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[COMPLETED]Sons of Three - Eldest: Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke Story Run

Extravanganza Accordian Demo


Sons of Three: Eldest
by TrainerBOB

-Artwork by QKNC

Kanto’s history books tell of the Battle of Three. They tell of the epic clash between a champion-gone-rogue and two powerful trainers of Kanto. They tell of how all three trainers died in the battle.

What they don’t tell, however, is the truth.

When William Shake sets off for his Pokémon journey, he has no idea of the evils that await him. He will uncover a series of lies that have been fed to him since birth. He will stumble into a family web that is so complicated and twisted he will lose track of himself.

But most terrifying, William Shake will go face-to-face with the most dangerous man in the world: The champion who went rogue, Jimmy Oak.

In a Pokémon fanfiction categorized as dark, twisted, suspenseful, dramatic, and sometimes plain horrifying, readers will find themselves shocked at every turn of William Shake’s journey.

Sons of Three: The Second Son has started. Check out the sequel here.

Part One


He was the oldest by several years. And he was different from the other two. He had always been the one with the most ambition. He dreamed the biggest, and wanted the most. He wanted to be the best damned trainer that had ever lived. The other two wanted that too, but they didn't seem to want it like he did. He was just different.

I guess that was what blinded me. I'll admit freely here that he was my favorite; I could see him become so much. And, when he started to become that ultimate trainer, I was so proud.

But I failed to see that he was truly willing to do anything and everything to become the best trainer there ever was. His ambition was great. But it was too great.

In the end, it was Jimmy's ambition that destroyed him.

- From the diary of Professor Samuel Oak
Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

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Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

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Chapter Fifty-Eight

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Chapter Sixty

Chapter Sixty-One

Plot Summary of Parts 1-6!

Part Seven


Chapter Sixty-Two

Chapter Sixty-Three

Chapter Sixty-Four

Chapter Sixty-Five

Chapter Sixty-Six

Chapter Sixty-Seven

Chapter Sixty-Eight

Chapter Sixty-Nine Part 1

Chapter Sixty-Nine Part 2

Chapter Seventy

Chapter Seventy-One

Chapter Seventy-Two

Part Eight




Seventy-Four Part 2



Part Nine







Part Ten















Video Trailer for SoT: The Second Son

Artwork done by Epsilon

Artwork done by Epsilon


This is a good start, nice set-up and everything. The characterizations were also nice. I particularly liked Oak's.


Chapter 1 and 2 have been moved to this post because I was having trouble with them posted in the table of contents:

Chapter One
Chapter One: Caught

Professor Samuel Oak sat behind his desk in his lab. Books with old, tortured spines piled up behind him, and several dozen pieces of paper with nonsense scribbled on them decorated his desk.

The walls that lined his lab were gray, and the floor was a cold metal that made Oak feel like he had already died and been buried. But the window was open, showing that, outside, it was a beautiful day in Kanto. He could hear the chirpings of Pidgeys that flew overhead. Oak thought he might even be hearing a screech from a Mankey or two.

The professor sighed as he stared out the window. The urge that was with him when he first started off on his journey at age 15 was still with him today. But now he was old. He told himself he was in his young sixties but he was in fact nearing seventy. The lines on his face no longer looked made him look distinguished. Rather, it made him look ancient. His once-black hair had turned gray and was now turning white. And he walked with a slower step than he once did.

Oak turned his focus back to his desk, and picked up his pen. (A black pen - he wouldn't have any nonsense of using a blue pen.) Trainers across Kanto were expecting his monthly column in Kanto's Kronicle. Oak was a guest writer that regularly appeared, and his pieces were often favorites. He had even won awards for a few.

But right now, Oak was tired of spending the remaining years in his life indoors. He had done all the research he could on the Pokemon of Kanto. He had written done every tip and idea he could think of. He had done it all.

Oak wanted to go back, again, to his own Pokemon quest.

But he couldn't do that. His old body was beginning to fail him.

Suddenly, there came a knock at the door to his lab.

"Come in!" Oak said, eager to find another distraction.

And that's when Daisy, his granddaughter, walked into the room. Oak felt his excitement die down a little. This wasn't going to be any more fun then writing his weekly column. He loved his granddaughter, but Oak knew what she was here to talk about.

Daisy walked up to Oak desk brusquely and quickly. A feeling of impatience was expressed with every step she took. Daisy stood tall and proud, with her sunny-yellow dress on and a straw hat that was tipped towards its left just slightly. She was beautiful, and there was no hint of her father in her. That was the one thing Oak had always liked about Daisy.

"Give him a Pokedex, grandpa," she demanded when she reached his desk.

"No 'hello grandpa?'" Oak asked meekly. "You cut right to the chase don't you?"

"Chris is getting restless, grandpa. The poor boy is miserable. He can't stay in this town forever." When Oak didn't reply, she added on quickly, "You were a year younger than him when you started your Pokemon journey!"

"The world's a more dangerous place now."

"And whose fault is that?" Daisy snapped. Her face flushed when she said it, instantly regretting the words. But Oak appeared unaffected.

"I'm sorry Daisy, but I am not-"

Daisy interrupted him. "Chris isn't going to get hurt; he's going to be a great Pokemon master. It's in his blood."

"I highly doubt the ability to raise and train good Pokemon has something to do with genetics," Oak said dryly.

"For Arceus’ sake, grandpa! He's your grandson!"

Oak sighed and he shook his head slowly. Daisy had been pestering Oak about giving her brother Chris his first Pokemon and Pokedex for a year now. But Oak hadn't given in yet. He had come up with excuse after excuse after excuse...

"I'm sorry Daisy, but I only have one starter Pokemon to give out right now, Eevee, and I'm planning to give it to William."

"You're going to entrust him, just some random boy in the town, with a Pokedex and Pokemon, but not your own grandson?" Daisy asked, incredulous.

"William is not some random boy Daisy," Oak said sternly. "And besides, it's not a matter of trust-"

But Daisy cut him off again. "That's EXACTLY what it is, Oak!"

Oak was stunned silent. Daisy had never called him by his last name. She had always called him grandpa. Not anymore, apparently.

Daisy, feeling she was fighting a losing fight, turned to leave. Oak tried to find words to say, but none of them were there.

When she reached the door though, he finally managed to ask, "Are you ever going to tell him?"

She paused, but she didn't turn back around immediately. When she finally did, there was a tear in the corner of her left eye.


And then she left.

And Oak was left alone to write his column for Kanto's Kronicle.

But he didn't. Instead he walked over to the window and stared out and into the lands of Kanto.

Perhaps Daisy was right. Perhaps it was a matter of trust.

But it was just so hard to forget the past.

"Pika?" Oak nearly jumped out of his own skin at the noise. Sitting on the window ledge was a Pikachu. Its head was twisted to rest on its small shoulder, starring up at Oak with a curiosity. Its eyes gleamed with its intelligence, and the two red dots on its cheeks sparkled with electricity. But nothing about this Pokemon was threatening. It actually seemed to be smiling.

"Why, hello there," Oak said, catching his breath. "You nearly gave me a heart attack, you silly little thing." Oak cautiously reached with his hand and scratched Pikachu on the belly.

The Pokemon giggled, and rolled onto its side. While keeping it distracted, Oak reached down into his pocket and pulled out a small Pokeball. He enlarged it by pressing the center button, and then when the Pokemon wasn't looking, Oak gently tapped it with the Pokeball.

And just like that, the Pokemon vanished into the Pokeball. Oak let it sit on the ledge for a few seconds, watching the ball shake while the small dot flashed red and white.

Then, finally, the ball stopped shaking, and the dot turned to white. Oak picked it up gently, and he turned to walk back to his desk. He set the ball down on his desk, and stared at it for several minutes.

