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(if you don't want a general history of events leading into this LP, feel free to skip down until the image, intro dragged on too long because I couldn't compress it more)

For a franchise which (in the West) has had a long tradition of getting compared with Pokemon, a franchise based primarily in video games, Digimon has had a very... awkward relationship with video games. From the "supposedly really good but was never translated and no one remembers it" Digital Monster Ver S, to the "would be amazing if it wasn't dogshit" Digimon World, to the "great game if you ignore that it's promoting a product that it doesn't represent at all" Digital Monster Card Battle/Arena, to the "literal actual chinese torture device why did they make these" Digimon World X and Digimon Adventure PSP, it's had a long history of downs and ups and downs and very large downs. But it has, in spite of this, managed to get several sub-franchises of video games to last for a while.

One of these is Digimon Story. The first Digimon Story game came out during the big push surrounding Digimon Savers in the mid aughts (specifically 2006), and it was... not great! But it was an attempt at a proper Digimon JRPG that wasn't nearly as limiting as Digimon World 3, and it was... fine, and sold decently, including coming over to the west - as Digimon Digimon World DS for some fucking reason, Digimon dubbing not even once - and if you look around this forum enough you'll find people's old playthroughs of the thing, including at least one Nuzlocke. It was followed, a year later, by Digimon Story Sunburst and Moonlight, a pair of games that (in spite of being made a year later) added a whole lot of new content, to... mixed results, and while the game has many issues it's fondly remembered as being the last Digimon game to really have a go at trying to have as many obtainable Digimon as possible, to mixed results. It got dubbed as Digimon World Dawn and Dusk - again, for some reason - and in spite of its uneven quality it has inspired a fair number of people on this forum to play it, including at least one Nuzlocke, and some absurdly crazy bastard is trying to recreate/make a sequel to/modernize the game but bigger and better last I checked.

After Sunburst and Moonlight, though, there was a whole two and a half year gap before the next game was even announced - Digimon Story Lost Evolution...

...which released over three years after the last Digimon Story game. It cut down a lot of the obtainable Digimon (for reasons I find to be exceptionally stupid and we'll get into why that's the case in a few updates but it's a special brand of nonsense), but in basically every other was it was a noted improvement over its predecessor. They even made it a bit less grindy, which doesn't sound like much, but when you consider that its predecessor was 99% grinding that's a big deal! Fans in Japan were happy with it, and fans in the West were totally willing to sink their teeth into it when it got released internationally.

And then a year later Digimon Story Super Xros Wars Red and Blue got announced and released over in Japan.

What we didn't know at the time and only found out years later was that for some fucking stupid absurd reason, at around this point in time, Bandai had looked at its long crop of failed NA releases of games that either got patently completely fucking awful dubs, no advertising at all, or were such singularly awful games that no one wanted them, and and decided that the reason sales in the West were as they were is that no one cared about Digimon there! And thus they wouldn't waste effort translating things. This rather infamously ended in one of the only times an internet petition actually accomplished something, as in the early-mid 10s, enough people got together to voice their desire for Digimon games that weren't dogshit in English that Bandai realized they could make a profit off of them and started releasing games again, several of which are actually decent.

That didn't... really help Lost Evolution, though, as it was several consoles out of date at that point. Someone did a menu translation (although I think that was several years later - menu translations are Satan so I didn't touch it, I dunno) at some point, but the original attempt at fan translating it died in the water, and while Operation Decoded picked up the pieces, they were, uh, not actually all that focused on it because they were working on the Digimon game they were actually named after. Still, even given that and the many, many hurdles that come when fan translating a game, along with all the shit that happened because of COVID and a myriad of health issues, midway through 2022 the team was absolutely certain that they'd have the game out and translated by the end of the year.

And then, on December 31st...


Oh yeah.


Oh man.


We've skipped straight past Weapons Grade "It's Happening" and have launched straight into "It Has Happened".


Let's do this.


The fact that the canon name for the male protagonist is Shu causes me no end of happiness.

Female protagonist would be Kizuna by the way, that doesn't actually fit in the 5char limit but it's her default name so the patch makers slipped it in past that.

(Also, I should note - you can totally still access the button that changes things to Kana.)


Lost Evolution has a fairly built up prologue, if absolutely nowhere to the extent of something like, say... Kingdom Hearts 2. It'll be a bit before we gain full control of this character.

Anyway, this is Hiroyuki, his entire character is that he is impulsive and not very smart.


This is Takuto, he is smol.


This is Yui, she is also smol.


And this is Asuka, who is not a young child and whose main purpose in life is to shit on Hiroyuki.


Notably, no one trusts Hiroyuki having seen the meteor, and only believe it's there because I also saw it.


This is not without reason.


That said, everyone realizes we've allowed the idiot to go look at what is potentially a large burning rock and runs off to go stop him.


it is the middle of the night.


That is, uh.

That is not a meteor.


What fallen stars do you know of that have giant fucking glowing swords sticking out of them?


Thank you.


Anyway Hiroyuki decides he's going to wish on this fallen star for a dinosaur.


Unfortunately, Hiroyuki is a fucking normie, and only knows about late-Jurassic and late-Cretaceous dinosaurs. Triassic Chads rise up!


You know, people say this about Agumon a lot, but it's really not all that saurian at all? Early Digimon "dinosaurs" based on carnivores were more movie monsters than actual dinosaurs, even going on 90s paleo-understanding - albeit Monochromon is fairly accurate as a Monoclonius take, you know, ignoring the heavily armored back and the fucking magma breath of course, but that's pretty minor - and it's kind of weird that as of the original wave the least monster-movie of the bunch was Tuskmon, which was reusing sprites from an actual Godzilla tamagotchi from that era. I think the first time we saw an actual attempt at a properly done theropod was, what, Movie Greymon?


Then again, these people are children, they might just not know what dinosaurs usually look like.


"Because dinosaurs are cool."


"Why are you named after the sound of biting things?"

"have you seen how large my mouth is."


No, sorry, their anniversary was in 2021, you're on the wrong side of that.


Anyway there are other people in the craft.


They are, uh.




The easiest way to describe Uno, Dos, and Tres is that they're a Doronbo Trio, except led by Tonzura. Mostly.

Also, for reasons unknown, they've come to our world to drop off Numemon.


I agree, don't you all know anything about how invasive species work?!?


And thus, we fight.


This is a forced choice, of course. The game tosses a few at you early on, there's no Super Paper Mario Game Overs here.


If you've ever seen someone play - or yourself played - Digimon Story or Sunburst/Moonlight, you'll know how this battle system works. If you have not... this is a tutorial fight, you literally are incapable of losing. I'll go into the system when we have a real fight.


Most of your options are currently taken away from you (you can't run from a boss fight, defending is disabled, and we have no items)...


...and you only get one attack, and it's able to kill Numemon long before you die.


Poor thing.


Decent EXP for this fight, actually, though we'll be outclassing this with random encounters really, really soon.


Again, I'll get to these stats later, though... they're pretty self explanatory, for the most part.

I'll be capping a lot of "new skill learned!" images early on, but once the game starts I'm going to start getting into what makes each Digimon each Digimon so we won't need to.


As with every Doronbo trio, Uno, Dos, and Tres are contractually obligated to be totally useless for approximately 90% of their screentime.


"Our?" What's all this we stuff, Agumon and I did everything!

(i didn't screencap it but this is immediately pointed out by Asuka lol.)


Anyway, they've given up their "remove Numemon from the premises" plan.


Yeah, turns out slugs don't do so well when you light them on fire.

6kpn5Yp.png're gonna have to qualify that one Agumon, I know the difference but a bunch of gradeschoolers and young teens wouldn't.


Anyway, in the attempt to retrieve Numemon, Uno, Dos, and Tres accidentally tractor beam Takuto and Yui.


We follow this by doing the only thing we can - jumping in right after them.


...Numemon or Hiroyuki, though.


uh oh


Ah, here we go. Good thing we didn't get dropped off just slightly to the left, or right, or behind us, or we'd have had some serious problems, being as we were unconscious and are surrounded by water.


It quickly comes out that the reason we got forced out is that Hiroyuki hit a big red button.


Hiroyuki would one day go heavily into debt after developing a severe gambling addiction. Don't be like Hiroyuki.


Basically, yes.



no that wasn't actually established agumon.

gonna go up there with AS YOU KNOW DRAGONS CAN'T TELL LIES in terms of "where the fuck did that 'as you know' bit come from".


But Agumon is here to help, because obviously he's not just going to leave us to die!


And with this, we're finally good to go.

NEXT TIME: Our journey through Heritage Cape, and the aftermath of it.


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New mattman lp real

agumon can set everything on fire

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Okay, Numemon wouldn't be the worst Digimon to drop in the middle of a forest and left to it's own devices, but it's not great either. I doubt it would cause the mass ecological destruction you would get from Raremon for example, but it would still probably drive a good number of animals away form their homes just by being itself.


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@Time Master Eon: Ahahahahahaha, ohohohoho, ah, heh.

oh man.


funny fucking story

That bit aside though I think you're underestimating Numemon, while it is an eternal joke evolution, it's still capable of being just as strong as any other Adult Digimon if raised right, and Adult digimon are, like, where the "weapons of war" tier starts. To say nothing of if it somehow manages to evolve and turns into like Monzaemon or any number of extremely-non-joke things, because to be a Perfect Level Digimon is to be on the level where nuclear weapons are and still hold up.


Last time, we obtained the Digivice, which is also our menu.

We are also given the ability to name Agumon.


Bread is chosen for two reasons. Firstly, to reference the old legendary meme.


Secondly, because Agumon is officially going to become Emergency Food a few hours of gameplay from now, but we'll get to that when we get to that.


You may notice that Takuto and Yui are currently missing. Given that they're the youngest of us, that's bad! That's really bad. So we need to go find them. And thus, we're finally given control of our character...


...and before you get very far you'll likely be thrust into your first fight. So it's time to go over fight controls in this game.

In battle, you are given four options. The topmost option is Attack, the left side is Move, the right side is Item, and the bottom is Defend. If you hover over Attack, a yellow thumbs up pops up - that automates your attacking options, which it isn't the worst at but it's not great at either. If you hover over Move it goes from Move to Change, which I'll get into when we have more Digimon. If you hover over the Item button, nothing happens - in fact we can't even do that right now as I have no items able to be used in my inventory. If you hover over Defend, "Run" shows up, which lets you run away from battles.

This being a Digimon game, running away from encounters is an abysmally awful idea because you always need more EXP.

On the left on the top screen you can see turn order, which is a bit more regimented than you'd expect, but that's because double-movement shows up in a totally different way. Our Digimon is in Blue, and the enemy is in brown - and next to their faces you can see an icon, which is the same, because Koromon and Agumon are both Dragons. You can also see your active party's MP and HP.


At this point in the game, Agumon has access to two attacks - and Agumon, at base, can only ever learn 3 moves. A Digimon can have 4 moves total, however, and once they learn it no matter what evolution they go up into or down into they keep it until it is replaced. The number on the right is the MP cost, and the number on the left - which you can barely see in this screen - is the move power. There's also that little five-column thing under the name - that's attack range, and both of these are single-square moves.

You'll also note that both these moves have symbols on them - one has a fire icon, and the other has a fist icon. The Fire icon indicates that the move is Fire, which means Koromon, as a Dragon, naturally resists it, while the Fist indicates that the move is... according to my guide on this, Earth? Might just be "melee" but we'll go with Earth for now, sure. Both Petit Flame (..."Petit Breath?" What?) and Sharp Claw/s are fully generic moves, learned by a bunch of Digimon - Sharp Claws is learned by 5 other Child levels and Petit Flame is learned by a full 20 other Child and Adult levels. Every Digimon above the Baby level (and one specific Baby but it's a weird exception) get at least one move wholly unique to themselves, though don't expect a Child level to have anything noteworthy.


Individual level ups do not gain you a ton of stats, but don't worry - you'll be leveling up many, many times in this game.


Travel a bit down the coast and you'll find this rather out-of-sorts Gabumon.


He's Agumon's friend, and as mentioned, he was looking for something called Bug Plates when he was suddenly set upon. Who or what set upon him, we may never know.


Bandits, you say?



(leave aside that gabumon is currently a reptile in a fursuit and not actually a dog)


Now that we have multiple Digimon, may as well go over the menu.


Immediately worth noting are your party on top, your "relief Digimon" (the three Digimon in your party that aren't active, alongside the three who are), the Bit counter, the Location, and the buttons on the bottom. Digimon lets you edit party formation, which I won't get into yet because it isn't relevant, but it also brings up a screen that reveals a fair bit of info about your Digimon.


"Strength", the first option, lets you see everything that matters about the Digimon. Of note - Digimon only have five main stats - HP, MP, Attack, Defense, and Speed - which are all fairly self-explanatory, but they have several other major stats.

LEVEL: their level. duh.

MAX LEVEL: The highest level they can reach before needing to Evolve or Degenerate.

ABI: You get a point in ABI every time you go up or down a level, and if you skip a level you get two. Bread's max is 100, but the actual max a Digimon can get is 255 - which means this guy is always inherently not as strong as it could be! As for what ABI does, it allows access to some higher evolutions, but you don't need much ABI to get into those - its main purpose, from what I've heard, is that it strengthens your Digimon slightly to have higher ABI.

FND: "Friendship." If you have below 50% Friendship, your Digimon won't listen to you. Friendship increases by having them anywhere in the party when you enter a battle, or by leaving them in the Farm we'll get later. It is not hard to increase friendship.

TARGET: Excellent fucking question.

ATTRIBUTE: What you resist.


PERSONALITY: Currently bugged, as I found out while writing this post after noticing it, to only include Carefree. This will come back to haunt me later.

TYPE: Indicates how its stats will grow as it levels up. But you can max every stat out no matter what this is, so...?

STAGE: What Stage your Digimon is in. This patch uses dub terms, I will not, so know that the game calls Agumon a Rookie and I will refer to it exclusively as a Child.

SPECIES: wait why is it cryptid it's a dragon what the fuck

FAMILY: Only relevant for online shit IIRC.

SKILL: MAJORLY IMPORTANT, this is basically this game's equivalent to HMs. Melt means that any Agumon can melt large ice blocks and allow access beyond them.

EXP: Current gained EXP

NEXT LEVEL: you know what this means.


Hitting Skills will show you what Skills your Digimon currently knows. It will not show you what you can get later, which other parts of the menu can show off.


Next is Equipment, which is totally pointless now, but will eventually become the most important section in the game.


After that is Traits. Here we can see that Agumon has Melt, as mentioned, and the Support Skill "Attack +2", which means any Party Member directly next to it gains a bit of attack. I'll get into the other abilities when I break out the Bestiary, which won't be this update - unless I'm misjudging my pictures and how long every update will be, it should be either Update 4 or 5, probably 5, when I start getting into deeper mechanics.


Last is the Evolution section, which... has something greyed out. Hmm. And both Geogreymon and Koromon have a "Revived Greymon" condition...

HQ8RrQv.png does Tunomon, and Gabumon has no evolutions listed at all! What in the world is going on?


Next of the available menu options is the Item menu, which is currently full of a bunch of sections with nothing in them. In order - Consumables is everything you use in battle as well as sell-only items, one specific collectable, and Gate Disks. Weapons and Armor are Equipment. Farm Goods are things that make your Farm better. Bug Plates are the thing Gabumon was talking about, and like Digiplates we'll get into that. Finally, Key Items are Key Items, they're plot related.


Two of the options are currently ???d out, and one of them is Save, but the last is Tamer Info.

