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Screenshot Unova General Mon A person attempts his second Nuzlocke - Pokemon Black 2

Thread Description
A person (me) will attempt their second Nuzlocke (Pokémon Black 2 Randomized). Updates every 3 days?
Pokédex No.
May 3, 2021
Pokémon Type
Ice, Poison
Hi I'm ZeroLessThanOne, (you can also call me Z, Zero or Exi if you like). I'm attempting my second nuzlocke ever, and my first on these forums. I was gonna post the first one on the forums but I didn't collect enough screenshots of the earlier parts and I was already a few gym it at that point. I'd eventually come to regret my decision as it turned out to be one of, if not my most interesting Pokémon playthrough of all time. Anyway from that I've made up my mind and decided to post this one here. For the reason why I'm playing a randomized run for my second run, my first run was also randomized. It's just more enjoyable to me, I can't just look up encounters or gym Pokémon, I can use Pokemon i haven't ever used eithr because i've never really though much of the mon or because it's too late game, and it spices up a game that I've played a lot of.

I'm sticking to pretty vanilla nuzlocke rules for the run, or at least how I understand em'
  1. Faint = Dead; For me I like keeping them in a box.
  2. Only allowed to catch first encounter of the route/area
  3. Shiny clause (Got a random encounter one in the first one :P)
  4. Dupes clause (thought this is randomized so it's a lot more unlikely)
  5. Special rule since i randomized ground items: I can only revive 1 of each type of fossil I find (e.g If i find 2 Plume Fossils, i can only revive 1)
  6. Nuzlocke starts after I get Pokeballs.
  7. I can get gift Pokémon
  8. Static Encounters are special catches
  9. I have to Nickname all of my Pokemon

Pokémon's Abilities and Movesets are randomized but not their typings or evolutions.
Enable Impossible Evolutions setting on. I'm not quite exactly sure what this does, but i think that it definitely let you evolve all the mons without trading.
Movesets have a higher chance of being STAB moves.
Encounters are randomized, in "Catch 'em all" Mode so i can get a wide variety of mons.
Legendaries I set to not be encounterable for me. (Trainers can still have them though).
Ground Items are Randomized.
TMS/Move Tutors are randomized.
Trainers are randomized and their Pokémon will forced to be fully evolved at Lv. 50+
Rival does not carry starter through game. (If i have to replace my mons when die, so should he lol)
Fastest Text because yes.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning (Scroll down on this post)
Chapter 2 - Something Bad Happens
Chapter 3 - Getting Soak'ed

Anyway I think that's all the information needed (If there's anything i missed lmk :P), and with that let's begin.

I pick boy and I name myself Napalm, not for any particular reason.

Following this, I name my Rival Warhead.

Anyway intro, meet rival, blah blah blah...
Go to Binaca and these are my starter options.

is this.. is this randomizer seriously kantooooo pandering?!
so I pick the only real choice.

I probably would have chosen it anyway.
I don't hate the mon and have never really used it before.

I was gonna name him "Alarm" but that sounds like an appliance, not a Pokemon.
So I slapped an "os" at the end, problem solved.

Rival fight time, he sends out a starly,
probably because i disabled him carrying his starter through the game
eh, doesn't really matter i guess.

Game why do you do this to me

thankfully, nuzlocke rules don't start until I get Pokeballs.

After the battle, I head to the Pokémon Center and spend all my money on Pokeballs. (forgot to screenshot)
Then Bianca teaches us how to catch Pokémon. I guess I forgot to randomize that so it's just the boring old normal
tutorial so I didn't screenshot it. Afterwards we go to get our first encounter...

Game you're killing me.
Well might as well catch it.

Got her in the first ball at least.
I forgot to screenshot it but I name her "Pink".

While i was in the encounter i checked out Alarmos' ability and it's Shed Skin. Not bad.

Game teases me that I could've gotten my favorite starter

I was so excited when I got this since it sounded like a competitive item...
...until read the the desription,
jeez, does ditto need a special stat boosting item???
isn't a gimmicky enough mon anyway????

Oh yeah Pink's ability. Rough skin, pretty good actually for a lickilicky.
Her only move is Omnious Wind right now.


Indeed he is.
Following Alder to the school, he first tells me to give the map to Warhead.

We get into the first counted battle in the Nuzlocke.

mom pick me up I'm scared

The RNG god smiled upon me, however, allowing me to land a 5-hit Bullet seed
followed by a 4-hit bullet seed (one of those being a crit).

We also battle the lass before i can get another encounter.
We bullet seed it to death like this.

Anyway for our second route encounter...

