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Extravanganza Accordian Demo
Thread Description
A Fatlocke of Pokemon Crystal - RANDOMIZED!

RR Sharp

Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Somewhere in Canada
Pokémon Type
  1. Fighting
  2. Normal
Pokédex Entry
A Sumo of Legend, and friend to all Pokemon who just happens to be fat.
Time to give Former Glory another shot... And hopefully, it will not end in disaster. *knocks on wood*


1. First encounter is your catch for that city/cave/building/forest/route. If you screw up the catch, too bad so sad... NEXT! All catches are subject to the Fatlocke rule-set, UNLESS I invoke Pay the Piper bonus.
a. Duplication rule is set to, "mandatory and family". If a pokemon has already been caught and is still alive, then search again for a Pokemon that hasn't been caught yet. This rule also applies to family lines -- meaning that if a Caterpie has been caught, Metapod and Butterfree are to be considered duplications.
b. Shiny rule is set to, "Yes".I can attempt capture of a shiny Pokemon (because shiny=fat and are therefore catchable), regardless if said shiny Pokemon is the first encounter or not. This also goes for the Red Gyrados.
c. Giftmon (Gifts and Trades) is set to, "One". I can get a Giftmon, but the second Giftmon will count as the catch for that area. Starters count as giftmons. Giftmons are also subject to the Fatlocke rule-set, unless Pay the Piper bonus is invoked.
d. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Buildings and caves that have different encouters on different floors, still count as one area. However, routes that is divided up by a cave or a forest/park counts as two separate encounter areas.
e. These rules do not activate until I become a manly man received my first Pokeballs.

2. NEVER FORGET. Remember and respect the fallen by putting them to rest in the Fallen box.
2a. If I suffer a team wipe, this run is finished regardless if I have Pokemon in the box or not.

3. THE NAME IS THE THING. You have a name. I have a name. Pokemon have names too. Use them. All names (save for the starters) will be created using this app.

4. Weight Limit -- For me to catch/use them, all Pokemon must be considered fat naturally.
4a. If a Fat Pokemon evolves into a Thin Pokemon, I cannot use them in Gym Leader Battles or in Boss Battles until they evolve back into Fat Pokemon (using them in regular trainer battles and wild Pokemon battles are OK -- per the updated rules set out in Ferretrip's original Fatlocke run).
4b. I can only evolve a 'Mon into their thin evolution if the following evolution after that one can be considered fat. Otherwise, no can do.

5. PAY THE PIPER. If my catch is an illegal Pokemon in a Fatlocke, I can invoke this bonus. To do so all of the following must be done:
5i. I must have enough money/Poke to actually invoke this bonus. If I do not then the Fatlocke rules apply and I will lose the catch.
5ii. The price is Two-Fifty times the level of the caught Pokmon (IE: I caught a level 17 Butterfree. 250 * 17 = 4,250 Poke it will cost me in order to use the Butterfree).
5iii. To pay for the bonus, I must buy the number of Paralyz Heals needed then immediately discard the Paralyz Heals bought -- They must not be used at all.
5iv. I must provide proof of having paid the piper -- a screenshot of my trainer ID prior to paying the piper and a screenshot of the trainer ID post payment.

5a. If I want to evolve the illegal Pokemon, I must "pay the piper" prior to evolving them at the level they're going to evolve times two-fifty OR at the level times Two-Fifty I'm planning on using evolving item on them OR 100,000 Poke if they evolve via happiness/friendship (since there's no telling what level they'll evolve at). I may also "pay the piper" if I want to evolve an legal Fatmon into their illegal final form (or, in other words if I haapen to get a Drowzee again, I would be able to get an fatass Hypno)
5b. I may not "pay the piper" to get Pokemon that has been outright banned by Ferretrip (the creator of the Fatlocke) OR use it to bypass an conditional usage for an Pokemon that has been set out by Ferretrip (so I will have to pay all of the money in order to use Haxorus)

6. For the run to be considered completed all of the following must be done:
-- Defeated the Elite Four and Lance twice -- once, after gaining Eight Badges (Johto is completed) the second time after gaining sixteen badges (Johto and Kanto are completed).
-- Beat Red.

