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Screenshot Sinnoh Teen A Bug in the System


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Jun 16, 2019
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Beware the BritishAirSnail. They come from the sky and leave their slime EVERYWHERE
Did someone say beach episode!?

Man, there was sooo much conflict in these updates and not just within the team! (Though that's where most of it was.) Cliff and crew trounsed those Galatic Grunts pretty well, but damn that snap from Dawn afterwards. Filling Cliff with such mixed emotions! Poor guy, you can tell he cares about her and doesn't want to risk her livelihood, but is she really expecting him to stand by when they're causing trouble right in plain sight! Hopefully they'll find some common ground.

And shit, a lot of hatchets are being buried, but it's good, really good for the air finally being cleared in so many ways. It will help the team heal and become stronger than ever, which I can't wait to see. I'm sure there will still be some rough patches to work through, but they're at least on the right track now. These crazy kids playing with my heartstrings, you do conflict so well ;w;


pfp thanks to Bug <3
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May 15, 2019
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Bit late on these ports, but I'd have a really rough week and I figured it'd be better off anyway to post these in one fell swoop. But these do come with some talking points, so let me have the floor for a bit.

- New readers aren't really affected but old readers might see that the name of my Illumise is different. Apparently, the old name was a slur, which I never realized until a random ass Facebook article told me. So I changed the name and it should be reflected in the text and screenshot for these updates and moving forward. If I missed any, lemme know!
- Big thanks to @Huntress Wizard for helping me rename the three out of the four chapters here. The original names were out of my chapter naming theme (which if you were curious, it's scientific terms) and was because I was already burnt out and rushing to get those chapters out that I didn't have the time or energy to name them anything special. But now they are, whee! Thanks, HW!
- If y'all want to, I remodeled the first post to a) include written fanworks as well in the fanworks section b) display the Extravaganza awards this run has fortunately won and c) included the playlist for any audiophiles to listen in.
- And just a quick shoutout to the people who have been reading and commenting on the run thus far. Y'all are the real MVPs! <3

@Thirteenth - ;w; Thank you so much! The interludes definitely helped me to stretch out of my comfort zone a bit and really dive into the meat of the characters!

@BritishAirSnails - I'm happy that Dawn and Cliff both portrayed valid points in that argument. Dawn doesn't know that Cliff has had prior experiencing dealing with criminal organizations back in Unova, but at the same time, she's still concerned about the well being of her... friend. And Cliff wants to do what's right but at the same time, he's causing someone else distress, both personally and professionally.

And yeah, team drama is fun but not all the time! And thank you! ;w;

Cliff: Good morning, everyone!
June: Well, aren't you perky today?
Cliff: That's cause I'm feeling a lot better. That hot shower and sleep was just what the doctor ordered.
Liam: Yeah, you were completely knocked out when I came in the room! You even left the TV on!
Cliff: Don't remind me. I had to pay extra for that...
Celia: I hope this means you'll learn to stop overexerting yourself. We were very lucky there was a nearby place to stay.
Cliff: You know I'll do my best, Celia.
Maeve: Translation: he probably won't.
Cliff: Ahem. Anyway, enough about me. Did you all enjoy the break?
Faye: Of course! We totally needed that downtime, didn't we, Quill?
Quill: ...Uh, yeah! It was really great being able to see the water like this again.
Cliff: That's good to hear! I'm glad you guys were able to kick back and relax as well. Anyway, is everyone ready to go? I'm hoping to make it to Pastoria and check out the Great Marsh. Hell, maybe we can see if we can do something about that gym.
Maeve: Ambitious, aren't we?
Celia: I think-
Liam: Yupyup! Everyone's ready and raring to go!
Quill: I'm good to hit the road again.
Faye: Let's go before I change my mind about that second visit to the spa.
Cliff: They had a spa too? Man, I really did miss out... Alright then, let's go!
Liam: Let's go!

Celia: That was a bit odd of Liam to interrupt me. Don't you think so?
June: Beats me.

Cliff: Wow... the view really is amazing! I'm so jealous you guys were able to enjoy all this.
Maeve: I would have. If a certain snake hadn't ruined it for me.
Celia: You were clearly wrong in that discussion and you know it.
Maeve: Listen here-
June: Arceus, you hens aren't gonna start this again, are you?
Faye: Well, I don't know about these three, but Quill and I had a wonderful time.
Quill: Y-yup! We... had a really good talk. About stuff. It was nice.
June: Ooooooh! Are my ears buzzing~?
Faye: Mind your own business, sweetie.
Cliff: Hah, looks like you four had quite the interesting time. How about you, Liam?
Liam: Well... I tried to enjoy, but I really couldn't. I missed you yesterday, Cliff! We weren't able to do anything in the beach together, like you promised.
Cliff: ...Crap. I did promise that, didn't I? I'm really sorry, Liam.
Liam: It's okay! You weren't feeling well anyway, so don't worry about it!
Cliff: When everything's done, we'll get to that beach vacation, alright?
Liam: That's another promise!
Tuber: Agh! Hey! Old guy! Your Drapion just knocked part of our sand castle!
Cliff: Huh? Oh, sorry about that! He didn't mean to!
Liam: Ah! Sorry!

Tuber: Now you have to fight me in a trainer battle to make up for it! Gastrodon!
Cliff: *sigh* I was kinda hoping to cut back on fighting today. Maeve, can you take care of this?
Maeve: Heh, just in time. I'm hungry as hell.

Maeve: *burp*
Tuber: D'oh, you're really good! Chelsea, this guy trashed our sand castle! You wanna take him on?
Tuber Chelsea: Ooh, lemme try!
Cliff: Maeve...
Maeve: Just keep 'em coming, buddy.

Maeve: Yech! I still hate using this move...
Faye: I don't know why. You look so cute doing-
Maeve: Don't you start.
Faye: Well, someone's being a diva~
Quill: Ehehehe... Can we not? Please?

Cliff: Oh. I'm... sorry to hear that?
Fisherman: Gah! I've been here for days trying to fish out that blasted Mantine! You, battle me!
Cliff: Hey, hey! What did I do...?

Cliff: I'm not the one challenging innocent bystanders here...
Quill: You tell him, Cliff. No one gets to mess with this... with this, uh, party! Yeah!
Faye: Well, well, well. Look who's come out to play again.
Cliff: Ah! Faye's right, Quill. That sounded like something you'd say before. Does that mean you're feeling better now?
Quill: R-really? Uh, I guess... I'm feeling a bit better. I think there's no harm in playing the part as long as I know what's real and what's not, right? I'm sorry if I was such a pain these past few weeks.
Cliff: No, no, don't apologize! You needed the time. I'm just glad you're feeling like yourself again, okay?
Quill: Thank you. I really appreciate it.
Liam: Quill, we missed you!
June: Glad to have your noisy self back.
Celia: Indeed.

Beauty: Go, my sweet Volby!
Cliff: A Volbeat? Great, I was hoping to see one!
Beauty: Looks like you've got good taste. My Volby's a cutie, right?
Faye: Uh, what's so special about it?
Cliff: Aaron had a Volbeat on his team a few years ago. It was Bug/Electric, which is a really useful typing. I was hoping to see if it'll be the same here as well.
Maeve: Huh.
Quill: Uh, just keep it away from me. Please!
Beauty: Well, you can see it first hand! Volby!

Cliff: Mmm, well, okay. No electric moves observed yet.
Celia: Sorry. I don't plan to just let it attack me.
Beauty: My Volby's just a tease. Maybe my other darling will you show you what she can do! Illumissy!
Faye: If Volbeat are part Electric, how about Illumise?
Cliff: Well, Aaron didn't encounter an Illumise. I did catch one and she was Electric, so Unova checks out.
Maeve: Just let me know when all this science is done with.

Beauty: Illumissy, let's give this guy what he wants! Shock Wave!

Celia: Nhh! Well, it's definitely capable... of using electric moves.
Cliff: Great! Lemme just take-
Liam: Uh, Cliff. Maybe after the battle?
Cliff: Oh, ah, right! Celia, use another Crunch!
Celia: Thank you for paying attention.

Beauty: My darlings and I didn't stand a chance against you, did we?
Celia: No. You didn't.
Cliff: Hey, do you mind if I ask where you caught your Volbeat and Illumise? I was hoping to catch one for my team.
Beauty: Hihi! You're enamored with them, aren't you? You should be able to find them nearby. Just go a little bit more, and you can see them in front of the city gate.
Cliff: Great! Thank you very much!
Beauty: You're very welcome, cutie!
Faye: I think someone else is a little bit enamored...
June: Ooh, tell me about it. She's red as a beet.
Liam: Cliff! I think I found something! Hiyah!

Cliff: Ooh, this is a very nice find. Thanks, Liam.
Liam: You're welcome!
Cliff: This could be very useful later on. Now... she mentioned it was just in front of the city gate...

Cliff: Ah, here we are! This must be the area that girl was talking about. Uh... June, Faye, why are you two giggling?
Faye: Nothing! Nothing at all!
June: We ain't giggling!
Celia: What has gotten into you two?
Cliff: Uh, okay then. Let's see...

Cliff: Nice. At least we'll be able to confirm what type they are in the Sinnoh region. June, would-
June: I'm already out, sugar.

June: Ghh! This girl's a lively one, isn't she?!
Quill: Ah! Please be careful, June!

Cliff: Great! Looks like we've got confirmation. Let me just note that down here...
Liam: Do you want to try catching the Volbeat one too? I think I see one over there!
Cliff: Hm? I don't think we need to. Even if we did see one, I won't be able to catch it, as per the professor's instructions.
Maeve: Which is kinda stupid, if you ask me.
Celia: Unfortunately for us, that's what we need to follow. So I think we're done here.
Cliff: Yeah. I'll try to find some related literature on it, but if Illumise is part Electric, it's very likely that Volbeat is too.

Cliff: Finally. Pastoria City. We made good time!
Quill: Wow! It feels... really cool here.
Liam: Hurray! Do we want to check the Great Marsh or the Gym first?
Cliff: I'm thinking we can go to the Great Marsh then the Gym. If we catch something with a type advantage over there, we can use it for the gym.
Liam: That sounds like a good plan! Let's go!
Celia: Liam seems to be taking initiative a lot today. Have you noticed that?
June: Is he? I didn't really notice, sugar.
???: Excuse me, did you just say Great Marsh?

Woman: But it's closed right now.
Cliff: Wait, seriously? Ugh. Did they say why it was closed?
Woman: As far as I know, they said there was a disturbance earlier in the area. Something about an illegal trespasser causing problems for the wild Pokémon.
Cliff: A trespasser? Why would anyone want to trespass in the Great March?
Woman: I'm not really sure. I'm as confused as you are.
Cliff: Right. Anyway, I'll go take a closer look. Thank you for letting me know.
Woman: Of course! I'm going back to my hotel. Good luck!

Cliff: Yeah, it's closed. The notice says that the police are going to do a full sweep of the area before opening it back to the public.
Celia: It does say that it might open back this afternoon. Perhaps we can come back?
Cliff: Looks like that's the only thing we can do right now.
Maeve: At least the police here are actually doing something...

Faye: Um, what is this thing?
Cliff: Looks like it's a tourist attraction for kids. That's kinda cute.
Liam: Ooh, Cliff! Go behind it! I want to see how you look like!
Cliff: I take that back. Uh, I don't think that's necessary...
Liam: Pleeeease?
Cliff: ...

Cliff: ...How's this?
Liam: Whee! You look really funny!
Cliff: Okay, that's enough of that.
Maeve: Wait... We haven't taken a picture yet! Damn, there really should be a service for these kind of things...

Liam: Huh? Why would they stop them from evolving?
Cliff: Pokémon usually learn moves earlier at their basic or unevolved stages.
Quill: How come?
Cliff: Well... The most popular theory is that there is less biological cost to maintain a smaller size, hence you can allocate more towards learning moves faster. When you're evolved or you're fully evolved, you need to spend more to do metabolic activities. However...
Maeve: Okay, you're smart. We get it.

Cliff: Uh. Was he, by any chance, a blonde?
Parasol Lady: Now that you mention it, yeah, he was! I also remember him wearing a yellow and white striped sweater.
Cliff: Yep. That's Barry. Thank you.
Parasol Lady: He did say his name a lot actually. Something about a theme song...
June: Isn't that that weird boy who keeps following us?
Celia: We'll probably run into him here if that's the case. That should be... fun.

Liam: Oh, oh! The gym uses Water type Pokémon!
Maeve: Hell yeah. I haven't fought a gym in ages!
Celia: I hate to admit it, but Maeve would be very useful.
Maeve: Love you too, dear.
Cliff: Yeah, that's correct. But remember we caught that Illumise awhile ago? I think this will be a good way to test her abilities as well.
Maeve: Hey, man, whatever. As long as she doesn't get in my way.

June: So what kinda place is this Great Marsh anyway? You've been on about that non-stop now.
Cliff: Right. I don't think you were here when I mentioned it. It's basically a controlled ecosystem for a number of Pokémon species. They were displaced from their habitats when the great migration occurred, so to keep them from becoming extinct, the Great Marsh was built to sustain them.
Quill: But... if it's to keep them safe, why are we allowed to catch them?
Cliff: Well, it's mostly to control the population, so no one species will overpower the rest. You can only catch six per day, and the catchable species switch daily so there's no shortage or excess. That's as much as I know about it.
June: Looks like you read the manual, cover to back.
Cliff: Yeah. I've actually been pretty excited to see what we can find here. It's a shame it's closed now...

Liam: Hmm. Could that be worth a visit?
Cliff: Hm?
Liam: If that Mr. Backlot guy has rare Pokémon, maybe he has some cool stuff we can catch? That'll help you with your work, right? And we're just waiting for the Great Marsh to open anyway!
Cliff: ...Wow, I didn't think about that. That's an excellent suggestion, Liam!
Liam: Hehe, thanks!
Celia: I agree. That is a good idea, Liam.
Liam: Oh. Uh, thanks, Celia! I do my best!
June: Attaboy, Liam.

Youngster: The newspaper over there gives me a lot of Heart Scales for running errands!
Cliff: Oh? So what do you use those Heart Scales for?
Youngster: Hey, bro! Someone wants to know what these Heart Scales are for!
Big Brother: Heart Scales, you say?!
Faye: Gah!

Big Brother: Give me a Heart Scale, and I'll be able to teach your Pokémon some wonderful, astonishing, lovely, cool moves!
Faye: What's with this guy?!
Cliff: Er, I'm not sure. But I met someone like him in Unova... though not as spirited as this one. They can teach moves that you've forgotten or need to relearn.
Big Brother: So do you have a Heart Scale or not?!
Quill: Cliff, give it to him quickly! He might charge at us!
Cliff: Uh, I think... I should have... one here...
June: Found it.

Big Brother: Pick a Pokémon and pick a move! Quickly! I want that Heart Scale!
Cliff: Ah! Uh, Liam, Celia, looks like both of you can learn Thunder Fang. That might be useful for the gym!
Liam: Ooh, lemme learn it, Cliff! I can do it!
Cliff: On second thought... Your moveset looks perfect for now. I think Celia needs it more.
Celia: Excellent. I should be able to use this to my advantage.
Liam: Awww...

Big Brother: Now give me that Heart Scale!
Cliff: Uhhh, I think we should just go...
Maeve: Yeah. Let's get the hell outta this nutshack.

Scientist: I recognize you. Aren't you one of the professor's assistants?
Cliff: Do you mean Professor Rowan? In that case, yeah.
Scientist: I see. Judging from the green hair, you're Cliff, aren't you?
June: What's with this guy?
Cliff: Uh, yes. Did you need me for something?
Scientist: In that case, as colleagues in this industry, let me give you a piece of advice. I suggest you take your position seriously, and pick up the pace. There are hundreds of people who want this job, and would beg to be in your position.
Cliff: Wait... huh? What are you implying?
Scientist: What I'm implying is that the professor is not happy with you right now, and we both know how he can be if he's unhappy with someone.
Cliff: I... see.
Scientist: The Great Marsh is a good place to gather a lot of data. I would make the most out of this opportunity if I were you. Now if you'll excuse me.
Cliff: T-thanks...
Maeve: Bitch. Do you want me to poison him or something?
Cliff: No, it's... f-fine. I guess Dawn wasn't kidding. My position is really at risk here...
Liam: ...Are you okay, Cliff?
Cliff: Yeah... I'm just shaken by all this. Let's just... see about the gym. Maybe I can distract myself from all of this.

Cliff: Tch. Figures. The gym's closed too...
June: Says here the gym leader was called out to do a live special in another city. He'll be back later this evening.
Faye: A live special? Is he a TV star or something?
Maeve: A TV star? Ugh! Those pretentious snobs can suck it.
Faye: What's with you?
Maeve: ...Nothing. Forget about it.
Faye: Okay, whatever.
Cliff: I guess there's nothing we can do right now, but to check out the Backlot Mansion. The map says it'll be a new route anyway. Guess we can-
Barry: Do do doooo, I'm the best fighter-

Barry: Ah! You!
June: Uh oh.

Barry: Hehehe! I'm not always going to plow into you every time we meet!
Cliff: That's... good to know.
Barry: So, how you been? It's been a hot minute since I last saw you. You weren't doing too good that time as I recall. Feeling any better?
Cliff: Uh, yeah, I'm doing fine.
Barry: Good! That's real good. I don't want to hear any excuses from you, after all.
Cliff: Excuses?
Barry: C'mon! I saw it on my feed a few days ago! You totally beat Maylene for her badge. I'm taking this as an excellent opportunity to prove just how much stronger I am! Bumping you off is gonna impress a lotta important people!
Cliff: Should have seen that coming.

Barry: You're damn right! Now, let's see how buff and tough you really are! Zip!
Quill: Aaaaaaa, calm down, Quill. You're not fighting that thing.
Cliff: Celia, time to test out your new move!
Celia: Yes. A perfect opportunity.

Barry: Wh-what?! Thunder Fang!? Hell no, Zip, take to the skies!
Cliff: Celia, he's too high! Wait for him to strike, before we counter-attack.
Barry: You won't get that chance. I'll obliterate you in one blow! Dive bomb that snake!

Cliff: Now, Celia!
Celia: Come here!

Barry: Gah! Roasted! Dusty, bury that snake!
Cliff: No, you don't! Maeve!

Maeve: Ho hum.
Barry: Ember!
Cliff: A Flareon? Quill, you're up!
Quill: O-okay!

Quill: Oh no! That didn't finish it off!
Barry: Hehe. Ember, show that Masquerain who's got the Swagger!

Quill: Ahhhhhh! What type of demon hellspawn are you?!
Celia: Quill, get a hold of yourself!
Quill: Another demon! Wretched snake! You're not getting the princess! I will defeat you first!
Faye: Oh dear.
Cliff: Quill, calm down! You're still in the battle.
Barry: And while he's distracted...

Barry: Yoink.
Liam: C'mon, Quill, you can do it!
Cliff: With that added Attack... This is gonna be a gamble! Quill, Aqua Jet!
Barry: What?!
Quill: En garde, monster!

Barry: Damn! How the hell?! You just used my own technique against me!
Quill: I have... bested you...
Cliff: Come back, Quill. You need to rest up.
Barry: Theo! Let's rock this place!
Cliff: June!
June: We meet again, you big lug.

June: ...Guess you got a wee bit stronger. Jeez, my head is splitting.
Barry: Man... Even your Kricketune got hella strong. He's... he's really better than me, isn't he? It can't be...
June: Much obliged, sugar.
Barry: I just have two left now... Russ, go!
Cliff: That Snorlax is going to hit like a truck. Liam, I need you here!
Liam: You got it!
Barry: Well, well, well, the little squirt grew up.
Liam: I'm not little anymore!
Cliff: Start off with a Rock Smash, Liam!

Cliff: Looks like we scored the defense drop!
Barry: Who cares about that? Russ, squish that squirt!

Liam: Ah... It's hard to move, Cliff!
Cliff: You're paralyzed, Liam. Hang on, lemme get the medicine!
Barry: Squish him again!
Liam: No need, Cliff!

Liam: Need... one more!
Cliff: Liam, wait! It's dangerous for you to continue.

Cliff: Here!
Barry: Hey, good idea!

Barry: Glad I thought of it too!
Liam: Aw, c'mon!
Cliff: Keep at it, Liam! He can't do anything while he's asleep!
Barry: That's what you think, sucker! Russ, Snore!

Liam: Ahhh! That's really loud!
June: That's the loudest snorer I've ever come across...
Cliff: Okay, we're not gonna go anywhere with that paralyze on you. Where's that Paralyze Heal?
Liam: Don't worry... Cliff! I got... this!

A critical hit!

Liam: Yeah!
Cliff: Hey, way to go, Liam!
June: You go, kid!
Liam: Lemme at the next fight! I can do this!
Cliff: No, Liam. You need some rest. I don't want to put you in a dangerous situation here.
Liam: Oh. Yeah, you're right.
Barry: Shit... it's not enough, is it? Am I... not enough? My last one! Marsh!
Cliff: Faye! Signal Beam!
Barry: Surf!

Faye: Blech! I did not appreciate that!
Quill: I think you look-
Faye: Quill! I'm soaking wet here!
Cliff: Signal Beam again!

Barry: ...I can't say I'm surprised. You've always been damn strong all this time. You're always one step ahead of me every time.
Cliff: Oh. Uh, thanks, Barry.
Barry: Man, what am I doing...? I need to take this more seriously, or this whole thing won't even matter.
Cliff: Won't... matter? What are you talking about?
Barry: Ah! Uh, uh, change the subject, Barry!

Cliff: What?
Barry: Yeah! Mr. Wake is a local superstar as well as the Gym Leader here! Not only can he teach me to kick ass like he does, but he can help me get more famous too! He's even making me do my own theme song! Isn't that amazing?!
Cliff: Again... what?
Barry: Hey, don't sweat it. It's a work in progress, but it's happening. I'm gonna go train some more, so don't let me catch you slacking. Peace!

Barry: Go, go, Barry! Fight, fight, Barry! Leave them all in the dust, yeah!
Cliff: ...
Faye: Uhhh... what was that?
Quill: Um. I'm not... sure.
Celia: Whatever it is, it's done now.
Cliff: Yeah. Though Barry was acting a bit strange there...
Liam: Well, should we start making our way to the mansion?
Cliff: Probably for the best. I checked the map, and I think the first thing we need to do is go back to Hearthome.
Faye: ...Do we really have to go back there?
interstitial fauna
Animals that inhabit the spaces between individual sand grains.

If you've read the interludes, that explains the changes in Liam and Quill's personalities. Though in Quill's case, it's probably a bit of a reversion. We'll see where it goes, shall we?

So yay, a new catch! It's been ages since we caught something, I think. After using a Volbeat mainly for two runs, we finally switched it up and got an Illumise instead. Now, yes, both Illumise and Volbeat are Bug/Electric. The difference is that Volbeat is actually more physically oriented, learning Spark and Volt Tackle, while Illumise learns things like Shock Wave and Thunderbolt. Overall, I do like Illumise more. Volbeat has good phys Elec moves, but sadly, no good phys Bug moves.

Barry Is Just Great. Totally. He's Perfectly Fine, Why Do You Ask?


pfp thanks to Bug <3
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
May 15, 2019
Pokémon Type
Bug, Poison
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Cliff: Mm, I think this is a good team to work with. Alright, we're all ready to go.
Liam: Hm? Hey, where's Celia?
Cliff: I'm giving her a break. We're just exploring anyway and she's been on the team since forever, I figured she could use some time off.
Liam: Oh, okay! Perfect!
Maeve: Hey, you're not gonna hear any complaints from me about that.
Soren: So, where we headed, sir?
Cliff: We're going to see if the Backlot Mansion on Route 212 has any Pokémon we can take notes on. After that, we'll be returning to Pastoria to check out the Great Marsh. Route 212 leads directly back to it anyway.
Liam: Sounds like a plan! I hope we can find something for your research.
Virgil: Yeah! Like... why don't any other Pokemon evolve when Shellder bite them? Or what does Shellder even bite with, they don't have teeth! Inquiring minds want to know!
Soren: Wrong research, genius.
Virgil: Oh. Well, I still want to know!
Rune: Either way, this is all boring! Where's the fun? Where's the adventure?
Cliff: Well... we are going through some muddy areas. And they said there'd be heavy rains in the area. That could be exciting?
Rune: I am going to die of boredom. Prepare my plot and bury me in it.
???: Uh... Excuse me?

Garnet: Why am I here?
Cliff: Right, I almost forgot! My name is Cliff, and I'll be your trainer. What's your name?
Garnet: I'm Sa... Garnet. I'm Garnet.
Cliff: Garnet? Well, that's an interesting name.
Liam: Hi, Garnet! I'm Liam, and I'm Cliff's starter. And this is the rest of the team. This is-
Garnet: Not to be rude, but can we skip the introductions? I'm not in the mood for it right now.
Liam: Oh... Okay.
Cliff: Well... Welcome to the team, regardless. We're happy to have you.
Garnet: Thanks.
Maeve: She sounds like a bitch.
Soren: Really?
Maeve: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Garnet: What a mess...

