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Screenshot Let's Play [COMPLETE] A 1.5 Touhoumon that's actually GOOD? Let's Play Touhoumon Another World: Revised!

Extravanganza Accordian Demo


The Fastest Thing Alive
Pokédex No.
Aug 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Dragon
Pokédex Entry
Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
Ah, Touhoumon Another World.


For those unaware, Another World is a Touhoumon Rom Hack that serves as a sort of continuation of the unfinished Touhoumon Gensokyo Scenario, made by one Aichiya Sanae.

It's also kind of, uh, bad to put it bluntly.

A wonky level curve, poor translation, a buggy Pokedex, and some of the most unfair boss fights ever.


*internal screaming intensifies*

If you've played the original Another World, you know exactly what this image is referencing.

Some people wanted actual 1.5 hacks that were actually good, and saw potential in Aichiya's hacks, so they made, shall we say, Revised versions of both this and World Link, that attempt to iron out the flaws and improve the hacks to be something actually good! Hence the name, Another World: Revised. The download for the hacks' files are available on their discord, and you can find it by looking it up on Google. Amongst other changes:

  • Z Puppets have been renamed to X Puppets, and their BSTs have been reduced to 680 (down from 990). Additionally, there are now only six of them. More detailed changes to typing and abilities are listed below.
XReimu: Now a Psychic/Faith-type instead of ???-type. Has Multigraze (Multiscale) instead of Levitate.
XMarisa: Now a Water/Electric-type instead of Pure Water. Ability is still Drizzle.
XSakuya: Now a Steel/Fighting-type instead of Pure Steel. Now has Scrappy as its only ability instead of Flash Fire or Levitate.
XYoumu: Now has Protean for its ability instead of Pure Power.
XReisen: Now a Psychic/Dark-type. Ability is still Serene Grace.
XSanae: Now a Faith/Flying-type instead of Pure Flying. Now has Marvel Veil (Marvel Scale) instead of Wonder Guard. No Sanae favouritism here!
  • Last Word Puppets can no longer be found randomly in the wild or evolved into- they're static encounters now. There are also fewer of them. They're closer to lesser legendaries now- their BSTs have been reduced to approximately 640. They all, however, have signature moves.
  • Puppets of characters up to Double Dealing Character appear, plus one or two fan-made ones.
  • The type chart has been significantly altered. Additionally, due to the lack of Puppets that have the type, the Dragon-type has been excised from the game and replaced with the Faith-type from 1.8. Various Puppets have had their typing changed to accomodate for this.
  • Various Puppets have been given their sprites from 1.8, or entirely new sprites, when necessary.
  • General stat rebalances make the Puppets a lot closer in terms of power to each other.
  • Abilities from later generations of Pokemon have been added in (I.e. Multiscale, renamed to Multigraze).
  • And more!
So with that, let's get started!


The game begins as any Pokemon game usually does, with the whole Professor Oak spiel and character selection. Your choices are between being a Tomboyish girl (Renko) or a Girly girl (Maribel) as per usual. I picked Renko this time. Your rival is vanilla FR/LG rival.


You actually get to choose whether you want to watch the opening cutscene now, though!

The opening starts as usual, though- it abridges the events up to Oak's parcel, then you wake up in Gensokyo and get mauled by a Remilia puppet.


"had with you."


"please let me know which one was yours?"

Here's the first real hint that things are gonna be different: Your starter options are now the Light Fairies, rather than Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya. This was done for both balance (Marisa stomps the other two due to her type advantage) and lore (Now your Rival's ace being one of the Light Fairies makes sense!) reasons.


I pick Luna as my starter because it's an Electric-type. Paralysis is a nice thing to have.


You can now see your Puppets' IVs, as well as what stats their nature increases and reduces- a common QoL change in a lot of modern Pokemon romhacks, ported from the mainline games.


The scripted Remilia puppet encounter goes as usual. Only difference is it's not shiny any more. Meeting Akyuu goes as normal, and I grind Luna up to level 7 along the way, having her learn Thundershock. I white out to a trainer while heading northwards towards the SDM, though, because they had CWriggle, which resists Luna's Thundershock, and CYamame, which is immune to it. I do end up catching a CSuika at the Hakurei Shrine, though! After grinding Suika to level 10, though, I take my revenge against them, wiping out their CCirno too.


One neat thing is that Another World Revised also has a version of it where the type matchups are listed in the moves, which you can see in this screen shot- Rock Throw's type being labelled as green symbolises super effectiveness.

Aya is much easier as a boss this time, only having a level 7 CMomiji and a Level 8 CAya. In between multiple runs back and forth to heal, I get lucky and find a CAya in the first area of the Northern Road, and in the second area I find a CCirno- I caught both and added them to the team.

There's now a Puppet Center outside of the SDM, which is useful. While grinding, I also find and add a CSakuya, CRemilia AND CFlandre to the team! The grass just north of the SDM has every resident of the SDM available as wild Puppets.


Here's the team after my grinding session before Meiling.

Meiling wakes up from her nap as I try to enter and attacks.


Her first Puppet is her CSakuya, and her levels are also much lower than in Vanilla AW. I bring in CFlandre and burninate it with Ember.


Her second Puppet is her CMeiling. CFlandre attempts to burninate it, but it gets a lucky crit on Karate Chop to bring CFlandre down. I bring in CRemilia to revenge kill with Wing Attack.

Afterwards, we get escorted into the SDM by Sakuya after handing Akyuu's introduction letter to her, and eventually meet up with Patchouli who explains the whole backstory. She tried to develop autonomous dolls to keep thieves (Read: Marisa) out, but Marisa figured out how to make them herself, and used them to raid the library and overwhelm Patchouli's defenses. In a fit of desperation, Patchouli blew all the puppets away (presumably with Royal Flare), resulting in them spreading out and becoming commonplace across Gensokyo. That's all she could explain at that point, though, as the tomes she used to create the Puppets were either blown away or stolen. Afterwards, Sakuya comes in and alerts Patchouli to the fact that she's located one of the tomes in the mansion north of the SDM, so we're sent out to retrieve it for her. But first, we're directed to the easternmost room on the second floor of the SDM to get the HM for Flash from Remilia.


In true Touhou fashion, Remilia decides to pick a fight, and challenges us before we can get the HM for Flash.


Her first puppet is CPatchouli, who gets overwhelmed by CSakuya's assault.


Second is her CFlandre, who gets one-shot by a critical Wing Attack from my CRemilia.


Due to the damage she took from CPatchouli, CSakuya fails to beat Remi's last Puppet, CRemilia, made even more troublesome by the fact that she has moves that she shouldn't have at this point in the game (Fake Out and Aerial Ace, to be specific). Afterwards, we get the Flash HM.


Flash is a Faith-type move now. I teach it to CLuna, because she's the only one who can learn it. Then I head off to the Deserted Mansion. It primarily features Ghost-type Puppets, such as CKogasa and the chibi forms of the Prismrivers, but also, one of the trainers...


Happens to have a CBenben, the first instance of a DDC Puppet in the game. They also have CYatsuha(since there wasn't enough space for CYatsuhashi). CRaiko can also be found here alongside the Prismrivers and the Tsukumos. On the second floor, CKokoro can be found, too, as well as CYuyuko, CTojiko as well as the already mentioned Prismrivers and Tsukumos. Oddly enough, no Youmu. I bag a CYuyuko, because it'll be somewhat important later for something I want to show. Maybe I can find a CYoumu as w-


That's a Shiny CYuyuko. What is my Shiny Luck when playing through these hacks?! I catch it, naturally. This actually works out in my favour as I was planning to use a Yuyuko anyway.

With that said and done, I move into the back down to the first floor of the mansion and into the back, where the Prismrivers challenge me. Y'know, like in Vanilla AW.


For some godforsaken reason, they have evolved Puppets even though the Prismrivers shouldn't be evolved until level 22. First is Lunasa. It manages to drop CSuika with repeated Night Shades, but gets revenged by CRemilia's Pursuit thanks to prior damage from CSuika's Knock Off.


Merlin is second. She manages to tank CRemilia's Pursuit and drop her with Flash. I send in CFlandre to try and revenge using CFlandre's Pursuit, but she misses and gets wiped by Flash for her troubles. Thankfully, CSakuya brings her down with Knock Off.


Their last puppet, Lyrica, seemed poised to wipe my entire team out, but then CSakuya got a crit with Knock Off and one-shot her. The Prismrivers congratulate me on a win and direct me towards my goal. Along the way, though...


I get my first evolution, with CSakuya evolving at level 18. Afterwards, I acquire the Scarlet Tome at last, and then do another comb through the mansion to see if there were any Puppets I missed. I did find something, all right, but it wasn't the CYoumu I was expecting. I found CKana (sounds reasonable) and CKoishi (eh???).

Then I go and add my Shiny CYuyuko to the team over CCirno and deliver the Scarlet Tome to Patchouli. She gives me an Amulet Coin for my troubles, and then points me to the second tome, which is under the ownership of serial book thief Marisa Kirisame, in the Forest of Magic. As I head there, though, I get stalked by Aya, who fights me when I try to get her to scram.


Her levels have taken a step up, too. CSuika dispatches the CMomiji with ease, though.


She also, like multiple of these early bosses, have blatantly illegal puppets- in this case, an Aya that's evolved three levels early (though that's better than the Prismrivers having three puppets that evolved eight levels early).


She also has a CSuwako added to her team...


And a CNitori.

After beating her, I continue west, beating the stuffing out of any trainer/fairy foolish enough to get in my way.


Luna evolves, too.

I eventually arrive at Kourindou, who tells me about Marisa. From there, I head into the Forest of Magic.

Some notable Puppets in the first area I found but did not catch include CAlice and CKagerou. The second area is a rest point at Alice's house, and the seven-coloured puppeteer herself exposits a bit before sending me on my way. In the third area, there are some different puppets. There are CShizuha and CMamizou, which I didn't catch, and CMarisa, which I did.

After that, I make it to Marisa's house, and she picks a fight with me for wanting to retrieve dem books.

Unfortunately for me, she proved to be a lot more difficult than I was expecting (I wiped a few times with the team as it was) so I decided that desperate times...



..called for desperate measures, and evolved both Yuyuko and Remilia, then challenged Marisa again.


Patchouli was first, but went down in one hit to Remilia's Feint Attack.


CKirisame suffered a similar fate.


The bane of my existence, Marisa comes in next, so I sacrifice Luna to paralyse the damn thing. It knows Mystical Fire, and uses it to burninate Luna. Sakuya comes in and Knocks Off its Sitrus Berry, and manages to make Marisa burn a Super Potion by spamming Knife Wave. Unfortunately, before she can score the final blow, Marisa uses Razor Wind to off Sakuya. Thankfully, this provided an opening for Remilia to come in and squash the now-weakened Marisa.


Reimu's fourth. CSuika nearly takes her out with Rock Throw, but misses a few too many times and gets offed by Double Kick. CFlandre finishes the job with Snarl.


Alice is last, but gets oneshot by Remilia.

With Marisa defeated, she offers to give me the book- or she would, if she still had it. However, she dropped it somewhere around Hakugyokurou. So we head off towards Muenzuka- however, after we're out of sight, Marisa reveals that she was bamboozling us! She did drop a book at Hakugyokurou, but it was not the book we were looking for. Aya catches her, however, and gives her a cryptic threat. Afterwards, I head back to Kourindou and buy the Vs Seeker. I also drop CFlandre from the team for CMarisa.


Doesn't take me too long to evolve her into Marisa. She also learns Mystical Fire, proving that Marisa's Marisa was in fact legit. After that, I make it to Muenzuka, but there's no tome to be found, and the only way to reach Hakugyokurou is through a tower in the outside world. So we need to leave Gensokyo, and to do that we need to get Reimu's help. Back to Hakurei Shrine, I guess! We have to beat Reimu to leave Gensokyo, though! In Vanilla Another World, this was the single hardest battle in the game because you didn't have that many resources and because Reimu threw a 990 BST monster at you. How bad is she now?


Surprisingly not terrible. Her first Puppet is CHakurei. It takes down CSuika, but then gets dropped by Sakuya.


Reimu's next, but due to damage taken from CHakurei, a Rock Smash leaves Sakuya eating dirt. It does manage to poke it down into range for Luna to take her down with Shock Wave, though.


Marisa shows up third. Remilia tanks a Shock Wave and takes her down with two Feint Attacks. It's here where I realize I forgot to screencap her fourth Puppet, Yukari. She gets into a spam war with Yuyuko, with Yuyuko spamming Astonish while Yukari spammed Psybeam. Yuyuko won.


Fifth is Sanae. Yuyuko beats her down with Magical Leaf spam.

Instead of a monster like ZReimu, Reimu's strongest Puppet here is the much more manageable Sendai. Yuyuko goes down, but puts Sendai in range to be wiped out by Remilia. With that done, we head next door and Yukari warps us back to Kanto, specifically dropping us in a cave right outside Pallet Town. No mandatory Konngara fight here. In the grass outside Pallet Town, I get my hands on Chibi Shrine Maidens of both the Hakurei (Reimu) and Moriya (Sanae) variety.