Tamer Info's top button is... also Tamer Info, which lets you look at a number of fun statistics that don't really mean too much, I'll show it off a few times later as things reach specific points. Owned Digimon lets you look at all the Digimon you own, whether they be in your party or somewhere else, Digiegg Gallery is 100% totally useless because it requires us to connect to wifi and nothing is restricted to it in this game (thank GOD), and Digimon Gallery is currently blacked out but its main thing is to show us all Digimon that we're allowed to know exist and what scan percentages of them we have.


Back to gameplay. Heritage Coast has two other bits of wildlife running around alongside Koromon, Tanemon and Tunomon ("Tsunomon"). Neither of these are particularly noteworthy. What is worth noting is that at the beginning of any battle with Wild Digimon, your Scan Percentage for them goes up - it will go up rapidly until it hits 100, after which it will slow, but can go up to 255. Do note that low level Digimon get their scans increased much faster than high level ones.


At level 6 Gabumon learns... "Blue Fire", here translated as Petit Fire, which is actually meant to be Petit Fire and I'm fucking shocked they didn't translate it as Blue Blaster like the dub usually does. I guess because the game also uses it as a standin for Magical Fire for Piyomon? Either way it's pretty similar to Petit Flame, and Petit Cutter is pretty similar to Sharp Claws.


All of the Digimon here can drop Bandages, but that's not actually their most interesting drop, we just can't get their other drop yet. Bandages are a basic heal item that heals 300 HP, which means right now they're a full heal.


Agumon's last skill is Baby Flame, which it technically shares with one other Digimon but there's a caveat on that, and yes, just like the dub they renamed it to Pepper Breath. It's the strongest move we have right now, but not the most useful...


...because Gabumon gets Gatling Punch at the same time. Gatling Punch is one of a very small number of multi-space moves consistently available to Child level Digimon, able to hit any enemy within two spaces, instead of just any single enemy.


Enemies fairly constantly line up one next to another because it allows benefits to pass from one to the other. This is a good strategy and we'll be using it too.


ok i think we've grinded a bit too much now, let's just move on.


Oh look, it's a Terriermon.


Who or what tased Gabumon is, as far as I recall, never actually confirmed.


Terriermon here is friends to Agumon and Gabumon.


He's not going to join us. He is, however, going to confer information about the Bandits to us, and allow us to join him.


The Digibase is the main hub of the entire game. You will do everything branching out from this building.


It contains many other Digimon within it, too! Like this Lopmon and Patamon over in the corner.


This Renamon too. The people of the base are willing to assist us in hunting down Takuto and Yui, and actually manage to find a Digiship nearby which we can use to travel the world and, eventually, get back to ours.


Terriermon warns you to be careful going out - there's a lot of Digimon running around that aren't so kind as the ones here.


Still, we beat up the Bandits (who, yes, are Uno, Dos, and Tres), so clearly we have some skill. We should be safe if it's just over there.


This Tailmon - no, I'm not calling it Gatomon, fuck that - notes that the Ship itself was actually dragged here by a local Scumon and his gang, who quickly got bored of it on account of it being broken and missing several key parts.


We're going to need this thing anyway though because the most likely location for Takuto and Yui is on what is essentially another continent - technically speaking, North Bridge and South Bridge are connected by land, but only because of a totally impassable mountain range.


Hiroyuki continues to be an idiot. Asuka continues to be annoyed.


Unfortunately, most of the really important functions of the Digibase are currently down - the Tree of Evolution that enables Digimon Evolution across the world is missing shit, and damaged besides, and that also means we can't make new Digimon.

also, yes, this single tree right here is important enough to regulate worldwide evolution. the Digibase is a big deal.


Fortunately, the fucking mass teleportation function that will basically never get mentioned again after this point still works, so since the Digiship is relatively close, if we can get next to it and slap a tracker on it we can teleport the thing here for proper repairs, and the Digilab should be up by then.


Before we leave, though, we're instructed to make a Farm Island, because... I have no idea. It's not useful to us now at all. But it confers on us a simple choice of starters.


No matter what happens, you get two free Digimon when you make this choice - a Falcomon 2006, and a Dorumon. However, you also get a third Digimon depending on which option you choose. The top option confers Toyagumon, the middle option confers Kudamon, and the bottom option confers Palmon.

...I have absolutely no idea why anyone would choose the bottom option. Palmon will become available the minute you can obtain Digimon because of the Heritage Coast Tanemon, which isn't too far from now, and you'll have to fight them a few times anyway if you pick Palmon for reasons I'll get into later. On top of that, the Tropics option works best with three Digimon types who you won't have access to very many of until you're getting really close to actually getting Digifarm editing access. The other two options are the Desert, which helps the much more common Beasts (along with the somewhat-less-common-for-now Demons and Machines) and gives you access to Kudamon 2006, and the Volcano, which helps Dragons and Birds and the also somewhat less common Holy Digimon, gives you Toyagumon.

And between those, it's like, an actual choice? So, Toyagumon is the last of these Digimon you'll encounter, full stop. The first chance you'll get at it can theoretically technically come before Kudamon, but Kudamon is directly found in the wild while Toyagumon requires you go to a side area early, evolve something down, and then evolve that thing back up. If you want access to Toyagumon's section of the tree, you'll want it here. Kudamon, meanwhile, comes a bit earlier, but it is easily the best Digimon for the extreme early game (when your starter choice actually matters). It does have the issue that neither its Adult nor the Adult of the Digimon also in its tree are freed up until you meet Wild Kudamon at the earliest however, but not being as good after the extreme earlygame is totally irrelevant for these starters.


all of my farm names will be jokes.


I ended up choosing Kudamon, not because it would make the game easier, but because people I know on Discord said to go with the middle option.


Dorumon is useful for other reasons we'll get into later but it's not much for battling now, and neither are its evolutions. Not like we'll be using it past the early game though.


Falcomon is actually a very useful Digimon to have in general - this specific one is vital if you didn't pick Kudamon for the earlygame. It won't be relevant after that though.


And thus, here's our early-game party. We'll get into what all is interesting about them, and explore around the area more NEXT TIME.


Bread the Agumon
Buster the Gabumon
Roller the Kudamon (2006)
Sigma the Dorumon
ZINLAI the Falcomon (2006)

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For my playthrough I picked the top option, not know it also chose one of my starters. I just saw, good for dragons, and thought "Oh, that'll be good for my Agumon" who I haven't taken out of the party once so far. but I am glad I made that choice just because I freaking love Toyagumon. Probably my favorite Agumon variant aside from '06, and that's mostly because I prefer the Savers Greymon line and that's the Agumon mainly associated with them.


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Oh hey, I recently played through this, though I cheated for [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] to alleviate perhaps the grindiest part of the game... after I lost my first save file, that is. I'll be doing bios for Digimon that you obtain, so for now, let's start things off. Whenever there's a discrepancy in Dub and Japanese names, the Japanese names will be listed first, then the dub name in brackets.

I should warn that there will be spoilers for certain games, including Digimon Survive and this very game (gameplay spoilers, not story spoilers), in these bios. You have been warned!

The series mascot and arguably the most famous Digimon of all. It is not an understatement to say that Agumon is to Digimon what Pikachu is to Pokemon. A Vaccine-Attribute Child-level Digimon who has a ton of appearances throughout all forms of Digimon Media. It's a possible starting Digimon in Digimon World, It's the starter for the Gold Hawks in Digimon World 2, appears in the Power Pack in Digimon World 3, is a choosable Digimon in Digimon World X (Digimon World 4 to western audiences), its baby form Koromon is a possible starter in Digimon Story (Digimon World DS), it is a possible starter in Digimon Story Sunburst (Digimon World Dawn) in the Balance Pack (degenerated from RizeGreymon), is of course your first Digimon in Lost Evolution, is the starting Digimon in Digimon World Re:Digitize, is one of Nokia Shiramine's two partners in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, and is partnered to the main character, Takuma, in Digimon Survive.

And that's just the games! In the anime, Agumon is a very common pick for main character partners. It's partnered to Taichi Yagami (Tai Kamiya) in the original Digimon Adventure, Adventure 02, and the 2020 Reboot, and another Agumon was partnered to Masaru Daimon (Marcus Damon) in Digimon Savers (Digimon Data Squad).

For Agumon's evolutions, there's some variety, but there are three that Agumon is always associated with- Greymon, the Adult-level form partnered to Adventure's Taichi (And the Adult-level form of Takuma's Agumon if he primarily makes Moral choices), GeoGreymon, the adult-level form partnered to Savers' Masaru, and Tyrannomon, from the original V-Pet (and the adult-level form of Takuma's Agumon should he make primarily Harmonious choices), though Agumon does not actually evolve into Tyrannomon in this game.

The divergences only get larger from there, with many different Perfect and Ultimate (Ultimate and Mega for dub watchers, respectively) forms. For the most common, though, Greymon becomes MetalGreymon then WarGreymon- and can fuse with MetalGarurumon to evolve further into Omegamon (Omnimon for dub watchers),
GeoGreymon becomes RizeGreymon then ShineGreymon- and can undergo Burst Evolution to evolve further into ShineGreymon Burst Mode or ShineGreymon Ruin Mode,
And Tyrannomon's most common is MetalTyrannomon, which can then become Mugendramon (Machinedramon) or RustTyrannomon, or MasterTyrannomon, who has only ever been known to be able to evolve... in this very game, actually, becoming Gaiomon (also occasionally referred to as Samudramon).

Agumon's partner in crime. If you see both an Agumon and a Gabumon in the same game paired together, it's a clear hint towards something greater involving their Ultimate forms which itself has become infamous by now, that being their fusion into the Royal Knight Omegamon. It's the other available starter in Digimon World, its baby form Tsunomon is a possible starter in Digimon Story, is your second Digimon in Lost Evolution, is the first boss in Re:Digitize, is the other of Nokia's two partners in Cyber Sleuth, and is the partner of Haru AKA the Professor in Digimon Survive.

In the Anime, Gabumon is most notable for its appearance as the partner of Yamato Ishida (Given the nickname "Matt" in the dub) in Adventure and the 2020 reboot.

Gabumon's evolutions are a lot more linear than Agumon's, in that it only has one known canonical evolution line, that being Garurumon into WereGarurumon and then into MetalGarurumon, and it can evolve further into Omegamon by fusing with a WarGreymon.

There are actually two different Digimon named Kudamon, but most people associate it with the one from 2006, which appears in Savers. It's a possible starter in Digimon Story Sunburst if you picked the Japanese Pack (degenerated from Reppamon).

Kudamon appears as the partner of Satsuma Rentaro (Richard Sampson in the dub), but in reality is the child form of one of the Royal Knights, a set of ultra-powerful Digimon meant to protect King Drasil (the supercomputer that governs the Digital World), namely the Royal Knight Sleipmon (Kentaurosmon).

Speaking of, that's Kudamon's only known canonical evolution line: Reppamon into Tyilinmon (Chirinmon) and then into Sleipmon.

Dorumon (The original japanese has it formatted as DORUmon, short for "Digital OR Unknown")
Dorumon is a bit weird. It's the star of the Japanese special Digimon X-Evolution, and is perhaps the most prominent Digimon known to carry the X-Antibody.

Basically, in Digimon X-Evolution, King Drasil creates a virus called the X-Program to destroy Digimon, due to the Digital World's server reaching capacity, intending to eradicate all but a select few Digimon to save space. However, some Digimon survive and incorporate the X-Program into their own body to boost their power, creating a new program known as the X-Antibody.

Dorumon has two potential canonical evolution lines. There is the line of Dorugamon into DoruGreymon and then into Dorugoramon, and then there is the line of Raptordramon into Grademon and then into Alphamon, though X-Evolution muddies the waters by criss-crossing the lines, having DoruGreymon evolve into Alphamon.

Falcomon (2006)
This one actually deserves the differentiation as the original Falcomon was just recently used in Survive. This Falcomon first appeared in Digimon Savers (hence the "2006" label, the debut of Savers).

Falcomon's 2006 variant was partnered to Noguchi Ikuto (Keenan Crier in the dub) from Digimon Savers (naturally).

It has one known canonical evolution line: Falcomon (2006) into Peckmon into Yatagaramon (2006) [the dub changes the name to Crowmon] into Ravemon. Ravemon is also capable of evolving further through Burst Evolution into Ravemon Burst Mode.
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@Time Master Eon - Toyagumon is great, it's just a goddamn shame that it and all the other Machines have to wait SO LONG for their Perfect forms.

@Neosonic97 - [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], yeah, I mean, this run's gonna have some cheating too. There is no way in any version of any hell that I'd ever consent to not cheating through Green Crystal Bugs, as they are satan and the devil and also fuck them.


Oh I was actually going to do a bestiary too, but mine's more going to be focused on this game so please continue! That said,

>Mastertyrannomon only able to evolve here

you know, ignoring Wargreymon in World 2, and Volcanicdramon and Cannondramon in the Vital Bracelets, and Skullmammon and Goddramon and Chaosdramon X from Hyper Colosseum, and Omegamon X from Digimon RPG, and the other thing it can turn into in this game, yeah, sure, only that. also ignoring the many, many things it can become in the modern card game and the things it can jogress into in the VB and the things it can Xros into in Super Xros Wars and that one thing it could jogress into in Hyper Colo, bit of a weird one that was.

"canonical evolution" is a myth, religion is a joke, we are all guided by memes, and we all know that the REAL evolution it should "naturally" become is Dinorexmon, which is canonically a Tyrannomon species member :V

>Kudamon 2006

I'm not going to bring up the thing about canonical evolutions since I just did with Master - though in case y'all were wondering - but what I am going to bring up is that Mayu Kohinata had one, and his turned into Mitamamon, which currently is only associated with Kudamon.


Well, one Rearise protagonist deserves another, so should be brought up that along with the Chronicle protagonist, DORUmon is also the partner of Takumi Hiiragi, and that one turned into Gaioumon, which then further turned into Gaioumon Ittou Mode.

fucking gaioumon we'll never escape it in video games, it's like OMEGA is everywhere else.

so just to make everyone totally clear on this, right now in my picture library i've hit picture 1529, and it's not stopping anytime soon.

we're in for the long haul on this one.

totally forgot to use this song when it was actually present so let's use it now.


Kudamon (2006), you might notice, cannot evolve into anything right now. That's going to be true for a bit now, as mentioned. You might also notice Sunmon here and be somewhat intrigued if you've ever played Sunburst and Moonlight - it's worth mentioning that most lines in this game are in a Tree named after either the Child level or whatever the lowest level Digimon in it is, but some trees have two Child Levels, and Kudamon's not the one its tree is named after.


DORUmon at least has two free Digimon it can become, but pay attention to that "dig" bit - it'll be important later. Those of you with World 3 experience might be thinking in a specific line here - it's a shame Bryss won't be here to experience the magic of that game being relevant on this forum again.


A bit less important is Falcomon (2006)'s Cut, but it is still nice. Falcomon is also not the Digimon its tree is named after, interestingly.


Culumon, unfortunately, will not allow us into the lab at all until a specific point in the game.

This is doubly unfortunate as not only would it be nice, but Culumon itself is only going to be see-able as a tutorial NPC until literally after the main game is done, as is tradition.


Patamon is an expert at maintaining something no one actually has, which makes him an extremely relatable Digimon in the apocalypse, but not one particularly useful to us now.


Tailmon tells you a bunch of completely useless shit about something that, honestly, doesn't take too much fiddling around with to become clear on the details of. Since this game lacks Type EXP (and thank fucking christ for that) the main reason to do insane shit in Farms has been lost in this game, though they will absolutely remain useful forever.


Over here, outside the base, we have the previously mentioned Scumon Gang.