Then, finally, he smiled.

"There are two young men who want to become trainers, and I now have two Pokemon to give away," Oak said thoughtfully.

He picked up his wired phone that was on his desk and he dialed a number.

"Hello Daisy, I've changed my mind," Oak said. The ball with the Pikachu in it shook absently, and Oak frowned as he put a reassuring hand on it. "Tell Chris to report to my lab at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning - sharp."

Daisy thanked him over and over again, and it even sound like she might be crying over the phone. Oak assured her no thanks were needed. As he put the phone back on the receiver, the ball with the Pikachu inside shook once more. Oak frowned, and he drummed his fingers on it. He had never seen a Pokeball do that before.

Oak put the ball in the back of his mind and he leaned back in his chair. Was he making the right decision? Was he repeating old mistakes? Oak sighed and shook his head for perhaps the hundredth time that day.

There was only one way to find out.

The ball on his desk shook again, and Oak snapped at it angrily, "Oh, be quiet."

But the ball didn't stop moving.
Chapter Two
Chapter Two: Choice

William Shake didn’t exactly wake up on the morning of August 1, the first day of his Pokemon journey. He couldn’t wake up, as he had never really fallen asleep the night before.

As a baby, William had slept through the night better then others.

As a toddler, William did not cry when it was naptime.

As a young child, William did not have trouble falling asleep the night before Christmas.

But William had not been able to sleep at all the night before his day of choosing – the day where Professor Oak would give him his first Pokemon.

When his alarm clock went off at 7:00, William turned it off, and pulled the covers off his bed – already dressed in a white t-shirt, an unzipped red jacket, and blue jeans. He had dressed for the day ahead at 1:29, when he had given up on sleep.

He walked across his room, passing the posters and shelves of Pokemon books, to pick up his backpack. He had packed it at 3:41, when he had finished re-reading A Trainer’s Guide to Kanto.

William walked down stairs, expecting the kitchen to be ready. Instead, he found his mother sipping on a cup of coffee. On the table at which she sat, was a plate full of muffins. She smiled at him, and told him they were for him.

He took a bite out of one, and found it warm but not hot. They had been made a while ago – his mother hadn’t slept well either.

William smiled at his mother, and thanked her. Besides that, they did not talk. Their smiles said everything there was to say.

Many told William that he looked just like his mother – Jade. They had the same brown hair, the same sharp brown eyes. The same relaxed, peach skin tone. The same kind, warming smile.

But only one had told William that he acted like his father. His mother had said it to him several times – often with a distant, pained look in his eyes.

William’s mother did not know this, but he hated being compared to his father. The man that had walked out on his mother when he was born. The man who had never sent any letters. The man who had vanished in thin air.

“He had a great destiny, William,” Jade had said one time when William had asked why she still cared for the man. “He had to go.”

“If he had such a great destiny... then why do I never hear about him, in the papers or the news?” William had snapped back. “Did he die? Did he fail at this great destiny?” His mother had merely cried.

Since then William had never asked or talked about his father. He did not want to. He avoided conversations about the man.

William wanted to be like his mother. But she had never once said to him he was like her. She too had taken on a Pokemon journey once, long ago. But she had failed. All of her Pokemon had been killed by a man who she called dark and evil. William knew the tale because she had only spoken of it once.

William’s mother accompanied him when he left his home that morning. She would go with him to Oak’s lab, and then to Route 1. But then she would have to leave him.

As they walked together, she said to him softly, “Your father would be so proud of you, you know.”

William didn’t say anything in return. It wasn’t until her next remark did he smile a little.

“And I’m proud of you, too, William.”

Chris Oak stood waiting in his grandfather’s lab, playing with the green gem that hung around his neck. It was the only thing he had of his father, the man who had left him when he was born. Chris’s sister, Daisy, had known him for seventeen years. But she never spoke of him.

Chris decided this must be because he had been a horrible man.

Page Oak, daughter of Samuel Oak and mother of Chris Oak, had died in her childbirth to Chris. His father, some unknown man, had left later that evening. The situation left Daisy, a seventeen year old girl, with the responsibility of caring for her newly born brother.

For many years, Daisy had hated Chris for it. She blamed him for it all. Chris felt that she still did, a little. But more than anyone else, she hated their father. Nothing was ever said about him, and Chris soon learned not to ask questions.

But Chris didn’t care about his father, or Daisy, today. He was about to set off on a Pokemon journey. And he was determined that he would become the best.

But right now he was impatient. Frowning as he swirled the green gem around his fingers. His grandfather was sitting behind a desk, reading a book.

They were waiting on William to get there.

Chris had always disliked William. The only other boy his age in the abnormally small town, they competed often for everything and anything. Board games, athletic contests, wits. They even traded insults often, behind the backs of adults of course. In front of them, they were simply courteous to one another.

And now, here was another reason for Chris to dislike William. He was making him wait to have his first Pokemon.

“Come on Gramps, can’t I just have mine already?” Chris asked, thoroughly annoyed.

“Patience is a virtue, Christopher,” Oak said, not even looking up from his book. “Besides, I’m sure he’ll be here any moment now if you just wait…”

His voice trailed off, already lost back into his book. Chris sighed impatiently.

And then, without warning, there came a knock on the door.

Oak smiled as he put down his book and glasses.


And, William walked in, followed shortly by his mother. His face was set, stony and determined. Chris sneered – he had never like William’s face. His eyes were defiant of those around him. He seemed to be issuing a challenge to anyone he looked at.

“Welcome, William,” Oak said, standing up and smiling, “and hello again to you, Jade.”

Jade smiled at Oak, and she bent her head down.

“It’s nice to see you Professor.”

Chris’s eyes temporary flickered over to William’s mother, but they returned to William in a flash. He had never liked Jade either; her eyes disturbed him as her son’s did. But rather then being rebellious, he felt more like they could really see him. Like she saw past the courteous act William and he put up.

Looking into Jade’s eyes made Chris afraid.

“Now that you are both here, the time has come.” Oak said, sitting back down on his desk once more.

“Today, you both become Pokemon trainers.”

Both Chris and William were now looking to Professor Oak, their eyes shinning bright and excited. Both of them had forgotten about the other for the moment.

“You’ll find many Pokemon in this world, and you will both surely experience many great adventures. Kanto contains many species of Pokemon, but the ones the both of you will use will be unique to yourselves.”

William and Chris were no longer seeing Oak sit in a desk before them. They were seeing the rolling fields of Kanto, the flocks of Pidgeys in the skies, the lustrous sea around them, and so much more.

“As you know, there are eight gym leaders in Kanto. You must defeat and obtain the badges from all eight gym leaders in order to be able to challenge the prestigious Elite 4.”

William could see himself battling with his partners by his side. Chris could see the badges in his hands.

“Once you defeat the Elite 4, you will be able to challenge the Champion – who is the greatest Pokemon Trainer in all of Kanto right now.”

“Who is the Champion?” Chris blurted out.

“That-” Oak said with a glean in his eyes, “-is a secret. Only the challenger will be able to discover who the Champion is. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been a challenger in quite some time. No one has succeeded in making it past the Elite 4 in many years.”

“How would you know?” Chris asked again, challenging his grandfather.

“I am, after all, the Pokemon Professor.” Oak said sternly. And then, he went on with his speech. “You will find that there are a great many dangers in Kanto. Gym Leaders and Trainers alike will not let up on you. Your Pokemon could die in battle. And not only that, there is the infamous Team Rocket who has grown to power. Often, they are looking to kill not only your Pokemon, but you as well.”

Jade’s eyes were distant as Oak talked. She looked as if she was in deep, great pain.

