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Thread Description
You wanna be traumatized by a game you're not even playing? Then boy oh boy do I have the run for you! I try to update weekly. (Chapter 3: Back-Alley Battles - 11/19/21)


some dude
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Sep 6, 2021
My house, duh.
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Pokédex Entry
It likes to stay inside and use the internet. Sometimes it leaves its computer to use a different device, or rarely draw.
i SOMEHOW missed this update, so i spent like my whole week waiting for this to come out when it already had.:hurr:


Cybernetic lurker at your service
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Nov 1, 2020
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@pikafan96 just so you know my reactions are on the first post i did after you posted this chapter. Just so im not left out of the comments XP

Derogatory Trainer

The hero you don't need but you're getting anyway.
Team Delta
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Jul 1, 2019
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The most humble and modest braggart you will ever meet.
Derogatory Trainer said:
Well considering I died in a fiery train wreck in your canon I don't think I can.
We should battle when both of our runs are complete though since Reborn supports it.
Might be fun!
OH! That actually sounds like a ton of fun. (Also slightly intimidating because I'm not actually the best battler despite how I appear in these runs.)
We could just say that Dialga and Palkia are screwing with space/time or something and the two alternate realities are merging temporarily.
I'm up for it if you are!
Well...I can't help but think that crossed out part is great news for me!
I'm not too superb against non-AIs myself either. I don't have much practice with it.
Sounds good to me.

Derogatory Trainer said:
I will forever beat myself up over it. My ONE loss in six years of Nuzlocking.
I wouldn't even count it as a loss man. That's like saying a kid with a stick going up against a fully armed soldier is a loss on the kid's part.
There's a difference between a loss and not having a chance in hell.
Well the child should have OBVIOUSLY stuck the stick in the barrel of the soldier's gun causing it to misfire. Then taking advantage of the soldiers surprise, grab his combat knife and slit his throat instantly.
And that's my boring unreasonably skilled child soldier anime character pitch.

Derogatory Trainer said:
Ah that makes sense.
I'm sure you can make it though. Lots of Pokemon to catch here.
I just hope that V19 still has the screenshot button because the lack of that might kill both our runs.

... Oh god I didn't even consider them taking out the screenshot button.
You don't think they would actually do that to us - do you?
Well they'd definitely do it to me considering how much I complain about the games.
But maybe it's just an oversight they made when switching to the new mxlp thing that runs the game better?
I'm sure it's easily fixable.


Are you seriously telling me that there has been a way to mass copy and paste images this entire time...? Is that what I'm seeing right now?
I... I don't think I'm okay right now. I just... I just need a minute.
Do you know how long it took me to copy and paste all those images for the Elite Four chapter for Ashes of Glory!? Do you know what I suffered!? 600 SCREENSHOTS!!!
Thank you for this information.
Haha, hey no problem!
I try to tell anyone I can about this. I suffered for a long time before I figured out how to do it.
From the start of Reborn to the end of Part Two of Rejuvenation, I think.
So much time wasted switching between tabs...so much time...

Derogatory Trainer said:
I feel like this will be your team's theme song for a few chapters.
I assume you can guess which rat you are, right?
I AM NOT A RAT :argh:
... Even if I was born in the year of the rat.
At least you get to make all of de rulez.
And I was born in the year of the dog.
We should all just gang up on the people who got the COOL animal years like those damn Dragons.
Lucky bastards.

I want to avoid doubling up on types as much as I can, so that meant I had to box one of my dark-types and one of my normal-types.
I know this feeling now.
Started playing Photonic Sun a few days ago and 5 of my 7 Pokemon have a Dark typing.

You should talk more about wanting to stab things with your sword-hand!


Who the fuck talks like that!?
Your Kricketune is broken.
Please mail it back for a NORMAL one that appreciates swordplay.

We live in a world with machines that bring fossils back to life and where scientists give children fire-breathing lizards, and you're more concerned about an aquatic creature that can breathe both in the water as well as on land!?
What a worldly fish for living in a indoor pool most of it's life.
I guess it liked watching TV?


Forgot they even had a motto.
Shame they don't play the Team Rocket theme to go with it. I'd probably like it more then.

Hold on, I brought a first aid kit with us!

Here it is!
Basil the Medic?
If I remember right, Meganium DOES learn a lot of healing moves. Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Leech Seed and even Heal Pulse.
Could be a decent career path for him. I don't think I've ever seen it before anyway.

Here comes the TRUE hero of Pokemon Reborn.
And he also dates it heavily because I'm pretty sure nobody actually says "swag" anymore.

Listen Basil, I'm not expecting you to fully understand my reasoning for doing things - but I'm not stupid.

Normally full teams don't form this quickly, so there's typically a bit of an adjustment period for the early catches before more come in.

Those early catches then can help later members of the team to settle in a bit.

We don't have that luxury though, everyone came onto the team at almost the same time - meaning no adjustment period for anyone.
I liked this part.
I don't know what else I can comment about it other than it's a good explanation and acknowledging how fast the team formed.
5 stars.

Is the gym next?
Or do you have to do some factory quests beforehand?
I can't remember which but good luck in either!

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