Geremon is a Numemon recolor, one of many recolors introduced in Digimon World 1, but it's nothing particularly special itself.


Mushmon isn't exactly an all-star Digimon, but at this point in the franchise one could argue it was at least the fourth most notable plant Child level Digimon? And the most notable Virus type one.

(and before someone points it out, yes, I know mushrooms aren't plants. Digimon does not.)


Scumon, though. Scumon has a long and storied history of being one of the original Joke evolutions, right alongside Numemon, Vegimon, Nanimon, Raremon, and very technically Geckomon but I'd have to go on a weird side tangent about that one - but Scumon itself is in a lot of shit. Sure is nice that the game is letting these three do stuff here.

Anyway he tells us that the ship is in Patch Prairie, which is the only accessible area besides Heritage Cape, opposite the entrance of the Digibase.


There's a fair few Digimon currently available here, but since we can't yet obtain anything it's not really relevant.


Ooo, a chest.


I'll try and screencap every chest I run across. A lot of them have mediocre rewards, but some have more interesting stuff and some are actively vital.

There are no mimics in this game, by the way. While some chests will lead to battles, those are clearly marked and obviously different from the map. Mimicmon didn't exist for another decade plus after this game came out in any case.


There's actually a very brief segment of Chip Forest we can access here but it's not very useful to us right now.


Ah, nice. Roller learned two moves at this point, but the one at level 5 is the powerful Light/Holy attack which is the reason it's useful to us.

...why it's named "Aerial Attack" I don't know. Like, yeah, I get it, it's named the same thing Unimon's main move is, and that's been dubbed as Aerial Attack, but... Unimon isn't in this game, so...?


Also, keep in mind, while learn levels are somewhat standardized across all Digimon of their level, they're not totally standardized. There's some room up and down for them.


DORUmon, meanwhile, will only learn Earth attacks. Falcomon keeps things interesting by learning two whole 2 space moves, one of which is Light, which makes it extremely useful.




Should note, you have free unlimited healing at the Digibase at any time.


When you reach the final area of Patch Prairie, one more new Digimon shows up in the wilds to fight you - Kokuwamon. It's special, but for reasons we'll find out later.


They are tougher than they look though, keep that in mind.


Oh hey, it's those three again.


No matter who you started with, bring Falcomon to this fight. You want Light moves.


Uno, Dos, and Tres were looking into this Ship as well, it seems.


Hiroyuki and Asuka try to badger information out of them, but they have no idea what we're talking about.


What they do know is that it's time to fight!


The first real fight against Uno, Dos, and Tres is noticeably harder than the last fight - Uno's Numemon is the same as in the prologue, but Dos's Bombernanimon's main weakness isn't exploitable right now and Tres's Devidramon is pretty strong. Still, if you've been keeping up on levels and have Falcomon's Light move, this isn't bad at all.


You get ~52 EXP and ~400 bits for winning, such a paltry sum that I forgot to take a picture of it.


Hiroyuki accidentally reveals that we were the ones who fucked up their ship.


However, Tres, realizing that we've still kind of got them at a disadvantage, decides to dangle information in front of us to get us to go away.


More specifically, a warning that we need to leave before the Erasers get us. And the Erasers, well, they're apparently pretty tough customers. Still, it can't possibly be as bad as she's saying.


"The Defrag" is definitely an extremely ominous name but it can't possibly be that bad, can it?




You know what scratch that let's find the kids and get the fuck out of here.


These three are villains, but they're not fully privy to The Master Plan.


Uno is a bit mad that Tres just like, spelled out the whole plot for us, but as Tres points out there's not really any reason to not - and then the three teleport away.


And not a moment too soon, because shit is apparently going down.


But hey, what could possibly go wrong?


Back over at the Digibase...




ok those are the erasers, then.


Well, I'm sure the Scumon gang can handle them.







So, uh, those three? Dead now. 100% dead. Not coming back. Last we see of them.




Fortunately, they are apparently not allowed to erase anything here (protagonist bias at work).


Unfortunately, it doesn't matter, as they basically just roll over them anyway.


The Erasers are here for bigger reasons.

And we're going to have to handle that, and its fallout, NEXT TIME.

Time Master Eon

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Something that always kinda bugged me is that Devidramon is an adult, I always felt it would make more sense as a perfect as an 'intended' Pefect form for Devimon. of course now that NeoDevimon is more prominent nowadays it doesn't bother me as much.


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you know, ignoring Wargreymon in World 2, and Volcanicdramon and Cannondramon in the Vital Bracelets, and Skullmammon and Goddramon and Chaosdramon X from Hyper Colosseum, and Omegamon X from Digimon RPG, and the other thing it can turn into in this game, yeah, sure, only that. also ignoring the many, many things it can become in the modern card game and the things it can jogress into in the VB and the things it can Xros into in Super Xros Wars and that one thing it could jogress into in Hyper Colo, bit of a weird one that was.

Jesus christ man, don't need to go all essay writer on me.

Then again, MasterTyranno just doesn't really appear that often in the mainline video games, so I probably overlooked that.

Also yeah, I do remember it becoming WarGreymon in 2. Weird. Guess it must've just slipped my mind.

Technically, even if we're just talking about Lost Evolution, MasterTyrannomon DOES have a second Evo in this game... one that can only be accessed if you do a quest obtained via a special password, the evolution being into Examon of all things.

Speaking of those special passwords, I think this game might be the debut of one of the password 'mons as far as non-VPet games go, that being Aegisdramon.

and we all know that the REAL evolution it should "naturally" become is Dinorexmon, which is canonically a Tyrannomon species member :V
Fun fact: Dinorexmon is one of the Ultimate forms of Takumi's Agumon in Survive, correlating to the Harmonious Route (same as Tyrannomon). (Though not one of the FINAL forms, those are Omegamon and Huanglongmon).

You may want to make sure you've gotten the 1.1 patch, though! Otherwise, all your Digimon will have the Carefree personality!
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@Time Master Eon: He's actually designed to be a Devimon counterpart, as in just Devimon but expressed a different way. In the original V-Pet, the strongest thing the second Child in a V-Pet can reach which turns into the stronger conventional Perfect was a pretty noteworthy category - Devimon from 1 and Angemon from 2 were rivals, and Ogremon from 3 and Leomon from 4 were rivals, but there wasn't a 6 - well, there was, but it's a very weird case and not normally counted - so they made the Digimon in that slot a counterpart to the original member of that slot, Devidramon.

You can glean a lot of things about the franchise just by checking release dates of when Digimon first showed up. For example, Angewomon and Holydramon were both Perfects originally, but when the Ultimate level was made they moved up Holydramon because that would let it run parallel with Holyangemon, which existed due to V-Tamers. It was only later, after Seraphimon was made, that they went back and gave Tailmon -> Angewomon a counterpart to that.

@Neosonic97: very passionate about this shit sorry. I did mention the second Mastertyrannomon evo though. We will see some more new-to-Lost-Evolution Digimon soon though! Significantly sooner than the password stuff which I won't be doing for a long time. And yeah, I know how things are on Survive, I platted the game and have a single copy of each Digimon at level 75 or above :V shoutouts to how the game gives you 120 slots even though if you had one of every Digimon you wouldn't go above about 105.

I did get the 1.1 patch! You will see this when we hit Image 1323, which is the first screen but with the 1.1 patch applied. (note that "image 1323" won't be the 1323rd image of the run because some of the library stuff is being held in a separate folder, so it'll come later than that.)


So, you should pick this up before you move back, but don't hang around too long.


Even though you can technically access part of Login Mountain right now... uh, it's not going to do anything for you to do so. You need to get back and there's a fight between you and the automatic healing.


This is another thing you'll want Falcomon (and Kudamon) up front for.


The giant rock to your immediate right is new, though.


>evolution tree destroyed

well, that sounds... bad.


Yeah, that came across.


uh oh.


Boss Fight: Erasers' Ogremon and Leomon.

Ogremon has less HP and a weakness to Holy that you can exploit, so do so. Do not let it stick around.


Leomon has no immediately accessible weaknesses to exploit, but it can't outpace your healing if it's on its own and you picked up a few Bandages from wild fights. And you want to be at full health.


Of course, that's not the end of the story.


The Erasers can, uh...

do this.


Boss Fight Part 2: Shift Eraser x2

Shift Erasers are a whole different kind of shit. They can, in theory, inflict all manner of horrible, awful statuses to you. Given time, they can do a lot of bullshit and nonsense.


But they're weak to Holy. So don't let them do that and they fall apart.



bitch you better fuckin run.

(They do. You don't actually win this one, they just take your measure and then leave.)


That's... that's bad, right? Large sections of the Evolution Tree missing is definitely bad right?


The Erasers being servants of the Selectors is literally the only things that saved anyone here's life - the Selectors apparently want Culumon, Tailmon, Terriermon, and Renamon alive still for some reason.


asuka still shitting on hiroyuki.


So, the good news is, the Evolution Tree isn't actually totally messed up. There are a lot of pieces missing, but the structure is still intact. The bad news is that a lot of pieces are missing, and of the ones that aren't, some of them are essentially inaccessible - they didn't hit Dotshinegreymon but it doesn't really matter because Rizegreymon is gone, for example - and a bunch of the higher level Warps that bridge the trees are gone too.

There's also significantly bigger bad news, but we'll get to that in a minute.


Fortunately, there is a solution to this part of the problem - Bug Plates! Gabumon was searching for them, and Bug Plates are just damaged Digiplates. If we go out there, we can find them and restore them to the Tree no issue.


"But no one has seen the Technodramon plate since before time began, so it has always been incomplete" ~ me, probably.


Terriermon explains how the tree works in full - this single device manages Evolution across the entire world. If it doesn't have a Plate in it, that Digimon is impossible to evolve into.


This is good news for us as there are actually a ton of Bug Plates out there for us to plunder, and with those, the tree will be fixed in no time.


It is suggested that we head towards Packet Coast next.


Oh? Who's that.

buW3iDY.png had a fucking perfect hiding around and you didn't use his help to stop the Erasers?


Yes, it is indeed! That's why they weren't near the entrance.


And, here we drop the other bombshell. So, you know how the tree is broken, and missing a ton of plates?


It's, uh, it's actually missing a lot more than that. You know the Scumon gang - him, Geremon, and Mushmon? Yeah, uh, those sections of the tree are just fucking gone now. as in, there is nowhere to put a plate.

Those three were the last members of their species and with them dead the entire species is permanently extinct.

that is the last time we will see any of that species of digimon in this game.

So, if you've seen me talk about this game elsewhere, you might have heard me joke about how this game "used an in-universe genocide to justify cutting part of the roster." That, uh, is only partly a joke. There were 119 Digimon in Sunburst/Moonlight that are not back for this game, and five of them just got mentioned as having been wiped out entirely - the full list is thusly, so if you like any of the Digimon in this group, too bad.

BABY: (1)


CHILD: (19)

Toyagumon (Black)
Pawnchessmon (Black)
Pawnchessmon (White)

ADULTS: (53)

Knightchessmon (White)
Knightchessmon (Black)

PERFECT (and armor): (33)

Atlurkabuterimon (Blue)
Bishopchessmon (White)
Rookchessmon (Black)


Imperialdramon (Black)
Deathmon (Black)


Fortunately, not... everything is so broken as that. A bunch of Digimon that got their plates removed still exist in the wild, some of them for good reason (I can totally understand why the Erasers didn't just charge into, say, Shadow Hell and murder all the wildlife there, even though most of it was due for erasing, given the hostility and power of the wildlife), but others for... less good reason (we've actually seen a Digimon in the wild whose plate got removed, which is only located in one area, and is only at low levels, and so could be easily wiped out, but... they didn't...).


It's also noted that there used to be a ton of Tamers going around, but as has been briefly mentioned, that is not currently the case. Given the nature of the Erasers and that they were after me, it's totally logical to assume that the Erasers are the reason for that.


And, uh, here's where the game takes a sudden turn for the Fossil Fighters.


It's time to clean plates!


Terriermon happened to have a Bug Plate for Greymon onhand (given the Koromon on Heritage Cape hold it it's not had to figure out how he did it), and hands it to us to clean off.


There are four essential parts to cleaning off a Digiplate, though one of these is Crystal Bug destroying which isn't needed on smaller plates. The remaining three are:

1: Puttying. On most Bug Plates that aren't Warp Plates, cracks will be present on the plate. To remove these, you need to putty over them, and then scrape the putty off. Puttying causes no damage to the plate, but putty being remaining on the plate is a big hit to your score at the end. The two white splotches on Greymon there are putty, although as your tools get upgraded, putty changes colors.

2: Scraping. Once you have puttied an area, you scrape the putty off to return the real plate. Scraping can damage a plate, but it takes a bit of doing, so it's not common that you'll do it - unless you start scraping a cracked area you didn't putty over, because doing literally anything damaging to a crack instantly damages a plate, which you can only do about three times before you fail. Since you should be puttying and then scraping all at once this doesn't come up in this context very often. Cracks, weirdly enough, don't actually hurt your score overly much if you get rid of a few of them - putty and dirt do that much more so.

3: Cleaning. Most plates will have discolored segments, which are a sign that dirt has gotten on the plate. The third option, a cleaning fan, will allow you to remove the dirt relatively quickly - although as plates get harder, much tougher dirt will be stuck on things. Cleaning fans can't damage the plate, but the initial one is a bit random in how fast it cleans, and dirt will absolutely annihilate your score if there is even a pixel of it left. Thus, on some plates, where you're just trying to raise your score in a very small amount of time, sometimes it's better to ignore cracks entirely and just focus on the dirt.


It, uh, took me a bit to get acclimated to doing things intended to be done with a stylus on a laptop trackpad totally legal device that I, uh, lacked tools for. The initial plates are actually pretty easy with some practice though, as are a number of other ones.

This will change though. After a point, plates become basically impossible to do with regular tools, and then become basically impossible to do with upgraded tools, and then after that just start getting actively malicious. There is going to be a certain point in the run where I start cheating at this to get 100s, because I am not playing this game to spend tens and hundreds of hours in stupid, tedious bullshit - that's what most Digimon games devolve into and I refuse to allow this one to do so.


Once you've repaired the plate, you get a look at what the Lab screen looks like properly. Repairing is, uh, where you repair plates, and Digiplate is where you put them back into the trees. Evolution Tree lets you look at where the trees currently stand, Load is how you feed Digimon to other Digimon, something that will eventually happen much later in the run when I run out of room to store shit, Convert is how you make new Digimon, and Evolve/Degenerate lets you, uh, Evolve and Degenerate things.


Greymon, of course, was the blocked out shadow on Agumon's Tree. You will notice that his tree has many other blocked out shadows, as well as a large bit missing next to what is clearly Metalgreymon's profile art. We'll get into those later.


You remember how all those different evolutions had "Revived Greymon" as a requirement? This is Greymon's Revival that they're referring to. Besides Greymon being required for a few earlygame things to make sure you got past the prologue, usually "Revived X" requirements only take the Digimon whose plate was cleaned, outside of a few weird exceptions like Jogresses (and psuedo-Jogresses of which we'll see one later) requiring you had their two components revived first.


Now, if I were to go to Agumon's Tree, you would note that Greymon has a percentage of 91%, which is the value of the Plate I inputted. Digimon can be inputted into the tree at any percent, but as mentioned previously, if they're not at 100% they're not really worth it - missing important moves hurts a lot.


The item shop doesn't have too much useful, but it's important to pick up Revives as we will have trouble resupplying on those for a while, and grab some Gate Disks, as you will not find those in the wilds and keeping a large stock of them is important for reasons of not going insane.


