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[COMPLETE] Nuzlocke Survivor Season 2: Hoenn


AKA Cadence
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jul 19, 2019
Pokémon Type
Clever, ???
Pokédex Entry
It uses its hefty bulk to execute powerful moves
1. Have you ever watched Survivor?
Still not really, but participating last time got me watching some Youtube top 10s and clips about/from it. Still pushing for Nuzlocke Big Brother!

2. Do you know how to do basic hacking with tools such as PKHex, GameShark codes, etc.?
PKHEx, yes.

3. Are you aware of any periods of time in the future where you might be unavailable?

4. What name do you like to be called by?

5. What are your preferred pronouns?

6. What region/timezone do you live in?
Atlantic (GMT-3)

7. Do you have any kind of plans or strategies in mind that you might use during the game?
Learn from some mistakes I made in my social game last time around. Realize that the actual Nuzlocke is only a part of the whol

8. If you have watched Survivor before, who is your favorite player? What player would you most want to play like?
N/A still

9. Tell us a fun fact about yourself! Can be anything you want.
I'm often lauded for my immaculate friendliness and unquestioned loyalty

10. What do you think your best attribute will be in this game?
Non-battle challenge acumen

11. What's your preferred way to battle? (Offensive, defensive, set up and sweep, etc.?)

12. Predict what place you'll come in! It'll be fun to look back at later.
Fifth. Let's stay consistent.

13. What trainer class or character would you like to be represented by? This will be for a fun detail later. Can be anyone from Gen 3. List a few in case of overlap.
Expert / Palace Maven


Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Electric, Fairy
1. Have you ever watched Survivor?
Hecks. I may have seen bits and parts.

2. Do you know how to do basic hacking with tools such as PKHex, GameShark codes, etc.?
I might need a refresher. It's been awhile.

3. Are you aware of any periods of time in the future where you might be unavailable?
Uh, I mean just mostly my work hours which is 4:30pm to 3am.

4. What name do you like to be called by?

5. What are your preferred pronouns?

6. What region/timezone do you live in?
Eastern (central still better)

7. Do you have any kind of plans or strategies in mind that you might use during the game?
Tbh I don't know. Just gonna go with a flow.

8. If you have watched Survivor before, who is your favorite player? What player would you most want to play like?
Haven't watched it enough to know.

9. Tell us a fun fact about yourself! Can be anything you want.
I was once called the hax goddess. But, can I keep this title going?

10. What do you think your best attribute will be in this game?
Ughhh, not entirely sure.

11. What's your preferred way to battle? (Offensive, defensive, set up and sweep, etc.?)
Relying on the hax of course. It was what I was once best at.

12. Predict what place you'll come in! It'll be fun to look back at later.
I mean I'd be fine with anything under 10th place.

13. What trainer class or character would you like to be represented by?
Ace Trainer (f) or Ranger (f)


what a memory
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Fire, Ghost
  • Thread Starter Thread Starter
  • #23
Alright everybody, the game has officially begun! Our 18 castaways have been marooned in the Hoenn region, and were given an opportunity to scavenge their boat before jumping off. Here's what everyone found!
Zealous grabs 500 Game Corner Coins, 3 Aspear Berries & a Mystic Water!
Moo grabs 500 Game Corner Coins, 3 Chesto Berries & 3 Pecha Berries!
Marf grabs 3 Aspear Berries!
Krash grabs a Great Ball, a Rare Candy & 3 Chesto Berries!
Hobo grabs a Soothe Bell, 500 Game Corner Coins & a Rare Candy!
Marco grabs a Miracle Seed & 500 Game Corner Coins!
Kesha grabs 5 Poke Balls!
Sol grabs a Great Ball & a Mystic Water!
Duke grabs a Great Ball, 2 Escape Ropes, a Miracle Seed & 3 Potions!
Sugar grabs a Super Potion, a Great Ball & a Soothe Bell!
Crono grabs 2 Leppa Berries, 2 Leppa Berries, 2 Leppa Berries, 2 Leppa Berries & 2 Leppa Berries!
Sandwich grabs 2 Escape Ropes & a Super Potion!
Wildy grabs a Super Potion! Wait... what's this? Wildy tried to keep something hidden, but the egg hatched in his hands into a Venonat!
Snake grabs a Great Ball, 500 Game Corner Coins & a Soothe Bell!
Myz grabs a Miracle Seed!
Raina grabs 5 Poke Balls, 3 Rawst Berries & 3 Potions!
Alongside that, the castaways have also received their starter Pokemon. Two of each starter from Gen 1-3 were available, and here's what each player ended up with. The type of their starter also decided the tribe they would be on!

Jishin Tribe (Fire)
Charmander: Kesha and Myz
Cyndaquil: Wildy and Snake
Torchic: Kirby and Raina

Kirisame Tribe (Water)
Squirtle: Zealous and Moo
Totodile: Sol and Crono
Mudkip: Marf and Hobo

Meikai Tribe (Grass)
Bulbasaur: Quvar and Marco
Chikorita: Sandwichface and Krash
Treecko: Sugar and Duke

And with that, the game is on! It's time for your first checkpoint, and challenge!

