[COMPLETED] Girl and Karp - A Sun Timelocke

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Jun 30, 2019
June 13, 2070

Oh, um...Hello!  Is this- yeah, it's working.

Hi!  My name is Cassie.  I wanted to film this vide
DEAUGHthat I could talk about what I'm about to do.  You see, it's a long story that led up tKARP KARP KARP ...Excuse me a second.
[Footsteps, fading]

King, can you knock that off so I can film?!
I'll knock that glove hat off your head!
Shut up, old fish.

[Footsteps, growing louder]

Uh...Sorry about that.  That was the family pet, King the MagiDEAUGH

...Really, King?

Alright, alright, I'll stop.  Go ahead.

*ahem*.  Right.  King, our family Magikarp.  He's been with our family since my grandfather hatched him in 2024.  No one's expected a Magikarp to live this long, but apparently they can live for centuries.

Speaking of life...

Excuse me.  Might I say this part?  You're struggling to keep a straight face, Cassie, and these old eyes can see those tears.

...mhm.  Go ahead.

I'm King, an old Magikarp.  I've been diagnosed with a terminal disease.

The vet has given me 31 days to live.

My last wish?  I want to go on a journey with Cassie and prove that even an old, useless flop like me can do something worthwhile.

And I'm...gonna do everything in my power to make that...make that...

[quiet sobs]

Cassie, hey.  Don't cry, King is here.

[Recording ends abruptly]
1. Only catch the first encounter in any route.
1a. Dupes Clause: You may skip any previously owned species, but only get one more attempt at an encounter.
1b. Ultra Beast Clause: The Ultra Beasts are an exception to this rule, and only for the duration of the UB Sidequest.
1c. Shiny Clause: All shinies must be caught if possible.
2. Any Pokémon that faints is dead.  Box it or release it.
3. Perpetual Starters: Magikarp and Litten may not leave your party.  If either one dies, the run is over.
4. Terminal Disease: Your Magikarp has one month to live.  The run must be completed before 31 days are up.
4a. The run began on June 13, 2018 at 2 PM.  The run will fail if not completed before July 14, 2018 at 2 PM.
5. Mandatory, My Butt: The mandatory Pikipek encounter does not count as an encounter.

A/N: I had intended to do this run at a later date and accidentally started a save when getting ready for work (long story) so here we are. Should have an update tomorrow night for the first spot of gameplay.

Bowser's Family Vacation

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Jul 1, 2019
You were talking about this on the writing Discord, and now it's here!

We were all joking about it, but kudos to you for making a ridiculous (in a good way) concept into something impactful right off the bat.


Oooh, I always love seeing video entries used as a story medium. It works particularly well too with how this story looks to be unfolding. The instant back and forth between Cassie and King is great, and even before it gets sentimental you can tell the two of them are close because their bickering doesn't have that 'mean' edge to it. There's something glorious about trying to talk and getting cut off by 'KARPKARPKARP' haha

I like the fact you're taking a Magikarp along for a nuzlocke not only for the novelty of it, but also the fact you're making it a serious run. The ruleset is strict, especially with the deadline, but there's also a great interplay between game and story, where the two really act on each other. Not only is the run serious too, but for all the old man's fish's jokes, there's clearly wisdom and intelligence there that provides reassurance to his trainer. I fully expect loads more heartfelt moments between King and Cassie.

I absolutely loved how things drifted toward sadness at the end of the video. You've established a strong connection between the two characters almost immediately, and I've a good feeling that as this run rolls on, you're going to explore the concept of Death with a careful touch. There's such a gold mine to explore, with how you can show both the good and ugly sides of handling the death of a family friend and pet.

It's only a short bit thus far, but the brevity game is strong and a force to be reckoned with. I'm rooting for the old Karp to evolve and turn into a gentle giant of a gyarados before he's off to the pokemon version of the Rainbow Bridge. Props to you if you're able to turn the waterworks on for people by the end of this run, no matter how it concludes. Devious, that, making people cry over a magikarp!


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Jun 30, 2019
@Bowser's Family Vacation:
I really wanted to go for it, so Wynaut?  Thank you, though!  I wanted to tell a good story about a Magikarp - I'm glad to see someone feels that it's impactful.

Is it just me or is your username kind of appropriate for that comment?  Anyways, I'm hoping King makes it to Gyarados status too, especially since Gyarados kind of nukes most of Alola.  BTW - King is Adamant.
Onto the next update!  In which dialogue happens.  Yay.

June 14, 2070

[The video starts with Cassie holding King.  She has clearly been through an incredibly hectic day, as her hair is frayed and her clothes are scuffed quite a bit.  There is an extended, almost awkward silence that lasts for about 30 seconds, if not a little longer.]

...Am I gonna have to slap the words out of your mouth, or what?

Nope.  You're too old to do that.

I'll show you old!

[King used Splash!  Nothing happened...and Cassie is unaffected.]



Anyways.  [Cassie looks at the camera.] King and I were talking about how we'd go about recording this adventure, and we decided that we'd film our battles and some of our interactions with the trainers we're bound to run into.

And we'll be editing them into these videos as we go by.  I'm sure someone is out there, making a transcript for these.

But...Here's the thing.  Because King is old and terminal, we need to get special permission from a Professor for him to battle.  Professor Kukui is coming by tomorrow morning to take King away and poke him with needles in uncomfortable places.


Just kidding!  He's gonna just give you a checkup and probably have a Togepi poke you to see if you can take a hit.

Even though my species has good defense?

...Something like that.  Plus, you don't have your whiskers any more.

I blame the Yungoos out there.

I thought it wasIT WAS THE YUNGOOS, OKAY?

Hey, hey.  No need to get so loud.  You'll wake up Meowth and Mom.

...Fine, fine.  I still think Yungoos are the devil.

I think Grandpa would've agreed with you.

[King pauses for a moment.  He seems to have gotten sad - there's a bittersweet look on his face.]

You never met him, did you?  He died before you were born...

...I've heard stories about him.

There are things your parents don't even know, Cassie.  Your grandfather was one hell of a person, and I can't even tell if I mean that in a good or a bad way.  I still think he died way too young.

How old was he?

Oh, great.  You're asking the old fish if he remembers his first owner's age?  Well, if I remember right, he passed away in February 2048, about ten months before you were born.  42 years old, I think.  He and your grandmother had your mother when he was 18 or 20, if I remember that right.  Being responsible apparently doesn't run in this family.

Hm...Wonder what happened to him to make him die so young?

I can't tell you yet.  The truth would hurt.  We should probably hurry up and stop recording, I can hear the camera struggling.

Oh!  Yeah, let's stop for now.  Have a good night, everyone!

[Cassie reaches for the camera, and the video ends]

A/N: I'm going to shoot for a double update today so I can bring the run back up to date. Had a little...mishap while getting the gameplay that required me to catch up with my notes.

Bowser's Family Vacation

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Jul 1, 2019
*Yungoos war flashbacks* H-Huh? I don't know what came over me...
I love the dichotomy of affectionate nostalgia and teasing crankiness in King. I also love that Cassie is so familiar with King that she is able to joke with him, even though she recognizes that his time is coming to an end...
As you get to battles, though, I'm interested to see a dynamic emerge between the non-starters and King. You know, Pokemon that you can afford to have die according to the rules and ones that you... can't. Cassie might not mean it, but she's known King for a long time. She's going to act differently around and towards him.


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Jun 30, 2019
June 15, 2070

[Cassie is sitting down, a bit off-center from the camera's focal point.  She's holding two Pokeballs, one in each hand.  One is an Ultra Ball and the other is a regular PokeBall.]

Hi, how is everyone?  King isn't here to join me today because Kukui has him for his examination.  But...

[She stifles a laugh and then bursts out laughing, hard enough to have tears in her eyes when she stops.]

Let me just show you.

[The video cuts to footage recorded earlier in the day - it is in Cassie's kitchen, and Professor Kukui is standing by a large tank containing King].

Yo, cousin!  This is King, right? [He gestures at the tank and King.] Nice to meet you, man.

...Why are you talking like a hippie?