Rune: Huh. I feel like there's a foreboding presence here in the city. Sweet.
Cliff: The gym here trains Ghost-type Pokémon. Maybe that's what you're sensing.
Liam: It's also where we lost Amara.
Rune: Ah, right, right, her. That sucks.
Liam: Yeah... Well, nothing to do but move forward!
Virgil: That's the spirit!
Soren: Did you just... never mind. I didn't hear anything.
Garnet: Move on, huh?

Garnet: So, what's your deal?
Cliff: What do you mean?
Garnet: Why are you off on this... whatever you call it?
Cliff: Well, I'm working as an assistant to Professor Rowan, cataloging Bug and Poison-type Pokémon.
Garnet: ...So I'm just part of a collection?
Cliff: Not really. You're not going to be just a specimen in a laboratory. We're also exploring the region and battling other trainers, if that's something you're into.
Garnet: I see.
Liam: Um, you don't sound so happy about it.
Garnet: Bit hard to be happy about forcefully being taken, but sure.

Cliff: Hm, that's a good idea. I think there are still some routes we haven't caught anything in.
Rune: Get this guy. Boring, amirite? I wouldn't really blame you if you want to leave.
Garnet: Is that... an option?
Rune: Oh. Oopsie.
Maeve: Nice going, big mouth.
Cliff: I suppose it is. I mean, I'm not gonna force you if you don't want to be here.
Garnet: ...Perhaps down the line I'll take you up on that. Right now, I want to see what other places are out there.
Cliff: That's fair. Just let me know whenever, alright? In the meantime, are you okay with battling as well?
Garnet: Sure.
Liam: Great!
Cliff: I hope you don't mind if I put this Exp. Share on you so you can catch up to the team.
Maeve: You better not slow us down, newbie.

Gentleman: We're always looking to test our experience with other trainers, especially younger ones!
Cliff: A double battle? Uh, sure. Virgil, Rune, care to take this?
Rune: Well, it's something to do. Hey, watch this, Garnet. Let's go, smokestack.
Virgil: Okay!

Gentleman: Be a dear and don't mention this to my friends. I don't want them to think I'm losing my touch.
Rune: Check me out! I got that toxic touch, y'all!
Virgil: And I got that... that... I don't know what I have.
Soren: I can tell you what you have and it's-
Cliff: Soren.

Cliff: Brag about something?
Youngster: Yeah! Mr. Backlot's super proud of his garden. A little too proud, if you know what I mean.
Maeve: Mm, I've met types like him. Thinks just because they're oh so rich, they can do whatever they want. Pisses me off.
Rune: Careful, or you'll burn your petals off.
Maeve: Shut up!
Cliff: Well, we're already here... We might as well check it out.

Guard: We've been assigned to patrol the surrounding areas because of increased reports of aggressive wild Pokemon. I haven't seen any yet though...
Garnet: I see...
Soren: Well, we're not doing anything bad! Honest!
Rune: Chill out! We weren't even suspects at all.

Cliff: Rune, Virgil, round two?
Rune: Beats doing nothing, sure.
Rich Boy: Granbull, take care of these weaklings!
Rich Girl: Look at my beautiful Delcatty! Isn't she precious?
Cliff: That Granbull might have Bite! Take it out immediately!

Virgil: Woohoo! Taken out immediately!
Rune: Guess this is just going to be another-
Rich Boy: Heh, I'm sure you didn't count on this.
Rich Girl: Darling Delcatty, use Faint Attack!

Virgil: Rune! Are you okay? You still hanging on?
Rune: Are you kidding?! This is the most interesting thing that's happened, hehe! Bring it! Bring it on!
Don't get too used to it! Virgil, take that Delcatty out!

Rich Girl: No! Delcatty!
Cliff: You doing okay, Rune?
Rune: ...Huh? Yeah... I just got carried away, that's all. Won't happen again.

Rune: You definitely don't fight good, that's what!
Virgil: She's back to normal, folks!
Liam: Whew, that's good!
Garnet: Is it always this chaotic around here?
Soren: You don't know the half of it.
Cliff: That's a relief... Let's go in the mansion before we run into any more trainers.

Soren: Swanky place.
Maeve: Meh. I've seen better.
Soren: Have you? Have you really?
Maid: Hi, may I help you?
Cliff: Yes, hi. We're looking for Mr. Backlot. I wanted to ask about-
Maid: Ah, yes, you must be here for the garden. Come this way.

Backlot: Why even bother travelling elsewhere when wild Pokémon all over are attracted to my beautiful garden? You're welcome to join them and marvel at my masterpiece.
Cliff: That's great! Would you happen to have any Bug or Poison type Pokémon? I'm doing research for Professor Rowan and if you would have-
Backlot: Professor Rowan, you say? It's only fitting a man of his stature would put interest in my garden. But pfeh! Bug and Poison type? My garden is only home to the most beautiful Pokémon. I have no interest in those... those... vermin.
Cliff: ...I see. Thanks for letting me know.
Maeve: Told you. These people are humongous egotistical assholes.
Liam: I guess we wasted our time then... Sorry, Cliff.
Cliff: No, Liam, it's fine. We couldn't have known. Let's-
Backlot: Eeeeeeeeeee! My precious vase! Who did this?! WHO DID THIS?!
Rune: Sooooooo... I'd think we better run.
Soren: You didn't.
Rune: I totally did.
Backlot: You! You did this somehow! Didn't you?!
Cliff: And that's our cue! Run!

Cliff: Whew! I think we lost them... Rune, what were you thinking?!
Rune: Hey, I couldn't let him talk smack about us! If you weren't going to do something, I was gonna.
Maeve: He did deserve it.
Soren: Well, he kinda did, sir.
Cliff: I mean... he did, didn't he? Ah, but that's not the point! Let's just get out of here before they catch us again.
Liam: Well, we're going back to Pastoria, right? To check out the Great Marsh?
Cliff: Yeah. And on the way, we can catch Garnet up for the gym. Are you up for it?
Garnet: I can give it a shot. I'm here anyway, might as well get stronger.
Maeve: You better be if you want to hang with me in the gym. I'm looking to cut loose!

After much grinding...

Liam: Looking good, Garnet!
Garnet: Heh, thanks.
Cliff: Well, you won't be needing the Exp. Share anymore.
Soren: Looks like you're gonna have your work cut out for you if you want to "hang loose".
Maeve: Can you just, like, shut up?

Cliff: What is it with today and double battles...? Hey, Garnet, do you want to try one?
Garnet: Sure.
Cliff: Great. Soren, wanna tag with her?
Soren: If I gotta... I mean, yes, sir! But she better not fry me with her electricity!
Cliff: Don't worry. I got a plan for that. Garnet, use Discharge!
Soren: What? What about me?!
Cliff: Fly out of range!
Soren: ...Ah! Ah, right! Okay, gotcha, sir!

Cliff: Now, Soren! Strike the Parasect!
Soren: Affirmative!

Soren: Direct hit!
Liam: Yahoo!
Cliff: Great teamwork, guys!

Soren: And check this new technique out! I'm gonna be all stealthy and everything!
Maeve: Maybe that means you'll actually be quiet for once.
Cliff: Great work, Soren. And you also did great for your first trainer battle, Garnet. That Discharge might come in handy if we have to deal with more Pokémon.
Garnet: Thanks.
Liam: Hey, hey, Cliff. Isn't this a new route? Maybe we can catch a new Pokémon here?
Cliff: Oh, yeah, thanks for reminding me. I actually saw a lot of Pokémon rustling around, which I'm sure there are some we can catch.
Garnet: How about this one?

Cliff: Ah! Nice find, Garnet! Mind helping me out here?
Garnet: Sure, whatever.
Cliff: Alright, Let's try a Shock Wave to start.

Garnet: Ngh... What the hell!?
Cliff: She's immune to Shock Wave...? But the only things that are immune to Electric attacks are Ground types. Is she a Ground type?
Garnet: Maybe less talking, and more catching?
Cliff: Right, right!

Cliff: There we go, Poison/Ground. Nice typing.
Liam: What about Tierra? She's also Poison/Ground...
Cliff: I know, I know. It's just... I'm not actually sure if Tierra wants to rejoin us...
Liam: I hope she does... I miss her.
Garnet: Who's Tierra?
Soren: One of our earlier team members. She decided to stay back at the lab, because her brother died on the way here.
Garnet: Ah. That's... always unfortunate.

Garnet: Er... I don't think I should be up here.
Cliff: Ah, yeah, of course. Virgil!
Virgil: Coming!

Virgil: Ew, I don't think I want this in my mouth!
Soren: Well, I have news for you. You're already too-
Cliff: Soren.
Soren: S-sorry, sir!
Cliff: Don't pick on Virgil too much, alright?
Virgil: Yeah, no need to argue among friends! We're all friends here!
Soren: Please end me.
Rune: Eh, death is overrated.

Collector: Ufufufu... You had to beat me...
Maeve: What a creep.
Rune: Also, a poser! There's only room for the genuine article here.
Soren: Well, you should be thankful I took it out. That thing could have killed you.
Rune: My hero.
Cliff: It really could have. Ditto copy your stats when they transform and they could end up being faster than you. I don't want you to end up almost dying again.
Rune: Details, details. You worry too much.

Cliff: Is it? Haven't there been any aggressive Pokémon reports?
Guard: I don't know about you, but I haven't really seen anything.
Liam: Cliff? Is everything alright?
Cliff: I'm just concerned about the number of incidents. It's just unnerving to hear.
Virgil: Maybe they're hiding? I'd hide too under this rain, sheesh!

Garnet: Sorry. I already have... had...
Cliff: Did you say something, Garnet?
Garnet: It was nothing. Let's go.
Cliff: Oh, alright.
Soren: She's very aloof, isn't she?
Virgil: Hey, hey, I'm aloof too, aren't I?
Soren: You just have some letters mixed up, and you should be good.

Cliff: This should be easy. Garnet, Discharge!

Cliff: Wait, what? Why wasn't that effective?
Fisherman: Ha, ha! Gyarados is Water/Dragon, sonny!
Cliff: Oh, c'mon!
Garnet: Hey, uh, I'm gonna need some help here.
Cliff: Rgh... Liam, I need you!
Liam: Hee, I'm on it!

Cliff: Thanks, Liam.
Garnet: Yeah, thanks for that.
Liam: You're welcome! I think.

Cliff: Uh... Thank goodness I packed some boots with me.
Rune: Heh. Looks like you're in for a sticky situation.
Virgil: Hey, do you want me to carry you, Cliff?
Cliff: Uh, thanks, Virgil, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. I'll be fine, don't worry. Liam, Maeve, are you fine being out of your Poke Ball?
Maeve: If Liam's staying out, I'm riding shotgun. No need to get my petals all dirty.
Liam: Are you kidding? Playing in the mud is awesome!
Cliff: ...I'm gonna regret saying that, aren't I?

Cliff: At least it's raining already. We don't have to worry too much about you getting cleaned up.
Liam: Heh, you say that now...
Soren: Yeah, well, just be careful, sir. You're gonna get sick again if you're not careful.
Cliff: Yeah, I know. I'll just take a long bath after this. And judging from the map, we're almost near Pastoria anyway.
???: You're right about that!

Ace Trainer: I just want to test your abilities! Carnivine!
Cliff: Yech. Didn't even have time to wash up. Garnet, use Silver Wind!

Liam: Wow, she got the boost off!
Cliff: One more time!

Soren: Holy...! She got another boost!
Maeve: Yeesh, okay! Stop showing off!
Rune: Jealous?
Maeve: Bite me.
Ace Trainer: Tropius, Magical Leaf!
Cliff: Discharge!

Garnet: Hey, I'm gonna need some health back...
Cliff: Here, let me just-
Ace Trainer: No pauses! Tropius, Seed Bomb!
Garnet: Forget it! I'll do it!

Ace Trainer: That's our chance, Tropius! Do it now!

Cliff: Garnet! Where's that damn potion?!
Garnet: Mmmm... Not yet... I'm not ready to join you just yet...

Cliff: God, Garnet, you scared me! Are you alright?
Garnet: ...Yeah, doing good. Don't worry about me. I'm tougher than you think I am.
Cliff: You definitely are, yeah...

Ace Trainer: Sorry if I got a little energetic there. But hey, no harm done, right?
Cliff: I'm not even in any position to argue. Let's just go... I think I've had enough heart attacks for this day.
Liam: Where are we going?
Cliff: To see if the Great Marsh is open already. Otherwise, I'm going to go crash in my bed...

Cliff: Ah, look, look! It's open!
Liam: Hurray!
Cliff: C'mon, let's go in before something else happens!

Clerk: Oh, hello! You look like you've already done some exploring outside Pastoria.
Cliff: Ah. Yeah, sorry about the mess. I wasn't able to clean up before I got here.
Clerk: No apologies necessary. We're quite used to customers tracking mud. It's probably better you didn't clean up, since you'll be getting dirty anyway. Shall I explain the rules to you?
Cliff: I think we're good. We can only use Safari Balls inside the marsh and we're only allowed a limited time inside before we have to leave.
Clerk: Looks like you know what you're doing. That'll be P500, please.

Clerk: And here is the guide for today. You'll find that each of the areas has a list of what Pokémon can be seen and caught.
Cliff: Thank you very much! This will make collecting information much easier.
Clerk: Enjoy! Off you go on your wild excursion!

Cliff: Woah. It's bigger than I imagined.
Soren: It's huge, sir! I can't even see where this place ends from up here.
Rune: Eh, it's alright. I've seen better.
Cliff: Alright, so who's up to help me find some catches?
Liam: Me me me!
Rune: ...I'll pass.
Garnet: I'll pass as well.
Maeve: If we're going through more mud, yeah, I'm out.
Cliff: Okay, that means it's just the four of us then. I'll see the rest of you when we finish. *ptchoo x3* Now, let's start off in Area 1. We should take the trams over there to save some time.

Liam: Wasn't that a fun ride?
Soren: Not for me... I had to ride real close to this one over here.
Virgil: Hey, I brushed my teeth! I think. Maybe. Now that I think about it... did I?
Cliff: Okay, you two, calm down. Says here in Area 1, the only things we can catch here are Gloom and Skorupi. And since I already have an overgrown Skorupi-
Liam: Hey!
Cliff: -let's look for a Gloom.
Soren: Hey, isn't that one over there?

Cliff: That it is! Great job, Soren! Now if I can only...

Cliff: Looks like there's no changes to this one.
Soren: You know... we can totally use him instead of Maeve. Wouldn't that be great?
Liam: Hey, she's good now!
Cliff: Plus, this one will need a lot of training to catch up to our level. And Maeve has been behaving herself recently, so.
Soren: I'm kidding, I'm kidding!
Cliff: Anyway, that's Area 1 done. Let's proceed to Area 2.

Cliff: Area 2, Area 2... Weepinbell and Croagunk. Well, we already have two Grass/Poison. Hopefully, we can catch that Croagunk. Soren, keep an eye out for any rustling.
Soren: You got it, sir!
Virgil: Ah, so what does a Croagunk even look like?
Cliff: Do you remember the sign we saw before we came in here? The one where you can put your face in? It kinda looks like that one... with a face, of course.
Virgil: So... something like this one on my head?
Cliff; What do you mean the one on your... Oh. Uh, okay, Virgil, stay still. Let me just...

Cliff: Great. Thanks, Virgil.
Virgil: Uh, anytime!
Soren: Hey, I think I saw- oh. Dammit.
Cliff: Sorry, Soren. Virgil found one first. Or at least... one found him.
Virgil: What can I say? Actually, what do I say? I don't really know...
Cliff: Alright, back on the trams. We're going to Area 3 next.

Man: Ouch! Hey, watch where your tail is going!
Liam: Sorry!
Cliff: Area 3 have both Forretress and Yanma, but Area 4 only has Yanma. I say we do Area 4 first, so we can maximize our chances.
Soren: Good thinking, sir.

Cliff: That's the Yanma. Whew, that took way too long to catch. Speedy little things, aren't they?

Cliff: And that's the Forretress. Hey, we're making good time. We only have just two more areas to go, Area 5 and Area 6.
Liam: Back on the tram?
Cliff: Back on the tram. Let's go!

Cliff: Area 5... Venomoth, Ninjask, Parasect, and Seviper. Well, we have two of those. Let's try finding a Ninjask or a Parasect, okay?
Soren: Roger!
Liam: Hey, look, I found one! It's over there by the logs!
Soren: Dammit!
Virgil: Better luck next time, friend.
Soren: Shut it, you.

Cliff: Great job, Liam. That took a little elbow grease, but we got it. I'm not sure why that Parasect was hiding in the mud though. And last but not least...

Cliff: Area 6.
Soren: What does this area have, sir?
Cliff: Let's see... Parasect, Venomoth, and... oh! Heracross and Pinsir! Those would make amazing catches!
Soren: Okay! I'll try to find one right away!
Liam: Hey, Cliff...

Liam: ...Is this what we're looking for?
Soren: Oh, you have to be kidding-
Cliff: Shh, Soren! Quiet! We don't want to scare this one off. Here goes nothing...

Cliff: Damn, she broke out of that too fast!
Virgil: Hey, I'll distract her! Hey, you! Big, scary, bug thing! Look at me!
Cliff: Virgil, wait! Ah, it's worth a shot!

Cliff: Damn! Almost!
Soren: Sir, she's getting away!
Cliff: No, we have to catch this one!
Liam: I have an idea!

Liam: ...Uh oh.
Cliff: Great idea, Liam! It's coming towards us!
Soren: Uh, sir, it's coming towards us!
Liam: Catch it catch it catch it catch it catch it!
Cliff: Ahhhhhh! Hold on! Here goes nothing!

Cliff: Yes!
Liam: Whew... I thought it was gonna get me...
Cliff: Bug/Rock?! Wow, what a discovery!


Cliff: And just in time too. Just... just, wow! This will make an excellent contribution to my research. I just... This could actually help save my job. Thanks, you three. You did a wonderful job! I couldn't have done this without you.
Soren: H-happy to help, sir!
Virgil: Aw, shucks. It was nothing.
Liam: Hurray, Cliff! We're glad we could help!

Clerk: Did you have a good time?
Cliff: You bet I did. I got some really good catches!
Clerk: Wonderful, that's great to hear. Also by chance, do you happen to challenge gyms?
Cliff: Uh, yeah, I do. Why?
Clerk: You'll be happy to know that the gym leader has returned to the gym. But you'll want to go there soon. Mr. Wake will only be here tonight before he leaves for another photoshoot tomorrow morning.
Cliff: Tonight? Damn... I guess we're clocking in overtime, guys. Let's get cleaned up and head to the gym.
Liam: Alright!
ecological succession
It is a phenomenon or process by which an ecological community undergoes more or less orderly and predictable changes following a disturbance or the initial colonization of a new habitat.

So I completely forgot to mention that I was going to count each area in the Great Marsh as a separate area since it didn't make sense to actually limit Cliff's catches if he really, really wanted to get in Rowan's good graces. And good thing I did because praise be to the RNG gods! I was so freaking lucky with the Great Marsh, I couldn't believe it.

Of note is the Pinsir. I really, really, really wanted the Pinsir. If you weren't paying attention, Pinsir is Bug/Rock in Obsidian and it learns some sick-ass moves so trust me, it's going on the team. The others I don't think were used at all so if you were curious as to what they looked like, here they are (including the Grimer):

By the way, I probably will forget to explain it next time but if you can check the Croagunk, it's holding a Black Sludge. I gave that to Liam because starter clause and I need him to not die.

Also, say hi to Garnet. She's a mysterious one, isn't she? I don't think I ever really had a mon that was just aloof. Like aggressive and hostile, but never just aloof. So I wanted to play with that and here she is. Of course she has her reasons for being aloof so, hope you all receive her well!


pfp thanks to Bug <3
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Liam: Gosh... I'm so sleepy.
Maeve: I'm with Liam. My petals are all droopy... I can't believe we're doing this.
Cliff: Yeah, sorry to keep you all up. But this is probably the only chance we can do this gym. Otherwise, we'll have to move on without it.
Garnet: Would that really be a problem?
Celia: I think we should do this now, while we're here. I'm all for it.
Maeve: Yeah, well, you weren't out this entire afternoon, were you?
Soren: What Celia said! Up and at 'em every... every... *yawn*
Rune: Looks like someone else is on his way to dreamland. Whodathought a Golbat would get so tired at night?
Soren: Sh-shut up! I'm wide awake, sir!
Cliff: It's fine, Soren. You don't have to lie to me. I'm as sleepy as all of you-
Rune: Speak for yourself. I'm perfectly fine.
Cliff: -but we might as well take this opportunity, right? I promise we can all sleep in tonight and get a late start tomorrow. Right now, let's just get this over with so we can all get some rest.
Liam: O-okay!

Liam: Wow! It's so big! It's like a giant swimming pool!
Cliff: Mm, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by this. He is a Water-type user.
Rune: He's probably compensating for something, hehe.
Garnet: Can we go? The faster we finish, the faster we can all rest.
Cliff: She's right. Let's find a way to get to Wake.
Soren: Uh, I'm not sure how we can do that, sir. The water is flooding in all the places where we can pass.
Cliff: Hmm. There must be a way to get rid of all the water.
???: I think someone's just discovered the puzzle of the gym!

Gym Guide: It's only natural he'd make a water puzzle to perplex his challengers. See those buttons over there? They regulate the flood level in this here gym. You gotta press some of them to make your way to Mr. Wake, see?
Cliff: Okay, I think I understand. Anything else I need to know?
Gym Guide: Not really. But just be prepared for Mr. Wake, okay?
Cliff: Why? Is he hard to defeat or something?
Gym Guide: Well, that. And he's just gotten a bit... extra lately. You'll see what I mean when you get to him. Good luck!
Cliff: ...Thanks?

Cliff: I wonder what he meant by that.
Maeve: Well, you know these leader types. They're all full of themselves.
Celia: Plus, these leaders can be a bit unpredictable. Remember when Maylene put you in a chokehold?
Cliff: Right... I'd blocked that from my memory already.
Rune: Meanwhile, that's a mental image I'm always going to cherish.
Liam: I'm sure it'll be fine!

Liam: Oh, oh! Could this be one of the buttons that guy was talking about?
Cliff: Probably. Hey, give it a press, Liam.
Liam: Alright! *click*

Liam: Hey, the water's gone!
Maeve: Damn. I was just about to shove my petals in the water.
Cliff: Okay, it's just like what he said. We just need to press the right buttons, and figure out the way to Wake.
???: You're not going anywhere near Mr. Wake unless you fight me first!

Tuber: I'm also toughening up my cardio. My muscles. My singing voice.
Cliff: Your... singing voice?
Tuber: Yeah, do you wanna hear?
Cliff: Uh, not really. Should... we just get on with the battle then?
Tuber: Hmph!

Maeve: Hey, not bad, rookie. Put a little more effort and you might actually keep up with me.
Garnet: Uh, thanks? Is she really like this?
Liam: Uh, Maeve's just... excited about the gym battle, ehehe...
Tuber: Alright, you can pass...

Cliff: Why would you even need to work on your singing voice in a Gym...?
Soren: Didn't he also make that Barry person work on singing too?
Cliff: Well, yeah, but I thought that was just Barry being... Barry, y'know.
Celia: Whatever it is, I'm really curious what this leader is actually like.

Cliff: Ah, probably not the best time for you to be out there.
Garnet: Yeah, probably.
Maeve: I see it's time for me to save the day yet again.
Rune: Wow, you're really milking this for all it's worth, aren't you?
Maeve: Listen, sweetheart. I've been stuck on the sidelines for three towns now. You'll excuse me if I'm a little excited about getting to stretch my flowers here.
Celia: There was that matter of your past attitude as well.
Maeve: Okay, we don't talk about that...

Maeve: Ow, h-hey! Damned fish...
Cliff: Alright, Maeve, you know what to do.

Liam: Wow, that smells so good!
Celia: Who knew she could actually be so sweet inside?
Maeve: Don't make me come back there! And as for you...

Liam: So pretty!
Garnet: Full of surprises, aren't you?
Maeve: You don't get to talk, newbie.
Rune: Hehehehe, who knew you had a little sugar in you?
Maeve: A-anyway, I did it, I beat him, let's go.
Cliff: Er, right.

Cliff: Thanks for the tip. How far do we have until Wake?
Fisherman: Just a bit farther. Take this time to get ready for him.
Cliff: Oh. I mean, I think we're ready enough for-
Fisherman: I'm not talking about battling skills. You'll see what I mean.
Cliff: ...I see.
Rune: Everyone's being so cryptic about this. I like it.

Sailor: Your Illumise is really tough, eh? She's seen some rough waters, her.
Garnet: Mm, thanks, I think.
Cliff: Honestly, I wouldn't mind knowing more about her...
Liam: Hey, can I press this button now?
Cliff: Sure, Liam, give it a go.

Soren: Wow, the whole place is flooded, sir!
Cliff: Yeah, looks like. Thankfully, there are some planks here, so we're not completely trapped.
Sailor: Aye, make your way through the planks to be able to get to the other side. You'll see the way to go to Wake from there.
Cliff: Thanks!

Maeve: And we're done here. Let's go.

