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Screenshot Sinnoh Frayed Reality: A Randomized Nuzlocke of Platinum

Thread Description
Chapter 4 - (4/23)

Alba Corbina

Johto League Champion
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 26, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Fairy
Hello, everybody! I decided I was going to restart a run I had to abandon due to technical difficulties. Let me tell you, going back to Tapatalk for the script makes me so glad we switched over to Xenforo. Hopefully my computer will actually cooperate this time. I should note, I'm using a different save-file with different randomization than I was last time I tried this so some of the dialogue and characters will be different.

1. I can only catch the first thing I encounter in an area
2. I must nickname all the things.
3. If it faints it dead.
4. Dupes Clause: If you already have one of an evolutionary line, you can't catch anything else from that line. If you can encounter a Pokemon from the evolutionary line of a dead pokemon, you can ignore it twice; after that it counts as your first encounter
5. I can catch and use any Shiny Pokemon I encounter
1.Changed impossible evolutions
2. Custom starter Pokemon: Elekid, Magby, Swinub
3. Random movesets (preferring same type)
4. Trainer Pokemon are randomized but type-themed and using pokemon of similar strength
5. Wild Pokemon are random; Area 1-to-1 mapping
6. Forced a higher percentage of damaging moves

H-hello? Who's there? Where are we?
Oh, don't worry about that. This is just a dream.
But who are you?
All in due time. Now, I'm much more interested in you. Tell me, child, what is your name?
Uh-uh. No way. Not unless you tell me who you are first.
Heh. For now I am merely an observer. There are events unfolding that might change the fate of the world. And somehow, a mere child such as yourself is one of the key players. Can you blame me for wanting to meet you?
I have no idea what you're talking about! Change the world? Me?
Hmm...I suppose you wouldn't know. Such is the nature of mortal memory. Ah well. I suppose I should let you rest for now. You have a big day tomorrow.

Whaa? Was I...dreaming? I don't really remember...
(Later that morning)

I've been looking all over for you! Are you okay? You look a little groggy.
Yeah, I didn't sleep very well last night. I don't really remember them now, but I had some pretty weird dreams.

Ah, no, actually. What was it about?
It was about this scientist named Professor Rowan who lives over in Sandgem. Apparently he does a lot of super-duper important Pokemon research!

Barry, he's never met us. Why would he give important members of his research away?
No, no, no, no! See, I wasn't going to ask him for Pokemon he's currently studying! I was going to ask about the ones from whatever study he's just finished. That way he wouldn't need them anymore! Genius, right?
Hmm...you know, that's not a bad plan. It's worth a shot, and even if there aren't any available right now, maybe he could put us on a waiting list or something.
All right! Let me go grab my stuff and let's go!!!
*Dashes away*

What was all that about? I know Barry has trouble sitting still, but usually he stays for more than 2 minutes when he comes to hang out.
Barry had this great idea! You know how there's a Pokemon lab over in Sandgem?
We're going to go see if they have any spare Pokemon Barry and I can have! I'll finally get to be a trainer!
Dawn, sweetie, that sounds very exciting, but how are you planning on getting there? Route 201 is full of wild Pokemon; you could get hurt!
Oh...right. I should probably go remind Barry. He might try it anyway.
You're a good friend, Dawn.

What was that?
Me. you dingus.

Sorry about that! I know, I know, don't just throw the door open like that, but I'm too excited. We're going to get Pokemon!
Uh, yeah, Barry, about that....

...I swear, he'd forget his own head if it wasn't attached.

I didn't know you had a journal, Barry.
Hey, you're looking at a future Champion here! I'm going to be the very best, like no-one ever was! My journal's going to be an important historical document!
I don't think that's how being a Champion works.
Are you telling me you wouldn't want a copy of Cynthia's journal from her original journey
...Yeah, okay, I'd totally pay money for that. Don't write anything too mean about me, okay?
Aw, come on, Dawn! You know I wouldn't do that!
I know, I know. I'm just teasing.
Well, do you have everything you need?

Barry, you know neither of us have that kind of....and he's gone.

Oh yeah, my Mom said we shouldn't try and go to Sandgem 'cause we'll get mauled by wild Pokemon.

I mean, you're not really afraid of a bunch of Silcoon, are you?
I think Mom was more worried about the Cherubi with Leaf Blade, but a Bug Bite from an angry Silcoon can still hurt.
You aren't backing out, are you? Going on a journey won't be as fun all by myself.
Of course not! I'm going to Sandgem if I have to fight every last Pokemon on Route 201. But I'd rather not have to do that if at all possible. I don't suppose you know a trick to get there safely?