Oh my god, King, you can't just ask why someone talks like a hippie!

Professor...With all due respect, 2004 called.  It wants its pop culture reference back.


[Cassie and her mother start laughing off-camera, leaving Kukui red in the face, and the video cuts back to Cassie in her room]

I don't think King was too happy about being taken away.  I'm pretty sure he scarred Kukui's Rockruff for life with some, uh...quite colorful language I didn't even know he knew.  We had to put him in his tank and seal the top so the Rockruff could haul him back without getting slapped or cursed at.  Poor thing.

Anyways, Kukui spent the day with me getting me ready for the journey ahead.  Uh, let me think.  Kukui took me down to Iki Town so I could meet the Kahuna and pick an Alola starter Pokemon - so King has some help, of course - but nobody was around in town.  Iki has this big stage in the middle that looks pretty ceremonial, and I found out that they worship a deity here called Tapu Koko.  I mean, it makes sense.

I kid you not, Kukui told me to go find the Kahuna by myself on the trail north of town.  He said that the Kahuna looks like a Kahuna.  I mean, he isn't wrong...

[Cassie shrugs]

To make a very long story short, I had to go save a beautiful girl's Pokemon from three Spearow and had a bridge collapse on me.  A strange thing came up to me after bringing me back to solid ground and told me that my journey would be very dangerous but have a big impact on the region.  It also muttered something odd about a "lorekeeper" from the past?  It left before I could do anything or even say "thank you".

[She shifts in her seat and sets down the Ultra Ball in her hand, cradling the other Pokeball more firmly]

When I got back to Iki, the Kahuna was back and had heard from the girl - Lillie, I think? - about what happened with the strange creature.  He simply put a Pokeball in my hand and told me I would need the Pokemon's help before heading off elsewhere to do...Kahuna things?  A kid came up to me and challenged me to a battle - turns out he's the Kahuna's son - and it went...pretty easily.  I got a Fire-type starter and he had the Grass-type.

Oh, yeah!  The point of today's video.

[Cassie presses the button on the PokeBall and a small, feline Pokemon emerges from it.  It climbs up into Cassie's arms and curls up as she holds it.]

This is my Alola starter!  His name is Brutus, and he's a Litten.  I didn't think they could be so light, but this guy feels like a feather.

Anyways, that's it for today.  See you all tomorrow!

[The video ends]

Bowser's Family Vacation

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Jul 1, 2019
Making fun of Professor Kukui is the best thing. What does a Kahuna look like? He looks like a Kahuna, duh! Hau is Hala's son in this run?


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Jun 30, 2019
June 16, 2070

Hey, everyone!  It's a little early for me to be filming, but Professor Kukui told me to get up early.  He's going to help me get started with Brutus - mrew? - yes, good morning, Brutus.  Kukui wants me to learn some of the basics before going out with King.  See you guys on the other side.

[Video transitions.  Cassie is holding the camera, filming the Professor.  They’re walking along Route 1.]

You know, Cassie...That Magikarp of yours has got quite the mouth.  He certainly seems to be resilient mentally.

I'm not surprised.  He's super stubborn sometimes, but that's part of what makes him King...you know?

That makes sense.  It doesn't explain the ranting about your hat yesterday, though.

He thinks it's a dumb hat.  He keeps trying to make me pick different ones.

I wouldn't say it's dumb.  I just didn't expect a fish to be so opinionated about-

[A wild Pikipek jumps out of some nearby grass, causing Cassie to jump.  Kukui is already sending out his Rockruff.]

Woo!  Watch closely, Cassie!  This is how you catch a Pokémon.  Rockruff, use Tackle!

[The Rockruff takes off running for the Pikipek.  The bird simply flies up into the air, causing the Rockruff to miss and faceplant into the dirt.]


*Snrk*.  You know King would have a hundred things to say about that.

[Kukui shakes his head and smiles at Cassie before throwing a Pokéball at the Pikipek.  Despite being so close to it, he manages to flub the pitch.  The ball sails through the air and bounces off the face-planted Rockruff before landing on (and catching) a Caterpie.]

...I am so glad I was filming.

[Kukui stands still for a few seconds before recalling his Rockruff and making a hasty retreat for parts unknown.]

I...guess I get to try now?

[Cassie sets the camera down on a rock adjacent to the grassy field and walks into the grass.  A Yungoos walks up to her and sniffs at her feet when she pauses.  She casually drops a ball on it and captures it.

The film transitions to Cassie in her room, holding the Yungoos]

I caught this cute thing, as you saw in the video, and she already had a name!  Why don't you introduce yourself?

Good day, strange machine.  My name is Matilda.  I have heard of this so-called King and his dying wish, and I intend to help make the journey occur.

Well, there you go!  I've got my first catch and Brutus with me.  We're gonna go do some training tomorrow and hopefully get King back by the end of the day.

I do not think he will enjoy the Litten's presence.

I don't like your attitude, weasel.

If I wished for a lousy opinion, I would have asked your buttocks for one.


Guys, take it easy.  If you start squabbling around King, he's gonna yell at the two of you.  You don't want him overexerting himself.

Eh, whatever.  He's dead in a month, what's the big deal with him?

I- excuse me?!

[Cassie huffs and looks at the camera.]

Sorry, tomorrow will probably be better.  Everyone is tired.

[She grabs the camera as she turns back to Brutus and the video ends abruptly]


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Jun 30, 2019
@Bowser's Family Vacation - Kukui is just a great source of snark because he's such a bone-head in the games.

Also -- Character dynamics.  Love em and hate em, but you'll see some of how that goes.

June 17, 2070

[The video starts with Matilda wrestling with a wild Pokemon in a very fast-moving ball of violence]

Come on, Matilda!  I know you can do it.  Use Tackle!

Why not just train me instead?

You're already at the level I wanted you at.

...At only level 7?

That was what Kukui recommended for me.

The same Kukui who botched a catch yesterday?

...Yes?  I don't see the problem.

...Nevermind.  I'm gonna go wander for a little.

Make sure you come back in an hour, or I'll send Matilda to find you.

Cassie, I have defeated the Pikipek but require healing.

[Cassie nods and starts rifling through her bag for a healing item.  After what seems like a few minutes, she can't find any.]

...I assume we will be returning to your domicile for healing?

Yeeeeeeeeep.  Let's go.

[Cassie scoops up Matilda in her hands and walks over to the camera.  The video smoothly transitions into the next segment, in which the camera seems to be at about shoulder level - Cassie is holding it and filming a battle between Matilda and an opposing trainer's Caterpie]

Come on, Matilda!  Just like we practiced.  Tackle!

Nuh-uh!  Not if I have anything to say about it.  Use Tackle, Caterpie!

[The Pokemon collide with each other, causing both of them to shout and run back to their trainers.]

One more time!

Again, again!

[The Pokemon collide with each other again, and the Caterpie gets knocked to the ground.  Matilda stands over it for a few moments and then returns to Cassie.]

I have defeated it, Cassie.  I would like a spot of healDon't worry about healing.

[Brutus comes back, partially in frame.  In the background, the Trainer carefully picks up her unconscious Caterpie and runs off for the Center.  Brutus is holding an item in his mouth - a Potion.]

I found this on the other side of some grass north of here and I figured you could use it.

This is quite surprising, Brutus.

Thank you, Brutus!

[Cassie's arm comes into the frame as she reaches over to Brutus to take the Potion from him.  She gives him a quick pet, resulting in a quiet "mrew?" before using the Potion on Matilda off-screen.]

Let's get back home so we can rest.  The ceremony is tonight!

Alright.  Very well.

[Cassie turns the camera back to herself]

We'll get King back tomorrow.  Kukui needed to take a closer look at something.

[The camera fades to a black screen and some music kicks in before it fades back out to more battle footage.  Matilda is battling a Pokemon with one trainer and Brutus is fighting another Trainer's Pokemon.]

Brutus, Ember!  Matilda, Pursuit!

Understood. Yep.

[The two Pokemon swiftly knock out the opposing Pokemon as the music comes to an end, and Brutus starts wandering off somewhere.]