Celia: Hmph. Learn to train better, or your Pokémon will suffer the consequences.
Rune: Ooh, I see someone's on the edge today.
Celia: I don't know what you're talking about.
Liam: I'm just gonna press this button here...

Soren: Looks like the way is clear, sir!
Cliff: Yeah. We should be getting closer to Wake at this point.

Celia: Hm, learning Thunder Fang was a good choice. This made things a lot easier.
Maeve: Eh, I could have done that.
Garnet: We know. You've been saying that the entire time she was fighting.
Maeve: Oh, was I? I didn't notice.
Liam: Hey, Cliff, I pressed the button already!

Liam: Yay, swimming pool again!
Cliff: Looks like we've got a clear path to him. I hope everyone's ready.
Maeve: I'm ready to sleep, that's what I'm ready for.
Garnet: Same.
Soren: Mood.
Cliff: Uh, okay. Let's just go do it then.

Cliff: Why... is there a piano over there?
Wake: Oho! You with the green hair! I remember you from Veilstone City, eh. Come to finally challenge Crasher Wake, have you?
Cliff: Yeah. They said you were only going to be here tonight, and that I needed to do it tonight.
Wake: Ah, yes. You know the life of a star, busy busy busy! I have a photoshoot in Snowpoint City tomorrow for my new line of snow supplies.
Cliff: ...Snow supplies?
Soren: What even is happening here?
Wake: It's part of my growing Crasher Wake brand! You can't expect me to be happy with just my Gym Leader position, y'know. Gotta branch out to get that spotlight.
Cliff: ...
Wake: But enough about that...

Wake: And I think it's about time we get on with your challenge, shall we? It's time we take the stage.
Cliff: Okay, I'm ready. And... Uh, where are you going?
Wake: To my piano. I have a very special treat for lucky, lucky you. Just for tonight, you're going to get a private concert from the one and only Crasher Wake. It should make up for when I wipe the floor with you and your Pokémon.
Celia: What an ego!
Liam: We can take him on, right, Cliff?
Cliff: You bet we will.
Wake: My Pokémon were toughened up by stormy white waters, kid! They'll take everything you can throw at them and then pull you under, hehe. You don't stand a chance! Mic test, check. Backing vocals, check. Pokémon... *ptchoo x6* Let's get 'im, boys.

Wake: Lights! (click me!)
Cliff: What? What's happening?
Wake: Open up the champagne, pop!
Cliff: Is he... is he singing?
Garnet: Looks like he's just mouthing the song.
Soren: He's lip syncing! What a fake!

"It's my house, come on, turn it up"

Cliff: Huh? Where is it?

"Hear a knock on the door and the night begins, cause we done this before so you come on in"

Liam: Cliff, I f-found it!
Cliff: Damn! His Pokémon are all in the water. That was his plan for the flood level all along. Liam, Crunch!

"Make yourself at my home, tell me where you been, pour yourself something cold, baby, cheers to this"

Cliff: That's gonna make all his attacks stronger. Liam, we have to finish this soon!
Liam: I'll t-try!
Cliff: Crunch again when you see him!

"Sometimes you gotta stay in, and you know where I live"

Cliff: Now!

"Yeah, you know what we is, sometimes you gotta stay in, in"

Cliff: Great job, Liam!
Liam: Yeah!
Wake: Loch!

"Welcome to my house, baby take control now, we can't even slow down, we don't have to go out"

Maeve: Hehe, that's right. Lamb to the slaughter.
Wake: Rivulet, drag them under!
Cliff: Garnet, Thunderbolt when it appears!

"Welcome to my house, play that music too loud, show me what you do now, we don't have to go out"

Cliff: There!

"Welcome to my house"

Garnet: Rain's gone.
Cliff: Excellent, we'll be on even footing now.
Wake: Bourn, up on the land.
Cliff: Rune!

"Welcome to my house"

Rune: Oh, what? Tough little cookie, aren't you?
Cliff: You got the drop though! That should be-

"Morning comes and you know that you wanna stay, close the blinds, let's pretend that the time has changed"

Cliff: Not again!
Rune: Relax, I got this!
Wake: Drown her!

"Keep our clothes on the floor, open up champagne, let's continue tonight, come on, celebrate"

Cliff: Rune, hold on!

"Sometimes you gotta stay in, and you know where I live"

Rune: HeheheHEHEHEHE! You wanna fight, big boy? Let's fight!
Uh oh. Here she goes again.

"Yeah, you know what we is, sometimes you gotta stay in, in"

Rune: How do you like that?!
Cliff: Another one!
Rune: You're not gonna wake up from this!

"Welcome to my house, baby take control now, we can't even slow down, we don't have to go out"

Rune: Who else wants some?!
Cliff: Alright, that's enough. *ptchoo* What's wrong with you...?
Wake: Delta!
Cliff: Liam, keep your eyes peeled for anything!
Soren: I see something! Liam, to your-

"Welcome to my house, play that music too loud, show me what you do now, we don't have to go out"

Liam: Ow! Hey, cheap shot!
Soren: It dived back down to the water!
Liam: Get back here!

"Welcome to my house"

Liam: It went back in!
Cliff: Okay, I need to heal you up. You're taking way too much damage.

"Welcome to my house"

Liam: Grr, I've had it with this one!
Cliff: Wait for it, Liam! You'll get your chance.
Soren: I see it! There!

"Welcome to my duck off the crib, the spot, the pad, but my house is your house if you throwin' it back"

Liam: Ha, take that!
Wake: Firth!
Cliff: Celia, finish this!

"Excuse me if my home's draining the sad, soon as these happy faces land you can run with the cash"

Celia: I'll show you a good move.
Cliff: Poison Fang!

"Homerun, slam dunk, touchdown, pass, mi casa es tu casa so it ain't no holding back"

Cliff; The Ludicolo's poisoned! That's gonna make things a lot easier!
Wake: That's what you think! Surf!

"Another shot of vodka, you know what's in my glass, it's my house, just relax"

Cliff: Celia!
Celia: I'm... I'm fine!

"Welcome to my house, baby take control now, we can't even slow down, we don't have to go out"

Liam: Put me in, Cliff! I can handle it.
Celia: No! I can handle this!

"Welcome to my house, play that music too loud, show me what you do now, we don't have to go out"

Liam: Celia, come on! I can help!
Celia: Don't you dare! The poison will wear the Ludicolo down... I just have to endure.
Cliff: I think... she's got this, Liam.
Liam: ...

"Welcome to my house"

Cliff: There, he's healing! Now's our chance!

"Welcome to my house"

Cliff: The poison sapped a lot of the healing! Celia, finish this!
Celia: With pleasure!

"Welcome to my house"

Cliff: Great job, Celia! We did it!
Liam: Yeah...
Celia: Indeed. That was more of a challenge than I anticipated...
Wake: Wh-wh-what happened?!

Cliff: It's our house now.

Wake: ...Damn, you're talented. Do you want to be my apprentice? I can help you be a big star! With my help, we can achieve so many big things. It's gonna eclipse that whole fracas in Unova!
Cliff: Uh... No thanks. I'm not really in the business of becoming famous like this.
Wake: Eh, suit yourself. The less competition I have, the better. Here.

Wake: Here, have a special gift from me. That's the TM for Brine. It does double damage on targets who are more tired. And let me... just autograph that for you. There we go.
Cliff: Thanks...
Garnet: This... isn't normal for you guys, is it?
Soren: I really wish I could say it isn't but...
Maeve: You get used to it after awhile.
Garnet: Great.
Wake: Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go and start packing for the shoot. Off you go, then, if we don't have any more business together.
Cliff: Alright, alright. Jeez... Aaron never said Wake was like this.

Cliff: Well, that's that, I guess. Gym badge got and everything.
Garnet: Now can we go to sleep?
Liam: All that water, and I still feel so sleepy...
Cliff: Yeah, we can go to sleep. I'm about to crash as well...
Barry: Go, go, Barry! Fight, fight, Barry! Leave them all in the dust, yeah! Hm, I can definitely add more of a thing there...
Celia: ...I have a bad feeling about this.

Barry: What'd I tell you? Mr. Wake - I mean, the master - is pretty awesome, eh?
Cliff: He was... definitely something, yeah. I don't really know what you see in him...
Barry: Well, if I'm going to be somebody, he's probably the best person to help me do it. Wait, I can't be talking to you right now! I need to-

Barry: Oh, Mr. Wake! I was just looking for you-
Wake: Ha! Listen, Barry, I know your dad. That man's a natural. You, you got potential. I wanna make you a star, but you're gonna have to do better than the sad excuse of a theme song you sent me.
Barry: ...Yes, Mr. Wake. But wait, that's for another time!

Barry: There was a Team Galactic goon spotted in front of the Observatory Gate! They said he was talking about using a bomb in the Great Marsh!

Wake: Think of what the papers will say if I let this happen! I'm not letting anything happen to my beloved city, you can quote me on that!

Barry: Cliff, you gotta go help, okay! You're a lot more experienced with these kinda things!
Cliff: I don't... I mean...
Barry: Catch up to us, okay! I can't wait for you! I gotta go help the master! I'll see ya!

Soren: Are we going after them, sir?
Cliff: I don't... I don't think they need me. They can handle it, right? Wake is there, and Barry is a good enough trainer. I just don't want to get involved anymore...
Liam: No, that's fair, Cliff. You could get into more trouble if you did. You could lose your job!
Cliff: Exactly...
Celia: I don't feel right about not doing anything, but I understand your situation.
Garnet: Should we just leave if that's the case? You probably don't want to be around here when things break down.
Cliff: Yeah, that's probably for the best. We can see if there's a free room in the hotel again.

Cliff: Is that...? I think that's the Champion!
Rune: Is she now? Interesting.
Celia: Yes, it looks like.
Soren: Quill would have an aneurysm if he found out we saw her again.
Cynthia: Oh?

Cynthia: There was a commotion happening in Pastoria City, I heard.
Cliff: Well, uh, there was a Galactic Grunt with a bomb, it sounds like. But I think Mr. Wake and Barry were able to do something about it. I'm not sure if they were able to catch the grunt though...
Cynthia: Ah, so that's who he was. Never fear, I apprehended a grunt on my way here. He was muttering about something suspicious when I encountered him, and I just did my civic duty. He should be on his way to the proper authorities right now.
Cliff: Ah, that's good! I guess it all worked out in the end.
Cynthia: Although... if the trouble was happening in Pastoria, why are you out here?
Maeve: Busted.
Cliff: I... Well...
Cynthia: Hm. I see. You don't want to involve yourself in trouble anymore.
Cliff: I just want to focus on my research. I'm already on thin ice with Professor Rowan, and I can't afford any more screw-ups. This is just a distraction for me right now...
Cynthia: That is fair. This shouldn't be your concern anyway. You already helped out your region by ridding the world of Team Plasma. Allow us to do the same here.

Cynthia: Have you seen the group of Psyduck on Route 210?
Cliff: The ones blocking the path? Yeah, it's why we headed to Veilstone City first. I was trying to find some medicine to help them, but I couldn't find any...
Cynthia: Well, you're in luck. I have just the thing.

Cynthia: This should do the trick with the Psyduck.
Cliff: Wow! How did you get this?
Cynthia: Champion privileges. Does wonders, honestly, when you need to get stuff done. Anyway, I should check on Wake to see if he didn't make the situation worse. The man has gotten so obsessed with getting more popular, it's so tiring. And Cliff...
Cliff: Yeah?
Cynthia: When I was a little younger than you, I went on a big adventure with a Pokédex, much like what you're doing now. I know that your circumstances are different, but please try to enjoy it anyway.
Cliff: I'll try. Thank you very much, Champion Cynthia.
Cynthia: Please, just Cynthia will do. Anyway, see you later!

Liam: She was really nice!
Cliff: She was, wasn't she? Anyway, everything worked out, didn't it?
Celia: I suppose. It's good that Team Galactic didn't get their way.
Cliff: Yeah, I'd call this the perfect ending to today. But now, I'm just about ready to collapse. Let's go get ourselves a room.
abyssal zone
The abyssal zone is a layer of the pelagic zone of the ocean. "Abyss" derives from the Greek word ἄβυσσος, meaning bottomless. At depths of 3,000 to 6,000 metres (9,800 to 19,700 ft), this zone remains in perpetual darkness.

Hey, remember when Cliff was like, I'm not gonna risk my neck anymore? Never say that my boy is a liar!

So, Wake's a rapper. Would you believe I literally thought of this on the fly when I wrote this and "My House" was playing in my head endlessly? Brain fart are Fun. Also, Wake's names are based on bodies of water.


pfp thanks to Bug <3
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Liam: Here they are!
Celia: They still look like they're in a lot of pain.
Dante: Mrrrrr...
Cliff: Yeah, they look the same since the last time we saw them. Let's hope the medicine works.

Soren: It actually worked!
Celia: What is in this medicine?
Cliff: I don't know... but I'd love more of this stuff for us. And for me.

Cliff: Yeah, that really did the trick for the Psyduck. I haven't seen any other medicine work this fast.
Cynthia: The Johtonese know their stuff! As much as I begrudge them that, their medicine is superior over the other regions, including ours. But regional competition aside, now that the path's cleared, I can finally proceed to - *ring ring ring* - Oh, excuse me. Hello? What? Oh no... I'll be right there. *click*
Cliff: Is everything alright?
Cynthia: Mm, not quite. There are some urgent matters that need my attention right now, champion duties and all that. But I was supposed to meet my grandmother and... Wait a minute.

Cynthia: Would you mind delivering this charm to her in Celestic Town?
Cliff: Ahhh, I guess? I was going to Celestic Town anyway for some field work, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Cynthia: Oh, perfect! I'd be very grateful. My grandmother is the elder of the town, so she should be very easy to find. And Celestic is easy to spot, once you go beyond the fog. You do have the Defog HM, right? The route ahead gets foggy because of its proximity to Mt. Coronet.
Cliff: Yeah, we got it earlier on.
Rune: With my help, mind you.
Celia: You intentionally abandoned us, and expected us to find you, and the HM, in the ruins.
Rune: The devil is in the details, dearie.

Cynthia: I'll come to Celestic Town immediately when this is over with. Thank you again! Arceus, will my troubles never cease...
Liam: She seemed very busy!
Cliff: Yeah... It's the responsibilities that comes with being the Champion. It's why I turned it down. It's not as glamorous as people think it is.
Celia: I can see that.

Soren: She wasn't kidding about the fog...
Liam: I can't see my claw in front of my face!
Maeve: ...That's my face.
Liam: Oh, sorry!
Cliff: Soren, you know what to do.
Soren: You got it, sir!

Cliff: Much better, thanks!
Soren: Of course, sir! Happy to be helpful.
Maeve: Must you always be this chipper?
Soren: Y'know, not all of us want to be difficult.

Soren: Hey, what about me?
Maeve: *snort* Yeah, your help is definitely appreciated.

Ninja: Guess I was the one who was startled...
Celia: We're always prepared. Right, Liam?
Liam: ...Huh? Oh, yupyup!
Celia: Also, I realized I may have been a bit over the line with you back in the gym, and I do apologize.
Liam: No problem! I was just looking out for the team too!
Celia: Yes, I know. But you don't have to worry about me. I'm a lot more capable a battler than I appear.
Liam: Oh, yeah, of course! Just trying to be helpful.

Maeve: ...That could have gone a lot worse.
Soren: Yep. Let's count ourselves lucky this time around.
Celia: What are the two of you talking about?
Rune: Just something that's probably coming up pretty soon. No big.

Ace Trainer: How dare you beat us! Go away! Go!
Cliff: You were the one that challenged me!
Rune: Yeesh, people around here are so testy.

Jen: Zac, I'm so sorry. I'm a failure as your instructor.
Zac: Jen, you did a good job! This trainer's just that good, I guess.
Liam: His Pokemon are also pretty strong too!
Cliff: Heh, you're right about that, Liam.

Maeve: Hey, kid, I hope you know what you're doing.
Liam: Huh?
Maeve: Look, I'm a little experienced when it comes to these things. Just be careful.
Liam: Oh, okay. I'm doing the right thing, aren't I?

Liam: E-eep! That Lickilicky paralyzed me!
Cliff: Yeah, that Body Slam was no joke. C'mon, let's go over to the side and heal you up.
Cliff: What in the-

Ninja: You! Challenge me!
Cliff: Hey, uh, I'm actually in the middle of healing up-
Ninja: No delay! A ninja shows no mercy! Sableye, Shadow Ball!
Liam: Cliff!

Ninja: No fair! Absol, Double Team!
Cliff: You're the one talking about unfair right now?! Liam, we have to finish this quickly. X-Scissor!
Liam: You got it, Cliff! I-

Liam: H-hey!
Ninja: Ha! The tide turns in our favor! Absol, Swords Dance!
Cliff: Shit!

Soren: Kid, you have to hit him fast!
Liam: I-I can't m-move!
Cliff: Damn, where are my Paralyz Heals?!
Celia: Cliff, put me in! I can handle that Absol.
Liam: No, I got this! Leave me in!

Celia: Don't be stubborn! You can't touch the Absol and-
Liam: I told you I got this!
Cliff: Celia, I can't switch Liam out even if I wanted to. He's the only one bulky enough to resist those attacks! Anyone else I send out is going to get slaughtered!
Rune: Hey, now, I-
Maeve: Don't even.

Cliff: Liam, I can only keep healing you for so long. You need to bring down that Absol fast!
Ninja: Hehehehe, your Drapion can't do anything to my secret strategy!

Liam: I'm tryi-ing!
Celia: Liam, grab the Absol when he's coming in to attack you! That should allow you to focus your attack!
Cliff: Celia! That's brilliant! Liam, you heard her!
Liam: O-okay!

Liam: Gotcha! Now it's my turn!

Ninja: Ho... how?! I need more training...
Cliff: Whew... I'm glad that's over with.
Celia: Good job, Liam.
Liam: T-thanks... Cliff, can I rest for a bit? I'm... really shaken up right now...
Cliff: No, that's fair, buddy. Go rest for a bit. *ptchoo*
Maeve: Poor kid.
Soren: He took that like a champ, though.

Veteran: Pokemon are fun! Retire? Perish that thought! Next time, victory will be mine!
Maeve: Uh, okay. So much for that.
Celia: Are we far from our destination?
Cliff: Doesn't look like. We should be nearing the town pretty soon.

Cliff: Okay, map says we should be in Celestic Town. Let's try to find the elder, deliver the charm, and then go and find some Pokemon to document.
Rune: Oof, small town. Doesn't look like anything exciting here.
Celia: What is with you and trying to find something interesting?
Rune: Look, honey, when you're me, being bored is worse than death.
Maeve: I highly doubt that.
Cliff: Alright, cut it out. If Liam's still shaken up, I'll just make a quick exchange at the center, and we start asking around where the elder is.

Cliff: Uh, excuse me, have you seen the elder?
Grandma: The elder? No, I haven't. But-

Grandma: He's saying he'll blow the town up with a bomb... The nerve of it all! If only I were younger, I'd punish that man with my Pokemon.
Celia: Spaceman? I'm assuming he's part of Team Galactic.
Soren: And a bomb too? They're not kidding around!
Cliff: Arceus... No matter where we go, there's always something happening.
Garnet: Are we going to do something?
Cliff: Shit. We don't have a choice, do we...? I don't see anyone else who can help out, and I don't want to leave this town a crater. Let's subdue the grunt fast, and get out of here.
Rune: Looks like I was wrong after all. Things are about to heat up!
Maeve: Seriously?

Galactic: If you try to mess with me, I'll shut you down with a Pokemon battle!
Cliff: Look, buddy, I don't want any trouble. If I win, can you just leave this city alone?
Galactic: Like that's gonna happen! Opposing Team Galactic is, like, taking on the world! Solrock, Lunatone, attack!
Cliff: Dante, Night Slash them both!
Dante: !!!

Cliff: Great job, Dante!
Galactic: No!

Cliff: ...This doesn't look like a functioning bomb.
Garnet: Wow. That was unnecessary, then.
Soren: But that's a relief, right?
Maeve: Hell yeah. I didn't want to be ground zero of a bomb explosion, thank you very much.
Rune: It would have been a really cool fireworks show though.
Cliff: We really need to talk about your preferences, Rune...
???: You! You there!

Cliff: Oh, you're the elder? Your daughter gave me something for you.
Elder: Ah, thank you. You say Cynthia entrusted you with this?
Cliff: Yeah, she had to attend to something important. She did say she'll be here afterwards though.
Elder: Bless her. Cynthia always works so hard, but she makes time for her home. This charm was something made in Celestic Town a long, long time ago - in honor of a deity said to have created Sinnoh.
Cliff: I see. That's interesting.
Elder: Since you're in Celestic Town, would you like to look around the ruins?
Cliff: Uh, I guess. Maybe for a little while.
Rune: Bluhhhhh.

Cliff: Woah... It's huge.
Garnet: Huh. So this is one of those ruins...
Soren: Damn. I missed caves.
Rune: You've been in one cave, you've been in them all.
Soren: Don't you go knocking caves!

Elder: Would you like to know about the legend behind this painting?
Cliff: I'm sorry, elder. I've never really been a fan of legendaries.
Elder: I see. That's very unfortunate. However, if you're not interested, I can't force you.
???: I, however, am very interested.

Elder: Who might you be?

Cyrus: I'm very interested in the strength of the legendaries to cure the plague that's currently in our region. I'm hoping that the legends may give me some clue as to how to unlock it.
Cliff: You.
Cyrus: I see our paths cross again. I've heard of the legends that call Celestic Town their home, and I want to hear them.
Elder: Hm. I know nothing about this plague you're speaking of. But I would advise against using the legendaries in this manner. They will not succumb so lightly to people's whims.
Cyrus: That doesn't answer my concern, elder.
Elder: Let me be more clear then. I won't share anything with you if this is your goal.
Cyrus: ...I see. How unfortunate. Regardless, whatever happens-

Cyrus: Now if there's nothing I can achieve here, I will take my leave. Please excuse me.
Cliff: Hey. Wait.
Maeve: Cliff!
Cyrus: Yes?
Cliff: You're not really thinking of using the legendaries, are you?
Cyrus: I think I've made myself very clear in that regard. If I want to fix Sinnoh, I will need something bigger than any mortal construct. The region is in complete disarray, and I would be foolish to let it continue on much longer.
Cliff: That's...

Cyrus: We've met in Mt. Coronet. I can only assume you've traveled a lot as well, and you surely would know what's been happening. Why would you stand in my way to change this flawed world?
Cliff: I've seen what people will do to achieve the power of the legendaries, and abuse it for their own benefit. I'm not letting that happen here as well.
Cyrus: Ah. You still think I'm from Team Galactic? Foolish child. If you won't listen to reason, let me educate you the hard way.

Cyrus: I will make you believe I'm not one of those degenerates. Dusclops!
Cliff: I don't have Liam to deal with that... Dante, I'm going to need you for this!
Cyrus: Dusclops, Confuse Ray.

Dante: Rrrrriiiiiii!
Cliff: Dante, wait! Hold still!
Celia: Focus on the attack!
Cyrus: Incapacitate that Seviper.

Cliff: Dante! Try to use a Night Slash!

Rune: Welp.
Maeve: That didn't work out...
Celia: Concentrate, Dante!

Cyrus: Enough stalling. Brick Break.
Cliff: Try another Night Slash!

Cliff: Great job, Dante!
Dante: ...
Cyrus: Hmph. You are indeed a skilled Trainer. But I cannot allow you to interfere.

Cyrus: Crobat, take to the air.
Cliff: Two can play it at that game! Soren!
Soren: You ain't going nowhere, pal!

Cyrus: Again.
Cliff: Again!

Cyrus: Enough of this folly. Crobat, Night Slash!
Cliff: Counter that!
Soren: Yes, sir!

Cyrus: Are you just going to keep copying me? Another Night Slash.
Cliff: Not this time! Soren, evade and dive bomb!
Soren: You got it!

Cyrus: ...A fine strategy.
Cliff: I'll do everything in my power to stop people like you!
Cyrus: Hmph. You stupid boy. You're meddling in affairs you can't even understand. Magneton.
Cliff: Rune!
Rune: Finally, something interesting!

Rune: Hehehe, that tickles!
Cliff: Rune, be careful!
Rune: You worry too much! I got this in the bag!
Cyrus: Discharge.


Rune: turn...
Cliff: Rune! No!
Cyrus: Tch. This is unfortunate.
Celia: Rune, stay with us!
Garnet: ...Not again.
Rune: I... I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive...

Rune: I'm...


I don't want to...

I don't want to go....

Soren: She's... she's joking, right?
Maeve: I... don't think she is...
Cliff: Rune! Garnet, Discharge!
Garnet: ...

Cyrus: Enough. This battle is over.
Cliff: No, it's not! I won't forgive you for this! G-Garnet, again!
Cyrus: Magneton, disable that Illumise.

Garnet: Ngh!
Cyrus: We're finished here. Return. *ptchoo*
Cliff: Wh... what?! No, we're not done!
Cyrus: This battle is over, child. I refuse to have any more blood on my hands. My mission has always been to save this region. Who would I be if I contributed any more to the deaths that have been happening?

Cyrus: I'll be leaving now. And please, do not get in my way in the future. The innocent need not lose their lives anymore.