“Before I instill in you the responsibility of caring for a Pokemon and the Pokedex, I will give you one chance to back out. The journey of becoming a Pokemon Master is dangerous, and-”

“No way am I backing out!” Chris shouted.

“And neither am I,” William said simply. Oak raised his eyebrows once, and then he looked to Jade.

“Do you fully understand the dangers of the mission your son is going to take? Does he have your blessing?”

William’s mother closed her eyes as she nodded her head, not finding the words to speak.

“Very well then.” Oak said. He pulled out two Pokeballs from underneath his desk, and placed them on the desk.

“These are two different Pokemon. William, I want you to pick one of them at random first.”

Chris opened his mouth to protest, but a stern look from Oak silenced him before he even began speaking.

William walked forward, leaving the safety enclosure of his mother. He stood at the desk for what seemed like a long moment, looking at the two Poke Balls. And then, he picked up the one of the left.

He retreated from the desk slowly, cradling the ball in his hands like a delicate newborn child. Then, with great enthusiasm, he tossed it in the air yelling,

“Come on out!”

There was a flash as the ball opened, and…

On the ground, blinking like it was slightly confused, was the electric Pokemon Pikachu. Spikes for ears, two red pouches on its cheeks, a body covered in yellow fur, and a lightning-bolt shaped tail.

William bent down, admiring his first Pokemon. Pikachu turned its head onto its side, studying William.

Chris had already grabbed his first Pokeball during the entire exchange. In a flash his Pokemon was out - the normal type Pokemon Eevee.

“Well, well William,” Chris said, smiling cruelly. “I think I got the better, more versatile Pokemon. Shame for you – huh?” He had forgotten about both Oak’s and Jade’s presence. But it didn’t seem to matter. Jade herself was caught up in the moment of William and Pikachu, while Oak was studying the exchange with great curiosity.

“Now…” Oak said, getting out of a trance, “it’s important that you both name your Pokemon, to help establish bonds between them and yourselves.”

William stood up as Oak spoke, but he kept his eyes down on Pikachu.

“Percy,” he said, in a soft whisper.

“Pika, pika!” the Pokemon said as it climbed William’s leg and perched on his shoulder.

Chris scoffed and scooped the Eevee up in his arms.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a real name. How about Edward?”

Edward, the Eevee, whistled happily at this.

“Now, since you’ve chosen your Pokemon, here are your Pokedexes,” Oak said, offering the two technical devices to the two new trainers. They both accepted them. Chris was starring at William as he took his, but Willaim was too busy looking at his new Pokemon still.

“And, your Pokeballs.” Oak each offered them a small bag; each contained five more Pokeballs in them. “You will use these to catch Pokemon to record in the Pokedex.”

“Thank you for everything, Professor Oak,” William said, bowing in respect. “I promise to represent you well.”

Oak smiled at the new trainer.

“I’m sure you will.”

William turned to leave with his mother, but Chris stopped him.

“Hold up, Willy!” William turned around, raising a single eyebrow to the name. “Let’s say we have a Pokemon battle right here and now, to see which one of us is better – huh?”

William shook his head, slightly angry.

“No Chris. I haven’t had time to even train Percy yet- ow!” Percy had bit William’s ear. “What did you do that for?”

“Piii-ka,” Percy said, static dancing around his red pouches as he stared at Chris’s Eevee. The Eevee was staring back with an equally intimidating glare.

Percy climbed down from William’s shoulder, and stood on the floor of the Pokemon lab on all four legs, static dancing out of his cheeks.

“…Do you want to fight, Percy?”

“Pikachu!” William looked at his first Pokemon for a second, before nodding and saying,

“All right, I’m assuming that means yes. Let’s go!”

“All right!” Chris said, dropping Eevee onto the ground. “Go Edward!” The two Pokemon squared off against each other. Jade stood a few feet behind William, looking worried and concerned. Oak walked out from behind his desk and stood at an equal distance between the two Pokemon.

“I will moderate and officiate this battle – for the purpose of safety. Trainers, begin!”

“Edward,” Chris yelled, “use tackle attack!”

“Percy – thundershock go!”

Chris’s Eevee began to run straight along the floor, heading to Percy. Percy’s cheeks lit up with electricity, and lightning flew towards Edward.

Percy’s attack hit straight on, but Edward ran through it and tackled Percy. Percy went flying backwards, and stumbled onto the ground.

“Go, Edward, use another tackle!”

“Percy,” William yelled, “roll away!”

Percy rolled out of the Eevee’s way at the last instant, giving William one brief second…


This time the Eevee was sent flying off of its feet.

“Get up and use another tackle!”

Edward struggled to its feet, but then made up for its slowness by sprinting straight toward Percy.

“Use another thundershock!” William called out. Percy hit Edward with thundershock just as Edward hit Percy with tackle.

Both Pokemon were sent flying in the opposite directions. William stared at Pikachu, who remained on the ground unmoving for several painful long seconds. But then, slowly but surely, Pikachu stood up, panting a defiant, “Pika…Pika…Pika…”

Edward was moving, but his whole body was in tremors, and he remained on the ground.

“Edward is no longer able to battle-” Oak started to say, but Chris interrupted.

“Hey! No way!” Chris said. “It’s still alive isn’t it?”

“The battle is over, Chris. Return Edward to its ball before it takes major damage and it’s life is threatened.”


“Do it Chris!” Oak snapped. With a sour expression, Chris called Edward back to his ball. William returned Percy to his ball, whispering a praise that was both a congratulation and a thank you.

As Chris left the lab, he said angrily to William, “Don’t get too smug, I’m going to become the best trainer there ever was – not you!”

And with that, he stormed out, with Oak watching him go with a worried look on his face.

Jade walked over to her son, and put a comforting arm on his shoulder.

“That was really, truly, fantastic, honey.” William smiled at the praise.

“Thanks mom, but it wasn’t all me, it was Percy, too-”

But before he could finish responding, there was a great flash. Everyone jumped, and turned, only to find Percy standing once more on the lab floor, smiling.

“Did…did you accidentally let him out?” Jade asked.

“I…I didn’t think so,” William said, confused.

“Allow me to explain,” Oak said, walking over to Percy. The old man bent down and began to scratch the electric Pokemon on its belly, something it showed great pleasure in.

“I have heard other professor’s talk of this before, but I have never seen it. Some Pokemons’ wills are greater than others, and a Pokeball struggles to contain them. So, the Pokemon easily breaks out. However, the effects of a Pokeball’s ownership will remain on the Pokemon, and it will continue to follow the orders of its trainer. The Pokemon will, simply, not stay inside of its ball.”

William walked over to Percy and Oak and he bent down as well.

“So what does it mean?” William asked, as he attempted to mirror Oak’s hands by scratching Percy’s belly. He was clearly not as good, though, as Percy climbed up William’s arms rather than stay on the ground.

“It means that Percy wants you travel with you.”

“Is that so, Percy?”

“Pika, pika!” the Pokemon responded enthusiastically.

“Well, alright then, I guess you’re with me.”

And with that, William bade Oak and his mother good bye. He thanked Oak once more, and he gave his mother a hug. She stayed behind in Oak’s lab, promising to stay for dinner.

When William was gone, Oak returned to his desk, and Jade said cheerily, “He is already reminding me of his father.”

Oak looked up, and asked gravely,

“Who – Chris, or William?”

Wow - thanks! :)
I'll try to have Chapter 3 up by tonight!


Chapter 3 is up!

Chapter Three
Chapter Three: Closed

"What do you mean he’s not here right now?"

The man in the black suit that stood in front of the Viridian City gym smirked at William obnoxiously, and retorted, “What do you mean ‘what do you mean’? What other meaning could there be?”

