part of the main story or if it should be an extra, but I went all out and made it a chapter anyways!

So italics mean the flashback, while non-italic is Neth and his team narrating the story.


“Remember what?” Morgan asked.

“Huh!” Neth gasped. He saw Morgan looking up at him worriedly. “Oh sorry Morgan. It’s just that I remember Miles when he and I met.” He explained.

Morgan tilted his head. “How long have you known him for?” He asked.

“About six years or so.” Soon enough, Neth started to recall the day he and Miles met.

It started when Neth was about 7 years old. He was still the same carefree and kind boy like he is now, as he played with his toys in the backyard pretending they were in a Pokémon Battle.

“And here comes Fearow, swooping down with its Aerial Ace attack!” Neth yelled, grabbing his Fearow plush and having it swoop down on Gengar plush. “But, what’s this?” Neth then let out a gasp. “Gengar dodged the attack and launched Psybeam at the Fearow knocking it down!”

Neth pretended his Gengar toy did a Psybeam attack on Fearow as Neth dropped Fearow on the grass. “So now! What will the trainer do? Will he give up? Or will he send out his next Pokémon?” Neth narrated. He turned to his plushie collection and grabbed his Nidorino plush to battle Gengar next. “So the trainer has brought out his Nidorino, and the battle can continue!”


Young Neth turned around and saw his mother standing by the door, crossing her arms. “Oh! Hi momma.” He said, sheepishly.

“Neth! I thought you told me you were going out to play!”

“I am!”

Rita sighed. “I mean, I thought you were going to go and play with your friends.”

“I am with my friends!”

Rita raised her eyebrows and looked at the plushies and toys around before looking at her son, who gave a nervous chuckle. Rita sighed, “Neth, why don’t you go find friends to play with?” She asked.

Neth sighed. “But what if no one wants to play with me!” He complained.

“Someone will!” Rita replied putting her hands on her son’s shoulder. “You just have to go out there and give them a chance.”

Neth turned to face the rest of Pallet Town and turned to his mother once again. “Okay I’ll try.” He sighed.


Neth watched his toys and sighed then left his home to go and make a friend..

“You were alone?” Jasper asked, interrupting the story.

Neth chuckled. “Not really, I just liked being by myself.” He explained.

“So how did Miles come into the story?” Morgan asked.

“We’re getting there.” Neth reassured him. “So because I liked being alone, I decided to trick my mom.”

Neth decided instead of listening to his mom, the young boy went to a local market and got himself some orange juice and sat on a bench and drank, while he watched other kids in Pallet Town play together.

He gave a small smile seeing one group of kids pretending to be Pokémon and going on adventures. Neth was about to get up and join them, but hesitated. “That seems like fun.” He said.

Neth took a deep breath and started to make his way towards the playing kids, but not even a few steps closer a blue blur came by and rammed into Neth. The two both fell on the ground, and Neth rubbed his head, groaning in pain.

Neth gasped as he eyed his future friend and rival, Miles. Miles gasped as well, and soon he started to sprint off not apologizing to the other boy.

“Well, excuse you!” Neth shouted.

“Hey!” Another kid yelled to Neth. The latter turned to see three older kids, almost old enough to be trainers soon, surrounded him. “You saw a blue haired kid around here?”

Neth nodded and got up to brush himself off. “Yeah he just ran into me, and went that way!” He told them, pointing to where Miles ran off.

“Come on guys!” The leader of the trio told his friends, and went to chase after Miles. Confused, Neth decided to follow the group to see what all the fuss was about. He didn’t expect what was about to unfold next.

When Neth caught up to the older kid trip, he quickly hid when he heard a loud groan. Neth gasped and saw Miles on the ground, holding his stomach.

Miles groaned and looked at the older kids who laughed at him as two of them used their Pokémon; a Spearow and a Geodude to attack him.

“Alright kid!” The leader of the older kids started as they picked up Miles by the collar of his shirt. “Now you're gonna pay for pushing me like that in front of my crush!”

“Why should I?” Miles asked, letting out a cough. “You’ve been mean to me for weeks now! How about you back off!” He snapped.

The leader kid growled as he threw Miles down to the ground harshly. Neth flinched at the sight of it, and soon he felt angry seeing a kid, the same age as him getting beaten up by some older kids.

