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Screenshot Let's Play Amateur Hour: Trainwreck edition - Fire Emblem: Binding Blade Hard Mode Iron Man

Thread Description
It's like a Fire Emblem nuzlocke basically. But played by a casual.


a weapon to surpass metal gear
Pokédex No.
Aug 28, 2019
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Ground
Pokédex Entry
Hello! Uh, hi.

I'm Snacky. You may know me from my Pokemon runs. Of course, that's what most people on here would be known for...but I also enjoy playing Fire Emblem. I'd call myself a casual, though. I've played all the games on GBA and 3DS (as well as, like, 2/3rds of Path of Radiance), on Normal mode for the most part. But I've been on a bit of a Fire Emblem kick lately, so I figured, what better way to put myself back in my place have a little fun than do an Iron Man run?

For those unaware, "Iron Man" is the equally-nondescript name for what's basically a Fire Emblem Nuzlocke. Fire Emblem has permanent death built into it, already, but most players will reset any time a character dies rather than suffer losing them. An Iron Man is essentially a run where you don't reset. If a character dies, they're gone for good, just like Kaga intended.

I've chosen FE6 (Binding Blade) as the game, because it's hard and easy to emulate. I've played it before, but that was on Normal mode, and a while ago. I will be using guides to know reinforcements and stuff because this game has ambush reinforcements, but other than that it's sort of blind.

This isn't going to be a master class in tactical gameplay like some veteran FE players have posted before. It's probably going to be a trainwreck. But (hopefully) it'll be an entertaining trainwreck. So sit back and enjoy the show.

1. Use of the "Restart chapter" command is banned if there is suspend data. In essence, no resetting. Deaths are permanent, and if Roy dies, it's run over.
2. Attempt to get the "true ending" (beating Chapter 25 by killing Idun with the Binding Blade). Since some gaiden chapters have character-specific requirements, it is possible for me to get locked out of it, but I'm not allowed to intentionally avoid it.
3. RNG manipulation is banned. The GBA Fire Emblems have deterministic RNG, so it can be made predictable. But I don't know how to, and I'm not allowed to find out.

Without further ado...

Welcome to Fire Emblem! FE6, that is. The run hasn't even started yet and there was already a small issue, though: I initially started playing with an old translation, and when I switched to the new translation it messed up my characters' stats. So I did this coming off of a file where I'd beaten chapter 2, so the formality screenshots (like this chapter's intro screen) are a bit sparse. Forgive me.

Unlike the other two GBA games, you actually begin with a decently-sized army, so let's take a look at them, eh?

Growths: 80/40/50/40/60/25/30 (Character growths will be listed in order HP, Attack, Skill, Speed, Luck, Defense, Resistance. They're percentages.)

First up is Roy, the Lord. Roy is footlocked (no horse) and swordlocked, which is Pro-speak for "bad". His growths are pretty good by this game's standards, but his bases are nothing to write home about. However, as the Lord, he is: a) force-deployed on every map, b) forced to traverse every map (you can't leave him behind) because every map in this game has the Seize win-condition, and c) if he dies, I lose. So I'll try to give him kills throughout the game to keep him out of one-round KO range. His promotion happening after chapter 21 of 22/25 doesn't help, either.

Growths: 60/25/20/25/20/15/20

Next is Marcus, the Jeigan. Every Fire Emblem game has one of these, with high bases relative to early-game enemies, generally mediocre growths, and a promoted class (usually Paladin). Marcus is a lot stronger in FE7, on account of being younger, but he's still good here, for now. He's my only decently bulky unit right now, and has access to all 3 physical weapon types (though I don't have an axe right now). His stats won't improve much, so he'll drop off in usefulness once my new units start to promote. For now he'll have to carry the team, though, since these enemies are really strong.

Growths: 85/45/40/45/40/25/10

Here's the first Cavalier, Alan, the Red Christmas Cavalier. Cavaliers usually come in pairs, with one favoring strength and the other favoring speed. Alan favors Strength, although the growths are only a 5% difference compared to Lance. The bases are different, though. Cavaliers are great all around, with high movement, good weapon triangle control, and a horse. These two will need some time to grow, considering most enemies in this chapter 2HKO them while they can barely kill in 3 rounds, but that's where Marcus helps.