Elder: I'm... I'm sorry about your Gengar. May Arceus watch over her.
Cliff: ...Thank you.
Celia: I can't... I can't believe she's actually gone.
Maeve: That bitch... I bet she's just hiding! Come out, Rune! It's not fucking funny!
Soren:I don't think she's joking... I think she's really gone.
Maeve: ...
Dante:*whines* Rune... dead... my fault...?
Celia: What? Dante, you're... you're talking!
Soren: ...I didn't see that coming.
Cliff: I... I can't really wrap my head around this right now. Let's just... leave this place before anything else happens.

Cynthia: I came as soon as I heard Team Galactic was in the area! Did they do anything?
Cliff: ...No. Team Galactic didn't... I...
Cynthia: I see... I know that face very well. You've suffered a death, haven't you?
Cliff: ...
Cynthia: I'm so sorry. If I had known this would happen, I wouldn't have made you go here. Please accept my apologies.
Cliff: It's... not your fault. I shouldn't have gotten involved with him...
Cynthia: Him?
Cliff: Cyrus of Galaxy, Inc. Or Team Galactic. I don't really know...
Cynthia: Team Galactic...

Cynthia: I thought they were just all talk at first, but threatening cities and towns with bombs, monopolizing Pokemon... They're a lot more trouble than I anticipated. Listen, I appreciate all the help you've given us, but let the League handle this from now on. As far as we're concerned, you're a civilian, and you shouldn't be the one handling our problems.
Cliff: Alright. Thank you... Good luck with handling them.
Cynthia: Appreciated. Now, as for you...

Cynthia: You might make use of their resources for your research. There are boats that can take you from Jubilife City. But the quickest way is to use the Surf HM. Here, a copy of the HM as thanks for giving the charm to my grandmother and protecting my town.
Cliff: Thank you.
Cynthia: And to even begin to make up for what happened to you... here. A native of my town.

Cynthia: I hope he serves you well.
occult precipitation
Occult precipitation can be understood as the ability of the vegetation to, through a process of impact or collision, precipitate the small water droplets existing in fog and that in the absence remain suspended in the atmosphere.

Yeah... Let's talk about what happened, shall we?

Fucking crits, man. Plus, I didn't realize Gengar's Sp. Def was that low. I figured Rune'd be a little bit more bulkier, but those crits ruined that chance. And I completely forgot that Garnet would have fared a lot better against the Magneton. But yeah, rip Rune. To be honest, her dying here really hindered me in developing her storyline completely, so I did the best I could with whatever screentime she had. Sadly, the thing she wanted the most is what did her in in the end, and that's tragically poetic in a sense.

Also, I just want to draw your attention to Cyrus' title when he fights Cliff. Yeah, I'm running with this angle, and someone try to stop me.

LIAM IS ALIVE! I remember people were freaking out about me leaving him off the current team, but he is indeed alive!

this is all i have to say about Dante btw said:
[5:58 AM] Dustox: also i realized i wasnt able to work this in but im gonna start making Dante speak
[5:58 AM] Dustox: and i think it's about time
[6:01 AM] Jimcloud: Pmfg
[6:01 AM] Jimcloud: Ye
And last but not least, I HOPE THIS TRAPINCH SURVIVES.


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Just two more weeks until we finish porting everything!

Soren: Hey, isn't this Floaroma? Why are we here, sir?
Maeve: Hey, don't complain! I love this place.
Cliff: We're just making a quick detour. Gonna try for a potential catch here, while we're on the way back to Jubilife.
Celia: I suppose that's something we can do.
Dante: Flowers... Pretty!
Liam: Yeah, they are pretty... Cliff, are you okay?

Roscoe: Uh... excuse me...

Cliff: Huh? Why are you asking, Liam?
Liam: You haven't... really talked about what happened to Rune.
Dante: Rune.. Gone...
Maeve: Yeah. She is.
Cliff: Not right now, Liam. I don't really want to talk about it.
Liam: But...
Celia: Something's coming from the tree!
Cliff: Great. Celia, be ready to catch it.

Roscoe: Excuse me...

Cliff: Great job, Celia. I was hoping we come across a Heracross. C'mon, we should start heading towards Jubilife.
Liam: Cliff, are you sure you're doing okay? Please don't keep this all to yourself...
Soren: He's right, sir. It isn't healthy.
Celia: As much as I didn't like Rune personally, she was still a member of the team. I'm sure losing her was still a huge blow to us.
Dante: Family...
Maeve: She wasn't my favorite person to be around. But it doesn't feel right she's not here anymore.

Roscoe: Hey... Can anyone hear me...?

Cliff: *sigh* I don't want to talk about it right now, because I don't know how to feel about it. No matter what happens, no matter where we go, we keep getting dragged towards Team Galactic's shit. And Rune died because of that.
Dante: Sad... Dante will miss her...
Soren: We're like magnets for trouble, really.
Cliff: And if I dwell on it, I'm going to explode, and I don't really have time for that right now. So... I'm going to take a hard pass on dealing with feelings right now. Sorry.
Liam: I guess... I'm sorry I wasn't there... I could have done something...
Celia: I'm not sure if you could have done anything. All of us were there, and we couldn't stop it.
Cliff: Liam, it's not your fault. If it's anyone's fault, it's mine.
Liam: That's not true! That's...
Roscoe: Excuse me... I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything.
Cliff: Oh! Right, yeah, I'm so sorry. I've been too distracted. Have you been talking this entire time?
Dante: New friend?

Roscoe: Yeah. Where am I? Who are you? And where's Cynthia?
Cliff: My name is Cliff. Uh, Cynthia gave you to me as... a "gift". What's your name?
Roscoe: Roscoe. And... she did? But... why would she abandon me...?
Cliff: I don't really know, sorry. If it helps, I don't think she used the term "abandon" regarding you.
Maeve: Yeah, I don't think it does.
Roscoe: ...There must have been a reason she did it. Did I do something? I did, didn't I? ...I probably deserve it. I'm not strong enough to be on her team. I'm sorry you got lumped with me...
Cliff: That's not true! I'm very excited to have you on my roster.
Roscoe: Whatever you say...
Celia: Poor child. Being abandoned by his trainer...
Maeve: Yeah. It sucks.
Cliff: Anyway, I know the timing sucks, but I'm going to have to make some changes to the team. I'll come back for you soon, alright?
Roscoe: Whatever... just do it. *ptchoo*
Cliff: *sigh* Great. That's another issue we'll have to deal with. Dante, I'm sending you back to the lab too, okay? I asked someone there to help me figure out how and why you suddenly started talking.
Celia: Is that really necessary...?
Dante: It's okay... Dante will go!
Cliff: That's that. Let's see who else I need to change...

Quill: Another day, another adventure! So, where are we going?
Cliff: To Canalave City. I'm gonna need your help to get there.
Quill: Oh? Well, sign me up! I mean, I'm already here, so.
Virgil: Hey, you're happy again! That makes me... well, happy too!
Quill: Yup, hehe!
Faye: Thank heavens we're over all that drama. You're a lot more adorable now.
Quill: Wh-

Faye: ...What's the plan here? Stare at the water until something happens?
Cliff: I'm not sure... I taught Quill Surf to take us over the water, but I'm not sure how it'll even work. He can't really lift me.
Quill: Yeah...
Liam: Do you want me to carry you?
Cliff: Bud, do, uh, you know how to swim?
Liam: ...Maybe.
Virgil: I do, I do!
Faye: Okay, I got it. I'll help Quill lift you over the water. That should do the trick, right?
Cliff: That would be great, Faye, thanks. Everyone else, back in your balls.
Garnet: Can I stay out? I miss the sea breeze.
Cliff: Oh, sure. *pchoo x3* I hope this'll work...
Faye: Uh, hello, I can hear you...
Cliff: Oops.

Quill: Okay, here we go! Hang on tight!

Cliff: ...Faye, do you think you could lift me a little bit more? My pants are getting soaked.
Faye: Look, you're not exactly light as a Hoppip, okay? Suck it up.

Cliff: Hey, at least we were able to catch something on the way.
Garnet: Cliff, you might want to hurry. You're already halfway in the water.
Cliff: Crap! Quill, please hurry!
Quill: I'm trying!

Sailor: Welcome aboard land, skipper. You're looking pretty soggy there.
Cliff: Yeah... I guess surfing isn't as easy without a Heracross to carry you.
Quill: I can't... feel my wings...
Faye: Next time, lay off the fries, yeah?
Sailor: Heh. Want a battle to warm you up?
Cliff: Uh, sure. Garnet, could you handle this while I get everyone else out?
Garnet: Sure.

Garnet: Done.
Sailor: Well, I'll be damned. That's a strong Illumise right there.
Cliff: Thanks, Garnet. And thanks for warming me up, Virgil.
Virgil: Toasty! I mean, anytime!

Cliff: Okay, this should lead us to Cana- ah.
Celia: What's wrong, Cliff?
Quill: Hey, isn't that-
Cliff: Dawn's dad. Yeah.
Faye: Ooooooooooh. Awkward~

Cliff: Hello, sir.
Richard: Again, no need to be formal. Richard will do just fine. I was hoping to get to talk to you.
Cliff: Alright. What can I do for you, Richard?
Richard: Well, I'm sure you're well aware the professor isn't pleased with your results, as well as all the... distractions that's been plaguing your work. My daughter has already talked to you, I heard.
Cliff: Yeah. She gave me quite the earful, actually...
Richard: That's my Dawn. Don't get me wrong, we appreciate the work you've done so far, but you need to catch up to the professor's standards for you. I hope you remember just how influential the professor is to the scientific community. Doing a good job under him would benefit your research path immensely.
Cliff: I know, I know... I'm doing my best with everything.
Richard: You'll need to do a lot more, sadly. To be honest, I'm not supposed to do this... but I wanted to tell you that the professor is on his way to Canalave for a special event. He'll be looking to meet you there, and he also expects a significant update from you.
Cliff: *gulp*
Richard: And word to the wise, I think it would help if you went and trained your other Pokemon. We've only received notes about a few of your Pokemon. Training and evolving your reserves would do you a world of good in the professor's eyes.

Richard: Good luck, Cliff. I know it's hard to believe, but my daughter and I still want to see you succeed. Especially her.
Thank you...

Faye: Well, that wasn't, like, uncomfortable at all or anything.
Quill: But he was really nice!
Celia: Yes, he seemed very understanding of our situation at least.
Cliff: Yeah... he did. And at least it sounds like Dawn doesn't completely hate me, which is a plus. But if the professor's coming... I have a few days to get ready. And I'm gonna need all the data I can scrounge up.
Liam: What are we going to do, Cliff?
Cliff: Follow his advice. C'mon.

Cliff: Here we are, Canalave City. Hey Liam, remember this place?
Liam: Huh?
Cliff: It's where you hatched! This is the first place we met.
Liam: Really? Wow! I don't recognize anything anymore. It's so much smaller than I remember!
Cliff: Well, buddy, you're a lot bigger now.
Quill: This is where you joined the party? That's amazing! It's like we're going back to your childhood town!
Faye: Who knew all that gibberish would be so refreshing to hear again?
Virgil: Hear, hear!
Quill: Guys, stop ittttt!

Woman: Now it's for all the ships coming and going to the Sinnoh region. There should also be a ship going to the Iron Island daily.
Cliff: The Iron Island?
Woman: It's basically an old ore mine that's used as a training ground nowadays. Usually, trainers go there to help prepare for Byron, since he trains Steel-types.
Cliff: Oh, that's something to consider. Thank you very much!
Woman: You're very welcome. Enjoy your stay in Canalave!

Cliff: Hey, isn't that...
Faye: Why us, world? Why?

Barry: Hey, you know what's a good idea? Someone should check to see if you're ready for the challenge!
Cliff: And that someone is you, isn't it?

Barry: You bet your ass it's me! Get ready cause I'm coming! Zip!
Cliff: Celia!

Barry: Wh-what?! How are we losing this badly?!
Cliff; Great job, everyone! Keep up the pressure!

Barry: Man... how can I never win against you...? Just once...
Cliff: Barry? Are... you okay?
Barry: Huh? Yeah, no, sure. Of course I'm fine. Perfectly fine. I... never mind. It's okay.
Garnet: ...Is he alright?
Cliff: I'm not sure... I haven't seen him like this before.
Faye: He definitely doesn't sound fine.

Barry: But listen up, you! Don't count me out just yet, alright? I'm gonna be the first one to take on the Elite Four, and then I'm going to be champion. And I'm going to show you, and him, and everyone what I'm capable of! Got that!?
Cliff: Uh, alright. I hope you know that battling the Elite Four isn't really my priority right now.
Barry: That's not what you're supposed to say! You're supposed to say: "Grrrrr, Barry, my talented rival! I won't let you! I'll be the best trainer, like no one ever was!" and it was going to be a whole thing with us.
Cliff: ...I'm really not sure what to tell you here.
Barry: Bah, you're no fun! Anyway, I have some advice for you; rival to rival.

Barry: Anyway, Barry out! I'll see you at the League, Cliff!
Celia: Thank goodness that's over with.
Cliff: He's hiding something. I just don't know what.
Faye: That boy has a lot of baggage, shaking all around.
Garnet: We all have our secrets. I'm sure he has his.

Garnet: When are we going to this... Iron Island place?
Cliff: Yeah, we should if we want to prepare for the gym. But if the professor's coming, I need to start doing my research too. Man, I don't know what to do...
Liam: We can always do it at the same time!
Cliff: We could... but I don't know. The last time you guys trained alone, it didn't end the way we all wanted.
Garnet: What happened?
Faye: Well, our friend's long lost sibling went berserk and tried to maim Cliff, but he got killed instead. So, you know, the usual.
Garnet: ...I see.
Liam: Well, I'm a lot bigger now and I can totally take care of anyone who wants to start something with us!
Quill: Yeah, give us a little credit! We're totally bad-asses now!
Faye: Bad-asses don't really say they're bad-asses, you know.
Quill: Th-they don't? Uhhhhh...
Cliff: ...I can't believe I'm agreeing to this, but time's of the essence. I'm sure the library has stuff we can check out, so I should be nearby if something goes wrong.
Liam: Sounds great!
Cliff: And we all heard what Richard said. I think I need to do a team overhaul. I might switch out most of you - just for awhile. Would you guys be okay with that?
Faye: More time to relax? Oh no, what ever shall I do?
Quill: Of course! You're the party leader, you know best!
Celia: I'll be here to help you train the new members.
Cliff: Actually, Celia, you and I might need to talk.
Faye: Oooh, I know where this is going...

Celia: ...You're not keeping me on the team.
Cliff: Sorry, Celia, but it's only temporary. Richard is right, I'm going to need to diversify if I want to give the professor more details.
Celia: Well... what about Liam? What about Virgil?
Virgil: Hi!
Cliff: Virgil's going to be really helpful for the gym. And you know Liam is different.
Celia: Why? I've done more than he-
Cliff: Careful, Celia. You don't want to go there.
Celia: ...
Cliff: Look, Celia, the next gym is going to be full of Steel-types. You're going to struggle a lot there-
Celia: I can learn Fire Fang!
-and I think you can afford to sit out a city or two, okay? Please, I hope you understand.

Celia: I did everything for this team. Did everything! And you, you did this, didn't you? You've been planning this from the start.
Liam: No... I didn't do anything...
Cliff: That's enough, Celia! I'll come get you soon. *ptchoo*
Faye: Yeesh, that was a lot harder than I thought.
Cliff: Yeah... I'm sorry you had to see that. But I had a feeling she wouldn't go quietly. I really did need to change up the team, though.
Garnet: I think I understand. She will, too.
Cliff: I hope she does. Anyway, I'm not looking to replace you all permanently. It's just something I need to do, alright?
Quill: D-don't worry about Celia. We'll talk to her, won't we?
Faye: ...Do we? Ugh, fine!
Cliff: Thanks, you two. *ptchoo x3*
Liam: Are... you okay? Celia...
Cliff: I'm fine. As much as Celia's been helpful, she's not the trainer here. I already decided to use Roscoe for this. And as for the rest...

Bree: Bwuh? Where am I? Where's my honey? Did those damn Combee steal it again?!
Cliff: Uh, hi. My name is Cliff and-
Bree: Oh. Wait a minute, did you catch me? So you a trainer then?
Cliff: Yeah. I'm-
Bree: Hot dog! Finally! I've been wanting to join a trainer's team. You're not gonna regret catching me!
Roscoe: Is she... joining us?
Bree: You bet your butt I am! Come on, look more excited! You look so down, your jaw is collecting dirt.
Roscoe: Oh...
Cliff: Uh, that's Roscoe. Sorry, he's not really sociable.
Bree: That doesn't fly around me! Stick with me, kid, and we'll go places!
Roscoe: I don't... want to...
Liam: I like her!
Bree: I like you too!

Aurora: ...
Cliff: Hey, I'm-
Aurora: I know. Your name is Cliff, I heard. I suppose it was just a matter of time before one of you humans stole me from my home.
Cliff: Oh. I'm... sorry?
Aurora: You better be. You humans are all the same, treating everything like your property.
Liam: Hey, Cliff's different!
Aurora: That remains to be seen. I'm Aurora, by the way. It would be rude of me not to introduce myself. Might as well be the better person here, if we're going to be stuck together.
Cliff: ...Thanks.
Liam: Well, I'm Liam.
Tierra: H-hey! Don't forget about me!

Liam: Tierra! You're back!
Tierra: Liam, you're so big now!
Liam: Tierra! Tierra! I missed you so much!
Tierra: I missed you too...
Cliff: I figured if we're facing a Steel gym, we'll need a Ground-type. And who better than Tierra?
Tierra: And I thought it was about time I helped the team again. I heard what happened... I'm really sorry for all that's happened.
Cliff: Thanks. It's really good to see you back. I hope you're doing okay as well.
Tierra: ...It comes and it goes. I think right now I just need something to distract myself with. And are these the other members?
Bree: Hey, good looking! How's it hanging?
Aurora: Pleased to meet you.
Roscoe: Hello...
Tierra: Good to meet you all. You're all in good hands with Cliff.
Cliff: Alright, let me just make some last minute preparations, and then we're off.

Cliff: Excuse me, do you have any policies on borrowing books?
Librarian: Yes, but just five books at a time. You can only borrow again after returning the first batch.
Cliff: Great, thanks! I'll start with these.
Librarian: Alright. And when will you be planning to return these?
Cliff: Probably in an hour or so.
Librarian: Excuse... me...?
Cliff: I'll see you in a bit. C'mon, Liam!
Liam: Bye!

Cliff: This should be a good spot. You ready, everyone?
Aurora: ...What are we supposed to do?
Bree: Training! Leave it to me, I'll whip you all up in shape!
Liam: I'll help too!
Cliff: Looks like everything's settled. Okay, let's start with this book...

Cliff: Arceus, I can't believe how much we were able to do for those number of hours.
Liam: Yeah, everyone did a great job! How are you all feeling?
Aurora: It'll take some time for me to get used this new form, but I feel a lot more powerful.
Roscoe: It's okay, I guess... I still feel kinda useless...
Cliff: Roscoe, you're a Flygon. You're a Dragon-type. It's something I haven't really used, but I can guarantee you're definitely not weak at all.
Roscoe: Ehhh...
Bree: But as for the strongest? That honor goes to me, baby!
Virgil: Oooooh! Does that come with a sash or something? Do you want me to make one?
Bree: A sash would be cool!
Tierra: It looks like everyone's doing good, Cliff.
Cliff: That's nice to hear. If everyone's still brimming with energy, do you want to do more training over at the Iron Island? I don't think we can catch anything there, but if Barry said it's a great place to train some more, I don't think it's necessarily a bad idea.
Virgil: I'm game! That sounds like a fun place to go!
Roscoe: Really? It sounds dangerous...
Bree: Dangerous, nothing. What's life without a little risk?
Cliff: Uh, yeah. We'll still be careful, of course.
Bree: Yeah, yeah...
Tierra: I'm up for it. I haven't seen a lot of Sinnoh ever since I joined, so this would be a perfect opportunity to sight see.
Cliff: Excellent. C'mon, let's see if we can grab a boat.

Cliff: Is this the boat to the Iron Island?
Sailor: Mmyup! Good timing. This'll be the last voyage of the S.S. Greyjoy. Hop on in!
Cliff: Great! Everyone good to board?
Liam: Sure!
Roscoe: Uh.... I don't feel safe on that thing.
Aurora: I'll pass. I'd feel dirty riding this instead of swimming.
Cliff: Oh, that's fine. *ptchoo x2* No other takers?
Sailor: Hurry up, skipper! We don't got all daylight!
Cliff: Coming!

Sailor: Next stop: the Iron Island!

Man: Hey! Watch your tail!
Cliff: I'm so sorry! It's his first time on a boat!
Liam: I'm really sorry!
Virgil: Hey, I'm getting dizzy! Are those sparkles?
Cliff: Virgil, no! Get back in the boat!
Tierra: ...I see nothing's changed while I've been gone, aha...

Sailor: You have one hour before the Greyjoy leaves for Canalave again. Be careful in the mines!
Cliff: Alright, thanks! Remind me not to do that again.
Liam: I'm really sorry...
Cliff: It's fine, Liam. I think you were the least of my problems, to be honest.
Virgil: Hey, it's not my fault that lady got mad.
Cliff: Virgil, you almost set her on fire.
Virgil: I stand by my statement.
Cliff: I'm sure you do. Now, let's go.

???: No sign of trouble here. I'll go inside and check things out. Yes, I'll be careful. What could Team Galactic do to me anyway?
Cliff: Hm?
???: Ah! I'll call you back! Someone's here!

Cliff: My name is Cliff. And you?
Riley: I'm Riley. What are you doing here?
Cliff: Uh, my friend mentioned this was a good place to train for the gym. Is there a problem?
Riley: I see. No problem at all.

Riley: That Hidden Machine contains the move Strength. You won't need it inside, but it could help you out later on.
Cliff: Oh. Thanks...
Riley: Anyway, I'll be on my way. Take great caution if you're going inside.

Cliff: That was odd, wasn't it?
Liam: Huh? What do you mean?
Cliff: He just seemed... a bit suspicious. Like he was hiding something.
Bree: Eh, he's probably a weirdo. Did you see the fancy way he was dressed?
Tierra: But we still should be cautious...
Cliff: Right. Keep your eyes peeled, and stay together. We don't want to be separated.

Cliff: Though so far, you all seemed to be doing just fine.
Bree: These things are a walk in the park. Just leave the battling to us!
Aurora: Hmph. I suppose battling can be fun.

Cliff: An elevator? Damn, this place is huge, even for a cave. Everyone accounted for?
Liam: Everyone's here, Cliff.
Cliff: Great. Thanks for looking out, Liam.

Riley: Pokemon are getting restless. Could be them reacting to suspicious behavior. Oh, Vera, stop worrying. This is just a routine mission, nothing more.
Cliff: Huh? Riley?
Riley: ...Damnit.

Riley: Hey, I don't suppose you mind teaming up? The Pokemon seem to be getting more and more restless and I'm not sure if Asha can handle them.
Cliff: Asha?
Riley: She's my Lucario. As you noticed, she's a little susceptible to some of the Pokemon here. It would be great if we had someone cover our backs.
Cliff: Sure, no problem. Having someone to train with could be good. This is Liam, by the way.
Liam: Hello! Nice to meet you!
Riley: Nice to meet you too, Liam. Now, let's get going.
Liam: ...Oh. Wait, he understood me?

Cliff: Hey Roscoe, you're doing a great job, you know.
Roscoe: You really think so...?
Virgil: Yeah! Cynthia'll totally regret giving you up!
Roscoe: No, she won't... You're just saying that...
Tierra: Hey, now... That's no way to think.
Cliff: *sigh*
Riley: Having trouble there?
Cliff: Just a bit. Roscoe's acting a bit insecure.
Riley: He wasn't your original Pokemon, was he?
Cliff: No, he wasn't. How did you...
Riley: Read his body language. He doesn't seem to be that comfortable with you yet. Neither does your Tentacruel, for that matter.
Cliff: Yeah, they were fairly recent catches.
Riley: Give them time. They'll come around.

Riley: I guess the steel ore's played out. There's only Pokemon here now.
Aurora: And of course, all these humans are disturbing their peace...
Cliff: Aren't they disturbing the Pokemon if that's the case?
Riley: Not as far as I can tell. Mostly Byron's gym trainers frequent this place, and they're very careful not to disturb the locals. Plus, they also make sure the visiting trainers here also do the same.
Cliff: Ohhh. So, like, rangers?
Riley: Something like that, yeah.
Aurora: ...Hmph.

Riley: Have you met Byron, by the way? The Leader of Canalave Gym? He actually asked me to become a Gym Leader, but I refused the position.
Cliff: How come?
Riley: I have other matters that keep me busy. Plus, I wouldn't really want to steal the position from his son, Roark. Roark's pretty determined to succeed his father, and I don't really want to get in between the two of them. It's really hard when family is involved, isn't it?
Cliff: Yeah... pretty hard.
Riley: Still...