We can also buy some basic equipment. Daggers are usable by any Digimon type - some of them, notably, are daggers in-class-only because they need to be equippable for everyone - while Guards increase Armor and sometimes Speed and are equippable to everyone too. Shields are also equippable to everyone and tend to increase evasion rate, which is less useful.

Each Digimon has a Weapon and Defensive slot. Daggers are one of many kinds of weapons, while as for armor, it's mostly limited to Shields, Armor, and Rings, which we will see later. There's no limitation on any of the rings, but Armor and Shields tend to have restrictions set by the item. This won't matter much though as for most of the game the three main party members will either be using Novice Guard/Shields or the best Guard in the game, and the two Rings that increase money and EXP gain.


With all that out of the way, it would be a good time to go grab more plates. Heritage Cape has three Digimon in it as previously mentioned, and each one has a plate onhand.


Tunomon's is mysterious, ooo, what could it possibly be.


...not perfected on the first try is what it is.


But it is in fact Garurumon, and you may notice that Weregarurumon wasn't taken - our initial Gabumon could, if you wanted, go straight up from its current form to Weregarurumon, and there is jack and shit the game will do to stop you from that. You could also degenerate it and go to Tunomon, and then up to Goblimon - but Goblimon currently has no evolutions, so.


If you've cleaned off and identified a plate, it and all others like it won't show up as question marks anymore.


Koromon, of course, can hold Greymon plates, which I mentioned earlier.


And then there's Tanemon.


Tanemon's plate I actually got right on the first try.


It's Togemon, as you might expect. Be warned, however - Togemon becoming Blossomon is doable, but is very annoying until such a time that you acquire either Lillymon or a different plate on this tree, as it has a level cap requirement that essentially requires you have reached Perfect prior to it. While there's a lot to discuss with how this game handles the level cap, especially as I think it did it better than even later Story games, there are some rules to keep in mind.


Anyway, I soon picked up enough Greymon plates to fix it fully. I should bring up, as it will come up in future updates - if you suck at 100%ing Plates, you can have Lopmon auto-repair your plates after you have gotten one repaired to some degree, and it will usually (read: always, if you save beforehand) put in a plate with a better value than yours. Do this enough and you can 100% plates even if you're shit at it, just very, very slowly.


Now, for Garurumon. I've showed off my first attempt at 97, and here's what a Garurumon at 97%'s skill sheet looks like...


...And here's one at 100%. You, uh, might have noticed a difference here. This is the main reason you want a 100% plate.

NEXT TIME: We finally obtain some new Digimon, who will part of our real party.

And now, if you've finished the update, the Library Update!




Signature Move: Baby Flame (Pepper Breath).

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: None.

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 2

Field Ability: Melt.

Tree: Agumon.

Degrades into: Koromon (level 5, as all Babys are)

Evolves into: Greymon (level 17, Revived Greymon, friendship 50), Geogreymon (level 19, Revived Greymon, attack 115, friendship 50)

Notes: Agumon is a fairly standard Child level Digimon with a focus on high Attack. It's more notable for the things it can become at its higher levels, as, as the eternal protagonist of the franchise, Agumon has a lot of power in its higher levels. (Of note - this game isn't one of the many that fucked it up and somehow made Wargreymon better than Omegamon!). That said, its only Warps lead either to the Gabumon Tree after a degree of separation or to the Blackagumon Tree, so moving it around to other lines can be difficult.




Signature Move: Petite Fire.

Noteworthy Moves: Gatling Punch.

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: None.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 2

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Gabumon.

Degrades into: Tunomon (level 5, as all Babys are)

Evolves into: Garurumon (level 17, Revived Garurumon, friendship 50)

Notes: The eternal second fiddle to Agumon, this reptile in a fursuit is a Speed focused Child. The fact that it gets a 2 space hitting move is nice for its level though, and it also has a lot of really big things in its Tree - hampered slightly by the fact that it's not the only Child level with an evolution path in its tree, so you have to degenerate down to Tunomon to get everything. This comes with the further annoying caveat that the only warps out of the Gabumon tree either involve a degree of separation before hitting Agumon, or require a lot of plates you won't have access to for a hot minute to gain a warp over to Patamon's Tree.




Signature Move: Petite Metal

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: Lucky (EXP+ no matter where it is in your party)

Wild Availability: Login Mountain

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 2

Field Ability: Dig

Tree: DORUmon.

Degrades into: Dorimon (level 5, as all Babys are)

Evolves into: DORUgamon (level 18, defense 65, friendship 50), Raptordramon (level 23, attack 125, max level 31), Coelamon (level 20, revived Coelamon, attack 90)

Notes: Yes, that's right, Raptordramon actually evolves from DORUmon unlike in the last two games. Anyway, DORUmon is interesting, as not only does it have three pretty powerful Ultimates, it also has three different warps, one of which is to Coelamon - which we will unfortunately not be accessing for a while - and which take it on three totally different Trees, for V-Mon, Shakomon, and Toyagumon. It is personally kind of underwhelming, but a lot runs through DORUmon.



KUDAMON (2006):

Signature Move: Holy Shot/Aerial Attack.

Noteworthy Moves: Holy Shot/Aerial Attack (only in the earlygame though)

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Chip Forest.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 2

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Coronamon.

Degrades into: Sunmon (level 5, as all Babys are)

Evolves into: Airdramon (level 23, Revived Airdramon, speed 110), Reppamon (level 20, Revived Reppamon, attack 90, friendship 50)

Notes: Purely on a "beating earlygame bosses" metric, the best of the three chosen Starters. However, it's not going to be able to actually evolve until we start seeing things in its tree in the wild, and that's a bit away. Of note - This is the first Child level we've seen to not be the one the Tree is named after, and in this case it's kind of nonsensical because Kudamon is by far the more active member of the tree - I guess since Coronamon was the MC Digimon of Sunburst it gets the top billing. Kudamon's actually pretty formidable statistically for a Child level, though that'll quickly wear away as the game goes on. Oh, yeah, and - it's Kudamon (2006). Yes, I know original Kudamon has only ever been in a video game because the devs got fucking lazy, and it doesn't often get referenced, but it is an important distinction! Survive 2 will probably have the original :V



FALCOMON (2006):

Signature Move: None.

Noteworthy Moves: Gashing Breeze

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: None.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 2

Field Ability: Cut

Tree: Hyokomon.

Degrades into: Chicchimon (level 5, as all Babys are)

Evolves into: Peckmon (level 17, speed 100, friendship 50)

Notes: The thing you use for Holy attacks if you didn't get Kudamon. Falcomon's honestly pretty neat, and I'm going to be using something in its tree (by the way, if you're confused about Hyokomon, it's one of the four Digimon introduced in this game, we'll get to it) for a long, long time, as there's a lot to like. That being said, currently its stats are roughly analogous to Gabumon's, and that's how things are going to remain for quite a bit, since I'm not getting the actual useful thing for a while.


The Fastest Thing Alive
Dex Entry Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
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Aug 9, 2019
Not really a lot for me to say here, except for the fact that the first thing I cheated for was those 100% plates. You haven't actually obtained anything yet so there are no bios for me to make. I guess you're gonna start digiconverting stuff next part?

Also a fun fact about Dorumon, it ALSO has a second Child in its evolution tree in Monodramon, which, as a fun fact, befriending a Monodramon at some point in time is actually necessary for an evolution in an entirely different evolution tree (as in, the evolution explicitly has "Befriended Monodramon" as a requirement), which serves as a neat reference to a certain set of kind of obscure games (but the Digimon itself is anything but obscure).

Specifically, you need to have obtained a Monodramon to allow Kimeramon to evolve into Millenniummon, which is a neat reference to the end of Digimon Tamers: Brave Tamers, the fourth and final Wonderswan game, where Monodramon forcefully fuses itself with ZeedMillenniummon.

Also, I just noted, back in Part 1, technically it might have been accurate to call Agumon a dinosaur... if they were talking about the 2006 subspecies first seen in Savers, as that Agumon (which, curiously enough was the one that appeared in the last two Digimon Story games, but not THIS one) is actually classified as a dinosaur, as opposed to the OG Agumon (the one in this game) being classified as a reptile.
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@Neosonic97 - 2006 Agumon isn't really any more of a dinosaur than original Agumon is, although since Geogreymon takes design inspiration from Movie Greymon it's closer to a dinosaur than OG Greymon is so there is that I suppose. Digimon classifications are bullshit anyway, Mushmon and Chamblemon are classified as plants when they're not even remotely that.

this update delayed by the library update, expect that to happen every time there's a large library update - so, every update basically, because over half the pictures in this run are taken in the lab.


The highest scan for a Digimon you can have is 255, an unsigned 8 bit integer.


This, thusly, means that the highest ABI you can start with is 255.


Compare the base stats listed on the last screen with the stats mine has on this screen. 38 more HP, 13 more SP, 22 whole more Attack, 11 more Defense, and 9 more Speed. You gain a higher Max Level too, although that's not shown here. And 100 vs 255 ABI though I'm not 100% on what that actually does.

It is entirely worth it to get max scan before manifesting a new Digimon. Later in the game, you'll have plenty of options to massively increase scan amounts, too.


Today, he is the backup, but tomorrow...


Ignoring that "befriended Agumon" is the stupidest fucking condition there is because it is literally impossible to not fulfill it (all the Dot-Xs have that requirement, it's meaningless for Agumon and Falcomon but massively important for Shinegreymon and Miragegaogamon), the level requirement on Dotagumon effectively requires that you've reached the Child Stage at least once. (which of course makes it dumber)


You can Tunopiano, but you can't Tunofish!

no wait. hold on a minute.

Also yes the nickname screen is goddamn fucked up because the letters are properly spaced but the actual screen isn't, but what can you do. They still didn't fix this in 1.1 and I doubt they'll ever get around to fixing it.


yes i misspelled thallid, if digimon can pretend fungi are plants i can pretend plants are fungi.


Now that we've reached this point, the less useful members of the initial party are getting shuffled into the Farm.

That was, it should be noted, a mistake, but I'll get into why in a very short bit of time. The easiest way to put it is that the Farm is your Plan B for holding Digimon for literally any circumstance other than mass raising Friendship and gaining stats passively.


We've finished up Heritage Cape, but let's get everything from Patch Prairie.


Oh, this is our first Warp Plate, isn't it? Warp Plates are really, really easy to clean off because they only have dirt on them, which means even the really hard ones that have caked on dirt can theoretically just be done with the initial cleaner if the RNG feels like it, and the upgraded one absolutely annihilates them. There's a type of plate similar to them later that are much harder but we'll get into that. The main bit of actual difficulty with Warp Plates and things like them is that you have to clean them off yourself, 100% - but honestly even that isn't so bad.

(Also this is dropped by Patamon, obviously enough)


Warps are essentially new in this game - in Story and Sunburst/Moonlight once you got a Digimon, it was locked to its own line unless there was a Jogress available. Jogress Evolution in that form doesn't really exist in this game, but instead, there are warps - points between one tree and another that allow a Digimon to theoretically climb all over the tree into all sorts of lines.

Most of the warps, like maybe half of them, are actually set in at base - on Patamon's tree for example there's actually four Warps, only two of which you need to apply things to - but Warps are harder to place because to actually make use of them, you need a warp on both sides - Patamon Warp 2 connects Angemon and Shakkoumon, for example, but to actually use that warp we'd not only need to have this warp and Angemon and Shakkoumon cleaned, but also Shakkoumon Warp 2 which connects it to Angemon. This is the main thing that holds back a bunch of really powerful Digimon from you getting them early, but warp plates are so easy to clean that it's not usually an issue.

(Also, Warps have this really weird and interesting thing, where once you take the fullness of Warps in, every Tree in the game falls into one of three groups, and each of these three groups is connected to the other two by a Baby level that can evolve into two trees, but that's an entire other fucking thing and is both totally irrelevant right now and basically irrelevant for a while later so keep that in mind)


From Patamon to Piyomon. Piyomon can also become Cockatrimon without a plate, but Cockatrimon's evolution takes a Plate (and is on the other side of a filled-in Warp), while Birdramon's has a Max Level cap that basically requires you have at some point obtained one of the line's Perfects.


Kokuwamon is funny because, like, we were totally seeing those things in the wild, yeah? And they're all at low level, you know? The Selectors in the area could have wiped them out. But they didn't, so we get to immediately fix this.

Kokuwamon also gets us some decent Digimon a bit early, though I won't be taking too much advantage of this.

(Oh, and, before you ask - you can't revive a Kokuwamon from the data provided by the wild ones until you have its Plate in the tree.)


Patamon's other plate - yes, some Digimon hold more than one Plate - is more immediately useful. Unfortunately, all three of Angemon's evolutions are going to be a bit away.

Good to note, by the way, that the path to that warp to the right isn't lit because it's not connected, since there's no Warp at the other side and the Digimon over there doesn't have a Plate yet.


By the way, Repairing a Plate you already have a better or equivalent version of the item to will get you an item called a Repaired Plate. Hang onto these, you'll need them later. The extra Tamer Points makes it worth it (grinding those could be annoying) but the rewards for getting a shitload of Repaired Plates is massive.


Time to get more guys.


Oh hey, already? Once a Digimon has hit their maximum level, it's a good idea to head back to the lab and Evolve them.


Togemon can actually theoretically hit Perfect - it will be a while until we get Floramon's Adult form even, and by that point we'll have wild Floramon.


As such.

Evolution increases all your stats if you're going up, and decreases all of them if you're going down, with one notable exception - Accessing a new level for the first time will increase your Max Level to a certain point (usually to ~20 for Childs, to ~35 for Adults, to ~45-50 for Perfects, to ~60 for Ultimates, and to ~70-75 for Ultimate 2s at least, though some Digimon give higher boosts than others - there's an entire ingame stat that keeps track of it and it's too complicated to bring up seriously here, just remember the baselines), but Max Level will also increase every time you Degenerate, and I'm not sure if it's based on what your max level was before or if it's based on what level you were before, because it doesn't seem entirely to follow either from my testing it.

That is the only way to increase Max Level to 99 however. The highest an Evolution will bring you to at base is, I forget if it's 90 or 92, but it's not 99.


If you'll note, despite being in a fair few battles, Tuno here still hasn't reached max Friendship. You only need 50 before the Digimon starts listening to you, but a ton of fucking evolutions require either 50 or 100, and 100 is also required for... other, things. Which we will get into in like 25 updates at the earliest.


I actually fuck up later because you can get Goblimon's evolution really, really early, but I just... didn't notice it, and so TunoFish's current stay in this line will be very short lived.


The Backup slowly becomes the main Digimon.


Gaomon is actually super solid early on and you should 100% grab one before the next boss. Seriously. You'll regret not doing it.


Kokuwamon has got to be one of my favorite Child level Digimon, and that's entirely because I like Insect Digimon and Machine Digimon and it's an Insect Machine and can thus easily go either way :V


MPwRhoD.png know what.

let's end the update here.

because if I go on that's a lot more library entries I'll have to do today, and I think that's a non-starter.

NEXT TIME we'll evolve them and get even more things.

we finally have enough changes to the party to bring that back, but it'll be in every update from now on because it's going to constantly shake up.


Bread the Agumon
Buster the Gabumon
ZINLAI the Falcomon (2006)
Backup the Koromon --> Agumon
TunoFish the Tunomon --> Goblimon
Thalid the Tanemon --> Palmon

Doog the Wanyamon --> Gaomon
Chugabug the Kokuwamon
SoraTobu the Piyomon
Roller the Kudamon (2006)
Sigma the DORUmon

And, of course...