Growths: 80/40/45/50/35/20/15

And the second, Lance the Dragon Master Green Christmas Cavalier. All the pros and cons of Alan, plus a slightly weaker damage per hit and a slightly easier-to-hit doubling threshold. Once these two grow a bit more, they should be able to carry me a bit. They can also carry the rest of my units, too; their Aid should allow them to rescue pretty much anyone.

Growths: 80/40/50/40/40/20/10

Here we have the penultimate member, Wolt: Liability #1. His bases are mediocre and his class is bad. Since he can't counter-attack on enemy phase and his bulk is bad, you have to baby him, which is kind of hard with only 3 functional units. His growths can make him a force to be reckoned with on player phase, if you raise him, but for now I'll call him a liability.

Growths: 90/30/30/40/50/35/10

To round out(?) the beginning squad, we have Bors: Liability #2. Bors has three main issues that I see: 1, his bases are pretty terrible. He gets 2HKO'd by most axe users and can't hurt or hit them worth a damn. Once enemies start doubling him (not terribly hard with his 3 base speed) he'll go down fast. 2, he has 4 movement, so he has trouble accomplishing anything unless you play super slowly. And 3, a consequence of 1 and 2, it's hard to take advantage of his decent growths because he can barely reach enemies, and when he can it's hard to kill them. Hopefully I'll amass enough good units to push him off the deployment list, but until then I'll do my best to keep him alive.

And now with all that analytical stuff out of the way, let's get some gameplay going.

Bandits are attacking Pherae(?) castle, because of course. And this guy lost his D-word privileges since the last patch.

I don't want to play super slowly, but I have to somewhat if I want to keep everyone alive.

Marcus tends to not one-round these guys, which is nice, because I'd rather give the kills to the cavaliers than Marcus. "Exp-stealing" is a pitfall, but I have more to gain from leveling Lance and Alan than Marcus. Those growths don't lie.

Mediocre start...


It would be cool if Marcus one-rounded this guy, though, not gonna lie. Unless I can get Lance to run up there and finish the job, but he has his own Fighter to deal with right now.

Wolt barely manages to pick up the kill. That works too. There'll be time to agonize over Exp distribution once my guys stop getting 2HKO'd by everything.

Bors's hitrates are unreliable, but since he did hit this time...

Thank you, Bors count: 1

Every Fighter miss is a Vulnerary use saved, so thanks.




I'm slowly working my way north.


Watch it, buddy!

Roy needs to get levels while he can. He'll almost certainly cap before he promotes, but if I frontload his Exp gain then he's less likely to die.

Alright, it's calmed down. The other enemies should wait to approach me until I provoke them, so I'll regroup.

Use Vulneraries where needed and grab the village. I don't have a Vulnerary for every unit, but not everyone needs one, so it works out.

Now to get these guys down here...

Beautiful. 60 experience, coming right up.

Decent first level. I can never complain about Strength or Speed, I think.

Lance didn't level up.

There we go! ...I won't sneeze at the bulk or the extra 2 hit. Weapon hit rates in this game are pretty bad, as a rule.

Ironically, Lance doesn't have a lance. Not that he needs one right now with all these Fighters running around...but the Javelin could help with the Archer that's still loitering around somewhere.

Come to papa!

Feeding these to Roy, as outlined earlier...

Cleaning up...

The boss doesn't have a Hand Axe, so let's see if Wolt can chip him a bit.


Get this archer out of here, please.

Wahh! He didn't miss!

Yeesh. The archer probably couldn't have picked up the kill, but still, yikes.

This is annoying because it takes 2 vulnerary uses to keep the boss from killing if he hits again.

hahah,n o

The Cavbros can chip as long as they don't get hit

I *was* setting that up to kill with someone else, but he crit. Boss kills give a lot of experience, so it'd have been nice to give it to someone with better growths.

And that's the end of chapter 1. The game's just getting started, and so am I.

I had to start over before, so this is the second time I'm doing this chapter. Since I've only gained 2 levels in total, there won't be much variation between the last attempt and this one.

No preparations menu yet. But we did get 2(?) new units.

Growths: 45/50/30/20/70/5/60

Elen the Healer! Yay! My healing resources are now much less finite. Her bases are pretty awful, to be honest. But since she can't attack, the only stat of hers that *should* matter is Magic. Which is horrible. But it might get better. I'll hold off the stat complaints until she promotes.

