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 Extravaganza 2021 – Promos Thread

Extravanganza Accordian Demo
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yee to the haw
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Jan 19, 2020
Postwick, Galar
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Robot lover by day, robot lover by night as well. This Pokemon spits out a comic page about once a month before scuttling back into its room.

The Long Way (Yet Another SoulSilver Nuzlocke) - Alex_Nidas
In the mood for a story that introduces more twists and layers as it goes, as well as an insane amount of improvement in both art and storytelling? Alex_Nidas has got you covered! A sequel to the first nuzlocke run, The Long Way SS edition continues the story and it just keeps getting more fascinating as more depth is introduced to what's going on. It's a fun plot that has you hooked to see what will happen next. The art improvement is super inspiring, and it's so interesting to see how the artist grows and designs each new Pokemon added to the cast. A great binge for all your nuzlocking needs!

Across the Divide - pkmnMasterWheeler
Honestly, if you haven't read Wheeler's work, are you even a nuzlocke fan? This artist has an impressive cast of comics to pick from, and this is my personal favourite. With a fun addition of Ash's Pikachu being the main character this time, whisked away to a different universe from his own, AtD offers a super unique and fun premise to sink your teeth into. Super charming and loveable cast, adorable art and dynamic battles, and the best Rattata character (don't @ me) in a nuzlocke, what more could you ask for?

Wanted! A Pokemon Colosseum Nuzlocke - YumeTsuki
As someone who has limited knowledge of the Colosseum games, Wanted! is a delightful surprise with every page. While I can't really speak for how it changes and adapts the canon game plot, I can say that Yume has constructed a super compelling main character who is an absolute blast to follow. The reactions and art in this comic is top notch and will make you laugh when you need to, and get choked up when you need to. I shan't spoil anything for those who haven't read, but a recent development in the story has left me absolutely gutted in the best way possible and I am hungrily awaiting new pages. Catch up if you haven't already!

A Knight's Gale - FoxRodDraws
Now that AKG is on the forums, I will never shut up about how good this comic is. Because it really is that good! A super fascinating and compelling start compared to the ingame slog that is the SWSH opening, FoxRodDraws immediately sucks you in with the intrigue about what's happening in he world, and what will unfold. The main character is loveable and compelling, and you immediately want to protect her but also see what changes she'll go through on her adventure. One of the strongest openings I've seen for a nuzlocke, honestly! I can already tell A Knight's Gale is going to be a super special nuzlocke and I'm so excited to partake on this journey with the artist. Hop on board and read it now!

Penumbra - TwistedEerie
God. Penumbra. What can I say that hasn't already been said? You've probably heard lots of praise for this comic each promo season, and it deserves it all and more. Penumbra has one of the most fascinating, emotionally satisfying, intriguing original stories I've seen for a nuzlocke, with such gripping storytelling and compelling characters and organic conflict you'll honestly be left breathless by the end. The art style is so gorgeous and experimental, you can't help but be inspired to try and improve your own art game. Honestly, all I can say is if you somehow haven't already read Penumbra, read it, you will be so grateful you did.

Deadly Syns - SysterSyn
Another Nuzlocke classic that I'd honestly be shocked if you haven't read. Deadly Syns has such a fascinating premise and mystery that leaves lots to think on after each major scene. The art style is so clean and appealing, and super easy to follow the dialogue and action. Each plot point added to the story just adds more and more depth and concepts that it's such a fun read to get sucked into - aside from all the trademark Dingo pain, of course. Oh yeah, make sure to bring some tissues when you sit down to read; this artist knows how to tug on the heartstrings. It's all in service of an amazing story, though, so well worth it!

Autumn in Sinnoh - Nessi
Following, what else - Autumn in Sinnoh - as our main protagonist is whisked off to a PMD-style story within the Sinnoh we all know and love, AiS is such an enjoyable read. It's so, so good. It has wholesome, adorable characters that, rather than rushing over them to get to the battles, the artist takes the time to fully explore and develop these characters and their relationships with each other. When I tell you this cast has so much depth, I mean it. I love when an artist can make us care so much about a team and get emotional without leaning on only team deaths alone. All told with a gorgeous art style with beautiful colors, this is a must read for any fans.

Step by Step by Step - Tailsimp
Another amazing nuzlocke for the category of "amazing improvement in both storytelling and art." SbSbS has such a loveable, adorable, appealing art style that makes you want to screenshot every panel and gush over all the details in the update channel. ADORABLE pokemon, from the main team to even the side characters that show up, it's just such an enjoyable read that's super cozy, but doesn't shy away from the serious parts of our main character's journey. I'm so excited to see where the artist takes us on this journey. Please read it if you haven't already!

Sunlocke - TheTRUEgge
A super inspiring comic that's come so far and just gotten better and better with each page. A cast of loveable, interesting, and unique characters that are simply impossible to not get attached to. Yeah, Sunlocke is great. I'm so glad I decided to read this comic - SUMO is a massive game to try and cleanly adapt, but this artist has great pacing and chooses just the right moments and dynamics to focus on. It's impossible to not get inspired when you see how well this story is told. Set to a super pretty art style with colors that truly bring out Alola's beauty, it's a comic you simply can't put down.

Soul Brothers - GECKO
You know how there's those comics that just hit every emotional moment, be they happy and uplifting or devastating and heartbreaking, perfectly? Soul Brothers has got you covered. It's a comic that perfectly balances the adorable, loveable characters and the shenanigans they get up to with the horror and realistic nuance of a region under attack, with dangers that just simply cannot be escaped. Soul Brothers is heartbreaking, it's hilarious, it's writing and art is top notch, it's honestly got everything you could ask for from a nuzlocke.

Leftovers - Pcaara
A non nuzlocke edition, ooo! But seriously, Leftovers deserves just as much attention as the nuzlocke entries on this promo list. There's something so special about a story you can tell the artist pours all of their love and soul and hard work into. Leftovers is a truly ambitious project, detailing a very intriguing plot about the state of Hoenn as one girl tries to forge her own path as a trainer. With characters that feel so real, conflict that's so organic and addresses a lot of problems and issues most comics don't focus much on when it comes to being a trainer, and GORGEOUS art that always strives to tell the story as best as it can, Leftovers truly is a unique experience. It'll leave you thinking about the Pokemon world in ways you've never considered before. The attention to detail is top notch, so go read it if you haven't already!

Lakour's X Nuzlocke - Waweezer
Thought the fun added with Waweezer's Sword run? Ha, not even close! This artist is back to provide those hilarious nuzlocke giggles with a brand new comic, set in the XY universe this time. I cannot overstate how in love I am with this comic's cartoony style. It's super expressive and so much fun! Waweezer's comics are always a great binge, so go check this one out and their sword run if you haven't already!

Road Map Not Included - ashdrawarts
A criminally underrated gem of a nuzlocke, RMNI is a great adaption of the BW story. I especially love the changes and added depth to the already fantastic rival characters. The main trio has such a good dynamic that's being tested in the best way possible as they partake on this adventure. The art is so appealing and makes great use of the grayscale format. Each update just gets better and better - and more heartbreaking. Finley is a protagonist who you just want to protect from all bad things, but are also so eager to see how this journey changes them as a person. Read this comic right now after you finish browsing the promos, it deserves the attention!

Broken Sword - Dirtwig-Draws
If you find you're craving a comic that has a bit more tongue in cheek humour while still telling a story that expands upon the game's plot, might I suggest Broken Sword? This comic continues to improve with each page and has amazing redesigns that make sense of some of Pokemon's more outlandish designs. The main protagonist is a hilarious, loud, vulgar character to follow, but she still manages to get you to root for her and hope this journey can help her find her place in the world. With so many fun additions to the game's lacklustre story, it's honestly a crime to not dive into what Broken Sword offers!

Sinners of Sinnoh - santanicswirlix
Okay, so technically this nuzlocke isn't out yet - but just try and stop me from promoting it, you can't! >:V But seriously, Sinners of Sinnoh is going to be amazing. I mean, a fully animated nuzlocke with amazing animation timing, humour, designs, the full package? How can you resist that! If you don't believe me, go watch the scene preview up on the thread and tell me you're not hyped as hell for it. So excited to see what the artist has in store for this project!

First Summer - Krisantyne
It'd be a crime to not promo my personal favourite nuzlocke. First Summer is just an amazing story, amazing comic, amazing everything. Every aspect of this comic, the art, characters, storytelling, shines so brightly. I don't need to even tell you how great the art improvement in this comic is, you know it, we all know it, we all are inspired and awed. Aside from giving you gorgeous panels to drink up every detail, First Summer is a super compelling narrative that's impossible to put down. The main character has such a unique and relatable reason to partake in this journey and risk the lives of her friends for, you're both rooting for her and terrified what consequences are going to come from this. Every character feels so real, so loveable, realistic flaws and all. What else can I say? First Summer is a top notch experience. I am going to side eye you very hard if you skip out on reading it.
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I'm lazy and I'm proud
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Jun 23, 2019
Hell, California
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Sightings of them in the wild are rare, as they prefer to stay indoors with their art tablet and little siblings.
So originally I was gonna edit my old post, but since like a week has gone by, I will instead just write up a new post!

The Nateventure is funny. Like, really funny. Every character is some variety of stupid, whether it be knowledge wise, experience wise, or emotionally, no one is in their right head and it is constantly amplified to 11. The title character, Nate, is the littlest Mudkip who could, and becomes the starter of a very unwilling trainer called Eddy, who is only doing this because he is being blackmailed with a lawsuit for breaking a window...that he was thrown out of. After he broke in, of course, but that's besides the point. While the comic itself is only just reaching Route 102, it is easily an hour or more of straight humor as you just read through the chaos. And the art is getting insanely polished in its goofiness, some panels worthy of being standalone, professionally drawn memes. So I'd really recommend checking it out.

Another take on a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comes in the form of 'On Borrowed Time', a remarkably beautiful and stylistic comic. I started reading it entirely on a whim, only to be completely blown away by how much charm its very first chapter features. Malachi, one of our leads, is a Shinx of quite a bit of inexperience, but lots of drive to be more than he is. With a strange mentor named 'Maelstrom', some sort of entity trapped in a rock, that can talk to him, he finds a mute, pure white Vulpix with a single tail, who he eventually named Rune, because 'it fits her mysterious secretive backstory'. Rune, herself, is going through a lot, as she has no idea who she is or where she came from, but knows that something is off. Going through a familiar PMD story, On Borrowed Time will smother you in the charm and cuteness it can provide, as well as several mysteries to help set it apart from its contemporaries.


The Long Way by, well...me.
Ok, finally getting around to actually promoting myself. The Long Way (technically The Long Way II, because it's a different thread), is a multi region, longform comic that's been going on for almost three years now. I started with the baseline of what you come to expect in your average Kanto and Johto comics, and instead morph it into a story around Leo, a regular human not from this world, who finds himself in the pokemon world he's played the games of for years, with no idea how he got there. A somewhat meta approach to everything, Leo is now trying to not only figure out why he's even here, but discover why he keeps having to be a trainer, even when he should be champion. The art rapidly improves with each chapter, and there's still plenty of road left to travel, so now might be the best time to hop on for the journey.


Johto League Champion
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Aug 3, 2019
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Anxious, sweet-toothed writer who hides amongst the papers. Only attacks when provoked.


Lizard Breath™
Team Delta
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May 31, 2020
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Isn't clever enough to come up with a creative username, so just uses the name of favorite pokemon instead

Across the Divide by @pkmnMasterWheeler
A unique Let's Go Pikachu run done in a PMD style, following the adventures of Ash's Pikachu after he gets sent through an ultra wormhole into a world where humans don't exist! He joins a guild as an explorer team, in hopes of finding out how to get back home. Will he make it back to his trainer? Read it to find out!


Step by Step by Step by @Tailsimp
SbSbS is a comic with a cute and simple art style that has shown so much improvement over time! We follow the protagonist Alma, who is starting a journey towards healing from a scarring past. We haven't seen all the details yet, but its definitely intriguing, and despite the cute and wholesome style, it definitely implements the serious themes well. Definitely give it a read!


What the Water Gave Me by @effsnares
I cannot gush about the art style of this comic enough. The character and 'mon designs are adorable and top notch, and the interactions are just as cute and wholesome as the designs themselves! But underneath all the cuteness lies a deep and heavy story. Our protagonist, Gold, is very talented as a trainer, but also appears to be reluctant about pursuing that path due to what would seem to be a traumatic past. He ends up accepting an endorsement for the gym challenge, and while the story isn't that far along yet, I'm certainly hooked already!


Shiro's Quest: A Nuzlocke Adventure in Hoenn by @ShiroInu
This is the sequel to Shiro's Trial, so make sure to read that first! Shiro's Quest has a fun dynamic between the two main characters, Shiro and Mewtwo. Without spoiling anything, the events of the previous story has led to Mewtwo joining the protagonist in a journey to stop villainous groups in the Hoenn region. Watching Mewtwo try to figure out social interactions along with other human things is a fun little addition to the usual nuzlocke drama.


Broken Sword by @Dirtwig-Draws
So ya'll remember how when SwSh was first announced the fandom just collectively gave the female player character a stereotypical Scottish persona? Well Broken Sword has made her the protagonist in this comic, and it's just as fun and chaotic as it sounds. However, underneath the silly 18+ shenanigans, there is a dark past behind the protag, Moira, involving her mother and apparently people from Spikemuth. There are lots of interesting story elements added to the side characters, and Team Yell especially, that the original games just didn't have, and it's excellent to see! On top of it all, there are some cool pokemon redesigns, and an art style that you get to see improve immensely as each page comes out!


Blooming Glory by @Spacey
If you haven't read Blooming Glory yet then idk where you've been all this time. It's a classic, long running comic that is still going strong. What makes this comic really stand out is its world building and story. In a world where people are required to have a license to work at just 10 years old, our protagonist Glory finds herself striving to rid it of this law, along with several other corruptions lurking in the pokemon league. Her mission to become champion isn't for the usual goal of gaining fame and glory (no pun intended), but rather because she really has no other choice. If she doesn't step up to make a change, who will?


Emerald Run by @incomescrane
A new run, but a good one! It's not very far along yet, but it's already off to a very strong start with just the prologue alone. The art style feels very similar to a classic manga, with a black and white color scheme, but still being plenty detailed. Also already has fantastic designs for the pokemon! Definitely don't skip over this one!


