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 Extravaganza 2021 ~ Results Thread

Extravanganza Accordian Demo
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Garish Garchomp

Friendly Neighborhood Landshark
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Jun 12, 2019
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he's ok i guess

Best New Comic

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  • cDTY7fn.png
  • full
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🥇 What The Water Gave Me by @effsnares 🥇

🥈 Finding Balance by @ima 🥈

🥉A Fateful Nuzlocke Challenge
by @ponibutts

Eclipsed by @LintuLady | THE NATEVENTURE by @NOOLMAN

Saddest Death/Departure in a Comic

Best Worldbuilding in a Comic

  • In the land of Unova, a land covered in shrines for the many, many Gods, all yearn to be apart of the great Pantheon: the eight major shrines of the major cities, or to dream big of being one of the four muses on the Mountain High guarding the ultimate seat of the Champion God.
    When one is old enough, the adults send their children out on a Pilgrimage, in hopes that they may get the recognition of worship that they crave. That their religion so desperately needs. When your god favors you, you are blessed with good crops, good food, good people. You, personally, could be blessed with the Gift of Power, and the Gift of Growth. Using said gifts in ritual combat is what is right and good in the land of Unova, might makes right and might is to be worshipped.
    Unless you are one of the Godless. Those outside the Pantheon, with their own worship, their own rituals, things that are of little use to those in the Pantheon. All they are to those of the Pantheon are bodies to be conscripted to a Pilgrimage, to fight for a named God not of their own in a battle that isn't theirs. They are the true children of Unova, yet have no respect given to them.
  • Best_Worldbuilding.gif
  • Best_Worldbuilding.png
  • ycp3M4l.gif
  • dezc0t3-be4e6bea-0edb-41e5-acf9-c98fd53eb6bd.png

Best Main Character in a Comic

🥇 Red, from Kurukkoo! by @Kadew 🥇

🥈 Autumn, from Autumn in Sinnoh by @Nessi 🥈

🥉 Yume, from Wanted! by @YumeTsuki
| Sergio, from Dear Sergio by @feraligatr 🥉

Moira, from Broken Sword by @Dirtwig-Draws

Best Supporting Character in a Comic

🥇 Pearl, from Finding Balance by @ima 🥇

🥈 Hop, from Dear Sergio by @feraligatr 🥈

Mewtwo, from Shiro's Quest by @Doctor_Six 🥉

Kim, from Step By Step By Step by @Tailsimp

⭐ Best Battle in a Comic

🥇 Tumble vs. Nessa, from By the Sword by @SnakeEyesDraws 🥇

🥈Tala vs. Roark, from Severance by @Winterspheonix 🥈

🥉 Vs. Lois, from First Summer by @Krisantyne

Flash and Nutmeg vs. Granite and Onix, from Across the Divide by @pkmnMasterWheeler | Vs. Bugsy, from Hypoxia by @Polymori

⭐ Best Antagonist in a Comic

🥇 Team Rocket, from Deadly Syns by @SysterSyn 🥇

🥈N & Zekrom, from Jet's Black Nuzlocke by @Zero

🥉 Lavinia, from Champion's Mercy by @spacesriot 🥉

Blue from Sweet ReLEAF by @khorale | Elliot, from A Fateful Nuzlocke Challenge by @ponibutts

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Garish Garchomp

Friendly Neighborhood Landshark
Pokédex No.
Jun 12, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Dragon
  2. Psychic
Pokédex Entry
he's ok i guess
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Written Stories

Best New Written Story

  • The Arrangement is an old one. Humans are adaptable, traveling across almost any terrain with ease, but they are fragile. The youngest Pidgey could tear a human’s throat out with their infant claws, if so desired. To partner with a human, to protect one, is to be afforded guidance to the farthest corners of the world, to test your strength against foes that could not even be imagined.

    I have no dream of becoming a great warrior. I wish only to see the world with my own eyes, and then, in time, with more than eyes. The Arrangement is, nevertheless, of most benefit to both of us, so when the young human lays out an offering of berries, following the traditional forms, I accept.

    Human fingers are cool compared to my mother’s tongue, and are no use for cleaning, but nevertheless, I like the feel of them scratching my ears.
  • The Joy let out a long, tired sigh. “Yep, you’re new alright. Now I’m going to tell you exactly how things work in this field so you don’t waste my time again.” She folded up the corner of one sleeve, revealing a button. She pressed it, and her entire body started to shimmer and change.

    In front of him stood a middle aged, slightly stout woman with greying brown hair tied back in a ponytail. Her face was lined with the beginnings of wrinkles and she had dark bags under her eyes. She put her hands on her hips. “I guess you didn’t know about that, either. What, did you think we were all clones?” Even her voice had changed drastically. It was a lot deeper and louder, and a little raspy. It was a voice that was used to having authority.

    Comet gulped. She was about a hundred times more intimidating now that she lost the pink hair. “Uh...I guess I hadn’t thought about it that much before.”

    “Uh huh,” she said dryly. “So you know even less than I thought. Arceus, they’ll let anybody into healthcare these days…”

    Comet decided it would be wise not to tell her just how right she was.

    “That’s right,” she continued, “First, Santa Claus isn’t real. Second, our names are not all Joy. My name is Gale. And third, when a Pokemon is really sick, they get euthanized-and that’s all there is to it.”
  • It's Sanford who breaks that silence. "Museum, huh?" he asks, nodding at one of the buildings across the street.

    Jeb shakes himself out of his thoughts to stare as well. "Hm. If it is anything like the museums I know, it's nothing more than propaganda."

    Sanford glances at him, taking a moment to decide whether he wants to reply or not. "Y'know, I'd usually agree, but I get the feeling it isn't like that over here."

    "Hilarious. I get what you mean, though. Sometimes this damn city feels too good to be true," 2BDamned says, looking up from his laptop. "Actually, not just this city. This entire world is too- too goddamn ideal."

    "...Ah. So it wasn't just me," Jeb says, glancing at 2BDamned out of the corner of his eye.

    "Yep, definitely feels weird," Sanford agrees. "Still, we might as well enjoy it while it lasts, right?"