I dunno...I thought running was more likely to attract Pokemon.
Yeah, well, even if that does happen, Cherubi have teeny-tiny legs, and Silcoon are basically immobile. They'll never catch us!


N-no sir...

We really wanted Pokemon, Mr. Professer, Sir! And we figured you must have some, 'cause you work at a lab and all. So we were going to ask you for some!

Does he realize we can here him?
Shh! He looks like he's calming down! Don't make him mad again!

Yes, sir!

We won't do anything reckless again! We promise!
Yeah! And please don't blame Dawn for that; all of this was totally my idea!
So you would be completely understanding if I only decided to give your friend a Pokemon?
How big of you! Well, then. I shall be giving both of you a Pokemon!
Really? You mean it?
Professor! Wait up!

Who are these two?

And to complete strangers?!

There is a world that should be explored together

Next you'll be telling me you're giving them Pokedexes, too.
Hmm...that's an interesting idea, Lucas! Excellent Suggestion!
Now, back to what I was doing.

Huh? Are you sure? This was your idea, after all.

Ladies first!
All right...

Hey, this one's kind of cute.
Awesome! Then I'm going to pick this one!
Wait, but...oh who cares. Mamoswine are awesome.

No pressure.
We'll do our best, sir!
Very good. Lucas! Let's head back to the lab.
Yes, sir

He looked kind of scary.
I bet he really is scary if he gets actually angry.

You know what this means? I can challenge you to a Pokemon battle!
Bring it on!

All right. What moves do you have?
I think the most useful one right now would be Bone Rush.

Show me what you got, Mr. Zappy!
You got it, Boss!

Ha! You'll never catch me now!
Are you sure?

Hey, do you guys want to call it here? I don't think "Mr. Zappy" can take much more.

Right, buddy?
Heck yeah!

I just need to make myself even harder to hit!
Hmm...do you have a more accurate move than Bone Rush?
Of course.

We surrender! Mr. Zappy, are you okay?
You aren't really going to call him that, are you?
It was the first name that popped into my head. If he wants to change it, he can tell me when he's feeling better. Let's head home; our moms should be able to patch up...I guess just my Pokemon, really.
Sorry, man. Maybe if you'd gone for the Magby.
Have you seen what Magmar looks like? They look like they have a butt on the front of their head! I'd never be able to take them seriously, which wouldn't be fair to my starter.
*snrk* You want some help carrying Mr. Zappy?
Nah, I got this. It's like carrying a kid piggyback. See you later!
See ya!

And after you told me you were going to stop Barry.
*Awkward silence*
Well, what's done is done. Welcome to the family...Ah, what's your name, dear?
My name is Frost. Thank you for the Cheri Berry.
Of course! I'm happy to help!
I like the name Frost. It's elegant yet badass.
Heh, thanks.
Once Frost is done resting, you should go to Sandgem and thank Professor Rowan. I'm sure you already did, but you should do so again anyway for politeness's sake.
You got it, Mom! Gosh, my very own Pokemon...this is the best day ever!

Original Author's Note:
I had to edit the Pokemon selection image because it still showed Turtwig. Also, I actually meant to pick the Elekid, but I misclicked and ended up picking Swinub instead. Oh well. Also, the Elekid used Horn Drill both turns, but that didn't seem like something anyone would intentionally do in a friendly match, so I changed it up a bit.

Bet you can't tell which screenshots came from my original play-through and which ones are from the new one. I'm very glad that Elekid doesn't have a 1-hit-KO move this play-through. Weirdly, Cherubi with Leaf Blade turned up on Route 201 in both this play-through and the original one.
Last edited:


Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
Alba, great seeing you starting something new! Good luck on the reboot. Don't really know the original run too well but I assume this isn't critical. At what point will they diverge? Frost feels like a perfect starter mon.

Alba Corbina

Johto League Champion
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 26, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Fairy
  • Thread Starter Thread Starter
  • #3
Hi, everyone! Welcome to Part 2. This update is the last of the old content. After this part it will be all new material.

@RubyClaw : Welcome to the run! You're right, Frost is an excellent starter.

Oh, your mom said the same thing as mine, huh?
And how are you doing? That Ice Punch looked painful.
Yeah, it was! But Barry's mom patched me up no problem!
Shall we head to the lab, then?
Wait, there's something I want to do first!

I'm mildly concerned about where you're going with this, but continue...