Then upon returning home there's a bout of concern over lost memories... before it never pops up again during the story. From here on in, the story is mostly Vanilla Fire Red up until Lavender Town. But I opt to finish up this update by grinding the Luna and Sakuya up to 24, and Suika up to 26.


This is so I could evolve her into Suika, meaning my entire team is now evolved.


And here's the team as of the first update. I really have to question what the hell my Shiny Luck is for Nuzforums runs though! Did not expect that Shiny CYuyuko to show up!
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The Fastest Thing Alive
Pokédex No.
Aug 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Dragon
Pokédex Entry
Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
Welcome back, everybody!

Last time on Another World: Revised, I hit the ground running, going through the starting portion of Gensokyo and left off in Pewter while also catching a shiny along the way.. I'll be coming and going from Gensokyo throughout the story, so don't worry about this being just 'Fire Red, but with Touhou'. But for now, it's time to go and face Brock. So let's get to it, shall we?

I left off at Pewter last time, so naturally my course of action here is to take on Brock. The gym trainer before him stood no chance whatsoever against Yuyuko.


Let's go!


First up is Tenshi. Leading with an evolved Puppet? Brock isn't playing around! Unfortunately for him, neither am I: Yuyuko one-shots the sucker with Magical Leaf.


Next is Kagerou. I do something risky and swap Sakuya in. It pays off, as she beats Kagerou down with repeated Knife Waves.


Third is Shou. I swap Remilia in for this one... and it turns out to be a mistake, as she gets wiped out by Shou's Thunder Punch. Sakuya has to come back in and wipe Shou out. She does learn Icicle Fall for her troubles, though (What is with Sakuya and Multi-hits?).


Fourth is Suika. Sakuya's Knife Wave doesn't do even remotely close to enough, and she gets mauled by Drain Punch. She also decides to be irritating by setting up a Sandstorm, so Yuyuko's Magical Leaves bounce right off, causing her to get taken down by Knock Off. She also downs Marisa and my own Suika, leaving me with just Luna, who thankfully manages to pull through.


Lastly is Letty. Luna's probably not winning this matchup, but I DO have a Revive, so I use it on Sakuya. Letty's Ice Shard brings Luna down, but Sakuya comes in and gets revenge with Knife Wave.


And with that, Brock falls! I get access to the Boulderbadge as well as TM39, Rock Tomb.

Another neat thing about Revised is that TMs are now Infinite Use, as in the main games from Gen 5 to Gen 7. I immediately teach Rock Tomb to Suika over Rock Throw as it's a clear improvement: 5 more power, 5 more accuracy, the same PP and a secondary effect. Once that's done, I head east, beating up the trainers on the path to Mt. Moon.


The Magikarp Salesman gives you a Tori now. After that, it's into Mt. Moon.



One thing I noticed is that Item Balls containing TMs are a different colour, as in Gen 5 and beyond. In this case, the TM found was TM09, Bullet Seed. While trekking through and beating up Team Rocket Grunts, I also find TM46: Thief, and teach it to Remilia, Sakuya and Suika over their already existing Dark-type moves (Feint Attack for Remi, Knock Off for the other two). And then I find a Moon Stone.

A few 'mons got additional Moon Stone Evolutions added to them, and I intend to use three particular ones who share the same prefix. So I take my newly-found Moon Stone...


And use it on Marisa.


AltMarisa is Marisa's new evolution in Revised. Inspired by Mille, the creator of another hack, Touhoumon Purple, doing something similar, the creators of the hack added in three Puppets from a little game you may or may not have heard about called Touhou Lost Word.

AltMarisa's Stat spread is as follows: 85 HP/55 Atk/80 Def/140 SpA/80 SpD/95 Spe. She's a Fire/Ice-type and her ability? Why, Drought, of course!

"But what is up with this Marisa? Why's she suddenly started wearing red?" I hear you ask. Well, I did mention Touhou Lost Word now, so let's talk about that for a second.

Touhou Lost Word is an officially licensed (but not officially made by ZUN and thus not canon) Touhou mobile gacha game. In it, various universes find their stability disrupted by a word becoming a "Lost Word"- it is totally forgotten and thus loses its meaning. If left unchecked, this could even spell the end of the world, as the three cases in the main story make clear.

AltMarisa's origin comes from the second chapter, Scarlet Devil Tower. In an alternate universe, around the time of the Scarlet Mist Incident, Marisa felt left behind by Reimu as she faced Remilia. As she was pondering where she fits in, a mysterious being came and offered her the power to stand alongside Reimu. Marisa accepted this deal, which proved to be a big mistake. Her world's Reimu disappeared, and her power began running out of control- her power became such that she began outputting heat akin to the stars she themed her magic around. She became the Witch of Scarlet Dreams. The Scarlet Devil Mansion's residents (Minus Remi, who came down with a bad case of vaporization by The Witch's sudden explosion of power and was still healing [but she does get better in time for the Scarlet Devil Tower challenge mode]) converted the Scarlet Devil Mansion into the Scarlet Devil Tower, meant to be a self-imposed prison for the Witch to stop her from accidentally hurting anybody. Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple. The Witch's power continued to grow and spiral more out of control as she desperately tried to keep it in check, as if she ever lost control completely, she would have destroyed both the Earth and the Moon by virtue of quite literally going supernova (and she's been holding it back for over a thousand years- she likely became a youkai simply from the sheer jump in power). Thankfully, it's at this point that the main Universe's Reimu as well as the player character enter the scene. See, in TLW, while most things lose their memory of (and even written records of) the Lost Words, even people who enter the universe from outside, the player character has a self-updating journal which is immune to this effect. It's through this that Reimu and the player, with the assistance of the remaining SDM residents, manage to decipher the Lost Word of the chapter- or rather, Lost Words, as, for the Chapter, the Lost Words were "Marisa Kirisame"- The Witch's name. Once the Lost Word is found, the Witch's power stabilizes and it's revealed that she's still got a pretty stereotypically Marisa personality. She isn't even mad about losing a thousand years of her life. She's actually pretty eager to help the gang resolve future incidents.

With that long bit of exposition out of the way, AltMarisa was one of the Puppets I wanted to use. I then proceed to continue through Mt. Moon, mauling Rocket Grunts all along, as well as the Super Nerd. He now concedes both the Miko and Mage Fossils, meaning no trading is necessary to get both CKirisame and CHakurei.


Past the fossils is this sub-area of Mt. Moon, the Scarlet Cavern. We can't do anything here until we have Surf, though. So we head out. The tutors for Mega Punch and Mega Kick are now Mach Punch and Jump Kick, instead. I opt to teach Suika Mach Punch over Disperse.

The road between Cerulean and Mt. Moon is also unblocked, so we can backtrack if we need to for whatever reason. With that out of the way, I head to Cerulean and head north.


Our rival shows up for the first time. It's not Maribel, though.


First up is Aya. AltMarisa annihilates it with Shock Wave.


Second is Momiji, who gets decked in the face by Drain Punch.


Third is his starter, Sunny. It manages to tank Rock Tomb and drop Suika, so AltMarisa comes in to wipe it out.


Reisen's fourth. It manages to put Yuyuko to sleep with Hypnosis, then threatens to off her with Mystical Fire, so I swap into Remilia. Unfortunately, Reisen puts HER to sleep too and wipes her out with Mystical Fire, so I send in Sakuya. She thankfully dodges the Hypnosis and wipes Reisen out with two uses of Thief.

That's Green down. Afterwards, he gives me the Fame Checker, as in vanilla FR/LG.

Then I go and rampage up Nugget Bridge with Remilia. She does have to retreat against an Aya, but that gives Luna enough EXP to hit 28 and learn Thunderbolt over Shock Wave, so it worked out.

The Rocket Grunt at the end is a joke as usual. Past him is TM45: Energy Light. It's a pretty big upgrade to my team's moves, so I teach it to Yuyuko over Magical Leaf, Luna over Bullet Seed and AltMarisa over Thief.

Then I rampage east, mainly using Sakuya and Yuyuko, with the occasional tag in from AltMarisa. I eventually reach Bill who turned himself into a 9ball, so I defuse him from the Cirno. He gives the S.S. Anne Ticket and lets me look at his collection, which is four of the X Puppets: Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya and Sanae.

After that, I grind my entire team to 30 in preparation for the Cerulean Gym. The main moveset updates here are Sakuya replacing Knife Wave with Sculpture and Suika replacing Rock Tomb with Rock Slide.

In spite of her Fire-typing, AltMarisa mows down the Cerulean Gym Trainers like it's nothing, through her access to Drought, her high special attack and her Anti-Water coverage in Shock Wave and Energy Light.


So we face Misty after healing.


First up is Sanae, facing AltMarisa. Energy Light rips her to shreds.


Komachi suffers the same fate.


And Suwako.


Wakasagi proves to be a more resilient obstacle, tanking Energy Light well and putting AltMarisa to sleep, though not before AltMarisa catches her with a Thunder Wave. Unfortunately, due to multiple unlucky confusion procs, plus Wakasagi setting up Aqua Veil (Aqua Ring), AltMarisa goes down after a long and painful battle. Luna comes in and smites Wakasagi with a Thunderbolt.


Kisume's Sturdy (yep, Gen 5 Sturdy is a thing) saves it from one Thunderbolt hit, but not two.


And with that, Misty is toast. On top of the Cascadebadge, we get TM03: Water Pulse. Strangely, AltMarisa can learn it, but I opt not to teach it to her because it would conflict with her Drought shenanigans. I then move to beat up the Backyard Rocket and get TM28: Dig. Then I head on South to Vermillion.


The house that normally has the Old Rod in it instead has these three NPCs- the Move Relearner, the Move Deleter and the Name Rater- all free, of course. Yuyuko replaces Confuse Ray with Will-O-Wisp, and AltMarisa replaces Shock Wave with Icy Wind.

After grinding the team to 33 (except AltMarisa, who's already level 35), I head to the S.S. Anne and cut a swathe through the trainers there.


As I'm moving towards my Rival, Luna hits 36 evolves into ELuna.


Here's Green again.


Aya is first. Remilia attempts to slug it out with Aya, but gets walloped by Steel Wing for her troubles. Sakuya cleans up.


Leaving nothing to chance against Reisen and her Hypnosis antics, AltMarisa comes in and roasts it with a Sun-Boosted Mystical Fire.


Momiji gets decked in the face by Drain Punch.


I CALL HAX! The Light Fairies don't evolve until Level 36! I would know, that's the level my Luna evolved at! AltMarisa manages to paralyse it with Thunder Wave, but then drops due to Swagger confusion. Suika comes in and drops ESunny with a Rock Slide.


Yeah, and you're cheating! Sunny doesn't evolve until level 36, jerk! Anyway, you know what happens next. Seasick captain and of course...


HM01, Cut. As is Touhoumon tradition it's a Steel-type move. Remilia learns it over Snarl. Outside Vermillion Gym, though, something interesting is there.


This Fairy is telling you the order in which to do things: It's Vermillion Gym first, then after that, it's best to return to Gensokyo, though you could if you so wish return to Gensokyo first, as you only need Cut to do so.

Despite being an electric gym, the enemies inside are weak enough that Remilia can wipe them out with Crunch. It helps that the first trainer had CKirisame and Tojiko, both weak to Dark.


After doing the obligatory gate puzzle, it's time to fight Surge.


Not a good start. CKirisame is first and wipes out Suika with a single Mana Burst. Remilia wipes it out in revenge.


Whatever possessed Surge to send a Ghost-type out against Remilia, I'll never know. Crunch wipes Raiko out.


Iku comes in against AltMarisa, who bombards it with Mystical Fires. Iku decides to Thunder Wave and dip.


Chiyuri, the one who came in in response, drops to Energy Light, its Bubblebeam bouncing right off due to Sun. AltMarisa forgets Thunder Wave here to learn Aura Sphere.


Sakuya wastes no time in using Sculpture to off Kanako.

Iku comes back in and slugs it out with Yuyuko, but loses.


EShou is last, so I bring in ELuna.


Two Energy Lights does away with EShou.

With Surge defeated, he gives me TM34: Shock Wave, as well as the Thunderbadge. With that out of the way, It's time to return to Gensokyo. I head on through Yamame's Tunnel acquiring HM06: Rock Smash from Prof. Oak's Aide along the way, which I teach to Sakuya (It's 60 BP in this hack). I then return to Hakurei Shrine, and Reimu warns me of tremors around the Shrine. Turns out a certain Celestial is causing trouble...


So we fight Tenshi.


Iku's up first, but knowing a disaster where I see it, given how much Suika took from Sonicboom, I swap into Sakuya and Sculpture to off Iku.


I get into Suika vs. Suika wars here. Somehow, their Suika outspeeds despite being 3 levels lower and drops my Suika. it also takes Yuyuko down with two Knock Offs, and Remilia with a Rock Slide, before AltMarisa finally offs it with an Aura Sphere.


ETenshi comes in next, and the jerk has Accelerock, which it uses to dumpster AltMarisa. This is going really badly. ELuna comes in and drops ETenshi with an Energy Light.