High Ground by @Malochroma
Another new run, but already showing so much potential! The art and designs are gorgeous and adorable, and the relationship between the two main characters already feels very wholesome. Victoria has a goal to create the perfect team of all ground type pokemon, and it's always so refreshing to see a protag have a goal/motivation that is different from the norm. And who doesn't love a good monolocke? Nothing bad could ever happen with just a single type to use, I'm sure!


Soul Brothers by @GECKO
The most wholesome comic I have ever read. Not only are the two brothers the perfect duo of protagonists, the rest of the team is just as great. The art style is simple and cute, but also has some great dynamic fight scenes. This comic will fill you with every emotion possible, sometimes back to back in a way you aren't prepared for. But don't worry, it's nothing bad, trust me bro (:


Severance by @Winterspheonix
There's not much I feel like I can say about Severance without spoiling things, but it takes place in what feels a post-apocalyptic Sinnoh. There are corrupted pokemon, and corrupted people. Follow Tala as she goes on a pokemon journey, but for reasons that might not be so typical, or even comendable. I know this sounds very vague, but this is a comic you just have to read to understand exactly what I'm saying here. It is 100% worth the read!


The Fire Within by @SnowyUmbreon
A story following a protag who is reluctant to be a trainer due to a rough experience in the past. Already this has proven to be difficult with a starter (and other teammates) who want to challenge the gyms. Hopefully they can help Lysander overcome his fears and doubts. The Fire Within has seen so much improvement during its run, not just with the art style, but with its story telling as well! It is always so cool to see artists grow, so join along the journey to watch the artist grow even further, along with all the characters of the story!


Pokemon Royal by @TheLastUnicornInOz
A comic with a protagonist that I feel like many (myself included) can relate to. Sarah has a lot of struggles with health, but she is determined to let others know that she is more than capable of achieving greatness. The art style is striking and unique, and introduces completely new characters as rivals and villains. The journey itself is just getting started, but the buildup for it is very fun and exciting to follow along!


Kurukkoo! by @Kadew
Kurukkoo perfectly captures the feeling of being a kid and playing pokemon for the first time. Not knowing what you're doing and just playing it by your own rules, with a bit of frustration but still a lot of fun along the way. Red and Blue are both adorable wholesome little dorks and I love absolutely every interaction they have. And on top of it all, there's a lovely art style and wonderful mon designs! If you haven't read Kurukkoo yet, please do yourself a favor and read it right now.


A Knight's Gale by @FoxRodDraws
AKG is still in its beginning, but it already has started off strong! The prologue introduced some interesting lore, and a very concerning exciting experience the protag has at a very young age. Also I am absolutely obsessed with the designs in this comic. Check them out for yourself and you'll fall in love instantly, not just with the designs, but with the round and fluffy style of the characters and gorgeous backgrounds! I can't compliment the art enough!


Bright Souls by @SnackyTheSylph
A silly and wholesome comic full of fun and dynamic characters. The art style is simple, but not boring, while also having some unique redesigns. There's also some interesting lore and world building that I personally can't wait to see get expanded on. I'm sure it won't lead to anything bad or tragic...


Sweet ReLEAF by @khorale
Yet another comic with an adorable art style that has seen a lot of improvement. The characters all have very fun and interesting interactions and backstories. There's been a perfect blend of wholesome moments along with more serious and somewhat darker moments, which is always a great thing to see in a nuzlocke. Give it a read!


A Fateful Nuzlocke Challenge by @ponibutts
A story of a boy just trying to catch his Pikachu who keeps running away from home. At least, that's what it was supposed to be. But Oleander finds himself roped into becoming a trainer, and hopefully this will be a good thing for him and his team. The artwork is lovely and the characters are adorable and a lot of fun to meet and see interact. And I'm sure whatever reason Oleander's Pikachu had for running away was a good one, and not because of any mysterious vision or anything like that. It's all just wholesome fun times ahead!


The Long Way by @Alex_Nidas
The Long Way is a multi-region comic currently on its second installment, and it's a very wild read! Our protagonist starts out in Kanto, being apathetic and reckless while believing this is all just a game. But things soon get much more real than he could ever think. Through a series of insane twists and turns, he's now in Johto, where he has to once again face off against Team Rocket, and try to figure out what exactly is going on with himself in this world. There has also been a massive improvement in the artwork and storytelling, with each new page getting better and better. Definitely satisfy your comic bingeing needs with this one!


Autumn in Sinnoh by @Nessi
Autumn in Sinnoh is a fun and adorable comic following the story of Autumn, a human who got isekai'd into the pokemon world through some rather silly shenanigans. She now has to figure out how to get home, while also trying to figure out how to be a pokemon. The artwork and the characters are all very cute and I adore every panel they appear in. There is a lot of good humor mixed in with some heartfelt and genuinely heartbreaking moments, so get your tissues ready for this one!


By the Sword by @SnakeEyesDraws
I know By the Sword is being promo'd left and right, but it's for a good reason! It's an excellent comic with a gorgeous art style, incredible designs, and gripping world building and lore. The lack luster story and one dimensional characters of SwSh are being explored and expanded upon greatly, and it's very interesting to see where the artist is going with this story. Tumble is a young trainer who is striving to be the next dragon type gym leader like his idol, Raihan. However this task seems to be much harder than he initially thought. Watch him and his team grow and learn what it truly means to become a great gym leader, or, maybe even the next champion!


Penumbra by @TwistedEerie
I've never seen a comic have such tonal whiplash between humor and tragedy as much as Penumbra. Yet it somehow manages to pull it off so well. Neither emotions feel out of place when they do happen, and neither overstay their welcome either. It's a perfect balance, two sides of one coin. The story is gripping and mysterious and constantly leaves you needing to know what happens next. Krane, the protag, may seem like a typical edgy emo teen at first, but he has had a lot of growth as a character and a person, and you genuinely want to see him succeed in his journey, as well as wanting to find out just what his whole backstory is.


Dear Sergio by meeee
Shameless self promo time I guess. Dear Sergio is about a boy named Sergio who ends up getting a pokemon and reluctantly goes on a journey with his friend Hop. The two of them take on the gym challenge in hopes of achieving greatness (or just escaping a bad home situation). However, they both soon learn the hard way that it's not as easy as it looks. It's currently on hiatus right now, but should be back to updating in a couple weeks so I'd really appreciate you giving it a look!


a weapon to surpass metal gear
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Aug 28, 2019
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I don't read many comics, unfortunately, but while I'm here I may as well raise up the ones I have!

First Summer: A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke
by @Krisantyne
One of the long runners, from even before I joined this community. Starting from the beginning, you can watch Kris's art skills skyrocket in real time and it's amazing. Plus, everyone in this comic is adorable. And not to spoil anything, but it has one of the fluffiest, best, most underappreciated boys in prominence, so of course I love it. Plus it's a ROM hack run, so you'll see some stuff you've never seen in a comic before.

Tala's Nuzlocke Adventure: The Silver Souls
by @TalaSeba
Another classic, with lots of improvement. Pokemon designs are on point and the art is so good I could eat it. Plus, everyone is attractive in this comic. What's not to like?

by @TheTRUEgge
A pretty unique comic. Traditionally sketched, so each page is actually page-sized (pretty unusual in nuzlockes :V: ). There's some real skillful comic-making in this one - paneling and such. Plus the characters are lovely, and there's some real good goofs too. You haven't lived until you've seen Nebby channel Sir Bearington.

Pouch Creatures: Dark Difficult version
by @Empty Sun
A different energy from a lot of comics that exist today, but it's one that I love. This comic's sense of humor is amazing, and Empty sun gets some real nice art out of MS paint when she feels like it. Taiyo's faces in this are so amazing, you have no idea. Also I support the single-stage normal type propaganda.

Shiro's Quest
by @ShiroInu
Yet another classic long-runner, with a lot longer to run. Shiro's tenacity for sticking with this run is admirable, and seeing these long-standing ideas come to fruition is very cool. But that's not all there is to like - Shiro's more realistic style is wonderful, and seeing classic Pokemon rendered as such is a treat. Also, friendly Mewtwo content.

Deadly Syns
by @SysterSyn
You've seen Kanto comics, but have you seen a kanto comic where every pokemon design is awesome? ...maybe! but probably not like they are in Deadly Syns. Dingo has a very nice sense of style for character designs. watching these little bastards schmove and kill each other is really fun.

The Long Way
by @Alex_Nidas
Another multi-region comic. Alex's art is constantly improving and he uses some fun mons. Plus this one's been planned pretty far in advance, so watching things come together is a treat. Definitely a worthy one to keep an eye on.


Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
Pokédex No.
Feb 10, 2021
I'm not usually the best with this kinda thing, but let's give it a go!

Sun's Trials by GreyestGrey: Kalani Kukui returns to Alola after living in Kanto, hoping her homeland treats her better. However things have changed, not necessarily for the better. It's still in it's early stages, but it shows great promise! (Ultra Sun)

The Fire Within by SnowyUmbreon: Lysander begins his journey in secret, not just battling Pokemon, but his own insecurities, regrets, and the legacy of his parents. Together with his silent Bulbasaur, Aladar, will he be able to achieve his goals? (FireRed)

Alloyed Chains by mike-princeofstars: After arriving in Alola, Dahlia sets out on her journey for adventure. Along the way, she'll meet new friends, face new challenges, and discover secrets, including some about her late father and the odd necklace he gave to her. (Sun)

Sprouting from Stone by turtblurt: Long after humanity is gone, Pokemon have taken their place. Now, a young Quilave named Blaze is determined to become the greatest hero this world has ever seen! But is she up to the task? (Crystal)


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Dec 23, 2019
Hoenn Route 120
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A timid Pokémon typically found in groups. The only thing that motivates them more than companionship is food.
Hyped for the Ganza as always!
I tried to pick out some underrated runs that I (mostly) haven’t seen get a lot of interaction/traction to hopefully get more people to go read them because I love them all dearly >:)
Eclipsed — Ultra Sun Nuzlocke by @LintuLady
It took a little while for this comic to get off the ground, but now that it’s on its way, it’s been really great so far! The main trio of characters (Delilah, Hau, and Lillie) are all delightful and delightfully characterized, Delilah’s starter Coconut is a snarky ball of feathers that I adore, and… what’s going on with the Tapus…? Definitely tune into this comic, chapter 2 is just starting and it deserves a lot more attention because I’m confident it’s going to be great!

Blank: A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke Comic by @jaeb_dub
A combination of gorgeous art and a unique premise hooked me on this comic from the very start. Hikari’s emotions were taken from her by Mespirit when she was very young, and now she’s starting her journey around Sinnoh with her childhood friend Jun (who is a certified sunshine, by the way) 10 years later. Hmm… I wonder why Cyrus seems to be interested in her…? The comic is only just starting and every update so far has been worth the wait. There’s also a lot of gorgeous extra art, such as AUs and holiday-themed drawings, on jaeb_dub’s DeviantArt page to get you hyped for what’s to come in the comic!
All Our Futures: A Y Giftlocke by @SayleeK
Every so often, someone post runs a run that just hits, and SayleeK has most definitely done that with All Our Futures. This storylocke has so much Kalos lore packed into it, a unique time period/setting premise, a stuck-up Fennekin narrator who I love dearly, and all of that in chapters that are 11 paragraphs at the longest but pack the same kind of punch as a much longer story. I really can’t more without spoiling some of the most interesting parts of the run… so go see for yourself ;D
City of Stars - A Pokemon Reborn Nuzlocke by @pikafan96
This is the third run in Pika’s nuzlocke series and oh boy does it go above and beyond a typical screenshot run. Like the previous Blaze Black run, it’s chock full of ~lore~, amazing portraits for engaging dialogue, and a main character who’s aggressive in an endearing way!… or maybe just an aggressive way. Despite being the 3rd run in the series, it’s really easy to get into without confusion because Pika links the small handful of parts you’d need to read to catch up on important lore bits right in the first post of the thread— so what are you waiting for?
You Can Now Play As Luigi: An X/Y Soul Link Artlocke brought to you by Lucas and Eon by @lucas2 and @lineonthepaper

Before I get into the promo, just bask in the glory of that title for a moment.

Pure-hearted tree-hugger Sol and filthy meme queen Luna have both become trainers… even if Luna straight up stole her first pokemon… and now they’re going to show all of Kalos who’s boss! This Soul Link run combines screenshots, written word, and art, which makes for a super engaging read. Currently the run has only just passed the first gym but there‘s already interesting plot stuff going on, like Chosen Ones, Korrina being introduced as a main character, a giant wall of Combee?, and multiple potential romances! Plus there will be even more art in future updates!


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Jun 23, 2019
Hell, California
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Sightings of them in the wild are rare, as they prefer to stay indoors with their art tablet and little siblings.
*looks around*

Well there's a few days left in the promos, might as well do a third round of promos just to help round things out, with some runs I've either barely seen promo'd, or not at all yet!


Speechless by @Kinetic Kimo

You'd think a comic with only three pages wouldn't be something you should be recommended, but that is where I beg to differ. Because these three pages are some of the most creative I've seen in a very long time. Speechless is a comic without any dialogue. Nope. Not one bit. It is, instead, done entirely through, well...I guess you'd call em emojis. Just little symbols to help get the gist of what people are saying, but not spelling everything out for you. The art is beautiful, with wide sweeping shots practically every page, and the starter mixes things up by being a Cyndaquil, in Kanto! I highly recommend not only checking this out, but staying tuned for more.


Liberty by @jadethestone

Pretty much a classic Johto comic this point, I only recently found this comic and have quickly and madly fell in love with it. I'm not sure what I could say other than...LOOK AT IT! LOOK AT THE BABIES! LOOK AT THE STYLE! LOOK AT WHITNEY BEING PUT IN HER PLACE! I adore this massive comic, and it's yet another great binge read comic for everyone to see.


Nemini Crede by @Hana

Last, but certainly not least, would have to be Nemini Crede.