CHECKPOINT #1: Petalburg Woods
Goal: Reach the entrance to Petalburg Woods, and complete the extra tasks listed below.
Level Cap: 12
Catches: Starter, Route 101, Oldale Town, Route 102, Route 103, Route 104, Petalburg City, Petalburg Woods (Do not explore, get a catch and then leave)
Checkpoint Deadline: Sunday, May 24th, 12:00 PM EST (~48 hours from now)
Check-In Limit: 6 Pokemon

Extra Tasks: To ensure that we know you are able to effectively use hacking tools such as GameShark codes, PKHex, etc., to give yourself items/Pokemon, we have a few extra tasks we need you to complete. What you need to do is provide a screenshot of you doing an in-game save, manually hack in all of the items you received from the marooning, as well as a Super Rod. You must also hack in an Ekans with a Hardy nature and the move Assist. If you need help doing this, please feel free to ask a host or a tribemate! I'm more than willing to help. Outside of that, as soon as you receive your rom, you're good to begin.


CHALLENGE #1: Double Battles
Description: For our first challenge, players will group into 3 teams of 2 on each tribe. Each team must play a round robin double battle, using their in-game teams, with two opposing teams from the other tribes. Each team of Pokemon must consist of 3 from one player, and 3 from the other, provided they have enough to do so. The two tribes that win the most overall battles win the challenge.
Format: 6v6 Doubles, Sleep Clause / Evasion Clause Enabled (Build your team in Gen 3 Ubers, and then challenge in Gen 3 Custom Double Battle)
For the tribe who wins the most battles, you will each earn a Lucky Egg, as well as a chance to search some of the leftover visible items from the S.S. Anne. The tribe who comes in second place will only get the Lucky Egg. The losing tribe will get nothing.

Note: We've had issues with Showdown in the past where if a Pokemon has a stat left at 0 EVs, Showdown will automatically fill it in for you. To avoid this, if you have any Pokemon with a stat with 0 EVs, put them in as having 1.

Lastly, you are REQUIRED to have your teams (of players) decided within the deadline of the checkpoint. Once all the teams are decided, the matches will be announced. Each team will have to complete 2 battles. You are expected to schedule your matches in a timely manner. Failure to schedule a match may result in a forfeit for the offending party. It is not required that both teammates be present for the matches.

And that's all for now. Good luck!

very large marf

very strong
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019

hey look, it's me marf playing pokemon emerald

i was lying about that this is actually a fake game (you can tell by the edited text and all the lowercase)

this is what i named myself

there is no rhyme or reason you just have to accept it.

edited text! edited text! this is simply bodacious bro!

now we go into normal emerald for the rest of the time

hey look! it's when i started!

thank god for the speed button am i right

now it's time to stop paying attention to the rest of the "story"

because our friend has arrived

this one

it has defeat zigzagoon (worthless creature)

Bagma? Bag ma groceries!

(this is the new naming scheme)

here's proof that i made it to oldale!

here's me saving!

this is stupoid

permanent gay baby jail for stupoid

here's some other wacky gadgets!

the rival fight was unchanged (this is war)

now is when the real game starts


catch ma teddiursa!

except his name is kickma

figure out the rest

old people town

bugma? i did not name it bugma

this is doma

do ma check in

route 103?

more like this stupid birdhead took all my pokeballs

i hate this thing

now i have to spend all my ibm stocks on balls

here's the new area


i couldn't think of anything else

nothing a man loves more than bullying children

uh i forgot the route intro for this guy but this is petalburg (source: me)

i forgot it for the next one too don't worry

now you can really feel ma pain


this is for 104 i promise i am telling no lies

he even got caught wow


trainer fight

the last dance (i remembered this time)

spoiler alert: it's another pokemon who took all my balls

hate this thing too

then i grinded up my check ins (no bugs or birds allowed)

look at my team!!!!!!!!


Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jan 3, 2020

Wow that's the game I'm playing.

Cleffa is not a fucking Pokemon, it's garbage.

hi it's me kesha

👀 👀 👀

8 maids a milking! 7 swans a swimming! 94,594 confirmed deaths from the coronavirus in the United States!

birch bad

charmander good

Yeah but I also received a lifetime ban from the blood bank for pulling that stunt.

I'm 'bout to end this man's whole career

Everybody who reads my confessional channel know that I can fucking relate.

Cool. i would've known about the grass in oldale and petalburg if i just fucking read


Route 101 catch.

Oldale catch.

Route 103 catch.

Route 102 catch. It's the WATER WEED Pokemon, so canonically this is the bong water Pokemon.

Petalburg has grass too.

Very important trainer profile.

Route 104 catch. It busted out of like, 6 Pokeballs in a row before I caught it with my last one.