    While it lasts. Because their end goal will see them return to Nevada and the madness that pervaded it. Still, Jeb nods. "Yes, exactly."

    2BDamned does not say anything; he looks as if he wants to disagree, but he keeps his silence.
  • It was a couple of months after Trainer and his parents had found me, early one morning, that his parents came back. I thought they were just going to take me out to play, but instead they took me to this place I'd never seen before. It wasn't as white and metal as the lab, all soft browns and reds, and it smelt of Trainer and his parents so much it just made me feel so happy.

    Trainer's parents took me out of the crate and put me in a funny-coloured box, and put some glittery paper over the top of it. Then I heard them calling him, and he came bounding down the stairs, and I felt him pick up my box, and there were these little eye-holes in the box, so I leaned up to look through one - and there he was, looking through the same hole, and his eye got so wide when he saw me looking back at him. And then he tore off the glittery paper and I just jumped up to him, jumping on his shoulder, his head, and he dropped the box and cuddled me, letting me lick his face.
  • His kidnapper released him, and he stumbled forward, managing to catch himself before he could land flat on his face. He turned around to see who'd caught him, and was surprised to see a girl no older than sixteen. Dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes, dark clothes. Hopefully not dark intentions, but seeing as she had just kidnapped him, he wouldn't bet on that.

    There was a creature with her, one that he recognized as the Abra species. It opened one eye, noticed him, then made a rude gesture in his direction and teleported off.

    As Gary spent several seconds trying to figure out if that monster had just somehow made a conscious decision on its part to cuss him out, the girl spoke up. "Garrett Mortimer Franklin Oak, I presume?"

🥇 All Our Futures by @SayleeK | The Hippocratic Oath by @Spectacles 🥇

🥉 SOMEWHERE IN UNOVA by @aegagrusScholarship 🥉

Twelve Steps to Home by @llyarden | A Trace of Magic: Seeing Red by @Trollkitten

Best Overall Written Story
  • Deion walked in front of the mirror. “You’re yelling at yourself, Eddie.”

    He disappeared and in his place was me. A version of me, anyways; I’d never looked so hollow-eyed and withered away. The other me laughed and said, “This is gonna kill you,” then stepped within an inch of me. “Alone? With only the thoughts in your head? You’ll be dead before you make it a year in here.”

    A crack reverberated through my cell as my fist phased through the other me and collided with the wall.

    “Yep. You’re gonna kill us before long.” My own eyes stared out at me from deep in their hollow. “But that’s what you want.” He walked out, through the bars, and chuckled.

    “And that’s why you’ll never get it.”
  • The earth tilted, breaking apart into plates pushed apart by great wedges of rock. Guests held on for dear life. Their beasts could only do the same.

    In between the second quake and the third, Gwen spotted several dark-clothed individuals moving with purpose. They hadn’t been there before, but she recognized them.

    Before she would free herself from the mass of bodies, there was a great cracking sound. She looked upwards. Delicate, white lines, webbed like lightning, raced across the night sky. The great glass atrium trembled.

    And the sky fell.
  • My team’s got an identity. They’re grafters. Right little pricks. They have the skills, but they’d also all slide tackle their nans for table scraps. In the span of a few weeks, I’ve built a squad befitting the Spikemuth scummer that runs it, from team captain Sweeper to my psycho starter Belter.

    So why the fuck am I facing down a honedge with my only ultra ball in hand? Fuck, I haven’t even touched one of these balls before. Figured the bloody royal guard would arrest me if I did.

    The honedge stares at me with that one blue eye, trying to shake off Belter’s latest blow. And yeah, the fuckin’ blade is doing whatever it can to stay upright. Stay floating. Whatever. Supposedly the same kind of grit determination that’s required to hitch a ride with me. But the vibe I get’s just a haughty one. Like this fight’s below ‘im, and he’s holding out for someone who knows what a comb is. Am I really giving my time to a steak knife with a god complex?

🥇 Behold, A Pale Horse! by @localhoney 🥇

🥈 Three's a Crown by @Missy 🥈

🥉 Colossus by @Garish Garchomp 🥉

Most Improved Writer

  • His hesitation did not go unnoticed. “You have, then,” said Zane, a note of triumph in his voice.
    Adam scowled. “One incident. And that doesn’t mean anything! Plenty of people commit crimes without being part of Team Rocket.”
    “But almost all of these crimes are being done in groups and focus on exploiting Pokémon—Team Rocket’s bread and butter.”
    “Again, that proves nothing. Could be a copycat group.”
    Zane shook his head. “People have heard things. This is no copycat group.”
    “Oh, well, that sure convinces me. ‘People have heard things.’ How specific and persuasive!” Adam’s gaze hardened. “Not that that has anything to do with why you stole a Pokémon and ran away from your home.”
    “I needed a strong Pokémon. I’m not saying that stealing is right…” he cast a pointed look at his half-brother as he said this, “…but sometimes you have to do less-than-savory things for a greater cause.”
  • "If Kyogre really is in there, it's too dangerous for everyone else to fight."
    If it's too dangerous for a team to fight Kyogre, it would be too dangerous for you two to fight it alone!
    With all due respect miss Locke, I do not think this is a very good plan.
    It's stupid is what it is!
    "Maybe it is, but it'll keep the rest of you safe."
    I have to agree, it's the safest option. I'd rather have my death be the only one.
    "Squilliam, go to the pokemon center and get everyone out of the box. After that, take everyone to the evacuation."
    You can't do this! You'll both end up dead!
    I can't do that. We aren't leaving you!
    "It's not a choice."
  • Orange's Adventures is a Pokemon Black Lorelocke where the protagonist Orange and his literally immortal pig go out to be the Champion for no particular reason whatsoever. If you want an adventure full of pointless rules, omnipresent death, a myriad of references, and shameful, horrendous puns, then you're in the right place.
    ...Yeah, there are a lot of references, and I count about five that no one could tell was a reference.

🥇 @QuietGuardian 🥇

🥈 @Corviknight best birb 🥈


Saddest Death/Departure in a Written Story

  • I seek not to find her young, but instead to find my beloved. Her, at least, I see within reach. I dare to dream, as I run across the blackened fields of char and blood, that when I find her, perhaps we can return. Perhaps we can save our lady yet, perhaps we can stop what I have forseen—

    I see her struggling up a clogged river, escaping from a raging battle, and my heart soars to see her alive. Then she is bathed in brilliant light.