I am a sucker for Sinnoh stories. I love the region's aesthetics, I love the pokemon, I love the characters, so it's much easier for me to fall in love with Sinnoh stories than most. I say this to preface the fact that Nemini Crede is looking to be great even without those factors. One of the more spares Gijinka comics in this day and age, it's a world featuring a mixture of humans and Gijinka, with a hyper bombastic Chimchar and just your average every day beautiful probably cultist trainer. While still in its prologue, this comic shows some amazing potential, each page dripping with artistic flair and incredible detail on every page. I am already putting this comic on my watchlist, and I hope you do too.​


Conqueror of the Viridian Gym
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Jul 4, 2019
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  1. Water
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  3. Dragon
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  6. Cool
  7. Cute
  8. Tough
  9. ???
* loads up the ping gun* DID I MAKE IT??

I’m finally done assembling my list thank goodness. It’s already quite lengthy so in an attempt to not make this any longer, lemme just throw my self promo in real quick so ya’ll can get started reading up on what you need to read a.s.a.p!!


My comic is called Leftovers, and it follows 19 y.o Asadi as she spontaneously sets off on a transformative journey across Hoenn - meeting new faces, seeing new places, and struggling to balance the responsibilities of a pokemon trainer with those of impeding adulthood and the baggage of the past. It’s my absolute baby and I rocked the upload game in 2021 but now i’m on hiatus for 2022 to come back even stronger next year. So now’s the perfect time to catch up on what my children are getting up to!

Next, I have a livestream every saturday @3pm est called Pcaara Peruses. Infact, this is where all of these promos came from - as I read all of these on stream last year. If you wanna see me absolutely lose my mind over all these amazing works below, check out the playlist here


By the sword is a refreshing take on Galar, with lovely character dynamics and the worldbuilding for pokemon in particular is insanely interesting (not to mention there’s more than a couple ships I would literally die for). Snakeeyesdraws takes all of what SWSH tried to do and absolutely maximizes that potential while adding their own personal flair - such as MC tumble taking his own path in terms of career/goals, and the focus on more personal matters like Harper’s mental health (which is really well done).


Reading The Nateventure is more akin to watching a saturday morning cartoon. It’s honestly something, I don’t know how noolman does it. Even the backgrounds have all the shapely character of those saturday morning toons, and it makes the whole world feel animated (and slightly off kilter to be honest). Have you met Nate? You should meet Nate. I want to viciously protect Nate. What a funny and precious little guy whose presence alone embodies the humor of this whole comic - wacky shenanigans that’s never tasteless. The humor, visually, is depicted in such a stunning manner and the comedic timing is on point.


Autumn In Sinnoh by @thenessiartist​

This comic fills me with nostalgia with both the art style and the way the characters/story is written. There’s a subtle sweetness and warmth to the artstyle that can honestly be a bit deceptive at times when paired with the depths of emotional despair some of these characters are put through. But the despair never feels heavy handed. It’s a perfect balance of a fun feeling romp and sad boy hours.


Soul Brothers by @GECKO-nuzlockes​

Okay confession…I was a bit picky with the artstyles I looked for back in the day. But that was before Soul Brothers entered my life and taught me not to sleep on a style just because it LOOKS simplistic - and my heart has been opened ever since. Soul Brothers focuses on the brotherhood between Ty and Cory, and it’s a relationship I could scream about for hours - especially with the predicament Ty is facing in this world. Gecko just does such a good job of making pokemon feel as if they should be on equal footing as humans and then exploring the issues that come from them not being so. Everyone on the team pulls their weight, adding their own brand of levity when needed. And on the art style? It can turn up when need be, don’t get it twisted.


Twistedeerie came for me personally with Protag Krane and the focus on his insecurities. Not to mention his amazing hair. His and his pokemon - particularly Gylfie (btw guardians refs give me life) - have such an interesting and intricate relationship due to his disposition. And the conflict between them never feels unrealistic or petty. In fact, i’d say twistedeerie does a great job building up the conflicts and showing all sides of any one situation. Speaking of build up…the mystery of Krane as a whole?? Fantastic. It’s a mystery that’s still unsolved but that aspect never gets in the way of the story such that it isn't enjoyable until you have all the answers. It doesn’t feel intrusive and, infact, adds a lot of texture as a whole.


What starts as a pretty light and breezy dive into the region of Alola (for someone who isn’t quite familiar with it…or the world for that matter), soon becomes a lovely look at the dynamics between the characters and their team - and some of the characters and themselves… Ann as a protag is wonderfully competent, and it’s nice to see an MC have “mundane” hobbies that aren’t related to pokemon - such as Ann’s sewing and how that’s a recurring element. The rest of the team is full of colorful and precious characters, but Grasshopper’s struggle in particular covers something I don’t see touched upon often - and handled with absolute care.


First thing you need to know is that Tala is about her shit. Next you should probably know is that this is a viruslocke and similar to my experience with whimsical (Shining sea), I soon realized winter did not come to play with this worldbuilding. Severance delves into aspects of Sinnoh in the face of this virus that adds so many shades of gray to the relationship between people and pokemon. Speaking of morally gray, protag Tala walks such a tightrope between justifiable and extreme that this story has no need to rely on a gym challenge to build intrigue. But don’t worry, the gym challenge is definitely in there and the way the first one in particular was implemented has me vibrating in excitement for the rest.


This entire comic is a whole vibe, and one that inspires me to take time to indulge in my own worldbuilding. Because Krisantyne really said “sit down kids, it’s time for another montage” and the kids are eating it up to be honest. The background work, character designs, and pacing are all stellar and the whole series really feels like someone took a wanderlust playlist and turned it into a pokemon comic. Not to mention the run is based in the Rijon region, so for me personally there is alot of new to discover. And what better tour guides to have than Sara and the gang.


Would it be doing to much to say that FYR is absolutely the peak of sentimentality? This comic handles its topics of discrimination and self identification with such care and grace that there’s many times i’ve ended up stopping mid page to reflect on my own relationship to these issues. Cedar is just a wonderful protagonist - kind but not at all flawless - and all the interpersonal relationships really put the family in found family. Saltnpepperbunny’s style is also crazy unique and doesn’t prepare you for the realness of some of the strife that these characters go through.


The evolution of this story - both in artstyle and storytelling - is iconic. From the start, its pace denotes an air of short adventures with the small (but dynamic) imagery to support it. I absolutely adore the duality of the cute art style with how intense the action can get - as this comic can go from a kyoani slice of life to a madhouse power hour show in a matter of seconds. French is such a fun protagonist with her energy and confidence/openness surrounding the challenges ahead. And Chipo…Chipo my beloved.


First thing you might notice (or at least I certainly did) is that the art style is gorgeous?? I don’t know how Madama-moth keeps up the consistent rendering, but i’m here for it. I’m also here for Lehua - the MC - and how unique she looks against all of the other comics i’ve read thus far. The artist does an amazing job of capturing diverse features - from Lehua being more muscular to the subtle differences in POC features throughout the cast. Not to mention the comic takes a very interesting spin on the events of SuMO, with Lehua seemingly existing on the outside of the main game’s events. This approach keeps me on my toes and I can’t wait to see how madama-moth puts their own spin on further events from Lehua’s POV as a working adult.​


Trick of the night is not a nuzlocke, and flyteck absolutely utilizes that to create some genuinely intriguing, slow building mysteries around the world. The world of TotN is earthy and dark, but not overwhelmingly so. The pages hold some amazing visual storytelling as opposed to just dialogue - as flyteck brings you deeper and deeper into the…kinda chaotic and unexpected state of these characters and the drama of their interpersonal relationships. It starts very intense and only gets moreso as protagonist Louis’s life starts to unravel…but he’s not alone, and those bonds add some levity to this comic’s story in the face of some potentially darker forces at play.


Poni really said “see the protag’s hot dad? Lemme show you how he s u c k s” and proceeded to craft a story that really hits on some truly intimate aspects of how family can all at once lift you up and let you down. Afnc follows protag Ollie on his own reluctant journey, and this reluctance creates a series of interesting dynamics with him and his team as they balance pursuing their own goals all while trying to help Ollie come out of his protective shell to pursue his own.Poni does a great job at subtly hinting the aforementioned homelife situation through how Ollie reacts to certain situations. This subtlety reverberates throughout all of the members of the cast and has set this comic up to feature quite a bit of intrigue around character motivations.


thegalacticdragon/Gio opens Hidden Swords by taking the world and lore of SWSH and promptly spicing it up with implementation of their own new concepts - such as Werepokemon. What follows is a ride of getting to know protag Porchoros and his intentions/alliance, as he further explores his growing relationships with not only the cast of the games but his own identity. Gio takes an interesting turn with how they handle the Legendaries, and you can tell we’re sitting on a powder keg as their involvement in the plot (as well as other factions we get a glimpse of) starts to build.


CMYK is vernal’s take on the swsh storyline, featuring a seriously cute and bubbly art style. I love that they chose to include some direct dialogue from the game, as it makes it even more intriguing to see the differences they’re gearing up to show (and quite a bit they’ve already shown off). Hop & Skipper are such an iconic duo even in the short few pages we’ve had, and I can’t wait to see how their dynamic evolves as they progress through the events of the game. I feel like vernal did a great job really making them feel like friends.


Despite the absolutely precious art style - Pandemonium in Johto lives up to its name from the jump. I imagine being based on a randomizer can present some difficult challenges for those who want to make a locke comic, but novamallow not only handles this gracefully - they use it as a playground to really play with the concept of living in a world full of powerful beasts at every turn. This comic’s art oftentimes feels soft and distant - like a memory.
Which makes all of the character drama (not to mention the pacing of said drama) hit that much harder and adds this sense of importance to what’s going on in terms of the characters’ developments. But it’s not just the art style of course. Nov really does hit you hard with some of the tragedies and internal struggles present.


Oh man…simple gives me nostalgia for the hoenn of my childhood. It is the literal visual embodiment of how Hoenn feels in my memories with its soft and warm art style and simplistic (as of rn) character actions. The characters have enjoyed so many quiet moments up to this point, and sealclown really knows how to let the narrative breath through those moments. But things seem to be ramping up now as they approach their first gym battle, and i’m very excited to not only see how Wuby and their collection of cutely named companions tackle the challenges ahead, but to further experience the staples of nuzlockes filtered through those rose tinted sealclown lens.


From the amazing mind that gave us The Pokedex Project back in the day comes this gorgeous new work, and I couldn’t be happier to experience the delicious worldbuilding effsnares is serving us yet again. Gold as a protag is in a very interesting predicament - being seemingly “past his prime” - and the way that’s subtly explored throughout just the first few pages and interactions with the other characters makes me eager to see how (or if) he overcomes this to begin his own journey. One of the best things about effsnares’s work, in my opinion, is their dedication to making pokemon look as cool as possible and this stellar creature work is absolutely present here.


I can watch Red and Blue handle mundane situations like finding lodging literally all day. I could read an entire chapter of them just roasting each other as they walk through viridian woods and be 100% happy. Actually…isn’t that just the comic?? Kurukkoo focuses on the journey and dynamic of Red and Blue as they rangle birdies and show us all what true friendship means - which of course is just goofing on each other until things get too far and you end up having to apologize - but it’s all in good fun. And really, what better way to describe this beautifully done comic and its humor?


A knight’s gale by @foxrod-draws​

RAIYAH’S HAIR. That is all.
Nah but seriously, A knight’s gale puts alot of focus on a strong family aspect right from the jump, and it’s excellent at introducing who everyone is and where they stand in relation to one another. In just the first few pages you not only get a hint at a mystery lurking beneath the surface of the bubbly, cute protagonist Raiyah - but you also get a glimpse at some of the intricacies of parenthood and decision making in the face of having someone you desperately want to protect. From the chemistry between Raiyah’s mums to her relationship with Hop, I can already tell we have alot of tender character moments in store for us as A knight’s Gale surges on~!​


Shiro’s Trials + Quest by @Eldariel​

Shiro’s Tales, as I like to call it, is a series of nuzlockes across multiple regions (with only Kanto and Hoenn being available atm), and can I just say how cool that is? In addition, Eldariel does a good job of pacing the overall story so you never feel like it’s a task to go through one region over the other. It’s brisk enough to get through in a decent sized afternoon read, and I love love looveed the experience of binging Trials and the sense of history that carried over once I started Quest. There’s nothing like having a character hint at their development to a whole new team and then to be able to go back and say “Oh man yeah I was witness to that thing, be careful!” It’s truly special. Eldariel also handles certain legendaries in a way that you won’t want to miss…


If the first thing you notice about Pokemon Royal’s cover ISN’T the amazing, colorful character design work then you’re not looking at the right cover i’m sorry. This comic follows Sarah as she deals with defining her own self worth in the face of illness, and true to the royals name it does what I personally was holding out for Swsh to do - makes the brothers actual princes! The protag has SUCH an interesting backstory and the (potential) reasoning for the naming convention of her pokemon is amazing. Thelastunicorninoz also does a great job with pacing the game’s slow beginning and giving us alot of things to latch onto while going through the motions - including the fact that Sarah already has her own group of friends she’s interacting with while we wait for the canon cast to filter in. Also…COLORS. Man, this comic’s colors.


Shining Sea by @whimsicalwolfacomics​

I have never read/heard of a zombielock before this, but whimsical said “I got you, hold this lore” and proceeded to set up this brand new concept beautifully and with such intrigue that the urge to binge right then and there was SO strong. This comic does an amazing job at hitting you with the dizzying sensation of thinking you know what’s going on before having the rug pulled out from underneath you. Between the mounting character dynamics and history and the super refreshing art that looks the way a charming seaside town should feel, Shining Sea is sure to pull you in immediately.


The art style in WLERA is so wildly expressive and dynamic with its thick outlines, and Emma is precious looking. She actually reminds me of a friend irl and at first it was just visually but as it went on, the feeling grew stronger. Neowth does a great job of making both Emma and Jun feel like those chaotic kids you’d see at the anime club at the library in the early 2010s. Their energy together is PEAK, and it makes this comic feel very akin to an omake. The humor goes down incredibly smooth, feeling more like extensions of these already chaotic characters than written gags, and the expressions in this comic never cease to amaze.