I'm going to scout for more items.

Be careful, Brutus.

Ah, there you are!

[Cassie and her camera turn in the direction of Iki Town, where Kahuna Hala is standing.  He waves her over and she obliges.]

It's a pleasure to see you again, Cassie.  You showed my son some impressive strength and teamwork yesterday, and we would love for you to take part in our ceremonial battle for the blessed Tapu Koko today.

I would love to!

Make sure your Litten comes back first, though.  Wouldn't want you to be leaning on your lovely Yungoos for the whole battle.  [Matilda makes a noise.  It sounds like a surprised squeak]

Alright.  Let me go find him.

[Another transition - this time, someone else is holding the camera and filming Cassie and Hau preparing for battle.  Hala is standing in the center of the stage.]

Ladies, gentlemen, and all people on the spectrum, we are gathered here today to give thanks to the blessed Tapu Koko for his continued protection of Melemele Island.  Before me stand our contestants in this special battle - to my right is my own blood, Hau.  The son of the Kahuna.  To my left is Cassie, the girl who has been blessed by Tapu Koko.

[Some gasps and mutters are heard in the crowd of people attending.]

Without further ado, let us begin.  Hau, are you ready?

Ready as I'll ever be.

Cassie, are you ready?

Bring it on.

Very well.  Let's start the battle.  DRAW!

[Hala quickly steps backwards off the stage as Cassie and Hau send out their leading Pokemon, Matilda and Pichu.  The fighting begins within a matter of seconds as the two Trainers start shouting orders at their Pokemon.  It doesn't take long until the Pichu starts firing off lightning at Matilda's every advance, but it isn't enough.  The Pichu gets knocked out in short order.]

Nice job, Cassie!  Now let's see how you handle Rowlet this time.

Brutus, go!


[The Rowlet is knocked out in less than five seconds.]

And the battle is over.  Our winner is Cassie!

[The crowd starts cheering - only to be silenced by an immensely loud "KO-KO-KOKO!" coming from the ruins north of Iki Town.]

Ho!  Sounds like Tapu Koko approves, as well!  Now, Cassie.  You have shown courage and bravery in spades by starting this challenge, but also heart and commitment for the intent behind taking the challenge.  Granting a dying loved one their last wish is a wonderful and difficult challenge in itself, and I think Tapu Koko recognized this strength in you.  You were given this Sparking Stone yesterday, and now you are qualified to use it for what it really is.

[Cassie got the Z-Ring.  Cassie puts on the Z-Ring!]

I look forward to seeing how far you will go with King.  You will be facing me at some point on your journey and I will happily wait for the day I get to test you myself.

[The video fades and transitions back to Cassie sitting in her room.  She's holding Brutus, who seems to be asleep.]

So, I had a long and intense day today!  There was some other small stuff that happened afterwards which basically consisted of Lillie and Kukui inviting me to his house tomorrow to pick up King and get some final things to officially start my Island Challenge with King.

I don't know what the future holds, but I know this is going to be a long and challenging journey, and I hope we make it to the top before...


Cassie, you are crying.  Is everything okay?

[Cassie shakes her head.]

No.  I'm sorry...This is the second time I've cried on camera, isn't it?  This is just so hard to deal with, but I need to be strong for King's sake.

You are already strong, Cassie.  Let us say good night to the strange machine and rest.

I...You're right.  Good night, everyone.

[The video ends.]

Bowser's Family Vacation

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Jul 1, 2019
Hala seems like such a bro. I hope he doesn't kill anybody.
But more importantly, Matilda! I normally see Yungoos depicted as callous and rude, so this is a nice change of pace! I think Matilda will be nice to King, but will King be nice to her in return? (Especially since he has been shown to distrust Yungoos.)


Kind of a mishmash here, since I let the days add up before this comment. For the most part, 'live blog'-ish, so pretty easy to follow!

There's something wonderful to June 14th's intro that I absolutely love. Couldn't help but read it with a dumb smile on my face. That silence is golden combined with King being a ridiculous fish and Cassie having to deal with his goofiness. I liked how the video entry again shifted from fun to a more somber tone; I'm sure this is a point that I will continue to repeat but I love the juxtaposition and the creativity you're using to showcase it. Super curious about this hatred for yungoos (though looking at them, I can see why they'd be nasty little critters) and about Cassie's grandfather. Without saying much, you've laid a bread crumb trail about the man's legacy and King's connection with him.

And then on to King giving Kukui a hard time. And there's that line you showed off as a snippet haha. If their journey just ends up being Cassie taking King around so he can lay a verbal smack down on those unfortunate to cross his path, I'm all for it. Kukui's a trooper for dealing with King's eccentric personality, as I imagine that's what he does on the daily being a pokemon professor, but honestly his rockruff is the mvp of the lab. Poor pup just trying to do its job without an ornery magikarp unloading on it.

Huh. Assuming I read it right, I take it then Cassie's not from the region, with how she refers to Tapu Koko as the local deity (actually, that might be me being dumb... because following the game, the protagonist is from Kanto and has just visited/moved to Alola?) Funny how much calmer the video entry is when King's not around to pitch a fit. For some reason I thought it was a solo karplocke, which I can only imagine how much a pain that'd be. That said, I'm looking forward to how the team dynamics will unfold once you start catching more alongside Brutus. Judging from King's interaction with the rockruff, he seems like he's going to none-too-gentle with any other pokemon.

Hah, you'd expect a professor and his pokemon to have a bit more skill and showmanship in teaching a trainer how to catch stuff. Cassie's gonna have that on Youtube real quick, I bet. Viral status, easy peasy.

Oh. Well then. Speaking of pokemon dynamics... was so caught up in laughing at how King's gonna react to a yungoos on the team then Brutus runs his mouth off. Yeah, not getting any brownie points with anybody talking shit like that, bro. I'm surprised at Cassie's restraint there because that was an unexpected low blow. King needs to evolve and put that little shit in his place.

Even with the time skips and short entries, there's a feel for everybody's character. I think (and by think, I mean based purely off of litten's nonchalant look and being a cat) I expected Brutus' attitude a little, though not quite the heartlessness; comes across as an uppity teenager, I suppose. Interesting though that the 'starter' won't quite have that instant connection with his trainer. Matilda on the other hand I wasn't expecting, especially with her being a yungoos. I'm not sure what to think when she meets King, if her unfailing politeness will win the old man over or if his species dislike is too strong.


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Jun 30, 2019
@BFV: Matilda is going to be fun to write because I can freely engage in sesquipedalian loquaciousness whenever I want!  Also, I figure the captains and Kahunas are relatively reasonable people - they've got to deal with all kinds, right?

@Astro: King takes no sh- er, no crap from anyone!  Also yes, Cassie is from another region but it isn't Kanto.  Kukui is a fool, even in the game.  Guy doesn't even bother wearing a shirt...
Also, totally agree with you about Brutus, but keep your eyes peeled for potential character development soon.
"And onto the show" said Obelisk.

June 18, 2070

[The video begins with Cassie picking up the camera.  She's in a hurry.]

Hey, everyone.  Lillie just came knocking on the door to bring me down to Kukui's house.  I'll have to cut this short, so I'll be right back!

[Video fade-transitions to a new setting on a beach.  A house is very close and appears to be the destination.  It's beaten up, like it got pummeled by a hurricane.]

Um...Kukui doesn't take very good care of the house.  I try to keep it clean, as his assistant, and it just never lasts.  I was aboWOO!  HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT, ROCKRUFF!  MY BODY IS READY!

Oh...Oh, my.  Not again.


Excuse me for a moment.

[Lillie walks into the house with a huff and slams the door shut.

A few moments of silence pass and then commotion breaks out with Pokemon yelping in alarm, King screaming, Lillie chewing out Kukui, and apparently a squeaky toy being chewed on.  The commotion dies after a few minutes, and Lillie opens the door.]

Sorry about the terrible commotion.  Come inside.

[Cassie hesitantly moves forward and then steps in the house.  Kukui is over at the tank, carefully lifting King out of the water.  King does not look very happy with whatever led to the commotion.]