I didn't cap the other new guy, but that's because he doesn't matter very much. He's Merlinus, the Convoy. In modern Fire Emblem games (starting with Sacred Stones, FE8) the Convoy command is attached to your Lord. In the Elibe games, though, it's attached to Merlinus. His stats suck, and he can only level up by surviving 100 rounds of combat. But that's not his point anyway. Aside from the convoy utility (which isn't terribly important, since unlike FE7 you can still send items when your inventory's full even if he isn't deployed), he also has another unique attribute: he doesn't die permanently. Since it's so easy for enemies to ORKO him, he basically works as a single-use-per-chapter bait/meatshield.

Also, enemy HP is hyper-inflated in this game's hard mode, So Lance doesn't ORKO this soldier. He did on the last run, but I think he got a strength level up then.

Dancing around the 2 most important stats...funny.

On the last run I made the mistake of having Merlinus do all this. While it does take Marcus out of the action for a turn or two, having the Armorslayer travel with me (since Merlinus will be staying behind to shop) is important, since it's the best way to kill the boss.

Merlinus is staying behind to shop.

What if I got a good level up in this chapter? I think that would be pretty cool

Ow, Hand Axe. Ow, weapon triangle. I think the weapon triangle bonus in this game is 1 damage/10 hit?

Oh shit! It's the Good Unit squad! ...and Wade and Lot.

Growths: 90/40/40/30/35/20/15

New recruits! Deke, the Expy. This dude looks a lot like Zoro from One Piece. He fights a lot like Zoro, too: Swords and more swords. He's got pretty great bases, and growths enough to sustain those bases later into the game as well. He's usable out of the box, unlike most of the units you have so far, which is wonderful.

Growths: 45/30/55/60/60/10/25

Shanna, the Flier. Being a flying unit is very nice. It lets you ignore most terrain penalties, so you can go pretty much wherever you want. Shanna's bases are okay. Her speed is almost unrivaled, so she'll usually double in spite of her inexcusable constitution. Her defensive bases are okay, but her HP is low, so she'll usually get 2HKO'd in any case. Her strength is ass, but Lances have decent might. I should try to feed her kills, but that's hard, and she's useful as a utility unit even if I don't.

Growths (Wade): 75/50/45/20/45/30/5
Growths (Lot):80/30/30/35/30/40/15

Wade and Lot, the Axe bros.. Lumping them together because they have the same problems. Axes are atrocius in FE6 due to their garbage hitrates, a problem which these guys can never surmount on account of their only other possible weapon type being Bows, which have their own problems. They need a handful of lucky levels before any of their stats besides HP will pass "okay". They're footlocked, too, so Paladins usually do their Axe job better. Unless my luck turns terrible, I probably won't give them very much attention.

Having a healer is really nice, because it means my units can keep the pressure on during Player phase even if they're injured. It's basically a portable "vulnerary as a free action" license.

Bad level, but good Player phase.

The fort between the cliffs provides a nice natural chokepoint now that the enemies on my side of it are gone. Wolt gets relegated to shopping duty along with Merlinus since there's nothing for him to shoot.

Forcing the hand axe guy to attack at 1 range was smart. Even the axe bros get to flex their WT advantage over Lances.

May as well stock up on these while I can, in case my healers all die.

I wish I could buy a couple axes for Marcus, but stocking up on Iron Weapons is fine too.

Shanna can hang out on the peaks until there's something for her to swoop in and pick off. I can't leave her near these enemies when her HP is so low.

Deke is basically a dismounted Marcus (what is this, Thracia?). Difference is, his stats will get better.


good level!

Kills kills kills!

I know about Rescue dropping, am I good yet?

I should be nice and stocked now.

I want to take these guys in pairs, pretty much, because they could probably kill most of my units if they ganged up on one.



Elen's low base magic makes me sad. 11 healing per turn helps, but it's not ideal.

Shanna kill!

nice one.

Wuh oh, axe guy!

Good levelup, Roy!

small chance to die 😳

it's okay though

Luring more enemies...

they're on their way!

get outta here!

and then get him out of there because being in range of multiple enemies at once is scary


Good level!

nice one, Bors

Gearing up to close this out...

More good levels? You love to see it.