Namazu is no threat, Energy Light destroys it, even critting for maximum overkill.


ELuna can't hit Eiki Super-effectively, so I opt to Paralyse it with Thunder Wave before blasting away with Thunderbolt. It sets up a Safeguard before dropping, though- not that it matters, since that was Tenshi's last Puppet.

Tenshi leaves in a huff, then Reimu directs me towards the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, where the residents are getting antsy. I eventually end up at Eientei, and inside, I speak to Tewi, who just gives me a Lucky Egg. She also mentions Maribel is in Gensokyo somewhere.

I head into the eastern room first, where Kaguya is frustrated over Shiny Hunting.


So we battle her to help her vent it out.


CReisenII is no threat whatsoever and drops to Remilia's Crunch.


EKaguya on the other hand is a threat. It tanks through AltMarisa's SE, Sun-Boosted, STAB Mystical Fire and one-shots her with Rock Gale.

It also tanks through Remilia's Crunch and does the same. Suika eventually takes her down, though.


Tewi is third and gets clocked by Drain Punch.


Sakuya, her fourth, crits with Mana Punch to down Suika, so I send in my own Sakuya to wreck it with Rock Smash. It's close, though, because I spend time reviving my fainted team members.


Reisen is fifth. It gets a glare off on Remilia, but is then destroyed by Crunch.


Eirin is last. It barely survives Remilia's Crunch before Poison Bombing Remi to 1 HP. I swap into Suika at this, but Mana Burst takes her out. ELuna is also taken out, but manages to fire off a Thunderbolt first. AltMarisa comes in and cleans up with Mystical Fire. Sakuya attempts to evolve as well, but I stop her.

Kaguya then directs us towards Mokou, who may have one of Patchouli's tomes. Before that, though, I temporarily box Sakuya and Suika to get a gift from Eirin. A CKaguya and a CEirin, both of which are forced to be Shiny. They also came holding rare items: CEirin holding a Lansat Berry and CKaguya holding a Starf Berry. As I'm heading back through the Bamboo Forest to retrieve Sakuya and Suika, though...


ANOTHER SHINY?! I try to catch it, but unfortunately I underestimated just how strong ELuna's Energy Light was, which one-shot the Shiny CWriggle. Oh well, I probably wouldn't have used it anyway. I then head back into the Bamboo Forest and head to a different sub-area, which is where Mokou's waiting.


She mistakes us for one of Kaguya's assassins and attacks!


Strangely, her first puppet is a Kaguya... who immediately uses Memento.


Second is Futo. She uses Force Palm, but Suika tanks it and one-shots in return with Rock Slide.


Third is Keine. She brings Suika down with a Mana Burst, but then crumbles in the face of AltMarisa's Mystical Fire.


Kagerou comes in, but stands no chance against Luna's Energy Light.


Fifth is the scariest puppet on her team: AMokou. Between the sun AltMarisa set up and an SE Blaze Kick, Sakuya stands no chance of surviving. It outspeeds AltMarisa too and downs it with Rock Slide. And ELuna gets outsped too and annihilated by Blaze Kick. It also has Accelerock so Remilia fails to do anything against it, so that's a wipe. Yuyuko gets mauled, too. Time to grind, I guess.



Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I opt to evolve Remilia into ERemilia and Suika into ESuika.

This time goes much better. Kaguya still uses Memento, and while ERemilia goes down to Futo, requiring Sakuya to revenge kill, Kagerou gets wiped out by ESuika's Drain Punch...


So does AMokou, and Keine too.


Last is her Mokou. It gets into a Drain Punch war with ESuika, which it loses, despite the type advantage. After that, we explain the situation to Mokou, and then Keine shows up and hands us the Azure Tome, the second of Patchouli's lost tomes. Strangely, we can't actually return it to Patchouli yet, so we return to Kanto. The Old Amber equivalent has been moved, but instead, there's a new set of stairs going down in the Pewter Museum.



Turns out we can revive fossils here! So I do so and acquire CHakurei and CKirisame. After that, I return to Cerulean and start heading eastwards towards Rock Tunnel, and there's where I'll end things off for this update!
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It continues! I may have missed a day, but that doesn't mean this run is dead!

Last time, I beat the first three Gyms, acquired the second of Patchouli's tomes and evolved multiple team members. Today, I'm making may way through Rock Tunnel and towards Celadon!

Nothing particularly interesting happens during the trek east, save for me acquiring TM40: Aerial Ace, Yuyuko learning Spectral Ray (a 120 BP, 85% accurate Ghost-type move) and catching an Eiki so I can get the Everstone from Professor Oak's Aide at the Mt. Moon Pokemon Center, which I give to Sakuya so I can use her in battle without having to cancel the evolution to ESakuya constantly. Rock Tunnel's first floor also appears as Normal...


It's once you reach the second floor that things have changed- the floor's all iced over, with the encounters altered to match- the first floor has puppets like Yuugi and Kisume, but the second has puppets like Letty and Mai. Other than that, though, it's still Rock Tunnel as usual.


That is, until the end, where there's another area, the Silent Summit. Like the Scarlet Cavern in Mt. Moon, we need a later HM to get to the deepest part, this time needing Strength (And it's Mt. Ember's interior maps, so there's likely a legendary there), so we leave it for now. I do get TM31: Shield Break (Brick Break) on the way out, though.

After making it to Lavender Town, I make a Beeline to Celadon, hoping to buy Moon Stones there.


My hopes were swiftly crushed as the Wiseman Gifts now instead sells hold items. Notably the Type Boosters, Focus Bands, Bento Boxes (Leftovers), Scope Lenses, King's Rocks, White Herbs, Mental Herbs and Plush Dolls (Poke Dolls).


My hopes are then reinvigorated as it turns out the second floor is where the Evolution Stones are! I buy 3 Moon Stones. Two for now, one for later.


Sakuya evolves into TSakuya with one.

TSakuya: Steel/Dark-type. Serene Grace/Focus (Compound Eyes) for abilities. 95 HP/60 Atk/55 Def/135 SpA/70 SpD/120 Spe. She's a fast special attacker.

Her design is based on the Koumajou Densetsu games, Scarlet Symphony and Stranger's Requiem, more commonly known as Touhouvania, which is likely what the T stands for.


The other Moon Stone evolves Yuyuko into AltYuyuko.

AltYuyuko: Ghost/Ice-type. Healing (Shed Skin)/Levitate for abilities. 100 HP/60 Atk/70 Def/110 SpA/80 Spd/120 Spe. Like TSakuya she's a fast special attacker, though a bit bulkier.

AltYuyuko, otherwise known as the Tiny Ghost Mistress, is the second of the Touhou Lost Word puppets.

She's one of the two stars of Chapter 3, Hakugyoku Arena. In the universe this Yuyuko hails from, the Saigyou Ayakashi is on the verge of blooming and destroying the world, and in order to stop it, it must constantly be sated with souls. The fights in the titular arena are to decide who gets sacrificed, and the rules are enforced by this tiny Yuyuko and her Youmu (we'll talk about her a bit more later, and go in-depth about the intricacies of Chapter 3).

Anyways, I also make sure to give the little girl at the top of the Department Store some drinks to acquire TMs 16, 20 and 33, which are Light Screen, Safeguard and Reflect, respectively, and get the Tea and give it to the Saffron guards to open up the borders of Saffron, which I immediately make use of to overhaul TSakuya's and AltYuyuko's movesets. AltYuyuko replaces Will-O-Wisp with Hypnosis, Energy Light with Aura Sphere and Astonish with Icy Wind. TSakuya, meanwhile, replaces all four of her moves: Icicle Fall with ExtraSensory, Thief with Dark Pulse, Sculpture with Sonicboom and Rock Smash with Glare. After that, I return to Lavender to fight my rival.


Obligatory joke here.


EAya's first. It wallops AltYuyuko with Steel Wing after tanking Icy Wind, but gets revenged by ELuna.


EKomachi tanks a Thunderbolt and brings ELuna down with Drawn Line. AltMarisa comes in and revenges with Aura Sphere, learning Mana Charge in the process.


EShou BARELY tanks the Aura Sphere and Rock Slides AltMarisa into oblivion. TSakuya comes in and cleans up.


Fifth is ESunny who wipes ESuika out with an Energy Light before falling prey to ERemilia's Wing Attack.


Last is EReisen, who eats dirt by way of TSakuya's Dark Pulse.


Ghosts are still Ghosts, so we have to beat the Rocket Hideout before we can scale the tower further. Before that, though...


I should probably go beat up Erika so I don't forget to get the badge. You'd think AltMarisa would be perfect for this Gym but it's actually not. Many of Erika's Puppets have Chlorophyll meaning they abuse AltMarisa's sun shenanigans for their own gain.


If that wasn't enough, she leads with a Rock Gale EMamizou who slaughters AltMarisa with Rock Gale. It wipes ESuika out with two Earth Powers, but then gets revenged by AltYuyuko's Icy Wind.


In this Yuyuko-off, EYuyuko BARELY tanks AltYuyuko's Spectral Ray then Icy Wind and takes the lil' ghostie out with two Shadow Balls. Erika heals with a Hyper Potion afterwards, but TSakuya gets two Dark Pulses to wipe it out.


EKaguya gets utterly demolished by ERemilia's Crunch. Two of 'em takes it out, while Remi tanks a Signal Beam counterattack.


ELuna Nasty Plots in TSakuya's face, only to get one-shot by Sonicboom.

EMedicine (who I forgot to screenshot) takes TSakuya down with two Signal Beams, but not before getting Paralysed by Glare and taking two Sonicbooms to the face. It also takes ELuna down with a Poison Bomb before ERemilia wipes it out, though its Poison Point poisons ERemilia.


EYuuka tanks ERemilia's Wing Attack and wipes it out with Hyper Beam. It attempts to heal out of OHKO range by using Dream Eater on AltMarisa, but the healing isn't enough and Mystical Fire roasts it.

Erika gives us TM19: Giga Drain. After that, I raid the Rocket Hideout, which goes as in vanilla. The main difference is the presence of TM12: Taunt, TM21: Razor Wind and TM49: Soar. The latter was a very welcome addition as it immediately gets taught to ERemilia over Wing Attack.


Time to go make Giovanni scram.


The battle starts terribly, with AltYuyuko getting demolished by ERemilia's Heart Break. ESuika takes revenge with Rock Slide.


AChen does the potentially scary move of getting off a Power Trance (Shell Smash) and slamming ERemilia with Accelerock, but ERemilia survives and KOes with Cut.


EYuugi drops like a chump to ELuna's Energy Light.


So does ETenshi.

Which means Giovanni just got wrecked. After that, I return to the tower. The first floor has naught but Kokoros, Yoshikas and Tojikos, of both the Chibi and normal varieties. Floor 2 contains Prismrivers, Yuyukos and Youmus, one of the latter I capture and put on the team, before using the remaining Moon Stone on it.


AltYoumu: Ghost/Electric. Shadow Tag/Intimidate for abilities. 75 HP/115 Atk/65 Def/115 SpA/65 SpD/100 Spe.

Dex Entry: Known as the Mysterious Sword Saint, she wields her dual blades with both ferocity and skill.

The third and final of the Touhou Lost Word Puppets. AltYoumu is the Youmu who accompanies AltYuyuko in enforcing the rules of the Hakugyoku Arena, but there's a lot more to cover. Also there's technically an error in her Dex entry- in Touhou Lost Word, her title is Mysterious Sword Master, not Mysterious Sword Saint.

In reality, the Mysterious Sword Master doesn't originate from the same universe as the Tiny Ghost Mistress, but came in from another universe after the original Youmu of that world disappeared and became a vessel for the Saigyou Ayakashi due to her repeated failures in attempting to stop Yuyuko from making the tree bloom, resulting in Yuyuko's death- as that Youmu had acquired the ability to 'cut through time', essentially subjecting herself to a groundhog day loop. This is also why the Tiny Ghost Mistress is, well, tiny. She used to be as tall as the mainline Yuyuko, but the Mysterious Sword Master's constant jumping through time (Through a crystal containing the memories of that Universe's original Youmu, the Mysterious Sword Master also gained the ability to cut through time) caused reality to distort around Yuyuko, turning her into the Tiny Ghost Mistress. The loop the protagonists, which in this case are the player character and the heroines of PCB (Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya) appear in would be her last for two reasons. One: Because any future loops ran the risk of erasing Yuyuko from reality outright, and Two: Because it happens to be the loop where she succeeds- with the help of the player character and a blue Reimu from another world, she manages to figure out the Lost Words for that universe- Roukanken and Hakurouken, the names of her Swords.

She's basically a cross between Youmu Konpaku and Homura Akemi. They even share the same purple and black colour scheme and a pink-haired person they've sworn to protect!

I then get AltYoumu up to speed. Along the way, she learns useful moves like Thunder Punch and Force Palm, as well as learning Blaze Kick from the Move Relearner, to help alongside Shadow Punch, which she learned upon evolving.