Of all the things to try, Kukui...Honestly.  You need a Kevlar vest before you can do that.

Right, right.  Remind me later today, cousin. [He turns towards Cassie, holding a very grumpy King in his hands] Alola, Cassie!  King is all clear to battle alongside you.  I'
ve got a few other things to help you along as well.  You did remember to bring that special Pokedex, rig...Wait, I never gave it to you, did I?  Take King and I'll go get it.

[Cassie hands the camera to Lillie wordlessly.  She accepts it and holds it towards Cassie.  Kukui puts King in Cassie's arms and then runs off towards his basement.  Cassie hugs King tightly.]

I missed you, King.

Don't tell me you're reloading.

Wha- NO!

Hehe.  Anyways, I'm glad I got cleared to battle.  Kukui - that freaking weirdo - told me about some neat things that'll help us both out a lot.  Did you know that I have an actual attack?

Uh, King.  You can't learn Taunt or Torment.

[King opens his mouth like he's about to protest, and then closes it again.]

You win this round.  For the record, it's Bounce.

[Kukui comes back upstairs cradling a Pokedex and a bunch of parts]

Well, here we are.  This mess of parts is your new RotomDex.


Bloody hell, you guys actually got a Rotom?


A Professor can get what he needs, King.  Now, let's see!

[Kukui sets the Dex down and puts the last few pieces in before turning and whistling sharply.  A Rotom bursts out of the T.V. set to Kukui's left and rushes into the PokeDex without hesitation]

Whoa, there!  A little eager, aren't you?

Zzzt!  More than eager!  Zhow me the trainer!

[Kukui turns back around holding the fully finished RotomDex.  It looks around curiously and then turns back to Kukui.]

Uh, Profezzor...You zaid I'd be going to a ztrong trainer.  If thiz girl and her Magikarp are it, you need a mental health check-up.

You didn't see theirRotom, was it?  Listen, if you disrespect my trainer one more time, I'm going to smack you so hard your grandmother's grandmother will pop out of her TV.

Easy, easy.

ZZZT?!  He izn't zeriouz, iz he?!

Yes, he is.

I'll be good.

Anyways...Nice to meet you, Rotom.

[The RotomDex simply nods in acknowledgement and stuffs itself into Cassie's bag...Only to get chased out of it by Matilda.]

Do not disturb my sleep again, odd machine.  I am pleased to make your acquaintance, but this is not the best time or place.

[The Dex stammers out an apology and finds a different pocket to hide in.]

...Cassie, we are going to need to have a word about your catches.

After we're done training.

Well, then.  Cousin, I also have this for you.  It's a Trial badge!  It'll let you take on the Island Challenge on all four islands of Alola.  Take it with pride and put your best foot forward.

[Cassie holds her hand out and Kukui places the badge in it.  She takes it and gently places it on King's dorsal fin.]

We, Professor.  King and I are in this together, along with the Pokémon we have met and will meet on the way to the top.

Ahahahaha!  That's the spirit, Cassie!  Now, why don't you go train a little?  I'm sure King could afford to get a few levels before moving on to the first challenge.  I'll meet you two at the Trainer's School, alright?

[Kukui gives Cassie a good pat on the back before swiftly leaving the house.  Cassie looks back at him and then at the camera.

It jump cuts right into a chaotic scene.  King is flopping all over the place with a Yungoos hot on his tail.  He’s trying to attack it and missing nearly every attack.]



Stop flopping for five freaking seconds and smack it!

[King pauses to look at the Yungoos, and then flops once, twice and...He smacks the Yungoos on the third landing with enough force to send it skittering across the ground before it faints.]

That wasn't so bad, was it?

You're gonna need a lot more than that to catch me up.

He speaks true.  His kind do not grow very fast.

Hey, King.

Brutus, is it?  What's up?

Level up or I'll put you in the bag with Matilda.


Brutus.  Go away.  Now.


Fine, fine.  Whatever.

[Brutus walks off quickly to parts unknown.]

...Now that he's away, did a fish crawl up his butt and die or something?

I am not sure, King.  I suspect it may be resentment over something.

I wasn't talking to-... ...Ahh, pardon me.  I'm...not used to you being so nice, young lady.

I understand.  My peers are not very honorable people and it is a shame that you ran afoul of one.

I...yeah.  Hey, Cassie?

Yeah, King?

Let this be a little lesson.  Stereotypes are terrible, and I'm going to openly admit that I'm a fool for falling for them.  But, part of accepting my fate is that I need to reconcile with my problems.  If anything, that starts now, with Matilda.

You really are accepting this, aren't you?

[King nods slowly.]

I will do my best to trust you, Matilda.  I have a lot of trauma and trust problems, but I will make this work.

I am glad to hear this, at least.  We will indeed make this work.

I'll help where I need to.  Let's go get Brutus back before he terrorizes another item ball...

Hey, Cassie?  Don't forget this.  Not everyone is inherently evil. Let their actions speak for themselves and then make your judgement.  Your grandpa knew this all too well, the poor man.

[Cassie pauses.]

I'll..try my best, King.  For now, let's find Brutus and get to the Trainer's school.

[The video fades to black and ends...sort of.  There are a few extra seconds.]

Who the hell farted?  EUGH, it smells like a Muk got his hands on-

[Video ends]


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Jun 30, 2019
June 19, 2070.

[The video starts a bit unceremoniously, fading into a short training montage of Cassie's current team thus far - King, Matilda and Brutus swiftly defeating the wild Pokemon and local trainers.  Brutus seems to be focusing on himself while Matilda and King are working side by side.  Cassie's RotomDex pings three times in the middle of it.]

Cazzie!  Everyone is at level 10.  We zhould be good for the Trainer Zchool!

About time.  My fins are sore and I need a nap.

I could use some healing, as well.


Alright, let's stop at the Center for a quick spot of healing and then find our way down to the School.

It'z right down the ztreet, Cazzie.

Oh, right.  Let's go guys.

[The video transitions to a new setting, a wide street with very few buildings on it.  At the very end of it is a Tauros, frustrated about something.]

Guess we aren't going that way.

Hey, King.  Why don't you go-

[The sound of a PokeBall cuts Brutus' comment short as he is recalled to his ball.]

Enough, Brutus.  Either give King the respect he's tried to give you, or I'll send you back to Hala and get the Popplio instead.

Cassie, I do not think this will work.  It will take a lot for him to calm down and learn respect.

Matilda's right.  Brutus will grow out of it eventually, but we need to get him under control.

...Right.  Maybe I was a little too harsh, but I'm keeping him in his ball.

[They arrive at the School, a large building that appears to have come out of nowhere.  Kukui is standing out front with a teacher.]

Cassie, Alola!  Glad to see your team doing well.  I heard King had quite the first battle.  Or rather, I saw it.

Tell me about it.  Did you see it on video?

No.  The Yungoos that King knocked out fell off the ledge and landed on Rockruff.

Uh...Right.  Sorry?

Eh, he'll bounce back.  Anyways, WOO!  Welcome to the Trainer’s School!  We've got a special challenge I call the Wringer.  Four trainers!  Beat them all and you'll get some good stuff.  Oh yeah, before I forget...

[Kukui pulls out a device that looks something like a crown, but it has a strange shape to it.]

Bring King a little closer, would you?

You better not be taking my name literally.

Ahahaha!  No, no, no.  It's not a crown.  It's an EXP. Share!  I ordered a special Magikarp-friendly version just for you guys.

[Kukui steps closer to the camera view and Cassie, and carefully places the EXP. Share on King’s back - it fits perfectly.]

Now, Cassie!  The EXP Share gives everyone on your team experience when it's on.  Make sure you keep it on until King makes it to level 20.

Why, what happens when he reaches level 20?

...You seriously don't know?  I think you’ll love the surprise, so why should I ruin it?

Cassie, I love you to pieces, but how can you be so clueless?

King, you do realize I've never even had a Pokemon other than you before we started this?

I thought you played with Pokemon back in middle school.

No, I didn't.

