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Nexomon: Extinction is great! I also got Temtem for Christmas (and haven't played it yet), but I also got Coromon. So many monster-taming games, so little time..!
Nexomon: Extinction is on my list of games to play eventually. I actually got Temtem for Christmas and haven't even broken the cellophane on it yet because I've been too busy having too much brain fog to focus on most things.

Would also highly recommend Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. Just a fantastic plot, and the monsters (yes, they're called Monsties in game, but that's...well, yeah) are most of the Monster Hunter game monsters that you get to hatch from eggs and have them battle beside you. Just a fantastic game (with actual voice acting, Pokemon, take note.) with well-rounded characters.

Also if y'all have a GBA emulator, I can't recommend Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 highly enough. I say that because they're almost impossible to find the real life games, but they're both awesome games. Why do I say "both"? Because there's two versions: Cobi's Journey and Tara's Adventure. Those games were my childhood along with Pokemon. It's not an especially complicated plot, but it's good enough to be compelling.

EDIT: Oh, I forgot about Fossil Fighters! Champions is my favorite of those, but it's a great game where you can bring back Vivosaurs (revived dinosaurs with powers) to battle for you. Also has a great plot with solid characters (even if Todd is a doofus).
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