After that, I resume scaling the tower. AltYoumu makes it almost too easy, and learns Battle Chant along the way for her troubles over Force Palm. By the top is TM30: Shadow Ball, which I teach to AltYuyuko over Spectral Ray.


The Ghost this time is Mima. Like the Marowak in Vanilla, it can't be caught, so I don't bother trying (We'll get a chance at Mima later). After that, ERemilia mauls the grunts up at the top, saving Mr. Fuji. What is important is the yellow Tombstone behind him.


It says this, but...


That's obviously not quite the case, as we get warped to Hakugyokurou from here. Immediately outside the exit is the Magic Tome, the book Marisa guided us towards. Ascending up the stairs gets us accosted by a bunch of Ghosts who attack us. The problem for them is that I'm borderline overequipped to kill Ghost-types, which they exclusively use. Unfortunately even more ghosts spawn in, but before they can take us, we're instructed to duck as they get Master Sparked into oblivion.

Marisa shows up and reveals her bamboozle before apologizing for it. In return for our troubles, she gives us the Golden Tome, the third of Patchouli's lost books. She figures she's got it memorized anyway so she figured there'd be no point in not giving it to us for our troubles. She also casts a spell to protect us from the ghosts here so we're safe for now.

After that, we head on into the main Hakugyokurou building, and are immediately challenged by a very bored pink-haired ghost.


Oh, hello Yuyuko.


Youki's first. It tanks ERemilia's Crunch and wastes her with Drawn Line. Yuyuko uses a Hyper Potion to heal, but it doesn't save Youki from AltYuyuko's Shadow Ball.


EYuyuko cannot put out enough damage to stop AltMarisa from setting up a Mana Charge in her face and then roasting her with Mystical Fire.


Yuyuko's own AltYuyuko comes out here, but her Shadow Ball falls JUST short of a KO, allowing AltMarisa to roast her.


TSakuya outspeeds Yuyuko's AltYoumu and one-shots it with Dark Pulse.


EYukari tanks a Dark Pulse and Calm Minds, so TSakuya uses Glare before using Dark Pulse again. She tanks one Signal Beam, but a second wipes her out. My own AltYoumu comes in to smash EYukari here. EYukari's bulk lets it live two Shadow Punches and fire a Shadow Ball back, but AltYoumu tanks it and finishes EYukari off.


EEiki is last. It tanks a Shadow Ball from AltYuyuko and fires back with Sonicboom, but AltYuyuko survives and finishes it with another Shadow Ball.

For our troubles, Yuyuko hands us HM02: Fly. Additionally, Youmu also gives us the Flute, which we can use to wake the sleeping puppets. I immediately head out to do so, capturing one of the Genjis and KOing the other. I also gets TMs 10 and 27: Hidden Power and Return, respectively, as I make my way towards Fuschia. Along the way, AltMarisa drops Mystical Fire to learn Heat Wave- a welcome boost in power. Lastly, right outside of Fuschia was TM18: Rain Dance.

Immediately upon entering Fuschia, I hotfoot it straight to the Safari Zone, which is full of goodies, including TMs 11, 32, 42 and 47: Sunny Day, Spikes, Mana Punch and Facade, respectively, as well as, of course, HM03: Surf, from the Secret House, and the Gold Teeth. The lucky puppet to get Surf was actually, oddly enough, AltYuyuko, who replaces Aura Sphere with it. The only other Puppet who could learn Surf was AltMarisa and we all know why I don't teach her Water-type moves.

With that done, I leave and head to the Warden's house to trade the Gold Teeth for HM04: Strength. Say, wasn't there somewhere I needed Strength to go?

Indeed, I fly back to Lavender town and, using CHakurei from the box, head into the Silent Summit from Rock Tunnel. There awaits a sole figure.


Here's Konngara!


Whoops! It whited me out as I tried to catch it! Let's try that again!


And this time I KOed it because Remilia's Fire Punch burned! Redo!


Third try's a nope too. Whited out. I'm just gonna stop mentioning it until it finally stays in the ball.


And it turns out the very next try was it. It did knock out AltYoumu and CHakurei, though.


Next up is Koga. I'm not using Kongarra for this, though.


ENue Toxics AltMarisa as she sets up Mana Charge, then launches a Poison Bomb, but fails to KO and thus melts under the power of +2 Sun-Boosted Heat Wave.


Ayana (a midboss from Mystic Square, btw) shows up and finishes AltMarisa off. She gets into Status Wars with AltYuyuko, hitting the Tiny Ghost with Toxic as it puts her to sleep, but AltYuyuko's Healing (Shed Skin) triggers and gets rid of the Poison.


Koga gets Ayana out of there and brings in ERumia on a Shadow Ball. Predicting an incoming Dark move, I swap into ESuika. ERumia uses Toxic, but gets decked by Drain Punch. Ayana comes back in and gets obliterated by TSakuya's Sonicboom.


AltYuyuko misses her first Hypnosis against EHina and gets hit by Toxic, but Healing triggers immediately. AltYuyuko doesn't miss her second Hypnosis, and then fires three Shadow Balls at EHina, with the third critting for the KO.


I attempt to have AltYoumu Shadow Punch Noroiko (Midboss from Story of Eastern Wonderland), but she gets wrecked by Shadow Ball. Remilia comes in and forces Koga to waste his Hyper Potions, but drops to two Poison Bombs. TSakuya eventually puts the menace down with a Dark Pulse.


AEirin is last. AltYuyuko manages to do a number on it with Shadow Balls and Hypnosis, but due to unlucky fast wake-ups plus a Sitrus Berry, AEirin manages to off her with two Mana Punches. Thankfully, TSakuya is there to clean up, dispatching her with Dark Pulse.

Koga gives us TM06: Toxic, and we can now use Surf outside of battle. Unfortunately, the Scarlet Chamber also requires Waterfall, as I just learned, so I have to wait until later to fight the boss within. What isn't blocked off, however, is the Power Plant! I head there and within are some goodies. Amongst others, there's TMs 17 and 25: Protect and Thunder, respectively.

With that, I head off to the Zapdos expy (Kongarra was Moltres, since Silent Summit was the inner Mt. Ember maps). Surely it should be Elis like in other Touhoumon games, ri-


VIVIT? Okay.


VIVIT only took one try because I remembered to pack Ultra Balls this time.

There is actually one more Legendary available to me, but I think I'll leave that for next update.
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Out of curiosity what are Energy Light's effects? I'm guessing solarbeamish since it's on AMarisa but wasn't sure.

Puppet fossils are kinda funny

I'm curious how you'll take on some of the later fights, any puppets in particular you're looking out for to use?


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I can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure Energy Light is just Energy Ball. Going by the game's description, and its Base power and accuracy being identical to Energy Ball's, it certainly seems to just be Energy Ball.

Solarbeam does exist in this game though. I just haven't found the TM for it yet. You can bet that once I find it, that's going straight onto AltMarisa.
any puppets in particular you're looking out for to use?
I've already got the main three I was looking out for, those being AltMarisa, AltYuyuko (and mine's a Shiny!) and AltYoumu.
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Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
I've already replied to the only comment I got, so I'll just continue without a replies section (also a three day gap this time.)

Last Time, I formed my team with a bunch of Moon Stone evolutions, retrieved the Golden Tome from Marisa, got Fly from Yuyuko and the Flute from Youmu, and blew through Koga and Erika. This time, I'll be doing various things across Kanto before progressing any further. I still have to go beat Silph Co. and Sabrina (Strangely, you're supposed to do this before Koga, not after).

My first order of business is to do an in-game trade in Cerulean. There, I can trade a Keine...


For an Akyuu. This replaces the Poliwhirl for Jynx trade.

Afterwards, I head to Yamame Cave. At about the midway point, there's a Strength Rock, which I move out of the way.


This leads into a small room, which itself leads to...


The Ruins of Vina. Inside, there's a triangle akin to Deoxys'. It doesn't move though, interacting just triggers a battle.


Oh, so HERE'S where Elis was!


It took me a few tries because Elis kept KOing my status inflictor (AltYuyuko), but I eventually get it after enough tries.

With Elis caught, I head out to Saffron City. I get TM29: Mana Burst (Psychic) from Mr. Psychic.

The Fighting Dojo is unfortunately closed for now, so we can't get a reward from it yet And in this case there's only one fighting Dojo reward: LMokou at level 70. so we move on Silph Co.

I beat up a bunch of grunts, some even starting to use EX Puppets like EWriggle, and loot the place, getting my hands on some nice stuff, including TM01: Focus Punch, TM08: Bulk Up, TM24: Thunderbolt, TM36: Poison Bomb and TM41: Signal Beam. AltMarisa drops Mana Charge to learn Thunderbolt.


After combing the place from top to bottom and beating up all the Rockets, I go to take on Green.


EAya drops to a single Sonicboom from TSakuya.


EShou stands no chance against AltYuyuko's Surf.


EReisen gets cooked by AltMarisa's Heat Wave.


AltMarisa also dispatches EKomachi by way of Aura Sphere.


ERemilia drops Sunny with a Soar.

That was easy. Then again, I did do things out of order.

As I move ahead, I speak to the Silph employee in the room and he gives us a Kikuri.


And then it's time for Giovanni.


EYamame outspeeds AltMarisa and drops her with Earthquake. AltYuyuko comes in and revenges with two Icy Winds.


ERemilia ALMOST OHKOs Yuugi with Soar, but it barely hangs on. It tries to heal back up with Drain Punch, but ERemilia's Soar does too much damage, and it drops.


Giovanni sends in his own ERemilia at this point, but it gets a bunch of rocks dropped on it by ESuika.


AChen and TSakuya both nearly OHKO each other with Earthquake and Sonicboom, respectively, but AChen also has Accelerock which it uses to get the jump on TSakuya for the KO. AltYoumu finishes AChen off with a Shadow Punch.


I really need to get Ice Beam sooner rather than later. ETenshi takes Icy Wind and drops AltYuyuko with Earthquake. It also tanks AltYoumu's Battle Chant to KO with Earthquake as well, but ESuika comes in and finishes it off with her newly learned Close Combat.

With that, Saffron is freed from Team Rocket's grasp, and I get a Heaven Orb (Master Ball) for my troubles.


So I immediately go and challenge Sabrina. I don't expect this to be too hard- my team's honestly overequipped to fight Psychic-types.


EYukari and TSakuya get into Signal Beam vs. Dark Pulse wars. TSakuya won, though it was difficult due to a combination of Sabrina healing, it having an Apicot berry, and TSakuya getting confused by Signal Beam.


AReisen crits with Aura Sphere to one-shot AltMarisa. Shadow Ball also one-shots AltYoumu. It two-shots AltYuyuko and one-shots ERemilia, so I sacrifice ESuika to revive AltYuyuko to bring the menace down, since AReisen was otherwise going to sweep.

ARan comes out and sweeps the rest of my team. So I decide to leave it for later (way tougher than I was expecting, oof), because my team is just not equipped to deal with that one-two punch of ARan and AReisen. While I'm at it, I stop by the Day Care Island (which can be accessed behind Pallet Town) and leave ELuna and Kedama in the Daycare to get a CLuna egg. After grinding most of my team to level 54, I return and grab the CLuna Egg and retrieve ELuna. I can then, in the subway entrance south of Cerulean is the replacement for the Nidoran trade: In this instance, it's Luna...


For a Sunny. Solaria here even comes holding an Amulet Coin. I then breed Solaria with my Kedama to get a CSunny Egg, hatch it and evolve it into Sunny. East of Vermillion is another in-game trade, replacing the Nidorino trade:


This time, it's Sunny for Star. Nova comes with a Smoke Ball. After that, I breed CHakurei with Kedama. This gets the Farfetch'd trade equivalent.


Which this time, is CHakurei for CSendai. She has a Focus Band. Also I noted that In-game trades have perfect IVs (Or at least, Miko the CSendai did). Next, I fish up a Suwako from Viridian using the Super Rod.


Which immediately gets traded for Xingjun the Namazu (ey, Hisoutensoku reference!), replacing the Abra->Mr. Mime trade. Xingjun held Soft Sand. I also catch a Hikariko from just west of Fuschia (which I was going to trade an ECirno for anyway, lol).

With my grinding done, I go challenge Sabrina again, this time with a different strategy in mind. Remilia sets up six Tailwinds in EYukari's face thanks to her Bento Box, though EYukari manages to survive one Crunch due to setting up Reflect, but goes down with repeated hits.


EByakuren never stood a chance.


Nor did AReisen.


Nor EPatchouli.


ESukuna? Pfft, yeah, right...


ARan? Not a chance.

That's kind of the problem with the Yukari puppets; they're setup fodder.

With Sabrina toast, I get my hands on TM04: Calm Mind. After that, it's back to Gensokyo. As I'm heading south from Hakurei Shrine though...


I get bumped into by this green-haired girl. She's also from the outside- yep, it's Sanae.


She requests a battle, so we oblige.


ERemilia sets up a Tailwind as EReimu sets up Calm Mind. The two then trade blows: Crunch vs Holy Needle. Unfortunately, Remilia loses that fight since Dark is weak to Faith. ESuika comes in and buries EReimu under a pile of rocks.