Uh, pardon me.  Professor being ignored over here.

Be happy you aren't lecturing a class of undergrads, Professor.

I...Fair enough.  I was just trying to let you know that the students are waiting for you.  I'm going to ask that you turn the camera off, because this school has a strict no-device policy.

Aren't PokeBalls devices?

You know what I meant, wise guy.

Could y'all shut it so I can get my beauty sleep?

[Kukui snaps around inhumanly fast.  The camera turns towards the Pokemon - an Alolan Grimer.]

Would you look at that!  We got an Alolan Grimer right here.  Cassie, you wanna try?

Sure!  King, go use Bounce on it.

On it.

[King goes flying into the air.]

Oh HELL no, y'all ain't-*OOF*

[Cassie throws a ball at the Grimer.  It shakes once, twice, thrice...click!  Cassie scoops it up and lets the Grimer out]

Dang.  Ya got me.  Y'all can call me Kelly.  I gotta get a real nap, though!  Wake me up in an hour.

[Kelly grabs her ball and touches it to her head, returning to it.  Cassie picks it up and turns back to Kukui.]

Two things.  One, nice catch!  Alolan Grimer are tough Pokemon.  Two, the camera.

Oh!  Sorry!  Let me just...[She turns the camera towards herself] I'll see you guys on the other side.  Bye for now!

[The video ends.  The next clip that fades in is about two hours later, walking away from the Trainer's School.]

That was fun!  The four students were easy, but I got called up to see the teacher for a fifth battle.  They gave me a bunch of other stuff to help me along afterwards - a bunch of Great Balls in particular.

That's what sheShut up.  You're predictable.

I'll show you predictable!

[King used Splash!  Nothing happens...]



Fine, fine.  I'll be a lot less predictable once I hit level 20.  I'm...eleven now?

Aren't you 46?

Wha-I meant my level, not my age!

Heh.  Too easy.

Your mom is too easy, and so was that wisecrack.  I need to up my game again.

[Cassie stops walking and turns the camera.  There's a strapping young gentleman waving at her.]

Greetings.  Captain Ilima here.  I understand you're just beginning your challenge?


Heh.  You're on your way down to your first trial, aren't you?  It's up on Route 2, in Verdant Cavern.  You'll need to clear it to get through Route 3 and back to Iki Town and Hau'oli Outskirts.  I will meet you there, as that is my trial you are about to take.  I wish you good luck - and please do make an effort to add more Pokemon to your team.  Four will not be enough.

[Ilima simply waves at Cassie and heads off to parts unknown.]


I know.

I don't like the way he said that.

I don't either.  We better start taking this seriously.

That gentleman also smelled of plants and smoke.  Did he discover a pile of burnt wood and roll in it?

I'll explain it to you later.  Cassie, we should stop filming for now and get some rest and more supplies.

[Cassie simply nods and the video ends a bit abruptly.]


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Jun 30, 2019
June 20, 2070

[The video begins with Cassie filming Lillie in front of a clothing store.  Lillie is staring into the displays, and then turns to Cassie.]

Hey, Cassie.  This may be a strange question, but do you pick out your own clothes?

I do, why?

Oh, no particular reason.  I've never really gotten to pick anything out.  My mother always picked out my clothing for me.

Aw, she should let you express yourself.  I'm sure you'd look absolutely drop-dead beautiful if you picked your own stuff out!

[Lillie stammers in surprise and turns away from Cassie.  The slight bit of her face that's visible to the camera is as red as a cherry.]

I-I-I...A-anyways!  Nebby wanted to go visit the rest of Hau'oli before we go north.  Would you like to go?

Sure, I'd like to!

G-good.  Let's go...

[Lillie walks off in the direction of the city, rather quickly.]

You might've just earned a few friendship points with that girl.

And you're ugly.

If I wanted to be called ugly, I'd ask someone who actually looks good.

Whatever, dead fish.

I'm not dead yet, boy.  You're stuck with me until July.

Excuse me!  You two are upsetting Cassie.  Cease the bickering or I will bite both of you.

Oh, dear.  Cassie, I am so sorry.

Whatever, weasel.

Brutus, you're going back in your ball.  King...Don't worry about it too much.

[A PokeBall lets out a chirp as it recalls Brutus.]

Y'all seeing the kid's issue?

I'm not sure yet.  I think I have some idea of it, but I'm going to need more time to see it for myself.

Even though you're going blind?

I'm going blind because of that glove hat!

Ooh, damn.  He got you.

Why do you think I have it on, King?


Because you have no sense of fashion?

I am afraid she also does not have a good sense of direction.

Wha- ah, hell.  We missed the center.

Wait, isn't this the marina?  Let's at least go back to the first patch of grass-

[An Abra teleports in front of them, pulls a Pokeball from Cassie's bag, and then disappears almost as quickly.  Kelly and Matilda both jump in surprise and start running after it.]


...Did we seriously just get robbed by an Abra?

...Yeah.  That was our last ball, too...We need to go get more balls.

That's what she said.

Not the time for that, King.

[Video jumpcuts to Cassie in the center, filling out an order.  The cashier picks up the order sheet and his jaw drops]

You want HOW MANY?!

...I know what I asked for, sir.  Can I get my items, please?

I...Sure.  Let's never speak of this again.

[The cashier practically throws Cassie's items at her and takes her money.  His coworker is staring at them in shock.]

Cassie, I know I said we needed to resupply, but...90 balls and 94 Potions?!

Better safe than sorry, King.

Thank God you put everyone else in their balls.  I don't think people need to see your obsession.

King, have you forgotten?

Forgotten wha-... oh.  I guess I did forget.  That explains your interest in Lillie.  By all means, Cassie...go for it, but be careful and take your time.  Relationships are built on mutual understanding and care.

Mhm.  I hope Mom will be okay with it when I get around to telling her...

If we get through this challenge fast enough, I can still help you with telling her.  You know she'll respect my support of you.

I...Thank you, King.

It's no problem.  Do you need time to yourself?

No, no...I'm good.  Let's go back to the Marina.  I overheard some people talking about thugs down there.

Free experience and training, you mean?

I'm glad we're on the same page.

[The video speeds up, showing Cassie walking along the streets of Hau'oli and down the ramp to the Marina.

Ilima is standing there, looking at the water.  When the video returns to normal play speed, Ilima turns around.]

Greetings.  Captain Ilima here.  How are you, Cassie?

I'm doing alright.  How are you?

I am doing quite-

YO!  It's the Cap!


Oh, boy.

There's the thugs, Cassie.


[She turns the camera towards two wildly gesturing men.  They both look utterly ridiculous.  Cassie is stifling laughter.]

Awright, now we're gonna keep it simple, yo!

Hand over yer Pokemon and we won't clobber, yo!

Cassie, would you care to help me?

I'll take idiot one if you take idiot two.

That works out well.

Yo, why you gotta mess with us?

Yo, we're rock hard.  Bring it!

[Matilda is sent out from her ball and the Grunt sends out a Drowzee.]

Yo, clobber that thing!

Here it comes!  Matilda, get ready!

[The Drowzee runs at full speed towards Matilda, only for Matilda to simply trip it and smack it on the back of the head.  It starts wailing and runs back to the Grunt.]

Dang, yo!  You're strong!  Like, stupid strong.

Let's scram, yo!

[The grunts run off as quickly as they arrived, still gesturing wildly with every step]

I- gggh.  They seriously can't be that stupid, can they?  It's like talking to my mother about Ronald Thump...

Cassie, I thought we were going to have some training on thugs.

Those WERE the thugs, Matilda.  I'm just as confused as you are...

Greetings.  Captain Ilima here.  Those were Team Skull thugs.  They're kind of a joke, but we still have to beat them from time to time.


I've heard better jokes out of a Tauros-

King, perhaps now is not a very good time to have a fit?

Buh...Fine, fine.

Cassie, would you care to have a battle with me?

Oh, sure!

[The video cuts to chaos.  Kelly is fighting with a Yungoos and King is flopping on a Smeargle's back.]

Argh!  Stay down!  Freaking razor teeth, Thump-looking scrub!