Miles shivered as he opened his eyes and looked up at the older kids. The leader looked at his friend, who was a bit shorter than the leader, and gave him a nod. “You know what to do.”

His friend nodded. “You ready Geodude?” The other boy asked. Before the boy and his Geodude could attack, a yell interrupted them.


The older kids were surprised to see Neth protecting Miles, which caused the leader to glare. “Get outta the way, punk!” The only female of the bullies threatened.

“Leave him alone!” Neth shouted, ignoring the bullies' threats. “You think it’s fun messing with a kid younger than you? How would you feel if the gym leaders or the Champion bullied you, huh?”

The older kids growled and the one who owned the Geodude turned to his Pokémon and smirked. “You know what to do Geodude.”

Geodude smirked and before Neth could even dodge, Geodude punched the young boy in the face and knocked him out. Miles gasped and looked at Neth before looking at the bullies again. Just before the bullies could hurt Miles a voice interrupted them.

“Hey!” An older girl’s voice called out. Miles recognized the girl as Daisy Oak, Prof. Oak’s granddaughter. “Leave those kids alone you, assholes!” She yelled. The bullies looked frightened and soon went running from the girl. “Stupid-” She cut herself off when she made it closer to Miles and Neth. “You okay?”

“I am.” Miles replied. “But-” He looked down at Neth, and saw him starting to wake up.

Neth let out a groan as he slowly got up. His cheek still hurt from the punch, as well as being dizzy. Once he was fully conscious he looked to see the bullies were gone, and that Miles was alright. “Did I scare them off?”

“Um…yes.” Miles replied. It was a lie, but he wanted this kid to feel good about himself.

“Cool!” Neth said, impressed. However, the young boy frowned, “But, are you okay?”

Miles nodded in reply, which gave Neth a sigh of relief. “Thanks for saving my butt back there.”

“No problem!” Neth replied. “Anyways, I’m Nathanial Rossi, but everyone calls me Neth.” He introduced himself by holding his hand out.

Miles chuckled. “I’m Miles. Miles Aouli.” He replied, shaking Neth’s hand.

“After that, Miles and I became best friends. We hung out with each other everyday, played video games, stayed up all night and talked about our futures as Pokémon trainers.” Neth paused and sighed. “But then he changed.”

“How?” Morgan asked.

Neth looked at his Bulbasaur and wanted to tell him the truth, but he remembered something his mom told him and turned away. “I-I don’t know. All I know is, it was something bad.” He answered. “Let’s leave it at that.”

Morgan looked down, respecting his trainer’s wishes. “Okay.” He replied.

“Come on.” Neth then let out a yawn. “We better get some sleep. Tomorrow we have a long way to go to get to the next gym.”

Morgan nodded, and soon he let out a yawn as well. Neth put his team back into their Pokeballs before heading towards the Pokémon Center rooms to get sleep.

Meanwhile, Miles and his Charmander finally left Mt. Moon. Despite his Charmander being a fire-type, Miles’s team helped them get through many of the Rock-types inside the cave. From the distance, the two saw Cerulean City with its lights glowing blue just like the city’s name.

“Well Leo. We’re almost there.” Miles spoke up. “Are you ready?”

Leo the Charmander nodded. “Ready.” He replied.


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Hello! Here is the next chapter/update for you all!

Before we start, let me just say I was having fun with Legends Arceus and a certain fandom brought me back in so I delayed this story a little longer to work on a story for that said fandom. Plus like always life stuff happened, work was busy, and it is starting to get busier now with many sports events starting soon.

Thanks to my good friend
gigilefache for being my beta reader..

Other than that, enjoy!

Neth was the first one to wake up and quickly yelled to wake his team up. Though this in turn only caused Morgan to get scared and bump his head on the bed. “Oh! Sorry, Morgan!” Neth apologized.

“It’s fine,” Morgan replied.

Still feeling bad, Neth picked up Morgan and checked to see if a bruise formed on Morgan’s head. “No bruise,” he said. “Are you sure you're okay?” Neth asked.

Morgan nodded. “I am.” He replied.

Neth sighed and gave a small smile. “Okay.” He put Morgan down and soon he and the team left their room to have breakfast at the Pokémon Center Dining Hall. Once he and his team finished they left Pewter City and continued to Cerulean City.