Sanae throws out her giant robot, Tensoku, next, but it gets mauled by ESuika's Close Combat.


EKanako stares down AltYuyuko, but due to some REALLY unlucky misses and an early wakeup on EKanako's part, AltYuyuko goes down. ESuika slams her with Rock Slide to clean up.


AltMarisa's Thunderbolt does a lot less than I was hoping, and I realize she stands no chance of beating ESanae, even under the sun, so I swap into AltYoumu. Problem is, AltYoumu's Volt Tackle just barely misses the KO and she gets wiped by Extrasensory. TSakuya cleans up with her own Extrasensory.


ESuwako comes in and destroys TSakuya with Earth Power, but not before being Paralysed by Glare. I'm forced to use Max Revives to avoid a whiteout here, though, as AltMarisa can't beat ESuwako here. I revive AltYuyuko and ERemilia, and AltYuyuko Shadow Balls ESuwako twice to take it down.


Last is JKSanae, who immediately sets rain up with Drizzle and proceeds to maul AltYuyuko with Hydro Pump. I revive AltMarisa as it brings down ERemilia, and then revive AltYuyuko again, but as I do, I get the mother of all lucky breaks and AltMarisa gets two Focus Band procs in a row, letting her reduce JKSanae's speed with Icy Wind. This lets AltYuyuko clean up by using Hypnosis to put JKSanae to sleep before spamming Shadow Ball.

Afterwards, Sanae directs me towards the Misty Lake, where it turns out a certain baka found one of Patchouli's tomes.

Also nearby is the Misty Cavern. Going in, I find something I wasn't expecting to find:


Here's the first Last Word Puppet I can find, LKaguya!


LKaguya wasn't too tough to catch thanks to AltYuyuko's Hypnosis. She came packing the moves Mirror Coat, Hydro Pump, Ingrain and her signature move, End of the Imperishable Night (Abbreivated to "IN End" in game), a Grass-type Reversal.

Anyway, back to Cirno. She asks me to go beat up the Light Fairies in exchange for the book. Their base is Northwest of Alice's House. We explain the situation to them...


And they accept the challenge and charge right at me.


ELilyBlack is first. She uses Skitter Rush (Bug-type Fake Out) and Shield Break to do a number on ESuika, but gets bopped by Rock Slide.


ESunny sets up a Nasty Plot, but this lets ERemilia set up Tailwind and annihilate her with Soar.


EStar gets wiped out by Soar as well.


ELuna melts under the raw destructive power of AltMarisa's Heat Wave.


So does ELilyWhite.


And EDaiyousei.

With their defeat, the Light Fairies opt to hotfoot it out of there, so I fly back to the SDM, heal up and talk to Cirno, who rewards me with the Aqua Tome.

With that done, I return to Kanto. From there, I start exploring the Seafoam Islands. There, I find a number of neat items, including TM14: Blizzard and more importantly, TM13: Ice Beam, which AltMarisa and AltYuyuko immediately replace Icy Wind with.

At the bottom of the Seafoam Islands is another legendary triangle.


This one contains Toyohime (The Watatsukis are like legendaries in this, akin to Elis and co.).


It took three tries, one of which was due to me derping and blowing up Toyohime with TSakuya's Dark Pulse. Afterwards, I make my way to Cinnabar and get the Old Amber, which becomes Yuugenma(gan) when revived, and find two more ingame trades: EAya for Tenma and Star for Luna. After that, I head into the Cinnabar Mansion, which has a bunch of goodies, though the big ones are some Choice Specs, HM07: Waterfall, TM22: Solarbeam and TM35: Flamethrower, as well as the Secret Key.

Then I go challenge Blaine.


AltMarisa barely misses the OHKO on ESuika, so ESuika responds with Rock Slide for the OHKO. Sun being up for the rest of the battle is rough, though.


Himawari cooks ERemilia with Fire Blast. Thankfully, it misses against my own AltMarisa, who cooks it with Heat Wave.


EMokou's Drain Punch wipes out AltMarisa, and while AltYoumu tanks a Fire Blast, AltYoumu KOes itself alongside EMokou due to Volt Tackle recoil.


TSakuya sacrifices itself to heal ESuika, who proceeds to not give a damn about ERin's Fire Blast, and buries it with Rock Slide.

EUtsuho (who I forgot to screenshot) wipes ESuika out with Aeroblast. I'm forced to stall until EUtsuho runs out of Fire Blasts, at which point AltYuyuko can take her down.


EFlandre is last. It wipes out AltYuyuko with a Fire Blast, but then uses Glare against ESuika, resulting in it taking ESuika's newly-learned Rock Wrecker to the face for a one-shot.

That was close...

With the VolcanoBadge, I can now use Waterfall, so a couple of areas open up. The first one is the Scarlet Chamber.


Inside awaits LRemilia, who proves particularly frustrating to try to capture because of her signature move, Dracula Cradle, a recoil move.


She does eventually stay in the ball, though!

Next stop is in Gensokyo, at the Split-Point Ruins, which has the Navel Rock split.


LYukari is at the top, replacing Ho-Oh.


Thankfully, her moveset is pretty harmless, consisting of Metronome, Psycho Boost, Her signature move, Gap (Assist) and one other move.


The bottom part instead has LKoishi, replacing Lugia.


LKoishi was particularly frustrating, but not for reasons you'd expect. Half of her moveset was harmless. Superego, her signature move, is Normal-type and thus just fails against AltYuyuko flat-out, and Imprison's only effect on my team would be disabling AltYoumu's Shadow Punch (which does nothing to her anyway). Shadow Punch is her third move, naturally, but it's her fourth, Skill Swap, that tended to give me a headache, precisely because my sleep inducer was AltYuyuko who has Healing.

Upon returning to Kanto, I drop ESuika from the team to add LKaguya to the team. After some grinding, I take on the Viridian Gym...


And eventually end up at Giovanni.

He leads with ESasha (who I forgot to screenshot), who's banded. I lead with AltYuyuko but immediately switch into TSakuya on a predicted Shadow Punch. From there, there's not a lot ESasha can do, and it goes down to Dark Pulse.


AChen comes out, so I sacrifice TSakuya to paralyse it with Glare. This allows AltMarisa to come in and obliterate it with Solarbeam.


EYamame is next, and promptly gets put on ice by AltMarisa's Ice Beam.


EYuugi is scary, but I figured LKaguya could handle it. Unfortunately, EYuugi one-shots her even through her gargantuan HP and defense with a Poison Jab. AltMarisa comes back in and Ice Beams it away.


ETenshi comes in, but AltYuyuko hits it with Hypnosis before it can do anything, then 2HKOs with Ice Beam, even through ETenshi's Sitrus Berry.


Last is ESuwako. AltYuyuko puts it to sleep, then swaps to AltMarisa who annihilates it with Solarbeam.

With Giovanni defeated, I have my final badge, and Giovanni gives me one hell of a gift for the league challenge in TM26: Earthquake.

I then proceed westwards from Viridian and...


Run straight into Green again.


EAya's Steel Wing does a number on AltYuyuko, but it ultimately falls to Ice Beam.


ETenshi's Poison Jab almost wipes LKaguya out, but she survives and one-shots with Surf.


EReisen gets flinched by TSakuya's first Dark Pulse, and drops to the second.


EShou meets a grisly end, courtesy of AltMarisa's Solarbeam.


ESunny wipes ERemilia out with two Sun-Boosted Flamethrowers, and does the same to AltMarisa by blocking Heat Wave with Flash Fire (D'oh!), but TSakuya paraflinches it out with Dark Pulse.


EKomachi sets up a Swords Dance on TSakuya, but eats Glare Paralysis, then fails to KO TSakuya with Drawn Line and falls to two Dark Pulses.

With Green defeated, I head into Victory Road and get some goodies, such as TM02: Heart Break (Which goes on Remilia over Crunch), TM07: Hail, TM37: Sandstorm, TM44: Rest and TM50: Overheat. Before I leave off this update, though, there was actually a legendary triangle in Victory Road, where Moltres was in the original RBY.


Yorihime is found here!


It only took one try.

The last thing to do this update is back in Gensokyo, specifically at Hakugyokurou. Speaking to the Saigyou Ayakashi at the back after defeating Giovanni spawns a puppet!


To the surprise of nobody (I hope) it's LYuyuko.


LYuyuko surprisingly enough only took a single ball. Huh.

Anyway, that's where I'll call this update. Next time, I take on the league!

Also, here are some dex entries to round out the update.

Kanto Dex #008: AltMarisa
Known as the Witch of Scarlet Dreams, she wields powerful magic that has the essence of dying stars.

Kanto Dex #086: AltYuyuko
Mistress of the Hakugyokurou Arena. A renowned chef, she often prepares food for guests from other worlds.
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The Fastest Thing Alive
Pokédex No.
Aug 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Dragon
Pokédex Entry
Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
And here we go again! The main reason this one took so long is because I kept getting sidetracked by things like the 3.0 release of Radical Red, but I'm finally getting this update done!

Last time I blew clean through the last 3 gyms and caught a ton of legendaries, as well as doing ingame trades. This time, I'll be taking on the league!


Lorelei is first up.


EYumemi gets cleaved in two by a single Heart Break.


AltYuyuko lands an Aura Sphere, but AltMarisa barely holds on and melts the tiny ghost with Heat Wave.


Ayana outspeeds TSakuya and blows her away with an Aura Sphere, but AltYoumu is there to clean up with Battle Chant, though not before taking an Ice beam.


ELetty goes down to Battle Chant as well.


EMai comes in and drops AltYoumu with Ice Beam, though its Air Slash bounces off of LKaguya's gargantuan bulk, and she gets dropped by Surf after setting up hail (and thus removing AltMarisa's Sun).


ACirno is last. She uses Glacial Bash to drop LKaguya in one hit after a Swords Dance, but takes a massive chunk from Surf.


Lorelei decides to heal at this point, so I take advantage of this to have AltMarisa utterly obliterate ACirno with a Heat Wave, ending the fight in my favour.


Second is Bruno.


EMeiling somehow outspeeds ERemilia and eviscerates it with Bolt Kick, so I have to put it to sleep with AltYuyuko and then obliterate it with AltMarisa's Heat Wave.


EIchirin can't hold up under the assault of the Witch of Scarlet Dreams either, and falls to Heat Wave.


AltMarisa misses her first Heat Wave against Rinnosuke, causing her to take a Drain Punch to the face. She survives and doesn't miss her second Heat Wave, melting Rinnosuke on the spot.


EYuugi's Accelerock leaves AltMarisa eating dirt, and through Poison Jab she gets one over LKaguya as well, but TSakuya finishes her off.


ESuika gets blown away by TSakuya's Sonicboom.

...But then I wipe to EMokou due to the Sun boosting its Blaze Kicks to the level where I can't tank them.

My next few attempts go horribly, so I decide it's time to EV train my team.


This house is in Fuschia City (right next to the Puppet Center), and features 6 trainers and a shopkeeper. The trainers sitting around the table all have six level 2 puppets of a single type who only know Memento, and the guy at the top-left is a shopkeeper who sells the EV-reducing berries. After grabbing the Macho Brace from the Viridian Gym (This is actually in vanilla Fire Red as well), I head over here and EV train my speedy attackers (That is to say, everybody but LKaguya) to be as fast as possible, and LKaguya to be as bulky as possible.

I then attempt the League again and it goes much better- I manage to smash clean through Lorelei's entire team with no damage whatsoever, as TSakuya and AltYoumu were fast enough to outspeed their entire team.

Bruno starts a lot better too- TSakuya outspeeds EMeiling and one-shots it with Extrasensory. This allows ERemilia to wipe out EIchirin,


AltYuyuko to wash out EMokou- or so I thought, EMokou lived on 1 HP, and wiped AltYuyuko out with Blaze Kick, but LKaguya finished the job.

AltMarisa then cleaned house against the rest of Bruno's team. On to the third fight!


Agatha's third.


EYoumu is extremely fast- it outspeeds my entire team, but luckily, that's why I built LKaguya to be a sturdy bruiser. She takes it out with one hit of Surf.


ETojiko stands no chance against TSakuya's Dark Pulse.


EKoishi gets crushed, as well.


AltYuyuko squares off against EYuyuko, but EYuyuko is too bulky and smites my tiny ghost with a Shadow Ball. AltMarisa comes in and roasts the sucker with Heat Wave.


EMurasa gets felled by AltMarisa's Solarbeam.


ELunasa is last. She survives one of AltYoumu's Shadow Punches, but flinches, which proves to be fatal for her chances of doing anything. Agatha attempts to heal, but it's no use, and ELunasa falls to two Shadow Punches. That's Agatha down!


As you may have expected given that this is just the Vanilla FR Elite Four, Lance is fourth. Since Dragons got excised, he specialises in the Faith-type instead.


EFuto is first. It devastates LKaguya with a Poison Jab, but the Last Word Puppet holds on and fires back with Mana Burst to one-shot EFuto.


ESanae attempts to Calm Mind in TSakuya's face, but it's no use- two Extrasensories does the job.


EByakuren's Psychic-typing does it no favours and leaves it open to Dark Pulse.