[Kelly smacks the Yungoos across the head as it fights to sink its teeth into Kelly.  It lets out a cry and faints moments later.]

Dang, that knocked me silly.  Cassie, I gotta take another nap.

Good job, Kelly!  Take a break.  Matilda, I need you to switch with King.

Understood.  King, switch out.

Don't gotta tell me twice!

[The two Pokemon quickly switch places, with Matilda resisting the Smeargle's newfound strength.]

Rrrrrgh!  It feels like a train!

Then hit it back like a boat!

Interesting...  Smeargle, Tackle.

AAAAGH!  Cassie, I require healing immediately!

On it, on it!

[Cassie fumbles with her bag and knocks the camera loose in the process.  King catches it as it falls and holds it upright by staying on his side.  A potion is found and Cassie quickly runs up to Matilda to heal her before falling back - just as the Smeargle collides with Matilda.]


Cassie, she can take another hit!  Hit it before you have to heal again!

Matilda, Tackle!

[Matilda lunges at the Smeargle and slams into it.  The impact sends it skidding back several feet.  It stands itself up for a second, pauses and then falls over fainted.  Ilima chuckles and recalls the Smeargle and his Yungoos.]

Impressive.  I guess you will not need to worry too much about the upcoming trial.  I would still add more team members if I were you, but you should be in relatively good shape.  Farewell.  Captain Ilima departing.

That was a good battle, at least.

I concur.  Everyone has gotten a good amount of experience from it.

Yeah, but I don't think we're ready yet.  Let's get ready for tomorrow, alright?  It's kind of late now and the trainers will be back out by tomorrow afternoon.

Yep.  Indeed.

[The video simply ends here]

A/N: I know I need to keep this up to date, but man, I am getting super burnt out with trying to keep up.  I might take a small break so I can recover my imagination.

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Jul 1, 2019
Yay! You didn't lose anybody to Illmia!
But more importantly, Cassie, King has your back. Gay is OK. :)


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Jun 30, 2019
@BFV - Ilima was a pain in the butt.  I wasn't expecting his Smeargle to have super effective coverage on me (and nearly wrecked Brutus) so...Yeah.

June 21, 2070
[23 days remain]

[The video opens with Cassie sitting in a room.  It appears to be a hotel room, although closer examination reveals that it is a Trainer's room at a Pokemon Center - decent living quarters, but not big enough to contain King's attitude and mouth.  King is lying on the bed, looking at Cassie.  He seems to be quite proud of something and smiling like an idiot.]

King, do you know what a TM100 has?

Cassie, I am a Magikarp.  I can't even learn any TMs.  Do you really expect me to know any of these things have?

...You aren't as snarky as usual.  Is everything okay?

I'm happier than a Muk in a landfill.  I have no reason to say anything.

Oh, good to know...

[Cassie pauses and looks around.  She seems to have lost track of what she was doing.]

What did I sit down to do?

Hey, fishbrain!  You left the camera on.

[Cassie looks around quickly and jolts when she sees the camera, then giggles to herself.  Brutus is barely noticeable, but he has just entered the room and is curling up on the floor in the bottom left of the frame.]

Oops!  Sorry, guys!  Give me a second to put this stuff away.

I don't think they care too much.  Let's get on with the video.

Stuff it, dead fish.

Hey, burnt toast.  Keep it up and you'll be butter side up.

I'd rather be burnt toast than terminal.

I'm terminal because I'm so FLY.

...That was a terrible pun.

And you're a terrible Tom.  Did you lose your Jerry or something?

Whatever.  I'm going to sleep.

Right...Anyways, hi guys!  We did a lot today.  Ah, give me a second to think...

[As she thinks about something, she feels at the Pokeballs on her waist and grabs the two newest-looking balls.]

So I caught a few new Pokemon today.  One of them is a Drowzee named Susie who decided to try and jump me while I was trying to sneak up on a Makuhita on Route 2.  She seemed to be really apologetic, but she's willing to help us out as long as we get her away from the route.  I'd like to ask why, but...

[She glances back at King.]

A wise old fish told me that some things are best left unspoken.  I'm sure she'll tell me when she's ready.  The other catch, King was really proud of!  It was his first catch ever!  It's this cute, tiny Gastly who wanted to play with us - we asked her if she would battle with us first before we played and she agreed!  King was surprisingly careful when fighting her and didn't hit her very hard.  Good thing, too - the hit did half of her health!  Anyways, we caught her and named her Spook - apparently, Ghosts don't name themselves - and we're gonna have her sit in the back and learn from everyone until we get to the Trial.  I've heard from other trainers that Ilima's Trial is all Normal types, and I know for a fact that Ghosts are immune to it.

You still need to watch out for coverage moves, Cassie.  Spook is incredibly fragile and she'd get knocked out in a single good hit.

I...yeah, you're right, King.  I'll be careful with her.

Good.  She's a little cutie, and I would be very upset if she got hurt.

Oh, hoho...A certain someone is acting like a daddy.


Hehe.  Anyways, we also ran into a bunch of trainers around the route and cemetery.

[She makes a goofy gesture and a bunch of stills from different battles pop up, blotting out the rest of the screen.  When they fade out, she's holding King and carefully massaging one of his fins with her hand.  He seems quite content.]

Oh, so you guys remember how King said not to judge anyone?  Those goofball grunts from the other day were at the Berry farm at route 2.  They were asking the guy politely if they could both take a berry for their Pokemon.  The guy wasn't having any of it and asked me to chase them off...

They didn't seem happy about it, so I let them go. I know they came on really strong when I ran into Ilima, but something feels...different.  I think they're not as bad as people think they are.

You still don't know for sure, Cassie.  They're still Skull grunts at the end of the day.

King, do you remember my classmate, the poor kid with the Sunkern?

Oh, the guy who got into trouble for stealing?

He was stealing so he could feed his family.  I feel like these Grunts are in a similar situation.

...Good point, but I'm still going to be wary.

You have every right to be wary.

I'll smack their stupid hats off if they make any more of those stupid gestures.

And then I'll put you face first in the glove hat.

No, you won't.

Whatever you say, old fish.

I'M NOT OLdddddd...*yawn*.

Need a nap, old man?

After we finish the video.

Oh, right.  What was I...Oh yeah!  Hau told me that the site of the trial is some kind of super ancient and sacred ground.  Verdant Cavern, he called it.  He said it was a burial ground for Pokemon and humans alike in ancient times - apparently so far back that there was no difference in Pokemon and humans.  Talk about extreme history...

Oh, yeah.  I've read about this.  Your grandpa took me to Canalave Library many years ago when we went to meet a Trainer in Sinnoh.    That was...Gosh, that must've been thirty years ago.  The story was about how Pokemon and humans ate at the same dinner table a long time ago, although it was foot-noted with a translation note that the original story said they intermarried.

Huh, I didn't know that.  Sounds like Grandpa did a lot of travelling.

That's an understatement.  What happened to him on his first journey really changed his understanding of the world...

[King sighs and flops a little.]

I really, really want to tell you everything about your grandpa, but I can't bring myself to tell you.  I meant it when I said the other day that the truth really hurts.

You've definitely got me curious as to who Grandpa was...Mom won't even tell me who my grandma is.

Oh, speaking of your grandma...She lives on Ula'Ula, at the bottom of Mountain Lanakila!  She moved there so she could stay close to your grandfather's grave.

Why didn't you tell me this sooner?!  I am going to make absolutely sure we get to meet her before your time's up.

Heh.  I love your fighting spirit, Cassie.  But...this old fish needs to rest his fins, and you need to get some sleep.  Don't stay up too late, because we've got a trial tomorrow.

Sure thing, DAD. [heavy sarcasm]  Good night, King.  I love you.

I love you too, Cassie.

[King gets out of Cassie's arms and floats back over to the bed as Cassie reaches for the camera.  The video fades to black and ends.]

Quick note: Gameplay is way ahead of the story.  The day count is strictly in the context of the story - I should be able to beat the run before the deadline, but no promises on how much extra time I'll have.

