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Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Mon A New Leaf- Leaf Green Nuzlock


Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 20, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
This Pokemon only rarely leaves it's cave to hunt down birbs. Oftentimes, it can only be spotted by it's strange aura in the sky.
All Rights Reserved to the following.
This is a good sign I need to adjust my screen size, isn't it?

A New Leaf

Leaf Green Nuzlocke

Definitely need to adjust the screen size.

Anyway, welcome to what is my first Nuzlocke, and to kick things off, I'm starting in the Kanto Region where it all began. To Rules.

You can only catch the first Pokemon that appears in an area. Fail to catch it, and that capture chance is gone. (Note this does not apply to the first part of the game when you have no balls)
The above does not count for Gift Pokemon, though you if you use one, it counts as your encounter for the area.

Only Pokemon of the current Gen can be used. So for Kanto, Kanto Pokemon. This locks out Pokemon like Crobat from being used.
If a Pokemon faints, it's considered dead, and must be returned to the earth. (The Box.)
Battle Style is set to Set, cannot switch when your opponent sends out a new Pokemon.
The run is complete once I have defeated the Champion. It's over if I fail to actually defeat the Elite Four, or Black Out at any point.
I'm a bit crazy, so narrative may cross over.

With that siad, let's jump into the world of pokemon. (And skip some pictures given their size)
Oak really doesn't remember his grandson is named Flare, apparently/

Ugh, getting started early on the chibification.

Ah NES, I never knew the. First things first before I leave.

Old style computer.

There is always a potion on the net for some reason. This will prove useful.

This is a bag of holding. It holds everything, but for now it holds a lifeline.

And this is a frame, option is Set, so I'm good to go.

This is the last time I will see a bed in a while. Bye Bedi.

Right.. Bye Mom.

I've seen this movie somewhere before.

Bye Uiki.

I thought this was New Leaf Town?


I'm supposed to be here right? Think I'll go play in the tall grass while I wait for the door to unlock.

Cue tree appearing out of nowhere.

whisked away.

It hasn't even been 10 minutes yet.

Still can't remember names,

or events.

get popped flare gun.

I couldn't have guessed.

Skips musing on only having three Pokemom left. Harsh world out there.

In-ne mi-ne


That's all till next time. I'm pretty sure most people know what's next, take a guess while I go photo some more. And adjust any new photos.

To be the very best, like no one ever was~
To train them is my real test, to travel is my cause~
I will journey across the seas, to regions far and wide~
The grass is greener ~ on the other side!~


Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 20, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
This Pokemon only rarely leaves it's cave to hunt down birbs. Oftentimes, it can only be spotted by it's strange aura in the sky.
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Another chunk broken down. Let's see if the imaging works now. Granted, some of the images are from last time.

Then wouldn't it be a blank book?


Anyway, to Pokemon.
I choose...


Bulbasaur it is. Given this is the title Pokemon and fits my name. Also makes it far less likely I get crushed by brocks.

Naturally, being a Nuzlocke means Nicknames. Let's see.

hmm.. !
K.. This is a surprise. Getting a girl is pretty lucky and good tidings. Your name is

Chika Chika. (Most of this is post commentary giving voice to past thoughts, but I did sit there thinking of names before I noticed the gender. Female starters are rare.)

Flare gets a Charmander. Cause of course he does.

Nice to know. So long as I'm not an idiot.

sneaks over to check the computer

It will be brought.

... Professor Oak has one Pokemon.

Squirtle gets no love, no Water Blue.

Does it? Well, I'm going to get going, Pokemon to catch, birds to down.

And to black. Do we need to?

Fine then.

Let's teach this boy a lesson. Time to shine~

[Pokemon Battles require quite a few tactics. Tactic One, if your enemy can't hurt you, they can't kill you.]

Case in point, Growl to reduce damage.

And a second time.

Followed by a Tackle. I happen to be faster than Charmander, so I get the first move. And with Growl I take less damage overall.

Which leads to an inevitable conclusion.

Doesn't change the fact a crit or miss would have ended badly. Losing before you even get out the door would be embarrassing. (But then this wouldn't have even gotten posted.)

One last tackle ends the battle. Good job Chika.

And a 69 pointer, which means level up.

Every point helps.

Go back to Unova Flare.

This is always the case in a Nuzlocked World, you never pick the right Pokemon. You just make it work.