And the Petalburg Woods catch.


go snek i tried to nickname it go snek but i apparently didn't do that correctly

go fish

Last edited:


Conqueror of the Violet Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 7, 2019
Over Mt. Silver and down in the Valley Windworks
Pokémon Type
Fairy, Steel
Pokédex Entry
This POKéMON is struggling to figure out what interesting stuff he can put into his Pokédex entry.
hello i am marco i am bad at screenshotting and i forget to capture when i catch a pokemon


imma do the best i can seeing as how i'm the first meikai (grass gang) member to post

so i picked the girl and named her joni. oh right my naming scheme is joni mitchell songs. shortened but still. cmprhnsn isnt mpded b shrtnng

i went into the wrong house like seven times because i never play as girl in gen 3. rip

i love the movement changes here. it feels so much more modern now that i don't have to wait like seven years to get good moves. thanks shup and brody

this is my starter.

miracle seed uwu

route 101 encounter. pickup is fantastic. she gave me two ultra balls. one of them is still in my bag. the other caught the next one

fast birb. very fast birb. if it was female i'd get to give it the nickname i tend to give spearows- amelia. also a joni mitchell song. but alas this one is a guy.

good sheep girl. the name is not gonna make sense soon (flaaffy) but eventually it might again. i do love me some 'reep

pickup two. very good very good hehehehehehehehehe

squish boy. squishy boy.

theres my team.

i have two more things in the pc too

not overly useful at the moment but i love surskit and masquerain. smol bugs are smol :)

redundant atm but hopefully can help v roxanne alongside bulb

i'm new to screenshotting so i forked this update up a bit. i'm doing my best :) y'know? i'll be better at it next time haha

signing off. heck yeah

oh wait also


whoops it's a weird


okay fixed

super rod has arrived

edit: asjfhagdsfjh forgot the saving picture

Last edited:


Just the worst
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Water, Dragon

Let's do this!

My name is Michael Skupin. And I am definitely not a pedophile.


Because I am not a pedophile I can talk to this little boy

Because I am not a pedophile I can talk to this little girl

Two of these pokemon look like penises. As I am not a pedophile I don't like things that involves penises so I'm picking Mudkip.


Ez Pz

This is James. He is not a pedophile.

I figured it was time to save my progress.

Hacking items in is easy. Pokemon will be harder. Apparently I need to hack in a Hardy Ekans with Assist.

No. That's not it.

Not that either.

Huh. This is tough. I'll get back to this later.

Oh a girl my own age... eh. whatever.


We have to do this in the future so I might as well get used to this now.

Route 101. This is Julia. She is not a pedophile.

Odale (forgot the nickname screen). His name is Tony. He is also not a pedophile.

This is Darnell. Like the others, he is not a pedophile. (103)

My boy in 102 isn't a pedophile either.

Unfortunately my petalburg encounter died. But that's okay.

Then there's this bitch.

I met this nice man on Route 104. He is also not a pedophile.

Oh dear. That's not good.

byebye Wilfort. I'm glad you weren't a pedophile.

Hey I finally figured out the Ekans thing. Go me.

Meet Lori. I met her in some woods. Now I know what you're wondering. And the answer is no. She is not a pedophile.

Apparently this is where we're stopping today. This gameshow is so exciting!



Conqueror of the Cerulean Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 4, 2019

And so it Begins

Let us start the game, shall we?

And then a bunch of stuff happened

(Not seen, the emulator crashing before I could save this togepi)

Take 2

Bird Up

And then I promptly U-turned and spent about four hours holding down the speed up key around the first three towns in Hoenn



The Real Sports Adamin
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Australia, United States
Pokémon Type
Electric, Ghost
Pokédex Entry
Sports is NOT down, it's your internet
I tried recording my gameplay so I could go back and take screenshots later but it didn't work

I'm just going to stream on twitch.tv instead next time

anyways here's the screenshots I was able to salvage

We obviously started with Totodile

I found a bunch of cool shit on the routes before I got pokeballs like Doduo, Smeargle, Togepi, Illumise, etc but instead of any of that great stuff my catches are

admittedly not that bad for Route 101 which has shit like Sentret and Rattata

Hardy sucks but like whatever Meowth is good for ingame

The worst fucking grass type in existence. Oldale seems to be bug central and I would argue this is one of the worst bugs, too. It's not even immune to poison.

Please die in a fire you useless shit

Very bad Route 103 because this is gen 3 and it gets nothing useful after Wing Attack. I would have rather had Spearow because at least that gets fucking Drill Peck and Fearow has higher attack. As this is a Nuzlocke I'm going to be trying to avoid status like the plague, so Guts isn't going to be very relevant either. However, I will say at least it's not Pidgey.

First thing we have with an objectively good nature. It doesn't get a nickname because I don't anticipate taking this very far, probably going to get killed by some rando rock coverage on a fighting type because Shup hates us.

Haha cool I really wanted a mon that combines the two types I already have

I don't really care how good Lotad is in the early game, Lombre falls off like an anchor in the ocean and Ludicolo requires way too much investment to be useful, and there's no way in hell I'm investing in Ludicolo when I have Feraligatr. Plus if this hack is anything like any other increased difficulty hack I've played, Roxanne is going to have Lileep to fuck us over, making this thing even more shit.

104 was an Abra that I failed to screenshot the one-ball full HP catch on, because I was too excited that I actually got it

Being able to Synchro Timid natures on things later might have been cool, but blocking Fake Out will probably be more practically useful. This is the long-term powerhouse I've been hoping to find although it's obviously dead useless during this check-in.

If this wasn't my third grass type I'd say it was a great catch for Petalburg Woods. It's my third grass type, and you don't get Leaf Stones until after Norman IIRC...when your major opponents will subsequently be a Flying gym, a Psychic gym with plenty of ways to hit Grass, and Maxie/Archie with their various fuck you's. And the E4 has a million middle fingers to Exeggutor as well.