That archer is being obnoxious. But Deke should have no problem making good use of the Armorslayer.

pls die

50%, never lucky.

Merlinus Claus is here bearing normal-ass weapons

there we go,

An armor-slaying sword is kind of silly when armors use Lances, but it gets the job done.

Rescue dropping units out of danger, Roy killing the boss...

So safe.

And that's the clear! Finally, we're almost to chapters I haven't done yet. We'll see those...next time!

None :^)
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a weapon to surpass metal gear
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Aug 28, 2019
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Ghost, Ground
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Foreshadowing... ???

Welcome back. It's chapter 3 time. This chapter is notable for not being a bandit chapter, and that's about it.

The boss is a...*sEcReT*

Growths: 85/50/50/80/60/25/15

Oh, also, since there's chests in this chapter, we've got a Thief! Chad, the Pittsburger. His growths are decent, but his bases are bad, but it doesn't matter because he has thief utility. It's nice to level him up to bolster his speed, so that he can always steal things, but he can do everything he needs to at level 1 (besides...live a hit).

Since we still don't have battle preps, it's up to Merlinus to hand out weapons still.

Also since we don't have battle preps, the starting layout is ass. I know there's lance guys up front, but come on, Deke is so far away...!

I'm sending Bors, Shanna, and the axe bros up top to get the village up there while the main force handles the entrance guard.

not funny.


The game points out Lugh's presence, but come on, I'm on my way. Give me a New York minute.

Thanks, Marcus.

Wolt enemy phase?? Poggers.

They do call these guys loldiers for a reason, but I don't have good bulk or good strength yet, so they are a bit of a pain.

That's a bad gap. And Elen can't reach Alan down there to heal him...he's in range of 3 soldiers, with 12 HP...


Hopefully this works out?


Marcus could one-round these guys with the Silver Lance, but he doesn't need to.

Clearing out these soldiers on player phase. Decent Shanna levelup. Also, one of the axe bros handed their Iron Axe off to Marcus to help with these lance users.

Uh, no one's really left to mop up that last soldier...

Neither the play nor the level-up were optimal, but they were both...decent.

And since no one was around to take-drop Alan, he's still low...

Marcus is kind of low too, to be honest...not so much anymore, but

Cutscene. Good job, Narcian, you made the game possible.

Whoops, that's not the right weapon...I had so much time to change his equips, I just forgot to.


NA Aim

This situation looks manageable.

Manageable enough for me to send Lance to this village? I guess so.

I need this guy out of the way, so I'll just box him in and chip him down with Shanna.

Looks like I missed. Sick flips, though, Deke.

This wasn't optimal, but man these archers are annoying. How are they so hard to kill??

Marcus, why are your weapon ranks so ass? And how did I never notice this?

Elen has a lot of work to do.

Oh, there's a Javelin guy inside the fort...hrm. It's not like I can just move my archerbox...

Recruit secured!

Growths: 50/40/50/50/35/15/30

Lugh, the Unblockable! Enemies in this game tend to having awful Resistance, so Lugh can hit with his full Attack fairly often. Him being your first offensive Magic user makes him a welcome addition. If he gets some good Magic growth, he'll become a reliable boss-killer, I think.

Still patching myself up from the first few turns...

Ooh, that's very nice. It mostly circumvents Elen's shitty Magic.

Ambush cavs! Ahhh!

Some soldiers are still approaching, too.

Since he just got here, Lugh can have this one.

Lot can just heal up and chip that guy with his Hand Axe.


...I'd like some Defense, too, but you can't look a gift Cavalier in the mouth.

I'm just gonna hold the line and let those cavs come to me. No use rushing.


That's fine!

Enemy phase be nice?


And the cavs start coming and they don't stop coming...

They call him Chip Kelly

Deke joined a little overleveled, but that doesn't mean I should neglect him...

It's working out...

Enemy phase time. I...don't know how it'll go with twice as many cavs.

Why are you still here??

Hoo, boy.

The Rapier is effective against the cavaliers, but Roy doesn't double and takes a decent chunk from their attacks, so I need to be cautious with it.

I also need my actual bulky units to be at peak capacity.

...I'll take it. That's basically a levelup of +1 HP for every unit she heals to not-full health.

Even Chad is helping!

And yoink Elen out, because she has 0 defense and there's Jav-cavs.