Signature Move: Rainbow Spit (Signature to all Babies).

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: Training (Increases success rate of Farm Training).

Wild Availability: Heritage Cape

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 1

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Agumon.

Degrades into: None.

Evolves into: Agumon (level 10), Dotagumon (level 21, Befriended Agumon, friendship 100)

Notes: There's not much to really say about Babies outside of four specific ones, one of which is postgame-locked IIRC, so my commentary on them is going to be a bit short. Rainbow Spit looks impressive, being an attack on par with what you'll see Perfects doing... but you can't get it until you have a level cap roughly equivalent to Ultimate anyway. And that's about the only notable thing any given Baby has, too.




Signature Move: Rainbow Spit (Signature to all Babies).

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: None (no, Runner isn't actually useful, you have to run for it to matter and why run when you can kill)

Wild Availability: Heritage Cape

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 1

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Palmon

Degrades into: None.

Evolves into: Palmon (level 10), Floramon (level 11)

Notes: The one thing I will say about non-special Babies is that it is really, really, really annoying when a line splits at the Baby level (like most things) rather than the Child level (like Agumon), because you have to go down a lot more to get between branches. You're going to be skipping back and forth across this tree a lot if you want to use it, and it's especially annoying in Tanemon's case as the "main line" doesn't even have its own Ultimate without a Warp.




Signature Move: Rainbow Spit (Signature to all Babies).

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: None

Wild Availability: Heritage Cape

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 1

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Gabumon

Degrades into: None.

Evolves into: Gabumon (level 10), Goblimon (level 9)

Notes: As above, so below. Tunomon's line is a special kind of annoying in that you get basically all of its Ultimates - bar the postgame Ancientgarurumon and Baihumon - at the exact same location, so if you, say, decide you want to get them all with one Digimon for ease of doing...




Signature Move: Rainbow Spit (Signature to all Babies).

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: None

Wild Availability: Patch Prarie

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 1

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Gaomon

Degrades into: None.

Evolves into: Gaomon (level 5)

Notes: only on reading its description here did i realize it's name is "wan" "nyaa" mon because it's a dog and a cat. god fucking damnit.




Signature Move: Poison Ivy (although Drain Whip is only known by it and Floramon)

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: None.

Ally Stat Increase: Defense 2

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Palmon

Degrades into: Tanemon

Evolves into: Togemon (level 17, revived Togemon, friendship 50)

Notes: Plants in this game tend to be associated with electricity when it comes to their attacking moves, which is... interesting, because plants rarely actually are Electrics. If you're purely going for immediate power, Floramon is the better of the two Palmon Tree Child Levels, but that immediate power doesn't go anywhere, so... Palmon's tree is pretty weird, sadly, which will become more apparent as the game goes in. At least it evolves into Rosemon this time.




Signature Move: Goblin Strike.

Noteworthy Moves: Gatling Punch.

Noteworthy Abilities: None

Wild Availability: Label Forest

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 2

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Gabumon

Degrades into: Tunomon.

Evolves into: Ogremon (level 19, revived Ogremon, attack 105)

Notes: Ok, so, quick note, if you're playing along at home, and thus not making the mistakes I am - Label Forest has a small outcropping connected to an upcoming area that has only Goblimon and Tentomon in it, meaning you can get the plate for Ogremon long before you're supposed to access the main part of Label Forest. I did not know this, so Goblimon for me was a dead line for that period of time. Do not be like me. Anyway besides that, Goblimon isn't anything terribly special. Also, Goburimon is technically how it's spelled in Japanese and English, but like... I know how to transliterate. The fact that two countries fucked up the spelling of "goblin" is not my problem.




Signature Move: None. (Petit Tornado is learned by three things and is definitely meant to represent Double Backhand for Gaomon though)

Noteworthy Moves: Petit Tornado, Gatling Punch

Noteworthy Abilities: None

Wild Availability: Label Forest

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 2

Field Ability: Bulldoze.

Tree: Gaomon

Degrades into: Wanyamon.

Evolves into: Leomon (level 24, revived Leomon, defense 80), Galgomon (level 18, revived Galgomon, speed 75, friendship 50), Gaogamon (level 18, speed 95, friendship 50)

Notes: Galgomon is in Terriermon's tree, of course, but the warp plate is set in at base. Gaomon's tree is pretty neat in that it only diverges at the top, really, similar to Gabumon, but unlike Gabumon the initial divergence is at the Child rather than the Baby so going between them isn't as annoying. The only warp besides the initial one is all the way up at Ultimate 2 though and completely isolates the Gaogamon side of the tree from everything else, so keep that in mind if you want an attack from that section of the tree on something - it might be best to start over there and then branch out to everything else.




Signature Move: Scissor Arms Mini/Scissor Claws Mini (although Thunder is only learned by it and Botamon)

Noteworthy Moves: Thunder

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Patch Prarie

Ally Stat Increase: Defense 2

Field Ability: Cut.

Tree: Tentomon

Degrades into: Minomon (!)

Evolves into: Kuwagamon (level 16, attack 85), Tankmon (level 20, revived Tankmon, defense 70)

Notes: It's a bug with a goddamn taser for a head that turns into a cool stag beetle and also a tank, what's not to like? Well, you'd better like it in this game. Tankmon being a part of someone else's tree and Minomon being the gateway between meta-trees, Kokuwamon is one of the fastest ways to get from wildly different branches to each other.




Signature Move: Petit Fire, probably (Petit Tornado is learned by 3 things and Petit Fire by 2...)

Noteworthy Moves: Petit Tornado

Noteworthy Abilities: EXP+

Wild Availability: Patch Prarie

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 2

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Piyomon

Degrades into: Tokomon (!)

Evolves into: Birdramon (level 17, revived Birdramon, friendship 50), Cockatrimon (level 21, attack 105)

Notes: Tokomon is another of the three Special Babies, although you might not realize that for a second as all three things it can evolve into are currently accessible. Unfortunately, most of the warps are on the other side of the tree, but Piyomon's has a warp and an Ultimate 2 of its own so there is that. As mentioned earlier getting any of the Perfects early with this one is going to be annoying unless you dip into Hawkmon's half of the tree (it can Armor Evolve) so be wary about that.


The Fastest Thing Alive
Dex Entry Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
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>bar the postgame Ancientgarurumon and Baihumon

If we're being super technical here, "postgame" can only really be applied to a select few Digimon in this game, and Baihumon ain't one of them, as there is a way (a highly specific way that you're probably never going to discover without a guide) to get all four Holy Beasts (And thus, the most special baby) before the postgame.

In fact, the only ones that actually are entirely exclusive to the postgame are AncientGarurumon, AncientGreymon, Susanoomon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Alphamon, BanchouLeomon, Chaosmon (only because it requires reviving BanchouLeomon) and ZeedMilleniummon, whose plates are only obtainable in postgame encounters. Everything else is obtainable before the end of the game in some way or another (typically through putting a Digimon of a certain evolutionary stage and level on an expedition team).

Anyway, now that you've obtained some Digimon, time for some bios!

Goblimon (Goburimon)
There's not really much to say about Goblimon. They're a common Digimon seen in the early game of many a Digimon game, and this one is no exception. Perhaps the most notable thing about Goblimon is their primary adult form, Ogremon, but we'll get more into that later. It appears a lot, but its appearances are minor, and it is otherwise not particularly noteworthy.

Palmon is a pretty famous Digimon known for being the partner of Mimi Tachikawa in the original Digimon Adventure. It's one of the nine available Child-level Digimon that appears in the original Digimon World, being one of the three that evolves from Tanemon. It can also evolve from Tanemon in Digimon Story (Digimon World DS), being one of the child forms of one of the three starters, and is a potential starter in Digimon Story Moonlight (Digimon World Dusk), degenerating from the Pretty Pack's Lilymon. Palmon has a pretty solidly locked primary evolutionary line, that being into Togemon, then Lilymon, then Rosemon, which, curiously enough, it shares as an Ultimate form with Lalamon. Some Palmon can also go into Woodmon or Sunflowmon, though. Technically, if it becomes Rosemon, it can, in games like this, further evolve via Burst Evolution into Rosemon Burst Mode.

Punchdoge over here is another Digimon who debuted in Digimon Savers, being the partner of Thomas H. Nornstein in that series. It can evolve from Tsunomon, one of the three starting babies, in Digimon Story, and is a potential starter in Digimon Story Moonlight, degenerating from the Balance Pack's MachGaogamon.
Speaking of MachGaogamon, it's the Perfect form of Gaomon's primary evolutionary line, that being Gaomon into Gaogamon into MachGaogamon into MirageGaogamon, and can then undergo Burst Evolution to further evolve into MirageGaogamon Burst Mode.

Here's a fun fact for you: Did you know that in Digimon Story Sunburst/Moonlight, Kokuwamon was classified as a Machine and not an Insect? As a result, it has COMPLETELY different evolutions in that game than in this game: While it still could become Kuwagamon, you had to combine it with a Tentomon. Otherwise, its only evolution in that game was Thunderballmon, a Digimon who has been excised from this game. Other than that, there's not really much to say about Kokuwamon- their only appearance in the anime was as a group enslaved by Snimon in Frontier.

Piyomon (Biyomon)
Another of the original eight partners in Adventure, this one being partnered to Sora Takenouchi. Pretty much THE prototypical Bird Digimon, it evolves into a ton of other birds, though the primary evolution tree is into Birdramon, then Garudamon, and finally into Hououmon. Some games, like this one, actually take that line even further by having Hououmon evolve into Zhuqiaomon, one of the Four Holy Beasts.
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@Neosonic97: You're absolutely correct! Getting Baihumon's plate before the postgame is not only totally possible, there's actually greater than even odds I'll be doing it - although I haven't done it yet so we'll see when I get there in a bit of gameplay. You can totally grab it and put the plate in before then! And then all you have to do is evolve it from... uh... an Ancientgarurumon. Which is postgame locked.

It's not just about plates, it's also about getting the godforsaken fucker after putting the plate in. That's what locks Baihumon, and thus Culumon, to postgame. It's also what locks Ancientwisemon (for which you need the Spirit of Steel, only dropped by Ancientwisemon) and Ancientirismon (for which you need the Spirit of Wind, only dropped by Ancientirismon) to the postgame.

(None of the other Holy Beasts have this annoying bullshit strapped onto them because they all evolve from Digimon previously owned by actual people, and you know as well as I do that people would have a conniption if they dared to make something like Wargreymon postgame only.)


That's the last Digimon from Patch Prairie, then...


...and there's these three evolved. Bread is evolved into Greymon because I know for a fact that Backup, who will soon be stronger than him, is going to start as a Geogreymon because Geogreymon gets a better attack.


Packet Coast has a bunch of things in the wild, but we can't pierce into it very far - there's a boss fight in this room.



Gigimon in the wild is nice, since you'll never have a reason to evolve down into it. The other three we will but that's its own concern. Hyokomon is a new Digimon in this game though! One of only four new ones.


Plotmon/Salamon only drops one plate, and it's this one. Shoutouts to Digimon Survive btw.


Blackagumon, similarly, only has the one plate drop.

RzB8wzQ.png does Hyokomon.


Ah, here we are. Garurumon is one of the first Digimon you'll get with a stat-up move, and likely intended to be your introduction to them (as the developers probably don't expect the average player to go for Geogreymon first). Stat-up moves cost a ton of MP and are worth every single point, because stat-ups are broken as hell.


Alas and alack, since I didn't get the Ogremon plate first (it's after the next boss fight anyway), TunoFish will have to go back down to Tunomon before anything else.


As previously mentioned, the lower your level is, the faster you gain scan percentage, so since Gigimon is the only Baby around you'll max its scan data first.


Kudamon can't evolve up past Child for a while, so this is its fate. The next few fights also tend to be ones with Holy weak enemies, but Peckmon will do enough for those.


DORUmon's tree requires a lot of going up and down, but the only thing you'll be able to go up into at first is DORUgamon because Coelamon is on another tree and requires a plate and Strikedramon requires a level cap.


And now that other things are trained up, Bread officially leaves the party for good. The Expedition Team is, honestly, where you should be putting shit before Farms unless you're either grinding up friendship or stats on them, because you get a ton of EXP out of it and it also gives you access to a ton of fucking items, including access to a bunch of otherwise hard to get plates and access to a bunch of plates you're straight up not going to get until way later.




In future fights, I will have to worry about the backline potentially getting shuffled to the front, but that's not a concern for a good bit of time. This is another fight you want Holy for, as the next two also will be, so if you got Kudamon and you're not grinding like a madman keep using him through those.


Oh no, it's one of the Story games' weird offcolor Vegiemons!


Wait, didn't they say a few updates ago that Vegiemon was no longer on the tr-




The last guys, between them, had a Leomon and Ogremon. What could these idiots possibly do worse?



Boss Fight: Erasers' Bakemon, Airdramon, and Chimairamon (?!?)

Chimairamon, here localized as Kimeramon, is big, massive, and obviously and clearly the main threat... but it's a paper tiger. For starters, it takes up two spaces, which means attacks that hit 2 consecutive spaces can hit it twice. Second, it may resist Earth/Melee, but it is weak to Holy, which means Falcomon's 2 space hitting Holy attack absolutely mulches it. Third, it has half the HP any given member of my team does. Bakemon is also Holy weak, but Airdramon's weaknesses to Thunder and Dark aren't as exploitable yet - it doesn't have much HP though.

Also, I didn't mention it with the last fight, when both of their Digimon were supposed to be deleted and had plates removed from the tree, but Airdramon and Chimairamon also are, and I'm going to note that here. Why do these guys have illegal Digimon again?


Horrifying as the intro to this fight is, it's not actually that hard. I'm way overleveled at this point and that'll be the case for most of the rest of the game.


Well, at least we stopped the Erasers.


Unfortunately, it's not like they randomly dropped the Ship's Black Box we're looking for, so we must continue on.




Ok, so - this specific room in Packet Coast is supposed to spawn Betamon. It didn't for me until way later, but I don't know if that's intentional or not - and if it isn't, it was a shit idea, because you can totally can totally obtain Betamon at this point through other means I'll get into later.


That's the sign of the next boss fight, but we have some... work, to do, before I go to it.


And this isn't going to be relevant until after we get that boss fight done with but it will be important soon.


One of the many things we have to do first is obtain our new form for Backup.


one of the other things is uh

removing a bunch of the plates i've been building up while grinding

i've mentioned leftover/repaired plates in the last update, they're what you get if you tie or go below your current plate high score on repairing them.

you can't actually go past 99 of a held item so i now won't be repairing plates very often unless it's to get a higher rank, because leftover plates are really important and i don't want to waste them.

...And that's it, because if I go past this image, I'm going to have to make the already ballooning Library Update even fucking longer, and I refuse to do that. So NEXT TIME I do... like, 35 images before I hit the same point again... starting to think i maybe shouldn't have done library updates this big but now I intend to go all the way on it


Buster the Gabumon --> Garurumon
ZINLAI the Falcomon (2006) --> Peckmon
Backup the Agumon --> Geogreymon
SoraTobu the Piyomon
Pigs Fly the Patamon
ElHazard the Gigimon --> Guilmon


Thalid the Palmon
Doog the Gaomon
Chugabug the Kokuwamon
TunoFish the Goblimon --> Tunomon

Bread the Agumon --> Greymon
Roller the Kudamon (2006) -> Sunmon
Sigma the DORUmon --> DORUgamon




Signature Move: Boom Bubble/Air Shot

Noteworthy Moves: Petit Tornado (earlygame multi-space move)

Noteworthy Abilities: EXP+ 1.

