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Screenshot Unova Mixed Media Cheetos' "Never Have I Ever" Locke!

Thread Description
Nuzlocking Volt White with pokemon I've never used before


self-proclaimed queen of the sea slugs
Team Delta
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Jul 16, 2019
wizard island, baby
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Grass, Water
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do i smell a rebranding

Volt White Edition!

Welcome welcome, my friends!
Without the energy to keep my comic going for the time being, and with Mirror World sort of paused for...well, I don't know how long (here's to hoping everyone is okay and we start back up again soon!), I bring a project to keep my brain busy in the interim! So here she is; the brand new "never have I ever" locke!
Aha, glad I have your attention! I believe this is the first recorded run to feature a ruleset like this, but that's not for sure. The name sort of says it all, but let's go over the rules anyway.
1. Vanilla goodness; faint = death, catch the first pokemon in an area, nickname everything, the usual. I'm playing with dupse and shiny clause as well.

2. Actually, I sort of lied about the whole catch the first pokemon in an area bit. Instead, I'm going to restrict myself to ONLY catching and using pokemon that I have never used before. It's pretty simple; if I can't remember having used it during my twelve year pokemon career, it's fair game.

2a. The 'exception' is to pre-evos of pokemon I have never used before, which are allowed. I might've used a mankey in almost every FRLG nuzlocke I've done, but I've never used a primeape (they always die before then 😔). As such, mankey is a legal catch.

2b. Of the legal pokemon I find in a given route, I have to catch the first one I find.

3. If there is an area with only illegal pokemon, I can use that as a "pass" and cash it in at another area for a second catch.

The goal then is to look at each route and city and strategize who to catch (and who you even can catch) when. Playing the game with completely unfamiliar pokemon should prove to be an interesting challenge. I picked Volt White because Drayano is king and all 649 pokemon are obtainable, giving me more options. The difficultly spike is not ideal for the longevity of this run, but it is what it is.

If you were curious, the number of pokemon I can use, counting evolution lines as one, is 83. Which seems like a lot, and it kind of is, but when the backbone of the list is frail bug types, a buncha rocks, and single stage weirdos...what am I saying. I've never used them before, they could be great? Maybe? drayano pls let the buffs be good i need them

yes yes I've already explained all of this in the rules section, of which my dear and patient readers have surely read.

Bad news for me is that my taste has changed over the past year and doritos have become my favorite chip. I refuse to abandon my brand though (nyandoritos just doesnt look good) so Cheetos it is.

I'll be skipping through most of the early game handholding because it's boring.

Does't really matter who I chose as I've used all the starters before, is what I said to myself as I was playing and picked Snivy. But actually, it kind of did matter, as I am a silly dingus who forgot about certain things later on in the game. I am a simple woman, I see a snivy and proceed to forget everything else.

jiminy cricket that is some blinding moonlight

Snakelady!! She might only be a temporary team member but she still deserves a name!!

tbh I wish we had a real pokedex, like, the animal dex (anidex?), a machine with the sole purpose of registering when you've seen a new animal and then providing a semi-useless factoid about it.

With the lab bit over, time for route 1!

...in which there is not actually a legal catch for me :( not until I get a fishing rod, that is. So we're gonna have to tough it out with Snakelady for a while.

Prepare to be disappointed, 'friend'

~more handholding, and not the enjoyable kind~

aaaand he's gone

I remember when I first played through BW I thought Ghetsis was an old rotund man in a Cosby sweater. I was extremely disappointed when I finally fought him and saw his battle sprite.

wait no i am horribly unprepared for this

Okay, tricky, but I can-

-never mind, I guess. Normally, this would be a game over, but because Snakelady isn't technically a part of the nuzlocke...

We get to try again!! I got her to lvl 9 and then thought that was good enough and went for it again.

I'm using a new way to take screenshots and I am...not good at it yet. But nincada down!

Took some healing, but Snakelady powered through the rest of N's team like the champ she is.

pls just stop the plot let me gooooo


oh yeah! oh baby!

aw beans

Thanks for the kicks? I guess? Please let me go.

Finally finally! We get to catch our starter pokemon! Of all the pokemon on this route, there's only one I can catch.

Here she is!!!! baby puffball, monkey gal...

She gets a premier ball because she has a premier place in my heart

Look at her! Sassy girl, big ol nose. No brows needed. And defiant? That's...actually really useful, it's a +2 buff every time. Powerful lady...powerful peach...I love her already.

With that, we can now retire Snakelady. Enjoy the beach, babe.

Now the "never have I ever" locke really begins! In the next update, that is. This is merely a prologue.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!

War Anvil

Life is too short to be little.
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
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Cool, Cute
Pokédex Entry
I like your Sakurai, but not your players. Your players are so unlike your Sakurai.
I wish you two the best of luck!


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Aug 7, 2020
Pokémon Type
This is an amazing idea. I’m gonna have to really think about who I haven’t used over the years (in the first five gens, at least) and try this. Though that means I’m probably preparing for a life of Dustox and Shuckle and ... shudders .... a male Combee.

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