“Isn’t it like, I don’t know, his job to be here?” William asked.

The man in the black suit who stood guard outside the Viridian City gym was beginning to really not like this kid. It was his eyes, the guard realized, that made him dislike the boy so much. They had a definite glow in them.

“Hey kid – doesn’t everyone deserve a vacation sometimes?”

“They guy’s a freaking gym leader. He gets to battle with Pokemon all day. How taxing can his job be?”

The guard threw his chest out, and said in his best menacing voice,

“You better watch your tone, punk.”

“Pika, pika!” the electric mouse on William’s shoulder said with a great annoyance and defiance.

“What’s this? A yellow rat?”

“Percy. His name is Percy.”

The guard laughed cruelly. “What kind of sissy-ass name is that?”

William didn’t respond, he merely crossed his arms. Percy, on the other hand, hissed at the guard, and his cheeks sparkled with ferocity.

“I demand to challenge the gym leader.”

“Look kid, you should be glad he ain’t here. If that little Patty-”


“Percy – whatever – is all you got, then you wouldn’t have stood a chance against the gym leader.”

William considered what the guard said. “Fine,” he said. He turned to leave, but he said behind his shoulder,

“When your gym leader gets back…tell him I’m coming.”

The guard snorted, and yelled at the slowly disappearing boy.

“You ain’t gonna make it! It’s a big bad world kid – full of little mousetraps. You and that prick of a Pokemon ain’t gonna survive a day!”


Compared to Pallet Town, Viridian City was huge. Equipped with the red-roofed Pokemon Center and the Pokemart, the city was practically a metropolitan area. It had taken William a day to work through Route 1, where he hadn’t caught any Pokemon.

When William had arrived the previous night, he had stayed in the Pokemon Center, sleeping away his weariness. When he had awoken in the morning, he had found Percy curled up on his pillow, snoring blissfully.

William had left the Pokemon Center thirty minutes later, and then, even with the kind directions of Nurse Joy, it had taken William a good hour to find the gym. And then, upon finding it, there was no gym leader.

“So, where to now, Percy?”

“Pi-ii-ka?” Percy responded, not knowing himself. Sighing, William took out the town map his mother had packed for him, spread it out on the sidewalk in front of him, and squatted down to look at it.

“We could head down Route 22 – see if we can find any rare Pokemon. What do you say?”

“Pika!” Percy responded enthusiastically.

William rolled up the town map, and offered his arm to Percy. The Pikachu climbed up his arm and perched on his shoulder. William then stood up, and the two of them walked off to Route 22.

They passed many people in the somewhat bustling Viridian City. Some of them gave William strange looks – he did, after all, have a Pokemon on his shoulder. But he didn’t care, or mind, the raised eyebrows he got.

It wasn’t long before William and Percy were walking through the knee-high grass on Route 22. The sun was shinning, and there was an ever-so-soft breeze. William could hear chirping nearby, but he couldn’t find any Pokemon.

At least, not at first.

“PIKA!” Percy yelled out suddenly. William spun around, and found Percy wrestling with some other Pokemon on the ground.

“Break free Percy – use thundershock!”

“Pik…ka…chu!” The purple Pokemon – who William had yet to identify with his Pokedex, was sent flying backwards. It landed a few feet away, twitching from the electric spark.

Fumbling in his pockets – William pulled out his Pokedex. He flipped it open, and pointed it at the purple Pokemon.

“Pikachu – the electric mouse Pokemon-”

“No, no!” William snapped, trying again to read the other Pokemon. The Pokedex chirped up again:

“Nidoran, MALE form. Its large ears are always kept upright. If it senses danger, it will attack with a poisonous sting.”

“Poisonous? Percy, are you okay?”

“Pika! Pika, pika!” Percy was jumping up and down, pointing to the wild Nidoran.

“Oh, right, I gotta catch it – but are you sure you’re all-”


William grabbed a ball off of his belt and threw it at the collapsed Nidoran on the ground, who had been beginning to struggle to get up.

The Nidoran became outlined in a red glow, and then vanished inside the ball.

It moved once. Twice.

And then the ball stopped.

“Pika!” Pikachu said joyously. He ran up to the Pokeball, and achieved it for William, who grabbed it and held it up high in the air.

“Hey! We did it!” William brought the ball back down and looked at it with admiration.

“Your name…Fleance.”

“Pika!” Percy said in approval.

“Pathetic.” William turned abruptly to the sudden voice behind him. Standing there, scowling at William, was Chris Oak.

“What do you want Chris?” William asked, the annoyance apparent in his tone.

“What do ya think?” Chris withdrew a ball from his belt, and said with great menace,

“I want a rematch.”
Sorry to leave it on a bit of a cliff-hanger!


Chapter 4 is up!

Chapter Four
Chapter Four: Rematch

William and Chris stood ten feet away, facing each other on the pavement next to the grass on Route 22. Percy perched on William’s shoulder, its tail erected high and its eyes fierce. Chris held a Pokeball in each hand, and he twirled them between his fingers. A slight breeze brushed through the two trainers, but neither shuddered at the goose bumps on their arms.

“Ready William?” Chris asked, smirking.

“Always,” William responded, keeping his voice calm and steady.

“Then I guess I’ll go first,” Chris snapped.

He held up the Pokeball in his right hand, and he threw it into the air. It opened, and out of the containment came a Spearow. The Pokemon flew threw the air, and circled the ground below, like a vulture looking for it’s kill.

“Spearow…” William muttered. “Alright Percy – you ready?”

“Pika!” Percy said, jumping down from William’s shoulder and running onto the makeshift battlefield.

And then, without any Pokemon official to yell ‘go’, the battle started.

“Spearow, used peck attack!”

“Percy, use thundershock!”

Spearow went diving down to the ground, like a spear hurled right at Percy. Its beak was sharp and it gleamed in the sunlight.

But the Pikachu was not frightened.

Its red pouches sparkled with electricity, but it didn’t shock the Pokemon – not yet.

It waited...and waited…and waited…and waited…

And then, when Spearow was just inches away, Percy let out a wicked thundershock. Spearow’s closeness magnified the damage, and the flying Pokemon was hurled backwards from the electric shock.

It bounced on the ground, and then it fell. Electric shocks sparkled over its body, and the Pokemon twitched this way and that.

“Did you even bother to train it, Chris?” William asked. “Or did you just throw it in the first battle you had the chance to use it in?”

Chris snarled at William as he called Spearow back to its ball. He tucked it back in his pocket, and then asked William,

“Why didn’t you kill it? You had the chance.”

“I don’t fight to kill, Chris,” William said softly. Chris smirked at William.

“You’re so weak William – that’s going to catch up to you one day. Now – go, Edward!”

Chris threw the Pokeball across the field, and out of it came his Eevee. The Pokemon snarled at Percy, who hissed back. Every muscle in both of their bodies was tense.

“Well, what are you going to do, Willy? Call back your Pikachu and use that pathetic thing you just caught?”

William studied Edward, realizing Chris had taken the time to train his starter Pokemon up. It was stronger, and in better shape than it had been before. Percy hadn’t taken any damage, but it had still just battled. But there was no way William could switch to Fleance; that Pokemon was still weak with its battle with Percy, and it hadn’t even been trained yet.

“I’m keeping you in, okay, Percy?”

“Pika-pika-pika!” Percy responded, not take his eyes off of Chris’s Eevee. Chris smirked, and shrugged.

“It’s your funeral. Edward – use Tackle!”

The Eevee darted across the pavement, and William was surprised at how much faster it moved than before.

“Dodge the attack, Percy!”

Percy jumped at the last minute, but he was too late. Edward bit his tail and tossed Percy aside with a flick of his head. Percy slid across the ground for several feet and then came to a stop.

