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 Extravaganza 2021 – Promos Thread

Extravanganza Accordian Demo
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El Gran Pepega
Team Alpha
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Sep 16, 2021
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Quick, while the thread is still unlocked, post bad promos!
Kurukkoo! - Comic\
Truly the Iodine of nuzforo runs, there isn't a lot of it, but your thyroid would not be at peace if you ignored it. Answers the age old question of "What if Blue had a nuanced personality?", has great worldbuilding, and looks nice to boot. For anyone living under a rock or something, check this out before you develop throat goiter.

Blooming Glory - Comic
This one is a bit like a nuzlocke, but hard. Journey through a corrupt Johto with a girl possessing anger issues as she fights through everything, figuratively and literally. Pretty solid as long as you don't mind all the characters drawn like Cilan. Gets more emotional than other runs, but idk how much that matters at the end of the day.

Milos from Home - Comic
Scientists from all around the nuzregion have gathered to answer the question of whether this is a locke or not, but it has not been taken down yet so I guess it counts. An ongoing project so long in the making that there are major internal revisions, reading from the beginning will give you a minor crick in the neck. This is well worth it though, as the characters are fantastic in a world that deviates just the right amount to be grounded yet interesting.
Secrets of Aetherai: Ori's Gift - Written
A run about an eevee living in a most literal musical world. The combination of elaborate worldbuilding and subtle hints of a personal anthology makes it difficult to look away. Don't get too cocky, there's like 70 chapters of it, you will be up all the way until 4 in the morning gazing blankly at your screen as you click to open chapter 33.

When Little Emma Ran Away - Comic
Easily the best sinnoh comic overall, Nessi would get a spot too, but I will not stand for the Lucas torture subplot has a good balance of plot differences, funny, and continuity. The plot incentives could not be made better, and the comic has an art style that adjusts very well to the tone of a given panel. It's fun.

Pain - Screenshot
A nice, calm run where feef gets a good challenge and an excuse to draw. Not too much to say here, it's a good commentary on Renegade Platinum.

Greens, Eggs, and Ham - Written
A Zombielocke where I have no idea what's going on because the worldbuilding simply goes *that* far. Has illegal mons and unique gym challenges, all strung together with great writing. Fantastic if you're craving something different from the typical nuzfare.
You Can Now Play As Luigi - Hybrid
A X/Y Soul locke using screenshot, long writing, and drawn panels, the limits are up to the sky as to its category. Stare into the face of life and death as the two create a nice narrative with both mons and NPCs alike, only to get more refined in time. Great for those seeking an artsier flavor (not to be confused with artisanal).

Doug Dimmidiamond, owner of th- - Screenshot
The doclocke system is not particularly widely used on the nuzforums, so leave it to none other than the creator to create a run using it. Rather standard in formatting, but written and paced well with plenty in the background to keep one intrigued. Overall, just a plain good run.

The Nateventure - Comic
Despite the clickbait-esque nature of the comic, it does not, in fact, suck. This comic blatantly aspires to be a meme, and does so rather well. Every mon is a well developed character, so much so that the humans are more so guided by their circumstances than active players, a very different dynamic from the determinism that defines the typical locke.

It's Hip to Locke B(DSP)s - Screenshot
Mello gets a feel for the mechanics of the nuzlocke form with a nice, simple run that goes off the rails anyways because it's BDSP, the atypicality of which should be more widely known. Mining, overleveling, and an ungodly amount of image embeds will make you mildly annoyed that disaster has yet to strike. Also holds the moniker of being the only (currently) successful BDSP communitylocke run.


Ruler of the Pillow Fort
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Dec 22, 2019
Behind You
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  2. Normal
Pokédex Entry
She enjoys showing off her artwork to others, and constantly discovers new techniques to experiment with
I hope I made it in time before the promo period is over! There's so many good runs that have already been mentioned on this thread, so shhh, pretend I also promo'd them ('cause I'm running out of time to write before the thread gets locked, so sorry if I didn't get to mention yours 😅)

Here's a shout-out to the wonderful artists on the 100 Days of Nuzlocke discord! Again, I'd love to fit all of your series up here and there's so many I'm already following. Good luck on the Extravaganza!

For my promos, here are some new runs that I've gotten into since last year 😊. Some are real hidden gems that I really want to see people talk about more!