The quiet nature kills any hope of its one real shot I was hoping for, a Chlorophyll sweeper, which Exeggutor is actually very good at pulling off in earlier generations. But I'm starting to feel like this catch is a big fat white elephant.


Obligatory RP: Man this island clothing they gave us makes my balls itch

Pokédex No.
Oct 4, 2019
under a bridge
Pokémon Type
Poison, Steel
the man destined for 6th here with a cool update

been a while since I've ran a hoenn game. 7.8/10 tbh

fancy text edits, shoutout to the hosts (please don't ban me)

why the fuck is it a cleffa

statistically unlikely

go away professor host man


this was the time I started

as is tradition, free potion

i too dream of friendship

i contemplated taking metapod just to see if it could physically beat the zigzagoon

i opted not to test that theory

got my starter of choice for real, so i'm ecstatic


then i walked to oldale and engaged in some good ol' fashioned hacking

i gave him aeroblast too, just for fun

also here's my free shit

on that note, more free shit

being reckless and dumb, i didn't bother leveling for this fight at all

said lack of leveling nearly got me killed because Big Guy whiffed a tackle

now, the fun part

101 catch...

...is completely worthless!

if you know you know

can't even read the sign in oldale without getting mauled smh

praying for dustox, because beautifly sure does suck

shoutout to the fairly odd parents

this is the route with birds

i got the flightless one

named after the sailor, the god, or the planet. not sure which

this route has a lot of pretty damn good catches

this route also has poochyena. every single time i do a hoenn run, i catch a poochyena on route 102 or route 103.

uh, hosts??? edit my catches better?????

this happened, and i felt immense disappointment. ah well, i guess you lose some and win some

long as the outcome is income

they added grass to this city

extremely good catch, especially because of pickup. immediately stopped my concerns about potions, because this thing picked up approximately one million potions while grinding

it's like a magic trick

leave me alone, this is the fifth gym

and then wally caught a ralts. he missed a tackle, what an idiot

jeez man no need to be so aggressive

this route was the real treasure trove. there are a lot of really good things here

this took approximately 10 pokeballs

someone get this hothead outta here

i suppose this lady is the final battle for this checkpoint. it was very easy. she didn't even use her full restore

at some point this happened. still not using this thing, it has the worst moveset of all time right now

this is from petalburg woods. had me a bit scared, uproar did a decent chunk to most of my team, and it took a few balls to catch

google translate this

well, that's all for this check-in. join me next time when i ramble more in my confessional



Conqueror of the Cerulean Gym
Pokédex No.
May 19, 2020
Pokémon Type
Pokédex Entry
the biggest dude in history

yo waddup

that's me, the gamer

yeah i know, it's a HOUSE

hi kids we're home early

who cares about TIME dude

might as well grab this, you never know with rom hacks

ok FINE, mom

i ruined your dream journal

oh god DAMMIT birch you're really gonna do this again

the man, the myth, the legend


cool, pokemon numero uno

named after a flower kaiju from ultra q

who's garden is this

fite me bitch

i'm a dumbass and didn't level for this fight
good thing i had this

yeah, i'm good
G - gamer
O -
O -
D -

aw yeah, time to play the game

i am speed

route 101 catch is this rat

(MICHAEL), it's your birthday today

hack item time
(check the "nuzvivor cheats no virus working 2020" spoiler for the items)

oldale encounter
(not pictured: having to buy more balls because the rat somehow ate 4 of them)


route one-zero-two encounter
actually something neat for once

burrowing kaiju from ultraman, because nidoking

pictured: rat dying from magular's poison
not even phased by this

i was leveling for trainers up ahead and peanut did the thing
not a beautifly/10

ez money, all of them

petalburg encounter, satisfied with this one

tfw there's no bear kaiju

wally happens

shut the up scott

route 104 encounter

monkey kaiju from ultra q
ooh banana

come back in 10 years

petalburg woods catch, please stop with the poison-types

named for another plant kaiju from ultraman tiga

grinding happens, level 12 for all

pictured: me forgetting about the route 103 catch hours later only to find this loser




Conqueror of the Saffron Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Mar 9, 2020
Pokémon Type
Dark, Dragon
I suppose it's time to update!

I took these after my gameplay, hence there being more items...

After the adventures on the SS Anne, I realised I was the only one already having two Pokemon, rather than just my starter. The Venonat egg I found hatched in my hands. I tried to cover her but to no avail. I think everyone could see I have this Venonat. Oh well, so be it. Meet Embers and Scanner! Next goal, capture more Pokemon and get a team of 6.


After these 3 catches I trained up my 5 Pokemon to level 10, making sure to not have troubles on the upcoming routes. This sadly lead to a failed capture of Lotad. Then more captures happened. Route 104 was an Abra that Teleported away.

Such a Bold squad... Especially glad to have found a Grass type for the upcoming gym.