Just as they started to make their way to Cerulean City, Morgan and Neth’s eyes widened seeing the number of trainers on Route 3.

“Ready to do some battling?” Neth asked his team. The team chuckled and smirked as they battled trainer after trainer, that is until one Bug-Catcher and his Weedle came about.

“Weedle! Poison Sting!” The Bug-Catcher commanded.

The Weedle then launched Poison Sting towards Jasper, and while it didn’t do much damage, the stingers did poison Jasper.

“Gah!” Jasper gasped. The Rattata started to feel hot, and the poison started to take full effect on him.

Neth gasped seeing Jasper sick from the poison. Neth looked back at who in the team he could use to switch out, but Jasper interrupted him. “It’s fine Neth! I can do this!”

The trainer gulped. He wasn’t sure about his Rattata wanting to battle more, but Jasper was sounding confident to take down the Weedle.

“A-alright,” he replied, “Jasper! Tackle, once more!”

Jasper gave a weak smile and soon dashed towards the Weedle and that tackle was the one to finish the battle. “No! Weedle!” The Bug-Catcher shouted. The Bug-Catcher went over to his Weedle and picked him up to see if the bug-type was still alive.

As much as Neth wanted to thank the trainer for the battle, it didn’t seem to be the right time. He quickly scooped Jasper and dashed back to the Pewter City Pokemon Center.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Neth waited patiently for Jasper to get healed. Soon, Nurse Joy came in carrying Jasper in her arms. “Your Rattata is much better!” She exclaimed. “You made it just in time, any minute later we might’ve not saved him in time.”

Neth smiled and grabbed Jasper from the nurse and held him close. “Glad you're feeling better buddy.” He whispered.

“Make sure to have Antidotes and Peach Berries with you at all times. Just in case you're not near any Pokémon Centers.” Nurse Joy reminded him.

“Antidotes and Peach Berries. Got it! Thanks, Nurse Joy.” Neth replied.

Nurse Joy smiled. “You’re welcome.”

Neth and his team left the Pokemon Center and grabbed the Antidotes, as well as a few extra Pokeballs just in case, and went back to Route 3 where Neth and his team left off. Neth’s team battles the remaining trainers with no problems.

Then, something amazing happened. Neth did some switch training with Kunzite and Jasper against a Bug-Catcher and it was soon Kunzite’s turn to attack. “Kunzite, Tackle once more!” Neth commanded.

Kunzite hopped from the ground and soon rammed into the Weedle knocking it out. The bug-catcher sighed that he lost the battle. “Not again.” He groaned walking away.

“Well, that was easy! Right Kunzite?” Neth asked. He then saw Kunzite starting to glow. “Kunzite?” Soon Kunzite started to glow as a crack was heard and out came a bee-like Pokémon; Beedrill. Neth’s smile widened seeing Kunzite had evolved, though his other Pokemon were in fear of seeing their team member evolve into a well-known dangerous Pokemon.

“Come on guys.” Kunzite chuckled. “I’m still the same Weedle you guys know!” As Kunzite pointed his stinger to the group.

“Careful with that thing!” Jasper shouted.

Jasper gave a sheepish smile and put his stinger down. “Sorry.” He replied with a chuckle.

Meanwhile, in a grassy field, a male Nidoran was taking a nap in the grass. He was soon woken up hearing Neth and his team passing by him. Nidoran peaked through the grass, watching the team pass by. “Who are they?” The Nidoran asked, in a low whisper. His eyes narrowed, waiting to see where Neth and his team were going.

When Nidoran saw Neth was about to step into the grass that was his time to attack. He leaped into the grass and tackled Neth in his stomach causing him to fall. Neth groaned and looked up to see what attacked him. Nidoran growled and was ready to charge again, but Morgan used his Vine Whip to hold the Nidoran back. Nidoran tried to force his way through Morgan’s vines, but Morgan was able to hold the Poison-type a bit longer before accidentally pushing him away. Morgan gasped seeing what he had done and went over to see if Nidoran was alright.

“You okay?” Morgan asked.

Nidoran groaned and rubbed his head. “Hopefully. What are you guys doing here?” He asked.

“We’re passing through,” Amber replied. “We just need to pass here, head to Mt. Moon, and head to the next gym in Cerulean Gym!”