A Horror based visual spectacle that consistently blows me out of the water with the way it portrays abstraction and nightmarish imagery; Jules, bless his heart, is the protag and critterlingz does an excellent job of visualizing their internal conflicts/trauma/psyche; Luce is a whole vibe with how much she initially seems like a loose canon, and she and Jules work well together with just them…but then, oh look, a team has formed. And it’s honestly even better than the aforementioned duo?? They all coexist beautifully both personality wise and design wise, and Im eager to see how the dynamic evolves over the course of the story so far


The art improvement in this comic?? Um HELLO. I mean I’m late to the game so I feel like we all been knew, but it’s actually awe inspiring watching the slow progression from a gag comic in both visuals and storytelling into something much much different. Tala is a wildly fun protag and this is another comic I desperately wanted to sit and binge because I can’t wait to see the natural progression of her character and the dynamics she has with her team. Also worth noting is that even in the earliest pages the action is energetic, well paced, and dynamic, and it’s mind blowing that the art is going to get even BETTER going forward.


Wringlocke starts off with some incredible worldbuilding that perfectly sets the stage for the entrance of neurotic protag Leon - a totodile gijinka who’s preparing to take on the league challenge. And the league in the world of wringlocke has a real sense of danger and control that immediately endears you to not only Leon’s plight, but also the plight of everyone else who has just learned to cope with it all. I’m so interested in seeing how our group of protags prevails in what genuinely seems like such an oppressive society. One thing’s for sure, Umberoff knows how to handle Leon’s well justified neuroticism and we appreciate that.​


Protag Yume perfectly encapsulates the lawless vibe of the Orre region, and artist Yume is doing their thing capturing the feeling of Colosseum. From the dusty backgrounds to the matter of factness of the MC, reading this comic really puts me back on the gamecube again - to the point that I can fully hear those iconic tracks from the game. And it’s exciting to actually experience the story from the POV of someone who is just outright a criminal (well, a criminal and not a blank slate like the game protag), as well as the groups she runs with.


If you said you were prepared for the intro of Rangers of Sky, no you weren’t :) RoS displays absolute mastery of black and white comicking. No, not grayscale. BLACK AND WHITE, two tone pages. It’s incredible to behold, especially since there’s no clarity lost in the panels even when there’s alot of black you’d think would drown out the lines. The Format and pacing really works to set a strong atmosphere, and there’s some unexpected horror elements in some areas too - which are not only handled well, but really put the range of this comic’s art on full display. Also gotta say the comicfury website is fire.


Handsome protag Kai is in quite a different position to your regular protagonist, and i won’t spoil why here - but you can probably tell from the art. The most interesting part of things so far is that despite his affiliation, the story still plays out like he’s meant to be the protag of the game - which is a point of note because of how Kai initially feels about himself and the tension his prior position has created with his hometown. Despite being put at odds and having his confidence kneecapped, Kai is still incredibly charming - an aspect that’s backed up by the bright and colorful artstyle that reads from afar like a bouquet of tropical flowers.


Deadly Syns starts off with a super intriguing setup for the protag that hooks you right from the prologue. And if that wasn’t enough, you quickly learn that the dynamic art style perfectly suits how slightly unhinged everyone seems in the beginning - and how the protag’s backstory isn’t quite…right. Speaking of, can I just say that Syn’s design is really really cool? As a matter of fact, all of the designs in this comic are A+ - but Syn’s entire team really fits together as this eclectic powerhouse of personalities and silhouettes and it’s the main reason you get endeared to the team relatively early. You could say the team has quite a lot of synergy…


Hooo boy, the world of Blooming Glory is…intense. Spacey employs some strong worldbuilding right off the bat, and it really helps sell one of the more unrealistic aspects of the pokemon world - that 10 year olds are allowed to go off and travel on their own in this world of magical creatures. Don’t let the cute art fool you, as it’s not long before we come face to face with precious looking protag Glory’s everyday struggle of navigating her anxieties about the world’s circumstances - as well as her place in it. And it’s all incredibly enthralling, especially the way spacey explores how the world itself has shaped not just the MC but many of the other cast members as well. #LetGloryBe10​


With such a cute and tiny art style that reminds me of older slice of life anime (such as azumanga diaoh), Sweet relaf follows protag Leaf and her precious partner nana - both of whom I would like to love and protect very much. Leaf radiates this pure excitement and naiivete that I really appreciate - never hesitating to lavish her pokemon with praise from the get-go, or to lay in the grass and take in the moment. But all is not just peachy keen as Sweet Releaf dives head first into some strong worldbuilding with route pokemon and their relationships to the humans that pass through. And it feels slightly like the events of the earlier chapters are leading up to a much larger territory intrusion that will really set both worlds ablaze. As it is now, i’m very much enjoying how much of the plot is dedicated to exploring the sense of community wild pokemon have in different areas - with the pidgey clan being a shining example.


Wow Sergio and Hop sure do make a dynamic duo with the contrasts in their temperaments. Also they’re so cute together as a pair, with feraiigatrs really giving it their all on the round cuteness of the artstyle. You really get the sense that Sergio is not only longtime friends with Hop, but has an intimate history with Leon/their family, and I greatly appreciate that - as a protag - Sergio knows what he does and doesn’t want. And i’m eager to see where his path diverges. Also have to add that I still want that figure of Toh Kay.


Atychiphobia follows Touko/Alyssa, but isn’t afraid to branch off from the cover protag in order to focus on other plotlines. All while folding them back in nicely - when necessary - with the main plot as the characters come together and you really get that sense of a team forming. Not just with pokemon - with all of the expected struggles that come there - but with the protag and her friend group as well. Everyone feels like they hold weight in the group, whether that gels with the others or not. And it’s going to be interesting seeing them all come together a bit more fluidly. As is a BW staple, Ghetsis shows his face early. But saltycatdraws does an excellent job of making him genuinely intimidating and kinda infuriating with the way you can already tell he gaslights as a hobby.


Once you get past the horror of the initial prologue (and what it might mean), Tailsimp gives us such an energetic opening scene that shows off the MC’s tenacity/persistence perfectly. Alma seems resourceful, but also reckless and that combination keeps the reader on their toes as to what she’s going to do next - and it also puts her somewhat at odds with those that care about her. The relationship between our protag and her mother is definitely a point of intrigue, as her mom has a very active role in the plot so far - and she seems to be a firecracker herself. I also love the character designs. Outside of the brown skinned cast, I enjoy the fact that Cyndi feels like the embodiment of those small chibi icons when you open up your team menu in the game.


My man Leo is tired, and honestly when you see how alex_nidas implements many of the game staples and what that quite possibly means for Leo’s state of mind - you’ll be tired too. The Long Way busts out of the gate absolutely moving, and this pace is supported by the protag’s nonchalant approach to training and just…existing in this world as a whole. But once you get even just a little deeper in, you start to experience the slow build up realization that certain things might not be as they seem - and I mean that in the most topsy turvy way possible. Leo and Danny’s rivalry is incredibly interesting with the way the latter keeps trying to reach him, and alex_nidas captures the sense of dereality present in this comic super well.


This comic is absolutely unique in the portrayal of both its world and concepts. The lovely storytelling and excellent build up for the first chapter leaves you with a desperate feeling of “where do we go from here??”, and it’s definitely not something I expected to happen so soon. The art reminds me so much of animation concept art - with each panel packing such aesthetic and atmosphere that you can f e e l the state of the world in that instance. When it’s cold, you feel cold. And when lampette wants you to experience the chill of damp fog thick enough to obscure visibility, you best believe they’re going to fully put you there.


Hypoxia features the adorable Echo as he captures the one called Cass and - oh wait, Cass is actually the trainer here?? One of the main things I love about this comic is the flavor of the dynamic between the pokemon and their trainer. Despite my prior joke, nobody’s motivations and goals outweighs anyone else’s here. There’s a real harmonious feeling between both pokemon and humans as travel partners from what i’ve seen so far, and i’m excited to explore more of that as more colorful characters get introduced. Speaking of colors, the art feels like those comics that are retroactively made using movie stills - with a level of crispness and animatedness that makes them very fun to take in. Something about the small gutters and clean speech bubbles in conjunction with the poppy colors is very appealing to my eyes. Am i forgetting something…? Oh right, Lotus is my spirit animal.​


Before we get into the comic itself - the fact that this story follows Ash’s Pikachu is INCREDIBLY cool. And the way wheeler works that into the story (particularly in the beginning from what i’ve seen) makes it feel like the scenes with the two of them were ripped directly out of the anime. Not to mention the fact that wheeler kills it on the action scenes, presenting some real DBZ-esque flashiness. But in between all the awesome action, Across the Divide gives you some real neat gems regarding its worldbuilding - in a pace that feels perfectly at home with the way the cute art style will occasionally turn up. I can also tell a great ensemble cast is building here, as we immediately get pulled into a relationship paralleling the main characters and Wheeler does a great job of keeping them just as interesting in the bg as everything going on in the foreground.


Genesis immediately enthralls you with a play by play prologue of what’s happened up to this point in the timeline, and it is…both unlike any other pokemon comic i’ve read thus far and absolutely heartbreaking. But the heartbreak train don’t stop as you quickly come to learn that the story takes particular focus on the current emotional state and state of relationships of the young protag M2-K - who is not only the MC, but an incredible gijinka of a certain pokemon I won’t spoil (but if you’ve seen the cover you can immediately tell cause it’s that good >v>). Dasunicorn does a great job of endearing you to the plights of this poor child and stirs up an engaging mystery for how exactly he ended up in this situation…and whether or not he can truly gain happiness.


The art improvement?? Even in just the small section i’ve read so far, the art has made such leaps and bounds that i’m almost dizzy just thinking about the steps between where I left off and the iconic look i’m familiar with (that it has today). Reagentnein’s worldbuilding is so intricate, and the pacing with regards to Milo and Riley getting into the flow of things while becoming partners is done super well. It really feels like i’m growing with them as more layers of the worldbuilding are peeled back and they discover just what they’ll be facing on their dangerous dungeon crawling adventure. I’d say my favorite aspect besides the art is the real sense of community present amongst the pokemon in the world, and how they rally together (or divide themselves) in the face of the world’s current state.


Snowshadow does an amazing job from the top emphasizing a focus on generations and the desire of the younger gens to want to be different from their predecessors. Seriously, I love the layers present in stories like this, and The Fire Within has absolutely not disappointed. I also adore the way Lysander/Lyle’s characters really care about each other and are building a solid found family so shortly into the story. From not questioning one another on their methods of communication, to noticing when Lyle feels most alive and encouraging him because of that. You can just tell that XsnowshadowX is building up kill it with these character relations.​


Sun’s Trials follows the story of Khalani and immediately starts out with a fascinating explanation for SuMo’s protag moving from Kanto to Alola. And honestly, I appreciate that alot! Because it’s such a throwaway story beat in the actual games (despite being the reason you’re actually in Alola to begin with), but in the short amount i’ve read of Sun’s Trials, M1Mic is already using the plot point to its fullest potential. There are some other things I won’t spoil, but I overall just love how this comic creatively ties itself to the games and the games’ characters, and while there isn’t a ton out right now you can really sense this artist’s plan for things to come. Gotta also say i’m a sucker for found family, but i’m also weak for when biological family dynamics are done well and we’ve gotten quite a bit of that with Khalani’s story so far.


PMD: Alliance by @hipsterflamingo​

This comic starts off with a bang, and honestly it’s probably the most comic-y comic i’ve read? I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s just so comfortable utilizing, exploding and iterating on its medium - being totally unafraid of switching up styles on a moments’ notice for dramatic effect. I loved the slow build up of the protag’s personality and mannerisms visually. Before even a word is spoken. That’s skill - and something this comic does often, with there being several non-verbal purely visual stretches of story as if you’re watching a music video play out over panels.


Ahhh Jhon. I really enjoy him as a protag and the relationship (or lack there of atm) he has with the game staple kalos gang. Despite (or maybe because of) his distant nature, the most exciting aspect is the potential long running building of this found family, and all of the other characters planned to join the crew. I live for a good ensemble cast, and I can tell from the glimpses i’ve had at future pages/chapter covers that theblackbullets is going to leave me well fed. I’m not sure if this is intentional, but I also really love the fact that the art reminds me of some of those older official spin-off pokemon anime (like chronicles). Particularly in the eyes, and Jhon’s design in particular.


ILEX IS A CUTIE OKAY. Now that we’ve got that out of the way — no, actually i’m not finished just look at his messy hair and freckles and while we’re talking about him let's look at the rest of the character designs too because damn spiritoast really goes in with giving the eyes a buffet of colors and shapes. Story wise, you get a lovely grasp on the relationships introduced - with there being lots of not just clarity, but sincerity in the way characters interact. Even the bg/side characters get in on the action. Spiritoast is really building up a delightfully colorful world (at least on the surface atm), and one I can’t wait to spend more time in.


Beautiful, gorgeous colorwork and Rune the vulpix’s design is super striking/eye catching. Just one look at her and you immediately wanna know what her story is. But she isn’t the only one. Malachi the shinx is just as visually striking. As a matter of fact, the whole PMD-based world of On Borrowed Time is depicted incredibly. There’s a nice mystery unfolding about where Rune came from, as well as possibly some identity woes for the charming Malachi. And this mystery is compounded by certain aspects from the game being given a bit more…life by woo - adding a completely new layer. And as if I haven’t gone on enough about the visuals, can I just say that the two leads compliment each other so well design wise? They’re such an aesthetically pleasing pair.


This original, non-nuzlocke comic has alot of heart and a strong focus on family and how far you’ll go for them. I love the hints at something more psychologically sinister (or at the very least misguided) about the way Myu was raised to fear the world, and this makes both hers and Atticus’s decision to tackle parenthood that much sweeter - as there’s this feeling of them trying to overcome whatever cycles they’ve experienced in order to raise this child in a better world. Kiwiflame/dee came in swinging with the idea of parents not being perfect but trying their best, and I have mad respect for that. I can’t wait to see how the saga of this trio continues forward, and what new world experiences may affect the way they have to co-parent.


PMD: Hanging in the balance by @Velvetrainbow / ZEN​

HitB features one of Zen’s original pokemon designs and honestly Miku’s just plain cool looking. Gotta love the parallel between her and Haruki vs Avis and Fionn in the beginning - really showcasing not only all four of their personalities/problem solving skills (in the heat of conflict no less) but how they work as pairs as well. And I really hope the later two characters show back up again - along with any other original mon the creator has in store. The first chapter plays out like the pilot episode of a TV show, with some endearing bookending in the form of narration that really sells the feeling that this is going to be an important adventure - for both the characters involved and the readers coming along for the ride.