    I do not look behind me to see what I have already forseen. I know my human is pleading with him. I know she has failed. I know his hand is on the switch.

    I cannot see their futures. I do not need my powers to see my own. I know, now, there is no power in this world that could have saved us from my own foolishness, my wrong choice, my mistake.

    All I can do is make sure that the last thing I feel is her smooth hide under my hand, the last thing I hear is her voice singing my name, and that the last thing I see is the light sparkling in her eyes before it engulfs us, and all our futures with it.
  • “You won’t even tell me what the fuck I’m up against! If I’d known, I never would have put him out there like—like bait! If I’d known it was a land creature, I never would have done that to him!” Anger chokes the breath from me. I kick the metal railing, and it rattles thunderously. “And now I get to tell a Tapu I let their chosen pikachu die! Imagine that? Letting a gift from a god die?” A wild, hysterical laugh wrenches from me.

    “Tamaya, stop,” Looker interjects. He keeps a wide breadth around the bubble of my violence, like I’m a lion in a cage. “Listen to me. You’re not—”

    “And you know, I keep making the same goddamn mistakes! Over and over again!” I laugh, but it twists somewhere between a scream and a sob. “I let Lady bite it, and now I’ve done it with Hinon! My fault! Again and again—” I round on Looker, because his stupid sad cow eyes don’t understand. “Do you know what happens when you put a pokemon on the front? They die! Even someone as big and beautiful as Titania! I was a saboteur! That’s delicate work, not for a steelix! And I knew they needed strong, defensive pokemon to absorb the damage, so I let them take her! I let them use her as a shiny, sparkling goddamn TARGET on the front lines to protect other people! But no one was protecting my Titania!” Looker’s expression is lost in a film of tears. Hinon was so close. “I wasn’t there to protect her! And it turns out, even if I’m right goddamn next to them, I still can’t protect them!”
  • Soleil looked away for a moment. “Good.” I took that moment and scrambled for Jacob’s ball. He beamed into the center of the room and I screamed, “Teleport!”

    He flickered pink for a second before Saturn’s toxicroak drove its two stingers into Jacob’s brain. His spoon clattered to the ground. I didn’t even have time to choke out a scream when Soleil picked me up by the collar. “Oh, you foolish boy.”

    He kicked my chair over and dragged me to the right of his desk. Soleil slammed me into a glass wall that shattered into a rain of shards. Warm blood trickled down my neck and onto my back. Soleil clicked his tongue, then said, “Ms. Keahi, if you would.”

    Lani crouched down and removed a tile from the ground behind where the glass wall was. A humid air wafted up from the now-open pit.

    “Mr. Caldwell, please dispose of that… thing. It has no place in my office.”

🥇 Delphox and Lapras, from All Our Futures by @SayleeK 🥇

🥈 Hinon, from Come Hell Or High Water by @Whozawhatcha 🥈

🥉 Jacob, from Behold, A Pale Horse! by @localhoney 🥉

Best Writing Style

  • Hermosa. Now that is something they can remember. A word, a title, a badge of love—echoing across epochs. Hermosa. ‘Beautiful.’ A word for one another. The girl’s name has been forgotten, claimed by the ravages of time. But they can still remember her touch, her smile, her laugh, her eyes, the warmth of her breath on their lips. Hermosa.

    They cling to it, sometimes, when the memories threaten to swallow them.

    Ghost-types were once humans. This much is true. They know it is. Yet they are not only those people, the same way a newborn Litten is more than just its heart. It could not live without the heart—the heart is an integral part. But the heart is not the Litten.

    So when they think about those ancient days, days that sometimes seem more clear, more real even than what they are experiencing now, they remind themself that their affection for Topaz is no less real than the feelings they felt for their Hermosa.

    And yet, still. Sometimes, memory yearns.
  • The earth tilted, breaking apart into plates pushed apart by great wedges of rock. Guests held on for dear life. Their beasts could only do the same.

    In between the second quake and the third, Gwen spotted several dark-clothed individuals moving with purpose. They hadn’t been there before, but she recognized them.

    Before she would free herself from the mass of bodies, there was a great cracking sound. She looked upwards. Delicate, white lines, webbed like lightning, raced across the night sky. The great glass atrium trembled.

    And the sky fell.
  • Well, he screams, then faints, because really, how the fuck else do you deal with being isekai’d into the world of Pokémon? And as the character you hate the most in the game you hate the most?! Jaime hopes that this is just an injury-induced dream, but when he wakes up with a headache and still as fucking Bede, he has to face the facts.

    “...seems to have amnesia due to the fever. I believe it’s temporary, but he should be closely monitored nonetheless…” the doctor begins explaining to a maid.

    Then time freezes, and a semi-transparent screen starts running text in Jaime’s face, what the actual fuck.

🥇 @Dee 🥇

🥈@Missy 🥈

@DistortionLocke 🥉

Best Worldbuilding in a Written Story

  • I am not your vassal. Your laws hold no more sway here than mine do up above. What I choose to do regarding Moontouched refugees is none of your-"


    A brilliant orange light burst from Cynthia's sword. She had only slid it a finger's width from its sheath, but just that was enough to be blindingly bright. Even more than sunlight, the radiance of that blade was heavy, and thick with power. Roark froze, and silence fell. After a long moment, Roark spoke calmly, "Drawing that blade any further will constitute an act of war."

    Cynthia smiled, but didn't say anything. "Is that what you wish, Bright One?" Roark continued. "To cut off your own supplies of iron and coal? To make enemies of those who lie beneath your feet, beneath your cities? Oh, and lest you have forgotten, the Dauntless One's service to you is predicated on our continued neutrality." He turned to face her, arms clasped behind his back. "So tell me, how much are you willing to sacrifice just to hunt down a few more of your… undesirables? You will create a great many problems for yourself, and make profoundly powerful enemies. Assuming, of course, that you make it out of my tunnels alive."
  • The Dratini sighed. "Gangtie Long Shen's divine role is to oversee the flow of time itself. The River of Time flows gold when it's heading towards a bright future for all of Sinnoh. However, like any river, it can become polluted." Tian shifted into a sitting position. "For the past couple of months, I've been having dreams where I'm standing by the river of time, watching it turn black and rotting. Those dreams are traditionally a sign that something is going wrong with Sinnoh, that Gangtie Long Shen is demanding that we fulfill our sacred duty and travel through the land, judging the nobles and removing corruption where we find it."