By The Way, this is not Pokemon Gold but Pokemon Crystal -- Randomized. So here is the log with all of the changes.

I'm only including a partial list of Pokemon that I can catch in this game for the all of the Fatlocke Pokemon, I ask you to refer to the original Fatlocke (as done by Ferretrip)
here for the complete list (plus, his run will be far more entertaining than this run could ever be. FACT).

Pidgey line
Rattata line W/RATTATA
Pichu line
Sandshrew line
Cleffa line
Igglybuff line
Poliwag line W/POLIWAG
Geodude line
Slowpoke line
Seel line
Grimer line
Gastly line W/HAUNTER
Likitung line
Rhy line
Happiny line
Elekid line
Magby line
Porygon line W/PORYGON
Munchlax line
Hoothoot line
Chinchou line
Togepi line W/TOGEPI
Mareep line
Azurill line
Wooper line W/WOOPER
Snubbull line
Teddiursa line
Slugma line
Swinub line
Mantyke line
Phanpy line
Larvitar line W/PUPITAR

Now with all of the serious stuff outta the way, time for some plot!

Table of Contents:

Prologue: How we got here -- See below
Chapter I: Baby Steps
Chapter II: Run Rikishi Run

-- An excerpt from Sumomon!, Volume Two: Breaking the Kingdom --

If you are reading this message then it means one thing only:

I have royally screwed things up.

For one reason or another or for no good reason at all, I given up before I even started battling Kanto's Gyms. Lance petition the league for him to regain Johto's championship -- and it worked. And the very moment that the "Kingdom of Dragons" was whole once more, Lance launched the war that he has threatened to do. And the end result was just as predicted -- Johto and Kanto was devasted in the aftermath, with very few cities and towns left standing. The only bright spot for Kanto and Johto is when Lance, realizing that he was not going to win the war, killed himself. But like I said, that's the only bright spot for the two regions.

Now, you might be thinking, "Well, at least it can't get any worse" and that's when fate decides to spit right in your face, because that's when a mysterious Megastorm suddenly appeared in the Hoenn region and it soon covered the entire planet. When the storm eventually died down, well... I remember watching a show where two guys blew up a cement truck and was like, "Cement truck? WHAT cement truck?" except this is a thousand times more horrifying and less funny and educational.

Hoenn? WHAT Hoenn?

Johto? WHAT Johto?

Kanto? WHAT Kanto?

Sevii Islands? WHAT Sevii Islands?

That's right, four regions (two in bad shape thanks to Lance) has been completely wiped off the face of the Earth. Also, thanks to that megastorm (or, because of the ecological disaster post-megastorm), Pokemon mutated, becoming types that they should never be -- Grass types becoming Dark types, Dragon types becoming Ice types and so on.

And it gets worse -- at some point post-megastorm, another world appeared in the sky. And I don't mean like a planet was suddenly there sharing the moon's orbit -- I mean like someone changed the sky to look like one of those odd paintings with staircases going every which way and Giratina standing in the middle. And that is the very last thing to bare witness to, because after that, the entire world went white.

The Earth itself has fainted. Yes, that happened.

But there is good news, before the end Palkia and D got together and created a time loop to reset things back before my journey through Johto began, with a certain favorite legendary of yours and mine snagging this page from my memoirs to send it through the time loop. But I -- you R.R. cannot fail again. For while there is a time loop, there is no telling how long the loop will persist. So, End the Kingdom, find out the mystery behind the Megastorm and stop it before it starts and whatever or whomever created the second world, stop them before they doom the world again.

The world called you, "The Legendary Sumo". It's time to prove ourselves worthy of such a soubriquet. Good luck, R.R..

Sumos Forev---
(the rest ends in a jagged scrawl)

Former Glory: RELOADED


-- Randomized Fatass Edition --

Enjoy the run folks! ^_^
Last edited:
RR Sharp

RR Sharp

Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Somewhere in Canada
Pokémon Type
  1. Fighting
  2. Normal
Pokédex Entry
A Sumo of Legend, and friend to all Pokemon who just happens to be fat.
Snazz said:
It looks like it could be entertaining.
Might follow.
Good luck!