Wild Availability: Patch Prairie.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 2.

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Patamon

Degrades into: Tokomon (!)

Evolves into: Angemon (level 22, revived Angemon, friendship 50), Prairiemon (level 24, inputted Digimental of Kindness, speed 95, friendship 100)

Notes: The Digimental of Kindness is 100% accessible at this exact moment, right now, and I'll be getting it within a few updates, so Prairiemon is within your grasp, and is a Perfect (like all Armors in this game), meaning an earlygame Patamon is an exceedingly potent threat, especially because Prairiemon has a very useful attack in its list. Even if you don't get it now, you're going to get one later - Tokomon, you might have noted, is also Piyomon's Baby, and because of this you can shift between different trees thanks to it, and Patamon is the only Child level in its tree.




Signature Move: Nova Blast/Mega Flame

Noteworthy Moves: Nova Blast/Mega Flame (Powerful earlygame two-space attack)

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Pallet Amazon.

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 3.

Field Ability: Melt.

Tree: Agumon

Degrades into: Agumon.

Evolves into: Metalgreymon (level 27, revived Metalgreymon, defense 100, friendship 70), Skullgreymon (level 26, revived Skullgreymon, befriended Greymon, attack 145)

Notes: The "Befriended Greymon" requirement is, of course, not something you'll need to worry about for evolving a Greymon into a Skullgreymon, but Skullgreymon is in a different tree and to get to it in that tree you'd need to have a Greymon first - though, of course, you probably will. Mega Flame is a legitimately decent attack, for this point at least, but you definitely want to get to Geogreymon first for reasons that I'll get to later.




Signature Move: Sub-Zero Ice Fang/Freeze Fang. Blue Flame is definitely meant to represent Foxfire though.

Noteworthy Moves: Blue Flame (Reasonable earlygame two-space attack), Gain Speed

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Label Forest.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 3.

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Gabumon

Degrades into: Gabumon.

Evolves into: Weregarurumon (level 27, attack 120, speed 140, friendship 70)

Notes: So, stat-up moves. Statup moves are generally useful in this game because they give you a ton of stats, and this isn't really capped - base stats will eventually cap at 999 (or 9999 for HP and MP), but stat up moves and equipment ignore these caps. Garurumon's Gain Speed is arguably the worst stat-up move in the game, but as endgame bosses and superbosses will start running around with hundreds of thousands of HP and in some cases capped stats, you're going to need every single advantage you can get. It is very wise to have an exceptionally powerful Attack, Defense, and Speed boosting move spread across your team on the endgame.

As for Garurumon besides that, the ability to evolve into Weregarurumon with no issues is very, very nice.




Signature Move: Kunai Wing/Kunaibane

Noteworthy Moves: Multi-Gashing Breeze (early two space Holy move), Kunai Wing/Kunaibane (almost certainly your first 3 space move)

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Limit Valley.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 3.

Field Ability: Cut.

Tree: Hyokomon

Degrades into: Falcomon (2006).

Evolves into: Karatenmon (level 27, speed 145, max level 36), Yatagaramon (level 29, revived Yatagaramon, attack 110, friendship 70)

Notes: Peckmon is a rather infamous case of being totally incapable of taking hits, even though it's not actually that much worse at doing so than several other early Adults so I don't know. It does have a lot of really good multi-hit moves, and more importantly, while the Hyokomon Tree has a lot of Perfects that require a high Max Level - and Karatenmon, while not in this tree, also fits this - it also has access to Dotfalcomon, who will generously increase your Max Level by quite a bit the first time you evolve into it.




Signature Move: Rainbow Spit (Signature to all Babies).

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: None

Wild Availability: Patch Prairie

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 1

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Guilmon

Degrades into: None.

Evolves into: Guilmon (level 10)

Notes: You will never need to use Gigimon after you've obtained the one from Patch Prairie.




Signature Move: Rainbow Spit (Signature to all Babies).

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: None

Wild Availability: Class Desert (...supposedly?)

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 1

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Gabumon

Degrades into: None.

Evolves into: Coronamon (level 10), Kudamon (level 11)

Notes: Sunmon, meanwhile, is likely something you'll evolve into a few times, because that's where the Coronamon tree splits. It also apparently is a thing in a postgame area, but whether or not it actually is there is something I can't confirm, because I haven't gotten there yet.




Signature Move: Fighting Spirit/Power Metal

Noteworthy Moves: Medium Tackle (a weaker early-game 3 space attack)

Noteworthy Abilities: Very Lucky/EXP+2

Wild Availability: None.

Ally Stat Increase: Defense 3.

Field Ability: Dig.

Tree: DORUmon

Degrades into: DORUmon.

Evolves into: DORUguremon (level 28, Revived DORUguremon, attack 125, defense 90, friendship 70)

Notes: DORUgamon is a nice early-game Defense units, but Medium Tackle is only useful now because there's not many 3 space moves so far - strictly speaking it is the most efficient move in the game, literally speaking efficiency is going to matter a lot less as the game goes in - and all of its moves being Earth is rather disappointing. Its evolutions will be fun, but they're a bit off from now, sadly, and neither of them are quite as absurdly ridiculous as the monster at the end of DORUmon's other line.




Signature Move: Fireball

Noteworthy Moves: Fireball (one of the best 2 space moves on a Child level)

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Limit Valley.

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 2.

Field Ability: Dig.

Tree: Guilmon

Degrades into: Gigimon.

Evolves into: Tyrannomon (level 16, defense 75, friendship 50), Growmon (level 19, attack 110, friendship 50)

Notes: You have to have 50 friendship to evolve a Guilmon, eh? Honestly, by the time you get this, Fireball isn't as notable as you're going to start evolving into Adults with better 2 space moves, but it is a thing that could be helpful. Note that at this point, there's also nothing stopping you from going up to Tyrannomon and then up from there into Mametyramon, allowing you access to a fairly early Perfect - you'd need to ignore the Growmon part of the tree, but eh, Guilmon's actually buyable in Survive now instead of being preorder locked so if you really want to get your kicks off with a game where you can get that stuff early and it's amazing, go play that.




Signature Move: Mega Burst

Noteworthy Moves: Volcano Napalm (reasonable early-game two space move), Mega Burst (one of the best fucking moves at this point in the game full stop), Gain Attack (stat up)

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Pixel Desert

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 3.

Field Ability: Melt.

Tree: Agumon

Degrades into: Agumon.

Evolves into: Rizegreymon (level 31, revived Rizegreymon, speed 100, friendship 70)

Notes: Ahahaha holy fuck is Geogreymon good. Not only does it get you very early access to Gain Attack, but Volcano Napalm is a powerful-for-this-point multi space move that can drop defense, and Mega Burst is one of the most powerful Adult level attacks in the game - there are a few 40s, but not that many - and on top of that also decreases Defense on hit because the enemy cannot stand the might of Geogreymon's incredible chad aura. The only sad thing is that it's going to take a while before you'll get Rizegreymon, and Shinegreymon is only just barely this side of the postgame (and Dotshinegreymon, as the Child Level Dots do, requires you've used Shinegreymon at least once) - but on the plus side once you do hit that point you get access to that entire side of the tree and Shinegreymon Burst is its own brand of wacky nonsense.

I cannot stress this enough - whether you keep the original Agumon or get one you generated from a Heritage Coast Koromon, evolve it to Geogreymon first. You can then degenerate it and do whatever the hell you want with it, but Geogreymon FIRST.
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Ah, I appear to have forgotten that Baihumon only evolves from AncientGarurumon. D'oh. Also the Spirit Warps.

Also of note, Prariemon is not the only Armor that can be acquired this early, as expeditions with a level 3-11 Adult can yield the Digimental of Miracles, for a 'mon you'll probably attain later, considering it's in like, one or two areas ahead. Though most of the adult forms have already been covered here, so from here on out I'll only list the noteworthy adult and higher forms if there are any sort of things relevant to them and not the Child forms.

Anyway, more bios!

Another of the original Adventure eight, being partnered to Takeru Takaishi (Given the nickname "T.K." in the dub). A child-level Digimon most commonly known for its association with a certain angel digimon.

That Digimon of course being its primary adult form (and ONLY Adult form in this game), Angemon, though from there, things spread out a lot. It has a lot of different Perfect-levels it can tend to become, such as Jogressing with Ankylomon to create Shakkoumon, its normal evolution into HolyAngemon (MagnaAngemon in the dub), or even jogressing with its evil counterpart Devimon to form Lucemon Falldown Mode (Lucemon Chaos Mode in the dub), as implied in this game, where Lucemon follows the trend of the other normally Jogress-exclusive trees.

THE most famous Adult in the series, by virtue of being one of the two primary Adult forms for Agumon (Tyrannomon's more of a secondary adult- still reasonably common, but nowhere near to the level of the Greymons). Partnered to Taichi in the anime, most commonly becomes SkullGreymon or either variant of MetalGreymon, you know the drill.

One thing to note is that the Greymon species has a TON of variants of all shapes and sizes, even amongst the adult level, though the three main ones, none of which appear in this game, are Greymon (Blue), essentially BlackAgumon's answer to this, an X-Antibody form, and the Xros Wars iteration of Greymon that partnered to Kiriha Aonuma (Christopher in the dub). THAT Greymon's answer to MetalGreymon was actually formed by fusing it with a MailBirdramon.

Just thought I'd mention it.

The OTHER of Agumon's primary adult forms, and the one primarily associated with the 2006 subspecies first seen in Digimon Savers. I covered basically everything there was to cover about GeoGreymon in Agumon's bio, so read more there, but you should know the drill: Partnered to Masaru in the anime, almost always becomes RizeGreymon->ShineGreymon->ShineGreymon RM/BM.

The second most famous Adult in the series by virtue of being connected to Greymon via Omegamon. There's otherwise not really much to cover about Garurumon, save for the subspecies. There aren't quite as many as Greymon, but there are still a few. It, like Greymon, has a black variant that doesn't appear in this game (despite that variant's WereGarurumon form being present), and an X-Antibody form, but there is also the occasionally appearing Gururumon (with a "u"), which looks similar but is otherwise unrelated.

DORUmon's primary adult level. The main reason I'm mentioning this one is because I wanted to mention a specific sub-variant of DORUgamon called DeathXDORUgamon (DexDorugamon in the dub). Basically, certain Digimon, like the DORUmon line, can undergo X-Evolution when they die, essentially bringing them back as undead monsters, which is where the entire DeathX line comes from.

Guilmon (and Gigimon)
Grouping these two together because they're so closely linked. A child-attribute Digimon most famously known for its appearance in Digimon Tamers, being the partner of that season's gogglehead, Takato Masuda (Surname changed to Matsuki in the dub). The markings on Guilmon's body signify the "Digital Hazard", meaning it can pose a serious threat to the Digital World if given cause to do so. Gigimon is of course Guilmon's baby form.

Guilmon also has a black variant, much like Agumon, complete with its own evolution tree, of which only the two final stage forms are present (one evolving into the other), and the first of those is also shared with the main evolutionary line. Guilmon's primary evolution tree is Guilmon>Growlmon>MegaloGrowlmon (WarGrowlmon in the dub)>Dukemon (Gallantmon in the dub), though it can branch off at Ultimate and instead become Megidramon. Megidramon is also sometimes linked to ChaosDukemon (ChaosGallantmon), such as in this game, where ChaosDukemon evolves from Megidramon for some reason. Dukemon can also evolve further into Dukemon Crimson Mode.
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@Neosonic97: Virus Greymon has an X form too! It's really cool, basically Geogreymon and Xros Wars Greymon thrown into a blender with some light Greymon X stylings to tie it to the original.

Guilmon (Black) is a thing, sort of, but it's very understated - it cameos in a bunch of things, but the only actual playable appearances have been fighting game recolors - and, for the rest of you, officially we don't count fighting game recolors as being a thing unless they were already a thing, as allowing things like them or World 3 recolors causes a lot of bloat for no reason - and a single fighting game where the thing was its own actual Digimon. This is important because Growmon's lore is that it's mostly feral but also extremely loyal and will listen to its Tamer above its own instincts, and from there splits off to Blackgrowmon as the "fully feral" version and Growmon (Orange) as the "almost totally in control of its instincts" version.

This update is going to be, for the most part, just exploring surrounding areas and getting a ton of evolutions. A lot of updates are going to be like that, especially after a certain point where there's probably going to be like 10 updates in a row like that because the game throws a very large area at you and lets you explore almost all of it before getting to the plot, so keep that in mind - I'm showing everything about this game off, and there's a lot of game to show off.


If you're playing along at home and not grinding in a manner similar to an insane person, 100% evolve into Birdramon first, as it is better. I am, however, grinding like an insane person, so...


Cockatrimon isn't BAD, I'll get into its upside later, but its only evolution is A: in another tree and B: not available yet so you don't have that going for it (although when you do get it it's one of the best digimon in the game, I'll explain why when my thing in that tree gets there) so there's no reason to go into it to get something better yet, and Birdramon has a stat-up move.


Back again, and about time too.


Gaomon is, uh.

limited in its evolution choices right now.


That's not really a problem, though, Gaogamon is cool.


As mentioned before, Digimon on Expeditions can bring in Plates, some of which are quite rare. So, since Bread is a relatively low level Adult, but not a really low level one, that means this is either...


...Ah, yeah. An Adult between level 21 and 29 can potentially give you Chimairamon Warp 2. You might notice that basically all of Chimairamon's tree is blacked out, all but something currently off camera - that's a thing, yes. In spite of that one Eraser having one, they really do not want more Chimairamons or their evolutions.


hehe, cactus.


Once you've cleaned a plate successfully, it shows its actual identity if you get it again, as noted previously.


So when something like this happens a bit later...


Ah, Crystal Bugs. This is our introduction to them, although it's not what the game intends as your introduction to them. Crystal Bugs are little blue/red/green things that cover the plate, and while they're present, you can't do anything else to clean off the plate besides remove them. The only tool for Crystal Bugs at the start clears them one space at a time and it is exceedingly easy to crack the plate underneath the bug with it...

EcpRRlY.png my shittiness at cleaning this is a thing.


Fear not, though. If you are shitty at cleaning a plate, but have done so successfully once, you can hand plates off to Lopmon, who has a good chance of doing better than you did, and this will update your plate for you.

This process is, however, exceedingly slow, and requires you have a steady supply of the plate in question, which isn't guaranteed for later Plates. That's why I said I was going to cheat at some point in the run - some later plates are both next to impossible to clear, and really, really fucking annoying to get more plates of.


Chimairamon's plate is split in two, and the Beta plate is first accessible by having an Adult level Digimon between level 27 and 35 on an Expedition. I'll get this half up to 100% later.


insert some silly edgy song here, i dunno. this one, mayhaps.


Oh, nice, Plotmon! You know, it's actually kind of funny, as I'm writing this I'm way, way, waaaay in the future of this run and I still haven't evolved this thing into the bulk of the usual Plotmon evolutions? It's one of the most sidetracked Digimon I own in this file.


Attorney at law!


i, uh

i completely forgot to take a picture of the evolution screen

roller evolved into this


I creep ever closer towards making Chimairamon Beta a better plate.


And now that I have a bunch of good things that aren't the original five, they're all getting benched permanently. Thank you for your time, you may continue to slowly gain levels and stats so that when I have actual Digimon I care about eat you it will benefit me more.

The three backliners for a long time are going to be either things I want friendship on or things I want levels on. Or both.


There is a very small enclave of Chip Forest available from Patch Prairie.


In it is contained this item...


...and a very, very large number of Wormmons.


Wormmon can drop two different plates.