It's a Torkoal. Not that i hate mon or anything.
But my first ever random-encounter shiny was in my first Pokemon game which was Ruby was a Torkoal.
Just not excited about using a mon (especially a non-shiny version) of a mon I've already used before I guess.

Catch her anyway, an encounter is an encounter I guess.
I named Tori from Torkoal because I cant think of anything right now.
Definitely a pretty meh ability, at least it's not negative.

Afterwards we head to the farm.
Pink gets a STAB move, Slash on the way there from battling a trainer (forgot to screenshot).

I get my third encounter in the ranch since it's a separate area...

OH MY GOD. Thank you game.
The Vanillite line are some one of the mons I really love.
It's just such a goofy idea for a Pokemon.

After lots of Pokeballs I manage to capture her.

I name her Connie (from Ice Cream Cone Har Har)
Color change isn't ideal but at least she has 4 moves.
Anyway on that positive note I'll end this episode here before something bad happens.
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Pokédex No.
May 3, 2021
Pokémon Type
Ice, Poison
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Since the first chapter was kind of short, because I was working on it while I was sleepy so I'll throw some more stuff out.

We head up, and battle Warhead.

He sends out a Starmie this time, and I easily take it out with bullet seed.
We head into the farm looking for the missing pup.


Thankfully, Pink does have Ominous Wind.

Legendary/Mythical Count: 1

May be useful(?) I did use the Dawn Stone in my previous game.

Oh look it's Peanut's brother.
Seriously though, I've come to love Bidoof/Bibarel after using Peaunt in HGSS Randomized Nuzlocke.

That quick???

Legendary/Mythical Count: 2

Oh god o fuck I forgot meloetta's part normal.

That was so close.
I don't get too many encounters so I'd feel awful if she died.


Free Pokemon?

We find the Herdier and head back to battle school where we battle.
Nothing much happens, just some screenshots.


Another Free Pokémon is what I would have said,
but I looked up when you could evolve fossils...

... Post game -_-

Anyway It's gym time

the emulator likes to bug out the graphics on vs. screens for some reason.

Chreren sends out a Spearow, and I don't even need to switch to counter it.

Was able to take out the Bear out with Pink & Alarmos combined and
quicksaving because during my last run the m emulator would crash randomly.

Some decent TMs

Oh no I forgot to heal.

I'm so upset, this wouldn't have happened If I remembered to heal.
My nuzlocke starters now have a pattern of "dying first".

(From the first one)
Pokédex No.
May 3, 2021
Pokémon Type
Ice, Poison
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Sorry for the inactivity, things kinda went haywire IRL.

Ok now to heal like what I should've done after the Cheren fight.

Rest in Peace...

Nothing during the remaining trainer fights, just some screenshots.

Stocked up on some Pokeballs and Super Potions just in case

Why game? Why?

Uneventful double battle

Well, except this

Very cool.

Rough Skin is actually extremely good.
Didn't think I'd ever say this but I'm starting to like her more and more.

New area, new encounter...

To be honest I've never really used a (Regional Bug) mon ever in a team.
So this'll be interesting.

I named him Spike. He "likes to eat" despite not having a mouth
He has limber, which is a positive ability at least though it is situation.
His moveset is Signal Beam & Twineedle which will be useful for status-ing opponents.


Oh thank goodness.

Legendary/Mythical Count: 3

He only took 1 level to evolve.
First evolution in the run ^^

Ability that weakens own stab lmao



Scary Sawk. Has magic guard or something else since he wasn't hurt by it.
Tried to confuse him but snapped without him hurting himself ._.
Thankfully, was able to kill him by the next turn.

I didn't screencap it because i didn't think it was that important.
Tropius used Soak on Torkoal and I didn't really think about how it's a grass type,
and probably has grass stab moves. And so a frenzy plant took her out easily. ;-;

...extremely disrespectful sir.

Rest in Peace...

I forgot to get screencaps but with that death,
I decided to train up a bit so I'm least at the level of Roxie's ace.

And he we go...

Coincidentally, like Cheren, she leads with a Pokemon of her actual type.


That's a bit scary. I'll swap in to Spike.

First-hit poison twineedle lets goooo

Soak claims yet another victim.
This time I was aware of the risks but he was at that Health and
just assumed Roxie would heal. ;-;

That may become useful but Pink has Ominous Wind right now.

2 Death in 1 Episode rip.
I suppose I'll end it off here so there won't be more.
Pokédex No.
May 3, 2021
Pokémon Type
Ice, Poison
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Because the hectic schedule I mentioned in the last post I won't be able update for about a week because of finals.
Made this doodle to supplement.

Napalm, Pink and Connie

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