Is...is that even possible? I mean, it's supposed to be the embodiment of emotion...does it even have a physical body?
Even if it does, Mr. Zappy and I aren't very strong yet.
Aw, c'mon! Where's your spirit of adventure? And think how impressed Professor Rowan would be!
Hmm...the first person to properly study a Legendary...We could learn all sorts of things from that!
Eh, what the heck. It might be fun.

Who's that guy over there?
And why is he dressed like that?

Is he talking to us?
I don't think so?
Good, because I have no idea what he's talking about.

Is he threatening Mesprit?
Kinda sounds like it.

And see that our paths do not cross again.

Why was he glaring at us like that? It's like we kicked his Eevee or something!
Dawn, are you all right? You look pale.
H-huh? Oh, I'm fine. That guy was just...I dunno...
He was a creepazoid, that's what he was.
Well, whatever he was, he's gone now.

Oh, wow! That had to be Mesprit, right?
So cool!
I wonder if that strange man drew its attention?

Awesome! I assume you've got some Pokeballs?

I thought you had some!
Why would I have some? I only just got a Pokemon today!
So did I! Why did you think I had some?
I didn't think you'd go Legendary-hunting with just your bare hands!
Yeah, okay, that's fair...

Yeah! ...Actually, better not tell him what you want to do with them.
Why n-oh. We promised we wouldn't do anything reckless. Oops...
Professor Rowan might appear intimidating, but he's really very kind. If you presented it as needing Pokeballs so you could catch more Pokemon and truly become a Trainer, I'm sure he'd be happy to help!
Yeah, Rowan's pretty awesome!
All right! Let's go!
You go on ahead. I'm going to stay here for a bit and see if Mesprit appears.
You sure?
I'll be fine.
Ookay. Race you there, Mr. Zappy!
No fair! My legs are way shorter than yours!
Dawn? What's wrong? Your hands are shaking.
I dunno, Frost. Something about that guy, Cyrus. Something about him scared me. More than just him glaring at me should've, I mean.
But you've never met him, right?
I dunno. It feels like I met him in a dream or something. And not a very pleasant dream...
How come you pretended like everything was okay earlier?
I didn't want to worry Barry. This is probably the best day of his life; I'm not about to ruin it with my random creeped-out-ness. Is that a word? I'm making it a word now.
I see. Have you sufficiently calmed yourself? Or do you need a few more minutes?
Nah, I think I'm good. Let's try to catch up with Barry.

Your friend Barney is with him right now. It would be rude to make him give the same speech twice. Hurry up.
His name is Barry.
I see.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with its location. You'll most likely be seeing a lot of it.
What do you me-

Ow...C'mon, Barry, twice in one day?
Oops, sorry!

That "old guy" is one of the premier Pokemon researchers in the region. Show some respect!
Yeesh, lighten up, dude! Hey, Dawn, I had the best idea!
Oh no.
You and I should be rivals! Like Blue and Red! It'll be awesome!
Oh, thank Articuno, something reasonable.
Hush, you.
That sounds awesome!
Yes, well, before you two get carried away, Professor Rowan needs to speak to Dawn.
Aw, okay. Let's catch up in Jubilife!
You got it!

How's she treating you?
I'm doing well. We've had one battle already, and I won!
So I've heard! Well, you seem in fine condition. Dawn, all you need to do is fill out this paperwork here and it will all be official.

All right, that's the last of it. Frost, you are now officially named!

I'd be happy to help with something, sir. It's the least I can do to thank you for letting me train Frost.

A-All of them? I'm not sure...Well, I'll try my best...
Forgive me. I wasn't as clear as I could've been. This is a group effort. You and Lucas and Barry and a number of other young people will all be collecting data using a Pokedex, like the one I'm going to give you. All of your findings will be compiled into one database.
A Pokedex?
Yes. Are you familiar with them?
Oh, yes, of course. I just can't believe you're giving me one!
I can't believe it either
Lucas, be polite! Now, the device will automatically scan any Pokemon you encounter, so I want you to travel far and wide, understood?
Yes, sir!
Excellent! Welcome to the research team, Dawn!
All right, Frost, this is going to be so exciting!
Where shall we go first? Eterna Forest is sure to have some interesting Pokemon...or we could try Mt. Coronet...

I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you.

That TM contains the move Return, which will get stronger the deeper your bond with your Pokemon is.
Oh, wow, thanks!

And may Victini favor you.

He researches Pokemon, doesn't he? Why wouldn't he have TMs?
His primary focus is evolution, not moves. If he's had TMs this whole time, why has he waited until now to start handing them out?