And for those who aren't sure of what the win condition is, it's defeating Red/Blue at the Battle Tree (the battle before you gain access to the Tree, that is).

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Jul 1, 2019
I didn't know that I needed paternal!King. But I do now...
Huh. I'm excited to meet Susie. Maybe she'll be able to say more about why she wants to leave Route 2.
Sympathetic Team Skull is best Team Skull.


Another burst of commentary for ya. Figured I'd put a little bit of order this time around instead of a large ramble.
Please tell me that's an actual line from the game, with Kukui and his rockruff, because that had me laughing at work. Lillie's resigned reaction alongside King shouting from the distance is great, with whatever the thing ends up being. I can only imagine what went through Cassie's head as she sat there hearing all the goofiness coming from Lillie having to play adult at scolding the professor.

Wait... I might be dense, but is that a fourth wall joke thrown into the mix with that reloading bit? Either that or him teasing at her turning on the waterworks again.

Rotom looks to be another odd character to add to the mix. King laying down the law too! Dude's too old to let that kinda attitude slip by freely. Ah, and here we go. The start of an epic bounce training montage; him using bounce as gyarados will be priceless to see. Really loved this chapter for all the goofiness to it, and since this is following along the sort of 'basic' game pattern, adding that life to it really helps.
I can't help but smile like a goof at Kukui's 'woos!' If I hadn't known his character, it'd seem far more sarcastic than they really are. His poor rockruff though is punished by association. Threatened by King and then has a fainted 'mon the fish beat up plop onto his head. Lovable as the pup is, if this is a pattern about to form I am all for it haha. That'd be something to see: Kukui actually putting in a more formal meaning to the professor title (doubt he could do it... then again I had some pretty eccentric instructors in college.)

King's old but not at heart. I don't really want to believe this run's premise anymore. King's actually immortal and won't die ever and nobody will be sad.
I'm surprised King didn't hit with a fashion joke right after Cassie and Lillie were around the shops. Knowing how he'll do anything to keep Cassie's spirits up and how he's so defensive over her, I'm wondering if the cheap laughs he shoots for is for her benefit. Big heart of gold in that small fish.

Kelly's just an instigator and professional spectator haha. Just on the sideline hyping up each insult and comeback. Oh god. That's the best way I've seen someone failing to catch an abra: it just straight up steals the pokeball about to be used to catch it. Insult to injury, after its teleport. Annnnd then she goes overboard on buying loads of items. That'll show future thieving abras. Can't steal all of 'em!
Oh, I dig that poke-idiom! I'm always trying to change over phrases and idioms to pokemon versions when I write, so it's cool to see what other people come up with. Good lord, that tit-for-tat between Brutus and King. You know who the loser is when they bow out grumpily. Come back when you got King's old age wisdom and experience.

A magikarp taking a gastly under his fin. What a partnership, that. Adding another person to the team he'll be super defensive around. I'm always down for ways of making Team Skull more than just an outrageously goofy group of dumb kids, although that's definitely a neccessity! Without even having played any of Alola, they're easily right up there with Team Rocket as my favorite dumb baddies.

King needs to stop drip-dropping information about Cassie's grandfather. I'm chomping at the bit for some concrete details about this dude because he's sounding like he had quite the interesting life.


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@Bowser - All you need to know for now is Susie's here to bust heads and take names.
Also, Dad King is best King.

@Astro Death - why do you have to stab me like this with this wall of text?

Can confirm, Kukui says "My body is ready!' in game.  It's a reference to a Nintendo boss saying the same thing during a Wii Fit Pad demo at E3 iirc
You guys are probably gonna hate me.

Warning: Potentially upsetting content ahead.  Giving this a partial Mature warning.
June 22, 2070
[22 days remain]

[The video starts with the entrance to the Trial in sight.  Cassie lets out a shaky sigh as she walks towards it, camera pointed at it.]

Feeling nervous?  I am, too...But remember, this is just a test.  I know you’ll do well, Cassie.

I...I guess you're right.  Least we can do is put our best foot forward.

[As they arrive at the gate, Ilima steps out of the entrance to the Cavern.]

Greetings.  Captain Ilima here.  I see you've brought a full team with you.  Very well.  I will briefly explain the trial then send you in, but first...

[Ilima pulls out a disc and hands it to Cassie. She puts the camera against her body (resulting in a sudden close-up of King's face) and carefully shuffles her stuff around to accept the Technical Machine and then brings her camera back up.]

This is the Technical Machine for Brick Break.  I hope it will find good use in your hands.  Your trial today will be to defeat the three Pokemon residing in this cavern.  Once you have defeated them, you will enter the chamber in the back for the reward for the trial.

[He walks past her a bit, and then turns to her.  The camera is following his movements.]

Good luck, Cassie.  You will need it.

[Ilima leaves wordlessly.  The camera gets obstructed for a second by a fin as King pulls it down to face him]

I don't like how he said that.  Cassie, we need to be cautious.

[King seems to be inspecting the camera lens.  He nudges the lens with his fin in an attempt to wipe it clean...And fails.]

I'll be on my toes.  Are you done with the camera?

Yeah, just make sure you wipe the lens after this trial.

Okay.  Susie, do you want this TM?

I'll gladly take it.

Good.  I want you to take care of the trial Pokemon.

Sounds like a plan!  Lemme chop 'em up.

[Susie learned Brick Break!]

Ooh, what a feeling. Awright, let's go.

[Cassie enters the cavern.  As the camera auto-focuses and adjusts its light sensitivity, there’s a collective screech that startles Cassie, Susie and King.  A horde of Yungoos scatter and hide in the burrows.]

It had to be Yungoos.  I'm sitting this one out.

Don't worry your scaley butt about it, King.  I got these idiots.

[The first Yungoos bursts out of a burrow moments later and charges at Susie, only to be swiftly smacked aside by a well-placed Brick Break.]


Let's get up there.  I see light at the back.  Maybe we'll find the other two Yungoos up there?

That's a good idea.

[The group starts to make its way up one of the stone walkways as various Yungoos chitter and shuffle around in their burrows.  The sound makes King audibly shudder.  No one responds to the shuddering, but Susie (now ahead of Cassie) tenses up and looks around.]

Another one's coming.

[Sure enough, another Yungoos pops out of a burrow and runs for Susie.  It gets knocked out immediately and cast aside like nothing.]

For a horde, these schmucks are real easy.  Let's get the last one and go for it.

[The last one, a Gumshoos, jumps out of a burrow at the top and cackles before diving back in.  Cassie heads up to it, only for the Gumshoos to pop out of one of the two other burrows, cackle, and then dive back in.  Cassie heads to that burrow and then makes a beeline for the one she's expecting the Gumshoos to pop out of.

It pops out of the original burrow, cackles and jumps back in.]


Easy, Cassie.

These things know where I'm going and what I'm trying...There's gotta be a sol-

Hey, it's the girl, yo!

Hey, it's Cassie, yo!

[Cassie wheels around to see the two Skull Grunts from the previous encounters walk up to her.]

Yo, uh...
Uh, yo...

Thanks for the help, yo.
That farmer was bad, yo.

Yo, if there's anything we can do...
Let us know and we'll help you, yo!


[Cassie stammers for a second as the grunts turn around and get ready to leave.]


[The grunts stop and look at her.]

I could use a little help with this trial, actually...

[The two grunts look at each other and back to Cassie, a little surprised.]

For real, yo?
Yo, for real?

Mhm.  You see, the last Gumshoos is taunting me and playing games with me and I want to just finish the trial quickly because King is shuddering in my hands.  Do you guys think you can block two of the burrows?  It'll let me draw the last one out.

...Oh, sure thing, yo!
Sounds like a plan, yo.

[The grunts run off to stand in front of the burrows and call out to each other when they're in place.  Cassie goes to the first burrow the Gumshoos popped out of and knocks on the arch...The Gumshoos popped out!]

Stand back, I've got this guy!

[Susie grabs the Gumshoos and throws it clear across the cavern before running after it.]

Yo, holy sh-

[Susie gets thrown against the Grunt, knocking him off his feet.]


