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Unova Written Log General Mon A Fantastic Factorylocke!

Thread Description
Dee takes their factorylocke ruleset through an inaugural run in Unova!


Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 26, 2019
Zion National Park
Pokémon Type
Bug, Clever
Pokédex Entry
A regular writer of fanfics and other works, this pokemon loves puns, bugs, and the outdoors.
Hello everyone! This is going to be a very informal written log of me taking my new ruleset, the factorylocke (read up more about it here!) through Pokemon Black 2. The factorylocke is a custom ruleset that incentivizes the capture and use of atypical, "unnatural" pokemon like Vanillite or Castform. Why Black 2? Well, a few reasons... first is that I really like Unova, and I think Black 2 has an interesting selection of pokemon to choose from under the ruleset. The second reason is that B2W2 are some of the only main series games I haven't yet 'locked in some form!

This will be a casual, informal run through the region, with heavy focus on how my ruleset operates. I've never played a game with it before! Please check up on the factorylocke ruleset linked above, and if it pleases your fancy, maybe take it for a spin yourself!

  • Ch. 1--Basic Badge (see below!)

1) With the exception of the foreman and assembly workers (see rule 2), only unnatural pokemon can be used. (Note: a list of unnatural pokemon can be read below this ruleset.)

2) Every pokemon will have a rigidly defined role:
  • The Foreman – The starter. The foreman must not ever leave the team for any reason. The foreman has no item restrictions. Should the foreman die, a new foreman must immediately be promoted from the ranks of the assembly workers.
  • Assembly Workers – Cannot be unnatural pokemon or legendaries. Up to three times per run, I can use a voucher in a given area to choose to hire an assembly worker instead of an unnatural pokemon. I start with one voucher, gain a second upon clearing the fourth gym, and a third upon the freezing of Opelucid City. Assembly workers cannot hold items or have items used on them in battle, but for every worker on the team, one item can be used in-battle on unnatural pokemon and one unnatural pokemon can hold a held item. Promoted assembly workers become the foreman and have the rules of that role apply. If the foreman dies and there are no assembly workers, one must be hired and promoted immediately, with the next voucher forfeited.
  • Unnatural Pokemon – The factory’s rank-and-file. On their own they cannot hold items or have items used on them in battle, but their production value increases with the help of assembly workers (see above).

3) Only the first unnatural pokemon encountered in any route can be caught, unless an assembly worker voucher has been redeemed (see rule 2.)

4) Dupe Clause: Dupes (defined as pokemon belonging to the same evolutionary family as a living pokemon I have caught) do not count as a first encounter.

5) Gift Clause: Gift pokemon are freebies and do not count towards an area's "first encounter" rule.

6) Token Clause: In an area where there are no viable catches, I receive a token to be redeemed for a second catch at a later time.

7) Any pokemon that faints is fired from the factory and must leave the team to be released/permaboxed.

8) All pokemon on the active team must be within 5 levels of each other. HM slaves are exempt from this rule.

9) Pinwheel Clause: The following areas are split into two areas for a "first encounter":

  • Virbank Complex (outside and inside)
  • Reversal Mountain (outside and inside)
  • Giant Chasm (cave and forest)
  • Victory Road (outside and inside)

Below is a list of unnatural pokemon allowed by the factorylocke. This is not an exhaustive list--pokemon unavailable for capture in the main game of Black 2 have been excised!

Mineral Pokemon

Onix family

Sudowoodo family

Nosepass family

Roggenrola family

Ferroseed family

Slimes, Ooze, and Gases

Grimer family

Koffing family


Living Constructs

Magnemite family

Baltoy family

Beldum family

Bronzor family

Darumaka family


Klink family

Golett family

Animate Objects

Shuppet family

Trubbish family

Spirits and Specters

Drifloon family

Yamask and Cofagrigus

Litwick family

Lab-born Creatures


Extraterrestrials and Extradimensional Creatures

Clefairy family

Staryu family

Lunatone and Solrock

Elgyem family


Vanillite family

Let's start off! This run is just a simple ruleset test, no character notes or ongoing story here. In Aspertia City, I select a Tepig as my starter/foreman. He's male and Bashful; I name him Cinder. Why Tepig? Well, mostly because I've never used one in a nuzlocke before and I think it'll be fun! ^^

Aspertia actually does have pokemon to be caught... none of which are viable under my ruleset, so that's +1 token for me! (Total tokens: 1). After a capture tutorial, we enter Route 19! I started with a voucher, but only Patrat and Purrloin are available for now... let's hold off on spending it. Instead, I'll take another token! (Total tokens: 2). I actually struggle a bit to do meaningful damage with Cinder early on because Ember relies on his weaker attacking stat... I'm sure I can make it work, though!

Moving on past Floccesy Town to Route 20; Sudowoodo can be found swarming here later, so no token for me! I'll come back later. North to Floccesy Ranch and instead of taking a token, I think I'll cash in my voucher and try for an assembly worker! Psyduck or Riolu would be kinda fun, but I'd be willing to swing just about anything... even the Azurill that the game sends my way!

She's baby ;;w;;

Her name is Seafoam, and she has a Rash nature and Thick Fat as her ability! I'll admit, I was a bit miffed at getting a baby pokemon for my voucher, especially since I can't get any unnatural pokemon until before the second badge... but she grows on me as I slowly train her up! Having her know Charm is surprisingly useful, though I've got to be careful, especially since due to assembly worker rules, she can't hold an item or have one used on her in-battle...

Oh yes, I almost forgot! Hugh (whom I've named Chaz in this run) has fallen before me in all battles. Though later encounters might not be so easy...

Anyway, I return to the Aspertia Gym, testing out my strategy. Leading with Seafoam to nerf them with Charm before swapping to Cinder is pretty effective! After beating Cheren's two trainers, I return to the ranch to train up Seafoam to lv. 12 and Cinder to lv. 13. I try not to overlevel if I can help it, so matching Cheren's ace seems like a good strat!

The fight is actually pretty simple. I just do the same strategy as I did on the lesser trainers. Since Work Up only raises attack by one and Charm decreases it by two, poor Cheren is in a losing race. Cinder makes pretty short work of both Patrat and Lillipup once they've had their offense nerfed! The Basic Badge is mine!

That's it for my first entry. I'll probably do a badge an entry, and then have a couple of entries for the finale. See you all soon(ish) and wish me luck in experimenting on my new ruleset!


Challenge Seeker, Completionist and Rule Designer
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
Nice start! Ah getting the Thick Fat Azumarill is always a bit disappointing. Can't wait to see what the first thing to come out of your factory!
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Currently yelling about Sw/Sh
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 2, 2019
Pokémon Type
Fire, Dragon
Pokédex Entry
A calm and nocturnal creature with a fondness for reading.
Ooh, how neat! B2W2 seem like great games for this ruleset, and I can't wait to see how it goes once you start uncovering some true factory 'mon :0 There's a surprising amount of variety available to you, plus you're already starting to rack up tokens!

Seafoam is indeed baby, though it's a bit sad you missed out on Huge Power for her ;o; Still, you don't really get any other water coverage from true factory 'mon so she's definitely a boon either way!
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