Lucas, I appreciate you trying to be helpful, but I didn't grow up under a rock. I know what Pokemarts and Pokecenters look like.
Well, if you're such an expert, I'll leave you to it, then.

Ugh, I wish I had more allowance...Pokeballs or Potions, Frost?
The Pokemon in the nearby areas shouldn't be too difficult to capture, and if we stay close to the Center, we shouldn't need to spend much on Potions yet.

Ha! How do you like that!
Ow! Warn a person before you attack them.
Aw, but that's no fun...
I suspect I might regret this, but...

This seems ill-advised.
Maybe a bit, but if her stabby tendencies are pointed at our opponents, they could be useful.
Oh, before I forget, you can use your Pokedex to look at our stats whenever you want to, instead of having to use the PC at the Center
Ooh, right!

Looking good, Frost.

There's a Ground Gym in Oreburgh. Your Leaf Blade will be very helpful there. If you promise not to stab Frost anymore, or any other teammates we get, I'll let you fight the Gym Leader.
Ooh, I'm going to get to fight in a gym battle? How wonderful! I promise I'll be good!
Awesome, let's head back to Lake Verity and see what we can catch.

Chioma's a pretty name.
Thank you!
Well, let's take a look at you.

Where are we going to be traveling?
All over, really. I'm supposed to be studying all the different Pokemon in the region.
Awesome! I've always wanted to see the world! Do you think we'll be scaling Mt. Coronet?
Uh, I'm sure we'll get there eventually, but it might be a while...
Oh, that's fine. Anything beats seeing this same lake day after day.
Welcome to the team, Chioma. I'm Frost and this is Frieda.
Nice to meet you! So, where are we going first?
I need to tell my mom that I'm leaving, so back to Twinleaf for now.

Oh, I see you made some new friends!
This is Frieda-
-and this is Chioma!
A pleasure to meet you both! So, Dawn, how'd your meeting with Professor Rowan go?
Great! He gave me a whole bunch of paperwork, so now I'm officially a trainer! And he wants me to help with his research!
Oh, that sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I'm so glad everything worked out for you!

Um, last I saw, he was headed to Jubilife...

I'm going to head there, too. I can deliver that if you want.
Barry's Mom: Oh, would you? Thanks, dear.
No problem. Hey, Mom, could you loan me some cash for Pokeballs? Catching these guys has used up most of my supply.
Dawn's Mom: I know it's been a while since my own journey, but I refuse to believe Pokeballs have gotten much more expensive. If you really can't manage to buy some now, I suggest you go find some other trainers to fight. You'll get the funds you need quickly enough.

~Back in Sandgem~

Hey, isn't that Lucas ahead? He's got a Pokemon, right? Since he's part of Rowan's project?
Indeed. He has a Magby.
Cool, so I can challenge him for cash. Hey, Lucas!
Ah, there you are. Professor Rowan told me to look for you.

Uh...*gestures at Frieda and Chioma*
I see. Well then, you don't seem to need any help. I'll be off, then; I have important research to attend to.
Wait, you said Professor Rowan wanted you to find Dawn? Was it just to teach her how to to catch Pokemon?
Uh, yes. Yes, that's all. Good day.
Uh-huh. Well, just to be sure I'm not missing anything important, I'll just go check with Professor Rowan!

Ha! Busted!
There. No more need to see the professor. Can I go now?
Yeah, yeah, whatever.
What's his problem?
He had to apply to be part of this project. I imagine it bothers him that Dawn and Barry just got handed Pokedexes.
Oh. Well, there isn't really too much I can do about that.

Hey, are you a trainer?
Yeah, I am.
Cool. Show me what you've got. I don't want to be on the team of someone weak.
Ooh, can I?
Sure. Just be careful. We want her to join our team.
Fiiine...Leaf Blade!
Oh, yeah? Take this! Discharge!

Heh, not bad. Man, if that's what you can do when you're Attack's lowered, I'd hate to fight you at full power!
You're really strong, too! I bet I'd be out cold if I didn't resist Electric attacks!
So, does this mean you'll join us?
Yeah, sure. The name's Rachel.
Welcome to the team! Let's head back to the Pokemon Center and get you and Frieda patched up.