Sorceress's Knight
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
May 15, 2019
Galbadia Garden
Pokémon Type
Water, Poison
the gamer moon rises

I haven't done a non-serious run in half a decade so it's time to unhinge my funny jaw and go ham cracklings

This is my totally original reaction to seeing the edited text


shoutouts to my mom for coming with me on this deserted island survival challenge

I couldn't live without my uncrustables xoxo

nap time,,,,

balls joke

Ah yes, the perfect pokem

shit I misclicked

oh well

I saved here and then flubbed the save after trying to insert the ekans after I got the first catch

was it worth it to reset to the beginning in bed?


im going to unleash my rage


😏 catch time

it didn't feel any better catching this thing the second time around


more like

doodoo garbage

what shitty bird will I get here????

this is actually kinda cool



please get your eyes checked, that is my emotional support fire mouse future fire badger

begone scott

oh right

oh wrong...


you're my last hope, half-cut-off-mystery woods

I'll status: Allowing It

anyway grinding happened it was as interesting as you can make it out to be in the hollywood theatre of your mind

you beautiful beautiful radical skater


Zealous Zweilouss

Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Feb 23, 2020
Pokémon Type
Dark, Dragon


Fijian H2O the Squirtle made quick work of the rival's Treecko.

All of my catches were satisfying for me. Magby and Swablu are a touch on the weak side but will not be a concern. Pichu seems really affectionate. The real prize is Teddiursa's pickup ability, which is sure to be a boon throughout the game when resources will be scarce.

I wonder if this will be ironic.

Good job me! The hacking happened after I got pickup on Teddiursa so that is why there is some excess items in the inventory....


new copy ability: sandwich
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Pokémon Type
Electric, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
Perfectly round... as all things should be

Oh hey that’s the thing that we’re in!

Are you talking to the Cleffa because I don’t think it has any idea what Survivor is.

So according to the Survivor lore, everyone was just on a boat picking up shiny things and now we are suddenly inside of a truck. Where did this boat originally take us since there’s no way that it could have docked in Littleroot Town.

Definitely not the first person to think that it would be funny to pick either of the two gag starters over here

Instead we get the chicken as intended. It’s even a female which I got on the first try if you ignore the multiple soft resets that I did but shhhhhhhhhh

every update that includes fae will feature one fae build for absolutely no reason at all

I forgot how to resize images with BBCode. Also she uses Steady Posture now instead of Darting Stance.

It even comes with berry. Pretty cool since it turns out that I would later notice that all the berry patches are gone.

Unlike the Grass and Water tribes, I can at least claim to be apart of snek gang since Snake is apart of the cool Fire tribe.

Also hacked in some items.

One vanilla rival fight done.

Got a pair of shoes which means that we can now catch some Pokemon.

Yeah I already set myself up with the Fire Emblem nicknames by naming the starter Fae. Don't worry I swear I'm not gonna keep up with this theme for too long.

Might as well get a Premium Ball now. I’ve heard stories of early game Murkrows breaking out of Poke Balls and we don’t want that to happen.

Oldale Bug Town catch. Feels awkward running around in a 3x3 patch of grass just for a wild encounter.

This bird, you see…






(I didn’t actually use the Super Rod for finding any wild Pokemon please don’t smite me)

So it turns out that the Abra family didn't get any moveset changes.

Now I’m stuck with a paperweight catch for the first checkpoint but it’s okay since it doesn’t even have to be apart of the actual check in.

Petalburg Leftovers City catch. Whatever this evolves in will be pretty decent for the first check in mainly because it should have decent stats for this point in the really early game.

There is no context

Give us your toes

We have a Dustox now. I don’t actually have a preference for which early game bug we get. Also this is the end of the checkpoint but I didn't feel like taking an obligatory outside of Petalburg Woods screenshot

i passed on an adamant and naive torchic just to get a female torchic who ended up with a neutral nature



Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Mar 27, 2020
I forgot to screenshot literally everything lmao so yeah here's the stat screens actual commentary coming in the next part stay tuned



Consecrated Cryptid of Iesma
Pokédex No.
Jun 20, 2019
Either Texas or Spain but always in Iesma
You can call me anything as long as you call me yours ;)
Pokémon Type
Fairy, Ghost, Beautiful, ???
Pokédex Entry
Fucking aroud and finding out, catch me and these hands
I kept forgetting to get screencaps throughout this part of the run and it was hella annoyign to go back and get them again so I'll do better next time.

Shiny spots on ship along with the graciously given supah raod (ignore the oran berry, the screen cap was after I had caught a meowth w/ pick-up

God I sure hope so, or at least Top 10

Because Shup said so

If you ever wanted to know what it's like training up a Smeargle lemme tell you. It is the worst mon to train. Ever. Of all time

Yea so this was the biggest time waster so far. I won't be forgetting to get the snaps when I catch them going forewards, cause fuck this

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Hello one and all, and welcome to what will almost certainly be (though not guaranteed) a feast for the eyes, no way to disguise and definitely not chock full of lies, a chaotic mishmash of light commentary, vaguely meta introspection, and the faintest hints of poorly developed storytelling. As the competition continues and time constraints become more and more real, and I begin to melt into myself in a creative fugue as I am wont to do, I make no promises for the consistent styling or quality of any of this. Please enjoy the fruits of my labor, which in the end really doesn't amount to much.

Hello everybody, my name is Brad. I've been working on the show Nuzlocke Survivor for over several days now as a cameraman. I hold a big camera and film people in their sleep, among other things. It has always been my dream to compete in Nuzlocke Survivor, ever since I discovered what it was when I got this job! And now for this whole Hoe season, the producers have given me the opportunity! They claimed that I could get FREE entry into the game so long as I continue my documenting duties pro bono. What a generous group; I love my bosses.