Old Gods by @Giogeth, art by Dinnartz
Old Gods is an interesting prequel of a sort to Giogeth's other work, and the worldbuilding is quite fascinating. There are real animals, pokemon, and you wonder how it all turned out the way it did. There are some content warnings to the comic though, so just be aware of what you're getting into.

Evergreen by @spiritoast
I love the art style of this comic! All the character styles are very unique and the comic is very colorful and I especially love the detailed background and rooms. The comic is still in the beginning stages of the story but it has a lot of unique characters and memorable personalities that shine in this story.

Simple by @sealclown
Another cute and sweet comic that's got a very unique style to it. I love the characters - they all look so squishy and cute!

Shadow of the Sun by @Lampette
Not a nuzlocke, but I love it so I'm going to promo it here anyway. It's actually my first time seeing a pokemon comic set in a fantasy-like setting like this. The pokemon as the main characters and there are no humans, and I really enjoy the crisp art and character designs. Each page makes me nostalgic from the old graphic novels I used to read because the style is reminiscent of it.

What The Water Gave Me - A SoulSilver Nuzlocke Comic by @effsnares
Ok, what I noticed first was the nice and clean art that's so pleasant to look at. The main character is very fun and charming and I love all the pokemon designs in the comic. They all have their own twist betwneen the game design and a slightly more realistic look.


Legends done, back to writing
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Fire
Pokédex Entry
Stays in the distortion dimension where no one bothers him
crashes in

Ignore that I had this draft up for days

All Out Futures by @SayleeK
A run with short updates that's a lovely read. From the perspective of a Fennekin who grows alongside her trainer, we get brief glimpses into the world of this version of Kalos and follow the many events and people this fire fox encounters in her life. Just a nice quick read.

Come Hell or High Water by @Whozawhatcha
I have several comments but will do my best to keep things brief.
Tanya is an amazing protagonist and has a stellar supporting cast to bounce off of in both good and not very good ways
Tanya has gone through quite a lot of shit in the past, but as this story is about the mountain of shit she's going through in the present we get drip fed it as we learn exactly what brought her to Alola in the first place
Also there are interdimensional aliens kidnapping children and there are some conspicously dressed people running about too
And those scenes of action are balanced by smaller moments where Tamaya just chats with other characters abd they're equally engaging
This is just a really good run guys
And most importantly
Praise Kukui

The Quiet Dark by @Erberor
I absolutely love the worldbuilding in this. There are things that the characters know about but the reader doesn't yet know because no one is going to pause and exposit.
There's a very cohesive world here and the backdrop of a war having ended and our protags having so much trouble just surviving makes for a very engaging read.

The Hippocratic Oath by @Spectacles
Having my own run with a medical specialist I most certainly enjoy this especailly since it goes into a lot of detail
Comet is the protag and I find him interesting
He did a bad which resulted in a very very very big bad and is forced to carry the blame depsite not knowing what would happen and having lost a lot of his own
But he still messed up royally, and he has a lesson to learn before he get back to what he wants to do
In the meantime he has to take care of several sick Pokemon and in order to treat them he needs funds
And to raise them he has two options
Technically three, but again he's still got a lesson to learn
Option one: get donations from people who hate him
Option two: take the sick Pokemon he's meant to take care of and challenge the gyms with them
Guess what he goes for
Also the Pokemon cast is great, each one has their own ticks and entertaining personality
Check it out, it's worth your time

Don't Evolve by @Faleep
A run which inspired my own which you may see later and is quite a lot of fun
Xe, Cheren, and Bianca serve as multiple points of view and each are a blast
Xe is the protag protag so has to deal with many many zombies of varying sentience, a Sandile, and a voice in her head that isn't keen on finding a place of its own
Cheren must deal with Bergh who survives through sheer flamboancy
Bianca meanwhile is learning to harness the power of gay and also dealing with her monster of a dad whose actions I may or may not have inspired
A lot of fun while also being absolutely terrifying

Ok self plugs now

Greens, Eggs, and Ham
My own zombie run following Faleep's ruleset
I finished it earlier this year, so you can read it in its entirety
It follows Asclepius, a man with the power to heal almost instantly from any wound as he travels through Kanto to collect the badges to open up the League building to work as a safehouse
There are some minor obstacles in his way
Like how zombie Pokemon have obtained the badges and mutated to become a lot stronger
And the champion may have been turned into a zombie
Small stuff
Also Asclepius is on a personal mission to try and find a cure for the plague
Which he pursues by exposing himself to the disease
By eating the zombies
It's great