One of them, obvious if you've been following how plate drops in this game work and know much about Wormmon, is Stingmon, Wormmon's main evolution.


The other one, though...

DRHc9Jr.png a Warp Plate. Specifically, this is the warp that goes between Stingmon... and Paildramon.

We'll talk more about this game's take on Jogress a bit further down the line, since I couldn't access it even if I wanted to now, but in basic - they saw what Sunburst and Moonlight did and how completely fucked it left a bunch of Digimon (shoutouts to S/M Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, the single most fucked evolution in the entire history of the franchise, followed closely behind by S/M ZeedMilleniummon) and decided that instead of doing that they should make things, like, obtainable.


Nice, nice. Tyrannomon can evolve at this point so it is currently a better form to take, but Growmon is better than Tyrannomon, I would argue.


We can't access Patamon's other evolution yet - you, playing along at home, could easily be able to if you wanted, but I cannot - so Angemon it is for Pigs Fly.


Similarly, Greymon's evolutions are blocked right now, so Bread must go back down. It'll probably never ascend to the Adult level again...




Patch Prairie also accesses an enclave of Login Mountain.


Login Mountain has a few interesting and useful encounters here.


And between them, we have access to two new plates.



V-dramon is the plate prize that you get from V-mon, of course, and an excellent Digimon it is.

It is also unfortunately the last thing in this update. We will see the Hawkmon plate, and obtain some more Digimon for the run NEXT TIME, which will also extend into the next major plot event!


Backup the Geogreymon
TunoFish the Tunomon --> Gabumon
SoraTobu the Piyomon --> Cockatrimon
Turles the Agumon (Black)
Holly the Plotmon
Harvey the Hyokomon


Thalid the Palmon --> Togemon
Doog the Gaomon --> Gaogamon
Chugabug the Kokuwamon
Pigs Fly the Patamon --> Angemon
ElHazard the Guilmon --> Growmon

Bread the Greymon --> Bread
Roller the Sunmon --> Coronamon
Sigma the DORUgamon
Buster the Garurumon
ZINLAI the Peckmon




Signature Move: Petra Fire

Noteworthy Moves: Petra Fire (early three space paralyzing move), Air Cutter (decent 2 space Holy move)

Noteworthy Abilities: none.

Wild Availability: None.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 3.

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Piyomon

Degrades into: Piyomon

Evolves into: Digitamamon (level 33, Revived Digitamamon, defense 120, level cap 36)

Notes: shoutouts to how this thing's main attack is a pun, because of course the main attack of a cockatrice is a petrifier attack. That bit of silliness aside, Cockatrimon is a nice provider of earlygame multi-space moves, and the easiest way to get from the Piyomon line to one of the best Digimon and certainly one of the best Perfects in the game - once you have it, at least - so it's pretty nice now and will be very nice later.




Signature Move: Spiral Blow

Noteworthy Moves: Spiral Blow (decent earlygame 3 space Holy move that lowers Speed)

Noteworthy Abilities: none.

Wild Availability: None.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 3.

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Gaomon

Degrades into: Gaomon

Evolves into: Machgaogamon (level 29, Revived Machgaogamon, speed 125, friendship 70)

Notes: Gaogamon's stats are legitimately really good, which will extend up the line, and its side of the Gaomon tree is a very solidly built one. You won't be evolving it for a while though, and I recall Machgaogamon being one of the more annoying plates in the game to get ahold of at that. But it's the best you'll get out of this tree for some time, so get used to it.




Signature Move: Chikuchiku Bang Bang/Needle Spray

Noteworthy Moves: Chikuchiku Bang Bang/Needle Spray (one of the best multi-space Electric moves for a while, 2 spaces with good power that paralyzes)

Noteworthy Abilities: Money+2.

Wild Availability: Label Forest.

Ally Stat Increase: Defense 3.

Field Ability: Bulldoze.

Tree: Palmon

Degrades into: Palmon

Evolves into: Blossomon (level 29, attack 140, level cap 44), Lilimon (level 27, Revived Lilimon, speed 80, friendship 70)

Notes: Lilimon does a hard 180 on the stat spread of Togemon, which is great once you get it, but that won't be for a bit, and it's going to be a while before you're able to access anything else higher in this part of Palmon's evolution tree because of Blossomon's high level cap. Chikuchiku Bang Bang is a legit great attack though, and you'll find some use with Healing Spring... for now, but the problem is that later in the game, there will never really be a reason to use healing moves because healing items do everything they do except better and money is basically free after a certain point. Also, shoutouts to Bulldoze, which is much more common on the other side of the tree.




Signature Move: Baby Flame (which it shares with Agumon)

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: Money+1.

Wild Availability: Packet Coast.

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 2.

Field Ability: Melt.

Tree: Agumon (Black)

Degrades into: Botamon

Evolves into: Darktyrannomon (level 18, attack 115), Tankmon (level 20, Revived Tankmon, defense 70)

Notes: The choice to name it "Blackagumon" aside, Agumon (Black) is an interesting Digimon in this game with some extremely interesting evolutions. Unfortunately, a lot of the really, really cool shit in its tree is going to blueball you either by dint of coming way too fucking late, or by dint of coming with a restriction that requires you get it much later than you should. But oh, once you get past the nonsense, Agumon (Black) can really let itself loose on things.




Signature Move: Sonic Voice (which is probably meant to be Puppy Howling?)

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: Money+1.

Wild Availability: Packet Coast.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 2.

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Plotmon

Degrades into: Puttimon, Culumon (!) (level 11, currently owning Qinglongmon, currently owning Baihumon, currently owning Zhuqiaomon, currently owning Xuanwumon)

Evolves into: Tailmon (level 17, revived Tailmon, friendship 50)

Notes: Yes, that's right, Plotmon/Salamon is the only Child Digimon that can degrade into two things, and thus this is the only tree in the game that has two Baby levels in it. Culumon is postgame locked however, so don't expect it anytime soon. Plotmon is also weird in that it's the only tree where there's an Armor tied to the Adult rather than the Child, and that armor is very annoying in that it's one of a very small number that aren't tied to Expeditions, although we'll get to that way later.




Signature Move: Halving Cleaver/Karatakewari

Noteworthy Moves: None. (at this point you already have better moves than Metal Star)

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Packet Coast.

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 2.

Field Ability: Cut.

Tree: Hyokomon

Degrades into: Chicchimon

Evolves into: Buraimon (level 24, revived Buraimon, attack 110)

Notes: As the first of the all new Digimon (Erasers aren't Digimon) in Lost Evolution you'll run into - four of which you can obtain, one of which you cannot - Hyokomon suffers from the fate of most video game Digimon that haven't gotten into anything else in that it has basically fuckall for information, that blurb there is about all we have. It is a cool sword bird however who becomes a pair of bigger, cooler sword birds.




Signature Move: None, although Mega Napalm is probably meant to represent Corona Flame?

Noteworthy Moves: None. (ESPECIALLY if you didn't get the starter Kudamon)

Noteworthy Abilities: Item+1.

Wild Availability: Register Jungle.

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 2.

Field Ability: Melt.

Tree: Coronamon

Degrades into: Sunmon

Evolves into: Firamon (level 18, revived Firamon, friendship 50)

Notes: Coronamon is, as anyone who played Digimon Story Sunburst/Digimon World Dawn will tell you, the main starter of that game, and as anyone who has played that game will also tell you it's quite fucking bad in it. In this game, however, they've removed its godawful stat gains, so it and its entire line are pretty solid... once you get them, as Register Jungle is a fair bit of time away and you're not getting Firamon until you go there (even if you evolve into it from a Sunmon generated from a non-starter Kudamon, which comes first). Also shoutouts to how Digimon Adventure: removed the thing because that was made in 2020 lol.




Signature Move: Dragon Slash/Plasma Blade (oh come on they've used the name Dragon Slash like once in something that doesn't matter, what the fuck)

Noteworthy Moves: High Sonic Voice (good early 3 space move), Plasma Blade (good early 2 space move)

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: None.

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 3.

Field Ability: Dig.

Tree: Guilmon

Degrades into: Guilmon

Evolves into: Megalogrowmon (level 28, revived Megalogrowmon, defense 100, friendship 70)

Notes: I've never been a great fan of the beatboxing Growmon sprite. Sprite weirdness aside, Growmon has some decent attacks for this point, and if not for the fact that Tyrannomon has an already available evolution, would probably be more worth going into, especially since the Thunder move is appreciated in a line that doesn't get many of them - but that will change somewhat once it gets its evolution. Also, totally unrelated, but I wonder why they went with Plasma Blade over Exhaust Flame? The world may never truly know.




Signature Move: Heaven's Knuckle/Hand of Fate

Noteworthy Moves: Big Tornado (very good 3 space speed lowering move with solid power for Adults, if inflexible), Heaven's Knuckle (EXTREMELY POWERFUL BY ADULT STANDARDS, lowers defense, costs barely anything)

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Limit Valley.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 3.

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Patamon

Degrades into: Patamon

Evolves into: Holyangemon (level 31, revived Holyangemon, attack 115, friendship 70), Lucemon Falldown Mode (level 36, revived Lucemon Falldown Mode, revived Devimon, revived Angemon, inputted Patamon W1, inputted Lucemon Falldown Mode W2, max level 60), Shakkoumon (level 35, revived Shakkoumon, revived Ankylomon, revived Angemon, inputted Patamon W2, inputted Shakkoumon W2, defense 120)

Notes: Of course the first Digimon I actually have to show Warps off for is the one with fucking two of the things... Angemon is another really solid Adult Digimon even if it happens to be overshadowed by the effective Perfect you can turn Patamon into right now, and like Geogreymon it would be a good idea to grab one of them early on, especially since Holy is a consistent weakness in this game. Healing Hands is a neat ability but not particularly great.

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Hm, I think Gaogamon in Next is the only instance in which the black recolor has actually been used as a Dark evolution. (Agumon evolving into Virus Metal Greymon in 02 doesn't count because the virus version is the original)


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I don't really have much to say on this one, except for perhaps wondering which Jogress is the earliest you can get. I'm thinking it's one of either Paildramon or Chimeramon, but those aren't for quite a bit. I can also say that yeah, it's understandable the Erasers don't want any more Chimeramon or their evolutions popping up, considering exactly what Chimeramon evolves into in this game.

I also can't cover Hyokomon here because yeah, no info.

Since I forgot last update,

Coronamon (and Sunmon)
As noted, the starter of Digimon Story Sunburst. To date, it's pretty one-note with its evolution tree, with its main (and right now, basically only) one being Firamon->Flaremon->Apollomon, though some media pieces allow Apollomon to evolve further into GraceNovamon by Jogressing with its counterpart Dianamon. Sunmon is the baby version.

Apollomon in particular is notable, though I'll get more into that when one is obtained.

In the anime, this thing is infamous for punching way above its weight class. In Digimon Adventure, it had power rivalling that of the other kids' Perfect levels, and that's without getting into its own primary Perfect level, HolyAngemon, or the Ultimate-level Seraphimon.

Plotmon (Salamon)
This thing is... technically not actually one of the Adventure eight, simply because the one that did eventually partner with one of the kids had already naturally evolved into its primary adult form, Tailmon (Gatomon) before even meeting their partner, Hikari Yagami, and thus defaulted to that form instead. Tailmon happens to be Plotmon's only adult form in this game, and one of only two that Puttimon can evolve into without degenerating. In this game, Tailmon then has three further options for evolution- it can evolve into Angewomon who can then evolve into Ophanimon or Holydramon, it can Armor evolve into Lynxmon who can then evolve into Apollomon (every Armor in this game can then further evolve into an Ultimate), or it can access the Silphymon Jogress route once you've also revived Aquilamon, with Lynxmon being the only line that it has not been associated with in the anime: In Adventure 02, Takeru and Hikari joined the three new kids.

In the 2020 Digimon Adventure Reboot, it was even associated with DarkKnightmon of all things, the exact same form that was originally created by a DigiXros of SkullKnightmon and DeadlyAxemon.

Agumon (Black) (Occasionally formatted as BlackAgumon).
It's Agumon, but black.


It already has its own entire Greymon line, including the original Virus iteration of MetalGreymon, X-Antibody forms across the line (and in fact, its primary Ultimate level, BlackWarGreymon, actually has not one but two X-Antibody forms, those being BlackWarGreymon X and Gaiomon [Which, curiously enough, BlackWarGreymon doesn't even evolve into in this game, despite both being present]), it even has MULTIPLE freaking variants of Omegamon to its name, namely Omegamon Zwart, Omegamon Zwart Defeat and Omegamon Alter-B, and is also sometimes associated with BlitzGreymon, as well as DarkTyrannomon and SkullGreymon (such as in this game, creating the very strange evolution route of Agumon (Black)->DarkTyrannomon->SkullGreymon->BlackWarGreymon). In this game it can also go down the line Tankmon->Gigadramon->Darkdramon->Chaosmon. Curiously, while Darkdramon is obtainable before the post-game as are both the warps necessary for it to become Chaosmon, BanchouLeomon is locked to the postgame, and thus, so is Chaosmon.

BlackWarGreymon was kind of a big deal in Adventure 02, essentially having a backstory equivalent to that of Anime!Mewtwo. More on that later.
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@Time Master Eon: Strictly speaking that's untrue because of Shinegreymon Ruin Mode, Hurricane Touchdown's use of Cherubimon Vice (which definitely counts, because Vice and Virtue both debuted in that movie!), and Huanglongmon Ruin Mode, along with some stuff from the Digivice Ver Complete. If you don't count the Cherubimon one it was second, though, and only days behind Shinegreymon Ruin Mode!

That appearance of Blackgaogamon is also really, really fucking lame, though, like it might actually be the most lame Dark Evolution in the entire franchise, it's around for like a page and a half and only does things normal Gaogamon would have done.

@Neosonic97: Not 100% on the first Jogress you can get but it's probably more than one of them.

Well, the real reason Plotmon wasn't one of the "Adventure 8" is that Tailmon was the lowest level you could get it at in its debut game, which was also the debut of Angewomon and Holydramon (who were both Perfects as Ultimates didn't exist - a lot of things in Ver S ended up getting level shifted, and Holydramon was one of them). Plotmon's actually exceedingly rare in its era in that it actually debuted in the anime as opposed to the V-Pet or card game, something that of the Adventure Digimon I think only Togemon (and Pyocomon and Nyaromon for what it's worth) can say. 02 actually had a better track record of it because the first three episodes came out before all the surrounding product did, so a bunch of things debuted there and then a literal dump truck of 02 related stuff got dropped on us in the following like two or three months, before the anime could get to any of it (Besides Paladin Mode and That Baby 1 That The Franchise Keeps Forgetting Exist of course)

Also, eh, don't expect BWG anytime soon. Backup will eventually branch into that form, but one of BWG's requirements is "Befriended Wargreymon" and the plate for those things comes a fair bit into the game, and then after I get the plate there's going to be some other nonsense going on so it'll delay that evolution for a bit. On the plus side by that point it'll be 999 in every stat and 9999 in HP, and MP will be fast approaching its cap!


Come to think of it there's not too many higher level Worm Digimon, in fact the only ones I can think of offhand are Wyrms.


Given Holly is a Child at this point, there's only about two things this could be...




Ah, yeah. A Child Digimon between level 12 and 20 can output the Digimental of Purity.


Digimentals are... funny, in this game. Much like in Sunburst and Moonlight Armor Digimon are treated as Perfects, but unlike in that game there's only 6 of them in this one, two of which are different Digimental of Courages, to allow the main six Digimon who get Armor forms to all have access to a single one. Digimentals get inputted into the evolution tree in a manner that is exactly the same as Warps - and another thing that we'll see later - but their evolution is in the same tree. All of the Armors, though, evolve into things through Warps of their own, often things you won't get for a long time.