    "And you think he's chosen you?" Houzi asked, wondering if he was chained up alone in a room with a crazy person.

    Tian threw her hands up. "I don't know. I don't know whether there are more people all around Sinnoh getting these dreams and just...ignoring them? I don't know why I'm the only one willing to talk about it, who wants to at least travel to the Heijin lands to confirm whether things are going well or not. But every time I try to bring it up..." Tears welled up in her eyes and she hastily blinked them away. "It doesn't matter. I just need to get to Heijin Shi as quickly as possible. And right now, you're my best option."
  • As the Pidgeotto continued, the number of Crystablooms increased, and eventually he stepped into a cavern that was a veritable garden of them. It was a grotto, carved out by the flow of water that pooled into a colorful underground lake that surrounded the strangest tree the teenage Oricle had ever seen. Assuming it was truly a tree. It was made of some sort of living crystal, not unlike the Crystablooms which grew around it, but was a deep translucent amber color and had a hole in its trunk with a strange yellow light inside. As the light shone through the rough texture of the tree's bark, a strange mixture of light from the tree and shadow from the bark's pattern filled the entire cavern, giving it an even less natural look.

    "Hokay," Jet said, backing up a bit. "Let me guess. You want me to look inside that tree and take out whatever's in there."

🥇 The Quiet Dark by @Erberor 🥇

🥈 Hands of Time by @SimplyUnknown | Secrets of Aetherai: Ori's Gift by @Trollkitten 🥈

Best Teammate in a Written Story

  • When he calls for Christoff, Doc doesn't expect him to be unreasonable. From what he remembers of their mutual employment at Nexus, and the day they'd spent in Virbank, Doc assumes that Christoff is smart enough not to complain.

    Christoff promptly proves him wrong.

    "I'll be alright, 2B," Christoff says, not getting up from his seat.

    "No you won't," Doc says. Deimos snorts, the little shit.

    "Just hand me a roll of bandages. I've been through worse," Christoff says.

    Doc manages not to roll his eyes.

    "It's my damn job to keep my allies alive, and unfortunately for you, you're one of them. I don't care if the stupid Nexus halo can heal it off or not, because I'm not dealing with any complications that arise because you won't sit still and let me deal with it," he grumbles.

    "I assure you I'll be fine," Christoff says.

    "I assure you-" Doc says, mocking him- "that I don't care. You'll be a liability until you're fine again, and that's a migraine I don't want. Come over here."
  • “What if it doesn’t want to be my pokemon?” – – He moves forward then, the scorbunny-grubbin human tenses up, and he stops at the feet of the grookey human and looks up. I want it...pick me. Take me with you. I will listen to you for the rest of our lives, pick me. Let me hear everything new with you. Help me learn how to speak with you, too.
    “Not mad at you,” Beast projects narrowly, so that only Shield can hear him.
    It’s there, and so is Beast. Between them somehow, with a wavering shield up, and with his markings flickering faster and faster and faster.
  • Sigh… good times. What a journey it’s been though. It all started on a rainy day like today. My family and I were flying south to visit some friends who lived in Nuvema. Normally rain wasn’t a problem, so we agreed to just tough it out. But the wind picked up a lot, and it became really hard to fly. Unfortunately, us Murkrow and Honchkrow aren’t very well-liked among the Pidove that are common in that area, so we couldn’t just land somewhere and take shelter. We had no choice but to press on.

    From what I’ve been told, I slammed into a tree by the strong winds, as if Tornadus himself had grabbed me and thrown me. I happened to land Jack. As per usual, he was just spending the night out. My parents landed in the tree above me and watched as he ran out to rescue me, and brought me to his house.

    I woke up on the Costa family’s kitchen table. Jack’s mom was tending to my wing, which got injured in the crash, and twelve-year-old Jack was trying to feed me some soup they had made. I knew I’d be in good hands with them. For the next month or so, I stayed with them. Jack and I became good friends; he would bring me to school with him, and he would tell me tons of stuff at night. I just listened, knowing that he needed someone to listen and that I couldn’t actually say anything to him.
  • If I can be patient, so can you. We still don't know if Pride is still pissed off at you--yes at you, not us. I didn't do anything. Shut up! For the first time in your pitiful existence can you keep your mouth--gah, don't do that!

    ...I want you to know you are pure filth.

    When Lust lets go of me, I'm able to scout ahead. Good. Pride's not skulking around the hallway anymore.

    Alright, come on. Let's go and make it quick. The room I told you about is down this way. Yes, right up ahead.

    I don't want to share too much with her or else she'll get in the way of everything... then again, how much do I even really know? I've hardly gleaned much from those scraps of paper, and I still don't know much behind the priest's trickery. A maddening thought invades my mind: maybe Lust could help me after all. Sloth's proven to be mostly of little use, and I'd rather gut myself before asking Pride for anything. I don't know who we might free from this doll, so all I really have at the moment is her. Besides, what's the point of pawns if you don't actually manipulate them?

    Huh, what is it? Bah, I stopped to think about something that's all. Some of us actually use our heads... what do you mean you give--silence yourself! You repulsive beast! Rein in your degeneracy.

🥇 Doc, from SOMEWHERE IN UNOVA by @aegagrusScholarship 🥇

🥈 Beast, from Darkest Day by @bhelryss | Twila, from Unova After Dark by @AerialAce40 | Wrath, from Sindignity by @AstroDeath 🥈

Best Main Character in a Written Run

  • Right. Raihan’s informed me that I’m up for this bloody award, which I’ll be honest, sounds fake. Calling me a “main character” is like calling Rose a man of the people. Giving me an award for my, uh, accomplishments is basically waking up a drifter sleeping in a storm drain and handing him the key to the city. There’s a 50/50 shot this is some shit he’s organized to get 12 new followers from Orre on Squire.