ESendai gets utterly mauled by ERemilia's Soar.


EMiko manages to land a Battle Chant on AltMarisa, but the witch survives and melts EMiko with Heat Wave.


EShinki is last. I derp here and forget to switch AltMarisa out, leading to her dropping like a rock, but then TSakuya comes in and destroys EShinki with Extrasensory. That's Lance down, but this is Fire Red story, and you know what that means.


Yeah, Green's the champion, we gotta take him down.


EAya is first. Her Brave Bird ravages LKaguya's HP, but she survives and fires back with Surf to take down the Recoil-ravaged EAya.


ETenshi is next, but she stands no chance against AltYuyuko's Surf.


EReisen outspeeds TSakuya, but she attempts to Mana Charge, which leads to her eating dirt by way of Dark Pulse.


EShou melts under the force of AltMarisa's Solarbeam.


EKomachi manages to bring down AltMarisa and AltYoumu (after ESunny did some work), before falling to TSakuya's Dark Pulse.


ESunny runs roughshod through the rest of my team, even outspeeding TSakuya. Since she has no shot at winning, when AltYuyuko comes in, I use her turn to heal LKaguya, who manages to tank through two Sun-boosted Flamethrowers and finish the fight with two Surfs.


And that's a victory for me! The maingame has been cleared! As we head into the Hall of Fame, though, Oak gives us a Key Item, a Dream Stone. This will unlock the first post-game dungeon. To access it, you have to sleep in your bed in Pallet Town.


This leads into a Dream World. It's a very short area, but at the end is the first post-game boss fight, against the Dream World sisters. Mugetsu is first, and she only has four puppets.


Her first, Ruukoto, drops to LKaguya's Surf, but not before hitting her with Toxic.


EMugetsu slugs it out with TSakuya and eventually overwhelms the lightning-speed maid, so AltYoumu comes in and cleans house with Volt Tackle.


I send in LKaguya to deal with the incoming Mimi-Chan, her Toxic Poison removed through Natural Cure. Mimi-Chan's Brave Bird stings, but LKaguya tanks through it with her phenomenal bulk and fires back with Surf to wipe Mimi-Chan out.


Genji is last. It attempts to Toxic AltYuyuko, but her Healing triggers immediately, and Genji falls to Ice Beam, only ever getting one turn in thanks to Sturdy.

We're immediately thrown into a battle against Gengetsu right after, who also only has four puppets.


You're not given a chance to heal between fights, so LKaguya is forced in first against Kirisame. I immediately switch to ERemilia, who tanks Kirisame's Signal Beam and wipes it out with Heart Break.


Mima takes heavy damage from Heart Break, but survives and drops ERemilia with a Thunderbolt. AltYuyuko comes in and attempts to take Mima down with Shadow Ball, but JUST misses the KO and drops to Dark Pulse. AltYoumu cleans up with Volt Tackle.


AltYoumu, feeling pumped, opts to totally overkill EGengetsu with a critical hit on her next Volt Tackle.


Hakurei is last. It drops AltYoumu with Extrasensory after tanking a Shadow Punch, but melts to AltMarisa's Heat Wave.

After their defeat, the Dream Demon sisters direct us to another Dream World, specifically mentioning the mansion Mugenkan, where another of Patchouli's Tomes is. So we sleep in our bed again.


Naturally, we end up at the Lake of Blood, and Kurumi is there standing guard, and doesn't want to let us enter Mugenkan. So naturally, it's a fight.


EOrange is first. It can't do much to AltYuyuko and drops to Ice Beam.


Noroiko comes in. She barely tanks AltYuyuko's Shadow Ball and replies with a Shadow Ball of their own, taking AltYuyuko down and forcing AltYoumu to come in and clean up with Shadow Punch.


MagiStones (The Five Magic Stones from Story of Eastern Wonderland- yes, they are an actual puppet in this game) can't do much to TSakuya, and falls to two Dark Pulses.


UngaikyoD (A midboss from Lotus Land Story) falls to a single Extrasensory from TSakuya.


EElly stands no chance against AltMarisa's Heat Wave.


EKurumi manages to survive a Heat Wave and attempts to heal out of range with Dream Eater, but it's not enough and the second one burns her to ashes.

With Kurumi defeated, she concedes and takes us to Mugenkan. Elly's waiting at the front gate.


Like Kurumi, Elly's first puppet is an EOrange and goes down the exact same way.


Her second puppet is EYuuka, who slams AltMarisa with Hyper Beam. However, AltMarisa survives and fires back with Heat Wave to wipe the flower master out.


Hikariko stands no chance against AltMarisa's Heat Wave.


Nor does ERika.


EKurumi fails to accomplish anything against TSakuya, only landing a weak hit with Giga Drain, and getting wasted by TSakuya's Extrasensory for her troubles.


Like against Kurumi, EElly is burnt to a crisp by AltMarisa's Heat Wave. With that, Elly is forced to let us pass.

Inside, before the actual mansion, is a Teleporter Maze. Luckily, it's not too difficult and I make it through without much issue, even taking into account the generic ghosts littering the maze.


At the entrance of the mansion is its owner, Yuuka. She doesn't want to hand the book over for free, so we battle her.


Matenshi would give a rude awakening to anybody who thinks about trying to KO it in one hit due to its Multigraze ability, so I play around this by having AltYuyuko put it to sleep and then slamming it with two Ice Beams.


AltYuyuko barely misses an OHKO against EYuuka, and she gets one-shot by a crit Dream Eater in return. ERemilia finishes EYuuka off with Soar.


ERemilia gets cooked by Hikariko's Thunderbolt, but Hikariko then gets offed by LKaguya's Surf.


UngaikyoD finishes off LKaguya with a Poison Bomb, but then falls to TSakuya's Extrasensory.


Are you getting tired of seeing these EEllys getting cooked by AltMarisa's Heat Wave yet?


Or EKurumis getting totally invalidated by TSakuya? Either way, EKurumi was Yuuka's last, so that's a win for me!

With Yuuka defeated, she hands us the Jade Tome before directing us to Youkai Mountain in Gensokyo. It's here, though, where I take an intermission and head to Saffron City. Since we've beaten the League, the Fighting Dojo is open! I immediately wreck face (ERemilia takes out all the ordinary trainers, LKaguya takes out the boss) and claim my prize:


LMokou! She's a devastatingly strong Fire/Ground-type Special Attacker with exclusive access to the move Fujiyama Volcano (In-game, abbreviated to Fujiyama VOL), essentially a reskinned Eruption (Not coincidentally, it's the exact opposite effect of LKaguya's IN End).

With LMokou acquired, I return to Gensokyo and head eastwards from the Scarlet Devil Mansion to reach the Mountain Road. However, as I'm going along, I notice a gated area and enter it. In a moment of derp, I forget to save. This backfires because...


That gated area spawns LEiki!

In the ensuing battle, AltYoumu falls prey to LEiki's signature move, Judgement, an OHKO move.


Eventually, I just decide 'Screw it!' and throw my Heaven Orb (Master Ball) at her.

Anyways, back to it. As I take the other route, I'm distracted by the scent of sweet potatoes. The Aki Sisters show up, and pick a fight.


EHatate stands no chance against AltYoumu's Shadow Punch.


EHina gets put to sleep by AltYuyuko then Shadow Ball'd away.


EAya's Steel Wing does a number on AltYuyuko (after she frustratingly got a Double Protect and accrued two Speed Boosts), but AltYuyuko wipes her out with Ice Beam.


Even at +2, EMomiji's Extremespeed bounces right off of LKaguya's insane bulk, who responds with Surf for the KO.


EMinoriko sets up Sunny Day, but even with that, LKaguya is just too bulky to handle.


EShizuha suffers the same fate, and as if to add insult to injury, faints by hitting itself in confusion!

After beating the Aki Sisters, they give me directions to Youkai Mountain, but note that I'll need Waterfall to get up to the Moriya Shrine, meaning we could only do this after Blaine at the earliest. After going up one half of the waterfall, I see a cave to the east and enter it. There, two people are playing Shogi, and I speak to one, but she gets startled, causing the other to attack! This is actually an optional battle, but it has some really neat rewards. The two people here are, naturally, Nitori and Momiji, with Momiji being the one who attacks us.


EMinoriko attempts to stall with Toxic, Synthesis, Substitute and Giga Drain, but all that does is provide setup fodder for ERemilia, who promptly sets up 6 Tailwinds. From here, it's an easy sweep. Soar smashes through EMinoriko.


EHina drops to a +6 Soar as well.


Even as fast as she as, EAya has nothing on a +6/+6 ERemilia and goes down to Heart Break.


ENitori gets mauled by Heart Break, too.


As does EMomiji.


And Soar finishes off EShizuha.

After the fight, Nitori offers to sell me stuff. She sells uh... basically everything. Incenses, Choice Items (Specs/Scarf/Band), Type Boosters, Lucky Eggs, Unique Hold Items (Soul Dew for the Watatsukis, Kusanagi/Yata Mirror for Rinnosuke), Berries of all kinds, Evolution Stones, Vitamins (up to and including PP Maxes and Rare Candies), Shards, Sacred Ash, the Flutes, PP Restoratives (up to and including Max Elixirs), HP Restoratives (up to and including Max Revives) and every type of Orb, up to and including Heaven Orbs (Master Balls). The only things she doesn't sell are TMs.

After buying some Heaven Orbs to replace the one I used against LEiki, I continue my trek up Youkai Mountain and am immediately accosted by Aya, who this time, challenges us because it's her job to keep intruders out.


EShizuha is first. She's actually much lower-levelled than Momiji (As you can see, Aya's EShizuha is level 65 as opposed to Momiji's which is 75), as Momiji is an optional boss. ERemilia takes her out in one Soar.


Tenma gets stopped cold by AltYuyuko's Ice Beam.


EHatate attempts to Calm Mind against AltYuyuko, but it's ultimately fruitless; Shadow Ball two-shots.


EMomiji's Extreme Speed bounces right off of EKaguya, and she replies with two surfs to KO.


EAya's Extreme Speed does about half to AltMarisa, but AltMarisa fires back with Ice Beam to OHKO.


And ENitori, her last, falls to Solarbeam.

After her defeat, Aya leaves... and that's where we'll end off this update. Next time, I'll be heading up to the Moriya Shrine!


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Team Delta
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Jun 30, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Ghost
  2. Normal
  3. Cute
  4. ???
Pokédex Entry
Fails Captchas with regularity
congrats on finishing the main game


The Fastest Thing Alive
Pokédex No.
Aug 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
  1. Water
  2. Dragon
Pokédex Entry
Capable of casually moving faster than the speed of sound. His top speed is unknown, though some theorise it to be faster than light itself.
The real endgame is coming in fast.

Last time in Another World Revised, we beat up Aya on Youkai Mountain while making our way towards the Moriya Shrine. This time, I'll be continuing straight on from that!

Immediately past where Aya was fought is the Moriya Shrine. In the main room, Kanako and Suwako are there. Kanako acts as a healer, while Suwako points us to the room on the right, Sanae's room.

In Sanae's room, we speak to Sanae, naturally. A strange object Reimu mentioned earlier was seen flying around and Sanae takes us to it to investigate.


It's a big ol' boat. Those of you who know your Touhou may recognize it- it's the Palanquin Ship! Unfortunately, as me and Sanae investigate, Minamitsu appears and attempts to throw us overboard, so we fight it out!


ENue is first, but gets bapped by two Soars after hitting ERemilia with a Protean-boosted Poison Bomb.


EIchirin manages to fell LKaguya with three Mana Punches due to the first one causing a Flinch, but it turns out, EIchirin was Banded, so it was completely invalidated by TSakuya after the fact and felled by Dark Pulse.


As is tradition, AltMarisa brings the raw force of her Solarbeam to bear against EShou, obliterating them.


Not one to be shown up, EMurasa gets dropped by AltYoumu's Volt Tackle.


EByakuren tanks one of TSakuya's Dark Pulses, but flinches, so another two takes it out after Minamitsu uses one of her Full Restores.


ENazrin isn't even remotely close to bulky or resistant enough to stand up to AltMarisa's devastating Heat Wave.

After the fight, we trade explanations with Minamitsu, and Minamitsu asks us to come to Makai with her to help save somebody (Spoiler alert: It's Byakuren, this is essentially UFO's plot).


Makai is... a very trippy place. There are a lot of generic demons here, and the only puppets you'll find here, either under their ownership or in the wild, are PC-98 puppets (though not necessarily Mystic Square, I saw a Meira, Rika and Konngara in there). There are also some barrier spots we can't access yet. Eventually, I run into Sanae in front of a small square-shaped area.


Sanae breaks the seal on it and a person comes out. She introduces herself as, indeed, Byakuren Hijiri. In order to learn about current trends in Gensokyo, Sanae lends her puppets to Byakuren and has her battle me.


Yep. This is what they used the Oak tutorial bit for- The level 50 ESanae she has is her only Puppet- but I do like that it still makes sense in context- Sanae's not teaching you about puppet battles, she's teaching Byakuren how they work.