Nidoran smiled. “Can I come?” He asked.

Morgan opened his mouth about to agree, but he got nervous and looked up at Neth.

“Of course, you can,” Neth replied with a smile.

Nidoran smiled as Neth took a Pokeball from his bag and captured the Pokemon. Neth smiled and looked at the Pokeball as he thought of a good name for his new friend. “Welcome to the team, Titanite.” He said, after coming up with a name for his new team member.

“Alright. Let’s check on Titan’s data!” Neth exclaimed as he checked the Pokedex on Titan’s Summary. When going through Titan’s data, Neth saw how low leveled Titan was compared to everyone else. “Guess we’re going to do some training before we head inside the cave.” The team nodded and got ready to help Titanite or Titan with training.

The training wasn’t too bad, a few wild Pokemon here and there that helped Titan level up bit by bit. Morgan and the rest of the team helped as well, including Peridot. Speaking of Peridot…

Peridot used Tackle on a Spearow, which surprisingly did critical damage despite the type difference. “You were amazing Peridot!” Neth beamed. Peridot blinked and smiled before starting to glow and evolve. Soon Peridot was now a beautiful Butterfree that flew into the area.

“I’m a Butterfree.” Peridot realized. She laughed and flew some more, “I’m a Butterfree!” She repeated, louder and prouder. The Butterfly Pokemon continued to fly before slowing down and just fluttered near Neth.

Morgan smiled seeing Peridot had evolved with Kunzite all on the same day, but soon felt a pang of jealousy seeing Kunzite and Peridot evolving before him. Peridot saw her team member looking down and floated towards the Bulbasaur. “What’s wrong Morgan?”

“N-nothing!” Morgan replied. He didn’t want to tell his teammate how he was feeling. He didn’t want to make the situation worse. “I’m just happy for you.” Peridot floated close to Morgan’s face, making the grass-type very nervous.

The Butterfree knew something was wrong with her friend, she could sense it. She was just about to ask Morgan again when a loud thud caught her attention. Morgan and Peridot turned around to see Titan critically injured by a Jigglypuff.

“Titan! Get up!” Neth yelled. Titan struggled to get up as Jigglypuff was about to attack it once more, but Peridot came in and used her new attack, Confusion, to take down the Jigglypuff.. Once the Jigglypuff was defeated and scared off, Peridot and Morgan went over to Neth and Titan.

Titan groaned. “Did I win?” He asked.

“Well I did, but you got your thorny butt taken down by a Jigglypuff.” Peridot explained. Titan felt embarrassed and hid his face in Neth’s shirt. “But you should get checked out.”

Seeing she could fly, Peridot flew as high as she could and saw there was a Pokemon Center not too far from their next destination; Mt. Moon. “Neth! I found one!” Peridot yelled. She then floated down closer to him, “and it’s not too far from here.”

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Neth asked. “Let’s hurry!” The team nodded and dashed towards the Pokemon Center to get Titan treated. The second they got to the Pokemon Center, Neth gave Titan to Nurse Joy to get him treated.

As Neth sat down to wait for Titan to get well, a fisherman walked over to him. “Excuse me, young man?” He asked. Neth and his team turned towards the man. “Would you be interested in adopting my Magikarp?” The fisherman showed his Magikarp, which looked to be bigger than him.

“Uh…” Neth shuttered a bit. He wasn’t too keen on getting a Magikarp, and he already had a full team of six. “Sorry. I already have six Pokemon.” The man looked down and left the Pokemon Center, but Neth rolled his eyes.

“Excuse me, Neth?” Nurse Joy asked. Neth and his team turned to see Titan in Nurse Joy’s arms. The Nidoran had a bandage underneath his horn. “Your Nidoran is all better.”

Neth sighed and held Titan in his arms hugging him. “Thanks again, Nurse Joy!”

“You’re welcome.” She replied with a smile. “Now if you are going straight to Mt. Moon now be careful, I’ve been hearing rumors of some evil gang lurking in there.”

Morgan gulped hearing the words evil team. “Don’t worry Nurse Joy, my team and I can handle a group of bad guys!” Neth beamed. Morgan’s eyes widened and he started to sweat bullets.