Zero starts us off with a look into the POV of the starters as they banter about the fate that awaits them and I love how it’s executed, as it almost effortlessly sets up several potential character trajectories (namely Sir Francis’s). It’s also nice to be introduced to our starters before we get the human characters, because it solidifies them as important characters with their own agency as well. Speaking of humans, Jet really lives up to that quirky nature and I love how zero has taken a character who by all means has the staples of the main character of this sort of tale and starts her off with a very intriguing relationship to the league. It’s going to be intriguing watching for how/if she’s able to step out of the shadow of her friend Cheren and into her own purpose.


B2 Heartgold Nuzlocke by @blackwing2​

This comic is so so effective in its implementation of verbal and visual gags without breaking the universe. Infact, it wouldn’t be far off the mark to say that that is the universe. Blackwing2’s johto bares a subtle (and oftentimes not so subtle) bit of absurdity, but it’s not without its neat worldbuilding moments - such as the reason this is a nuzlocke at all. I have to say of all the characters so far, Miss Snappy is definitely my favorite. Her comedic timing - along with the comedic timing of the work as a whole - pairs nicely with the simplistic art style. The artist is really good at repurposing the repetition of certain artistic elements into gags themselves - and there’s a real sense of intentionality behind the simplicity of the style in general. It’s also unexpectedly nice seeing a protag actually catch and rotate their mon. Brings in a nice blend of the game’s elements with this decidedly non-game canon surreal interpretation Johto.

So right from the gate I found myself adoring the use of actual game sprite work. And then I got a bit deeper and realized that Snackythesylph’s actually incredibly good at matching their own art style with the sprites and making everything feel cohesive - mainly in that harsh gameboy color palette. Storywise there are a couple switch ups here there I didn’t anticipate, but greatly appreciate. I also appreciate Amelia & King Bowser as quite the spicy duo. The pacing is brisk in the beginning, and the format of the comic makes said pacing feel just right. Poor Gold running around in the bg trying to be the MC is pretty funny, and I feel like this comic has an A+ name drop. Weird thing to mention probably, but it’s just that good.


Oh gosh…the scottish accent in the beginning is delightful, and I feel like dirtwig gets that across pretty well. The relationship between Moira and her mom is genuinely my favorite part so far, and as a whole protag Moira is just a whole mood. She’s definitely on the more…unique end of the spectrum when it comes to nuzlocke protagonists. Actually, I feel like that doesn’t really do her justice, as she’s not just something sparkly and new. She’s truly dealing with some issues I don’t see covered often from the POV of a protagonist just starting out (she kinda feels like a 2nd arc protag in that way - after the fall, if you will). Broken Sword also has a nice little mixture of the game’s front loaded lore foreshadowing with some interpersonal drama to spice things up where we would normally be waiting for the characters to begin their journey proper.


Ima’s art style feels like a crisp autumn day, and it fits lovingly with this story that places heavy emphasis on characters trying to both build relationships and keep the ones they have from crumbling like late autumn leaves. The sense of history amongst the cast is bolstered not just by hearsay or throw away lines, but also by tasteful cutaways/flashbacks. Precious and Pearl in particular have a friendship that truly feels so real, and these strong friendship pairings echo throughout the cast (i.e Chimler + Princess). I also love the premise behind why Precious is traveling in the first place, and why Pearl is able to come along with her. It’s a tenuous situation on the surface that’s only strengthened by the bond they share - but still one I’m interested in seeing face the inevitable conflicts that loom ahead…


Snow really went off with the kineticism in this art style, and it oftentimes feels like a storybook. The creature designs on the pokemon are also incredible, without losing that expressiveness and recognizability that ties them all at once to the original creatures and to the humans of the world snow has created. This comic also does an amazing job of hitting the ground running with the relationships of its characters. From the moment protag Archie wakes up and speaks to his mom, to the moment they receive the pokemon that would kick off their journey, Sona-locke is intent on immersing you in their fast paced and familiar familial lifestyle and honestly i’m all here for the ride this colorful cast decides to take me on.

Phew.... that said, for all the artists featured here, you can find a higher quality version of all your artwork on my deviantart!

no promo limit was a mistake, look what you've done
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Touch my hand it feels like snot!
It's MY TURN NOW! (Idk how this site works bare with me if the display looks HIDEOUS!)

(also I'm adding a small note that just because I haven't added somebody doesn't mean I don't like the comic it's mostly because
1. have not read it yet
2. read it but it's on hiatus
3. only started reading like a week ago so I can't give it my full thoughts about it
This is a list of the comics I read and UP-TO-DATE!
please don't feel bad...)

Really insane dude. It's like one of those domino youtube videos, you push one down then the entire building comes crumbling down. THAT'S THIS STORY it starts off normal then by the end you're thinking "HUH? how did we reach this level?"
I love the way the story just opens up the more you read it plus it's got humor and I like humor plus the main character is a menace to society using bombs of mass distraction. 10/10

Autumn in Sinnoh-Nessi
Extremely cute art style it's like I'm reading one of those storytime books with the many pictures!
This comic really shines with the characters, each is written with such care and passion.
The characters are not perfect they make mistakes and goof up BUT THATS WHY IT's SO GOOD they act like humans would act in certain situations!
How would you act if you were let's say been "backstabbed" by a lifelong friend? That's what I thought...
Oh, yea and it's a double-edged sword you get the sweet happy times but on the other sides LOTS OF PAIN. 10/10

A Fateful Nuzlocke-ponibutts
This comic delivers the best pokemon fights I have seen in a long time! This is how in all honesty pokemon battles would look like if they were "heh" real.
EXTREMELY BRUTAL(just like I like it)
Great organic rivalry.
And at least for me, I like seeing pokemon go off and being more independent of their trainer because it creates moments of WHAT AM I WORTH TO THE OTHER GUY. 10/10

First of all, I gotta talk about THE art. I have seen many MANY cartoons over my (very) old existence and i saw NOTHING like this art style it's 100% unique. A lot of comic makers draw their comics with the ideas and models of their favorite media NOT THIS ONE not even close it could only been born by trial and error and a consent stream of creativity to come up with something THIS ORIGINAL!
Characters are very cute I love each and everyone they are so round and shiny and squishy!
Especially the little blue Marshtomp. ADORABLE I was 5 of these.
What I also like is that this comic is lighthearted, NOT EVERYTHING needs to be this grand epic adventure sometimes its enough to just be about a group of outcasts and their place in this cruel awful dirty world.

My man is not in this site here so i gotta give him a shoutout 🤝
Cute arstyle! yea
lovable characters! yea
The best snivy i ever seen in my entire life! YES YES YES!

I don't like ehh "shilling" so il just put make it quick:
Heres my comic: THE NATEVENTURE


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this pokemon can be found encouraging plant growth in other people's gardens, but can be territorial about the resulting blooms
oh yeah, it's all coming together: some have already been promo'd but i'd have regrets if i cut out the stuff just cause someone else also thought it was damn awesome

do you like stuff? because this is stuff. the mc is cute, the dynamics between the mc Delilah, Hau, and Lillie is fun and feels really at ease. I think LintuLady is having a great time and you can really feel it. i love these kids, i love Coconut the rowlet (so round...). fun recent detail: the recent fight against skull grunts showed off some grunt pokemon in skull uniforms​

i love mysteries, i love drama, i love team rocket being really violent actually even if it GIVES ME A HEART ATTACK SOMETIMES. but yeah. all the characters in here i adore, and it's just a really fun romp. with increasing stakes! god the increasing stakes...​

PMD: RANGERS OF SKY (posted) BY @solaris127h
this beautiful b&w comic by creation duo sol and grey has actually left me speechless. i'm having a hard time puttin together enough words to explain why you should give this a go. it's a mystery, the worldbuilding is original and there's a sinister backdrop to the more familiar energy of a typical pre-calamity pmd world. please give this a shot, i'm begging you. do yourself a favor.​

do you like kanto? do you like goofy kids? do you like a gentle narrative? now is a PERFECT time to get on board kurukkoo if you aren't already. i can't wait to see what happens when the gooball kids meet rocket​

i feel like we don't have enough older protagonists in nuzlocke media, and The Adventures of Mum! really does scratch that itch super well. i love this. i love how the child protagonist's pokemon is a non-battling (so far) addition to mum's team, and i can't wait to see her beat leon's face in!!!!!!!!!!​

BLANK BY @jaeb_dub
after an encounter with mesprit, the protagonist of blank has been left without emotions. however, her rival/best friend jun has the characteristic exuberance of the gameplay character, and he has enough excitement about him for the both of them. in a world where the lake spirits are much more active in the world than in d/p, how is this gonna affect the story. i want to know, i want to know so bad​

this was one of the first nuzlockes i ever read, back when i first got into the community. it's still going strong after all these years and it keeps getting better and better. i love this and i hope yall take a look and love it too​

the follow up to myths of unova, episode grey is super cool. we get to see where the heroes of the comic ended up, and see how the impending kyurem event impacts this world. i am super pumped to see how things evolve​

i adore unova nuzlockes more than probably anything else, and this is a GREAT ONE. it's in the middle of ramping up to the climax of the game! now is a perfect time to get in on a comic which balances the gravity of the game with light-hearted fun.​

it's ordinary (it's not), it's hilarious (true), it's got a christmas special (also true!), it's got emotional drama, it's fun for the whole family. i think this run has something most dont, and i'm not just talking about e-girl winona and her simps​

goofy and cute and fun, this nuzlocke doesn't shy away from taking artistic liberties and going full chaotic awesome. im talking splices, universe hopping baddies, blue-green the character. it's really fun and you should be reading it​

this is complete now, so you can get the full binge experience, and it is 100% worth it. i promise it's worth it. i promise. please check this out​

the lastest in a series revisiting pokemon and the media surrounding it at the time it came out. it's at times witty, sometimes it pokes fun at the narrative in the game, but oftentimes it's a great reason for us all to come together and talk about pokemon. how it makes us feel, our favorite types. join us​

oh boy, do i have something to say about The Monstrosity. And that something is that this is really incredible. This melds several different rule-sets (Lorelocke, Nature-locke, Doc-locke) into something really intense. Running this is not for the faint of heart, but reading it? Anyone can, and everyone should.​

advanced lorelocke, a must-read for anyone interested in the application of a lorelocke, especially the harder version of it. seeing this done has made me even more interested in applying lore rules to a future nuzlocke, and seeing how the rules butt up against each other in interesting and unexpected ways is really really entertaining​

i never did finish conquest myself, so this extremely thorough let's play of that game has been many things. entertaining, educational, extremely satisfying to watch that completion rate climb and climb. if you ever thought about playing conquest but didn't, or even if you did, please check this out​

so this is a lovely trek through the series, using only poison and electric type pokemon. right now we're in the last leg: galar. we're aiming for the hat trick: EIGHT GENS OF GOLBAT/CROBAT, YEAHH, we're gonna make it all the way yall. fuck yes. fuck yes.​

the 3rd installment in a series (WHICH YOU CAN READ WITHOUT THE OTHERS) involving our hero on her eternal quest to one-up looker and the international police after a slight in the platinum entry. she is going to be better than looker, and she will be recognized for her deeds, and she WILL NOT STOP. it's really fun please check it out​

this extremely new run features a hack where all the pokemon are fused together!! it also has a ridiculously high shiny rating, rending the use of a shiny clause way, way too broken. please check out this wild ride​

this short little nuzlocke is smartly paced and neatly led by the eevee from let's go. as a trainerless nuzlocke in a story where people cannot understand pokemon, there's a nice little thread of tension that comes with being surrounded by people who you can't speak with. the emotional core of the story really is about Ven (the eevee) and his search for his missing trainer, and the payoff does NOT disappoint​

Orre is a sandblasted land of lawlessness and despair, and that's not even counting the mounting threat of shadow pokemon and the cipher. Dee's got this masterpiece that slithers amongst the dark places in the narrative but never relinquishes the light of hope. the emotional struggles between good and evil and the misguided and cruel...it sucks you in and it doesn't let you go. i don't want it to let me go. please read this​

i gotta say that reading this has been a damn pleasure. the world is sweeping and vibrant with a pervasive spirituality. you believe because tamaya believes. you believe because the people believe. because god is real and angry, and alola is a battleground haunted by children and ptsd riddled soldiers. the story is striking and violent and so, so good​

another great work, this one is narrated from the perspective of a fennekin/braixen/delphox in the distant past of Kalos. it is short, bittersweet, and thrilling the whole way through. all without any names, too. it's fantastic​


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While there are a number of excellent comic runs on this site that I follow, I'm going to use this opportunity to give some love to Written and Screenshot runs, since so many other people have done such a thorough job of promoting comics! (Plus, I did want to get this up before the deadline.)

The Hippocratic Oath, by @Spectacles : You may know Spectacles as the person who makes insanely complicated rulesets and then uses them in great entertaining runs, and she’s done it again, this time with two rulesets—one that uses a Pokémon’s in-game nature to add certain extra rules, and one that imposes medical conditions on each Pokémon, which the trainer has to deal with. This run, though, is presented entirely in story form, so we’re sucked into the trials of Comet, a well-meaning but somewhat reckless young man who struggles to deal with his new responsibilities of working as a clinician. The characters are well-defined and you find yourself rooting for Comet, not just to succeed, but maybe to grow, too.

I Can Break These Cuffs, by @Uberle : Uberle’s imagination gives us a treat in this run, largely in the form of its protagonist, Freak, a Being (capital B) with mysterious powers who takes on the Kalos League in a gijinka setting. He’s suspected of murder, so his actions are largely restricted, but he makes sure that if he suffers, he’s going to be delightfully snarky while doing so. There are also interesting points concerning past events that have been introduced, adding to the story’s intrigue as well as entertainment value.

Showstoppers, by @llyarden : Another Kalos gijinka story, Showstoppers follows two trainers, Kantonian emigrant Eurwen and Kalosian native Julian, as they compete in the televised, highly-sensational League challenge. There are a ton of fun aspects to this competition that llyarden has thought up, and the characters range from fun to mysterious. You’ll be hooked on following their adventures!

Ignoble Idolatry, by @SayleeK : This story is SayleeK’s way of going all out to show her proud Scottish identity. It’s a storylocke of Shield, but instead of taking place in the Galar region, it takes place in the Alba region, based off Scotland, with Scottish town names and even dialogue in Scots, a language of its own (though still, I find, very comprehensible to English speakers). The main character is spirited without being stereotypical, and it’s a treat to follow her journey as she interacts with her friends, her Pokémon, and even her Rotom phone.