Cliff: I don't know... should we really be the ones to be looking for the reason?
Riley: Who will if we don't?
Cliff: The proper authorities?
Riley: You see, the thing about that... Actually, hold that thought.

Riley: Just as I thought. Team Galactic. Vera, you were right.
Cliff: Wait... you were looking for them? What... who are you?
Riley: Calm down. My name is Riley... and I'm a part of the Undercover Police.
Cliff: Unbelievable. Is there anywhere I can go that I don't encounter any of you people?!
Riley: I'm guessing you've run afoul of us before. But I don't really care about that right now. You need to help me with this. You can't just leave them alone.
Cliff: Yes, I can. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a normal citizen and I'm done needlessly risking my team to help your group!
Riley: ...That's very selfish of you to say.
Cliff: Selfish? Selfish?! You don't get to say that, you son-
Riley: Keep it down! Look, I don't really care what happened between you and the agency. But there's two of them and I only have Asha with me. I need your help and if I don't get it, they're going to do Arceus knows to this place. Do you really want that on your conscience?
Cliff: ...
Riley: So, what it'll be?
Liam: Cliff?
Cliff: ...One battle. That's it.
Riley: Done. Let's go.

Riley: Get out of the way. This is official-
Ace Trainer M: You're only getting past us if you beat us in a battle. Nidoking!
Ace Trainer F: Nidoqueen!
Tierra: Ooh.
Riley: ...Fine. Asha.
Tierra: Cliff, let me. I can do this.

Tierra: It's okay, Tierra. It's okay. That's not Everett. It's not Everett.
Cliff: If you're sure. Tierra, Earth Power!

Ace Trainer M: Gengar!
Riley: Metal Claw on the Gengar, Asha!
Cliff: Another Earth Power!

Cliff: Doing good, Tierra!
Ace Trainer F: Gardevoir!

Cliff: Alright, Tierra, let's not risk it. Liam, finish her off.

Riley: Now get out of our way. We have work to do.
Ace Trainer F: What? Rude!
Cliff: Sorry. Just let us through.

Riley: I don't care what reason you may have, but you will desist any operation in this mine.
Galactic: We're Team Galactic! We'll take all the Pokemon we want!
Galactic: You said it, brother. So that's what we're going to do!
Riley: Sorry, but that's not happening. Under my authority, both of you are under arrest.
Galactic: Like hell we're going quietly!
Riley: Of course you aren't.

Galactic: Heh, try and stop us!
Riley: Asha!
Cliff: Liam!

Riley: You're doing great! Keep at it!
Cliff: Shut up and concentrate!

Riley: Asha, no!
Cliff: Liam, cover Asha! Get rid of that Marowak!
Liam: Got it!

Cliff: Is... is your Lucario alright?
Riley: Yeah, Asha's fine. She's too tough to let that do her in.
Cliff: Good... Good. I don't want anyone else to lose their life around me.
Riley: Hey, look, I-
Cliff: Don't. Just don't.

Galactic: Let's beat it, partner!
Riley: No, you don't. You're coming with me!
Galactic: Like hell, man! Cacturne, Sandstorm!
Cliff: Get down!

Cliff: You alright?
Riley: Yeah... just fine. Where are the grunts?
Cliff: Probably high-tailed it out of here.
Riley: Figures. Anyway...

Cliff: I didn't have a choice, did I?
Riley: Hey, as long as it got the job done, I'm perfectly fine with how I did it.
Cliff: Thanks. That makes me feel so much better about you. I'm getting out of here before you rope me into any more trouble.
Riley: See you around.
Cliff: Not likely.
Liam: Nyah! Meanie!

Riley: Vera? Hey, checking in. Grunts escaped. As much as I want to say I did it alone, some guy with green hair helped me out. Uh, yeah, his name was Cliff or something. Any word on him? Huh... interesting.

Cliff: Shiny Stone, huh? At least I can finally evolve Maeve... Maybe that's worth all this trouble.
Liam: Cliff, you alright? You sounded really angry back there.
Cliff: Can't really blame me. That guy just pissed me off! I feel like wherever we go, we can't just escape them.
Virgil: Maybe they're spying on us!
Cliff: Honestly, I wouldn't even put it past them. There's the exit.

Cliff: *sigh* Sorry, everyone. I'm just in a really bad place right now with everything that's happened.
Liam: It's okay, Cliff. We're here for you.
Cliff: Thanks. C'mon, we just made it back for the boat home. And sorry, everyone's going back to their balls. I'm just gonna need some time to myself for a bit.
Liam: Aww...
Virgil: But, but... sparkles!

Sailor: Next stop: Canalave City!

Cliff: Did you get it? Okay, on the table should be fine. Could you get my Roselia please? Thank you very much!

Maeve: Huh? What's up? I thought you guys were training or something.
Cliff: We finished, actually. But I found something that I think you might like. It's there by the table.
Maeve: What is... Holy shit! Is that-?
Cliff: Yeah, I finally found one. Go and touch it already!
Maeve: Don't have to tell me twice!

Maeve: Fan-fucking-finally!
piercing point
In geology, a piercing point is defined as a feature (usually a geologic feature, preferably a linear feature) that is cut by a fault, then moved apart.

The good thing about changing the format? I don't have to be so worked up about color choices for text. Because hoo boy, I used to call ABitS 50 Shades of Purple and Blue.

Bree and Aurora honestly are welcome additions to the team as they're both solid mons to have. Personality-wise, at least one of them likes us.

Fun times with Celia and Liam continues!

So I basically sped up all the grinding and evolving because honestly, I didn't have the time or energy to spend dwelling on it. We're at the point where the plot is starting to unfold, and I really felt if I took the time to go into all that completely, it would just slow the pace down tremendously. So yeah, have a Montage!

I wanted to make this part a little more "fun", so I decided to make Riley's character spicier. Actually if you read @Aurea's Impulse (which you should I honestly recommend it despite the length it's totally worth it), I did a little spin on her Riley. Anyway, it worked out in the end, and I was super happy with the result.

Whee, Maeve finally evolved!


pfp thanks to Bug <3
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Liam: Hm? Are we challenging the gym? I thought we were still preparing for your meeting with the professor.
Cliff: There's really nothing left to prepare. I've done all I can with the data we've collected. It's just a waiting game at this point, and I'd rather just let off some steam while that's happening.
Liam: Oh, okay.
Virgil: I've let off steam before. I don't recommend it. Makes you feel all gassy.
Bree: Well, I'm ready for a scrap! How about you, Roscoe?
Roscoe: Ah... Not really...
Aurora: Urgh, all this metal. It's just so... human.
Cliff: I think that's the point, Aurora.

Gym Guide: *yawn*
Cliff: Uh, are you okay?
Gym Guide: Eh, sorry. Just bored of this place. There hasn't been an exciting battle in ages around here.
Cliff: Why's that?
Gym Guide: You'll find out for yourself. Anyway, just ride the metal platforms until you find Byron. Shouldn't take too long. Go on, move.
Cliff: Odd...

Tierra: Not bad for someone who hasn't battled a gym in awhile, right?
Liam: Yep! You're so strong, Tierra!
Tierra: Liam! You're making me blush...

Cliff: Hm, these must be the platforms the guide was talking about. Do I just step on them or-

Cliff: Whoa.
Liam: Whee! That was fun!
Tierra: Are you okay, Cliff?
Cliff: Yeah, just surprised. Didn't expect it to be that fast.

Cliff: Ah, rats. Dead end. Let's backtrack.

Worker: And me and Skarmory are as tough as they come!
Cliff: Alright, Roscoe, you got this.
Roscoe: I-- I don't think so...!
Cliff: Sure you do! Just use Heat Wave!

Roscoe: Oww!
Cliff: Try Heat Wave again. Just focus on the enemy.
Worker: Skarmory, use-

Cliff: Good job, Roscoe!
Roscoe: Hey... I did it...
Worker: Steelix, your turn. Use Rock Polish to dodge the flames!

Roscoe: Nngh! I still can't do it properly...
Cliff: Roscoe, stop doubting yourself. You're just making yourself miss more. You just gotta focus!

Roscoe: I-- I can't, okay?! Stop pushing me!
Cliff: Roscoe, just-
Tierra: Hey, hey, calm down, okay? The Steelix is still a huge target. Try to spread the flames around, so he can't avoid it.
Roscoe: Hngg.... I can try that!
Worker: Steelix, use Iron Tail!

Roscoe: There! I did it!
Tierra: Great work!
Cliff: Good job, Roscoe! And thanks for the assist, Tierra.
Tierra: No problem. I think he's still getting used to you. I'll try and see if I can make him feel more at ease. And... are you okay?
Cliff: Huh?
Tierra: You just seem on edge. Is everything alright?
Cliff: Oh. Yeah, sorry. I guess I'm still anxious about meeting the professor.
Tierra: That's fair. But try not to take it out on Roscoe. I think that'll just push him away from you.
Cliff: Got it.

Cliff: Man, this place is huge...
Aurora: Add tacky to that. All this cold metal is just... unnatural.

Virgil: Me too! Why don't we sing together?
Cliff: Virgil, I don't think he can understand you, much less sing together.
Virgil: But we don't need to understand each other. That's the power of music!
Cliff: I... sure. Let's go with that.

Cliff: Woah... We're pretty high up. Everyone, be careful.
Liam: Got it! I'll make sure everyone's safe and sound.
Virgil: Don't have to worry about me!

Cliff: Are you doing better, Roscoe?
Roscoe: Yeah...
Cliff: Sorry if I kinda lost my temper earlier. I didn't mean to take my nerves on you.
Roscoe: No... It's okay... I'm sure I deserve it somehow...
Cliff: What? No, you don't. I was being stupid, alright? You've been doing a great job so far, I hope you know that.
Roscoe: ...
Tierra: Give him time. He'll come around.
Cliff: Yeah, alright.

Cliff: Everyone doing alright so far? I think we're just about near Byron.
Bree: Speak for yourself! I haven't fought anything yet. It's just been these two on the floor, while I've been warming the bench with my behind.
Cliff: Relax, Bree. You'll get your turn.
Bree: Ahhhh. Saving me for the main event, eh? I like your style!

Ace Trainer: Well, I see you have no problem with what I just said.
Cliff: Ehehe, not at all.
Ace Trainer: Heh. Well, shall we compare type mastery then? Empoleon!
Cliff: Liam?
Liam: Okay! I'm on it!

Liam: O-oh, was that a little too much?
Cliff: Nah, that was perfect, don't worry.
Ace Trainer: Hmm. I never would have thought a Poison-type could triumph over our Steel-types.
Cliff: Just gotta be flexible. I think that's part of mastering a type too, right?
Ace Trainer: Indeed. You seem to be quite the type master. Let me just tell you my philosophy.

Cliff: Yeah, I'm having a little problem with that right now.
Ace Trainer: You just need time. You can't rush earning trust.
Cliff: Right, right...

Virgil: Red means important, right?
Cliff: I wouldn't put it past them to make it this obvious. This might lead us straight to the Gym leader. Everyone, get your game face on.
Liam: Hmph!
Cliff: Uh?
Liam: It's my game face!
Bree: Smackdown City, here I come!
Roscoe: Ngh...
Tierra: It'll be okay, Roscoe. You'll see.

Liam: Woah! We're so high up!
Aurora: I-- I'm not...
Cliff: Are you afraid of heights, Aurora?
Aurora: Sh-shut up! I'm just not used to them, okay!? We don't exactly have this problem underwater.
Tierra: She has a point. I'm not feeling too good myself...
Cliff: Right. Don't worry, we'll get this over with as fast as possible.

Byron: Tch... Looks like he couldn't even accomplish a simple task. He still has much to learn.
Cliff: That's not very fair to your son, is it?
Byron: Hm? What do you care...? Are you here for a badge or not?
Cliff: Fine. But before we fight, did you know that there was a disturbance in your mines just yesterday? Team Galactic was-
Byron: Feh. Look, I don't really care about all that. That's why I have trainers to deal with that shit.
Cliff: ...Wow. I can't believe you. What about your responsibility?
Byron: What about it? Now, let's get a move on.

Byron: Platinum.
Cliff: Virgil!

Cliff: Flamethrower!
Virgil: Hot and heavy special, coming up!

Byron: ...Hmph.
Cliff: What else you got?

Byron: Looks like you win. Congratulations.
Cliff: Wh-- What? You still have Pokemon left.
Byron: Kid, I know when I'm beat. How about you do both of us a favor and just take this Badge?
Cliff: ...What kind of gym leader are you?!
Byron: The kind that doesn't give a shit about what you think. Now, do you want this or not?
Cliff: Not if you're just giving it away. And it's funny. You want to talk shit about your son, but he put a helluva better fight than you!
Virgil: Oooooooooooh!
Byron: Heh. Well then. You want a fight? You fucking got one. Bismuth!
Cliff: Roscoe, Heat Wave!

Byron: Don't underestimate me or Bismuth, kid. Make 'em see stars!
Cliff: Roscoe, dodge it!
Roscoe: Wha...

Roscoe: Ohhhh... Miss Cynthia... is that you? Have you come... to take me back..?
Cliff: Damnit... Roscoe, focus!
Tierra: Roscoe, your Cynthia isn't here anymore. You can't keep living in the past!
Liam: Ah, Tierra...
Tierra: Keep at it, Roscoe!
Roscoe: Ah!
Byron: Bismuth, Flash Cannon!

Cliff: Another one!
Byron: Use-

Roscoe: Ahhhhhh! I did it...
Tierra: Great job, Roscoe!
Byron: You want to see how resilient Steel-types can really be? Cobalt!
Bree: You're not keeping me from this main event. I got this!
Cliff: Bree! Wait!
Byron: Caught you. Cobalt, Toxic.

Bree: Hmph! I have Guts, old man. You just played right into my trap!
Cliff: Bree!

Bree: That's not gonna save you from my fist!
Byron: Protect.

Bree: Ngh... Next round, you're going-
Cliff: Okay, that poison's getting to be a problem. Here.

Bree: Hey! What gives?
Cliff: That Forretress is just going to keep protecting while the poison does its damage. You don't need your ability to win this fight.
Bree: But I was on the offensive!
Cliff: We're not risking it!
Bree: Spoilsport! What's life without a little risk?
Cliff: I'm not losing another one, okay?!
Byron: Having a little trouble there? Cobalt, keep protecting. Let's bide our time.

Bree: Damnit, you annoying bagworm! Come get some!
Cliff: Bree, he can't keep protecting forever. Wait for an opening...
Bree: There!

Bree: Gotcha!
Byron: Hmph. Took you long enough.
Cliff: Doesn't matter. We're still here, aren't we?
Byron: We'll see about that. Obsidian!
Cliff: Liam!

Cliff: Brick Break!
Byron: Obsidian, Smokescreen!

Liam: It's too dark! I can't see anything!
Cliff: Try to feel it out! Use another Brick Break!
Byron: Will-O-Wisp!

Liam: Ah! Hot, hot, hot!
Cliff: Liam! Here!

Cliff: Gah, another Smokescreen?
Byron: Can't hit us if you can't see us, kid.
Cliff: ...That's what you think. Liam, extend your arms for a Brick Break! Sweep the area!
Liam: Oh! Like this?

Cliff: Heh, like that.
Byron: ...Huh. Guess you have to be a little skilled to have come this far. But let's see just how durable you are. Obsidian, Overheat!
Cliff: Liam, take cover in the smokescreen!
Liam: Gotcha!

Byron: What?!
Cliff: Now, finish it off!
Liam: You got it!

Byron: ...Well, I'll be.
Cliff: Great job, Liam!
Liam: Whee! We did it!
Tierra: Congratulations to everyone!

Byron: Here's the badge to prove you beat me. And... I'll take a look at the mines, count on it.
Cliff: Thank you. That's all I can ask for.
Byron: Well, I can't do that if you're still here, can I? Take the platform to your right. Keep going until you find the exit. Go on, get outta here.

Cliff: *whistles* Can't believe how big this place is.
Aurora: The sooner we get out of this place, the better...

Gym Guide: Woah, hey, haven't seen the boss so fired up in awhile. Thanks, kid.
Cliff: Uh, sure. It was nothing, really.
Gym Guide: Also, you're Cliff, right? Green hair's a dead giveaway.
Cliff: Huh? What about it?
Gym Guide: Got a message for you. Seems like Professor Rowan's expecting you at the library later at 2:00. Don't wanna stand him up, that's for sure.
Cliff: ...Already? Damn. Okay, thanks.
Liam: Is everything alright?
Cliff: Y-yeah... Looks like it's just about that time. C'mon, let's get ready. We don't want to be late.

3 hours later...

Cliff: ...It's now or never.
Tierra: You got this, Cliff.
Virgil: Yeah! You're on fire! Well, not literally.
Bree: I don't know what's happening, but you got me on your side! Nothing can go wrong!
Cliff: I sure hope that's the case, Bree.

Librarian: Also, your Pokemon must stay in their balls if you're going upstairs.
Cliff: Right. Got it. Sorry, everyone, I'll see you all in a bit. *pchoo x5* You too, Liam.
Liam: H-Hey, wait!
Cliff: Huh?
Liam: I-- I just wanted to say that you shouldn't worry! You worked so hard on all this and you should be proud of yourself and if the professor saw just how hard you worked like I did, I'm sure he'll tell you you did a great job! So... don't worry, okay? It'll all work out, I promise!
Cliff: ...
Liam: Cliff?
Cliff: ...Thanks, Liam. I needed to hear that.
Liam: Hee! I'm here for you!
Cliff: *pchoo* Yeah, you're right. Everything's gonna be fine.

I hope.

Rowan: Ah, Cliff. Just a hair off from being punctual. As I expected.
Dawn: ...Hey, Cliff. How are you?
Cliff: Hey, Dawn. Doing good. Hi, Professor Rowan.
Rowan: Regardless, it's good to finally see you again. Have a seat, so we may begin.

Rowan: First of all, I'd like to take this rare opportunity to thank you both for your hard work. We've had excellent progress with our study as of now, and it's all thanks to your efforts.
Dawn: P-professor! It's our pleasure, of course!
Cliff: ...Th-thank you, Professor.
Rowan: Hm? You don't seem so enthusiastic, Cliff. I'm not always so forthcoming with my praise.
Cliff: Honestly, I-- I didn't think this was the direction our talk was going to go...
Rowan: Ah, I can see why you may think that. But before all that, I just want to inform both of you of splendid news. We've just been given a new research grant.
Dawn: Really?! That's amazing news! What about?
Rowan: It was our proposal for the categorization of cross-region migratory species we submitted a few months ago. It was just picked up by the Kalos University and of course, I'll need both of your continued support. We leave for Kalos next week to discuss the details.

Cliff: I-- I'm not sure.
Dawn: What? But... why?
Rowan: As I mentioned, Cliff, it's not surprising for you to think I have any displeasure towards your work. I haven't exactly been subtle with my disappointment with your performance, despite the glowing praise Aurea showered on you.
Cliff: ...
Rowan: But despite my harsh words, I have a lot of respect for your work ethic. Out of all my research assistants, you've faced the most difficulties and yet, you've perservered. Any other person would have resigned, but no, not you. Judging by your appearance, you haven't slept a lot recently, have you?
Cliff: ...Good catch.
Rowan: I was a research assistant too, once upon a time. Don't think I don't recognize the signs. And the latest data that you submitted was well done, given the time constraints. I trust Richard informed you of my intention to meet you?
Cliff: Yeah-- Yeah, he did. It's why I buckled down and focused on the work.
Rowan: Cramming, too, is an assistant tradition. Your work was... is superb, and I'd be foolish to not ask for your help. So, how about it? Shall I book two more tickets to go to Kalos with me?
Dawn: Please say yes, Cliff. It's an amazing opportunity for you. For us!
Cliff: Professor... Dawn... I... Thank you for your offer. But... I don't think I can go with you.

Dawn: Why-- Why are you doing this? Don't throw this away...
Rowan: ...May I ask why you're refusing me?
Cliff: I know I'm being amazingly stupid by not taking you up on this offer, but-- But with all that's happening in Sinnoh, I can't just turn my back on it right now. Someone just showed me how foolish I'd be if I did that. And... I don't ever want to make that mistake again...
Dawn: But Cliff, it's not your responsibility! It's too dangerous for people like us to interfere...
Cliff: Dawn, you don't understand... I'm also responsible as a-
Rowan: Harumph! There's no need for that, I think. I am extremely disappointed in you, Cliff. I thought you wanted to advance your career. I guess I was wrong.
Cliff: ...
Rowan: Come, Dawn. I think we've spent enough time-

Dawn: Ahhhhhhh!
Cliff: What's happening?!
Rowan: ...It's a tremor! Come; underneath the table! Quickly!

Dawn: Yeah... I think I'm fine.
Cliff: Likewise...
Dawn: What was that about?!
Rowan: I don't know... Check the TV! There must be news!
Cliff: I'm on it!

This footage was shot just a few minutes ago at Lake Valor where witnesses say-

Dawn: Professor! They said it was an explosion?!
Rowan: But why at Lake Valor...? For the moment, let's go outside. I'm concerned about the town.
Cliff: Right.
Rowan: Careful going down, you two. Who knows if there'll be more explosions?

Dawn: What could have happened...?
Cliff: I don't know. But I feel Team Galactic's behind all this.
Barry: Man... what a pain! Those Galactic goons have a lot to answer for!
Cliff: Barry? What are you doing here?
Barry: Ah! It's you!

Cliff: Yeah, we heard the news.
Barry: I'm going there to find out what happened, and put the boots to any Team Galactic member stupid enough to stand in my way! You're coming along, right?
Cliff: I-
Rowan: Don't be stupid. I'm already contacting the authorities, and if it is indeed Team Galactic's doing, they'll be the one to handle this.
Barry: But if we just wait around and do nothing, they'll escape!
Rowan: I trust the authorities will do their-

Cliff: Barry!
Dawn: Hey now!
Rowan: ...What did you just say to me?

Barry: I'm not taking it back! Cliff is one of the strongest trainers I've seen around! He's the Unovan champion for fuck's sake, he stopped Team Plasma from freezing the whole region, and you want to keep him in your pocket like a useless toy!
Cliff: Barry...!
Dawn: You're... a Champion?
Cliff: I... Yeah. it's something I try to keep to myself...
Barry: Well, you shouldn't! That's something to be proud about! And you have a responsibility to beat these losers and save Sinnoh, not sit around and be useless. If you nerds say you love life so much, why don't you actually help save it!?
Rowan: ...
Barry: Bah! I don't need your approval! I'm my own man!

Rowan: Wait!
Barry: Huh?!
Rowan: You may be blunt and utterly disrespectful, and I am regretting ever giving you that Turtwig... but you have a point.
Dawn: He does...?
Barry: I...do?
Rowan: What Cliff wants to do is his decision. And if that means protecting our homes, then I daresay he's making the right one. We shouldn't be sitting idly by either, Dawn. We're capable Pokemon trainers in our own right, and we should still do what we can to help out.
Dawn: I suppose... Alright! Whatever you say, Professor!
Barry: That's the fucking spirit, gramps!
Rowan: I will ignore that. But if it is Team Galactic behind all this and if they already attacked Lake Valor, it's logical to assume they must be targeting other lakes as well. It is imperative we make sure that the other lakes are secure! Barry, you'll need to go to the northern most lake, Lake Acuity. It's near Snowpoint City so you should be-
Barry: Heh! Sending me to the snow cause you know I'm the hotness, right? I'm on it! See you on the other side, Cliff!
Cliff: Ah! Barry, be careful!

Rowan: Cliff, Dawn and I will go to Lake Verity and make sure nothing has happened. We will also alert the nearby towns to look out for any suspicious activity.
Dawn: I'll do what I can, Professor! And Cliff... I'm sorry if I made you feel bad for wanting to do something about Team Galactic. I never thought they'd resort to such measures... but I wanted to make sure you were safe.
Cliff: It's fine, Dawn. I understand. I'm just sorry you had to be involved as well...
Dawn: Well, now that I am, you can count on me! I'll also make these thugs pay for what they did!
Cliff: Heh...

Rowan: I fear it's impossible for things to be okay after an explosion like that, but I trust your skills. You, out of all of us, are the most capable to assess the situation.
Cliff: Right, Professor!
Rowan: ...I'll let Kalos University know about our situation. I'm sure they'll be understanding, given their history. And Cliff, I know what sense of responsibility must lie on you. I too would like to protect this region. And if I have to do it with my own hands, so be it. But when all this is over, you and I will have a serious discussion about your future.
Cliff: Professor... Alright, you got it.
Rowan: Now, go! But let me stress, don't get in over your head. We will try to join you as soon as we inspect Lake Verity.
Cliff: Of course!

Cliff: Don't worry about me! I'll be fine. Make sure to watch over the professor!
Dawn: Of course! I won't let anything harm him. And you owe me juicy stories of you as a Champion after all this, okay?
Cliff: Ehehehe... Of course!
Rowan: Harumph, I am perfectly capable of handling myself...