Percy jumped back up quickly, though he was breathing harder.

“Tackle again, Edward!”

“Percy, use thundershock!” William cried out.

An electric shock that shot forth out of Percy’s red cheeks stopped Edward in his place. Electricity ran up and down his body as the Eevee groaned and trembled in pain.

He’s paralyzed, William realized.

“Another thundershock, Percy!”

“PIKA!” Percy said as he shocked his opponent once more.


“Edward, use tackle!” Chris said. But the Eevee could not move; its body was stuck in paralysis. Another thundershock from Percy sent the Eevee to the ground.

“Once more, Percy!” William said.

Eevee screeched as the thundershock hit it once more.

Percy stood on all fours, watching Edward, waiting to strike again if necessary. William stood still, calm and relieved.

“Come on Edward! Get up!” Chris yelled, pumping his arm in the air.

“It’s over Chris. Call your Eevee back.”

“No – it’s not over!”

“Yes, it is. Come back, Percy.” Pikachu returned from the battlefield and ran up William’s body, perching on his shoulder once more.

“If you leave the battle now, then you forfeit!” Chris shrieked uncontrollably at William.

“I think we both know who won this battle,” William replied calmly. Chris ground his teeth together and called his Eevee back to its Pokeball.

“Fine. We’ll call it a draw, then.”

William raised his eyebrows, but he did not comment further.

“So – where are you heading now, Willy?” Chris asked in a condescending voice. Before William could respond, Chris snapped, “There isn’t any point going down this way, you know. You can’t get to the league till you get eight badges.”

“I was just looking for some Pokemon, Chris.”

“Well, you’re going to need more than that pink mole to get all the badges.”

“I know,” William said simply. “What were you doing down here Chris?”

Chris snorted, and snapped back, “None of your business! I’m heading to Pewter City now, that’s where the next gym is. Brock’s the gym leader there. Should be easy – I heard he’s new to the job.”

“He’s still a gym leader – he must be good.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Chris said arrogantly. “I’m out. See ya later, Willy.” Chris turned and started walking away. As he left, he called back over his shoulder,

“Try not to get lost in the Viridian Forest!”
Let me know what you guys think and stuff :)


Chapter 4 marked the end of Part 1, so I started Part 2 and I posted the preface for that as well! =D


Jimmy battled Flint for his first gym badge. The rock-type gym leader in Pewter city was sure to be a tough battle. But I had faith in Jimmy. He had, after all, chosen Squirtle as his starter Pokemon. He had a type advantage, and I was sure he would catch other Pokemon to gain more type advantages.

I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. What happened was the last thing I, or anyone else, expected.

Flint was killed in the battle. His Onix had been blasted backwards and had landed on top of him, crushing him.

No one of course blamed Jimmy. People said it was a horrible accident. People said it was a shame his battle was cut short. What no one talked about was that Jimmy had already killed one Pokemon, and the blast that had knocked Onix backwards killed it too.

Jimmy was presented with the Boulder Badge – he had won after all. He was even invited to Flint’s funeral, which he did not attend. I don’t know if it was from guilt, or if he truly didn’t care.

Part of me believes he did not mean to kill Flint. Part of me wants to believe he did not become evil until later; part of me wants to believe that he didn’t manipulate me that early on in his life.

But the other part of me knows the truth. Jimmy wanted to instill fear into the rest of the gym leaders he was to meet.

After the “accident”, the Pewter City Gym was closed, and has remained thus until recently. Flint’s son, Brock, reopened it earlier this year, and he now operates the gym.

I sent him an email a few months ago, congratulating him on being successful. He responded with a blunt request to not to communicate with him again. I wonder to this day how much Brock knows about Jimmy and I. He must know I was Jimmy’s father, why else would he blame me?

But does he know what became of Jimmy? I didn’t think anyone else did except for Jade, Daisy, and myself.

For Brock’s sake, I hope he doesn’t know. That knowledge could very well get him killed one day.

–From the diary of Professor Samuel Oak


I like how there's a backstory building up here with a prior trainer. I'm interested in how it's all going to turn out.

Your chapters are short and easy to read, but it might just be deterring people from commenting because they feel like they don't have anything important to say. Don't let that discourage you! Readers like to hide in the shadows sometimes.


QKNC said:
I like how there's a backstory building up here with a prior trainer. I'm interested in how it's all going to turn out.
Thanks - I had to spend some time planning a few things, but a lot of it is still developing as I go.

And thanks for the encouragement, I'll try to have Chapter 5 done by tonight :)


Chapter 5 is up - William goes into Viridian Forest.

Chapter Five
Chapter Five: Lost

Try not to get lost in the Viridian Forest!

“That damn bastard,” William muttered softly under his breath. “He jinxed us.”

William was utterly and completely lost. He didn’t know where he was in the Viridian forest. If William hadn’t known his Kanto geography, then he wouldn’t even know if he was still in the Viridian forest.

But William had paid attention in school, and he knew this was Viridian Forest.

The trees were wide and covered with a dark green moss. The grass was thick, wild, and untamed. Mist clung to the earth, and William could no longer see the sky. The path had disappeared at one point, making it impossible to see.

Several companies had tried to make a solid road through the forest, but misfortunate had always befallen them. One work team was killed by a roaming team of Scyther. Another was driven insane by confusion attacks from Butterfrees. And then a third gave up after harassment from a group of Pidgeottos.

It had been over twenty years since any work had been done on the path and most of nature had now reclaimed it. Citizens in both Viridian and Pewter City had pooled together their money to offer a large payment to companies to build a solid road. But, after so many failed attempts, no company would take it. The Pokemon of the forest fought back against mankind, and people eventually reached the consensus that it was safer to try and not build a road cutting through Viridian forest.

Of course, at the current moment, William was not thinking that.

Percy stayed perched on his shoulder, remaining diligent, but nervous and alarmed. William remembered learning once that caught and domesticated Pokemon were always nervous in Viridian Forest – the place was too wild for them.

William bit down hard on his lip, regretting he hadn’t yet the chance to catch a flying Pokemon that could led him out of here. He had caught a Rattata on Route 2 and had named him Henry, and then immediately once inside the forest he had caught a Caterpie and named her Desdemona.

William knew he could use the Caterpie to help led him out of the forest, but to let the Pokemon wander out of it’s ball would be a risky thing to do. The forest was so dangerous, and Desdemona was so poorly trained.

“Pika?” Percy piped up, raising it’s ears.

Percy was the most fully trained Pokemon on William’s team right now. His Nidoran, Fleance, had been trained a few more levels. But Pikachu had much better hearing and was quicker. William knew at this point in his adventure, he needed Percy to make it out of the Viridian forest alive.

“What is it Percy?” William asked, whispering in a soft voice. He had barely said anything the entire time he had been in the forest, afraid to alert his presence to the more wild and dangerous Pokemon. But William still felt like he was being followed…

And then, bursting through the trees, came flying a wild Pidgeotto, it’s sharp beak poised straight for William’s forehead…

William ducked and the wild Pokemon flew straight over him and Percy.

“Thundershock!” William cried out.

The electric shock burst out of Percy and struck the wild Pidgeotto. The flying Pokemon fell to the ground in front of a large bush, twitching involuntarily from the shock.

William knew the Pokemon was dead – Percy’s shocks were getting strong enough to kill most wild Pokemon in one hit. And while William was sad he had killed a Pokemon, he knew it was out of self-defense. The beak was sharp enough to kill if it hit the right spot.

William was still recovering from the Pidgeotto surprise when the bushes near the dead Pokemon rustled. A sharp blade struck out and was driven into the heart of the dead Pokemon. Blood pumped out of its chest, turning the ground beneath it into a sick color.