Needless to say, ESanae goes down in one hit from LKaguya's IN End owing to being nearly 20 levels lower. After the fight, Byakuren returns Sanae's puppet to her, before Minamitsu comes running. She gives me a Heaven Orb and Sanae... something (it's not really explained), before taking us back to the Moriya Shrine. Minamitsu also hangs around the Moriya Shrine in case you want to return to Makai.

So naturally, I do so right away.

With Byakuren rescued, the barriers that blocked various paths are now gone. I also run into a doof sprite and interact with it, apparently not learning my lesson from LEiki...


Because here's where we can finally get our hands on Mima.


I have three Heaven Orbs, two bought from Nitori and the one given to me by Minamitsu, so naturally I use one right away.

After that, I continue bumbling through Makai until eventually...


A maid appears. This is the OG blade-throwing maid, Yumeko. She muses that Shinki might know something about Patchouli's missing tomes, but won't let us through without a fight.


EYuki is first. AltMarisa was first in slot, and this was a bad matchup for her, so I'm forced to switch to ERemilia. Unfortunately, she just misses the KO with Heart Break and gets cooked by Flamethrower, forcing AltYuyuko to come in and clean up with Shadow Ball.


UngaikyoA is next, but all it can do is fire off a Night Shade before AltYuyuko destroys it with Shadow Ball.


Wayousei (A midboss from Mystic Square) is third. It heavily damages LKaguya with Poison Jab, but gets confused by Signal Beam, and KOes itself from confusion damage on the next turn.


Fourth is EMai. AltMarisa misses her first Heat Wave and she takes a Dark Pulse for it, but the second one strikes true and melts EMai like it's nothing.


EYumeko is brought down to Sturdy by AltMarisa's Heat Wave, but responds with Earthquake to bring AltMarisa down. She also triggers her Salac Berry and blows clean through AltYoumu and TSakuya, so I'm forced to repeat what I did against Green's ESunny- heal LKaguya with AltYuyuko's turn then blow her away with LKaguya.


EShinki's last. It lands a Divine Pulse to nearly take down LKaguya, but she barely holds on and KOes with two Signal Beams.

After the fight, I go back to Minamitsu to heal, before moving past Yumeko. Naturally, dead ahead...


Is the goddess of Makai herself, Shinki. She has one of our missing tomes, but as is tradition, she has to test us first by battling us.


EYumeko is first. AltYuyuko was in my first slot this time and this was a bad matchup for her, so I have her use Hypnosis then swap to LKaguya, who drops EYumeko with two Signal Beams (not risking any Sturdy Salac Berry shenanigans here!).


Margatroid (who in this game has its line as a Moon Stone Evo of Alice) is second. It manages to take down AltYoumu after Shadow Punch fails to KO, but AltYuyuko comes in and through some application of Hypnosis and Shadow Ball, manages to win out.


Sariel is third. It manages to blow TSakuya away with a Divine Pulse before being stopped cold by AltMarisa's Ice Beam.


Ayana lands an Aura Sphere on AltMarisa, but it doesn't KO and she gets melted by Heat Wave for her troubles.


Mima spends the one turn it got against AltMarisa to use Doom Desire, and thus dropped to Ice Beam.


Like against Yumeko, EShinki and LKaguya trade blows with Divine Pulse and Signal Beam, and while it looks like LKaguya is going to lose, she comes in clutch with a confusion proc, allowing her to take EShinki down with a second Signal Beam.

With Shinki defeated, she hands us the Dark Tome. To my knowledge, that makes six, so we return to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.


Patchouli makes note of our success in this errand. In return, she grants us a very special set of items.


Five X Coupons, which can be used to get X Puppets after beating the true final boss. After this, Patchouli mentions a tournament happening on Border Island. To reach it, we have to speak to Yukari at the Hakurei Shrine. However, before we can actually access the Gensokyo league, there's a guardian standing in the way.


Yeah, A-Vivit doesn't have that naked sprite any more.


I just throw a Heaven Orb and be done with it.

After catching A-Vivit, a portal appears underneath her.


Welcome to the Gensokyo League. However, there's a pretty significant level spike here, so I have to grind. The best place to do this is Cerulean Cave, which also contains some goodies like TM15: Lunatic, TM23: Iron Punch and HM08: Shadow Dive.


Sariel is also here, standing in the spot where Mewtwo is in Vanilla Fire Red.


Heaven Orbs are so useful for dealing with stuff like this.

After grinding the team to level 80, I return to Gensokyo and buy some Heaven Orbs from Nitori's shop. My first stop is Youkai Mountain. In a cave west of the bottom Waterfall are two figures.


First is LUtsuho. Until AltMarisa was introduced, she was the only user of Drought. Her signature move is Subterranean Sun (In-game, abbreviated to SA Sun), a reskin of vanilla's Blast Burn.

I just throw a Heaven orb and be done with it.


The other figure also happens to be a Last Word, this being LTenshi. Her Signature Move is Sword of Hisou (Hisou Sword in-game), a Ground-type version of Giga Impact (it doesn't exist in this game, so I'm referring to vanilla Pokemon games, rather than 1.8's version of Giga Impact).

I bought the Heaven Orbs from Nitori for a reason, so I use one here.

After that, I head to the Moriya Shrine, and at the very west is the entrance to a sub-area, Suwa Lake. In the middle of the lake, two figures stand.


First is LSuwako. Her signature move is Suwa Deluge, a reskin of vanilla's Hydro Cannon. Until JKSanae was added, she was the only user of Drizzle.


Fittingly, LKanako is the other one. Her signature move is Zap Flare, an electric-type recharge move. With LKanako caught, I've done everything I can up to now, so I attempt to head into the Puppet League. Before I can, though...


I'm ambushed by Byakuren, who has puppets of her own and requests a real battle, akin to how Barry did it in DPPt.


ENazrin is first. I lead with AltYuyuko, but immediately switch to LKaguya on a predicted Blaze Kick. This works to my favour as then ENazrin can't do anything to LKaguya.


ENue is second. It outspeeds my entire team, and lands a powerful Poison Bomb on AltMarisa (which procs Poison too), but AltMarisa lives and fires back with Heat Wave.


EIchirin outspeeds ERemilia and one-shots it with Drain Punch, but then gets wrecked by AltYuyuko's Shadow Ball and Hypnosis combo.


EByakuren manages to set up a White Herb Power Trance in AltYoumu's face and wipes her out with Extrasensory. Sensing an incoming disaster if I don't do anything about it, I sacrifice AltMarisa to heal LKaguya, who tanks through Extrasensory and drops EByakuren with Signal Beam.


EMurasa gets totally invaldiated by TSakuya's Dark Pulse, but TSakuya takes a hit because I used a turn to revive AltMarisa.


This is so that, as is customary, AltMarisa could fry EShou with Solarbeam.

Byakuren muses that the current Champion of the League is human.

The thing about the Puppet League is that it's not an Elite Four, per se... It's an Elite Seven. There are seven trainers we have to defeat before we can face the champion. I head to the right and face a foe who has Misty's sprite first, which turns out to be Kana.


EEllen is scarfed so it outspeeds AltYuyuko and wipes her out with Shadow Ball. Unfortunately for Kana, this just turns her into Setup Fodder against ERemilia. 3 Tailwinds later and Heart Break wipes her out.


ERikako stands no chance against +3 Remilia.


Nor does EYumemi.


Or EChiyuri.


EKotohime manages to tank a single Soar, but drops to the second.


EKana gets ripped to shreds by Heart Break.

Next, I head to the left of Kana and speak to the ghost next to them. Turns out it's none other than the meme herself, Mima.


Shingyoku is first, and lands a devastating Divine Pulse. AltYuyuko clutches and lives on 1 HP before taking Shingyoku down with a retalitory Shadow Ball.


Kikuri's general passivity leaves it as Setup Fodder for ERemilia, letting me set up to +3 again.


Konngara stands no chance of surviving a +3 Soar.


Nor does Hakurei.


Kirisame gets ripped to shreds by Heart Break.


Even the mighty Mima falls to one hit. That's two down!

Left of Mima is the third foe. It's Louise this time.


She leads with Margatroid, but it gets put to sleep and then Shadow Balled away by AltYuyuko.


EYuki crumbles in the face of TSakuya's Dark Pulse.


ELouise gets melted by AltMarisa's Heat Wave.


I try to have AltYoumu slam EMai with a Battle Chant, but they just get murked by Dark Pulse, leading me to have to melt EMai with AltMarisa's Heat Wave.


EYumeko turns out to be the Sturdy Salac set again, and wipes AltMarisa out, but LKaguya tanks a +2 Soar and brings EYumeko down with Signal Beam.


TSakuya obliterates EShinki with Extrasensory. That's three down!

Fourth is a girl who has the sprite of a rocket grunt. It turns out to be Rumia.


EDaiyousei attempts to Quiver Dance in AltYuyuko's face, but gets put to sleep with Hypnosis and Ice Beamed away for her troubles.


EKoa's Calm Mind-boosted Dark Pulse gets the better of AltYuyuko, but her Mana Burst fails to bring down AltYoumu and she drops to Shadow Punch.


ARemilia (Water/Dark, by the way) slugs it out with LKaguya, but LKaguya eventually comes out on top.


EFlandre threatens to muscle through my team, so I heal LKaguya by sacrificing AltYoumu and she brings the vampire down with Surf.


ERumia hits a Shield Break on ERemilia but she survives and sets up to +1 before blasting ERumia with Soar.


Satsuki is last. It gets down to the wire, as Satsuki manages to off all three of my remaining team members, but I revived ERemilia before LKaguya went down, allowing her to finish the fight in my favour. Four down!

Fifth is a lady who looks like Agatha. It's Letty.


ELetty has a Petaya Berry, but it means nothing in the face of Hypnosis and Surf Spam from AltYuyuko.


AMokou's Blaze Kick crushes AltYuyuko, but then she misses against LKaguya, and gets washed by Surf.


EAlice attempts to set up against ERemilia using Mana Charge, but this turns out to be a mistake, as it allows ERemilia to set up a Tailwind and crush her with Heart Break.


ECirno tanks ERemilia's Soar and one-shots her with Ice Punch. It also lands a Shield Break on TSakuya, but gets offed by Sonicboom.


ACirno manages to get one over on TSakuya with Drain Punch, but fails to do that against AltMarisa, and as a result, gets vaporized by Heat Wave.


ALetty hits LKaguya with two Glacial Bashes, but all she accomplishes is placing herself in Surf range from LKaguya. Five down! Sixth is a girl with a camper sprite. It's Wriggle.


Her first is EMystia. It actually counters AltYuyuko's Hypnosis shenanigans with a Lum Berry and sets up a Tailwind, and then slams AltYuyuko with Steel Wing. However, AltYuyuko survives and one-shots her with Ice Beam.


EKaguya comes in, but gets put to sleep by AltYuyuko, and immediately switches out into AReisen, who wipes AltYuyuko out. LKaguya comes in and puts the bun in its place with Signal Beam.


EMokou brings LKaguya down with a banded Poison Jab, but all this does is leave it unable to do anything to TSakuya. I take the opportunity to revive AltYuyuko and LKaguya before finishing it off.


The EKaguya vs AltYuyuko interaction plays out again, but this time, she swaps into EEirin, who gets murked by Shadow Ball.

It happens a third time, and EWriggle (who I forgot to screenshot) manages to pull one over on AltYuyuko, but then gets crushed by AltYoumu's Blaze Kick.


EKaguya's Earth Power brings AltYoumu down, but AltMarisa's Heat Wave ends the fight. That's six!

At the top right is a girl with the Battle Girl Sprite. It's Yuugi.


EKisume attempts to stall me out with Recover and Whirlpool, and even sets up a layer of Spikes, but AltYuyuko's Hypnosis proves too much for it to deal with and it goes down after repeated Shadow Balls.


EYamame is Choiced and locked into Earthquake. It drops AltMarisa, but this provides a perfect avenue for ERemilia to come in and set up to +4, before crushing the Tsuchigumo with Heart Break.


EKasen comes in and sets up sand, but it's not enough and it goes down to one Soar.


EYuugi stands no chance, either.


You'd think ESuika's considerable bulk and Rock-typing would let her survive, but nope.


EParsee gets wrecked. That's all seven down! With that, it's on to the champion! It couldn't be Green- wait, Byakuren said the Champ was a human, right? Could it be...?


It's Maribel! She's the new champ. After finding us, she decides to fight us (complete to the tune of G Free ~ Final Dream from CtC).


EMamizou is first, but its Trick fails against AltYuyuko and she gets one-shot by Ice Beam for her troubles.

Well, this isn't so bad so far-



Okay, so! Now we finally get to talk about X Puppets in all their brokenness! XReimu here is a Psychic/Faith-type with Multigraze and a BST of 680. It's not the 990 BST monster that ZReimu was, but it's still plenty broken. Basically, think Multiscale Lugia. Unfortunately, because of multiple misplays, XReimu ends up sweeping my team. Let's try that again, shall we?

This time, I set up to +6 with ERemilia on EMamizou, who for some reason keeps using Trick, and annihiliate it with Soar.