This is...fine. Woulda been nice if Lugh and Shanna were here last turn, but whatever.


Hey, cool!

Oh shit!


Fuck. I didn't pay close attention to Deke's health. There he goes...give it up for death #1, everybody!

Uhh. Uhh.

Pushing forward...More cavaliers still. God, please stop.

At least the knights are easy fodder for Lugh. And since anima magic basically weighs nothing in this game, Lugh should start doubling normal enemies pretty quickly.

how about you just don't

Alright, everything should be safe now...

Marcus's 9 strength base really shows itself against these knights.

Alan is well on his way to outpacing Marcus. Which doesn't make Marcus a bad unit, I know.

At least Lugh has no trouble polishing these guys off.


Gimme the trezzure.


Thanks, cavbros.

uh, okay.

Alright, now to get to work on killing the...


uhh? This works??

Wade joined with a hammer but it's absolute trash at bosskilling even though a lot of bosses are knights, because it has 50 base hit and all bosses get +30 avoid in throne bonuses.

Good levels, under these circumstances.

Something has to start working soon, before I break all my weapons chipping at this guy.

You could seriously softlock in an ironman of this game if you run out of units that can reliably damage knights.


The new staff helps out immendsely. I don't have to spend 2 turns getting out of kill range, so I can keep the pressure on even though the boss has throne regen.

And there it goes. Very good level-up, Lugh. I'd like to see a little more HP, but no complaints otherwise.

Chapter clear!

"Well met" headass, you're bleeding out.

Well, F for Hector. Next up...I forget which chapter this is.

Oh, of course. It's the Erik map. I remember this from FE7.

Flier utility! The door key is nice to have for the future. The wasted item slot is a little sad, but it helps economize your thieves' actions more.

The Halberd would be *really* nice here if its base hit wasn't atrocious. Don't even get me started on the sword cavs.

At least they both missed...


Oh shit.

Ah God damn it, he got doubled.

RIP, Axe bro #1. And that's death #2.

It's a huge pain in the ass how bulky these guys are.

oh, Roy isn't safe. Good to know.

I should've done a better job of screenshotting what the actual enemy layout looks like...I'll work on that.

Oh, that's...interesting. And helpful. Supports in this game provide passive proximity-based buffs based on affinity.

I'm pretty sure I only get this kill because of that support.

Very nice.

I can't kill this nomad on this turn, but he's at least boxed in so he can't move around.

...That I didn't account for, but at least he's not dead yet.

Enemies can double Bors now...

Ugh, nomads.

Clarine is here! She's good for 3 reasons: she has a horse, she's a healer, and she can recruit a handful of enemies for me. Luckily the enemies ignore her while she's a green unit, so she can just meander on over to where Roy is.

It's lucky that they don't attack her because it's kind of a mess over here still. It takes half my army to kill one of these guys, and there's five of them.

Even busting out the Silver Lance barely helps.

good job, Wolt.

On second thought, I really should not have left him there...or Roy, for that matter.

I can't get to Wolt, but this at least should stop a Game Over and keep Shanna safe.

She's in his movement range, but Marcus and Lot are standing on the tiles he could attack from. Calculated.

It was at this point that I noticed how fucked Wolt is.

Yeeeep. RIP. He had no chance with those hitrates. RIP, Wolt, death #3.

This is still bad, but once I get these guys out, that should give me some time to breathe before the pirates start coming.

I'm doing my best out here.

This guy lives another turn, but as far as I can see he can't hit anyone terribly hard.

Rutger soon.

Well, that's pretty hard, but it's not an OHKO, so it doesn't matter.

Clarine is nice enough to recruit herself, so Roy gets to keep his action! Also, aah! More cavs incoming!

The pirates have also started spawning. And while their hitrates are garbage on Chad, they do 2HKO him...

Shanna doesn't have anything else to do with these bow users monopolizing the space, so she can secure this village before the bandits start spawning.

This is about where Rutger is going to spawn, so I want to get this area cleared out so his recruitment is clean.

begone, thotticus

As long as that's happening, the pirates won't make it to Priscilla's old stomping grounds.

Major ouchies.

Rutger's squadron ambush-spawned last turn, so I need to keep an eye on him.

Clarine is close enough that she can recruit him now, but she needs to use all of her movement to do it, so I'd have to get that cavalier and archer out of the way this turn...