Four of the Digimentals are recieved through Expeditions, at least one of them is expedition only as far as I can tell. This one is not that one - although I believe this one is inaccessible until the postgame unless you get it in an Expedition - but we will be getting that one soon.


Unfortunately, while Karatenmon (one of Peckmon's evolutions) is unlocked, it has a max level requirement. We're not using Peckmon at this point though so it's no big loss.


If you were using this Digimon in your file, I would recommend degenerating it to Chicchimon before anything else and evolving to Dotfalcomon, as that should give you a high enough Max Level to get Karatenmon. I'm not using this Digimon however so it's moot.




Oh, these are both low level Child Digimon, which means I know what this plate is.


uh not this one, this one came from the wild Hawkmon in the enclave of Login Mountain we can access.


This one, however, is the right one, granted by a level 6 to 14 Child Digimon. With this, we could evolve Bullworm directly into a Perfect, with all the power that implies.


This is Buster, not TunoFish, the emergency food in the box rather than the team member.


And here we go, the truly exclusive Digimental.


But first, a new Digimon...


...and a new evolution.


An Adult level Digimon between levels 3 and 11 grant access to the Digimental of Miracles itself, a Digimental that might actually legitimately be locked to Expeditions - and one that you can obtain with absolutely no difficulty. And that's good, because Magnamon is quite strong.


In case you haven't been keeping up with the Library Updates, and it's fine if you haven't, Plotmon is the only Child Level Digimon in the game who can degenerate into two different Babies. There is absolutely no way to get Culumon before the postgame without cheating however.


Tailmon is accessible right now however so we'll take that.




Oh, this one is exciting though! Kuwagamon's not busted like it is in, say, Digimon World 2, but it is still very cool.


of course v-mon is available early, v-mon is a perennial favorite thanks to v-tamers and 02, what kind of digimon game wouldn't let you get it early.

survive only didn't because it's based as fuck and because the true end sets up a sequel with a v-mon character so


As previously mentioned, there's an enclave of Label Forest currently accessible that offers the ability to get Goblimon and Tentomon and their plates. I did not know of this until later however, so instead of that, let's move the plot forwards. (Also in going there to double check it apparently has Togemon too? Is that another "I missed this wildlife because it doesn't spawn until later" case or is that normal? It wouldn't get you new plates since the only one Togemon can drop is itself, but...)


That is rather a problem when searching for a thing! If only someone would, like, walk up to us holding the thing.


That works for me.


Yeah, pretty much!


Wow, great minds think alike, eh?



I dunno about any other Tamers, since they're apparently all gone, but I've never betrayed anyone in my life, personally.


Boss Fight: Picodevimon

you know some people apparently have trouble with this boss? like, he has more HP than anything you've fought until now.

maybe it's #justoverleveledthings but I didn't have any trouble with it.

Also, he's weak to Holy, just like most of the last few bosses were.




Oh, you're an Impmon type, are you. You're going to bitch and moan about having a shitty Tamer until you invariably reconcile with them.


Asuka tries to reason with him, which seems slightly off given we're trying to take his shit.


Ah, this is useful.

Also I just want to point out that Asuka was with us for the entire grinding session, it's not as hilarious as some of the shit you can do to people in Cyber Sleuth (because CS made them actually follow behind you, for added comedy) but it was there.


In basically every area in this world, you will find a port, and a gate, and somewhere in a box you will find a key. However, if you think back to two updates ago...


...we already found the key.


With that, we now have access to our first Digiport.


Digiports are this game's version of a fast travel system. Once you get an area's Digiport Gate open and go through it, you permanently become able to fast travel from your base or any other Digiport to that point. This is handy because a shocking number of places stick their Digiports right at the end, and a shocking number of missions require you go to the end of a dungeon.

However, this one confers more goods upon us...


Shining on the ground of this area is a repaired Devimon plate.


Apparently, this plate has actually been missing for a while now, long before the tree got actively damaged.



like I mean it's one of Picodevimon's three evolutions, but the thing has three evolutions, and neither of the other two are locked behind plates.


To progress, you have to go back to the base and insert the plate into the tree.


And so, we're back, and the hangar is now in use. Also, covered in dog robots based on a different Bandai product around during the time of this game's making.


This game is decidedly un-based and doesn't let us name the ship :/


Getting all these 255 scans has, uh, really ballooned my uncleaned Plate count.


Also this Devimon plate took a hammer or two, 20% is fucking abysmal, I'd never insert this thing unless I absolutely had to.

We absolutely have to however. Thankfully, in the next area, we get access to wildlife which can drop Devimon Plates, so I can fix this.


"X has revived!" can make for some really funny screenshots with some Digimon but is absolutely hilarious with a few later ones like Daemon.


We don't have access to much of the map right now, sadly.


And progress in Login Mountain is, sadly enough, gated off. Alongside the Digiport Gates, some maps just have regular gates that block progress until you find the key, and this one is locked by story - more specifically, the next boss fight. The only Digimon available here are V-Mon and Hawkmon, too, so you don't even get any new catches here if you've been keeping up with the local wildlife.

This is, however, the point where anyone playing the game should definitely have recognized something. So, Chip Forest, in case you were unaware, is actually an area from Sunburst and Moonlight, but one we're not really able to access in full. Login Mountain, though? It was also a place in those games, and it has the same theme as it did in that one. That's the game unsubtly dropping on you that this is the same Digital World as in that game, and it's going to get a lot clearer what happened as the game goes in, although, like, see the previous comment about 119 Digimon alive in the last game being not-alive in this one.

I'll go through the next boss fight and do more in-depth exploration of Login Mountain NEXT TIME.


Backup the Geogreymon
TunoFish the Gabumon --> Garurumon
SoraTobu the Cockatrimon
BullWorm the Wormmon
FreeBird the Hawkmon
Victory the V-mon


Thalid the Togemon
Doog the Gaogamon
Chugabug the Kokuwamon --> Kuwagamon
Pigs Fly the Angemon
ElHazard the Growmon
Turles the Agumon (Black) --> Darktyrannomon
Holly the Plotmon --> Tailmon
Harvey the Hyokomon

Bread the Agumon
Buster the Garurumon --> Gabumon
Sigma the DORUgamon
ZINLAI the Peckmon --> Falcomon (2006)
Roller the Coronamon --> Sunmon




Signature Move: Nebaneba Net/Sticky Net

Noteworthy Moves: Nebaneba Net (Very cheap for its power, making it useful early on. Stuns and lowers Speed too.)

Noteworthy Abilities: none.

Wild Availability: Chip Forest.

Ally Stat Increase: Defense 2.

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Wormmon

Degrades into: Minomon (!)

Evolves into: Stingmon (level 18, revived Stingmon, friendship 50), Dokugumon (level 16, speed 70), Shadramon (level 24, inputted Digimental of Courage 1, attack 80, friendship 100)

Notes: As you would hope for a Digimon whose Child Level allows it to hop between the larger trees, Wormmon has a ton of Warps - some of which we will have to input - but unfortunately, it's going to be a fair bit of time until all three of those warps are usable. Still, some of Wormmon's evolutions are quite good, its ability to Armor Evolve is well noted, and pay close attention to Dokugumon, because it's evolution is going to be important for other reasons later.




Signature Move: Feather Slash/Beak Buzzsaw

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: EXP+1

Wild Availability: Login Mountain.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 2.

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Piyomon

Degrades into: Tokomon (!)

Evolves into: Aquilamon (level 19, revived Aquilamon, speed 90, friendship 50), Shurimon (level 24, inputted Digimental of Purity, speed 90, friendship 100)

Notes: We've already found the Digimental of Purity! With it in hand, Hawkmon can do a fair bit, although it's going to be a long, long time until it can access either of its two warps, one of which we have to actually input still. Once we do get the two warps we'll be extremely solid though. It is the less important part of the Piyomon tree though when you ignore the warps.




Signature Move: Fire Blast/Fire Breath

Noteworthy Moves: Fire Blast/Fire Breath (Four spaces on an Adult!).

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Shadow Hell.

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 3.

Field Ability: Melt.

Tree: Agumon (Black)

Degrades into: Agumon (Black)

Evolves into: Skullgreymon (level 26, revived Skullgreymon, befriended Greymon, attack 145), Metaltyrannomon (level 29, revived Metaltyrannomon, defense 110, max level 40), Ex-Tyrannomon (level 32, revived Ex-Tyrannomon, defense 130, max level 46)

Notes: shoutouts to my boy ex-tyrannomon surviving the purge. Darktyrannomon is pretty cool as the main evolution of Agumon Black, although in hindsight you are 100% meant to go into Tankmon first, as none of its evolutions will be available until you can access Shadow Hell which is a fair bit into the game, while you can access Gigadramon - Tankmon's evolution right now. The Befriended Greymon requirement is one of the most befuddling "befriended X other Digimon" requirements, although it's there to warn you that Skullgreymon's evolution also has a much more annoying version of that. That said, even if it's more efficient to do Tankmon first, Darktyrannomon's 4 space signiture move is extremely nice this early in the game and worth getting just for that.

Also, no, I know that this game and the official JP byline is that it's spelled "Tyranomon", but I refuse to do this for the same reason I refuse to spell Ogremon as Orgemon. That's not how that word is spelled, goddamnit!




Signature Move: Neko Punch/Lightning Paw

Noteworthy Moves: Neko Punch/Lightning Paw (very hard hitting for an Adult, also Stuns and confuses)

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Palette Amazon.

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 3.

Field Ability: None.

Tree: Plotmon

Degrades into: Plotmon

Evolves into: Angewomon (level 31, revived Angewomon, attack 110, friendship 70), Silphymon (level 35, revived Silphymon, revived Aquilamon, revived Tailmon, inputted Plotmon W1, inputted Silphymon W2, speed 120), Lynxmon (level 24, inputted Digimental of Courage 2, attack 120, friendship 100)

Notes: So fun fact, to check the evolutions that I haven't already written down, I had to generate a temporary Tailmon (after saving, and then loading that save, because I don't want chaff like that around if not needed). It had already fulfilled both the Attack requirements. Anyway, Tailmon is indeed the bearer of the other Digimental of Courage, and it's the one that will take the longest to get as you can't get it from Expeditions and its holder is a bit away. Neko Punch is a legitimately great attack for this point in the game and will hold value for a long time, as 40 is low-Perfect level power and Confusion is really good. It's just a shame that it's going to be a tick before we get any Perfects in Plotmon's tree.




Signature Move: Scissor Arms/Scissor Claw

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Register Jungle.

Ally Stat Increase: Speed 3.

Field Ability: Cut.

Tree: Tentomon

Degrades into: Kokuwamon

Evolves into: Okuwamon (level 26, revived Okuwamon, attack 130)

Notes: tfw scissor arms doesn't even lower defense anymore :/ Kuwagamon can hit fairly hard, and it has pretty solid stats for an Adult, but it is unfortunately really not anything actually special, a theme that is going to frustratingly continue up the entire Kuwagamon part of the tree, which doesn't even have a proper warp to it since the only Warp in this section of Tentomon's tree is on Kokuwamon.




Signature Move: V-mon Head/Vee Headbutt

Noteworthy Moves: None.

Noteworthy Abilities: None.

Wild Availability: Login Mountain.

Ally Stat Increase: Attack 2.

Field Ability: Bulldoze.

Tree: V-mon

Degrades into: Chicomon (!)

Evolves into: XV-mon (level 23, revived XV-mon, friendship 50), V-dramon (level 18, revived V-dramon, attack 110, friendship 50), Magnamon (level 24, inputted Digimental of Miracles, defense 75, friendship 100)

Notes: XV-mon is going to be held off for an annoyingly long amount of time, but since you can already get Magnamon and V-dramon, who are way cooler, that's not so bad. Getting V-mon right now actually enables you to do A Little Trolling when it comes to the order in which you do events, which I will not specifically do but will explain how you can do it later - it involves Chicomon being one of the three really important Babies that go between meta-Trees though.


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Not a huge amount to say here, either, except for the fact that not a single thing the armors can evolve into is in the same tree. Also the Veedramon line is home to one of the four Password Digimon!

I'll also be covering the currently unobtained Magnamon in V-Mon's bio, and there's a good reason for that. Magnamon is... kind of a big deal.

A popular Digimon in its own right owing to its status as the partner of Ken Ichijoji in Digimon Adventure 02, being essentially the sixth ranger of the team, after Ken turns to the side of good. Wormmon's primary evolution tree involves it going into Stingmon, but there's a lot of evolutions for it. Armor Evolutions can turn many a Digimon into the equivalent of Eevee, by giving it a ton of different evolutionary forms, though among them, only Shadramon, achieved through the Digimental of Courage, appears in this game, which can then further evolve into Megidramon of all things. Stingmon itself is most commonly seen evolving into JewelBeemon on its own, or Jogressing into either of Paildramon or Dinobeemon with the assistance of an XV-mon, and will then typically evolve into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. Imperialdramon Dragon Mode can then mode change into Imperialdramon Fighter Mode or, if handed the power of Omegamon, into Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, the founder of a certain legendary group of Digimon.

A second of the Adventure 02 partners, being partnered to Miyako Inoue (Forename changed to Yolei in the dub). Armor Evolutions were the 02 partners' thing, and as with Wormmon, Hawkmon gets one in this game, evolving into Shurimon with the Digimental of Purity, who can then evolve into Pinnochimon. Its primary adult level form is Aquilamon, who is typically only ever seen Jogressing with Tailmon into Silphymon, who can then further evolve into Valkyrimon.

V-mon (Formatted as Veemon in the dub) and also Magnamon
Of course, if we were to talk about the actual Eevee expy of Digimon, it would absolutely be V-mon. The third of the 02 Partners we've covered, being the partner of Daisuke Motomiya (forenamed changed to Davis in the dub), that season's gogglehead. In more recent media, one going down the V-dramon line also went by the name V.V., partnered to one Rina Shinomiya, ever since her debut in Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode.
Its popularity aside, the reason I say V-mon is the Eevee expy is because of just how damn many evolutions it has. Counting the Armor Evolutions that appeared in the anime, it has no less than five evolution routes that can be considered "primary": Fladramon (Flamedramon) with the Digimental of Courage, Raidramon with the Digimental of Friendship, Magnamon with the Digimental of Miracles (only the last of these three is in the game), and its own natural evolutions into V-Dramon and XV-mon. V-Dramon's line typically goes into AeroV-dramon and then into UlforceVdramon, while XV-mon's line typically goes into Paildramon or Dinobeemon, then into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode, then further changing into Fighter Mode or Paladin Mode, though in this game XV-mon can also evolve into Megadramon, though that is the end of the evolution tree, with it mainly serving as a bridge between V-mon's and DORUmon's trees.

Magnamon gets its own spotlight here because Magnamon is kind of a big deal, in that it is the first Digimon we've seen that is a member of the legendary group known as the Royal Knights.

The Royal Knights are a group of thirteen Digimon that was originally founded by Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, who serve to protect and serve King Drasil, the supercomputer that essentially keeps the Digital World running. In this game, all but two of them appear, with three of the present ones appearing as Password Digimon.

To be more specific, the Royal Knights that appear via normal gameplay are Alphamon, Dynasmon, Dukemon, LordKnightmon, Sleipmon, Duftmon, Magnamon and Omegamon, while Craniamon, Examon and UlforceVdramon appear via passwords, though Alphamon is locked to the postgame.

In this game, Magnamon can also evolve into GigaSeadramon.
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