    But fine. Why should you vote for me? ‘Cos democracy’s a sham. I’d be the first thing given a trophy in Spikemuth since the 70’s, and I dunno if I can legally tell you what that one was for.

    Since there’s no Protag McProtagface to vote for here, give me your pity, your meme votes, your five seconds of thought while you scroll through your phone on the loo. I’ll take ‘em. I won’t do shit with ‘em, ‘cos Opal's gonna send me hurtling back to my shithole flat with fairy dust spewing out my arse, but I’ll appreciate it. I’ve worked my ass off since I was 13 to get somewhere, whether it’s representing Spikemuth or escaping it. I’ll take whatever the hell I can get.

    Hold up. I’m polling against a bloody blind kid? Fuck off, no way this ain’t Raihan’s doing innit…
  • “Hey.” Piers spoke up. “It’s been real, you two, but I ought to get back to practicing, alright? You’re welcome to stay and listen if you want, but I’ve got a set.”

    Marnie nodded. “Go ahead. I’ll walk Queeje out when we’re ready, so don’t worry about him.”

    A grateful nod. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you,” he told my trainer. “Your hand?”

    “My ha-?”

    I don’t know how he fell for it twice, but he was glad he did - because the Leader took his hand and hoisted it above both their heads with an announcement: “Hey Spikemuth! Gym Challenger Queeje!”

    I assumed the following bout of shouts and yells were meant to be congratulatory, but I couldn’t make a lick of sense out of them. Either way, Queeje relished it. He really thinks he’s a punk, I guess, but his ripped jeans aren’t even black.

    Still, I had to give it to him. This was... pretty metal.
  • “That made him stand. All the nervousness, all the fear, all the uncertainty rushed out of him like water from a broken dam. And fury flooded in to replace it. “Maybe you didn’t understand me,” said Comet in a snarl, “When I said… Fuck. Your. Numbers. ”

    For a while, they just stared at each other. The doctor broke contact first. “I simply can’t in good conscience approve this treatment until I’m sure you know the cost. I can’t force you to follow my recommendations, but I need to know I did my best to help you understand this from a clinician’s standpoint. If you continue to treat Pokemon like this, you will have no resources left for the Pokemon whose trainers need them. Besides, even if you do go through with the treatment, they still may not survive. This is your last chance to change your mind before we proceed.”

    “Fine,” Comet snapped, “You want me to look at the numbers? It won’t matter, but I’ll look at the numbers.” He flipped the papers over, skimmed through them, gagged violently, and handed them back to the doctor. “Fuck your numbers and start the damn surgery.”

    Dr. Tiri stood and gathered up the papers. “Then I will do as you ask. But pray remember what I said about what happens to a soft heart. Once you hemorrhage, it’s only a matter of time until you run out of blood to pour.”
  • “Open it.” Elly stood back as the guard unlocked the door and opened it for her. She stood behind the threshold to look at the figure lying on the bed, his hands holding a mask in place. The black cuffs were clearly visible on his wrists. After a second, a voice that sounded like it belonged to a lifelong smoker rattled out.
    “I can break these cuffs.” The guard started to close the door in panic, but Elly grabbed his arm to stop him and walked inside the cell, holding the report out for the prisoner to see.
    “Is this really your name?” The mouth of the mask, a wicked jagged toothed grin, glowed green as he spoke.
    “I am Freak, yes.”

🥇 Taz, from Colossus by @Garish Garchomp 🥇

🥈 Queeje, from Nothing to See Here by @crashcrashcrash | Comet, from The Hippocratic Oath by @Spectacles 🥈

Freak, from I Can Break These Cuffs by @Uberle

Best Supporting Character in a Written Run

  • What doesn’t make sense is me: May Chen, the girl madly crushing on Chloe Belrose.

    Last night still feels like a blur, kind of like it didn’t happen. When I took my jacket off this morning, it smelled like her, and I got mental whiplash like you wouldn’t believe. It would almost have been better if she’d just kissed me on that beach and then left my life forever. I would have some kinda sense of closure, and my first proper smooch in, like, two years.

    But nope! She left me with the tiniest inkling that she might come back into my life: an inkling that had me keeping an eye out for heads of pink hair around Slateport’s train station. I swear I saw a couple, but I gotta be realistic here: Chloe’s not the only pink-haired person in the world. I keep checking my phone for texts from her, but it’s stupid. Every new notification is just a checkup from my dad. It’s really getting on my nerves. I shove my phone into my pocket and slump into my seat, listening to the train rumble down the tracks, past the trees and the ocean, as it leaves my sexy summer fling far behind.
  • “Did I blooming stutter?” Oh, I was asking for it now. “I didn’t guide you up and down those ladders just so you can yield to a girl with a pretty voice. I didn’t commit the type chart to memory only for you to hold back against your best friend when he asks for your all. I didn’t jump in that bike of yours so many times only for you to lose to a glorified street rando because you didn’t do your research, Queeje, and I didn’t lose hours of my life last week to sleep in the Wild Area to not see you become the first blind Champion of this region!”

    And I sure as heck didn’t write 97,000 words of your story to end it with a defeat.

    “Winning might be their dream, but it’zz yours too, and you have a right to try as hard as you can to make it happen! They can fight you for the cape next season - but until then, you’re going to keep winning, because you made a team that can pull it off! Am I clear?”

    “...Yeah. Thanks, Twitch.”


    When had I gotten so confident?
  • "I'm sorry if I upset you," Steph said, quietly. "But...there are people asking the same thing already, and it's only going to get worse after the Boss Challenge is aired tonight. I know you've said you come from Kanto on-screen before, but...you should say something about it. Make it clear that you aren't cheating. That you learned to battle like this because you had to."

    Eurwen opened her mouth as if to say something, but then just shook her head.

    "Look, I can understand not wanting to admit you fought against this Geovane guy when you were in Kanto, but...this is Kalos. It's safe." Steph hesitated for a couple of moments. "Why don't you want to tell people you fought in Kanto?" Why don't you want to tell me? She knew it was a foolish thought - they'd known each other for barely a week, why would Eurwen want to tell her something that she was all but conditioned to keep secret? And yet Steph couldn't help but feel hurt anyway.