Thank you! And I hope you'll follow. ^_^;;

Uberle said:
While the rule set is interesting I don't know what makes a mon qualify as 'fat'
I doubt it's weight as Gastly is on the list.

Well, according to Ferretrip (and I might be remembering it wrong or something) if the family line ends with a fatty then the entire line is valid. Also, during the original Fatlocke run, that are spherical shaped (like the Electrode line) were valid. So, yeah.

Time for the first shot update!

-- Mid-Afternoon --
-- R.R. Sharp's House --

*as R.R. Sharp comes down the stairs*
Mom -- Ah, R.R.! You woke up just in time! Professor Elm just called!
R.R. Sharp -- So. What did he say?
Mom -- Well, not much. He just wanted to pass along a message:


Mom -- Whatever he wants you to do, it can wait until you have something to eat. Arthur?
Arthur -- Yes ma'am! Some sausages, bacon and eggs with toast coming right up!

-- And so, after a somehwhat leisurely late lunch, R.R. Sharp goes off to Professor Elm's labratory... --


R.R. Sharp -- Sure, I suppose. What's it about?
Professor Elm -- It's like this...


R.R. Sharp -- Let me guess: It's about the current odd mutantions of Pokemon, correct?
Professor Elm -- Quite so, quite so! However...


R.R. Sharp --Sure thing! Besides, I'm gonna need one if I'm going to take down Lance's Kingdom of Dragons... this time for good.
Professor Elm -- Excellent!


Professor Elm -- And most importantly how to reverse the mutations so the Pokemon can go back to normal... hopefully.
R.R. Sharp -- You don't think that the mutation can be reversed?
Professor Elm -- I'm certain it can be, R.R.. Now, whether we get to the solution in time before the mutation becomes irreversible, well... that is a far tougher call to make.
R.R. Sharp -- ...I see...
Professor Elm -- Do not lose heart, we will find a way. **the computer he is stationed at beeps** Hrm? What's this?


Professor Elm -- It might be a bit of information one of colleagues came across while investigating the mutation issue.
R.R. Sharp -- So? What does it say?
Professor Elm -- To quote the youth of the world, "Keep your pants on". Now then... **starts reading** ...Hrm... it's not a proclamtion of love from Professor Ivy, that's a shame... **continues reading**


Professor Elm -- **finishes reading** Well.
R.R. Sharp -- Well, what?


R.R. Sharp -- I'm all ears, professor.
Professor Elm -- Very well.


R.R. Sharp -- So he's a nutcase.
Professor Elm -- Under normal circumstances, yes, Mr. Pokemon would be considered a nutcase. But, thanks to the worldwide mutation effect and Lance's Kingdom, I cannot discount his discoveries these days. May I continue?
R.R. Sharp -- Please do, professor.


R.R. Sharp -- Sure. Besides, it would help me raise that Pokemon you wanted me to raise.
Professor Elm -- Good, good! Now then...


Professor Elm -- To help you decide, I've included some preliminary notes from what I have observed from watching other Pokemon and their evolved forms interact with the environment. And yes, all three are rather, "robust" but I know you can do well with them.
R.R. Sharp -- Thank you, professor. I'll try not to let you down. Again. Now then...


R.R. Sharp -- Hello!
Cyndaquil -- Yo.
R.R. Sharp -- So... You went from a Fire-Type to a Steel-Type, huh?
Cyndaquil -- Yup. And I'm pure Steel throughout.
R.R. Sharp -- Oh man. All kinds of sorry for you. Being weak to your former element is not fun.
Cyndaquil -- Thanks. Ironically, my name now suits me to a T.
R.R. Sharp -- And that is?
Cyndaquil -- Ironhide Flamespinner.


R.R. Sharp -- Hi!
Totodile -- Hi!
R.R. Sharp -- So, according to Elm's notes, you're a freakin' DRAGON?!
Totodile -- That's me! Although I do miss being a water type... And I'll be Dragon/Dark at the end. Oh, and my name isn't so ironic -- Call me Snapper Riverscales.
Chikorita -- Although, if you want, you can call him Snappy.
Totodile -- ^//^ HEY! >//<
Chikorita -- You know I tease because I love you.
Totodile -- Yeah, yeah...
R.R. Sharp
-- And last, but certainly not least...


