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Jul 26, 2020
Hello all! This is my first time posting here, I think, unless I had another account long ago. I did get into trying Nuzlockes either during or just after college and had a few Wonderlockes going in X that I never completed but I don't think I ever tried to track and log them. I had a sudden urge to pick up a Pokemon game again and rather than play through Shield which I've barely touched, I decided to go back to one of my favorite game in the whole series, Pokemon HeartGold. I honestly think this is where the franchise peaked. Granted, I haven't played Black/White or the sequels, but this has seemed like a sweet spot for me. Hopefully it will live up to my memories since it's been a while since I picked it up. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my weird ramblings and likely lame attempts at humor.

-A Pokemon who faints in battle is considered dead and cannot be used in battle afterwards.
-Only the first Pokemon encountered in a route or area may be caught, unless the Dupe clause (including evolutions) or the shiny clause comes into effect.
-All Pokemon must be given a nickname. Theme: Disney Characters
-Teamlocke: Once 6 pokemon have been caught, a new pokemon may only be brought onto the team if a spot opens up through a death. All other pokemon caught must remain in the PC until a spot is open.

Part 1: Egg Courier

-So starting off this game came out in 2010. I would’ve sworn it came out while I was in high school, but apparently I was sitting around playing this as a sophomore in college. I do distinctly remembering ordering a used copy of ruby off amazon, though, so that does fit with what I was up to (being fucking rad).

-I had to look up the movie on the TV downstairs. Apparently it’s Tom and Huck, which I am aware of only through trailers on Disney tapes. Given my naming theme for this The original Gold/Silver had a nod to The Outsiders, which is the much cooler of the two, in my opinion

-I very quickly got my starter, our very first pokemon for this nuzlocke. I picked Totodile, who has been named Brutus, after one of the crocodiles in The Rescuers. He’s hardy and alert to sounds, and immediately started starting at the sky when we left the lab.

-After venturing off, our very first battle was with a pidgey, who Brutus immediately downed with a critical hit scratch. Seems like a good start!

-After wading through the grass and squaring off with more pidgeys and a sentret, we made it to Cherrygrove for a town tutorial, which is notable only for the fact that we got running shoes at the end and can finally move at a reasonable speed.

-It was then up to Mr. Pokemon’s house, but I first stopped at a house that I definitely intended to visit and got the Apricorn box. And then we finally picked up the Mystery Egg from Mr. Pokemon. I kind of love how over it Prof. Elm is with Mr. Pokemon and his eggs. Not even sure why he'd bother having us bring it back to him. Around this time, Brutus learned water gun.

-It was then back to Cherrygrove for a battle with Red-Haired Kid and his chikorita. Several scratches later, Brutus was victorious. I’ve named this kid Gene, after the asshole from Wreck-it Ralph, since this dude is also an asshole

-It was then back to New Bark Town, and back to route 29 after a chat with a police officer, Elm, and then my mom. After a mandatory explanation of how to catch pokemon, we caught our first pokemon and the nuzlocke truly began.

-Joining our team is a calm, finicky Pidgey at level 2, which should be fun to level up. I’m naming her Abby, for Abby Mallard from Chicken Little, who’s not only the first character on the List of Disney characters on Wikipedia, but also the first female bird.

-After a brief stop-off in Cherrygrove to heal and resupply, I carried on to Route 30. Our first encounter there was another Pidgey, so I moved on to the second: a level 4 Metapod. He’s been named Bucky after a bug from a Silly Symphonies short. He’s lonely and defiant, and only knows Harden, but with luck, he’ll one day be a beautiful butterfree.

-Route 31 proved to be an issue, with Pidgeys and a Metapod appearing before we made up to Dark Cave. After a brief jaunt inside, I emerged with DOR15 (pronounced Doris), a level 2 Geodude. She has been named after the villainous hat of Meet the Robinsons, and is naive and clownish.

-We headed into Violet city briefly to heal and got the VS recorder from Ethan along the way. From there, we headed back into Route 31 and finally found a qualified pokemon, the serious and quick to flee Bellsprout at level 3. I’ve named her Willow, after Grandmother Willow who much like Bellsprout is a plant.

-What lies ahead for our intrepid band? Grinding. A whole lot of grinding to get our newest additions up to par with the Brutus and Abby.

-Brutus, Totodile, Level 8
-Abby, Pidgey, Level 6
-Bucky, Metapod, Level 4
-DOR15, Geodude, Level 2
-Willow, Bellsprout, Level 3



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