Myself and the other participants just finished carousing on some big boat out in the middle of the ocean, doing an Easter Egg hunt or something. I couldn't find any eggs, but I did see this one dude grab a egg but I think he was too rough with it because it popped and out came this fluffball. He should work on having a more gentle touch. You see, when you're handling eggs you need to reach out, touch faith, gently trail your fingertips down the subtle curves of its body. Lazily drift your touch, delicate, along the smooth surface, being ever so careful not to harm it. A tender kiss from your hands, soft but firm so they know you're there, you're present, you are together. You pull them in close, wrapping your arms around their entire being, physical connection going beyond and being so much more. Whisper, quietly, sweetly to them. Let them know you care, let them know that you are here for them, that they are the only subject of your attention, your affection at this moment in this time. Forget everything else, the world is yours and they are your world.

So basically don't drop the eggs they can be pretty fragile. Thankfully his furby seemed okay. Anyways, they split us up into three tribes, gave me a standard-issue Green Bandanna to represent the Meikai Tribe that I am now the leader of I think, I'm not sure how this game works I never payed attention while I was filming but never mind that. We got off the boat, they stuck us in a van with bags over our heads and we drove for a few hours, then they dragged us out and tossed us into another van I think? Anyways the bag eventually disintegrated, I think it was biodegradable, and I found myself alone in the back of a truck filled with boxes. There was a video screen facing my direction, and the following occurred:

No worries, Boss! I can sit in one spot for hours at a time. I'm like a coat rack, but for cameras.

Wowee, I've been waiting for this! Thanks for having me. I promise that I wi--

O-oh... right, of course, for the viewers at home! Yeah, okay, got it.

My name is Brad, short for Bradward. My parents (hi mom and dad, I'm on the TV I think!) named me special after my great great grandpappy. He was a war hero! The name comes with a lot of weight behind it, and I'm very honored to be able to follow in his footsteps. I'm going to make he and my parents so prou--

--d. I... wait, no, my name is Brad. It... it isn't BRE--

Well, sir, that is very kind of you to say, I'm happy you have such faith in me, but I must reiterate, my name isn't BREAD, it is Br--

I, sir, please wait, I'm very excited to be a part of this show but I want to make it clear now before this becomes a big misunderstanding that spirals way out of control and I end up losing sight of who I am and fall into a crisis of identity

And now the video screen melted. What a time to be alive. Well, I'll just clear that up later, I suppose. No point in dwelling on it! As my great great grandpappy used to quote from the hit Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage, "Always forward, forward always."

And this is the point in this update that I realize I'm taking far too long and need to speed things along. I warned you this would be a mess!

Sorry, miss, you're very sweet but my name is actually Brad. It's short for Bradward. In addition to that, aren't we supposed to be sleeping on leaves and junk? I thought we were trapped on this deserted island trying to struggle to, you know, survive on our own?

Oh dear, how quickly the basic premise of the show falls apart when you're playing a Pokemon game filled with people. I see why storytelling isn't the primary tactic in the other updates. I'm committed to minor elements, though, so expect sporadic bits and pieces, at least for now.

I continued to explore this small hovel that I found myself in, unsure of what the true purpose of this show was, what eldritch intentions lay behind the plastic masks of my bosses. Why do they insist on calling me BREAD? Was this some arcane ritual to summon Nyarlathotep, or Beelzebub, or Foghorn Leghorn? It couldn't possibly just be that they're making fun of me. I was a cherished cameraman and an asset to the team.

Oh, hello new person, my name is Brad! Nice to meet you! Sorry if I'm intruding in your personal space, I was just trying to steal your stuff to make my life easier.

I... excuse me? Am I on Punk'd? Is this Candid Camera? Yes, I just flew in and boy arE MY ARMS TIRED but for real it was actually a boat and a van. I'm a Survivor. And my name is actually Brad, I'm sorry, perhaps I have an accent.

Oh that would be fantastic! I love friends and am currently on a journey to make 100 friends over the course of this competition. Also my name is Quvar. I mean Brad.

Oh, hey, Boss! Wait... is that you? You're acting like you don't know me again, and I'm not sure if this is like those pranks you pulled on set where you pretended like you didn't know who I was every time we spoke or if you're just a different person who looks exactly the same as my Boss.

Hmmm.... choices choices...

I'll snuff this pupper for you, Not?Boss, don't worry!

it's a raccoon, actually

Who said that?

Oh sure, no problem at all, sir. I'm always willing to lend a hand to my fellow man, or woman, or whatever one may identify themselves as because we are all people and we're all valid I said--

--trans rights.

Wait, what? Am I BREAD? No, no, I'm Brad. I'm sorry, you're mistaken sir.


I followed this strange/not strange man back to his lab for a thorough inspection. He told me it was a standard physical required of all the entrants in Nuzvivor Hoe. I believed him because he had kind eyes. It is strange that the physical didn't take place prior to actually participating, though... I wonder if--

Oh, thanks! I've always wanted a dog. Also my name is Brad.

I made a promise to my childhood friend that the first Pokemon I ever acquired would be named after the imaginary little hamster we went on big adventures with that one summer in primary school. He was my best friend. I'm American. I didn't go to primary school.

same tbh

TN: Childhood friend means 幼馴染 (osananajimi)

So blah blah blah I walked around some more and had to go find that girl I met earlier who wanted to be my friend but refused to call me by my name.

meta, you go girl

Oh look, it is Foot Guy. I'm not a member of Kinkshame Tribe, so I'm going to leave him be.