Chikorita -- Hello there. I'm Basil Greenleaves. And you're reading Elm's notes right. I'm Poison and I'll be Poison/Rock at the end.
R.R. Sharp -- So a four times weakness to Ground is in your future?
Chikorita -- Unfortunately, yes. That is correct.
R.R. Sharp -- Geez. Johto really doesn't like you much, does it?
Chikorita -- I try not let it get me down.

Professor Elm -- So. Have you made your decision?
R.R. Sharp -- Good question.

So, who should I take? Basil Greenleaves, Snapper "Snappy" Riverscales or Ironhide Flamespinner? Let me know what you think.

Until Next Time...
RR Sharp

RR Sharp

Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Somewhere in Canada
Pokémon Type
  1. Fighting
  2. Normal
Pokédex Entry
A Sumo of Legend, and friend to all Pokemon who just happens to be fat.
And now, with a score 2-0-0...


RR Sharp -- Ironhide, I choose you!
Professor Elm -- An excellent choice.


Ironhide Flamespinner -- Especially since you chose me.
RR Sharp -- Proud of yourself, aren't you?
Ironhide Flamespinner -- Very.
RR Sharp -- Now, let's take a closer look at you, Ironhide...


RR Sharp -- Eh. Pretty strong strong in physical defense and offense, a bit okay on Special Offense, but your speed and special defense is what worries me.
Ironhide Flamespinner -- It'll be okay. I'm a steel type now, anyways.
RR Sharp -- By Arceus, I sincerely hope so. Encore is okay for the time being, but I wouldn't want to depend on it too much, but Steel Wing is pretty damn good considering.
Ironhide Flamespinner -- I'm glad you approve. Shall we go?
RR Sharp -- Let's.
Professor Elm -- Just remember, RR. Mr. Pokemon's home is a little past Cherrygrove on the right side side of the route.
RR Sharp -- I won't forget, professor.
Professor Elm -- Before you leave, take a copy of my Field Notes. It will help you should you encounter a Pokemon. Remember: Check the notes as often as you can, for it may mean the difference between surviving this errand and not.
RR Sharp - Okay, professor.
R.R. takes Elm's Field Notes.
Elm's Field Notes is placed in the Key Items pocket.
RR Sharp -- We'll see you later, professor.
Professor Elm -- Good luck, RR and Ironhide.

-- Outside... --


Argent -- ...
RR Sharp -- ...
Ironhide Flamespinner -- Is something wrong, RR?
RR Sharp -- Not yet. But... I can't stop wishing I could do something.
Ironhide Flamespinner -- I don't know what you're talking about, but if you really think about it, you might be able to do something.
RR Sharp -- Maybe. Anyways, let's move on...


RR Sharp -- Okay, let's see here... Skarmory is now... Oh fuck me sideways... LEAVING NOW.
Ironhide Flamespinner -- Why are we running? I'm pretty sure I could take him.
RR Sharp -- No, you couldn't. But he could take you. He's now Fire/Ghost.
Ironhide Flamespinner -- ... I agree with my trainer. BYE NOW!
Got away safely!


RR Sharp -- I want it.
Ironhide Flamespinner -- One, you have no Pokeballs. Two, it is a freakin' legendary. It could kill me easily. So, let's go before this encounter ends very badly.
RR Sharp -- Fine. *looks back at the Celebi* I'll be back for you.
Got away safely!

-- Eventually, RR and Ironhide make it to Mr. Pokemon's house --


RR Sharp -- That's me. And this is Ironhide.
Ironhide Flamespinner -- Hi.
RR Sharp -- So, what do you want to show Professor Elm?
Mr. Pokemon -- Well...


RR Sharp -- That is a freakin' huge egg.
Mr. Pokemon -- It is, isn't it? That's why I want Professor Elm to examine it, to figure out why the egg is so gigantic and whether or not it is viable birth.
RR Sharp -- Sure thing. Let me just... *grunt!* ...get it... in the bag...!


RR Sharp -- *whew!* There we go.
Mr. Pokemon -- Thank you for doing this. In fact...