🥇 May, from Let Them Eat Cake by @SprungGeoduck 🥇

🥈 Twitch, from Nothing to See Here by @crashcrashcrash 🥈

Steph, from Showstoppers by @llyarden 🥉

⭐ Best Battle in a Written Run

  • The thing screeches at a crackling, electronic pitch and slinks through the muddy basin. Even with the pool split into two halves, I still don’t see Hinon’s body. Fury and fear surge in my veins. I reach to my aura, and it manifests as a blunt bone in my hands. The creature squirms in the muck like something gelatinous, and it whips its arms into the scizor like a baseball bat. The bug flies beyond me. Guzma shouts. I run full tilt for the alien.
    The monster squeals in fear as I bear down on it. It reaches out with one long tentacle. The air sucks, peals, and bursts as the Ultra Beast opens a portal in the earth. It slithers toward it, and Tapu Lele sings like a siren, unearthly and macabre. The beast freezes mid-motion, twitching in fear as the Tapu seizes it with their psychic power. I skid, boots ankle-deep in mud by its head. I lift my staff with both hands and crack it on the fiend’s head.
    The thing screeches at a deafening pitch. Chunks of its glassy skull fly like breaking crystal. I wind up and strike it again. Its body shudders and writhes toward the open portal, but it can’t escape. My lips peel back in a snarl. I beat it again and again, seething between my teeth as fissures splinter its head. The blue stains of my aura burn it like acid. Through the blood rushing in my ears, Guzma is shouting at me, but he’s dim and far. It killed the Totems. It killed Hinon. It’s going to be LUCKY to be dead when I’m through with it.
  • And then Entei slowly opened her mouth, and fire grew within—bright and searing like the sun. No pokemon could have possibly withstood a point-blank blast like she was about to unleash. Azul watched, unable to look away. She… she had been filled with hate for Rui and her pokemon for so long. But now, she found herself wishing the Umbreon didn’t have to die.

    Why? she chided herself. Why are you thinking that? The truth was, she didn’t have an answer. Entei wanted Luna dead, and therefore Luna deserved to die. Azul had been raised under that mindset.

    But she didn’t want her to die.

    Rui’s voice suddenly whipped across the sands: “Now, Luna! Toxic!” And with a wordless scream, the Umbreon unleashed her fury.
  • “Thunderbolt, Pia!” Ella called.

    “You got it!” The stronger bolt of electricity shot toward where Sirius stood on his platform.

    Sirius fell backward onto its back, dodging the blast.

    “Ice Beam!” Misty commanded.

    Pia quickly dodged as the cold bluish white beam struck where she had been standing, leaping from platform to platform as the beam followed.

    Sirius seemed to follow her around the gym sliding quickly along the ice path that was being used.

    “Pia! Use Slam and then Quick Attack!”

    Pia nodded, slowing just a little before turning and running back toward Sirius, before she leapt and slammed hard down onto the ice, tail first. The ice cracked and shot in all directions.

🥇 Tamaya & Guzma vs. Xurkitree, from Come Hell Or High Water by @Whozawhatcha 🥇

🥈 Rui's team vs. Entei, from The Dark We Carry by @Dee 🥈

🥉 Vs. Misty, from Kanto In Trouble by
@Erosaf 🥉

⭐ Best Antagonist in a Written Run

  • "You know Audino tastes just like wild rabbit? A bit fattier, must’ve been all those sweets Lillian liked to spoil Millie with, but in the end it had tasted close enough. Made a damn good meal. So, which one of these guys is gonna be dinner tonight? I heard Pignite was good, tastes like ham apparently, if a bit smoky, according to the guys I lived with.” Mr. Lablance said way too casually for the topic. He was eyeing Bianca’s Pignite with thinly veiled hunger in his eyes.

    It was like a camera flash went off in Bianca’s brain. The picture suddenly became so clear, so obvious. Bianca’s hands curled Into fists as she stomped her foot, finally getting her dad’s attention. She flung her fists up and down in front of her torso as she shouted; “YOU ATE MILLIE?!”

    Her dad stood up, his attention fully on her now as he raised his voice, disapproving father tone on 100%, “You lower those hands right this instant Bianca Shiroi Lablanche! I am your father and you will not speak to me in such a manner! I thought I trained you out of those needless hand failings you do so often, and I thought I trained you on how to be respectful towards the authority figures in your life.”
  • It was a cloaked figure, dressed in tattered rags with some faded emblem on them. Its face was obscured under its hood, but Asclepius could tell it could see perfectly fine. He raised his gun at the figure and shouted, “Who are you?”
    “Who are you?” The figure retorted in an identical tone. It then repeated itself in a different tone, one which had more intelligence behind it. “Who... Are you?”
    “.... Asclepius, or Paean if the first gives you trouble. Now tell me who you are.”
    “As-celp-ee-us…” It mispronounced. “The god of medicine?” The figure shambled forward, its movements sudden and stiff, like a puppet on strings. Like a zombie. Asclepius decided to test something and pulled the trigger. The gun let out a bang as it fired and struck the figure in the chest. It stumbled and fell down with a sound Asclepius had been on enough battlefields to recognize. He ran forward, keeping his gun trained on the figure, and knelt down to look at its face.
    “... How-”
    “Tell me, Heal-er,” The figure, ignoring the fact that he was dead, spoke. “Do you have a cure for this?” It was Gary Oak, grandson of the professor, and Champion of Kanto. Now the first case of a human infected.
  • So, let me get this straight, Jaime asks as he dresses up the next morning, Once I finish these starter missions or whatever, I can do whatever I want?

    [Correct. However, there are certain conditions that must be maintained at all times
    - You may only catch Psychic- or Fairy-type Pokémon.
    - If your Pokémon sustains too many injuries or too severe an injury or illness, it will die. Killing Pokémon will result in a loss of B-Points.
    - If your B-Points fall to 0, it is GAME OVER, and your account will be terminated.]

    So, if I screw up too much, I’ll die. But still…it’s a way better situation than he’d thought yesterday. All he has to do is avoid destroying Stow-on-Side’s mural and stay away from the Power Plant when Eternatus breaks out—

    [WARNING! If you fail to destroy Stow-on-Side’s mural, Sonia will lose Credibility, which will result in a loss of 10,000 B-Points.]