Lonely, huh?
Don't read too much into Natures. They're just terms you humans came up with to describe certain stat spreads. Expecting all Lonely Pokemon to actually be lonely is like expecting all Scorpios to be sneaky and secretive, or whatever.
I'm not your first trainer, am I?
Well, technically. I used to be a house pet.
Used to be? What happened?
I got sick of getting my tail yanked by a stupid toddler. Also, my owner's sister was way into the battling scene. She and her team always made competitive battling sound so exciting. That's why I wanted to see how good you were; now I'll get a chance to fight in gyms.
Aren't we going to be exploring and doing research, though?
Actually, I was planning on doing the Gym circuit as we travel. The more Gyms I beat, the more moves like Surf and Fly I can use outside of battle, and the more areas I can get to.
Ooh, that makes sense.
Now, if we are going to be challenging Gyms, there's one thing we need to do.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to make Lucas sound like a jerk in a screenshot run?

Of all the things for the randomizer not to actually randomize, I'm glad it was Shinx appearing on rout 202. Can you imagine if I went to all the trouble of doing a randomized run and I still ended up with a freaking Bidoof?


Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
*Thud. Great update and a great start. You got yourself a nice little team, lots of coverage and some really exotic pokemon. Cherubi can be surprisingly useful early on from my experience. A Surskit with Signal beam at level 3 is not bad at all, and of course one can never go wrong with an intimidating Shinx.

May Victini favor you.

Alba Corbina

Johto League Champion
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 26, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Fairy
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Hi, everybody! Welcome to Part 3! This time we'll be getting a bit more into the plot.

@RubyClaw Cherubi is one of those Gen IV Pokemon I've always wanted to try but have never gotten an opportunity to. So far, she's been pretty great.

Looking good, you two!

I'm...uh...I'm not going to question how that works.
I am glad that you're leveling up nicely.
So how much more training are going to do before we get to go fight someone?
I think we're good!

You're on!

All right, Frieda. This shouldn't be too hard.
Wanna bet? Use your secret move!

Sorry, but that's not going to cut it~
*Frieda used Leaf Blade!*
Was that supposed to be a pun? Because if it was, you should be ashamed.

My Zigzagoon!
Yeesh. Here, kid, take one of my Potions.
Aw, I didn't want the fight to be over that fast...that's boring.
Boring? You seriously hurt that poor Pokemon!
Isn't that the point of battling?
I appreciate the enthusiasm, but, uh, not quite. I don't know how things are done in the wild, but most trainer battles are just for fun. You're not supposed to be trying to maim your opponent. Things like gym battles tend to be more hardcore, but they're the exception, not the rule.
If you say so...
Why don't we go find another trainer and then you can watch and see!
Good idea.

All right, why don't you handle this one, Frost?
No problem!
*Enemy Combee used Air Slash! Frost Flinched!*

I may have underestimated the enemy...
Are you sure I was doing trainer battles wrong?
Nah, Frost is just being a wimp.

Here. Let me show you how it's done

Ow, shit! I take it back That Combee was clearly on steroids or something.
Hey, at least you managed to actually attack him.
All right, guys. The sun's starting to go down. Let's call it here for the day. Maybe tomorrow will go better.

You've only caught one more Pokemon since we saw each other earlier? You do realize you're supposed to be collecting data on as many types of Pokemon as you can, right?
Hey, Lucas? I don't know if you'd noticed, but it's starting to get dark. I was planning on grabbing a room at the Pokemon Center before it fills up.
We aren't under any sort of deadline, you know. There will be plenty of time for us to do research tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.,,
All right, all right, I get the point!
Hey, have you seen Barry? I know he was headed this way, and his mom wanted me to give him this package.
Hmm...I believe I saw him go to the Trainer School.
...I've...uh...never actually been to Jubilife before...Could you give me directions?
Seriously? *Sigh* You know what? I might as well just show you. The school is across the road from the Pokecenter and you're right. It would be a good idea to grab rooms now.
You're being awfully helpful all of a sudden.
We're going to be traveling in the same exact direction anyway. Walking together is simply the most efficient way to handle this.
Sure it is. Totally. Hey, Dawn, isn't there a human word for this sort of thing? Tsun-something right? Tsundere?
Rachel! Don't say things like that!
I'm just teasing.
Oh, thank goodness! A distraction!

Huh? Where?
Behind that light pole
...Hiding? Really ineffectually?
What's strange is that I can't sense him. I'm not much of a psychic, but I can always sense people's presences, and I can't sense him at all.