Mr. Pokemon -- So, if Elm needs some verification on whether or not this egg is legit, he can contact them. They live near Goldenrod City.
RR Sharp -- All right. Thank you. I'll tell Professor Elm about this once I get back to New Bark.
Mr. Pokemon -- Wonderful. In fact...


Mr. Pokemon -- The regional professors, such as Professor Oak here, often turn to him for advice when concerns evolution and evolutionary theory.
RR Sharp -- Professor Oak is here?
Professor Oak -- Indeed. And I have been investigative the egg for some signs of its unusual growth and development, but so far nothing has panned out. Now then...


Professor Oak -- How have you been?
RR Sharp -- Good so far. And this is Ironhide, my new starter.
Ironhide Flamespinner -- Hello there.
Professor Elm -- !!!


RR Sharp -- Wait. you guys are rare?
Ironhide Flamespinner -- Well, not rare as in, "If I die, you basically killed off the entire Cyndaquil family" but... yeah. Trying to find another one like me is between slim and none.
RR Sharp -- Then I really gotta keep you safe.
Ironhide Flamespinner -- Indeed.
Professor Oak -- At any rate, since Elm entrusted you with such a rare Pokemon, I believe I can entrust you with this.


Professor Oak -- It is a prototype of a new kind of Pokedex. Ones with a level five Artificial Intelligence installed.
RR Sharp -- Really?
Professor Oak -- Quite so. If you just turn it on, you'll see for yourself.
RR Sharp -- Okay. *does so*
Dexter -- Yo! Dexter is in the hizzouse! Word up my new homie and his homemon.
RR Sharp -- Uh.... :sweatdrop:
Dexter -- Ha! I kill me. Seriously, though, I am Pokedex verson 5.7.8. But you may just call me Dexter. So, what's up?
RR Sharp -- I'm R.R. and this is Ironhide.
Ironhide Flamespinner -- Uh.. Hello?
Dexter -- Word up, little homie. Oh, I should add that I also have the notes all uploaded to my database, so I'll be able to tell you which 'mons you can face and which ones you need to run away from REALLY FAST.
RR Sharp -- Good to know.
Professor Oak -- Now then. I believe I've overstayed my welcome as I'm due back in Goldenrod very shortly, so I'll see you three later. *leaves*
Mr. Pokemon -- R.R., you and Ironhide can rest here for a few hours, before heading back to New Bark, if you want.
RR Sharp -- *looks at Ironhide*
Ironhide Flamespinner--*nods*
RR Sharp--We accept.

-- And so, after a couple of hours of rest, RR, Ironhide and Dexter the Pokedex heads out --

RR Sharp--Feeling better, Ironhide?
Ironhide Flamespinner--Much better.
Dexter--Hate ta break up the bonding moment, homeslices, but I am registering a signal coming from the PokeGear.
RR Sharp--Really?
Dexter--I was designed by Oak to interact and interface with all kinds of electronics, up to and including the PokeGear.
RR Sharp--Interesting. *checks* It's Elm. Knew it. Let's see what's up. Hello?


RR Sharp--Professor, did something happen?
Professor Elm--I dare say so! It happen so fast, Jake and myself are still reeling from the suddenness of the assault!
RR Sharp-So what happened?
Jake the Assistant--I'm sorry, RR, but the professor is a little too distaught over what just happen to speak coherently right now.


Jake the Assistant--...As you can hear from the background. All I can reccomend for you to do is get here as soon as possible, RR.
RR Sharp--We'll be in New Bark as soon as possible.
Jake the Assistant--I'd appreciate that. See you then. *dial tone*
Ironhide Flamespinner--So. making tracks?
RR Sharp--Indeed.

-- And so, the trio makes their way back to New Bark. However... --


RR Sharp--Hello, Argent.
Argent--Hmph. And here I was hoping that my disguise would've kept you guessing for a couple of weeks. That is a disappointment.
RR Sharp--Better get used to being disappointed.
Argent--I would think not. Anyways, if you want this masquerade to end before it begun, then I think it's only fair to do the same... by stopping you before you before you even begin to fight.
RR Sharp--I only got two words for you: Bring it.
Argent--Very well.
Ironhide Flamespinner--]Question: Who is he and how do you know him?
RR Sharp--Good questions. For right now, I can safely say that it is a long story. Now face forward...