    What?!But you said I could do whatever I wanted after I unlocked the freaking OOC feature!

    [The character Bede must destroy Stow-on-Side’s mural to enable plot progression.]

    But if I destroy the mural, I’ll get kicked out of the Challenge!

🥇 Bianca's dad, from Don't Evolve by @Faleep 🥇

🥈Tabes, from Greens, Eggs, and Ham by @Uberle 🥈

🥉 The Game System, from Changeling Rival's Contingency Planning System by @DistortionLocke 🥉


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Screenshot Runs

Best New Screenshot Run

  • First Catch of the game: Starly- Harpy Ancestry: Whenever you add Starly to your party (including when first caught) randomize a pokemon in your party. It is spirited away, box it, and it will only return to you after you defeat the next gym / reach the E4.
    ..........Oh, goodie! So I take a risk and catch the Starly, waving goodbye to my starter as he is spirited away to the Harpy nest. Then I checked Starly's nature....and ran into my next problem.
    Starly is Hasty, which means:
    Before earning points, a hasty Pokemon will not use items when out in battle or use held items. The Pokemon can still use healing items outside of battle or when switched out.
    So my plans to heal-spam grind this level 2 Starly have gone straight to poke-hell. Basically, my only choice is to hope that we can survive enough lv2 vs lv2 matches, healing after each one, to grow some levels and essentially make Starly my substitute starter.
    ...But what happens if Starly gets killed? I don't know if that would automatically bring my Turtwig back from his abduction or not. If I'm interpreting that rule correctly, this may be the end of the game already!
  • …apparently i can’t find purrloin on route 1 this sucks training is gonna be hard unless something else that’s easy is here
    *several encounters later*
    ok zigzagoon it is this thing has the least attack out of the things that give me speed evs
    why did the first one i tried to fight have an oran berry. i can’t win like this. time to run home and heal lmfao give me level 3 wilds rather than level 6 please also can wild mons stop outspeeding me i’m trying to run thanks
    it is currently 1:18 am i will be back with a time update when i have successfully got to level 8 because i really would like this run to go somewhere and thus i need to grind but i have to run home after literally every single wild battle
  • XTQtmag.png

    This Double Battle is an excellent opportunity for Diminuendo to get some non-diminuendoed experience. Am I doing this right?
    You're... doing it.
    In fact, we're nearly ready for... the ascendio!
    Nope. Not a word.
    ...The ascensione?

🥇 The Monstrosity by @Spectacles 🥇

🥈 Fuzzball by @Hallow🥈

by @Kit_The_Feef

Copyrightlocke! by @Master Bryss

Best Overall Screenshot Run

  • 11_05_12_52_23_18714.png

    I am very nearly ready to face the strongest trainer in this pathetic region, You are little more than a tree fallen in the road, desperately trying to block the path of someone who can fly.

    Because I'm a moth. Or, well, I have a moth. But I'm sure she'd be happy to carry-


    Right then. Look, the point is that you're nothing to me, alright?
  • zvlGQ9v.gif
  • PsfSKzE.png
  • 8XolxZq.png

🥇 Dust In the Wind 3 by @Erberor 🥇

🥈 Ashes of Glory by @pikafan96 | Paper Bowser and the Thousand-Year Grind by @Bowser's Family Vacation 🥈

Back to the Beginning by @Lumaeus

Most Improved Screenshot Run

🥇 @RubyClaw 🥇

Saddest Death/Departure in a Screenshot Run

  • I should have gone for poison and patience from the start. This victory was bought with too much blood…


    This… I don’t know if we can win like this. But we have to go down fighting. We have to try. Olimar, Fiona… I’m sorry to have to put this all on you...
  • Nugget_WAI.jpg

  • 8I4dCon.png

    I feel so gutted. Dolly... you actually being a Dragon felt like a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Back then, I didn't quite believe that you'd help carry us from the beginning when we first met you and when times felt like they were only getting tougher. But when things got tough, you were able to deliver for the team. You've more than earned that Moon Stone, and it hurts so much that you only spent a small time as your final form. I know that we've already lost three members, but your untimely death has put a hole in my heart that I don't know will ever be filled. Goodbye, Dolly.
  • KGVaEQD.png

    Is your POKéMON...?
    I didn't think I'd actually...

🥇 Haku, Satine, Jessica, and Frodo, from Via Memory Lane III by @SayleeK 🥇

🥈 Nugget, from Pain. by @Kit_The_Feef 🥈

, from Typing Terror by @THKS | Acc Hacc, from Back to the Beginning by @Lumaeus

Best Commentary Style

  • PsfSKzE.png

  • lLKjmTz.png

    So… we’re alive!! And it looks like Garret, Star, and Tox are alright too. After consulting with their slightly-chilled Dino Medals, it seems like they were saved by the fact that the Bullwort fight we just did was a forced wipe. You cannot kill Frigi; even if you get it down to 1LP, the game is hardcoded to prevent you from lowering it any further. Therefore, the deaths that happened in that battle… deaths? What deaths? We will all pretend they never occurred.

  • TV3Gmfc.png

    Hey there! It seems I've been nominated for "Best Commentary Style" in this year's Extravaganza and am therefore expected to say a few words on why that is.

    Honestly? I haven't got a fucking clue.

    I don't even know what a "Commentary Style" is. I just vomit whatever nonsense comes into my head and hope it works. Do I deserve a reward for this? Abso-fucking-lutley. Vote for me.
  • b0zq8tE.png

🥇 @Bowser's Family Vacation 🥇

🥈 @TheTRUEgge | @Derogatory Trainer | @greenbeanbottle 🥈

Best Written Log

  • GrandBannerGanza.png

  • Chosen of Camazotz
    When you catch this Pokémon you must sacrifice a Pokémon or release Zubat/Golbat/Crobat. While this Pokémon is in your party you may cancel the lore rule of every other Dark and Ghost Pokémon in your party and the effect of lore rules of Dark and Ghost type Pokémon as you catch them. You may sacrifice a Pokémon whenever you want in order to cancel the effect of a lore rule of Pokémon as it enters your party, before the randomization of this effect takes place (e.g., before the Vile Poison is rolled to see if it killed the Pokémon).