Uh...how did I know what?
Why, that I am a member of the International Police, of course!
Interpol? You're a member of Interpol?
Of course! Who else would have the training to block a psychic? It wouldn't do to be infiltrating a criminal's base and be noticed by any psychics they have on the payroll.
Seems like a waste of effort since that mind-shield of yours is why you caught Lucas's attention.
I'm sorry to distract you from what I'm sure is very important work, but I was just making an idle comment. Nothing you need to worry about.
Don't sell yourself short, child.

You're much more observant than I was expecting. A shame he's largely irrelevent to the grand scheme of things...
Hey, what was that last bit?!
Last bit of what?
Don't play dumb. You said something about Lucas being irrelevant! You don't get to say rude stuff like that and then pretend like you didn't say anything!
Also, what grand schemes am I irrelevant to, exactly?
And who are you? You haven't introduced yourself yet. I'm pretty sure that's rude, too. That's why Frost got mad at me when we met, right?
Uh, I'm pretty sure she got mad at you 'cause you jumped out of a bush and stabbed her...
Your Cherubi is right; I haven't properly introduced myself...I can't tell you my true name, but...

Yes. Definitely. Didn't you have questions you wanted to ask?
Right, yes, what is this grand scheme of things you mentioned?
I'm sure, when you were growing up, your parents told you not to take what wasn't yours, yes?
Of course.

Pokemon thieves seem kind of below the pay-grade of Interpol.
They would be indeed if that was all that these criminals were doing. Perhaps you have heard of them? They call themselves Team Galactic.
Hmm...that name does sound a bit familiar...
Galactic? As in Galactic Energy? That's a pretty hefty accusation.
Indeed it is. That is why I am looking for conclusive evidence. There is more going on than simple thievery. As the young lady pointed out, someone of my...caliber wouldn't be involved otherwise. But all of that is not something I should be discussing with civilians. I tell you this much only so that you know to be more cautious.

What, like confidential informants?
Yes, exactly.
Do we get payed?
Sure. To aid in your information gathering, I give you this.

This will allow you to record any suspicious activity you see. And now, I must bid you adieu.

You aren't seriously planning on taking him up on his offer, are you? If that man's a genuine Interpol agent, I'll eat my ascot.
Don't worry; I thought he was super sketchy, too. I just hoped if I said yes he might go away quicker. Hey, team, what did you guys make of that? You've all been awful quiet.
Yeah. 'Cause he was creepy!
Man, I knew human noses weren't nearly as good as mine, but you seriously couldn't tell? He smelled...wrong somehow.
I agree.
Frieda, I can't believe you actually talked to him!
Really? I didn't notice anything wrong with him.
Somehow that doesn't surprise me.Lucas, are you really a psychic?
Yes, but only barely. I have so little aptitude that it was never worth getting formal training. Now I kind of wish I did have some; maybe I would've been able to see what was up with that guy more clearly. Dawn, I would throw out that VS recorder, if I were you. If Looker has any sort of remote access, he could use it to spy on you.
Ugh. Good idea.
Aw, see, he does care about you!
Obviously, that man can't have scared you too badly if you're already back to making snide commentary. I might be annoyed at how easily Dawn was able to join my research program, but that doesn't mean I want her being stalked by a strange older man. That's basic human decency. Now then:

You can go check in on your friend. I'm going to go alert the cops that there's a strange man running around claiming to be with Interpol.
Good idea.

Are you all right? You look a little...unsettled?
Yeah, I've just been having a weird day.
Did you run into that guy from the lake again?
Nope. Different, equally strange guy.
Hello, Barry. How is Mr. Zappy?
He's doing great! We did a lot of training, so he's resting in his Pokeball right now.

Oh, that's right! Your mom wanted me to bring you something!

I know! I bet my mom wanted me to give you a copy. Here you go!
Cool, thanks! Ooh, and it offers more detailed maps of the major cities. That'll definitely be useful.

Unless I want to pay for a boat ride, Oreburgh's the nearest gym.
You do realize it's a Ground gym, right?
Don't worry about me! I've got a teammate that'll resist anything Roark throws at him! Hey, speaking of battling, let's you and me have a battle!
What, now?
Nah, we've both had a long day. Let's meet up tomorrow on Route 203.
Sounds like a plan! I'll see you there.
Don't worry; other than maybe a new battle scar, that Zigzagoon at the start is fine.
So, that's my version of Looker. He definitely didn't just make up the code name looker on the spot. Definitely.


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Oh spirits, that was the scariest Combee I have ever seen!

Well that is one creepy take on looker :). I'm beginning to really like Rachel.

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Hi everyone, I'm back with Part 4! It's only been, what, half a year? School is ending soon and I don't have anything to do this summer so I figured I should try and work on this run again.