All Our Futures, by @SayleeK : Another story by SayleeK, this one is much shorter, but boy, does it still pack a punch. Based on a gift-only run of Y, its characters aren’t too extensive, but they nevertheless play very well into the story, narrated entirely through the eyes of the starter. And as the story goes along, it becomes clear that this isn’t your traditional Pokémon tale. Not at all—which winds up being greatly to its credit.

The World Torn Asunder, by @TheTRUEgge : This is another short story that still manages to make an impact. It’s a Soul Link between TheTRUEgge and novamallow, turned into a story with the premise that reality has been fractured in two, and our dual protagonists are searching for a way to return things to normal. It does start out with a more bare bones summary of the story up to a certain point, but it quickly expands into a lot more detail that adds significant weight to the characters and occurrences.

The Quiet Dark, by @Erberor : Here we have something different, a fantasy story that doesn’t reference Pokémon explicitly. Instead, it takes place in a version of Sinnoh where one group of creatures, the Moontouched (defined in-game as Pokémon with a connection to night, such as Dark/Ghost types, Pokémon that evolve with a Moon Stone, and nocturnal Pokémon) are being hunted by the aggressive Sunblessed. Our protagonists are Moontouched on the run, so their story is one of survival and friendship…and also loss, because did I mention that this is based on a Nuzlocke of Renegade Platinum, a notoriously difficult hack?

An Arduous, Atoning, and Amazing Adventure, by QuietGuardian: Self promo time! This is the story of Adam Blakely, a seventeen-year-old from New Bark Town who is sent across the Johto region to capture Pokémon as penance for thieving from Professor Elm. He records his adventures in a journal, which most of the story consists of, and which gives him plenty of opportunities to add sarcastic commentary to events as he tries to raise Pokémon while rotating teams based on the alphabet. The journey isn’t an easy one (as the title indicates), but it could still be the best thing Adam’s ever done.

Dimming Diamond, by @RubyClaw : After a bit of a break, RubyClaw is back with another exciting blind run, focusing, as the title suggests, on Brilliant Diamond. But that’s not all he’s doing: he also uses this opportunity to show off more of his amazing Lorelocke ruleset, in which all Pokémon are assigned a rule related to lore around their concept inspiration. Furthermore, he’s added certain conditions to make it even more of a challenge, so you’ll want to see how this goes!

The Monstrosity, by @Spectacles : And here we have another Brilliant Diamond Lorelocke, but because it’s by Spectacles, she’s also thrown in both rulesets from The Hippocratic Oath, making keeping track of everything probably just as hard as playing the actual challenge. Speaking of The Hippocratic Oath, though, this run does form a nice contrast with it, focusing entirely on gameplay rather than story so the readers can appreciate how all these rules factor into the game.

Back to the Beginning, by @Lumaeus : Though it hasn't been updated in a while, I’d always recommend reading through Back to the Beginning. Lumaeus works with the screenshot medium in unexpected ways, turning what you might expect to be a vanilla Fire Red run into something that’s very much not. Plus, the concept behind the setup of the run is quite intriguing.

Fossil Fighters, but it's a Nuzlocke, by @TheTRUEgge : Sure, it’s not a Pokémon game, but it’s a game about reviving dinosaurs and using them to fight other dinosaurs! What’s not to like? Plus, the mechanics behind the game are similar enough that TheTRUEgge was able to adapt Nuzlocke rules to fit this playthrough. The story ranges from charming to straight-up bonkers, and combined with well-done commentary, this is certainly a fun ride!

I’ll also reference the two features I wrote earlier this year, for @pikafan96 's Ashes of Glory and @greenbeanbottle 's Emerald Sixlocke. Both are worth checking out—the Sixlocke is still going full steam ahead, and Ashes of Glory even has a sequel, City of Stars, that promises to be potentially even more of a wild ride than its predecessor.


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It simply will not shut up. If you are so unfortunate to get caught in its blabbering, god speed.


Nemini Crede by @Hana
I could talk all day about how much I love Hana’s character designs! They all feel very distinct, representative of the character’s personality, and not to mention stylish. The dialogue in this comic also feels very genuine, as if the characters were real teenagers just chatting. Lila, the starter, is really fun to see with her high energy! Hana is currently in the process of rebooting the prologue, and seeing the difference in her art is really cool! I’m so excited to see more of this comic, definitely check it out!


What the Water Gave Me by @effsnares
I actually only found this one through the promos, and I was instantly hooked! Lovely art, great pokemon design, and I enjoy the protagonist a lot! When I read all that was out I was like “wow, better mark my calendar for the next update!” Truly a great comic.


simple. by @sealclown
This comic has the cutest artstyle and really fantastic use of color. Every time I look at simple I can't help but smile, the vibes are simply immaculate. It’s also a mono-type run, only normal type pokemon! Super interested to see where Wuby’s adventure takes them and their team!


Rising Sun by @Piglings
Rising Sun has great humor. The pokemon on this team are major highlights, each has a distinct personality. A run where the trainer and her team don’t always see eye to eye excites me, I LOVE drama. Follow trainer Luna as she takes on the island challenge, and (hopefully) learns how to be nice to her pokemon! It’s also great to see more Alola runs in general!


Relic Radiation by @critterlingz
Every time Relic Radiation updates I get a rush of adrenaline. This comic makes me sort of crazy, I want to analyze every panel and try to uncover the mysteries within! If you want to see a mysterious horror-esque comic with great energies and art, check out RR!


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the void, probably
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Pokédex Entry
Pretty sure it doesn't exist
Unfortunate timing i am in a mad rush for some deadlines rn so sadly I cant write as much as i wanted to BUT i really wanna at least do a few promos for the comics that I think popped off in 2021! Ive divided them into ones I’m already familiar with and ones that ive read recently so check these out if you havent already!!
also im very sorry i was rushing so most of these dont make any sense

Leftovers by @Pcaara
*autotuned baby crying* I LOVE LEFTOVERS!! *EATS IT* ok so technically this comic has been around for ages but I was a fool and only binged it now. WHAT THE HELL WAS I DOING WITH MY LIFE BEFORE THIS. this comic just. HAS A WAY of making the characters all interact in such a natural and real way and it is just a fresh of breath air in terms of story and concept!!! i would die for every character in this comic! I love them all too much! Oh my gosh! Not to mention the GORGEOUS art style that makes me weep. Please read this one, maybe even record yourself live reacting to it……. 👀

Eclipsed by @LintuLady
WOOO YEAH BABY THATS WHAT IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!! *GRABS COCONUT LIKE A FOOTBALL* wow oops my bias is showing!! But PLEASSE READ ECLIPSE not only does it have such a lovely and charming art style and direction so far, but the way Lintu has changed up the lore and in game events of sun and moon is just poggers i think. Also theres a Rowlet so like 10/10 nuzlocke duh

Sona-locke by @Snow Studios
SONA-LOCKE IS SO CHARMING AND ENDEARING IT TOOK MY FAMILY AWAY! PLEASE READ it may still be at its early stages but the start of the comic is already SO unique and different from any nuzlocke I’ve read- also the POKEMON DESIGNS YALL. THEYRE SO GOOD please check it out I’m in LOVE

What the water gave me by @effsnares
OK ive been a huge fan of eff‘s previous nuzlocke comic so I was VERY excited when this one came out and UGHGH IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!! Once again i am crying over the art and making a puddle. Eff is amazing with their storytelling, dialogue, and the way they use coloured panels sparingly makes every moment with them pop its so freaking good <33

Broken Sword by @Dirtwig-Draws
Broken sword teleported behind me and said “nothing personnel kid” and kicked me in the ass with its really intriguing story and characters like bruh moment. I was NOT expecting to be so hooked and caught up in Moira’s journey but I really freaking love it. It also deviates a fair bit from the Sword/shield storyline and I love its focus on Marnie and Moira’s relationship GO CHECK IT OUT

Finding balance by @ima
OOOOEEEGGGOOO THIS COMIC IS JUST. SO CHARMING IN ITS OWN WORRYING YET BEAUTIFUL WAY. Reading this was a mix of “omg i love Pearl and Precious’ dynamic so much” to my ass clenching up cos drama has entered the ring. ITS REALLY well written and so much mystery going on in the story (which is of course my favourite flavour) not to mention the skin cleansing art. Go go GO

Pokemon Royal by @TheLastUnicornInOz
POKEMON ROYAL IS SUCH A PRETTY NUZLOCKE WHAT THE HELL THE ART IS SO UNIQUE AND COOl and if that alone doesn’t sell you then the characters WILL the interactions between all these really fun characters is just wonderful to see and the way the story deviates from the sword/shield plot line is just so cool and refreshing to see <33

Sinners of Sinnoh by @satanicswirlix
just shush. Close your eyes i wanna talk about this so shut the up i dont care if its animated and not out yet. You cant stop me because I cant read!
Ok but i am hyped as hell for this nuzlocke to be out. Its not often you see a fully animated AND voice acted nuzlocke and every scene and shot ive had the pleasure of seeing has just been making me more excited to see this thing in full! So yea this was SoS propaganda

Adventures of Naljo by @Kit_The_Feef
OK IMMA BE REAL if the nuzlocke takes place in a game I haven’t played my retinas get glued to the screen. THATS A ME when reading Adventures of Naljo, the set up is already very intriguing and it throws you right into it! It’s HELLA interesting so far with the protagonist’s predicament and youll wanna find out more!
Flame of Mystery by @Anike469
NOT THE BEES so I think Flame of Mystery is absolutely a hidden gem and I wanted to put it here at the top!! please read Flame of mystery its super unique and something special, not just with the art style which is SO recognisable with its black and white + red accent aesthetic but also the whole mystery around the comic is just so intriguing and a treat to read! Also Tero is there i mean come on what more could you want

Genesis by @DasUnicorm
no comic has made me feel such visceral emotional pain as Genesis does im not joking im so freaking invested in this comic its not even funny. LIKE... THE CHARACTERS ARE SO GOOD AND EVERY TIME I READ A NEW PAGE I FEEL LIKE WITTLING DOWN A TREE WITH MY TEETH FROM THE EMOTIONAL PAIN but the comic isnt even all that dark tonally, its inSANE how much it gets you to root for the main characters, I cannot. YOURE TEARING ME APART DAS. i just want them all to be happy so bad im reeling please check it out its an amazing comic

Step by Step by Step by @Tailsimp
The title is me approaching you in a dark alleyway and showing you this comic to read. SbSbS is just *chefs kiss* SO good and the characters are just everything I cRY. The beginning of the comic will hook you and will keep you reading cos hot damn its so good.

A Knight’s Gale by @FoxRodDraws
*grabs you by the neck and shakes you around like Bart Simpson* LOOK AT IT!!! LOOK AT IT!! MY BABY!! it may be early game but do yourself a solid and check out AKG, its got some of the cleanest art I’ve seen in a nuzlocke I could water my crops with it. Not to mention Alora’s pokemon designs are just next level and it’s SO exciting to see. Pls read I’m on my knees

When little Emma ran away by @Neowth
Ok I LOVE THIS CLASSIC THE art style is so freaking unique and colourful and gorgeous- the humour is fantastic I LOVE EMMA the team is so fun to see interacting and MANNN SO MUCH POG STUFF IN HERE just go check it out its a very unique Sinnoh nuzlocke

Burning Sky by @Neowth
Ok so this one is also by Neowth and I have a soft spot for it. Mostly because it was a big inspiration for me as a kid and when starting my own nuzlocke and its INSANE how far its come and youll have to do the blinking meme when you see the omega upgrade on the art over the years. Its a very unique story and it has a load of my mystery to go with it. If you like Neowth’s work I suggest you check this one out too!

Soul brothers by @GECKO
*chuckles I’m in danger* in comic form, soul brothers has some of the most loveable charming characters and I am so invested yall!!! (big mistake) I highly HIGHLY recommend you check out this comic if you haven’t already. I think especially in 2021 this one seriously popped off and things are getting super interesting so its the perfect time to join in the fun* train!
*fun might include pain as a side dish

By the sword @SnakeEyesDraws
Shout out to by the sword, gotta be one of my favourite genders 🙏 in all seriousness though, BRUH i love this comic so much. The characters and art are so charming and its one of those dangerous comics where the team is so well written you refuse to believe anyone can die in this nuzlocke and if anyone does i think it’ll cause a natural disaster within all the readers. Please do yourself a favour and read this if you havent already

Deadly syns by @SysterSyn
Not to be confused with TwistedEerie Penumbra, hella yeah this ones a classic and SURELY you’ve read it already. Not to mention the consistent as hell beautiful art style which i would’ve sacrificed a limb for to get. Things are really heating up in Deadly Syns rn so if u wanna get stabbed in the ass this is the perfect chance for you!

Autumn in Sinnoh by @Nessi
OOOOOUGHGHG THIS COMIC *SHAKING* SO POGGERS BRO. My weak spot is great humour, intriguing story and mystery and well written charming characters and this comic ticks it all. Like i love this comic sm and 2021 made me glue my retinas to the screen for this. i hope you do too

First Summer by @Krisantyne
If you havent read this already *gets on my knees* please……. Read it…. *coughs out dust* what the hell bro youre missing OUT this one is an all time classic. I just love and adore the characters, the story and THE ART… my gosh Kris has a way of making eye candy pages that feel like an oasis in a desert it’s SO good. Please check it out, the air youre breathing right now? Yeah. First summer made that. You have First Summer to thank for that. (For legal reasons no i dont think First summer produces air but its that high quality so take my word for it)

Dear Sergio by @feraligatr
Hippity hoppity get Dear Sergio on your property but ok fr Dear Sergio shows that maybE STARTING A POKEMON JOURNEY WASNT AS EASY AS YOU THOUGHT…. Especially with external and internal pressures as well as past mistakes. It’s VERY interesting so far and also the art style is so consistent I’m so freaking envious. If only i had the capacity like Feral to sit the hell down and draw consistently 😔 GO CHECK IT OUT!!