I Can Break These Cuffs
Ok how best to summarize...
Freak is a Being with the ability to use the powers of anyone else he meets
He's also been arrested for murder but he didn't do it, he swears
Freak can still challenge the Kalos league due to the power of bureaucracy, but a Togekiss gijinka named Elly is assigned to escort him
During their travels they meet Fenice, a Moltres who claims to be a human
Which is an issue because humans hasven't been around for a few millenia
What follows is a series of events where Freak, Fenice, and Elly learn more about the world in the present and from 3000 years ago and there's a lot to unpack which Freak desperately doesn't want to do
I hope you check it out


Maker of Too Many Comics
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 16, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Fire
  2. Cute
It's time! For my super cool promos to be done!~ (Def not last minute, def didn't think it was the 14th still, everything's fine I'm not stressed you're stressed!)

Hypoxia - @Polymori

First off is Hypoxia, the super cool Soul Silver nuzlocke staring Cass the not suspicious at all trainer and Echo the most bean Cyndaquil in all the land~ ("You'd sat that for every Cyndaquil" Hush you stop speaking facts) It's not just Echo though, all of Jack's pokemon designs are fun to see, and with his awesome artstyle (seriously Jack how do you get lines that clean) every page is a treat! So what are you waiting for? Go read it, or you'll make Echo and me sad~!

By The Sword - @SnakeEyesDraws

Now I know what you're thinking, "Lyra, of course you're promoing By The Sword, basically the entire cast is cute loveable children for you to steal adopt!" And you're right- but that's not all! All of the battles in By the Sword are amazingly done, and with it's (ridiculously) long page's, you get all the action at once in a way that's suuuuper satisfying to see! So go check it out if you haven't already!

Autumn in Sinnoh - @Nessi

Okay let's get this out of the way. Yes, I would adopt the entire cast of AiS in a heartbeat, and no, Corvus can't stop me. But there's a lot more than that this comic has going for it! For one thing I love the portrayal of the legendaries as "they are gods but also they're super doofy" (hey sounds like another comic I make know...) and the humor always hits its mark! Plus, it's a trainerless run, and everyone knows that trainerless/human turned pokemon runs are the best- (no I'm not biased what are you talking about?) This comic is 11 adorable psyduck's out of 10~

Deadly Syns - @SysterSyn

Alright I know that Deadly Syns is known as the Wednesday cry-fest, where we all brace ourselves to cry for the latest bird to crumble in Dingo's grasp- but I really love DS for it's humor too! It's gotta be one of the funniest runs out there (and trust me, I know a thing or 2 about funny runs ;3c) despite also regularly crushing our hearts. Add to that a whole cast of loveable kids to cherish, and a really neat artstyle, and you have a really cool run you should be reading! (Also Shox is best teammate fite me!)

Sunlocke - @TheTRUEgge

So, let's just get it out there: Grasshopper and Violet are some of the cutest sweethearts to read about and I love them very much. Which isn't to say that I don't adore and want to adopt the rest of the cast of Sunlocke, cause they're all very good children. On top of that sunlocke is another really funny run, with scenes that still make me laugh when rereading it. So hurry up and read it so we can laugh about Tapu Koko's "It was alriiiiigggghhttt!~" asap~!

Golden Sun - @pkmnMasterWheeler

Finally we have good old Golden Sun! I'd consider this my slightly less main of my main 2 comics, the other being AtD (But plenty of people promo'd that so let's give Golden Sun some love!) Golden Sun is basically an AU version of the Sun and Moon anime, following the adventures of Ash Ketchum but if he traveled across Alola on a more traditional adventure with Hau and Lillie as traveling companions! It's got some fun shenanigans and at least what I feel are some of my best battles, so maybe give it a look!~
Garish Garchomp

Garish Garchomp

Friendly Neighborhood Landshark
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Jun 12, 2019
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he's ok i guess
Hot damn! That's a heck of a lot of promos right there! Thanks so much to everyone not just for your participation, but for the massive efforts involved. We had an inkling as to what this could look like once we unchained yall, but still, it was glorious to behold. Surpassed my expectations. Magnificent.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so at this time, the promo thread will be locked. But fear not! It'll remain up here throughout the Extravaganza for your viewing pleasure, at the very least. That includes being up for the nominations period, which will begin in mere hours. Stay tuned, and thanks again for all these wonderful promos!
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