    Hm. I have a decision to make.

    The part of this rule that jumps out the most is the first sentence. Capturing and using this Zubat would require me to sacrifice someone that I already have. It bears some similarities to Phobos’s Bad Omen rule, but instead of giving up an unknown Pokémon I’d encounter in the next area, I would have to give up someone I’ve spent time training. Granted, this would be a death due to a lore rule, which would mean the sacrificial Pokémon could possibly be revived down the line, but that’s far from guaranteed. I should approach this as if I’d be giving up one of my Pokémon for the rest of the game.
  • Not all the French are as eager to support us as Lafayette, it seems. Governor Fantina acquiesces in the end, but not without heavy strife. All of us knew, going into this, that there would be loss. That's how it is in revolution and war. That doesn't make the loss any easier to bear, though, and this victory is decidedly bittersweet. At least now Mississippi can reunite with Illinois, and I'm sure they along with Idaho will continue to walk by our sides. Their death will be our liberty.

🥇 Dee's Grand Adventure by @Dee 🥇

🥈 Alola Exp-lore-ation by @QuietGuardian 🥈

Liberty or Death by @ActiveTransport

Best Teammate in a Screenshot Run

  • PjCTIK8.png

  • L47A8yD.gif

    It's nearly Valentine's Day but this the only Rose I need!

    This wonderful dragon is one of the main reasons I haven't dropped Rejuvenation in the gutter where it belongs. She's the dream that makes the team.

    And let me just say, it is a crime of the highest order that I've been limited to "125 words or 5 lines" to gush about how great she is. Because she is. Best Pokemon 4Ever.
  • 1vbDNrU.png

🥇 Scout, from Ashes of Glory by @pikafan96 🥇

🥈 Rose, from The Terribly-Titled Nuzlocke of Pokemon Rejuvenation by @Derogatory Trainer 🥈

🥉Sake, from Dimming Diamond by

Best Main Character in a Screenshot Run

  • ycnpal_extravaganza_animation_final_maybe.gif
  • YBRMVGk.png

    BET: I am Bethany Bryss, first of her name, Queen of the Subway, Breaker of Mirrors...
    ROXIE: I know who you are, and I knew you'd sell out to the man one day, Queen Bet. Your stage persona might be all fierce independent woman, but deep down all you really want is the same as all the other hacks who challenge the League: money and prestige.
    BET: *sweats in 'ten million credits per battle'*
  • I awoke in a fog, unable to move even the slightest bit. I immediately started to panic.

    Am I dead? I thought.

    “Not dead,” a voice echoed. “You. Woman. Fawn. Savior of our kind.”

    “Of what kind?” I growled, suddenly suspicious of the voice.

    “Human. Pokemon. Same,” the voice said.

    “I hate Pokemon!” I spat viciously. “If you think I’ll save your kind, whatever you are, you’re sorely mistaken! You hear me?!”

    It took a while for the voice to respond before saying, “You. Fawn. Save all.”

    “I don’t want to be your savior! I don’t want to save anyone! All I want is Boar dead at my blade, and nothing will stop me from doing it!”

🥇 Luna and Sol, from You Can Now Play As Luigi by @lucas2 and @lineonthepaper 🥇

🥈 Bet, from Game of Chance: White 2.0 by @Master Bryss 🥈

Fawn, from Translucent Legends by @Memento 🥉

⭐ Best Battle in a Screenshot Run

  • The last was your champion, yet you are the flame driving it forward, are you not?


    The one among you who could possibly pose a threat to my might.
  • ZCku02w.jpg
  • IMclNaw.png

    PIKACHU: Thundershock/Slam/Quick Attack/Thunder Wave

    Normally he'd wait to use this, but I had a Gyarados out. Quick Attack is one of the two Priority moves on the team, Thundershock beats the water type you used on Charmeleon (you won't need one again though), Thunder Wave adds status support, and Slam exists pretty much purely for Geodude. It actually does decent damage to them.
  • tqvMtZN.png

🥇 Radiance the Dustox vs. Red, from Dust In the Wind 3 by @Erberor 🥇

🥈 Vs. Red, from GBB's Sixlocke Series - Part 02 [PLAYING: Crystal] by @greenbeanbottle 🥈

🥉 Vs. Red (Mt. Moon), from Snuff Out The Light by @Mattman324

Vs. Cynthia, from It's Hip to Locke B(DSP)s by @MelloNyello

⭐ Best Antagonist in a Screenshot Run

  • y2xpvjN.png

    So I've mentioned how shitty money is in this game, but let me just throw out an example of this. This guy had THREE FUCKING POKEMON, and barely gave me above 30 yen.

    That's miserable.
  • Alex replenishes my supplies, and I advance one final time onto the very field of battle, where King George III is waiting for me. He's not alone, though, as I had thought. He flourishes a contract signed in ink as red as blood, and two legions of German Hessian troops materialize out of nowhere. It can't be. Forces of that renown, of that power...three warships of the French navy are rushing to defend our position, but the Azelf, the Mesprit, and the Uxie don't have the firepower to hold these legendary armies back for long. The British king is reveling in the glory of his victory, but the triumph on his face soon becomes surprise. What's this? We both feel it: the presence of another force, slowly gathering strength, a groundswell of anger rising out of the shadows...all is chaos for a moment, and then it's gone. The king has vanished as well.

  • uGAKUzH.png

    “And I see that you decided to be a stupid bitch and come after me,” he said coolly, spitting on the monk’s corpse. “I tried to be nice-”

    “Nice?!” I snapped. “Was killing Harriet ‘nice’?! Is torturing Pokemon you come across - including your own - ‘nice’?! You’re anything but nice!”

    Boar sighed in an annoyed tone. “I’m only interested in the strong Pokemon. I really couldn’t care less about weaklings. This will be my world, and no one who’s weak will survive in my world.”

🥇 The hack designer, from Snuff Out The Light by @Mattman324 🥇

🥈 King George III, from Liberty or Death by @ActiveTransport | Boar, from Translucent Legends by @Memento 🥈
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