(Missing screen capture here, because I was being a Derp.)
RR Sharp--You are going to have to a beat an old friend of yours.
Ironhide Flamespinner--I see.
Dexter--Totodile. Previous Typing: Water. Current Typings: Dragon. No advantages or disadvantages present, homies, but proceed with caution.
RR Sharp-Thanks, Dexter.
Dexter--De nada.
Snapper "Snappy" Riverscales--Ironhide.
Ironhide Flamespinner--Snapper.
Snapper "Snappy" Riverscales--I'm sorry it had to come to this.
Ironhide Flamespinner--Yeah...


Ironhide Flamespinner--...So am I.
RR Sharp--Good work, Ironhide.
Ironhide Flamespinner--Thanks, RR. But I don't feel like celebrating.
RR Sharp--Understandable.


RR Sharp--For the most part, yeah, I am.
Argent--Don't get used to it. I will beat you eventually, RR.
RR Sharp--And we will get all of the Pokemon you will steal back, Argent.
Argent--You think you will.
RR Sharp--We will. But, for now get to steppin'. 'cause I know you've a gun and aren't afraid to use it on me or on Snapper.
Argent--...You are smarter than you look. Very well. I will see you later, "Legendary Rikinshi".
Argent has left.
Ironhide Flamespinner-- Now, can you explain how you know that guy and the fact that you know that he has a gun?
RR Sharp--Again, long story. And which we do not much time for. But I will tell you eventually. Let's get back to New Bark.
Ironhide Flamespinner-- All right. But I'm holding you to that.
RR Sharp--I expect nothing less.

-- And so, after getting back to the lab and helping the police with the investigation (which has been skipped due to me being a derp AGAIN) RR talks with Professor Elm --


RR Sharp--No kidding. A daring robbery occuring in the daytime? Gotta admit that takes some serious balls to pull that off. But we will get Snapper back.
Professor Elm-- I truly hope so. Now, concerning your errand, what did Mr. Pokemon have that he wanted me to examine?
RR Sharp--This.
R.R. gives the Mysterious Egg to Professor Elm.
Professor Elm-- !!!


RR Sharp--Mr. Pokemon believes so. And two Day-Care operators in Goldenrod City can confirm that it is an actual Pokemon egg.
Professor Elm-- Is that so? Well, I suppose I would have to call them up and ask them to share their insights on this phenomenon, I suppose.
RR Sharp--That makes sense. If you want, you should also talk to Professor Oak too. He was examining the egg as well.
Professor Elm-- What?! Professor Oak was there too?
RR Sharp--Yes. He also gave me this. *hold up the Pokedex*
Professor Elm-- !!!


RR Sharp--Yes.
Professor Elm-- Incredible. Professor Oak is the one who is on the lookout who could do the League challenge. Which means...
RR Sharp--...He thinks I can dethrone Lance from Johto and Kanto.
Professor Elm-- Indeed. The question is, can you do it?
RR Sharp--Yes I can.
Professor Elm-- A good answer. In which case... Jake?
Jake the Assistant-- Here you go, R.R.. This will help you in creating the team that will take down the Kingdom.


RR Sharp--Thank you.
Jake the Assistant-- Don't forget about this as well, R.R..
R.R. places the POKEMON FOOD in the Key Items pocket.
Jake the Assistant-- To feed any new Pokemon you meet on your journey.
RR Sharp--Nice. Thank you.
Professor Elm-- One, okay, two last things to note before you leave, RR.
RR Sharp--Okay?
Professor Elm-- Are you aware the drug called Adipoxe?
RR Sharp--...Yeah. One of my friends and his Pokemon were tricked into taking the drug and they became, well, larger than life.
Professor Elm-- Adipoxe is strictly regulated. But, you can buy some Adipoxe from the PokeMart to turn a skinny Pokemon fat. However, you must be aware of your monetary resource. If you do not have enough of that particular resource, then the Fatlocke curse will come into effect and...
RR Sharp--...And that catch will disappear forever.
Professor Elm-- Quite. So be careful. And finally, go talk to your mom before you go, as the Kingdom was dangerous before the random mutation of the Pokemon. And now, their strength is currently unfathomable.
RR Sharp--I understand, professor.
Professor Elm-- That's all I need. Good luck, RR.