Cliff: *pchoo x6* Look sharp, everyone!
Liam: Hey! Did your meeting go well? Was the professor proud?
Cliff: I'll explain everything on the way. We need to head to Lake Valor right now. There was an explosion there-
Aurora: The lake?! But why? Who would do this?!
Tierra: Oh no...
Cliff: That's what we're going to find out.
Bree: Looks like we're headed to another rumble! I can't wait!
Liam: Are we going now or...?
Cliff: Yeah, we are. I've just been trying to call Aaron to see where he is and if he could help out.
Liam: Is he answering?
Cliff: No... he's not. I'll try again later. He's probably just busy with League stuff. For now, we need to get Soren and fly to Lake Valor. C'mon!
fatigue limit
Fatigue limit, endurance limit, and fatigue strength are all expressions used to describe a property of materials: the amplitude (or range) of cyclic stress that can be applied to the material without causing fatigue failure.

Not much to say about the Gym. The team that I had was basically a counter to everything they could throw at us, so yeah. Fun fact: Cobalt is the name of my Forretress in USUM, and of course I had to reference Platinum and Obsidian.

And here we are... the dreaded Professor Rowan meet-up. To be honest, this scene turned out very different from my original plan. Byron being a lazy-ass basically reminds Cliff of how dangerous being indifferent to Galactic shenanigans could be (see: Plasma shenanigans in Unova) and was pretty much willing to sacrifice his career for it. Sometimes, there are just more important things, amirite? It eventually works out (finally), but as Rowan said, they'll have to revisit this soon enough.

I also removed Barry from the library scene, because he wasn't really needed at all. I was also thinking about removing him from the aftermath too, but he ended up being the catalyst for Rowan and Dawn to change their minds, and it came out great, I think. By the way, I changed Dawn's formatting just for this update, because being juxtaposed with Rowan's font made it really hard to read and this helped make things clearer. I might keep the change, but we'll see.


pfp thanks to Bug <3
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Soren: I-- I got us here-- as fast as-- I could, sir!
Cliff: Thanks, Soren. I knew I could count on you.
Faye: Okay, like, hold on! You took me out so fast I still don't know what's the rush! What's so important-
Liam: Team Galactic exploded a lake!
Faye: -ohhhhhhh. Okay, that's definitely a 'need to rush' scenario!
Aurora: I can't believe they'd do such a thing! They're going to pay for this!
Cliff: They will, Aurora. We just need to check how bad-

Cliff: -it is...
Liam: The lake...!
Cliff: It's... it's gone!
Aurora: No! No!!!
Holy shit, that was some powderkeg!
Aurora: These humans will definitely pay for this! All of you will pay!
Liam: Hey, leave Cliff out of this! He didn't do anything wrong!
Aurora: No! He's just as to blame for this! If he didn't catch me, I could have-- I could have done something!
Liam: How? You weren't even near-
Cliff: Let it go, Liam. Aurora, I promise we'll make Galactic pay for this.
Aurora: We better.

Liam: But Cliff! What she's saying isn't fair to you!
Cliff: I know, Liam, but Aurora's hurting right now. She just needs someone to blame, and if it needs to be me at this time, I can take the bullet. Sometimes, you have to do that to move forward.
Liam: ...I guess.

Galactic: They can't do anything to us! We can flatten that town, just like that!
Cliff: I'm not letting you do that!
Galactic: And just what are you gonna-
Aurora: I've had enough of you! *whap*
*Galactic Grunt has fainted*

Cliff: Aurora!
Aurora: Don't get in my way, Cliff! You might be my trainer, but I won't hesitate to-
Soren: Just try it, jellyfish! I'll smack you so hard-
Liam: Hey, okay, enough! There's no point arguing amongst ourselves. We need to focus on the real enemy here.
Aurora: ...Fine.
Soren: Okay. But she better behave.
Cliff: Attaboy.

Aurora: My brothers and sisters... Look what they've done to you...
Cliff: Hmm... These Magikarp can survive on land for a long while. I'll call the Pastoria Pokemon Center from here and have them send some help.
Aurora: ...Fine. That works.
Cliff: Aurora, I'm on your side on this. I care for the safety of these Pokemon, as much as you do.
Aurora: Perhaps, but to what extent remains to be seen. You're still a human in my book.
Cliff: Take all the time you need.

Galactic: Even we don't have any use for these pathetic Magikarp! Worthless, all of them!
Aurora: How dare you! I will rip your throat out!
Faye: Okay, girl on the edge, I don't want to be an accessory to murder. Hey, you. You're the perfect specimen to show off my new skill.

Faye: Also, go take a beauty nap. You need it badly.
*Galactic Grunt has fallen asleep*
Aurora: Hmph. I had that.
Faye: I know. I just prefer it without the bloodshed.
Cliff: Thanks, Faye...

Aurora: You! You detonated the bomb?!
Galactic: Oh shit, she's gone crazy! Everyone, send out your Pokemon! Kill the bitch!
Cliff: Bree, back her up!
Bree: Finally, some action!

Aurora: Traitors! Traitors, all of you! You don't deserve to live!
Soren: Hey, don't go too far! They're just Pokemon!
Aurora: You'd side with these traitors?! They had a hand in all of this!
Soren: It's not-- it's not like that! They didn't have a choice!
Aurora: How would you know?!
Soren: Because-- because I used to be one of them!
Aurora: ...What?
Cliff: Soren...? What do you mean by that?
Soren: Uh... shit.
Faye: I mean, now that he says it, it does make a lot of sense...

Bree: ...Hey, um, so I'm finished over here!
Cliff: Soren, are you-- are you part of Team Galactic?
Soren: What, no! No, no, no, no! Not Galactic! I-- I used to be part of Team Plasma... So I know how hard it is, being forced to obey orders, okay?! They're just...
Cliff: Team Plasma...? What the... We need to talk more about this. This isn't the time, but we will talk about it. *koff koff*
Soren: Yes, sir...
Aurora: Whatever. Stay out of my way.

Liam: Hey, Cliff, are you okay?
Cliff: I'm fine... I just need to take some medicine the doctor gave me. I'll take it once we're finished with all of this.
Liam: Okay... Just as long as you do it.

Cliff: Why are you doing this?!
Galactic: Isn't it obvious? Team Galactic's collecting all the-
Aurora: We don't have time for this! *whap*
*Galactic Grunt has fainted*

Cliff: Aurora! He was about to tell their plans!
Aurora: Does it really matter?! They already accomplished their goal by destroying the lake! The only thing left to do is to make them pay!
Cliff: That's-- that's not true. If we knew what they were doing, we have a better idea on how to stop them.
Soren: Sir, I think I can hear someone in the cave over here. I suggest we take a look inside.
Aurora: Is this your way of trapping us? You'd serve us to the enemy and-
Cliff: Enough, Aurora. There's no reason to suspect Soren of anything. Soren, lead the way. *koff koff*
Soren: Y-yes!

Cliff: What are... these markings...?
Aurora: ...I've heard stories about them. There are ancient legends told in the sea about mythical beings living in the three lakes of Sinnoh. This could be one of their homes.
Cliff: Is this what Team Galactic is planning to do then - collecting the legendaries? No... not again.

Saturn: Mars, the mission has proceeded without a hitch. What is your status? ...You've run into interference? Oh for... Don't give me that tone, Mars. You'd think after mucking up the Windworks mission you'd be... Okay, now, that's just rude.
Cliff: You! What did you do to the lake?!
Saturn: Hm? Who are you supposed to be?

Saturn: You're the green haired kid who foiled the Windworks mission and raided our Eterna headquarters. Snrk. Mars and Jupiter should be ashamed, getting beaten by you.
Cliff: And you're going to be next! *cough*
Saturn: Something the matter? Wait... Perhaps... Oho, interesting. I didn't think I'd find Charon's little experiments in this place. What a funny coincidence.
Cliff: What are you... *cough* talking about...?
Saturn: Nothing that concerns you. Well, shall we battle? That's why you came here, right? To battle for the integrity of the lake?
Aurora: You will pay for what you did to the lake!
Saturn: At least your Tentacruel's on the ball. Now, come!

Saturn: Nidoking, obliterate them!

Faye: Ho hum.
Saturn: Your Venomoth won't be able to do anything to this. Seviper!
Cliff: Seviper's part Dark type... *cough* How about a Poison/Dark duel?

Saturn: Perhaps that Swagger might have been... a bad idea.
Liam: Yeah! Also, wait, where is Mr. Donut going? Come back!
Cliff: Uh...
Saturn: Huh, whatever. Tentacruel!
Aurora: You! I'll handle this!
Cliff: Well, you might as well get all that rage out. Power Whip!

Saturn: ...This doesn't bode well for me.
Cliff: No, it doesn't.

Aurora: This is over!
Saturn: Toxicroak-
Cliff: Soren!

Soren: Yeah, sorry, you're not doing anything.

Saturn: I suppose you think you're all that, beating the three Galactic commanders. But sadly, you're too late.
Cliff: ...What do you mean?

Saturn: Azelf is ours. And by now, Mars should have captured the Pokemon of Lake Verity.
Cliff: You're coming with me then! You'll testify against all Galactic's wrongdoings and-
Saturn: Come now. Surely you realize there's no way I'm letting you capture me. Weezing, Smokescreen. We're done here.
Cliff: Soren, use-

Cliff: Damnit! *cough, cough* They got away...
Soren: I'm sorry, sir... I let them get away. I'll go after them, I'll-
Cliff: It's fine, Soren. You did your best.
Soren: ...Are you gonna release me now?
Cliff: What? No! Why would I do something like that? Look, I don't know all the details, and I can't believe Team Plasma is still hounding me after all this time.
Soren: ...
Cliff: But what I do know is that you're an important member of this team, and I'm not releasing you or anyone else for that matter. Let's first deal with this crisis, and then we'll talk. I just want to understand everything, alright?
Soren: *gulp* Okay...
Cliff: For now, we need to go to Lake Verity. If Mars is after the legendary Pokemon too, the Professor and Dawn might need our help.
Aurora: What about the Magikarp? I thought you were going to save them.
Cliff: I already contacted the rangers through the Center. They're on their way right now, but we can't wait for them. We need to make sure Team Galactic doesn't harm another lake like they did this one.
Aurora: ...Agreed.

Cliff: To Lake Verity!

Rowan: We were able to prevent any damage to the lake. However, the scoundrels are after the-
Cliff: We know, Professor. They were able to take something called... Azelf from Lake Valor.
Rowan: Blast! With Azelf in their clutches, it is even more imperative you stop them here then! I'll handle any reinforcements coming - you need to help Dawn fend them off. Go, hurry!
Cliff: Got it!

Galactic: We're not letting you leave until Commander Mars finishes with the extraction!
Faye: Well, at least they're apologizing...

Bree: Hey, watch where you're spraying!
Aurora: There's no time for that!
Galactic: Bronzong!
Cliff: Okay, Bree, you're out of there!
Bree: Oh, come-
Cliff: No arguments! Liam!

Cliff: We're on a timer. Down that thing before Future Sight hits!

Faye: Aren't you just an amazing worker then?

Galactic: And to think, I might actually be able to retire from Team Galactic after this... maybe even go back home, y'know?

Galactic: No... my retirement...!
Liam: Sorry!
Aurora: Don't apologize to them! They don't deserve our pity!

Cliff: Dawn! *cough* Are you okay?!
Dawn: I... I couldn't beat her... she ambushed my Pokemon before I could do anything...!
Mars: Heh, I'm done playing fair with you brats! And you! I know that face anywhere!
Cliff: I'm sensing a trend here...

Mars: Thanks to you, I caught a whole lot of trouble for that incident! I almost got demoted to... supervisor status. Ugh.
Cliff: You know I don't really care about that, right?
Mars: I know. I'm just stalling until we extract the legendary Pokemon, idiot! Purugly, attack!
Dawn: Cliff, watch out!
Cliff: Wh- Liam!

Liam: Ow, hey! No fair!

Liam: How'd you like that?!
Mars: Purugly!
Cliff: Give up, Mars! *cough* You're not winning this!
Mars: Like hell I will! Dodrio!
Cliff: Soren!

Cliff: Shit, she hits too hard. Soren, take to the skies!
Soren: Okay!

Mars: Nh! Dodrio! Come on!
Cliff: Divebomb her!

Mars: That's not fair!
Dawn: Fair has nothing to do with this, you cheater!
Mars: Rrrrr, Kangaskhan! Outrage!
Cliff: Bree!

Bree: ...Heh! You got some power, honey-

Bree: -but you just can't compare to me!

Liam: This one's down too!
Mars: You little shit! You're not costing me this mission too! Slaking, come on out! You can deal with that Heracross, hehe...
Bree: I can take this one!
Dawn: Cliff, careful with that Slaking! I'm sure she has something planned.
Cliff: Mm, she's right. She's too excited to switch in that Slaking on you. Virgil, I'll need you for this.
Virgil: ...Huh? Oh, okay!

Mars: Fuck!
Liam: What was that?
Cliff: Counter. That could have killed any of you.
Bree: ...I could have taken it.
Cliff: Not with Counter. Keep at it, Virgil!

Virgil: Hey, you don't look so good. You should try resting more!
Mars: Agh! Slaking, get up!

Mars: ...and again! Why do you keep getting in our way?!

Mars: This shouldn't be happening to a Galactic commander... I better not get demoted because of this!
Cliff: You lost! Now give up the legendary!
Mars: Give up... Mesprit? Ahahahahaha!
Cliff: What's so funny?! *cough*

Mars: You idiot! We already escaped with the legendary! I was just playing for time while the capsule left this place!
Dawn: No! I didn't notice it happening...

Cliff: Wait... 'all'?
Mars: Team! We're pulling out! The boss is waiting at the HQ!
Cliff: Wait! You're not going-
Mars: Buh-bye now! Dodrio, let's go!
Cliff: Damn...
Faye: They got away? I'm soooooo surprised.
Soren: How the hell did that thing fly away?!

Dawn: Professor, I'm so sorry... I couldn't do anything...
Rowan: Don't you dare apologize, Dawn. You went up against a full-fledged criminal and you and your Pokemon came out unharmed. That alone is reason to celebrate.
Dawn: It doesn't feel like it...
Rowan: I know. But we can't just give up. There's still time to stop them. But I wonder...

Cliff: Professor, I need to go there. *coughs* I have a feeling Barry may need my help.
Rowan: Agreed. Hopefully, you'll actually get there before anything happens. Dawn and I will try to alert the other cities and see if there's anything suspicious we need to be wary of. But try to pace yourself. You sound horrible.
Dawn: Yeah... Are you okay?
Cliff: ...I'm fine. Just need to take some meds.
Rowan: Well, take them on the way. Lake Acuity is right outside Snowpoint City. To get there, you'll have to go inside Mt. Coronet through the Celestic entrance and make your way to Route 216. Team Galactic can not get the last remaining legendary, understand?
Dawn: You got this, Cliff! Kick their asses for me! I'll try to catch up with you when we're done.
Cliff: Gotcha. Alright, Soren, let's fly!

Cliff: Back here again.
Faye: Man, we always go back to where our friends died, don't we?
Cliff: We didn't have a choice. Professor Rowan said this is the only way to Snowpoint City. Anyway, I just need to make adjustments to the team, and we can leave.
Liam: Hey, Cliff, please remember to take your medicine, okay?
Cliff: Oh. Sure. Yeah, I'll get to it.

Soren: This isn't... permanent, right?
Cliff: Definitely not.
Soren: Alright...
Cliff: And Aurora, I know you have your reasons, but if you can't trust or even coexist with the others, I have to think about depositing you too. If we're going to do this, I need everyone on the same page. Can you do that for me?
Aurora: ...Fair. I'll do my best to cooperate.
Cliff: Great. Now then...

Helena: Hello?
Liam: Hi!
Helena: Oh, you! You're the one who threw mud at me, right?
Liam: Uh oh! Uh, sorry! I didn't mean to!
Helena: It's fine, it's fine. I was just surprised, that's all. So, I'm Helena. And... where am I?
Cliff: There's not a lot of time to explain. I'm Cliff, and I need your help.
Helena: Oh. Well, I'll do my best.

Cliff: Here. You'll have to hold this to catch up to the rest of the team.
Helena: Sure. I'll do what I can to keep up.
Bree: You're with us now, honey! Stick with me, and we'll go places.
Helena: Uh, okay. Thanks!

Liam: Hey Cliff, is this okay? Will she be able to keep up with us?
Cliff: I'm counting on it. With her Rock typing, she'll be a great help in the snow. Plus, she has you to help her out, right?
Liam: Okay! You got it! And Cliff... did you take your medicine yet?
Cliff: Don't worry, mom, I did.
Liam: Good! Now we can go!
Cliff: Lead on, leader!

Cliff: Great... Tierra, do you mind? I'll have to teach you Strength to get past this rock.
Tierra: Nope, don't worry. I'm willing to take one for the team.
Cliff: Thanks.

Tierra: Path cleared!
Cliff: Great. Thanks, Tierra.

Cliff: What? Why is there fog down here?
Liam: I can't see anything!
Bree: Ow, hey! Watch your tail!
Liam: Sorry!
Cliff: Mmm... Soren would have been able to clear this with Defog. We don't have a choice. Let's keep moving. *hack, hack*
Liam: Hey! You said you took your medicine!
Cliff: I did! The fog is just making it hard to breathe...
Liam: Well, we need to get out of here then! And fast!

Cliff: ...Holy. What are the chances there'd be living fossils all the way down here?!
Helena: And it's got the same typing as me, right?
Cliff: Yeah! I'll definitely have to mention this-
Liam: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, not fast enough!
Cliff: H-hey! Liam!

Cliff: Okay, Liam, we're out! You don't have to drag me anymore...
Liam: It's for your own good!
Tierra: It's... so... c-c-c-c-cold!
Cliff: ...I had a feeling you might not like the cold. Here, I'll return you. *pchoo*
Aurora: I think I might need to as well.
Cliff: Got it. *pchoo* Anyone else?
Bree: Man, this cold is good for the fighting spirit!
Helena: Uh, I'm not used to this, but I can manage.
Liam: Ditto for me.
Cliff: Alright, keep close, everyone. Virgil, you're on heater duty.
Virgil: Got it! What setting do you want?
Cliff: Toasty, please.

Cliff: Careful with that Close Combat move, Bree. I don't want you to end up a sitting duck.
Bree: Hey, don't worry about me so much. I'm a big girl, I can handle it, alright? And I gotta know - what was up with that outburst last time?
Cliff: Ahh. We've... lost members before. And I just-- don't want to lose any more if I can help it.
Bree: Gotcha. Makes sense. But trust me, using kid gloves is not going to help anyone. Especially on me. A weapon's just gonna get dull if you just keep it in the sheath, y'know.
Cliff: I... suppose that makes sense.

Cliff: Hey, uh, Virgil?
Virgil: Huh?
Cliff: Sorry, it's just-- I'm not used to you being so quiet. You haven't said anything this whole time.
Virgil: ...Oh! Uh, sorry about that. I guess I'm just... overwhelmed.
Cliff: Overwhelmed how?
Virgil: You'll think this is dumb... It just feels like we're on hard mode, y'know? Things just kinda... suck and it's hard to really be upbeat about it. Two heads and all.
Cliff: Hey, no, you're fine. We're in some deep stuff at the moment. But we'll make sure everything goes right, right?
Virgil: Maybe...

Cliff: At least we know there's a place to rest here. *hack hack*
Liam: Are you feeling alright...? That medicine doesn't seem to have worked... Maybe we should take a rest here.
Cliff: I wish. I think the cold's just making it worse. But we can't stop - I'm worried about Barry. He may be a good trainer, but I'm not sure how well he'll stand up to Team Galactic. We have to move.
Liam: I'm just worried, Cliff...
Cliff: I know, but trust me, Liam. I can handle this.

Helena: Okay, sorry, I don't think I can handle this anymore!
Cliff: No need to apologize! I understand. *pchoo* How are the rest of you holding on?
Bree: This is nothing!
Virgil: I need to stay out here, Cliff. I'll light the way for you, don't worry!
Cliff: Thanks, Virgil....
Liam: Here, Cliff, climb on my back. It'll be a lot easier!
Cliff: No, I'll only weigh you down, Liam.

Cliff: Nhh... I wish it'd burn a little bit hotter...
Virgil: Do you need me to turn up the thermostat?
Cliff: Yes. Please...

Bree: Here! I think this is the way to go.
Liam: We might just be safer going straight...
Bree: No, I have a good feeling about this way.
Cliff: S--sure...

Bree: Agh! It's a dead end!
Liam: I told you it'd be safer-
Cliff: Liam... S-s-sorry, but can you c-c-carry me... I don't think I can... stand...
Liam: Cliff! Ah! Bree, can you help me put him on my back!?
Bree: Okay, okay!
Liam: Virgil, turn up the heat! He's freezing!
Virgil: O-okay!

Liam: Cliff...? Are you okay? Stay awake on me, okay!
Nnn... Tr... trying....
Liam: Bree, can you cut through the snow for me? It'll make walking a lot easier!
Bree: Yeah, I can do that!
Virgil: Liam... I'm getting lightheaded too...
Liam: Noooo... You're probably tired from all the firebreathing. Rest for now, okay! Let's just get Cliff somewhere safe!

Liam: Cliff? Cliff?
... ... ... ... ...
Bree: He's not conscious anymore...
Liam: No! Cliff! Cliff!
Virgil: What do we do...?
Liam: I... I don't know... We have to keep moving... Maybe we'll find-

Liam: Ah! Isn't that a house?
Bree: I'm way ahead of you! Express path, coming up!

Bree: Oh, good, the house is empty. I wouldn't want to explain the broken down door.
Liam: They have a fireplace! Perfect! Also, I'll need everyone's help on this. *pchoo x2*

Tierra: Cliff? Cliff! He's freezing! Virgil, can you heat him up?
Virgil: I can't... I'm spent...
Liam: Ngh... we need to figure out something. Is there a way to make a fire in the fireplace?
Bree: Weren't there trees earlier? I bet we can get some wood to make a fire!
Liam: Perfect! Can you and Helena handle that?
Helena: The blizzard's... pretty strong. But I'll do my best. I don't want my trainer to die before I can even get to know him.
Bree: Follow me then!
Liam: Tierra, there might be some blankets here! That's what Cliff does when he's cold in the room. Help me find some to put on him!
Tierra: R-right!
Liam: Don't worry, Cliff! Help is on the way!
Aurora's good at making friends, isn't she?

Uh, so, Soren. That part of his character has been there since the beginning but this was the only time I could pull the trigger. I tried to leave some clues early on, but you'll be forgiven if you didn't see those, since I probably made them too vague. But yeah. *wildly gesticulates towards Soren*

Helena finally makes her debut! And just in time for the ice route too. I'm sure she'll find her footing soon enough. And if I'm not mistaken, she's the last member I need to introduce. Thank GOD for that.

If you remember, Virgil was pretty adamant about cheering Quill up, so it's part of his personality to want to make things right for other people. But with this scenario, it's definitely a challenge.

So... Snow, amirite?


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Liam: Nothing here... And nothing here either... C'mon! No food at all? Not even some leftover cookies or candies or anything? Maybe over there...?
Cliff: ... ... ... Liam... Ease up on the sugar...
Liam: Ah!

Liam: Cliff! You're awake! Have you been up all this time? Are you okay? Are you feeling better?
Cliff: No, I just got up now... Yeesh, I feel like crap. How long have I been out?
Liam: You were out the entire night... I think it's just about morning now.
Cliff: Shit. Shit shit shit shit! Gah, I needed to help Barry! I hope he's fine.
Liam: You were unconscious, Cliff! You're totally not to blame for anything!
Cliff: That doesn't make me feel any better about it... Where are the others?
Liam: Oh, they're all outside. Should I go get them?
Cliff: Yeah, we need to head out now.
Liam: Got it! ...Also, can I have this cookie I just found?
Cliff: Liam.
Liam: Okay, okay, I'm going!

Tierra: Cliff! Thank goodness you're alright!
Cliff: Yeah. Sorry to have worried you all. And thanks for literally saving my life.
Bree: Twas our pleasure. But do us a favor and stop pushing yourself too hard, darling.
Helena: Yeah, I'd like my trainer to be alive, after all.
Cliff: I'll do my best. Anyway, we need to get to Lake Acuity, pronto.
Virgil: Are you sure you're feeling better now?
Liam: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Are you sure you're up to it? Barry can wait...
Cliff: I appreciate the concern, but we don't have a lot of time to spare. I need to know if Team Galactic succeeded or not and that he . I promise once this is all over, I'm taking a long vacation. Now, we just gotta- oh?

Cliff: Wow, Helena, you caught up fast.
Helena: Well, I had to do something while we were waiting. Plus, Bree was really helpful in training me.
Bree: She took to fighting quite naturally! I was almost impressed.
Helena: Hey!
Cliff: Thanks, Bree. She's gonna be a big help in the future.

Cliff: Whoever owns this house is a lifesaver. Make sure everything's in order before we leave. It's the least we can do.
Virgil: Okay! Where do you want this broken door?
Cliff: Oh. That's... unfortunate.
Bree: Oopsie!

Cliff: This will probably come in handy.
Liam: Ooh, that looks fun! I wanna try!
Cliff: Uh, sure. I can teach this to you later if we really need it.