Oh spirits, that was the scariest Combee I have ever seen!

Well that is one creepy take on looker :). I'm beginning to really like Rachel.
Rachel is a lot of fun to write! Also, I think you'll like what I have planned for Looker :)

Blugh...more bad dreams...
I'm sorry to hear that. What were you dreaming about?
Ah, you know how it is. Now that I'm awake I can barely remember them. Guess meeting that Looker guy freaked me out more than I realized.
I told you he was bad news!
Anyway, we have a match scheduled with Barry later today. We should get some training in.
You should probably catch some more Pokemon, too. That's why Professor Rowan gave you that Pokedex, after all.
Yup, good point. I don't want another lecture from Lucas.
Can we explore the city some too? I've never been anywhere with such big buildings!

...Yes? Can I help you?

People have been successful trainers for years without your smartwatch.
Just because past trainers had to do without doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself! We're having a special promo-
Not interested. Please let me by. I have training to take care of.
Don't you think that was a little harsh?
No. I have no interest in any product whose marketing strategy is insulting me.

Hang on...isn't that...?
Hi, Mr. Looker!
Eek! Don't get his attention, Frieda!

You sure about that?
Well, there aren't any members of Team Galactic about at the very least.

Free stuff is good, right Dawn?
I guess, but the guy running it would probably be all "I told you so" if I went and got one now and I don't feel like dealing with that.
A-are cops supposed to be shilling for a company?
You're right. That would be quite the conflict of interest. However, I am merely asking as a concerned observer who wants their ally to have the best equipment possible.
"Ally?" That's a little strong, don't you think? I only said that I might keep an eye out for Team Galactic. Actually I'm not even sure I promised that much.
Don't you remember?
Remember what?
Hmm...tell me. Is it truly stubbornness that keeps you from getting a Poketch or is it the fact that the coupons are being handed out by clowns?
Ugh! There are clowns involved? Now I really don't want to do it. ...Wait a minute. How did you know I'm afraid of clowns?
You really don't know, do you?
I have definitely never talked to you about my phobias. What are you talking about?
Hmm. I was afraid that might happen...It's unfortunate but I shall simply have to come up with something else. Run along for now. I'm sure you have some sort of trainer business to take care of, yes?
Hey! You can't just dismiss me like that!
Oh? Was I mistaken? Do you wish to continue talking with me?
I...hmph. *storms off*

All right. New route. Let's get to training.
You seem like you're in a really bad mood today.
*Sigh* It's the whole Looker thing. He's weird and he knows way too much about me.
Speaking of which, how come you talked to him this time, Rachel? I thought you were afraid of him.
Well, since you and Dawn don't have a problem talking to him, why should I?
Let's just get to work, okay? I'd like the distraction.
I'm always down for some training!
Remeber, we should be looking for potential new teammates as well.

Did I hear someone mention new teammates?
Oh? Are you interested in joining us?
You bet! I'd love to get off this route and sooner rather than later.
Well, we're going to be training here for now, but after that we're off to Oreburgh.
I suppose it'll have to do. The name's Lotte

Hmm...that moveset will make training difficult, but I guess we'll just have to work with it. All right, let's go find some trainers to fight.

I'll show you weak!
Easy, Rachel. She's got a ground type. Frost, would you handle this?

Wow, Frost! Good job!
I probably could've taken it. Nincada suck.
Still, better safe than sorry.

Well maybe you should have opened with that instead of telling me how weak I looked. Let's go see if we can find a trainer who puts up more of a challenge.

Oh, boy! My first trainer battle!
This will be good practice for the Veilstone Gym. Maylene uses a Gardevoir as her ace.

Holy crap!
Oww....but now it's my turn!

Hey, I did it!
Nice one! If you keep that up, Maylene's not gonna know what hit her!
Hey, let's duck into Ravaged Path and see if we can get another catch.

Hello, sir. Can I perhaps interest you in-
Pleeeeease get me out of here!
Wow, and I thought I was desperate to get on a team!
Are you okay?
I...I...I'm afraid of caves. But I my colony won't let me leave!
How does a Whismur end up afraid of caves?
I don't know, how come some humans are afraid of wide open spaces? It happens. I'll get you out of here, Nash, don't worry about it.

Wow, I think that's an even worse moveset than mine.
It's okay. We can make it work. We'll just be traveling to the Pokemon Center a lot more frequently than I expected. It's fine. Let's get to it.

Interesting new moves, guys!
Will this help with the Psychic Gym?
Well, it certainly can't hurt.