-- R.R.'s house --


Arthur -- Boss, I gotta tell you, this sounds like it's gonna be rough, if only judging by the serious lack of training you were able to give Ironhide here.
Ironhide Flamespinner-- Totally. The battle against Snapper was a little too close.
RR Sharp--It's going be okay, really. I hope.
Mom-- RR...
RR Sharp--Mom...
Mom-- Just be careful.
RR Sharp--I'll try.
Arthur -- You be careful too, all right?
Ironhide Flamespinner-- I will.

-- Later... --


RR Sharp--So here we go.
Ironhide Flamespinner-- Yup.
RR Sharp--Please let it be Celebi, please let it be Celebi, Please...


RR Sharp--Aw, nuts.
Ironhide Flamespinner-- Sorry big guy.
RR Sharp--Eh. It's all right. At least we don't have to tap into the Adipoxe so early.
Dexter--Rattata. Previous Typings: Normal. Current Typings: Ice. Notable Advantages and/or Disadvantages against my homie's team: Resistant against Steel.
RR Sharp--Nice. Looks like Snapper is about to get a rude awakening the next time we meet.
Alberta Shorttail -- Howdy, y'all! Name's Alberta Shorttail! Pleased ta have made yer acquaintance partner!
RR Sharp--I'm RR and this is Ironhide.
Ironhide Flamespinner-- Hello.
RR Sharp--And this is Dexter.
Dexter-- Welcome aboard homegirl.
Alberta Shorttail -- Thank y'all mighty kindly for the welcome. Now, let's some people for this here posse I reckon.
RR Sharp--Let's.


RR Sharp--Route 30. Let's find us a new Squad member.
Dexter--Potiential New Squad Member found. Sandshew. Previous Typings: Ground. Now, does anyone wanna guess what the new typing be?
RR Sharp--Fire?
Dexter-- Nope! Strike number one.
Alberta Shorttail --Ice?
Dexter--That's strike two.
Ironhide Flamespinner--...Flying?


RR Sharp--...It's still a Ground Type?
RR Sharp--Nice. Another fatty. A shame about the moves.
Stephen Sandskimmer -- The moves? Yeah, that's the old Sandshrew line. This is the new Sandshrew line! En garde!
RR Sharp--Nice.
Stephen Sandskimmer --I am Sir Stephen Sandskimmer of the Sandveil Knights! My sword is at your command, sire.
RR Sharp--My name's RR. And this is Ironhide and Alberta. And my Pokedex, Dexter.
Ironhide Flamespinner-- Hi there.
Alberta Shorttail -- Welcome to the roundup, partner!
Dexter-- Word up, my homie!
Stephen Sandskimmer -- I say. I seem to be quite excellent company. Shall we proceed?
RR Sharp--Of course. But first...


RR Sharp--We got some trainers to take care of.

-- So much trainer brutalization that it had to be censored by the FCC. Afterwards... --

*Ring ring*
RR Sharp--Hello?
Mom-- I'm just calling to see how you are doing, RR.
RR Sharp--I'm doing fine, mom. I like you to meet Sir Stephen Sandskimmer...
Stephen Sandskimmer -- Hello, madame. Your son here is a venerable sort and it would be my honor to guide and protect him from harm.
RR Sharp--And this is Alberta.
Alberta Shorttail --Howdy!l
Mom--Such nice Pokemon. And Ironhide?
Ironhide Flamespinner-- Right here ma'am.
Mom-- Good, good! Now remeber: No matter what happens to you out there, good or bad, you can always come right back home. With that said, keep going...


RR Sharp--Thanks mom. I appreciate that.
Mom-- I'll see you soon, my legendary rikinshi.
RR Sharp--Until then, mom. *hangs up*
Ironhide Flamespinner--...RR? Didn't we skip an area, we have access to earlier?
RR Sharp--...Yeah we did. Whelp...


RR Sharp--No time like the present to catch up! Now let's see who can find around here...
Dexter-- Tentacool. Previous Typings: Water/Poison. Current Typings: Dragon. An ice attack from Alberta will send him crying back to mommy.
RR Sharp--Which is something we really don't want to do. Stephen? Think you can knock down his HP without knocking him out?
Sir Stephen Sandskimmer -- I shall try sire.
RR Sharp-Now, as long as we don't get a crit--
Critical Hit!