[Susie flings the Gumshoos across the Cavern with a well placed Confusion that smashes it against the second grunt]

Oh, God!  I'm so sorry, you guys...SUSIE, TAKE IT EASY.

I'm trying, lady!

[She grabs the Gumshoos as it charges her and flips it over her back before jumping up and chopping it on its head.  The hit is enough to knock it out and it lands with a loud thud next to one of the burrow entrances.  The Yungoos start chattering wildly and drag the unconscious Gumshoos back into the burrows.  The grunts prop themselves against the walls of the cavern, groaning.  Cassie walks over to the one hit by the Gumshoos.]

Are you guys going to be okay?

Ugh...No worries, homie.  We tough as iron, yo.  Right, Toby?!



Heh.  At least you guys can take the hits.  Thank you both for your help.  Hurry out of here before Ilima gets back, though.

On it, yo.  See you some other day, homie.

[Tristan limps over to Toby to help him up as Cassie walks up to the back of the cavern.]

I have a bad feeling about this.

We'll be fine.

I hope so, Susie...

[The group passes through the entrance to the chamber.  The top is open to the sky and lush grass fills in all of the flat surfaces that everyone can see.  At the end of the chamber is a small pedestal with a glittering stone on it.]

...If I can be honest, this feels a little too quiet.  Susie, I'm gonna recall you and have Kelly handle this, okay?

Sure.  Call me when you need some heads bashed.

Can do.

[Susie is recalled, and Kelly is sent out.  She stretches and looks around.]

Oh, is this the trial site?

Yeah.  Do you see that stone in the back?

What st...one...Oh, hell, that's a Z-stone!

Can you go grab it?

Of course, honey!  Lemme just-

I'm afraid not.

[A gigantic Gumshoos jumps into the arena and slams into the ground with enough force to kick up dust.]

If you wish to retrieve this Z-Stone, you have one last battle to take.


I am the Totem Pokemon of this trial.  Defeat me or die trying.

Oh, look at you.  Y'all think you're so big and bad...BRING IT ON!

[The Totem Gumshoos roars.  Its Aura flared to life!]

Cassie, put me down and focus on the battle!

Wha- Okay!

[King flops out from Cassie's arm and moves out of frame.  Kelly and the Totem carefully circle around each other...]

Kelly!  Tackle!

[The Grimer yells and launches herself at the Gumshoos.  The Gumshoos, likewise, starts sprinting at Kelly with its own Tackle.  The two of them collide with such force that the Totem skids back several feet while Kelly's body jiggles visibly for several seconds.

Kelly's Poison Touch activated!]

Clever...Baiting me in for an attack to poison me.  Too bad I already know this strategy.

[The Totem Gumshoos ate its Pecha Berry!]

Damn.  Just gotta get one more in, then.

Yungoos, come forth!
Hehehe, you called, boss?

...Ya gotta be kiddin' me.

Kelly, you don't have to stay in.  I can send someone stronger out.

Girl, have some faith in me.  Lemme at this sucker.

Okay...Kelly, Bite!

Yungoos, on me!
Awright!  Time to EAT!

[The trio charge at each other once again, with basically the same result - Kelly gets knocked back by the second hit from the Yungoos and they’re all reeling from the hit when the Totem retches audibly.

Kelly's Poison Touch activated!  Totem Gumshoos was poisoned.]

You...You will PAY for that!

I'll beat her extra hard for you, boss!  We gotta have that tenderized meat ya know!

Ain't no one making a Kelly sandwich today!



[Several moments pass in near stillness. Kelly is staring down the Totem and its ally with hostility and Cassie's breathing is shaky.]

I...hope this is the right choice.

Kelly, fall back!

Alright.  Here I come, hun.

Spook, GO!


She's a Ghost.  They're Normal.

[Kelly nods and returns to her ball as Spook is sent out of hers.]

Is it playtime, Cassie?

Yes it is!  You see those big, mean Pokemon over there?  They were threatening Kelly, but you can go right through them!  How cool is that?

Cooooool!  Okay, Cassie!  Spook will go beat the big bad meanies for you!

How foolish.  You will pay for this dearly.
Yehehehe!  Ya gonna die and we gonna eat!

Wait, what?

[The Totem waits until Spook gets close and stares her down.  Spook stares back, sticking her tongue out at it.  The stare-down lasts for several seconds, and Spook’s facial expression suddenly turns to horror.]

Cassie, Spook doesn't want to play anymore...

[The Gastly inches back slowly.  Gumshoos takes a step forward before roaring in the ghost's face.  Spook lets out a shriek and flees the fight, making a break for Cassie and the safety of her ball.]


[The video cuts to black, but the audio is still on.

Spook shrieks again as heavy footsteps draw closer.  Cassie can be heard fumbling with her stuff in an attempt to call Spook back to her ball.]

CASSIE, HELP ME!  HELP *crunch!*  [The sound of a liquid splattering echoes through the cavern.  Everything falls silent.]  meeeeeeghhhhhhhhh.

[There is a strange, squishy thud.  The RotomDex sounds an alarm, followed by a flatline.]

Heh.  How fitting it is that ghosts die the easiest.  Weakling.

[The Gumshoos spits.]

Cassie, was it?  I must thank you for the appetizer.

Send out your entree.


[There's a soft thud.  Cassie has fallen to her knees.  The silence grows louder with every passing second, until it is finally broken by a choked sob.

The video comes back.  The Gumshoos is standing over Cassie and has oddly-colored stains across its body.  Cassie's body is visibly moving with every sob.  King is in the bottom corner of the frame, but staying perfectly still.]

Will you send out your next Pokemon?

Or will you flee?

It would be a shame if you left.  My horde is hungry and a little Gastly will not be enough to feed them all.

Let me say it to you, one more time.





[The yell is enough to make the Gumshoos stagger back.  King floats in between Cassie and the giant Totem.]

I am sick of you.  You think you're better than us.  You treat us like we're trash.  Like we're just food for your stupid horde.

[King spits at the ground under the Gumshoos.]

You just murdered a Gastly who wasn't even out of her childhood.  You just deeply traumatized my family.

[King flaps his fins, floating a little closer.  The brutal tone in his voice, the intense body language and the look in his eyes all make the Gumshoos retreat further back.  For the first time in the conflict, the Gumshoos looks truly intimidated.]

You've just destroyed something you can never fix.


[King drops to the ground and pushes off it, moving so fast the camera can't see him.  The impact from the initial attack knocks the Gumshoos clean off its feet, sending it airborne for at least five seconds.  When it comes crashing back down, several bones can be heard breaking and it screams in pain.  Before the ally Yungoos can react, King comes crashing down on its back.  It gets knocked out in a single blow.]

You...You had nothing to do with this.  You didn't know any better.  Here, get out of here.

[King sticks his tail fin under the unconscious Yungoos and flops as hard as he can, launching it out of the cavern and to a safe place.  He huffs and then swims over to the seriously injured Gumshoos.]

I'm not going to spare you.  You've committed evil.

You are not...*retch cough wheeze* without sin anymore...

[The Gumshoos makes a weak swipe at King, which he easily avoids.  It's clear that it's in an intense amount of pain.]

I wonder what Arceus will think...of such a cold-blooded killing?

You know what He'd think?  "This Magikarp just put his life on the line.  He just killed a dangerous Pokemon who was going to murder his family and friends."

[King moves backwards a little.]

I suppose that's the end of the turn, isn't it?

[The Gumshoos' eyes go wide for a moment.  The Gumshoos was hurt by poison.  Its head falls to the ground as its life leaves its body.  King swims up to the pedestal and gently takes the Z-Stone off of it before returning to Cassie.]

Hey, Cassie...It's okay.  It's gone...You're safe.

Don't cry...King is here.

[The video cuts off.]

Spook died because the Totem predicted my prediction and used bite.  One hit was all it took.

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Gumshoos couldn't have known how much King needs or should be thinking about Arceus right now. Oof. This Totem almost always causes a death. :(

In other news, our friendly Team Skull grunts have names! Toby and Tristan are cute. :)

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