“Are you crazy?” Morgan whispered. Neth ignored it and he and his team left the Pokemon Center and headed inside Mt. Moon. Morgan gulped as they stepped inside Mt. Moon.

Mt. Moon was a dimly lit cave, so there was no need for Neth to pull out a flashlight to explore the cave. Walking through the cave, Neth heard echoes from multiple different Pokemon that he didn’t notice Amber stopped him. “What’s wrong?” Neth asked. Amber didn’t respond and just pointed at the ground.

Neth looked down and saw a Paras that he almost stepped on tilted his head in confusion. “Aww hello there.” He said. Paras squeaked in reply making everyone aww in cuteness. “Would you like to join our team, cutie?”

Paras squeaked, jumping up and down in excitement. Neth chuckled and took out a Pokeball tapping the Mushroom Pokemon on the head, capturing it. “Welcome to the team Tourmaline.” Soon as Neth said that his Pokeball had pixelated and disappeared.

Neth’s team gasped seeing what they just saw.

“Where did Tourmaline go?” Jasper asked.

“To the PC,” Neth answered. “It’s a system where trainers who have more than one Pokemon send their extra Pokemon.”

“Will Tourmaline be alright?” Morgan asked.

“He will. Don’t worry.” Neth replied, petting Morgan on the head.

Neth and his team explored more of Mt. Moon, till eventually, they made it to a dead end. The group was ready to turn back when a man wearing an all-black uniform with a red R on the shirt walked over to Neth and his team.

“Well, well, well. Another newbie trainer is lurking around here.” The man said, tossing his Pokeball back and forth into the air.

“Who are you?” Neth asked.

The man chuckled. “It’s classified, but just call me Rocket Grunt.”

“So you're part of Team Rocket.”

The Team Rocket Grunt made a clicking noise with his tongue. “Correcto, twerp.” The grunt then threw his Pokeball and out came a Sandshrew. The ground type growled and tried to scratch at Neth, who jumped back at the Pokemon trying to attack him.

“Hey! What gives?” Neth snapped.

The grunt chuckled. “You see twerp, Team Rocket doesn’t play fair. We are Pokémon Gangsters.”

“Pokemon Gangsters?!”

The grunt chuckled again. “We use Pokémon for our own good.” The grunt then glanced at his Sandshrew. “Now Sandshrew get rid of that twerp for me.”

Sandshrew growled and went in with a Scratch attack towards Neth, but soon Morgan came in and used Vine Whip on Sandshrew, slapping him away from Neth. “Leave him alone!” Morgan yelled, a slight whimper was heard in his voice. Sandshrew growled and went to use Scratch on Morgan again, but Morgan missed the move. “Neth!” He yelled.

Neth nodded knowing Morgan is ready to battle. “Morgan, use Tackle!”

Morgan ran and rammed Sandshrew to a rock, knocking it out. The Team Rocket grunt growled and put Sandshrew back in its Pokeball. “I’m gonna need backup.” The grunt grumbled as he sent out his next two Pokémon, Zubat, and Rattata.

Morgan felt a bit nervous battling two Pokemon, but he then felt Peridot come near him.

Putting her wing on Morgan’s bulb she whispered. “We got this.” Morgan nodded, trusting in his friend.

“Zubat, Astonish!” The Team Rocket Grunt commanded.

Zubat flew by and was ready to make a scary face, but Zubat froze mid-air. It turned to see Peridot’s eyes glowing red. The Butterfree snickered as Zubat was confused as to why Butterfree was snickering.

“Peridot. Use Confusion!” Neth commanded.

Peridot snickered as she used Confusion to push Zubat away and slammed the Bat Pokemon to a rock wall. Zubat groaned as it slid before being returned to its Pokeball. The Team Rocket grunt had one Pokemon left and sent it out revealing a Rattata.

“Think you can handle this one?” Peridot asked Morgan.

“Y-yeah.” Morgan replied, nervously. He then stepped up and was ready to battle the Rattata.

The Team Rocket grunt chuckled. “Rattata, use Hyper Fang!” He commanded. Team Rocket’s Rattata ran towards Morgan ready to pounce and bite him. This is when time started to feel slow with Morgan and Neth.

Flashbacks to the day Morgan and Neth started their journey, and Morgan almost died at the hands of a Rattata. “Morgan! Dodge it!” Neth called out, but Morgan stood frozen. “Morgan! Dodge it!” He repeated, but Morgan was still frozen in fear. “Morgan! Dodge NOW!” Neth screamed.