Hey, I found some stuff that might be useful.
Where did you find these?
Oh, you know, around.
Did you steal these?
That's the real reason you wanted off the route, right? 'Cause you're a thief?
I ain't admitting to anything and I didn't steal these. I found the potion under a bush and I saw a girl throw out the Antidote. She was complaining 'cause she meant to buy a Full Heal.
Well, they do both have yellow packaging...
But who would throw out a perfectly good Antidote?
I don't know! Maybe they had a poison type or something. Do you want this stuff or not?
I suppose I might as well hang onto them for now. All right, people, back to training.

Interesting, but riskier than I'd prefer.
Agreed. If we could find a safer move to replace that with soon, I'd be glad.
Hey, so...I might have found some more stuff...I really didn't steal them. I promise!
What did you find?

Lotte. Seriously. Where did you find this stuff?
I just found them lying around! I swear! Someone's bag must have torn open or something!
Are you suuure you're not a thief?
Okay, okay yes. The reason I want off this route is cause I broke into another Pokemon's winter food cache and took a bunch of stuff. But I'll swear on whatever god you want me to that I didn't steal those potions.
Hee hee! I knew it~
Look, regardless of where she got them, it's not like we can return them, right? I mean, they don't have the original owner's name on them or anything.
You've got a point.

(A Few Hours Later)

All right, we're stopping there. Any later and we'll miss our match with Barry.
I'm sorry I made it take so long! I'm not used to fighting in the sunlight and it's making my aim really bad! Please don't be mad at me!
I'm not mad. Though if you'd said something sooner, we could've tried to find a shadier place to train for you.
Y-you don't need to go to all that trouble for me...
Hey, now. A good trainer helps their Pokemon find the best ways to get stronger. So if finding some shade for you, or getting sunglasses is what you need, I'm happy to help. Now, let's stop at the Pokemon Center and then meet Barry.

Oh, great. You again.
Yes. Me again. Unfortunately, I really must speak with you about something important. Tell me truthfully. Do you remember what you dreamed about last night.
If answering will make you leave me alone, no. I don't really remember.
Unfortunate. I suppose I shall have to resort to more drastic measures.
Hey, are you threatening me? I'm going to call the-

Does this help jog your memory, Dawn?
*Dawn used Run Away*
*Sigh* I was afraid that might happen. I dislike having to distract Cresselia from their work, but it simply won't do to have Dawn traumatized.
Writing that initial conversation between Dawn and "Looker" took longer than writing the entire rest of the update. I came up with this particular twist because I needed a way to make Looker actually plot relevant. As he's written in base Platinum, he doesn't actually accomplish anything or really affect the plot at all. He pretty much just shows up and says things. I couldn't come up with a way to have cannon!Looker interact with my plot in a way that felt natural so I came up with this instead. I wish I remembered how I came up with the idea to make him Darkrai, though.

The reason everyone jumps right to assuming Lotte stole the stuff she found is because in my story, Pick Up just makes the Pokemon more observant, so they're better at finding things like berries and other useful items out in nature. It absolutely does not conjure human-made medicine from thin air, so Lotte had to have gotten the items from somewhere and people don't generally toss out perfectly good Hyper Potions in the wild for others to find.


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Nice additions to the team, though nothing too exciting (a Whismur that is afraid of cave is a recipe for some amusing moments I'm sure :) ). Overall your party is still looking good and balanced (though some of these movepools are yikes indeed).

Ah, things are getting more complicated indeed.


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Actually, Saint was the name of the scientist. You're thinking of Saint's beleaguered creator, Garden.
I had saved this to comment on a bit later, so after giving it a second read, I wanna say I really do appreciate the dynamics you wrote between Dawn with her Pokémon and Dawn with Barry, which flow really nicely in tandem, and how you included Looker -- he's basically a joke about useless failmoe detectives in DPPT (even if he gets treated more seriously in later games) so he really sticks out in a nuzlocke if left how he is in canon lol. And editing Darkrai into the screenshot itself is also really cool! It definitely helps with the suspension of disbelief, in a way, making it feel totally natural that "Looker" just transformed into Darkrai during that sequence in the game itself.

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Hmm, with the text color and mention of Cresselia, I think 'Looker' might be a human disguise for Darkrai.

It would explain both Dawn's nightmare as well why Lucas can't sense him since his a Dark-Type and thus is immune to psychic abilities.

EDIT: I didn't notice that last screenshot so yeah, I just laid out the obvious.

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