RR Sharp--...A criticial hit, we would've be able to catch him. *sigh*
Sir Stephen Sandskimmer -- I apologize, sire. It appears my sword and myself were a little too strong for the poor boy.
RR Sharp--It's okay. Besides, we would have to use the Adipoxe treatment for him, so I'm sorta glad it didm't work out. Let's move on...


RR Sharp--...To a dark and miserable location. YAY.
Alberta Shorttail -- ...I don't like caves when they're well lit and I like super darks caves even less. Do y'all mean if I sit this one out... as in outside?
RR Sharp--Go ahead. We'll right out with you in just a few moments. Now, if I was a Pokemon, where wou--
??? --OW!


??? --You stepped on my tail!
RR Sharp--*cringes!* SORRY!
??? --...It's all right. I suppose. *pats his bruised tail*
Dexter-- Wartortle. Previous Typing: Water. Current Typing: Rock. Hey Sir Stephen? We got somebody who wants to play!
RR Sharp--Interesting. And no, Dexter. I don't want to knock this out too. Hey. You wanna come with us?
Mikey Swiftcurrent --Sure I suppose. The name's Mikey Swiftcurrent.
RR Sharp--I'm RR. And this is Ironhide, Alberta and Stephen. And Dexter here is my Smart Aleck Pokedex.
Ironhide Flamespinner-- Hi.
Alberta Shorttail -- Howdy! Welcome ta the Sumo Squad! Or the Sumo Posse if ya will.
Sir Stephen Sandskimmer -- Welcome! May we strike fear intp those that would oppose us.
Dexter--Yo! Welcome new homie!
Mikey Swiftcurrent -- Greetings all.
RR Sharp--Now, let's get outta here so we can get a better look at you. And so, Alberta isn't waiting any more.

-- Once Outside... --


RR Sharp-Pretty nice, all things considered.
Mikey Swiftcurrent -So glad you approve. So, where to next?
RR Sharp-Dexter, we didn't make around here we?
Dexter-That'll be a negative, homeslice.
RR Sharp-Then, let's fix that shall we?


RR Sharp-Time to see who's gonna be the next squaddie...


RR Sharp-Welcome to the Squad, Dreamer Tundrawave. I'm RR.
Dreamer Tundrawave -Thank you.
RR Sharp-This is Ironhide...
Ironhide Flamespinner-Yo.
RR Sharp-Alberta...
Alberta Shorttail -Howdy.
RR Sharp-Sir Stephen...
Sir Stephen Sandskimmer -My lady, welcome aboard our fair quest.
RR Sharp-Mikey...
Mikey Swiftcurrent -Yo.
RR Sharp-And our smart aleck Pokedex, Dexter.
Dreamer Tundrawave -Greetings all.
RR Sharp-Now let's a good look at you.


RR Sharp-Pretty good, although the fact that your physical attack and your attack are pretty weak is a cause for some concern.
Dreamer Tundrawave -It will work itself out... Once I evolve that is.
RR Sharp-I hope so. And now, let's get everybody trained up. Let's grind. *sigh* This is gonna take a while...
Ironhide Flamespinner-Actually...


Ironhide Flamespinner-...I think you might wrong on that front, RR.
RR Sharp-Sweet Baby Mew. I think we just found Johto's answer to Unova's Audinos. Squad, let's do some Granbull grinding.

-- The rest of this scene is hearby censored by the FCC and PETAP for grinding abuse on poor innocent Granbulls --



RR Sharp-Looking good, Squad. Now...


RR Sharp-Let's enter Violet City and rest for a couple of days. And Squad?


RR Sharp-Remind me to come back here later once we get Cut, alright?
SQUAD-All R ig h t .
RR Sharp-Now then...


RR Sharp-Let's take five, Squad. Tomorrow, we'll see a man about a badge.

How to know you're still a newbie 'Shotlocker: You still screw some screenshots and miss out on a couple more. :P At least this update is finally done. Hopefully, the wait for the next update won't be so long. o.o

Until then...

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