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Screenshot Buried Alive: A Ground-breaking Nuzlocke

Pokédex No.
Jan 9, 2021
Pokémon Type
Steel, ???
This is the first recorded Nuzlocke I'm doing. I've done several others before but this will also be my first second monotype Nuzlocke attempt. (First one ended in such failure. ;-; Lost to Rival's Bulbasaur's different powders)

So without further adieu let's get to the rules. In my case, I'm using Ground types.

A Mono Type challenge is where you play through an entire game using only one type of Pokemon (dual types and Pokemon who evolve into your type are usable). You may choose a type or have fate decide what you use. You can choose from two styles:

Naturallocke: You play with what is available in the game your playing. Choose a type that is fairly common or hope you get lucky. Natural players can do gift replacements if none of the gifts are of your type.

Randomlocke: You play a game with randomized encounters so you have better access to your type in each region. Later games (I.E Gen 6 and 7 where randomizers are not available) you can replace this with an Egglocke.

1. Only catch the first Pokemon of your type in each route or area. This also includes Pokemon that will evolve into your type. Caves count as one area. Suggestion: Make a list of Pokemon in your current region that are legit catches and keep it near you while you play
1a. Gift Clause: You may receive a gift and get a catch of your type in each area/Town/or Cave. You are limited to one gift per area though so you cannot get Eevee and Abra from Goldenrod City if your type is Psychic
1b. Dupes Clause: You may ignore all Pokemon not of your Type (unless they evolve into your type). You may keep getting encounters until you find a Pokemon you do not already have of your type. You may catch dupes if you desire (to use or hold as backups)
1c. Shiny Clause: Shiny Pokemon may be caught and used regardless of its type. This includes the Red Gyarados in Gen 2.

2. Faint =Dead

3. Nickname all the Pokemon

4. Games end as follows:
Kanto: Pokemon League Champion
Johto: Johto League Champion
Hoenn: Hoenn League Champion
Sinnoh: Sinnoh League Champion
Black/White: Stop Ghetsis
Black2/White 2: Unova League Champion
Kalos: Kalos League Champion
Alola: Alolan League Champion
Galar: Complete the Champion Cup and Defeat Leon

5. There is no Rule 5

6. Legendary Pokemon may not be used.

Rules and LeafGreen Part 1: This post

Alright let's get into it with

And now we start.

At first I had some trouble naming my character. At first I thought about using Robert, since that is my real name, there's also Trevor, which is my name backwards with a "v" instead of a "b" but I decided to go with a pun instead:

Likewise the rival was a bit more difficult since I wanted a pun to go off of, so I finally settled with

anyways adventure time. I decide you know what? Maybe it's time that Mom and I had that discussion about Dad. He always seems to be missing and-

You can't keep running forever, Mom. We need the serious talk, plus he's not just a boy, he's a man possibly.....unless you're referring to me?

And after I get kicked out of the house I end up going up north for the first time and ran into the world famous professor.

He just decided to give me a Pokemon no questions asked. I couldn't believe my luck, and I got to choose between three Pokemon, one of Grass

one of Water

and one of fir- wait. What?

uh Professor Oak. Have you thought about getting glasses? This is a Nidoran Male. Granted since I'm doing a ground nuzlocke this seems to be the best for me anyways.

A princely Pokemon deserves a Princely name:

Anyways, Jack couldn't wait to test out his new Pokemon so we had a fight

Wait, my sake? Why? Why not Jack's Sake?

After a bunch of Pecks and Tackles

so some nice stuff. That High attack is gonna be great and Poison Point is a good ability, not to mention Chrom can't be poisoned.
Anyways, this shop keep won't sell me Pokeballs unless I do an errand for him.

I decide not to go full Karen on him and do his errand. It's the least I could do for Oak anyways for Chrom.

Oak: "It's called a GS Ball. I'm sure it won't play any role whatsoever in any Pokemon Media though"

Jack did you just teleport into here?

Well thanks for the more free stuff, Oak. You're alright.

Oh right, I remember hearing about a Gym Leader in Viridian City. He's a Ground specialist so I wonder if he can give me a few pointers.

Dammit. Maybe I'll see him some other time. FORESHADOWING

Lady, I'm sure I can find my way through, it's just a small forest.
Hours later:
Um excuse me, sir, can you help me? I'm a bit lost.

wait what?

after the battle turns out Rick was just as lost as I was. Sigh. oh hey look my first wild Pokemon.

...which I can't catch since it's not Ground type but woooow, that's the rarest encounter of Viridian Forest.
several days later:

*crawling on hands and knees* Finally civilization!
....no time to rest though, I have to challenge the gym here. I also hear that the trainer here has a lot of ground types.

wait, does that mean...oh no. This is a Hyperbolic Time Space Chamber?! What am I going to do?

you're not helping me! oh man, 10,000 years before I can reach Brock at the speed of ligh-

ohhhhhhhhh. That freakin' liar!

OoC: I forgot how arrogant Brock was in these games.

Holy crap that was so close. Onix got off a crit on me and that poison saved the run.

Big Beefy stats!
Anyways, I head west to Route 3 to get my first legit catch:

a real queen.

She's more defensive than Chrom was. This will be an interesting duo.