Morgan gasped, snapping out of it, and jumped to the side before Rattata could use Hyper Fang on him. Morgan glared and was ready to battle Rattata. Neth sighed in relief seeing Morgan missed the attack.

“Morgan! Tackle attack!” Neth commanded.

Morgan glared and dashed towards Rattata and rammed into the other Pokémon. Rattata slid holding its ground ready for their trainer to command them the next attack. “Rattata, Tackle!”

Rattata followed the commander and ran into Morgan, who braced the attack.

“Morgan! Vine Whip!” Neth commanded once more.

Soon Morgan released his vines and used the attack to knock out Rattata. Morgan breathed heavily, tired from the battle.

“I did it,” Morgan thought, “but why do I feel so tired and woozy?”

Soon Morgan glowed as his body started to change; the bulb on his back got bigger as what appeared to be leaves started to appear. Soon the glow faded, and Morgan opened his eyes to see he was no longer a Bulbasaur, but an Ivysaur.

“I…evolved?!” Morgan exclaimed. Neth and Peridot chuckled in glee seeing Morgan had finally evolved.

The Team Rocket grunt yelled in frustration and pulled out a walkie-talkie. “I need back up!” The Team Rocket grunt yelled. As soon as he said that three more Team Rocket Grunts and their Pokemon showed up ready to take on Neth and his team.

“Alright, little punk.” A female grunt spoke up. “Let’s see if you can challenge all of us.” Her Zubat glared as it flew right in front of her.

Neth glared, ready to take on Team Rocket as his team was even stronger now. “Alright. Let’s go!” He replied.

Soon, Neth’s Pokémon took down Team Rocket’s Pokémon one by one. Morgan used Vine Whip, Peridot used Confusion and Tackle, Titan used the best of his attacks but was switched with Amber or Jasper if the battle got too rough on him. After the battle, the Team Rocket grunts looked in shock seeing their Pokemon defeated.

“Who are the twerps now?” Neth asked, in a smug manner.

Team Rocket growled as they put their Pokemon back in their Pokeballs. “You win this round twerp.” One of the grunts said. “Next time we won’t go easy on you.” The grunts then ran out of the cave, and Neth sighed gladly now that it was all over.

“You guys alright?” Neth asked his team.

“Yep.” Jasper replied. “That was fun.”

“Can we do it again?” Kunzite asked.

Neth chuckled and soon he put his Pokémon back into their Pokeballs one by one. “Of course, but now I’ll let you guys rest a bit.” He told them.

Neth kept on walking through Mt. Moon and saw no more disruptions. He was almost at the exit but soon saw two large rocks on the wall of the mountain. Once he got a closer look he saw they weren’t rocks, but fossils.

“Back off!” A nasal voice shouted. Neth turned to see a Super Nerd trainer marching over to him. “These are my fossils! You can’t have them!”

“Says who?” Neth asked, crossing his arms.

“Says me!” The Super Nerd replied. “Unless you want to battle me?” He asked, showing his two Pokeballs.

The second the nerd said “battle” two of Neth’s Pokeballs that carried Manky and Morgan came out. The Nerd’s eyes widened seeing the two Pokémon in front of him ready to fight his Pokémon. “So you want to fight, huh?” Amber asked.

The Super Nerd gulped before chuckling nervously. “I’ll let you take one if your Mankey doesn’t kill me.” He whimpered.

“Thank you,” Neth replied. “And don’t worry she won’t.” He added as Neth looked at the fossils to see which one to pick. Neth decided to pick the fossil on the right; the Helix Fossil and put it in his backpack. Neth, Morgan, and Amber then left the cave and breathed in the fresh air.

Neth saw the sun was ready to set and through the horizon were the lights turning on in Cerulean City in the distance. “Looks like we’re almost there!” Neth beamed. Amber and Morgan chuckled as they followed their trainer to Cerulean City.

Meanwhile, in the bushes, the Team Rocket Grunt from earlier glared as he grabbed his phone and dialed a number. “Hey, Boss! Got some big news for you.” He said. A reply was heard muffled on the other side of the phone. “Looks like we got a twerp in our hands.”

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