EYukari crumbles to +6 Heart Break.


XReimu's Multigraze barely saves it from ERemilia's +6 SE Heart Break (just in case you thought the comparisons to Multiscale Lugia were unfounded), but she gets put to sleep by AltYuyuko as she heals. AltYuyuko then gets a SpDef Drop from Shadow Ball, and with that, she's toast. Multigraze that, you jerk!


EGengetsu's Dream Eater rips AltYuyuko apart, but TSakuya comes in and takes care of it with Sonicboom.


EKoishi barely tanks through TSakuya's Dark Pulse and one-shots her with Aura Sphere, also triggering her Salac Berry. With this, she outspeeds AltYoumu and retaliates with Spectral Ray to KO after tanking through Volt Tackle. LKaguya comes in and cleans up.


JKSanae is last. I swap into AltMarisa and attempt to Solarbeam it away (also erasing JKSanae's rain), but I get the mother of all bad luck in a Paralysis proc AND a crit, while Sanae also somehow lands two Thunders in a row under Sun (For those unaware, Thunder is reduced to 50% accuracy in Sun). Kaguya ends the fight, fittingly, with End of the Imperishable Night.


And with that, I'm the Gensokyo League champion! The Evil Spirit fight that would normally happen here in the original Another World has been removed- Maribel is now the true final boss.

Just got one last thing to do, and it's a quick one (That I could actually do before the Gensokyo league, I just derped).

At the top-left area of Youkai Mountain is a cave that leads to Birth Island.


Where Deoxys once was is Shingyoku. We just throw a Heaven Orb at it.

Next time, we look at postgame stuffs!

And that wraps up the update. But first, here, have a list of Puppet Prefixes and what they mean. This only refers to the non-unique Prefixes, ones that are shared by Multiple Puppets. (So no TSakuya, JKSanae or things like that).

C: Chibi. These are the basic forms of puppets, ones that have just hatched from eggs. They evolve into regular puppets by level, who then...
E: EX. ...Evolve into these. EX Puppets are the apex of power for most puppet species. Some specific Puppets don't get EX forms but do have power rivalling it, and some feature forms even stronger.
L: Last Word. Extremely rare Puppets, but wield strength exceeding that of even EX Puppets, and cannot be evolved into. Only Final/Extra Bosses are known to have Last Word forms. Last Word Puppets all have signature moves.
A: Advent. A collective of Puppets from a single alternate universe heralded by that universe's Cirno. They all share a single ability that renders them hax-proof. They're attained by using Sun Stones on the respective puppet.
Alt: Alternative. These Puppets are reminiscent of characters from alternate universes harried by the Lost Word Incident. Only Marisa, Youmu and Yuyuko are known to have these in the forms of the Witch of Scarlet Dreams, Mysterious Sword Master and Tiny Ghost Mistress. They're acquired by using Moon Stones on the respective puppet.
X: Just the letter itself. These Puppets are the apex of all puppets: Ultra-powerful behemoths with unmatched power beyond even Last Words. Only six of them are known to exist, one for both protagonists, and the Stage 5 Bosses of EoSD, PCB, IN and MoF. They cannot be found in the wild at all, and are only given as gifts. The only way one of these will be legit is if they are Shiny.
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We're back, everybody! Welcome to the thrilling conclusion of Let's Play Touhoumon Another World: Revised! Last time, we delivered the missing tomes to Patchouli after a visit to Makai, then took on the Gensokyo League and became the champion!

This time, we wrap things up.

Our first order of business is to visit Patchouli at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She has a very special gift for us!


This will be one of six. Let's see what we got, shall we?


XReisen: 110 HP/115 Atk/105 Def/115 SpA/105 SpD/130 Spe. Psychic/Dark-type. Serene Grace for the ability. She's a bit of an all arounder, though as an X Puppet she is far and away stronger than 99% of other puppets, with the only five that could feasibly match her being her cohorts. As you may have guessed, this can be any one of the six X Puppets. They'll always be shiny, and handed to you at level 5. Next, I bring the X Coupons to Patchouli. As the name suggests, they can be traded for X Puppets.

I forgot to screencap it, but I received XReimu second.

XReimu: 120 HP/100 Atk/140 Def/100 SpA/140 SpD/80 Spe. Psychic/Faith-type. Multigraze for the ability. Oh hello there Great Wall Lugia, I didn't know you were a shrine maiden. Unless you're using stall tactics, breaking through XReimu is a hellish task due to her extremely high HP and defenses, and of course having Multigraze as an ability. The tank of the X Puppets.


XSanae: 120 HP/80 Atk/125 Def/130 SpA/125 SpD/100 Spe. Faith/Flying-type. Marvel Veil for the ability. She's a specially offensive bruiser, not having any particularly bad stats save for Attack, which she never uses. She wishes she had a bit better of an ability though. Here's a fun fact, though: Remember how I said Suwa Deluge and Zap Flare were the signature moves of LSuwako and LKanako respectively? That's not technically true- XSanae, in true Sanae fashion, stole the signature moves of her moms gods and made them her own, since she can learn both Zap Flare and Suwa Deluge as well. Also of note- XSanae is the only puppet in the game who does this- no other Puppet does.


XYoumu: 90 HP/170 Atk/80 Def/116 SpA/80 SpD/144 Spe. Ghost/Fighting-type. Protean for the ability. The second fastest Puppet in the entire game behind only EAya (and even then, only by one point), and also tied for the single highest base stat value in the game alongside her specially offensive counterpart with that base 170 Atk (The highest in the game- even other titans like Last Words only cap at base 150). Here's a fun fact: In the original Another World, ZYoumu used to be the most broken puppet in the game considering it had the usual Z BST of 990, but the main stats of note were its base 180 speed and base 240 attack. Oh, and it also had Huge Power. (For quick reference, the closest comparison to ZYoumu in Pokemon, Zacian-Crowned, has 58 less base HP, 70 less base attack 15 less base defense, 15 less base special defense and 32 less base speed, and Intrepid Sword only gave a +1 boost, rather than straight-up doubling the stat instrinically before boosts, to give you an idea of how broken we're talking here). XYoumu isn't even a fraction of as strong in comparison, but we're talking about a Puppet that is so unbelievably broken it would make RBY Mewtwo look like something that would belong in Untiered, so there's a good reason that XYoumu is so much weaker than its OG counterpart.


XSakuya: 110 HP/130 Atk/120 Def/70 SpA/120 SpD/130 Spe. Fighting/Steel-type. Scrappy for the ability. She's XSanae's physically offensive counterpart, though she trades off bulk for speed and a better ability. Scrappy is nice as it means Ghosts cannot wall her fighting STAB.


XMarisa: 110 HP/100 Atk/80 Def/170 SpA/80 SpD/140 Spe. Water/Electric-type. Drizzle for the ability. Compared to the others, the changes from ZMarisa to XMarisa only go stat-deep. She has the same typing, same ability and same moveset. The special counterpart to XYoumu, she trades off a bit of speed for a fair bit more HP to let her maybe survive a hit. While she doesn't get STAB on everything like XYoumu does, the raw power behind her Hydro Pumps and 100% accurate Thunders are a sight to behold.

After that, I move to capture a Last Word I missed, who I could've gotten as early as I acquired LKaguya.


Specifically, LEirin. She comes with the signature move Apollo 13, a Psychic-type move with a 50% chance to Toxic the target enemy and a high crit ratio.

After catching it, I head to the Hakurei Shrine and talk to Yukari. She takes me to an interesting place. I'm automatically forced to walk around, and read a nearby sign.


Yep, it's Littleroot Town, in Hoenn! This is one of a number of Alternate Worlds that can be accessed in the postgame. As I walk around though, I end up running into a familiar figure who challenges me to a battle!


It's an alternate of myself!


EEllen is first. She calm minds in AltMarisa's face before blasting her away with Aura Sphere, but then gets taken out by AltYuyuko.


ESara does a number on LKaguya with two Drain Punches (The second was a crit), but drops to two Mana Bursts.


LUtsuho is third, and ravages my team with devastatingly strong Aeroblasts, Earth Powers and SA Suns. I'm forced to stall her out of Aeroblast PP with Revives until she's forced to use SA Sun, then drop her with AltMarisa's Thunderbolt.


LKanako is fourth. I'm forced to heal LKaguya until she misses a Zap Flare, at which point LKaguya can take her out with Mana Burst.


LSuwako is fifth. I'm forced to use revives to make sure LKaguya can survive a Divine Pulse (She went down earlier due to LKanako getting a SpDef drop on her), and then she fires with IN End to take LSuwako down.


Last is EKurumi, who coincidentally is one of the three starters in World Link. She drops LKaguya with Dream Eater, but gets fried by AltMarisa's Heat Wave. That's a win for me.

A neat thing I noticed after writing is that Alt!Player uses the starters of World Link as well as the Last Words seen in the story.

From here, we can come to and from the Alternate Worlds. If we end up in Littleroot Town, we can rematch Alternate Renko here.

Eventually, after going to and from the Alternate Worlds, I end up in the Alternate World- Yogyakarta. Before I can do anything here, though, there's another guardian- One of the two remaining Last Words I haven't caught.


Namely, LFlandre. Her signature move is the Fire-Type OHKO move, Laevateinn. Thankfully, I came prepared with a Heaven Orb. There are a bunch of trainers here to fight, and a shop that sells everything, like Nitori's store in Youkai Mountain. You can also find Wild EX Puppets of the starters of Aichiya's three Projects: EEllen, EKurumi and ESara representing World Link, EAlice, ESanae and EReisen representing Touhou Puppet Play Enhanced, and ESunny, ELuna and EStar representing Another World itself.

Now, the final challenges of the game are some grade-A bull****, so I decide to bull**** back just as hard if not harder and change my team around and get the new members up to level 100.







And by that, I mean using the X Puppets. With that in mind, while there are a Myriad of post-game fights, I'm only going to be showing off two. The first, and easier of the two, is in the SDM's basement.


Yep, it's Flandre.


EFlandre gets cooked by XReimu's Sacred Fire.


LRemilia comes in, and I swap to XSakuya to tank incoming Dracula Cradle before replying back with a lethal Close Combat.


I take advantage of ERemilia's AI occasionally picking Sky Attack to set XReisen up to +5 with Mind's Eye. At +5, ERemilia doesn't stand a chance of surviving XReisen's Extremespeed.


Nor does LFlandre.


Or EPatchouli.


Flandre desperately burns through her Full Restores trying to keep ESakuya going, and does bring XReisen down, but XMarisa comes in to clean up with Earth Power.

After the fight, Flandre gives us a gift in the form of a level 5 shiny CFlandre.

I also considered showing off the game's superboss, X Trainer Aichi, but he's several levels of unfair, as his X puppets even have blatantly illegal moves, most notably his XReimu has Quiver Dance (Which XReimu cannot normally learn) which... yeah, I am not dealing with that mess!

Anyway, with that short tangent out of the way, I head to Muenzuka in Gensokyo, and head eastwards into a new path that opens up once LFlandre has been caught. This leads to a new area called Border Forest (a reskin of Berry Forest), which features a couple of respawning goodies in the form of rare berries like Liechi and Salac Berries. At the end of Border Forest likes a lone figure.


It's time to settle this...

Right, Jun'ya Ota?


Or should I call you by your pen name instead? Indeed, the final challenge of the game is the very creator of Touhou itself, ZUN.


EAya comes out first, but partway through slugging it out with XReimu, ZUN swaps into VIVIT, who gets cooked by Sacred Fire.


ESuika is ZUN's third, but it cannot stand up to XYoumu's Close Combat.


EAya returns here, and lands a Brave Bird on XSakuya, but she survives, and one-shots EAya with Sculpture as ZUN attempts to heal her.


ZUN sends in EYuugi here, but it just gets pulverized by XMarisa's Rain-Boosted STAB SE Hydro Pump.


Isami is ZUN's fifth puppet. It gets into an Ice Beam vs Luster Purge war with XSanae, which XSanae eventually wins.


ZUN's last puppet is XReimu, who crumples to repeated Heart Breaks from XReisen after attempting to set up a Calm Mind. It's difficult to deal with when you're not rocking X Puppets of your own, but it's not that bad if you have X Puppets of your own (Especially if said X Puppets are XYoumu or XReisen).

After beating ZUN, we're just sent back to Muenzuka. We can then fight ZUN whenever we want at the Border Forest, with the exact same team. There's just one last thing to do, a capture.

After beating the Gensokyo League, speaking to Suwako at the Moriya Shrine will have her give us the Machine Part. Bringing this to the surf spot west of Border Island (Which is behind the Hakurei Shrine) will cause it to respond and unearth something. That something?


Why, a giant robot, of course! I just throw a Heaven Orb at it. Technically, I also missed LSuika (her signature move is Oni Binding), but she's a roamer so screw that noise.

And with that, it's over. From waking up in front of the Hakurei Shrine to becoming the champion of Gensokyo, this has been Touhoumon Another World Revised, brought to you by Neosonic97. Thank you all who read this thread and with that, I can safely say...

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