Hi, April! See, doesn't feel so good, does it?

I'm sorry.

Easy peasy, LEMON SQUEEZY. For my prize I would like for you to acknowledge me by name, thank you. I think we just got off on the wrong foor. You seem like a real sweet gal, and I swear I'm probably a nice guy, though to be honest I'm not sure what my characterization is and it is probably going to be inconsistent because I think this is supposed to resemble comedy? Maybe?

I'm the meta commentary, I swear. Or not? What is this update? Are they all going to be like this?

k cool thanks for ignoring me

He said he liked my calves. He also made a joke about yeast rising when he looked me up and down. I don't really get it, but I assume it is a bread joke.

Oh I HOPE so. I'm going to make so many friends and we're all going to love each other and get into big fun cuddle puddles and they will all know my name. As will the other competitors. By the end of this.

You will know my name.

I say as I turn the camera I'm still in charge of around and stare into the lens. For dramatic effect, you see.

THE Poke Balls. THE. Legendary artifacts, perhaps? Gather them all together and summon Shenron to make a wish?

Not if I catch them first, Pikmin.

You're not my mom. And stop calling me BREAD. My real mom exclusively calls me Brad, Bradward, Braddykins, Pumpkin, Chowderhead, and Sweet Precious Angel from Above. Quit trying to psyche me out. Also yes, I did.

There is something very charming about that line. I don't know why, but I just dig it. I just think it is neat.

Thanks for the shoes, lady! I forgot that I was running around barefoot this entire time. No wonder that Foot Guy wasn't looking me in the eyes.

And now, saddled up with everything I could need: fresh kicks, pocketful of balls, big ass camera on my shoulder, inconsistent characterization, a running joke that surely didn't run its course several paragraphs ago, a pocketful of sunshines (my left pocket, the right one is for balls. Wait, I have a backpack), and the hopes and dreams of all my fans laying heavy on my head, I suppose I must march on and get this update over with my goodness this is a mess.

Excuse me while I make a bunch of new friends who I will cherish dearly until their unfortunate demise.

This is Petra. She is very pretty and soft and she picks up lots of neat garbage for me. I love her.

I'm not going to be using any particular naming convention. It's mostly just whatever pops into my head. For example, Petra was the name of one of my grandparents' cats from back in my wee baby days! They had two, Cleo and Petra. Later on after those two unfortunately passed, they got two more and named them Margo and Rita. Fun folks. Love them.

This is Selena. She is sleek and swift and a big big bug. I love her.

This is Jewel. She is soft and fluffy fuwa fuwa time her wings are like clouds oh my dear what a precious baby. I love her.

I really like Swablu and Altaria. Very pleasant color scheme, and the clouds are so pretty.

This is Palulu. She is also very soft and has a beautiful coat. Shockingly something or other, you know, because Electric type. I love her.

What a pull for this name. I'm sure somebody will get it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. I had a Mareep-Ampharos in a previous Nuzlocke that I carried with me all the way to the end. Another line I love dearly. I also forgot to buy more Poke Balls before this and felt very blessed to have caught her with my first one.

Following all of those befriendings, I engaged in some beheadings. Metaphorical. I kicked a bunch of kids' butts for getting in my way and for the sake of upholding the spirit of Survivor, or something. Kicking ass and taking names just like the hosts are trying to take mine no I'm not bitter. Here is the montage:

Excuse me, young man, please sneeze into your elbow and not all over me. Gross.

Oh... poor sweet child. Don't you worry your little head about it. We all have times where we struggle, and we don't always win. Keep your chin up and keep on trying. Don't let your missteps define you. You're worth more than that, and you'll get your win soon. I believe in you.

Now excuse me while I become the Lass Kicker.

Thanks, much appreciated. I need all the help I can get I'm fighting for my life out here.

Oh goodie! I'm free from that gauntlet and can make another new friend!

This is Franklin. He is my first boy since Hamham and he is very strong and cute. I love him.

I actually didn't quite love him immediately. I was a little disappointed to get another Bug/Grass type, but then he crit a bunch of times while grinding him up and he found his way into my heart as a cold-blooded murderer.

Now that I have made it to a safe place, may as well explore a bit and engage with the locals.

Aww, you're so sweet! You're breathtaking yourself. I bet you floss, eh?

This is the message of my soul. The beacon that bursts forth from my being, shining out into the night just hoping to alight upon any and every person that may need it. I adore you.

Oh come now, stop, you're going to make me blush! What if this is all just a clever ploy to trick people into believing that I'm not a conniving sociopath waiting for the opportune moment to reveal my true nature and win the game by being a right prick? It's possible; you don't know!

What an intriguing mystery. Do I truly adore you all? No Spoilers!**

Get a little essential shopping done.

That's very nice. I'm happy that you're keeping such a positive outlook! You seem like a sweetheart.

O--oh... You don't have to get so real now, friend.



Who am I? What have I gotten myself into? Is any of this worth it? What is the point? Is my name really BREAD?

My face was squished like a funhouse mirror. It was silly and it made me smile. I have to go see my fake Island Dad, now. See you later! Keep those spirits up!