And then, emerging slowly from the bushes was a Scyther.

“Oh crap…” William said in a hush voice. Even Percy, normally beyond normal bravery, took a step back.

The Pokemon was a light shade of green. It had two beatle-shaped like wings that the Pokemon could not use to fly on account of it being too heavy. It’s arms were razor sharp blades that could pierce through rock. Scythers in fact often used rocks to sharpen their blades.

The Scyther studied William with blood-shot eyes. William returned the stare, immobilized by fear.

Then, suddenly and without warning, the Scyther tore into the dead wild Pidgeotto, ripping out intestines as it ate the bird.

Broken by the trance, William scrambled to his feet, beckoning to Percy, his entire body shiver as he did so.

William ran blindly through the forest with Percy on his shoulder, knowing he had to get as far away as possible. The words from a column written by Professor Oak echoed in his mind.

Once set on new prey, the wild Scyther will not give up until either it is dead, or the prey has left it’s habitat. Wild Scyther’s are known to occasionally prey on trainers. To it, human flesh is an exotic delicacy. If the trainer sees a wild Scyther, he or she should do everything to kill it if they cannot catch it. And if they cannot kill or catch it, they must either get away as quick as possible or be come accustomed to the idea of being a snack.

Based on the look in Scyther’s eyes, William knew he was the Pokemon’s new prey.

But why, William asked himself, did Scyther not just try to kill me right then and there?

And William immediately knew the answer.

Scyther wanted to play with its food.
I added in a small side-story since nothing interesting happens in Viridian Forest in the game - hope you guys like it! :)


Wow, i just read the whole thing from start, and i really like how this is turning out


SwagginSkitty said:
Wow, i just read the whole thing from start, and i really like how this is turning out
Thanks! :roll:
I'll update Chapter 6 tomorrow (or tonight if I get lucky!) :biggrin:

Cypher DS

This has been an entertaining read so far. You certainly know how to keep your reader's enticed, offering little glimpses of Jimmy's backstory. This latest encounter with the Scyther gave me flashes of 'Jurassic Park'; I half expected a second mantis Pokemon to push its nose out of the tall grass and flank William from the side!

'Playing with its food' or not, I do like how the Scyther devoured the easy, dead prey first. Seemed like a very natural response for a wild animal.

Maybe this is a formatting quirk particular to my computer, but your signature line, "Sons of Three: Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke", is appearing in an extremely large font.

I just noticed that you're naming your pokemon after characters from Shakespeare's tragedies. That's such a clever (and appropriate) idea, considering the death rate in Nuzlocke runs. I suppose our protagonist William is short for W. Shakespeare. Is the rival character intended to be Christopher Marlowe?


I just noticed that you're naming your pokemon after characters from Shakespeare's tragedies. That's such a clever (and appropriate) idea, considering the death rate in Nuzlocke runs. I suppose our protagonist William is short for W. Shakespeare. Is the rival character intended to be Christopher Marlowe?

I didn't think anyone would get that, especially the Christopher Marlowe part. But yes - all my of my Pokemon's name are named after Shakespeare characters. Even Chris's Eevee (Edward) is in fact named after a character from a Christopher Marlowe play.

And sorry about the font - I want it to be large enough so it doesn't remain hidden, but I don't want it to be an annoyance. I'll make it smaller, I don't want it to drive people away - thanks for calling it to my attention.

And I was kind of thinking of Jurassic Park when I wrote this particular scene. Scyther always reminded me of Velociraptors.

Thanks for the heads up on the font, and I am seriously amazed you got the Shakespeare thing!

Update: I fixed my signature - does it look better?


The Shakesphere thing was seriously clever. And are the snippets from Jimmy's quest from an undocumented run?

Cypher DS

Yes, the signature does look more manageable now. I was a little worried you might get penalized by the moderators.

'Desdemona' was the name that tipped me off to your naming system. I was going to post about how ominous that name sounded, then I did a double take and realized where I had heard the rest of the names! I've studied Shakespeare's plays in university (as well as Dr. Faustus) so I might have a slight advantage in identifying the characters.


'Desdemona' was the name that tipped me off to your naming system. I was going to post about how ominous that name sounded, then I did a double take and realized where I had heard the rest of the names! I've studied Shakespeare's plays in university (as well as Dr. Faustus) so I might have a slight advantage in identifying the characters.
I thought Desdemona would be what gave away the Shakespeare trend, but I was still surprised to see someone get the Marlowe reference. Seriously, you're awesome.

And are the snippets from Jimmy's quest from an undocumented run?
No, but that is a really interesting idea, and I think it would be cool to see someone else do something like that.

Jimmy is a character that readers will keep learning more and more about as the Nuzlocke run progresses. In fact, you'll probably figure out who he is before I reveal it, but the mystery surrounding him will only deepen.

And now finally, Chapter 6 is up! Yay! I told myself I wasn't going to write it until I finished my homework, but then I started having two many thoughts and ideas and I had to get 'em down.

I put a tiny reference to a certain comedy film from 1975 in this Chapter. I'll reveal it when I post Chapter 7, but more power to you if you can figure it out before then.


Wait, hold up, I'm having a tiny problem with Chapter 6. Give me a second, sorry about that...

Okay, it is saying the post is too long for me to put in my very first post in this thread, so I'm posting it here! :)

Chapter Six
Chapter 6: Escape

Twigs snapped beneath William’s feet as he ran through the forest. He panted heavily, wishing he was wearing shorts and not his long, heavy pair of jeans.

Screeches were screamed out all around him; coming from wild Pokemon whom he had disturbed. But William no longer cared about being discrete – only about getting the hell out of there.

He ran in a random directions, took random turns, and never thought about a single move he made. He tried to cut this way and that, and then backtrack his steps sometimes, hoping to confuse the Scyther he knew was following him. William knew he was wasting his time – the Scyther would not be tricked. But he couldn’t stop himself from trying.

Every other minute or so Percy let out a sharp thundershock at a wild Pokemon that had attempted to attack them. It almost always killed, leaving a dead trail of Pokemon behind them. William was beyond feeling guilt; he was hoping the Scyther would stop along the trail to eat every wild Pokemon Percy had fried. But once again, the words from Professor Oak’s column echoed in his head.

…human flesh is an exotic delicacy…

William knew his meat would be far tastier than that of a Caterpie.

So he ran all the harder.

When William ran into a clearing, another Pidgeotto swept down shrieking as it flew past his face. It’s beak cut a deep, jagged cut in his cheek, and the flash of pain caused him to stumble and fall to the ground.


A yellow flashed filled the area, and the wild Pidgeotto fell to the ground, steaming from the electric blast.

Percy walked up to William panting. William studied his starter Pokemon worried. While Percy had taken no damage, he had done so many Thundershock attacks. Soon, his electric cheeks would be depleted of electricity until they made it to a Pokemon center.

“Why don’t you get inside your ball Percy…” William said, holding up the Pokeball.

“PIKA-PIKA!” Percy snapped, shaking his head side to side. He knocked the ball out of William’s hand with his tail. William sighed – both glad and concerned at Percy’s refusal. William stayed sitting on the ground, worried about his cut that was now bleeding heavily. He needed to fix that fast, the scent would attract the Scyther all the sooner.

And then, just like Percy had read his mind, the Pokemon walked over to William’s belt, grabbed a Pokeball, and let out the Pokemon that was inside.

Desdemona, the Caterpie, came out.

“Pika-pika-chu-chu-pika!” Percy said to Desdemona, in a hurried, rushed tone.

William watched the exchange curiously – his fear temporarily forgotten. Desdemona understood whatever Percy said, because she nodded her head twice.