Wanted! by @YumeTsuki
You think youre safe? *beats you to death with Wanted! The nuzlocke comic* Wanted is such a COOL and unique nuzlocke not only from concept but also execution so far! As an infant who has no freaking idea about Colosseum its super cool to see such a new world (at least to me) that is unlike any other region and Yume makes it her own! Constant tension and action this nuzlocke is about to set ur toes on fire and force you to dance

Sunlocke by @TheTRUEgge
And to finish it off, another ALOLAN HOMIE WE OUT HERE!!! This comic has been SO EVENTFUL IN 2021 ((SWEATING)) ill let you find out if that was from joy or pain, I love the way this story’s going so far and I just adore and Ann and the team and all their interactions, it just all feels like a big family (drama included of course) and its wonderful PLES CHECK IT OUT

If i wasnt able to get to you on the list I apologise! I know there’s a lot of comics I still haven’t caught up on/read yet and I’m hoping to get to reading those this year <3
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A Universally Under-Rested University Imp
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 15, 2019
A Literal Desert
Pokémon Type
  1. Electric
  2. Psychic
Pokédex Entry
Tailsimp: The Impish Pokemon. Despite being quiet and reserved, this pokemon is usually very happy to talk and is always excited to help out!
🎉 Promo Time Promo Time Promo Time 🎉
Despite my excitement I had to keep myself to 5 promos this year or else I would die on this thread before finishing afhdskjahfdkjsfsjhf
RMNI is a fantastic nuzcomic with one of the most fantastic unova trios I've ever had the pleasure of seeing! From their inside jokes, to their fights, to their support of one another- it's clear from every angle that this is 3 good friends traveling and growing together. And it's a dang good thing they have each other, cause it's already clear that this journey will not be as easy as they first think it is. This comic has a fantastic main character, varied and strong supporting cast, and an N that is already incredibly interesting to see- and it's all wrapped up with an artstyle that knows just how to hit you directly in the feels. So be sure to check it out if you haven't already!

Honestly it feels like this banner should be reason enough for you to check out Penumbra, but in case it's not then let me explain the other reasons you should already be reading it. One of the few OG SuMo lockes still updating, Penumbra has an intriguing premise and a main character that is super bully-able put to good use exploring it. Pair that up with a really strong cast and the stakes are high because every loss is set up to hit hard. All this on top of Eerie's fantastic artstyle that delivers unique, interesting, and stunning moments that will stick with you long after you've read it. The latest arc in particular is a visual delight, so if you haven't yet, be sure to check out this comic and find out why it is that doctors (and eerie) hate him so much.

Following in the footsteps of the amazing Pokemon Yellow Nostalgia-Locke comes the ask-blog/comic hybrid, PEA Shorts! The titular characters, Pulse, Eve, and Arcadia are the stars of the show as they answer your questions, commit legendary hijinks, and just generally be an adorable family unit of 2 lesbian moms and their super powerful now-in-charge-of-the-universe mewtwo daughter. And don't be fooled by the ask blog format- not only do the characters answer your questions and interact based on it, but Lyra is still adding fully rendered comics in based on events going on in the character's lives, which changes the status quo as things go on! Chalk full of the humor that Lyra is known for, the adventures and interactions in PEA shouldn't be missed!

Look, I know what you're all thinking right now: "Tails are you just recommending this comic because of your eevee bias" and honestly how dare you- Just cause Kris draws the most fantastically fluffy eevee doesn't mean it's the only reason I'm recommending it! For real tho- First Summer is a wonderful read. Starting off strong with an main character on a mission, this nuzcomic quickly finds itself with a loveable cast of characters that you'll love to see interact and grow and also be terrified to lose. On top of this, the world of this comic is gorgeously rendered by Krisantyne, as she designs every area fantastically- especially the unique towns found across the region. This comic wasn't on the forums for the longest time, so if you managed to miss it, be sure to check it out asap!

Okay now it's time for me to make sure you all take a moment to check out a true underappreciated gem here on the forums. HoH is rebooted comic from the one and only Lyra that is going on 10 years now, and is full of the humor, heart, and fantastic action that she's know for. Following a fun cast of characters as they travel across hoenn, this comic somehow manages the more depth of characters known in modern Nuzcomics, while also keeping a much faster pace story-telling pace more reminiscent of classic nuzcomics- all while looking fantastic~! How does Lyra manage to do that? Guess you'll just have to give it a read to find out~


oh no
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Aug 10, 2019
A Jar of Olives
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
Pokédex Entry
This Pokémon clings to Sharpedo and shares in its prosperity. When its Sharpedo is attacked, Krisantyne will fight alongside it!

hi i bring mediocre words and pretty pictures


The Long Way I & The Long Way II by @Alex_Nidas

Stories don't end. They just begin again.

Leo is your regular guy from our world getting isekai'd into the Pokémon world, and as he believes it's just a game at first, he's a real bastard about it. But even while the true nature of the world and the reason for him being there remain a mystery, he soon realizes that the creatures in it are very real, it's nice to be friends with them, and it really sucks when they die gruesomely.

The Long Way is refreshinlgy fast paced (the story goes through several regions, and the pacing makes me believe that it can all be completed and I'm very excited), full of amazing jokes, and the development of the art is absolutely delicious. It wouldn't be a promo post from me without me drooling over some characters, and this time it's the boys' turn. Leo sure has gotten in shape since he stopped being a couch potato........ 👀

BuzzFeed list of the ways Leo gets from region to region: Number 1 will SHOCK you! NOT CLICKBAIT!!!



Nemini Crede by @Hana

trust nobody

Sinnoh is famous for being the coldest region, right? So what if you took the aesthetic of the snowy areas that sadly still come as late in the game as in any other region and applied it right at the start? \(*T▽T*)/ I'm absolutely enamoured with the vibe of this journey starting in winter, at a Twinleaf Town covered in a soft, glistening blanket of snow. Both the environments and the more abstract parts in this comic look absolutely gorgeous, glittery and glowy! It just evokes all the memories throughout my life of seeing the world covered in snow and feeling a sense of wonder.
And we didn't even get started on the characters yet! Look at Hana, the protagonist - she's so pretty and she has a freaking holographic backpack! All the characters introduced so far have amazing fashion, and seeing that this is a Gijinka comic, there will be SO many more designs to look forward to~

Nemini Crede has been around for a long time and it's one of these projects that makes me go eyezoom emoji whenever there's a new bit of it. Everyone must come look and give it all the eyezooms emojis it deserves, I am no longer asking! (๑و•̀ω•́)و



Champion's Mercy by @spacesriot

After moving back to Alola, Axel Barnes is determined to complete the island challenge and go on his own journey-- but his past in the region haunts him.

Alola is ruled by a terrible Champion (who the protag may have an especially terrible history with), gods are getting struck to Earth, and the whole world might be ending. Which would be a real shame, since it is full of good things. The characters are so sweet and lovely and they're having a great time travelling and battling and hanging out together! (Except for the obnoxious fish man maybe, but that just means he has a lot of room for character development!) (Ever wondered what it would be like to have a sleepover with a god? Read this comic and wonder no more!) Attached is a picture of Axel and Jasper holding hands for the first time of many, a very important continuous source of serotonin. I love their friendship so much! ;v;

The art style is so so good with the pastel colors and everyone looking adorable, especially when they're smiling, and the Gijinkas have such a variety of cool styles in their fashion. The dream (and/or otherwordly?) sequences deserve a special mention here for being strikingly different and unsettling. Also! There are Pokémon in this world, too - we can have it all!



Step by Step by Step by @Tailsimp

Time heals all wounds, or so they say. But scars run deep. When the past seems to offer nothing but hurt, how can you move forward?

Alma is the most determined protag of all times, she's gonna get the stolen Totodile back even if she has to chase the thief across the whole region! She's not gonna rest, let alone take a moment to enjoy the journey, no way!
...You can probably guess that this extreme mindset might be related to some past trauma, and once you begin to imagine what might have happened, you'll really be rooting for Alma to heal from it. You know, the prologue may be a little edgy, with the whole drowning in an ocean of blood and all, but it just works because it's so genuine, in the "I can hear a little Gregorian chant in my head while reading this" kind of way.

As Alma starts her journey, she doesn't set off with just her Cyndaquil. I was surprised and absolutely delighted to see that she gets a travelling companion - Kim, another trainer with a freaking Miltank! And Chikorita is coming along, too! I'm sure all these friends will help keep Alma grounded.
Clearly Tails has found the secret fountain of brilliant ideas for things to put in one's comic, and she's scooping them with both hands. uwu Seriously, there's so much going on already, I'm buzzing with excitement for all the details of this world we'll get to experience over the course of the story!

And look at the art development over this comic's few short years so far! The current style is so neat and colorful and the clean lines are radiating power! So so good!!



Bright Souls by @SnackyTheSylph

A bored 20-something goes on a Pokemon adventure and gets in over her head.

Speaking of stolen Totodiles, this one is doing great!
As a chronic toucher of things that don't belong to her, Amelia acquires Bowser the Totodile (illegally) and a fragment of Ho-Oh's soul (not sure how the legal situation is on that), setting her up for an adventure that's wilder than planned.

This comic has the most unique lore behind Pokémon being able to die that I've ever seen, and as a bit of solace for them (and for the reader!), it comes with the upside of giving them extra cool powers.
Another thing I love is the spotlight on some rarely seen Pokémon, namely Dunsparce and Sunflora. They're both real menaces.

The art has a charming retro MS Paint aesthetic, a stylistic choice that makes it really stand out and that is not limiting at all. It gets better and better, and there's even an animated bit on the latest page. And as you can see in the excerpts attached, the humor is impeccable! 😌




Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Sep 5, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Grass
  2. Ghost
Alright. I procastinated on this hard and will probably forget someone that would absolutely deserve a promo too but let's do this!

The Nateventure by @NOOLMAN
Alright let's start with this Gem. You wanna cry and despair while reading a Nuzlocke? No? Rather have a jolly good time full of wacky adorable Characters that catapult you back to the time you woke up saturday morning to sneak to the TV and catch your favourite cartoons? Well then this is your Comic! Honestly even as someone who this description doesn't fit to and I was a little sceptic going into this I have to admit. I totally fell in love with the Characters, Nate especially

Pokemon Royal by @TheLastUnicornInOz
I love this Comic. I really really do! The Coloring is wonderful, the Characters are so interesting (all of them!) and it handles something better thanany other comic I have seen so far: Struggling with a medical condition. You just feel for Sara the Protag who is still so incredible brave and snarky despite having an exceptional hard start to her journey. Add a good handful of original characters that replace and or expand the games cast to a unique degree and you have Pokemon Royal!

BrightSouls by @SnackyTheSylph
The Worldbuilding in this Man the worldbuilding! Just Chefskiss 👌 I can guarantee you will never have seen anything like it, that it will expand the Pokemon universe into this vast fantastical place where aynthing is possible but at the same time it makes absolutely sense with the existing lore which blows my mind. It also appreciates not that often used mons and is full of very good humor so just a damn good journey all around

SoulBrothers by @GECKO
You know what you did Gecko. You know what you did....
I know exactly for what category I wanna nominate this comic for this year but I also wanna make sure other people experience this hurtful masterpiece. If you think this means that it's a grimmdark comic you are mistaken. It's incredible wholesome and warm and gives you this fuzzy feeling in the heart while reading it that just makes you fall in love with the characters so much.... and then it rips your heart out. 10/10 would cry about it again

Severance by @Winterspheonix
Now this is a grimmdark Comic! But with fantastic worldbuilding based on a insane ruleset that you will never have seen anywhere before. It's also a randomizer which I'm usually not that much of a fan but this comic somehow manages to make it work. Every Page has so much Love poured into it and the battle scenes are so feral and hype you just automatically start cheering for Tala to split up Roarks head with a pickaxe

The Long Way by @Alex_Nidas
The Improvemeeeeent! Both art wise and Charactergrowth wise! I would also say story wise but the way it's going has been planned from the very beginning. It is indeed a very long way because we are talking about a multiple region run ladys and gentleman all connected within an grande fourth wall breaking story full of plot twists and surprises. It recently finished the Kanto part of it so you can follow Leos full journey to become champ, lose that and a lot more and is now in johto with such a charming Team already. I honestly can't wait to see more of it and hope you will give it a chance too

Penumbra by @TwistedEerie
Do I even have to promote this? If you haven't read it already what the Hell are you doing??? Change your life now!
So I'm gonna direct this towards Eerie directly: Dude your Comic is amazing. The art is such a gigantic inspiration and your knack for mysterys is on a whole other level. Krane is such a wonderful complicated character but he's not even the only one. Gylfie, Mohn, Daisy, Ken I just love them all so much and it often feels like the true battles of this comic are the battles of ideologies that clash together. Your dialogue and characterization is always so on point I just GAWD love it so damn much

When Little Emma ran away by @Neowth
This comic has what I would say the ideal art style. Especially the Backgrounds are so incredible and with each new page the use of color, depth an details makes me so motivated to work on my own art. Teach me Neowth sensei The Character Design is also so so endearing. It's cartoony enought to make even random NPCs stand out from the Mass but also not too cartoony to still make it all blend in and work together. Also I adore Emma with my whole heart. Her and her criminal tendencys are such a joy to watch.

Deadly Syns by @SysterSyn
Another one of these "How could you not know about this???" Comics but I just wanna say:
Dude I love your comic, I love your art and expressions. Can't wait to see what the hell is going on with Syn and how many good pokes and humans probably will have lost their life at the end. This comic might end this year and I can tell you I will be both immensly proud to see it's finished and also have a deadly syn shaped hole in my heart when it won't update anymore. I hope as many people as possible will be there to see you end this in glory

A fateful Nuzlocke by @ponibutts
This just started and is already so full of mysteries and god awful parents. Amaretto the Bulbasaur is precious, Stormy the Pikachu is a little shit but the kind I adore with my whole heart and poor poor Ollie deserves a happy life. I can't wait for more of this comic and greatly recommend everyone to give it a try. You won't regret it

I'm gonna end this here but please please please make sure to check out what other people recommended already. There are just way too many fantastic comics for my empty brain to describe but I know that others with a fantastic taste already got my back and made sure they weren't forgotten. I wish everyone a happy Ganza and good luck with the Noms, everyone here deserves it and it's so nice to see everyone come together once again <3


Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Nov 14, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Dark
  2. Dragon
  3. ???
Pokédex Entry
Giogeth is a large draconic looking pokemon who has nebula's swirling within their wings and star like patterns. They will often be friendly.
Alrighty hello everyone. Ill probbably do more tommorow but i wanted to upload SOMETHING before i missed my chance
FirsT off first comic is Old gods made Me and Dinn (who dosnt have an account here but ya can get the link to profile within the thread Please check out her art)

It's a comic we follow the main character vitomir (and antagonist in most of my other content) and his journey alongside archie and Maxie to become the leaders of Hoenn's 3 evil teams. As well as learning his reasonings behind his motives.