I'm overextending for this, I just know it. I need to pull back before anyone gets killed, worst of all Roy.

It was at this moment I realized these guys are way too bulky for me to get Rutger this turn.

This is why horses are so good. Since I'm not recruiting Rutger this turn, everyone needs to stay out of his range. The horses can rescue the units who've already moved and canto away.

Chad is out of range of this force, and Marcus can handle himself. Bors...you're on your own.

Please be nice, enemy phase.

I'm still wary of these guys. Just two errant hits spell Chad's doom, and while 11% true hit (don't ask) isn't much, it's more than nothing.

Shanna...you're doing great. I'm positioning her here carefully, to lure that cavalier away. This will keep him out of Chad's way, and keep the cav from doubling the bridge gang, who are all carrying people and thus have their speed halved.

The Iron Axe guys have higher hit, but Chad is beasting it.


Yep. The archer doubled Alan. He'd probably be dead if the cav was still around.

I don't have any more room to retreat, so let's do this now.

Rutger's recruited!

Growths: 80/30/60/50/30/20/20

Oops, I forgot to talk about Clarine's stats. Well, they don't matter too much anyway. Here's Rutger, the Edge Lord. He's our first glimpse into the power of Hard Mode bonuses. One of the ways that Hard Mode makes the game harder is by adding flat bonuses (nitpick: they aren't exactly flat; sometimes they'll deviate +- a point or so) to enemy stats to make them stronger. However, they did not include a contingency to pass over enemy units that are recruitable. So if a unit starts out as an enemy, then they'll have higher bases on hard mode. So Rutger the Myrmidon, the class of physically weak but speedy swordsters, rivals Marcus in damage output and has bulk comparable to Deke. Of course he's swordlocked and footlocked, but...whatever.

Now that he's turned his coat inside out, we should have no trouble mopping up his goons.

I think I offended Marcus by calling him weaker than a level 5 myrmidon. At least Marcus gets way better weapon types.

Allen is one point short of one-rounding either of these guys...

But Lance's support fixes that up in a jiffy.

Oh, yeah, Rutger also joins with the best* sword in the game. Remember, kids: hoarding is a pitfall.

*effective weapons are situationally better, but if there's any sword that you'd want to be the only one in the game, it's the Killing Edge.

bad and naughty bulky archers go in the horse cube to await punishment

I don't want that horse boy to get attacked by both the cav and the archer, so Chad will draw the archer's fire. The pirates can have little a free turn, as a treat.


I did NOT notice he could make it over there.

Death number #4...

At least I still have one healer...

This has been a mess, and I'm in bad shape.

The pirates can't resist a good round of combat, even if it means forgoing destroying the village. So the cavbros (or any unit with a sword, really) can hold them here while everyone else goes west.

...the cavbros, and Rutger.

There are a lot of them.

I'll just...give them a wide berth. Don't want to distract 'em.

It's a start.

Oh, awesome. Just what I needed. Ambush cavalier reinforcements. As if I haven't fought enough bulky-ass FE6 cavaliers to last a lifetime.

Fuck off, cavs, my good units are busy right now.

thank you Marcus

Oh...uh, hey, guys.

This is annoying. If I keep my swords equipped, I have weapon triangle against these lances, but if I switch to lances, I have WTD against the pirates.

not helping.

I'll just hold the line and hope for dodges.

Two is a much more manageable number for topside than 4 was.

No problems. Beautiful work, Alan.

There's more cavalry in my future...

I guess I'll go back around and take em from the front.

Never punished.

I'm just gonna sell this because it's so ass, lol.

Roy's Strength base rears its ugly head.

Finally getting this map cleaned up...

Cavalier boss?

Cavbros t-pose menacingly before the archer while I figure out how to kill the boss

Archer is a bitch and I remember that hoarding and exp-stealing are both pitfalls

This isn't real boss abuse...this is like, boss-abuse lite. Boss cheese. Omelete du fromage.

And that's the chapter.


roll credits


Deke - Ch. 2 - Ch. 3

Wade - Ch. 2 - Ch. 4

Wolt - Ch. 1 - Ch. 4

Elen - Ch. 2 - Ch. 4
Picked off by CavaliersDoubled by a NomadLeft in the line of fire. Oopsie.Defensive position breached by horse
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