Then, Desdemona turned to William, and out of her mouth she shot a String Shot attack.

William was forced surprised. He tried to block his face with his arm, but Percy jumped up and held his arm down.

And then, to William’s surprise, the bleeding on his face stopped. He raised his left, unrestrained arm, to his face, to find that the silk Desdemona had shot at William was acting like a bandage.

“Wow – thanks guys!”

“Pika-pikachu.” Percy said, smiling proudly.

William recalled Desdemona back to its ball, and then stood up, a little shaky. He grinned at Percy – the Pokemon was more resourceful than he was. Percy smiled back at its trainer, a calm, friendly look in its eyes.

But the happy moment was shattered when two Pinsars came bursting into the clearing, locked in mortal combat with their large pincers. William shouted in surprise, and jumped out of their way.

The two Pinsars continued their rampage through the clearing, and eventually disappeared into the bushes once again, the sounds of their metallic horns still echoing in the forest.

“We gotta get out of here Percy!” William said, motioning to his Pokemon as he ran out of the clearing – in a different direction than the two Pinsars.

The two continued to run through the forest together. William knew Percy was growing more and more tired as they ran together, but no matter what he told his starter Pokemon, Percy would not stop using thundershock attacks.

“Save your strength,” William said at one point. “I can take the hits!”

“Don’t waste energy on that Pokemon Percy, it’s just a Pidgy, it can’t hurt me too badly!” William said at another.

“Percy! Don’t worry about me!”

But Percy kept using his attacks – he would not relent.

William and Percy kept running through the forest, not stopping for anything, except when the other needed to rest.

And then, finally, the grass started to wither down. The tress grew shorter and shorter. They ran into less and less wild Pokemon. Sunlight crept through the mists. Grassy ground was starting to turn into rocky ground. William knew the signs of Pewter City. They had made it.

With one last lunge, William and Percy burst through the trees and the grass, landing on rocky ground. Sunlight blinded William at first, and he glared through squinted eyelids.

But, he could make out a sign:

One Mile Ahead – Pewter City

“We made it Percy,” William said, his knees shaking as he stood bent over. Percy laid on his back, relaxing in the sunlight, his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

William stood up then, laughing. They had made it – they have survived Viridian Forest and the Scyther-

But just as he was having that thought, he saw a flash of green out of the corner of his eye, and felt a blinding flash on pain in his left arm. He stumbled to the ground, overcome from some great force, as he heard Percy call out in shock.

William found himself on the ground on his back, with the Scyther standing on top of his chest. Drool was coming out of the corner of its mouth, and its eyes were blood thirsty red. William felt something wet and sticky on his left arm, and then he saw fresh blood on one of Scyther’s razor-blade arms. There was a long, jagged cut that went from William’s left shoulder to his left elbow, and it was bleeding profusely.

A drop of drool landed on William’s face, and he heard the words from Professor Oak’s column once more…

Human flesh is an exotic delicacy.

Scyther raised its arms to make the finishing kill, and William flinched away…

And then, Scyther cried out in shock, and its weight was lifted from William’s chest. He rolled on his side, a motion that caused him a great deal of pain, and saw Percy standing a few feet in front of him, while just a few more feet away, the Scyther recovered from the quick attack.

The Scyther stood up, and hissed at the Percy. William’s Pokemon was panting,


Scyther is part flying-type, William realized.

“Percy – use thundershock!”


But nothing happened. No electric energy came out of its cheeks – Percy had been temporarily depleted of its electric power. The Scyther seemed to sneer at the pathetic attempt, and it beat it’s claws against each other.

“Pika…Pika…Pika…” Percy was still standing in front of William, but it seemed to be weakening.

“Percy…get back over here.” For once, Percy did not argue. It backed up slowly; not turning it’s back to the wild Scyther.

The wild Scyther watched with satisfied eyes, and it ever so slowly licked its lips. William shuddered as he reached for a ball on his belt.

“Go – Fleance!”

Jumping out of the ball snarling as viciously as it could, Fleance landed on the ground, the point of its purple horn gleaming in the sunlight.

The strange rasping sound Scyther made sounded like laughter. Fleance’s pride was not hurt, but Pikachu snarled something.

“Be careful of its blades Fleance!” William said, his voice breaking as his body weakened futher.

“Ni-Ni-Ni!” Fleance barked in reply. Scyther seemed to wince at the sharp, high-pitched sounds Fleance made, and it responded angrily.

“Scy-scy-scyther!” Scyther rasped, swinging its blades in the air.

“Go Fleance! Use horn attack!”

Fleance ran forward, while William and Percy watched with apprehension. They knew a single sweep from Scyther’s blades could mean the end for all of them…

Scyther swung his blades through the air, but Fleance’s small statue made it easy to dodge. Its horn hit Scyther on its shoulder, the force making Scyther stumble backwards a few steps. But the horn hadn’t managed to pierce Scyther’s scaly skin.

Scyther ran forward, and slashed through the air once more. The attack barely missed Fleance as it lunged sideways.

And then, William got an idea.

“Fleance stand still and wait for a second!”

Fleance planted its feet firmly in the ground, trusting his trainer. But all the same, his eyes widened as Scyther came spinning with his blades. The bug-flying Pokemon raised its blades high in the air, and then plunged them down.


Fleance rolled away at the last second, missing getting stabbed by Scyther’s arms by a hair. Scyther turned its head to Fleance excited – knowing that now he was rolling, the opposing Pokemon would be off balanced and easy to strike.

But – that was when Scyther had realized the error it had made.

This particular Scyther was one of the best fighters in the Viridian forest. He was – in fact, leader of the small Scyther clan. He had killed many to get to that position. He ate the best meat out of all the other Scyther’s in the clan. After all, no one dared oppose him. He knew better than anyone else how to fight on the soft soil of Viridian Forest.

But Scyther was no longer fighting in Viridian Forest. He was fighting outside of the forest. He had foolishly left its habitat. He was now fighting in the outskirts of Pewter City.

And now, Scyther’s blades were stuck in the rocky ground that it was not accustomed to. It struggled, groaned, and moaned, but it could not move.

“Double-kick Fleance!”

Fleance took off running full speed, and jumped in the air, aiming two well-placed kicks at the blunt part of Scyther’s blades for arms.

Fleance landed the attack and then bounced off. Falling shortly was a harsh, metallic breaking sound. Scyther’s two blades broke off, leaving shorter, jagged sword arms left. The rest stayed stuck in the earth.

Scyther let out a horrid screech, its eyes watering and becoming filled with rage.

“Tackle attack Fleance!”

The Nidoran took off running, and made contact right in the center of Scyther’s chest. The Pokemon was knocked backwards onto the ground, where it rolled from side to side, screaming in pain.

“Now – horn attack one last time!”

Fleance jumped on top of the dying Pokemon, and dug its pointed horn into Scyther’s chest. This time, the horn did penetrate, and green blood squirted out.

Scyther let out one last desperate screech, and then stayed still.

William let out a relieved sigh, but then he became horribly aware of the pain in his left shoulder. He let out a sharp gasp, and rolled back onto his back.

“Pika-pika!” Percy cried out in concern.

Fleance ran over as well, screeching.

“You guys…you guys were awesome…” William said. And, just when he thought he felt his journey had ended early, he heard the sounds of footsteps.

“Hey! Hey are you alright?!?”

A shadow was cast over William, and he squinted through his eyes, trying to make out the figure.

“Who…who are you?”

The man deposited something still and unmoving next to William. Whatever it was, it made both Percy and Fleance freak out a little bit, as they both screeched.

The man went to all four on the grounds and examined William, rolling up his left sleeve to examine the cut on his arm.

“My name is Brock, and I’m the city gym’s leader.”