Money is somewhat limited.

I have a bad feeling about this.

scent of fire among the fresh leaves.

Well, he's gone now. Time to head out.

Okay, now time to head out. And there are day cares around if I want to turbogrind. Kinda against the spirit of Nuzlocke though.

checks clock.

Yeah, not even seven minutes.

*The door is open. But no one bumps into you.

'And that he got the flare kicked out of him. Good job.'


Now let's check out Chika.

Bulbasaur, Grass/Poison. Weak to fire. And Sabrina. And Birbs. Good against rock and water types, neutral against old lightning dudes.
Adamant means it can make use of physical attacks, like Return. However it goes against it's high Spc.Atk stat. Venusaur has good bulk, suited to stall out foes. Iarter.'m not sure if I can buy Moomoo Milk in this game. If I'm willing to wait they can eventually learn Synthesis. But that means staying as a starter for something that can be solved with items. Overall it has a good early game, but a weak late game. Does not stop them from being a good stall option though. (Most of this is from my own thoughts. They remain a strong contender and once EXP Share hits, I'll be happy.) If Attract was an option this game..

Anyway, off to hunt in the grass.

Pigdey. Given I have no balls yet, this doesn't count.

Chika starting strong.

That's a level. And a Leech Seed. Free Health is nice.

Mom did not raise an idiot though, back to get a heal.
This repeats for a bit.

Rat! Get em Chika!

Swing and a miss Chika!
Yeah, 100 acc move missing. This would not be the last time.

Tail Whip lowers defense.

Not that it helps. Being faster is good.

16 minutes in. I'll cut the update here. And still need to reduce the window size.


Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 20, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
This Pokemon only rarely leaves it's cave to hunt down birbs. Oftentimes, it can only be spotted by it's strange aura in the sky.
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Part 3 of four for the prologue. Take 3.

Ah Route 1, tale of beginning and the first steps. (Thinking on it, that sounded vaguely Etrian.)

Signs are not that useful if you've played this game before. Or have a map which I don't. On the bright side, the screen seems small enough now. Hmm, what if I..
Nope, doesn't work. Oh well.

Do you sell masterballs?
Clerk: Ah, no, we do sell antidotes though. Anyway,


.. This isn't an Antidote. I'll take it though, free potion is a free heal item.

Goddam Birbs.

Tackle it Chika!

... Right, Sand Attack. If not immediately obvious, this will cause my accuracy to lower, meaning I miss attacks. Compared to Mudslap it's not that useful.

Leech Seed kinda makes that pointless though.

As I can just sit here and let them die while Chika stays healthy. Growl time.

A reminder Growl is an 100 acc move.

Not that it mattered. This is a good show of Leech Seed being useful.

Onto the grass, the broken path~

Why is the road so overgrown anyway? Ledges where the path runs, trees blocking the road.

Trainers in the grass.


And another encounter. I already killed most of you, go away till I get some balls.

This is a sign I have not played Pokemon in a long time, especially this game.

Viridian City, Home to the gym that is never open. And Yellow.
Reads sign.

That so.

That looks like an electrode fused with a snorlax.

And this is a dead end.

Just some guy hanging out in the bushes.

Pokemon Center, the place I'll end up in for the majority of my time sleeping.

There is joy inside all of us. But mostly in Centers.

Begs the question why New Leaf doesn't have one.

This kid has no clue, there are far more than two.




Fine. You aren't going to sell me anything till I do. I swear this is going to happen a lot.

You and me both buddy.

This, this is a flag held up by a little girl. You can tell cause it's red.

Back to Professor Tree I suppose.


Quad Hoppits~




... poke.

Doing fine, nice and leveled off the blood of birbs. Much speed EV.

Return is the metagame.

Skips over rest of diologue to give some special pokeball that will never become relevant. Can I have balls now?

And here comes te Flare.

Getting a head start on the family tradition, forgetfulness.


Neat I guess, what

.. It's blank.

"Thank you?"

"Why not?"

Bit obvious.

Finally have some balls. Time to catch a birb, and hopefully not a rat.

Can I ask who you are?

You can hear me right?



Why is he-




"Right, can you please tell me what is going on Professor Oak?"

That is not the question I was asking.
Okay.. Did not expect this. Umm. Might be best to head home for this conversation?


"Kay mom. I'll be up in my room."

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