*clinches buttcheeks* That was too close.
so on Mt. Moon I catch me a Geodude I nickname Sakura, after a certain bodybuilder in Danganronpa.

Glad I got Rock Head instead of Sturdy since this is before the big buff Sturdy gets in Unova. Anyways, she's very beefy defensively, but very slow.

Found this on Mt. Moon and as per the rules, I now have to evolve one of my two Nidos (both were in their secondary stages at the time). I decide on

I also knew about this Moon Stone so I had to grab it too.

okay I don't want either of them. You can have them both.
"Wait you aren't gonna fight over it?"
"your reverse psychology won't work on me. I know..."

Ugh fine I'll take this one:

I knew if I didn't say anything you all would ask. Now that I think about it everyone comment anyways, it's good for the Forums algorithm.

Confession: I had thought about doing a Rock nuzlocke instead since there's a ton of Rock types I like but I feel like Ground is a better challenge. Anyways, caught me a new Pokemon on Route 4.

I hear he doesn't like sand.

Can I say how fitting that nature really is? Anyways, yet another physically defensive tank. Makoto is the only one with some real Sp. Def.
anyways I arrive at

But I want to catch Anakin back up to my level so after I heal I'll go train him in the route to the west.

Crits, the number one killer of any Nuzlocke.
Chrom: NOOOOOOOO, I'll kill you!

And now we bury our first dead.

Sorry Anakin. If only the Rattata didn't have the high ground.

Maybe I should check the Route up north. I hear there's a cool game going on with a good prize.

What do you want?

That wasn't really a battle since his Squirtle only used Tail Whip and Withdraw.

WOOOOOO! In! Your! Face!

So Nugget Bridge wasn't too exciting but I did get this little screencap:

okay now on to the final part:

Gimme my prize

Team who? Wait is this a cult rite of passage I walked in on?

Why would you tell me this before I join?

No. I'm going back south. I realize I saw a gym that way.

OOC: I showed this screenshot to my irl gf. I'm a cool guy too, right? riiiight?

After the battle:
You're not so cool. In fact, you're so not cool that you should just use Fire types. *spits on the ground*

anyways, there's a shack over there.


Alright so I gotta get out of here. There's a monster in Cerulean named Misty. Maybe I should get as far away from her as possible.
First I'll sneak around the backyard of the house behind her gym.

No no no, I do! I do! Please just let me leave town.

Anyways, I make it to Route 11 where I find me a new ally.

Apparently his dad got lost. Poor guy, I'll take care of him until we find his dad.

Pretty good stats. And once again a very well fitting nature.
Hey this is a cool looking boat. Maybe I can stow away in one of the cabins. Let's try this one.

Uhhhhhh...maybe the next one?

wayyy too many witnesses.

Oh no, another monster. ;-;

Oh no. What do you want, Jack? Can't you see I'm fleeing the country?

Oh crap! I didn't mean to go that hard on you. Well the Pokemon Center will fix that Raticate right up, I think. I hope.

Sailor: You were invited right?
Three minutes later

Dammit, that was my last way out of the country which means I have to...face her.
But first with Luke evolved I'm ready to brave Diglett's Cave for my catch.

I'll name you, Whacka.

Here goes everything. *gulp*

Thank goodness for Makoto's high Sp. Def. and my luck.

Unfortunately someone has to learn this move, and Makoto has a move I would already consider worthless to me.

We'll fix that when we get back to Fuchsia.
Now onwards to Lt. Surge's gym.

oh this will be so eas-

....just kidding, mostly.

I did however run into an unfortunate accident.

Diglett's low defenses and HP made this inevitable.

anyways, I decided to give Surge a chance:

Luke just swept his team. Everyone would have done well but this right here was the easiest gym.

But before I ended this:

Will our hero be able to defeat the gym circuit? Erika is a Grass type leader after all. Or will he end up crushed under the weight of responsibility? Find out next time on:
Buried Alive: A Groundbreaking Nuzlocke!


Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
she/her, they/them works too
Pokémon Type
Water, Cute
Pokédex Entry
This Pokémon is a flaming lesbian under a mountain of gender dysphoria. Wheeeee!
Good work so far, especially with Misty! RIP diglett, it does need a little training to make sure it doesn't get outsped and consequently bodied, but you know that for next time!

also yeah crits suck don't they

Erika's gonna be. A time. Have fun with that! Or just. Get Silph Scope first and skip her until you're ten levels ahead, I ain't the boss


Probably playing DragonBall FighterZ
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Sep 24, 2019
Peaceful Plains
Pokémon Type
Electric, Dark
Pokédex Entry
Redninjapuffles are known to want to create their own nuzlocke stories or comics, however, many have yet to start one.
Ground time


Johto League Champion
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Just appeared in box 3 one day. Won't leave.
Pokémon Type
Normal, Psychic
Pokédex Entry
Probably some kind of coding prank. Never seen outside of box 3. Is a slob apparently.
I'm sure that Rattata just wanted to avenge the eggs after what happened in day care.

Solid start there, a few losses which is regrettable. I don't think pursuit is around this part of the game, so switchtraining the newer mons until they can comfortably handle the wilds might be a safer route if you're worried about crits. And Erika might be bad, but with your poison nidos, you shouldn't have weaknesses to worry about.

Just, be careful using dig around magnitude and earthquake users. It'll be a bad time.

Good luck!

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