“Brock? Then I…I want to challenge you to a…a Pokemon battle…” William said, his voice fading and becoming softer.

Brock smiled kindly.

“Maybe later?”

William muttered something that wasn’t understandable, and the last thing he heard before he slipped into unconsciousness was the reassuring voice of Brock call out –

“Hey! You’re going to be okay, I promise!”

And, for some unknown reason, William believed him.


Aaah, the naming references went right over my head. But anyway, that was a creative chapter about the Viridian Forest, I don't think I've seen it written out that way before with Scythers and all. I like how William took a strategic approach to get the Scyther out of the forest and into the city, that shows thought on your part.


QKNC said:
Aaah, the naming references went right over my head. But anyway, that was a creative chapter about the Viridian Forest, I don't think I've seen it written out that way before with Scythers and all. I like how William took a strategic approach to get the Scyther out of the forest and into the city, that shows thought on your part.
Thanks! :)
I was kind of frustrated as I played through Viridian Forest, as nothing interesting or worth writing about tends to happen there so I decided to make stuff up, lol. I didn't think I would end up dedicating two whole chapters to the place.
And I actually didn't think of Scyther getting stuck until I was writing the scene. I was picturing it playing out, and then I realized what would probably happen if Scyther stabbed straight down. So, it was kind of a last-minute realization for both William and me, haha lol.


Chapter Seven is up!

Chapter Seven
Chapter 7: His First Kill

William felt himself slowly come to his senses as a flash of strength returned to him.

“Trainer? Trainer what is your name?”

William grumbled something in reply. Another flash of strength returned, like his health and energy were coming back in short, quick bursts.

“For Arceus’s sake trainer! Wake up and help us control your Pikachu.”

William’s eyes burst open, and he sat up in a flash. Vertigo hit him though, and he fell back down onto the hospital bed he was laying in.

“Trainer!” The Nurse Joy snapped, her expression stern and angry. William sat up slowly this time, and asked in a rushed voice,

“Where’s Percy? What’s wrong?”

He heard the growling though, and he turned his head to find his Pikachu on the bed with him. It’s ears were twitched and it’s tail pointed high in the air, erected.


“Your Pokemon is either the worst of best trained Pokemon I’ve ever seen,” Nurse Joy snapped, a combination of annoyance in her tone.

Next to Nurse Joy was Chansey, and William felt that was where his returning energy and strength was coming from. Chansey was an egg-shaped Pokemon, and was the vibrant color Pink. Its eyes were large, round, and honest. It had an egg pouch on its belly that held an egg. Its pink, puny arms could hardly reach it.

William, now more aware of his surroundings, looked around. He realized he was in a bed in a hospital room inside the Pokecenter. His clothes had changed into a hospital gown. The bloody set of clothes he had been wearing had been washed and were folded on top of a chair near his bed. The walls were Pink with yellow stripes across them. The blinds to the window were down, letting a gentle sunbeam shine inside. A TV was attached to the wall in the corner of the room, but it was currently on mute.

“Did you hear me trainer?” Nurse Joy asked. She looked stressed, and worried, which William knew must be why the tone of her voice was so harsh.

“Yeah…sorry. What do you mean?”

“Your Pokemon refuses to let us heal it. It is either refusing to leave your side, or it is just poorly trained. I’m not sure which.”

William sighed, and turned to Percy.

“I’m fine buddy, go with them.” Percy seemed hesitant for a second, and he stayed tense. But then, he relaxed, and he collapsed on the bed.

Nurse Joy scooped the Pikachu up, and she handed him over to the Chansey, who gladly took it and ran out of the room, signing to herself.

Nurse Joy then walked around the bed and checked the machine that was hooked up to William.

“I think you’re going to be okay William. Do you remember what happened?”

“Yes, I was attacked by a Scyther.”

“Yes – that’s right. It cut you deep on your left arm. I stitched it together, but you are bound to have a scar – for a while at least. You did lose quite a bit of blood, but not enough to need a transfusion.”

Nurse Joy walked back around the bed and examined William’s left arm.

“Your lucky to be alive – very few people survive Scyther attacks,” she said as she examined the stitches in his arm. “You must be a very good trainer.”

“No – I just have very good Pokemon.” William responded, serious.

Nurse Joy smiled, and walked to the front of the bed. Despite her smile, there was still a troubled look in her eyes.

“So, what brings you to Pewter City?”

“I’m here to challenge the gym leader – Brock. He’s the one that brought me in wasn’t he?”

“Yes. He was.” Nurse Joy said bluntly. “And that’s just what I thought you were here for.” She turned to leave, but as she did a young women entered the room. William estimated she was about his age. She was slightly shorter than Nurse Joy, and had much longer hair. Her hair was blonde, with red strands through it. The woman wore a pair of white scrubs, and she appeared to be an assistant. Her arms were petit, yet she managed to carry a tray of food.

“Make sure he takes his medicine with it,” Nurse Joy snapped as she left the room.

The girl nodded, wincing as she did so, and walked up to a confused William. She placed the tray on him, and nodded to the pill case on the bedside.

“Make sure you take that with your orange juice,” she said simply, looking uncomfortable.

“Thanks,” William said, opening the bottle of pills. He took one out, and popped it in his mouth, and then forced it down with a gulp of Orange juice.

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?” William said, eying the girl carefully. Before he could ask the question though, she blurted out:

“I’m so, so, so, so sorry Nurse Joy was being so rude to you, it’s just everyone in the city right now it on edge after what happened this morning and who could blame them, I mean you don’t blame us, it was just such a shock-”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down. I was just going to ask you your name.”

There was an awkward moment of silence as the girl blushed several shades of red.

“Oh…” She recovered though, and bowed once, saying. “My name is Valeria, but my friends call me Val.”

“Well then, Val,” William said, “what did happen this morning.”

Val sighed as she let herself slumped down in a chair.

“Brock, the gym leader, lost.”

“Oh,” William said, confused. “Well, that doesn’t seem too bad.” Val shook her head quickly,

“No, no it’s not. Please, don’t think of us as one of those towns whose happiness relies solely on the success of the gym leader! It’s just…he lost one of his Pokemon in the fight.”

“Oh,” William said. He remembered the strange, still object Brock had dropped when he had found William, and how Pikachu and Fleance had freaked out over it.

“In fact,” Val said thoughtfully, “I think he may have been burying his fallen comrade when he found you.”

William felt a stone sink in his stomach. Brock had been nice to him, had even helped him in his time in need. All while he was still mourning the loss of his Pokemon.

“Which Pokemon did he lose?”

“His Sandshrew – Richard,” Val said, in a soft whisper. “Behind Brock’s Onix, it was his strongest Pokemon.”

William felt sick. He could see the dead Pokemon in his head now. And, even though he knew the answer, William asked the question.

“What was the name of the challenger?”

“Chirs,” Val said. “Chris Oak.”
Oh, and I forgot! Here's the hidden comedy allusion from Chapter 6 :)
“Ni-Ni-Ni!” Fleance barked in reply. Scyther seemed to wince at the sharp, high-pitched sounds Fleance made, and it responded angrily.

“Scy-scy-scyther!” Scyther rasped, swinging its blades in the air.
This is from the movie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The specific scene is the knights who say "Ni!"

If you watched the movie, then you know what I'm talking about. But if you haven't, then you'll probably going "What the hell?"

it's definitely hysterical, and I recommend you watch it if you haven't :)

Cypher DS

Ah. I Googled a quick list of 1975 comedies, and while "Holy Grail" was included, your joke was buried just a little too well for me to pick out.

I thought William's constant "running away" might be the reference, but if that were the case I suppose he would have been chased by a French Miltank.

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