My name is Brad, please don't act like you know me, you're not even my real dad. Also yes, I finished moving my stuff out of that temporary bedroom so that I may now continue my life roughing it in the woods because this is Survivor.


Then this kid came in and wanted to catch a Pokemon, you know the story.

Wow I'm getting real curt now considering the length of this. No entertainment guaranteed.

My name is not BREAD, but absolutely. I am more than willing to lend a hand! In fact, it's like I can't say no ha ha ha ha ha

Good job, Wally! You did it! Oh you're going to grow up to be so big and strong, I can already imagine it. Now run! Run from your family here without saying goodbye and forge your own path! Create your own destiny! Be a hero!

And so he did.

Oh... my heart... that darling child. I shall protect his smile to the best of my ability. I may have to crush him at some point. Dang.

I'm so tired. I have forgotten what my plan was for pretty much all the screenshots I had taken. Such is the way of things. I knew going in that I shouldn't try to craft any sort of story out of this, and in fact I felt comfortable joining because I had the knowledge that I wouldn't have to! What a conundrum. I can't be stopped.

Excuse me, sir, it is my first day. Do you work for the production crew? What is the angle here? Dutch? Got it, let me just tilt my camera that I am still holding. Also my name is Brad. It is short for Bradward. Now please leave me alone so I can hogtie a new friend.

This is Pickles. She is tough and shy and is definitely not going to die. I love her.

Oh noooo! Pickles was the name of my Mankey in my very first Nuzlocke. I loved her then, too, until she became my first death. I skirted around my general dupes clause to catch another Mankey as one of my very next encounters, and I named him Ares, He became the god of war and vengeance and helped carry the memory of Pickles with me all the way to the championship. RIP first Pickles. Your spirit lives on, never forgotten.

Then I beat up some more children.

Eh? I'm sorry, sir, I am also very confused. I could have sworn I was pummeling a child. He must have ducked between your legs or something. Quick little shits, they are. I'd apologize more but I was actually going to fight you anyways.

I too have thought about deep sea diving and totally not throwing myself into the ocean to succumb to the whims of fate.

If you too are interested in diving, check out Grand Blue which is totally 100% just a diving manga/anime! Theme of update, right at the end of the update where it belongs to really set the mood.

EV Training

I am gullible and fall in love instantly, so I agree, we are definitely soul mates which is exactly what you meant.

Please stop. I'm going to cry. I swear, I won't forget you. I'll come back for you and save you from this purgatory you have been trapped in. The unknowable horrors being wreaked on this land by the showrunners of Nuzlocke Survivor will not survive my power of love and friendship. I will strike out on a journey to the ends of the earth and beyond, gathering companions, ancient relics, secret techniques, and more in order to become the Shaman King of the Pirates of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, whether or not you have to make any sacrifices. I don't know. I'm just a cameraman. By the way my name is BREAD.

Shit. I meant Brad. I'm now embarrassed and will run into the woods with my hands over my face to hold back the tears.

This is Rosemary. She pairs well with thyme, but ultimately isn't a spice I use too often in my cooking. I love her.

Yeah, that's me. I bet you're not wondering how I got here considering it was all recapped in... extensive detail... above.

Check in.

NEVER FORGET: I loathe you and I think you're worthless. I hope your day is ass.

I created an inconsistent, unfunny, tedious, rushed update that serves only to confuse the viewers and fill space. Also my name is Brad. It is short for Bradward.

I caught a lot of Pokemon that are my friends and I love them all.

How dare you mock me with this. Delibird could have been my starter.

Also editing and reviewing an update prior to posting it is for cowards. I'll live with my mistakes.

Thank you for reading, ignoring, skimming, or whatever engagement you have given me. I appreciate you no matter what.

Always remember: I love you, and I'm proud of you. Have a beautiful day!

*The total victory referenced is not inherently connected to myself. Time will tell.
**I do. I really do.

Episode 1: A Prelude to Total Victory
Episode 2: The Chasing of a Dream
Episode 3: Tomorrow May Come
Episode 4: A Sea of Stars
Episode 5: A Retort and a Half
Episode 6: Beyond the Need for Kings
Episode 7: Flash in the Pan
Episode 8: Godspeed
Episode 9: Do You Remember That Day, One Year Ago?
Episode 10: Fade into the Ether
Episode 11: The Flames of Rebellion
Episode 12: Screams of the Damned
Episode 13: Together We Could Fly
Episode 14: Pieces of You
Episode 15: A Fractured Heart
Episode 16: The Verge of Collapse
Episode 17: What Is Your Name...
Episode 18: Home
Episode 19: Brad
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sugar heart

nono morikubo is a qt
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hello, i like idols.

wow, cutting out the copyright, are we? we living on the edge now!

no, i want to... you know what, never mind. my argument is invalid, anyway.

you misidentified a piece of trash, dummy. and yeah, quote-on-quote.

best girl represent

i have a dad? ah well, that's an upgrade for me.

worthless, worthless plot point.

~and then due to time constraints i magically jumped to the starter selection~


there we go!

~and then due to me accidentally fucking up a bunch of screenshots i magically jumped to nicknaming~

original name 10/10

badeebing, badabum.








did the grinding, and yesss got the evolution i wanted.

"i don't remember having a child..."

we now conclude our broadcasting day.

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