Aurora: ...I assume you're feeling better? The others told me what happened.
Cliff: Yeah, I'm sorry to worry you.
Aurora: That's not really my concern. You promised me you would help me get revenge on those Team Galactic humans. I won't let them get away with destroying the lake.
Cliff: Trust me, Aurora. They'll get what's coming to them.

Helena: Can I just say I'm really glad I caught up with you guys? It's been really frustrating doing nothing on the bench.
Cliff: Sorry to throw you into the fire, Helena. Or ice, I guess.
Helena: It's no big. It's definitely better than staying cooped up in the marsh.
Cliff: You didn't like it there?
Helena: It was great and all but I needed something more in my life. You can only stay in one place before it gets boring.

Virgil: Oh, do you need to warm up? I can keep you-
Cliff: Virgil, please don't set that man on fire.

Cliff: That's it; we should be close! I hope Barry's still okay.
Liam: He's a good trainer! I'm sure he's fine.
Cliff: Yeah, but with how ruthless Galactic has been acting... I'm not so sure.

Cliff: Is this Lake Acuity?
Ace Trainer: Yeah, the lake proper is behind me. You got business there?
Cliff: I've been sent by Professor Rowan to inspect the lake. It's really time sensitive, so if you don't mind-
Ace Trainer: Can't let you do that. Professor or not, Candice's made it clear no one's allowed inside without her permission. We ran into some trouble with Team Galactic and we're securing the area before anyone else tries to do something funny.
Cliff: That's exactly why I'm here! Team Galactic already raided Lake Valor and Verity. I need to make sure-
Ace Trainer: Sorry, those are my orders. If you want to go to the lake, you need to get Candice's permission. Otherwise, I can't let you in.
Cliff: ...Fine.

Bree: Want us to knock him out so we can get in?
Virgil: That sounds fun! We can make it a game!
Cliff: What? No! We'll get reported to the League for disobeying a Gym Leader's wishes and I'm not looking to get my license suspended. We'll just have to talk to Candice.
Liam: Hopefully she'll listen!
Tierra: But if she's the gym leader, she might want a fight before she gives us her permission.
Cliff: I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case. We might as well be ready. Let's head to the Center, heal up, and then I'll see about our team.

Petra: Thank you for allowing me back on the team. I hope to be of better use to you.
Cliff: Petra, you don't need to worry about all that. And anyway, you'll definitely be a big help here.
Helena: New girl, huh? Hey, join the club!
Petra: I'm not new. But it has been awhile since I rejoined.
Helena: Gotcha. Well, it's still nice to have someone like you here. I'm Helena.
Petra: Petra. Nice to meet you.
Bree: Girls, girls, enough of the gabbing. It's clobbering time!

Liam: Wow! Look at all the snowballs! And the ice! I wish we had time to skate around...
Cliff: I don't like the look of that.
Aurora:This is going to be another puzzle, isn't it?
Bree: Want me to break through all the snowballs?
Cliff: Is... hitting things your answer to everything?
Bree: There's no problem I haven't solved when I took a whack at it! Literally!
Cliff: Yeah, that's not gonna work for us. Uh, excuse me?

Cliff: Sorry, I don't have time for small talk. I need to talk to Candice.
Gym Guide: Well, you're gonna have to get to her to do that. Now then, lemme finish my spiel.

Cliff: You don't understand. I need to talk to her right now. It's really important.
Gym Guide: ...What part of 'you have to get to her' do you not understand? Look, it's simple – just-
Cliff: Okay, look. I need to talk to Candice now and I don't have the time to do this stupid puzzle so if you can just call her here, that'll be great.
Gym Guide: Yeah, I'm not doing that. If you don't want to follow procedure, you can just get on out of here.
Cliff: If you're not doing that then... I'm going to... I'm going to... I'm going to ask my Weezing to melt every single snowball in this place.
Liam: What?!
Helena: Hey!
Virgil: Oh! Are we having a barbecue? I'm game!
Gym Guide: You're not serious, are you?
Cliff: Do you really want to risk it?
Gym Guide: ...Fine. I'll get Candice. Just wait here. Asshole.
Cliff: Thanks...
Helena: That was really uncalled for.
Cliff: Sorry... I just got caught up in the moment. But it got us the meeting! That's what matters right now.
Helena: I don't know about that...

Candice: Do you know that threatening to destroy a gym is punishable by law? Probably?
Cliff: Look, I'm sorry, but this is really important. Professor Rowan sent me here to take a look at Lake Acuity and I need your permission to do so, apparently.
Candice: Yeah, I gave the instructions to close it off. After Team Galactic raided it, I needed to make sure there were no other surprise visitors.
Cliff: That's the problem. Did you know if they were able to steal the Legendary Pokemon there?
Candice: Wh- How did you- Who are you again? How did you know about that...?
Cliff: My name is Cliff Beckett. The professor sent me to intercept them but... I got caught by the blizzard. I need to go to the lake to see what happened and to see if my friend is still there.

Candice: Cliff... Cliff Beckett... That makes you Aaron's little brother, right?
Cliff: Yeah.
Candice: And that makes you... Deni's friend! Okay then, good to know!
Cliff: Wait, how do you know her?
Candice: She and I became friends after we became gym leaders. She mentioned you a lot in her stories, actually. You cleaned up a lot of her messes, didn't you?
Cliff: If you know that, that proves you and Deni are friends.
Candice: Snrk. Alright, Pete, this guy's good. He won't set fire to anything.
Gym Guide: Yeah, yeah, just making sure. He's still an asshole, though.
Cliff: Sorry.
Candice: Appreciate it. Anyway, let's go. I'll tell Mike to let you through.
Cliff: You're coming along?
Candice: Course I am. Just because I know of you doesn't mean I trust you. I'm still the gym leader after all and I need to make sure you don't do anything funny. And you owe me a battle after all this is said and done.
Cliff: A battle?
Candice: You didn't think you can just waltz into my gym expecting a handout. I know this is time sensitive stuff, so our battle can wait. Now, stop lagging behind and let's go already!

Candice: Hey Mike, this guy's cool. He's free to go in.
Ace Trainer: Gotcha. Just needed to be sure.
Candice: Thanks for that. You, you're good to go. But you'll need Rock Climb to get up there.
Cliff: I should have that covered.
Candice: Alright. Don't take too long now.

Cliff: Liam, you still up for this?
Liam: Are you kidding? I've been waiting to try this! Hold on tight!

Liam: Look out below!

Liam: Woo! That was fun!
Cliff: Oof... Need a minute...
Candice: Everything good up there?
Cliff: Yeah, everything good. Just some vertigo. I'm going to go ahead, alright?
Candice: Hey, wait for-
Cliff: Barry, you better be okay.

Cliff: Barry! Barry! There you are! I was worried about you!
Barry: ...
Cliff: I'm sorry I didn't come in sooner, but the cold got to me real bad. Are you okay? Where's Team Galactic? Were they able to get the Legendary Pokemon?

Cliff: Barry?
Liam: It's not like him to be quiet like this...

Liam: Guess I spoke too soon.
Cliff: Woah, calm down. What happened?
Barry: I got here just as those goons did. I was able to fend them off for a bit, but they kept coming at me until all my Pokemon were too tired and I couldn't do anything anymore... Then like some shit from an action movie, a Pokemon emerged from the lake and just... knocked out everyone!
Cliff: That must have been the Legendary. What happened next?
Barry: This purple haired girl came in and she zapped it with some taser thing! She grabbed it and they all left and you know what the worst part was? She called me a loser! Do you believe that?!
Cliff: Barry, hold on. Did they say where they were going?
Barry: Huh? Oh, some of the grunts mentioned going back to Veilstone City. But man...

Barry: It saved me... but I couldn't save it at all. This is what my dad's been telling me...
Cliff: Your dad?
Barry: He said if I didn't get serious about this training business, I'd amount to nothing. And... and he was right...
Cliff: No, Barry. That's so unfair. You can't be expected to deal with criminals. You're just a teen. You don't need to be doing this.
Barry: So are you!
Cliff: Yeah, well, I failed too. I failed two times. And I failed you by not getting here on time. So we're both losers, alright?
Barry: Hahaha... you a loser? You're a freaking champion!
Cliff: Who couldn't decide what he wanted to do until you called me and the professor out on it.
Barry: ...I did do that, didn't I? Man, I was pissing myself inside when I said that. The professor's scary as shit.
Cliff: He is. But anyway, come on. This isn't the place for you to dwell on this.
Barry: Right... But mark my words, Cliff...

Barry: I'm going to be the very best. And then I won't let anyone else down ever again...
Cliff: You know what? I believe you, Barry.
Barry: That makes one of us.

Barry: And thanks, Cliff. Thanks for being a friend.

Liam: Is he okay? He seemed sad...
Cliff: Yeah... He and I are probably more alike than he knows.
Petra: How so?
Cliff: I know how it's easy to get overlooked by the people you care about. It's... not a great feeling.
Petra: Oh. I agree.

Cliff: Yeah.
Candice: So he was just here all this time?
Cliff: I think he just needed a quiet place to think.
Candice: Sure wish he didn't do it in the middle of a crime scene. But fair, he seemed harmless. Mike'll accompany him to the Pokemon Center, so he can rest there. But to more important things...

Cliff: I don't suppose we can delay it until after I deal with Team Galactic...?
Candice: I could. But to be honest, you look like you need some loosening up. I don't want you to go fight Team Galactic all frazzled. Call this a warm-up.
Cliff: Yeah, that's completely fair. Should we go back to the gym or-
Candice: -Nah, this is fine. I don't get many chances to fight outside the gym, so I'll take it. Besides, this is pretty scenic, don't you think?
Cliff: I guess.
Candice: That was a rhetorical question.

Candice: There's just something about snow that helps me focus. And being a gym leader, I need all the focus I can get. You can't get distracted or it'll be your Pokemon on the floor looking up.

Candice: And trust me, that's not gonna be my team. Taiga, set the battle!
Cliff: Virgil!

Liam: It's so coooooold!
Cliff: Guess that's what she meant by setting the battle. Her team's probably geared to fighting in the hail. Let's finish this battle as soon as possible. Virgil, Flamethrower!
Virgil: Careful about the gas bills!

Candice: That was predictable. Still, the hail's up. This is my turf you're fighting in.

Virgil: Hey, these kinda tingle!
Cliff: They're not gonna tingle if we keep fighting in them.
Candice: Horn!
Cliff: Petra! Bullet Punch!
Candice: Shake it up!

Petra: Tch, I still couldn't finish the battle in one hit...
Bree: Stop thinking and start bashing!

Petra: There!
Bree: Girl, you worry too much.
Petra: But I can be so much better...
Bree: Then get better! That's the only way to do it!
Petra: ...

Aurora: Coward!
Cliff: Mm, that's going to be her strategy, eh?

Cliff: Good thing we have all these Leftovers. They're definitely coming in handy here.
Candice: So much for relying on hail to do damage.
Cliff: Let's switch it up, Aurora. Power Whip!

Cliff: Tch, that hardly did anything. Back to using Hydro Pump!

Aurora: Agh! This is so frustrating!
Cliff: Calm down, Aurora. She wants us to get flustered.
Candice: Yup, that's the plan. Focus, remember? And now...

Candice: Let's see you deal with Fjord.
Aurora: Hey!
Cliff: It's okay; we have her on the backfoot. Bree, get ready for a counter attack!

Bree: That all you got, hun? If you're gonna dish it out-

Bree: -you better know how to take it!
Candice: You've definitely prepared for this, haven't you?
Cliff: I can't afford not to be.

Helena: Well, this was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.
Bree: Lookit you!
Petra: ...She's a natural.
Candice: Back to Cirque!
Cliff: Here we go again. Aurora!

Cliff: Keep at it, Aurora!
Aurora: I'm! Trying!

Aurora: Grr! She just keeps moving the goal posts!
Cliff: Don't worry, she can't keep this up.
Aurora: You keep saying that!
Cliff: Because it's true. You can fight me or her but not both. Focus on the real enemy!
Aurora: ...Fine!

Aurora: Any more bright ideas?!
Cliff: When she opens the shell, blast her with another attack.
Aurora: But-
Cliff: Trust me on this.

Aurora: Finally!
Cliff: See? You just need to listen to me.
Aurora: ...Hmph. Fine.
Candice: You sure have me on the ropes. But I have one more Pokemon before I call it. Onna, go!

Cliff: Liam, you're up!
Liam: Hey, hey, finally!

Candice: Close, but no cigar. Onna, you know what to do.

Cliff: Alright, one more Crunch should do it!

Liam: Whuh!? How could I miss?
Candice: In case you're wondering, Onna's Ability is Snow Cloak. It makes her harder to hit during hail.
Cliff: Figured... Keep at it, Liam. She can't keep dodging us forever.

Liam: Ngh... Cliff, she's so hard to hit! It's so hard with all this hail!
Cliff: You heard what she said, right? Focus on her. She can't maintain her invisibility for too long.

Cliff: There!
Liam: Hey, c'mere you!

Candice: Onna, no!

Cliff: ...Was that a pun?
Candice: Hey, I'm allowed the one. At least I didn't pepper my ice puns throughout the match.
Cliff: I guess that's fair...

Candice: Focusing on only two types... Not the most orthodox strategy but it looks like you're able to harness their strengths a lot more. Oh, that's right! I'm supposed to give you this!

Candice: Oh, and take the TM for Avalanche, too. Though I don't think you'll be able to use it with your types.
Cliff: Probably not. But I appreciate it, anyway.

Cliff: You know I have to.
Candice: I know. And I wouldn't mind lending a hand; they definitely owe me for what they did at the lake. But my job is here and I can't let this place go unprotected again.
Cliff: No, I understand. I wish the other gym leaders were also this helpful.
Candice: Uh... Yeah. About that...
Cliff: Huh?
Candice: I don't know if you've noticed this, but the other gym leaders have been acting... sketchy. Did you see anything weird about them?
Cliff: ...I thought it was just part of their gym leader charm or something.
Candice: Not to this extent, no. They've been acting very weird in our meetings. Something's happened, and I can't put my finger on it.
Cliff: You seem fine? You're probably the most normal leader I fought in ages.
Candice: I'll take that as a compliment. But truthfully, I don't know why that's the case.
Cliff: Well, whatever is happening... it's not as urgent as dealing with Team Galactic. Maybe you can check in with Deni and the others to see what's what.
Candice: That sounds good. If there's anyone I can trust, it's her. And If Team Galactic is concentrating all their forces in Veilstone, Maylene should know as well. Also, Cliff?
Cliff: Yeah?

Candice: Be careful. We don't know what they're planning.
shiver reflex
Shivering (also called shaking) is a bodily function in response to cold in warm-blooded animals. When the core body temperature drops, the shivering reflex is triggered to maintain homeostasis.

Okay, so the big thing here is I completely overhauled the sequence of events for this point in the game. It never made sense to me why you were rushing as all hell trying to stop Team Galactic, but then suddenly, you have to fight the gym leader to be able to use Rock Climb to get up there? Huh???

So yeah because I hate myself I ain't about that and neither is this run.

That did mean a lot of editing was involved here, which explains the delay. I'm not kidding; it took me 2-3 months of trying to figure out how do I depict fighting Candice outside the gym. Which I randomly figured out in a day while I was showering. But I think it makes the story a lot better in the long run, so hey, who am I to argue with my galaxy brain.

Galactic shenanigans, here we come.


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Phew, finally caught up again! And it seems like I'm just in time too, since we're almost all caught up to new chapters! Man, I am totally intrigued by Cliff's illness and how all that is gonna play out. Also, kudos to you for making all these characters so interesting and likable! That takes a lot of work, especially in a run like this where the team changes a lot.


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@Spectacles - Yup! In fact, this series of post will mark all updates will be ported. And honestly, I also want to know how Cliff's illness is going to play out. And thank you! ;w; I'm really happy people are enjoying my characters.

We're finally done with porting all the chapters aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That means the next chapter will be a new one and hoo boy, I'm excited/scared for it. Tentatively, I'm targeting the release for that to be the end of the month butpleasedon'tholdmetothisi'mstillplayingthreehousesandi'mbaby.

Cliff: Alright, we're here.
Roscoe: So... um... why are we here?
Bree: We're gonna stomp out some Galactic butt!
Petra: That's what I've been told, more or less.
Roscoe: I see... Are you sure you want me to be... here...? This sounds really dangerous... and I don't want to screw this up for everyone...
Tierra: Roscoe, you're one of our hardest hitters. If we needed someone right now, you're definitely the guy.
Roscoe: ...If you say so.
Cliff: We do say so, Roscoe. If they're preparing for something big, odds are all their manpower will be concentrated here. We're going to have to fight our way in.
Bree: Well, if it's a fight we gonna have, we got this in the bag, right, ladies?
Helena: Uh, of course! Totally!
Petra: Absolutely. We won't fail here, Cliff.
Liam: ...
Cliff: Something on your mind, Liam?
Liam: It's just... should we be going through the front door? Won't they be ready for something like this? Maybe we can try finding a side entrance, just like what we did in Eterna-
Cliff: We don't have time for that, Liam! We're just gonna have to get ready for a- *khak, khak*
Liam: Oh no, Cliff! Are you okay?
Cliff: *gasp* ...I'm fine. It's just a minor cough. C'mon.
Liam: That's... a minor cough...?

Cliff: Dammit! It's locked!
Bree: Oof. Yeah, that's solid steel.
Petra: Good try, at least.
Tierra: Perhaps Liam's right about finding a side entrance.
Cliff: We don't really have a choice, do we?
Helena: How do we even go about doing that?
Liam: Maybe we should ask that guy!
Tierra: Liam, I don't think that'll-

Liam: Hey, you! Tell us how to get inside!
Galactic: Hm? Did anyone hear that...? Wait! Hey! It's you!
Cliff: Huh?
Galactic: You don't remember me?! You... you ruined my life! You stopped our operation in the Windworks! Because of you, they docked my pay! My partner called it quits, I got dumped by my girlfriend, my liver is acting up again...
Cliff: That's... Just tell us-
Galactic: I don't know where the Storage Key is! Get away from me!

Helena: Boy, they sure know how to make them, don't they?
Petra: Should we give chase? He probably does know something.
Looker: Stop right there! You will come with me!
Galactic: Hey! Get off me! Just- Just take it! Aaaaaaaa!

Cliff: Agent Looker?
Looker: Yes, Agent Worker Bee, it is I! I noticed you are trying to infiltrate the Galactic HQ, yes? Am I right to assume you are to help with the operation?
Cliff: Operation?
Looker: Good, because we shall need all the help we can get. The rest of our agents have lured their forces outside of the city and we are also keeping away any reinforcements, but this has stretched us too thin. I am alone in trying to break into and figure out what they're trying to do.
Cliff: All I know is that they've captured the three lake guardians and they're attempting something with them. Whatever it is, we can't allow them to continue. We can't- *khak, khak*
Liam: Cliff!
Looker: Agent Worker Bee! You are not well? Perhaps it is not a good idea for you to-
Cliff: I'm fine! We can't waste any more time! Tell me you have a plan.
Looker: ...Did you see that grunt earlier? He possessed the Storage Key needed to enter the previously unopened door in the warehouse. Which I now have here. The door should lead further in and I believe we can find a way to infiltrate even further. Well, shall you come with?
Cliff: Of course. I'm not letting Sinnoh fall under their control.
Looker: Excellent.

Looker: Come. This way.

Looker: Perfect! We will split up here momentarily. I will do my best to sneak around their base and get further evidence of their plans. Can you take care of the remaining forces on your end?
Cliff: I'll do my best.
Looker: That's all I need from you. Good luck.

Cliff: Alright, here we go, everyone. No backing out now.
Liam: Cliff, please take care...
Cliff: I will, Liam. Don't worry.

Tierra: Pretty dark down here...
Cliff: This must be their basement. So all we need to do is keep going up and we should reach somewhere.
Roscoe: We should... be careful... We don't want to be seen...
Galactic: You!
Helena: So much for that.

Bree: Own this! *thwack*
Cliff: ...
Bree: Don't tell me we're taking it easy on these folk.
Cliff: No, that works. We're gonna have to subdue everyone we see.
Bree: Hell yeah! Time to dish out the knuckle sandwiches! You two help out, alright?
Helena: Uh, sure, yeah, I can help out.
Petra: ...Is this really necessary?
Cliff: We'll need to make sure they don't call in reinforcements so yes, Petra, it's necessary.
Petra: Then I'll do my best. But I'm not comfortable with this.
Bree: Hey, whatever gets the job done, hon.

Cliff: Damnit, another key?! This place is- *khak, kahk, khak*
Helena: Woah, Cliff, take it easy!
Roscoe: Should we... really be here...? You're not doing okay and-
Cliff: For the last time, I'm okay! I'm getting tired of all these-
Liam: Cliff, hey! C'mon, you're not being fair to Roscoe! He's just worried... as we all are.
Roscoe: ... ... ...
Cliff: You're... right. You're right. I'm sorry, Roscoe. I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me...
Roscoe: ...It's fine.
Cliff: No, no it's not. I'm really sorry, everyone. I just want... to get this over with. I'm just... so tired...
Tierra: Well, we're here with you and we'll stop them. Just please don't take it out on us.
Liam: Yeah! They're gonna be sorry they messed with us.
Thanks, guys... And you're right, Tierra. I'll do my best to remember that.

Bree: Good night, darling! *bwak* See, just like that?
Petra: You showing me does not make me feel any more comfortable doing it.
Cliff: Sorry, Petra, but it's really what we need to do. I know it's hard, but it's a lot better than getting caught.
Helena: Just think of it as, uh, stomping out pests.
Petra: I suppose. They are the villains after all.

Cliff: That's not really my concern.
Galactic: I'll make it your concern! Persian, Mightyena, Arbok, attack!
Cliff: Bree, Roscoe, Tierra!

Roscoe: G-got it...
Bree: She's down for the count!

Cliff: Tierra?

Liam: You okay, Tierra?
Tierra: Yeah. I'm okay. Just thinking about someone.
Cliff: Don't worry, Tierra. I'm sure she's doing alright.

Helena: I'll take this one! *thump*
Bree: Nice going!
Cliff: At least we confirmed we do need a card key. One of them has to have it.

Roscoe: Uhhh...
Cliff: Prepare to fight-
Galactic: Wait! Wait!

Galactic: So you don't have to do anything to me, right?
Cliff: Yeah, that's not happening.
Galactic: I didn't think so...
Bree: I'll take it a little easy on you, sugar. *bonk*

Cliff: Alright, hopefully we can find our way to the top- *khak, kahk*
Liam: Cliff, are you-
Cliff: I'm good, I'm good. Just... *gasp* need a little time.
Helena: Yeah, we can just wait here if you need to catch your breath...
Cliff: We're too close to stop. I can do this, don't worry.

Galactic: I'd like to see you figure out how they connect. You're not gonna get any far!
Helena: Neither will you. *thunk*
Bree: Ooh, nice sass.
Helena: I have to start sometime, right?

Cliff: She's wasn't wrong, though. Warp panels aren't easy to maneuver around, especially if we're rushing.
Liam: Ooh, we should take that one! I have a good feeling about it!

Liam: Oooookay, maybe we should take the other one, ehehe...

Liam: See, I told you this was the panel to take!
Tierra: Liam...

Cliff: Hey, get off me!
Galactic: You're going to be my ticket outta here!
Tierra: Don't touch him!

Petra: No promotion for you. *clang*
Bree: Shit, I think you knocked out his tooth!
Petra: Oh no, was I not supposed to do that?
Helena: It's fine, Petra. These punks deserve it.

Cliff: Bree, not the best match!
Bree: Okay, fine...

Liam: Crunched it!
Cliff: Okay, Bree, you know what to do.
Galactic: W-wait! Don't hurt me!
Cliff: Then tell me what I need to know! What is Team Galactic doing?!

Cliff: H-how? What does that even mean...?
Galactic: You won't be able to find out! Attention! I need-
Roscoe: No...!
Roscoe: S-sorry... I think he was trying to call his friends!
Cliff: No, that's good, Roscoe! You did great. C'mon, we can't stay here!
Bree: Lookit you, stepping up!

Galactic: ...You'll leave me alone after that, right?
Cliff: I already knew that.
Galactic: Oh. So...
Helena: Buh-bye! *thud*

Petra: That's really rude. Perhaps it is you that smells. *clank*
Bree: We can work on your sass later on, sweetie.
Petra: Isn't it the same as yours?
Helena: Well... You're getting there!

Cliff: Wait, why are we back in the basement? We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere...
Liam: Hey, Cliff, look over there!

Cliff: This should be it! The key we're looking for!
Liam: Hurray!
Cliff: C'mon, let's get out of here and into the building. *kahk, kahk, khak* Before this cough becomes the death of me...

Galactic: Hey! Where do you think you're-
Helena: Nunya business! *whack*
Cliff: Quickly, upstairs!

Cliff: What?! No... it can't be...!
Galactic: This world is ours for the taking! You're not gonna be able to stop Master Cyrus!
Cliff: Cyrus? He... He really is the leader! He lied to us!
Galactic: Master Cyrus will take us into the-
Petra: I believe that's enough out of you. *bang*
Cliff: I can't believe it... He's behind all of this.
Liam: We'll get him, Cliff! We'll make him pay!
Cliff: Yeah... Yeah, we will...