Next is Wanted by @YumeTsuki
A comic about Yume a former member of snagem and wanted criminal with her and her eveelutions cactus the espeon and zaruda the umbreon as they go about snagging shadow pokemon. also i love the take on shadow pokemon in this comic.

Another comic I really love is By the sword by @SnakeEyesDraws

A young kid namned tumble takes on the gym challenge in his quest to become the next dragon gym leader facing many challenges along the way. also this comic has the most amazing redesigns ive seen so far with some pokemon

Pandemonium in johto by @novamallow

A comic based on a randomized playthrough which makes everything all the more intresting. I love their takes on the changed moves and changed pokemon and just the way the randomization has effected the whole world


Johto League Champion
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Aug 20, 2020

Soul Brothers
Soul Brothers is amazing. It's about two bros, Corey and Ty, striking out to become the Johto champions. I love all the cute teambuilding moments. There's an entire page dedicated to the group going to an arcade, and it's amazing. Among the group is Speckles the shy and cutest Drowsey, Omelette the baby whose Togetic form has an amazing redesign, Vlad a cute zubat with unusual but very charming mannerisms, and Scarlet who seems to take team rocket a little to serriously. The comic starts off really heartwarming with a lot of attention to characterizing the pokemon on the team. Then team rocket goes out of their way to slash and burn everything you love until you're screaming for their blood to be drawn. Soul Bros is easily one of the best nuzlocke comics I've read.

Blooming Glory
by @Spacey
Blooming Glory takes the premise of a nuzlocke, then beautifully deconstructs it. What sets Blooming Glory apart from the usual pokemon death battle deconstruction is the sense of hope seen throughout the comic. Through the bleakness of the situation there's moments where you get to see the characters being happy. Which really hammers in what Glory and her team are fighting tooth and nail for. It makes you cheer harder for her to bring this peace to the entire region. Blooming Glory is one of the best nuzlocke comics I've read.

The Hippocratic Oath
by @Spectacles
The Hippocratic Oath is a medical drama staring Comet as he takes care of a bunch of ill pokemon. It's really interesting seeing Comet's challenges as he takes care of these pokemon. The run uses a doc-locke rule-set which makes the story really intense as money is always tight and grinding isn't usually an option due to time restraints. The story also piles on problems upon problems onto Comet. Just when you think things can't possibly get any worse, they do. I don't usually read that many written runs, but The Hippocratic Oath is one of the best nuzlockes I've ever seen.

The Monstrosity
by Spectacles
The Monstrosity is what happens when you combine 3 complex rulesets at the same time. It is really fun just seeing the chaos unfold. The starter gets taken away by a Starly that can't switch out making a Bidoof Spectacles only hope. That is the first part, with it only getting more crazy from there as the doc-locke hard caps how many pokemon she can have due to how expensive taking care of each pokemon is. It makes me want to do this idea I have that is even more chaotic than it.

Kanto Black Nuzlocke
by @jieh_draws
Kanto Black feels a lot different from a normal nuzlocke of kanto. And it's not just because of the Unova pokemon. The characters propel situations in ways that feel like a breath of fresh air. The characters are quirky and memorable. Melon, the battle hungry Durrant is my favorite. If you want to see Kanto in a new light, read Kanto Black.

Judgement Has Come to You
by @SaintsGarden
On the first page Judgement cheerfully tells her best friend Bullet that she has a hit list. They very causally begin their quest to murder all the corrupt higher ups of Alola. And that's why you should read Judgement Has Come to You.

Lakour's X Nuzlocke
by @Waweezer
Lakour's X is a callback to the classic days of nuzlockes, where runs were a lot more comedy focused. The comic has a very cartoony art style with some of the most exzaggerated expressions I've seen. However lurking right under the surface an unassuming route 2 Fletchling manipulates Lakour right into his trap to free the king of the underworld.

Adventures In Naljo
by @Kit_The_Feef
The comic may still be in it's early stages, but as someone who has never played Prism before, it's interesting to see a fangame with gen 2 graphics made into a full colored comic.

Level Platinum
by @Wastelander Nick
Level Platinum has beautifully colored traditional pages that inspired art evolution in me like no other. The art quality in Level Platinum seemed obtainable unlike most nuzlockes with beautiful art, which is what pushed me to try to get on that level. Level Platinum is a comedy focused run that weaves in a lot of references into it's humor.

Secrets of Aetherai: Ori's Gift
by @Trollkitten
Ori's gift is a kanto run where everything is set in a PMD like world. While the opening is slow, I fell in love with all the worldbuilding. Rocket gets dragged into a quest to save his home from wraiths, murderous beings of elemental energy. On his way he meets gods, travels with Pirates, has to deal with his friend riding a wraith like a bull and face with being called a traitor when he finds corruption at the top.

A Trace of Magic: Seeing Red
by Trollkitten
This story is about a world where pokemon suddenly appeared 100 years ago. I love all the mystery in this run, with Professor Oak knowing a shady way to control pokemon, and Gary joining up with team rocket which might actually be good this time around. Just like Ori's gift, Seeing Red has a lot of amazing world building that drew me in.

The Fire Within
by @SnowyUmbreon
The Fire Within is the first nuzlocke comic I've read. The characters are like a family and they care deeply about the well being of everyone. While Lysander is hesitant to battle, his pokemon try to reunite the burning passion within him. I mean no one's died yet and team rocket exists, what's the worst that can happen.

A Silly LillieLocke
by @Velink
A silly Lillielock is a comedy focused run about Lillie's Kanto journey after the events of Sun and moon. The comedy is really charming and some of the pokemon such as Craterpilliar the Butterfree obsessed with crushing rocks and Meme, a cute mute Mrs.Mime who emotes so well. This is one of my favorite runs.

by @Pcaara
Leftovers is about Asadi, an anxious who was finally pushed into her pokemon journey after putting it off for years. The world feels very expansive. For example Slateport goes from the few buildings it was in the games to feeling like a giant city. The production values put into Leftovers feels so high, like it's a professional comic.

by @Kadew
I love the dynamics in this comic. Red and Blue travel together and they play off of each other well. The pokemon also have great characterization despite not speaking.

Questionable Influence
by @ACottontail
uestionable Influence is what happens when someone makes a joke, thinks of the logistics of it for way too long then makes a pokemon fan comic out of it. It is a character focused dramedy about a band of petty thieves goofing off and growing as friends as they travel across the Galar region. It's my own comic, so yay self promotion!


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Hahahahahahah I'm late as usual but!! Promos!! oh heck i thought i read a lot of runs but i was wrong apparently, i have much to consume.

(If I didn't mention you, I'm either not caught up or was too pressed for time. Sorry! I love your work anyway and hope to see it to the end<3)

In no particular order,

Autumn in Sinnoh by @Nessi
It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry, it’ll make you feel a depth of pity previously unknowable to man, and look how cute that Psyduck is like what’s not to love?? Her face is so fluffy??? What are you talking about there’s nothing heartbreaking in this story 🙃 Seriously though, if you aren’t reading AiS you should be.

Deadly Syns by @SysterSyn
Pretty much everyone’s already sung Syn’s praises but they are SO deserved, go look at this run and marvel at the artstyle, the characters, the pain, the expressions, and some surprise familiar faces. You will smile and then you will have a mini heart attack, rinse and repeat. It’s a great time!

Blooming Glory by @Spacey
You ever read something so good it’s unfair? Idek what I mean by that but you will if you’re up to date here. This literal actual intermediate school-age kid has been through just, so much in this literal actual intermediate school-age comic (which recently turned 8 🎉), and you don’t want to miss it ok? Glory’s conquest of Johto is a powerful story in and of itself but her foray into the Champion position - and with it, Kanto and the continued search for her brother - promises to be JUST AS JUICY. It’s a commitment to read but it’s worth it.

Soul Brothers by @GECKO
But legitimately, if you want a run that gets you attached to every. single. team member. This is your run. Every one has such a distinct and lovely personality, the world is so well-developed, the art is cute, the redesigns are fun, the highs are so high and the lows are devastating. (If this isn’t on the ballot for saddest death then we are SO CONFUSED as a community)

Tim's Very Ordinary Emerald by @Numbuh296
I’ve ranted about this one a lot in the hidden gems event this year, and for good reason - I was shocked that it never made the ganza before! It deserves love and attention, if not for its glorious sense of humor and energy, then for the sheer improvement it’s gotten over the years. Binging it is the easiest thing ever and doesn’t even take that long so GO, give Tim some love. He has the cutest Minun you’ve ever seen, the family drama is realistic enough that it hits close to home without feeling overdone, and that Christmas special thoughhhhhh

Eclipsed by @LintuLady
A new Ultra Alola run that’s starting off strong in terms of its warm aesthetic, lovable dork protags, lovable but mysterious dork Tapus, totally normal blue people, super impressive update schedule and plenty more. I can easily see this getting big real fast, and I want to see that happen because I’m in love with every part of this. Go read now thanks

A Fateful Nuzlocke Challenge by @ponibutts
...I know I’m easily impressed when it comes to artwork, but this one hits a very specific spot, you know? I can’t do justice to how GOOD every one of these Pokemon look, short of actually including images in the promo which I waited too long to do. But yeah, please, come for the sheer gorgeousness and stay for the eventual dynamic between Ollie and Stormy (and Amaretto my beloved) (and everyone else tbf). It’s delicious.

A Home for the Broken by @faerieconstellations
...It’s hard to recommend this one without spoiling anything, because you really have to go into this one blind. It’s got you feeling some pretty strong emotions even before the first page, and though Twyla’s story has been relatively soft and heartwarming for now, the intensity promises to come back and wash over you like a wave at any given moment. I’m excited but also scared, because it’s just done so... well, and since it’s hardcore Blaze Black, one can only imagine how things are going to go down the line.

The Adventures of Mum! by @Ookum Spookums
Another newbie, but also super promising! As rare as it is to see adult nuzlocke protags, a protag who is also a parent is even more unheard of - and this one features the best parent in Shield: our own! The premise itself is heartbreaking but suuuper intriguing, though the humorous parts never feel out-of-place and always stick. It’s currently on hiatus, which gives you plenty of time to catch up~

High Ground by @Malochroma
Hey! Look at this artstyle! Look how good and tasty it is! Look at the ruleset! Look at the sheer potential of a Ground monotype set in the best region for monotypes but the worst region for Grounds! There’s only a few pages out by now, but High Ground already looks this good and I want mooooore
Dust in the Wind 3: LÄÄÄÃÄÄÆÁÄĀÄÄMP by @Erberor
...I should read more SSWLs, is what I’m learning here. Anyway! Moth! Please read Moth, it’s 50% meme and 50% super impressive sololocke strategizing and I am here for 100% of it. You will know the glory of the m o t h whether you like it or not, but I promise you will!

Just Another Monday by This Loser Right Here
(...Not because I think it’s worthy of even a little Ganza attention, more because I thought it was fun and I felt like it) I did a sleeplocke a few months back for the first time. Also wonderlocke for added shenanigans. It was fun, but The Ending May Surprise You!
...also there’s a moth in it~
Come Hell Or High Water by @Whozawhatcha
There’s... so much to be said about this little masterpiece, way too much for the time I have. The writing is elegant and inspiring, the combat is brutal, the team is 100% sweetheart, the antagonists are so commendably punchable, and every few chapters we get a plot twist that has you wanting more. I love every character that poor Tamaya is thrown into this adventure with, and her development before and during the course of the run is so well-made; the effort put into everything about her is palpable. Kukui has tourettes, Hau needs hugs, Gladion is [spoiler spoiler trust me spoiler], Anabel is the worst, and Looker is Looker. That isn’t even scratching the surface y’all, this does not deserve to fly under your radar as long as it went under mine!

Colossus by @Garish Garchomp
Colossus though. Taz (sorry, AnAsTaCiOs McNiEl) is just such a lil Spikemuth stereotype punk that you have to root for him. One of the most unique personalities I’ve seen for a Galar run, tromping around the Gym Challenge with a forged endorsement, a stinky lil rat of a bunny, and a permanent snark that makes him one of the most organically entertaining narrators that I’ve read, Taz and his story feel so - genuine, and I have to feel for this garbage child. I can't predict what'll happen next, but I'm excited for it regardless!

Lost Month by @Leon Yorunaki
Another new story, but what we have so far is super intriguing! What starts off as your regular “move regions, get starter, family drama” (in no particular order) run quickly becomes something more mysterious - featuring a hack of the writer’s own creation, a starter with a liiiitle more telepathy than protag Himiko bargained for, a fascinating take on shininess and hints of something big in our mc’s past... This can only go well!

Somewhere in Unova by @aegagrusScholarship
Listen, ok, yes this is a written castlocke, no I know nothing about the source material, yes I was hesitant because of that going in, no I do not regret it even a little bit. Wacky crossover shenanigannery meets the growing stakes of a resurgent Team Plasma with concerning manpower and completely overhauled Gym fights. And did I mention ART??? Awesome art, at that?? Plus, there’s a fire moth, and by that I mean the most recent chapter is going to have your jaw on the floor HECK it’s so good

Nothing to See Here by @trashtrashtrash
Yes I’m promo-ing my baby, no you can’t stop me :) Basically, a blind protagonist with horrible taste in names (and questionable taste in music) takes on Galar with a team that he has some... trouble keeping track of. That’s where Twitch comes in, the glitchy little Rotom in his phone that’s in way over its harddrive. There’s only a few weeks worth of updates left (in fact, this upcoming chapter is maybe the most climactic of the run) - so if you’ve been curious about our “screenless” ruleset, or “deathless” story format, or just who in their right mind would name a character something like Queeje, now is the time~
(Friendly reminder that I am also hosting a Q&A that is still open for as long as the story is updating - meaning not too much longer, so if you somehow have time after reading everything else I recommended, swing by it’s a fun time)
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