Galactic: He will make the power of mythical Pokemon his own!
Helena: Shut up! *wham*
Petra: Now you look even more pathetic.
Bree: I'm so proud of you both.
Cliff: It all makes sense now... He said he was trying to access the power of the legendaries back in Celestic Town. ...God, I'm so stupid! I'm so- *hack, hack, hack*
Tierra: Cliff! Please calm down. You're making it worse.
Liam: Don't you have those injections you take? You should take one now so you can-
Cliff: That's the thing; I already did. I already took the last one.
Liam: Huh? But...?
Tierra: What does... that mean for you?
Cliff: ...We better go.

Tierra: What does it say?
Cliff: Hang on... It's just reports about Dialga and Palkia... Dialga, the giver of time... Palkia, the creator of parallel dimensions. Is what they're doing connected to these two? Are they trying to use their power as well?

Cliff: Whatever they're planning, it's not going to be good.

Liam: Isn't that...
Cliff: Agent Looker?

Looker: We have to leave this area!
Cliff: Huh? But I just-
Looker: No time to explain! Come!

Cliff: Why did you drag me all the way back here?
Looker: What is happening now is that there is an assembly of Galactic grunts. If they spotted us, we would have been done for. It is therefore prudent we hide out here.
Cliff: But how will we know what's happening?
Looker: I have placed a camera in the wall nearby. We should see and hear whatever they have to say. This will be very important in our reconnaissance. I think their assembly is starting.

Cliff: Cyrus.
Looker: Yes, the true leader of Team Galactic. I should have known.

Cyrus: This world of ours is a crude one. In a word, it is incomplete. It has been, and always will be, a struggle to survive in this world. We humans and Pokémon are likewise incomplete. Because we are all so lacking we fight, we maim... It is ugly.

Cyrus: The world should be complete. The world must change. Then, who will change it? I, Cyrus. And Team Galactic. Yes, all of you. Together we pored over myths and exposed their secrets. Together we captured legendary Pokemon. And now, Team Galactic has obtained the energy to change the world! The power of dreams is within our grasp!

Cyrus: All of you are now headed to Mt. Coronet, while the rest remain here... Though our missions may differ, we all have our part to play in our ascension.

Galactic: Long live Master Cyrus!
Galactic: This world is gonna be ours!
Galactic: Onwards for Galactic!

Looker: It is truly scary how mesmerizing he is. All of those people under his control. But what is there a plan? To make a world for Team Galactic and none other? And what are they talking about - this incomplete world?
Cliff: I don't know... But at least we know where they're headed. To Mount Coronet.
Looker: Correct. That is of the utmost importance. I will take my leave of you, Agent Worker Bee. I must alert the rest of the International Police as to this plan. What will be your plan? Will you join us?
Cliff: Not just yet. I'm going to see if there's still things we can learn from this place. But I'll be sure to follow once I'm done.
Looker: It is decided then.

Cliff: Good luck, Agent Looker.

Cliff: ...
Liam: We should go, Cliff.

Cliff: You're going to pay for this, Cyrus.
This chapter is alternately called: In Which Dusty Consults Synonyms for Onomatopoeia for Getting Hit.

Shocker! Cyrus is the actual leader of Team Galactic! I would have never seen that coming!

By the way, the sharp-eyed readers will note that I hardly changed anything from Cyrus' original speech. Which honestly, why improve on perfection?

Also, I changed the screenshots so that it doesn't show Looker and Cliff fucking right beside the grunts during the assembly because why? would? they? be? so? close?

Yeah, this is a pretty linear update. We're getting near the meaty plot already, and I'm so excited. I never thought I was gonna get here and now that I am, I'm hoping y'all enjoy what I cooked up.


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Cliff: There's the stairs. That's gotta be the way to reach Cyrus.
Liam: Hey! Look, look!
Cliff: Huh? Liam, where are you going?

Liam: There are beds! You can take a rest here!
Cliff: Rest? Liam, we don't have the time to rest when- *hack, hack, hack*
Tierra: I think his point has been made.
Helena: Yeah, a quick nap wouldn't hurt.
Cliff: But what about the rest of the facility? I can't just let them do whatever they want!
Liam: Well... we can look for Cyrus! I mean, me and the rest of the team! Here, let me help you!
Cliff: Woah, hey!

Cliff: But-
Bree: No more buts now, you hear? You just shut your eyes and get better.
Petra: We will be back before you know it.
Roscoe: I'm... I dunno... D-do we really want to leave him alone...?
Cliff: Yeah, I'm not really looking forward to getting captured again...
Tierra: ...That is a good point.
Helena: Uh, I can stay here and watch over him.
Bree: Me too! We'll clobber anyone who wants to make a scene!
Roscoe: ...Okay, that's... probably better...
Tierra: Well, Cliff?
Cliff: ...
Liam: And you can totally trust me! I'll make sure everyone's alright!

Cliff: ...Yeah, you're right. I trust you all. Just get me before you fight Cyrus, okay? I need to do this too.
Liam: You got it!

Helena: Wow, he fell asleep fast.
Tierra: Cliff's a lot more tired than he lets on...
Bree: He definitely needs this R&R.
Liam: C'mon, we should get going!

Roscoe: A-are we sure about... this? Being without a trainer is... scary...
Tierra: Don't worry, Roscoe. We're all here.
Petra: We'll do our best for Cliff so that he can rest.
Liam: And we're strong enough! We got this!
Roscoe: O-okay...

Roscoe: Oh no...! More trainers...!
Liam: Well, we're just going to beat them down too!
Tierra: Liam, be careful!

Galactic: Hey, what are you doing here? Where's your trainer? Who do you belong to?
Liam: Drapion!
Galactic: ...Wait, aren't you the Pokemon of that green-haired nuisance that's been running around?
Galactic: What happened to him, huh? Buggered off, didn't he?
Liam: Dra dra! Drapion!
Galactic: Whatever! We'll still get major promotion points if we capture you!
Galactic: Skuntank, Muk!
Galactic: Hypno, Pinsir, Sharpedo, get them!
Roscoe: <Waaah! Th-they sent all their Pokemon out!>
Tierra: <We're all out too!>
Petra: <I believe Bree would say something like... "It's time for a brawl, y'all!">
Tierra: <Liam, you take point!>
Liam: <I got it! Uh, Roscoe and I can take the the Hypno and Skuntank! Tierra and Petra, take the Pinsir and Muk! And the Sharpedo!>

Liam: <We're done here!>
Roscoe: <Y-yeah...!>

Tierra: <The Pinsir's down! Sorry about the splash, Petra.>
Petra: <Don't worry. But we still have the Sharpedo to deal with.>

Tierra: <Not anymore.>
Petra: <The Muk is defeated as well.>

Petra: <That just leaves one more thing.>
Liam: <It's night-night time!>
Galactic: Hey, what are you guys gonna do?
Galactic: Wait, don't-

Liam: Uh... which warp panel do we take?
Roscoe: Maybe the left one...?
Liam: Which left?
Roscoe: This left.
Liam: Okay!

Liam: Uh, nope.
Roscoe: Maybe the other one...?

Tierra: I think this is it.
Liam: Great! Good going, Roscoe!
Roscoe: ...It was n-nothing.
Petra: Alright, let's go in and defeat this Cyrus person.
Roscoe: Should... we get Cliff now...?
Liam: Yupyup! We promised we'd get him and we will.

Liam: Cliff?
Cliff: Huh? Ah, Liam...!
Liam: We cleared the rest of the way! Are you feeling better?
Cliff: A little... Thanks, bud. Thanks, everyone. I'll take it from here.
Liam: Hee!

Cliff: Wow... you guys really did a number on these grunts...
Helena: Yikes.
Bree: Damn! I wish I was there!

Cliff: Cyrus, it's over. I'm stopping you and Team Galactic here.
Cyrus: Hm?

Cliff: What?
Cyrus: My intention indeed is to create a perfect and complete world; that, however, isn't for the likes of Team Galactic. They would only ruin it.
Cliff: ...So you've not only lied to me, but you lied to all these people!
Cyrus: Do you really think I care for these rabble? Do you care? They're only means to an end. But enough about them... I know why you're here.

Cyrus: Hmph, I no longer need them. I couldn't care less what you do. You would only save me the trouble of having to dispose them.
Cliff: So that means...
Cyrus: Yes, I've already gotten what I needed. Soon, our plans will continue without interruption. I just wanted to confront you one last time. And end this conflict.

Cyrus: I will make you regret paying heed to your heart!
Cliff: Get ready, everyone! This is it!

Cyrus: Dusclops, seize them.
Cliff: Liam!
Liam: I got you, Cliff!

Cyrus: Crobat.

Cliff: Tierra! Are you okay?
Tierra: I'm fine, Cliff!
Cyrus: Crobat, avoid the next Thunderbolt.

Cliff: Tierra, catch the Crobat when it attacks!
Tierra: I'm on it!

Cyrus: You always were an interesting battler. Weavile.
Cliff: Bree, Close Comb-
Cyrus: Aha, fool. Weavile, Psycho Cut!

Cliff: Ah! Bree!

Bree: Takes more than that, hun.
Cyrus: It's always the Heracross. Honchkrow.
Cliff: Petra!
Cyrus: Swagger, Honchkrow. Turn the tables on them.
Cliff: Avoid it and Bullet Punch!

Cyrus: One more time.
Cliff: Petra, keep avoiding-

Cliff: Petra!
Petra: I'm... I'm so sorry... I wasn't enough...
Bree: Petra, what are you saying? Focus!

Petra: I'm sorry I was so worthless... Please take me back...
Cliff: Petra, snap out of it!
Cyrus: Honchkrow, Drill Peck.

Cliff: She's too low... Liam, hand me a Hyper Potion from my bag!
Liam: Ah, got it!
Helena: Petra, you have to work with us here!

Cyrus: Again.
Petra: Ngh!
Helena: Petra, anytime now!

Petra: Ah!
Cliff: There we are! Petra, Bullet Punch!

Petra: I'm sorry, Cliff... I don't know what came over me.
Cliff: No harm done, Petra. I'm glad you're okay.
Helena: Yeah, you gave us all a scare!
Bree: Heh, I knew you were gonna pull through.
Petra: ...Thank you.

Cyrus: Why? Why do you always get in my way!?
Cliff: Huh? Always?
Cyrus: Magneton, get up! Use-
Liam: Hey, leave Cliff alone!
Cyrus: Gah!
Liam: Oh, oops. I didn't mean to-
Charon: No! My watch!

Cliff: What? You... Charon, was it?
Charon: Damn! I was not planning to reveal myself this soon... But no matter, you can't stop me!
Cliff: Wait! Get back- *hack, hack, hack, hack, hack*
Liam: Cliff!
Helena: Cliff, are you okay?!

Charon: Ahahaha, interesting! Saturn mentioned your situation to me. It is thrilling to see its results in front of me.
Cliff: ...What did you do? What did you to do to me?!
Charon: Nothing I need to tell you. And nothing you'll survive.
Cliff: Hey! Get back- *hack, hack, hack, hack*
Hey, take it easy!
Liam: He's gone! I'm sorry! I tried to catch up to him...
Petra: What did he say about "your situation"?
Cliff: We don't have time for that, Petra.
Petra: I've been hearing that a lot from you.

Liam: He went this way!
Bree: After him!

Cliff: Is this... a laboratory?
Petra: What are... in those...?
Bree: Ew, I don't think I want to know...
Cliff: You!

Cliff: What were you doing? Tell me!
Galactic: In the lab... Master Saturn still has them hostage...
Cliff: Who?
Galactic: The legendaries...
Bree: Why didn't you say so? Get out of our way!

Cliff: ...What were they doing in here?

Cliff: Tell us what we need to know.
Galactic: We made this... this chain. I don't know what it's for but... it's awful.
Cliff: Where is Charon?!
Galactic: He's not here anymore...

Bree: There they are!
Cliff: Oh no...

Tierra: This is torture!
Roscoe: N-no...
Helena: We have to free them!
Cliff: We will. We will.

Cliff: Of course. I'm not letting you use them for your schemes anymore!
Saturn: How did you get here? You couldn't have gotten here until... I see. Though it's nothing new, I can't say I understand our boss... Perfect timing, though. I was just about to do some more experiments with them.
Cliff: Let them go, or else...*hack, hack*
I see there's been progress with your situation. But anyway, you've taken the trouble to come all this way. Let me welcome you!

Cliff: Tierra!
Saturn: Nidoking!

Tierra: ...
Cliff: Tierra?

Tierra: It's okay. Sorry I got distracted.

Helena: God, get this gunk off of me!
Cliff: Helena, be careful!
Saturn: Weezing, finish the Pinsir off. Overheat!

Cliff: Helena, are you okay!?
Helena: *koff* It'll take more than that...
Saturn: Again!
Cliff: Helena, here!

Cliff: That Weezing isn't a threat anymore. Finish it off!

Helena: Glad to!

Cliff: Your team is dwindling, Saturn. This is over!
Saturn: Perhaps. I was never the best battler. But I'm not letting you out of here that fast. Seviper, Venusaur!
Liam: No fair!
Cliff: Roscoe, you can do this!
Roscoe: T-two on o-one?
Cliff: Earth Power on the Seviper!
Saturn: Venusaur. put that thing to sleep!
Roscoe: G-get a-away!

Liam: One down!
Saturn: Change of plans. Sludge Bomb!
Cliff: Roscoe, Flamethrower!

Roscoe: I'm... not feeling so well...
Cliff: Roscoe, you're poisoned. Quick, we have to finish- *hack, hack*
Roscoe: Uh.... Uh... what do I do?
Saturn: Sludge Bomb again while they're distracted!
Liam: Uh, use Flamethrower again!

Roscoe: T-thanks, Liam...
Helena: Are you okay now, Cliff?
Cliff: Yeah... I'm doing better. And as for you...

Saturn: You can press the button on that machine to set them free. I suppose I'm already done with them...
Cliff: Good. Now answer me this: what did you do to me?
Saturn: I'll answer... only if you let me go.
Cliff: ...Deal.
Bree: Hey!
Saturn: Heh, smart. You seem to be hosting one of the prototypes of our inventions – well, Charon's inventions. I'm not sure how it managed to get to you, but here we are. The final product was what we've let loose on the region to great results. The prototype... well, it's messy. And dangerous. And very lethal.
Cliff: Then how do I stop it?
Saturn: Sorry, that wasn't part of the deal.
Cliff: Why you-
Saturn: See you! Seviper, Haze!

Liam: Do we go after him?
Cliff: ...We should free the legendaries first. So they won't be used for other things.
Helena: What about you? We can try to find out more about... whatever is it with you.
Bree: Yeah! Maybe there's something in this hunk-a-junk that's related!
Cliff: We have a clue. That's enough for now.


Tierra: There they go. I'm glad they're safe.
Cliff: Come on. We have to get to Mount Coronet before they do anything!
???: I had a feeling I'd find you here.

Cliff: Charon!
Cyrus: Unfortunate for us both, but that's not the case. I am the real Cyrus.
Cliff: ...What are you doing here?
Cyrus: I heard that someone was using my appearance in this building, and I came to investigate. I was wondering why the rumors of me being connected to Team Galactic were so insistent. Now I know why.
Cliff: How did you even find out about that?
Cyrus: Did you really think I was foolish enough not to plant spies in Team Galactic? They've used my name, my reputation to gain the resources they needed and I could never figure out how. But that fool Charon's grandiose speech finally gave it away, and when I get my hands on them, I will bury them and their secrets.
Cliff: ...
Cyrus: It is a shame you freed the legendaries of the lake before I arrived. I was hoping to use their powers to stop Team Galactic and save Sinnoh, but no matter. I will do it myself.
Cliff: I won't let you use the legendaries. I won't let anyone use them for their agenda.
Cyrus: ...A pity. I had hoped my gesture at Celestic Town was enough to inform you of my true intentions. Believe what you must; I will fight you if you intend to get in my way. Goodbye.
Cliff: Wait!

Helena: He's gone.
Roscoe: He was s-s-so intimidating...
Cliff: Team Galactic and Cyrus... At least we know the truth. But we can't let either of them do what they want in Mount Coronet.
Petra: Why? He seemed... sincere.
Cliff: I've dealt with people like him before. We can never know their true intentions, Petra. *hack, hack, hack*
Okay, I think it's time we stopped talking and start moving! Mount Coronet, here we go!
Past Dusty said:
Also, I just want to draw your attention to Cyrus' title when he fights Cliff. Yeah, I'm running with this angle, and someone try to stop me.

So yeah, if it's not clear, the Cyrus that we've been encountering throughout this run was the real Cyrus. The one that's been linked and working Team Galactic was Charon in disguise. I really did not like that Charon didn't do anything until the post-game, so my little brain decided to do stuff. And now you know what stuff it was brain-ing. It is/was also fun trying to maintain Cyrus wasn't Team Galactic but keeping it vague enough to make you all believe he was lying. Well, he wasn't. But as to the concern if he's still a threat to Cliff, we'll see...

We also find out a little bit more about what's ailing Cliff. Interesting, huh?

God, I can't believe we're almost at the climax. Holy crap, guys, we're almost there!


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Helena: Do you think this is the right entrance?
Cliff: Should be. Odds are if Team Galactic is planning to do something, it's gonna be at the top. And this is the only entrance that can go all the way, if the professor is to be believed.
Bree: Let's hope he's right. There's butts that need to be kicked!
Roscoe: But... a-are you o-okay...? You were coughing up real bad earlier...
Cliff: I'm still feeling fatigued... but no more coughing. I don't know why, but I'm not wasting time figuring it out.
Liam: And if that guy was right and Team Galactic is connected to what's happening with you, they'll have a cure for you! We'll stop them and then make you feel better!
Cliff: That's the plan. Hopefully.

Petra: Are you sure you're alright to do this? Normally, you would be weak to Water as a Ground-type.
Tierra: No, it's fine. The water feels nice actually.
Petra: That's good to hear.

Cliff: Thanks, you two...
Helena: Not a problem. It's kinda fun, actually. But... are you okay?
Cliff: Yeah... I just need to catch my breath for a bit.
Liam: Oh. We can take a break over there!
Cliff: Good thinking.

Cliff: Hm...? Why are there broken wood planks all over in a cave-
Looker: Agent Worker Bee!

Looker: There was a blockade there that prohibited entry to the summit. I suppose they have passed this point already.
Cliff: ...At least we're on the right track.
Looker: You are correct. However, I'm at a loss on how to stop them.
Cliff: I'm... going to do what I can, but I don't think I can stop them by myself. Don't you have more reinforcements? We need all we can spare here.
Looker: I'm afraid not. Everyone is tired from cleaning up Veilstone and the other cities from Galactic influence. I do not have the manpower... and the League are not responding to our calls.
Cliff: What?

Looker: We haven't had any luck contacting them for awhile now. I'm not sure why this is the case but...
Cliff: I'll try to call him. He should... *deet, deet, deet* Damn...! He's still not answering.
Liam: Is something wrong with Uncle Aaron?
Cliff: I don't know. But this is really concerning...
Looker: Now you see my problem.

Looker: You outrank any of us in regards to battling skill, simply by the virtue of you being an ex-champion. You're our only trump card left.
Cliff: That's not really reassuring...
Looker: Galactic's forces have dwindled. We have routed a lot of their forces and I've received word that Cyrus is on his way as well. The real Cyrus.
Cliff: Yeah, but I'm not letting him anywhere near the legendaries.
Looker: A wise choice. Still, he has been a big help. Get to the top and stop Team Galactic from doing what they are planning.
Cliff: Right.

Looker: We are... no, the Sinnoh region is counting on you.
Cliff: I'll... I'll do my best.
Looker: Thank you. Agent Cliff.

Cliff: So much for resting.
Liam: We can take them all on, Cliff!
Cliff: Counting on it, Liam. Girls, you're on clean-up duty.
Bree: Hell yeah!
Helena: On it!
Petra: Right.
Cliff: Hey! You!
Galactic: Huh?

Galactic: To ensure the success of our operation at the summit! And to utterly destroy any intruders!
Petra: You'll fail at both.

Roscoe: S-sorry, Liam...
Liam: No worries! But ouch, that didn't look pretty...

Helena: Never sounds about right!

Liam: Huh? Snow?
Cliff: That's brisk. We should be nearing the top... Let's find a way out of this snow and go further in.

Tierra: Is going back in time something they can actually do...?
Cliff: I don't know... I can't really imagine what type of power these legendaries have.
Roscoe: Can we... c-can we really do this...? Can we really stop them...?
Cliff: We have to try at least, Roscoe... We have to try.

Cliff: You're the fool. You're all being tricked by Charon!
Galactic: Lies! You're just jealous of the power of Team Galactic!

Bree: And now you're not even gonna be standing up!

Cliff: We should be higher on the mountain at this point. Any more, and we should reach... we should reach...
Tierra: Cliff, do you need to rest?
Cliff: Not here. We're almost there...
Liam: Here, lean on me! I'll help you walk!
Cliff: Thanks, Liam...

Helena: I don't know! Can you lose quickly?
Cliff: Helena! You alright?
Helena: Yeah... just a little bruised. I sure didn't expect this life when I was caught by a Trainer...
Cliff: Oh. I'm... sorry...
Helena: No, no, it's okay! At least I'm doing something worthwhile!
Bree: Hell yeah you are!

Roscoe: Was what that Looker guy said true...? Is the L-league really not helping...?
Cliff: I'm afraid so.
Roscoe: What could be happening to Cynthia...?
Cliff: I don't know, Roscoe. But I'm also worried for Aaron. What could be happening to him...?

Cliff: This should be it! Spear Pillar!
Liam: Look! The grunts are already here!
Bree: Then let's get up there and kick all their asses!

Galactic: That's why the two of us will beat you down in an epic duel!
Cliff: We don't have time for this!

Liam: I don't think that was epic at all...
Cliff: C'mon, we can't waste more time on these distractions!

Cliff: Let me through! That's not even Cyrus! That's Charon!
Jupiter: Ha, what a lie! You'd say anything to weaken our cause, won't you? Cyrus is on Team Galactic's side, now and forever.
Mars: Don't bother with this kid, Jupiter. Listen, you've made me look bad more times than I care to remember! This is the last time you're getting in our way!
Bree: Looks like we have ourselves a two on one!
Cliff: We seriously don't have time to waste on you two! Get out of our way!
Mars: Hey! That's it! I'm-

Barry: Hold it!
Dawn: We're coming, Cliff!
Cliff: Barry? Dawn?!

Dawn: And me...
Barry: Oop, sorry!
Cliff: What are you two doing here?!
Dawn: You didn't think I was just gonna stay in the lab, right? I'm here to pitch in too!
Barry: We got this, Cliff! Go save the world or something!
Mars: Who is this weirdo?
Barry: Hey, you! Remember me? I'm here to get my revenge!
Jupiter: Ha!

Dawn: And the bitch from Lake Verity.
Barry: Woah.
Mars: What did you call me?!
Dawn: You deserve it for cheating!
Jupiter: Well, well, looks like you have friends after all. Did you toughen up a bit, baby? Sure, we'll beat both of you down. And then he'll be next. Mars, you better not fail this one too.
Mars: Shut up!
Barry: Cliff, go already! We got this!
Cliff: Right! Thanks!

Cliff: Charon! Stop this! You don't know what power you're messing with!
Charon: On the contrary, I know more about this than you think.

Barry: Zip! Shake it off!
Dawn: Ellie, keep at it!
Jupiter: Skuntank, Poison Jab!

Charon: I will rend this world and make a new one! In the image of strength! In the image of... perfection.
Cliff: I'm not letting you! Liam, use-

Liam: Ah! Cliff, I can't get through! There's something in the way!
Cliff: Everyone, try to attack the barrier!
Tierra: We're on it!
Bree: Everyone, hustle!

Mars: You can't do shit against my Slaking! Now let's see how you handle this!
Dawn: Talia!
Barry: Zip, take to the skies!

Charon: Dialga, the mythical Pokemon, and the master of time! Palkia, the mythical Pokemon, and the master of space and dimensions! Come forth!
Cliff: Don't do this, Charon! You don't know what they're capable of!
Charon: I've waited so long for this moment! You're not going to ruin this for me!

Mars: How are we losing?! Jupiter, get it together!
Jupiter: You have a lot of nerve accusing me! You get it together!
Barry: We're doing good, Dawn! Keep at it!

Charon: With the power I wield, I will create the ultimate world! The incomplete and ugly world we have now can disappear! A world of complete perfection will remain!
Cliff: Gah! Keep attacking!
Tierra: The barrier isn't letting up!
Helena: Let's go, let's go!

Dawn: Aloette, great job!
Barry: Uh oh, we have to hurry! Looks like Cliff can't stop this on his own!
Jupiter: Forget it! You're not going anywhere!
Mars: The boss will- huh? What?

Mars: What?! What are they doing here?!
Charon: Hmph.
Liam: Cliff! The legendary Pokemon are here! They're here to help!
Cliff: Perfect! Maybe they can help us!
Tierra: Thank goodness.

Barry: Zip!
Dawn: Barry, focus! Caspian, Hydro Pump!
Barry: Marsh, assist her!